St. John Orphanage at Glen Addie (Belleville, Illinois) Catholic Burials (1906–1936)

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St. John Orphanage at Glen Addie on the Shiloh Road, opened in 1901 as a successor to St. Agnes’ (Belleville). Forty-three children from St. Agnes moved into the former mansion on land purchased from the Morrisons. Though much larger than their prior residence, the large rooms were much colder. Named for Mrs. Addie Morrison, it had 26 rooms, a carriage house, stables, smokehouse, summerhouse, chicken house and servants’ quarters. Priests from St. Peter’s served as chaplains over the years.

Care of the children for more than 40 years fell to the beloved Sister Alma Juengling of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ who arrived in 1909. She and other sisters of that Order rose early to carry water from the wells and cisterns to wash clothes over scrub boards by the light of kerosene lamps and lanterns. It wasn’t until 1927 that an improved laundry made washing easier. In the 1950s, fundraising picnics were held successfully and old buildings were razed so that new ones could replace them. At her passing in 1973, then Bishop Zuroweste said, “Sister Alma was a spiritual giant. We are all a little closer to God because she passed by and touched our lives.”

Closed in the early 1980s, the Glen Addie property today is the site of most Diocese offices, the Archives, and Hincke-Sense home for retired priests.

Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations

Records of Communions (1924, 1925 image 14) and Confirmations (1902–circa 1920s) are intermixed in one register online at grouped under St. Clair County > Shiloh > Corpus Christi and St. John Orphanage. Click for the direct link once signed in.

Burials and other records

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Additional records are maintained at the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.


  • The Society and the compiler recommend researchers verify information provided on the SCCGS website with the original record extracted from images are online at FamilySearch. Also, verify the actual place buried (for example) with the cemetery sexton’s book, an obituary, funeral card, death certificate, or probate record. Courthouse, IRAD, and library addresses.
  • Researchers are urged to correlate information here with that found in other records before forming conclusions about a person, family, or relationship.
  • If the image is unsatisfactory (much ink bled through), request help from the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.
  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


Sample citation to a specific record in this database

Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. John Orphanage at Glen Addie (Belleville, Illinois) Catholic Burials (1906–1936),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

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Burials ( 1906–1936 )


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“SCHMITT”,  Anton 23 Aug 1911 9m Glen Addie Parents unknown.  Given last name of Schmitt
BECKER, Alfred Gottfried 4 Sep 1909 21m 18d 16 Nov 107 Becker, Gottfried DEROUSSE, Laura Prairie du Rocher, IL
BEESLEY, Helen 6 Jan 1933 8y Beesley, Carl MILLER, Gratine Glen Addie Died of influenza
CLERICO, Angelina 16 Feb 1916 3y 6m Clerico, Dominic Not listed, Catherine Near Collinsville, IL From Christopher, IL
CONNELL, Louisa 6 Nov 1911 1y 6m Connell, Emma Mt. Hope
DEMARK, Anna 3 Jan 1913 11m Demark, Bernard Glen Addie
EGNER, Joseph 5 Jun 1913 2y Egner, Wenceslaus Not listed, Rosa Glen Addie From Edgemont Hts.
FORFIER, Josephine 20 Mar 1926 22y Forfier, Charles L’ARENCE [?], Stella M. Glen Addie Worked in St. Louis, MO & died of bowel obstruction.  Her last wish was to be buried here.
GOFF, Maria Antonia 29 Jul 1908 2m 31 May 1908 Glen Addie
HUBER, Hedwig 29 Nov 1919 5y Huber, Henry KAUFMANN, Agatha Glen Addie From East St. Louis
JENNINGS, George 16 Nov 1920 Died of gastro- intestinal problems
JONES, Edward 12 Feb 1910 9y 6w 16 Nov 1902 Jones, William SULIVAN, Helena Cairo, IL
KELLING, Edward 21 Jul 1910 8m 13d 8 Nov 1909 Kelling, Gustav PETRONRITCH, Maria Green Mount
KELLING, Martin 25 Apr 1909 9m 26d 29 Jun 1908 Kelling, August Not listed, Maria Glen Addie Buried in same grave as preceding death [Maloney, John].
LEGUS, Francis 8 Jul 1916 18m Legus, John Not listed, Anna Glen Addie From Christopher.  Name corrected to PENXA
LOURDES Bertha Maria 15 Feb 1907 7m 15d 30 Jun 1906 Glen Addie
LUCKETT, Mabel 9 Oct 1911 20y Glen Addie From Equality, IL
MALONEY, John 23 Apr 1909 8y 8m 13d 10 Aug 1909 Maloney, John HOLLMANN, Maria Glen Addie
MENDENALL, Frederick 27 Jan 1908 20m 7d 20 May 1906 Mendenall, John TOLEY, Julia Glen Addie
MERL, Lilian 4 Apr 1916 19m Merl, William Not listed, Caroline Glen Addie From New Athens.  Died of pneumonia
MILLER, Beatrix 19 Feb 1906 7m 15d 4 Jul 1905 Miller, Emil V. LEOPOLD, Elizabeth Green Mount
PARKER, Raymund 15 May 1917 7y Parker, George Not listed, Rosa Glen Addie From Bridgeport
PHEGLEY, Jacob Orville 5 Sep 1911 9y Phegley, Simon Not listed, Estella From Prairie du Rocher
QUAIN, Agnes 12 Aug 1920 13y Quain, Daniel THEBAU, Lucille Glen Addie From East St. Louis.  Struck by lightening while on a picnic on the J. J. Gundlach farm
RANGEL, Dolores 21 Jan 1933 1y 10m Rangel, Anton GARCIA, Maria Mt. Carmel – East St. Louis From Fairmont City.  Died of influenza
RAUFHAKE, Helena Margaret 5 Aug 1909 2m 13d 22 May 1909 Raufhake, Not listed SPIELMANN, Alma Glen Addie
RIST, George 5 Feb 1916 3y 1m Rist, Alva Not listed, Maria Glen Addie From East St. Louis
RITZERT, Carl 5 Aug 1909 3y 20d 15 Jul 1906 Ritzert, Henry G. WEIL, Anna C. Glen Addie
SCHILLING, Maria 1 Sep 1908 20m 19d 12 Dec 1906 Schilling, Anna Green Mount [See record]
SMITH, Robert Anton 18 Jul 1909 2m 10d 8 May 1909 Smith, Francisca Glen Addie [See record]
STAUDER, Virginia 23 Apr 1936 11y Stauder, Raymund BACHINGER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died of appendicitis

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