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New and recently published

The first ever printing of burials in Prairie du Long and Smithton Townships Cemeteries. 

Holy Cross Cemetery (including St. Henry’s Cemetery, East St. Louis) in its 3rd printing, December 2017.


St. Clair County, Illinois, Research and Resources: A Genealogist’s Guide

  • Table of ContentsChapters include a select bibliography, and hints to further your research.
  • Updates appear on the member website.
  • 22 illustrations, 3 maps, indexed, 133 pages.
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The Guide identifies hundreds of county records from the latter 1600s through the 20th century. Some are found locally, others dispersed across the U.S..

The intent is to widen your research possibilities, reduce ineffectual correspondence, and optimize your research experience.

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Cemetery Inventories

Unless otherwise indicated, surnames in these inventories are listed in this online tombstone surname index. These inventories, i.e., tombstone readings, typically record a name and dates inscribed on the monument.

Links below may be to a PDF. Get the free Adobe Reader.

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Fayetteville Township and Engelmann Township Cemeteries

Tombstone readings (Darmstadt Memorial, Trinity Lutheran, Trinity UCC, Old Trinity, St. Pancratius, Pulliam, St. Liborius, many smaller burial grounds), plot maps. 89 pages. $12.00.

Freeburg Township Cemeteries

Tombstone readings of St. Joseph Catholic, St. Paul’s UCC, Silver Creek, Foulkes, Elmwood, Land, and many more smaller burial grounds, plat maps, histories, approximately 105 pages.  $15.00.

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Greenwood Cemetery, Caseyville Twp., circa 1911-1989

Located in Section 31 of this township, this inventory is available in the SCCGS Quarterly Volume 16 No. 3, 1993, pages 140 through 177.  Search Quarterly surname index here (PDF) for an ancestor’s surname in Volume 16 No. 3.

Holy Cross Cemetery, Fairview Heights, Illinois

Now in its third printing (December 2017), this cemetery includes people formerly buried at St. Henry Catholic Cemetery in East St. Louis. Holy Cross began in 1907 and is located in Section 25, T2N R9W, Canteen Township, near the intersection of Route 161 and Route 50.  $12.00.

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Lebanon Township Cemeteries

About 2,300 burials for St. Joseph Catholic in addition to many not found in church records or online databases. Summerfield City, Barton, Bradsby-Higgins, Bryan, Baer, Padfield/Schmahl, Pausche, Wittmer, and Whitaker-Pleasant Valley Road Methodist. Bonus – Plot maps included of St. Joseph and Summerfield City. Surname list (PDF). 79 pages. $12.00.

Marissa Township Cemeteries.

Includes Marissa and four smaller cemeteries.  119 pages. $15.00.

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Mascoutah City CemeteryMascoutah City Cemetery book

Chronicling more than 6600 burials in Mascoutah City Cemetery took more than four years to complete. A four-page cemetery plat map is included plus smaller cemeteries of Briesacker, Perrin/Home and Schnebelin family cemeteries. 168 pages.  $15.00.

A companion to Mascoutah Township Cemeteries

Mascoutah Township CemeteriesMascoutah Township Cemeteries

Showcases an inventory of Fike and Lincoln Lake cemeteries along with burials in Holy Childhood of Jesus (Old and New) plus all smaller cemeteries in this township previously published in the Society Quarterly. Mascoutah township surnames (PDF).  84 pages. $15.00.

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Millstadt Township Cemeteries

Includes inventories of Mt. Evergreen, Old Millstadt / Centreville, St. Thomas Catholic, St. James Catholic, Union Hill, Zion / Freivogel, Saxtown, St. Paul in Floraville, St. Michael’s Paderborn, and White cemeteries. Mt. Evergreen.  121 pages. $15.00.

New Athens Township Cemeteries

Includes New Athens City and Oak Ridge Cemeteries 1860-1984. St. Agatha’s, and many smaller cemeteries.  96 pages. $12.00.

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Prairie du Long and Smithton Townships Cemeteries

 Prairie du Long cemetery joins nine others in the township for which it was named together with the 21 cemeteries in Prairie du Long and Smithton Townships CemeteriesSmithton Township. 3,200 burials from 1815 – 2016 in 31 total cemeteries. Check this tombstone surname index for all except Prairie du Long burials. 118 pages, $15.00.

Maps of Higgins-Phillips and Wiskamp, and new maps of Stehfest and St. Augustine Catholic cemeteries; updated maps of St. John the Baptist Catholic, High Prairie and Franklin/Smithton City cemeteries and a new overview map of Franklin / Smithton City and St. John the Baptist cemeteries.

Smithton Township cemeteries include burials through 2016, in addition to cemeteries of Brenner, Carr, Chewning, Eyman, High Prairie, Luetkemeyer, McClintock, Phillips, Rittenhouse, Short, Moses Short, Smith, Stein-Nagel, Thompson, and Turkey Hill.

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Shiloh Valley Township Cemeteries

Includes historic Shiloh Cemetery, resting place of many pioneers. Click here for a list of other small cemeteries in this township. 86 pages. $12.00.

Note: The 2001 edition of the Shiloh Valley Township Cemeteries book has incorrect tombstone data for the old Holy Childhood of Jesus Cemetery located on Rt. 177. This listing was removed from the current edition of Shiloh Valley Township Cemeteries published in 2011. The corrected listing appears in the Mascoutah Township Cemeteries book with the present cemetery and is updated as of 2011.

St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery, Fairview Heights, Illinois, 1914-1997

2400 Polish burials including over 700 unmarked graves. St. Adalbert’s cemetery lies partly in section 30 and 31 Township 2 North Range 8 West, Caseyville Township, and part of section 36, Township 2 North Range 9 West, Canteen Township. The cemetery association opened their records allowing the compiler to document an additional 700 unmarked graves.  65 pages.  $15.00.

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Church Records

The best substitute for county vital records before 1916

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Church Records Volume One

on CD, PC and Mac compatible in Adobe Reader®, $25.00.

Records of five (5) churches are on this CD.

1. Unity United Baptist Church of Christ established in 1850 and attended by large numbers of Badgley, Phillips, Rettinghouse, Whiteside and others residing near the church just north and east of Belleville. Now called First Baptist Church Fairview Heights, it is believed Unity’s members had connections to some who attended Richland Creek Baptist near Messenger cemetery where baptisms by immersion took place in the creek after which that early church was named. The Unity church of 1850 first met in Anthony’s Grove about a mile north of the earlier church, and south of today’s Drake-Thouvenot road / Frank-Scott Parkway and Old Collinsville road intersection and recently celebrated its sesquicentennial. Unity and Oakhill church surnames (PDF).

2. Bethel Baptist Church Minutes 1806 – 1851, Excerpts from the Minutes 1851 – 1852, and Membership Lists 1809 – 1909. (1806-1909) near Caseyville, one of the earliest Baptist churches in southwestern Illinois and famed for its role along the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Excellent source for family groups before 1850 census, includes some vital stats. Located near the county border and includes St. Clair and Madison County residents. 4000 names. Surname index. (PDF)

3. Oak Hill Baptist Church Minutes (1851-1863) near O’Fallon. Established in 1850 and attended by large numbers of Badgley, Phillips, Rettinghouse, Whiteside and others residing near the church.  Unity and Oakhill church surnames. (PDF) 

4. Zion Lutheran, Belleville, 1861-1961, 4200 baptisms with parents named, 2700 confirmation entries, 1268 marriages and 1360 burials, plus confirmations, all translated from German over the course of six years. Zion Lutheran’s Surname List (PDF) and  Sample page (PDF 248kb).

5. St. Peter’s Catholic Church Burials 1859 – 1909  Surnames in this book (PDF). Over 3800 burials, translated from Latin.

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Church Records of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Belleville, Illinois 1839–1939

CD-ROM. This mammoth tome, expertly translated from German by the late Martha Mae Schmidt, extracts dates of all births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths (for more than 18,000 entries overall). Parents, sponsors, witnesses, maiden names, clues to former marriages, and relationships are given. As the county seat, people from throughout the county traveled to Belleville to have the religious event performed at St. Paul’s. The specific German town of birth is given for many, many immigrants, providing the link needed to continue research in Germany and elsewhere. The CD-ROM will be used just as you would a book with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Surnames in this book (PDF). 944 pages. $30.00

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church Census 1888–1895.

The first parish established within the confines of Belleville in 1842. This census was taken just after St. Peter’s was designated the Cathedral for the new Diocese of Belleville, and includes about 4050 parishioners among the parish’s 895 families. This resource helps fill the genealogical void created for the burned 1890 federal census. In addition to family groups and relationships, birth and marriage dates and places, rare genealogical information included are parental surnames for the majority of 45 adopted or “quasi-adopted” children, birth parents’ given names; divorce or separation. The German town of birth, marital status for widows and widowers, death dates of prior spouses and individuals that died between censuses is also included. Translated from Latin. Surnames in this book (PDF). 148 pages. $15.00.

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Methodist Church Records of Belleville, Illinois, 1840-1998

[Full title: Records of German Methodist–Jackson Street Methodist Church 213 South Jackson Street, First Methodist Episcopal Church, 10 East Washington Street, [and] Union United Methodist Church, 721 East Main Street, Belleville, Illinois]. Features baptisms, marriages and burials of the these churches records. All German language records are abstracted in English. Includes histories of these churches and an index to the immigrant’s German place of birth. Indexed, perfect bound, 354 pages. $15.00.

Darmstadt, Holy Ghost United Church of Christ, 1843-1977

Indexed, spiral bound, while supply lasts,  230 pages. $16.00

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Church Records of St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois, 1870 – 1986

Baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths, church history, German place name index, fully indexed. To print by request, please contact us if you are interested. Surname Index (PDF 2MB) / Baptisms.  218 pages.

St. John United Church of Christ, Mascoutah

Baptisms 1849-1855, and marriages 1840-1876. Indexed. 46 pages, $13.00.

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St. Liborius Catholic Church Records

St. Libory. On this website

St. Paul United Church of Christ, Floraville, 1859-1986

Print by request, 107 pages, $15.00.

Trinity Lutheran Church Records, Millstadt, Illinois

[Family Register of Early Members of Trinity; Marriages 1848 – 1911 and Burials 1849 – 1927] plus Holy Cross Lutheran Church Records, Sugar Loaf Township [Family Register of early members, and marriages 1841 – 1896]. 65 pages, $15.00.

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“Trinity United Church of Christ Church Records, Fayetteville, Illinois, 1878-1983”.

Published in Quarterly Volume 7, look for an ancestor’s surname in the Quarterly surname index .

Zion United Church of Christ, Millstadt, Illinois

Baptisms 1835–1845, marriages 1836–1871, and family register for early members of Zion Church. Also Salem Evangelical Baptisms, Sugar Loaf Township, 1868–1871.  90 pages, $15.00.

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The Graduating Classes of the Closed Catholic High Schools East St. Louis, Illinois: 1894 through 1989

Includes 10,000 graduates from four East St. Louis and French Village area high schools: St. Teresa Academy 1894 – 1974; Central Catholic High School 1929 – 1953; St. Mary High School 1949 – 1953; and Assumption High School 1953 – 1989. An aggregate of 132 graduating classes span 144 years of instruction. Each school is a chapter with graduates listed by year, and when available, the parish or church/city name is noted. Indexed. 156 pages, $15.00.



Birth and Death Records, 1843-1870, St. Clair County, Illinois

Exact transcription, 72 pp, indexed. $12.00

Tip: Remember to search the Quarterly table of contents for articles on these topics using keywords, e.g., census, poor farm, birth, and death. Use the Site search (main menu).

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Dutch Hill Prairie History

Dutch Hill Prairie land is in the southeastern part of St. Clair County, Illinois. The land lies in Township 3 South Range 7 West 3rd P.M. , and called Lenzburg Township.Revised edition. Two and three generations lived in the area known as Dutch Hill (Township 3 South Range 7 West in St. Clair, roughly the southeastern boundary of the county). Many settlers were members of what later became Darmstadt United Church of Christ. Burials in several pioneer cemeteries are included. As testimony of her dedication to the SCCGS, the late Martha Mae Schmidt (author) donated these hard bound books to the Society. All proceeds will be used for acquisition of genealogical materials and placed in the Society’s holdings at the library. Limited quantity. 364 pages, $25.00.

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Freeburg Tribune Obituary Index, 1904-1939

Limited number available. 64 pages, $9.50. Also on this website.

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Probated and Unprobated Will Index, 1772-1964.

Now on our member website – join SCCGS. Also available as part of the SCCGS holdings at the Belleville Public Library. Read more about this important record set and other acquisitions and projects funded by SCCGS members and friends.

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