St. John the Baptist Catholic Burials (1869–1955) Smithton

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ANDERSON, Guy 11 Dec 1931 60y POLSTER, Margaret St. John Baptist From Beaucoup, IL
ANGERT, Philipp 8 May 1881 Angert, Adam HELLRICH, Magdalena Born 12 Mar 1816
ARNOLD, Joseph Gustav 25 Jul 1880 Arnold, Gustav NEHRING, Theresa Born 20 Jul 1880.  Sponsors were Joseph & Maria Nehring
ARNOLD, Ludwig 26 Feb 1880 Arnold, Henry Not listed, Margaret Born Jan 1856
ARNOLD, Margaret 8 Jul 1879 66y Arnold, Henry
BAECKER, Josephina 29 Mar 1872 _y Baecker, Eugene ENGLERT, Eva
BAETJE, Emma 8 Dec 1930 78y 9m Baetje, Fred KEHRER, Margaret St. John Baptist
BAETJE, Herbert 2 Jul 1907 11y 6m Baetje, Herman Not listed, Maria
BAETJE, Herman 16 Apr 1951 85y 10m Not listed, Mary St. John Baptist
BAETJE, Lena 3 Mar 1950 96y 2m Baetje, Frederick KERHER, Mary St. John Baptist Died at St. Vincent Home for the Aged
BECHERER, Albert 30 Aug 1937 54y Becherer, Joseph WINKLER, Josephina St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Bernardine 17 Aug 1929 36y 10m BERKEL, Frederick HOLDENER, Not listed Becherer, John St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Catharina 9 Feb 1930 46y NEFF, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Becherer, Carl St. John Baptist Died of cancer
BECHERER, Charles 26 Aug 1948 68y 3m Not listed, Catherine St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Clemens Philipp 28 May 1921 1y 7m Becherer, Carl NEFF, Catharina St. John Baptist
BECHERER, JoAnn 14 Jul 1943 Infant Becherer, Emil HORCHER, Martha St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Johanna 13 Dec 1939 71y 2m Becherer, John St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Joseph Anton 28 Aug 1928 74y 1m Becherer, Joseph St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Josephina 19 Jun 1921 68y 8m FLECKENSTEIN, Joseph WACHTEL, Josephina Becherer, Gregory St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Josephine 9 Jul 1941 84y 10m Becherer, Joseph (Deceased) St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Jr., Henry 11 Jul 1947 Becherer, Henry BERGHAGER, Nora St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Louisa 8 Apr 1943 57y 1m Becherer, Leo St. John Baptist
BECHERER, Mary 26 Feb 18928 47y Becherer, Joseph KLINGLER, Josephine St. John Baptist
BECKER, Anna Mary 27 Feb 1930 11m Becker, Adolph HANDRICH, Ella St. John Baptist Died of pneumonia
BECKER, Appolonia 26 Apr 1874 13y Becker, Johann Not listed, Eva
BECKER, George  2 Nov 1912 43y 5m St. John Baptist
BECKER, George Arthur 28 Apr 1897 [Becker, John] HAUSMANN, Joanna Born 10 Sep 1893
BECKER, John 10 Mar 1947 80y 11m Not listed, Johanna St. John Baptist
BECKER, William 14 Jun 1951 53y 1m Not listed, Rose St. John Baptist Sudden death
BENEDICT, Christophor 28 Dec 1878 Benedict, Christophor CHRISTOPH, Josephina Born 16 Sep 1878
BERKEL, Adam John 25 Mar 1930 88y 11m Berkel, Frederick MEIER, Eva BAUER, Maria (Deceased) St. John Baptist Died of septicemia
BERKEL, Anna Mary 3 Dec 1942 73y Berkel, Frank (Deceased) St. John Baptist
BERKEL, Apollonia 5 Apr 1872 NEFF, Ignatius Not listed, Eva Berkel, Laurent Born 14 Nov 1841
BERKEL, Friederich 30 Jan 1873 Born 3 Jun 1807
BERKEL, Henry Ignatius 20 Aug 1912 17m Berkel, Frederick SCHAEFER, Anna St. John Baptist
BERKEL, Ignatius 8 Jun 1906 71y Not listed, Maria
BERKEL, Jacob 24 Jun 1869 Berkel, Laurent NEFF, Apollonia Born 28 Aug 1868
BERKEL, Jacob 29 Jul 1933 63y 6m Berkel, Ignatius SCHAEFER, Mary St. John Baptist
BERKEL, Jacob 7 Nov 1937 88y KRUPP, Frances born SAUL (Widow of Krupp) St. John Baptist
BERKEL, Katharina 30 Oct 1916 8y  Berkel, Ignatius WINKLER, Carolina St. John Baptist
BERKEL, Laurent 7 Sep 1879 Berkel, Frederick VAICE, Maria Eva Born 23 Nov 1838
BERKEL, Margaret 83y St. John Baptist [Appears between 14 Jan & 29 Jan 1917]
BERKEL, Maria 7 Mar 1882 Berkel, Ignatius SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Maria
BERKEL, Maria Eva 20 Nov 1890 78y MEYER, Ignatius LEVENS, Francisca Berkel, Frederick
BERKEL, Maria Ursula 11 Sep 1913 76y 9m St. John Baptist Born in Germany
BERKEL, Max 7 Feb 1904 Berkel, Ignatius Not listed, Carolina Born 5 Feb 1904
BIEHLE, Catharina 27 Apr 1880 Biehle, Joseph Born 29 Nov 1817
BLITZ, Catharina 19 Sep 1876 94y [sic] BRAUN, Not listed Born 14 May 1786
BOHL, Robert 17 Dec 1918 Bohl, Christian St. John Baptist
BOLL, Carl 25 Apr 1889 Boll, Gerhard HART, Anna Maria Born 25 Jan 1889
BOLL, Carolina 23 Sep 1930 69y BURKERT, Unknown Boll, Christian St. John Baptist [See image 37 for family information]
BOLL, Christ 6 Dec 1939 81y BURKHARDT, Carolina St. John Baptist Died suddenly
BOLL, Christina 14 Jun 1894 QUIRIN, Not listed Born 18 May 1860
BOLL, Elizabeth Eva 26 Jun 1894 Boll, Christian QUIRIN, Christina Born 7 Jun 1894
BOLL, Eva Sep 1923
BOLL, Ida 8 Mar 1935 65y 4m Boll, Paul WACHTEL, Maria St. John Baptist
BOLL, Margaret 12 Mar 1869 Boll, Paul WACHTEL, Anna Born 24 Mar 1865 in Georgetown [Smithton]
BOLL, Maria 25 Jan 1905 Boll, Paul
BOLL, Otto Paul 17 Dec 1892 Boll, Christian QUIRIN, Christina Born 2 Apr 1883
BOLL, Paul 16 Jul 1905 78y
BOLL, Susana Katharina 20 Mar 1873 Boll, Paul WACHTEL, Anna Born 7 Aug 1872
BRENDEL, Cunigunda 28 Dec 1877 Brendel, Johann HAUSMANN, Louisa Born 10 Nov 1877
BRENDEL, Joseph Martin 20 Nov 1879 Brendel, Johann RUNG, Rosa Born 10 Nov 1879
BRENDEL, Louisa 25 Nov 1877 HAUSMANN, Peter BLITZ, Anna Maria Brendel, Johann Born 15 Oct 1855
BRIELMAYER, Maria Anna 29 Aug 1888 Brielmayer, Joseph NEHRING, Margaret Born Feb 1888 in New Athens
BRUNNER, Laurent 25 Nov 1869 5_y HONIG, Catharina Born in Elsatia [Alsace]
BÜCHEL (Buechel), Barbara 7 Jun 1876 BORN, Not listed Born 28 Jun 1812
CAAR, Elizabeth 17 Jun 1893 Caar, Rigdon HEINRICH, Francisca Born 28 Nov 1886
CHRISTOF, Maria 25 Feb 1900 34y FLANAS, Not listed
CHRISTOPH, John Peter 22 Feb 1893 Christoph, Anton NORDINE, Francisca Born 10 May 1865
CHRISTOPHE, Anton 10 May 1913 85y 6m St. John Baptist Born in _parburg Alsace
CHRISTOPHE, Prosper 15 May 1949 86y 4m Not listed, Mary St. John Baptist
CORTNER, Christina 12 Aug 1903 CHRISTOF, Not listed Cortner, Philipp Born 29 Feb 1873
CORTNER, Christopher Anton 17 Nov 1923 Cortner, Philipp CHRISTOPHE, Christina DRETZKA, Lillian St. John Baptist From Prairie du Long
CORTNER, Edmund St. John Baptist [Appears between 9 Feb & 27 Feb 1930]
CORTNER, Philipp 21 Jul 1929 68y CORTNER, Stephan GRANDCOLAS, Mary CHRISTOPHE, Christina St. John Baptist
CORTNER, Stephan 15 Mar 1880 Born 27 Mar 18__
DANOM, Joseph 17 Mar 1890 52y Born in Germany
DIETERICH, Magdalena 12 Sep 1886 76y 15d Dieterich, Joseph Belleville
DIETRICH, Joseph 21 Apr 1896 Born 19 Mar 1812 in Ehingen Bavaria
DÜRHEIMER (Duerheimer), Dominic 29 Jun 1881 Born 4 May 1833
ENGLERTH, Anna 12 Nov 1928 52y YUNG, Joseph WEBER, Theresa St. John Baptist
ENGLERTH, Caroline 9 Aug 1944 84y 7m Englerth, Franck St. John Baptist
ENGLERTH, Frank 6 Oct 1939 KELLER, Caroline St. John Baptist
ENGLERTH, Helen 5 May 1943 29y Englerth, Albert St. John Baptist
ENGLERTH, John 18 Jun 1947 65y 9m YUNG, Anna St. John Baptist
FEUCHT, Mary 1 Jan 1929 BOLL, Paul Feucht, Charles St. John Baptist From Belleville
FLECKENSTEIN, Christian 11 Jun 1935 67y 5m ARMBRUSTER, Eva St. John Baptist
FLECKENSTEIN, Christina 30 May 1924 66y 6m 27d CORTNER, Stephan GRANCOLAS, Mary Fleckenstein, P. St. John Baptist
FLECKENSTEIN, Eva 30 Aug 1949 79y 9m Fleckenstein, Christian St. John Baptist
FLECKENSTEIN, Joseph 1 Mar 1900 Born 11 Nov 1830
FLECKENSTEIN, Nicolaus 10 Nov 1916 32y 1m Fleckenstein, Peter KORTNER, Christina OGER, Ida St. John Baptist
FLECKENSTEIN, Peter 21 Apr 1936 81y CORTNER, Christina St. John Baptist
FÖRRES (Foerres), Maria 29 Aug 1872 Foerres, Peter HAUSMANN, Maria Born 12 May [?]
FRANZ, Henry Lorent 24 Sep 1886 7y 18d Franz, Carl RESE, Catharina
FREIN, Edmund John 6 Sep 1898 Born 30 Aug 1898
FREIN, Edmund John 6 Sep 1898 Born 30 Aug 1898
FREIN, Henry P. 8 May 1935 76y NEHRING, Maria St. John Baptist
FREIN, Joseph 24 Jul 1884 Frein, Henry NEHRING, Maria Born 27 Apr 1883
FREIN, Maria Anna 19 Apr 1896 16m Frein, Henry NEHRING, Maria
FREIN, Maria Anna 8 Jul 1928 66y 3m NEHRING, Joseph MASSERANG, Maria Frein. Henry P St. John Baptist
FRICK, Ernest 24 Oct 1936 St. John Baptist
FRICK, Susanna 2 Dec 1937 54y Frick, Ernest St. John Baptist
FUEHNE, Mary 6 Aug 1945 Fuehne, Frank RICKHOFF, Anna St. John Baptist Died at birth
FUEHNE, Theodore 18 Jun 1950 51y 11m Fuehne, Henry Not listed, Catharine St. John Baptist
GAIN, Barbara 16 Jun 1884 Gain, William
GAIN, Mary Ann 13 Feb 1931 6y 6m Gain, Laurent BECKER, Zita St. John Baptist From Belleville
GAIN, William 23 Jun 1916 84y 4m St. John Baptist Born in Rhein Pfalz Germany
GEMELCH, Eva 25 Dec 1907 81y Gemelch, George [Compare Kmelch]
GERMAIN, Harold 16 Apr 1945 22y Germain, John BRENNER, Mamie St. John Baptist Killed in action in Okinawa.  Buried 22 Apr 1945 in National Cemetery on Zamami Island
GIESER, Maria Elizabeth 27 Jul 1874 Gieser, Jacob Not listed, Josepha Born 15 Apr 1871
GOEDDEL, Johann Paul 30 Nov 1913 Goeddel, Paul MUETH, Christina St. John Baptist
GOETTING, Barbara 28 Dec 1898 60y QUIRIN, Not listed From German congregation of Belleville
GROB, Catharina 24 Feb 1891 14y 8m Grob, Carl SAUZEK, Josephina
GROSS, Lena 9 Mar 1937 87y HAUSMANN, Not listed Gross, Jacob St. John Baptist
HAGEMANN, John 22 Nov 1955 85y Hagemann, Alfred GERARDI, Margaret St. John Baptist
HAGEMANN, Joseph 31 Mar 1928 53y Hagemann, Frederick GERARDI, Margaret St. John Baptist
HAGNER [Wagner?], Infant boy 28 Aug 1953 Infant Hagner, Raymond HOLLE, Janette St. John Baptist Died one half hour after birth
HAIDKAMP, Catharina 9 Oct 1869 48y HESS, Not listed Haidkamp, Jacob Born in Lotharingia [Lorraine]
HANDRICH, Anna 29 Jan 1917 8y 8m Handrich, Stephen HELFRICH, Ella St. John Baptist
HAUSMANN, Anna Maria 24 Mar 1878 Hausmann, Peter Born 25 May 1816
HAUSMANN, Anton 21 Jan 1941 55y Not listed, Anna St. John Baptist From Mascoutah
HAUSMANN, Cornelius P. 11 Feb 1916 25y Hausmann, John WINKLER, Catharina St. John Baptist Born in St. Louis, MO
HAUSMANN, Elizabeth 11 Jan 1874 Hausmann, Peter Not listed, Anna Maria Born 29 Sep 1852
HAUSMANN, Gertrude 2 Apr 1897 47y 6m HEILMANN, Not listed
HAUSMANN, John W. 26 Sep 1916 32y 5m Hausmann, Peter HEILMANN, Gertrude St. John Baptist From St. Louis, MO
HAUSMANN, Peter 15 May 1896 Born 14 Sep 1812 in Hessen-Darmstadt
HAUSMANN, Raymond 16 Nov 1939 21y 5m Hausmann, Anton J. SCHAEFER, Anna St. John Baptist From Millstadt
HAUSMANN, Virgil John 8 Mar 1923 3y 9m Hausmann, Anton J. SCHAEFER, Anna St. John Baptist
HEILMANN, George 9 Apr 1882 Heilmann, George FEURER, Anna Born 9 Apr 1882
HEINRICH, Arthur 9 Nov 1930 37y Heinrich, George SCHOLLMEYER, Margaret St. John Baptist
HEINRICH, Christina 30 Mar 1896 Heinrich, George SCHOLLMEIER, Margaret Born 15 Dec 1885
HEINRICH, Elizabeth 24 Jul 1900 Born 12 Dec 1826
HEINRICH, George 6 Oct 1885 73y 27d Not listed, Elizabeth
HEINRICH, George 17 Aug 1900 54y Heinrich, George Not listed, Elizabeth
HEINRICH, George 14 Jan 1917 27y Heinrich, Not listed Not listed, Margaret St. John Baptist From Sedalia, MO
HEINRICH, Ida 19 Jul 1908 11y Heinrich, George Not listed, Margaret
HEINRICH, Margaret 23 Oct 1917 St. John Baptist
HEISERRER, Barbara 12 Jul 1892 Heiserrer, Anton Not listed, Catharina Born 18 Mar 1843
HELFRICH, Barbara 28 Sep 1949 64y 8m Helfrich, Adam Not listed, Rosa St. John Baptist
HELFRICH, Jo Ann 30 Jul 1946 5y 3m Helfrich, Adolph BECKER, Otilia St. John Baptist
HELFRICH, Sr., Adam 14 Feb 1935 84y 7m ENGLERTH, Rosa St. John Baptist
HEROLD, Adam 29 Oct 1923 St. John Baptist
HEROLD, Anna 1 Jan 1952 73y Herold, Adam Not listed, Catherine St. John Baptist
HEROLD, Catharine HENNEMANN, Not listed St. John Baptist [Appears after 8 Mar 1923]
HEROLD, Christina 25 Oct 1871 2m Herold, Adam Not listed, Catharina
HEROLD, Christophor 4 Sep 1877 Herold, Adam HENNEMANN, Catharina Born 14 Jul 1877
HEROLD, John 19 Feb 1935 59y 2m Herold, Adam HENNEMANN, Catharina St. John Baptist
HEROLD, Mary 7 Nov 1950 76y 7m Herold, Adam Not listed, Catherine St. John Baptist
HEROLD, Susanna 30 Aug 1883 Herold, Adam HENNEMANN, Catharina Born 11 Jul 1882
HERZOG, Christina 18 May 1940 54y 1m CORTNER, Not listed Herzog, Charles St. John Baptist From St. Thomas in St. Louis
HERZOG, John 5 Aug 1891 66y
HERZOG, Sophia 24 Dec 1894 46y WEBER, Not listed Born in Germany
HOERNES, Francis 29 Jul 1901 Hoernes, John HERPIN, Marie Born 11 Feb 1901
HOERNES, Francis 30 Sep 1906 Hoernes, John Not listed, Maria Born 13 Jan 1906
HOERNES, William 10 Aug 1902 Hoernes, John HERPIN, Marie
HOERNIS, Helena Nita 5 Jul 1912 10m Hoernis, John HERPIN, Maria St. John Baptist
HOLDENER, Melchior 7 Mar 1879 Born 23 Mar 1833
HÖRNIS (Hoernis), Anna Rosina Theresa  14 Sep 1892 Hoernis, John HERPIN, Maria Born 26 Jul 1892
HUCKE, Catharina Elizabeth 6 Dec 1882 Hucke, Louis WENZEL, Theresa Born 14 Jan 1880
HUCKE, Louis 4 Apr 1886 43y WENZEL, Theresa From Millstadt
JÄKEL (Jaekel), Frederick 20 Mar 1873 Jaekel, Paul MAURER, Margaret Born 3 Feb 1873
JÄKEL (Jaekel), Paul 27 Mar 1873 Not listed, Margaret Born 14 Jan 182_ 
JARAS, Anna 9 Mar 1917 76y 4m St. John Baptist
JAROSH, Philomena Jaras 20 Jul 1934 75y Unknown Unknown St. John Baptist From Bohemia
JERGER, Anna 10 Feb 1934 74y 4m Jerger, Joseph (Deceased) St. John Baptist
JERGER, Francisca 21 Nov 1894 BIEHLE, Not listed Born 19 Mar 1826 in Germany
JERGER, Joseph 8 Nov 1933 78y BECKER, Anna St. John Baptist
JERGER, Rud. [Appears between Nov 1928 & Jan 1929]
JOHNSON, Mary 10 Mar 1948 81y BERKEL, Lawrence Not listed, Appolonia St. John Baptist Died in Alton State Hospital
JUNG, Theresa 28 Nov 1902 49y WEBER, Not listed
KAIM alias KARR, Susanna Bertha 19 Jan 1881 CARR, Martin Carl Kaim, Bertha Born 9 Mar 1879 [See record]
KAISER, Anton 2 May 1873 Born 10 Aug 1857
KAISER, Katharina 13 Mar 1880
KAISER, Maria Margaret 20 Feb 1877 Kaiser, Johann BERTRAM, Louisa Born 18 Mar 1876
KEIL, Anna 26 Jun 1895 MILLER, Not listed Born 4 Jun 1844
KEIM, Anna Maria 17 Aug 1897 60y 8m BÜCHEL (Buechel), Not listed
KEIM, Henry 18 Apr 1915 80y 10m St. John Baptist Born in Germany
KELLER, Catharina 17 Apr 1880 RAPP, Johann Keller, Johann Born 2 Feb 1835
KELLER, John 1 Jan 1900 76y 
KELLER, Maria 16 Jul 1871 4m Keller, John
KELLER, Peter 14 Oct 1876 Keller, John RABB, Edna Born 6 Sep 187_
KIESER, Josephina 8 Sep 1904 66y HESS, Not listed Kieser, Jacob
KLEIN, Margaret 9 Oct 1938 St. Michael – Paderborn
KLEIN, Oscar 4 Oct 1949 37y 5m Not listed, Agatha St. John Baptist
KLINGLER, Francis 22 Sep 1899 Born 10 Mar 1899
KLINGLER, Maximilian 22 Jan 1890 Klingler, Ernest MESSMER, Louisa Born 13 Oct 1823
KMELCH, Anna Walburga 13 Jul 1869 Kmelch, George LENER, Barbara Born 29 Nov 1868
KMELCH, Barbara 16 Nov 1870 13y
KOB, Felipe 10 Apr 1870 21y
KORTNER, Infant 28 Mar 1887 Kortner, Philipp CHRISTOPH, Christina Born 24 Mar 1887
KORTNER, Infant 12 Jul 1888 Kortner, Philipp CHRISTOPH, Christina Born 6 Jul 1888
KORTNER, Johann Henry 3 Feb 1877 Kortner, Nicholas SIMON, Maria Born 18 M__ 1873
KORTNER, Maria (Widow) 16 Nov 1889 64y Kortner, Stephan (Deceased)
KREHER, Barbara (Non-Catholic) 27 Oct 1918 71y 9m Kreher, Jacob (Deceased) St. John Baptist
KREHER, Catharina Francisca 21 Sep 1878 Kreher, Jacob ROS, Barbara Born 11 Sep 1873
KREHER, Catharina Francisca 29 Sep 1894 METZ, Not listed Born 13 Mar 1805 in Bavaria
KREHER, Jacob 14 Aug 1917 Not listed, Barbara (Non-Catholic) St. John Baptist From Carlyle, IL [?]
KREHER, Jacob Emerich 10 May 1870 2y
LANG, Elizabeth 19 Jan 1940 83y 1m Lang, Martin St. John Baptist Burned in her home
LANG, Francisca (Widow) 10 Mar 1913 85y  St. John Baptist
LANG, Margaret Rosa 11 Aug 1893 Lang, Martin MEISTER, Elizabeth Born 16 Jul 1893
LANG, Martha [Appears between Nov 1923 & May 1924]
LANG, Mary  10 Nov 1928 42y 7m ROOS, John WEBER, Rosa Lang, John St. John Baptist From Millstadt
LANG, Nicholas Philipp 11 Jul 1891 2m 10d Lang, Martin MEISTER, Elizabeth
LANGE, Infant 29 Nov 1886 Lange, Martin MEISTER, Elizabeth Born 6 Nov 1886
LINDAUER, Leo 25 Oct 1932 1y 3m Lindauer, Oliver ENGEL, Mercedes St. John Baptist From Belleville
LINDNER, Johann St. John Baptist [Appears at beginning of 1919]
LINDNER, Mary 29 Dec 1949 86y 10m Lindner, John St. John Baptist
LONGBRAKE, Mary 2 Jun 1937 15y Longbrake, George KLINGER, Albina St. John Baptist From Belleville
LUDWIG, Carolina 26 Jan 1875 22y WEIHAUPT, Jacob MUSKHOFF, Elizabeth
MAJOR, Maria 29 Jan 1884 GÖSLING (Goesling), Carl SCHRÖER (Schroer), Catharina Major, Louis Born 18 Sep 1859
MARDER, Anna 30 Apr 1880 Marder, Dominic KLEIN, Maria Born 9 Nov 1879
MARDER, Maria Anna Elizabeth 27 Feb 1883 KL__, Nicholas ROTH, Anna Marder, Dominic
MARGARITIS, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1953 53y Margaritis, John C. St. John Baptist From ___sey City, N. Y.
MARTIN, Anton 31 Aug 1877 Born 27 Dec 1819
MARXER, Barbara (Widow) 2 Feb 1913 65y 10m St. John Baptist
MARXER, John 24 Oct 1871 9m Marxer, Joseph HAUSMANN, Margaret
MARXER, Joseph 14 Sep 1882 Born 28 Apr 1836
MARXER, Joseph 14 Sep 1882 Born 28 Apr 183_
MAXER, Magdalena 29 Sep 1872 10y
MAXER, Margaret 8 Oct 1872 Maxer, Joseph Born 9 Dec 1839
MAYER, Johann 5 Feb 1915 40y 2m St. John Baptist Body moved to Green Mount Cemetery in Belleville 29 Jul 1932
MAYER, Louis 25 Jul 1937 63y QUIRIN, Louisa St. John Baptist
MEHRMANN, Charles F. 15 May 1939 56y 9m BECHERER, Francisca St. John Baptist
MEHRMANN, Francisca 8 Apr 1939 46y 4m Mehrmann, Charles F. St. John Baptist From Belleville
MEIER, Carolina 21 Aug 1872 Born 28 May 1870
MEISTER, Michael 16 Jan 1939 Belleville
MEYER, Elizabeth 1 Nov 1886 Meyer, Anton
MEYER, Joseph 13 Dec 1877 Meyer, Valentin EUGNER, Gertrude Born 9 Jan 1811
MILLER, Anna 2 Feb 1891 9m Miller, Henry DINGES, Margaret
MILLER, Joseph 18 May 1892 Miller, Christopher THEIL, Theresa Born 26 May 1847
MUELLER, Jacob 27 Mar 1932 84y 10m St. John Baptist Died in Troy, MO
MUELLER, Leon Frederick 25 May 1955 15y Mueller, A. Fred HENKEN, Olivia St. John Baptist Drowned at Freeburg
MUETH, Aug. 31 Jul 1939 59y 4m Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara St. John Baptist
MUETH, August 19 Mar 1912 10y 2m Mueth, Johann MOSBACHER, Catharina St. John Baptist Born in Belleville
MUETH, August 30 May 1914 73y 8m St. John Baptist
MUETH, Barbara 18 Nov 1929 82y 11m REINHARDT, Francis SCHMIDT, Not listed Mueth, August St. John Baptist
MUETH, Marcella Ida 23 May 1922 5d Mueth, Joseph BECKER, Anna St. John Baptist
MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa Maria (Widow) 8 May 1887 80y 7m Mueller, Christophor
MUNIER, Agnes Maria Helena 13 Apr 1914 Munier, George SCHWARZ, Maria St. John Baptist
MUNIER, Lena 21 Jan 1950 70y St. John Baptist
MUNIER, Louis 25 Jun 1937 71y NEHRING, Magdalena St. John Baptist
MUNIER, Peter 18 Dec 1944 27y Munier, Louis (Deceased) Not listed, Lena St. John Baptist Killed in action.  Buried in Luxemburg, Germany.  Memorial service 1 Sep 1948 when body returned.
MUNIER, Prosper 2y 4m Munier, Louis NEHRING, Helena St. John Baptist [Appears between May & Oct 1918]
MUNIER, Silvester 20 Sep 1916 14d Munier, George SCHWARTZ, Maria St. John Baptist
NEFF, Joseph 10 Oct 1933 45y 7m BIEHLER, Lavina Green Mount – Belleville
NEHRING, Charles 8 Jan 1937 79y PRIEBEL, Rosa St. John Baptist From Belleville
NEHRING, Francis 29 Aug 1875 Nehring, Francis ADAM, Maria Born 30 Sep 1866
NEHRING, Joseph 18 Nov 1905 73y Not listed, Maria
NEHRING, Josephine 9 Mar 1932 58y 5m St. John Baptist
NEHRING, Maria 15 Nov 1905 69y MASSARANG, Not listed Nehring, Joseph
NEHRING, Michael 24 Dec 1904 44y Nehring, Francis Not listed, Maria
NERING, Maria 22 May 1873 38y ADAM, Not listed Nering, Franzis
OBERDING, Anna Maria 5 Aug 1881 Oberding, Johann HAGEN, Elizabeth Born 19 Jan 1878
OBERDING, Christof 8 Aug 1870 2y Oberding, John
OGER, Maria 23 Feb 1872 Oger, John WINKLER, Sophia Born 6 Feb 1866
OGER, Sophie 24 Feb 1927 82y 7m WINKLER, Anton Oger, John St. John Baptist From Caseyville Twp.
ORLET, Anna 24 Mar 1938 Orlet, Andrew St. Michael – Paderborn
PFEIFER, Joseph 19 Oct 1872 Born 11 Sep 1868
PFOHL, Anton 31 Dec 1926 77y 4m St. John Baptist
PHEIFER, Theresa 13 Jul 1880 HANSMANN, Peter BLITZ, Anna Maria Pheifer, Frederick Born 28 Mar 1844
PLAYTER, John Richard 15 Oct 1946 Infant Playter, Jr., Leonard SCHNEIDER, Geraldine St. John Baptist Baptized & died shortly after birth.
POLSTER, George 21 Sep 1876 Polster, Johann BREN__, Walburga Born 25 Jan 1847
POLSTER, George 18 Apr 1893 18y Polster, George QUIRIN, Bertha
POLSTER, John 31 Jul 1903 89y
PROBST, Emil 4 Sep 1931 St. John Baptist From St. Louis, MO
QUERIN, Josephina 15 Aug 1881 Querin, Jacob PAUL, Elizabeth Born 11 Jan 1881
QUERIN, Philip 19 Feb 1917 72y 7m Not listed, Maria (Deceased) St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Charles 4 Jun 1932 50y 2m Quirin, Frederick KRUPP, Mary St. John Baptist From __mville, IL
QUIRIN, Charles 20 Jan 1955 71y Not listed, Magdalena St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Christina 25 May 1924 2d Quirin, Jr, Jacob SCHAEFER, Eleonora St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Fred 14 Nov 1947 90y 7m GEPPERT, Ottilia St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Frederick Anton 15 Sep 1922 35y 8m Quirin, Frederick GEPPERT, Ottilia WEGNER, Ottilia Maria St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Frederick S. 21 Dec 1912 74y 2m St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, George 25 Feb 1880 Born Jun 1816
QUIRIN, Henry George 1 Feb 1930 54y 9m Quirin, Jacob KOOB, Margaret HOFMANN, Margaret St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Jacob 5 Sep 1955 73y 10m Not listed, Ella St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Lena 16 Jun 1944 36y 2m Quirin, Elmer St. John Baptist Sudden death
QUIRIN, Margaret 13 Dec 1925 73y 6m KOOP, Philipp STEPPICH, Mary Quirin, Jacob St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Maria 19 Apr 1914 60y 10m Quirin, Sr., Philipp St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Maria 7 Sep 1928 91y 7m KRUPP, Adam SCHWAEGEL, El. Quirin, Frederick St. John Baptist From Millstadt.  Member of Paderborn but had lot here.
QUIRIN, Maria [?] 12 Mar 1872 Quirin, Philipp
QUIRIN, Norman 8 Mar 1931 2y 4m Quirin, Clement HEIME, Emelia St. John Baptist From Belleville
QUIRIN, Ottilia 28 Jun 1930 69y GEPPERT, Anton BAIER, Ernestina St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Philipp H. 28 May 1914 52y 6m St. John Baptist Born in Millstadt Twp.
QUIRIN, Shirley Bertha 5 Jun 1941 14y 2m Quirin, Charles (Deceased) EULER, Teresa St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Sr., Jacob 20 Jul 1934 84y KOOB, Margaret St. John Baptist
QUIRIN, Theodore Willard 2 Jun 1921 1m Quirin, Frank BECHERER, Josephine St. John Baptist
RAPP, Albert 18 Nov 1952 87y Not listed, Magdalena St. John Baptist
RAPP, Dorothea 23 Dec 1878 HARSCH, Jacob ENNESTIN, Gertrude Rapp, Jacob Born 30 Apr 1816
RAPP, Elizabeth 27 Mar 1869 64y Rapp, John Born in Dippling, Darmstadt, Germany
RAPP, Jacob 6 Jul 1879 Born in 1805
RAPP, Johann 18 Feb 1873 Born in 1797
RAPP, Magdalena 4 Aug 1943 66y 4m Rapp, Albert St. John Baptist
REISACHER, Anna Margaret 6 Jul 1890 4m
REISACHER, Jacob Joseph 15 Jul 1892 3m Reisacher, Carl SIEBEN, Amelia
REISERT, Johann 23 Nov 1878 Born 12 Apr 1805
RIESER, Arline Leona 8 Nov 1945 1m Rieser, Raymond ENGLERTH, Josephine St. John Baptist
ROHR, Infant son 10 Feb 1933 Rohr, Hugo SCHMIERBACH, Cecilia St. John Baptist Still born
ROTH, John 9 Nov 1903 82y
ROTH, Josephina 17 Jun 1939 78y 5m DELLERMANN, Not listed Roth, Leonard St. John Baptist
ROTH, Leonard 8 Nov 1930 72y 11m DELLERMANN, Josephina St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Andrew 25 Jan 1905 49y Schaefer, Jacob Not listed, Margaret
SCHAEFER, Anna 17 Sep 1931 85y RAUSCH, Not listed Schaefer, Jacob St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Bertha 30 Oct 1944 48y 3m Schaefer, Jr., Jacob St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Carl Oscar 27 Feb 1891 6d Schaefer, Ignatius SCHWEGEL, Catharina
SCHAEFER, Cecilia Maria 13 Jun 1915 2y 5m Schaefer, Jr., Nicholas SCHWAEGEL, Philippina St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Charles P. 14 Nov 1952 64y SCHOLLMEYER, Ida St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Christina 30 Dec 1946 85y 2m Schaefer, Jacob B. St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Cletus Nicholas 19 Aug 1915 8m Schaefer, John WENZEL, Maria St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Elizabeth 10 Jul 1948 83y 1m Schaefer, Sr., Jacob St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Friederich 8 Sep 1872 Born 12 Oct 1871
SCHAEFER, Ida 23 May 1955 79y 4m Schaefer, Charles P. St. John Baptist Died in a St. Louis hospital
SCHAEFER, Isabella Mary 23 Apr 1922 3y 9m Schaefer, Philipp HELFRICH, Caroline St. John Baptist From Belleville
SCHAEFER, Jacob 19 Mar 1916 55y 1m St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Jacob Bernard 8 Aug 1942 76y KELLER, Christina St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Johann 23 Aug 1873 25y
SCHAEFER, Johann George 9 Nov 1873 2y Schaefer, Johann SCHMIERBAUCH, Maria
SCHAEFER, John  10 Apr 1904 65y
SCHAEFER, Jr., John 7 Mar 1953 52y 10m Schaefer, Sr., John Not listed, Elizabeth St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Margaret 22 Apr 1900 Schaefer, John RITTER, Margaret Born 25 Jul 1840
SCHAEFER, Margaret 13 Mar 1953 80y 2m Schaefer, Jacob Not listed, Anna St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Mary 11 Dec 1945 64y 10m Schaefer, John RITTER, Margaret St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Philipp 24 Mar 1929 55y Schaefer, John Not listed, Margaret BECHERER, Christina St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Phillipina 28 Mar 1954 73y 2m 28d Schaefer, Sr., Nick St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Sr., John 21 Jan 1950 79y  Not listed, Elizabeth St. John Baptist
SCHAEFER, Sr., Nick 9 Jul 1950 70y 9m SCHWAEGEL, Phillipina St. John Baptist
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Carl 27 Feb 1880 Schaefer, Johann RITTER, Margaret Born 2 Mar 1876
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Francisca 3 Feb 1893 KLINGLER, Maximilian WALZ, Francisca Born 19 Jan 1871
SCHANZ, Fred (Non-Catholic) 3 Oct 1937 62y  BERKEL, Francisca St. John Baptist
SCHATZ, Anna 2 Apr 1903 Schatz, Michael Born 1 Jun 1821
SCHAUEGGER, Matthew 29 Jun 1926 St. John Baptist From Baden Baden Germany
SCHENEWERK, Francis A. 2 Jan 1953 1y Schenewerk, Oscar METZEL, Virginia St. John Baptist Drowned
SCHILLING, Florence 2 Apr 1937 Schilling, Alfred H. SCHAEFER, Mary St. John Baptist From Belleville.  Child died at birth.  Body moved to Green Mount 6 Nov 1937
SCHMERBACH, Michael 19 Nov 1880 Schmerbach, Valentin GRUBER, Bridget Born 2 Jun 1876
SCHMERBAUCH, George 26 Aug 1888 77y
SCHMERBAUCH, Infant 30 Sep 1890 Schmerbauch, Valentin GRUBER, Ida Born 22 Sep 1890. Baptized by Maria Schmerbauch (his sister)
SCHMIDT, Henry William Joseph 13 Jul 1890 1y Schmidt, William WOLF, Margaret
SCHMIERBACH, Ida 7 Apr 1931 76y 4m GRUBER, Not listed Schmierbach, Valentin St. John Baptist
SCHMIERBACH, Peter 25 Jul 1936 92y GROMMET, Catharina St. John Baptist Died in Poor House
SCHMIERBACH, Valentin 15 Sep 1935 86y 6m GROBER, Ida St. John Baptist
SCHMIERBAUCH, George Philipp 29 Mar 1893 Schmierbauch, Valentin GRUBER, Bridget Born 12 Oct 1891
SCHMITT, John 4 Jun 1895 Born 8 Jul 1832 in Bavaria
SCHMITT, Maria Magdalena 19 Jan 1896 67y EMERICH, Not listed Born in Bavaria
SCHNEIDER, Catharina 5 Nov 1904 36y MUELLER, Not listed
SCHNEIDER, Doretha 29 Sep 1917 2y 6m Schneider, Henry HEROLD, Barbara St. John Baptist From Belleville
SCHOENBORN, John [Appears between Dec 1926 & Feb 1927]
SCHOENBORN, Maria 24 Jan 1915 57y 1m Schoenborn, John St. John Baptist
SCHOLLMAIR, Frederick 25 Jul 1872 Schollmair, Liborius SCHAEFER, Christina Born 1 Jan 1872
SCHOLLMEIER, Alban 25 Jul 1914 75y 4m St. John Baptist Born in _eberstett Saxony Germany.  [See image 36 for family information]
SCHOLLMEIER, Christina 3 Nov 1906 74y Schollmeier, Gilbert [?]
SCHOLLMEIER, Liborius 5 Apr 1912 75y 2m St. John Baptist Born in Saxony Germany [See image 36 for family information]
SCHOLLMEYER, Catharina (Widow) 27 Sep 1883 SCHOLLMEIER, Andrew (Deceased) Born 8 Apr 1809
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Edward Carl 3 Dec 1892 Schoenborn, John REISACHER, Maria Born 21 Jun 1887
SCHWAB, Antoinette 7 Oct 1945 26y 9m Schwab, Lester St. John Baptist
SCHWAEGEL, Johanna 1 Mar 1915 42y 5m KELLER, Not listed Schwaegel, Francis St. John Baptist Born in Millstadt Twp.
SCHWAEGEL, John 9 Jul 1921 43y 8m Schwaegel, Carl REINHARDT, Regina LINDNER, Cardula St. John Baptist
SCHWAEGEL, Magdalena 6 Jul 1951 Schwaegel, Charles St. John Baptist
SCHWARTZ, Jacob 12 Dec 1952 75y Not listed, Catherine St. John Baptist
SIEBEN, Jacob 3 Dec 1890 2y Sieben, Jacob SCHLOERER, Catharina Died of diphtheria
SIEBEN, Rosa Francisca 28 Nov 1890 5y 5m Sieben, Jacob SCHLOERER, Catharina
SIEBEN, Theodora 28 Jul 1881 Sieben, Jacob SCHLEHER, Catharina Born 21 Jul 1879
SPANBERGER, John 4 May 1918 54y 10m St. John Baptist Died at County Farm “Foreigner”
STIKA, Maria Elizabeth 23 Aug 1880 Stika, Johann Francis PLAVET, Josephina Born 5 Aug 1880
TEPOLT, Stephan 24 Jan 1936 59y BOLT, Christiana Granite City From Douglas, IL
THOUVENOT, Carl 4 Mar 1887 51y 6m 8d Thouvenot, Leopold WITWARE, Not listed Not listed, Cecilia [See record]
THOUVENOT, Leon 4 Dec 1878 Thouvenot, Carl LOUIS, Cecilia Born 25 Jun 187_ [See record]
THOUVENOT, Victoria 26 Oct 1875 66y From Franice Departement Devage
THUM, Theresa Carolina 15 May 1892 THUM, Wilhelm SCHICKETANZ, Francisca Born 23 Oct 1835 in Friedland Bohemia
TOTH, J. 5 Jul 1908 Toth, Stephan SCHROEDER, Maria Born 27 Jun 1908
TOTH, Martin Joseph 30 Jun 1912 Infant Toth, Stephan SWEDAR, Maria St. John Baptist
TROCHTER, Elizabeth 22 Feb 1881 Trochter, Herman SCHARMANN, Elizabeth Born 12 Aug 1870
VEILE, A. Victoria 4 Dec 1895 GEIGER, Not listed Born 1 Apr 1835 in Württemberg
WACHTEL, Bertha 4 Dec 1918 Wachtel, George St. John Baptist
WACHTEL, Elizabeth 16 Nov 1949 72y 10m Wachtel, Peter St. John Baptist
WACHTEL, Eva 5 Feb 1930 64y 10m ARMBRUSTER, Philipp KEIL, Catharina Wachtel, George St. John Baptist Died of Diabetes
WACHTEL, George 8 Jun 1937 76y ARMBRUSTER, Eva St. John Baptist
WACHTEL, Peter 15 Dec 1944 72y 9m Not listed, Elizabeth St. John Baptist
WEIHAUPT, Hieronymus 27 Nov 1888 50y Weihaupt, Jacob MUSTHOFF, Elizabeth
WEIHAUPT, Maria Elizabeth Bertha 5 Aug 1893 Weihaupt, Carl HEINRICH, Elizabeth Born 7 Jan 1876
WENZEL, Anna Christina 3 May 1899 Wenzel, Philipp WINKLER, Rosina Born 3 Mar 1898
WENZEL, Philipp 31 Dec 1931 82y WINKLER, Rosina St. John Baptist
WENZEL, Rosina 14 Aug 1939 82y 11m Wenzel, Philipp St. John Baptist
WEYGAND, Catharina 24 Apr 1890 23y OGER, Not listed
WEYGAND, Catharina Sophia 14 Jul 1890 3m Weygand, Peter George OGER, Catarina
WEYGAND, Sophia 8 Aug 1889 Weygand, Peter George OGER, Catarina Born 15 May 1889
WEYHAUPT, Elizabeth 9 Nov 1930 62y 10m HEINRICH, Not listed Weyhaupt, Carl St. John Baptist
WEYHAUPT, Felix 16 Mar 1935 93y St. John Baptist From Belleville
WINKLER, Anton 7 Sep 1870 60y
WINKLER, Frank 18 Oct 1936 KLINGLER, Maria St. John Baptist From Belleville
WINKLER, Mary J. 12 Aug 1932 72y 7m KLINGLER, Not listed Winkler, Francis St. John Baptist From Belleville
WINKLER, Philipp 3 Aug 1939 47y 10m Winkler, Frank KLINGLER, Mary St. John Baptist From Belleville
WOLF, Christina 19 Jun 1917 Wolf, John St. John Baptist
WOLF, John 19 May 1934 81y  DAETSCH, Eva born HEWEIS St. John Baptist From Belleville
WOLF, Paul 16 Nov 1869 53y REDWITZ, Maria Born in Northhalben, Bavaria
YERGER, Ludwig 25 Feb 1888 60y 6m Yerger, Joseph
YUNG, Joseph 1 Jul 1926 Yung, Joseph WEBER, Theresa St. John Baptist From Germany
ZEILMANN, Lawrence 3 Jul 1945 75y 5m Zeilmann, John HAAS, Anna St. Joseph – Freeburg
ZIMMERMANN, Quirin 11 Apr 1878 Born 30 Mar 1807

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