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Sacred Heart (East St. Louis) Catholic Parish Marriages

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Marriages 1902 – 1932


Groom and Groom Location Bride and Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ABERNATHY, Edward VERLIN, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1903 Abernathy, Ashley HURLEY, Anna Verlin, Louis BEITER, Magdalene O’BRIEN, Emmet and Vina SMITH
ADDISON, Richard G. (Non-Catholic) from Brunson, S. Carolina RATERMANN, Gertrude from Breese, IL 30 Jun 1928 Addison, Jessie C. MILLER, Kesieh Ratermann, Fred. BRANDT, Maria WYNNE, John R. and M. M. Ratermann
ALLEN, Irwin HILLER, Ida May (WALL) 29 Jun 1922 Allen, John DRUMMOND, Louise MCDONAUGH, Frank J. and Luella Allen Revalidation marriage
ALLEN, Joseph FORLOTTING, Hilda 28 Apr 1920 Allen, William RUSH, Adele Forlotting, John GUENTHER, Anna FORLOTING, Louis Roy and Veronica LENZ
ALLEN, William (Baptized in Bismarck, MO in 1885) BIEGLER, Anna (Baptized at Mt. Carmel) 17 Aug 1910 Allen, Sam WATTS, Elizabeth Biegler, John MAURER, Maria Allen, Sam and Sara Allen
ALTMEYER, Edward TEVLIN, Lottie 24 Jun 1903 Altmeyer, Christian MEYER, Machtilda Tevlin, James WOODS, Maria Altmeyer, Adam and Florentia Tevlin
ANDREWS, Joseph B. (Non-Catholic) MATHEWS, Mona 29 Apr 1925 Mathews, Bernard MATTHEWS, Edgar and Ignatia KENNEDY
ANSON, William P. BARTELLEMY, Angelina 20 Jul 1909 WATSON, Ira E. and Bertha Bartellemy
ARNOLD, Frank KELLY, Margaret 13 Jan 1913 Arnold, Fra. HYMES, Separah Kelly, Frank DONAHUE, Catherine Arnold, Clyde and Cecilia MCGRAW
ARNOLD, George from St. Louis, MO ALLEN, Gertrude Lila 22 Jul 1916 Arnold, Ulrich LEHMANN, Amelia Allen, John DRUMMOND, Louisa GILMARTIN, John and Helena MCGINLEY
ASHER, William R. BURNS, Lela 29 Sep 1926 Asher, John KROPP, Magdalena Burns, Francis E. DELMORE, Virginia LAUGHLIN, Harry and Adele ELLMER
ASTEN, Walter E. CASHEN, Ellen 24 Jun 1903 Asten, William BODEN, Hattie Cashen, Edward CUDIHY, Helena PIER, Francis and Catharina DOWD Mixed religion marriage
ATTEBERY, Clark M. Convert HOWARD, Lydia 20 Apr 1922 Attebery, Grant STOLZ, Anna Howard, Frederick TERRY, Helena BENNETT, Gordon and Isabel Howard
AYLWARD, Francis MICK, Addie 12 Jan 1907 BROWN, Louis and Maria GILMARTIN Married in a civil ceremony 4 years prior.
BADE, Charles (Non-Catholic) FALLON, Catharina Baptized at St. Mary’s 17 Jul 1912 Bade, Preston STRATHMANN, Catharine Fallon, Marc FANNON, Margaret BORDEN, Edward and Maria DURKIN
BAKER, Charles DAGNE, Margaret born SULLIVAN 12 Oct 1921 Baker, Alex. SPEARS, Maria Sullivan, John LOONEY, Catharine SHEA, Thomas and Maria WILSHIRE
BALLHANSEN, Theodore MCMONIGLE, Mildred 8 Nov 1928 Ballhansen, George LAUDENBERG, Mollie McMonigle, Scott COLGAN, Honora FLAHERTY, Dan and Florence GRAINEY
BANE, John from Jerseyville, IL MARTIN, Maria 29 Nov 1906 Bane, William Not listed, Maria Martin, John TRACY, Julia FAHEY, David and Elizabeth O’DAY
BARKER, Herbert (Non-Catholic) BERGEN, Lucia 1 Nov 1917 Barker, Charles M. PESKETT, Martha Bergen, John DAVIDSON, Laura MCNAY, Rue and Fannie MULCONNERY
BARTON, Conrad from Streator, IL KELLEY, Sophia 28 Nov 1906 Barton, John BIELE, Maria Kelley, George LYNCH, Maria TEVLIN, Leo and Theresa BROWN
BASTIEN, Harry J. PRYOR, Minnie 24 Jan 1910 Bastien, Joseph MARTELL, Delia Pryor, John DRAPER, Sara Pryor, Joanne (Draper) and Elizabeth CHATILLON
BATSON, Thomas W. (Non-Catholic) WALL, May Francisca 8 Feb 1918 Wall, Thomas A. TALTY, Susan FORD, Not listed and Helena O’KEEFE [See record about squire marriage.]
BAUCHENS, Samuel LUSCOMB, Francisca 11 Mar 1918 Bauchens, William HORN, Helena Luscomb, Samuel MCEVILLY, Margaret LENZ, Samuel and Helena MCGINLEY Bride and groom both Baptized at St. Patrick
BAUER, Herman (Non-Catholic) DEVITT, Maria 25 Sep 1907 Bauer, Peter PICKSENSCHUTZ, Maria Devitt, Michael QUINN, Maria SCUDDER, Hugo and Maline RICHERT
BAUGH, William Ed. GRUVER, Helena Agnes 24 Jan 1914 Baugh, William Ed. and Ella LENZ Previously married by squire.
BAUM, John BARRETT, Anna 19 Nov 1907 Baum, Nicholas MUSCHBACH, Barbara Barrett, Thomas PARNELL, Helena Barrett, Andrew and Emma WEBER
BAUMGARTNER, Paul from St. Louis, MO FLYNN, Catharine 18 Jan 1922 Baumgartner, Jacob HERMAN, Frances Flynn, Jerry FOLEY, Nora Baumgartner, Louis and Nora Flynn
BEADLE, Frank COONEY, Catherine 9 Dec 1912 Beadle, Charles BUTLER, Blanche Cooney, Jeremiah REARDON, Mary MILLER, Robert and Florence Cooney
BECHERER, Arthur J. WERNER, Gertrude (Becherer) 5 Jul 1919 Becherer, Charles HOMBERGER, Anna Werner, Fred PUGH, Essie Becherer, Oliver E. and Adelle BRODEN
BEERS, James DAY, Agnes 2 Jul 1917 RONAN, Timothy and Not listed Day.
BEHRENDT, Frederick (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO KELLY, Catharine 14 Nov 1917 Behrendt, Malte GELBACH, Louisa Kelly, Julius O’DAY, Anna MYLER, John and Margaret Kelly
BEIL, Joseph (Non-Catholic) WASHINGTON, Indiana 28 Jul 1904 SHIELDS, Eugenia and Ina Shields [See record]
BELLER, Francis (Non-Catholic) CONNORS, Catherina 3 Feb 1912 Beller, Lafayette RICE, Malissey Connors, Jeremiah SCULLY, Anna Connors, William and Josephine Connors
BELONGIA, Albert from Oconto, WI AUBUCHON, Florence from Eagle’s park, IL (Edgemont, IL) 18 Apr 1922 Belongia, George OLSEN, Amelia Aubuchon, Joseph HORRED, Anna LENZ, Rudolph and Helena MCGINLEY
BELZ, William DEVITT, Anna 8 Sep 1915 Belz, Adam ROELKER, Ida Devitt, Michael QUINN, Maria MULCONERY, Maurice and Loretta PARLE
BENNETT, William (Non-Catholic) NESKEY, Anna 18 Feb 1914 Bennett, James BATH, Hattie Neskey, Joseph WALLMAN, Marg. WILLIAMS, Van M. and Ethel BAILEY
BERLEMAN, August (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO SHIELDS, Ina Margaret Baptized at St. Patrick 10 May 1922 Berleman, George HUNTSCHE, Dina Shields, William DAVIS, Eugenia WYSONGE, Charles E. and Martha V. Wysonge
BESHEARS, Louis Baptized in Prairie De Rocher LOUVIER, Effie Baptized in Prairie Du Rocher 31 Jul 1920 Beshears, Joseph BOYER, Maria Louvier, Adolph AUBUCHON, Odillia Louvier, Oswald and Ethel PALMIER
BIEGLER, Herman Baptized in Mt. Carmel, IL. BRUCE, Ethel (Non-Catholic) 4 Mar 1930 Biegler, John MAURER, Maria Bruce, Willie HUGHES, Jessie Biegler, Charles M. and Gladys A. Biegler Groom married Goldie BAKER (Non-Catholic) before a Justice of the Peace 15 Nov 1917; divorced 29 Sep 1928.
BIEGLER, Martin Baptized in Mt. Carmel (29y) HALLORAN, Margaret (32y) 7 Oct 1914 Biegler, John MAUER, Maria Halloran, Timothy MCCARTHY, Maria Biegler, Otto and Delia Halloran
BIEGLER, Otto H. MASSERANG, Ada 25 Jun 1919 Biegler, John MAURER, Maria Masserang, George WAELTZ, Victoria Biegler, Charles and Florence Masserang
BLACKBURN, Ralph (Non-Catholic) from Pana, IL CHECINSKA, Maria 3 Oct 1929 Blackburn, Linzy MUNSON, Mary Checinska, Stanley MERCHUT, Tillie Antoinette KURN
BLANFORD, James from Auburn, IL SCHLAGETER, Rosa 12 May 1908 Blanford, Valentin BONO, Maria L. Schlageter, Edward WHITNEY, Julielina EICKHOLT, Henry and his wife Margaret
BLOEMKER, Irwin MCGEE, Helena 21 Jun 1927 Bloemker, Will. H. ARNOLD, Catherine McGee, Joseph Lehan, Edward and Magdalena KIHNLEIN
BONK, Louis from Radom, IL LUENNEMAN, Ann from Pinckneyville, IL 5 Jul 1931 Bonk, Joseph MALINOSKI, Stella Luenneman, John RHEINECKER, Barbara SEBASTIAN, Christ. Michael
BOOTH, Dexter L. from Flora, IL O’HARAN, Margaret 24 May 1921 Booth, William SAGE, Lettie O’Haran, John FOLEY, Maria SCHMIDT, Albert and Gertrude SCHREIBER Mixed religion marriage
BOSTEIN, Harry J. BORDERS, Mary 16 Feb 1925 Bostein, Joseph MARTELL, Delia SHORT, Joseph COLLINS, Nan SCHAEFE, Fred and Mrs. Elizabeth MATHEWS Mixed religion marriage
BOYNE, Francis HENSON, Myrtle from Mt. Olive, IL 1 Jan 1909 Boyne, George BADEAU, Catharine Henson, John YOUNT, Joanna Revalidation marriage.
BRADY, Michael RODE, Myrtle Baptized in Wash., IN 29 Sep 1916 Brady, Patrick SAUSSE, Catharine Rode, August HANANGER, Hanna Brady, Maria and Alice Brady
BRANDT, Charles GELLER, Hazel 6 Nov 1926 Brandt, John HIGGENSON, Elizabeth Geller, John COLLIER, Anna Geller, John and Mrs. A. OPPERMAN
BRAZZELL, Carl HAYDEN, Lucilla 9 Jun 1925 Brazzell, Richard FORTNER, Maria Hayden, Marion BRIDGES, Zita FALTIER, Bertram F. and Lunella DEE
BREARTON, Edward LUEBBERT, Gertrude 17 Nov 1909 Brearton, Martin O’CONNOR, Helena Luebbert, Bernard GLOEPPER, Maria O’BRIEN, Dan and Catharine Luebbert [This entry is crossed out. No date. Duplicate appears below it with 17 Nov 1909 date.]
BREIDENBACH, William C. DWYER, Mary 18 Apr 1923 Breidenbach, Sam C. STORMS, Ida Dwyer, William LACY, Catherine Dwyer, William and Gladys MATTINGLY Mixed religion marriage.
BRENGARD, Louis LAGER, Carolina from Breese, IL 21 Jun 1916 Brenger, Louis Not listed, Maria Lager, Louis SCHULTE, Wilhelmina Lager, Arthur and Louisa Brengard [See record.]
BRENNAN, Michael Earl Baptized at Our Lady of Good Council in St. Louis LENZ, Eleanora Maria 24 Sep 1919 Brennan, Michael WALSH, Sophia Lenz, Rudolph PFEFFER, Justina Lenz, Rudolph; Veronica Lenz; John KEEVER and Maria Brennan
BRESNAHAN, Francis (27y) Baptized at St. Mary’s VERMEERSCH, Miriam (26y) 10 Jun 1931 Bresnahan, John J. FARLEY, Lillie Vermeersch, Sylvester BEEDON, Maria Vermeersch, John and Rose Bresnahan
BRIDDELL, Moody ENGLAND, Kathleen Baptized in Springfield, IL 10 Sep 1924 Briddell, Everett SWALLEY, Kathryn England, William FITZPATRICK, Mary BURKE, Francis A. and Carrinne YOUNG
BRIGHT, Vernon Charles FERGUSON, Emma 17 Aug 1926 Bright, Charles ELDER, Maria Ferguson, Lyon WILLIAMS, Maria MARSHALL, Ruby and Anna May Marshall
BRODERICK, Matthew HICKEY, Catherine from Ireland 1 Jun 1909 Broderick, Patrick FLYNN, Isabel Hickey, Joseph CUMMINS, Margaret HAMRONGE, Michael and Catherine White
BROOKS, Oval H. (Non-Catholic) from Scott’s Hill, TN OSTRANDER, Maria 23 Jul 1928 Brooks, Carl L. HANCE, Myrtle E. Ostrander, Walter TOUCHETTE, Estella Ostrander, Clarence and Maria Ostrander
BROWN, James Baptized in St. Louis RAFFERTY, Lucia Maria 2 Jul 1917 Brown, John Th. BOWLES, Julia Rafferty, Thomas MCCARTHY, Jennie Brown, Francis C. and Catharina DUNCAN
BROWN, James H. (Non-Catholic) CLOUSE, Julia 26 Jan 1912 Brown, James HELLSLEY, Catherine Clouse, John BROWN, Maria FALLON, John and Georgia DAY
BROWN, Marion ABLE, Nora 10 Sep 1903 ROKEN, Rev. Joseph and P. KENNEDY Mixed religion marriage. Married 18 months prior in civil ceremony.
BROWNING, Harry K. LUCIER, Clarabel 18 Jun 1910 Browning, Chris. K. LARKINS, Dora Lucier, Jeremiah FAY, Wini. Browning, Charles and Anna MONTGOMERY
BUNGE, Charles A. STALLINGS, Rosalie 28 Dec 1926 Bunge, Charles GERMAIN, Carolina Stallings, Andrew NORTON, Helena Stallings, A. R. and J. Irene Stallings
BURNS, Francis E. CROSBY, Estella M. 23 Sep 1924 Burns, Francis DELMORE, Jennie Crosby, Thomas B. MURPHY, Marg. Burns, J. Maurice and Margaret BOYNE
BURNS, Harry JORTE, Myrtle born WILLIAMSON 25 May 1913 Burns, William MCGRATH, Anna Williamson, Riley INGRAM, Ella BOYNE, Walter and Katharine ABJOHN
BURNS, Lawrence SLOAN, Charlotta 27 Nov 1912 Burns, Lawrence O’LEARY, Hanna Sloan, Peter LAMBERT, Melvina BRYAN, Claude L. and Nellie Bryan
BURNS, Lawrence from La Junta, CA GOFF, Mary Catharine 9 Jul 1913 Burns, Jeremiah MALLOY, Mary Goff, John FURLONG, Ellen GOFF, William J. and Sadie BLACKBURN
BURROWS, Virgil L. HIGDON, Evelyn 17 Mar 1924 Burrows, John W. COYLE, Margaret Higdon, John T. EISKAMP, Mary TANEHILL, Joseph and Elva Higdon
BUTLER, Sylvester E. RUDDY, Elenora E. 27 Nov 1916 Butler, Michael J. MCDONALD, Rosa Ruddy, Michael J. LENCY, Nellie Butler, Michael J. and Maria BOCHS
BYRNE, Con MCGARVEY, Catharine 18 Feb 1914 MCBRIDE, John and Ann CARR
BYRNE, John BYRNES, Maria 2 Aug 1904 Byrne, William LYNCH, Maria WALLACE, Edmund COMISKEY, Maria LEVY, George and Margaret KELLY
CADY, Norbourne W. (Non-Catholic) from Anderson, IN KELLEY, Celeste 30 Oct 1928 Cady, Leonard A. WILSON, Maud Kelly, James M. KENNEY, Catherine MCGRATH, Marion and Louisa Kelley
CAKLOS, John born CHOCKLOS in Jan 1911 HAIM, Anna 23 Feb 1936 Caklos (Chocklos), Joseph MINARIK, Anna Marriage took place in Orechove, Czechoslovakia, Europe. A letter dated 16 May 1938 is inserted in the 1920 marriages.
CAMPBELL, Eldon (Non-Catholic) DINAN, Ethel (17y) 22 Aug 1931 Campbell, George Not listed, Jennie Dinan, William SCHAEFER, Catharine Dinan, Edward and Viola Dinan
CAMPBELL, James P. TROUTMAN, Anna born STIVERS (In East St. Louis 30 days) Campbell, Joseph KING, Elizabeth Stivers, James MITCHELL, Maria MUSTEAD, Robert and Helena MCGINLEY No date. Appears between 6 Sep and 14 Aug 1922 entries.
CAMPBELL, William H. LINEHAN, Kathleen Viola 23 Jan 1912 Campbell, William EMBERY, Louisa Linehan, Jeremiah WALSH, Elizabeth BOYNE, Walter and Emilia L. Campbell
CANTY, Joseph LOWRY, Maud E. (Non-Catholic) 6 Nov 1903 Canty, John SULLIVAN, Helena Lowry, John MAJOR, Evelina SHELLMAN, Louis and Nadine GIBSON
CAPPELL, Theodore (Non-Catholic) FICKER, Anna 24 Nov 1908 Cappell, Rudolph Not listed, Anna Ficker, George BRAUN, Anna Ficker, John and Lea GRAY
CARR, Dominic Baptized at St. Bridget in St. Louis BRADY, Margaret Baptized at St. Martin in Washington, IN 27 Apr 1922 Carr, Dominic MCEVILLY, Anna Brady, Patrick SAUSSE, Catharine O’CONNELL, R. E. and Catharina Brady
CARR, Luke GILES, Cecil 11 Oct 1917 Carr, Dominic MCEVILLY, Anna Giles, James O. GRACEL, Lizzie SLATTERY, Patrick and Mabel Carr
CARRICO, Leo from Mound City, IL ALVEY, Leora from Uniontown, KY 24 Nov 1931 Carrico, Thomas Henry SHANKS, Nancy Alvey, John Claude WHITEFIELD, Elizabeth SCULLY, William and Mary Jo HARDESTY
CARTHY, Chester HESS, Ida Carthy, William Hess, William LIEDEL, Magd. No date. Appears between 7 Jan and 7 Apr 1916
CARTHY, Fred BUCKLEY, Anna 23 Dec 1912 Carthy, William WHITMORE, Emma Buckley, John WOLF, Sophie GILMARTIN, Patrick and Gertrude MCDONALD
CARTHY, William HESS, Amanda Carthy, William Hess, William LIEDEL, Magd. No date. Appears between 7 Jan and 7 Apr 1915
CASEY, Dennis ADAMS, Iva 12 Jul 1916 Casey, Patrick SHAY, Maria Adams, Eli MONCOURT, Jennie Casey, Stephan and Bertha BROUILLETTE
CASEY, Emmett MORRISSEY, Alice 24 Apr 1923 Casey, Emmett MCKENNA, Catherine Morrissey, Michael CURTIS, Elizabeth FARWIG, Henry E. and Margaret BOSCH
CASHILL, Andrew from Ireland CRUBAUGH, Emma (Non-Catholic) 18 Aug 1902 Cashill, Patrick CORCORAN, Helena BOWMAN, James MAYSINGER, Maria COLGAN, Charles and Ada LEEZE
CASTEN, Clarence D. from Springfield, IL (Baptized in Edwardsville) (23y) MALONEY, Margaret from Springfield, IL (Baptized in Beason, IL) (21y) 6 Oct 1914 Casten, Bernard CASEY, Maria Maloney, James MOWEN, Anna THOMAS, Walter and Cecilia Thomas
CLARK, Edgar (Non-Catholic) NIEMANN, Maria No date. Appears after 4 Nov 1905
CLUTE, George MADELAINE, Eva 21 Jan 1931 Clute, Henry CHOUTEAU, Maria Madelaine, Michael PRICE, Bessie CLINE, William and Louisa A. Cline Bride previously married to Schwallenic – declared invalid.
COBILLAS, Bernard HOUCHEN, Lillian 26 Nov 1927 Cobillas, Burilio Not listed, Lazeret Houchen, Ben CHASSNIN, Cora DINEEN, Tim and Luella ALEX
CODER, Earl DEE, Maria 1 Dec 1916 Coder, Edward KEARNLY, Margaret Dee, Samuel CULLEN, Anna HAMMOND, Frank and Josephina STANTON Mixed religion marriage
COLLIGAN, Leo SCOTT, Ella 4 Feb 1913 Colligan, Martin EMIG, Ann Scott, Charles WILTON, Ida SCHMITT, Will and Georgia DAY
COLLINS, John C. (Non-Catholic) KIRK, Susanna J. Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis 17 Jun 1908 Collins, Charles S. CONFORT, Catherine Kirk, James H. POWERS, Maria J. Collins, Charles S. and Maria MURPHY Adoption is written next to bride’s mother.
COLLINS, Thomas RATERMAN, Evelyn 4 Jan 1928 Collins, Joseph GORRELL, Maria Raterman, Frederick BRANDT, Maria Raterman, Fred and Margaret Raterman
CONCANNON, Timothy E. from Rock Island, IL FREDERICKSEN, Emma (Non-Catholic) from Rock Island, IL 21 Oct 1904 Concannon, W. V. CALBALEINE, Irene Fredericksen, Matthew CHISTINSEN, Anna DOUGHERTY, Thomas and Maria GILMARTIN
CONLEY, Charles from St. Louis, MO (36y) KELLEY, Heva (30y) 24 Jun 1914 Conley, Patrick SWIFT, Sara Kelley, George LYNCH, Maria Conley, Webster and Mildred HOWELL
CONNER, Claud (Non-Catholic) FEIST, Ida 25 Sep 1907 Conner, Louis WALKER, Maria Feist, Francis GANGENECKER, Theresa Feist, Joseph and Helena MCCARREN
CONNORS, Thomas CONNORS, Josephina 30 Jun 1914 Connors, James FOLEY, Joanna Connors, Jeremiah SCULLY, Anna Connors, Tim. and Anna Connors
CONNORS, William J. from Grafton, IL VOSS, Natalia 12 Oct 1927 Connors, Jeremiah SCULLY, Anna Voss, Henry GROSS, Natalia SYRON, Thomas J. and Natalia TREBBE
CONRAD, Marcell HOLLIDAY, Maria 28 Aug 1911 Conrad, Henry SUTTON, Maria SMITH, James MOORE, Caroline LADENDECKER, John and Anna SUCHER
CONRAD, William G. BAUCHENS, Hazel 16 Sep 1913 Conrad, John ROHM, Lucie Bauchens, Adam MARTIN, Anna LOHMAN, George and Ella LENZ Mixed religion marriage.
COOK, George GUENTHER, Anna 18 Jan 1914 PROKOFF, Francis and Louisa O’DONNELL
COOK, George (Non-Catholic) DORN, Bertha 29 Jun 1903 Married in a civil ceremony 6 years prior.
COOK, George (Non-Catholic) DEE, Anna Mae 9 Jun 1925 Cook, Henry HAYES, Bell Dee, Samuel CULLEN, Anna WILLENBERG, Otis and Lunella Dee
COOPER, Arthur M. MEDLEY, Margaret 16 Jun 1910 Cooper, Albert HUEGEL, Anna Medley, Joseph FAUST, Rosa FINNEY, J. T. and Lola LINEHAN
COOPER, Carl O. PATE, Maria L. from Mayfield, KY 13 Jul 1926 Cooper, Carlyle BOTTOMS, Maud Pate, Thompson B. HAYDEN, Anna SKIRTICH, Valentin and Anna Skirtich
COTTRELL, Robert Boyd (Non-Catholic) from Owensboro, KY MCHALE, Veronica 7 Sep 1916 Cottrell, Oscar Edward ROBERTS, Maria McHale, Patrick William ALLEN, Laura Cottrell, Henry and Viola McHale
COUGHLIN, George P. Baptized at St. Mary in Kansas City GAGHEN, Thelma Baptized at St. Mary’s in Seymour, IN 12 Oct 1921 Coughlin, John F. MCCARTHY, Margaret Gaghen, Thomas MURPHY, Hanna BRENNAN, Thomas F. and Maria Coughlin
COX, John Wesley (Non-Catholic) MONAHAN, Elizabeth 18 Jan 1906 Cox, John HIGGINS, Maria Monahan, Patrick MURPHY, Alice CORRIGAN, James and Genevieve Monahan
COY, Charles HEITKAMP, Adelaide from Neosho, MO Coy, Will. MCGUIRE, Not listed Coy, A. and Minnie Coy No date. Appears between 5 Sep and 2 Oct 1911
COY, Walter L. LAUX, Helen B. 2 Sep 1924 Coy, George FLAHERTY, Ella Laux, Philip FLAHERTY, Mary TIGHE, Al and Ethel Coy
CRANSTON, Robert E. SCHWAB, Esther Cranston, Walter No date. Appears between 19 Jul and 29 Sep 1916. Mixed religion marriage
CRONIN, Timothy GALVIN, Margaret 6 Feb 1907 Cronin, Patrick FOLEY, Margaret Galvin, Patrick Not listed, Nora MURPHY, John B. and Julia Galvin
CROTTY, William J. Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis WALL, Florentia A. Baptized in Webster, MO 2 Jan 1918 Crotty, William F. MANN, Julia Wall, Thomas A. TALTY, Susan BRENNAN, Michael E. and Ella LENZ
CROW, Francis BEEDON, Adelina 4 Aug 1906 Crow, Francis T. Hemphil TAYLOR, Eleonora Beedon, Marc LATERELLE, Adel. SERVISS, Elmer and Cecilia NOEL
CROWE, Patrick CROWE, Julia from St. Louis, MO 12 Feb 1907 Crowe, Michael FLANIGAN, Bridget Crowe, Michael TRACY, Maria STANTON, John and Mina MCAULIFFE
CROWE, Thomas J. SWEENEY, Eleanor 16 Sep 1924 Crowe, Francis J. O’BRIEN, Ellen Sweeney, Peter MILLER, Rose Crowe, Eugene B. and Mary Sweeney
CROWELL, William W. Convert from Humphries County, TN RAUCH, Maria Baptized in Davenport, IA now in St. Louis, MO 19 Apr 1922 Crowell, George SMITH, Mattie Rauch, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth HASSELHORST, John and Maria MARTY
CULP, Charles Elmer (Non-Catholic) HALLORAN, Catharina 24 Nov 1909 Culp, David PIPER, Maria Halloran, Tim MCCARTHY, Maria HAYES, Edward and Nora Halloran
CUNNINGAHM, Clark KUEHNER, Elisabeth 18 Jan 1917 Cunningham, J__ CANNON, Maria Reynolds Kuehner, John DEKAN, Francesca REDMAN, J. E. and Anna CARLEY Mixed religion marriage
CUNNINGHAM, Bernard BROWN, Maud Margaret from Springfield, IL 29 Nov 1906 Cunningham, James GHRIST, Rachel Brown, Joseph GALVIN, Margaret AHEARN, Maurice and Mamie Brown
CURRAN, Joseph J. BIRD, Ruth 2 Jun 1904 Curran, Thomas O’BRIEN, Joanna Bird, Fred COSTIN, Martha MORGAN, Michael and Maria Bird
DABLER, Jr., Carl G. DETERS, Catherine Reisinger 4 Apr 1923 Dabler, Carl G. SMITH, Dessie Deters, John B. HIGGINS, Margaret C. SPIRKETT, Cyril and Loretta ST. PHILDIN Mixed religion marriage
DAGES, Dennis R. born in Venice, IL SMITH, Iona Veronica born DURNIL Baptized in Fairfield, IL 14 Aug 1922 Dages, Charles RUSH, Jane Durnil, Logan WILSON, Nellie GILLIGAN, M. D. and Maria F. Dages
DAHMUS, Edwin (Adopted son) HOLDENER, Helena born in Centralia, IL 29 Jun 1929 Dahmus, B. WAECHTER, Phil. Holdener, Joseph FLAHERTY, Helena Holdener, Everst and Anna SHEA
DALY, Edward ENRIGHT, Dora 8 Feb 1911 Daly, Clarence CULLEN, Margaret Enright, John P. DILLON, Margar. EGAN, W. J. and Jeannie Enright
DALY, Francis Baptized in Sparta BROCKMANN, Maria 30 Dec 1920 Daly, Michael OGLESBY, Mollie Brockman, William H. GENARD, Jenine POWELL, John and Edna Genard
DALY, Herbert A. from Dublin, Ireland BRADY, Catherine 26 Sep 1928 Daly, Charles E. BROE, Maria J. Brady, Patrick SAUSE, Catherine DUNKEL, Harold C. and Catherine Dunkel
DALY, Thomas Baptized at the Old Cathedral in St. Louis PHILIPS, Mary Goldie 9 Feb 1930 Daly, Thomas P. MADDEN, Mary Philips, Ancil AMACHER, John and Catherine BRODERICK Amacker Revalidation
DANIELS, Francis NAGER, Laura 2 Oct 1913 Daniels, Samuel HARNEY, Clara Nager, Joseph J. ROLFUS, Emma BRENNAN, Thomas and Mary COUGHLIN
DASCHKE, Richard EGAN, Ellen 19 May 1929 Daschke, Richard Egan, David BEECHER, Rose Egan, David and Rose Egan Revalidation
DASHNEY, Andrew from Cahokia, IL KIEFER, Sophia from French Village, IL 14 Nov 1905 Dashney, Joseph THOUVENOT, Victoria Kiefer, Anton ROY, Maria Kiefer, John and Claritta STANLEY
DAY, Edward H. from St. Louis, MO Baptized in Flora, IL HESS, Esther E. Baptized in Herman, MO. Now from St. Louis 22 Jun 1922 Day, Joseph E. DEWEES, Martha Hess, henry HEBERLE, Amelia VIZZARD, William and Irma Day
DE COSTA, Joseph from Burcelloa, Portugal KWIATKOWSKY, Anna from Excelsior, PA 3 Dec 1931 De Costa, Anthony MIRANDE, Marie Kwiatkowsky, Peter LEVINDUSKY, Eleanora TOUCHETTE, Edward and Evelyn TONIES
DEATHERAGE, Lee (Non-Catholic) MONAHAN, Genevieve 30 Jun 1914 Deatherage, Peter GRAVES, Inez Monahan, Patrick MURPHY, Alice Monahan, Raymond and Margaret FANSLER
DEATHERAGE, Peter Baptized at Venice FORAN, Maria Baptized at St. Patrick Deatherage, Peter GRAVES, Inez Foran, John SULLIVAN, Abbie The date 13 Apr 1921 is crossed out and a note saying to view the date of disp[ensation] is added. [See record.]
DEMERS, Raymond BRADSHAW, Louisa 11 May 1915 DeMers, John VINSCENT, Louisa Bradshaw, William ACHTER, Louisa MILLER, W. P. and Sadie PARKER
DETTENBACH, Clement COUSE, Mina (Non-Catholic) from Mill Creek Dettenbach, Francis SCHUSERT, Maria Couse, Peter POOL, Sarah LENZ, Rudolph and Helena MCGINLY No date. Appears between 6 Sep and 14 Aug 1922 entries.
DEWOLF, Louis (Non-Catholic) HANNON, Margaret 17 Sep 1908 De Wolf, Desider KARLE, Emilia Hannon, Maurice JOYCE, Margaret DeWolf, Felice and Elizabeth Hannon
DEXTER, Dudley P. from Spooner, WI CRAIG, Adeline from Pinckneyville, IL 15 Feb 1931 Dexter, Charles H. PULLEN, Daisy Craig, William MENTEL, Lena Craig, R. and Mary F. Dexter Mixed religion marriage
DIAZ, Raymond CUETO, Consuelo 31 Dec 1921 Diaz, Joseph MENENDEZ, Teresa Cueto, Joseph SUAREZ, Rosa Diaz, Henry and Albina Cueto
DIEKEMPER, William VANINGER, Catherine 15 Jun 1926 Diekemper, Francis RIKELMAN, Margaret Vaninger, Louis HERZONG, Emma NIEBUR, Henry and Irene Niebur
DINEEN, Dennis O’BRIEN, Maria Baptized at St. Thomas in Kansas City, KS 27 Sep 1922 Dineen, Timothy BUCKLEY, Anna O’Brien, William FAGIN, Helena ENGLAND, George and Monica Dineen
DITZENBERG, Edwin T. HENDERSON, Bernardina DEPARIS, Thomas (Adoptive father) GRADY, Helena Henderson, Leonard KEITH, Mattie MARYE, Sidney and Sephronia Marye No date. Appears between 6 Sep and 14 Aug 1922 entries.
DITZENBERG, Ferdinand HANNIGAN, Alicia 2 Jul 1902 Ditzenberg, Martin SCHÖNBERG (Schoenberg), Faustine Hannigan, Dennis DELEHANTY, Catharine HART, William and Catharine DONOVAN
DONAHUE, McClellan CHOATE, Maria Estella Baptized at [Our Lady of] Good Council in St. Louis (22y) 20 Jul 1912 Donahue, Francis HOCKENBERRY, Rachel Choate, George E. DAVIS, Maria MACK, Peter and Della SHOUP
DONAVAN, John Baptized in Little Rock CAVLIER, Nora born CARRON 20 Mar 1921 Donavan, Dan MURPHY, Delia Carron, Will. GUITAR, Elizabeth Donavan, William and Faith OLIVER
DONDAS, William R. from St. Louis, MO SULLIVAN, Irene M. from St. Louis, MO 4 Jul 1906 Dondas, Theodore RICHARDSON, Catherine Sullivan, James FITZPATRICK, Maria BROWN, Louis and Theresa Brown
DONOHUE, Walter KOHRUMEL, Helen 28 May 1925 Donohue, Will MAGHEVER, Mary Kohrumel, Edward FRAZEL, Nellie COOK, George and Anna Mae DEE
DONOVAN, Daniel CULLEN, Rosa 17 Sep 1923 Donovan, Daniel MURPHY, Delia Cullen, John Not listed, Anna CONNORS, Timothy and Anna Cullen
DOPELMANN, William (Non-Catholic) BARTHELINE, Catharina [46y?] 16 Nov 1908 Dopelmann, Gottlieb DEISCHLE, Maria FREDERICK, Michael BIBEL, Margaret HOUSER, Charles and Emma Houser
DORGAN, William VARGAS, Stella 20 Jun 1920 Dorgan, William Not listed, Anna Vargas, Francis L’AL, Alice VERMEERSCH, Sylvester and Helena MCGURLEY Revalidation marriage
DOUGHERTY, Anthony JOHNSON, Christina 1908 Dougherty, Martin PENNYFEATHER, Helena Revalidation marriage.
DOUGHERTY, Harry J. from St. Louis, MO JENNINGS, Maria J. from St. Louis, MO 21 Jun 1905 Dougherty, Henry NOLAN, Maria Jennings, Thomas EARNER, Maria HYNES, Rob and Fabiola HAYDEN [See record.]
DOUGHERTY, Leo J. SAVARD, Maria Baptized in Winnipeg, Manitoba 20 Jun 1917 Dougherty, Martin PENNYFEATHER, Ellen Savard, Joseph GENDRON, Julia MAHONEY, Timothy and Rita Savard
DOUR, Joseph IDALE, Lena (Non-Catholic) Dour, John STADLER, Anna Idale, Mr. Idale, Mrs. Dour, Mrs. A. No date. Appears between 18 Jan and 8 Mar 1922
DOUSSARD, Julian GORMLEY, Maria Gormley, Joseph and Irene Gormley No date. Appears after 14 Nov 1905.
DOUTHITT, Thomas B. (Non-Catholic) SCHREIBER, Gertrude A. 3 Aug 1921 Douthitt, Thomas C. CALDWELL, Lucinda Schreiber, Albert DERLATTE, Louise BRUCHER, R. A. and Cecilia MCGRAW
DOWLING, George F. Baptized in Washington, IN SCHIPPE, Madrid from Birmingham, AL 8 Mar 1922 Dowling, Felix OSMAN, Lulu Schippe, James SINGLETON, Maria SCHMIDT, Jacob W. and Cleo E. HERR
DOWNEY, Edmund MILLER, Maria A. 15 Jan 1927 Downey, Michael WALSH, Julia Miller, Joseph R. NADLER, Margaret Walsh, John M. and Maria A. Downey Mixed religion marriage
DOWNEY, Patrick J. ASHER, Maria C. 29 Sep 1904 Downey, John MURPHY, Margaret Asher, John KROPP, Magdalena Asher, William and Maria Downey
DOWNS, Albert (Non-Catholic) from Alton, IL WALLER, Mathilda 22 Jun 1928 Downs, John C. BARNES, Lottie Waller, Alphonse LUDWIG, Cecilia ESCHMAN, Rev. C. and Ferdinand SMITZ Married at Waterloo, IL
DOWNS, Joseph G. SCHUCH, Sidonia 19 Jan 1926 Downs, John SCHWARTZ, Caroline Schuch, Emil KROPP, Cecilia LENZ, Jr., Rudolph and Veronica KEEVER Revalidation of mixed marriage
DOYLE, James P. Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis (24y) KOPROSICK, Anna Baptized here (19y) 23 May 1912 Doyle, Pat. ROBB, Anna Koprocik, William Not listed, Theresa MALONE, Clarence and Helena CUNNINGHAM
DOYLE, Robert E. Baptized at St. Patrick MCGUIRE, Hazel R. (Non-Catholic) 15 Oct 1912 SCHMITT, William and Not listed Doyle Previously married by a squire. One child.
DRENNA, Peter SIMONSON, Mariett 7 Nov 1912 Drennan, Martin JOHANNES, Maria Simonson, Joseph COOPER, Elizabeth TIMLIN, David and Frances Timlin
DRISCOLL, John KOPROCIK, Theresa 16 Nov 1911 Driscoll, John MCCARTY, Joanna Koprocik, William YANDA, Theresa CUNNINGHAM, Walter and Emma BUNDA
DUNN, Charles BRENNAN, Agnes (Widow) 31 Jul 1907 Dunn, Michael MILLER, Margaret JOYCE, Patrick SCOTT, Anna Dunn, John and Sarah Joyce
DUNNE, Joseph V. originally from Pilot Knob, MO FALLON, Anastasia 28 Aug 1911 Fallon, Joseph HANLON, Anna MELICAN, J. E. and Irene GORDON
DUNWORTH, John HEINECKE, Edith 9 Feb 1927 Dunworth, John MCAULIFFE, Ellen Heinecke, Edward MURPHY, Bridget McAuliffe, A. and M. TAYLOR
DUVAL, Joseph ELSBEEK, Minnie 9 Jan 1906 Duval, Louis LONG, Maria Elsbeek, Bernard FORTHCARD, Elizabeth Duval, Francis and Cecilia BAUM
EBERTS, Ernest (Non-Catholic) MONGIN, Myrtle Baptized at St. Joseph in Prairie Du Rocher 24 Nov 1929 Eberts, Isaac HALL, Nora Mongin, Frank CURRAT, Laura Currat, Amede and Ella Barbeau Revalidation
EBERTS, James (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO TEVLIN, Maria 15 Oct 1902 Eberts, James RAAB, Carolina Tevlin, James WOODS, Maria ALTMEYER, Edward and Lottie Tevlin
ECCHER, Donald CARRON, Bessie C. 8 May 1929 Eccher, John ZETTA, Amelia Carron, Clark JACOB, Margaret MILLER, George and Emaline Carron
ECKELS, John (Non-Catholic) CANNON, Anna 12 Aug 1912 Eckels, William MADLOCK, Maria Cannon, John Not listed, Anna MILLER, Edward and Bridget HUBER
ECKMANN, Julius from Brooks, IL MARTIN, Anna from Canteen, IL 6 Feb 1907 Eckmann, Julius SCHIERMANN, Lena Martin, Lawrence JANDRO, Elizabeth Eckmann, Victor and Isabella Martin
EFFINGER, Joseph Baptized in Pilot Knob, MO SAVARD, Margaret Born in Martin Ontario, Canada 5 Jun 1923 Effinger, Valentine MUTZER, Josephine Savard, Joseph GENDRON, Julia Savard, Oscar and Irene GORDON
EGAN, David BEECHER, Rose 19 May 1930 Egan, Andrew MEYERS, Elizabeth Beecher, Michael MAHONEY, Mary DASCHKE, Richard and Ella Egan Revalidation
EGAN, John KNOB, Rose 1 Dec 1925 Egan, John T. HAHN, Elizabeth E. Knob, Michael SCHILLING, Louise SPRINGETH, Clarence and Agnes Knob Revalidation
EICHEL, Joseph F. (31y) from Chicago MARY, Margaret E. (24y) 25 Aug 1927 Eichel, Frederick FULLER, Anna Mary, Paul MUELLER, Maria HEAVEN, Charles and Anna O’BRIEN
EICKHOLT, Henry HAMRONGE, Margaret 20 Nov 1907 Eickholt, August HELMGER, Anna Hamronge, James BRODERICK, Catharine Hamronge, Michael and Catherine White
EICKHOLT, Henry JUNG, Frieda 27 Jun 1918 Eickholt, August HELLINGER, Anna Jung, August BUDDIN, Augusta O’BRIEN, Daniel and Mona DINEEN Second marriage for groom. His first wife is deceased.
ELLERHOFF, W. C. from Granite City, IL RAWLEY, Eliza from Brooklyn, IL 9 Sep 1903 Ellerhoff, W. H. PENNEY, Elizabeth DOWLING, Fenton MCGOWAN, Eliza BOYNE, George A. and Mrs. P. KILHEARY Mixed religion marriage
ELTRICH, Edgar J. (Non-Catholic) LINEHAN, Norma 22 Apr 1920 Eltrich, Henry J. ALEXANDER, Anna Linehan, Jeremiah WALSH, Elizabeth TURNER, George and Gertrude HALLIHAN
ENGLAND, Jr., William ANTON, Maria (Non-Catholic) 17 Oct 1923 England, William FITZPATRICK, Maria Anton, Not listed SCHWAB, Francisca Anton BRIDDELL, Moody and Kathleen England
ENGLAND, Thomas F. from Jerseyville, IL BARTELLEMY, Cecilia 10 Mar 1919 England, William FITZPATRICK, Maria Bartellemy, August SELLER, Adeline BAUER, Adolph and Myrtle OWENS
ENGLISH, Walter REYNOLDS, Maria A. 25 Sep 1923 English, John C. MAHER, Helen Reynolds, John O’NEIL, Elizabeth English, James and Elizabeth Reynolds
ENLOE, Garrett (Non-Catholic) O’GARA, Catherine (18y) Baptized at St. Patrick 18 Jun 1928 Enloe, William WILCOX, Daisy O’Gara, Patrick CUNNINGHAM, Anna MCTAGGART, Thomas and Mabel Cunningham
ENRIGHT, Thomas HOLBRUNER, Louise from Washington D. C. 1908 Enright, J. P. DILLON, Margaret Mixed religion marriage.
ERSKINE, Patrick BYRNE, Bridget 14 May 1926 Erskine, Patrick BYRNE, Bridget Byrne, Dan CARR, Bridget Byrne, Connie and Sarah FAHERTY Note indicates no relationship.
ESKEW, Sumner from Venice, IL WYLIE, Catherine 30 May 1923 Eskew, Harrison KINDER, Ida Wylie, George BRUEN, Henrietta PROKOFF, Leo and Myrtle Wylie Mixed religion marriage
FALLON, Edward HONEFFER, Clara 29 May 1909 Fallon, Marc FANNAN, Margaret Honeffer, Charles STRATHMANN, Dora Fallon, William and Margaret Fallon
FALLON, Joseph H. (Originally from Columbus, OH) BOHNERT, Lillian (Originally from Washington, IN) 4 May 1911 Fallon, Lawrence MURNANE, Catharine Bohnert, Henry GANNER, Sara O’BRIEN, Dan and Rosa GANEY
FALLON, William TOURVILLE, Lillian 8 Apr 1924 Fallon, Mark FANNING, Margaret Tourville, Louis KING, Ida AYDT, Rev. H. and Ella MCGINLEY Mixed religion marriage. [See record]
FANSHER, Thomas BEERS, Mary 28 Nov 1912 Fansher, John FARRELL, Mary Beers, George BRAUTIGAM, Catherine WESTERFIELD, Walter and Nellie Beers
FANSLER, Baine (Non-Catholic) BURNS, Margaret 6 Nov 1911 Fansler, David KLEPINGER, Emma Burns, Francis DELMAR, Jennie ASH, Francis and Anna ELMER
FARRELL, Patrick DOMBACH, Clara 29 Apr 1902 Farrell, Patrick Not listed, Elizabeth Dombach, William Not listed, Elizabeth WERNDLE, Emil and Josie HOWARD
FARRELL, Robert DINAN, Ethel 19 Nov 1916 Farrell, William Dinan, Edward DWYER, Nelli RONAN, Timothy and Ella LENZ
FEHNER, Henry (27y) GRAY, Josephine (25y) 25 Nov 1914 Fehner, Andrew HURSEY, Catharina Gray, Robert BRODERICK, Maria EVANS, Mark and Maria C. RYAN
FENTON, Daniel OFFERMANN, Rosa born O’NEILL 3 Dec 1920 Fenton, John O’KEEFE, Mary Ann O’Neill, James WORTMANN, Dorothea KERWIN, Frank and Augusta KOHLER [See record.]
FICKER, Francis O’SULLIVAN, Elizabeth 19 Jun 1907 Ficker, George BRAUN, Anna O’Sullivan, Edward JONES, Maria Ficker, George and Anna Ficker
FICKER, Henry CRAWFORD, Rosa 20 Aug 1914 Ficker, George BRAUN, Anna Crawford, Joseph ROGERS, Rosa Ficker, John and Helen PRICE
FICKER, John WHITLOCK, Barbara 20 Aug 1918 Ficker, George BRAUN, Anna RONAN, Patrick AHEARN, Maria Ficker, Henry and his wife Rosa
FIELD, Lial (Non-Catholic) GAEBES, Anna 14 Jul 1921 Field, Mr. SOLOMON, Anna Gaebes, Mr. MCCARTHY, Margaret Field, Roy and Louise BRENGARD Revalidation of 6 month old squire marriage
FITZGIBBONS, Thomas E. (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO CONRAD, Hazel 7 Jun 1916 Fitzgibbons, Michael ACKEN, Sara CONRAN, John ROHM, Louise Fitzgibbons, Dan F. and Eileen CULLEN
FLACH, August (Non-Catholic) CORDENVENT, Clara Baptized in Murphysboro 25 Feb 1917 Flach, Andrew BRAUN, Louisa Cordenvent, Paul THOUSSENOT, Maria BRENNAN, Earl and Ella LENZ
FLACK, James MURPHY, Nora M. 18 Nov 1908 Flack, James BALDWIN, Maria Murphy, John Not listed, Nona BUNYAN, M. J. and Margaret HALLIHAN
FLAKE, Louis F. SIMPSON, Rachel F. 14 Oct 1919 GRACE, Richard and Myrtle Simpson
FLANIGAN, Albert (Non-Catholic) MORGAN, Catherina 22 Jul 1903 Flanigan, John DUNN, Malissa Morgan, Thomas CURRAN, Maria Dunn, James and Birdie MULLIGAN
FLANNERY, Vincent BOWERS, Veronica Hazel 26 Jan 1926 Flannery, P. J. WRIGHT, Mary Bowers, Robert LEDDY, Catherine Flannery, Jerome and Margaret Bowers
FORTMAN, Julius from Quincy, IL BRYANT, Rudell (Non-Catholic) from Paris, TN 12 Jan 1932 Fortman, Henry LECHTENBERG, Elizabeth Bryant, Dalton SKINNER, Bessie CHAMBERLIN, Clyde and Loretta Chamberlin
FOSTER, Tedford J. VAUGHAN, Margaret Frances 10 Aug 1921 Foster, Ted. J. POWELL, Bertha Vaughan, Walter H. FITZGERALD, Nora Fitzgerald, John and Elizabeth Powell Mixed religion marriage
FOX, Arthur G. Baptized in Le Motte, MO KATHS, Maria 25 Sep 1918 Fox, Charles GETTY, Adelina Kaths, Herman SEDENSTEIN, Maria GILMARTIN, Patrick and Helena MCGINLEY Mixed religion marriage
FOX, John from St. Louis, MO MORRISSEY, Catharina from St. Louis, MO 27 Jan 1914 Fox, John CROLE, Amelia Morrissey, Michael CURTIS, Elizabeth Fox, Sam and Alice Morrissey
FRANS, Henry PFEIFFER, Erma 14 Jul 1923 Frans, Robert POTTS, Affie Pfeiffer, George RUH, Amelia HAGAN, Roy and Olga MOROE
FREEMAN, Jr., Burns. (Non-Catholic) DONAHUE, Maria 6 Apr 1931 Freeman, Burn W. KELLEY, Cassie Donahue, Houceri CHOATE, M. Estella SKOPP, John and Mary ROLEK
FRICK, John WOODS, Sadie Frick, John BAKER, Margaret Woods, George FOLEY, Bridget SERVIS, James and Nosocomia Henrietta
FRY, Francis SEIBOLD, Clara 26 Jun 1904 Fry, Francis MCCOY, Fannie Seibold, Henry DIETENHOFER, Elizabeth Seibold, George and Emma SIEBOLD
GALLAGHER, John J. CAREY, Jennie C. 20 May 1903 Gallagher, James LYNCH, Jennie Carey, James LYONS, Anna HOGAN, James and Bridget GLEASON
GALLAGHER, John Martin Baptized in Galena, IL (38y) WALSH, Stella Baptized at St. Cronin in St. Louis. (27y) 24 Jul 1918 Gallagher, George SMITH, Anna Walsh, Francis Not listed, Catharina FALLON, John and Helena MCGINLEY 8 years previously married by a squire.
GASKILL, Cleve Raymond AHERN, Alice 11 May 1922 Gaskill, Jess BROADLEY, Irene MCKENNA, Will and Anabelle McKenna Mixed religion marriage after married by squire.
GATES, Eugene W. HARDING, Alverda Cora 2 Nov 1912 Gates, Gills ANDERSON, Mary Harding, Charles JONES, B. F. and Theresa EVANS Mixed religion marriage
GATES, Henry RONAN, Elisabeth 25 Nov 1916 Gates, James ROSEMUND, Minnie Ronan, Patrick BOYLE, Elisabeth SCHAFFER, James and Dora WHITLOCK
GAVIN, John MURRIE, Grace 31 Dec 1915 Gavin, Patrick BELLON, Elizabeth Murrie, Charles SIMPSON, Anna BRESNAHAN, Michael and Ellen MCGINLEY One party is 49y Baptized in Bryan, OH
GERKE, Hugo (Lutheran) ROSE, Maria 17 Apr 1907 Gerke, Frederick SWING, Litty Rose, Cecil ABRAM, Anna HIERONYMUS, Henry and Josephina CABEGLIA
GESER, Albert STEWART, Louisa born SMITH 12 May 1916 Geser, Joseph BOPPERT, Maria DEMERS, Raymond Eugene and Louisa Demers Previously married by a squire.
GILL, Francis HUSCHLE, Nina born MORRIS 28 Feb 1926 Gill, Clarence MCCORMICK, Maria Morris, John GOLDSBOROUGH, Nancy Gill, Dewet and Nina Huscle Bride first married Huscle and then J. BAILEY. Marriage with Bailey declared invalid. Current marriage was at their home due to groom’s illness.
GLAVIN, Edward RYAN, Nora 7 Jan 1915 Glavin, Eugene BAUDENDISTEL, Emma Ryan, Patrick AHERN, Maria MANSFIELD, Gus and Gertrude MONAHAN
GOBLE, Francis SCHORR, Maria 10 Apr 1904 Goble, Frederick BLOSSER, Cassie Schorr, James GERRENT, Catharine ALLEN, Joseph and Sadie FITZPATRICK
GODIN, Elmer Baptized in Cahokia SHELTON, Rosa from Prairie De Rocher 20 Feb 1912 Godin, Vitalis ADAMS, Victoria Shelton, Joseph SNIDER, Sara GILMARTIN, Pat. and Anna WINKEL
GOEDDE, John (Non-Catholic) SULLIVAN, Maria Helena ROUNDTREE, Mr. and Mrs. Previously married by a squire. One child. No date. Appears between 2 and 15 Oct 1912
GOFF, Edward T. Baptized at St. Patrick WILLIAMS, Helena Baptized at St. Joseph 25 Aug 1920 Goff, John FURLONG, Helena Williams, Bernard FAY, Anna KEEVER, John and Margaret WALSH
GOFF, William HALLIHAN, Maria 12 Oct 1904 Goff, James G., Catharine
GOLDAMMER, Arthur (Non-Catholic) DOUGHERTY, Maria (25y) 26 Nov 1914 Goldammer, Anton DOHL, Anna Dougherty, Martin PENNEFEATHER, Helena Dougherty, Leon and Katharine LEAHY
GOUGH, James from Union County, KY ALVEY, Maria Beatrice from St. Louis, MO 27 Sep 1921 Gough, Sherman Not listed, Maria C. Alvey, John T. DURBIN, Honora Alvey, Louis and Philomena Alvey Dispensation for 3rd degree blood relationship
GRACE, William MANN, Norine 2 Jun 1915 Grace, Michael O’NEIL, Margaret Mann, Charles SHEA, Catharina Grace, James and Anna HALLIHAN
GRAHAM, Joseph WALL, Leonora 30 Nov 1916 Graham, Michael ASTON, Laura Anna Wall, Thomas TALLY, Susanna BRENNAN, Earl and Georgia DAY
GRANEY, Thomas Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis BENSON, Dora Jane 18 Dec 1918 Graney, James FERRIS, Julia Benson, William WELAND, Elizabeth VERMEESCH, A. and Agnes Graney
GRASSINGER, Albert LOUVIER, Anna 29 Nov 1917 Grassinger, Henry DUCLOIS, Celestina Louvier, Henry POUPART, Elizabeth Grassinger, Edward and Effie Louvier
GRAY, John HAUNN, Madeline 26 Feb 1920 Gray, Robert BRODERICK, Maria Haunn, Albert KNOWLES, Catharina O’DONNELL, John and Josephina FEHNER Mixed religion marriage
GRAY, William E. DOWNEY, Helena Baptized at St. Patrick in Washington, IN 17 Feb 1920 Gray, Joseph HOOPLIP, Sarah Downey, Thomas DONAHUE, Helena LENZ, Rudolph and Josephine BAYER
GREELEY, William 33y born in Jerseyville WEAR, Emma Baptized at St. Patrick’s at age 4y 2 Dec 1911 Greeley, Bernard MCHALE, Maria Wear, John BRIGGS, Maria CUNNINGHAM, William and Maria Greeley
GRIESHABER, Kelly Baptized in St. Genevieve HORMELL, Adelaida Baptized in New Orleans 4 Jun 1917 Grieshaber, Bernard LABIN, Louisa Hormell, George WHEELER, Viola Grieshaber, Edgard and Olivette Hormell
GRIFFIN, John Alfred (Non-Catholic) from Coffeyville, MS WHITE, Celeste 19 Jul 1930 Griffin, I. E. White, Clark SULLIVAN, William and Margaret ROMANUS
GRIGSBY, Jessie (Non-Catholic) JOHNSON, Genevieve 26 Nov 1908 Grigsby, Lee Andrew FALL, Anna Johnson, John JANUS, Emilia Johnson, Frederick and Ruby STREET
GRIMAND, Gilbert from St. Louis, MO DUVALL, Evelyn M from McBride, MO 31 May 1927 Grimand, Joseph KENRICK, Julia Duvall, Lawrence C. RAGSDELL, Luneth BANDEUS, Edward and Beulah SUTTERER
GRIMES, Leon FULFORD, Audrey (Non-Catholic) 25 Sep 1928 Grimes, Henry Not listed, Loretta Fulford, Bird MCINTYRE, Effie HAYES, James and Margaret CLAVIN
GRUSE, William from Pacific, MO HUESGEN, Anna from Osage, MO 3 Feb 1904 Gruse, George BRAUN, Elizabeth Huesgen, Joseph BOCKENDORF, Cecilia BROWN, Joseph L. and Maria Brown
GUERRENTEZ, Julian from Flora, IL LARSEN, Mildred 14 Nov 1917 Guerrentez, William GIBSON, Norah Larsen, John MILLER, Clara Larsen, Clarence and Anna Larsen
GUTIERREZ, Silverium from Fairmont City, IL MARTINEZ, Hermilina born CARDONA from Fairmont City, IL 25 May 1920 Gutierrez, Simon HERNANDEZ, Magdalena Cardona, Philemon AJELLA, Anastasia MAVEINOZ, August and Amada Maveinoz
HAHN, Rudolph HAHN, Matilda 22 Feb 1922 Hahn, Anton FEIST, Maria AUER, Charles KIRCHOFF, Maria PRINDIBLE, Dan and Beatrice Hahn
HAINES, William (Non-Catholic) MILLER, Margaret Fr. Baptized in Chicago 19 Jun 1912 Haines, Obert Jones EMERY, Carolina Miller, Joseph R. BAILEY, Alice Miller, William and Ira ADAMS
HANBACK, Arthur (Non-Catholic) MORGAN, Alice 9 May 1906 Hanback, George YORK, Nancy Morgan, Thomas CURRAN, Maria RAMP, Peter and Lucia Morgan Duplicate entry
HANBACK, Arthur from Granite City MORGAN, Aliela Hanback, George YORK, Nancy Morgan, Thomas CUNEEN, Maria No date. Appears after 14 Nov 1905.
HAPPS, Joseph HENDRICKS, Anna 17 Feb 1920 Happs, John SCUDD, Maria Hendricks, George REUTHER, Anna TRAYNOR, Eugene and Maria KOENIG
HAPS, Alvin WILLETT, Noel Baptized in Graves County, KY 1 Feb 1921 Haps, Theodore BOSCH, Cecilia Willett, Dee HAYDEN, Eugenia Willett, Dee and Dora THOMAS
HARRIS, Charles STRUEBER, Anna Harris, John KEEFE, Catharine Strueber, Rudolph SCHWENDEMAN, Catharine No date. Appears between 28 and 29 Jun 1922. With permission from Danville, IL
HARRIS, James M. (Non-Catholic) REID, Helena Baptized at St. Lawrence O’Toole in St. Louis 27 Feb 1912 Harris, James PAYNE, Elizabeth Reid, John RUTH, Margaret KENNY, George and Sara HEGARTY Previously married by a squire.
HARSHANY, Peter from North Venice, IL DOWNEY, Velva 9 Sep 1925 Harshany, Anton EVA_, Julia Downey, Patrick ASHER, Maria Asher, William and Martha E. HENNRICH
HARTMAN, August from Gelsenkirchen, Germany SCHARF, Anna from Ludbeck, Germany 25 Jul 1931 Hartman, William BOEHM, Johanna Scharf, Emil SCHILLER, Anna Boehm, Thomas and Hilda Scharf
HASNEDL, William SMITH, Rosa Baptized in Venice 20 Feb 1912 Hasnedl, Martin ERNEST, Maria Smith, Thomas Not listed, Lena GILMARTIN, P. and Maria KRAMER Previously married by a squire.
HAVLEN, Jr., Jacob MADELAIN, Irene 23 Jul 1926 Havlen, Jacob NOVAK, Catherine Madelain, Michael PRICE, Elizabeth CLUTE, George and E. Schana UENIC
HAYES, Francis HESS, Winifrida 27 Jun 1917 Hayes, Thomas DOYLE, Anastasia Hess, Charles COLE, Elmira Hayes, Edward and Gladys LYONS
HAYES, John SCHRANZ, Magdalena 14 Jun 1906 Hayes, Edmund COONEY, Joanna DAVINROY, John B. WASSER, Maria BROWN, Louis and Mrs. Sam LITTLE
HAYES, Thomas Baptized at St. Patrick HENDRICKS, Ada 17 Sep 1912 Hayes, Thomas DOYLE, Anastasia Hendricks, Samuel A. TANSEY, Joanna HALLIHAN, John and Helena MCROBERTS
HAYES, Thomas from St. Louis, MO BAUCHENS, Viola 30 Jun 1913 Hayes, Patrick MCGUIRE, Catharine Bauchens, Louis GRIGGS, Ivilla BRANSON, Bertram G. and Frances EMERY
HEFFREN, Martin BUEHLER, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 25 Sep 1907 Heffren, Michael MADDEN, Maria Buehler, Christ SCHUSING, Maria BRESNAHAN, Michael and Adelina Buehler
HEGARTY, Francis KENNEY, Sarah Agnes 11 Apr 1907 Hegarty, John BRENNAN, Anna MCKEON, Thomas MCKEOUGH, Maria BROWN, Louis and Anna DWYER
HEILMAN, Edward (Non-Catholic) MOELLER, Elizabeth from Evansville, IN 12 Oct 1903 Heilman, Hunter FREY, Lena Moeller, Caspar JEMING, Gertrude Moeller, Joseph and Julia HANSEN
HELTKAMP, Alphonse from St. Louis, MO FREIBURG, Leona 7 Mar 1916 Heltkamp, William HERTLING, Elizabeth Freiburg, Gottlieb FINGER, Lena KAISER, Theodore and Matilda AUER
HEMPEN, Frederick from Carlyle, IL HUSTEDDE, Monica from Beckemeyer, IL 28 May 1919 Hempen, Bernard H. SCHIERMANN, Catharine Hustedde, George VOSS, Anna Hustedde, Joseph and Bertha SCHUEY
HENRY, Edward from Trenton TEMPLIN, Carrie from St. Jacobs, IL 18 Feb 1909 Henry, Patrick MCGLAUGHLIN, Catharine Templin, Solomon ELLIF, Emma Templin, Solomon and Catherine Henry Mixed religion marriage
HENRY, Florent from Junction, IL MALONEY, Agnes from E. Ridgeway, IL 31 May 1904 Henry, Robert WAMACK, Elizabeth Maloney, Dan DALY, Sarah RICH, Louis and his wife.
HENRY, John from Trenton, IL MURPHY, Emma M. from Waterloo, IL 16 Nov 1920 Henry, Patrick MCLOUGHLIN, Catherine Murphy, Hugh GREGSON, Emma E. Murphy, Robert Emmett and Alice Henry This entry is crossed out.
HENRY, John from Trenton, IL MURPHY, Emma May from Waterloo, IL 16 Nov 1920 Henry, Patrick MCGLAUGHLIN, Catharine Murphy, Hugo GREASON, Amelia Murphy, Robert E. and Alice Henry Duplicate entry
HEPP, Joseph H. from St. Louis, MO VEACH, Maria (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO 12 Jun 1919 Hepp, Joseph KESSLER, Catherine Veach, William KIECHLEY, Emma Veach, William F. and Monica Veach
HERR, Raymond Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis NAGLE, Nans Cecilia 29 Nov 1919 Herr, Martin BOSLER, Maria Nagle, Edward MCDONOGH, Maria Nagle, Edward and Kate M. Nagle
HEWLETT, Otto (Non-Catholic) RALEIGH, Sarah 25 Apr 1917 Hewlett, Columbi Eli RAUSCH, Lena Raleigh, John CONNORS, Elisabeth BEYKIRCH, Christopher and Nora HOULIHAN
HICKEY, Rollin Martin Baptized at Sacred Heart in Reedsburg, WI KELLEY, Sarah Louise 20 Jul 1930 Hickey, Martin NEWMAN, Ellen Kelley, James KENNEY, Catherine WRIGHT, Hugh and Florence K. Wright
HINZE, William (Non-Catholic) EISINGER, Elizabeth Hinze, Fred. BROCKMANN, Maria Eisinger, Sebastian SCHWEIGERT, Elizabeth MOSER, Edward and his wife. No date. Appears between 7 Apr and 13 Apr 1921. Married 11 years prior by squire.
HOEFLINGER, Louis L. WOODWARD, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 23 May 1929 Hoeflinger, Edwin BARDGETT, Louise Woodward, Ellis STIVERS, Ruth OSBORN, George and Margaret STEWART Revalidation
HOLLAND, Clifford (Non-Catholic) CASHEL, Amelia 28 Feb 1922 Holland, Oscar BAKER, Maria E. Cashel, Andrew BAUMAN, Amelia TRAVELSTEAD, Earl and Geneva Lampkin
HOLSCHER, Ferd from Teutopolis, IL UNDERWOOD, Laura E. from Teutopolis, IL 19 Jan 1931 HOELSCHER, Henry KROEGER, Maria Underwood, Teddy R. VAN DUSEN, Anna MILLER, Ernest A. and Dorothea Miller
HORKI, Francis ROKOS, Maria No date. Appears between 26 Jun and 1 Sep 1913
HUBBARD, William MORELAND, Thelma E. 28 Jun 1922 Hubbard, Thomas FAHEY, Maria Moreland, John CARTER, Martha Hubbard, Thomas and Agnes ARND Mixed religion marriage
HUDSON, John GAY, Marian 10 Jun 1923 Hudson, James B. BROWN, Carry Gay, Dominic Not listed, Catherine SEXTON, Robert; Joseph TRICANO; Anna Tricano and Lorine Hudson Mixed religion marriage
HUGHES, Francis (Non-Catholic) DRUMMOND, Maria 24 Nov 1903 Hughes, Bernard ELLIS, W. Drummond, Thomas E. DOWD, Maria Drummond, P. H. and A. SCHNEDLER
HUGHES, Peter from Carlyle, IL OGLE, Florence from Carlyle, IL 8 Feb 1904 Hughes, Peter TOOMEY, Maria Ogle, John RAGAN, Maria Hughes, James and Leone Ogle
HULEN, Howard HAYDEN, Francisca C. 27 Nov 1927
HUMPHRIES, Thomas J. SCHWAB, Clara Belle 2 May 1925 Humphries, Joseph MURRAY, Alice Schwab, John NORTH, Claudia Is. MALIJEWSKI, Stanley and Ella MCGINLEY [See record]
HUSCHLE, Henry J. Baptized at St. Elizabeth CULLEN, Lillian Baptized at St. Elizabeth 22 Oct 1921 Huschle, Bernard VOSS, Anna Cullen, James MCCARTHY, Elizabeth DOUSSARD, Raymond and Helena MCGINLEY
HUTNACHER, Charles MCFARLAND, Florentia (Non-Catholic) 24 Apr 1918 Hutnacher, August KREIS, Christina McFarland, Melton PRICE, Ida SINGER, Walter and Helena MAIN
JACKSON, Henry Not Baptized from St. Louis, MO BRADY, Helena 1 Sep 1914 Jackson, Jesse TEMME, Emma Brady, Patrick SAUSSE, Catharine OLIVER, R. R. and Mrs. R. R. Oliver
JACQUOT, Edward H. from Collinsville, Il. Baptized in Cahokia SONTAG, Pearl Baptized in French Village 12 Jun 1917 Jacquot, August CLUTOINE, Josephina Sontag, Nicholas DAVINROY, Rosa Jacquot, Charles; Edward ENGELHARDT; Adele BERTELSMANN and Florence MILLER
JAMES, Mayburn (Non-Catholic) from Ohio County, KY WALSH, Maria Baptized at St. Patrick 22 Feb 1919 James, Thomas MILLER, Sallie Walsh, Michael SOELKE, Emma KRACHER, Francis and Loretta Kracher
JAMESON, Robert (Not Baptized) RONAN, Madeline 30 Apr 1913 Jameson, Charles J. BUCKLEY, Frances Ronan, Patrick BOYLE, Elizabeth CUNDIFF, G. W. and Catharine BENES
JANNER, George REAGAN, Johanna born LYONS 10 Dec 1918 Lyons, Jeremiah FLANNIGAN, Bridget MCKEOGH, Father and Ellen MCGINLEY
JASPER, Roy CARR, Helen V. 4 Mar 1924 Jasper, Henry ROHM, Sophie Carr, Dominic MCEVILLY, Anna HARGROVE, Richard and Bridget O BRYNE
JEGGLIN, John L. ENGLAND, Helena 23 Sep 1914 Jegglin, Albert ENSMENGER, Catharine England, William FITZPATRICK, Maria WILSON, Rawleigh and Nellie CONNORS
JEROME, Albert Oscar HOULIHAN, Catherine Margaret 14 Jul 1925 Jerome, Albert PLUFF, Elizabeth Houlihan, Martin CLUNE, Maria LUCKS, Arthur and Florence GRANEY
JESSE, Francis CLEARY, Catharina 11 May 1902 Jesse, Thomas PICKLEY, Maria Cleary, William NUGENT, Maria Jesse, George and Anna DEVANEY
JOHNSON, Carl A. (Non-Catholic) SCHUMERT, Adelina 26 Aug 1919 Johnson, John H. DEAN, Mrs. Schumert, August N. HART, Maria PRADER, George J. and Helena CASHEL
JOHNSON, Leon (Negro) Baptized at St. Patrick THOMAS, Robbie (Non-Catholic) 31 Oct 1912 Johnson, John JANIS, Emma Thomas, Richard BLAKEMORE, Mollie GRIGSBY, Jess and Genevieve Grigsby
JOHNSON, Robert MARION, Viola (Non-Catholic) 10 Aug 1905 Johnson, John JANIS, Amelia Marion, Charles HODGE, Anna NOLOLIN, Melvina and Maria CLAY This is a black family.
JOHNSTON, John (Non-Catholic) FANSHER, Veronica 24 Nov 1920 Johnston, Willis BROWN, Margaret Fansher, John FARRELL, Maria
JOKERST, Wilbur from St. Louis, MO Baptized in Ste. Genevieve MORICE, Paulina Baptized in Ste. Genevieve 24 Jul 1920 Jokerst, Henry BROSS, Catherine Morice, Henry LAROSE, Nora Morice, Martin and Elizabeth KLEIN
JONES, Edward WALSH, Margaret 22 Apr 1903 Jones, Michael PERSINGER, Maria Walsh, James O’CONNOR, Helena Walsh, Luca A. and Helena Walsh
JONES, John (Non-Catholic) CORRIGAN, Margaret 3 Nov 1914 Jones, John SUGGS, Maria Corrigan, Edward DEVITT, Margaret BEUCKMAN, Rev. F. and Ellen MCGINLEY Previously married by squire.
JOYCE, Maurice F. (58y) Baptized at St. Patrick MURRAY, Maria C. (46y) Baptized at Father’s Head in St. Louis 24 Jun 1931 Joyce, Maurice GALVIN, Anna Murray, James O’MARA, Elizabeth MEYER, Robert A. and Margaret C. MCCORMICK
JOYCE, Maurice Vincent JONES, Reinane 16 Nov 1904 Joyce, Maurice GALVIN, Anna Jones, Charles SMITH, Patisutia FEKETE, Thomas L and Grace FORD Mixed religion marriage.
KAERCHER, Louis Baptized in Piopolis, Dahlgren, IL MAULDING, Maude M. from Dahlgren, IL 1 Jan 1920 Kaercher, Charles R. SMITH, Rachel Maulding, Silas SIMPSON, Luella GRIBBIN, Francis and Ellen A. MCGINLEY
KANE, Maurice WALLS, Seona [Leona?] 20 Apr 1923 Kane, Timothy OGLE, Anna Walls, Not listed PORTELLE, Julia HENNESSY, Elizabeth
KARNOSKI, Frank PHILLIPS, Esther 6 Sep 1922 Karnoski, Joseph GAVIN, Mary Phillips, George DONNELY, Catharine CARNOSKI, Pat. and Julia STRAIT
KATHMANN, Henry Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis SHEEHAN, Elizabeth 25 Jun 1912 Kathmann, Henry GREBER, Lucia Sheehan, James MAHONEY, Dora HORNBERG, Harry and Eileen CULLEN
KAY, Thomas Elmer PENNELL, Lulu Maria 16 Apr 1907 Kay, John MEAMBER, Adel Pennell, Melvin C. CONWAY, Catherine RONAN, Robert and Cecilia PEET
KEARNEY, John E. from Fort Dodge, IA JOHNSTON, Maria from Fort Dodge, IA 3 Sep 1929 Kearney, William HUNTABLE, Maria Johnston, James HOAG, Christina WULLER, Alphonse N. and Cecilia E. Wuller
KEEVER, John J. LENZ, Veronica 28 Sep 1921 Keever, James BRODIN, Eleanora Lenz, Rudolph S. PFEFFER, Justina BURNS, Francis E. and Eugenia CRANSTON
KELLEDY, Joseph from St. Louis, MO SHEEHY, Eleonora from Clayton, MO 26 Nov 1913 Kelledy, Michael QUIGLEY, Anna Sheehy, Thomas CAHILL, Ellen Kelledy, John and Catharine Sheehy
KELLY, Lawrence O’BRIEN, Delia 21 Jul 1915 Kelly, Patrick Not listed, Catharina O’Brien, Thomas CLARK, Maria MCLAUGHLIN, Luke and Mary DISKIN
KELLY, Raymund P. EDWARDS, Gladys E. (Non-Catholic) from Marion, IL 11 Oct 1922 Kelly, Francis DONAHUE, Catharine Edwards, John H. CROSSBY, Nellie GILL, Clarence and Maria CHOLET
KENNEY, Charlie MCCOY, Gertrude 27 Nov 1912 Kenney, Thomas MCKEON, Sarah McCoy, Frank WUERZ, Mary Kenney, George and Mamie SUMMERS
KENNEY, Patrick MORRISSEY, Anna from St. Louis, MO Kenney, Thomas MCCUNE, Sara Morrissey, John CONNOLLY, Marg. Kenney, Charles and Pearl Kenney No date. Appears after 22 Jun and before 20 Jul 1909.
KENNY, George KELLY, Maria 30 Jun 1903 Kenny, Patrick BRENNAN, Catharina Kelly, Patrick DIVER, Joanna Kelly, John and Margaret KEHOE
KENT, Harry (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO FORHAN, Margaret 28 Nov 1907 Kent, Harrison MARSH, Ruth Forhan, Michael GEORGE, Sara COSTELLO, Dan and Maria DELEHANTY
KERWIN, Francis KOHLER, Augusta 3 Dec 1920 Kerwin, William TISCH, Catherine Kohler, William MOOREMAN, Glea FENTON, Daniel and Rosa O’NEILL
KIEFER, Emil N. HOGAN, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1924 Kiefer, Anthony SAMBOUFF, Rosa ORTLIPP, Henry ZOUG, Mary CROW, James T. and Mary GOFF [See record]
KING, Alfred MCSARY, Irene 17 Jul 1923 King, Edward PAPIN, Esther McSary, Frederick VOGEL, Mabel McSary, George and Gertrude WILSHIRE
KING, Edward KING, Esther born PAPIN 16 Oct 1920 King, Alfred MONAHAN, Maria Papin, Louis Not listed, Virginia MILET, H. P. and Gertrude King
KING, Walter SNIDERWIND, Anna (Non-Catholic) No date. Appears after 4 Nov 1904
KINSELLA, Leonard from Caseyville, IL CARTHY, Elva C. 28 Jul 1931 Kinsella, William SIEKMANN, Catherine Carthy, William HESS, Amanda Kinsella, Alfred and Erna MEYER
KITTLE, Arnold MELL, Marian 27 Jun 1923 Kittle, Henry MAYER, Maria Mell, George WALKER, Lillian Mell, William and Kathleen ENGLAND One person was Baptized in Waverly, OH
KLINE, Irwin ALSOP, Essie 24 Sep 1914 Kline, Michael J. LIBOLD, Barbara Alsop, Will KNIGHT, Lura DEATHERAGE, Lee and Genevieve Deatherage Appears between 7 Oct and 24 Oct 1914
KLIPPERT, Theodore (Non-Catholic) EAGAN, Helena 5 Sep 1911 Klippert, Val. GLITOCK, Elizabeth Eagan, Andrew MEYERS, Elizabeth DEMANSE, Christ. and Amelia COOPER
KNAPP, William WISNIASKA, Millie 22 Nov 1903 Knapp, Peter NAGELLA, Fannie Wisniaska, John Not listed, Catharine BOZEETOSOSKI, J. and Anna LARKES
KNAUP, George from St. Louis, MO DEVANEY, Robina 19 May 1909 Knaup, Henry BERNKAMP, Maria Devaney, James MCGREGORY, Bridget Knaup, Herman and Margaret Devaney
KNIPPING, Henry (Non-Catholic) RUSTIO, Rosa 29 Aug 1911 Knipping, August ARDLER, Lena Rustio, Amantio GRAULT, Rosa Knipping, Will. and Jeanette Rustio
KOEHLER, Orval (Non-Catholic) from Caseyville, IL FLYNN, Mary Baptized at Nativity Church in Chicago 23 Apr 1930 Koehler, Fred LARNE, Lena Flynn, Jerry FOLEY, Nora NEVILLE, Walter and Genevieve
KOENIG, Victor BELLANIC, Francisca 10 Feb 1924 Koenig, Victor HENNRICHS, Maria Bellanic, John Not listed, Frances GEABES, Joseph and Mary RING Revalidation marriage.
KOLLNE, Harrison ALLEN, Elizabeth 2 Oct 1910 Kollne, Theo BRUNNER, Elizabeth Allen, Isaac BASLER, Anna [This entry is partially crossed out.]
KONRAD, Edward from Jacksonville, IL RATCLIFF, Maria 9 Feb 1912 Konrad, Peter DUNN, Catherine Ratcliff, William WILLIAMS, Hanna NEVINS, George and Maria MCBRADY
KRAECHER, Francis Baptized in Detroit WALSH, Loretta Baptized at St. Patrick 24 Jul 1912 KRACHER, Anton MILLER, Anna Walsh, Michael SOULKEY, Emma MORAN, John and Carolina Walsh
LAHOMANDIER, Leon DOUGHERTY, Grace from St. Louis, MO 28 Sep 1910 Lahomandier, Donnal CALLIOTT, Antton. Dougherty, Michael KELLY, Winifred REITERER, Bernard and Josephine DUST
LALESS, Archie Lee (Non-Catholic) from Murphysboro, IL JENKINS, Dorothy from Murphysboro, IL 29 Jun 1929 Laless, Cleve V. HOLMES, Sarah Jenkins, Llewelyn WOLF, Minnie SPEAKMAN, John W. and Margaret Jenkins
LANGLEY, Harold MANSHER, Ruth Mixed religion marriage. No date. Appears between 19 Nov 1916 and 17 Jan 1917
LAUDENBERG, Leo A. WILSON, Jeanette 14 Jan 1919 Laudenberg, John BROICHHAUS, Justine Wilson, Alexander ST. LOUIS, Juliet MURPHY, Edward and Esther DICKENS
LAUER, Frederick (Non-Catholic) HOWE, Maria Helena 29 Apr 1920 Lauer, John HIPPLE, Margaret Howe, Thomas BRADY, Catherine LENZ, Rudolph and Ellen MCGINLEY
LAUGHLIN, Michael ROSENKRANZ, Edna from DuQuoin, IL 9 Sep 1925 Laughlin, John KROPP, Josephina Rosenkranz, William HART, Anna Laughlin, Harry and Loretta E. DEVAN
LAUNTZ, William L. (Non-Catholic) BUCKLEY, Mary 25 Aug 1915 Launtz, William P. STAGG, Magdalene Buckley, Michael BURKHARD, Stilla Launtz, Raymond P. and Stella E. HUNMANN
LAW, Francis W. HOULIHAN, Mae 23 Sep 1924 Law, George L. FAHERTY, Jane N. Houlihan, Martin CLUNE, Mary VONNAHNE, Christ and Catherine Houlihan
LAW, Raymond BURGOON, Annetta 1 Sep 1913 Law, George FAHERTY, J. M. Burgoon, William FOLEY, J. M. EVANS, Mark and Loretta GRIFFIN Previously married by squire.
LAWLER, Edward MORRISSEY, Nora 11 Aug 1910 Lawler, William HIGGINS, Elizabeth Morrissey, Thomas BUCHANAN, Luella Lawler, George and Maria WALSH
LAWLER, Michael from Equality, IL BINNETTE, Lucia 18 Oct 1905 Lawler, Raphael FOWLER, Elizabeth Binnette, Peter GONSER, Susan. TAYLOR, Walter and Estella KLINGLER
LAYNE, Frederick (Non-Catholic) LOOS, Lola 16 Nov 1920 Layne, John WALSTER, Elizabeth Loos, John HESS, Emma Loos, John and Bernice CARTHY This entry is crossed out.
LAYNE, Frederick from Chester, IL LOOS, Lola Baptized in Marion, IL 16 Nov 1920 Layne, John WALSTER, Elizabeth Loos, John HESS, Emma Loos, John and Bernice CARTHY Mixed religion marriage
LAYTON, Edward PROCTOR, Lucila from Alton, IL 18 Feb 1905 Layton, James CONTE, Jennie Proctor, Thaddeus MCLAUGHLIN, Helena COONEY, Robert and Mildred Proctor [See record]
LEAGUE, Charles (Non-Catholic) HANSON, Eleanora 3 Apr 1909 League, James PARKIN, Theodosia Hanson, John MCDONNELL, Maria Hanson, John and Maria Hanson
LEEZY, Clyde W. (Non-Catholic) AUER, Cecilia 13 Jan 1914 Leezy, Gedney DOWDY, Mary Auer, Charles KIRSCHOLL, Maria GEFFREY, E. and Mary T. Auer
LEEZY, John HORMELL, Alice 1 Sep 1923 Leezy, John ENZER, Maud Hormell, George WHEELER, Violet Leezy, James and Elsie Hormell
LEITNER, Albert (Non-Catholic) FINN, Margaret Baptized at Notre Dame De Lourdes in St. Louis, MO 25 Jan 1929 Finn, Michael FARRELL, Catherine CUSHING, Thomas and Lulu DOWLING
LEMP, John (Non-Catholic) KANE, Anna 24 Oct 1915 Lemp, Henry NIEDERFELD, Catherine Kane, John HOGAN, Francisca Lemp, Charles and Francisca KNOX
LENZ, Rudolph J. DAVIS (DAVILINSKY), Della 28 Jun 1921 Lenz, Rudolph PFEFFER, Justina Davis (Davilinsky), Thomas KUCKIN, Maceda SLATTERY, John J. and Veronica Lenz Sonoch is written below bride’s mother’s name
LIEB, Alphonse A. (Apostatum) HOUGHTON, Ida M. Baptized in Jerseyville 16 Sep 1914 Lieb, Alphonse DENNY, Anna Houghton, John MCHALE, Maria BLACK, Harold and Genevieve ENRIGHT [See record]
LINES, Carter DEE, Virginia 25 Jan 1928 Lines, Maurice YOUNG, Maria Dee, Sam. CULLEN, Annabella REYNOLDS, Earnest and Mrs. E. Reynolds
LIVELY, Jerry BERKLEY, Frances 4 Jun 1913 Lively, Peter CALLAHAN, Blanche Berkeley, John REHLING, Christina BOYLE, John and Charlotte Berkely
LOFTUS, John T. from St. Louis, MO ATTEBERY, Myrtle Maria H. 15 Jun 1908 Loftus, Michael MAHER, Maria Attebery, W. G. STOLTZ, Anna BROWN, A. A. and M. E. M. Brown
LOGSDON, Jacob (Non-Catholic) DUFFY, Madelyn 5 Jun 1926 Logsdon, Jacob RIDER, Jesse Duffy, Francis P. SMITH, Leonora HUNGATE, Hilbert and Zelah HOLDERBY
LONGUST, William (Non-Catholic) MCKENNA, Emma 2 Oct 1912 LONGHUST, Thomas RIEHL, Maria McKenna, Hugh COWL, Eleonora Longust, Thomas and Louisa ALEXANDER
LOTZ, George CLARK, Grace 27 Nov 1913 Lotz, George MURPHY, Maria Clark, Albert HARVEY, Maria MCCLEERY, Arthur and Edna DWYER Mixed religion marriage
LOUVIER, Lawrence HRASKY, Marie 14 May 1924 Louvier, Vincent DUFERNUE, Louise Hrasky, Frank VAZAL, Pauline EROS, Anthony and Johanna Hrasky
LOYD, Charles H. (Non-Catholic) CARR, Mabel Catharine 31 Dec 1919 Loyd, John P. ENGLAND, Lea Anna Carr, Dominic MCEVILLY, Anna O’CONNELL, Robert and Helena Carr
LUEBBERS, Benjamin WHITE, Mae (Non-Catholic) 14 Apr 1920 Luebbers, Benjamin ETTERS, Anna White, Samuel THOMPSON, Norah LENZ, Rudolph and Ellen MCGINLEY
LUSCOMB, Walther DRINNING, Violet 23 Jun 1915 Luscomb, Charles MCEVILLY, Margaret Drinning, Samuel DICKENS, Alice Luscomb, John and Mrs. Florence Luscomb
LYNN, Elmer C. NORTON, Viola 24 Dec 1918 Lynn, John Norton, William LANDOLT, Margaret WILLIAMS, John and Margaret Williams
LYNN, Kelly (Not Baptized) MORTON, Julia 22 Apr 1913 Lynn, John A. PLATTS, Dollie Morton, James TOOMEY, Catharine Morton, Maurice and Catharine Toomey
MAAG, Walter F. (Non-Catholic) but baptized at Sacred Heart WIEMKEN, Helen M. 18 Jun 1930 Maag, Edward J. REHARDT, Mary Wiemken, August F. WATT, Marie MORRISS, Emery A. and Mrs. Emery A. Morriss
MANDEVILLE, Herman O’MALLEY, Anna C. 17 Jan 1917 Mandeville, William DeLafayette PLUMMER, Alice E. O’Malley, Martin JOYCE, Catharina STEPHENS, Lester and Elisabeth O’Malley
MARONEY, Timothy SULLIVAN, Catharine 3 Nov 1904 Maroney, Matthew SULLIVAN, Catharina Sullivan, John CAHILL, Nora Maroney, Martin and Nora SHEEHY Dispensation for 4th grade blood relationship
MARSHALL, James from Kentucky MCINTOSH, Bertha M. from Kentucky 5 Apr 1927 Marshall, George BALLARD, Anna McIntosh, Bradford LOHMAN, Catherine WILSON, Arlie and Lela Marshall [See record]
MARTIN, Ernest (Non-Catholic) from Canteen, IL MADELAINE, Genevieve born in Warsaw, IL 3 Jul 1916 Martin, John COOPER, Catherine Madelaine, Edmund THIBAUD, Augustina ECKMANN, William and Loretta BERTRAM
MARTIN, Martin J. (Non-Catholic) OVERBEY, Thelma from Mayfield, KY 10 Nov 1926 Martin, George Not listed, Maria Overbey, Lambert HAYDEN, Maria BERTRAM, Henry and Venedah COMPTON
MARTINDALE, Frederick GROSCHICK, Lillian Martindale, Thomas STERNES, Maria Groschick, Paul WELLSTON, Emma DOUARD, George E. and Celia ZINKAUS No date. Appears between 25 Oct and 25 Nov 1916.
MATLACK, William (Non-Catholic) KLINGLER, Maria Stella 28 Apr 1911 Matlack, William SANDERS, Flora Klingler, William KELLY, Maria Klingler, E. and Stella DAVIS
MAURER, Arthur J. (Non-Catholic) from St. Joseph, MO BINNETTE, Maria Delores 15 Sep 1902 Maurer, William Not listed, Maria Binnette, Edward JARVEY, Maria KAERCHER, A. B. and Ruth Kaercher
MAYBERRY, Alvin SANICKA, Helena 4 Mar 1924 Mayberry, John TRAIL, Florence Sanicka, Joseph Not listed, Josephina HANLON, James and Mrs. E. A. MCGINLEY
MAYHILL, Ralph from Lebanon, IL MERSINGER, Rose from Troy, IL 9 Jul 1923 Mayhill, Press KRACKE, Catherine Meesinger, Charles SCHROEDER, Anna KIRSCH, Emil and Amanda Mersinger Married in Collinsville, IL due to license. [See record.]
MCAFEE, Melvin from Overton, TX PATE, Virginia from Mayfield, KY 29 Sep 1928 McAfee, Henry O’QUINN, Mollie Pate, Thompson HAYDEN, Anna MARTIN, M. G. and Thelma Martin
MCATEER, Ollie J. GOFF, Catherine 20 Aug 1924 McAteer, Peter MOLLINGER, Mary Goff, John FURLONG, Ellen Goff, Lawrence and Marie GALLAGHER
MCBRIDE, Lester Baptized in Renault (21y) PALMIER, Nellie Vollens Baptized in Prairie Du Rocher (18y) 7 Apr 1921 McBride, William VOGEL, Ella Palmier, John POMPART, Lena McBride, Not listed and Not listed Palmier
MCCARTHY, Daniel from St. Louis, MO MCPHERSON, Lucia 25 Nov 1913 McCarthy, John MURPHY, Ellen McPherson, Alexander BRADY, Anna EASTERDAY, Hendricks and Helen RAPP
MCCARTHY, Victor Baptized in Macelonia, MI THOMSON, Florence Baptized in Hammond, IN 19 Jun 1919 McCarthy, Thomas CODES, Hattie Thomson, David MULLEN, Anna LENZ, Samuel R. and Maggie McCarthy
MCCAULEY, John (Baptized at St. Mary’s in N. Vernon, IN) MADDING, Verdine (Non-Catholic) 6 Jul 1910 McCauley, James HARDING, Anna Madding, Thomas ELIOTT, Anna ROUNDTREE, Francis and Emma DUST
MCDONALD, John YOUNG, Marion 24 Oct 1914 McDonald, James WALL, Anna MCCARTNEY, Joseph and Maria McCartney
MCDONNELL, Harvey LAMB, Blanche (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1915 McDonnell, Thomas WHITSELL, Helena Lamb, Elbert PORTOR, Anna Lamb, Elbert and Edna CRAWFORD
MCELLIGOTT, Patrick from St. Louis, MO COLLINS, Mary 15 Apr 1913 McElligott, Patrick Collins, John HANLON, Margaret GRIFFITH, John and Cecilia EPPERSON
MCELLIGOTT, William STACK, Julia born Griffin 11 Jan 1911 McElligott, William Not listed, Catharine Griffin, John HAYES, Hanna O’BRIEN, Thomas and Josephine DUST
MCFARLAND, Gordon (Non-Catholic) ELSBECK, Augusta 12 Oct 1907 McFarland, William ALEXANDER, Sara Elsbeck, Bernard FORKORT, Elizabeth DUVAL, Frederick and Elizabeth Duval
MCGLAUGHLIN, James A. from St. Louis BRUDINET, Elizabeth from St. Louis, MO 1 May 1918 McGlaughlin, Thomas BRENNAN, Mary Ann Brudinet, Charles ROMER, Maria COSTELLO, John J. and Elizabeth GILMARTIN
MCGLYNN, Joseph R. O’BRIEN, Metta 15 Apr 1926 McGlynn, Daniel REYNOLDS, Jennie O’Brien, Daniel MAAG, Louise TIERNEY, John and Margaret ZIERRATH
MCKANE, Joseph Harold MCGEE, Ada A. 25 Sep 1928 McKane, Patrick CARROLL, Maria McGee, Joseph J. KAHR, Margaret McKane, Walter J. and Margaret WILLIAMS
MCKEE, Thomas (Non-Catholic) BRODERICK, Isabella Baptized in Ireland 27 Sep 1919 McKee, Robert MCCONNELL, Sara Broderick, Nicholas LYNCH, Jessie SCHNEIDERS, August and Helena Schneiders
MCKENNA, George H. Baptized at St. Malachy WALSH, Stacia 12 Sep 1916 McKenna, Hugo SANDERS, Alvina Walsh, John FAHNE, Bridget McKenna, William and Stasia Walsh
MCKILLIP, Henry LORENTZEN, Rosa (MCNAMEE) 20 Jul 1910 McKillip, Patrick MALOY, Catharine McNamee, John HYST, Teresa MOHLMAN, Edward and Florrie FRAWLEY
MCMANUS, John Lafayette VOGT, Jeanette McManus, John T. LOGAN, Mary Vogt, Walter KENNEY, Dolly No date. Appears between 14 Oct and 27 Dec 1919
MEHEGAN, John Emmet HENSON, Maria 26 Oct 1921 Mehegan, John F. MAY, Catharine Henson, George COOPER, Martina Henson, Claredon Earl and Maria Mehegan
MELL, Paul from Rolla, MO PARDUS, Josephine 20 Apr 1929 Mell, George WALKER, Lillie Pardus, T_ohumid SPAL, Julia KUCHEN, Joseph and Barbara LINOK Mixed religion marriage
MELVIN, William E. BAGNELL, Maria 15 Jun 1926 Melvin, Jessie HOULIHAN, Margaret Bagnell, Thomas VOLLMER, Helena PRICE, Melvin and LaVerna F. Melvin
MEYER, Erwin (Non-Catholic) HANNIGAN, Elizabeth 5 May 1916
MEYERSCOUGH, Peter from Ruma, IL HINCKLEY, Amelia 7 Jan 1911 Meyerscough, Rich. KRIER, Theresa Hinckley, Walter OGLE, Lena SCHMITT, William and Fanna RIES
MILER, John KELLY, Margaret Baptized at St. Mary 25 Oct 1916 Miler, Philip COLLINS, Maria Kelly, Julius O’DAY, Anna CONNORS, John T. and Rosa Connors
MILES, Russell A. HENNRICH, Marcella 14 Jun 1920 Miles, James BARNETT, Flora J. Hennrich, Nicholas WITTENBRING, Theresa Hennrich, Hubert and Loretta Hennrich
MILLARD, Edward MCGARRAHAN, Maud 10 Dec 1918 Millard, Mortimer WHITE, Jennie McGarrihan, John ALLEN, Hanna SLATTERY, Patrick and Edna BUNSTEAD Bride’s last name listed as MILLER on left margin.
MILLER, Ernest H. Baptized in Effingham, IL GIUTER, Dora Baptized at St. Philips in Indiana 26 Nov 1918 Miller, Ernest KROEGER, Margaret Giuter, Martin GREIF, Dora Miller, Clement and Maria MAUCH
MILLER, Francis E. from Pacific, MO O’BRIEN, Nora from Pacific, MO 20 Jul 1916 Miller, Frederick MARQUETZ, Alice O’Brien, James KENNEDY, Nora DINNEN, Tim and Ellen MCGINLEY
MILLER, Frank (Non-Catholic) BURNS, Florence Baptized in Jerseyville, IL Miller, Albert KEARNEY, Dora Burns, Frank DELMORE, Jennie
MILLER, Richard MONTGOMERY, Anna 4 Feb 1920 Miller, William MORRISON, Margaret Montgomery, John KENNEY, Nora NUGENT, James and Claire KELLY
MINOCK, John WALLACE, Margaret 10 Feb 1904 Minock, John HEALEY, Elizabeth Wallace, Edmund COMISKEY, Maria
MONAHAN, Francis Henry NEALON, Maria Margaret 29 Apr 1914 Monahan, Patrick MURPHY, Alice Nealon, Michael HUGHES, Cecilia Monahan, Raymond and Catherine CAREY
MOORE, Charles WILLET, Lucille 26 Nov 1927 Moore, James MAHON, Naoma Willet, Jebedia HAYDEN, Eugenia RETTIG, Charles and Alma Willet
MOORE, Lemuel FOERSTER, Magdalena 25 Nov 1915 Moore, William CAVANEY, Matty Foerster, William HINDSTADT, Angela Moore, Lee and Mary KUETTEN
MORA, Tiburtium from Pasquoros, Mexico LUNA, Anna from Samora, Mexico 27 Nov 1930 Mora, Moresto DROSUS, Elenteria Luna, Michael MASSIAS, Maria Mora, Urbano and Maria L, Mora. Bride may be a minor. [See record]
MORAN, John E. Baptized at Sacred Heart in Columbia WALSH, Carolina E. Baptized at St. Patrick 3 Oct 1913 Moran, Michael MCENENNY, Maria Walsh, Michael SOCHLKE, Emma LENZ, Samuel R. and Catharine ABJOHN
MORAN, Patrick ANDERSON, Belle 21 Jun 1905 Moran, Patrick CASEY, Bridget Anderson, George KERWIN, Anna SEIBERT, George and Catharine Seibert
MORELAND, Clarence (Non-Catholic) CASEY, Helena Baptized at St. Patrick 3 Jul 1912 Moreland, John CARTER, Martha Casey, William LEACH, Maria DEAN, Dudley and Hattie CAMPBELL
MORGAN, Daniel WEEKLY, Marjorie 29 Aug 1921 Morgan, Daniel CALLAHAN, Mary Weekly, Henry SIMMONS, Goldie TUNSTEAD, Robert and Helen THOMPSON Revalidation of 15 Jul 1920 civil marriage
MORRIS, Robert A. (Non-Catholic) LYNCH, Florence 7 Jun 1916 Morris, Francis ROSE, Mina Lynch, John MULQUEENEY, Maria LOHMAN, George and Theresa HAYS Previously married by a squire.
MORRISSEY, James DAY, Carolina 24 Dec 1908 Morrissey, Patrick DUNLAP, Bridget Day, Nicholas BUCHENBERGER, Clara MOORE, James and Bridget Morrissey Revalidation marriage. [See record]
MORRISSEY, Thomas O’DONNELL, Joanna 26 Jun 1912 Morrissey, Patrick WHALEN, Joanna O’Donnell, John MURPHY, Margaret
MORTON, Maurice DWYER, Helena 31 Aug 1914 Morton, James TOOMEY, Catharine Dwyer, James MASSEY, Margaret Morton, Leo and Helena GOULD Revalidation of a civil marriage when one spouse is danger of death.
MOSER, Henry (Non-Catholic) POWELL, Charlotte Baptized in Collinsville, IL 1 Jan 1919 Moser, James MOORE, Elizabeth Powell, William GENARD, Maria ZORN, Charles and Althea NURDIN
MOUTRIA, Louis from Centerville Township, IL BODEY, Elizabeth Florence 15 Jul 1919 Moutria, August THOUPONOT, Jennie Bodey, Joseph MUSSETTE, Josephina Bodey, Louis and Mary GERARD
MUELLER, Anton from Germany (Grosstissen) RADI, Paula from Germany (Bihlafingas) 9 Jun 1929 Mueller, Anton MOHRLE, Gertrude Radi, John Michael TUBELE, Barbara STOERK, Joseph and Lina Radi
MUELLER, Thomas MABRY, Paulina 14 Aug 1926 Mueller, Hubert REILMANN, Maria Mabry, Richard COOK, Cosar Mueller, Robert and Clara CLIVARD
MURPHY, Alfred C. DUNN, Bettie (Non-Catholic) 4 Sep 1917 Murphy, Charles SURWALD, Emma Dunn, James J. PRIDE, Anna GRIBBIN, Francis and Virginia EMERSON [See record]
MURPHY, Edward Baptized at St. Theresa in St. Louis, MO DICKHAUS, Esther M. Baptized at [Our Lady of] Perpetual Help in St. Louis, MO 26 Feb 1919 Murphy, John Not listed, Hanora Dickhaus, John C. LINDENMANN, Anna Dickhaus, Arthur J. and Rosa Murphy
MURPHY, Homan GALVIN, Mary Hellen 3 Nov 1917 Murphy, Charles ALLINGHAM, Martha Galvin, John O’LEARY, Sarah COBERG, Leon and Catherine Coberg
MURPHY, Patrick H. Baptized in Litchfield, IL MULLEN, Maria Agatha From Alton, IL. Baptized in St. Louis 29 May 1917 Murphy, John KEEFE, Maria Mullen, John MONAGHAN, Margaret STERS, Herbert and Josephina Monaghan
MURPHY, William EGAN, Mildred 27 May 1925 Murphy, John Not listed, Nora Egan, Thomas BAUER, Nettie COOK, George and Anna Mae DEE
NASH, Edgar HANNIGAN, Margaret 23 Nov 1907 Nash, Riley SELLZ, Hannah Hannigan, Dennis DELAHANTY, Catharine HESSINGER, Maurice and Maria Delahanty
NOBLITT, Elam (Non-Catholic) HAHN, Margaret Baptized in Iron Mt., MO 14 Jan 1914 Noblitt, Abraha RULE, Carolina Hahn, John FOLEY, Joanna MEYER, Al. and Frances WHITE
NODINE, Lawrence HIGDON, Margaret 28 Nov 1906 Nodine, Richard HALLET, Alice Higdon, Ignatius Not listed, Julia CAMBELL, Edgar and Oral HALL
NOLAN, Michael O’NEILL, Catharina 14 Nov 1917 Nolan, John SCANLAN, Maria O’Neill, Dennis BURNS, Maria LAWLER, Michael and Stacia WALSH
NOLDEN, Herbert from St. Louis, MO TEVLIN, Florence 18 Apr 1907 Nolden, Frederick GILES, Maria Tevlin, James WOODS, Maria HESS, George and Laura ABLE
NURDIN, Leon from Collinsville, IL SMITH, Helen 22 Nov 1924 Nurdin, Louis E. ALLEN, Esther Smith, Amos LYNCH, Annie Nirdin, George and Virginia DRONE
O’Brien, James GEEHAN, Dora 3 Feb 1913 O’Brien, Tim FOLEY, Mary Geehan, Jerry BOLLER, Julia O’Brien, Tim and Katie Geehan
O’BRIEN, Timothy SULLIVAN, Bridget 22 Jul 1914 O’Brien, Thomas PRENDERGAST, Joanna Sullivan, Dennis FOLEY, Anna O’Brien, Timothy and Helena Sullivan
O’CONNELL, Robert Baptized at Sacred Heart in St. Louis, MO CAMPBELL, Amelia (Non-Catholic) from Collinsville, IL 27 Aug 1924 O’Connell, John MCEVILLY, Catherine Campbell, Fred A. MAUPIN, Amber GERAGHTY, Michael and Helen O’Connell
O’HARA, John Joseph from Benwood, W. V. MEEHAN, Margaret 10 Sep 1928 O’Hara, John P. FOLEY, Maria Ellen Meehan, Michael BURMESTER, Catherine Meehan, M. P. and Irene MULQUEENEY
O’NEILL, Lawrence J. YOUNG, Maria 3 Jul 1902 O’Neill, Thomas MURPHY, Elizabeth Young, William WHALEN, Julia Young, Dennis P. and Anna Whalen
OTTO, Rowland STERINSKI, Katharina 4 Aug 1926 Otto, Frederick DONOVAN, Maria Sterinski, Joseph Not Listed, Petronilla GOFF, Jacob J. and Amelia STEWART
OWENS, J. Wilbur (Non-Catholic) MULVANEY, Josephina 24 Jun 1914 Owens, David HINES, Anna Mulvaney, Michael O’LAUGHLIN, Maria Owens, Raymond and Jane ENRIGHT
OWENS, William SCHAFFNER, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1903 This marriage took place after a civil marriage.
PARLE, John from Ireland KENNY, Maria from Bridgeport, IL 12 Jun 1928 Parle, Michael FURLONG, Anna KELLY, Patrick DIVER, Hanna Kelly, John and Mrs. Ray K. RAMEY
PAZDERKA, John JAMBOR, Antonia 12 Apr 1923 Pazderka, John KORWEK, Catherine Jambor, John ZICHUSIMEDA, Francisca Pazderka, John and Rose FIEBUS
PFEFFER, Leon E. Baptized at St. Patrick in Alton, IL CARR, Anna Baptized at St, Vincent in St. Louis, MO (19y) 17 Apr 1915 Pfeffer, Edward CALVEY, Margaret Carr, Dominic MCEVILLY, Anna Carr, Dominic and Lillian GROSCHECK
PHELAN, John F. widower from Jerseyville, IL STEWART, Etta widow 22 Nov 1928 Phelan, Dennis GRACE, Maria WATSKER, John KELLEY, Maria Stewart, Francis M. and Cleo E. Stewart
PHILLIPS, Burill WARDEN, Catherine 12 Aug 1924 Phillips, Sidney S. BURNETT, Emma Warden, John DEBREAUX, Catherine HARBOUGH, Raymond L. and Mrs. B. FERRELL Revalidation
PHILLIPS, George MAHER, Maria from Madison, IL 28 Nov 1906 Phillips, George MCELHANY, Maria SEREENEY, Thomas WALLS, Maria PEREAN, Effie and Ella O’HARA
POOL. Leon from Washington Park, IL JONGLAND, Miss Julia from Washington Park, IL Baptized in Manse, France 9 Apr 1923 Pool, Amos E. BLACKMER, Julia Jongland, John FAINE, Helen Jongland, John and Blanche KIEFER Mixed religion marriage.
PRADER, George (Non-Catholic) CASHEL, Maria E. 24 Nov 1921 Prader, Andrew WILLIAMS, Alice Cashel, Andrew BOWMAN, Emma Prader, Andrew and Emma Cashel
PRADER, George J. WIEGERS, Clara C. 18 Sep 1923 Prader, Anton RALEIGH, Maria Wiegers, Herman ROTERING, Maria MORAN, George and Leona Wiegers
PRICE, Harold Edward BAGNELL, Olive Margaret 29 Nov 1923 Price, Lawrence CONWAY, Margaret Bagnell, Thomas VOLLMER, Helena Price, Melvin and Norma Bagnell
PRICE, Joseph ROULETTE, Nina S. (Non-Catholic) from Coulterville 10 Nov 1902 Price, Joseph BURGETT, Matilda Roulette, Thomas REED, Malissa SHIELDS, William and Anna Price “Colored folks.”
PROKOPF, Leon WYLIE, Maria 17 Aug 1915 Prokopf, Francis GUENTHER, Henrietta Wylie, George BREWEN, Henrietta LENZ, Rudolph and Ella Lenz Revalidation of civil marriage
PRONNGUA, George SCHUMERT, Olivia 20 Nov 1907 Pronngua, Francis THRIELKILL, Laura Schumert, August HART, Maria BEYERLEIN, Arthur and Elizabeth SANBOEUF
PROSSER, Frederick A. JAMES, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 2 Jul 1903 Prosser, Thomas H. RYAN, Anna James, Evan. T. CONWAY, Maria KLINE, John and Maria Kline
PRUETZEL, Louis C. LAWREY, Bessie (Non-Catholic) 7 Apr 1915 Pruetzel, Henry BOSLER, Catharina Lawrey, Edward COFFEY, Ruth CAMPBELL, E. H. and Christina HEIDENREICH
QUINN, Daniel HARMS, Helena (Non-Catholic) 22 Jan 1914 JOHNSON, George and Catharine ABJOHN
RAEDE, Walter from Shawneetown, IL BROWN, Laurenia E. 26 Jan 1926 Raede, Walter WIEDERHOLD, Not listed Brown, John T. BOWLER, Julia E. Raede, Robert L. and Marie LANDON
RAFFERTY, Charles DAVIS, Maria from Litchfield, IL 26 Jun 1928 Rafferty, Thomas MCCARTHY, Jennie Davis, Charles KEELEY, Julia Rafferty, Francis and Helena Davis
RAGSDALE, Francis WIEST, Josephine (Baptized in Iron MT) 8 Feb 1911 Ragsdale, John BLACK, Liddie Wiest, Herman KROPP, Justine Ragsdale, Harry T. and Stacia FALLON
RAMBO, Benjamin CASEY, Catherina 6 Dec 1911 Rambo, James CASTLEMAN, Emily Casey, William LEACH, Maria Rambo, Byron and Anna Casey
RAMSEY, Rufus Julius from Granite City, IL BORDEN, Madge 17 Jul 1924 Ramsey, Rufus MURREN, Isabelle Borden, Edward FOSTER, Lottie DALY, Marie J. and Isabell Ramsey Mixed religion marriage
REAGAN, Thomas from Davenport, IA THODE, Nora from Davenport, IA 14 Apr 1909 Reagan, Thomas CUNNINGAHM, Bridget Thode, John DETHLESS, Magdalena DUVAL, Frederick and Maria GILMARTIN
REED, August PARKS, Althia 14 Apr 1904 Reed, Louis ROBINSON, Dora Parks, Nathan HIBITT, Maria BOYNE, Walter and Maria Williams Mixed religion marriage. “Colored folks.”
REED, Michael MARSHALL, Audie 1 Aug 1925 Reed, John LOYET, Louisa Marshall, Will REDDY, Della Marshall, Rubie and Alma REILLY
REICHERT, Elmer from Columbia, IL KELLERMANN, Ernestine from Pinckneyville, IL 6 Jan 1926 Reichert, Adam KOSKUBAR, Anna Kellermann, Edward HUTCHINGS, Ernestine STEWART, Francis and Cleo Stewart
REINHART, William LANHAM, Bessie (Non-Catholic) 28 Feb 1911 Reinhart, William BRAUGH, Catharine Lanham, Jacob BERLIN, Anna GHARST, Roscoe and Hattie RUSSELL
RENICK, John BLAHA, Minnie 26 Nov 1917 Renick, John KOWALSKI, Anna Blaha, Charles MATEKA, Barbara NOSIL, Peter and Barbara Nosil
RENIER, Carl A. Born in Petersburg, IN (36y) PARK, Maria 28 Sep 1918 Renier, Oliver BELL, Amelia Park, William WALTERS, Maria J. YOUNG, John and Maria Young
REPS, Louis from Springfield, MO MEEHAN, Irene Blanche 30 May 1916 Reps, Juliel STANLEY, Maria Meehan, J. H. ARNOLD, Lillia Reps, Sr., William and Miss Meehan
RICHARD, Delos Elmer (Non-Catholic) WALSH, Maria No date. Appears between 17 and 28 Sep 1912
RIETHMAN, Louis (Non-Catholic) DAY, Georgia Riethman, Michael J. NIEBUR, Minnie Day, Benj. MARTIN, Julia HOUSE, Herbert and Maria CHOLET No date. Appears between 6 Sep and 14 Aug 1922 entries.
RIGDON, Edward WOODCOCK, Margaret Baptized at St. Mary’s in East St. Louis 23 May 1917 Rigdon, William BLAKE, Mollie Woodcock, Benjamin MITCHELL, Ellen J. SULLIVAN, Leo J. and Helena SCHEETZ
RINEHART, Waler E. (Non-Catholic) MCCABE, Lillian 14 Jun 1903 Rinehart, Elam CARPENTER, Victoria L. McCabe, James HUGHES, Joanna Rinehart, J. B. and Lauretto DOWNING
RING, Daniel HALLIHAN, Margaret 30 Jun 1914 Ring, Daniel MURPHY, Maria Hallihan, John BUCKLEY, Helena Murphy, Edward and Loretta SULLIVAN
RING, Frank WINTERS, Maria Ring, Vernon GARVEY, Lillie Winters, John HENRICKS, Anna HERR, Mat and Geraldine Herr Revalidation marriage in June 1922
RINGWALD, Alfred HUMPHRIES, Edna Convert 8 Apr 1922 Ringwald, Arthur SCHWAB, Agnes Humphries, Edward LOFTUS, Maria TONNER, Edward and Sara Tonner
ROARTY, Charles Baptized at St. Patrick in Reeve Township Davis County, IN GOLBHER, Estella (Non-Catholic) 25 Sep 1919 Roarty, William DONAHUE, Anna Golbher, William CROWELL, Aletha SCHMITT, Francis A. and Cleophia Roarty
ROBERTS, George Baptized at Sacred Heart in St. Vincent, KY. From Uniontown, KY Harrison, Ruth Baptized at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis 3 May 1930 Roberts, Roberts CLEMENS, Anna Harrison, Foster BARMANN, Lydia Harrison, E. G. and Sue Roberts Bride married Will SPIDEY by Justice of the Peace 16 Oct 1928 in St. Charles, KY; divorced 12 Apr [1929?]
ROBERTS, Raleigh Ray from Los Angeles, CA LAW, Veronica M. 27 Dec 1919 Roberts, George MONTGOMERY, Minnie Law, George FAHERTY, Jane Law, Francis W. and Marietta C, CRANSTON
ROCHE, David ROY, Jane 5 Oct 1921 Roche, Maurice HAYDEN, Anna Roy, William HOFFMAN, Catherine GILL, Dewet and Clara C. WIEGERS
ROGERS, Carl. (Not Baptized) Morrissey, Maria A. 27 Oct 1911 Rogers, Andrew SPRINKLE, Ida Morrissey, Michael CURTIS, Sara NUGENT, Joseph and Agnes Nugent
ROGERS, Joseph H. (Non-Catholic) LOWRIE, Blanche 12 Jul 1910 Rogers, Joseph HAYNE, Dora Lowrie, Francis SWEENEY, Margaret VANBUSKIRK, Louis and Helena Vanbuskirk
ROGERS, William from Aviles, Spain SULLIVAN, Florence from Kansas City, MO. Baptized at Good Shepherd in St. Louis 22 Feb 1919 Rogers, Joseph Not listed, Rosa Sullivan, John ROBERTS, Edna HOBBS, Thomas and Helena MCGINLEY
ROUNDTREE, William F. HUSCHLE, Louisa 14 Sep 1910 Roundtree, William HALL, Rachel Huschle, Francis VOLLMER, Magdalena Roundtree, Joseph and Anna KUHR
RUEZ, George HOLLINGSWORTH, Dora 21 Oct 1908 Ruez, Xavier CHINNEY, Esther Hollingsworth, Sam WIESS, Elizabeth RHOADES, H. J. and Zella Ruez
RUSSELL, Thomas BEERS, Helena 23 Nov 1915 RUSSEL, Philipp MCDERMOTT, Maria Beers, George BRAUTIGAM, Catherine WALSH, W. J. and Catharine Beers One spouse was in danger of death.
RUSTIO, Louis from Washington Park DONAHUE, Margaret from Washington Park 28 Jul 1915 Rustio, Amant GRAULT, Rosalia Donahue, John HERDEN, Otilia BEVELOT, Ferdinand and Augusta Donahue
RUSTIO, Not listed LOWDERMILK, Not listed No date. Appears between 7 Jan and 7 Apr 1917
RUTKANSKI, Kost ROMAN, Julia Rutkanski, Alexander COTINSKI, Anne ROMANSEVICH, Castantin BONEVICH, Castantia KUTCHINSKIS, Sam and Emma STERBIKI No date. Appears between 25 Oct and 25 Nov 1916.
RYAN, Matthew HALE, Alah Francisca 10 Jul 1916 Ryan, Michael MCMANUS, Susan Hale, John WISE, Maria HOULIHAN, William and Alama Houlihan
SAGE, Winifred (Non-Catholic) CASEY, Anna Baptized at St. Patrick’s 14 Sep 1912 Sage, William COY, Minnie Casey, William LEACH, Maria ENGLAND, Thomas and Helena England
SALES, Richard (Non-Catholic) from Shawneetown, IL COLEMAN, Josephina from Shawneetown, IL 21 Jan 1905 Sales, George OWENS, Hanna Coleman, Patrick MCNALLY, Helena Sales, William and Adelina SCHLATWEILER
SAMMONS, Walter A. (Non-Catholic) CELLA, Carmen Sammons, William J. THALLS, Alice Cella, Alex. PEPATTO, Maria MACK, Harry F. and Marigold Cella
SANFORD, Aloysius LOVE, Louisa M. 27 Apr 1921 Sanford, Francis MAES, Eugenia Love, Jeremiah P. BUCHER, Maria CIMOSSA, Charles and Rosa Bucher
SANFORD, John HUSCHLE, Amelia 10 Jun 1914 Sanford, John GUERIN, Maria Huschle, Francis VOLLMER, Magdalena Huschle, Charles and Anna KULL
SANKUS, Stanley Baptized at Sacred Heart Aug 1911 DOBRENSKI, Helen 6 May 1939 Sankus, Anthony CHRISTIAN, Catharine Dobrenski, Emily and Bruno FERRALI Married at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Bayonne, N. J. [See record; insert after 27 Nov 1930 entry]
SAUL, Alva R. Baptized at Raddle, IL O’BRIEN, Nora 24 Nov 1927 Saul, Joseph LIVERY, Margaret O’Brien, Timothy WENDERGAST, Anna WORMAN, John J. and Mary O’Brien
SAVANCE, John from DuQuoin, IL WILLETT, Estella from Fancy Farm, KY 20 Feb 1928 Savance, John STEWART, Maria Willett, Dee HAYDEN, Eugenia HAPS, Alvin and Noel Haps
SCANLAN, John LOTZ, Josephina 12 Sep 1911 Scanlan, John SLUMAN, Evelyn Lotz, George MURPHY, Maria GRIFFIN, Francis and Amelia KRAFT
SCHALK, Frederick BRUCKER, Lottie 7 Mar 1905 Schalk, Theodore BERGER, Elizabeth Brucker, Michael WAGNER, Mina WATSON, Francis and Lottie Brucker [One of the witnesses is a cousin.]
SCHARBERT, William MULLALLY, Margaret Baptized Visitation in Chicago, IL 13 Oct 1907 21 Jan 1930 Scharbert, Rudolph MATUCEK, Mary Mullally, John MAGUIRE, Margaret HUBER, Jr., Oscar and Florence MILARSKA Mixed religion marriage
SCHELLING, Francis Joseph (Non-Catholic) MUEHFELD, Corinne 12 Apr 1929 Schelling, Gottlieb WEBER, Emma MEUFIELD, Conrad WAGNER, Minnie COMERFORD, James and May DOWNEY Revalidation
SCHIELE, George L. HALLIHAN, Anna A. 10 Feb 1926 Schiele, James LUTZ, Sophia Hallihan, John BUCKLEY, Helena Hallihan, John J. and Gertrude Hallihan Mixed religion marriage
SCHIERMANN, Frederick from Carlyle LUEBBERS, Anna from Carlyle 3 Nov 1920 Schiermann, George GEISTER, Elizabeth Luebbers, Bernard ETTER, Anna Schiermann, Aloysius and Rose Luebbers [This entry is crossed out.]
SCHIERMANN, Frederick from Carlyle, IL LUEBBERS, Anna from Carlyle, IL 3 Nov 1920 Schiermann, George GEISTER, Elizabeth Luebbers, Ben ETTER, Anna Schiermann, Aloysius and Anna Luebbers Duplicate entry
SCHMIDT, Charles BRENGARD, Agnes 3 Jun 1914 Schmidt, Charles Brengard, Louis ABNER, Maria FICKER, Henry J. and Josephine SCHMITTER
SCHMITT, John M. from Carlinville, IL WIEGERS, Catherine from Trenton, IL 25 Feb 1919 Schmitt, John R. HESSELDENZ, Maria Wiegers, Herman ROETTERING, Maria Schmitt, William and Clara Wiegers
SCHNERGER, Francis KEEVER, Helena 26 Oct 1909 Schnerger, George GAIN, Christina Keever, James BRODAN, Helena Schnerger, Walter and Lillian VASQUEZ
SCHOLZ, Max from Germany REAGAN, Elizabeth 8 May 1905 Scholz, Paul SCHNEIDER, Nanett Reagan, Tim CALLIHAN, Maria REIDY, John and Rosa SUMMERS
SCHRADER, William from St. Louis, MO O’REILLY, Nellie Baptized at St. Patrick 19 Oct 1920 Schrader, Louis WUNSCH, Caroline Reilly, John CARROLL, Maria O’Reilly, John and Margaretha O’Reilly This entry is crossed out.
SCHRADER, William from St. Louis, MO REILLY, Helena 19 Oct 1920 Schrader, Louis WUNSCH, Caroline Reilly, John CARROLL, Maria Reilly, John and Margaret Reilly Duplicate entry
SCHRAUTEMEYER, Philip MURRAY, Anna 1 Jul 1902 Schrautemeyer, Francis HILZENDORF, Gertrude Murray, John O’BRIEN, Helena GANEY, William C. and Esther TOMAN
SCHUCHMAN, John RUSTIO, Jeanette Baptized at St. Elizabeth’s in East St. Louis 18 Dec 1918 Schuchman, Philip WHITCHURCH, Alice Rustio, Amant GRAULT, Rose Rustio, Earl and Ella MCGINLEY
SCHUMERT, Archie N. LANSDOWNE, Cecil 20 Aug 1919 Schumert, August N. HART, Maria Lansdowne, John BARNHARDT, Sara JOHNSON, Carl and Adelina Schumert
SCHWARTZ, Fred C. (Non-Catholic) BERKLEY, Lucille Baptized in Ava, IL 3 Apr 1930 Schwartz, Fred W. YOUNG, Minnie Berkley, John WISE, Mary HAYES, James and Vera Schwartz Revalidation
SEIBERT, Charles (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO MCCARTHY, Maria from Leavenworth, KS 4 Apr 1905 Seibert, Dit_na ARUD, Elizabeth McCarthy, John FIELD, Julia EDGAR, Edwin and Mrs. Mary Edgar
SEIBERT, George (Non-Catholic) MORAN, Catharina 11 Jun 1902 Seibert, George S. HEYDT, Paulina Moran, Patrick CASEY, Bridget KLINGLER, Stella
SHARROCK, Max BECKER, Hazel (21y) From Sisters of Charity Institution for Girls in New York 20 Sep 1926 Sharrock, Carl SCHNEIDER, Marady Becker, Anton COMPBELL, Blanche HOFFMANN, Adam L. and Louisa WENZEL Mixed religion marriage
SHEA, Daly P. CUNNINGHAM, Maria 29 Jun 1904 Shea, Michael BOMICK, Maria Cunningham, James GREIST, Rachel Shea, John and Helena WALSH
SHEA, Thomas WALSH, Helena 19 Jun 1907 Shea, Michael BRENNUK, Marie Walsh, John FAHEY, Bridget Shea, Edward and Not listed Walsh
SHELLMAN, Gaston L. (Non-Catholic) KLINE, Margaret B. 14 Jun 1930 Shellman, Louis G. MAJOR, Alcesta Kline, Eugene P. MILLER, Laura Kline, Cornelius E. and Lydia Mae Kline
SHEPPARD, Edward J. from St. Louis, MO BOYNE, Maria A. 2 Jul 1923 Sheppard, George A. STACK, Catharine C. Boyne, George A. BADEAUX, Catherine FALLON, John and Margaret A. Boyne
SHERAN, Edward GREY, Helena (Non-Catholic) 18 Nov 1931 Sheran, John FLEMING, Joanna Grey, Creal VEAL, Maria SHATKINS, Anna and Adeline SCHLATTWEILER
SHERLOCK, Dominic from Omaha, NB SHERLOCK, Anna 7 Feb 1905 Sherlock, John FUREY, Delia Sherlock, Thomas QUIGLEY, Catharine Sherlock, John and Winnifred Sherlock [See Sherlock, John entry.]
SHERLOCK, John SHERLOCK, Winefred Sherlock, Thomas QUIGLEY, Catharine Sherlock, John FUREY, Delia Sherlock, Robert and Anna Sherlock Dispensation for 4th grade blood relationship. No date. Appears after 2 Jan 1905.
SHIELDS, Charles MAYS, Margaret Baptized at St. Patrick 25 Feb 1920 Shields, William DAVIS, Eugenia Mays, Thomas BOLAND, Maria SHIELDS, Roscoe and Ina Shields
SHIELDS, Roscoe HOBBS, Mabel (Non-Catholic) 9 Aug 1917 Shields, William DEWES, Eugenia Hobbs, Oscar CUTCHEON, Rose Shields, Charles and Anna PARKS [See record]
SHIELDS, William HOLMES, Francisca 12 Sep 1912 Shields, William DAVIS, Eugenia Holmes, Lee N. WRIGHT, Ercile CRANSTON, Albert and Adeline WHITE Married by a squire
SHORT, Ulysse (Non-Catholic) SHELTON, Maria 1 Nov 1911 Short, Hiram STOKES, Sara Shelton, William O’KEEFE, Catherine KNOWLES, W. E. and his wife
SIESLE, Thomas B. (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis BEERS, Francisca Baptized in Buffals [Buffalo?], N. Y. 28 Sep 1912 Siesle, John ROLLINSON, Maria Beers, George BRAUTIGAM, Catherine FANSLER, Thomas and Maria Beers
SINGER, Walter MCGEE, Florence 15 Jun 1926 Singer, James WALSH, Ellen McGee, Joseph KAHR, Margaret BEYKIRK, Aloys B. and Ada McGee
SKOPP, John from Kovno, Lithuania DONAHUE, Maria E. 30 Apr 1928 Skopp, Alex. WAPRTZ, Barbara CHOATE, George E. DAVIS, Maria A. ZIENTARA, Valery and Emil J. HENTANLY
SLIGAR, Cleveland from Centralia, IL SOBOTKA, Antoinette 11 Jan 1911 Sligar, A. J. Sobotka, Anton BOSEK, Anna REITERER, Bern. and Josephine DUST
SMITH, Alvin G. CORRIGAN, Maria 24 Dec 1913 Smith, Charles F. RATHORD, Maria Corrigan, Ed. J. DEVITT, Marg.
SMITH, Alvin G. HALLORAN, Cecilia 28 Jun 1922 Smith, Charles F. RATHER, Maria Halloran, Timothy MCCARTHY, Maria Halloran, Garrett and Maria McCarthy
SMITH, Edward (Non-Catholic) HORMELL, Olivetta 13 Aug 1919 Smith, John MOSER, Barbara Hormell, George WHEELER, Violet GRIESHABER, Edgar and Irene Grieshaber
SMITH, Edward from St. Louis, MO AHEARN, Francisca Anna 22 Jun 1909 Smith, Frederick E. Not listed, Maria Ahearn, Michael CROSBY, Maria BALDWIN, John and Maria STACK
SMITH, Ernest Alexander (Non-Catholic) from Murphysboro SANTEN, Alice from Cincinnati, OH 29 Nov 1917 Smith, Simpson S. ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Santen, Francis EYSTER, Alice KRONE, Frank and Katherine Santen
SMITH, George B. LANE, Elizabeth 20 Apr 1920 Smith, George WALSH, Emily Lane, Daniel MCCARTHY, Sarah Smith, James D. and Anastasia Lane
SMITH, James E. WALSH, Helena M. 15 Jun 1904 Smith, William WHITAKER, Alice Walsh, James O’CONNOR, Helena Smith, Raymund and Josephina Walsh
SMITH, Raymund H. SIMMONS, Silvia 25 Oct 1908 Revalidation marriage.
SOEHNLIN, Henry G. (Non-Catholic) WILLETT, Caroline (GORE) Baptized in Grace County, KY 10 May 1930 Soehnlin, William Not listed, Caroline Gore, Eugene WHITE, Mary THOMAS, Claude and Reva Willett
SOWIN, Charles (Non-Catholic) SHEMONEY, Elizabeth from Raddleville, IL 13 Feb 1919 Cowin, David Not listed, Rilda Shemoney, Theodore KLASSIE, Francisca FRANKLIN, Ralph and Catherine HORRELL
SPATZ, Robert POSAGE, Paulina 23 Aug 1926 Spatz, Piu. WHITE, Sarah Posage, Michael MESSICK, Helena Posage, Anthony J. and Sophia Posage
SPIEKER, Albert from St. Louis, MO WIEGERS, Leona 23 Jun 1925 Spieker, Louis FRUKMANN, Elizabeth Wiegers, Herman ROTTERING, Maria Wiegers, Edward and Catherine CRAVEN
SPRINGETH, Clarence KNOB, Agnes 1 Dec 1925 Springeth, William GUENTHER, Catherine Knob, Michael SCHILLING, Louise EGAN, John and Rose Knob Mixed religion marriage
SRUOGIS, Carl from (Lithuania) Russia STAIGAITE, Louisa from (Lithuania) Russia 8 Jul 1916 Sruogis, Gandent DUONCE, Antonia Staigaite, Louis SAGAILIS, Thecla SHLEZAS, Joseph and Casta MAZKITIS
STACEY, Christopher (Non-Catholic) COERVER, Josephina Baptized in Harrisonville, IL 26 Sep 1917 Stacey, John PAUL, Elizabeth Coerver, Francis WIESENBURN, Catharine SLATTERY, Pat and Alicia MCMURTRY
STACK, John GRIFFIN, Julia 7 Oct 1903 Stack, William HORRIGAN, Maria Griffin, John HAYES, Joanna VERMERSCH, Sylvester and his wife
STALLINGS, Martin from New Douglas, IL FULFORD, Zelpha from Rolla, MO 21 Feb 1928 Stallings, Andrew NORTON, Helena Fulford, Byod [Boyd?] MCINTYRE, Effie Stallings, A. R. and J. Irene Stallings
STALLINGS, Roy from Morganfield, KY MCBRIDE, Bertha 24 Oct 1925 Stallings, John MCBRIDE, Maria McBride, Henry Not listed, Elizabeth ALVEY, Goebel and Margaret FELLER
STANLEY, Festus L. from Chicago, IL KAVENAGH, Catharine from Chicago, IL 2 Jan 1905 Stanley, Charles BROADHEARD, Maria Kavenagh, Michael FAGIN, Maria MCCONVILLE, Cornelius and Adel SCHLATWEILER
STATON, John MCKENZIE, Marg. Staton, John DOUMALS, Ella Not listed, Marg. No date. Appears between 28 and 29 Jun 1922. [See record]
STEARNS, Gaston D. (Non-Catholic) BERGIN, Josephina 28 Oct 1903 Stearns, Carl D. PRUITT, Emma Bergin, Thomas MCCORMACK, Margaret Bergin, James and Maria Bergin
STEBER, Cyril B. from Chester, IL RICHARD, Whinnie 26 Jun 1913 Steber, Joseph LABROCHE, Maria Richard, Charles WHEELER, Helena MURPHY, John and Anna KAMPMANN
STEELE, Elmer O. (Non-Catholic) DRUMMOND, Josephina Baptized in Collinsville, IL 14 Feb 1912 Steele, Robert D. DOTY, Julia Drummond, William SABIN, Francisca Drummond, William and his wife Maria
STEERS, Francis (Non-Catholic) HILGERT, Bertha 2 Feb 1909 Steers, James PICTURE, Flora Hilgert, John SCHENKEL, Emilie CONRAD, William and Amelia CAMPBELL
STEERS, Francis (Non-Catholic) from Chicago, IL WALSH, Catharina 24 Sep 1902 Steers, James PITCHER, Flora Walsh, James O’CONNOR, Helena GASTON, Arden and Josie A. Walsh
STEPHENSON, Robert CASEY, Alice 29 Jul 1914 Stephenson, William M. CASSON, Angeline Casey, William LEACH, Mary GRIBBIN, Francis and Florence COONEY
STEWART, Frank M. HERR, Cleo 20 Jan 1925 Stewart, William Fr. WATSKER, Etta Herr, Henry GREFE, Anna Watsker, John and Margaret KEHOE
STITES, William Edward (Non-Catholic) DWYER, Margaret Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis 25 Feb 1920 Stites, William Edward MEAHRING, Clara Dwyer, James MASSEY, Margaret BRODERICK, Mathew and Mary Massey
STOCKER, Raymond (23y) GRIFFEY, Virginia (Non-Catholic) from O’Fallon, IL 30 Jun 1931 Stocker, Fred LATEMPT, Blanche Griffey, Louis BARR, Mamie Stocker, Elmer and Ruth LaTempt
STRONG, Louis Doyle (Non-Catholic) MARSHALL, Theresa 21 May 1929 Strong, George Robert WATERS, Theresa Marshall, Joseph Will RILEY, Della Marshall, Claude and Delma Marshall Revalidation
STRUENSE, Philip ROOT, Myrtle Struense, John BOETKE, Anna Root, Maurice BERTRAM, Rose ROUSTIAN, W. M. and Dessie B. STRAND No date. Appears between 16 Feb and 29 Apr 1925
SUMMERS, Francis KING, Isabella 24 Dec 1913 COUGHLIN, Thomas and Marietta MCKENZIE
SUMMERS, James BERNNER, Lucille 21 Dec 1910 Summers, Charles HARRINGTON, Anna Bernner, David BOLAND, Anna Boland, Francis and Maria Summers
SWEENEY, James MATHEWS, Catharine 13 Apr 1921 Sweeney, Pat LYONS, Mary ADAGERTY, Patrick BYRNE, Mary MALONEY, Thomas and Margaret CASEY
SWOFFORD, Charles (Non-Catholic) MURPHY, Rita (22y) 26 Nov 1914 Swofford, William HARWOOD, Tennessee Murphy, Charles ALLINGHAM, Martha Murphy, Homan and Buena Swofford
SYRON, Michael from St. Louis CONNOR, Maria 25 Nov 1903 Syron, Thomas MAYOCK, Bridget Connor, Jeremiah SCULLY, Anna Syron, Thomas and Josephina Connor
TANNEHILL, Joseph HIGDON, Elva 28 May 1924 Tannehill, William JONES, Rachel Higdon, John EISKANT, Mary Higdon, Emmet and Evelan BURROWS
TAYLOR, William (Non-Catholic) WHITE, Agnes 27 May 1925 Taylor, Thomas MURPHY, Catherine White, James LENNON, Catherine White, Lennon and Alice White
THIES, August (Non-Catholic) STEWART, Maria 28 Jan 1920 Thies, Leon HIGGINS, Maria Stewart, William WATSKER, Henrietta Stewart, Frank and Ada HOLTEN
THOMAS, Eugene MOSER, Katherine 7 Jan 1926 Thomas, Victor NURDIN, Orelia Moser, James Not listed, Katherine MORAN, George P. and Nellie DWYER Revalidation of mixed marriage
THOMPSON, George W. MURPHY, Helena 14 Dec 1918 Thompson, John HOWELL, Maria Murphy, John KEEFE, Maria SLATTERY, Pat and Helena MCGINLEY
TISCH, Charles DONOVAN, Maria Estella 5 Jan 1911 Tisch, Philip FRANKE, Maria Donovan, Dan. MURPHY, Delia AMSLER, John and Faith Donovan [Groom is possibly a convert Baptized in DeSoto, MO]
TOBIN, John from O’Fallon, IL SCHWITZER, Sophia 14 Jun 1905 Tobin, John GRIFFIN, Catharine Schwitzer, George SCHNEIDER, Gertrude Tobin, Michael and Anna FAHNEY
TONIES, Gerard B. VERMEERSCH, Evelyn 29 Dec 1925 Tonies, Bernard TIMPER, Anna Vermeersch, Sylvester BEEDON, Maria Tonies, Leon and Miriam Vermeersch First marriage in new church
TORLOTING, Louis R. Baptized at St. Henry DUNLAP, Inez Veronica 19 Jul 1916 Torloting, John A. GUENTHER, Anna Dunlap, Frederick FOSTER, Clara CUNNINGHAM, George and Hilda Torloting [See record.]
TREBBE, Louis G. Baptized at St. Henry STEWART, Ruth N. 20 Aug 1920 Trebbe, Theodore GROSS, Emma Stewart, Robert N. MORRIS, Maria Trebbe, Theodore and Natalia VOSS
TULLEY, Edward from Brooklyn, IL KLANCE, Louisa (Non-Catholic) from Brooklyn, IL 13 May 1902 Tulley, Patrick LYNCH, Ellen Klance, George BUNDENDISTEL, Maria BECKETTE, Preston and Veronica M. Beckette
TUNSTEAD, Robert HIGGINS, Maria 25 Nov 1903 Tunstead, Henry HENNESSEY, Elizabeth Higgins, Patrick RODGERS, Maria KEELEY, William and Elizabeth Keeley
TURCHANEY, Nicholas from Washington Park, IL Baptized in Endrod, Hungary UHRIN, Mary from Washington Park, Il Baptized in Endrod, Hungary 8 Apr 1923 Turchaney, Matthew LAZZO, Not listed Uhrin, Paul GORGEN, Mary HUSZAR, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
TURCOTT, Charles GLEASON, Julia 22 Oct 1907 Turcott, Nelson VILGI, Harthoras Gleason, Martin HAYES, Josie
ULRICH, Leon KRAEMER, Carolina from Sellersburg, IN 2 Oct 1911 Ulrich, Joseph L. HECK, Elizabeth Kraemer, John ERINGER, Margaret Ulrich, Joseph and Ida Ulrich
VAHLE, John GOFF, Margaret 25 Aug 1915 Vahle, Anton GOETTEN, Minie Goff, John FURLONG, Ellen Goff, Edward and Ruth LANGRAF
VALLETO, Michael ROSALES, Mercedes 9 Sep 1931 Valleto, Santiago RAMIREZ, Guadalupe Rosales, Joseph GARCIA, Virginia Rosales, John and Dolores ALTMEYER
VANDYKE, Thomas (Not Baptized) 10 Feb 1907 No bride listed. Married in a civil ceremony 17 years prior.
VINCENT, Jr., Walter from O’Fallon, MO FAHEY, Catherine 10 Sep 1931 Vincent, Walter HARNEY, Maude Fahey, Charles LADNER, Katherine Fahey, Bernard and Dorothy Vincent
VONNAHME, Chris. L. ERHART, Ruth 15 Jun 1925 Vonnahme, Joseph FRICKE, Lena Erhart, George SWEENEY, Nellie TOOMEY, John J. and Helena Erhart
VOSS, Henry L. DRAKE, Ethel (Non-Catholic) 15 May 1920 Voss, Henry GROSS, Natalie Drake, William SMITH, Hattie TREBBE, L. G. and Blanche GAMLIN
WAGNER, William from Jacksonville, IL FLYNN, Maria from Jacksonville, IL 7 Mar 1905 Wagner, John YENLE, Maria Flynn, Tim BURNS, Anna DRUMMOND, George and Maria DOUGHERTY
WALL, Henry T. HELLER, Ida 30 Apr 1907 Wall, Thomas TALTY, Susan Heller, Leon JACOBSON, Elizabeth WIEDMANN, John and Maria LERO
WALL, Talty GROVER, Maria (Non-Catholic) 10 Jun 1914 Wall, Thomas TALTY, Susanna Grover, Claud PINKARD, Margaret SUMNER, M. and Florence A. Wall
WALLER, Pressly MULQUEENEY, Rosamund 7 Jul 1923 Waller, Pressly MEADOWS, Daisy Mulqueeney, Patrick LYNCH, Mary JONES, Frank and Helen Mulqueeney
WALSH, John O’BRIEN, Marg. 16 Nov 1910 Walsh, William COSTELLO, Helena O’Brien, Thomas PRENDERGAST, Hanna Walsh, William and Marg. O’Brien
WALSH, Thomas Baptized at St. Patrick JAEGER, Linda from Waterloo, IL 5 Aug 1919 Walsh, John FAHEY, Bridget Jaeger, Henry EWALD, Maria MCKENNA, George H. and Mrs. Bridget Walsh
WALTER, John J. HUBBARD, Mary 27 Nov 1912 Walter, John H. DUNNE, Ann Hubbard, Thomas FAHEY, Mary Walter, Albert and Catherine Hubbard
WALTERS, Joseph HOSKINS, Lena 19 Apr 1930 Walters, Wilkie Hoskins, George ST. ALBAN, Eva DOWNEY, Edmund and Mary Agnes DUNN Revalidation
WARDEN, John REEVES, Pearl (Non-Catholic) 17 Nov 1915 Warden, William DEVEREAUX, Catharine Reeves, George GOOD, Laura LOHMAN, George and Catharine Warden Rock Church is written in right margin..
WARNICK, Arnold SCHARE, Maria 21 Apr 1910 Warnick, Jacob NIEMANN, Elizabeth Schare, John CUMMINS, Catharine SCHRADER, William and Anna WEBER
WEEKS, Harry THOMAS, Regina from Tancy Farm, KY 27 Nov 1924 Weeks, Grant UNDERWOOD, Maud Thomas, Claude HAYDEN, Dora JONES, Marvin A. and Christine Hayden
WEILMUENSTER, George PARLE, Alice 23 Feb 1914 Weilmuenster, Adam REIS, Sophia Parle, Patrick MAYLOR, Margaret MACE, Leon C. and Loretta Parle
WEITZEL, Francis from St. Louis, MO SPITZER, Christina 9 Jun 1909 Weitzel, Carl Not listed, Anna Spitzer, Gustav ESCHI, Anna Spitzer, Henry and Lillie ETTE
WERNDLE, Emil (Non-Catholic) HOWARD, Josie 29 Apr 1902 Werndle, John Howard, Tim O’NEILL, Maria FARRELL, Patrick and Clara DOMBACH
WHALEN, James Baptized in Hillburn, N. Y. HUNTER, Clara 30 Jun 1917 Whalen, Francis O’CONNELL, Ellen Hunter, James HEMLEY, Laura Whalen, Martin and Elisabeth Whalen
WHALEN, Martin J. HICKEY, Elsie M. 5 Jul 1911 Whalen, Francis O’CONNELL, Helena Hickey, John DOUGHERTY, Maria BEISER, Harry and Helen Beiser
WHITE, Peter from O’Fallon, IL TRINCKEL, Viola (Non-Catholic) 5 Dec 1925 White, Thomas MEIBUS, Antonia Trinckel, John PANNIER, Anna White, Norman and Elvera OELSCHLAGER
WHITE, Robert P. (Non-Catholic) ROARTY, Cleo 3 Jul 1920 White, Peter DUKES, Ester Roarty, William DONAHUE, Anna CROWELL, Wyatt and Mary P. RAUCH
WHITE, Walter E. (Non-Catholic) from Lebanon, IL LAUGHLIN, Carolina 19 Nov 1907 White, James PENN, Sara Laughlin, John KROPP, Josephina WILLIAMS, Roy and Josephina WIEST
WHITE, William Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Springfield, IL 17 Sep 1869 MEISNER, Margaret Byrum 1 Jan 1931 White, William FLYNN, Maria J. Meisner, Henry W. BYRUM, Genevieve MALISKEWSKI, Stanley and Margaret BOSCH
WICK, Francis from St. Louis, MO BEERS, Clara 13 Aug 1923 Wick, Francis T. BORGERS, Maria Beers, James E. Not listed, Agnes Wick, Francis T. and Genevieve A. Wick
WIEGERS, George CARTHY, Bernice 7 Jul 1925 Wiegers, John ROBBIN, Anna Carthy, William HESS, Amanda Wiegers, August and Genevieve Carthy
WIEGERS, Lawrence from Germantown, IL CARTHY, Genevieve 12 Jun 1928 Wiegers, John ROBIN, Anna Carthy, Chester HESS, Ida WOBBE, Henry and Margaret CAREY
WIEMKEN, August (Baptized Evangelical Lutheran) WATT, Mary R. born 27 Jul 1879 in Vicksburg, MS 14 Jan 1903 Wiemken, Ludwig HOPPE, Helen Watt, John SEAUNELL, Rena BOLAN, John and Joan Wiemken
WIEST, Frank CHAPMAN, Norma (Non-Catholic) 8 Aug 1917 Wiest, Herman KROPP, Justina Chapman, Charles WALKER, Ella LOUGHLIN, Harry and Norma Chapman [See record]
WILEY, Stanley (Non-Catholic) from Cole County, MO BACKERS, Augusta 24 Nov 1908 Wiley, John SMITH, Rebecca Backers, Herman BEURNEL, Catharine WATSON, William and Maria GILMARTIN
WILHELM, Not listed (Non-Catholic) MULCONNERY, Irene Mulconnery, Simon GILMARTIN, Charles and Addie Mulconnery No date. Appears between 19 Jul and 29 Sep 1916. Mixed religion marriage
WILLETT, George THOMPSON, Maria 10 Apr 1926 Willett, George R. HAYDEN, Cenia M. Thompson, Joseph PIERCELL, Leona Willett, James L. and Theresa Willett
WILSHIRE, John J. 28y from O’Fallon, IL KING, Virginia G. 23y 24 Oct 1922 Wilshire, J. W. FLETCHER, Minnie King, Edward PAPIN, Maria ARTH, Raphael and Adelle M. BRODEN
WILSON, Arlie (Non-Catholic) MARSHALL, Lela (21y) Baptized in Carlyle, KY 29 Apr 1927 Wilson, Gilbert WEASEL, Maria Marshall, Robert KELLEY, Beulah Marshall, Charles and Anna M. Marshall
WINEBRENNER, Jacob LINGEMANN, Alice 23 Oct 1905 Winebrenner, Thomas PRESSLEY, Susan. Lingemann, Henry DODY, Francisca SCHMUTZ, Julius and Rosa Helena Schmutz
WINKLEMANN, John F. HENNRICH, Leona 15 May 1923 Winklemann, Paul GRAY, Rosanna Hennrich, Nicholas WITTENBRINK, Teresa Winklemann, James and Martha Hennrich
WITTENBRINK, Fr. SUMMERS, Mary 21 Nov 1912 Wittenbrink, Phil. M. BLEEN, Mary Summers, Charles HARRINGTON, Ann Summers, Frank and Elizabeth Wittenbrink
WOBBE, Bernard from Germantown, IL FUEHNE, Ida 28 Apr 1915 Wobbe, Henry GERLING, Catharine Fuehne, Henry WIEGMAN, Catharine Fuehne, Theodore and Josephine Wobbe
WOLF, Emil from Belleville, IL GUETTERMANN, Maria from Belleville, IL 24 Dec 1910 Wolf, Adam THOMAS, Lena Guettermann, Adam HELLRICH, Louisa Wolf, Edward and Elizabeth GANTNER
WRIGHT, Benjamin F. SUCHY, Ida M. 15 Jun 1926 Wright, Isam YANDA, Anna VOGT, Joseph F. and Veronica CLARK
WRIGHT, Walter DUFFIN, Dev 3 Apr 1923 Duffin, Thomas GALLIGAN, Mary Mixed religion marriage
WURZER, Dr. Arnold H. Baptized at St. Lucas, IA O’LEARY, Alvanette Marie 2 Jun 1930 Wurzer, Anthony BOEDING, Anna O’Leary, John LEAHY, Mary DERBY, Dr. J. and Margaret O’Leary
YARBER, Earl DWYER, Dorothy 10 Nov 1927 Yarber, Charles RITCHIE, Dollie Dwyer, James MASSEY, Anna THOENE, Roy and Anna Massey Revalidation marriage
YOST, Clifford from Marion, MO WIESNER, Grace W. Baptized in Modock, IL 1 Feb 1924 Yost, George E. BILLINGS, Maud E. Wiesner, Erich BANE, Adeline DRONE, Claude M. and Matilda BAHL Mixed religion marriage
YOUNG, Christie COBECK, Elizabeth 1908 Young, Louis LAROSHELL, Anna Cobeck, Philip FARRELL, Catharine LENZ, Rudolph and Anna Lenz Revalidation marriage.
YOUNG, Francis from St. Louis, MO FLYNN, Nora 24 Nov 1927 Young, Charles SULBVAN, Catherine Flynn, Jeremiah FOLEY, Nora Young, Roy L. and Helen Flynn
ZABEL, Leon W. (32y) Baptized at St. Mary in St. Louis, MO MULQUEENEY, Irene (23y) Baptized at St. Patrick 7 Sep 1930 Zabel, Martin STEGEN, Matilda Mulqueeney, Pat. LYNCH, Maria BRENNAN, J. B. and Margaret HOFFMANN
ZISKA, John W. MCGRAW, Elmyra 26 Jun 1907 Ziska, John SCHEMECK, Anna Ziska, Joseph and Catherina Ziska

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