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St. Patrick (East St. Louis) Burials L – Q

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Where buried Comment
LABADIE, Peter 27 Oct 1874 St. Louis
LABARGE, Mary 18 Jul 1904 2m Mt. Carmel
LABICHUE, Mary Ell. 28 Mar 1887 11m 11d Labichue, Baptist LECONT, Christine Christina German cemetery
LABUSIER, Christine 3 Mar 1913 66y Labusier, John Mt. Carmel
LABUSIER, John 25 Nov 1909 Mt. Carmel
LACY, John 19 Nov 1878 22y 4m Lacy, Patrick NOLAN, Mary Consumption
LACY, Mary 31 Dec 1880 Lacy, Patrick DRURY, Mary German cemetery
LAKIN, John (Convert) 31 Jul 1874 60y East St. Louis
LALLY, Hannah 19 Aug 1909 Mt. Carmel
LALLY, Patrick 28 Apr 1912 Mt. Carmel
LAMB, Edward 9 Nov 1933 74y Mt. Carmel
LAMBERT, Ellen 9 Jul 1880 33y DALY, Not listed German cemetery in East St. Louis Wife of Patrick Lambert.
LAMPRECHT, Peter 27 Mar 1949 unknown Mt. Carmel
LANCASTER, George 19 May 1910 36y Lancaster, Richard Calvary
LANGAN, Michael 9 Apr 1920 40y Mt. Carmel From Pennsylvania
LANGEN, Amelia 31 Jul 1901 22y THOMAS, Victor NOERDEN, Orillia Mt. Carmel
LANGFORD, Henry 16 Dec 1922 19y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
LANGFORD, Henry 7 Sep 1918 45y Langford, Charles LYNCH, Margaret Mt. Olive
LANGFORD, Leonora 28 Nov 1916 20y Langford, Henry HOWLETT, Rose Mt. Olive in St. Louis, MO
LANGLEY, Nellie 1 Aug 1888 4w Langley, Jeff BUCKLEY, Mary German cemetery
LANKFORD, James 7 Jun 1933 63y Mt. Hope
LANNON, Patrick 24 Sep 1900 42y Mt. Carmel
LARKIN, Dominick 22 Jun 1893 60y St. Louis
LARKIN, John 6 Mar 1885 28y Larkin, Not listed EGAN, Ellen German cemetery Died in penitentiary.
LAVEMIE, Infant son 6 Jul 1874 7m Lavemie, Hughine East St. Louis
LAVENDER, Maria Louisa 29 Jun 1880 44y German cemetery in East St. Louis Wife of William Lavender. Died one day after being baptized.
LAVIE, Angela 16 Oct 1865 GRENIER, Not listed Holy Family-Cahokia, IL Wife of Renti Lavie.
LAVIN, Margaret 25 Feb 1914 80y O’DOWD, Mich. ? [sic] Calvary From Mayo, Ireland
LAWLER, John 13 Dec 1880 30y Lawler, John German cemetery Heart disease.
LAWLESS, John 26 Jun 1905 35y Mt. Carmel
LAWLESS, Margaret 15 Jun 1913 68y RYAN, James O’CONNOR, Ellen Mt. Carmel
LAWLOR, Gertrude 15 Jun 1936 40y St. Mary’s in Centreville Station
LAWSON, Elias 25 Jun 1901 35y Mt. Carmel Husband of Agnes [born] WALSH.
LAXTERMANN, Emma 6 Jun 1902 45y Mt. Carmel [Emma overwrites Emile]
LAYDEN, Michael 25 Sep 1907 37y Mt. Carmel
LEACH, Teresa 22 Sep 1939 50y Mt. Carmel
LEAHEY, Bridget 23 Nov 1884 18m Leahey, Jerry MCCARTHY, Kate German cemetery
LEAHEY, John 12 Oct 1877 1y 11m Leahy, Maurice CHALK, Elizabeth
LEAHEY, Maurice 8 Nov 1886 3w 4d Leahey, Patrick Not listed, Eliza German cemetery
LEAHEY, Patrick 22 Oct 1877 4y 7m 4d Leahy, Maurice CHALK, Elizabeth
LEAHY, [Mrs.] Jerry 10 Apr 1896 German cemetery
LEAHY, Infant 19 Aug 1876 few hours Leahy, Jerry SULLIVAN, Kate Private baptism
LEAHY, James 30 Apr 1933 53y Mt. Carmel
LEAHY, Jerry 3 Apr 1896 50y German cemetery
LEAHY, Mrs. Margaret 30 Jan 1877 53y St. Louis, MO
LEAHY, Nell 5 Mar 1932 52y Mt. Carmel
LEANGLE, William 28 May 1901 10y 8m Leangle, Peter DEMPSEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
LEAP, James 10 May 1883 22y Leap, James BALUF, Mary St. Louis, MO
LEBARGE, Joseph Eugine 12 May 1890 7y Lebarge, Charles CYPONETTE, Margaret German cemetery
LECUMPT, Euphesine (Widow) 3 Aug 1884 65y German cemetery
LEDDY, Mrs. Mary 6 Mar 1897 54y St. Louis, MO
LEECH, Gladys M. 14 Oct 1925 35y Mt. Carmel [See record]
LEEZY, Andrew 16 Mar 1874 Infant Leezy, Andrew East St. Louis
LESTRADE, Not listed 29 Jan 1900
LETEMPT, Joseph 21 Feb 1935 63y Mt. Carmel
LETEMPT, Lillian 15 Aug 1939 64y Mt. Carmel
LEVELLING, Louise 3 Mar 1936 70y Holy Cross
LEVEY, Leo 30 Nov 1907 71y Mt. Carmel
LEVY, Charlotte M. 9 Apr 1916 74y Mt. Carmel
LEVY, Nellie 26 Mar 1926 63y Mt. Carmel
LEVY, Nicholas 16 Dec 1922 84y Mt. Carmel
LEWIS, Enna [Emma?] 22 Dec 1908 54y Lewis, Henry Mt. Carmel
LEWIS, Maria 3 Feb 1915 4y Lewis, Edward Not listed, Josephina Mt. Carmel
LEYDEN, Ottie 30 Dec 1915 38y Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
LIDDY, Patrick 29 Jul 1875 38y Dropsy
LINEHAN, John L. 18 Jun 1884 2y 1m 9d Linehan, Jermiah WALSH, Eliza German cemetery
LINET, Peter 23 Jun 1930 Mt. Carmel
LOFTUS, Elizabeth 13 Nov 1915 63y Loftus, Thomas DEMPSEY, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
LOFTUS, John 1 May 1891 46y German cemetery
LOGAN, James 14 Jun 1906 24y Mt. Carmel Consumption
LOGAN, Michael 3 Mar 1902 26y Logan, John YAGERS, Catherine Mt. Carmel Consumption
LONERGAN, Charles 3 May 1916 5m Lonergan, Charles DRUMM, Mathilda Mt. Carmel
LONG, Bath 26 Jun 1881 44y Long, Tim BRODERICK, Jos Calvary-St. Louis
LONG, Jermiah 11 Oct 1878 30y Long, Richard CARROLL, Hanora St. Louis, MO
LONG, Mrs. Mary 25 Jun 1880 35y SULLIVAN, Not listed St. Louis Wife of Bath Long.
LONG, Not listed [No date. Appears between 29 Jan and 23 Feb 1924.]
LONG, Thomas (Orphan) 15 Jan 1886 Alton [IL]
LOONEY, Cornelius 29 Sep 1926 56y Mt. Carmel
LOUIS, James Ronis 9 Jul 1886 10y 11m Louis, Henry German cemetery
LOUVIER, Fred A. 16 Dec 1948 unknown Mt. Carmel
LOVINGSTON, Adolph 6 Mar 1916 64y L[ovingston], Adolph Calvary
LOVINGSTON, Katherine 12 Sep 1917 59y KELLY, Garrick DOUGHERTY, Mary Mt. Carmel
LOWE, Ellen 25 Jun 1879 20m Lowe, Frederick HILL, Mary German cemetery
LUBUS, Akilia 4 Nov 1905 40y Mt. Carmel
LUCHER, Harriet 3 Feb 1900 55y Lucher, George Mt. Carmel Consumption
LUCHER, Stella 12 Apr 1900 19y Lucher, Henrietta Mt. Carmel
LUCIA, Michael 22 Apr 1880 9y LUCIA, George NOLAN, Kate German cemetery
LUCKET, John 28 Dec 1936 76y Mt. Carmel
LUDDON, John 4 Dec 1887 65y St. Louis Killed by cars.
LUDEN, John J. 9 Sep 1888 33y German cemetery Killed by cars.
LUDGUISS, Josephina 15 Oct 1928 52y Mt. Carmel [Ludwigs?]
LUDWIG, Lucy 27 Dec 1943 56y Ludwig, Dr. Gustav Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO
LUNDY, Edward 23 Feb 1933 31y Mt. Carmel Rabies. Converted on death bed.
LUSCOMB, Elmer 23 Jul 1921 10y Luscomb, John Mt. Carmel
LUSCOMB, William 30 Jul 1893 4y Luscomb, James German cemetery Diphtheria.
LYNCH, Ann 19 Jul 1900 24y SAYLER, Joseph Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Humphry 10 Nov 1925 71y Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Ida 11 Sep 1926 64y Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Infant 10 Apr 1873 1h Lynch, James East St. Louis graveyard
LYNCH, James 23 Jan 1887 Lynch, James MARION, Minnie St. Louis, MO
LYNCH, John 23 Jul 1875 58y or 60y Sudden death
LYNCH, John 7 Jun 1914 44y Lynch, Michael J. Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, John 7 Sep 1933 51y Mt. Carmel From Springfield, IL
LYNCH, John W. 12 Jul 1933 Lynch, James MARION, Annie Born 10 Oct 1881. Died in Springfield & buried 7 Sep 1933. [From inserted notes in modern handwriting; image 80.]
LYNCH, Margaret 23 Jan 1914 61y Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Mary 28 Jan 1874 58y CODY, James BRIEN, Not listed East St. Louis cemetery
LYNCH, Michael 22 Dec 1876 4m Lynch, Michael BURNS, Margaret East St. Louis  
LYNCH, Michael 1 Sep 1911 63y Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Mrs. 17 Mar 1897 St. Louis
LYNCH, Mrs. Annie 13 Sep 1892 33y St. Louis Wife of James Lynch.
LYNCH, Patrick 3 Oct 1906 22y Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, Phillip 24 Mar 1894 74y German cemetery
LYNCH, R. Dec 1897 78y Mt. Carmel Cancer.
LYNCH, Sofia 14 May 1889 90y German cemetery Wife of Philip Lynch.
LYNCH, Virgil 16 Aug 1901 2y 6m Lynch, John SILER, Ann Mt. Carmel
LYNCH, William 16 Nov 1887 45y German cemetery
LYNN, John 1 May 1892 11y Lynn, Rodgers HAYES, Laura Mt. Carmel
LYNN, Mrs. Maria A. 14 Jan 1875 RODGERS, John WINTERS, Ann East St. Louis Wife of Rodgers B. Lynn.
LYNN, Rodger 2 Mar 1900 42y Mt. Carmel
LYONS, Daniel 3 Feb 1885 48y Husband of Ann.
LYONS, Jerry 3 Jan 1892 Mt. Carmel
LYONS, John 8 Nov 1902 54y Mt. Carmel General debility.
LYONS, Mrs. Mary 1 Mar 1888 57y German cemetery
LYROCK, William 23 Dec 1873 1m Lyrock, Peter HARRISON, Ellen City
MABRY, Albert T. Dwyer 8 Jun 1919 11m Unknown MABRY, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
MACKEN, Catherine 25 Aug 1917 62y MANGAN, Richard KILKENNY, Ann Mt. Carmel
MACKEN, Maria 14 Feb 1873 22y Calvary Small pox.
MACKEN, Patrick 10 Sep 1866 26y Parish cemetery Died in a St. Louis hospital.
MACKIN, Mary 29 Oct 1874 5w Mackin, Thomas MANGAN, Kate East St. Louis
MACKIN, Mary O’Desccas 25 Dec 1900 7m 3d Mackin, Michael CARR, Mary Mt. Carmel [Compare to her baptism]
MACKIN, Thomas 6 Apr 1874 3m Mackin, James DIVINE, Ellen East St. Louis
MACKINS, Child 16 Mar 1885 Mackins, Thomas German cemetery
MADDEN, Ellen 24 Sep 1874 Madden, Michael BOYLE, Catharine East St. Louis
MADDEN, John 18 Apr 1881 48y German cemetery
MADDIGAN, Catherine 14 Aug 1913 23y Maddigan, Cornelius Holy Cross
MADEGAN, Margaret 8 Mar 1887 4y Madigan, Con. KELLY, Ellen German cemetery
MADIGAN, Cornelius 14 Apr 1927 74y Holy Cross
MADIGAN, Ellen 8 Oct 1934 72y Holy Cross
MADIGAN, John 11 Oct 1930 38y Holy Cross
MADIGAN, Mrs. Margaret 4 Apr 1888 68y German cemetery
MADIGAN, Patrick 10 Dec 1882 23y Madigan, Patt MCCARTHY, Margaret German cemetery
MADIGAN, Patrick 29 Mar 1887 1y 8.5m Madigan, Cornelius KELLY, Ellen German cemetery
MADIGAN, William 24 Feb 1945 52y Holy Cross From Madison, IL. Killed by truck.
MAHER, Edward 6 Mar 1873 12d Calvary Spasms.
MAHER, Henry 16 Jun 1908 23y Maher, James Mt. Carmel
MAHER, James 15 Aug 1891 50y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
MAHER, John Joseph 13 Mar 1940 83y Holy Cross
MAHKRON, Josephine 11 Jul 1939 67y Mt. Carmel
MAHONEY, Agnes 5 Mar 1902 18y Mahoney, Jeremiah DELEHANTY, Alice Tiptown, IL Heart disease.
MAHONEY, John 28 Sep 1881 62y German cemetery
MAHONEY, John 25 Aug 1885 46y St. Louis Husband of Nora [born] BRADY.
MAHONY, Thomas 16 May 1941 48y Mt. Carmel
MAJOR, Ben 3 Jan 1889 8y 6m Major, Lenordes GETTA, Emma German cemetery  
MALLOY, Charles 19 May 1881 24y Malloy, James BOYLE, Mary St. Louis Killed by cars.
MALLOY, Daniel 23 Dec 1891 St. Louis
MALLOY, James 7 Nov 1901 70y St. Henry Husband of Mary [born] BOYLE.
MALLOY, Mrs. Mary 16 Apr 1885 50y German cemetery
MALLOY, Peter 19 Mar 1889 26y German cemetery
MALONE, John Lawrence 17 Aug 1901 stillborn Malone, John B. DONOHOE, Mary E. Mt. Carmel
MALONE, John Robert 2 Aug 1905 6m Malone, John DONOHOE, Mary E. Mt. Carmel
MALONEY, Mary 11 Sep 1887 4y Maloney, David COMER, Eliza German cemetery
MALONEY, Michael 29 Nov 1893 26y Maloney, William Calvary-St. Louis, MO
MALONEY, Mike 27 Nov 1893 27y St. Louis Pneumonia.
MALONEY, Not listed 2 Jun 1900 47y Mt. Carmel
MALONEY, Winefred 21 Feb 1874 38y DWYER, Patrick RYAN, Mary
MALOULACK, Ellen 1 Jun 1902 11m Mt. Carmel
MALOY, Mrs. D. 29 Jan 1894 St. Louis
MANGAN, Alicia 17 Aug 1866 MCCARNEY, Not listed Parish cemetery Wife of Richard Mangan
MANGAN, Mary A. 9 Jan 1888 19y Mangan, Matt SCULLEN, Teresa St. Louis
MANGON, Teresa 10 Jun 1907 63y Mt. Carmel
MANNION, Charles F. 30 Dec 1934 46y Greenwood
MANNION, James 24 Oct 1915 18y Mannion, Patrick WALSH, Not listed Mt. Carmel
MANNION, John 9 Jan 1935 22y Mannion, Charles Greenwood Baptized only.
MANSFIELD, John 9 Aug 1886 53y German cemetery
MANTEL, John 7 Sep 1907 40y St. Henry
MANTON, Ellen 1 Aug 1901 55y CASEY, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Richard Manton.
MARANEY, Helen 25 Apr 1907 2y Mt. Carmel
MARION, Ann 19 Feb 1900 59y 7m GARA, Not listed Calvary Wife of Dominic Marion. Bronchitis.
MARION, Ann 19 Feb 1900 59y Calvary Born Jul 1841. [From inserted notes in modern handwriting; image 80.]
MARION, Anna 13 Sep 1892 33y Marion, Dominic O’GARA, Ann Born 1859. [From inserted notes in modern handwriting; image 80.]
MARION, Dominic 31 Aug 1905 78y Calvary
MARION, Dominic 31 Aug 1905 78y Calvary-St. Louis
MARION, John B. 16 Nov 1927 53y Mt. Carmel
MARION, Michael P. 25 Mar 1905 29y Marion, Michael R. J. BRUSHIER, Ellen Mt. Carmel
MARKERT, Albert 15 Oct 1918 50y Markert, George TURREY, Eva Mt. Carmel
MARKERT, Lucy 31 Aug 1915 44y O’CONNELL, John SHANNON, Catherine [?] Mt. Carmel
MARKET, Clopha 24 May 1904 7y Mt. Carmel Was sickly and vomiting.
MARONEY, James 12 Mar 1903 42y Mt. Carmel
MARONEY, James 28 Feb 1881 66y St. Louis Husband of Mary [born] RYAN.
MARONEY, Michael 9 Feb 1882 Maroney, James RYAN, Mary Calvary-St. Louis
MARONEY, Mrs. Mary 31 Mar 1896 65y St. Louis
MARSH, Rose 3 May 1902 23y HALLISEY, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis
MARTIN, Annie 15 Jun 1882 7m Martin, Andrew BURNS, Margaret German cemetery
MARTIN, Bridget 30 Sep 1910 85y PETERS, Patrick Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, Elizabeth Ann 15 Jan [1939] 2d Holy Cross
MARTIN, Ellen 11 Mar 1908 58y Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, Gabriel 14 Feb 1873 15d Calvary
MARTIN, John 8 Dec 1887 German cemetery
MARTIN, Joseph 23 Jul 1878 34y German cemetery
MARTIN, Joseph 28 Dec 1889 39y German cemetery
MARTIN, Miss Mary 9 Sep 1890 30y Martin, Patt PETERS, Bridget German cemetery
MARTIN, Mrs. 26 Nov 1895 88y German cemetery
MARTIN, Mrs. Margaret 19 Jan 1909 63y BURN, Michael Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, Not listed [4 Feb 1873]
MARTIN, Not listed 24 Oct 1896
MARTIN, Not listed Oct 1902
MARTIN, Patrick 27 Jan 1899 70y St. Henry Senility.
MARTIN, Thomas 13 Mar 1898 20y Mt. Carmel Consumption
MARTIN, William 17 Jun 1930 43y Martin, Henry BOUCHERS, Martha Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, William 5 Oct 1878 26y St. Louis, MO
MARTON, Richard 20 Oct 1901 50y Mt. Carmel
MASTERSON, James 11 Jan 1900 36y Mt. Carmel
MATHEWS, Michael 17 Oct 1884 18y Mathews, Michael BRADY, Bridget St. Louis, MO Killed by bridge.
MATTHEWS, Charles (Non-Catholic) 10 Jun 1900 53y Mt. Carmel
MATTHEWS, Diana 18 Aug 1938 14y Mt. Carmel From Shreveport, LA
MATTHEWS, Hattie 25 Jun 1902 47y Mt. Carmel
MATTINGLY, Bertha 6 Feb 1925 46y Mt. Carmel
MAXWELL, Raymond 31 Jan 1950 58y Mt. Carmel
MAY, Agnes 7 Dec 1906 28y Mt. Carmel
MAY, Bridget 11 Apr 1918 73y DONOHOE, Martin FOLEY, Sarah Mt. Carmel
MAY, John 24 Nov 1921 46y Mt. Carmel  
MAY, John 23 Sep 1927 60y Mt. Carmel
MAY, Martin 5 Sep 1905 37y Mt. Carmel
MAY, Martin 11 Jul 1929 35y Mt. Carmel
MAY, Martin Jr. 29 Apr 1894 22y May, Martin Tiptown
MAY, Ruth 30 Dec 1919 22y May, John Mt. Carmel
MAY, Thomas 29 Oct 1906 76y Mt. Carmel
MAZEKA, Laura 15 Nov 1946 35y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Mazeka. Didn’t receive last sacraments.
MCAFEE, Alice 9 Mar 1909 48y BURNES, William LYNCH, Mary Mt. Carmel [Wife of] Charles McAfee
MCATEE, James 6 Sep 1921 69y Mt. Carmel
MCBRIDE, Bridgid 12 Nov 1929 70y Mt. Carmel
MCBRIDE, Mary 5 Oct 1930 42y Mt. Carmel [See record]
MCCAFFERTY, Patrick 16 Jul 1914 57y about Mt. Carmel From Ireland. Heat prostration. Found unconscious. Walsh undertaker.
MCCAFFREY, Henry 14 Jan 1920 47y Mt. Carmel
MCCAFFREY, James 4 Apr 1866 2y McCaffrey, Thomas GARTLAND, Maria St. Louis, MO
MCCAFFREY, Richard 21 Jul 1926 56y Mt. Carmel
MCCAMRA, Edward 1 Aug 1884 17y McCamra, Hugh F___, Anny German cemetery
MCCARDEL, Edward 15 Dec 1888 21y 11m McCardel, Eugine St. Louis, MO  
MCCARRAHAN, May 7 Nov 1887 3y McCarrahan, John German cemetery
MCCARRON, Ellen 3 Aug 1923 69y Mt. Carmel Asphyxiation.
MCCARTHY, Callaghan 3 Apr 1885 3y 8m McCarthy, William MILANE, Kate German cemetery
MCCARTHY, Catherine 1 Mar 1915 74y Mt. Carmel
MCCARTHY, Charles 29 Jun 1921 54y Mt. Carmel Killed by accident. Died without sacraments.
MCCARTHY, Daniel 23 May 1948 72y Mt. Carmel
MCCARTHY, Edward 5 Nov 1879 25y McCarthy, Peter BENSOE, Rosey French Village
MCCARTHY, James 23 Jun 1896
MCCARTHY, Jermiah 11 Apr 1881 38y St. Louis Husband of Ellen [born] COONEY.
MCCARTHY, John 3 Jul 1900 70y Calvary
MCCARTHY, John 22 Mar 1876 3y 10m McCarthy, William DELANE, Catharine East St. Louis
MCCARTHY, John R. 15 Sep 1900 37y McCarthy, Daniel FITZGERALD, Catherine Mt. Carmel Consumption
MCCARTHY, Margaret 20 Feb 1901 51y DOOLAN, Not listed Mt. Carmel
MCCARTHY, Mary 15 Jul 1875 8m McCarthy, William DELANE, Catharine
MCCARTHY, Mary 11 Jan 1938 33y Mt. Carmel
MCCARTHY, Thomas 10 Mar 1901 40y McCarthy, Thomas MAHER, Mary St. Henry Consumption
MCCARTHY, Timothy 26 Mar 1885 8y McCarthy, William MILANE, Kate German cemetery
MCCARTY, Mrs. Mary 19 Jun 1894 57y German cemetery Wife of Thomas McCarty.
MCCASH, Ruth 3 May 1943 26y Mt. Carmel Wife of Bidwell McCash.
MCCLURE, Annie 4 Aug 1881 27y McClure, James SELLS, Ann German cemetery
MCCORMACK, Patrick 16 Aug 1898 Calvary Pneumonia.
MCCORMACK, Teresa 21 Aug 1901 28y DOBBINS, Not listed Mt. Carmel
MCCORMACK, Veronica 21 Sep 1907 2y Mt. Carmel
MCCORMICK, Frank 27 May 1896 McCormick, Patrick St. Louis, MO Killed by Cyclone.
MCCORMICK, Mary 9 Apr 1878 41y MCGRATH, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of Patrick McCormick.
MCCORMICK, Mrs. 6 Dec 1895 St. Louis Wife of Patrick McCormick.
MCCOY, Infant 14 Nov 1944 Mt. Carmel Died after birth
MCCRAW, John 19 Apr 1902 36y Calvary Pneumonia.
MCDERMOT, M. 28 Nov ___ Calvary [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
MCDERMOTT, Annie 2 Jan 1886 6y 5m 2d McDermott, Henry LYNCH, Anne St. Louis, MO
MCDERMOTT, Frank 18 Dec 1880 35y German cemetery
MCDERMOTT, Henry 13 Oct 1888 46y German cemetery
MCDERMOTT, James 27 Jan 1875 21y McDermott, John MCCAN, Su___ Jane Calvary Consumption
MCDERMOTT, Mary 28 Nov 1944 91y Mt. Carmel Wife of Frank W. McDermott
MCDERMOTT, Mrs. Jane 15 Jun 1876 58y MCCANN, Not listed [Calvary], St. Louis Wife of John McDermott.
MCDONNELL, Bernard 4 May 1876 2y 3m McDonnell, Bernard CONDOFF, Mattie St. Louis, MO
MCDONNELL, James 20 Aug 1873 2y East St. Louis C. graveyard Brain fever.
MCDONNELL, Joseph 8 Sep 1887 24y McDonnell, Arther WILKINS, Ellen German cemetery
MCDONNELL, Male child 30 Jul 1891 1y 1m McDonnell, Michael Mt. Carmel
MCDONNELL, William 16 Feb 1879 22y Adopted by Mr. MAYO
MCDONONELL, Julia 20 Apr 1881 48y St. Louis Wife of Frank McDonnell.
MCDONOUGH, William 23 Feb 1886 2y McDonough, William RIDEL, Mary German cemetery
MCDOWALL, James 4 Sep 1873 East St. Louis graveyard Cholera morbus.
MCDOWELL, Fred 10 Dec 1931 47y Mt. Carmel
MCDOWELL, General 16 Nov 1903 43y Mt. Carmel
MCELCUDDY, Catherine 23 Nov 1884 38y German cemetery Wife of Florence McElcuddy. Shot by her husband.
MCELLIGOTT, James 3 Apr 1946 65y Mt. Carmel
MCELLIGOTT, Joseph 30 Jun 1945 55y Mt. Carmel Received last sacraments at Veterans Hospital in St. Louis
MCELLIGOTT, Julia 8 Oct 1947 74y Mt. Carmel
MCENTIRE, Peter 17 Mar 1881 59y St. Louis
MCEVELLY, Child 13 Jun 1887 4y McEvelly, Anthony German cemetery
MCEVILLY, Anne 22 Feb 1899 20y Mt. Carmel Meningitis.
MCEVILLY, Anthony C. 2 Apr 1917 77y McEvilly, Charles Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Anthony J. 20 Feb 1916 73y Mc Evilly, John GAVAN, Ann Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Bridget 24 Jul 1908 65y DOWDALL, Thomas Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Catherine 18 Jul 1913 72y BURK, Thomas Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Edmund 7 Nov 1936 63y Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Ellen 1 Jan 1915 67y COLLINS, John Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, John 4 Feb 1903 28y McEvilly, Anthony COLLINS, Ellen Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, John 17 Nov 1903 65y Mt. Carmel
MCEVILLY, Mary J. 29 Sep 1899 52y 9m 11d GIRGEL, C. MANON, Samantha Mt. Carmel Burns. [Surname also spelled GIGEL.]
MCFARLAND, Ellen 11 Mar 1944 94y Holy Cross  
MCGAN, Peter 8 Dec 1887 67y German cemetery
MCGARRIGAN, Elisa May 8 Aug 1884 5y McGarrigan, John ALLEN, Hana German cemetery
MCGEE, Mrs. Annie 14 Jan 1895 46y St. Louis Wife of Patrick McGee.
MCGEE, Thomas 22 Nov 1924 54y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
MCGEEHAN, Margaret 3 Aug 1901 38y Mt. Carmel Wife of Hugh McGeehan. Consumption
MCGILILIN, Husband of 15 Jul 1876 Killed
MCGINNIS, Ann 9 Sep 1879 37y CUNNINGHAM, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis, MO Wife of Barney McGinnis.
MCGINNIS, Edward 21 Jan 1882 40y German cemetery
MCGINNIS, Ellen 17 Apr 1917 83y WARD, John Mt. Carmel
MCGITERICK, Barney 18 Nov 1896 39y German cemetery
MCGLYNN, Mrs. J. D. 28 Sep 1899 31y REYNOLDS, John MITCHELL, Eliza Mt. Carmel Consumption
MCGLYNN, Robert 15 Nov 1940 43y Mt. Carmel
MCGLYNN, Sir Daniel 29 Jan 1931 64y Mt. Carmel Buried from St. Joseph’s Church due to lack of accommodations at St. Patrick. [Burials in new church started Oct 1931]
MCGLYNNIS, Child 18 May 1891 2h McGlynnis, John W. Mt. Carmel First burial in Mt. Carmel Cemetery
MCGRATH, Bernard Dec 1875
MCGRATH, Catherine 27 Mar 1905 58y Mt. Carmel
MCGRATH, Florence 17 Aug 1909 18y McGrath, Patrick Mt. Carmel
MCGRATH, James 7 May 1942 82y McGrath, Timothy Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO
MCGRATH, John 2 Aug 1929 68y Mt. Carmel
MCGRATH, Margaret 1 Jul 1885 51y MONAHAN, Not listed St. Louis Wife of Patrick McGrath.
MCGRATH, Mrs. Mary 25 Dec 1883
MCGRATH, Patrick 29 Jan 1898 70y Calvary Dropsy.
MCGRATH, William 21 Jun 1930 44y Mt. Carmel
MCGRATH, William Patrick 2 Oct 1917 68y McGrath, Patrick KANE, Bridget Mt. Carmel
MCGROGAN, Johanna 12 Sep 1902 60y Mt. Carmel
MCGROGAN, Mary Ellen 24 Aug 1876 14m McGrogan, Philip E. CLARK, Mary East St. Louis  
MCGUIRE, Ellen 9 May 1877 65y BARRETT, Not listed Jerseyville Wife of Timothy McGuire.
MCGUIRE, William Henry 2 Sep 1866 9y McGuire, Michael MCMAHAN, Catharina Our cemetery Cholera in home of Dr. Moore.
MCHALE, Mary Ann 9 Aug 1882 22m McHale, Patrick DANIEL, Ellen German cemetery
MCHALE, Mrs. Ellen 25 Sep 1890 German cemetery Wife of Patrick McHale.
MCINERY, John 6 Sep 1905 48y Mt. Carmel [40 overwrites 48]
MCKANE, Mary 5 Nov 1928 66y Mt. Carmel
MCKANE, Patrick 23 Oct 1906 53y Mt. Carmel
MCKELLIORT, Catherine M. 6 Jan 1881 5m McKelliort, John O’CONNOR, Mary German cemetery
MCKENNA, Ann 8 Mar 1887 47y German cemetery Wife of Hugh McKenna.
MCKENNA, Michael May 1900 31y McKenna, Hugh St. Henry
MCKENSIE, Lacy 21 Nov 1900 2m McKensie, Archibald LACY, Mary Ellen Mt. Carmel
MCKENZIE, Archibald 4 Jan 1903 20y Mt. Carmel Consumption
MCKENZIE, Archie 6 Jan 1903 19y McKenzie, Archie LACY, Mary Mt. Carmel
MCKENZIE, Hanora 21 Sep 1881 31y O’LEARY, Not listed St. Louis Wife of Aleck McKenzie.
MCKENZIE, John 17 Feb 1905 59y Mt. Carmel
MCKENZIE, Not listed Jun 1903
MCKENZIE, Sarah 1 Oct 1933 71y Mt. Carmel
MCKENZIE, William 13 May 1911 38y McKenzie, Alex Mt. Carmel
MCKEON, Edward 22 Dec 1947 70y Mt. Carmel [Husband of] Mary SCULLY.
MCKEOWN, Edward 5 Nov 1903 7y Mt. Carmel
MCLANDON, Mrs. Sarah 14 Feb 1887 75y St. Louis
MCLAREN, Rosanna 21 Nov 1927 75y Mt. Carmel
MCLAUGHLIN, William 28 Mar 1880 50y about German cemetery Died suddenly.
MCLAUGHLIN, William 4 Mar 1882 50y St. Louis Husband of Mary [born] GLAVAN.
MCLAUGHLIN, William J. 4 Aug 1905 35y Mt. Carmel
MCLOUGHLIN, Mary 5 Jul 1884 50y Calvary-St. Louis, MO Wife of William McLoughlin.
MCLOUGHLIN, Nora 30 Nov 1923 54y Mt. Carmel
MCMAHON, Elizabeth 25 Apr 1948 45y Mt. Carmel
MCMAHON, John 20 May 1889 5y McMahon, John MANSFIELD, Kate German cemetery
MCMAHON, Mrs. Hanna 16 Mar 1894 German cemetery
MCMAHON, Reginald 23 Apr 1903 18m Mt. Carmel
MCMANUS, John 3 May 1928 45y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
MCMENEMEE, John 13 Apr 1921 60y Mt. Carmel
MCMENEMY, Honorah 14 Nov 1914 53y HIGGINS, Michael Not listed, Cate Mt. Carmel
MCMULLAN, John Oct sic 30y Calvary Consumption. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
MCMULLEN, Dan 14 Feb 1941 68y Mt. Calvary
MCMULLEN, Edward 2 Feb 1881 22y McMullen, James HIGGINS, Kate German cemetery
MCMULLEN, John 23 Oct 1874 9y McMullen, Archer MURPHY, Ann East St. Louis
MCMURTREY, William 6 Apr 1910 52y McMurtrey, Joseph Mt. Carmel
MCNAMARA, Julia 7 Dec 1884 50y German cemetery Wife of Patrick McNamara.
MCNEARNY, James 18 Mar 1891 65y German cemetery
MCNERNEY, Catherine 28 May 1909 63y McNerney, Patrick Mt. Carmel
MCNERNTY, Kate 24 Oct 1876 2y McNernty, Patrick HIGGINS, Kate East St. Louis
MCNESNEY, Patrick 23 Jan 1906 65y Mt. Carmel
MCNIERNEY, Ellen 7 Apr 1907 23y Mt. Carmel
MCNULTY, Elizabeth 25 Jul 1888 57y German cemetery Wife of Hugh McNulty.
MCWILLIAMS, Henry 23 Dec 1885 60y German cemetery
MCWILLIAMS, Joseph 7 Jun 1876 2m McWilliams, Henry PURNUL Julie East St. Louis
MEADE, James 24 Jul 1879 11y 4m 8d German cemetery Adopted son of Michael Meade.
MEADE, Michael 25 Jun 1887 60y German cemetery
MEAGHEN, John 13 Jun 1886 68y Hillsboro, IL
MECHIN, John 29 Feb 1904 85y Mt. Carmel Killed.
MECHIN, Mrs. Valentine 8 Mar 1892 Mt. Carmel
MEEHAN, Child 3 Jan 1891 1y 10m Meehan, T. P. German cemetery
MEEHAN, John 10 Jan 1881 3.5m Meehan, John ARNOLD, Lillia (Non-Catholic) German cemetery
MEEHAN, Julia 16 Sep 1903 84y Mt. Carmel
MEEHAN, Margaret 7 Sep 1866 23y SLATTERY, Not listed Parish cemetery Wife of Thomas Meehan. Cholera.
MEEHAN, Mary 31 Jul 1901 5m 16d Meehan, William MCCARTHY, Mary Raymond, IL
MEEHAN, Maurice 19 Mar 1902 82y Mt. Carmel Old age.
MEEHAN, Robert 23 Jul 1901 5y 7m Meehan, Cornelius WHALEN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
MEEHAN, Thomas 3 Nov 1898 39y St. Henry Consumption
MELLVILLE, Thomas 20 Jul 1882 5m 8d Mellville, William (Non-Catholic) O’NEIL, Agnis German cemetery
MENTRUP, Frank 13 Jan 1933 79y Greenwood Private blessing in funeral parlor.
MEREDITH, Nellie 4 Apr 1920 43y Mt. Carmel
MERRIAN, Not listed 3 Sep 1873 6y Calvary Cholera morbus.
MERTZ, Annie 22 Feb 1945 67y Mt. Carmel Wife of August Mertz.
MERTZ, August 27 Sep 1949 76y Mt. Carmel [Husband of] Anna GUNNING.
METZGER, Edward 24 May 1936 70y Holy Cross
MEYER, Lawrence 8 Apr 1928 54y Holy Cross
MICHAUD, Not listed [Sep 1873]
MILER, Joseph G. 23 Apr 1933 44y Mt. Carmel Sudden death.
MILER, Mary Ellen 12 Dec 1890 4m 2w Miler, Philip COLLINS, Mary Ellen German cemetery
MILER, Nellie 18 Dec 1947 63y Mt. Carmel [Wife of ] Joseph G. Miler.
MILES, William J. 30 Jun 1927 16y Mt. Carmel
MILLER, Edwin 17 Mar 1922 7y Miller, Donald H. Mt. Carmel Killed in automobile accident.
MILLER, Frances 19 Jul 1923 36y Mt. Carmel
MILLER, Henery 2 Jul 1915 Mt. Carmel
MILLER, Henry 13 Jul 1874 1m Miller, H. D. (Non-Catholic) COLLINS, Alice East St. Louis
MINNETTE, Philip 12 Nov 1947 76y Mt. Carmel Received into the church on death bed. [Husband of] Catherine Minnette.
MINOE, Mrs. Mary 5 Aug 1888 25y St. Louis, MO Wife of Wallace Minoe.
MIRON, Infant 10 Jun 1882 Infant Miron, Mrs. German cemetery
MITCHEL, Miles 27 May 1896 26y Mitchel, Thomas WALSH, Kate Mt. Carmel Killed by Cyclone.
MITCHELL, Catharine 10 Mar 1920 78y Mt. Carmel
MITCHELL, Martha Anna 28 Apr 1866 40y BEVARD, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of William Ignatius Mitchell. Consumption.
MITKOS, Michael 15 May 1926 51y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
MOLAIR, Edward B. 26 Oct 1875 1y 10m Molair, Frank DUBOUIS, Josphef. East St. Louis
MOLLOY, Anthony 22 Jan 1873 40y East St. Louis C graveyard Lung fever.
MONACHEN, Patrick 15 Feb 1901 53y Mt. Carmel
MONAHAN, Elizabeth 28 Jul 1905 70y Mt. Carmel
MONAHAN, James 16 Jun 1927 67y Mt. Carmel
MONAHAN, John 10 Oct 1888 Monahan, John German cemetery Shot.
MONAHAN, John 3 Nov 1902 72y Mt. Carmel
MONAHAN, Martin 5 Aug 1929 61y Mt. Carmel
MONAHAN, Thomas 31 Aug 1876 63y East St. Louis Husband of Margaret [born] WALSH.
MONAHAN, William 7 Jul 1929 56y Mt. Carmel
MONTAGUE, Daniel 15 Apr 1864 4.5m Montagne, Daniel HANNIGAN, Margaret [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
MONTAGUE, Mary 26 Apr 1864 50y Wife of Daniel Montague [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
MOONEY, George 14 Jun 1883 18m Mooney, George PERRIO ___, Clementine German cemetery
MOONEY, Sidney 10 Mar 1913 Mt. Carmel
MOORE, Eleanor 22 Feb 1936 43y Mt. Carmel
MOORE, Isadore 22 Sep 1898 50y Mt. Carmel Liver trouble.
MOORHEAD, Catherine Patricia 19 Sep 1880 5y next Feb Moorhead, Lucian T. MITCHEAL, Susan T. East St. Louis
MOOSE, Annie 27 Oct 1891 4y Moose, Nicholas SHEA, Kate French Village
MOOSE, Catherine 27 Jun 1906 51y Mt. Carmel
MOOSE, Edward 21 Feb 1923 38y Mt. Carmel
MOOSE, Joseph 2 Apr 1921 40y Mt. Carmel
MOOSE, Michael 22 Mar 1923 52y Mt. Carmel
MOOSE, Nicolas 28 Mar 1915 79y Moose, John Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
MORAN, James 26 Jul 1876 14m Moran, James Not listed, Mary
MORAN, Mary Ellen 6 Oct 1881 19y 5m SHEA, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Michael Moran.
MOREHEAD, Dr. Lucian F. 30 Jan 1881 38y 1m German cemetery Husband of Susan [born] MITCHEL.
MORGAN, Annie 19 Jan 1948 72y Mt. Carmel [Possibly the wife of] John Morgan.
MORGAN, John 15 Jun 1941 4h Mt. Carmel
MORIARTHY, Edward 21 Jul 1889 German cemetery
MORIARTHY, Thomas 6 Jun 1886 73y 6m St. Louis Husband of Bridget [born] WALSH.
MORIARTY, John 10 Jul 1881 11y 6m 10d Moriarty, Ed HIGGINS, Bridget St. Louis Killed on R R.
MORIARTY, Timothy 2 May 1881 37y St. Louis Drowned.
MORIORTY, Infant daughter 1 Jun 1874 Infant Moriorty, Daniel CORDEN, Ellen East St. Louis
MORRIS, Mary Julia 2 Sep 1877 German Cemetery in East St. Louis. Wife of Lewis Morris. Born 21 Mar 1798
MORRISON, William M. 9 Apr 1882 50y Cahokia
MORRISSEY, Bridget 14 Nov 1899 2y 17d Morrissey, James Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel Typhoid fever.
MORRISSEY, Michael 2 Jan 1926 56y Mt. Carmel
MORTON, Birdie Bridget 12 Jun 1882 9y Morton, James GRAY, Ellen German cemetery
MORTON, Ellen 27 Aug 1881 33y GRAY, Not listed St. Louis Wife of James Morton.
MORTON, John 3 Apr 1901 30y Morton, James GRAY, Ellen Mt. Carmel
MOSER, Edward 30 Oct 1948 78y Mt. Carmel Husband of Mary GROGAN.
MOSER, Louis 5 Dec 1918 53y Moser, Charles WITTMEIER, Frieda Holy Cross
MOSER, Milton 10 Oct 1918 25y Moser, Louis GROGAN, Nora Holy Cross Buried 1 Oct 1920. Soldier in U. S. Army. Pneumonia in France and his body was shipped here.
MOUCHRONT, Mrs. Paline 23 Jan 1888 47y German cemetery
MOUNTAIN, Mary Jane 16 Sep 1874 5d Mountain, John ROSENDOLPH, Mary ESL [East St. Louis]
MUCKIN, Thomas 7 Feb 1908 62y Mt. Carmel
MUENTEFERING, Edward 31 Oct 1949 60y Mt. Carmel
MUENTEFERING, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1949 65y Mt. Carmel Wife of Edward Muentefering.
MULCAHHEY, Patrick 19 Apr 1904 50y Mt. Carmel Heart trouble.
MULCONNERY, John 23 Feb 1943 43y Mulconnery, Andrew Mt. Carmel Received sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO.
MULCONNERY, M. 25 Jan 1900 3y Mt. Carmel
MULCONRY, Fanny 12 Nov 1926 57y Mt. Carmel
MULLAN, Margaret 24 Feb 1908 2y Calvary
MULLAN, Martin 27 Oct 1900 10y Mullen, Michael CASSIDAY, Mary Mt. Carmel
MULLAN, Mrs. 21 Jun 1873 Calvary
MULLANE, Cath. 18 Mar 1873 7m East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
MULLANEY, Mary 14 Dec 1912 63y Mt. Carmel
MULLANEY, Patrick 19 Dec 1893 50y German cemetery
MULLANY, Thomas 31 Mar 1915 34y Mullany, Patrick HANNA, Mary Mt. Carmel
MULLIGAN, John 14 Apr 1888 Infant Mulligan, Peter SHERLOCK, Ellen German cemetery
MULLIN, Anna 17 Jan 1924 58y Mt. Carmel
MULLIN, John 17 Aug 1913 50y Mullin, Hugh
MULLIN, John 17 Sep 1924 68y Mt. Carmel
MULLINS, John 12 Apr 1904 3y Mullins, John NEVILLE, Ellen Calvary-St. Louis
MULQUEENEY, Ellen F. 4 Aug 1900 29y Mulqueeney, Illegible WHITE, Mary Mt. Carmel
MULQUINN, William 17 Apr 1902 37y Mulquinn, Michael Mt. Carmel Consumption
MUNTERFERING, John Louis 29 Jul 1939 53y Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, Catharine 28 Mar 1916 75y about Holy Cross
MURPHY, Child 20 Mar 1880 3y Murphy, Denis MCGLEEN, Hanora Calvary-St. Louis
MURPHY, Cornelius 1 Dec 1885 60y German cemetery
MURPHY, Daniel 14 Nov 1880 55y German cemetery
MURPHY, Denis 2 Jul 1879 56y German cemetery Names of parents unknown
MURPHY, Ellen 10 Jul 1876 48y DRISCOLL, Not listed East St. Louis Accidently burned. Wife of Thomas Murphy.
MURPHY, Frank 27 May 1896 24y St. Louis, MO Killed by Cyclone.
MURPHY, James 2 Jun 1917 46y Murphy, John DOWLING, Margaret Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, John 23 Dec 1893 50y Mt. Carmel Found dead on street.
MURPHY, John 4 Nov 1899 6m Murphy, James BAILEY, Rose Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, John 3 May 1880 35y St. Louis, MO Husband of Annie [born] CROTTY. Dropsy.
MURPHY, Margaret 21 Nov 1864 8y Murphy, Michael St. Louis, MO
MURPHY, Margaret 22 Oct 1917 74y FLEMING, Not listed
MURPHY, Margaret Cecelia 3 Oct 1901 28y COBY, Patrick Unknown, Mary Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, Maria A. 31 Aug 1866 2y Murphy, Thomas DRISCOL, Helena Our cemetery
MURPHY, Mary 12 Jan 1880 55y German cemetery
MURPHY, Michael 15 Jul 1883 21y Murphy, Richard FITZGERALD, Bridget German cemetery
MURPHY, Michael 26 Sep 1912 68y Holy Cross
MURPHY, Michael 20 Nov 1894 23y Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, Michael 19 Mar 1884 St. Louis
MURPHY, Mrs. Ann 26 Oct 1891 65y St. Louis, MO
MURPHY, Thomas 26 Nov 1887 65y German cemetery
MURPHY, Thomas 29 Sep 1866 37y Holy Trinity – St. Louis, MO Of Venetus [Venice?]. Cholera.
MURPHY, William 17 Mar 1884 Murphy, Owen O’DONNELL, Ellen
MURPHY, William 18 Mar 1897 23y Murphy, Michael Not listed, Johanna Mt. Carmel
MURRAY, Bridget 19 May 1912 Murray, John Calvary
MURRAY, Edna 8 May 1925 43y Calvary-St. Louis, MO [See record]
MURRAY, James 28 Aug 1889 14y German cemetery
MURRAY, Julia 19 Sep 1875 15m Murray, Walter DILLON, Jane East St. Louis
MURRAY, Mary 19 Nov 1910 Murray, John Calvary
MURRAY, Not listed 13 Aug 1873 St. Louis, MO
MURRY, Infant 7 Jul 1884 9m German cemetery
MURRY, John 16 Oct 1883 14m Murry, Walter GILLON, Jane German cemetery
MURRY, Mary 6 Mar 1880 28y HICKEY, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis, MO Wife of John Murry.
MURRY, Mary 22 Aug 1945 75y Mt. Carmel Wife of James Murry. Received last sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital
MURRY, Mrs. Mary 3 Dec 1873 65y ILLEVILL, Patrick MCCAIRNS, Nora St. Louis
MURRY, Simon 24 Feb 1893 55y Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
MUTKEITZ, Anna 26 Mar 1904 2m Mt. Carmel A cold – congestion.
MYLES, Michael J. 5 Nov 1925 2y 2m Mt. Carmel From Kentucky
MYLI, Nora 22 May 1915 42y MOORE, William C. Mt. Carmel
NAGEL, Ed. 1 Jun 1930 36y Nagel, Ed. MCDONOUGH, Mary Mt. Carmel
NAGLE, Edward 19 Jan 1881 German cemetery
NAGLE, Michael Sep 1904 Mt. Carmel
NAGLE, Not listed 4 Jan 1908 Mt. Carmel
NARCY, Ann 14 Jun 1906 83y St. Henry
NAREY, James 7 Nov 1910 60y Mt. Carmel
NARY, James 12 Mar 1906 16y Nary, James TULLY, Rose Mt. Carmel
NARY, Rose 11 Nov 1929 71y Mt. Carmel
NASH, Hannah 22 Nov ___ 3y Nash, Daniel MCCONVEY, Sarah Croup. Buried in East St. Louis Catholic cemetery. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
NEAGLE, James 1 Jan 1877 49y St. Louis, MO Husband of Margaret [born] DWYER.
NEAL, Henry 24 Feb 1899 70y Mt. Carmel Dropsy.
NEAL, Mrs. Jane 5 Jun 1902 77y Mt. Carmel
NEARY, Joseph 12 Nov 1937 Mt. Carmel
NEARY, Th. 13 Nov 1906 40y Mt. Carmel
NEASE, Ellen Elenora 8 Mar 1900 1y 6m Nease, William ESMANN, Francis Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
NEEDHAM, James 9 Feb 1949 48y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ruth E. GILMARTIN.
NEEDHAM, Joseph 13 Jul 1932 23y Mt. Carmel Killed by a train- anointed.
NEEDHAM, Thomas 21 May 1946 44y Needham, James Mt. Carmel
NEFF, Mrs. Kate 3 Jul 1897 46y Mt. Carmel
NEIGHBORS, Bertha Alma 21 Jan 1914 18y Neighbors, Eugene MCCORMAC, Eliz. Mt. Carmel
NERI, Ellen 20 Feb 1905 60y Mt. Carmel
NEUROTH, Maria 1 Jul 1903 76y St. Henry Old age.
NEVIL, George 26 Nov 1876 4y Nevil, John FLANERY, Mary East St. Louis
NEVIL, Mrs. Mary 8 Sep 1890 50y St. Louis Wife of John Nevil.
NEVIL, Teresa 26 Dec 1887 13y Nevil, John FLANERY, Mary St. Louis
NEVILLE, John 8 Mar 1918 80y about Mt. Calvary [sic]
NEVILLE, Patrick 30 Jun 1878 35y about East St. Louis Shot at the Station House.
NEVIN, Thomas Dec 1897 46y Mt. Carmel Dropsy.
No last name , Infant 17 Jun 1874 Infant
No Name 10 May 1881 12y St. Louis Drowned.
NOLAN, Christopher 27 May 1887 55y St. Louis, MO
NOLAN, Christy [13 Jun 1887] 50y [Written between 13 Jun entries]
NOLAN, Mary 30 Jun 1933 60y Mt. Calvary-St. Louis
NOLAN, Moses 10 Jan 1873 76y or 86y Calvary-St. Louis, MO Gravel.
NOLAN, Mrs. Ester 29 Nov 1893 60y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
NONNE, David Anthony 24 Dec 1943 1y Nonne, David Francis Mt. Hope
NOON, Francis P. 30 Sep 1908 45y Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
NOONAN, Andrew 9 May 1873 9m East St. Louis C graveyard Spinal meningitis.
NOONAN, Joseph 29 Oct 1882 1y 10m Noonan, Maurice AHERN, Hana German cemetery
NORTON, Charles 29 Nov 1938 36y Mt. Carmel
NORTON, Elizabeth 27 Jan 1938 Mt. Carmel
NORTON, William 18 Sep 1929 63y Mt. Carmel
NOSER, Elizabeth 16 Jul 1940 94y St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Beaufort, MO.
NUNDERWOOD, Mary Maud Mabel 21 Aug 1876 9m Nunderwood, George W. (Non-Catholic) HORNEY, Margaret [See UNDERWOOD baptism]
OBEIKE, Ella 14 Jan 1923 69y Mt. Calvary in St. Louis, MO
O’BLENNIS, Elizabeth 2 Jun 1915 37y COSTIN, Edward CHAMBERLIN, Mary Mt. Carmel
O’BLENNIS, Ferdinand Dec 1918 8m O’Blennis, Otis MONTINE, Adeline Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, Catherine 14 Apr 1927 49y Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, Cornelius 16 Dec 1888 German cemetery
O’BRIEN, Francis 20 Sep 1908 37y O’Brien, Cornelius Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, James 1 Apr 1919 37y O’Brien, Timothy FOLEY, Maria Mt. Carmel Policeman; shot and instantly killed.
O’BRIEN, John M. 2 Feb 1916 62y O’Brien, J. M. Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, Katherine 14 May 1911 Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, Mrs. 17 Jul 1878 60y German cemetery
O’BRIEN, Mrs. 18 Mar 1898 60y Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
O’BRIEN, Patrick Henry 2 Dec 1905 62y Calvary
O’BRIEN, Ruben J. 17 Nov 1899 19y Calvary Died from railroad accident.
O’BRIEN, Timothy 23 Nov 1919 55y Mt. Carmel
O’BRIEN, Timothy 10 Jan 1888 45y German cemetery Killed by falling from wagon
O’BRIEN, William 10 Nov 1922 67y Mt. Carmel
O’BRINE, Thomas 27 May 1896 Killed by Cyclone.
O’BURN, Thomas Hubert 11 Jan 1866 30d O’Burn, Patrick GANAGHAN, Elizabeth Parish cemetery
O’CONNELL, Alfred Michael 19 Jun 1888 23y German cemetery
O’CONNELL, Con 4 Apr 1931 Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Daniel 16 Apr 1905 67y Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Eugine 4 Oct 1885 22y O’Connell, Edmond DOUD, Mary German cemetery
O’CONNELL, John 16 Nov 1886 70y German cemetery
O’CONNELL, John J. 30 May 1941 55y Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Joseph 4 May 1937 Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Kathryn 21 Mar 1932 36y Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Katie 2 Mar 1888 20y O’Connell, John SHANNON, Kate German cemetery
O’CONNELL, Marie Louise 3 Mar 1916 20y HAMILL, Henry MCELLIGOTT, Maria Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Mary 10 Jul 1909 19y O’Connell, Morris Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Mary 16 Jan 1918 45y Cunningham, Robert HOY, Maria Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Maurice 26 Nov 1913 31y O’Connell, Maurice DILLON, Margaret Mt. Carmel From Sante Fe
O’CONNELL, Maurice 21 Mar 1921 74y Mt. Carmel
O’CONNELL, Michael 1 Feb 1919 60y about Mt. Carmel From Ireland
O’CONNELL, Mrs. Mary 26 Feb 1885 40y MADEGAN, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Daniel O’Connell.
O’CONNERS, Daniel 30 Jan 1886 28y St. Louis Husband of Bridget [born] STACK.
O’CONNOR, Charles 21 Oct 1888 30y German cemetery Killed.
O’CONNOR, Daniel 20 Mar 1877 48y East St. Louis Husband of Kate O’LEARY.
O’CONNOR, M. 25 Nov 1924 61y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
O’CONNORS, John 2 Jan 1906 38y Mt. Carmel
O’CONNORS, Kattie 19 Oct 1881 14y St. Louis
O’DONNELL, James 2 Nov 1874 27y about East St. Louis Parents not known
O’DONNELL, Maria 14 Aug 1866 NOONAN, Not listed Parish cemetery Wife of John O’Donnell.
O’DONNELL, Michael 24 Aug 1866 66y Parish cemetery
O’DONNELL, Not listed [Aug 1873]
O’DONNELL, Thomas 19/20 Jul 1925 50y Mt. Carmel
O’FALLON, Michael 18 Jul 1948 56y Mt. Carmel Born in Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland.
O’HALLORAN, Maurice 18 Jan 1878 28y O’Halloran, Patrick CANTY, Margaret Calvary
O’HALLORAN, Mrs. 10 Jun 1885 38y St. Louis Wife of Eugine O’Halloran.
O’HALLORAN, Rev. J. J. 14 Jul 1879 31y O’Halloran, Thomas SHEERAN, Jane St. Louis
O’HALLORAN, Rev. P. J. 2 Jan 1899 64y Mt. Carmel Inflammation of the liver.
O’HALLORAN, Thomas 27 Mar 1864 [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
O’HARE, John 13 Jul 1885
O’KEEFE, Mathew 10 Jan 1937 Mt. Carmel
O’KEEFE, Mrs. Mary 29 Mar 1931 55y Mt. Carmel
O’KEEFFE, Jeremiah 1 Dec 1876 18y O’Keeffe, Patrick CLARK, Silvia East St. Louis
O’LEARY, Ellen 5 Jun 1901 30y CARROLL, Mr. Carroll, Mrs. Mt. Carmel
O’LEARY, Michael 19 Jan 1894 55y German cemetery
O’LEARY, Thomas May 1889 29y German cemetery
O’LEARY, Thomas 30 Dec 1924 60y Mt. Carmel
O’MARA, Bridget 11 Jan 1902 66y Mt. Olive Wife of John O’Mara. Old age.
O’NEAL, Mary 24 FEB 1900 1d Mt. Carmel
O’NEIL, Dennis 15 Feb 1905 1d 12h O’Neil, Dennis BURNS, Mary Mt. Carmel
O’NEIL, Elizabeth 6 Sep 1907 70y Mt. Carmel
O’NEIL, Julia 27 Aug 1900 3y O’Neil, Dennis BURNS, Mary Mt. Carmel
O’NEIL, Mrs. Bridget 26 Nov 1887 70y German cemetery
O’NEIL, Not listed 5 Sep 1904
O’NEIL, Patrick 3 Mar 1902 60y about Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary’s Hospital.
O’NEIL, Patrick 14 Apr 1916 Mt. Carmel From the Poor House.
O’NEIL, Timothy 5 Sep 1904 38y Mt. Carmel
O’NEIL, William 17 Dec 1876 31y St. Louis, MO Husband of Lucretia J. WETTIG.
O’NEILL, Bridget 28 Apr 1873 East St. Louis C graveyard Heart disease.
O’NEILL, Francis 25 Mar 1942 81y Mt. Carmel From Santiago, CA
O’NEILL, Maggie 5 Mar 1873 27y East St. Louis C. graveyard. Small pox.
O’NEILL, Margaret 9 Feb 1943 67y Mt. Carmel Wife of William O’Neill.
O’NEILL, Thomas 15 Jan 1884 86y German cemetery Husband of Bridget [born] CONNELLY.
O’NEILL, Thomas 19 Oct 1925 73y Mt. Carmel
O’NEILL, William J. 13 Sep 1941 65y Mt. Carmel
ORIE, Philemine 25 Jan 1879 31y GODFREY, Not listed German cemetery. Wife of Frank Orie.
O’RIELY, Kate 13 Oct 1879 25y O’Rielly, Denis ROACH, Ellen German cemetery
O’RIELY, Mrs. Ellen 18 Feb 1885 75y German cemetery
O’ROURKE, Michael 5 Jun 1914 O’Rourke, Michael Calvary, St. Louis, MO
O’ROURKE, Mrs. Margaret Aug 1897 58y Mt. Carmel Liver trouble.
O’ROURKE, Patrick 7 Jan 1901 24y O’Rourke, Patrick DOOLEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
O’ROURKE, Patrick 6 Aug 1907 76y Mt. Carmel
O’SHEA, Cornelius 25 Dec 1879 17y Shea, Patrick CEASEY, Kate Calvary-St. Louis Consumption
OSPRING, Andrew 13 Feb 1921 67y Mt. Carmel
OSPRING, Clarence 10 Aug 1917 9m Ospring, Andrew VOUDREY, Carrie Mt. Carmel
OSWALD, Peter R. 11 Feb 1911 39y Oswald, Mathew Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
O’TOOL, Richard 30 Sep 1889 23y O’TOOLE, John RIELY, Margaret German cemetery
O’TOOLE, John 2 Dec 1892 58y German cemetery Killed by cars.
O’TOOLE, Mrs. Mary 29 Aug 1883 63y German cemetery
OURIER, Alexis Desiderius 7 Jan 1866 57y Parish cemetery From Cantine.
OUTMAN, Catherine 9 Oct 1950 57y Mt. Carmel [Wife of] Lewis Outman.
PADEN, Michael 19 Feb 1881 55y German cemetery Husband of Maria QUINLAN.
PAGE, A. James [Follows 20 Jan 1913 entry]
PAGE, Thomas 24 Oct 1888 1m Page, William MAY, Agnes German cemetery
PALMEIR, Howard 18 Jan 1945 45y Mt. Carmel Husband of May JOHNSON
PALMER, Walter T. 12 Sep 1933 47y Mt. Carmel
PALMERI, Antonio 3 Jul 1939 57y Mt. Carmel
PARENT, Charles 6 Feb 1903 70y Mt. Carmel
PARLE, Margaret 9 Mar 1945 86y Mt. Carmel [See record, father Patrick?]
PARLE, Richard 12 Mar 1897 26y Mt. Carmel
PARRY, Eugenia 19 Mar 1940 79y Mt. Carmel
PARRY, Harry 3 Apr 1930 77y Mt. Carmel Baptized on death bed.
PARTELOT, Anthony 14 Feb 1916 6m Partelot, L. Jos. LOFTUS, Catharine Mt. Carmel
PARTELOW, Lon Joseph 11 May 1915 29y Mt. Carmel
PASCHEN, Charles 8 Aug 1932 58y Mt. Carmel
PAULEY, Paul 20 Jan 1941 Mt. Carmel
PAYTON, James 10 Jan 1865 23y Parish cemetery From Salem.
PEARLE, Ellen 1 Apr 1885 7y 2m Pearle, Peter MILLON, Margaret German cemetery
PEET, Mamie 21 Oct 1891 18y Peet, Thomas PURCELL, Annie Mt. Carmel
PELLENCE, Margaret 25 Nov 1874 2.5y Pellence, Ben PINDER, Martha East St. Louis
PEMBROKE, Catharine 12 Apr 1864 9y Pembroke, Christopher MURPHY, Johanna [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
PEMBROKE, Christopher 7 May 1881 45y St. Louis
PEMBROKE, Martin 9 Jan 1865 42y [Holy] Trinity – St. Louis, MO [Died 9th, buried 10th] Husband of Helena [born] READY.
PEMBROKE, Mrs. Mary 19 Apr 1885 30y St. Louis, MO
PENDERGAST, Daniel 20 Jul 1877 25y Pendergast, Nicholas Died in the Station House; taken sick on the street.
PENDERGAST, John 13 Jan 1916 36y Pendergast, John BRESNAHAN, Rose Calvary-St. Louis, MO
PENNELL, John M. C. 3 Aug 1901 43y Pennell, William Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
PERREIN, Nicholas 15 Apr 1900 73y Mt. Carmel
PERRIN, Elizabeth 15 Apr 1942 91y Perrin, Louis Mt. Carmel
PETERS, Tillie 27 Feb [1939] 65 Mt. Carmel
PETROSK, John 5 Nov 1911 Mt. Carmel
PEYTON, Arthur 1 Feb 1934 Holy Cross
PFEFFER, John Joseph 1 Apr 1938 67y Mt. Carmel
PHILIPPS, Will J. 3 May 1901 27y Philipps, Edward GUERARD, Margaret Mt. Carmel
PHILIPS, John 26 Aug 1921 79y Mt. Carmel
PHILIPS, Robert 13 Apr 1926 46y Mt. Carmel
PHILLIPS, Eugene 12 Aug 1908 9m Phillips, Lawrence Mt. Carmel
PHILLIPS, Lawrence 28 Jul 1908 9m Phillips, Lawrence Mt. Carmel
PHILLIPS, Louisa 16 Dec 1915 28y FRIEZE, John Not listed, Ann Mt. Carmel
PHILLIPS, Mary 26 Aug 1918 79y Mt. Carmel
PHILLIPS, Robert 3 Jun 1916 7m Phillips, Robert FRIEZE, Lula Mt. Carmel
PIDGEON, Michael 17 Nov 1899 63y Mt. Carmel Bronchitis.
PIGET, Charles 21 Mar 1905 2y Piget, Joseph PHILIPS, Ellen Mt. Carmel
PITCHER, Catherine 30 Nov 1940 72y Mt. Carmel
PITCHER, Charles 21 Mar 1932 61y Mt. Carmel
PLACEK, Anton 19 Aug 1900 23y St. Henry
POSDERA, Joseph 10 Apr 1905 8m Mt. Carmel
POTTER, Henry 8 Jan 1921 32y Mt. Carmel
POWDERLY, Denis 16 Dec 1946 79y Mt. Carmel
POWERS, James 28 Jul 1904 44y Mt. Carmel
POWERS, James 30 Jul 1904 3y Mt. Carmel
POWERS, Mary A. 4 Jan 1914 48y ROGAN, J. Martin Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO
POWERS, Michael 17 Sep 1875 46y POWER, Patrick O’BRIEN, Bridget East St. Louis Died suddenly.
POWERS, Michael 3 Aug 1888 24y German cemetery Stranger. Sun stroke.
PRATE, John 2 Mar 1883 49y German cemetery Husband of Margaret [born] MCCORMICK.
PRENDERGAST, John 28 Nov 1894 47y St. Louis, MO Husband of Not listed BRESNAHAN.
PRENDERGAST, Rose 11 Mar 1916 72y Prendergast, Dan. CRONIN, Catherine Calvary
PRICE, Edward Cletus 11 Nov 1926 35y Mt. Carmel
PRICE, Joseph (Colored) 27 Jul 1892 40y Mt. Carmel
PRICE, Lawrence 23 Aug 1924 37y Mt. Carmel
PRICE, Urban 16 Mar 1912 18y Price, Lawrence W. Mt. Carmel
PRUENTE, James Edward 5 Oct 1901 20y Pruente, Terrence MORAN, Mary Calvary-St. Louis, MO
PRUNTY, Mrs. Mary Ellen 2 May 1894 42y St. Louis Wife of Terence Prunty.
PURCELL, Catherine 8 Aug 1908 64y Purcell, Patrick Mt. Carmel
PURCELL, Ellen 26 Aug 1917 32y HENEBERRY, Edward O’SHAUNESSY, Johanna Mt. Carmel
PURCELL, Joseph 14 Jun 1950 73y Mt. Carmel Husband of Mary QUICK
PURCELL, Mary 5 Feb 1942 32y Purcell, Joseph Mt. Carmel
PURCELL, Patt 4 Jun 1889 54y German cemetery [See record]
PUTNAM, Mary 13 Feb 1941 26y Mt. Carmel Wife of John F. Putnam
QUAID, John 31 May 1908 37y Mt. Carmel From Chicago, IL
QUERIN, Joseph 11 Sep 1899 3y 3m Querin, John MULVERIA, Delia Mt. Carmel Spasms.
QUERNAY, Ellen Clara 27 May 1887 5y Quernay, Michael SP ___, Clara St. Louis, MO
QUERNEY, William J. 18 Jul 1909 Querney, Michael Mt. Carmel
QUILLIGAN, John 10 Sep 1888 78y German cemetery
QUILTER, Frank 11 May 1880 55y St. Louis, MO Husband of Joanna [born] CARROLL.
QUINLAN, Frank 6 Oct 1875 3y Quinlan, Patrick WOOD, Nancy East St. Louis
QUINLAN, Patrick 23 Jul 1901 80y about Mt. Carmel [23 July overwrites 17]
QUINN, Anastasia 19 Feb 1948 53y California, MO [Possibly the wife of] Francis E. Quinn.
QUINN, Mary Ann 31 Oct sic 3d East St. Louis Catholic cemetery. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
QUINN, Philomin 24 Sep 1882 6w Quinn, Michael DARMODY, Mary German cemetery
QUIRK, Felix 21 Sep 1905 42y Calvary
QUIRK, John 8 Feb 1899 40y Calvary Dropsy.
QUIRK, Josephine 22 Feb 1904 52y Calvary Paralysis.
QUIRK, Mrs. Margaret 25 Apr 1887 60y St. Louis
QUIRK, William 29 May 1874 22y Quirk, David RYAN, Margaret East St. Louis Killed by a train.
QUNSEY, Dan 26 Aug 1882 4y Qunsey, Alanso Not listed, Julia German cemetery

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