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St. Patrick (East St. Louis) Burials A – E

INTRODUCTION and links to other church records

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Images of the burial books below may be viewed online at FamilySearch. To validate which date is represented use records suggested in the Introduction.

  • The date born was *not* transcribed
  • 1864–26 March 1908: the date of death was transcribed if specified; 1866–1872: the year buried was omitted in the original book;
  • 1908–1950: the date of death was transcribed; 1945–1950: burials may be recorded in bunches and out of chronological order
Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Where buried Comment
_____, No name German cemetery [Follows 27 may 1881]
_____, [Unnamed] French Woman 21 Jul 1889 German cemetery
_____, Aunt Mary (Colored) 12 Mar 1897 100y Mt. Carmel
_____, Mary Ellen 23 Aug 1905 2d Mt. Carmel
_____, [Un-named] 22 Dec 1902 Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
ABERNATHY, Edward 17 Jan 1916 33y Abernathy, Ashley HURLEY, Anna Mt. Carmel
ADAMS, Joseph 17 Dec 1903 28y Mt. Carmel
ADAMS, L. C. 17 Nov 1925 62y Mt. Carmel Converted on death bed.
ADAMS, Mrs. Mary 3 Oct 1875 DOYLE, Not listed St. Louis
ADDIS, Mrs. Robert 5 Apr 1897 Mt. Carmel
ADDIS, Roberth 24 Mar 1894 63y Mt. Carmel
AHERN, J. 16 Aug 1893 3y German cemetery Croup.
AHERN, Morris 7 Jul 1902 50y Mt. Carmel
AHERN, Not listed 27 May 1896 Killed by Cyclone.
AHNSON, Marg. 4 May 1918 23y Ahnson, C. H. HAYES, Margaret Mt. Carmel
AHNSON, Margaret 18 Dec 1919 59y Mt. Carmel
AICHELE, Frank K. 19 Dec 1946 75y Mt. Carmel Husband of Mary KECKES
ALARD, Joseph 12 Sep 1881 74y German cemetery
ALBERTSON, Charles 7 Feb 1919 60y Mt. Carmel
ALBERTSON, Ellen 26 Jul 1934 75y Mt. Carmel
ALBERTSON, James 7 Nov 1900 5y Albertson, Charles Not listed, Ellen Mt. Carmel
ALBERTSON, John 26 Feb 1905 16y Albertson, Charles POWERS, Ellen Mt. Carmel
ALBRECHT, Mrs. [Follows Macken burial Sep 1866.]
ALLEN, Mrs. (Widow) 27 May 1881 54y German cemetery
ALLEN, William 31 Mar 1905 40y Mt. Carmel
AMES, Medora Anna 18 Aug 1904 5m Mt. Carmel
ANDREWS, David Jeremiah 25 Jan 1893 2y 1m Andrews, David H. AHERN, Mary E. Mt. Carmel
ANSON, Charles 20 Jun 1896
ARD, Joseph 17 Sep 1906 23y St. Henry Bright’s disease.
ARD, Mrs. J. J. 16 Feb 1899 40y German cemetery Heart trouble.
ARNOLD, Thomas Leo 23 Sep 1939 3y Mt. Carmel
ASH, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1890 21y German cemetery Wife of Charles Ash.
AYE, Rufus 19 Apr 1949 40y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ellen BAKER.
BACH, Mary 19 May 1945 45y Mt. Carmel Wife of Alois Bach. Received last sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital
BADAUX, Elmore [Eleanor?] (Colored) 10 Jul 1896 29y Mt. Carmel Wife of David Badaux.
BAILEY, George 28 May 1901 28y Bailey, Michael HART, Rosanna Mt. Carmel
BAILEY, James 20 Jul 1880 18m Bailey, Michael HART, Rosanna German cemetery in East St. Louis
BAILEY, John 27 May 1903 27y Bailey, Michael HART, Rosanna Mt. Carmel
BAILEY, Michael 27 May 1905 64y Mt. Carmel
BAILEY, Patrick 29 Oct 1899 47y Calvary
BAILEY, Rose 3 Feb 1901 66y HART, Patrick MCGRATH, Ellen Mt. Carmel Wife of Michael Bailey.
BALDWIN, Nora 27 Jun 1933 52y Mt. Carmel
BALDWIN, Patrick 29 May 1894 42y St. Louis
BALDWIN, Thomas 23 Mar 1903 22y Calvary Consumption
BALLEY, Michael 3 Mar 1899 35y Mt. Carmel Heart trouble.
BAMBER, Not listed 23 Jun 1903 4m Mt. Carmel  
BAMBERS, Mary 30 Oct 1906 47y Mt. Carmel
BANKS, Edward James 11 Sep 1881 18y Banks, Patt KEHOE, Margaret German cemetery
BANKS, Maggie 16 Sep 1876 3y 6m Banks, Patrick KEHOE, Margaret East St. Louis
BANKS, Mary 31 Dec 1883 38y Wife of Patrick Banks.
BANNON, James J. 15 Aug 1910 49y Bannon, Henry Mt. Carmel
BARANGER, George H. 26 Nov 1885 6y 6m Baranger, George H. DAPSON, Sue German cemetery
BARBER, Arnold 26 Oct 1901 9y Barber, Herman WATSON, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
BARDELEBEN, Paula Ruth 18 Jan 1948 5m Bardeleben, Staff Sgt. William Not accounted for Holy Cross
BARDEN, Simon 5 Mar 1873 25y about Calvary Hurt by Rail Road.
BARNES, Joseph Harry 31 Mar 1916 31y Mt. Carmel [The margin shows given names in reverse order.]
BARNETE, Patrick Sarchfield 22 May 1883 18y Ba ___, Rick SWEENEY, Bridget St. Louis, MO
BARNETT, Bridget 5 Apr 1909 62y ? [sic] SWEENEY, Ed. Mt. Carmel
BARNHILL, Carrie 27 Nov 1941 46y Mt. Carmel
BARRETE, Edward 27 Jul 1886 12y 7m BARRET, William Not listed, Mary German cemetery
BARRETT, Edward 20 Jan 1887 56y St. Louis, MO
BARRETT, Maria 3 May 1919 73y GORMAN, Not listed Calvary From St. Louis
BARRETT, Mrs. 31 May 1885 Wife of Ed. Barrett
BARRETT, Owen Joseph 7 Jul 1885 15m Barrett, Thomas PEANHAN, Ellen German cemetery
BARRETT, William 4 Aug 1892 24y Barrett, William German cemetery Killed by cars.
BARRY, Charles 9 Oct 1882 2y 1m Barry, John HEHEN, Mary German cemetery
BARRY, Ellen 13 Aug 1929 47y Mt. Carmel
BARRY, Infant 25 Jul 1884 9m Barry, John German cemetery [Age appears crossed out.]
BARRY, Jas. 11 Aug 1873 26y East St. Louis Drowned.
BARRY, Mary 18 Sep 1889 5y 3m Barry, John HEHEN, Mary German cemetery
BARTEL, Mrs. Julia 12 Dec 1899 23y KILDEA, Patrick Calvary Liver complaint.
BARTHOLOMY, Joseph 7 Aug 1910 Bartholomy, Joseph Holy Cross
BARTLY, John 14 Aug 1888 31y German cemetery
BATY, Margaret 21 Dec 1919 7y Baty, John CONWAY, Letie
BAUCHENS, Charles 22 Jul 1878 16y German cemetery
BAUGH, Mary L. 21 Aug 1902 16y Baugh, James T. ERWIN, Mary E. Mt. Carmel
BAUGH, Thomas 2 Aug 1877 34y Baugh, Levi HOGAN, Hana St. Louis, MO
BAXTER, Annie 20 Jul 1880 14m Baxter, James DROGAN, Sara German cemetery
BEASLEY, Charles T. 30 Nov 1949 72y Mt. Carmel Husband of Alice JEWETT.
BECK, Henry 10 Feb 1904 63y St. Henry
BECKET, Frederick 23 Jan 1911 35y Becket, Frederick Mt. Carmel
BECKET, Robert 1 Feb 1891 4m Becket, Fred LYNCH, Lilla German cemetery
BECKET, Wilkes 11 Dec 1881 9y Becket, Fred LYNCH, Mathilda German cemetery
BECKETTE, Elizabeth 12 Jan 1908 48y Mt. Carmel
BECKLEY, William 26 Jun 1935 86y Oak Hill, MO Converted on death bed.
BECKMANN, George 17 Sep 1904 6y Mt. Carmel Vaccination.
BELLEVILLE, Adeline 12 Aug 1882 40y German cemetery Wife of William Belleville.
BELLEVILLE, Annie Joanna 17 Aug 1881 12y Belleville, William LORA, Atenlin [Adeline?] German cemetery
BELLEVILLE, Josephine 2 Feb 1883 2y Belleville, William RENUCH___, Atenilin [Adeline] German cemetery
BELLEVILLE, Mrs. Annie 1 Apr 1885 28y German cemetery
BELLEVILLE, Theodore 25 Nov 1881 30y Belle[ville], William LOR ___, Adeline German cemetery
BENNETT, Adolph 23 Apr 1887 23y German cemetery
BENNETTE, Isaac 12 Nov 1896 31y Bennette, Isaac COBB, Kate Mt. Carmel
BENSON, William 9 Jan 1876 50y Benson, Gabriel REEVES, Mary St. Louis, MO Husband of Joanna DONAHOE. Consumption
BERGEN, Anna 18 Aug 1911 60y Bergen, Patrick Mt. Olive
BERGEN, Edward 21 Aug 1920 61y Mt. Carmel
BERGEN, Frank 8 Aug 1927 56y Mt. Carmel From Canada.
BERGEN, John 26 Sep 1926 65y Mt. Carmel
BERGEN, Mary 8 Apr 1922 91y Mt. Carmel
BERGIN, Joseph 25 Oct 1875 37y Bergin, Patrick MADDEN, Ann Carondelet. Died suddenly.
BERGIN, Lucy 10 Oct 1883 17y 10m Bergin, Laurence HOGAN, Mary German cemetery
BERGUN, Mrs. 30 May 1889 86y East Carondelet
BERGUN, Unnamed child 30 May 1889     German cemetery
BERLINE, Herman 27 Oct 1926 63y Mt. Carmel
BESAUX, Philominia 15 Sep 1881 43y German cemetery Wife of Anton Besaux.
BEVELOT, Clement 18 Oct 1906 55y about French Village Dropsy.
BIDA, Manuel 11 Sep 1926 45y Mt. Carmel
BIELER, Joseph 24 Sep 1913 62y Bieler, Joseph Mt. Carmel From Woodriver
BILLEDO, Cecelia 13 Jul 1943 35y MACKIN, Augustin Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BISSON, Francis 7 Feb 1888 51y German cemetery
BLACKBURN, Bridget 29 Aug 1943 75y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Blackburn
BLACKBURN, John 27 Feb 1935 44y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
BLACKBURN, John 25 Aug 1949 85y Mt. Carmel Husband of Bridget CRAGEN.
BLACKBURN, Joseph 3 May 1928 24y Mt. Carmel
BLACKBURN, Michael 18 Oct 1941 43y Mt. Carmel
BLAKE, Not listed [Jul 1873] Mrs. Blake’s mother
BLOCK, William 6 Jul 1904 32y Mt. Carmel
BLOEMER, Della 17 Mar 1925 37y North Vernon, IN
BOCKINS, Not listed 29 Apr 1876 East St. Louis
BODNARSEK, Stella 23 Aug 1940 19y Mt. Carmel
BOGDENSKY, Mary 22 Jan 1904 25y Mt. Carmel
BOHNEN, Michael 9 Apr 1886 25y Shot by Sheriff’s Deputy Marshals.
BOISMENUE, Louis 20 Jun 1915 19y Boismenue, Louis HEALY, Catherine F. Mt. Carmel
BOISMENUE, Louis 18 Jan 1928 66y Mt. Carmel
BOISMENUE, Louis 5 Oct 1943 69y Mt. Carmel Husband of Eliza RUSCH.
BOISMENUE, Marie Louise 2 Apr 1928 71y Mt. Carmel
BOISMENUE, Nicholas J. 2 Apr 1936 80y Mt. Carmel
BOISSEAU, Louis Victor 6 Mar 1902 24y Boisseau, Dominic CLETELN, Lizzie St. Henry Pneumonia.
BOOKER, Rufus A. 20 Nov 1906 41y Mt. Carmel
BOOKSLAVER, Laura 30 Dec 1899 22y Mt. Carmel
BORDEAUX, Narcisse 25 Jun 1918 64y Bordeaux, Narcisse PELEAT, Maria Mt. Carmel
BOUISMENUE, Louis 18 Feb 1885 52y Cahokia Husband of Mary J. [born] JARROT.
BOURKE, Annie 6 Feb 1884 16y 10m Bourke, Thomas HIGGIN, Catherine
BOURKE, Bridget 27 Sep 1876 33y LEE, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of Patrick Bourke. Dropsy.
BOURKE, Elizabeth E. 25 Mar 1884 20y Bourke, Thomas WHITE, Ester St. Louis
BOURKE, Ellen 28 Sep 1875 63y 6m SULLIVAN, Not listed Calvary Wife of James Bourke.
BOURKE, James 19 Aug 1875 64y Husband of Ellen [born] SULLIVAN. Killed by cars.
BOURKE, Joseph 6 Sep 1889 34y German cemetery Husband of Mary [born] HOGAN.
BOURKE, Thomas 26 Oct 1884 25y Bourke, Thomas WHITE, Ester St. Louis, MO Consumption
BOURKE, Thomas C. 2 May 1877 44y St. Louis, MO Husband of Catherine EGAN.
BOURKE, William 29 Sep 1881 45y German cemetery Stranger
BOWER, Mrs. Catherine 30 Aug 1894 37y St. Louis Wife of Fred Bower.
BOYAN, Dora Teresa 16 Dec 1881 2y 2m Boyan, George BADAUX, Kate St. Louis
BOYLE, Charles 2 Jul 1917 55y Mt. Carmel Killed during race riot. Found dead.
BOYLE, Hanna 3 May 1928 64y Mt. Carmel
BOYLE, Mrs. Anne 26 Nov 1895 85y
BOYLE, Thomas 21 Jan 1901 65y Mt. Carmel
BOYNE, John 7 Nov 1899 69y Mt. Carmel
BRADY, John 17 Oct 1907 36y Mt. Carmel
BRADY, Mary Ann 2 Jan 1873 18y East St. Louis C garveyard Small pox. [The name Brogan is in pencil and is overwritten as Brady.]
BRADY, Philip 29 Jan 1947 82y Chicago Husband of Margaret
BRADY, Philip 24 Sep 1945 84y Mt. Carmel Husband of Elizabeth FOGARTY. Received last sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital.
BRADY, Thomas 7 Apr 1917 50y Brady, Thomas Mt. Carmel
BRASH, James 19 Nov 1880 35y German cemetery Killed by cars.
BRASIL, Maggie 10 Oct 1878 13m Brasil, Michael WALLACE, Ellen St. Louis, MO
BRAUNAGEL, Frank 1 May 1923 63y Alton, IL
BRAZEL, Ellen 22 Mar 1908 43y Mt. Carmel
BRAZIENSKI, Amie 2 Apr 1914 27y BRISZIN__, John Mt. Carmel From Tilden, IL
BRAZIL, Edward 24 Jun 1915 52y Brazil, John MURPHY, Margaret Mt. Carmel
BRAZIL, John 19 Jul 1885 61y St. Louis
BRAZZLE, Patrick W. 26 Nov 1918 32y Brazzle, Michael WALLACE, Helena Mt. Carmel
BREEN, Catherine 20 Aug 1910 74y DEBERAUX, John Mt. Carmel
BRENGARD, Louis 9 Mar 1947 91y Mt. Carmel
BRENNAN, Edwin Joseph 22 Feb 1933 30y Mt. Carmel Died out of city.
BRENNAN, James 11 Mar 1884 19y Brennan, Edward MCCORMICK, Ann German cemetery Consumption
BRENNAN, John 19 Dec 1889 75y German cemetery Killed by R R cars.
BRENNAN, Michael 3 Feb 1873 28y East St. Louis C graveyard Killed.
BRENNAN, Mrs. John 22 Jun 1887 60y German cemetery
BRENNAN, Peter 13 Jul 1901 9m Brennan, George O’CONNELL, Anna Mt. Carmel
BRENNAN, Thomas 14 Feb 1900 6w Mt. Carmel
BRENNAN, Thomas Patrick 7 Jul 1900 6w Brennan, John CLANCY, Nora Mt. Carmel
BRENNOCK, William 4 Apr 1881 34y Brennock, James DAILY, Kate St. Louis
BRESNAHAM, Arthur 19 Jul 1906 19y Mt. Carmel Consumption
BRICK, Catherine 10 Jun 1918 75y about Mt. Carmel
BRICK, Thomas 30 Nov 1894 75y St. Louis
BROCKER, Irene 6 Aug 1918 25y Brocker, Francis SCHLEMMER, Josephine Mt. Carmel Drowned while swimming.
BRODERICK, Ann 30 May 1903 54y Mt. Carmel
BRODERICK, Child 1 Nov 1888 2y Broderick, William JOYCE, A. St. Louis
BRODERICK, Nicholas 12 Mar 1928 54y Mt. Carmel
BRODERICK, William P. 2 May 1897 St. Louis
BRODY, James 10 Feb 1895 26y Mt. Carmel
BROGAN, Walter 12 Mar 1881 9m Brogan, John GRAVES, Alice German cemetery
BROPHY, John 6 Oct 1923 69y Mt. Carmel Found drowned in the Mississippi.
BROWN, Anna Mar 1929 Mt. Carmel
BROWN, Aug 18 Mar 1899 6m Mt. Carmel Brain fever.
BROWN, Cornelius 12 Feb 1886 40y about St. Louis
BROWN, Daniel 11 Mar 1898 30y Calvary Consumption
BROWN, Hanorah 26 Apr 1902 73y Mt. Carmel
BROWN, James 19 Feb 1918 50y Brown, Anthony MULDERRIG, Maria Mt. Carmel
BROWN, Mary 31 Dec 1872 5y East St. Louis C graveyard Diphtheria.
BROWN, Mary Ann 19 Feb 1930 42y Holy Cross
BROWN, Patrick 22 Mar 1874 47y Brown, James CASH, Magt. East St. Louis
BROWN, Patrick John 29 Jul 1874 6.5m Brown, Thomas LINARD, Catherine East St. Louis
BROWN, Robert 5 Apr 1881 34y Brown, Daniel WALSH, Joan St. Louis
BROWN, Thomas 28 Sep 1903 75y Mt. Carmel
BROWN, Thomas F. 18 Apr 1915 36y Brown, Eben Mt. Carmel
BROWN, Walter 29 Mar 1926 36y Mt. Hope
BROWNING, Eleanor Ann 7 Feb 1921 7y Browning, Henry Mt. Carmel
BROWNING, Harry F. 30 Jan 1938 52y Mt. Carmel
BRUN, Lawrence [No other data listed. Appears between Sep and Nov 1914]
BUCK, Catherine H. 26 Nov 1949 72y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Buck. HENNEBERY [written in left hand column.]
BUCKER, Mrs. A. J. 13 Feb 1883 73y German cemetery
BUCKLEY, Annie 2 Oct 1875 9y Buckley, Thomas FERRIS, Mary East St. Louis
BUCKLEY, Catharine 19 Nov 1918 43y Buckley, John LONG, Margaret Mt. Carmel From St. Louis county.
BUCKLEY, Daniel 11 Mar 1925 62y Mt. Carmel
BUCKLEY, Julia 24 May 1928 64y Mt. Carmel
BUCKLEY, Michael 19 Jul 1935 73y Mt. Hope
BUCKLEY, Peter 2 May 1884 50y St. Louis A single man
BUCKLEY, Thomas 14 Dec 1881 German cemetery
BUCKLEY, Thomas 23 Sep 1884 22y Buckley, Stephen GRIFFIN, Hano__ German cemetery
BUCKLEY, William 3 Jan 1876 15y Buckley, Charles CONNELLY, Rosey St. Louis, MO
BUCKLY, Cornelius 31 Aug 1885 45y St. Louis Husband of Ellen [born] O’HALLORN
BUFFO, Dominick 5 Jul 1933 68y Holy Cross
BUHL, Dorothy Genevieve 13 Oct 1939 22y Mt. Carmel
BUNYAN, Maurice 1 Jan 1880 14y Bunyan, Maurice FLAHERTY, Ellen Calvary-St. Louis, MO
BUNYON, John 28 Jul 1889 28y Bunyon, Maurice FLAHERTY, Ellen German cemetery
BURGESS, William 12 Apr 1934 61y Mt. Carmel
BURK, Alice 21 May 1915 17y Burk, Daniel MEEHAN, Ellen Mt. Carmel
BURK, Daniel 20 Apr 1914 18y Burk, Daniel MEEHAN, Della Mt. Carmel
BURK, Hugh 26 Sep 1917 Mt. Carmel
BURK, James 7 Nov 1917 46y BURK, William CALLAHAN, B. Mt. Carmel
BURK, Joseph 27 Jul 1900 60y Mt. Carmel
BURK, Mrs. [Follows Macken burial Sep 1866.]
BURK, Thomas J. 31 Oct 1917 43y BURK, William RYAN, Mary Mt. Carmel
BURKE, Barth 2 Jan 1887 54y St. Louis, MO
BURKE, Beatrice Ann 9 Jan 1933 5y Burke, Charles Mt. Carmel
BURKE, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1902 1y 5d Burke, Maurice HARKINS, Ann Mt. Carmel Gastritis.
BURKE, Ellen 16 Oct 1876 48y TOURVILLE, Not listed a Protestant cemetery. Wife of Thomas D. Burke (Non-Catholic). Consumption
BURKE, Frank Oct 1898 53y Mt. Carmel Premature senility.
BURKE, John 24 Jul 1875 1y 6w Burke, John Not listed, Winiford East St. Louis Diarrhea.
BURKE, Margaret 30 Aug 1900 60y Burke, Bartholomew Calvary
BURKE, Mary 14 Sep 1949 78y Mt. Carmel
BURKE, Mrs. Bridget 24 May 1919 65y about CALLAHAN, Martin NOLAN, Bridget Mt. Carmel
BURKE, Thomas 7 Nov 1874 65y about Calvary Parents not known
BURKE, Thomas J. 28 Nov ___ 27y Lung hemorrhage. Buried in East St. Louis Catholic cemetery. [Year might be 1872? See image 11.]
BURKE, William 8 Aug 1914 63y about Mt. Carmel
BURNES, George 18 Aug 1904 30y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Bridget 20 Mar 1888 28y 3m German cemetery Wife of Thomas Burns.
BURNS, Bridget 7 Nov 1919 50y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Dennis 10 Jan 1900 42y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Edward 14 Apr 1864 [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
BURNS, Ellen 23 Sep 1873 6y East St. Louis graveyard Dropsy.
BURNS, Ellen 24 Apr 1930 70y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, George 13 Nov 1902 33y Mt. Carmel Consumption
BURNS, James 5 Oct 1915 48y Burns, Thomas Mt. Carmel
BURNS, James 1 Jun 1949 65y Burns, James William Mt. Carmel
BURNS, John 5 Jul 1901 50y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, John B. 5 May 1922 Mt. Carmel
BURNS, John M. 18 Oct 1949 39y Burns, Michael DENNISON, Bess Mt. Carmel Killed by a train.
BURNS, Kate 1 Jul 1876 16y 3m 8d Burns, John FOHEM, Bridget Alton, IL
BURNS, Lawrence 26 Jul 1946 81y Burns, Lawrence LYNCH, Mary Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Mary 24 May 1905 4y Burns, James Not listed, Bridget Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Mary 12 Oct 1917 23y HAPSBERGER, Charles MCCARTHY, Mary Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Michael 16 May 1940 55y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Mrs. 19 Feb 1897 60y St. Louis, MO
BURNS, Mrs. Ann 22 Jan 1886 70y German cemetery Wife of Michael Burns. [Thomas crossed out]
BURNS, Not listed [Mar 1873]
BURNS, Not listed [Mar 1873]
BURNS, Patrick 7 Feb 1904 35y Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
BURNS, Thomas 14 Jan 1873 Calvary-St. Louis, MO Congestion of the lungs.
BURNS, Thomas 23 Aug 1873 Infant East St. Louis graveyard
BURNS, Thomas 2 Sep 1886 22y Burns, Thomas FINEGAN, Mary German cemetery
BURNS, Thomas 11 Jun 1895 54y Mt. Carmel
BURNS, Thomas 23 Dec 1899 5m Burns, James MALONE, Bridget Mt. Carmel Inflammation of bowels.
BURNS, Timothy 10 May 1899 60y Mt. Carmel Senility.
BURNS, William 16 Apr 1918 85y about Mt. Carmel Age 95, overwritten over as 85.
BURNS, William Thomas 8 Apr 1907 3m Mt. Carmel
BURR, Johanna 9 Jul 1876 32y SLATERY, Thomas ANGLUM (also called HASSETT), Ellen Calvary Died suddenly.
BURRIS, Edward 8 Aug 1898 12y Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
BUSCHARD, Elizabeth 18 May 1901 61y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Buschard.
BUSEKRUS, Louis 25 Nov 1942 68y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna SCHREIBER
BUSHER, Thomas 5 Sep 1882 49y German cemetery Husband of Ezter [born] CALLAHAN
BUTLER, Catherine 26 Oct 1933 77y Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, Child 3 Aug 1891 Butler, M. J. Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, Child 2 Sep 1891 Butler, M. J. Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, Child 4 Sep 1891 Butler, M. J. Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, Frank 19 Jun 1888 51y German cemetery
BUTLER, James 9 Sep 1932 47y Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, John 16 Jan 1920 66y Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, John 6 Aug 1944 67y Mt. Carmel
BUTLER, Thomas 28 May 1935 46y Mt. Carmel
BUTTER, Ann born WALSH 7 Apr 1914 70y Walsh, Dillon Mt. Calvary, St. Louis, MO
BUTTERNUTT, Lizzie 13 Jul 1880 7m Butternutt, William LYNCH, Lizzie German cemetery in East St. Louis
BUTTERNUTT, William 22 Jul 1880 2y Butternutt, William LYNCH, Lizzie German cemetery
BYRNE, Bernard 17 Apr 1886 8w Byrne, Martin GENNIY, Mary German cemetery
BYRNE, Elizabeth 16 Oct 1876 5w Byrne, Thomas FINNAGAN, Mary East St. Louis
BYRNE, Rev. Patrick J. 30 Dec 1941 60y Mt. Carmel Pastor of St. Patrick’s. Received Sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital.
BYRNES, Mrs. 30 Dec 1903 84y Mt. Carmel Congestion of the liver.
BYRNS, Catherine 6 Oct 1909 Mt. Carmel
BYRNS, James 22 Mar 1874 5m Byrns, Thomas DAVIS, Catharine East St. Louis
BYRNS, Thomas 1 Feb 1874 50y Byrns, Michael DOUGHERTY, Catherine East St. Louis
CAGAN, John 6 Nov 1887 54y German cemetery
CAHILL, Infant (Female) 19 Jun 1879 5w Cahill, John HURT, Susan German cemetery
CAHILL, Mary 7 Sep 1883 21y 2m Cahill, John DOWNY, Bridget St. Louis, MO
CAIN, John 8 May 1866 15m Cain, Martin RYAN, Maria Parish cemetery Died in the home of Dr. GRIFFITH.
CALLAGHAN, Daniel 23 Aug 1866 33y Parish cemetery Died in the home of John DRISKEL.
CALLAGHAN, Frank 14 Nov 1898 13y Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
CALLAHAN, Catharine 22 Jan 1919 Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
CALLAHAN, Denis 22 Nov 1879 39y Calvary Husband of Hanora [born] HEALEY.
CALLAHAN, Helen L. 13 Mar 1950 23y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Callahan.
CALLAHAN, Mrs. James 1 Apr 1887 60y German cemetery
CALLANAN, Charles 13 Apr 1894 65y Mt. Carmel Husband of St CAGAN. [Written as wife of.]
CAMBELL, Thomas 15 Nov 1899 7y Mt. Carmel
CAMBELL, Thomas M. 14 Nov 1899 7y Mt. Carmel
CAMPBELL, Alice 19 Apr 1921 51y Mt. Carmel
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth 5 May 1938 60y Holy Cross From Los Angeles
CANAVAN, George 23 Mar 1947 45y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ellen CRONIN.
CANAVAN, Thomas J. 9 Mar 1940 Mt. Carmel
CANNON, Mary 5 Mar 1925 72y Moberly, MO
CANNON, Patrick 31 Jul 1873 15m East St. Louis C. G. Cholera infantum.
CANTILLON, Mrs. Hanora 22 Jan 1899 50y Mt. Carmel Cancer.
CANTY, Anna 15 May 1916 44y WHALEN, Dennis HANLON, Mary Mt. Carmel
CANTY, Ellen 15 Feb 1913 72y Mt. Carmel
CANTY, John 4 Sep 1879 68y Calvary-St. Louis Husband of Ellen [born] GRIFFIN.
CANTY, John 31 Oct 1893 74y St. Louis Old age. [The day is overwritten]
CANTY, Mrs. Mary 1 Apr 1888 58y St. Louis, MO Wife of Patt Canty.
CANTY, Patrick H. 9 Jan 1884 26y 4m 1d Canty, Patt SHEAHON, Johanna Killed by R R Cars
CANTY, Thomas 2 Apr 1902 40y Canty, John SHEEHAN, Ellen Mt. Carmel
CANTY, Thomas 7 Dec 1885 10y Canty, T. J. St. Louis, MO
CANTY, Timothy 31 Jan 1888 37y German cemetery
CAPLES, Anna 6 Mar 1866 7y Caples, Michael CONWAY, Hanora Parish cemetery Died in the home of Catharine ENRIGHT.
CARAVAN, Miss Ann 29 Nov 1887 25y German cemetery
CARLIN, Lee Roy 26 Nov 1941 68y Holy Cross
CARNEY, Michael 4 Feb 1910 42y Calvary
CARPENTER, Lucy 9 Feb 1909 11y Carpenter, Henry Mt. Hope
CARR, Delia 28 Aug 1920 65y Mt. Carmel
CARRIEL, Agnes 28 Feb 1921 64y Vandalia, IL From O’Fallon. [Entry written on book page 82, image 43.]
CARRIGAN, Mrs. Mary 8 Dec 1893 63y Mt. Carmel Wife of Patrick Carrigan.
CARROLL, Charles 5 Apr 1946 89y Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO. Note: BURKE [mortuary]
CARROLL, Charles B. 27 Jul 1917 21y Carroll, C. B. BARRON, Mary Mt. Carmel
CARROLL, Francis A. 25 Feb 1945 44y Carroll, C. B. KAUFAMN, Grace Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO. Received last sacraments in Veterans Hospital in St. Louis
CARROLL, John 15 Aug 1893 [60y ?] Carlyle, IL Heart disease.
CARROLL, John B. 14 Nov 1884 52y French Village Husband of Mary [born] MCDONNEL
CARROLL, Mary 21 Feb 1931 69y Mt. Carmel
CARROLL, Mrs. John 18 Feb 1898 30y Mt. Carmel Consumption
CARROLL, Mrs. Margaret 25 May 1890 60y New Douglas Cemetery Wife of Ed Carroll.
CASEY, Catherine 10 Jul 1901 32y Casey, Michael LEE, Bridget Mt. Carmel [Catherine Casey nee HOWARD [sic]. Confusing entry]
CASEY, Patrick 14 Feb 1942 82y St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Terra Haute Oldest member of the AOH in the USA.
CASHEL, Bridget T. 17 Sep 1911 EGAN, George Mt. Carmel
CASHEL, Charles 21 Jan 1921 49y 10m Cashel, George Mt. Carmel Shot [see record]
CASHEL, George 20 Jul 1921 85y Mt. Carmel
CASHEL, Stephen 22 May 1938
CASHEL, Theresa 20 Aug 1918 47y TOJO, Raymond BURKART, Fredericka Mt. Carmel
CASHIN, Not listed [Mar 1873]
CASHION, John 2 Aug 1885 54y German cemetery
CASIDY, Edward 29 Aug 1879 11y Casidy, Edward COYLE, Mary Carondelet, MO Killed by cars.
CASSIAN, Henry May 1905 Calvary
CASSIDY, Michael 31 Aug 1892 Mt. Carmel
CASSIDY, Michael 5 Jun 1901 30y Cassidy, Edward COYLE, Mary Jane Mt. Carmel
CASSIN, Catharine 5 Mar 1873 6y Calvary Spotted fever.
CASSIN, Mrs. Elizabeth 28 Jan 1919 35y O’DAY, Michael MORTON, Bridget Mt. Carmel [Follows 1 Apr 1919 death; image 37, page 70.]
CASSION, Mrs. Anistasia 21 Aug 1875 St. Louis, MO Wife of Henry Cassion.
CAVANAGH, Mary 10 Jul 1929 45y Mt. Carmel
CAVANAUGH, James 18 Dec 1891 54y German cemetery
CAVANAUGH, John 15 Mar 1918 42y C[avanaugh], John HYLAND, Margaret Mt. Carmel
CAVANAUGH, Margaret 7 Jul 1882 40y HYLAND, Not listed St. Louis Wife of John Cavanaugh.
CEARY, James 10 Jun 1875 25y about Ceary, Daniel CORCORAN, Kate East St. Louis
CEARY, John Arther 6 Jul 1882 3m Ceary, Mich MCBRIDE, Anni German cemetery
CEARY, William 9 Apr 1885 4y sic German cemetery Husband of Alice [born] PHEALON.
CEASEY, Denis 21 Oct 1888 38y about German cemetery Husband of Mary [born] O’CONNOR.
CEASEY, Michael 30 Jul 1895 60y Mt. Carmel
CELLA, Mrs. Alexander 20 Jul 1897 St. Louis, MO [See record]
CHALARD, No first name German cemetery [Entry is written between 6 and 10 June 1886]
CHAPMA[N], Carrie 3 Nov 1898 2y St. Henry Children’s complaint.
CHAPMAN, Annie 10 Sep 1881 11m Chapman, Andrew JENNINGS, May German cemetery
CHAPMAN, Child 18 Mar 1885 1y Chapman, Andy German cemetery
CHAPMAN, Margaret 27 Dec 1927 61y Mt. Carmel Also spelled CHAPMANN
CHARD, John 2 Mar 1941 49y Mt. Carmel
CHARTRANT, Josephi__ [Follows Macken burial Sep 1866.]
CHOLET, Mary 9 Jan 1925 73y French Village
CHRISTIAN, John (Convert) 24 Jun 1881 40y German cemetery
CHUSE, Clement 11 Jul 1943 63y Caseyville In non-sectarian cemetery.
CHUSLIK, Ambrose 18 May 1901 3y CHUSLIC, Stephen SEIDICK, Sophia Mt. Carmel
CLAFFY, Isack 15 Aug 1881 50y St. Louis Husband of Kate [born] CARROLL.
CLANCY, Ellen 27 May 1920 66y Olney, IL From St. Louis
CLANCY, Henery 9 Jan 1904 2w Clancy, Mark GULLION, Margareth Mt. Carmel
CLANCY, Margareth 3 Nov 1902 74y ENRIGHT, Not listed Mt. Carmel
CLANCY, Mary 16 Nov 1874 BRICK, Timothy JESS, Maggie Calvary Wife of Denis Clancy.
CLANCY, Thomas 13 Mar 1900 65y Mt. Carmel
CLANSEY, Hanorah 19 Feb 1903 60y Mt. Carmel
CLARK, Frank 30 Aug 1925 20y Mt. Carmel
CLARK, Mrs. 4 Jan 1895 76y German cemetery
CLARK, Owen 5 Mar 1902 40y about Mt. Carmel Was a boarder at GLEASONS.
CLASQUIE, Alfred 11 Jan 1880 40y German cemetery Husband of Filamien GODFORD.
CLAVIN, William 15 May 1892 1y 10m Clavin, William JACKSON, Beebe Mt. Carmel
CLAY, Henry 19 Jul 1905 52y Mt. Carmel
CLAYBURN, James 3 Jul 1874 18m Clayburn, James COSGROVE, Catherine St. Louis
CLAYBURN, James 26 Oct 1875 55y about St. Louis Husband of Catharine COSGROVE. Died suddenly.
CLAYBURN, John 30 Dec 1880 21y St. Louis
CLAYBURN, Kate 11 Jul 1876 COSGROVE, Not listed Wife of James Clayburn
CLEARY, Alice 30 Apr 1904 24y HUMPHREYS, Joseph MURRAY, Alice Mt. Carmel
CLEARY, John 10 Jun 1937 Mt. Calvary
CLEARY, Margaret 3 Jun 1936 57y Calvary-St. Louis
CLEARY, Mary 2 Apr 1874 18y TULLY, Patrick COLLINS, Mary East St. Louis
CLEARY, Mrs. 15 Feb 1890 40y St. Louis Wife of William Cleary.
CLEARY, Mrs. 1 Nov 1891 32y St. Louis, MO Wife of William Cleary.
CLEARY, Thomas 30 Sep 1877 24y Cleary, William MURPHY, Mary Calvary-St. Louis
CLIFFORD, Anna 23 Feb 1916 2y Clifford, Daniel SULLIVAN, Catherine Mt. Carmel
CLIFFORD, Catharina 13 Mar 1916 7y Clifford, John SULLIVAN, Maria Mt. Carmel
CLIFFORD, Catherine 10 Feb 1905 3y Clifford, George DWYER, Anastasia Mt. Carmel
CLIFFORD, Dennis 13 Mar 1917 30y Clifford, Donald C. MORIARTY, Margaret Mt. Carmel
CLIFFORD, Margaret 19 Jul 1908 2y Clifford, Dunn Mt. Carmel
CLINE, Margaret 31 Mar 1920 22y Mt. Carmel
CLODFELTER, Imogene 14 Oct 1939 19y Mt. Hope
CLUTE, Henry 21 Oct 1908 74y Mt. Carmel
COATNEY, William J. 24 May 1907 45y Mt. Carmel
COCKRELL, Mary 24 Mar 1909 63y SMITH, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Mt. Carmel
CODY, Infant son 7 Mar 1874 Cody, Michael QUEARNEY, Mary East St. Louis
CODY, John 7 Nov 1911 62y Cody, John Mt. Carmel
CODY, Michael 9 Feb 1879
CODY, Nellie 16 Mar 1928 54y Holy Cross From St. Louis
CODY, William 2 Feb 1877 40y East St. Louis Husband of Catharine [born] MCGRATH.
COFFEE, Dennis William 19 Feb 1908 59y Mt. Carmel
COFFEE, John W. 23 Nov 1909 Coffee, John Mt. Carmel
COFFEE, Mary E. 24 Feb 1911 70y Coffee, John W. Mt. Carmel
COFFEE, Michael 11 Feb 1887 Coffee, Jerry GORMAN, Bridget St. Louis Killed by R R cars.
COFFEY, Blanche Gertrude 27 May 1916 9y COFFEE, Edward J. GEUGON, Blanche Buried in Mt. [sic] Cemetery.
COFFEY, Dan 10 Oct 1881 48y German cemetery Husband of Mary Ann [born] TAILOR.
COFFIN, John T. 13 Aug 1883 5y 6m Coffin, C. W. NEVIL, Josie German cemetery
COGAN, Mrs. Mary 27 Apr 1876 34y East St. Louis Wife of John Cogan.
COLE, James E. 12 Sep 1882 33y 6m Cole, William REARDON, Johanna German cemetery
COLE, James Patrick 28 Sep 1877 3m COLE, Not listed German Cemetery in East St. Louis.
COLE, Mrs. Johanna 9 Dec 1887 78y German cemetery
COLE, Mrs. Johanna 14 Nov 1906 58y St. Henry
COLE, William 30 Dec 1887 37y German cemetery
COLGHAN, Robert 25 Nov 1888 32y St. Louis Husband of Teresa SULLIN
COLLIGAN, Nicholas 21 Jan 1878
COLLINS, Alice Dec 1908 73y SCANLON, Joseph Mt. Carmel
COLLINS, Anne 3 Oct 1925 83y Mt. Carmel
COLLINS, Charles 27 May 1896 Mt. Carmel Killed by Cyclone.
COLLINS, Elizabeth 27 Jul 1873 4y East St. Louis C. G. Cholera infantum.
COLLINS, Francis M. 7 Jul 1926 67y Mt. Carmel
COLLINS, Margaret 19 Jul 1946 76y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Collins.
COLLINS, Michael 21 Jan 1893 55y Mt. Carmel Dropped dead.
COLLINS, Miss Carmelia 26 Oct 1902 74y Mt. Carmel General debility.
COLLINS, Mrs. Catherine 29 Aug 1875 74y about East St. Louis Wife of Patrick Collins.
COLLINS, Mrs. Hanora 20 Jan 1890 69y St. Louis Wife of Nicolas Collins
COLLINS, Patrick Henry 31 Jan 1875 16y 10m Collins, William C. HEALY, Anne Consumption
COLLINS, Peter Andrew 15 Feb 1875 5y about Collins, William HEALY, Anne East St. Louis
COLLINS, William C. 17 Sep 1912 81y Collins, Michael Mt. Carmel
COMAFORD, Not listed 16 Apr 1864 Wife of Patrick Comaford [Entry located in the marriage register, page 102, image 104.]
COMEFORT, Mary 15 Jul 1876 22m Comefort, Patrick RYAN, Catharine East St. Louis
COMEFORT, Patrick 19 Dec 1876 49y Comefort, John BRENNEN, Mary East St. Louis  
COMER, Not listed 30 Jul 1889 German cemetery
COMERFORT, Cornelius 27 Jan 1874 2y Comerfort, Patrick RYAN, Catharine
COMPTON, Margaret 17 Oct 1920 72y Mt. Carmel
CONCAFF, Julia DUNN 24 Jan 1879 32y MILLES, Thomas O’BRINE, Bridget (Non-Catholic) German cemetery. Wife of Michael Concaff.
CONCANNON, Austin 12 Sep 1920 34y Mt. Carmel
CONCANNON, Patrick 7 Jul 1919 69y Concannon, Austin Mt. Carmel
CONNAMA, Mrs. Bridget 11 Jan 1886 42y St. Louis, MO Wife of M. Connama.
CONNELL, Andy 11 Feb 1877 50y East St. Louis Husband of Eliza [born] COLLINS.
CONNELL, Elizabeth 30 Aug 1876 45y East St. Louis Wife of Andrew Connell.
Connell, Margaret 25 Jun 1885 5w Connell, Maurice DILLON, Margaret German cemetery
CONNELLY, Daniel 6 Dec 1918 54y Mt. Calvary
CONNELLY, Denis 28 Jan 1890 80y St. Louis
CONNELLY, John 29 Dec 1883 60y St. Louis, MO
CONNELLY, Maggie 14 Feb 1889 1y 8m Connelly, William MCCARTY, Eliza St. Louis, MO
CONNELLY, Mrs. 5 Dec 1890 80y St. Louis, MO
CONNELLY, Mrs. Mary 20 Jan 1892 60y German cemetery
CONNELLY, Ostine 28 Aug 1874 Calvary-St. Louis, MO Husband of Johanna DONAHOE.
CONNELLY, Patrick 19 Jul 1888 20y 6m Connelly, Patrick Not listed, Mary German cemetery Killed by cars.
CONNELLY, Patrick 17 Jun 1924 94y Mt. Carmel [Dates are off. Burial is listed as 8 Jun 1924.]
CONNERS, Catharina 12 Mar 1916 CLIFFORD, Donald Mt. Carmel
CONNERS, Patrick 5 Mar 1939 56y Mt. Carmel
CONNOLLY, Margaret 2 Sep 1873 39y East St. Louis graveyard Cholera morbus.
CONNOLLY, Martin D. 2 May 1906 54y St. Henery
CONNOR, Nicholas 11 Feb 1873 Calvary Small pox.
CONNOR, Patrick 8 Jan 1880 30y Connor, Jerry SHANNON, Mary German cemetery
CONNORS, Denis 5 Apr 1877 60y East St. Louis Husband of Kate HANLON.
CONNORS, Ellen 17 Oct 1884 36y German cemetery Wife of Daniel Connors.
CONNORS, James 30 Jun 1878 25y about Connors, Pate [Patrick] WALSH, Bettie East St. Louis Shot at the Station House.
CONNORS, Jeremiah 7 Mar 1902 52y Mt. Carmel A former parishioner. Senility. Body shipped from Kankakee [per] Father Timothy, O.F.M.
CONNORS, Margaret 30 Apr 1935 57y Mt. Carmel
CONNORS, Mrs. James 10 Jan 1896 55y St. Louis
CONNORS, Mrs. Johanna 26 Jan 1888 66y German cemetery Wife of Simon Connors.
CONNORS, Mrs. Kate 19 Apr 1887 65y German cemetery
CONNORS, Stewart 26 May 1903 38y Mt. Carmel
CONROY, Stephen 20 Nov 1879 30y Calvary Parents not known
CONWAY, Bridget 29 Sep 1881 St. Louis, MO Wife of Patt Conway.
CONWAY, Elizabeth 29 Jan 1866 21y Conway, Patrick FINNELL, Birgitta Parish cemetery
CONWAY, John 1 Feb 1907 42y Mt. Carmel
CONWAY, Mary 6 Jun 1901 MURPHY, J. Calvary-St. Louis, MO
CONWAY, Michael 30 Mar 1931 77y Mt. Carmel
CONWAY, Michael 16 Jul 1879 45y St. Louis Husband of Bridget [born] RYAN.
CONWAY, William 31 Jul 1874 50y about Calvary-St. Louis [Husband of] Mary MURPHY.
COOMBS, Mary 20 Jan 1935 60y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
COONAHAN, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 8 Jun 1874 56y Calvary
COONEY, James 27 Apr 1930 54y Mt. Hope
COONEY, Melvina 30 Dec 1938 63y Mt. Carmel
COONEY, Thomas 21 Apr 1883 21y St. Louis, MO
COONEY, Thomas 13 Jun 1887 30y Cooney, Thomas CONNELLY, Bridget St. Louis, MO
COOPER, Annie 13 Aug 1882 9m Cooper, John CURRAN, Bridget German cemetery
CORCORAN, Joseph 14 Jun 1907 19y Mt. Carmel
COSTELLA, Joseph 29 Nov 1877 36y Costella, Philip MORA, Frances German cemetery
COSTELLO, David 24 Jul 1895 40y Mt. Carmel
COSTELLO, Ellen 14 Feb 1920 57y Mt. Carmel
COSTEN, William 19 Jun 1930 52y Mt. Carmel
COSTIN, Mary 8 Nov 1911 68y CHAMBERLAIN, William Mt. Carmel
COSTIN, Mrs. Mary [sic] 13 Oct 1914 33y Costin, Edward [sic] Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO. Note: BURKE [mortuary]
COTTAM, Charles 25 Nov 1916 25y Cottam, Charles BLUM, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
COTTAM, Charles A. 28 Apr 1905 41y Mt. Carmel
COTTAM, Julia Ann 28 Sep 1875 3y Cottam, John LASBY, Mary East St. Louis  
COTTAM, Lee 9 May 1887 12y Cottam, John LASBY, Mary German cemetery
COTTUM, Jerome 20 Sep 1875 5y Cotttum, John LASBY, Mary
COURTNEY, Mrs. Margaret 8 Jan 1916 50y HANDLON, Edward Mt. Carmel
COWLEY, John 24 Sep 1930 64y Mt. Carmel
COWLEY, Mary 29 Jun 1873 [17y] Calvary Cholera morbus.
COY, Mrs. Mary 17 Jan 1883 54y MCGUIRE, Not listed St. Louis Wife of William C. COY
COYNE, Christopher 6 Jul 1927 63y Mt. Carmel
COYNE, William 3 Aug 1926 55y Mt. Carmel
CRAFT, James 9 Sep 1896 46y Kehokia [Cahokia]
CRAFT, Mrs. James 14 Jun 1897 Kokie [Cahokia]
CRAGEN, Catharine 16 Apr 1929 66y Mt. Carmel
CRAGEN, Chris 1925 32y Mt. Carmel
CRAMER, Anna 9 Dec 1918 30y KELLY, John C. BRADY, Mary E. Mt. Carmel
CRANE, Andrew Dec 1875 Killed
CRANE, Bridget 13 Nov 1903 48y LYONS, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis
CRAWFORD, Elizabeth 13 Oct 1899 28y BAXTER, J. F. Mt. Carmel Fever.
CREAMOR, John 24 Oct 1875 60y about Creamor, John East St. Louis
CREHAN, Michael 6 May 1933 49y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
CROGAN, Jane 11 Jun 1906 73y Mt. Carmel
CROGAN, John 25 Jun 1903 42y Mt. Carmel
CROGAN, Thomas 24 May 1903 40y Mt. Carmel
CRONAN, Margaret 15 Mar 1908 40y Mt. Carmel
CRONIN, Thomas 14 Jan 1877 35y about City Burying ground. Consumption
CROSBY, Bartholomew 12 Aug 1905 71y Mt. Carmel
CROSBY, John 6 Feb 1900 1d Crosby, Thomas MURPHY, Margaret Mt. Carmel Premature birth.
CROSBY, Thomas B. 3 Jun 1938 75y Mt. Carmel
CROSS, Margaret 29 Jul 1912 28y SULLIVAN, P. D. QUIRK, Cate Mt. Carmel
CROSSBY, Ann 9 Feb 1902 58y FINLEY, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Bartholomew Crossby. Parisis [Paresis]
CROTTY, Edward 17 May 1930 75y Mt. Carmel
CROTTY, George 7 Mar 1886 41y St. Louis
CROTTY, Patrick 13 Apr 1883 33y St. Louis, MO Husband of Annie [born] BAUGH.
CROUCH, Ronald Joseph 21 Sep 1945 4d Crouch, Lowel ESMAN, Mamie Mt. Carmel Baptized 20 Sep 1945.
CROW, Jessie 13 Nov 1938 62y Mt. Carmel
CROW, Maria Anita 7 Aug 1914 6w Crow, James Mt. Carmel
CROW, Timothy 16 Apr 1882 51y German cemetery Stranger
CROWLEY, Infant son 14 Oct 1874 10m Crowley, Tim East St. Louis
CROWLEY, James 10 Jul 1880 German cemetery in East St. Louis Died from effects of the heat.
CROWLEY, John 6 Dec 1902 38y St. Henry Consumption
CROWLEY, Maggie 6 Sep 1880 21y Crowley, Tim REGAN, Mary Calvary-St. Louis
CROWLEY, Mary 19 Apr 1877 47y The first person buried [in] the German Cemetery East St. Louis, IL Wife of James Crowley.
CROWLEY, Patrick 21 Jul 1876 3.5m Crowley, Timothy REGAN, Mary East St. Louis
CULHANE, Thomas 3 Jul 1874 40y
CULLEN, Catherine 23 Jun 1893 59y St. Louis
CULLEN, Edward 5 Dec 1882 28y Cullen, Pierce MCGINNIS, Kate St. Louis
CULLEN, John 24 Aug 1896 35y German cemetery Husband of Annie Cullen.
CULLEN, Pierce 14 Mar 1881 56y St. Louis Husband of Catherine [born] MCGINNIS.
CULLITON, Patrick 25 Apr 1879 47y Culliton, Michael BRENNAN, Rose German cemetery
CUMISKIE, Patrick 16 Sep 1880 80y German cemetery
CUNNAMA, Edward 9 Jan 1866 8m Cunnama, Edward O’NEIL, Maria Vieigallici [Old French] Cemetery
CUNNINGHAM, Emma 18 Jan 1941 53y Mt. Carmel
CUNNINGHAM, Genevieve 8 Jun 1902 10y Calvary-St. Louis
CUNNINGHAM, Margaret 2 Apr 1914 26y Cunningham, Andrew Mt. Carmel [Follows 2 Apr 1914 entry]
CUNNINGHAM, Mary Coy 5 Jul 1928 73y Mt. Carmel
CUNNINGHAM, Mich. 19 Feb 1903 80y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Mary 6 Mar 1889 65y German cemetery Wife of Michael Cunningham.
CUNNINGHAM, Patrick 30 Dec 1879 Calvary-St. Louis
CUNNINGHAM, Robert 7 Mar 1931 85y Mt. Carmel
CUNNINGHAM, Thomas P. 5 Sep 1912 23y Cunningham, Robert Mt. Carmel
CURTIN, John 7 Jan 1912 53y Curtin, John WHALEN, Mary Mt. Carmel
CURTIN, Mrs. Bridget 7 Nov 1899 51y Mt. Carmel
CURTIN, Timothy 6 Aug 1900 26y Curtin, Timothy WHALEN, Mary Mt. Carmel
CUSTER, Patricia 24 Mar 1913 10m Custer, John Mt. Carmel
DAILY, Infant daughter 13 Apr 1875 few moments Daily, Daniel MCENELIA, Bridget East St. Louis
DAILY, William 26 Jul 1876 42y about Daily, Michael MCCULLEN, Not listed East St. Louis
DALERMOUS, Infant [Mar 1873] 1h East St. Louis
DALTON, John 4 Aug 1866
DALTON, Michael 4 Aug 1866
DALTON, Nanna 4 Aug 1866
DALY, James 2 Sep 1866 25y about Parish cemetery Died in the home of Dr. ALLEN.
DANIELS, Catherine 30 Mar 1943 85y St. Bridget in Quincy, IL Wife of Patrick Daniels.
DANLEY, Charles 27 Dec 1899 32y Mt. Carmel
DARMEY, Ellen 23 Jul 1881 48y St. Louis Wife of Maurice DORMEY
DARMODY, Margaret 5 Aug 1889 18y German cemetery
DARMODY, Mary 13 Aug 1873 6d East St. Louis
DARMODY, Thomas 3 May 1949 62y Darmody, Thomas Not listed, Stasia Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.
DAUTY, George 11 Jul 1876 41y East St. Louis Husband of Jane Hana [born] LAW.
DAVIS, Eugene 18 Aug 1911 2y Davis, William Mt. Carmel
DE SHIELDS, Ellen 28 Mar 1911 De Shields, Henry Mt. Carmel
DEAN, Joanna 9 Mar 1878 17y Dean, Jerry Not listed, Julia St. Louis, MO
DEAN, Patrick 26 Mar 1897 Mt. Carmel
DEARTH, Henry (Convert) 9 Jun 1879 50y about
DEHAHN, Dr. Henry J. 25 Jun 1921 63y Holy Cross Cancer.
DELANCHORT, Gladys 27 Jan 1898 7y Mt. Carmel A brain fever
DELANEY, John 2 Sep 1866 8d Delaney, John MCCABE, Birgitta Parish cemetery
DELANEY, Maurice 31 Dec 1944 79y Mt. Carmel
DELEANEY, Mary 4 Sep 1880 45y Calvary-St. Louis Wife of John Delaney.
DELEANY, John 3 Dec 1885 St. Louis
DELEANY, Patrick [Dec 1873] 9y 6m Deleany, John LENARD, Mary St. Louis
DELMORE, John 21 Nov 1911 72y Delmore, John Mt. Carmel
DELOUNCHAW, A. B. 4 Sep 1896 40y Mt. Carmel
DEMODY, Johanna 23 Nov 1906 62y Mt. Carmel
DENEHER, Rev. James 23 Jul 1881 47y St. Louis
DENNEHY, Jerry 18 Jun 1923 47y Mt. Carmel
DENNINGER, Billy 6 Feb 1948 5m Denninger, Andrew PETERSON, Jean Holy Cross
DERMODY, Michael 15 Sep 1901 30y Dermody, Michael BRESNAHAN, Johanna Mt. Carmel
DESMOND, John 3 Jun 1874 9y 2m Desmond, Cornelius HIRLEY, Catherine East St. Louis Drowned.
DESSIT, William 27 Apr 1906 20y Dessit, John HOPKINS, Catherine Mt. Carmel
DEVINE, Elizabeth 16 Apr 1949 59y Mt. Carmel Wife of Edward Devine.
DEVIT, Martin 11 Jul 1886 48y Devit, John O’HARA, Mary German cemetery
DEWARD, Agnes 17 Oct 1895 78y German cemetery
DEWARD, Mrs. Mary 14 Apr 1881 45y St. Louis
DIAMOND, John 14 Feb 1882 24y Diamond, Arch EGAN, Ann German cemetery
DIETZ, Ellen 25 Oct 1905 24y MCKENZIE, Archie LACEY, Mary Mt. Carmel
DILL, Mrs. Alice 19 Sep 1891 54y Mt. Carmel First single grave – adult.
DILLON, Child of Mrs. 3 Aug 1887 5y German cemetery
DILLON, Ed. 3 Jun 1889 German cemetery
DILLON, Johanna 20 Apr 1905 34y Mt. Carmel
DILLON, John 18 Nov 1887 80y German cemetery
DILLON, Kate 23 Sep 1880 41y GLAVAN, Not listed Calvary-St. Louis Wife of Patrick Dillon.
DILLON, Mary 31 Jan 1875 70y Calvary Wife of John Dillon. Pneumonia.
DILLON, Michael 15 Feb 1899 60y Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
DILLON, Patrick 1 Jan 1886 55y St. Louis, MO
DILLON, William 7 Mar 1905 36y Mt. Carmel
DISSETT, John 2 Jan 1912 55y Mt. Carmel
DITTZENBERG, Martin 10 Apr 1901 64y Dittzenberg, Jacob Mt. Carmel
DITZENBERG, Fred. 7 Feb 1944 69y Mt. Carmel Husband of Helen GRADY.
DIXON, Frank L. 19 May 1921 43y Holy Cross Died suddenly and was a convert and an exemplary Catholic.
DOBBINS, Mary A. 14 May 1920 76y Mt. Carmel
DODSON, Mary C. 28 Nov 1925 76y Mt. Carmel
DOFFLOU, Samuel 13 Dec 1927 37y Mt. Carmel
DOFFLOW, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1920 58y Mt. Carmel
DOFFLOW, Jr., Catherina 10 Feb 1917 28y NUGENT, Not listed Mt. Carmel
DOFFLOW, Robert 17 Nov 1901 48y Calvary Husband of Catherine [born] HALLORAN.
DOHERTY, Mary Catherine 20 Jul 1922 1y 5m Doherty, Joseph Mt. Carmel
DOHERTY, Thomas 26 May 1922 21y Mt. Carmel
DOLAN, Henry 28 Dec 1935 65y Mt. Carmel
DOLAN, Margaret 28 Nov 1880 1y 6m Dolan, James FAGAN, Rose German cemetery
DOLAN, Mary Ann 9 Mar 1949 74y Mt. Carmel Wife of Harry Dolan.
DOLTON, Catharine 16 Mar 1874 6m Dolton, John DOUGHERTY, Hanora East St. Louis
DONDON, Michael 7 Feb 1935 67y Mt. Carmel
DONNOLLEY, John 14 Jul 1906 5y Mt. Carmel
DONNOLLY, Patrick 24 Jan 1909 70y Donnolly, John Mt. Carmel
DONOGHOE, Mary Ellen 14 Jul 1873 5m East St. Louis C. G. Cholera morbus.
DONOGHUE, Not listed 16 Sep 1873
DONOHOE, Martin 13 Jul 1907 65y ? [sic] Mt. Carmel
DONOHOE, William 22 Jan 1908 38y Mt. Carmel
DONOHUE, Mrs. 18 May 1891 25y Mt. Carmel Wife of James H. Donohue.
DONOVAN, Jerry 3 Jun 1929 59y Mt. Carmel
DONOVAN, John 29 Sep 1916 23y Donovan, John HOUK, Mary Mt. Carmel
DOODY, Mrs. Mary 28 Feb 1898 80y Calvary Old age.
DOOLEY, Elizabeth 30 Jul 1902 5y Dooley, John O’ROURKE, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel This entry is crossed out. See entry for Elizabeth HYLAND.
DOOLEY, Elizabeth 13 May 1904 57y O’ROURKE, Not listed Mt. Carmel
DOOLEY, Thomas 31 Oct 1892 21y 21d Dooley, John ROURKE, Eliza Mt. Carmel
DOOLEY, William James 6 Feb 1901 1y Dooley, Oscar MURPHY, Isabella Mt. Carmel
DORAN, Richard 10 Mar 1900 25y Doran, James QUINLAN, Margareth Mt. Carmel Consumption
DORGAN, Anna 6 Mar 1908 41y Mt. Carmel
DORGAN, Catherine 2 Apr 1921 63y Mt. Carmel
DORGAN, Eliza 11 Jan 1882 1y 3d Dorgan, Patrick CONNORS, Kate German cemetery
DORGAN, James 1 Feb 1882 42y German cemetery
DORGAN, James 21 Jan 1917 Dorgan, Michael Mt. Carmel
DORGAN, John Joseph 2 Oct 1925 40y Mt. Carmel
DORGAN, Katie 24 Oct 1889 12y Dorgan, Patrick O’CONNORS, Kate German cemetery
DORGAN, Michael 18 Sep 1908 51y Dorgan, Michael Mt. Carmel
DORGAN, Michael (Single man) 21 Mar 1902 45y Dorgan, John MULQUEENEY, Bridget St. Henry Pneumonia.
DORGAN, Patrick 28 Jul 1916 61y Mt. Carmel From Ireland
DORGAN, Thomas 9 Jul 1916 26y Dorgan, Michael CURTIN, Anna Mt. Carmel
DORSEY, Anna 6 Jun 1924 50y Mt. Carmel
DOUARD, John Louis Adolph 8 Jan 1866 7 [y] Douard, Adolph BINET, Maria Delphina Vieigallici [Old French] Cemetery Died in the home of Dr. HAMMOND.
DOUGHERTY, Kate 20 Mar 1882 60y German cemetery Wife of Michael Dougherty.
DOUGHERTY, Leo 19 Aug 1938 35y Mt. Carmel
DOUGHERTY, Martha June 27 Feb 1873 Calvary Dyspepsia.
DOUGHERTY, Michael 12 Jan 1888 80y German cemetery
DOUGHERTY, Terence 14 Apr 1919 58y Mt. Carmel Buried on Holy Thursday.
DOUGHERTY, Thomas 8 May 1934 62y Mt. Carmel
DOUGHTER, Joanna Dec 1875
DOWD, Frances 8 Nov 1914 38y MURRAY, John Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
DOWD, Thomas J. 3 Sep 1914 46y Dowd, Michael Mt. Carmel
DOWLING, Not listed 13 Sep 1904
DOWNEY, Anny 17 Apr 1874 4y 7m Downey, Pierce HOGAN, Bridget East St. Louis
DOWNEY, John 23 Mar 1904 46y Mt. Carmel Killed.
DOWNEY, Mary 9 Jul 1938 49y Mt. Carmel
DOWNEY, Mrs. 16 Oct 1883 German cemetery
DOWNEY, Mrs. Rose 13 Oct 1889 59y St. Louis, MO
DOWNEY, Rachel 10 Dec 1932 82y Mt. Carmel
DOYLE, Eugine Martin 22 Jan 1887 11m 16d Doyle, James MCCARDELL, Margaret St. Louis, MO
DOYLE, J. Michael 25 Jan 1943 70y Mt. Hope Husband of Josephine BLECKER. Received sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO
DOYLE, James S. 22 Jul 1919 24y Doyle, Louis SPAULDING, Emma Mt. Carmel Drowned near Washington, IN
DOYLE, John J. 20 Apr 1912 Doyle, Martin Mt. Carmel
DOYLE, Louis 26 Jun 1931 57y Mt. Carmel
DOYLE, Margaret 28 Nov 1880 16y Doyle, Thomas DELENEY, Ellen Decatur, IL
DOYLE, Martin 2 Apr 1873 Calvary-St. Louis, MO Drinking.
DOYLE, Mary Ann 22 Jan 1881 39y German cemetery Wife of Martin Doyle.
DOYLE, Mrs. Margaret 12 Sep 1882 75y Calvary-St. Louis
DOYLE, Mrs. Mary 31 Dec 1891 28y St. Louis, MO Wife of James Doyle.
DOYLE, Patrick 13 Mar 1873 12y Pana Decatur Hurt by a car
DOYLE, Stella 3 Oct 1881 1y Doyle, Martin REGAN, Ann German cemetery
DOYLE, Timothy 21 Mar 1888 64y St. Louis, MO
DOYLE, Walter 31 Aug 1949 52y Mt. Carmel
DOYLE, William 24 Dec 1915 Mt. Carmel
DOZA, Raymond B. 9 Nov 1943 57y Mt. Carmel Husband of Mildred BURKE. From New York.
DRAGON, Joseph L. 6 Feb 1892 47y St. Louis
DRENNAN, E. J. 14 Aug 1923 40y Mt. Carmel
DRENNAN, Leo 16 Sep 1906 7y Drennan, Edward MCKENZIE, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
DRENNAN, Leona 3 Dec 1916 1y 6m Mt. Carmel
DRENNAN, Martin 2 Apr 1927 68y Mt. Carmel
DRISCOL, James 16 Jul 1883 2y Driscol, James MCCARTY, Joanna German cemetery
DRISCOLL, John 5 Jul 1890 30y German cemetery Killed by cars.
DRISCOLL, Josephina 27 Aug 1881 15m Driscoll, John MCC _TY, Johanna German cemetery
DRISCOLL, Patrick 9 Apr 1886 35y St. Louis Shot by Sheriff’s Deputy Marshals.
DRISCOLL, Rose 24 Jun 1901 26y Driscoll, Timothy SULLIVAN, Mary Mt. Carmel
DRISCOLL, Rose 23 Jun 1901 32y Driscoll, Timothy SULLIVAN, Mary Mt. Carmel
DRUM, John 13 Feb 1899 70y Calvary Pneumonia.
DRUMME, William H. 19 Aug 1949 59y Drumme, Nicholas COBLE, Martha Mt. Carmel
DUBLIN, John 31 Mar 1943 75y Dublin, Patrick Not listed, Catherine Calvary – Villa Ridge, IL
DUBLIN, Margaret 1 Mar 1930 58y Villa Ridge, IL
DUBOIS, Marshall 27 Mar 1909 2y Dubois, Francis Mt. Carmel
DUBOISE, Bernard Rudolph 8 Mar 1911 14m DuBoise, Francis A. Mt. Carmel
DUBOISE, Mary 25 Dec 1910 22y MERCER, James Mt. Carmel
DUDY, Dan 7 Mar 1884 49y German cemetery
DUFFLOW, Leontine 7 Jan 1877 [See incomplete record, image 23]
DUFFY, Bridget 8 Nov 1907 71y Mt. Carmel
DUGAL, Frank H. 10 Jan 1897 70y Calvary
DUGAN, Ann 1 Apr 1910 24y GILROY, Thomas HARRIS, Ellen Mt. Carmel
DUGAN, Mary E. 18 Oct 1908 6m Dugan, John Mt. Carmel
DUGGAN, Catharine 2 Jan 1873 30y East St. Louis C graveyard Small pox.
DUGGAN, Elizabeth 9 Jan 1873 8d East St. Louis C graveyard Died on account of mother’s death.
DUKE, Thomas 23 Aug 1926 55y Mt. Carmel
DUKE, Walter 31 Jan 1947 71y Holy Cross Received sacraments at St. Mary’s Hospital. Husband of Lulu BICKERT
DULLAHAN, Mary 1 Jan 1881 O’HARE, Not listed German cemetery
DUMPHY, Johanna 28 Feb 1901 57y HOGAN, John SCHROCKROW, Johanna Mt. Carmel
DUMPHY, John 12 Jan 1904 60y Mt. Carmel
DUMPHY, Joseph 18 Sep 1919 7y Dumphy, John LYONS, Sara Mt. Carmel Burned in an accident.
DUNCAN, James 15 Sep 1939 47y Mt. Carmel
DUNCAN, Mary Ursula 27 Dec 1941 79y Mt. Carmel
DUNN, Ellen 15 Jun 1873 Calvary Child birth.
DUNN, James 16 Jan 1891 19y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
DUNN, Regina H. 13 Sep 1881 6d Dunn, Lawrence RIELY, Sara German cemetery
DUNWORTH, Cornelius 18 Mar 1902 2y Dunworth, John MCAULIFFE, Ellen Mt. Carmel Pneumonia.
DWYER (CROTTY), George E. 13 Feb 1916 43y Dwyer, Patrick J. BAUGH, Anna Mt. Carmel Dwyer is crossed out with Crotty written above it.
DWYER, Anna 13 Jul 1923 57y Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Anna 17 Mar 1926 38y Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Bridget 10 Nov 1889 56y German cemetery Wife of Timothy Dwyer.
DWYER, Edward 28 Jan 1891 23y Dwyer, John KELLY, Ester St. Louis, MO
DWYER, Hanna 13 Mar 1929 75y Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Lucy 11 Jun 1923 83y Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Marjorie 1 Apr 1924 52y Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Mary Ellen 22 Oct 1909 40y DRISCOLL, John Mt. Carmel
DWYER, Michael 22 Dec 1894 Mt. Carmel Killed by cars.
DWYER, Mrs. Ester 15 Sep 1884 50y St. Louis Wife of John Dwyer
DWYER, Philip 26 Jan 1874 26y Unknown
EAGAN, Delia 7 Nov 1900 44y Eagan, Bernard DUFFEY, Margaret Calvary
EAGAN, Mark 20 Sep 1875 17m Eagan, Mark CALAGHAN, Ann East St. Louis
EBERTS, Myrtle 10 Dec 1937 Prairie Du Rocher
EDDY, John 14 Apr 1888 15y 10m Eddy, John KELLY, Margaret St. Louis, MO
EDDY, Margaret 11 Dec 1905 64y Calvary-St. Louis, MO
EDDY, Margaret 11 Nov 1904 47y WHALEN, Not listed Mt. Carmel
EDINGER, William John 22 Feb 1905 50y Edinger, John KUTZ, Christina Mt. Carmel
EGAN, Child 10 Jul 1893 1y EGAN, John Mt. Carmel
EGAN, Grace 15 Nov 1880 78y German cemetery
EGGLESTON, Christina 23 Jan 1920 54y Mt. Carmel
ELLIOT, Hugh 21 May 1900 15y Elliot, Florence J. PELTON, Ida St. Henry
ELLIOTT, Thomas 3 Nov 1885 49y German cemetery Husband of Mary [born] O’KEEFFE. Killed by R R cars.
ELLIS, Infant son 28 May 1874 3h Ellis, Harry (Non-Catholic) QUINN, Susan East St. Louis
ELLIS, James E. 20 Jan 1913 27y Ellis, Michael T. HURLEY, Mary A. Mt. Carmel
ELLIS, Maria A. 11 Sep 1917 63y HURLEY, Tim COCKRAN, Maria Mt. Carmel
ENGELHARD, Edward 1 Aug 1947 50y Mt. Carmel Husband of Ida REINIGER Engelhard.
ENGLAND, Thomas V. 22 Mar 1876 32y about East St. Louis
ENRIGHT, Catherine 26 Nov 1901 56y Mt. Carmel Wife of Michael Enright.
ENRIGHT, John P. 10 Jan 1900 38y 8m 25d Enright, John P. GROGAN, Mary Mt. Carmel Congestion of the brain due to falling.
ENRIGHT, Michael 22 Jul 1893 German cemetery Consumption
ENRIGHT, Thomas 4 Jan 1873 33y East St. Louis C graveyard Brain fever.
ENRIGHT, Thomas 19 Oct 1880 17y German cemetery
ENRIGHT, Thomas 8 Jul 1905 34y Mt. Carmel
EPENSTAN, Margaret 25 Dec 1909 55y Epenstan, Joseph Mt. Carmel
ERB, Philipina 8 Apr 1925 62y Mt. Carmel
ERWIN, Mary Louisa 4 Oct 1903 9m Erwin, Patrick F. MYERS, Mary Ellen Mt. Carmel
ERWIN, Thomas 17 Oct 1906 65y Mt. Carmel
ESSLER, Joseph 20 Sep 1950 69y Mt. Carmel From Detroit, MI. BOWERS [is written in left margin]
ESSOP, William (Orphan) 9 Apr 1886 18y St. Louis Accidently shot.
EULBERG, Catharine 30 Dec 1926 67y Breese, IL
EVANS, David D. 6 Jun 1927 80y Mt. Carmel
EVANS, John Henery 10 Sep 1907 15m Mt. Carmel
EVANS, Margaret 18 Oct 1878 43y DOWNEY, Not listed St. Louis, MO Wife of John Evans.
EVANS, Mrs. 13 Nov 1887 54y about St. Louis Wife of John Evans. Killed by cars.
EVELD, Dorothea M. 21 Aug 1912 Eveld, Henry Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO

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