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St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church Census 1888–1895 (e-Book)


Chronicles the household makeup for 895 families and 4050 parishioners, partly filling the 1890 federal census void. Birth and marriage dates and places and rare genealogical information for the majority of 45 adopted or “quasi-adopted” children. Full description below.

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This census was taken just after St. Peter’s was designated the Cathedral for the new Diocese of Belleville in 1887. This resource helps fill the genealogical void created for the burned 1890 federal census. Family groups and relationships, birth and marriage dates and places for each person. Parental surnames for the majority of 45 adopted or “quasi-adopted” children, birth, parents’ given names; divorce or separation. The German town of birth, marital status for widows and widowers, death dates of prior spouses and individuals that died between censuses are also included. Translated from Latin into English.

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