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Records of St. Paul United Church of Christ, Freeburg, Illinois (1864–2013) (e-Book)


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First named the “Free Protestant Church” in Urbana (now Freeburg) and later “The Evangelical St. Paul’s Congregation” this church was established by former members of the Turkey Hill church after it closed in 1858.

Nearly 10,000 baptisms, marriages, confirmations, deaths, and family register entries were translated from German into English. Records exist for residents of Freeburg, Freeburg Precinct (now Township), Darmstadt, Mascoutah, Millstadt, and New Athens for example. Birthdates as early as 1799, siblings, the place buried among 50 cemeteries, parents, and often-related sponsors and witnesses are mentioned. 541 pages

The town or district of birth in the old country for many of this church’s German immigrants is found not only in records of this church but is commonly noted in other UCC church records published by the SCCGS.


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