St. Liborius Catholic Church Parish Registers

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About the Parish

St. Liborius Catholic Church was founded in 1838 by Germans who emigrated five years earlier from the Osnabrück area in today’s western Germany. Today’s St. Libory Village was originally known as Mud Creek, then the Libory Settlement. It is located in southern St. Clair County, Illinois and about 40 miles from St. Louis, Missouri. An archived History of St. Liborius as published (2011) on the parish website, courtesy of Internet Archive WayBack Machine (off site).


About these records and this database

Verify information provided here with the original record available on microfilm at the library and online at FamilySearch. Read about this significant SCCGS microfilm project.

  • The church registers were written in Latin with a few entries in German before translation into English. See Translation Aids.
  • Spelling varies greatly. For example, the Terveer surname appears as Van De Fere, Terfere, and Terver.
  • Pronounciation: German letters sound similar and could be used interchangeably, D and T; B and P; F and V, and W and V, for example.
  • Children might be baptized with 2 or 3 forenames, but would be known by the “call name” which could be the second, or third forename. The call name is sometimes underlined in St. Liborius church registers but is not duplicated in the online database.
  • Some families reused names of deceased children.
  • Names abbreviated in the original church book were spelled out here. Please verify the name with independently created records, e.g., county vital records, civil and church marriage records.
  • Information added by the compiler appears in square brackets- [ ]
  • Most early records appear chronologically on unnumbered pages although a few burial records are out of sequence.
  • Infant deaths in burial records might be interpreted two ways, as Infant John, or as Infant of John. Baptismal records might clarify the entry.
  • Occasionally marriage records were recorded among the baptisms. Such cases appear in the St. Liborius marriage database rather than with baptisms on this website.

Sample citation to a specific record in this database

[Ancestor’s name] entry; Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “Baptisms A-F 1839-1906: St. Liborius Catholic Church, St. Libory, Illinois,” database, St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : accessed [date viewed] ).




Sample citation to a digital image of the original church register

[Ancestor’s name] baptismal entry, St. Liborius Catholic Church (St. Libory, Ill.), Liber Baptizatorum [ year span of register], no page, chronological; digital image, “Illinois, Diocese of Belleville Catholic Parish Records 1729-1956,” FamilySearch ( : [date viewed]).




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