About the SCCGS Websites

Public Website

Best viewed on a desktop, the public website’s 536 pages began with a dozen pages in 1998. Click for viewing tips. Features:

  • Hover over “Collections” for a dropdown menu of topics with data (extracts, indexes…).
  • Stand-alone databases: Vital records extracted from the Belleville Daily Advocate 1927–1954 , and the combined Surname and Quarterly article title index.
  • The site search finds words within a PDF unless protected against changes. Simply click to open the PDF and use the keyboard to “find” tool (control key plus the F key).
  • Tips, e.g., how to create alternate spellings of surnames, find a word on very long site pages.
  • The opportunity for non-members to sign up for email announcements sent when a new publication is born.
  • A list of databases on the Member website on the “About-Membership” webpage – consider joining SCCGS!

Please take the time to read this Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions and Use.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, or corrections and invite you to join SCCGS (Member Benefits).

Member Website

The Member site has approximately 648 pages [2024] of abstracts, extracts, indexes, and PDFs. Features:

  • The Member site’s search is independent of the one on the public site but displays a public site search box in the side bar.
  • Databases I and II” dropdowns show topics where indexes, PDFs, and searchable tables reside.
  • A “Classroom” side bar to topics which update and expand chapters in the Research Guide
  • Video presentations of recent lectures hosted by SCCGS
  • PDFs are searchable after opening them but are not separately indexed by the site’s search tool.
  • Data within tables (data-heavy) *are* found with the member site’s search tool.
  • Archived Quarterly issues.

Viewing tips

Toggles and tabs are described on the Search page.

The compact menu shown below as three horizontal, stacked lines, is commonly seen on phones, or sometimes on a desktop if the browser is set to show enlarged pages.
To shrink the page so that the main menu appears across the full width of the browser, do this: On the keyboard, press and hold the Control key, then, with the mouse, scroll the wheel forward or backward until the window resizes and the main menu is fully visible (Home will be on the left, Search on the far right).

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