Vital Records

The county recorded birth and death certificates in late 1877. Prior to this, proofs of birth or death could be filed at the courthouse. Marriages have been recorded since the earliest times although some omissions occur. For various reasons, couples sometimes chose to marry in a different county or state, so if not found in one county, search surrounding areas.


On this website

On the Member website

  • Deaths (1877 – 1916) compiled from certificates filed at the courthouse.
  • Marriage Records 1845-1869, an index by Buecher.
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In the SCCGS Quarterly and books

  • Birth and Death Records, 1843-1870 (see Other)

  • Marriage indexes 1906-1940s appear in the Quarterly. These articles show facsimiles of the county clerk’s index. Browse the Table of Contents beginning with Volume 30 Number 2 (2007), or search this site for Marriage Index [year].

  • Abstracts of death certificates filed 1877-1916 at the courthouse are serialized starting with Volume 30 Number 1 (2007). As noted above, this series is reproduced on our member website.

Substitutes for vital records

  • Church records may be the best substitute for birth, marriage, and death records when not found at the county level. On the main menu click Collection > Church records or read of many more on our book page.
  • Newspaper articles, tombstones, burial records, and probate files are other sources for vital records – some published in our Quarterly or separate books.


  • The Illinois Statewide indexes for marriages (1770s – 1905), and deaths (1916 – 1950) include St. Clair County.
  • (some indexes may be in progress or may originate from a wide variety of resources).

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