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Best viewed on a desktop, the 536 pages on this public website of the St. Clair County Genealogical Society began with a dozen pages in 1998. Click for viewing tips. This website features:

  • Three menus: the main menu under the courthouse logo, and a second one above and right, and a third menu in the right margin on data-heavy webpages for quick links pertaining to the Collection at hand.
  • Vital records published in the Belleville Daily Advocate (1927–1954), a stand-alone database.
  • Abstracts, databases, and indexes organized by COLLECTION. For example, vital records compiled from newspaper obituaries will be found under Newspapers.
  • A surname and article title index combined and compiled from the SCCGS Quarterly over a period of 45 years.
  • Research tips throughout the site, e.g., how to create alternate spellings of surnames, find a word on very long site pages, and locate topics published in the Quarterly.
  • The opportunity for non-members to sign up for email announcements sent when a new publication is born. Members are automatically subscribed to the eNews as a member benefit. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Viewing tips

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