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St. Patrick (East St. Louis) Burials F – K

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Where buried Comment
FABER, Frank 1 Jan 1939 75y Mt. Hope
FAGAN, Two children [Jan] 1885 Fagan, Not listed German cemetery Child buried on island.
FAHERTY, Helina 10 Jul 1881 45y HARRINGTON, David WALSH, Bridget St. Louis
FAHEY, Edward 13 Jun 1888 58y German cemetery
FAHEY, James 17 Dec 1873 35y Fahey, Patrick RYAN, Mary C. St. Louis [Calvary?]
FAHEY, Margaret 4 Nov 1905 65y YUST, Not listed St. Henery
FALLEN, Bridget 29 Dec 1875 58y East St. Louis cemetery Wife of John Fallen.
FALLON, Floyd 16 Aug 1942 16y Fallon, William Mt. Carmel
FALLON, John Thomas 7 Mar 1914 62y Fallon, Mathew Mt. Carmel
FALLON, Thomas 26 Sep 1875 4m Fallon, Mark Not listed, Margaret East St. Louis  
FALLON, William 11 Feb 1937 Holy Cross
FANCHER, John F. 8 May 1906 48y Mt. Carmel
FANSHER, James 18 Aug 1905 13y Mt. Carmel
FARLEY, John 27 Aug 1881 21y Farley, P. O’REGAN, Kate German cemetery
FARLEY, Patrick 16 Jul 1887 71y German cemetery
FARRELL, Catherine 24 Apr 1939 73y Mt. Carmel
FARRELL, Elizabeth 17 May 1873 4y East St. Louis C. cemetery
FARRELL, John T. 26 Jan 1910 38y Farrell, Thomas Mt. Carmel
FARRELL, Th. 26 Mar 1908 30y Mt. Carmel [This burial is in both St. Patrick’s death registers]
FARRELL, Thomas 6 Jun 1866 29y Calvary-St. Louis, MO Consumption.
FARRELL, Thomas 22 May 1916 70y Farrell, James Mt. Carmel
FARRELL, William C. 25 May 1927 72y Mt. Carmel
FARRELL, William G. 27 May 1896 24y Mt. Carmel Killed by Cyclone.
FARRELL, William H. 29 Jan 1927 80y Mt. Carmel
FAUCHER, Not listed 16 Apr 1900 2y 6m Mt. Carmel
FAY, Ann Teresia 28 May 1909 46y PEMBROOK, Christopher Calvary
FELLOWS, Catherine 15 Jun 1889 27y 5m GALO, Not listed German cemetery Wife of Fredrick Fellows
FENNELL, John 6 Feb 1878 40y Fennell, Michael MCMA___, Johanna German cemetery
FENTON, Jerry 25 Feb 1892 26y German cemetery
FENTON, John 23 Oct 1899 55y St. Henry
FENTON, Julia 19 Apr 1876 15y 4m Fenton, Richard MULCEHEY, Julia East St. Louis
FENTON, Mary Ann 30 Apr 1885 39y German cemetery Wife of John Fenton.
FENTON, Patrick William 17 Mar 1881 6d Fenton, John A___, Mary St. Louis
FENTON, Richard 26 Dec 1885 23y Fenton, Richard MULCHY, Julia German cemetery
FERRELL, Frank 19 Mar 1903 19y Mt. Carmel Consumption
FERRER, Jerome 31 Dec 1889 German cemetery
FERRIER, Mrs., Susan 23 Dec 1891 55y German cemetery
FERRIS, Mrs. Nellie 21 Jul 1893 23y [?] German cemetery A [hemorrhage] of the stomach.
FERRIS, Philip 18 Aug 1885 16y Ferris, Richard BRADY, Rosey St. Louis
FERRIS, Richard 18 Aug 1885 7y Ferris, Richard BRADY, Rosey St. Louis
FERRY, Joseph Charles 25 Jul 1919 50y Ferry, Joseph FLORAY, Emilia Mt. Carmel
FERRY, Robert 20 Apr 1938 48y Mt. Carmel
FIELDS, Ada (Daughter of) 18 Dec 1895 Mt. Carmel
FIELDS, Ed. Michael 2 Feb 1909 9m Fields, Morley Mt. Carmel
FIELDS, Th. E. 4 Oct 1909 70y Mt. Carmel
FINN, Charles 12 Mar 1903 59y Mt. Carmel Heart failure.
FINNEGAN, Michael 30 Jun 1923 54y Mt. Carmel From UTA
FINNELL, Richard 16 Apr 1885 45y German cemetery
FISHER, Mrs. 20 Nov 1896 Mt. Carmel
FITSWORTH, Nell (Hutchison) 21 Nov 1928 46y Mt. Carmel
FITZGERALD, James W. 15 Nov 1902 38y Mt. Carmel
FITZGERALD, Jeremiah 4 Nov 1876 35y East St. Louis
FITZGERALD, Mary 26 Nov 1924 42y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
FITZGERALD, Mary Ellen 22 Sep 1889 Fitzgerald, Frank WARD, Annie German cemetery
FITZHENRY, Mrs. Kate 10 Jul 1888 St. Louis, MO
FITZMORRIS, James 27 May 1885 50y St. Louis Husband of Kate KEACY. Killed by R R cars.
FITZMORRIS, Mrs. Mary 16 Nov 1883 64y St. Louis, MO Wife of Patt Fitzmorris.
FITZMORRIS, Patrick 28 Nov 1881 St. Louis
FITZPATRICK, Mathew 4 Aug 1881 2d Fitzpatrick, Michael CUNINGHAM, Annie St. Louis
FLAHERTY, Elizabeth 6 Apr 1908 37y Flaherty, Patrick Mt. Carmel
FLAHERTY, Pat. 22 Feb 1873 East St. Louis Cath cemetery Spotted fever.
FLAIG, Mary 28 Feb 1904 33y Mt. Carmel Blood poisoning.
FLANERY, Thomas Frank 21 Aug 1883 1y 11m Flanery, Patrick WRITE, Mary German cemetery
FLANNERY, Adela 14 May 1910 22y BOISMENUE, Louis HEALY, Catherine Mt. Carmel
FLANNERY, James 23 Jun 1949 39y Flannery, James Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
FLANNERY, Mary 17 Oct 1945 65y Mt. Carmel Wife of James Flannery. Received last sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital.
FLANNIGAN, Louisa 19 Jan 1923 57y Mt. Carmel Killed by auto in St. Louis
FLANNIGAN, Mrs. Margaret 19 Mar 1901 90y about Mt. Carmel
FLEMMING, Anna 3 Mar 1923 54y Mt. Carmel
FLINN, Jno. 28 Feb 1873 8y Calvary Brain fever.
FLYNN, Alice 14 Feb 1899 32y Mt. Carmel Heart trouble.
FLYNN, Eliza B. 8 Oct 1877 10y 2m Flynn, Denis Not listed, Ellen French Village
FLYNN, Ellen 17 Jun 1933 83y Mt. Carmel [Age is overwritten.]
FLYNN, Jane 10 Nov 1937 Mt. Carmel
FLYNN, Martha 8 Nov 1925 54y Mt. Carmel
FLYNN, Mary 23 Nov 1877 68y St. Louis Wife of Michael Flynn.
FLYNN, Mathew 25 Jul 1901 35y Flynn, Mathew POWERS, Mary Mt. Carmel
FLYNN, Matt 20 Aug 1887 50y German cemetery Husband of Johanna Flynn.
FLYNN, Michael 11 May 1900 61y Flynn, Michael WHALEN, Mary Calvary-St. Louis
FLYNN, Mrs. Johanna 10 Feb 1899 60y Mt. Carmel Stomach trouble.
FLYNN, Patrick 14 Feb 1887 St. Louis
FLYNN, William 1 Sep 1888 22y St. Louis, MO
FOGARTY, Jennie 15 Jan 1885 15y Fogarty, Ed. DONOHUE, Mary St. Louis, MO
FOGARTY, Jerry 26 Mar 1938 78y Mt. Carmel
FOGARTY, John 24 Sep 1883 10y Fogarty, Edward DONOHUE, May St. Louis, MO
FOLEY, Charles 14 Oct 1881 19y 10m Foley, John COLIE__, Bridget St. Louis
FOLEY, Helen 27 Feb 1902 14m Foley, Philip CONNORS, Catherine Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
FOLEY, John 14 Aug 1893 63y German cemetery Pneumonia.
FOLEY, John 9 Feb 1893 St. Louis, MO
FOLEY, John Michael 4 Sep 1901 18m Foley, John LOVETT, Catherine Mt. Carmel
FOLEY, Juliana 21 Mar 1909 2y 6m Foley, Timothy Not listed, Ellen Mt. Carmel
FOLEY, Margaret 16 Sep 1901 1y Foley, James BURK, Ellen Mt. Carmel
FOLEY, Mary 14 Nov 1886 18y Foley, Michael HUSSEY, Bridget German cemetery
FOLEY, Michael 5 Feb 1885 65y German cemetery Husband of Bridget [born] HUSSY.
FOLEY, Mrs. Bridget 23 Jun 1887 55y German cemetery
FOLEY, Mrs. Mary 1 Jul 1896 34y Mt. Carmel Wife of William Foley.
FOLEY, Nellie 9 Feb 1895 19y 6m Foley, William MCLOUGHLIN, Mary St. Louis
FOLEY, Roland D. 30 Mar 1946 52y Mt. Hope Husband of Stella DODD. From Albany, N. Y.
FORAN, Margaret 5 Dec 1890 52y German cemetery
FORD, John D. 5 Mar 1915 22y Mt. Carmel
FORD, Joseph 28 Feb 1903 63y Mt. Carmel
FORHAN, Eugene 24 May 1931 22y Mt. Carmel
FORHEN, Mrs. Mary 10 Apr 1885 35y German cemetery Wife of John Forhen
FORREST, Mrs. 1 Sep 1888 80y German cemetery
Foundling infant 1 Aug 1884 6w German cemetery
FOURNIE, Mrs. Mary 13 May 1886 71y German cemetery
FOX, Charles W. 24 Oct 1930 30y Fox, Charles MULLONEY, Winifred Mt. Carmel
FOX, Martin 26 Sep 1899 58y Fox, Pat MCDONOUGH, Bridget Calvary Date is burial date. Paralysis.
FOX, Patrick 20 Feb 1881 40y St. Louis
FRANK, William G. 3 Jan 1914 Mt. Carmel
FRANKE, Elsie 20 Aug 1942 39y Holy Cross [See record]
FRANZE, Nellie 18 Jul 1918 48y MENO, Louis MATHERBON, Teresa Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, Cornelius 1 Nov 1926 79y Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, Eugene Thomas 8 Nov 1930 3y 6m Frawley, James HOLL, Grace Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, John 10 Jun 1886 4m Frawley, Tom HONAN, Kate German cemetery
FRAWLEY, Mrs. Kate 1 Mar 1892 75y Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, Sarah 28 Apr 1925 75y Mt. Carmel
FREDERICK, Thomas 13 Jul 1908 4y Frederick, Thomas F. Mt. Carmel
FREY, Andrew 7 Apr 1939 30y Mt. Carmel
FRICKE, Maria Alphonsa 16 Aug 1899 28d Fricke, Christ. BOISMENUE, Mary
FRICKE, Mary Louisa 31 Jul 1901 5m Fricke, Irvin BOISMENEAU, Mary Julia Mt. Carmel
FRICKE, Stf. Sgt. Charles 17 May 1944 20y Fricke, Charles Not listed, Thelma Mt. Carmel Originally buried in Nettuno, Italy where he was killed in action. Re-interred in Mt. Carmel 6 Aug 1948.
FRICKE, William 20 Jan 1866 18m Fricke, Conrad HEGERMAN, Magdalena
FRIEDE, Richard 5 Dec 1926 50y Mt. Carmel
FRIEND, John 15 Sep 1876 5y 3m Friend, Urban DEVERT, Bridget East St. Louis
FRISTACHE, Salina 5 Jan 1894 32y German cemetery Wife of Relun Fristache.
FRITCH, Kilian 23 Apr 1913 58y Fritch, Ferdinand TAZER, Mary Mt. Carmel
GACERICH, Joseph 21 Feb 1927 22y Mt. Carmel
GACEVICH, John 25 Oct 1918 41y Mt. Carmel Pneumonia
GAFFRON, Mildred Patricia 7 Apr 1933 28y Mt. Carmel Recent convert.
GAFFRON, William 10 May 1947 74y Mt. Hope Husband of Marcella GORDON.
GAIN, John G. 18 Mar 1910 49y Gain, Edward Calvary
GAINEY, James 20 Feb 1877 40y East St. Louis
GAINEY, Margareth 14 Jun 1900 1y 10m Gainey, T. F. MARION, Frances Mt. Carmel
GAINEY, Thomas 16 Aug 1917 56y Gainey, Patrick O’BRIEN, Mary Calvary
GALLAGHER, Infant 24 Jun 1888 4m Gallagher, Mrs. German cemetery
GALLAGHER, James 11 Aug 1944 51y Gallagher, Andrew Not listed, Brigid Mt. Carmel
GALLIGER, Patrick 4 Jun 1900 48y Mt. Carmel
GALVIN, Bartholomew 16 Jul 1914 55y Mt. Carmel From Ireland. Heat prostration. Found unconscious. Walsh undertaker.
GANEY, Catherine 25 May 1910 61y OLMAN, James Mt. Carmel
GANEY, Dan 9 Mar 1931 82y Mt. Carmel
GANEY, Thomas 6 Apr 1926 34y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
GARTLAND, Mrs. Catherine 4 Nov 1918 35y BUTLER, John POWDERLY, Catharina Mt. Carmel From Louisville, KY. Influenza.
GARVEY, Margaret 17 Oct 1906 70y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
GARVEY, Michael James 25 Nov 1876 3m Garvey, Charles COYNE, Mary East St. Louis
GARVEY, Patrick 25 Aug 1882 56y German cemetery
GAVAN, John W. 20 Mar 1946 79y Mt. Carmel Husband of Grace MURRY.
GAVIS, Margaret 19 Aug 1901 19m Gavis, Charles MCCARTY, Margaret Mt. Carmel
GAYNORD, Hanora 1 Feb 1921 87y Calvary-St. Louis
GEAREN, Ellen 30 Oct 1878 12y Gearen, Timothy DONOUGHUE, Mary St. Louis, MO
GEEHAN, Hugh 21 Aug 1905 42y Mt. Carmel
GENARD, Lerende 12 Feb 1881 15m Genard, John B. LEEZIE, Mary P. German cemetery
GENEZ, Anna 29 Dec 1936 65y Walnut Hill
GERARD, Joseph 19 Oct 1900 5y 12d Gerard, Charles VOUDRY, Teresa Mt. Carmel Diphtheria.
GERHAN, Martin 20 Apr 1906 10d Gerhan, William O’MALLEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
GIBSON, Catherine 31 Dec 1912 50y SHEA, Patrick Mt. Carmel
GIBSON, Nora 1 May 1919 6m Gibson, Ransom GORMAN, Maria Mt. Carmel
GIDNEY, Benjamin 25 Nov 1926 54y Mt. Carmel
GIEDEMANN, Jos. From St. Regis. Buried 13 Apr. [This entry falls between 9th and 14th April 1916 ].
GIERY, M. 6 Aug 1873
GILL, Catharina 10 Aug 1866 18y [?] Gill, John OATS, Margaret Parish cemetery Died in the home of Timothy CAIN.
GILL, Patrick S. 1908 Mt. Carmel
GISCHER, Margaret 20 Sep 1938 36y Mt. Carmel
GLASS, Thomas (a k a Toney FOREST) 14 Dec 1878 26y German cemetery. Was scalded in the stockyard.
GLEASON, Catherine 11 Jan 1904 70y Mt. Carmel
GLEESON, Ellen 20 Sep 1875 6w Gleeson, William BOURKE, Ellen East St. Louis
GLEESON, Joanna 25 Dec 1876 39y CAHILL, Not listed East St. Louis Wife of James Gleeson. Buried in East St. Louis
GLEESON, Mary 31 Jul 1878 37y MCGINNIS, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of Thomas Gleeson.
GLEESON, Mr. [Mrs.?] 7 Jul 1888 German cemetery
GLEESON, No first name 1 Jul 1885 German cemetery
GLIDDICH, Julia 31 May 1919 58y PURCELL, Patrick MCELLIGOTT, Catherine Mt. Carmel Died suddenly without a priest.
GLITTISH, John 22 Jun 1905 19y St. Henry
GODFERRY, Florintine 25 Apr 1874 18m Godferry, Benjamin OREA, Margaret East St. Louis
GODFREY, Anna Teresa (Twin) 12 Aug 1876 1y 20d Godfrey, August BOLENHEGAN, Clemt. East St. Louis
GODFREY, George Charles (Twin) 28 Jul 1876 1y 2d Godfrey, August BORMHAGEN, Clementina East St. Louis Cholera infantum.
GODIN, Vital 10 Nov 1936 Mt. Carmel
GOFF, James 8 Jul 1920 79y Mt. Carmel
GOFF, Maggie 11 Sep 1892 19y Goff, James Mt. Carmel
GOFF, Mary Ann 3 Nov 1886 9m Goff, James DIVEX, Mary A. German cemetery
GOFF, Thomas 9 Aug 1924 30y Mt. Carmel
GOLDEN, Thomas 27 Jan 1917 27y Golden, John SULLIVAN, Marg. Mt. Carmel
GOODRICK, Elizabeth 12 Aug 1887 19m 12d Goodrick, Thomas BURKE, Mary German cemetery
GOODRIDGE, Mary Ann 27 Dec 1880 German cemetery Wife of Thomas GOODRIDGE
GOODWIN, Molonia 9 Apr 1886 50y 1m St. Louis Wife of Harnery W. Goodwin.
GORDON, George 2 Aug 1928 Was anointed but not buried from the church.
GORDON, Minnie 23 Feb 1933 70y Mt. Hope
GORMAN, Agnes 18 Nov 1903 38y Mt. Carmel An enlarged spleen.
GORMAN, Child 6 Jan 1897 4y Gorman, James German cemetery
GORMAN, James 2 Aug 19009 Gorman, John Mt. Carmel
GORMAN, Marie 15 Jul 1916 7y Gorman, James Not listed, Johanna Mt. Carmel
GRADY, John 1 May 1873 65y Calvary Old age.
GRADY, Winifred 14 Jul 1907 74y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
GRAF, Helen 21 Jun 1942 76y Mt. Hope
GRAHAM, Joseph 5 Apr 1950 71y Mt. Carmel
GRAHAM, Josephine 5 May 1942 72y Holy Cross
GRAHAM, William 14 Mar 1943 74y Graham, John Not listed, Mary Holy Cross
GRAINEY, Annie 8 Dec 1890 4y GRAINY, Thomas— Not listed, Marion St. Louis, MO
GRAINEY, James 23 Apr 1913 Mt. Carmel
GRAINEY, Mrs. Mary 22 Jun 1892 60y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Grainey.
GRAMMING, Francis 6 Nov 1945 83y Mt. Carmel Husband of Matilda WOLF.
GRANEY, Julia 24 Apr 1928 64 Mt. Carmel
GRANEY, Mrs. 29 Mar 1899 80y Calvary Senility.
GRANEY, Mrs. 13 Apr 1886 St. Louis Wife of Thomas Graney Esqu.
GRANEY, Thomas 28 May 1886 48y St. Louis
GRANT, Rev. Richard (Assistant) 22 Jan 1890 51y St. Louis
GRAY, Stephan 30 Apr 1901 Mt. Carmel [Age illegible, overwritten]
GREELEY, Bernard 30 Apr 1935 76y Mt. Carmel
GREELEY, James J. 16 May 1900 23y Greeley, Bernard MCHALE, Mary Mt. Carmel [Day died is overwritten, might be 10, 15, or 18.]
GREELEY, William 15 Mar 1944 65y Mt. Carmel Husband of Florence WEIR
GRIFFIN, Bridget 14 Mar 1901 55y about Mt. Carmel Wife of John C. Griffin. Pneumonia.
GRIFFIN, Edmond 22 Jul 1876 2m Griffin, John WALSH, Bridget East St. Louis
GRIFFIN, Emmett Patrick 11 Jan 1935 1y 5m Mt. Carmel
GRIFFIN, Honora 16 Jul 1930 77y Mt. Carmel
GRIFFIN, John 4 Aug 1886 13m Griffin, John RISAN, Hanora German cemetery
GRIFFIN, John 12 Nov 1892 St. Louis
GRIFFIN, Katie 11 Nov 1892 31y WALSH, Michael Not listed, Maggie Mt. Carmel
GRIFFIN, Margaret 15 Mar 1914 77y OCONNELL, Michael Calvary
GRIFFIN, Margaret 28 Jul 1874 37y WALSH, Not listed East St. Louis Wife of Michael Griffin. [See record]
GRIFFIN, Mary 18 Mar 1876 6y 8m Griffin, John WALSH, Bridget East St. Louis
GRIFFIN, Mary 25 Mar 1874 3y Griffin, John CONNELL, Margaret St. Louis, MO
GRIFFIN, Michael J. 7 Oct 1913 54y Griffin, Michael Mt. Carmel
GRIFFIN, Patrick 6 Dec 1924 50y Mt. Carmel
GRIFFIN, Thomas E. 4 Feb 1883 22y 6m Griffin, John WALSH, Bridget German cemetery
GRIMES, Francis 3 Jan 1901 18m Grimes, Henrey PALACIO, Laura Mt. Carmel
GRIMES, Joseph 24 Dec 1907 2y Mt. Carmel
GRIMES, Patrick 22 Jun 1902 50y Mt. Carmel
GROGAN, Mary 30 Mar 1887 54y German cemetery
GROGAN, Robert 14 Apr 1944 7y Mt. Carmel
GROGAN, Walter 17 Jan 1912 55y Mt. Carmel
GROSS, Eliza Jane 29 Oct 1880 51y 9m Calvary Wife of Jacob Gross.
GROTE, Bernice M. 18 Dec 1899 1y 7m 24d Grote, N. A. FITZGERALD, M. E. Mt. Carmel
GROTE, George 2 Dec 1896 21y Grote, John PIDGEON, Ellen German cemetery
GROTE, John B. 13 Dec 1889 48y German cemetery
GROTE, Mary Elizabeth 7 Dec 1907 6y Mt. Carmel
GRUENWALD, Catherine 11 Oct 1916 1y 6m Gruenwald, John O’NEIL, Anna Mt. Carmel
GUIGHAN, William E. 5 Apr 1892 30y 6m St. Louis, MO Husband of Katie [born] RYAN.
GUIHAN, John 20 Nov 1879 31y Guihan, Timothy SULLIVAN, Mary Calvary
GUITWALD, Ellen 27 Oct 1901 37y MURPHY, John FLEMING, Margaret St. Henry
HACKET, Bridget 12 Jul 1882 76y St. Louis
HACKET, James 12 Feb 1889 6y Hacket, Denis WALSH, Mary St. Louis, MO  
HADDER, Leo 3 Aug 1901 4y Hadder, Thomas Mt. Carmel
HAGEN, Elizabeth 24 Nov 1948 83y Holy Cross Wife of Joseph Hagen.
HAGEN, Joseph 8 Mar 1945 92y Holy Cross Husband of Elizabeth READY. Burial date is listed as 11 Mar 1946. [Death year is probably 1946.]
HAGERTY, Bath. J. 13 Jul 1892 24y 6m Hagerty, Patrick CONNORS, Kate St. Louis
HAGGERTY, Catherine 4 Apr 1909 53y O’CONNORS, Bartholomew Mt. Carmel
HAGGERTY, John 9 Sep 1943 75y Mt. Carmel Husband of Lilian
HAGGERTY, Michael 7 Jun 1901 Haggerty, Michael FLETCHER, Daisey Calvary-St. Louis Born 6 June 1901
HAGGERTY, Michael 24 Oct 1923 47y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
HAGGERTY, Patrick 7 May 1893 19y Haggerty, Patrick CONNOR, Not listed
HAGGERTY, Patrick 17 Nov 1911 73y Haggerty, P. Calvary
HAGGERTY, William James 10 Jan 1928 68y Mt. Carmel
HAGLEY, Johanna 4 Mar 1926 50y Mt. Carmel
HAHESY, Th. 29 Jun 1909 54y Hahesy, Th. Mt. Carmel
HALEY, William 24 Apr 1898 35y Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
HALL, Dorothy 22 Mar 1917 4m Hall, Paul DAVIS, Lucille Mt. Carmel
HALL, Vetula 19 Aug 1906 15y Mt. Carmel
HALLASEY, Mrs. Mary 5 Mar 1895 60y St. Louis, MO
HALLESY, Johanna 1 Feb 1874 1y 8m Hallesy, Daniel MORE, Mary Buried in East St. Louis
HALLISEY, Richard 21 Feb 1931 54y Calvary
HALLORAN, Ellen A 21 May 1914 HUTCH, John Mt. Carmel
HALLORAN, John 4 Nov 1913 60y Halloran, Patrick Mt. Carmel
HALPIN, Ann 12 Sep 1901 58y Mt. Carmel Wife of Timothy Halpin.
HALPIN, Cornelius 4 Sep 1904 56y Mt. Carmel
HAMBURGER, Johanna 3 Oct 1882 34y German cemetery Wife of John Hamburger.
HAMIL, Chester 23 Oct 1908 18y Hamil, Otto Mt. Carmel
HAMME, Raymond 21 Feb 1949 59y Mt. Carmel
HANDLEY, Jesse 6 Jun 1932 47y Mt. Carmel Killed in an accident.
HANEFAN, Daniel 14 Oct 1893 60y St. Louis Heart disease.
HANIFIN, Mrs. Daniel 15 Oct 1896 St. Louis
HANLEY, John 9 Dec 1881 48y Husband of Margaret DUKE.
HANLEY, Not listed [Jul 1873]
HANLEY, Peter 23 Feb 1876 38y East St. Louis Husband of Ann DUKE.
HANLEY, William 13 Apr 1947 56y Mt. Carmel Brother of Mrs. HARRINGTON
HANLON, Edward 9 Feb 1902 49y Mt. Carmel Husband of Margarite [born] HANNIFAN. Pneumonia.
HANLON, Ellen 23 Sep 1910 73y MURPHY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
HANLON, James 9 Aug 1902 36y Hanlon, James MURPHY, Ellen Mt. Carmel
HANLON, James 29 Sep 1915 Hanlon, James Mt. Carmel
HANLON, Margaret 29 Nov 1931 75y Mt. Carmel
HANLON, Michael 23 Jul 1910 28y Hanlon, James Mt. Carmel
HANLON, Mrs. Nettie 27 Dec 1896 25y Mt. Carmel Wife of James Hanlon.
HANLON, Stephan 10 Sep 1913 26y Hanlon, Edmund HANIFAN, Marg. Mt. Carmel
HANLON, William Edward 1 Feb 1907 4y Hanlon, Michael CONWAY, Mary Mt. Carmel
HANMORE, John 5 Oct 1946 48y Highland, IL Husband of Stella
HANNON, Margaret 9 Jan 1906 53y Calvary
HANNON, Thomas 8 Dec 1887 55y German cemetery Sudden death
HANREHAN, Catharine Thomas 20 Aug 1866 9y Hanrehan, Thomas CROTTY, Catharine (Deceased) Parish cemetery
HANREHAN, Mary 5 Jul 1873 31y East St. Louis Cholera morbus. In marriage Sinon.
HANREHAN, Thomas 2 Sep 1866 40y Our cemetery
HAPSBURGER, Mrs. Mary 15 Oct 1894 25y German cemetery
HAPSBURGER, Ralph 20 May 1908 9m Hapsburger, Francis Mt. Carmel
HARDESTY, Thomas 16 Dec 1933 53y Mt. Carmel
HARKIN, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1917 66y Calvary-St. Louis
HARMON, Annie 21 Aug 1887 11m Harmon, Patt QUIN, Annie German cemetery
HARMON, Mary 3 Oct 1875 7m Harmon, Michael DREW, Johanna East St. Louis
HARNEY, Elizabeth 8 Mar 1933 54y Mt. Carmel
HARNEY, Ellen 27 Oct 1902 48y Mt. Carmel
HARRIGAN, Francis V. 15 Apr 1916 1d Harrigan, William P. TRAHER, W. Mt. Carmel
HARRIGAN, Timothy 8 Feb 1897 35y Mt. Carmel Shot.
HARRINGTON, Andrew 8 Feb 1913 Mt. Carmel
HARRINGTON, Bridget 2 Jul 1874 9m Harrington, Andy Not listed, Ellen St. Louis
HARRINGTON, Ellen 7 Sep 1880 32y Calvary-St. Louis Wife of Andrew Harrington.
HARRINGTON, Patrick 4 Mar 1926 72y Mt. Carmel
HARRISON, Charles G. 1 Jun 1939 38y Mt. Carmel
HARTNETT, Hanorah 18 Mar 1873 6y East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
HARTNETT, Patrick 18 Mar 1873 13m East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
HARTY, John E. 8 Aug 1942 47y Calvary-St. Louis, MO Husband of Eugenia. Died suddenly.
HAUSS, John William 25 Apr 1940 4m Mt. Carmel
HAYES, Anastatia 8 Mar 1891 18m Hayes, Thomas DOYLE, Anastatia German cemetery
HAYES, Daniel 15 Sep 1902 34y Hayes, Dennis GURIN, Ellen Mt. Carmel
HAYES, Denis 29 Dec 1891 29y Hayes, Denis Mt. Carmel
HAYES, Denis 8 Jul 1926 Mt. Carmel Born in Limerick, Ireland 183_. E. St. Louis. 4 sons 1 girl [illegible] to St. Patrick’s. Wife dead 22 years. High Mass on 8 Oct 1926.
HAYES, Mary 29 Feb 1936 76y Mt. Carmel
HAYES, Michael 28 Jan 1901 60y Calvary
HAYES, Michael 16 Dec 1891 27y Mt. Carmel Killed. Single grave
HAYES, Mrs. B. 7 Feb 1902 60y Mt. Carmel Wife of Dennis Hayes. Asthma.
HAYES, Thomas 16 Oct 1931 72y Mt. Carmel Buried from New St. Patrick’s Church
HAYNES, Michael 31 Mar 1887 60y German cemetery
HAYS, Catherine 12 Apr 1883 43y French Village Wife of Michael M. Hays.
HAYS, Michael 28 Feb 1883 28y Hays, Not listed CAVANAUGH, Mary German cemetery
HEAD, John R. 2 Feb 1918 33y 11m Head, James PROBST, Christine Mt. Hope Converted on death bed in Phoenix, AZ
HEALEY, Mrs. Ellen 11 Feb 1902 71y BUNYAN, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Michael Healey. Softening from paralysis.
HEALEY, Patrick 29 Jul 1926 51y Mt. Carmel
HEALY, Frank 22 Jul 1931 75y Mt. Carmel
HEALY, Michael 16 Oct 1892 52y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ellen BUNYON.
HEALY, Michael 1 Aug 1923 61y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
HEALY, Philip 11 Nov 1879 68y Calvary
HEFFERNAN, Ann 23 Jul 1905 1y 5m Heffernan, John PENDERGAST, Catherine Mt. Carmel
HEGLE, Joseph 10 Aug 1866 7d Hegle, Leon TRUTMAN, Elizabeth Parish cemetery Died in the home of Dr. ABBOT.
HEINBACK, Frederick 15 Nov 1942 73y Mt. Carmel Husband of Nellie HARRINGTON
HELLENGER, Mary Christina 15 Aug 1875 7m 12d Hellenger, George RAGHIGH, Catherine [Sudden death]
HELLENGER, Mary Isabela 27 Jul 1874 9m Hellenger, George RECSRIEN, Catharine East St. Louis
HELLINGER, Mary Cath. 19 Jan 1876 5y Hellinger, George REA__, Catherine East St. Louis
HENDERSON, James 20 Feb 1882 28y 4m 23d German cemetery Husband of Martha [born] BISSO.
HENDRICKS, Agnes 30 Mar 1931 50y Mt. Carmel
HENDRICKS, James 4 Oct 1947 67y Mt. Carmel Husband of Agnes CUNNINGHAM.
HENEBERY, Infant son 14 Feb 1874 Henebery, Edward SAUGHNESSY, Jo__ East St. Louis
HENESEY, Hanora 15 Feb 1879 65y Cairo
HENESEY, Mary 11 Oct 1892 20y Henesey, Patrick HOYE, Kate German cemetery
HENESEY, Maurice 26 Nov 1876 30y Henesey, Patrick CONNEL, Mary Cairo
HENESEY, Mrs. 27 May 1896 Killed by Cyclone.
HENESEY, Mrs. Johanna 22 Sep 1892 81y St. Louis
HENESEY, Mrs. Mary 3 Aug 1885 German cemetery Wife of David Henesey.
HENESEY, Pat 1 Nov 1896 21y Henesey, Patt BRUN__, Mary German cemetery
HENESEY, Patrick 5 Jan 1894
HENESEY, Richard 18 May 1882 81y 7m Calvary-St. Louis
HENESY, Catherine 11 Jan 1880 2y 7m 8d Henesey, Patrick HOYE, Catherine German cemetery
HENNEBERRY, Edward 19 Jan 1912 Mt. Carmel
HENNEBERRY, Johanna 14 Aug 1904 62y Mt. Carmel
HENNEBERRY,S. 8 [Dec] 1866 [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
HENNELL, Hanna Ellen 27 Oct 1931 70y Mt. Carmel
HENNESSEY, Elizabeth 1 May 1927 45y Mt. Carmel
HENNESSEY, Maurice 31 Jul 1914 2y 8m Hennessey, Michael Mt. Carmel Summer complaint.
HENNESSEY, Richard 17 May 1939 23y Mt. Carmel
HENNESSEY, Winfred 6 Feb 1922 66y Calvary  
HENNESSY, Michael 20 Nov 1920 41y Mt. Carmel Died without sacraments. (Shot by P. MARLEY.)
HENNESSY, Nicolas 6 Aug 1908 24y Hennessy, David Mt. Carmel
HENNESSY, Owen 1 Apr 1900 60y Mt. Carmel
HENRY, William (Armenian) 28 Feb 1903 40y St. Henry Pneumonia.
HEPPENSTALL, Peter 7 Mar 1902 26y 7m 7d Heppenstall, Joseph MCGANN, Margaret St. Henry Consumption
HERDESKEY, Lewis 28 Jul 1877 10y Herdesky, John BOSIA, Eliza East St. Louis by city
HERMINGER, James (Child) 6 Aug 1892 Mt. Carmel
HERMROUGE, Child 30 May 1891 1y 6m Hermrouge, James Mt. Carmel
HERRON, George 30 Oct 1926 7y Mt. Carmel
HESS, Pauline 29 Mar 1925 9m Mt. Carmel
HICKEY, Anna 14 Jan 1918 68y PRENDEVILLE, Dennis Mt. Carmel
HICKEY, John 12 Jul 1878 43y Sun Struck. Parents not known
HICKEY, Margaret 25 May 1866 11m Hickey, Michael MCGUILTY, Helena Parish cemetery
HICKEY, Mary 25 Oct 1875 50y about St. Louis Wife of John Hickey.
HICKEY, Michael P. 4 Mar 1918 50y Hickey, Not listed PRENDIVILLE, Anna Mt. Carmel
HICKSON, James 22 Jun 1896
HICKSON, John 5 Dec 1881 2y 6m Hickson, John WOODS, Rose German cemetery
HICKSON, John 3 Dec 1896 65y Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
HICKSON, Owen 5 Nov 1910 37y Hickson, John Mt. Carmel
HICKSON, Rose 10 Jan 1923 72y Mt. Carmel
HICKY, Johanna (Widow) 15 Jan 1882 54y St. Louis
HIGDON, Ignatius 27 Jan 1899 66y Mt. Carmel Heart failure.
HIGGINS, Annie 24 Oct 1875 18d Higgins, Michael East St. Louis
HIGGINS, Bridget born 17 Jun 1901 30y Higgins, Patrick Mt. Carmel
HIGGINS, Edward J. 21 Aug 1901 66y St. Henry
HIGGINS, Female child 15 Apr 1876 Higgins, Michael East St. Louis
HIGGINS, Leo 13 Jul 1903 11y Higgins, John DONOVAN, Ellen Mt. Carmel
HIGGINS, Leonora Catherine 23 May 1900 4m 2w Higgins, Thomas BENNETT, Ann Mt. Carmel
HIGGINS, Marg. 30 Apr 1907 31y Mt. Carmel
HIGGINS, Mrs. 13 Sep 1895
HIGGINS, Mrs. Mary 18 Jul 1894 60y Wife of Patrick Higgins
HIGGINS, Mrs. Mary 20 Sep 1894 81y German cemetery
HIGGINS, Mrs. Patrick 18 Jun 1894 63y Mt. Carmel  
HIGGINS, Patrick 2 Mar 1905 70y Mt. Carmel
HILGERT, John J. 17 Sep 1899 37y Hilgert, J. B. LIMPAN, Mary Mt. Carmel Date is burial date. Appendicitis.
HILGERT, Mary 6 Jul 1909 25y Mt. Carmel
HILL, Claude 21 Oct 1945 42y Mt. Hope Husband of Alvina SACKS. Converted on his death bed.
HINES, Harvey 28 Apr 1915 28y Hines, Francis KENNEDY, Emma Mt. Carmel
HINES, Josephine 3 Aug 1915 28y Hines, Eugene NEIGHBORS, Eliz. Mt. Carmel
HINES, William 30 Sep 1921 48y Mt. Carmel Private burial.
HIRTH, Joseph 3 Sep 1916 72y Mt. Carmel
HIRTH, Julia 3 Dec 1917 68y RUFF, Bernard FITZPATRICK, Mary Mt. Carmel
HODGE, Joseph 12 Aug 1873 7m Cholera infantum
HOEFLE, Charles 28 Feb 1950 81y Mt. Carmel Husband of Nellie SIMPSON.
HOEY, John 17 Jul 1878 34y Hoey, Hugh LETERMORE, Mary St. Louis, MO Sun struck.
HOEY, William 31 Mar 1936 77y Mt. Carmel
HOGAN, Eliza Ann 1 Mar 1877 3y Hogan, Joseph DILLON, Ellen East St. Louis
HOGAN, Ellen 23 Nov 1881 12y Hogan, Joseph Not listed, Ellen German cemetery
HOGAN, Miles 19 Jan 1890 27y German cemetery
HOGAN, Mrs. Ellen 31 Dec 1899 55y St. Henry Congestion of the brain.
HOLDSWORTH, Catherine 26 Nov 1886 58y German cemetery An English woman. [ALWORTH name was replaced with Holdsworth].
HOLTEN, Charles J. 24 Oct 1929 67y Mt. Carmel
HOLTEN, Julia 11 Jul 1928 63y Mt. Carmel
HONAN, John 31 Jul 1910 37y Honan, John Mt. Carmel
HONAN, Michael 9 Apr 1886 17y St. Louis
HOOLAHAN, Timothy 22 Jan 1893 40y German cemetery [Rail] Road accident.
HOPKINS, James 31 Aug 1938 77y Mt. Carmel
HOPKINS, Rose 3 Nov 1934 75y Mt. Carmel
HORAN, Maggie 4 Aug 1881 6y Horan, Denis EUSTACE, Hanora St. Louis
HORAN, Michael 24 Aug 1900 32y Mt. Calvary [sic]-St. Louis, MO
HORD, Anna 20 Sep 1913 Hord, James TRASCH, Anna Mt. Carmel
HOREY, Infant 10 Nov 1876 stillborn Horey, John STACK, Joanna East St. Louis
HORN, Henry J. 29 Apr 1934 69y Mt. Carmel From Austin, Minn.
HORRIGAN, Elizabeth 20 Sep 1914 54y BEHAN, John Mt. Carmel
HORRIGAN, John 2 Feb 1901 55y Mt. Carmel
HORRIGAN, John 18 Aug 1915 57y Horrigan, John Mt. Carmel
HOUNIHAN, Jeremiah 28 Sep 1943 75y From poor farm.
HOWARD, Dorothy 17 Oct 1918 4y Howard, Frederick WEIMER, Lena Mt. Carmel
HOWARD, Jerry 16 Mar 1894 6m Howard, Jerry German cemetery
HOWARD, Mary 19 Sep 1912 O’NEIL, Patrick Mt. Carmel
HOWARD, Michael 30 Oct 1875 55y East St. Louis Killed. Parents not known.
HOWENSTEIN, Ella 28 Oct 1918 36y Anna, IL Influenza.
HOWLEY, John 1 Jul 1917 53y Mt. Carmel From the Poor House.
HUBBARD, John 2 Jan 1940 68y Mt. Carmel
HUDSON, Charles 17 Jan 1922 71y Mt. Carmel Convert, Baptized on death bed.
HUFFMAN, Joseph L. 29 Jul 1944 83y Mt. Carmel Husband of Maria (Huffman)
HUGHES, James J. 24 Apr 1873 37y East St. Louis C graveyard Pneumonia.
HUGHES, Laura 26 Feb 1898 26y German cemetery Dropsy.
HULTER, William 1 Apr 1943 59y Hulter, Frank Mt. Hope
HUMPREYS, Joseph 17 Feb 1901 53y Humpreys, Joseph Not listed, Margareth Mt. Carmel
HUNT, Anna 21 Oct 1921 86y Calvary-St. Louis A convert.
HUNTER, Catherine 15 Feb 1902 74y CONAMA, Not listed St. Henry Wife of Robert Hunter. Senility.
HUNTER, Roberth 16 Jan 1881 24y 9m Hunter, Robert CONN ___, Kate German cemetery
HUNTER, Roberth 1 Nov 1888 75y German cemetery
HURLEY, Catharine 9 Jan 1876 10y 8m Hurley, John LYONS, Easter East St. Louis
HURLEY, John 20 Mar 1923 60y Mt. Carmel
HURLEY, Michael 10 Dec 1890 German cemetery
HURLEY, Michael 7 Dec 1891 Mt. Carmel Buried in family lot
HURLEY, Michael 25 Jan 1909 48y Hurley, Michael Mt. Carmel
HURLEY, Mrs. Mary 5 Feb 1874 35y Not known St. Louis
HUSKEY, James 8 Sep 1875 18y Huskey, John MYRES, Elizabeth East St. Louis
HUSS, Dorothea C. 11 Dec 1916 1m Huss, Joseph F. TOUSSANT, Tulla Mt. Carmel
HUSSEY, John 4 Apr 1888 3m Hussey, Michael FORD, Julia German cemetery
HUSSEY, Julia 24 May 1888 27y German cemetery Wife of Michael Hussey.
HUSSEY, Michael 7 Dec 1885 55y German cemetery
HUSSEY, Nicholas 27 Mar 1885 8m Hussey, Michael FOLEY, Julia German cemetery
HUSSEY, Patrick 21 Mar 1918 75y Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. No known relatives.
HUTSCH, Milla 22 Dec 1920 30y Holy Cross
HYDE, Mrs. Mary 8 Aug 1892 45y Mt. Carmel
HYLAND, Elizabeth 30 Jul 1902 5y Hyland, Patrick DOOLEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
JACKSON, Infant 27 Dec 1943 Jackson, Robert DAFLOW, Irene Mt. Carmel Baptized at St. Mary’s Hospital. Died at birth.
JACOBS, Nora 12 Sep 1933 68y Mt. Carmel
JALOGIES, Adeline 15 Feb 1923 72y Mt. Carmel
JAMES, Agnes 11 Sep 1902 1y 7m Mt. Carmel
JAMES, Ellen 27 Feb 1900 32y Mt. Carmel
JAMES, Harry 22 Feb 1894 Mt. Carmel
JAMES, Infant 26 Dec 1888 11.5m James, Leo A. CANTELLON, Ellen German cemetery  
JAMES, Joseph L. 26 Sep 1883 2y 4m James, George H. LEHENER, Kate German cemetery
JARROTT, Mary Josephine 5 Sep 1884 46y Jarrott, Victor BOUISMENUE, Margaret Cahokia cemetery
JAURMERS, James 19 Nov 1899 29y Jaurmers, Joseph Not listed, Marianna Belonged up north.
JEALOGOES, Harry 19 Apr 1928 Calvary-St. Louis, MO
JEFFRIES, John 15 Aug 1906 66y Mt. Carmel
JELAGES, Jules 24 Apr 1934 Calvary-St. Louis, MO
JENGER, Mary Catherine 20 Jan 1930 78y Mt. Carmel
JENKINS, Martha 15 Mar 1921 63y Mt. Carmel Converted on death bed.
JENNINGS, Anna 30 Dec 1865 27y SEALLY, Not listed Parish cemetery Wife of Martin Jennings. Died after giving birth. [Buried 31 Dec]
JENNINGS, Bridget 3 Sep 1866 8y Jennings, Martin (Deceased) MACKEN, Maria Parish cemetery Cholera in the home of Fred HINZE.
JENNINGS, Catherine 24 May 1908 77y Jennings, Michael Mt. Carmel
JENNINGS, John 3 Sep 1893 60y German cemetery Pneumonia.
JENNINGS, Michael 15 Aug 1884 51y German cemetery Husband of Kate [born] BOURKE.
JENNINGS, Mrs. Margaret 16 Jan 1893 70y German cemetery
JENNINGS, Thomas 3 Jun 1932 64y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
JENNINGS, William P. 22 Feb 1914 36y Jennings, John Jerseyville, IL
JOHNSON, John 2 Apr 1900 20y Mt. Carmel
JOHNSON, William L. 25 Sep 1900 18y Johnson, John JANIS, Emilia Mt. Carmel
JOHNSON, William P. 13 Aug 1950 59y Johnson, William PURCELL, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
JOHNSTON, Thomas (Colored) 3 Jan 1897 20y Mt. Carmel
JONDRO, William 27 Feb 1883 2m Jondro, Ed. MCMULLIN, Mary German cemetery Another Feb 21st [sic]
JORDAN, John Patrick 11 Feb 1906 7w Jordan, Martin BOYLE, Margaret Mt. Carmel
JOYAL, Bazil Oliver 29 Nov 1916 76y Joyal, Bazil BIRON, Adele Mt. Carmel From Nashville, IL
JOYCE, Charles 18 Apr 1884 31y Joyce, John CEARNEY, Kate German cemetery Consumption
JOYCE, Charles P. 31 Jan 1884 2m Joyce, Charles LEAHY, Julia German cemetery [See record]
JOYCE, Edward 20 Jan 1877 21y Joyce, Maurice MCCARTHY, Mary St. Louis, MO
JOYCE, John A. 12 Oct 1892 32y Joyce, Maurice St. Louis
JOYCE, Julia 13 Jan 1901 45y about Mt. Carmel Wife of Patrick Joyce.
JOYCE, Mary 12 Aug 1902 32y Joyce, Maurice MCCARTHY, Mary Calvary-St. Louis
JOYCE, Mary 15 Mar 1902 87y MCCARTHY, Callaghan Mt. Carmel Wife of Maurice Joyce. Paralysis.
JOYCE, Maurice 27 Aug 1879 57y Calvary-St. Louis Husband of Nellie [born] MCCARTHY.
KANE, John 17 Mar 1896 30y Kane, Jerry MC ___, Mary Calvary-St. Louis, MO Killed by cars.
KANE, John 25 Dec 1909 Kane, Jerome Mt. Carmel
KANE, Maurice 29 Aug 1898 24y Calvary Consumption
KANE, Maurice 16 Dec 1912 41y Kane, John Mt. Carmel
KANE, Mrs. 25 Mar 1902
KANE, Mrs. Debora 14 Jan 1886 98y St. Louis, MO
KANE, Patrick James 14 Jul 1908 39y Kane, John BURK, Mary A. Mt. Carmel
KANE, Timothy 2 Nov 1898 70y Calvary Dropsy.
KANE, Timothy 11 Dec 1891 Mt. Carmel Single grave
KANE, Timothy M 27 Jul 1883 20y Kane, Timothy REEDY, Johanna St. Louis, MO
KASTNER, Fred 27 Aug 1934 59y Holy Cross
KATHMAN, Henry 20 Sep 1941 47y Mt. Carmel
KATHMAN[N], Lucy 4 Jan 1914 59y GAEBER, John Mt. Hope
KATHMANN, Dora El. 11 Jan 1922 29y SHEEHAN, James Mt. Carmel  
KATHMANN, Henry 5 May 1921 63y Mt. Hope
KAUSER, Emma 2 Mar 1876 15y Kauser, Martin LORDIE, Mary J. East St. Louis
KAY, Mary Lottie 6 Oct 1883 3m Kay, Alford FITZGERALD, Annie German cemetery
KAY, Mrs. 18 Jan 1896 56y Mt. Carmel
KEANE, Abbie 31 Dec 1947 75y Mt. Carmel [Wife of] Daniel Keane.
KEANE, Dan 7 Jun 1947 75y Mt. Carmel
KEANE, Laura 10 Sep 1934 71y Mt. Carmel
KEANE, Mary Margareth 22 Oct 1901 9d Keane, Bernard D. MCGUIRE, Jane Mt. Carmel
KEANE, Mrs. Catherine 15 Jun 1893 56y German cemetery Wife of Jerry Keane.
KEANE, William 26 Sep 1942 79y Mt. Carmel Husband of Laura ALBERTSON. From St. Louis
KEATING, Catherine 22 Mar 1904 38y MOLLOY, James BOYLE, Mary Mt. Carmel  
KEATING, Catherine 20 Mar 1904 39y Mt. Carmel Cancer.
KEEFE, George 13 Apr 1901 1d Keefe, John T. DALLON, Hanorah St. Henry
KEEFE, Johanna 15 Feb 1873 13m Calvary Croup.
KEEFE, John 17 Apr 1902 53y St. Henry
KEEFE, Michael 6 Jan 1873 45y East St. Louis C graveyard Meningitis.
KEEFFE, Cornelius 5 Feb 1879 German cemetery. Was shot.
KEEFFE, James 9 May 1881 9y Keeffe, John SWIFT, Mary St. Louis
KEEFFE, Mrs. Sabina 26 Aug 1889 40y German cemetery
KEELEY, John 25 Dec 1936 70y Mt. Carmel
KEELEY, Mary Blanche O’MALLEY 4 Jun 1940 Mt. Carmel
KEELEY, William Patrick 11 Jan 1902 2y 10m Keeley, John CLARK, Bridget Mt. Carmel Croup.
KEENAN, Thomas 27 Dec 1903 45y Mt. Carmel
KEHOE, Bride 7 Apr 1932 52y Mt. Carmel
KEHOE, Joseph 8 Mar 1896 Mt. Carmel
KEHOE, Mrs. M. Dec 1897 60y Mt. Carmel Consumption
KEHOE, Thomas 19 Feb 1876 49y East St. Louis Husband of Margaret KEATON.
KEHOE, William P. 5 Feb 1919 55y Kehoe, Thomas CAYTON, Margaret Mt. Carmel From Pueblo, CO
KEHOEE, Mary 10 Jan 1899 35y Mt. Carmel Consumption
KEIFLEIN, Edward J. 1 Mar 1919 55y Keiflein, John Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
KELDEA, [W. ?] 14 Oct 1893 1y 6m Mt. Carmel Croup.
KELLEY, Cecelia 27 Mar 1932 29y Mt. Carmel
KELLEY, Frank 2 Feb 1925 38y Mt. Carmel
KELLEY, Jerry 13 Nov 1906 35y about Mt. Carmel
KELLY, Dan 14 Mar 1902 Mt. Carmel Died in a hospital.
KELLY, Edward 22 Jun 1900 4m Kelly, Edward Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
KELLY, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1875 16d Kelly, John WHEALON, Sara East St. Louis
KELLY, Ellen 6 May 1931 Mt. Carmel
KELLY, Garrett 18 Apr 1886 72y St. Louis, MO Husband of Mary DILLON
KELLY, Ida Jos 7 Aug 1881 20m Kelly, John C. BRADY, Mary St. Louis
KELLY, John C. (Husband of) 8 Sep 1895 St. Louis
KELLY, Joseph G. 7 Mar 1878 10y Kelly, James DOUGHERTY, Mary A. Died in Alabama 19 Nov 1877. Killed by kick of a mule.
KELLY, Loretta 11 Apr 1900 2y Mt. Carmel
KELLY, Michael J. 31 Aug 1909 Kelly, Garrett Calvary
KELLY, Patrick 13 Mar 1912 67y Kelly, John Calvary
KELLY, Peter 28 Dec 1919 67y Mt. Carmel
KELLY, William 31 Dec 1880 35y about German cemetery
KEMPF, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1920 60y Mt. Carmel
KENEDY, Mary 21 Jan 1920 74y Holy Cross
KENEDY, Mrs. Bridget 18 Apr 1880
KENEDY, Thomas (Married) 28 Apr 1885 66y St. Louis, MO
KENNEDY, David 13 Jun 1941 41y Mt. Carmel
KENNEDY, Ellen 21 Jun 1943 67y Mt. Carmel
KENNEDY, Helen Louise 12 Sep 1934 15y Holy Cross From St. Louis
KENNEDY, Michael 25 Feb 1866 5w Kennedy, John QUINLAN, Helena Holy Trinity – St. Louis, MO
KENNEDY, Miss Margaret 13 Jan 1902 23y Mt. Carmel From Ireland.
KENNEDY, Patrick 15 Feb 1902 55y about Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
KENNEDY, Thomas A. 2 Dec 1945 75y Holy Cross Husband of Mary MURPHY. Died suddenly.
KENNEY, James 14 Jun 1879 18y Killed by train. Orphan of Daniel HANIF___
KENNEY, John 2 Feb 1878 21y Kenney, William SULLIVAN, Jane
KENNEY, Katie 28 Jun 1889 17y Kenney, William German cemetery
KENNEY, Michael 18 Jun 1885 57y St. Louis Husband of Bridget [born] DURKIN.
KENNEY, Patrick 21 Dec 1900 29y Kenney, William SULLIVAN, Jane St. Henry
KENNEY, Thomas 17 Feb 1936 69y Calvary-St. Louis
KENNEY, William J. 7 Jan 1918 5m Kenney, William GOFF, Alice
KENNILLY, Michael 29 Apr 1887 56y St. Louis
KENNY, Thomas 23 Apr 1873 10y East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
KENNY, William 3 Mar 1873 7y East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
KEOGH, Elizabeth Helena 25 Dec 1864 2y Keogh, Thomas Parish cemetery
KERINS, Louisa 26 Aug 1924 52y Mt. Carmel
KERR, Mrs. 22 Feb 1899 40y Mt. Carmel Stomach trouble.
KERRIGAN, Joseph 2 May 1906 16y Mt. Carmel
KEYS, George Nov 1919 43y Mt. Carmel
KEYSER, Dora 1 Aug 1912 24y LE ANGLE, Peter DEMPSEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
KIELY, Margaret 7 Feb 1903 70y Mt. Carmel
KIESS, Julia 16 Jun 1946 43y Holy Cross Wife of Albert Kiess
KILCOURSE, William 25 Sep 1911 Kilcourse, John Mt. Carmel
KILDEA, Catherine 9 May 1881 1y 4m Kildea, Pierece Not listed, Catherine St. Louis
KILDEA, Edward J. 27 Aug 1919 54y Kildea, John WALPOLE, Jennie Calvary-St. Louis, MO
KILDEA, Julia 7 Nov 1924 102y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
KILDEA, Michael 27 May 1896 33y Killed by Cyclone.
KILDEA, Mrs. Kate 21 Aug 1895 53y St. Louis Wife of Perry Kildea.
KILDEA, Pierce 27 Feb 1914 65y Kildea, Michael Calvary
KILEARY, Ellen 10y [Follows Macken burial Sep 1866.]
KILEY, Michael 27 Feb 1927 60y Cairo
KILKARY, John 21 Apr 1885 55y St. Louis, MO Husband of Mary [born] BOURK.
KILLY, George 4 Dec 1896 22y German cemetery
KILLY, Patrick 15 Oct 1883 60y German cemetery
KIMMONS, John C. 26 Aug 1905 52y Mt. Carmel
KING, Anna M. 29 Jan 1924 40y Mt. Carmel From Collinsville.
KING, Forest P. 18 Oct 1881 6m King, Edmond O’CONNOR, Margaret St. Louis
KING, Mrs. 4 Dec 1888 32y German cemetery Wife of Edwin King
KINNEY, Joseph 14 Mar 1921 65y Mt. Carmel Baptized on death bed.
KINNEY, Mrs. Kate 2 Mar 1892 30y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Kinney
KIRBY, Charles F. 10 Mar 1922 2y Kirby, George DOUR, Marie Mt. Carmel
KIRK, John R. 16 Jul 1876 25y 3m 8d Kirk, Thomas MACDONNELL, Susan East St. Louis
KLINE, Kate 26 May 1888 22y SHERLOCK, Not listed German cemetery Wife of John Kline.
KLINE, William Joseph 16 Sep 1911 stillborn Kline, William Mt. Carmel
KLUTE, Mary 29 May 1901 58y CHOUTEAU, Paul DURAND, Victoria Mt. Carmel
KNIGHT, Margaret 29 Jun 1888 70y German cemetery
KNOX, Thomas 11 Jan 1926 56y Mt. Carmel From Belleville
KOCH, Edward 26 Nov 1946 68y Mt. Carmel Husband of Emilia PIAT.
KOCH, Reuben 7 Sep 1947 55y National Cemetery Jefferson Barracks Converted in the hospital. Husband of Beulah.
KOLLME, Mary 14 Sep 1904 20y Mt. Carmel
KOPACEK, Teresa 19 Apr 1900 28y Mt. Carmel
KRAUS, Catharine 10 Dec 1929 53y Mt. Carmel
KRONE, Francis 22 Aug 1950 82y Krone, Frank Mt. Carmel

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