East St. Louis Business and Building Photographs, circa 1909 – An Index

The photographs appear in The Dawn of a Great City 
Originally published by Kolf and Salomon Publishers, St. Louis, Missouri. Credits at bottom.

An ‘early-era’ photocopy of the above named source is located at the Belleville Public Library (BPL). The search continues for an original from which quality photocopies of the images can be made since the library’s copy leaves something to be desired. We are thankful to Mr. Tom Miller and Mr. Terry L. Mueller for copying and donating this source to the local library. So far, none of the following libraries own an original copy: The Belleville, East St. Louis, St. Louis City, or St. Louis County libraries. It does not appear in the following online catalogs: ILLINET, Library of Congress, or WorldCAT. If it appears we will be at the mercy of some yet-to-be discovered private collector before we can secure a better photocopy for the library.

Items we did not index:
a) Photographs of individuals
b) Business ‘histories’ without photos – generally the business owner’s name is the title of the business and accompanies the section of the book dedicated to that type of business. For example, ten different grocery stores have a one or two paragraph ‘history’ among the pages devoted to the Grocers, but no accompanying picture.

The book groups businesses in sections devoted to Banks (p. 52), Breweries (p. 69), Construction and Lumber Companies (p. 31), Dry Goods and Clothing (p. 39), Grocers and Meat Markets (p. 45), Hardware Companies (p. 75), Horse and Mule Markets (p. 19), hotels (p. 54), Insurance, Liquor Dealers (p. 63), Manufacturing (p. 30), Merchants Association (p. 2), and National Stock Yards (p. 12).


Photograph Page
A.M. Meints Residence 73
Advance Elevator 31
Aluminum Company of America [ALCOA] 33
American Steel 33
Arcade Building 57
Armour Plant 12
Artificial Gas Company Tanks and office interior 29
Avenue Theatre (interior) 67
Averill – see Mills and Averill .
Banner Wine and Liquor 65
Barbour Warehouse 77
Beaird, J. Jr., Coal and Feed Storage 78
Becker, J.P. Dry Goods 40, 41
Beckwith Brothers Real Estate Office (interior) 71
Benjamin F. Horn Cooperage Company 34
Berthmann, Robert – Residence 74
Berthmann, Robert – Residnece 74
Boathouse and Lansdowne 67
Bodenburg Produce Commission 50
Boekenkroeger Furniture see Hencken… .
Bowman, Frank Residence 73
Bratton’s, John S. Stables and Auction Ring 21
Buckingham Hotel inside front cover
Budweiser Garden 67
Carpenter, Harry Buffet (interior) 63
Central Brewing Company 69
Century Manufacturing Company 32
Charles F. Koska’s Metropolitan Bar and Cafe 66
Charles F.Short and Company with horse drawn moving van 80
Charles Schoepp Cut Stone Works 38
City Government (history) 1 – 6
City Hall 1, 6
Clark Realty Building inside back cover
Coal Industry (history), a Coal Washer 28
Cornomills 38
Cotter’s, Miss M. Millinery 56
Crescent packing Company 15
Degen-Doussard Livery and Undertaking 26
Derleth’s Jewelry Store 55
Diehm-Fansler Grocery Company 45
Domhoff, John F and Company 77
Donahue Building 32
Douglas Shoe Store (interior) 57
Doussard Livery see Degen-Doussard Livery .
Dr. Gamble’s Residence inside front cover
Dr. Little Residence 73
Dry Goods, Clothing and Gents’ Furnishings 39
E. Metzger’s Establishment [hardware] 76
E.D. Pendelton and Sons Mule Company 20
E.W. Thompson Residence 74
East St. Louis Banks 52
East St. Louis High School 59
East St. Louis Laundry 79
East St. Louis Locomotive and Machine Shop Company 30
East St. Louis Walnut Lumber Company 36
Eckert’s, W.E. Grocery and Meat Market 46
Edwards Harness see Hoffman-Edwards…. .
Electric Service Company (nine people, unnamed) 58
Elliott Frog and Switch 33
Empire Carbon Works 33
Ernest, F.P. – Residence inside front cover
Esserman, M. Dry Goods 43
Excelsior Tool 35
F. P. Ernest Residence inside back cover
F.J. Renard’s Cigar Stand in lobby of Arcade Building 58
F.S. Rich Residence inside back cover
Fern Glen Distilling Company and their baseball team 64
Fire Department, Engine Houses 1, 2, 3, and 5 8
First Methodist Episcopal Church 56
Flannery, Patrick Lime and Cement 37
Frank Bowman Residence 73
Frank C. Smith Residence 74
Fries, Oscar R. Dry Goods 43
Gain’s, John J. Grocery 49
Gain’s, P.L. Drug Store 51
Gamble, Dr. – Residence inside front cover
Gedney, Jesse I, Construction Company 38
General Roofing Manufacturing Company 35
Gillen, Heiman and Harper Mule Company 19
Goedde [Lumber]Company 37
Grace, W.B. and Company [hardware] 76
Grant, J.C. Chemical Company 37
Grocers and Meat Markets 45
H.C. Reis Lumber Company 38
Hall, L.A. Liquor Company 66
Harper Brothers Stables 24
Harper Mule see Gillen, Heiman… .
Harry Carpenter Buffet (interior) 63
Haumesser’s Grocery (interior) 46
Hausser Cigar Store 50
Heim Brewery 69
Heiman Mule see Gillen, Heiman… .
Heimann’s Stables – see Taylor and Heimann’s… .
Hencken-Boekenkroeger Furniture Company 77
Henry Kaimann and Son Stables 25
Herman C. Thoene General Mercantile 40
Hezel Milling 38
High and Low [Water] Service Stations 4
Hill, W.H. Lime and Cement Company 35
Hoeltman’s Ice… see Thomas and Hoeltman’s… 78
Hoffman-Edwards Harness Company 26
Horn, Benjamin F. Cooperage Company 34
Hub Clothing 42
Hugh McRobert’s Meat Market 49
Illinois Hardware Company 75
Illinois State Bank and Trust 52
Insurance 53
International Harvester 33
J. Beaird, Jr. Coal and Feed Storage 78
J.C. Grant Chemical Company 37
J.P. Becker Dry Goods 40, 41
J.T. Slowson Residence 74
James Furniture Company 77
Jesse I. Gedney Construction Company 38
John F. Domhoff and Company 77
John J. Gain’s Grocery 49
John S. Bratton’s Stables and Auction Ring 21
Kaimann, Henry and Son Stables 25
Kaminer Clothing 43
Koska’s, Charles C. Metropolitan Bar and Cafe 66
Kurrus Livery and Undertaking 79
L.A. Hall Liquor Company 66
L.C. Weis Residence 73
Lansdowne Lake – boating, fountain, shady grove 68
Lehman’s Music House, Piano,
—Phonograph and Record, and Sheet Music Departments
Livestock Exchange 12
Long, W.A – Residence 74
M. Esserman Dry Goods 43
Main looking South 2
Marquardt’s Dry Goods 42
Mayor’s office 5
McRobert’s, Hugh Meat Market 49
Meints, A.M. Residence 73
Mepham and Company Dry Paint 33
Metzger’s, E. Establishment [hardware] 76
Mills and Averill Tailoring 43
Miss M. Cotter’s Millinery 56
Miss M. Schell’s Flower Store 55
Missouri Avenue looking West 2
Missouri Packing Company 49
Model Laundry 79
Monroe School, Sewing, Household Equipment,
—Cooking and Manual Training Rooms
Morris and Company 11
National Iron Works 33
National Stockyards 11 -18
National Stockyards Cattle Pens, Sheep Pens, and Plant 11, 12
National Warehouse and Storage 33
Nester see Obear-Nester .
Obear-Nester Glass 33
Oscar R. Fries Dry Goods 43
Otto Rothe’s Grocery 47
P.L. Gain’s Drug Store 51
Patrick Flannery Lime and Cement 37
Peerless Bakery 50
Pendelton, E.D. and Sons Mule Company 20
Pierce Building inside front cover
Police Department, members/officers 9, 10
Pomeroy, W.H. Company 26
Pomeroy, W.H. Company 26
Public Library 6, 7
Railway Steel Spring Company 30
Reese Hardware Company 75
Reis, H.C. Lumber Company 38
Renard’s, F. J. Cigar Stand in lobby of Arcade Building 58
Retail Hardware Industry 75
Retail Liquor Dealers 63
Retail Merchants Association (history) 2
Reynolds Seed and Commission Company 50
Reynolds, W.W. – Residence inside back cover
Rich, F.S. – Residence inside front cover
Robert Bethmann Residence 74
Rothe’s, Otto Grocery 47
Royal Hotel 54
Royal Hotel interior featuring
—Lumbermen at a banquet in their honor
Schell’s, Miss M. Flower Store 56
Schoepp, Charles Cut Stone Works 38
Sendelbach Wheel Company 32
Short, Charles F. and Company 80
Slowson, J.T. – Residence 74
Smith, Frank C. Residence 74
Southern Illinois National Bank 52, 53
Sparks Brothers Stables 24
St. Louis Cotton Oil Company 30
St. Louis Hay and Grain 33
St. Louis Hay and Grain Company 31
St. Louis Steam Force and Iron Works 30
St. Louis Terminal Railway Company 30
Standard Railway Equipment Company 30
Summers College of Commerce 61
Swift Packing Company 12
Taylor and Heimann’s Sales Stables 20
The Big Store 43
The May Store 42
Theodore Vogt Residence 74
Thoene, Herman C. General Mercantile 40
Thoene’s Meat Market 47
Thomas and Hoeltman’s Ice, Coal and Feed 78
Thompson, E.W. – Residence 74
Triumph Catsup and Pickle Company 45
Turner Brothers Sales Stables 24
Union Trust and Savings Company 53
Union Warehouse 33
Victoria Building inside front cover
Vogt, Theodore – Residence 74
W.A. Long Residence 74
W.B. Grace and Company [hardware] 76
W.E. Eckert’s Grocery and Meat Market 46
W.H. Hill Lime and Cement Company 35
W.H. Pomeroy Company 26
W.W. Reynolds Residence inside back cover
Water Works (history) 2
Webster Annex School 59
Weis, L.C. – Residence 73
Wies Hotel 54

Credits: The Society thanks Diane Walsh for donating this index.

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