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Holy Angels (East St. Louis) Marriages 1924–1932

A bride or groom’s location may refer to current residence, or perhaps place born. The census and records suggested below may help determine the meaning of location. If information is off screen, please use the scroll bar at bottom of this page.

Introduction and more church records | Marriages (1924–1932) | Burials (1924–1956)


Groom and Groom Location Bride and Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ALLEN, E. Raymund (Baptized 29 Dec 1907 at St. Henry’s) WEESE, Helena (Baptized 25 Jan 1903 at Sacred Heart) 22 Jun 1929 Allen, Samuel KRATZMEYER, Clara Weese, John NEWELL, Maud PRINDABLE, John & Catherine Allen
BARTON, Joseph R. (Baptized 28 Feb 1897 in St. Leon in Detroit) MORAN, Julia C. (Baptized 15 Mar 1903 in St. Michael’s in Galena, IL) 20 May 1925 Barton, John LABADIE, Delia Moran, Thomas GREGORY, Mathilda DOLAN, Leona P. & Metta O’BRIEN
BENNETT, William (Baptized Protestant) WHITE, Eleanor (Baptized at Immaculate Conception) 26 Nov 1931 Bennett, Arthur THOMAS, Josephina White, Victor WILMINGTON, Stella PARVIN, Ted & Estella White Mixed religion marriage
BERKBIGLER, Daniel J. (Baptized 26 Nov 1901 at St. Mary’s in Biehle, MO) MIGET, Mabel I. (Baptized 6 Sep 1903 at Assumption B. M. V. in Perryville, MO) 29 Sep 1930 Berkbigler, James BAUDENDISTEL, Maria Miget, Louis HUBER, Maria Berkbigler, Paul & Ella Miget
BIEGLER, Charles (Baptized 19 Jun 1900 at St. Mary’s in Mt. Carmel, IL) SLACK, Gladys 24 Oct 1925 Biegler, John MAURER, Maria Slack, Frederick MCCOY, Amanda BADER, Fannie & May WAYNE Mixed religion marriage
BLOEMSMA, Harry (Baptized 19 Dec 1898 at St. Patrick’s) TABER, Kathleen 10 Aug 1926 Bloemsma, Harry SHERLOCK, Nellie Taber, John GILLOOLY, Belle Bloemsma, Harry, Mayme Bloemsma & William Taber
BRANZ, Leonard (Baptized 10 May 1907 at St. Henry’s) OVERMIRE, Jessie (Baptized 14 Jul 1905 at Sacred Heart) 9 Jul 1928 Branz, Romeo DECONCINI, Josephina Overmire, Samuel REARDON, Nora ENAMA, Nester & Florentia WAGGAMAN
BRINTON, Alvin L. (Not Baptized) HURT, Maria E. (Baptized 9 Jul 1908 at St. Mary in Lynn, MA) 23 Dec 1929 Brinton, Alvin WHITCOMB, Minoria Hurt, Joseph C. HANNON, Teresa C. VORIS, Gertrude & Maud CARTER Previous civil marriage?
BROWN, William (Not Baptized) CALDWELL, Maria (Baptized Feb 1922 at St. Vincent in Los Angeles, CA) 31 Jul 1926 Brown, Elijah Caldwell, James PYLE, Ada MCDONNELL, Harvey & Blanche McDonnell
BURGER, Roy (Baptized 4 Apr 1909 at St. Joseph’s) EVANS, Lorraine (Not Baptized) 24 May 1929 Burger, Pearl SHEEHEY, Maria Evans, William FIELD, Martha DAY, Benjamin & Helena Burger Revalidation
BUTLER, Charles (Baptized 7 Jan 1897 at St. Elizabeth’s) FOSTER, Clara (Baptized 1 May 1930 at Holy Angels – New Convert) 1 May 1930 Butler, Michael MCDONNELL, Rosa Foster, Walter SUMPTER, Maria Butler, Rosa & Nellie DAY Revalidation of civil marriage
CARL, John C. (Baptized in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) STACK, Corinne 30 Jun 1925 Carl, William PURNELL, Oliva Stack, John CROSBY, Alice DICKENS, Clinton & Alice Stack
CARPENTER, Donald (Baptized 24 Jun 1906 at Sacred Heart in Fort Dodge, IA) GALLAGHER, Maria (Baptized 2 Feb 1908 at St. Mary’s) 17 Jun 1930 Carpenter, William LYNCH, Esther Gallagher, John CASEY, Genevieve Gallagher, Joseph & Helen GAGHEN
COLLINS, Lloyd Lincoln (Baptized 7 Dec 1930 at Holy Angels) TROTIER, Nellie (Baptized 1 Oct 1894 at St. Mary’s) 7 Dec 1930 Collins, Allen TUCKER, Olla Trotier, Gabriel SALLIERS, Julia WILLIAMs, George & Julia EROS Revalidation of civil marriage
CONDO, George L. (Baptized 2 May 1909 at Sacred Heart of Jesus) GASAWAY, Helen (Non-Catholic) 3 Jul 1930 Condo, Walter SNIDER, Ada Gasaway, Thomas BENTLEY, Maria Condo, Walter & Ada Condo
DAUBACH, Edward (Baptized 3 Sep 1899 at St. Peter Cathedral in Belleville) ADAMS, Dovey 14 Aug 1925 Daubach, George KREITNER, Elizabeth Adams, James WATKINS, Dora LERCHER, Julius & Emma Lercher
DELANEY, Thomas C. (Baptized at St. Mary’s) MURPHY, Elizabeth (Baptized 21 Aug 1904 at St. Joseph’s) 29 Sep 1928 Delaney, William MADDEN, Catharine Murphy, Charles ALLINGHAM, Martha COLEMAN, Sylvester & Zita DUFFY
DONNELLY, Francis MCCARTNEY, Maria L. (Baptized 25 Dec 1869 at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 4 Nov 1925 Donnelly, James MCINTYRE, Maria TROMBLEY, Vitali RENOIS, Amelia STOLTZ, Alphonse & Verena Stoltz
DONOVAN, Jeremiah (Baptized 20 Oct 1895 at St. Patrick’s) SWITZER, Emma (Baptized 10 Dec 1905 in St. Bernard in St. Louis, MO) 27 Apr 1926 Donovan, John HAUCK, Maria Switzer, Joseph KRIENBULLE, Emma SULLIVAN, Joseph K. & Maria Donovan
DONOVAN, Michael Logan (Baptized 10 Jul 1897 at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) LOSH, S. Genevieve (Baptized at St. Vincent DePaul) 28 Oct 1924 Donovan, John HOUK, Maria Losh, Joseph CALLAHAN, Sara Callahan, Thomas & Maria Donovan
DONOVAN, Thomas (Baptized 2 Apr 1899 at St. Patrick’s) THAYER, Idell (Not Baptized) 24 Aug 1926 Donovan, John HOUK, Maria Thayer, William BROOKS, Minnie Donovan, Jeremiah & Emma Donovan
DORRIS, John (Baptized 6 Nov 1900 at St. Regis) KNIPPING, Gladys (Baptized 29 Jan 1913 at Sacred Heart of Jesus) 26 Nov 1931 Dorris, Thomas F. DANZ, Bertha Knipping, Henry ROUSTIO, Rosa Knipping, Albert & Harriet GRAHAM
DUNKEL, Harold C. MCCHRISTIAN, Gladys (Baptized 26 Jun 1927 at St. Elizabeth’s) 18 Jun 1930 Dunkel, Joseph HAEFNER, Maria McChristian, Joseph REGALS, Genevieve MURPHY, R. E. & Catharina Dunkel
DUNN, Thomas (Baptized at St. Lawrence O’Toole’s in St. Louis, MO) LYNCH, Agnes (Baptized at St. Mary’s) 12 Sep 1931 Dunn, John B. CONNORS, Nettie Lynch, Joseph Not listed, Emma DRISCOLL, Thomas & Ellen KEENEY Revalidation of civil marriage
DUNWORTH, James T. (Baptized 20 Dec 1905 at St. Joseph’s) BERGER, Teresa (Baptized Protestant) 10 Nov 1928 Dunworth, John MCAULIFFE, Nellie Berger, Louis HARTMANN, Harriet DOYLE, Henry & Irene HANDEL Mixed religion marriage
DWYER, Charles (Baptized 28 Apr 1893 at St. Patrick in Cairo, IL) BUTLER, Fern (Non-Catholic) 29 Oct 1928 Dwyer, Edward CUSICK, Maria Butler, Charles HALL, Jessie DOCKINS, W. L. & Maria Dockins Mixed religion marriage
EDWARDS, John (Not Baptized) DUESTER, Anna (Baptized in Louisville, KY) 5 Nov 1931 Edwards, William WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Duester, Jacob BURKHARDT, Catharine Edwards, Elizabeth & Maria LOCH Civil marriage 25 years prior.
EGAN, Henry WILSON, Elizabeth 10 Sep 1925 Egan, John HAHN, Elizabeth Wilson, Martin Wilson, Otto & May WAYNE
ENGLAND, George W. (Baptized 31 Jan 1897 at St. Francis Xavier in Jerseyville, IL) SACKMANN, Ruth (Baptized Anglican) 27 Jun 1928 England, William FITZPATRICK, Maria England, William & Lucilla HAGEN Mixed religion marriage
ENTEMANN, Robert (Baptized 10 Nov 1907 at St. Mary’s) BANES, Elsie (Baptized 2 Nov 1907 at St. Michael’s in Fredericktown, MO) 24 Dec 1925 Entemann, Robert DUMONT, Pearl Banes, Frank HERMES, Nellie RAGAN, William & Emma
ESMON, William (Non-Catholic, Not Baptized) O’GARA. Maria (Baptized 15 Dec 1913 at Sacred Heart of Jesus) 8 Feb 1932 Esmon, William WILLIAMSON, Anna O’Gara, Patrick CUNNINGHAM, Anna KANE, Joseph & Maria SMITH Note: In this and the following marriage the principals were the father and daughter (Esmon) who married a brother and sister (O’Gara). [Online marriages end with this one.]
FALLER, August (Baptized 30 Aug 1900 in Leutkirch, Wuertemberg) AICHELE, Jacobina (Baptized 4 Feb 1902 in Leutkirch, Wuertemberg) 21 Oct 1925 Faller, Matthew SCHNEIDER, Cecilia Aichele, Francis KASPER, Francisca SCHMIEDER, Walter & Emma Schmieder
FITZPATRICK, George (Baptized 12 Dec 1905 at St. Joseph) CROSBY, Dolores (Baptized 1 Jan 1906 at Sacred Heart) 28 Oct 1925 Fitzpatrick, John KINSCHERFF, Elizabeth Crosby, Thomas MURPHY, Margaret KARNOSKIE, George & Miriam VERMEERSCH
FOGLE, William C. (Baptized 17 Apr 1889 at St. Alphonse in St. Joseph, Davies County, KY) PAYNE, Maria Uldine (Baptized 25 Sep 1896 at St. Raphael in Owensboro, KY) 8 Jan 1930 Fogle, James PAYNE, Maria Payne, Richard HEAD, Josephine LYVERS, Joseph & Mabel Lyvers
FOX, James L. (Baptized 19 Jul 1903 in St. Bridget in St. Louis) FITZGIBBONS, Maria (Baptized 25 Jan 1903 at St. Columbkille in St. Louis) 17 Jun 1925 Fox, James SHARKEY, Maria Fitzgibbons, Michael CASEY, Sara Fitzgibbons, James & Agnes O’DONNELL
GRANEY, Julius (Baptized 26 Sep 1897 in St. Patrick’s) STEWART, Helen (Baptized 21 May 1905 at St. Mary’s) 18 Aug 1925 Graney, James FERRIS, Julia Stewart, Charles BECKER, Maria Graney, Thomas & Helena DOERER
HAIBLE, Edward (Converted from Lutheran) GLAD, Laura (Baptized 18 Oct 1875 in Prairie Du Rocher, IL) 7 Apr 1926 Haible, Adolph KESCHENLORE, Rosa Glad, Francis GEPP, Camilla RYAN, Clara & Rosa RIFE Married 23 years prior by civil ceremony.
HARDT, Charles G. (Baptized 16 Feb 1902 at St. Francis DeSales in St. Louis, MO) NAGY, Teresa (Baptized in Hungary) 15 Feb 1928 Hardt, Theodore SCHMIDT, Marie Nagy, John CIDER, Elizabeth Nagy, Mitchell & H. BOGNER [See record]
HAVERMAN, Francis (Baptized 23 Jun 1907 at St. Henry’s) COLLINS, Evelyn (Baptized 13 Feb 1916 at St. Mary’s) 15 Jul 1930 Haverman, Herman WELLING, Maria Collins, Rolla WILLIAMS, Anna PENSONEAU, Joseph & Helen HEINRICHS
HOFFMANN, George (Baptized in 1904 at St. Joseph’s) CAREY, Maria (Baptized 14 Dec 1902 at Sacred Heart of Jesus) 17 Jun 1926 Hoffmann, John MCDONALD, Minnie Carey, James MCKENNA, Catharine BRENNER, Frederick & Margaret Carey
JAMES, Carl (From Terre Haute, IN; Not Baptized) CLUTE, Maria (Baptized in Terre Haute, IN) 26 Aug 1931 James, Carl QUEARRY, Della Clute, Henry FALVEY, Margaret KEEVER, Frank & Susanna KNOCHE
JERASHEN, Anton (Baptized in Merrich, Austria) TAYLOR, Nancy (Not Baptized) 4 Mar 1930 Jerashen, John METZGER, Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar BARCLAY, Lettie JOUGLARD, John & Maria Jouglard
JOUGLARD, John (Baptized in France) JURASHEN, Maria (Baptized in Austria) 1 Jun 1927 Jouglard, John FAURE, Helena Jurashen, John METZGER, Elizabeth Jurashen, Anthony & Maria Jouglard
KASTNER, John BECKETTE, Margaret Veronica 24 Oct 1925 Kastner, Francis SCHNURR, Barbara Beckette, Frederick LYNCH, Matilda FABIK, Stephan & Myrtle Fabik First marriage invalid. Mentions 1902. [See record]
KIEFER, John Jacob (Baptized in Germany; from Curdsville, KY) WAYNE, Maria (Baptized 18 Apr 1869 in St. Alphonse in St. Joseph, KY) 7 Oct 1930 Kiefer, Henry UHL, Matilda LIVERS, Matthew MEDLEY, Sara Wayne, J. W. & Joseph LYVERS
KIRKLAND, Richard (Baptized in Monroe City, MO 28 May 1899) HAHN, Beatrice (Baptized at Sacred Heart on 24 Apr 1904) 24 Sep 1924 Kirkland, James CURTIS, Anna Hahn, Anthony FEISH, Maria STENZEL, Eugene & Loretta Hahn
KLIMAS, Joseph (Baptized 28 Aug 1898 at St. Casimir in St. Louis) EVERS, Catharine (Baptized 26 Dec 1908 at Perpetual Help in St. Louis) 18 Nov 1930 Klimas, James KONOPKA, Agatha Evers, Henry HOFMEYER, Elizabeth LALUMANDIER, Gratin & Caroline PROSSER Revalidation of civil marriage
KLINNERT, Alexander (Baptized 31 Dec 1905 at St. Adalbert) GYONGOSY, Helen (Baptized in Harrisburg, PA) 25 Nov 1926 Klinnert, Joseph Gyongosy, Stephan ZUBAN, Barbara Klinnert, Joseph & Josephine LADA
KOEBERLEIN, Leon F. (From Altamont, IL) KUEHNER, Elsie (Baptized 21 Jan 1909 in Columbia, IL) 27 Oct 1931 Koeberlein, Francis REISS, Agnes Kuehner, Jacob FRIERDICH, Bertha Kuehner, Rosco & Francisca Koeberlein
KRAMER, Artur (Not Baptized) KEENEY, Catharine (Baptized in Ireland) 3 Jul 1926 Kramer, Edward NORMANSELL, Maria Keeney, Hugh BYRNE, Helen
LANE, Daniel (From Ireland) MCELROY, Grace (Baptized 30 Aug 1882 at St. Patrick’s) 10 Jun 1925 Lane, Daniel WALSH, Elizabeth McElroy, Bernard KILLIAN, Maria SMITH, George & Elizabeth Smith
LESLIE, Arthur (Baptized Methodist) SWEITZER, Veronica (Baptized 5 Apr 1912 at St. Joseph in Cobden, IL) 21 Jan 1932 Leslie, George MILLER, Maria Sweitzer, Frederick BOSTRAN, Elizabeth SAUCY, Helen & Genevieve Sweitzer Bride’s first marriage declared invalid. Revalidation of civil marriage.
LIEPERTZ, Max (Baptized in Germany) FAULKNER, Harriett (Baptized Protestant) 1 Feb 1928 Liepertz, Arnold KESSELS, Anna Faulkner, Henry HARRIS, Rosetta NAGER, Charles & Lena WITTMEIER Mixed religion marriage
LOPINOT, Emil (Baptized 23 Apr 1905 at St. Mary’s) SOLDIER, Irene (Baptized 23 May 1909 at Immaculate Conception in Deloges, MO) 15 Sep 1931 Lopinot, Edgar BRANNER, Elizabeth Soldier, Michael ROZE, Julia Lopinot, Edward & Eleanor Soldier
MCDANIEL, Loyd (Not Baptized) SMITH, Agnes C. (Baptized 5 Jul 1908 at St. Elizabeth’s) 7 Dec 1927 McDaniel, Wilbur ROBISON, Anna Smith, James ANDRES, Agnes DEMARSE, Enesto & Roberta Demarse
MCMANAMEE, Daniel (Baptized 4 Sep 1904 at St. Theresa in St. Louis, MO)) TAYLOR, Helen (New convert 8 May 1926 at Holy Angels) 14 Oct 1926 McManamee, Louis WALSH, Maria Taylor, George DEUTSCH, Nellie HOTTMANN, Adam & Louisa WENZEL
MOON, Vernon (Baptized in Baptist church) JAMERSON, Margaret (Baptized in New Albany, IN) 15 Aug 1927 Moon, Tilden EAVES, Mollie Jamerson, Kirby BROWN, Harriet HOUSAM, Lester & Marjorie Housam
MORELAND, Clarence FREISE, Lillian (Baptized at St. Basil in Chicago) 7 Jun 1930 Moreland, Leonard HONEYCUTT, Eretta Freise, Otto RIEDLE, Margaret Freise, Otto & Margaret VOTAN
NEEL, James MOODY, Larrie 25 Nov 1926 Neel, Ethelbert MILLS, Maria Moody, Theodore FIELD, Carrie Neel, Milton, Martha Moody & Bernard HARZY
NEUMAN, Charles Joseph (Baptized 28 Sep 1894 at St. Mary’s in Quincy, IL) SCHMIEDER, Emma (Baptized 20 Sep 1897 at Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) 28 Nov 1929 Neuman, John SOHN, Teresa Schmieder, Anthony DIETERLE, Appolonia Schmieder, Walter & Margaret KEANE
NICOLE, Louis (Baptized 21 Jul 1879 at Centerville Station, IL) O’CONNER, Nellie (Baptized 23 Jan 1888 at St. Louis in St. Louis, MO) 24 May 1926 Nicole, John B. BRAULT, Madeleine O’Conner, John CAUFIELD, Bridget SLEATER, Louis & Anna Sleater Previously married in civil ceremony.
NIEMANN, Eugene (Baptized at St. Elizabeth’s) STEWART, Maria (Baptized at Sacred Heart of Jesus) 24 Jun 1930 Niemann, Henry PARIDY, Margaret Stewart, Dr. L. O’HARA, Elizabeth Niemann, Frederick & Hazel HESSE
O’DONNELL, Richard (Baptized at Immaculate Conception in Springfield, IL) MUSICK, Ruth (Non-Catholic) 12 Oct 1929 O’Donnell, John LANDENBERGER, Laura Musick, Edward LILJEHOLN, Clara O’Donnell, J. W. & Mrs. Laura O’Donnell Mixed religion marriage
PARRIN, John (Baptized 4 Nov 1906 at St. Mary’s) KRIEBAUM, Leona (Protestant) 10 Aug 1927 Parrin, Louis VALENTINE, Elizabeth DAFFRY, Urban & Lucilla Daffry Mixed religion marriage
PAUL, James (Baptized in Armenia) HAMM, Hazel (Baptized in St. Louis in St. Louis, MO) 7 Jun 1930 Paul, James SAUGKIAN, Anna Hamm, John FARTIN, Julia MYERS, Francis & Helen JAGGLIN Revalidation of civil marriage
PFEFFER, Leon (Baptized 26 Nov 1906 at Centerville Station, IL) COSTELLO, Genevieve (Baptized 22 Aug 1912 at Sacred Heart of Jesus) 22 Oct 1930 Pfeffer, Anton DASHNEY, Irene Costello, Daniel DELEHANTY, Mamie Costello, Daniel & Edna Pfeffer
RAYMAN, Francis (Baptized 8 Jul 1884 at St. Simon in Washington, IN) JARVIS, Francisca (Baptized Presbyterian) 19 Apr 1928 Rayman, John DOSCH, Elizabeth Jarvis, John LUEDECKER, Maria Rayman, Donnelly & Lucilla Rayman [See record]
REAGAN, Charles (Not baptized) DERMODY, Elizabeth (Baptized 7 Jun 1908 at Orphanage at Glen Addie) 5 Jun 1926 Reagan, Timothy HOWARD, Maria Dermody, Lawrence BRITTON, Lilly WAYNE, John & May Wayne
RINGWALD, Frederick (Baptized 19 Jun 1909 at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis) WESTWOOD, Amilia (Baptized Methodist) 11 Sep 1930 Ringwald, Alfred HUMPHREYS, Edna Westwood, Samuel CONWAY, Maria Ringwald, Alfred & Edna Ringwald
ROESCH, Flavian (Baptized 10 Jul 1910 at Belleville Cathedral) SLINGERLAND, Maria Blanche (Baptized 16 Jul 1913 at Our Lady of Lourdes in Chicago, IL) 15 Jul 1931 Roesch, Henry FALTUS, Amanda Slingerland, Harold DELANEY, Maria Faltus, Henry & Dolores Roesch
ROUYARD, Arson (Baptized 30 Apr 1881 at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) MASSARAND, Victoria (Baptized in 1883 at St. Patrick’s) 9 Oct 1928 Rouyard, Andrew PALMIER, Virginia MONCOURD, Emil TOUCHETTE, Celest FAHRNER, John & Genevieve ADAMS
SCHNEIDER, William (Baptized 2 Jan 1906 at St. Bunoris in Pinckneyville, IL) DRY, Alberta (Not Baptized) 2 Apr 1927 Schneider, J. William BERG, Ida Dry, Ray MORGANTHALER, Wilhelmina Schneider, Charles & Cecelia Revalidation
SCHNUR, Roman (Baptized 14 May 1905 at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Cullman, AL) JOUGLARD, Maria (Baptized 10 Mar 1912 at St. Mary’s) 24 Oct 1931 Schnur, Francis OBER, Margaret Jouglard, John FAURE, Mamie Jouglard, John & Maria Jouglard
SMITH, James (Baptized 29 Sep 1872 at Holy Family in Cahokia) MAGRE, Louisa (Baptized in New Albany, IN) 19 Aug 1927 Smith, Albert WILLIAMS, Virginia Magre, Peter REHEISE, Maria Smith, Lillian & Lena WITTMEIER Revalidation of marriage 31 years prior.
STAMMER, Elmer RILEY, Ora Bridget (Baptized 21 Aug 1909 at St. Charles in Kirbyton, KY) 13 Feb 1926 Stammer, William STATTLER, Emma Riley, Martin BALLARD, Ida Riley, Roy & Joanne WAYNE
THOMAS, Clarence MCCAULEY, Lula (Baptized at St. Patrick in Cairo in 1903) 4 Aug 1924 Thomas, Charles TANNER, Anna McCauley. William STOVALL, Ina LALUMANDIER, Leo & Grace Halumandier [See record for annulment information]
VERLIE, Julius (Baptized 8 Mar 1854 at St. Philipp’s) GRIMONT, Teresa (Baptized 21 Oct 1866 at St. Louis Cathedral) 4 Aug 1927 Grimont, John ROY, Teresa Verlie, Blanche & Amelia DICKENS Married in civil ceremony 40 years prior.
VOTAN, Robert (Baptized Methodist) FREISE, Margaret (Baptized 27 Jan 1910 at St. Basil in Chicago, IL) 25 Oct 1929 Votan, William LOWREY, Maria Freise, Otto RIEDL, Margaret Freise, Otto & Lillian Freise Revalidation. Mixed religion marriage
WAYNE, Francis BEIL, Zelda (Baptized 11 Feb 1911 at St. Patrick’s) 26 Apr 1930 Wayne, George BAYLESS, Viola Beil, Joseph WASHINGTON, Independence Beil, William & Maria LOCH Revalidation of civil marriage
WAYNE, John W. (Baptized 28 May 1905 at St. Stephen’s in Owensboro, KY) JEROME, May (Baptized 19 Mar 1899 at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 10 Feb 1926 Wayne, Norman LYVERS, Maria Jerome, Charles RANYARD, Maonie Jerome, Earl & Agnes FAHNER
WOODS, Abel (Baptized Anglican) CUNNINGHAM, Anna (Baptized 5 Dec 1900 at Sacred Heart in Festus, MO) 30 May 1931 Woods, John BURGESS, Elizabeth Cunningham, James COIBION, Anna DOCKINS, W. L. & Maria Dockins Revalidation of civil marriage
YORK, Russell (Non-Catholic) REILLY, Catharine (Baptized in 1911 at St. Patrick’s) 23 Aug 1926 York, George FIKE, Eva Reilly, Robert EMMERICH, Carrie Reilly, Florent & Carrie Reilly

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