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St. Mary (Belleville) Burials (1894–Sep 1957)

INTRODUCTION to St. Mary (Belleville) and links to other church records.

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ABEGG, Ida 1 Dec 1956 74y Abegg, Henry Green Mount
ADAMSON, Barbara 24 Mar 1919 39y BUHR, Dominic BOGGY, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary Hospital
ADLER, Martha 28 Dec 1911 4y Adler, Max DILL, Mathilda Mt. Carmel
ADLER, Max 15 Mar 1951 83y DILL, Mathilda Mt. Carmel
ADRIAN, Mrs. Catherine 7 Jan 1939 80y Adrian, Simon Green Mount
AHRSTEIN, Magdalena 14 Jan 1917 85y FUCHS, Conrad Green Mount From Stookey Township
ALBERTI, Johanna Barbara 24 Feb 1953 2m 10d Alberti, Robert MUELLER, Barbara Green Mount Baptized
AMLUNG, Jacob 28 Sep 1940 62y BOWLES, Mary Green Mount
AMLUNG, Magdalena 30 Dec 1928 72y GLANIG, George Not listed, Elizabeth Amlung, Nic. Walnut Hill Sudden death
AMLUNG, Mary 13 Nov 1945 71y Amlung, Jacob Green Mount
ANDRES, Pearl 13 Sep 1956 64y Andres, Walter Mt. Carmel
ARMBRUSTER, Catherine 15 Jan 1909 69y 2m Armbruster, Peter Walnut Hill
ARMBRUSTER, Charles 2 Apr 1898 Infant
ARMBRUSTER, Conrad 13 Nov 1928 63y Armbruster, Peter CORP, Catharine COERS, Mary Walnut Hill
ARMBRUSTER, John 2 Apr 1937 44y Armbruster, Conrad Not listed, Mary Walnut Hill Died at St. Louis Vet Hospital
ARMBRUSTER, Joseph 28 Aug 1953 52y GROVEMEYER, Louise Green Mount Sudden death
ARMBRUSTER, Lena 15 May 1942 72y Armbruster, Louis Green Mount
ARMBRUSTER, Mary 21 Jun 1943 72y Armbruster, Conrad Walnut Hill
ARNOLD, Vernon S. 23 Jun 1946 8y 6m Arnold, Elmer ARMBRUSTER, Clara Mt. Carmel
ARNOLD, Wayne Victor (Twin) 5 Jun 1951 2d Arnold, Sylvester W. PORETH [?], Marie J. Green Mount Baptized
ARNOLD, William Sylvester (Twin) 4 Jun 1951 1d Arnold, Sylvester W. PORETH [?], Marie J. Green Mount Baptized
AUER, John 28 Dec 1953 68y NEWMANN, Lilly Walnut Hill
AUGUSTINE, Anthony 67y MIGILINCO, Martha Green Mount [Appears between Jul & Aug 1957 entries]
BARBEAU, Grace 14 Mar 1941 57y Barbeau, James Green Mount
BARBEAU, Louisa 28 Jan 1917 76y MCNABB, William BREWER, Matilda Green Mount
BAUER, Aloys A. 26 Feb 1954 69y HUBER, Lena (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Andrew 20 Nov 1900 80y
BAUER, Andrew 23 Dec 1911 51y Green Mount Age is approximate
BAUER, Augusta 14 Jun 1930 64y GLAUBER, John FOSSELMAN, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Bernard H. 28 Jan 1957 79y KAUFHOLD, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Catharine 8 May 1918 74y MACKE, Christopher Mt. Carmel Active member of church and benefactor
BAUER, Cecilia 30 Nov 1919 19y Bauer, Francis Not listed, Augusta Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Clemens Aloysius 27 Apr 1912 1m Bauer, Bernard Not listed, Theresa Mt. Calvary
BAUER, Elizabeth 15 May 1936 22y 1m 24d Bauer, Joseph C. RIST, Ida Mascoutah Catholic
BAUER, George 10 Feb 1900 Infant
BAUER, Henry 14 Dec 1907 9y
BAUER, Herman G. 15 Feb 1947 60y GABELMAN, Magdalen Walnut Hill
BAUER, John 13 Nov 1905 65y
BAUER, Leo 25 Sep 1908 Infant
BAUER, Raymond 2 Dec 1946 44y ASHCROFT, Evelyn Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Samuel 11 Sep 1904 2d
BAUER, Samuel 17 May 1930 56y Bauer, John MACKE, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BAUER, Wilhelmina 15 May 1953 66y 2m Bauer, Alonzo Mt. Carmel
BAUMGARTNER, Anton 18 Feb 1938 70y Walnut Hill
BAUMGARTNER, Mrs. Anna 7 Feb 1945 73y Baumgartner, Anton Walnut Hill
BECHERER, Frank 23 Oct 1925 70y Becherer, Richard Mt. Carmel Sudden death
BECHERER, Leona 25 Oct 1921 11y Becherer, Gustav SCHMISSEUR, Francisca Killed by her uncle’s automobile in front of her home.
BECHERER, Mary 1 Sep 1926 48y SCHMISSEUR, Frank RUSSELL, Magdalena Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BECHERER, Mrs. Emma 27 Jan 1932 77y Becherer, Frank (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Often paralytic
BECHERER, Valesca 9 Oct 1924 24y Becherer, Francis Not listed, Emma Mt. Carmel Good member of young ladies sodality
BECK, Eva 16 Dec 1898 83y
BECKER, Friederich 26 Oct 1922 92y Becker, Carl Mt. Carmel Very good Christian.  Two sons strayed
BECKER, George 27 Oct 1951 46y Not listed, Minnie Mt. Carmel
BECKER, Kathleen Linda 14 Sep 1948 14d Becker, Cletus BUSS, Cecilia Walnut Hill Private baptism
BECKER, Louis 14 Apr 1915 50y Mt. Carmel Age is approximate
BECKER, Lugata 26 Jun 1914 76y NOLL, Not listed Mt. Carmel
BECKER, Magdaline 1 May 1903 40y Three dependents survive
BECKMANN, Frank X. 9 Apr 1955 85y ROSS, Mary Mt. Carmel
BEELMAN, Joseph Victor 3 Mar 1913 16m Beelman, Henry Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
BEELMANN, Cornelius 21 May 1915 8y Beelman, Henry Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
BELLEVILLE, Julia 20 Oct 1944 63y Belleville, Edward Walnut Hill Sudden death
BENEDIC, Adolph Aug 1905 Infant
BENEDIC, Richard 30 Jan 1921 52y Walnut Hill
BERGER, Donald 27 Mar 1937 8m BEGER [Berger], Raymond KRAFT, Toleda Green Mount
BERGER, Jr., Roy 10 Aug 1937 2d Berger, Raymond KRAFT, Toleda Green Mount
BERGER, Mary A. Dec 1956 68y Berger, Joseph Walnut Hill
BERKEL, Jacob 29 Jul 1933 63y Berkel, Ignatius SCHAEFER, Margaret Smithton, IL Died of typhoid fever
BERSETT, William E. 2 Dec 1949 69y POETTGEN, Gertrude Calvary in St. Louis
BERTELSMAN, Irwin 3 Aug 1924 25y Bertelsman, John SONTAG, Emilia Holy Cross
BEUCKMAN, Rev. Fred 26 Jun 1934 63y Beuckman, Frederick SCHAMON, Theresa Mt. Carmel
BIEHL, Arthur 29 Aug 1931 31y Biehl, George LENDER, Rose Green Mount Drowned in Lake Chestine [?]
BIESER, Catherine 15 May 1946 73y Bieser, Joseph St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
BIESER, Jr., Joseph 14 Feb 1938 Bieser, Wilford ROESCH, Dolores Green Mount Died at birth
BINGERT, Martha 15 May 1922 76y HOFFMANN, Not listed Mt. Carmel Very excellent Catholic
BISHOP, Raymund 29 Nov 1914 17y Bishop, Joseph WRAY, Sarah Mt. Carmel
BITZA, Catharina 13 Aug 1921 53y SEDIVY, Joseph HLAVALY, Maria St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis
BLAES, Dorothy 1 Feb 1951 21y Blaes, Ado St. Joseph-Lebanon, IL
BLOME, III, Albert 10 Dec 1947 1d Blome, Jr., Albert Green Mount Private baptism
BLONDELL, Elvira 25 May 1956 31y THOUVENOT, Not listed Blondell, Douglas Green Mount
BODMAN, Margaret Theresa 29 Dec 1929 60y KUEHN, Frederick REISBICH, Susan Mt. Carmel Sudden death
BONINO, Maria 5 Dec 1927 52y Bonino, Joseph Mt. Carmel
BONN, Anthony Mar 1927 25y Bonn, Arnold Not listed, Catharina Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BONN, Arnold 21 May 1934 80y Bonn, John WALDORF, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BONN, Catharine 8 Sep 1930 60y Mt. Carmel Born in Germany.  Died suddenly
BOUN, Joseph 18 Feb 1941 41y Boun, Arnold Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel Died in St. Louis City Hospital
BOUR, Mary 17 Jun 1921 57y Bour, Dominic Not listed, Catherine Walnut Hill
BOWENS, Dr. Hugh F. 18 Aug 1949 33y URBAN, Frances Green Mount Sudden death
BRAUCH, Anna 13 Jan 1928 72y BERKEL, Michael HANEBERGER, Catherine Walnut Hill Sudden death
BRAUN, Elsie Anna 4 Dec 1935 44y Braun, Adolph Walnut Hill
BRAWY, Mary Ann 24 Mar 1952 49y Brawy, Joseph Holy Cross
BREIDENBACH, Elizabeth 5 Dec 1942 83y Breidenbach, William (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Sudden death
BREIDENBACH, John 10 Oct 1918 28y Breidenbach, Rudolph Mt. Carmel Killed on battle field in France in Oct 1918.  Buried 19 Apr 1921.
BREIDENBACH, Rudolph 30 Mar 1922 64y —- Mt. Carmel Very good Christian with two daughters fallen away.
BRELLA, John 10 Nov 1906 Infant
BRENNER, Rosa 23 Jul 1923 4y Brenner, William Not listed, Wilhelmina Mt. Carmel [Entered after Jan 1925 entry]
BRENNER, William 28 Aug 1924 50y Brenner, Martin BISHOP, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BRODEN, Jacob 1911
BROWY, Helen 9 Nov 1945 53y Browy, Joseph Green Mount
BUDDE, Edward 29 Oct 1918 43y Budde, William MAGANDER, Louisa Died of Spanish influenza & pneumonia
BUDDE, Edward F. 23 Mar 1943 37y Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel Killed by train at midnight.  Was at Alton State Hospital
BUDDE, William 28 Oct 1918 16y Budde, Edward WEBER, Anna Died of influenza & pneumonia
BUECHLER, Adolph 9 Oct 1949 64y 6m Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
BUECHLER, Daniel 25 Jan 1917 69y Walnut Hill
BUECHLER, Henry 30 Apr 1914 21y Buechler, Wilhelm Walnut Hill
BUECHLER, John 23 Apr 1911 6y Buechler, John HOPFINGER, Marie Age is approximate
BUHR, Bernard Joseph 26 Jan 1931 4m Buhr, John BISHOP, Loretta
BUHR, Dominic 17 Nov 1906 80y
BUHR, Edward 17 May 1917 22y Buhr, Nicholas SCHUH, Helena Mt. Carmel [See record]
BUHR, John 9 Jan 1938 51y Buhr, Nicholas BISHOP, Lorena Mt. Carmel
BUHR, Josephina 21 Feb 1912 26y EPPLE, Celestina Green Mount Died of tuberculosis
BUHR, Magdalena 23 May 1929 71y SCHUH, Peter Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BUNGERT, John J. 26 Apr 1942 95y HOFFMANN, Martha (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
BURKHARD, John D. 1 Apr 1942 62y Not listed, Clara Green Mount Sudden death
BURKHARDT, Adam 11 Oct 1919 45y Burkhardt, David Francis Green Mount
BURKHARDT, David Francis 17 Feb 1918 Green Mount Good old pioneer of parish
BURKHARDT, Emil 28 Sep 1946 48y Burkhardt, Adolph ST. EVE, Josephine St. Peter & Paul – Waterloo, IL
BURKHARDT, Josephine 5 Feb 1937 75y Burkhardt, Adolph Waterloo, IL Catholic
BURKHARDT, Mary 15 Nov 1951 81y Green Mount
BURNS, Joseph 17 Nov 1948 56y Not listed, Sophia Green Mount
BURNS, Sophia 20 Sep 1947 54y Burns, Joseph Green Mount Sudden death
BURR, Augusta Elizabeth 22 Aug 1909 31y 7m 19d BUEHLER, William WETZEL, Louise Burr, Jacob
BUSS, Charles J. 23 Jan 1954 68y RIST, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
BUSSEN, Anna 31 May 1948 76y Bussen, Anton St. Peter & Paul – Waterloo, IL
CALHOUN, Jeanette 31 Mar 1938 8y Calhoun, James FALCETTI, Genevieve Green Mount Died of black diphtheria
CALHOUN, Richard 24 Mar 1938 4y Calhoun, James FALCETTI, Genevieve Green Mount Died of black diphtheria
CEVENGROS, Margaret 20 Mar 1920 7y Cevengros, Joseph SENGER, Paulina Green Mount Died of measles & pneumonia.  In 1st grade at school
CHIANAMONTE, Frank 3 Sep 1956 57y WALTERS, Catherine Green Mount
CLAVES, Henry 16 Sep 1902 40y Wife and 3 sons survive
COLLINS, Elizabeth 27 Aug 1951 85y 9m Collins, Walter Green Mount
COLLINS, Walter 30 Apr 1950 81y FLUCH, Elizabeth Green Mount
COMPTI, Susanna Ursula 19 Nov 1909 3h Compti, Albert BLACKLE, Cecilia Private baptism
CONROY, Dr. J. K. 21 Dec 1936 66y Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount
COONEY, Thomas Cooney, James DOYLE, Bess Died in Honolulu, HI
CRONAN, Charles 17 Feb 1938 72y BEHLMANN, Ottilia Mt. Carmel
CRORK, Cora 20 Apr 1953 77y Crork, William St. Peter & Paul – Waterloo, IL
CROSS, Ellen Mary 11 Jun 1940 80y Cross, William John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
CROSS, Philip G. 4 Oct 1952 68y WEIK, Barbara St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
DAENZER, Caroline 21 Jul 1955 87y Daenzer, Frank Not listed, Catherine Walnut Hill
DAHM, Arthur L. 19 Dec 1956 68y KESSLER, Gertrude Mt. Carmel
DAHM, Emil Dahm, Laurent Green Mount Soldier killed in France 11 Oct 19__.  Buried 13 Oct 1921
DAHM, Emma C. 30 Apr 1952 64y VOELLINGER, Joseph ST. EVE, Elizabeth Dahm, William Green Mount
DAHM, George 23 May 1900 42y
DAHM, George 10 Apr 1948 70y 6m THUL, Delphia Green Mount
DAHM, Helena Adela 26 Dec 1921 10m Dahm, Walter Not listed, Adela
DAHM, John 25 Feb 1920 65y Dahm, John PFLUGMACHER, Maria Green Mount Died suddenly
DAHM, Louis 8 Jan 1933 64y Dahm, Louis MELLEIN, Margaret Green Mount Lingering heart illness
DAHM, Louisa 10 Dec 1937 70y Dahm, Louis J. Green Mount
DAHM, Margaret 23 Jul 1912 67y MELLEIN, Jacob KUHN, Maria Green Mount Lived in parish for 6 months and family desired to be buried from St. Mary
DAHM, Mary 25 Feb 1898 42y
DAHM, Mary M. 14 Mar 1955 89y Dahm, Lawrence (Deceased) Green Mount
DAHM, William G. 10 Jul 1957 69y VOELLINGER, Emma (Deceased) Green Mount
DALLSO, Amadeo 1 Jun 1953 82y DOEHM, Emma T. Green Mount
DANNEHOLD, John 4 Oct 1940 67y Green Mount
DANNEHOLD, Wilhelm 24 Oct 1914 7y Dannehold, John Mt. Carmel Run down by automobile & died the next day
DAUBACH, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1946 70y Daubach, George (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Died in East St. Louis
DAUBACH, George 4 Jul 1952 78y KREITNER, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
DAUBACH, William 8 Nov 1928 75y Daubach, Peter Not listed, Emilia REHM, Theresa Walnut Hill
DEGEN, Lena K. 15 Dec 1941 60y Degen, William Walnut Hill
DEGENHARD, Sylvia 16 Dec 1921 3y Degenhard, Joseph Not listed, Emilia Green Mount From Stookey Township
DEGENHARDT, Joseph 30 Jun 1952 71y FALBE, Amelia (Deceased) Green Mount
DEGENHARDT, Mrs. Amelia 21 Jan 1935 54y Degenhardt, Joseph Green Mount
DEKUM, Dominic 24 Aug 1912 61y Dekum, Dominic KLOCKE, Anna Walnut Hill See Foundation Record p23
DEKUM, Louisa 7 Mar 1925 85y SCHMISSEUR, Not listed Walnut Hill
DEMPSEY, Sister Edgar S S N D 26 Apr 1934 72y Dempsey, Peter Not listed, Mary Green Mount Died of a heart attack
DENZER, Catherine 11 Nov 1904 78y Four sons survive
DOMBECK, Frederick 31 Dec 1926 85y Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DROVETTA, Anna 5 Apr 1941 47y Drovetta, Fred Mt. Carmel
DROVETTA, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1948 64y Drovetta, Joseph MEYER, Magdalena Mt. Carmel
DROVETTA, Francis 14 Feb 1920 6y Drovetta, Frederick Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel Born Feb 1914
DROVETTA, Fred 15 Jun 1957 68y HEFTI, Anna Marie – 1st wife; Ida MERTZ SCHWARIG – 2nd wife Mt. Carmel
DROVETTA, John 76y Drovetta, Sr., John Mt. Carmel Died in the Poor House
DROVETTA, Joseph L. 21 May 1936 83y 3m MEYER, Magdalen Mt. Carmel In parish for 34 years.
DROVETTA, Sr., Joseph 12 Sep 1955 71y 9m NEBGEN, Anna Green Mount
DUDA, Catherine 29 Mar 1897 80y
DUFF, Jr., Orville 25 Feb 1953 1d Duff, Orville O’LEARY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
DUKARD, Sr., Claude 11 Jun 1953 61y SCHALLER, Susan Mt. Carmel
DUNCAN, Lena E. 13 Jun 1942 49y Duncan, Lemont St. Bruno in Pinckneyville, IL
DVORACHEK, Rose 16 Apr 1929 21y BORSCH, Rudolf (Step father) Not listed, Bertha Dvorachek, Ernst Mt. Carmel Died at Mt. St. Rose sanitarium in St. Louis
DVORACHEK, Rose 2 Sep 1938 72y Mt. Carmel Mother of Ernest Dvorachek
EDELMANN, Jacob 11 Nov 1952 78y Edelman, Cleopha WEINMAN, Mary Green Mount
EDELMANN, Joseph 3 Sep 1933 57y Edelman, Cleopha Not listed, Mary An. Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
EDELMANN, Katherine 30 Dec 1947 71y Edelmann, Joseph Mt. Carmel
EHRIE, Wendelin 13 Jun 1925 75y Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Anna 29 Dec 1949 88y Ehrstein, Sr., Fred Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Anthony 8 Jan 1939 54y Not listed, Mary Millstadt-Catholic
EHRSTEIN, Bernice Eleonora 23 Oct 1915 10w Ehrstein, Anton LEINGANG, Rosa Green Mount From Stookey Township
EHRSTEIN, Frederick 23 Sep 1950 90y Ehrstein, Anton SWATERS, Anna Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Josephine 22 Jul 1895 5m Ehrstein, Frederick SCHWATERS, Anna
EHRSTEIN, Josephine 21 Mar 1942 77y Ehrstein, Melchior (Deceased) Green Mount Sudden death
EHRSTEIN, Melchior 25 Mar 1935 70y Ehrstein, Anton FUCHS, Magdalena Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Rose Catharine 3 Jun 1927 LEINGANG, Not listed Ehrstein, Anton Millstadt
EISEMANN, John 13 Jul 1940 28y 3m Eisemann, Charles MATHIS, Katie Green Mount Killed in auto accident
EISEMANN, Jr., Charles 15 Aug 1940 31y Eisemann, Charles MATHIS, Katie Green Mount
EISEMANN, Sr., Charles 24 Apr 1946 65y MATHIS, Catherine Green Mount
EISENHAUER, Gertrude 24 Nov 1950 87y 6m Eisenhauer, Philip Green Mount
EISENHAUER, Philipp 15 Feb 1931 74y Eisenhauer, Lawrence ARNOLD, Eva HELFRICH, Gertrude Green Mount
ELLIOTT, Edward 29 Jan 1955 27y Mt. Carmel An orphan.  Died in an auto accident
ERHARDT, Stephen 23 Feb 1953 71y PAULY, Mary Green Mount
ERLINGER, Anna Marie 17 Sep 1902 68y Sudden death
ERLINGER, Anthony 17 Sep 1942 78y NADEAU, Marie Josephine Mt. Carmel
ERLINGER, Carolina Viola 20 Mar 1910 2m 27d Erlinger, William BUFERT, Viola
ERLINGER, Joseph 5 May 1933 74y Erlinger, Nicholas Not listed, Sophie MOLLIER, Christine (Muddoch) Mt. Carmel Lingering heart illness
ERNST, Kenneth 15 Aug 1927 6y Ernst, Edwin WANGLER, Albertine Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ETTELDORF, John 23 Feb 1941 67y Not listed, Bertha Green Mount Died at [Firmin] Desloge Hospital in St. Louis
ETTLING, Minette M. 27 Feb 1956 57y Ettling, George St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
EVERING, FOHL, Anna Maria 29 Jan 1909 81y 11m 1d HESPING, Not listed
FALBE, Mary 9 Jul 1907 80y
FALBE, Mary 17 Jun 1928 72y KLOCKE, Nic. Not listed, Theresa Falbe, Rheinhold Green Mount
FALBE, Rheinhold 18 Apr 1928 72y KLOCKE, Mary Green Mount
FALCETTI, Anthony M. 19 Jul 1950 70y DROVETTA, Catherine (Deceased) Green Mount
FALCETTI, Catherine C. 2 Nov 1937 52y Falcetti, Anthony M. Green Mount
FALCETTI, Dominic 20 Jun 1945 74y Not listed, Regina Green Mount
FALCETTI, Edward 12 Mar 1951 46y Falcetti, Dominic Not listed, Regina Green Mount Died suddenly in his sleep
FALCETTI, Frank 7 May 1950 67y Falcetti, Matthew DROVETTA, Anna Green Mount
FALCETTI, Lawrence 26 Jan 1953 79y HOEHN, Theresa Walnut Hill
FALCETTI, Louis 25 Jan 1947 62y BREUNFLUK, Emma Green Mount Sudden death
FALCETTI, Magdalen 31 Jan 1952 76y Falcetti, Matthew DROVETTA, Anna Green Mount
FALCETTI, Matthew 21 Jun 1911 77y Green Mount
FALCETTI, Matthew 7 Feb 1928 50y Green Mount Accidental death at Niggers Hollow Mus__
FALCETTI, Richard 15 Jul 1923 12y Falcetti, Anton DROVETTA, Catharine Drowned on Stalberg Lake.
FALCETTI, William 31 Jan 1900 35y Sudden death
FALCONER, Wilhelmina 4 Apr 1922 63y KUEHN, Joseph Mt. Carmel Very good Christian.  Her husband deserted her.
FALLER, Joseph 23 Jun 1923 66y —- Good Christian.  Died of heat stroke.
FALLER, Theresa 16 Apr 1919 Mt. Carmel
FARREL, Gertrude 4 May 1901 Infant
FEDER, George 4 Jul 1901 84y
FEDER, Louis 24 Apr 1901 42y
FEDER, Susanna 16 Dec 1896 33y
FEIGLER, Christina 30 Sep 1924 68y SCHOETTLER, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born in Quincy, IL
FELDMAN, Gertrude 29 May 1912 64y OVERBAUER, Baltazar Not listed, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
FELDT, George 18 Apr 1950 63y Green Mount Sudden death
FIEDLER, Elvira Angela 6 Feb 1931 3y Fiedler, Elmer Not listed, Rose Green Mount
FIEDLER, Rosa Angelina 14 May 1946 51y Fiedler, Elmer Green Mount Sudden death
FINK, Jacob 1 Jul 1933 49y Fink, George Not listed, Ida Green Mount Died of heat stroke
FISHER, William P. 1 Nov 1938 41y Green Mount
FLACH, Nicholas 23 May 1951 72y SERTH, Lena Green Mount Sudden death
FOHL, Benjamin J. 13 Jun 1956 76y KONSADT, Ida (Deceased) Walnut Hill
FOHL, Henry Caspar 13 Dec 1929 70y Fohl, Peter Not listed, Anna Walnut Hill Died at Alton State hospital
FOHL, John Arthur 12 Jul 1929 38y Fohl, Henry ZINK, Mary Walnut Hill Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FOHL, Mary 14 Jan 1949 79y 6m Fohl, Henry Walnut Hill
FORNESS, Infant 9 Mar 1928 Infant Forness, Emil DOOLEY, Clara Green Mount Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FORNESS, Wendell John 23 Jul 1950 80y 9m Not listed, Ellen Sts. Peter & Paul – Waterloo, IL
FRANCIS, Ann 9 Nov 1956 59y Francis, John O’DONNELL, Mary Lake View Memorial
FRAZIER, James 25 Feb 1938 62y ROTH, Catherine Green Mount Died in Barnes Hospital St. Louis
FREUDENBERG, Barbara 13 Apr 1924 71y SEILER, Philipp Walnut Hill
FRICK, Margaret 10 Feb 1918 80y Green Mount Age is approximate
FRIEDERICH, Ja 31 Aug 1941 53y VOGT, Caroline Columbia, IL Catholic
GAGNATTI, Dominic 6 Mar 1901 61y From Piemont, Italy.  His wife survives
GANOTTE, Maria 15 Jul 1916 67y DROVETTA, Bartholomew Not listed, Angelina Mt. Carmel
GANTNER, Rosalia 13 Jun 1915 57y Walnut Hill
GARBA, Vernon 27 Mar 1945 31y BERTSCHINGER, Ethel Mae Mascoutah Catholic
GASS, Ellen 30 Jul 1957 91y Gass, John Mt. Carmel
GAUCH, Phoebe 1 Aug 1954 Smithton, IL
GAUL, Mary Ellen 31 Oct 1929 67y FOX, Not listed Gaul, William Walnut Hill
GAUL, William 4 Feb 1922 60y GAUL, Patrick Not listed, Maria Walnut Hill Good man.
GEDDA, Frank 7 Jul 1928 35y Gedda, Frank MASSIOYLIA, Magdalena Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GENTEMANN, Paul William 8 Sep 1919 6m Gentemann, Frederick Not listed, Cecilia Mt. Carmel
GEOLAT, Jerome 28 Aug 1947 29y Geolat, Victor HONER, Anna Mt. Carmel Died in Detroit
GERNETH, Christian 7 Aug 1906 Infant
GERNETH, Erhard 30 Jun 1928 58y Gerneth, Joseph Not listed, Anna REINHARDT, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GERNUTH, Margaret 16 Jul 1943 67y Gernuth, Erhardt Mt. Carmel
GILBERTSON, Clayton 2 Mar 1953 24y WRIGHT, Dorothy Mt. Carmel Sudden death
GLANICK, Elizabeth 23 Feb 1896 86y
GLAUBER, Anna Maria 7 Jun 1946 57y Glauber, Joseph Green Mount
GLAUBER, Leonard 27 Feb 1905 77y
GLAUBER, Margaret Virginia Jun 1918 Glauber, Joseph BAUER, Anna Mt. Carmel [Child days old]
GLOGOOSEK, Frank 22 Dec 1932 57y HERMAN, Antonia Mt. Carmel Died of mine injury and pneumonia at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GLOGORSEK, Rose 18 Dec 1951 51y Glogorsek, Frank Green Mount
GOETZ, Christina 14 Sep 1942 90y Goetz, Charles (Deceased) Old Walnut Hill
GOODNICK, Rose 16 Jan 1896 Goodnick, Simon
GOODNOW, Anna 19 May 1951 57y Goodnow, Harry Sacred Heart – DuQuoin, IL
GRADL, George 19 Oct 1894 4y Gradl, John LINN, Mary
GRADL, John 22 Oct 1894 6y Gradl, John LINN, Mary
GRADL, Joseph 10 May 1920 61y Gradl, Anton Green Mount
GRADL, Ottilia Aug 1905 Infant
GRAEBER, Coeleste 27 May 1942 30y Graeber, Arthur Walnut Hill
GRAFF, William August 15 Sep 1912 34y Graff, Peter HOCK, Philippina Died in Pueblo, CO
GRAU, Elizabeth 21 May 1926 87y NEUNER, Not listed Green Mount
GRAU, Nicholas 13 Sep 1955 63y Grau, Peter HACKER, Mary New Athens -Catholic
GROSSHEIM, Bertha 27 Sep 1904 35y Grossheim, Joseph One daughter survives
GROSSHEIM, Joseph 17 Jan 1905 38y
GROSZCZYK, Ven. Sister M. Altina SSND 28 Nov 1954 84y 10m 25d Groszszyk, Not listed STANCZYK, Genevieve Green Mount
GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Catherine 22 Sep 1912 30y AMLUNG, Nicholas Not listed, Margaret Green Mount
GUENTHER, Andrew 14 Mar 1950 73y Guenther, John Not listed, Magdalena Mt. Carmel
GUENTHER, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1914 79y ZELLER, Not listed Walnut Hill
GUENTHER, John 2 Jan 1913 72y Mt. Carmel
GUENTHER, Katherine 9 Apr 1955 80y Guenther, John Not listed, Magdalena Mt. Carmel
GUENTHER, Magdalena 16 Oct 1929 86y Guenther, John Mt. Carmel
GUENTHER, Nicholas 30 Oct 1952 74y Guenther, John Not listed, Magdalena Mt. Carmel
GUNDLACH, Alphonse Vincent 31 Jan 1919 2d Gundlach, Alphonse Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Infant Infant [Appears after 7 Feb 1929 entry]
GUY, Bridget 8 Jan 1918 37y Mt. Carmel Frightfully cold weather caused postponement of burial from Friday to Monday
HAAS, Agnes 27 Nov 1928 35y BAUER, Frank GLAUBER, Augusta Haas, Peter Mt. Carmel
HAAS, Elizabeth Haas, Nicholas New Athens Catholic
HAAS, Ida 9 Apr 1940 59y Haas, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill Died at Poor Farm
HAAS, Ronald August 8 Jul 1935 9d Haas, Elmer ATHMER, Frances Holy Childhood – Mascoutah, IL
HAMILTON, Charles 31 Oct 1918 29y Hamilton, Mark VICTOR, Elizabeth Died of influenza & pneumonia
HAMILTON, Marcus 16 Mar 1918 60y Hamilton, Carl JOHNSON, Berthina Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.   Convert in ___ [?]
HANUSEN, George 21 May 1923 45y —- Buried from Cathedral
HANWAR, Gertrude 30 Jul 1953 81y Hanwar, John H. Green Mount
HANWAR, John Henry 15 Aug 1937 68y GOUGH, Gertrude Green Mount
HARMANN, Dominic 9 Oct 1945 75y 11m GLAUBER, Elizabeth K. Mt. Carmel
HASENSTAB, John 7 Nov 1896 55y Sudden death
HASS, Nicolaus 17 Jun 1937 73y 11m GRAU, Elizabeth New Athens Catholic
HASSENSTAB, William 25 Jul 1894 13m HASENSTAB, John KERN, Helen
HEAFNER, August 9 Dec 1944 53y PFIFFNER, Amalia Walnut Hill
HECKER, Raymond 24 Mar 1957 54y WOLFERSBERGER, Onita Mt. Carmel
HEFTI, Adam 2 Apr 1909 82y 6m 8d Hefti, Thomas SPEICH, Catherine NOSER, Josephine
HEFTI, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1910 42y 11m 5d SMITH, Damelis SWEIGAND, Margaret Hefti, William Died suddenly after a mission
HEFTI, Josephine 14 Nov 1911 85y Mt. Carmel Age is approximate
HEFTI, William 7 Apr 1900 5y
HEIDENFELDER, Helen 7 Jan 1931 5y Heidenfelder, Henry KUEPER, Gertrude Walnut Hill [See record]
HEIDINGER, Mae 25 Jan 1955 74y Heidinger, Louis Walnut Hill
HELFRICH, Gertrude 14 Jun 1937 43y Helfrich, Jacob St. Michael in Paderborn Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HELFRICH, Robert 25 Nov 1954 20y Helfrich, William Green Mount
HEMANN, John L. 9 Jun 1953 58y WESSEL, Praxedes Green Mount
HEMMER, George 12 Nov 1896 48y Sudden death
HEMMER, Joseph 12 Dec 1896 33y
HENNI, Margaret 3 Sep 1901 Infant
HERBIG, Charles ** SCHIEB, Bertha Green Mount [Appears between Sep & Dec 1955]  Sudden death
HERMAN, Theodore 24 Jun 1934 60y Herman, Frank SIEKMAN, Marie Green Mount Killed accidently
HERMANN, Theresa 22 Oct 1918 87y Walnut Hill
HERPIN, Josephine 7 Oct 1938 67y Not listed, Theresa Walnut Hill
HERPIN, Theresa 19 Jan 1925 88y SCHIRNERBACH [?], John Mt. Carmel
HERR, Jacob 11 Nov 1936 73y LOCKEMANN, Caroline Walnut Hill
HERTLEIN, John 14 Aug 1952 68y Hertlein, George MEMMEL, Maria W. Green Mount Sudden death
HERTLEIN, Theresa Anna 11 Jun 1935 49y Hertlein, John
HERZING, August 28 Jan 1954 46y GUILDIG, Eleonore Green Mount Sudden death
HERZLER, Emma Catharina 27 Mar 1926 54y GRANDCOLAS, Anton ADAMS, Catherine Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HETTENHAUSEN, Infant 14 Jul 1955 4h Hettenhausen, Ronald SCHOBERT, Joanne Green Mount Baptized
HEUER, Florentia Maria 8 Sep 1919 27m Heuer, Henry BUNGERT, Maria Mt. Carmel Died of diphtheria & buried from home.
HEUER, Henry 6 Feb 1936 52y Heuer, Ernest AMRED [?], Emma BUNGERT, Mary Mt. Carmel
HEUER, Martha 14 Jun 1914 6y Heuer, Henry Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel Age is approximate
HEUER, Mary 6 Mar 1940 Heuer, Henry Mt. Carmel Sudden death
HEUER, Mathilda 24 May 1917 5y Heuer, Henry BUNGERT, Maria Mt. Carmel
HEUMANN, Ann 8 Dec 1949 46y ORLET, Not listed Heumann, Earl Calvary- Shiloh, IL
HEUMANN, Martha 20 Mar 1952 72y Heumann, John Mt. Calvary
HICKMAN, Elmer 7 Feb 1929 4m Hickman, Edwin VIERHELLER, Emma Walnut Hill
HICKMANN, Edwin 8 Aug 1936 42y Hickmann, Edwin NOWELL, Marie VIERHELLER, Emma Walnut Hill Convert
HILBERT, Magdalene 9 Mar 1900 73y
HILBUS, Emma M. 11 Oct 1944 52y Hilbus, Ben Mt. Carmel
HILPERT, John Charles 15 Mar 1956 69y HOFFMANN, Barbara Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Mathilda 10 Apr 1954 39y 8m Hoeffken, Paul Green Mount
HOENIG, Anton 5 Jan 1929 70y FLIEGEL, Magdalena Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOERNES, John 17 Jan 1931 69y Hoernes, Lacor. HARBUSH, Mary Mt. Carmel Sudden death
HOERNIS, Mrs. Mary 26 May 1942 72y Hoernis, John (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
HOFF, Emma 28 Aug 1944 82y Hoff, Herman Green Mount
HOFFMAN, Catherine 29 Jan 1929 83y REZNICEK, Anthony Not listed, Magdalena Green Mount
HOFFMANN, Helen 18 Feb 1953 84y Hoffmann, John Mt. Carmel
HOFFMANN, John 27 May 1950 82y Not listed, Lena Mt. Carmel
HOFFMANN, Joseph 14 Aug 1905 60y Wife and children survive.  Died suddenly
HOFFMANN, Joseph 28 Jun 1952 77y RAMEN [?], Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
HOFFMANN, Mary 12 Aug 1950 63y Hoffmann, Joseph REZNICEK, Catherine Green Mount Sudden death
HOFFMANN, Simon 29 Jan 1905 25y Sudden death
HOFFMANN, Stephen Christopher 7 Jan 1951 infant Hoffmann, Cyril Green Mount Still born
HOLDENER, Linus Green Mount Died at the Little Sister of The Poor
HOLDENER, Mary Ann 29 Nov 1909 37y 9m 5d KISSEL, John Holdener, Linus
HOLTKAMP, Rose Mary 4 Jan 1947 22y Holtkamp, Fred KIEFER, Cornelia Mt. Carmel
HOLZER, Catherine 9 Nov 1902 39y Husband and 8 children survive
HOLZER, Walter 20 Nov 1902 2y
HONER, Mary 21 Jul 1946 76y Honer, Theodore (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
HOPFINGER, Barbara 22 Aug 1908 33y Five children survive
HOPFINGER, Francis 23 Aug 1912 67y Hopfinger, Thomas Not listed, Carolina Mt. Carmel
HOPFINGER, Mary 12 Nov 1906 55y A good husband & 7 sons survive
HOPFINGER, William 14 Sep 1919 21y Hopfinger, William ACKERMAN, Barbara Mt. Carmel Injured in R R accident and never recovered consciousness
HOSBACH, Philippina Walnut Hill [Appears in Dec 1954 entries]
HOUSTON, Charles 8 Oct 1950 24y Houston, William Mt. Carmel Killed in auto crash
HUBER, Mary 22 Jun 1933 88y Huber, Blasius Not listed, Mary Trenton, IL
HUBER, William A. 6 Jun 1953 69y MAY, Margaret Mt. Carmel
HUBSCHMITT, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1894 34y MILLER, Not listed
HUCK, Benedict B. 25 May 1956 71y ROTH, Louisa Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL
HUEBLER, Margaret 26 Apr 1923 86y WESTRICH, Not listed Walnut Hill First marriage – WEISS; second marriage – DAUBACH.  Worth $20,000 at death but didn’t support church
HUFFSCHMIDT, Bernardina 20 Jan 1917 66y LUTZ, Wilhelm Not listed, Maria Green Mount
HUG, Anna 5 Jan 1948 63y Hug, Anton J. RINDERER, Christine Green Mount Died at Alton State hospital – inmate for 40 years
HUG, Christina 23 May 1927 81y RINDERER, Not listed Green Mount
HUG, Regina 17 Aug 1898 80y
IDOUX, Paul (Marine) 24 Mar 1945 23y Not listed, Theresa Mt. Carmel Died in service & body shipped from Pacific.  Buried 24 Apr 1948
IDOUX, Theresa 22 Oct 1948 60y Idoux, Joseph Mt. Carmel
IMMING, Bernard 22 Dec 1955 76y HILMES, Margaret Green Mount
ISLER, Catharina Mar 1925 86y ADRIAN, Joseph HELMEYER, Catherine Walnut Hill
ISLER, Mary 30 Sep 1944 65y Walnut Hill
ISSLER, Ferdinand 18 Feb 1904 66y Wife and 4 children survive
ISSLER, Joseph 25 Mar 1905 27y Sudden death
JACOUBEK, Charles 7 May 1936 48y 11m Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
JACOUBEK, Mary 28 Nov 1946 58y Jacoubek, Charles Mt. Carmel Sudden death
JACUBAK, Francis 29 Jan 1922 63y —- Mt. Carmel Died of cancer of the tongue operation.  Good old man two sons fallen away.
JACUBEK, Elizabeth 11 Dec 1918 29y SMITH, John Mt. Carmel Died of Spanish influenza
JAECKEL, Leroy 11 Feb 1957 54y KING, Anna
JAGGLER, Ulrich 3 May 1896 58y
JAKAUBEK, Anna 12 Nov 1927 72y Jakaubek, Frank (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
JAKUBEK, William 8 Mar 1922 31y Jakubek, Francis Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
JANSEN, Henry 20 May 1938 82y ABRECHT, Magdalen Green Mount
JANSSEN, Gerhard 26 Feb 1896 67y Sudden death
JANSSEN, Lucille 13 Nov 1956 41y St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
JANSSEN, Magdaline 16 Sep 1902 38y Husband and 4 children survive
JARGALITIS, Maria 19 Jan 1919 34y SLAPAKITIS, Andrew Mt. Carmel Age is approximate.  Died of influenza and pneumonia
JENZER, Louis 14 May 1956 76y MOESER, Adolphena Smithton Sudden death
JOFFRAY, Margaret 4 Nov 1918 49y Joffray, Peter STARK, Margaret Green Mount Died of influenza & pneumonia
JOFFRAY, Margaret 25 Jun 1929 83y STARK, John Joffray, Peter Green Mount
JOFFRAY, Mary K. 29 Nov 1939 70y Joffray, John Green Mount
JOFFRAY, Peter 19 Jul 1915 71y Joffray, Joseph HEMMER, Maria Green Mount
JOHNSON, Benjamin Stephen 10 Nov 1909 5m 10d Johnson, Benjamin BURNS, Genette
JOHNSON, Catherine 20 Sep 1909 33y 8m 20d ISSLER, Ferdinand ADRIAN, Catherine Johnson, Claude P.
JOHNSON, John 19 Dec 1913 42y Johnson, Jacob Not listed, Bryetta Mt. Carmel From Collinsville
JONAITIS, Not listed Oct 1934 Mt. Carmel
JUNG, Bernice 1 Sep 1934 3y Jung, Erwin Not listed, Frances Holy Childhood – Mascoutah
JUNG, Rose 26 Sep 1897 76y
JUNKER, Martin 26 Oct 1928 87y Not listed, Marian Mt. Carmel
KAIN, Lillian 9 Jun 1953 52y Kain, Albert Walnut Hill Died in an accident.
KAISER, Sr., Joseph 7 Apr 1945 40y Not listed, Simone St. Mathews – Mt. Vernon Sudden death
KAMPHOLD, John 29 Jul 1953 65y GLAUBER, Elizabeth Green Mount
KAPP, Sr., Joseph 29 Dec 1934 58y Kapp, William O’GRADY, Bridget Green Mount Died suddenly
KASSEBAUM, Eugenia 14 Aug 1938 40y Kassebaum, Cornelius Green Mount Sudden death
KASTEL, Mary 1 Oct 1894 28y HERPIN, Joseph SMUTZ, Theresa
KASTNER, Barbara 29 Jun 1912 72y HAEFNER, Andrew Not listed, Apolonia Walnut Hill From Germany
KAUFHOLD, Theodore L. 21 Nov 1930 90y Not listed, Wilhelmina Mt. Carmel
KAUFHOLD, Wilhelmina 17 Dec 1924 79y DIERKES, Christopher Kaufhold, Sr., Theodore Mt. Carmel Died at St. Vincent Hospital
KELLEHER, Harry 23 Jun 1949 61y Not listed, Barbara Walnut Hill [See record]
KELLMEYER, Lena 26 Jun 1944 72y Kellmeyer, Nicholas Mt. Carmel
KELLMEYER, Minnie 29 Mar 1901 4m
KELLMEYER, Nicholas 9 Nov 1954 77y HERZOG, Lena Mt. Carmel
KERCHNER, Carolina 10 Jan 1923 91y SCHLOER, Not listed Walnut Hill Very good Christian
KERCHNER, Emil Jul 1932 72y VOELLINGER, Dina Walnut Hill
KEUTOSKI [Kentoski?], Edward 17 Jan 1924 49y Keutoski, Julius Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel Burned in auto tank explosion
KIEFER, Louisa 26 Oct 1915 89y Walnut Hill
KINCKHARDT, Kathleen 31 Jan 1931 1.5m KLINCKHARDT, Carl HAAS, Frieda Mt. Carmel
KIRCHER (Tircher), Jacob 2 Nov 1906 75y
KLAAS, Catherine 14 Apr 1911 22m Klaas, George RESNICEK, Josephine
KLAAS, Rosa 21 Feb 1938 72y Klaas, Emil Walnut Hill
KLAPP, Caroline 8 Jan 1947 81y Klapp, Marcus (Deceased) Walnut Hill
KLEIER, Augusta 18 Feb 1947 71y St. James – Millstadt Died in Alton State Hospital
KLEIER, Henry 28 Feb 1933 77y Kleier, Bern. HENIPE [?], Caroline Millstadt Paralysis
KLEIN, Arthur 21 Apr 1911 3y Klein, Eugene HUG, Marie Green Mount Age is approximate
KLEIN, August 21 Jun 1924 71y —- Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital.  Father of Eugene Klein.
KLEIN, Mary 29 Sep 1944 56y Klein, Sr., Eugene Green Mount
KLEIN, Sr., Eugene 14 May 1956 71y HUG, Mary Green Mount
KLOES, Anna 15 Jul 1929 64y HORTTMAN, Charles Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
KLUCKER, Thomas 21 Dec 1951 2y Klucker, Herbert MCCAULEY, Not listed Green Mount Baptized
KNAB, Louis 24 Nov 1912
KNEFELKAMP, Marshall 11 Dec 1951 32y GUERRETTAZ, Gloria Mt. Carmel
KNOELLER, Elizabeth 19 Apr 1918 55y BECKER, Jacob Not listed, Wilhelmina Green Mount Lived in parish 16 years but didn’t attend church.
KOEHLER, Henry 11 Apr 1903 80y Sudden death
KOHLER, George Aug 1905 Infant
KOLDEHOFF, Herman H. 14 Nov 1936 65y Not listed, Minnie Green Mount
KOLDEHOFF, William 25 Jun 1937 33y Not listed, Hilda Millstadt Catholic Died in Alton State Hospital
KRAMER, Norman 17 Jul 1956 37y SCHMISSEUR, Margie Green Mount
KRAUS, Emelia 11 Mar 1929 26y UHLER, Edward SEYER, Adelina Kraus, Urban Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
KREITNER, Eugene W. 22 Sep 1942 54y Not listed, Melba Green Mount Sudden death
KREITNER, George 7 Oct 1930 70y Kreitner, Frank LENGE, Barbara Walnut Hill
KREITNER, Louise 1 Mar 1936 72y Kreitner, Sr., Joseph Walnut Hill
KRIEG, Earl James 9 Dec 1953 10d Krieg, Earl ANDREWS, Joy Walnut Hill
KRUPP, Anna 17 Feb 1941 71y Krupp, Jacob J. Green Mount
KRUPP, Arthur 23 Apr 1957 65y Krupp, Jacob Not listed, Anna Green Mount Died suddenly in car accident
KRUPP, Jacob J. 7 Jun 1949 83y Not listed, Anna Green Mount
KUEHN, Anna Mary 21 Dec 1955 83y Kuehn, Henry Green Mount
KUEHN, Louis D. 30 Sep 1949 64y RIST, Clara Mt. Carmel
KUEHN, Louise V. 16 Feb 1953 61y Kuehn, Richard Mt. Carmel
KUNST, Anton 17 Dec 1948 84y Mt. Carmel No relatives in USA
LANG, Francis 9 Oct 1913 59y Mt. Carmel
LANGHARST, Catherine 5 Aug 1905 18y
LANGHORST, Christopher 29 Sep 1928 81y LUESSE, Josephine Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LANGHORST, Josephine 9 Jul 1929 81y LUESSE, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Died in St. Louis
LANTER, Karen Ann 22 May 1950 3d Lanter, Kenneth BERTELSMANN, Virginia Green Mount
LANTER, Mary 9 Jul 1895 11m Lanter, August VERNIER, Louise
LAUER, Peter 11 Aug 1937 45y Lauer, Nicolaus KEIL, Catharine Green Mount
LAWLER, Lena 20 Jun 1955 Lawler, Charles Herman (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Died in Alton State Hospital
LERCHER, John 15 Oct 1932 55y DAUBACH, Emma Green Mount Killed by Southern R R train at 44 Str. Crossing
LETTER, Amelia 1 May 1948 50y Letter, William HERMAN, Mary Green Mount
LEY, Rose 17 Oct 1940 45y Ley, Edward St. John – Freeburg
LOEFFLER, Bertha 25 Aug 1929 48y HOELSCHER, Charles Not listed, Helena Loeffler, Jacob (Non-Catholic) Waterloo Catholic
LUEKE, Francis 22 Jan 1909 65y 1m 25d NOLLE, Elizabeth
LUKAC, Mary 16 Jul 1915 6y Lukac, Stephan Not listed, Maria Green Mount Name spelled Lukash in left margin
LUKE, Elizabeth 6 Feb 1912 50y Luke, Bernard Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel Sick long time
LUKE, Ida 25 Apr 1955 71y Luke, Harvey [?] Mt. Carmel
LUNK, Mildred 20 Apr 1946 32y Lunk, Rudolph Mt. Carmel
MAGER, Edward 10 Dec 1944 59y NEHRING, Rose Mt. Carmel
MAIRE, Leon C. 18 Dec 1946 73y 6m Not listed, Catherine Calvary – St. Louis, MO
MALACARNE, Louisa 21 Feb 1954 80y Malacarne, John Mt. Carmel
MANGIPONE, Margaret 6 Apr 1955 70y Mangipone, James Green Mount
MANGIPONE, Rose 21 Jun 1935 41y Mangipone, James Mt. Carmel
MANK, Eugene Green Mount Inmate at Menard Prison
MANK, Francis 17 Dec 1922 40y —- Walnut Hill Paralytic 10 years with 5 children.  Supported by charity.  Age is approximate.
MANK, Walter 30 Nov 1936 37y Green Mount Convert on death bed
MASSERANG, Jacob 3 Jul 1926 88y Green Mount
MASSERANG, John B. 16 Nov 1951 72y Masserang, Jacob HOFEN, Mary Green Mount
MASSERANG, Maria 19 Mar 1924 76y HOFEN, Not listed Green Mount
MASSERANG, Rose 2 Mar 1952 79y Masserang, Jacob HOFEN, Mary Green Mount
MATHIS, John 9 Jan 1940 68y HOEFFKEN, Mary Green Mount
MATYSICK, Frank 15 Mar 1938 55y SPINNENACHER, Amanda Mt. Carmel Victim of great tornado 15 Mar 1938
MAUTERER, H. Jerome 18 Apr 1946 77y Green Mount
MAY, Thomas 20 Oct 1932 75y May, Thomas MCDERMOTT, Bridget Mt. Carmel See News Democrat 20 Oct 1932
MAY, Thomas Michael 9 Sep 1926 42y May, Thomas O’BRIEN, Rose Mt. Carmel
MAYER, William 3 Oct 1948 42y MEIER, Anna Mt. Carmel
MCCORMICK, Charles 13 Nov 1912 72y Pittsburg, PA Baptized 31 Oct 1912
MCKILLOP, James 14 May 1951 49y Not listed, Violet Green Mount Convert on death bed
MEDLE [?], Katherine 5 Jun 1950 63y 6m Medle, John Green Mount
MEIER, Anton 26 Dec 1936 35y Walnut Hill Born in Switzerland.  No U. S. relatives.  Died in County Farm
MEIERSICK, Bernard 8 Jan 1917 79y Meiersick, Gerhard Green Mount
MEIRINK, Paul H. 4 Oct 1938 30y Not listed, Cornelia Green Mount
MELLON, Logan Patrick 19 Nov 1920 57y
MELON, Anna 31 Aug 1903 50y
MENGES, James 28 Aug 1930 66y Menges, James Mt. Carmel Died at County hospital
MENTEL, Elizabeth 5 Sep 1902 27y VOELLINGER, Not listed [?] Husband and daughter survive
MERCURIO, Sr., Charles 5 Jul 1954 66y Not listed, Emma Green Mount Sudden death
MERTZWEILER, Anna 13 Nov 1918 29y RITZHEIMER, Henry Not listed, Emma Mt. Carmel Died of influenza
MERTZWEILER, Anton 16 Mar 1954 74y RITZHEIMER, Anna Mt. Carmel
MERTZWEILER, George 4 Jul 1936 47y 10m Mertzweiler, Anton GRAMON, Caroline Mt. Carmel Found dead in bed
MERTZWEILER, Louise 10 Dec 1947 67y Mertzweiler, Louis Mt. Carmel
MERZWEILER, Anthony 24 Jun 1906 65y Six children survive.  Sudden death.  He was a good man.
MERZWEILER, Louis 13 Dec 1948 73y Not listed, Louise (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
METZE, Carolina 2 Nov 1920 37y RIST, Anton Not listed, Christina Mt. Carmel
METZE, Elizabeth 12 Jul 1927 32y Metze, Valentin BURGGRAFF, Josephine Mt. Carmel
METZE, Joseph 28 Oct 1918 22y Metze, Valentin BUNTGRAF, Josephine Mt. Carmel Died of influenza & pneumonia in US Camp
METZE, Josephine 17 Jul 1957 98y Metz, Valentine (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
METZE, Valentin 7 Dec 1932 86y Metze, Joseph GLANZ, Anna Mt. Carmel Sudden death
MEYER, Catharina 24 Mar 1912 82y DREYER, Not listed Mt. Carmel
MEYER, Elizabeth 18 Nov 1899 30y
MEYER, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1902 32y Husband and 3 children survive
MEYER, Elizabeth 28 Jan 1942 75y Meyer, Fred Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel
MEYER, Emma 25 Nov 1956 89y 6m Meyer, George BRENNER, Theresa Walnut Hill
MEYER, Fred 4 May 1928 68y Meyer, Frederick DREYER, Catherine SCHROEDER, Elizabeth Green Mount
MEYER, Henry 4 Nov 1925 39y Meyer, William M. Not listed, Rosanna Mt. Carmel Killed in a mine
MEYER, Jacob 30 Sep 1904 35y Wife and 1 daughter survive
MEYER, Jacob J. 14 Jun 1949 61y Meyer, Fred Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount
MEYER, John P. 20 Jul 1938 64y LOUIS, Caroline Walnut Hill
MEYER, Julia 30 Oct 1937 67y 3m Meyer, Jacob Walnut Hill
MEYER, Mary C. 16 Sep 1951 67y Meyer, Joseph Green Mount Killed by auto on W. Main when walking to Mass
MEYER, Paul 30 Jun 1951 43y Meyer, Joseph Not listed, Mary Green Mount Sudden death
MEYER, Rossina 2 Oct 1942 75y Meyer, William (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
MEYER, Theresa 18 Sep 1912 71y BRENNER, Joseph Not listed, Thecla Walnut Hill From St. Louis
MEYER, Walter 18 Dec 1923 35y Meyer, George RECE [?], Not listed Ste. Clare – O’Fallon Died of stomach hemorrhage & operation.
MEYER, William 1 Mar 1920 57y Meyer, Frederick Not listed, Catharina
MEYERS, Leonard 23 Aug 1922 63y —- Mt. Carmel Lived in parish 3 years.
MEYERSICK, Anthony 12 Dec 1938 41y Not listed, Anna Green Mount Died at the Veterans Hospital in St. Louis
MEYERSIK, Anna 6 Dec 1944 80y Meyersik, Bernard Green Mount
MILLER, Aloysius 10 Mar 1902 57y Sudden death
MILLER, Johanna 4 Feb 1905 80y
MILLER, Joseph 15 Dec 1894 76y
MILLER, Loretta 20 Jul 1924 22y Miller, John WAMSER, Minnie Walnut Hill
MILLER, Magdaline 31 May 1899 67y
MILLER, Mrs. Louise 30 Nov 1952 83y Miller, Gustav C. (Deceased) Walnut Hill
MILLER, Roman 31 Jan 1917 35y Miller, Francis Not listed, Constantina Mt. Carmel
MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth 3 Sep 1930 16y Montgomery, James PFEIFFER, Amelia Mt. Carmel
MORRISEY, Benjamin 5 Aug 1913 32y Morrissey, Thomas LOTZ, Martha Mt. Carmel Died at Carrier Mills
MORRISEY, Wilfred 18 May 1950 39y HEMMER, Olivia Green Mount
MORRISON, Samuel 13 Sep 1943 62y Walnut Hill
MORRISSEY, Joseph 14 Jan 1927 43y Morrissey, Thomas Not listed, Catharina Mt. Carmel Sudden death
MOSBACHER, Sophia 14 Nov 1951 48y QUININ, Not listed Mosbacher, Jr., Henry Mt. Carmel
MUELLER, Elsie 27 Sep 1910 14y Mueller, John WAMSER, Minnie
MUELLER, Judith Ann 27 Aug 1946 7d Mueller, Donald WOODS, Vivian Calvary – Shiloh
MULLOCH, Mary 14 Dec 1900 3y
MULLOCK, Anna 1 Feb 1929 50y HOFFMANN, Frank Not listed, Catherine Mullock, Frank Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MUNIE, Edgar 17 Jul 1953 50y STROTHMANN, Gertrude Mt. Carmel
MUNIER, Christina 5 Jan 1916 77y GERMAIN, John Walnut Hill
MUREN, Adelaide 14 Jan 1904 36y Muren, Lawrence Three children survive
MUREN, Lawrence 11 Jul 1907 88y Sudden death
NEHRING, Charles 8 Jan 1937 79y Smithton Catholic
NEHRING, Kunigunda 22 Jan 1904 8y
NEHRING, Rose 1 Aug 1952 90y Nehring, Charles St. John – Smithton, IL
NEUFF, Anna 2 Jan 1931 58y Collins, William ILL__, Ava Neuff, Theodore Walnut Hill Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital.
NEUMAN, George 23 Jan 1912 51y Walnut Hill Died suddenly – neglectful
NEUMANN, Mary 29 Aug 1902 80y
NEUNER, William 18 Jan 1953 60y FOURNIE, La Roz Green Mount
NEVENER, Mary 29 May 1943 76y Nevener, John L. Green Mount
NICHOLS, Lawrence 30 Jan 1927 58y Nichols, Thomas PIERCE, Mary Alton Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
NIEDENFUHR, Elizabeth 19 Sep 1952 88y Niedenfuhr, Henry Green Mount
NIEMEYER, Walter 19 Dec 1954 62y Not listed, Florence Mt. Carmel Not Catholic
NOLD, Valentine 12 May 1903 80y
NOSER, Alexander 15 Jun 1914 74y Green Mount Daily attendant at mass
NOSER, Anita 20 Jun 1908 6y
NOSER, Charles Peter 22 Jan 1909 16d Noser, Adolph HASENSTAB, Catherine
NOSER, Mary 4 Feb 1902 60y Sudden death
NOSER, William 3 Jul 1955 49y JULLIS, Leona Green Mount Died in his sleep.
NOTTER, John Michael 12 Mar 1931 82y Notter, Michael KOEHLER, Frederica Mt. Carmel
NOTTER, Mrs. Anna 26 Sep 1934 73y LAUBENTHAL, Jacob WEBBER, Anna Mt. Carmel  
NOVUL [?], Joseph 22 Nov 1940 Mt. Carmel Died at MO Baptist Hospital
NUSBACHER, Frank H. 6 May 1953 70y Nusbacher, Henry ALMER, Olga Mt. Carmel
OBERLECHNER, Anna Marie 22 Jan 1900 75y
OCHS, Margaret 24 Mar 1941 41y Ochs, Dr. Frank A. Okawville
OGNE, Emil 6 Sep 1955 75y KOESTERER, Mary Mt. Carmel
ORLET, Andrew 13 Jan 1948 81y Not listed, Anna M. (Deceased) St. Michael in Paderborn
OSBORNE, Mrs. Clara 24 Feb 1935 50y 7m VOELLINGER, Adam Not listed Elizabeth Green Mount
OUTEN, Elizabeth 27 Jan 1908 80y
PASTOR, Margaret Elizabeth 5 Feb 1923 3m Pastor, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
PENSENEAU, Albert 26 Feb 1914 30y Penseneau, Wilhelm VANCLOOSTER, Maria Walnut Hill
PERCHER, Maria Henrietta 20 Mar 1922 13y Percher, Joseph Not listed, Catharina Green Mount Funeral at Mary of Perpetual Help
PETERS, Albertina 27 Nov 1928 49y THOM, Andrew BECKER, Anna Peters, Bernard (Non-Catholic) Walnut Hill Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
PETERS, Grace 25 Feb 1949 81y Peters, Louis Holy Cross
PETERS, Louis W. 24 Jun 1941 78y Not listed, Grace Holy Cross
PETERS, Mrs. Mary 11 Oct 1935 30y 2m 19d Peters, Alphonse Green Mount
PFIFFNER, Alexander 8 Nov 1912 Mt. Carmel
PFIFFNER, Mary Ellen 6 Feb 1930 61y PUTNAM, Not listed Pfiffner, Alex Mt. Carmel Died in St. Louis
PFLUGMACHER, Anna 8 Sep 1950 78y HARST, John Pflugmacher, Gustave Mt. Carmel
PFLUGMACHER, Catherine 31 Mar 1953 84y Pflugmacher, Michael St. James- Millstadt
PFLUGMACHER, Frank 22 Jul 1943 84y Not listed, Theresa Green Mount
PFLUGMACHER, Irwin 5 Feb 1955 59y HERZOG, Mathilda Mt. Carmel
PFLUGMACHER, Michael 7 Apr 1946 76y Not listed, Catherine St. James – Millstadt
PFLUGMACHER, S. Joseph 8w Pflugmacher, Gus WUEBBLES, Gene Green Mount [Appears Between 8 Jan & 28 Apr 1939]
PHILIPS, Elenora 15 Dec 1941 41y Philips, John Green Mount
PIEK, Agnes 22 Apr 1897 22y Piek, Herman
PIEK, Clementine Marie 7 Feb 1910 4d Piek, Henry BUECHLER, Josephine Private baptism
PIEK, Henry 27 Nov 1937 71y 6m BUECHLER, Josephine Mt. Carmel
PIEK, Josephine 6 Apr 1945 70y Piek, Henry (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
PIEK, Odelia 16 Oct 1942 35y Piek, Joseph Mt. Carmel
PIEKE, Rev. Antonius Theo. 17 Jul 1910 60y Died at St. Vincent Hospital
PIRCHER, Catherine 5 May 1910 74y 5m 10d MILLER, Herman Pircher, Jacob
POELKER, Herman 24 May 1948 55y WEMERTH [?], Anna Mt. Carmel
POELKER, Robert G. 20 Jan 1953 4h Poelker, Robert REEB, Not listed Green Mount Baptized
POHL, Elizabeth 26 Dec 1904 75y
POIROT, Arthur 27 Jan 1926 53y Poirot, Victor FUESS, Not listed Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
POIROT, Irwin 16 Mar 1954 77y Green Mount No living relatives
POLESKY, John 1 Oct 1938 47y Not listed, Addie Mt. Carmel
POLICH, Angela 8 Jul 1954 58y Polich, Charles B. Walnut Hill
POLITO, Rose 2 Dec 1937 61y Polito, Leo Green Mount
PREUSS, Frieda Christina 4 Mar 1943 65y Preuss, Anthony Walnut Hill
PRIEPEL, Rose 17 Jan 1903 65y
PULOWENTE, Mary 2 Jul 1928 32y CONGULESANTI, Not listed GIUSIPA, Not listed Pulowente, Angelo Walnut Hill
QUERIN, Norman 7 Mar 1931 2y 6m Querin, Clemens STEIN [Heim?], Amelia Smithton, IL
QUIRIN, Josephine Margaret 21 Dec 1950 82y 6m Quirin, Philip Smithton Sudden death
QUIRK, John Simon 28 Aug 1912 32y Quirk, Patrick MULCONERY, Not listed Mt. Carmel
RANGE, Theodore 6 Jan 1953 37y REICHERT, Pearl St. Joseph in Cahokia, IL
RANKIN, Edward J. 38y Green Mount [Appears between 4 Dec 1935 & 6 Feb 1936]
RAPP, Anna 5 Aug 1947 75y Rapp, Charles Green Mount
RATHKE, Mary 3 Jul 1942 71y Rathke, Peter (Deceased) Green Mount
RATHKE, Peter 11 Oct 1929 72y Rathke, Peter Not listed, Regina Green Mount
REDMOND, George (Marine) 25 Mar 1945 19y 6m Redmond, Sr., George Alton – Catholic Died in service & body shipped from Pacific.  Buried 5 Apr 1948
REEB, C. 29 Aug 1900 Infant
REEB, Catharina 26 Jul 1915 84y Walnut Hill
REEB, Clara 24 Nov 1954 58y Reeb, Benedict Green Mount
REEB, Joseph 30 Sep 1952 2d Reeb, Emmett RICKERT, Darlene Mt. Carmel
REEB, Nicholas 14 Nov 1943 84y KUHN, Mary Walnut Hill
REEB, Peter 29 Jan 1948 64y Not listed, Luella Green Mount
REEB, Phillip 23 Oct 1911 Walnut Hill
REEB, Richard 17 Jan 1937 2h Reeb, Irwin SHUH, Not listed Mt. Carmel
REHEIS, Paulina C. 13 Jan 1913 45y FLEMING, Julius WITTAUER, Helena Mt. Carmel Dropped dead on street in St. Louis
REHG, Anna 2 Aug 1947 80y PERIO, Mary Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
REIMANN, John 2 Jun 1909 5y 5m 25d Reimann, John DOMANICK, Mary
REINHARDT, Joseph 13 Feb 1949 83y Not listed, Gertrude St. Michael in Paderborn
REINHARDT, Lester 9 Aug 1957 48y STARK, Marie Green Mount
REISSEN, George 29 Oct 1916 16m Reissen, Mathew ZIESKER, Maria Mt. Carmel
REISSEN, Joseph 31 Jul 1944 63y ENDRES, Catherine Mt. Carmel
REISSEN, Maria 24 Apr 1924 70y BROCKER, Henry Not listed, Catharina Mt. Carmel
RENNECKER, Emma 30 Jun 1949 65y Rennecker, Jacob (Deceased) Green Mount Died in East St. Louis
RENNECKER, Henry 3 Feb 1941 24y Rennecker, Jacob ZITT, Emma Green Mount Died in auto accident
RENNECKER, Jacob 2 Oct 1945 72y Not listed, Emma Green Mount Sudden death
RENNSCHEIDT, Herman 14 Mar 1948 76y HOLTKAMP, Mary Green Mount
RENNSCHEIDT, Mary 6 Feb 1955 76y Rennscheidt, Herman (Deceased) Green Mount
RESNICK, Maria 25 Nov 1921 72y CESAK, John Mt. Carmel
REZNICEK, Mary Ann 4 Oct 1954 58y Reznicek, Adolph Green Mount Was sick a long time
RINCK, George W. 13 May 1947 51y MUELLER, Lucille Green Mount Died suddenly at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, MO
RITZHEIMER, Elizabeth 3 Mar 1954 78y Ritzheimer, Frank (Deceased) St. Mary- Trenton, IL Sudden death
RITZHEIMER, Frank 18 Oct 1951 79y WEHRMANN, Elizabeth St. Mary – Trenton, IL
ROACH, Andrew 12 Jul 1953 58y VOELLINGER, Catherine Walnut Hill
ROACH, James P. 2 Aug 1940 59y EATON, Agnes Mt. Carmel Died from over heating – temp over 100
ROACH, John 24 Jun 1926 63y Roach, John WHITE, Sarah Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ROACH, John 14 Feb 1953 70y MACLLEARY [McCleary?], Anabella (Deceased in 1936) Mt. Carmel
ROACH, Mrs. Mary 21 Feb 1935 77y 10m KELLY, John QUINN, Anne Mt. Carmel
ROACH, Mrs. Minnie 6 Nov 1943 76y Roach, Henry Mt. Carmel
ROBERTS, Wash. 19 Dec 1949 71y Mt. Carmel Family requested Catholic burial
ROCKEMANN, Waldo 2 Dec 1946 48y DAUBACH, Mamie Mt. Carmel
RODEMEIER, Joseph 1 Aug 1926 52y Rodemeier, George Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount Killed in auto accident
ROESCH, Joseph P. 15 Mar 1938 54y HARTLET, Eleanora Green Mount Victim of great tornado 15 Mar 1939
ROTH, Adam C. 17 Jun 1956 78y METZE, Mary Mt. Carmel
ROTH, Eleanor 28 Mar 1929 16y Roth, Adam METZE, Mary Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ROTH, Ferd 64y Roth, Leonard HESS, Gertrude WUNDERLICK, Agnes Green Mount Auto accident by machine.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.
ROTH, George C. 10 Feb 1949 76y NEUBIG, Margaret (Deceased) Green Mount Killed by car on W. Main – dead when found
ROTH, Margaret 11 Jan 1948 73y 6m Roth, George Green Mount
ROTH, Mrs. Agnes 5 Feb 1935 71y Roth, Ferdinand Green Mount
ROTH, Nicholas 26 Nov 1918 23y Roth, Ferdinand Not listed, Agnes Green Mount Killed by an American drunken soldier while in the US Army.   Buried 27 Jun 1921
ROTH, William F. 25 Jan 1929 27y Roth, Ferdinand WUNDERLICH, Agnes BAILEY, Rosella Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
RUPPERT, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1952 65y Ruppert, Peter St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
RUSSELL, John Leonard 17 Aug 1941 51y Not listed, Anna Green Mount
RUST, Catherine 8 Mar 1910 67y 6m 19d RUST, Peter REEB, Margaret Rust, Christopher
RUST, Christopher 16 Nov 1930 88y Walnut Hill Married three times
RUST, Christopher 11 Jan 1953 77y Walnut Hill [Appears in Jan 1954 entries]
RUST, Emilie 12 Dec 1918 4y Rust, Christopher KLUGE, Minna Walnut Hill Died of influenza & pneumonia
RUST, Mary Jane 14 Jun 1954 4m Rust, Peter GRIEBEL, Not listed Mt. Carmel Died at St. John Hospital in St. Louis
RUST, Philipp 11 Dec 1918 19y Rust, Christopher KLUGE, Minna Walnut Hill Died of influenza & pneumonia
RUST, Rosa 4 Jul 1921 72y STUARD, Not listed Walnut Hill Died at a hospital
SAARLOUIS, William 11 Feb 1899 58y
SACOSKI, Ben 22 Jul 1910 1m 12d Sacoski, Peter CRISENCHI, Frances
SAINTEVE, Albert 23 Jul 1950 80y Sainteve, John CONRAD, Mary Green Mount
SAINTEVE, Edward A. 14 Dec 1936 81y LEIDENHEIMER, Eva Green Mount Sudden death
SAINTEVE, John 22 Jun 1934 81y Sainteve, John KLOTZER, Theresa Green Mount
SAINTEVE, Jule 22 Jul 1951 75y Not listed, Agnes Green Mount Sudden death
SAINTEVE, Louise 20 Oct 1947 79y 6m Sainteve, John CONRAD, Mary Green Mount Sudden death
SAINTEVE, Mary Eva 6 Sep 1953 89y Sainteve, Edward Green Mount
SAKAWICZ, Peter 8 Jan 1917 45y Walnut Hill
SALAMONI, Rosa 30 Apr 1938 53y Salamoni, Nuncio Green Mount
SAUER, Rev. August J. 15 May 1922 75y —- Green Mount Born 28 Aug [1846?] in Ichenheim, Germany.  Became a priest 25 May 1872 in Muenster, Germany
SCHAEFER, George 4 Nov 1918 33y 5m Schaefer, Henry Not listed, Minnie Walnut Hill Died of Spanish influenza & pneumonia
SCHAEFER, Henry 2 Jun 1933 72y Schaefer, Charles FREY, Christina Mt. Carmel In hospital 10 months [?]
SCHAEFER, John 22 Feb 1951 74y KERN, Alvina Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Wilhelmina 14 Nov 1918 55y BOESCH, Valentin REEB, Catharina Mt. Carmel Died of pneumonia
SCHALLER, Philipp 13 Feb 1928 59y Schaller, Anton PFLUGMACHER, Leona Mt. Carmel Died of a stroke suddenly
SCHILLING, Anna 7 Oct 1932 81y BECKER, Fred Not listed, Margaret Walnut Hill Died of a stroke
SCHILLING, Hugo 9 Feb 1944 36y STOCKEL, Alvira Green Mount Died suddenly in R. R. accident
SCHINNER, Walter 14 Nov 1911 Walnut Hill
SCHLEICHER, Rose Mary 1 Jan 1929 3m Schleicher, James (Non-Catholic) BAYER, Philomena Green Mount
SCHLICH, Amelia 24 Dec 1917 KLOCK, Not listed Mt. Carmel
SCHLICH, John Nicolas 22 Jul 1900 Born 4 Mar 1900
SCHLICH, John Nicolas 13 Jul 1923 60y —- Mt. Carmel From Chicago.  Age is questionable
SCHMIDT, Anton 23 Nov 1919 64y Mt. Carmel
SCHMISSEUR, Francis Joseph 1919 2y 6m Schmisseur, Walter Not listed, Malinda Green Mount [Appears between 16 Apr & 17 May 1919]
SCHMISSEUR, Magdalena 15 Dec 1923 70y RUSSELL, Nicholas Not listed, Rosa Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.
SCHMITTLING, Wilhelmina 5 Jan 1929 41y DAHLMANN, Herman SPRINGHOFF, Agnes Schmittling, Henry Martin Green Mount Sudden death
SCHMITZ, Donald Henry 8 Jun 1935 2d Schmitz, Joseph ROES, Leona Green Mount
SCHMITZ, Henry 24 Apr 1950 73y LISTERBROCK, Catherine Mt. Carmel
SCHNEIDER, Frank 2 Jul 1925 20y Schneider, Dominic FOHL, Clara Walnut Hill
SCHNEIDER, Kent 30 May 1956 8y Schneider, Eugene HEAFNER, Clara Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Mary 29 Oct 1928 80y SCHMIDT, Not listed Schneider, Frederick Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Sarah 23 Dec 1952 68y DUGAN, Not listed Schneider, Philip St. Peter & Paul – Waterloo, IL
SCHNELL, Helen 21 Jun 1945 Green Mount
SCHNIEBERGER, Mary 19 Jun 1944 53y Green Mount
SCHOEN, John 28 Mar 1940 48y SCHOENSTEIN, Adele Mt. Carmel Died suddenly in an accident
SCHOENBORN, Elizabeth 2 Mar 1950 74y Schoenborn, William St. Michael in Paderborn
SCHOENBORN, William 30 Nov 1956 48y FARROUS, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
SCHOENHOFEN, William 12 Feb 1906 8y
SCHOTT, Bertha 10 Aug 1950 73y Schott, Edward Green Mount
SCHRAND, Emma 20 Jun 1947 62y Schrand, John Holy Cross Died in an auto accident
SCHRAND, Thomas 20 Jun 1947 20y Schrand, John Not listed, Emma Holy Cross Died in an auto accident
SCHREMP, Emil 13 Apr 1917 21y Schremp, Ferdinand Mt. Carmel Age is approximate
SCHREMP, Fred 8 Oct 1951 65y Schremp, Ferdinand Jefferson Barracks Found dead
SCHROEDER, Mary 19 Dec 1956 89y Schroeder, Henry (Deceased) Walnut Hill Found dead
SCHUH, Andrew 21 Dec 1916 54y Mt. Carmel
SCHUH, Catherine 18 Feb 1931 92y Meyer, William M. MUREO [?], Anna M. Mt. Carmel
SCHUH, John 2 Mar 1947 78y REUTHER, Margaret Mt. Carmel
SCHUH, Margaret 28 Apr 1939 69y Schuh, John Mt. Carmel
SCHULINE, Esther 8 Aug 1950 59y Schuline, Henry Green Mount Sudden death
SCHULZ, Mary Katherine 14 Apr 1953 91y Schulz, William Aug. Green Mount
SCHULZ, William August 22 Feb 1940 79y 6m GLAUBER, Mary K. Green Mount
SCHUMACHER, Carl 16 Oct 1913 65y Schumacher, Caspar Not listed, Helena Mt. Carmel
SCHUMACHER, Johanna 7 Sep 1915 60y BLUM, Not listed Mt. Carmel
SCHUMACHER, Minna 8 Aug 1915 25y Schumacher, Carl BLUM, Joanna Mt. Carmel
SCHUPP, John 9 Sep 1944 55y LUCASH, Agnes St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
SCHWAB, Helena 25 Jan 1920 43y Schwab, Andrew WAGNER, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died of the flu
SCHWAEGEL, Joyce Ann 5 Sep 1948 1h Schwaegel, Herbert SCOTT, Lorene Mt. Carmel
SCHWARTZ, Lester John 3 Dec 1916 10m Schwartz, Martin Not listed, Josephine Mt. Carmel
SCHWARZ, Martin 16 Jan 1948 80y Not listed, Josephine Green Mount Sudden death
SCHWEIKERT, Anton 9 Mar 1900 78y Sudden death
SEBASTIAN, Frank 10 Dec 1933 60y Sebastian, Frank GERHARD, Julia Mt. Carmel Converted on death bed
SEIB, William 28 Apr 1922 47y Seib, Adam Walnut Hill Convert.  Paralytic two years. Mind failed
SEILE, Elizabeth 26 Mar 1932 41y FUCHS, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
SELL, Alfred 10 May 1910 11y 3m Sell, Christian GRONE, Theresa
SHANER, George 8 May 1944 73y Not listed, Mary Green Mount
SHEIMER, Walter 30 Aug 1917 17y Sheimer, Richard HAWKES, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
SHREMP, Ferdinand 18 Mar 1927 76y Mt. Carmel
SIDDALL, Anna 1 Nov 1915 40y GAUL, Patrick Not listed, Maria Walnut Hill
SIEVEN, Norman William 31 Jul 1917 4d Sieven, William JANSSEN, Minnie Mt. Carmel
SILKEY, Carl Green Mount [Appears between 11 Dec 1942 & 25 Feb 1943]
SINKAS, Charles 5 Apr 1954 62y PIEK, Cecilia Mt. Carmel
SINKEWITZ, John 15 Jan 1946 72y Not listed, Julia Green Mount Died suddenly in coal mine accident
SITZMANN, Dominic 18 Apr 1908 24y
SKINULIS, Charles 21 Apr 1951 76y MESHKOWSKI, Mary Mt. Carmel
SKINULIS, Rosa 14 Jan 1917 3y Skinulis, Casimir Not listed, Maria
SKINULUS, Nancy Anna 3 Oct 1949 60y Skinulus, Charles Mt. Carmel
SMERCZANSKI, Alexander 1 Mar 1916 Green Mount
SMITH, Thomas 10 Aug 1948 64y MEYER, Mary Mt. Carmel
SODAM, Joseph 9 Apr 1944 45y KRUPF, Theresa Green Mount
SODAM, Mary 25 Mar 1950 91y Sodam, George (Deceased) Green Mount
SORG, Charles 16 Nov 1936 67y Sorg, Ed L__G, Christine Walnut Hill Died in St. Louis
SOUCY, Louis 21 Jun 1947 18y Soucy, Stephan Not listed, Mildred Mt. Carmel Died in an auto accident
SPINNEWEBER, Edward J. 11 Jun 1953 54y Spinneweber, Peter Not listed, Minnie (Deceased) Walnut Hill
SPREITLER, Henry 3 May 1943 44y LINDNER, Not listed Mt. Carmel
SPRINZ, Alphons 29 Sep 1916 55y Sprinz, Anton Not listed, Agnes Green Mount
SPRINZ, Vernell 8 Feb 1933 6y Sprinz, Edward HOERNES, Rosetta Mt. Carmel
STAHL, Francis 4 Aug 1908 73y
STAPP, Dora 20 Dec 1946 85y 6m Stapp, Louis Walnut Hill
STAUDER, Adolph 15 Dec 1948 77y Green Mount
STEFFEL, Emily 3 Oct 1900 17y
STEFFEL, William P. 29 Dec 1952 68y SCHOJOBEL, Lena Walnut Hill
STEGER, John 21 Oct 1946 77y Not listed, Rosina Green Mount
STEGER, Simon 6 Jul 1932 92y Steger, Joachim BECKER, Not listed Green Mount
STEGER, Theresa 25 May 1926 85y ITTENSOHN, Not listed Green Mount
STEGHOUS, Joseph 2 Jan 1941 66y BREM, Anna Caseyville, IL
STEGHOUSE, Anna 16 Feb 1942 58y Steghouse, Joseph (Deceased) Caseyville, IL
STEUBER, Peter 22 Jan 1904 36y Died in St. Louis
STIEBERT, Barbara 28 Aug 1913 73y Stiebert, Not listed HOFFMAN, Barbara Green Mount
STIER, John J. 10 Jun 1957 74y KRAECHAN, Frieda C. Green Mount
STOCKEL, Benhardt 10 Jul 1949 68y Not listed, Dora Green Mount
STOCKEL, Viola 2 Jun 1913 5y Stockel, Bernard BUNGERT, Dora Green Mount
STOCKMAN, George 16 Apr 1912 27y Stockman, Carl RICKERT, Theresa Green Mount Epileptic died at asylum in Anna
STOCKMAN, Theresa 17 Feb 1920 56y RISKERT, John Not listed, Margaret Walnut Hill
STOCKMANN, Margaret 1 Feb 1907 62y
STRAUBINGER, Benjamin Joseph 18 Dec 1911 1y Straubinger, Joseph RUST, Catherine Walnut Hill
STRAUBINGER, Catharina 7 Dec 1912 34y RUST, Christopher REEB, C. Walnut Hill
STRAUBINGER, Emily 20 Apr 1957 64y Straubinger, Peter Mt. Carmel
STRAUBINGER, Peter 21 Feb 1955 60y WOLF, Emily Mt. Carmel
STRICKER, Emma 8 Apr 1945 84y Stricker, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
STRICKER, Erwin 14 Aug 1935 50y 6m Stricker, John Not listed, Emma HERZING, Margaret Walnut Hill
STUART, William Henry 3 May 1926 65y Stuart, David Not listed, Hariet Green Mount
STUEBER, Peter 24 Mar 1896 66y
SULLIVAN, Thomas 4 May 1951 42y OBERNAUER, Dorothy Mt. Carmel
TESSON, Mrs. Eliza 12 Oct 1943 84y Tesson, George W. Walnut Hill
THEIS, Charles J. 17 Jun 1941 73y GAIN, Phillipina Mt. Carmel Died by a fall.
THEIS, Dorothy L. 6 Mar 1935 30y 10m Theis, Charles GAIN, Philippina Mt. Carmel
THEIS, Joseph 29 May 1906 4y
THEIS, Nicolas 15 Nov 1902 Ebriosus
THIBOUT, Anna 8 Jan 1950 83y Thibout, Victor (Deceased) Walnut Hill
THIEL, Joseph 21 Sep 1906 Infant
THIRY, Louise K. 16 Jan 1957 65y Thiry, Jule Green Mount
THOM, Andreas 6 Jun 1932 74y Thom, Frederick Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Mary 23 Feb 1942 73y Thouvenot, Emil (Deceased) Green Mount
THUL, Olinda 26 Oct 1943 48y Thul, Adolph Green Mount
TIEMANN, Dorothy 30 Nov 1956 44y Tiemann, Henry Lake View Memorial Gardens
TORRAGROSSA, Vincent 25 Jun 1952 70y Not listed, Josephine Green Mount
TORREGROSSA, Antoinette 11 Jun 1931 81y SCIALABA, Not listed Walnut Hill
TRUTTMAN, Catharina 8 Jan 1918 52y HALFRICHE, John Not listed, Catharina Green Mount Weather frightfully cold.  20 degrees below zero
TRUTTMAN, Louis 21 Aug 1932 71y Truttman, Joseph T. Not listed, Agatha Green Mount Dropped dead
TRUTTMANN, John 26 Sep 1954 62y KRAMER, Tillie Lake View Memorial Gardens Was sick a long time
ULK [?], Frances 22 May 1957 76y Ulk, Joseph Mt. Calvary- Shiloh, IL
VALENTINE, Ida Theresa 7 Sep 1916 2m Valentine, Guisseppi Not listed, Emelia Green Mount
VIERHELLER, Anna 3 Jul 1913 49y HERR, Martin DOLCH, Barbara Mt. Carmel
VIERHELLER, Edward 8 Jun 1933 64y Vierheller, Louis Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died at St. Vincent Home
VIERHELLER, Louisa 31 Oct 1921 42y JOFFRAY, Peter Green Mount
VIRGIN, Margaret 2 May 1910 50y 3d GUTJAHR, Carl FRIES, Margaret Virgin, Henry
VOEGTLE, John 25 Feb 1943 70y NEHRING, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
VOEGTLE, Jr., Philipp 11 Aug 1916 10m Voegtle, Philipp Died of diphtheria & buried from home.
VOEGTLE, Kent Ray 5 Sep 1944 9d Voegtle, Raymond HATTERTMANN [?], Floretta Walnut Hill Baptized at hospital
VOEGTLE, Louise 4 Oct 1901 80y Sudden death
VOEGTLE, Raymond 3 May 1911 3y Voegtle, Anthony NEUMAN, Mary
VOELLINGER, Adam 22 Jan 1924 75y —- Green Mount His daughter Helen died 17 Jan 1924.  From Stookey Township
VOELLINGER, Anna M. 24 Apr 1938 62y Voellinger, William M. Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Barbara 1 May 1953 76y VOELLINGER, Adam Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Elizabeth Dahm 18 Oct 1926 73y DAHM, John Not listed, Barbara Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Frank 20 Nov 1936 85y Not listed, Friederica Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Helena 17 Jan 1924 35y Voellinger, Adam Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount From Stookey Township
VOELLINGER, Isabelle 23 Aug 1902 10m
VOELLINGER, Jacob 15 Feb 1919 71y Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Maria Maria Green Mount Died of Bright’s disease
VOELLINGER, Josephine 20 Nov 1954 44y Voellinger, Lorraine Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Lawrence 13 Mar 1940 61y VOELLINGER, Adam Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Mrs. Friederica 8 Aug 1935 78y Voellinger, Frank Green Mount Died suddenly
VOELLINGER, Peter 7 Aug 1929 75y Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Mary Green Mount
VOELLINGER, William M. 11 Jul 1955 77y 9m REUTERMANN, Anna W. (Deceased) Green Mount
VOETMANN, Bernard 9 Apr 1935 68y Voetmann, Erhardt ESCHENFELDER, Mary Green Mount
VOLK, Dolores May 20 Aug 1940 12y Volk, Lester KNOX, Frances Mt. Carmel Found dead in bed
WADE, Christina 27 Aug 1936 57y Wade, Charles Walnut Hill
WADE, Margaret Cecilia 27 May 1943 43y Wade, Charles Green Mount Died at T. B. sanitarium
WAGNER, Dolores 11 Jun 1954 25y Wagner, Ben BOYER, Not listed Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died as a result of an accident
WAGNER, Josephine 12 Dec 1910 25y VOEGTLE, Philip Not listed, Anna Wagner, William Walnut Hill
WAIGAND, Adam 25 Oct 1942 73y Not listed, Louisa Green Mount
WAIGAND, Louisa 10 May 1949 82y Waigand, Adam Green Mount
WAIGAND, Martin 2 Oct 1948 40y MERTZWEILER, Anita Mt. Carmel
WALKER, William F. 24 Aug 1943 67y 11m Not listed, Catherine Green Mount Died in an accident
WALTER, Adele 6 Dec 1946 44y Walter, William Mt. Carmel
WAMSER, Elizabeth 1 Apr 1940 65y Wamser, Henry Not listed, Anna Walnut Hill
WAMSER, Henry 1 Apr 1951 70y Wamser, Henry BECKER, Ann Walnut Hill
WANDRACHECK, Louisa 31 Jan 1919 59y FUCHS, Conrad Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
WANGELIN, Clara 22 Feb 1956 73y Wangelin, Charles Walnut Hill Converted one year prior
WASSEM, Margaret 7 Mar 1956 53y Wassem, Charles Green Mount Sudden death
WASSER, Bernardine 26 Nov 1943 60y Wasser, Felix Mt. Carmel
WASSER, Elizabeth 2 Aug 1952 73y Wasser, Michael Not listed, Sarah Mt. Carmel
WASSER, Felix 17 Jun 1945 68y Not listed, Bernardine (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Sudden death
WASSER, George 14 Aug 1951 44y Wasser, Felix Not listed, Bernardine Mt. Carmel
WASSER, John A. 16 Jun 1942 57y LOUIS, Olivia Green Mount
WASSER, Joseph 15 Nov 1951 81y 6m Wasser, Michael REGELMANN, Sarah Mt. Carmel
WASSER, Michael 14 Sep 1913 Mt. Carmel
WASSER, Peter L. 13 Jun 1952 77y STOCK, Louise Green Mount
WASSER, Raymond 16 Dec 1944 22y Wasser, John Not listed, Olivia Green Mount Killed in action in Belgium.  Buried 16 Jun 1949
WASSER, Sarah Jane 23 Aug 1936 88y 8m 3d Wasser, Michael Mt. Carmel
WAYLOCK, Sidney Joseph 4 Oct 1953 29y KITCHEN, Leatrice Mt. Carmel
WEBER, Edward 19 Oct 1932 70y Weber, B. HERR, Catherine Green Mount
WEGENSCHEIDE, Will. Edward Feb 1930 1w Wegenscheide, Victor KOLDEHOFF, Agnes Green Mount
WEGNER, Mary 18 Nov 1952 85y Wegner, Martin Green Mount
WEHMEIER, Alex W. 8 Oct 1949 43y GARDNER, Marie Walnut Hill Sudden death
WEICK, Charles 11 Dec 1942 87y Not listed, Elizabeth (Deceased) St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
WEINRICH, Julia 17 May 1919 91y GROTTMAN, Theresa Green Mount
WEIRAUCH, Herman 10 Nov 1901 50y
WEIRAUCH, Julia 31 Oct 1915 WITTAUER, Christopher Walnut Hill
WEISS, Cordelius Edward 21 Sep 1919 4m Weiss, William Not listed, Cordelia Mt. Carmel
WEISS, Thomas Albert 4 Sep 1918 10m Weiss, Wilhelm Not listed, Cora Mt. Carmel Burial is listed as 4 Jun 1918 [?]
WEKENMAN, Carl 15 Aug 1919 77y Wekenman, Regulati HOFF, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Buried by his son Rev. Fred Wekenman of Los Angeles, CA.  Deceased was a great benefactor of the parish.  Donated 4 thousand dollars for an organ.  [Appears in 1920 entries.]
WERNER, Elizabeth 3 Oct 1928 29y DAHM, Lawrence KLAUS, Mary Werner, Orville Green Mount Died at St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis
WESSEL, Cecilia 25 Ju 1943 71y Wessel, Theodore Green Mount
WESSEL, Theodor 1 Jan 1939 73y Green Mount Cousin of St. Eve [?]
WEST, Donald [Twin] 19 Dec 1954 2d West, Robert L. SCHAEFER, Betty Green Mount Baptized
WEST, Douglas [Twin] 27 Dec 1954 9d West, Robert L. SCHAEFER, Betty Green Mount Baptized
WESTRICH, Rita Margaret 14 Mar 1909 6d Westrich, Joseph L. WITTMEIER, Rose
WIEMAR, Elizabeth 26 Feb 1942 85y Wiemar, William A. (Deceased) Walnut Hill
WIEMER, Philip 3 Feb 1930 33y Wiemer, Phillip Not listed, Anna E. Walnut Hill Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WIEMER, Rita Jean 2 Feb 1929 3y Wiemer, Earl GILES, Gladys
WIENERS, George 19 Aug 1921 50y Green Mount Age is approximate.  Adopted son of WEINRICH
WIESEN, John 17 Jan 1923 69y 6m Wiesen, Michael Green Mount Good fellow but didn’t attend church
WIESSEN, Anna 9 Dec 1920 61y MICHELY, Not listed Green Mount Died suddenly in her sleep.
WILBRET, Child 12 Nov 1900 Infant Wilbret, John
WILBRET, Florence 26 Jul 1902 Infant
WILBRET, Ida 7 May 1945 69y Wilbret, John (Deceased) Green Mount
WILBRET, Simon 5 Jan 1917 74y Walnut Hill
WILD, Catherine 22 Mar 1955 59y Wild, Samuel Mt. Carmel Sudden death
WILD, George 15 Sep 1957 73y Wild, George F. SHILLING, Margaret Walnut Hill Sudden death
WILD, Kenneth 28 Oct 1936 17y 6m Wild, Sam BONN, Catherine Mt. Carmel Accidental death
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 30 Dec 1936 35y CONROY, Dr. J. K. Not listed, Elizabeth Williams, Captain in U. S. Air Force Arlington Cemetery in Washington D. C.
WILSON, Albert 7 Jun 1955 75y POLITO, Frances Green Mount Death bed Baptism
WILSON, Margaret 30 Nov 1908 Husband & 2 sons survive
WINKLER, Infant Winkler, Edward STRAUBINGER, Helen Green Mount [Appears between Apr & Sep 1948 entries]
WINKLER, Infant Winkler, Edward STRAUBINGER, Helen Green Mount [Appears between Apr & Sep 1948 entries]
WITTAUER, Amelia 10 Nov 1899 38y
WOLF, Johanna 20 Nov 1954 70y Wolf, Philip (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
WOLF, Otis 11 Mar 1940 26y Wolf, Phil. Mt. Carmel
WRIGHT, Wilbur 13 Jan 1955 45y SMITH, Violet Mt. Carmel
WUEST, Esther 3 Feb 1949 39y Wuest, Clement St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
WUNDERLICH, Sister M. Bertha SSND 18 Jan 1951 64y Green Mount
WYMAN, Charles 28 Nov 1942 71y Not listed, Genevieve Old Walnut Hill Baptized before death
YOCH, John 22 Niv 1941 48y JACOUBEK, Agnes Green Mount
YOCH, Joseph John 23 Feb 1906 Infant
YOCH, Mary Josephine 12 Apr 1948 1d Yoch, Jr., John SCHILLING, Helen Green Mount Baptized
YOCH, Vincent 29 Oct 1930 7m Yoch, Benj. HARTMAN, Julia Green Mount
YOUNG, Leroy 4 Feb 1953 40y HERZOG, Nadine Green Mount
YOUNG, Mary 29 Jul 1949 65y Young, Charles Green Mount
YUNKER, Joseph 13 Apr 1911 28y Yunker, Martin
ZACHARSKI, Johanna 25 Jan 1929 29y Zacharski, August JAEGER, Maria Mt. Carmel Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ZAHN, John 30 Jun 1946 68y Not listed, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
ZEGLOWITSCH, Emilia 5 Dec 1943 68y Zeglowitsch, Frank Green Mount
ZIMMERMANN, John 23 Apr 1905 70y Highland Died on Easter.  Sudden death
ZITT, Margaret 31 Mar 1938 80y Zitt, Henry Columbia, IL Catholic
ZITZMAN, Catharina 4 Dec 1921 63y ZAHN, George Not listed, Margaret Mt. Carmel
ZULAUF, Elizabeth 18 May 1921 85y —- Age is approximate. Died at St. Vincent Old Folks Home
ZULAUF, Samuel 15 Sep 1913 77y Zulauf, Samuel Green Mount Attended mass daily

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