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Surnames researched by SCCGS members in good standing as of 27 March 2020


Aarns, Abe, Abegg, Abegg, Abernathy, Abernathy, Acker, Adair, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adelhardt, Adler, Affleck, Ahnefeld, Albers, Albers, Albert, Alberter, Albrecht, Allard, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Alliman, Alter, Alvers, Alvis, Amann, Amann, Amlung, Amlung, Ammel, Ampel, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anheuser, Anna, Arbogast, Arbogast, Arbrogast, Arnold, Arnold, Arnold, Arnoldy, Arras, Arras, Ashcroft, Atzinger, Aubuchon, Auth, Auth, Avery

Baahlmann, Baalmann, Baalmann, Babo, Bach, Bachesta, Bachista, Bachman, Bachmann, Baczista, Badgley, Badgley, Badgley, Baehr, Baer, Baer, Baker, Baker, Balance, Baldus, Balhaus, Ballhaus, Balsters, Baltz, Baltz, Baltz, Balz, Balz, Bamber, Bangert, Bangert, Bangert, Bangerth, Bannen, Banse, Barber, Barker, Bartelheim, Bartelheimer, Bartels, Barthel, Bartling, Bartsch, Barvette, Baser, Bassler, Bassompierre, Batts, Bauer, Bauer, Bauer, Bauer, Bauer, Bauer, Baugh, Baumann, Baumgarten, Baylor, Beal, Beals, Beatty, Beaulieu, Becherer, Bechtel, Bechtold, Bechtold, Bechtoldt, Bechtoldt, Beck, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Beckerf, Beckerle, Beckett, Beeson, Begole, Beharns, Behm, Behrens, Behrens, Behrns, Behrns, Beil, Beil, Beil, Beimbrink, Beimbrink, Belleville, Bender, Bender, Bender, Bender, Bender, Benderf, Benn, Benner, Benz, Berberich, Bercher, Bereitschaft, Bereswill, Berger, Berger, Bergfeld, Bergfeldt, Berner, Bernius, Bernreuter, Bernt, Bersett, Bert, Berthold, Bertke, Bertke, Best, Bettencourt, Bevirt, Bichmann, Bickly, Biehl, Biermann, Biermann, Bieser, Biggs, Biggs, Biggs, Bird, Birgenter, Bischdorf, Bishop, Bittel, Bittinger, Bittles, Black, Blackburn, Blaes, Blaine, Blaines, Blair, Blane, Blankenship, Blomenkamp, Blomenkamp, Blomenkamp, Blomenkamp, Blomenkamp, Bludau, Blum, Blum, Blum, Blumeyer, Bocquet, Boehm, Boggy, Bohn, Bohnenstiehl, Bollecker, Bombardiere, Bone, Boneau, Bonham, Bonikel, Bonnard, Bopp, Borger, Borger, Borger, Born, Born, Bornman, Bosse, Bossler, Bossler, Boswell, Bouder, Boul, Bovinette, Bowen, Bowns, Boyd, Boyer, Bracewell, Bradham, Braeuriam, Bramble, Bramlett, Brand, Brandenburger, Brandhorst, Brandhorst, Brandmeyer, Brang, Branhum, Branson, Brantzel, Brasel, Brasel, Brassbridge, Braswell, Braswell, Bratton, Braun, Braun, Braun, Brauning, Brazel, Brazil, Brazzel, Brazzel, Breckenridge, Brede, Breitschaff, Brendel, Brennan, Brentzel, Bretsch, Bretsch, Breuham, Brice, Brichler, Bridges, Briedenbach, Briesacher, Bright, Britten, Britton, Brockelman, Brockschmidt, Brodhag, Bromett, Brooks, Brosius, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Browning, Broz, Brucker, Brueggamenn, Brueggemann, Brune, Brunner, Brutcher, Brutscher, Brydon, Bub, Budde, Budde, Buecher, Buechler, Buentgen, Buettinger, Bug, Buhlmann, Buhrmeister, Bulmann, Bumbledare, Bunch, Bunde, Bunyan, Burgess, Burgess, Burke, Burkhardt, Burrelsman, Burroughs, Burroughs, Burton, Burton, Busch, Bussen, Bussman, Bussmann, Butz, Butz, Byrd, Byrd, Byrne, Bytner

Cable, Callahan, Calza, Campbell, Campbell, Cannady, Cannady, Cannon, Capman, Caponi, Carlson, Carr, Carr, Carr, Carrillion, Carter, Casad, Catuthers, Cermak, Chandler, Chaput, Charles, Chauvin, Chavin, Cherry, Chesney, Chesney, Chestnut, Chiera, Christ, Christ, Chubert, Church, Clark, Clark, Claus, Colbert, Coleman, Coleman, Collins, Conely, Connely, Conner, Conolly, Conrad, Converse, Conway, Cook, Cook, Cooney, Cordie, Cordier, Corn, Cortner, Costello, Cotter, Courtemanche, Courtier, Coyle, Crawford, Cremer, Crettinghouse, Crittenden, Cron, Crook, Crookshank, Crowe, Cruit, Cullen, Culli, Cunjus, Cunningham, Cunninham, Curran, Curry

Daab, Dahl, Dahlessen, Dahnke, Dake, Damm, Dammerich, Dammrich, Daneiske, Daneiskie, Dannehold, Darnell, Darr, Daschke, Daunzer, Daut, Dautert, Davinroy, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Dawson, Day, Deason, Dechant, Decker, Declue, Deffani, Defrees, Defreese, Degenhardt, Dehn, Dehn, Deimeke, Deimling, Deisler, Delaney, Delaunal, Dement, Denham, Deppe, Deppe, Depper, Dern, Deunant, Deusinger, Deussinger, Dewein, Dexter, Diangela, Diekemper, Dieker, Diekroetger, Diesel, Dietrich, Dietz, Difrancia, Dill, Dillon, Dingel, Dinges, Dingwerth, Dissett, Distler, Dittle, Dixon, Dixon, Dobbins, Dodie, Doell, Doerfler, Doerr, Doerr, Dolansky, Dold, Dolhof, Dollus, Dominick, Donally, Donoho, Dooley, Dorlac, Dorsch, Dorsch, Douglas, Douglas, Doussard, Doyle, Drake, Dressel, Dressel, Dressel, Dressler, Druessel, Druessel, Druessel, Drussel, Dudley, Duffner, Duggan, Dulle, Dumbeck, Duncan, Dunn, Dupee, Dupuis, Durfee, Durnell, Dyar, Dyer

Easle Eastwood, Ebel, Ebel, Ebel, Ebel, Eberle, Ebermann, Ebersohl, Ebert, Ebert, Ebert, Eckel, Eckert, Edelmann, Edesco, Edwards, Egler, Ehret, Ehrhardt, Ehrstein, Ehrstein, Eichelmann, Eicholz, Eichorn, Eilering, Einwich, Eise, Eisenhauer, Eisenhower, Ekel, Elbeth, Elbham, Elbrechter, Elder, Ellesworth, Ellinger, Ellis, Ellsworth, Ellsworth, Ellwood, Eltrich, Emge, Emge, Emmel, Engasser, Engelhard, Engelhart, Engelmann, Engelmann, Engelmann, England, Englerth, Englerth, Enochs, Enright, Erb, Erban, Erge, Erle, Erlinger, Erlinger, Erlinger, Ernst, Ernst, Ertel, Esser, Etienne, Etling, Etling, Etling, Etling, Ettling, Ettling, Ettling, Euersmann, Evans, Evans, Eversmann, Eves, Ewald, Ewing, Eychorn, Eyer, Eyman

Fackler, Faerber, Faerbert, Faitz, Falbe, Fancher, Fanning, Fansher, Farner, Farnham, Farrell, Faser, Faulbaum, Faultus, Fauss, Featherstone, Feder, Feder, Federolf, Feist, Feldhaus, Feldman, Feldmann, Fellner, Fellner, Feltz, Feoerer, Ferner, Ferry, Fertig, Feure, Feurer, Fey, Fiedler, Fiedler, Fiedler, Field, Fieldhaus, Fierce, Fierce, Fies, Fietsam, Files, Fink, Finkenkeller, Finley, Firlick, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fischer, Fish, Fisher, Fissler, Fitten, Fitzpatrick, Fix, Flammuth, Flamuth, Flanagan, Flannigan, Fleck, Fleischbein, Flinckinger, Flint, Flittner, Fluck, Foard, Foerderer, Fogarty, Fohl, Fohl, Foley, Fonny, Forcade, Forcade, Ford, Forhan, Foste, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Fournie, Fowler, Fox, Fox, Fox, Franc, Franck, Frank, Frank, Frantz, Frantz, Frantze, Fraser, Frazer, Freeman, Freitag, Freivogel, Freivogel, Fresen, Freund, Frey, Frey, Frey, Freyer, Frick, Frick, Fricke, Fricker, Fried, Frieda, Friedel, Friedlaender, Friedman, Friedmann, Frieman, Friemann, Frier, Fries, Fries, Fries, Fries, Friess, Friess, Frietag, Fritschler, Fritz, Fritz, Frochin, Froelhich, Fromme, Frost, Frothlin, Fry, Fuchs, Fuertoos, Fuess, Fuger, Funcke, Funcke, Furstenbarg, Furstenberg, Fux

Gadois, Gaebler, Gaertner, Gaertner, Gailius, Gallagher, Gallus, Ganey, Gangloff, Ganley, Gannon, Ganschinietz, Gansman, Gansmann, Ganz, Ganz, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Garland, Gassenschmid, Gassenschmidt, Gassmann, Gaston, Gaubatz, Gaudin, Gaul, Gausman, Gedney, Geedeman, Geiger, Geiling, Geins, Geissler, Geminn, Geminn, George, George, Geppert, Geppert, Gerau, Gerber, Gerfel, Gerken, Gerlach, Gerling, Gerling, Germain, Germain, German, Germann, Germann, Geunther

Gibbs, Giesey, Gilbert, Gildig, Giles, Gillespie, Gimmig, Gintz, Gippart, Girard, Girardin, Givenrod, Glaser, Glaus, Glenn, Glotz, Gluckes, Gobel, Godier, Godin, Godine, Godwin, Goebel, Goeckel, Goeddel, Goeller, Goeppert, Goethe, Goldstein, Gooch, Goodwin, Gordeon, Gordon, Gossmann, Graeumiger, Gramlich, Grandcolas, Grandcolas, Grander, Grau, Grayson, Green, Green, Green, Green, Greenfield, Greenfield, Greer, Gregson, Grider, Griebel, Griebel, Grieser, Griffin, Grimmig, Grine, Grodeon, Grojahn, Grosdmann, Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross, Gross, Grosse, Grossmann, Grotjahn, Grotojahn, Grubb, Grumig, Gryder, Gsodam, Guckes, Guenther, Guenther, Guenther, Guenther, Guenther, Guenther, Guldig, Gutacker, Guth, Gutiebgn, Gutman

Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas, Habe, Haberland, Hacker, Hacker, Hadley, Haeffner, Haege, Haege, Haegele, Haering, Haffner, Hage, Hageman, Hagemann, Hagspiel, Hair, Haire, Hairing, Hakerson, Halemeyer, Hall, Hall, Hallenbeck, Hamann, Hamann, Hamann, Hammann, Hammel, Hammel, Hammenstet, Hammer, Hammon, Hancock, Handley, Hanford, Hanft, Hankammer, Hankhammer, Hansas, Hansbroualt, Hanson, Har, Hardy, Harge, Harger, Hargers, Harkness, Harms, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harrison, Harrison, Harrison, Harryman, Harsche, Harszy, Harszy, Hartman, Hartmann, Harvey, Harwerth, Harwerth, Haselhorst, Hasler, Hasler, Haslett, Hasselbaecher, Hassler, Haub, Hauck, Haudrich, Hauptfleisch, Hauseman, Hausemann, Hauser, Hausman, Hausmann, Hausmann, Hauswirth, Haverkamp, Hawk, Hawkins, Haynes

Heag, Hebacek, Heberer, Heberer, Heberer, Hebern, Heckel, Heely, Heerer, Hefermehl, Heffernan, Heft, Hehrman, Heidenger, Heidorn, Heidorn, Heilman, Heindrich, Heine, Heinecke, Heinemann, Heinrich, Heintz, Heintze, Heisner, Hekel, Helfrich, Helfrich, Helfrich, Hendricks, Hennecke, Hennecke, Hennemann, Henschel, Hentzel, Hentzel, Herbert, Herderhorst, Hergfeld, Hergis, Hermann, Hermann, Herold, Herold, Herold, Herr, Herrig, Hertlein, Hertz, Heser, Hespin, Hesping, Hess, Hesse, Hesse, Hesse, Hessick, Hessler, Hessler, Hester, Hettenhausen, Hewitt, Heyd, Hick, Hickey, Hil, Hildebrand, Hildebrandt, Hilgamyer, Hilgard, Hilger, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hillgamyer, Hilpert, Hinterheer, Hinterthuer, Hirestin, Hirstein, Hise

Hock, Hocke, Hodges, Hoeff, Hoeffken, Hoeflinger, Hoeflinger, Hoeflinger, Hoereth, Hoerring, Hof, Hoff, Hoff, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoffmann, Hoffmann, Hoffmann, Hoffmann, Hoffmann, Hofmann, Hofstetter, Hohenzollern, Hohrein, Holcomb, Holden, Holdener, Holdman, Hollebach, Hollenbeck, Hollerbach, Holloway, Holm, Holtgraese, Holtgrave, Homann, Hopfinger, Hopkins, Hopkins, Horcher, Horstmann, Hosack, Houillon, House, Houser, Houser, Howe, Howell, Howell, Hrastar, Huber, Huber, Huber, Hucke, Hueckel, Huetsch, Huff, Hug, Hughes, Hughes, Hulling, Hulliung, Humma, Hummert, Hun, Hund, Hundelt, Hundemann, Hundman, Hundmann, Hunger, Hunt, Huppert, Hurst, Huschle, Husk, Huston, Hutchens, Hutcheson, Hutchins, Huth, Hynes

Ichter, Igel, Ihle, Illig, Illig, Impel, Irving, Irwin, Isaak, Isselhardt, Iten, Ivey

Jackson, Jacobi, Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobus, Jaenig, Jaenke, Jaennesch, Jakobs, Janson, Janson, Jarvis, Jeffer, Jeffers, Jegglin, Jenkins, Jenning, Jennings, Jerod, Jerome, Joerg, Johanning, John, John, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jonson, Jordan, Jordan, Joseph, Jost, Jost, Jundt, Jung, Jung, Jung, Jung, Jung, Jung, Jung, Just

Kabureck, Kacin, Kaempf, Kaempfe, Kaercher, Kaeser, Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser, Kalmer, Kalmer, Kaltenbach, Kaltenbacher, Kampfe, Kampmeyer, Kampp, Karban, Karillion, Karleskind, Karsh, Karst, Karst, Kasten, Kauffmann, Kaufmann, Keathly, Kebel, Keck, Keck, Keck, Keck, Keen, Keese, Kehr, Kehr, Kehrer, Keil, Keim, Keim, Keim, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Kellmeier, Kellmeyer, Kemel, Kemp, Kemper, Kempf, Kempf, Kempf, Kempf, Kempfe, Kempff, Kennedy, Kensella, Kepp, Kerckhoff, Kerkemeyer, Kerr, Kerr, Kersey, Kessler, Kettler, Kever, Kibiss, Kickmeier, Kiefer, Killingsworth, Killoren, Kimball, Kimmel, King, Kingelhoets, Kircher, Kircher, Kirchoeffer, Kirkpatrick, Kirsch, Kirsch, Kissell, Kistner, Kitchen, Kittrell

Klar, Klaus, Klawann, Klees, Kleier, Klein, Klein, Klein, Klein, Klein, Klein, Kleinschaub, Klemme, Kleyer, Klingenhagen, Klinger, Klinghagen, Klinkhardt, Klinkhardt, Klippert, Kloess, Klostermann, Klots, Klotz, Klotz, Klube, Klube, Knapp, Knapp, Knecht, Kneipkamp, Kneiss, Knell, Knepper, Knewitz, Kniepkamp, Kniepkamp, Kniepkamp, Kniepkamp, Kniess, Kniewen, Knobeloch, Knobeloch, Knoebel, Knoell, Knoernschild, Knuckler, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koehler, Koehler, Koehler, Koekelhan, Koeneman, Koenemann, Koenig, Koenig, Koenigsecker, Koenigsmark, Koenigstein, Koerkenmeier, Koerner, Koerner, Koerner, Koester, Koesterer, Koesterer, Koesterer, Koesterer, Kohlhauf, Kohlhauff, Kohlhauff, Kohlhoff, Koldehoff, Kollmeyer, Kolter, Kopf, Kopff, Korte, Korte, Korte, Kosar, Kossina, Krachleder, Kraft, Kraft, Kraft, Kramer, Krampere, Krapp, Kraus, Kraus, Krauss, Kreger, Kreher, Krehmeyer, Kreimeier, Krichbaum, Kriege, Krieger, Krieger, Krieger, Krieger, Krollmann, Kromoiede, Kronenberger, Kropp, Kropp, Krueger, Krueger, Krueger, Krug, Kruger, Krumvede, Krupp, Krupp, Kruse, Kuehn, Kuehn, Kuehn, Kuehne, Kuekelhan, Kueker, Kuenz, Kufferschmidt, Kuhlmann, Kummer, Kunjus, Kunkle, Kupferschmidt, Kure, Kurrus, Kurtz, Kurze

La Due, Lafore, Lafreniere, Lahme, Lahmi, Lake, Lami, Lampert, Lane, Lang, Lang, Lang, Lang, Langenstein, Langenwalter, Langhauser, Langhorst, Lanxon, Lanz, Lapere, Laporte, Laquet, Laquit, Larue, Latham, Laubach, Laufer, Lauman, Laumann, Lauth, Lautz, Laux, Lavalle, Lavalli, Leckel, Lehmann, Lehmann, Lehr, Lehr, Lehr, Leibrock, Leibrock, Lemen, Lemkemeier, Lenhardt, Lentz, Lenz, Leonard, Leonardt, Leonhard, Lepere, Lepere, Lepori, Leque, Lesher, Levann, Lewis

Libiak, Libjak, Lichtenfels, Lickenbrock, Liddy, Lielich, Lienesch, Lienesch, Lill, Linck, Lindemann, Linders, Lingenfelder, Lingenfelter, Linhorst, Linn, Lintker, Lipe, Lippert, Lippert, Lippert, Lischer, Lively, Loan, Lobsinger, Lobsinger, Loeckel, Loehr, Logan, Lohman, Lohmann, Lohrum, Lohrum, Lolier, Lombard, Loos, Looshorn, Looshorn, Lopinet, Lopinot, Lorbeer, Lorber, Loshorn, Lotz, Louis, Love, Luchsinger, Luenig, Lufkin, Lugge, Lurtz, Lusk, Lutz, Lutzhay, Lutzky, Lutzley, Lux, Luybay, Lyerle

Maag, Macarthur, Macleon, Maddalino, Maher, Maidinger, Maier, Maiss, Mallett, Mancel, Manley, Mann, Mannz, Mansini, Mark, Marlow, Marris, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Mason, Masserang, Masurer, Mateka, Matern, Mathes, Mathis, Matthews, Maufis, Maurer, Maurer, Maurick, Maurin, Mauterer, Mayer, Mayer, Mazander

Mc Clintock, Mc Millan, Mcallister, Mcbride, Mccabe, Mccall, Mcclelland, Mcclure, Mcclure, Mcclurken, Mccracken, Mcdonald, Mcdowell, Mcfadden, Mcfarland, Mcgerhan, Mcgough, Mcguire, Mckenzie, Mckenzie, Mckenzie, Mcleod, Mcpheil

Meadors, Meamber, Meehan, Meehan, Mees, Mees, Mehl, Mehlia, Mehrmann, Mehrmann, Meichel, Meidinger, Meidinger, Meier, Meier, Meier, Meier, Meinhardt, Meininger, Meister, Meives, Meiwes, Meldrum, Melia, Memmell, Meng, Meng, Mense, Mense, Mense, Merck, Mercurio, Merkel, Merod, Merrill, Merrill, Merrills, Mertens, Merzenich, Methier, Metter, Metz, Metzger, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer

Michael, Michel, Middelbuescher, Middendorf, Mienkoth, Milam, Millam, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Million, Million, Milner, Milum, Misseler, Mitchell, Mitchell, Modro, Moeser, Moffitt, Mohr, Mohr, Mohr, Mohr, Monk, Moon, Moore, Moore, Moore, Mootry, Morgenstern, Morgenstern, Morheiser, Morningstar, Morris, Morris, Mosbacher, Moselle, Moses, Moss, Mountain, Moutray, Moutrey, Moutrie, Mowrer

Muck, Mueck, Mueller, Mueth, Muhler, Muller, Mulquinn, Mummer, Mummert, Munie, Munie, Murer, Murphy, Muskopf, Myotte, Myottrice

Nagel, Nagel, Nass, Naumann, Neal, Neemann, Neff, Neff, Neff, Neff, Nehring, Neighbors, Neill, Nell, Nenninger, Neuf, Neuff, Neuhoff, Neula, Neumann, Neuner, Neuner, Newa, Nickel, Nickons, Nicolai, Niederberger, Nieman, Nieman, Niemann, Niemann, Nies, Niess, Nold, Noll, Noll, Nolte, Norrenberns, Nowotny, Noyes, Nuernberger, Null, Nurnberger, Nuss

Oberbauer, Oberbauer, Oberfranke, Oberle, O’brien, O’brien, Och, Ochsner, Ochstettea, O’connell, Oelschig, Oerter, Oesterle, Ogle, Ogle, Ogle, Ogle, Ohl, Ohmer, Ohr, Oldendorph, O’leary, Olszewski, Ondrej, Onigmann, Opps, Origliasso, O’riley, Orlet, Orthwein, Osland, Osterle, O’sullivan, Ott, Ott, Ottwein, Owen, Owen, Owen, Owen, Owens, Owens, Owens

Pabst, Padden, Padfielf, Paget, Pagget, Pahlman, Palmier, Pannier, Parent, Parker, Parkinson, Parle, Parrish, Patrick, Patrick, Paule, Paule, Pauley, Pauli, Pauli, Pauly, Paur, Payne, Peach, Peach, Peacock, Pearson, Peccatine, Peck, Peipmeier, Pennington, Pens, Pereira, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Perschbacher, Perschbacher, Personett, Petereson, Peters, Peters, Peterson, Petl, Petri, Petri, Petri, Petri, Petri, Petterson, Petz, Pfaff, Pfeffer, Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer, Pfeifferschneider, Pfeil, Pfeil, Pfiffner, Pfiffner, Phelp, Philippo, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillops, Piepmeier, Pier, Pier, Pierce, Piermann, Pierre, Pierre, Ping, Pirath, Pisano, Pletz, Plocher, Pluff, Plummer, Poar, Poe, Poelker, Poer, Poettker, Poggenmueller, Pohl, Pohlman, Poignee, Poll, Pollock, Pollock, Poneleit, Poor, Poore, Pore, Postel, Pou, Povilat, Pow, Powe, Power, Powers, Prasher, Pratt, Prendeville, Press, Preston, Probst, Probst, Probst, Probst, Probst, Probstmeyer, Procter, Prokopf, Prost, Prudhone, Pues, Pugliese, Pulliam, Pulliamm, Pulse, Purdue, Pykiet

Qualls, Quick, Quickert, Quiqley, Quitmeyer

Raab, Rabel, Rable, Radke, Raeuper, Raeuyalt, Ragan, Raines, Rains, Raith, Raith, Ranck, Randel, Randle, Randle, Randlemann, Range, Range, Rapp, Rapp, Rariden, Rasp, Rau, Rausch, Rausch, Rauschert, Rauth, Ray, Reagan, Reckmann, Redwitz, Reeb, Regelman, Reheis, Rehling, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichert, Reichling, Reichman, Reinhardt, Reinheimer, Reinheimer, Reinheimer, Reinhold, Reipschlager, Reiter, Reith, Reitz, Reitz, Rendleman, Renner, Rentchler, Renth, Reppel, Reppenhagen, Rericha, Rettle, Reubold, Reuss, Reuss, Reuss, Reuter, Rexhausen, Rexroth

Rhein, Rhein, Rheinfranck, Rheinfrank, Rich, Richard, Richert, Richter, Richter, Richter, Ricke, Rickert, Rickfelder, Ridgeway, Rieber, Rieso, Riess, Riethmann, Riley, Rinck, Rinderer, Ringheisen, Rintelmann, Ripley, Rippen, Rischar, Rist, Rist, Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse, Rittinghouse, Rittmeyer, Rivard

Roac, Robinson, Robinson, Rochel, Rochell, Rochell, Roder, Roededheimer, Roediger, Roehr, Roehrer, Roehrig, Roerig, Roettgen, Rogge, Rohman, Rohr, Rohr, Romer, Roney, Roos, Roose, Rosemann, Rosenmann, Rosenthal, Ross, Ross, Ross, Roth, Roth, Roth, Roth, Roth, Rothluebber, Rothluebbers, Rousel, Roux, Rovensa, Roy, Roy, Royer, Ruch, Ruck, Ruck, Ruck, Rudolph, Rudolph, Ruehl, Ruffner, Ruge, Rugh, Ruhl, Ruhl, Ruhman, Ruhman, Ruhmann, Runck, Runde, Runkwitz, Ruppel, Ruser, Rush, Russ, Rust, Rust, Rust, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutter, Rutter, Rutz, Ryss, Ryznek

Sackett, Sackett, Sackott, Sadler, Saeger, Saenger, Salanik, Samstag, Sanders, Sanftleben, Sanger, Sargent, Sargent, Sarlouis, Sartin, Sattler, Saucier, Saucier, Saul, Saul, Saule, Saunders, Sauzeck, Sauzek,

Schad, Schaefer, Schaefer, Schaefer, Schaeferle, Schaeferle, Schaeffer, Schaeffer, Schaeffer, Schallom, Schalter, Schaltman, Schantz, Schanz, Scharf, Scharf, Scharfenberger, Schatten, Schau, Schaum, Schefer, Scheibal, Scheifler, Scheinstein, Scheller, Schelot, Schemp, Schempp, Scherder, Scherer, Scherz, Scheske, Schickedanz, Schiemer, Schiermeier, Schiermier, Schildroth, Schill, Schilling, Schilling, Schipbach, Schisler, Schlachtsieck, Schlangen, Schlemmer, Schlerer, Schlesinger, Schlesinger, Schlessinger, Schlich, Schloerer, Schlosser, Schlosser, Schlossser, Schlueter, Schlung

Schmale, Schmaltz, Schmelzel, Schmelzel, Schmersahl, Schmersahl, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmiersahl, Schmisseur, Schmitt, Schmitt, Schmitz, Schmitz, Schmitz\Z, Schmitzmeier, Schmulbach, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schneider, Schnitker, Schoen, Schoenborn, Schoenborn, Schoenborn, Schoenstein, Schoenstein, Schoffner, Scholl, Schonz, Schoppenhorst, Schott, Schott, Schott, Schouber, Schrader, Schrader, Schrader, Schrage, Schramm, Schratz, Schreiber, Schrimsher, Schroder, Schroeder, Schroeder, Schroeder, Schrum, Schrumpf, Schubert, Schubert, Schubert, Schubert, Schubert, Schubirg, Schuchmann, Schuchmann, Schuebel, Schuessler, Schuettenberg, Schuettenberg, Schuetz, Schuetz, Schultz, Schumacher, Schuster, Schwalb, Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwarz, Schwarze, Schwarzweller, Schwegel, Schweickert, Schweig, Schweigert

Scoenborn, Scott, Scott, Scott, Seager, Seager, Seeger, Seeger, Seger, Seger, Seib, Seibert, Seibert, Seibert, Seibert, Seibert, Seifermann, Seiffarth, Seiffert, Seiler, Seitl, Sell, Sensel, Senzel, Sester, Seuffert, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sheck, Shelton, Shrum, Sibomerati, Siebert, Siebert, Siedler, Siedler, Siefert, Siegel, Siegler, Siegrist, Siekmann, Sieman, Siemering, Silch, Simon, Simon, Simon, Sinn, Sinn, Sisk, Skaer, Skaer, Skinner, Slater, Slayton

Smirl, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sodam, Soetebier, Soetebier, Sohist, Solomon, Solomon, Somerry, Sommer, Sorber, Sorg, Souza, Spaeth, Spalt, Spath, Speiser, Spencer, Spencer, Spenner, Spies, Spilker, Spinner, Spinner, Spitler, Spitznass, Springer, Sprinkel

St Clair, St Eve, Staab, Staden, Staehle, Stafford, Stahlheber, Stallings, Stammer, Stapp, Starck, Stark, Stark, Starr, Staub, Staub, Stauder, Staufenbiel, Steele, Steele, Stegemueller, Steiber, Stein, Stein, Stein, Stein, Steinbrecher, Steiner, Steiner, Steingoetter, Steinmetz, Steinmeyer, Stemmler, Stempel, Stempel, Stemper, Stengel, Stenger, Stenzel, Stephens, Stephens, Stern, Stieber, Stitzel, Stock, Stockel, Stocker, Stoeber, Stoeckel, Stoeckel, Stoeckel, Stoeckel, Stoerkle, Stoffel, Stoffel, Stolberg, Stolze, Stone, Stone, Storck, Stranad, Strange, Straubinger, Straubinger, Straus, Strausbaugh, Strauss, Strauss, Strawhun, Streck, Stroh, Stroh, Stromberger, Strothmann, Stump, Stumph, Sturgis, Stusilat, Stutz, Stutz, Suenzel, Sullins, Sullivan, Sumerdon, Sutter, Sutton, Swanson, Swarbrick, Szerzinski

Taff, Talbot, Talbot, Talbott, Tannehill, Tarp, Tecklenburg, Tedesco, Tegtmeier, Tempel, Ternad, Teufel, Thamure, Thebeau, Theis, Theis, Thibaut, Thiery, Thies, Thill, Thiry, Thom, Thomann, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thommes, Thompson, Thomure, Threlfall, Thurston, Tieman, Tiemann, Till, Tiller, Timmer, Timmermeister, Timmermeister, Timmermeister, Timper, Timper, Tisch, Tisserand, Titter, Tobin, Todd, Toenges, Toenjes, Toennies, Toerge, Toler, Tolin, Tomaszewski, Toomer, Toomey, Toschlage, Totsch, Trammel, Trautman, Trautmann, Trautmann, Travous, Tree, Trial, Tribout, Tribout, Triefenach, Trost, Trottier, Trottmann, Tucker, Tucker, Tudor, Tudor, Tudor, Turski, Twardowski

Uhlm, Uhrig, Ullrich, Ulm, Ulrich, Ulrich, Ulrich, Ulrich, Umbach, Unverzagt, Urich

Vahlkamp, Valentine, Vallentin, Vanarsdale, Vanvliet, Varner, Varner, Vejvoda, Verges, Vermillion, Vernier, Vessert, Veth, Vielweber, Vilat, Villiger, Viner, Vogas, Vogel, Vogelpohl, Vogelpohl, Vogler, Vogt, Vogt, Vogt, Volkert, Vollmer, Vollrath, Von Houten, Vonau, Vonkempe, Vonkummer, Von-Rothroffy, Voss, Voss, Vudoshek

Wachtel, Wackley, Wackman, Wade, Wade, Waechly, Waeltz, Wagner, Wagner,  Wahl, Wahlrab, Wait, Wakefield, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walsh, Walter, Waltke, Walton, Wangelin, Wangelin, Wangler, Wangler, Warhouven, Wasem, Wasser, Water

Weaver, Webb, Weber, Weckenmann, Wegener, Wegescheide, Wegescheide, Wegle, Wehmeier, Wehmeier, Wehmeier, Wehmeyer, Wehrung, Weigand, Weihermuller, Weil, Weil, Weil, Weilmuenster, Weilmuenster, Weilmuenster, Weimar, Weimer, Weinbrenner, Weingardt, Weis, Weis, Weissenborn, Welker, Welker, Wendel, Wente, Wentworth, Werner, Wernle, Wernli, Wert, Werz, Weschler, Wesler, West, West, West, Westerfeld, Westerfield, Wetmore, Wetteroth, Wetzler, Weygandt, Weymar

Whemeierer, Whight, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, White, White, White, White, Whiteside, Whiteside, Whiteside, Whiteside, Whiteside, Whitmer, Whitten, Wick, Wick, Widicus, Wiegand, Wiegand, Wiegand, Wiemer, Wiesenborn, Wiesenborn, Wiesenborn, Wieter, Wild, Wild, Wilde, Wilderman, Wildermann, Wildy, Wilhelm, Wilke, Wilke, Wilkins, Will, Willenborg, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williamson, Willig, Willmann, Wilson, Wilson, Wilt, Wimmer, Windecker, Windmeier, Wines, Wingert, Winker, Winker, Winker, Wintz, Winz, Witek, Witek, Witer, Witington, Witt, Wittauer, Wittig, Wittmaier, Wittmore, Wlahovich

Wodochek, Wodosek, Woelflin, Wohlrob, Woif, Wolcut, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolfersberger, Wolff, Wolter, Wolz, Wombacher, Wood, Woodburn, Woods, Woolchet, Woolcut, Woolkit, Wooten, Worms, Wottowa, Wottowa, Wright, Wright, Wueppels, Wuest, Wuest, Wuest, Wunderlich, Wuppels, Wurbanchic, Wurm, Wurm, Wurth

X (none)

Young, Younger, Yung, Yung, Yung

Zacheis, Zanglin, Zappanti, Zehner, Zeis, Zeiss, Zeller, Zerweck, Zimmer, Zimmeriner, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zinck, Zink, Zink, Zinssmeister, Zitzmann, Zogg, Zuck, Zulauf, Zulhuf, Zumpf, Zwengel, Zwingel

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