Walnut Hill Volunteers

The St. Clair County Genealogical Society (SCCGS) extends its sincere thanks to the men and women who volunteered their time and talent for the Walnut Hill Cemetery Project, Society members and non-members alike.

Each person had some part in transcribing Lot Cards, proofreading, photographing monuments, selecting and processing the images, and finally coding and uploading the data and images for web display. Thank you, volunteers!

This SCCGS project has concluded. See FAQs for project limitations.


Al Becker, Illinois
Mark Bauer, Illinois
Melinda Cahill, Colorado
Janice Carlson, Illinois
Jacque Devine, Illinois
Godfrey Eardley, Missouri
Sandy Gentry, Missouri
Harold Henderson, Indiana
Margaret Gilligan, Illinois
David Grider, Illinois
Jim Koehr, Maryland
Beth Koenig, Illinois
Sheila Kronenberger, Illinois
Dave Lossos, Missouri
Scott McClure, Virginia
Peg Mercurio, Florida
Paul Muskopf, Illinois
Jane Neely, Oklahoma
Judy Phelps, Illinois
Lisa Doussard Plegge, Virginia
Linda Reichert, Missouri
Susan Stammer, Illinois
Sandy Stoerrle, California
Gretchen Tinkle, Illinois
Carrie Tuck, Missouri
Sande Viau, California
Diane Walsh, Illinois
Volunteer photographers at Walnut Hill Cemetery
Volunteer photographers, Margaret, Jacque, and Al
at Walnut Hill Cemetery September 2008.


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