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St. Patrick (East St. Louis) Burials R – Z

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Where buried Comment
RAFTEN, Mrs. Bibbie 29 Jul 1887 33y Cairo Wife of James Raften.
RALEIGH, Evelina 25 Jul 1910 19y FITZGIBBONS, Francis Mt. Carmel [also written as] RAHLEIGH
RAUCKMAN, Mary Ann 3 Aug 1948 52y SMITH, Not listed Mt. Carmel [Wife of] Elmer Rauckman.
RAWLEY, Henry J. 6 Mar 1908 9y Calvary
READMOND, Mary (Orphan) 10 May 1876 16y East St. Louis Adopted by Mr. & Mrs. BADEAU.
REARDON, Daniel 20 May 1930 60y Mt. Carmel
REARDON, Mrs. Ellen 2 May 1883 43y German cemetery
REDMOND, Child 13 Jul 1891 8m Redmond, Richard Mt. Carmel
REDMOND, Richard 28 Jan 1929 73y Mt. Carmel
REED, Jennie 30 Apr 1950 69y Mt. Hope Wife of William Reed.
REED, Mary 11 Oct 1902 44y Calvary-St. Louis
REGAN, John 14 Nov 1943 74y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ida SMITH
REICHERT, Joseph 1 Apr 1933 78y Mt. Hope
REID, Charles 19 Jul 1949 79y Calvary-St. Louis, MO Husband of Anastasia
REID, Patricia 21 Jul 1927 1m 25d Mt. Carmel
REILEY, Rose Ann [Oct] East St. Louis Catholic cemetery [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
REILLY, Not listed [Jul 1873] East St. Louis
REIS, Michael 9 Apr 1893 19y German cemetery
REISER, Adam 23 Aug 1908 56y Mt. Carmel
RENNPATH, Elizabeth 29 Mar 1891 St. Louis, MO Wife of Henry Rennpath.
RENNY, Samuel Aug 1897 18y Mt. Carmel Consumption
RENOLDS, Child 5 Jun 1894 13m Renolds, Thomas Mt. Carmel
REROCK, Margaret 8 Dec 1873 18y 2m 1d Rerock, Henlo LIEROCK, Margaret French Village
RETTIG, Frederick V. 14 Jan 1907 43y Mt. Carmel
REVOIRE, Francis 6 Nov 1900 22y REVORAN, John D. PANNIA, Sophia Mt. Carmel Born 26 Jan 1877.
REVORIE, Mary 14 Aug 1901 16m Revorie, Joseph HANNIGAN, Mary Mt. Carmel
REYNOLD, John 11 Feb 1909 80y Mt. Carmel
REYNOLDS, Margareth 9 Oct 1900 8y Reynolds, Thomas WATERS, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
REYNOLDS, Patrick 5 Jul 1893 20y Mt. Carmel
RHODES, Volutia 25 Feb 1916 64y SMITH, Benjamin OWEN, Rosa Mt. Carmel
RICHARDS, August 24 Mar 1916 82y Mt. Carmel
RICHARDS, George 22 Nov 1914 42y Richards. August Mt. Carmel
RICHARDS, Rosina 10 Dec 1916 76y TOUCHETTE, Alexander Mt. Carmel
RICHARDSON, Emile 31 Aug 1946 Mt. Hope Wife of George Richardson.
RICHARDSON, Kate 27 Oct 1924 74y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
RICHARDSON, Mrs. Cath. 3 Oct 1875 80y St. Louis, MO Wife of Thomas Richardson.
RICHARDSON, Sara B. 31 Jan 1876 40y St. Louis, MO Wife of William Richardson.
RICHARDSON, William H. 12 Apr 1883 40y St. Louis
RIELY, David 1 Feb 1880 23y Riely, Denis German cemetery
RIELY, Infant 16 May 1874 just born Riely, Bernard HEALY, Catherine East St. Louis
RIGNEY, Frank 2 Aug 1949 55y Rigney, Patrick FRANKS, Lena Mt. Carmel
RILEY, Martin 28 Nov 1918 16m Riley, Newt MARSHALL. Maria Mt. Carmel
RIORDAN, Andrew 5 May 1873 45y Calvary Consumption
RIORDAN, Catharine 22 May 1873 43y East St. Louis Cath cemetery graveyard Jaundice.
RIZEN, Margaret 22 Apr 1879 3y 4m Rizen, Joseph SAX, Sara German cemetery
ROACH, Catherine 13 Sep 1876 1y 20d Roach, Michael DAUGHERTY, Mary East St. Louis
ROACH, Cornelius 8 Jul 1879 6m Roach, Michael (Deceased) DOUGHERTY, Mary German cemetery
ROACH, David 21 Oct 1874 11m Roach, Thomas QUINN, Elizabeth East St. Louis
ROACH, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1884 35y QUINN, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Thomas Roach.
ROACH, Hanorah 25 Oct 1904 36y BAMBERRY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
ROACH, Johanna 22 Mar 1880 35y MURPHY, Not listed German cemetery Wife of David Roach.
ROACH, John 2 Sep 1876 65y Roach, David HOOPER, Sara East St. Louis
ROACH, John Lewis 29 Dec 1915 36y Roach, Michael MENO, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
ROACH, Margaret 13 Jul 1873 13m East St. Louis Unknown cause of death.
ROACH, Michael 3 Jul 1878 35y Roach, John German cemetery Killed by cars.
ROACH, Michael 16 Oct 1881 10m Roach, Thomas QUINN, Eliza German cemetery
ROACH, Michael 24 Jul 1913 45y Roach, Patrick Mt. Carmel
ROBB, Anna 21 Jun 1947 82y Mt. Carmel
ROBIN, Mrs. Annette 15 Sep 1888 65y German cemetery
ROBINS, Henry 25 Feb 1902 80y about Bellefontaine Husband of Emily [born] BROWN. Senility.
ROCHE, Edward 14 Nov 1915 21y Roche, Michael COOK, Ella Mt. Carmel
ROCHE, John 1 Apr 1924 60y Mt. Carmel
RODGERS, Catharine 27 Nov 1878 63y St. Louis, MO Wife of Thomas Rodgers.
ROEWE, Herman 26 Jun 1937 Holy Cross
ROGAN, Margaret 5 Mar 1888 36y St. Louis, MO Wife of Martin Rogan
ROGERS, Robert M. 29 Dec 1914 23y Rogers, George W. O’LEARY, Mary Mt. Carmel
RONAN, Bridget 22 Jan 1926 50y Mt. Carmel
RONAN, Catherine Mrs. 13 Aug 1882 72y German cemetery
RONAN, Daniel 26 Oct 1923 53y Mt. Carmel
RONAN, Katie 6 May 1892 16y Ronan, Patrick O’HERN, Mary Mt. Carmel
RONAN, Mary 27 May 1884 32y O’HARA, Not listed St. Louis Wife of Patrick Ronan.
RONAN, Mrs. Kate 17 Oct 1889 45y German cemetery
ROSTISER, Emma 25 Jan 1921 60y Mt. Carmel
ROSTUSER, Suly 18 Oct 1904 47y Mt. Carmel
ROTH, Catherine 11 Aug 1899 39y STEWARD, Stephen WALSH, Emily
ROWE, Thelma 18 Jan 1928 17y Mt. Carmel
RUFF, Mary 10 Nov 1904 87y FITZPATRICK, Not listed Mt. Carmel
RUSH, John 17 Oct 1882 22y Rush, Denis KENNY, Bridget German cemetery
RUSSELL, Agnes 26 Mar 1904 3y Mt. Carmel Gastritis.
RUSSELL, Philip 27 Nov 1899 65y Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Alice 7 Nov 1880 24y 6m Ryan, Thomas BRINT, Kate German cemetery
RYAN, Arthur 6 Jan 1879 23y Ryan, John MORRISSEY, Ellen Calvary-St. Louis
RYAN, Ellen (Edina) 8 Dec 1911 4y Ryan, Edward KLETTECK, Julia Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Family 19 Dec 1891 Mt. Carmel Disinterred
RYAN, George 9 Jul 1882 15y Ryan, Thomas CONNORS, Bridget German cemetery
RYAN, Helena 3 Sep 1866 3y Ryan, John (Deceased) MAURICE, Helena Parish cemetery Cholera in the home of Dr. LAMB
RYAN, James 15 Apr 1909 35y Ryan, Not listed Mt. Carmel
RYAN, James 16 Jul 1881 39y Ryan, Patrick CROW, Mary St. Louis
RYAN, Johanna 21 Jan 1922 58y Mt. Carmel  
RYAN, Johanna 10 Jul 1881 34y Ryan, John Not listed, Mary St. Louis
RYAN, John 8 Dec ___ 21y Lung fever. Buried in East St. Louis. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
RYAN, John 19 Aug 1873 55y Holy Trinity Lung fever.
RYAN, John 15 Apr 1938 87y Mt. Carmel
RYAN, John 26 Aug 1866 45y Parish cemetery Died of Cholera in the home of Dr. LAMB
RYAN, John [Twin] 31 Oct 1874 few h Ryan, Ed. HENESEY, Mary A. East St. Louis
RYAN, John J. 17 Dec 1917 49y Ryan, James J. Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Julia 9 Feb 1922 37y Mt. Carmel Corless [?] And died without sacraments
RYAN, Kate Dec 1875
RYAN, Louis 24 Apr 1866 75y Died in the home of Patrick KELLY in Brady’s Bend
RYAN, Mary 9 Apr 1915 74y HALLORAN, Maurice Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Mary 2 Jul 1916 71y Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Mary [Twin] 31 Oct 1874 few h Ryan, Ed. HENESEY, Mary A. East St. Louis
RYAN, Mary Ellen 25 Apr 1903 50y Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Mathew 1 Sep 1876 26y Ryan, John MOROSEY, Ellen St. Louis, MO
RYAN, Michael 7 Jun 1930 65y Mt. Carmel
RYAN, Michael 19 Nov 1883 St. Louis, MO Married man
RYAN, Mrs. Bridget 16 Jan 1887 60y St. Louis, MO Wife of Patrick Ryan.
RYAN, Mrs. Catherine 10 Jul 1881 53y St. Louis
RYAN, Mrs. Ellen 16 Jan 1887 57y St. Louis, MO
RYAN, Mrs. Hanorah (Widow) 9 Mar 1889 German cemetery
RYAN, Patrick (Widower) 29 Aug 1890 65y St. Louis Killed by cars.
RYAN, Thomas 20 Aug 1873
RYAN, Thomas 25 May 1873 Calvary Lung fever.
RYAN, Thomas 21 Aug 1879 20y Ryan, William RUSSELL, Mary German cemetery
RYAN, Tim 6 Sep 1899 62y St. Henry Malaria.
RYAN, Timothy 13 Jan 1876 40y Ryan, James CONNORS, Ellen St. Louis
RYAN, William 15 May 1929 47y Mt. Carmel
SAEGER, John 20 Feb 1930 42y Florissant, MO
SALIE, Julia 23 Feb 1944 45y PRIMO, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Edward Salie
SALISBURY, Andrew J. 26 Jun 1879 19y 9m Salisbury, Andrew HAR__, Mathilda German cemetery
SALLIA, Frank 23 Nov 1934 76y Mt. Carmel
SALMON, Patrick 22 Feb 1929 67y Holy Cross
SANFORD, James 2 May 1944 57y Mt. Carmel Husband of May WILLIS.
SANG, Mrs. Minnie 24 Jul 1916 34y CONLIN, Michael WALSH, Bridget Corning, IN
SAUNREIN, Joseph 8 Jul 1912 Mt. Hope From Fanace, Turkey. Armenian.
SCALLY, Walter 7 May 1893 7y Scally, Edward BRADY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
SCHAEFER, Francis A. 12 Jan 1945 63y Mt. Carmel Husband of Marie FOLZ
SCHAFTER, Joseph 12 Sep 1939 43y Mt. Carmel
SCHLATWEILER, Christian 28 Nov 1945 55y Schlatweiler, Philip ADLER, Susan Holy Cross
SCHLIETER, Francis 16 Nov 1917 33y Schlieter, Henry KARL, Mary Mt. Carmel
SCHMETZE, Mrs. Annie 5 Dec 1893 Mt. Carmel Wife of George Smetze.
SCHMIDT, Martin 25 Oct 1948 48y Schmidt, Martin PFEIFFER, Eulalia Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
SCHMISSEUR, Emil 4 Aug 1917 42y Schmisseur, John DEKUM, Rosina Mt. Carmel Died suddenly, overcome by heat. No priest.
SCHMISSEUR, Norma 14 Jan 1917 7m Schmisseur, Emil HEIZNER, Alma Mt. Carmel
SCHMISSEUR, Rosina 8 Mar 1927 76y Mt. Carmel
SCHMISSEUR, Walter Charles 3 Aug 1913 2m Schmisseur, Emil HEISNER, Alma Mt. Carmel
SCHOLARD, James 13 Apr 1886 18y St. Louis Shot by Deputy Sheriff.
SCHREINER, Charlotte 17 May 1939 76y Mt. Hope
SCHULTZ, John Martin 29 Jan 1866 76y Parish cemetery Died in the home of Joseph Capani BOTT.
SCHUTZENHOFER, Georgia Ann 17 Jul 1949 Schutzenhofer, Herman Mt. Carmel Died after birth
SCOTT, Henry 14 May 1921 57y Mt. Carmel
SCOTT, Michael 18 Aug 1883 61y St. Louis Husband of Ann [born] SCULLY.
SCOTT, Nora 30 Jun 1941 80y Mt. Carmel
SCULLEN, Bridget 20 May 1921 79y Mt. Carmel
SCULLEN, Hana 3 Jul 1877 56y KELLY, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of John Scullen.
SCULLEN, James J. 25 Jan 1881 28y 3m Scullen, John KELLY, Hanora Killed by R R Cars
SCULLEN, Lawrence 25 Oct 1874 60y Scullen, James MITCHEL, Nava East St. Louis
SCULLEN, Mary 22 Jan 1878 18y BRADY, Mathew WALSH, Lucy Calvary Wife of James Scullin.
SCULLEN, Thomas 11 Jan 1901 44y Scullen, John Scullen, Mrs. Calvary
SCULLEY, James 29 Aug 1904 33y Mt. Carmel
SCULLY, Not listed [22 Jan 1873] Calvary Consumption.
SCULLY, Susan Dec 1897 80y Mt. Carmel Old age.
SCULLY, Thomas 25 Aug 1879 42y German cemetery Husband of Christine HONNICK.
SEPP, Fred 16 Aug 1898 30y German cemetery Exposure.
SERVILLE, Mrs. Ellen 5 Jan 1886 87y German cemetery
SEXTON, Martin 1 Oct 1874 55y Sexton, Daniel SHEEHY, Mary Calvary Killed by rail cars.
SHARLVILLE, Alfred W. 23 Feb 1945 33y Mt. Carmel Husband of Isabel BAR__
SHAUGHNESSY, Michael 20 Feb 1897 63y St. Louis, MO
SHAWEN, Alonzo 23 Aug 1905 74y Mt. Carmel
SHAY, James J. 24 Jan 1919 58y Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
SHEA, Annie 19 May 1887 8y Shea, William LYNCH, Not listed
SHEA, Catherine 27 Feb 1901 78y about FITZMORRIS, Not listed St. Henry Wife of Patrick Shea.
SHEA, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1900 37y CROWLEY, James Not listed, Mary St. Henry
SHEA, Jennie 25 Dec 1889 19y Shea, Michael COR___, Margaret St. Louis
SHEA, Julia 27 Feb 1938 52y Ruma, IL
SHEA, Mrs. 11 Mar 1897 Mt. Carmel
SHEA, Mrs. William 14 Jan 1892 32y German cemetery
SHEA, Thomas 1 Mar 1897 34y Shea, Michael BREMICK, Mary St. Louis, MO
SHEARER, George 18 Oct 1927 58y Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, James 18 Feb 1908 50y Calvary-St. Louis
SHEEHAN, Jane 19 Mar 1916 70y KENNEDY, John MURPHY, Jane Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, John 4 Oct 1917 60y Sheehan, John KELLY, Margaret Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, Julia 14 Aug 1914 51y Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, Mary 21 May 1877 7w Sheehan, John FANNING, Martha East St. Louis
SHEEHAN, Mary 10 Oct 1918 48y BURNS, Patrick Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, Monthy 8 Jun 1874 Calvary
SHEEHAN, Mrs. 21 Feb 1874 45y MAGHER, John TOOHILE, Hanora St. Louis, MO
SHEEHAN, William 15 Aug 1908 Sheehan, Murtha Mt. Carmel
SHEEHAN, William P. 17 Feb 1887 1y Sheehan, Patrick SLATERY, Ellen St. Louis
SHEEHEY, Maurice 22 Feb 1949 60y Mt. Carmel Husband of Gertrude KELLEHER.
SHEEHY, Infant 3 Dec 1891 1d Mt. Carmel Buried in Public grounds
SHEEHY, Mrs. John 3 Jan 1891 35y German cemetery
SHEER, Mrs. Mary 26 Feb 1903 30y Mt. Carmel
SHEPARD, Mrs. Nellie 1 Apr 1894 HONAN, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Napoleon Shepard.
SHERIDAN, Catherine 26 Jun 1904 53y Mt. Carmel
SHERIDAN, M. B. 25 Oct 1902 48y Mt. Carmel Strangulation of the bowels.
SHERIDAN, Margaret 17 Apr 1950 69y Mt. Carmel
SHERIDAN, Sarah 25 Aug 1903 64y Mt. Carmel
SHERIDEN, Hanora 17 Feb 1879 27y CONNELL, Michael CONNORS, Bridget St. Louis Wife of John Sheriden.
SHERLOCK, Ann 25 Feb 1911 CASEY, Patrick Mt. Carmel
SHETTERLY, Thomas A. 25 Jul 1909 SHETERLY, Henry Mt. Carmel
SHINNERS, Catharine 10 Feb 1918 62y GAIN, Edward SULLIVAN, Helena Calvary
SHIRT, Mollie 24 Nov 1906 27y Calvary
SHORLME, Susan 4 Sep 1902 15m Shorlme, Cornelius MEYERS, Catherine Mt. Carmel
SHORT, John 19 Jul 1877 67y St. Louis, MO
SHORT, Mrs. Catharine 21 Dec 1876 90y St. Louis, MO Wife of John Short.
SHOVILIN, Margareth 26 Apr 1904 10y Shovilin, Not listed MAYER, Catherine Mt. Carmel
SHUFORD, Anna 2 Jan 1937 Mt. Calvary
SHUFORD, John 7 Feb 1936 53y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
SIEGER, Angela 20 Jun 1866 75y Parish cemetery
SIKES, Mrs. Bridget 15 Jul 1879 40y HOEY, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis, MO Wife of Orelando Sikes or SAKES [sic].
SIMON, Minerva 24 Dec 1882 6y Simon, Nicholas FLORA, Servia German cemetery
SIMONS, Frank 13 Feb 1889 6m Simons, George HOTTEN, Emma German cemetery  
SINON, Patrick 6 Jun 1874 5y Sinon, Patrick HANRAHAN, Mary East St. Louis Killed.
SLATERY, Alice 27 Jul 1880 37y about CUMESKIE, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Michael Slatery.
SLATERY, Ellen 12 Oct 1880 60y Calvary-St. Louis Wife of Thomas Slatery.
SLATERY, Patrick 4 Jan 1877 40y St. Louis, MO Husband of Catherine DOUD.
SLATTERY, Mrs. Ellen 13 Mar 1886 55y RYAN, Not listed St. Louis Wife of Patrick Slattery
SLATTERY, Thomas 9 Dec 1891 49y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
SLY, Thomas 24 May 1950 26y Sly, Thomas Mt. Carmel
SMELCER, Mary 8 Mar 1886 27y St. Louis
SMITH, Alford 27 Feb 1875 2y 24d Smith, Henry H. (Non-Catholic) GRANT, Paulina East St. Louis
SMITH, Catharine 30 Dec 1922 53y Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Catherine 31 Oct 1875 48y about St. Louis Wife of Nicholas Smith. Consumption
SMITH, Frank 8 Mar 1888 5m 15d Smith, Frank SLUSSER, Lydie German cemetery
SMITH, Frank 4 Feb 1893 60y Mt. Carmel Single grave
SMITH, Frank 14 Feb 1897 Mt. Carmel 63y is crossed out.
SMITH, Frank 10 Sep 1928 50y Mt. Carmel
SMITH, George 20 Oct 1910 Smith, George Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Mary E. 29 Jul 1909 HICKSON, John Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Nicholas 7 Jan 1876 58y St. Louis, MO
SMITH, Not listed [4 Feb 1873]
SMITH, Patrick 2 Jul 1874 54y East St. Louis
SMITH, Patrick 20 Feb 1878 44y Smith, Patrick RIELY, Eliza St. Louis, MO Consumption
SNOWBALL, Johon 5 Dec 1890 5y Snowball, John CROWLEY, Eliza German cemetery
SNOWBELL, John J. 19 Sep 1889 30y Snowbell, John MULG__Y, Hanora German cemetery
SOELLINGER, Anna 4 Feb 1908 25y Mt. Carmel
SOMMER, Mary 22 Aug 1906 36y Mt. Carmel
SPAIN, William 23 Jan 1881 45y St. Louis
SPALJANIC, Inbra 18 Dec 1907 40y Mt. Carmel
SPEAR, Margaret 1 Apr 1940 77y Mt. Carmel
SPELLMAN, Martin 27 May 1896 50y Killed by Cyclone.
SPLAIN, William 7 May 1877 58y about St. Louis, MO Husband of Joanna [born] O’SULLIVAN.
SPLANE, Johanna 1 Nov 1909 O’SULLIVAN, Dennis Calvary
ST. GERMAIN, Francis J. 11 Jun 1909 21y St. Germain, Julin Mt. Carmel
STACK, Anna 5 Aug 1916 13y Stack, John CROSBY, Alice Mt. Carmel
STACK, Dr. John 11 Feb 1902 33y Stack, Garrett CANTY, M. Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
STACK, Edward 3 Feb 1873 10y Calvary Killed.
STACK, Garrett 26 Nov 1874 25y Stack, Maurice CANTY, Mary Calvary Consumption
STACK, Garrett E. 3 Apr 1901 38y Stack, P. H. LILLIS, Margarit Mt. Carmel
STACK, James 4 Oct 1875 St. Louis
STACK, Johanna 2 Nov___ Calvary Consumption. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
STACK, John P. 11 Apr 1915 49y Mt. Carmel
STACK, Josie 9 Jan 1881 13y Stack, Garrett CANTY, Bridget St. Louis
STACK, Maggie 10 Jan 1881 21y Stack, Robert EGLIS__, Dora St. Louis
STACK, Margaret 24 May 1905 48y FLEMING, Not listed Mt. Carmel
STACK, Mary 31 Jul 1873 14y Calvary Consumption.
STACK, Michael 17 Mar 1884 48y Stack, Garrett HARIHAN, Johanna
STACK, P. H. (Husband of) 4 Jan 1895 St. Louis, MO
STACK, Roberth 16 Aug 1881 St. Louis
STACKERT, Thelma 13 Jul 1912 16y Stackert, George W. EISFELDER Louisa Pinckneyville, IL
STANTON, Elizabeth 8 Jul 1944 83y Stanton, Thomas Mt. Carmel
STANTON, Margaret 11 Dec 1881 1y Stanton, John GREENLAN, Malice German cemetery
STANTON, Thomas 24 Dec 1876 60y East St. Louis Husband of Joanna [born] O’CONNELL.
STANTON, Thomas 14 Feb 1886 2m 20d Stanton, Thomas SWARTZ, Eliza German cemetery
STAPLETON, Johanna 24 Jan 1884 46y KIELY, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of Patrick Stapleton.
STAR, Stephen 19 Mar 1879 65y German cemetery. Husband of Ann.
STARK, John Roy 20 Mar 1911 4m Stark, John William Mt. Carmel
STARR, Jacob 3 Apr 1933 57y Mt. Carmel Killed by train.
STEGMEYER, William 16 Mar 1936 80y Greenwood
STEPPACHER, Charles 22 Jun 1900 9m Steppacher, George PELKER, Bertha Mt. Carmel
STEWART, Mary 30 Jul 1901 31y GUYHAN, John BOLLER, Mary Mt. Carmel
STOCKER, Meinrad 22 Jul 1902 55y Mt. Carmel
STOKES, Bridget 26 Sep 1949 69y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
STOKES, Ellen 6 Nov 1933 90y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
STOKES, George Jul 1916 1d Mt. Carmel Private burial.
STOKES, Infant 6 Jun 1887 few hours Stokes, Edward German cemetery
STONEWALTER, John 8 Apr 1906 37y Mt. Carmel
STRATTON, Margaret 28 Mar 1901 29y WESLEY, Arthur QUINN, Catherine St. Henry
STREET, Cora 24 Jan 1908 34y Mt. Carmel
STUDEVSANT, Mary Theresa 27 Sep 1910 34y GORDAN, John Calvary
SULLIVAN, Ann Aug 1873 Infant Calvary – St. Louis, MO Spasms.
SULLIVAN, Bridget 20 Jul 1924 75y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Catharine 4 Feb 1873 52y Calvary Lung fever.
SULLIVAN, Catharine 26 Jun 1920 17m Sullivan, John KEIFLEIN, Esther Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Catherine 11 Mar 1902 34y AGAN, Andy CAHILL, Kate Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Sullivan. Purpural fever.
SULLIVAN, Catherine 13 Mar 1928 59y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Charles 16 Mar 1911 36y Sullivan, John P. Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Cornelius 4 Jun 1932 63y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Daniel 20 Jul 1876 Sullivan, John LYNCH, Ellen East St. Louis
SULLIVAN, Daniel 16 Nov 1900 10d Sullivan, Joseph EAGAN, Catherine Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Daniel 14 Aug 1916 82y Sullivan, Mark Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Daniel 24 Oct 1916 7y Sullivan, Cornelius DENEHY, Julia Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Daniel 27 Jul 1922 65y Mt. Carmel Transferred
SULLIVAN, Daniel 26 Feb 1886 9y 6m Sullivan, John M. PICKET, Mary St. Louis
SULLIVAN, Dennis 5 Jun 1902 38y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Elizabeth 1 Mar 1881 37y OWENS, Not listed St. Louis Wife of William Sullivan. Buried in St. Louis, MO
SULLIVAN, Ellen 7 Feb 1901 58y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
SULLIVAN, Florence 23 Nov 1882 68y German cemetery
SULLIVAN, Florence 8 Feb 1897 30y St. Louis Shot.
SULLIVAN, Francis A. 22 Oct 1899 8m Mt. Carmel Date is burial date.
SULLIVAN, James 22 Oct 1899 28y 25d Sullivan, Tim GILBERT, Ellen Mt. Carmel Euremo [uremia?].
SULLIVAN, James 19 Sep 1915 10y Sullivan, Cornelius DENEHY, Julia Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, John 10 Aug 1879 36y Shot dead 1/2 hour. Husband of Susan [born] GRAHAM
SULLIVAN, John 28 Sep 1873 25y Calvary Consumption
SULLIVAN, John 3 Jan 1943 64y Greenmount in Belleville Husband of Emma HENDERSON. Sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital
SULLIVAN, John 9 Feb 1902 28y about Sullivan, John MAGILL, Susan Mt. Carmel Consumption
SULLIVAN, John M. 2 Feb 1912 3y Sullivan, John M. Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, John P. 18 Jan 1898 60y Calvary Pneumonia.
SULLIVAN, Julia 28 Jan 1918 42y DENEHY, John MURPHY, Maria Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Kate 18 Oct 1880 25y Sullivan, Daniel LAWLER, Kate Calvary-St. Louis
SULLIVAN, Kate 25 Jan 1923 65y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Katherine 19 Mar 1913 Sullivan, Michael Cairo
SULLIVAN, Margaret Cecelia 11 Mar 1902 1d 12h Sullivan, Joseph AGAN, Kate Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Margaret Cecelia 8d Sullivan, Michael KELLY, Mary Mt. Carmel [Follows 11 Oct 1902 entry.]
SULLIVAN, Mark 27 Sep 1892 18y Sullivan, John PICK__, Mary St. Louis
SULLIVAN, Mary 21 Dec 1932 55y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Mary E. 29 Jun 1938 80y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Michael 3 Jul 1900 2m Sullivan, Patrick DINEEN, Ellen Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Michael 6 Jun 1925 45y Mt. Carmel Killed by train. [See record]
SULLIVAN, Michael 19 Jan 1926 50y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Ellen 8 Jan 1898 56y Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Mary 26 Apr 1886 98y St. Louis, MO
SULLIVAN, Patrick 15 Aug 1903 50y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Peter 2 Feb 1907 40y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Stephan 13 Mar 1904 7d Sullivan, Michael KINNEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Thomas 25 May 1939 67y Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Timothy 4 Aug 1884 80y St. Louis, MO
SULSER, Bridget 30 Sep 1906 54y Mt. Carmel
SUMMERS, Thomas 20 Feb 1900 20y Summers, Charles Not listed, Anna Iron Mountain, MO Consumption
SWAIN [?], Not listed 1 Feb 1873 Sts. Peter & Paul grav.
SWEENEY, Catherine 27 Jul 1900 34y FALVEY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
SWEENEY, James 26 Aug 1898 50y Mt. Carmel Consumption
SWEENEY, Rev. Charles 7 May 1919 64y 6m Mt. Carmel Pastor of St. Patrick’s
SWEET, Josephine 15 Mar 1901 9w about Sweet, Gus MCCAMBRIDGE, Mary Ellen St. Henry
SWIFT, William D. 20 Jul 1886 10m 20d Swift, Thomas D. EVENS, Mary St. Louis, MO
SYKES, Lillian 30 Oct 1934 13y Not listed, Mrs. Clara Sykes Mt. Carmel
SYKES, Orlando 1 Feb 1903 62y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
TETTAR, Hubert 8 Oct 1909 Holy Cross
THIBAUX, Maximillian 10 Sep 1888 Thibaux, Albert DOYLE, Jennie German cemetery
THIBEAU, Mrs. 25 Apr 1898 35y German cemetery Death by operation.
THOENE, George [No date. Appears between 8 May and 26 Jul 1934.]
THOMAS, Catherine 29 Jan 1929 71y Mt. Carmel
THOMAS, Eola 19 Jan 1941 Mt. Hope
THOMAS, Mrs. Bridget 17 Mar 1899 72y Mt. Carmel Cancer.
THOMAS, William (Convert) 27 Aug 1891 80y Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Ann 7 Jul 1933 62y Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Catherine 8 Jul 1910 LYNCH, Not listed Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Charles 24 Apr 1929 42y Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Nat 29 Jul 1950 44y Thompson, Thomas G. CARUCO, Pearl Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Patricia 13 Jan 1926 3y Mt. Carmel
THOMPSON, Winifred 7 Jan 1935 57y Mt. Carmel
THOMSON, Annie (Morris) 6 Feb 1942 79y Member of Old St. Patrick’s
THOMSON, David 23 Feb 1942 83y Mt. Carmel Husband of Annie MORRIS
TIERNEY, Ed. 9 Sep 1873 35y Calvary Cholera morbus.
TIERNEY, Mary 1 Jan 1916 79y JORDAN, Mathew Collinsville, IL
TIERNEY, Michael 13 Sep 1901 65y Mt. Carmel Husband of Catherine [born] WHALEN.
TIMLIN, Thomas 6 Oct 1925 34y Mt. Carmel
TINA, Vincent 7 Sep 1905 74y Mt. Carmel
TITTSWORTH, James (Convert) 18 Oct 1923 48y Mt. Carmel
TOBIN, Mrs. Catherine 12 Sep 1885 55y German cemetery Wife of John Tobin.
TOBIN, Patrick 13 Aug 1886 17y Tobin, John GRIFFIN, Kate German cemetery
TOLER, John R. 11 Dec 1926 6w Mt. Carmel
TOOMEY, Michael 13 Jul 1887 48y German cemetery
TOUCHETTE, John 17 Jan 1933 67y Mt. Carmel
TOUISSANT, Frank 13 Sep 1920 67y Mt. Carmel
TOUISSANT, John Patrick 17 Oct 1927 4y 8m Mt. Carmel
TOWNSEND, John J. 27 May 1918 55y about Mt. Carmel From Pueblo, CO
TRACEY, M. H. [Name follows 28 May 1901 entry.]
TRACEY, Margaret 29 May 1905 64y Calvary
TRACY, Mary 6 Apr 1903 45y Calvary Cancer.
TRACY, Michael X. 2 Jun 1894 25y 5m Tracy, Michael PAGE, Margaret St. Louis
TROLL, Theresa 2 Apr 1905 86y Mt. Carmel
TROY, Ellen 13 Oct 1911 65y BURK, William Mt. Carmel
TROY, Michael 4 Jun 1904 30y Mt. Carmel
TROY, William 13 Aug 1883 50y German cemetery
TULLY, Mrs. Mary 5 Mar 1874 45y COLLINS, Patrick O’BRINE, Kate East St. Louis
TULLY, Patrick 26 May 1881 55y German cemetery Husband of Ellen [born] BUTLER. Killed by cars.
TURBEL, Oliver 19 Aug 1879 17m Turbel, Louis KNIGHT, Clementine
TURNER, George W. 8 Feb 1941 76y Mt. Hope
TYL, Infant 26 Oct 1942 Tyl, Henry Died immediately after birth
TYLOR, Carley 11 Mar 1881 14y Tylor, E. J. COOK, Mary German cemetery
UGA, Catharina 11 Oct 1914 20m Uga, Anthony Mt. Carmel
UNDERWOOD, Walter 24 Aug 1906 28y Mt. Carmel
VALENTIN, Anna 20 Jul 1948 80y Mt. Carmel [Wife of] Casimir Valentin.
VALENTINE, Mary Ann 17 Dec 1934 6m Valentine, August Not listed, Aurelia Mt. Carmel
VAN DERNELZAN, Bartholomew 10 Jul 1885 48y German cemetery Husband of Elizabeth [born] LITMIRE.
VAN HORN, L. J 3 Jun 1900 35y Bellefontaine
VAN-HEMELEN, Dora 7 Nov 1933 62y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
VAUGHAN, Mrs. 14 Dec 1890 82y German cemetery
VENENER, Arthur 4 Jul 1873 1y East St. Louis Inflammation of the bowels.
VENNEMAN, Mary Louisa 12 Jan 1903 1y Venneman, George FASSAUER, Catherine Mt. Carmel
VERMILLIAN, Leon 2 Oct 1887 8y 6m Vermillian, W. B. FORREST, Eliza German cemetery
VERMILLION, Lenore 2 May 1932 65y Holy Cross [See record]
VOLLMER, James (Adopted) 18 Jul 1915 2m Mt. Carmel
VOLLMER, Theodore 24 Jan 1908 2y 6m Mt. Carmel
VOLMER, Elizabeth 27 Oct 1907 38y Mt. Carmel
WAGHORN, Arthur 13 Mar 1950 78y Mt. Carmel Husband of Nora FAGEN.
WAGHORN, Dorothy Agnes 8 Apr 1918 1y 4m Waghorn, Arthur FAGAN, Nora Mt. Carmel
WAGHORN, Mrs. Nora 14 Jun 1919 58y FENNESSEY, Edward Mt. Carmel
WAGNER, Lillian 11 May 1941 50y Mt. Hope
WAKEFIELD, Bernice 27 Mar 1943 23y Mt. Carmel Wife of Clifford Wakefield
WALL, Helen 24 Sep 1912 Mt. Carmel
WALL, Johanna 22 Jul 1922 70y Mt. Carmel
WALL, Michael 16 Oct 1903 60y Mt. Carmel
WALLACE, Alice 3 Sep 1898 18y Mt. Carmel Nervous prostration.
WALLACE, Catherine 27 Mar 1900 69y Mt. Carmel
WALLACE, Edward M. 9 Feb 1901 35y Wallace, William QUINLAN, Catherine Mt. Carmel
WALLACE, Katie 7 Aug 1887 17y Wallace, Edward CUMNESKIE, Mary German cemetery
WALLACE, Patrick 11 Mar 1880 24y Wallace, Patrick CAVANAUGH, Margaret Calvary-St. Louis
WALLACE, Thomas 26 Oct 1942 70y Mt. Carmel Husband of Bridget
WALLACE, William 3 Feb 1897 65y Mt. Carmel
WALLPOLE, James 5 Jul 1875 19d Wallpole, William NEVILE, Ellen
WALLPOOL, Nelley 30 Sep 1878 20y 6m NEVELL, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of William Wallpool.
WALSH, Agnes 21 Oct 1903 Walsh, J. J. RHODENLETTER, Agnes Mt. Carmel
WALSH, David 16 Nov 1940 60y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Edna 20 Feb 1927 23y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Edward 6 Jul 1888 55y German cemetery Insane.
WALSH, Edward 28 Jan 1903 61y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Edward 20 Apr 1904 56y Mt. Carmel General debility.
WALSH, Edward 28 Dec 1947 73y Mt. Carmel [Husband of] Nellie SHEAHA.]
WALSH, Edward P. 12 Nov 1928 46y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Elizabeth 24 Oct 1917 68y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Ellen 24 Jan 1900 45y Mt. Carmel Heart failure.
WALSH, Ellen 10 Nov 1901 43y PURCELL, Not listed Mt. Carmel  
WALSH, Ellen 18 Apr 1939 97y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Emma 10 Apr 1906 2y Walsh, M. J. SULSHEY, Emma Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Frank (Single man) 26 Sep 1890 33y German cemetery
WALSH, Infant 20 Oct 1876 newborn Walsh, Patrick NULTY, Bridget Private baptism
WALSH, James 19 Sep 1899 58y Walsh, Edward LONG, Johanna Mt. Carmel Date is burial date. Heart trouble.
WALSH, Lucy 28 Feb 1891 5y 8d Walsh, W. B. TRACY, Annie St. Louis, MO
WALSH, M. J. 13 Jul 1922 74y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
WALSH, Martin M. 1 Jul 1919 52y Walsh, John BRAMBRISK, Bridget Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Mary 13 Oct 1884 5y 5m 9d Walsh, Thomas CONNORS, Bridget German cemetery
WALSH, Mary 27 Dec 1900 1y 8m Walsh, John NEFF, Annie Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Mary 22 Jul 1901 28y GRAHAM, Patrick WHITE, Catherine Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Mary 8 Mar 1904 80y Mt. Carmel Senility.
WALSH, Mary Ann 23 Jan 1934 84y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Mathew Patrick 13 Jul 1918 65y Walsh, Mathew Not listed, Mary Villa Ridge
WALSH, Michael 11 Feb 1893 25y Walsh, Edward Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Michael 15 Sep 1901 62y Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Michael 6 Mar 1866 2w Walsh, John CORNELL, Margaret Parish cemetery
WALSH, Michael 20 Dec 1881 6y Walsh, Edmond DEAN, Mary St. Louis Drowned.
WALSH, Michael J. 11 Nov 1918 28y Mt. Carmel Died from wounds received in Argonne, France in 111 Inf. 28th Div.
WALSH, Mrs. Kate 8 May 1892 40y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Walsh.
WALSH, Nicholas 9 Aug 1917 55y Walsh, Edward GLEESON, Hanna Mt. Carmel An accident without a priest.
WALSH, Patrick 2 Feb 1879 40y German cemetery. Stranger not known
WALSH, Thomas 18 Feb 1898 40y German cemetery
WALSH, Thomas 10 Mar 1914 Walsh, Michael Mt. Carmel
WALSH, William 27 May 1896 Killed by Cyclone.
WALSH, William 3 Jan 1877 50y about East St. Louis Husband of Ellen [born] GREANEY.
WALSH, William B. 30 Sep 1901 Calvary
WARD, Catharine 28 Jul 1874 Calvary-St. Louis, MO
WARD, Ch. 3 Oct 1907 54y Mt. Carmel
WARD, Charles 4 Oct 1912 Mt. Carmel
WARD, Dan 2 Aug 1930 47y Mt. Carmel
WARD, Daniel 5 Jul 1910 38y Ward, Daniel Mt. Carmel
WARD, James 25 Jun 1873 41y Calvary Cholera morbus.
WARD, Mrs. Mary 16 Jul 1889 55y St. Louis
WARD, Peter 10 Jan [1939] 65y Mt. Carmel
WARREN, Lawrence 29 Jun 1896 Mt. Carmel Died at a hospital.
WARTEURTZ, Anna 28 Nov 1927 75y Mt. Carmel
WATSON, Mary 18 Feb 1917 47y TRENS, Martin DONOHOE, Mary Mt. Carmel
WATTON, William A. 8 Oct 1929 60y Mt. Carmel
WATTS, Mrs. 27 Apr 1898 45y German cemetery Cancer.
WAYNE, Louvier 27 Sep 1948 3m Mt. Carmel Appears in Oct 1947 entries.
WEAVER, Thomas 13 Sep 1892 St. Louis
WEIS, George 4 Dec 1931 44y Holy Cross
WELB, John 28 Apr 1876 14y Welb, Paul GELLENINE, Margaret East St. Louis
WELCH, Mrs. Mary. 21 Apr 1892 63y Mt. Carmel Wife of Ed Welch.
WELSH, Edward 17 Oct 1901 7y Welsh, Nicholas KINSELLA, Jane Mt. Carmel
WELSH, Mary 25 Aug 1883 48y German cemetery
WETZEL, Edgar John 12 Jul 1940 11y Greenwood
WETZEL, John A. 7 Jun 1940 77y Holy Cross
WHAELEN, Michallen 8 Feb 1901 38y WHALEN, John TUTTLE, Mary Wh. Mt. Carmel
WHALEN, Ann 6 Jul 1901 5m Whalen, Patrick TIERNEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
WHALEN, Denis 16 Oct 1927 85y Mt. Carmel
WHALEN, John 17 Sep 1902 65y Mt. Carmel
WHALEN, Kate 27 Nov 1937 Mt. Carmel
WHALEN, Mary 18 May 1901 30y Mt. Carmel Wife of Patrick Whalen.
WHALEN, William 2 May 1905 70y Mt. Carmel
WHEALAN, Mary 13 Dec 1899 51y Mt. Carmel
WHEALON, Mrs. Ellen 6 Feb 1879 42y Calvary-St. Louis Wife of William Whealon.
WHEALON, Thomas 18 Aug 1886 57y St. Louis, MO Husband of Margaret [born] FAHEY
WHELAN, William 19 Aug 1944 71y Mt. Carmel Husband of Frances CAVANAGH
WHITE, Charles 18 Mar 1928 18y Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
WHITE, Della 28 Jan 1918 56y RICARDON, Michael Mt. Carmel
WHITE, Edward 23 Feb 1924 42y Mt. Carmel
WHITE, John Robert 26 Jul 1941 25y White, John Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
WHITE, Mary 2 Dec 1894 70y Mt. Carmel
WHITE, Mrs. Margaret (Widow) 23 Nov 1891 65y Mt. Carmel Buried (Single grave)
WHITESIDE, Mary A. 30 Oct 1928 56y Mt. Carmel
WICKEY, Lena 16 Mar 1949 92y Holy Cross Wife of Simon Wickey.
WILCOCKS, William (Convert) 10 Jan 1881 61y German cemetery
WILLIAMS, Alonzo Albert 11 Jan 1865 3y Williams, James BARCLAY, Emilie Parish cemetery
WILLIAMS, Hannah 10 Feb 1930 63y Mt. Carmel
WILLIAMS, Helena Maria 12 Dec 1864 6y Williams, James A. BARCLAY, Emilie Parish cemetery
WILLIAMS, Veronica 1 Jun 1905 4m Calvary
WILLIAMS, Washington 23 Sep 1900 70y Williams, Richard Not listed, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
WILLIS, Elizabeth 20 Sep 1907 21y St. Henry
WILLIS, Mabel Blanche 15 Mar 1932 51y Mt. Hope
WILSON, Baby Le Roy 8 Jan 1947 1d Wilson, Le Roy NEEDHAM, Mary Mt. Carmel Baptized in St. Mary’s Hospital.
WILSON, Margaret E. 30 Apr 1915 HORNEY, Michael Mt. Carmel From Middle Grove, MO. [Entry repeated with different death and burial dates, one is crossed out].
WILSON, Mary B. 11 Jan 1947 22y NEEDHAM, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Le Roy Wilson. Died after giving birth.
WINSTANLEY, Thomas 16 Sep 1885 62y German cemetery Husband of Eliza [born] TRENLEY.
WINTER, William 29 Dec 1896 58y Mt. Carmel Husband of Bridget [born] DRONEY.
WINTERMAN, Lavina 25 Dec 1937 Mt. Carmel
WINTERMAN, William 30 Mar 1940 58y Mt. Carmel
WINTERS, Bridget 24 May 1910 65y HENNESSY, John Calvary
WINTERS, Bridget 12 Nov 1914 63y DRONEY, Illegible Mt. Carmel
WINTERS, Edward 31 Jan 1919 64y about Winters, John NAGLE, Maria Calvary
WINTON, Dr. (Convert) 5 Nov 1891 46y Centralia —-
WITTICK, Annie 27 Mar 1882 28y TLYME, M. LOVET, Mary St. Louis
WOODWARD, Charles 23 Jun 1943 57y Mt. Carmel
WRIGHT, Philip 11 Aug 1877 16y Wright, George GRANT, Ann  
WULLSCHLEGER, Nellie 18 Oct 1930 64y PETERS, Frederick Not listed, Nancy Mt. Carmel
WURTH, August 15 Jul 1948 62y Mt. Carmel [See record]
YENGER, Herman 29 Mar 1905 19y St. Henry
YUNGHAUS, Mary 13 Mar 1881 LACOMPT, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Henry Yunghaus.
ZAMANGUS, John 21 Aug 1906 50y Mt. Carmel
ZEIGLER, Reynolds 24 Mar 1893 62y Mt. Carmel
ZIMMER, Hazel T. 17 Jun 1909 6m Zimmer, David Mt. Carmel

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