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St. Teresa (Belleville) Catholic Marriages

Compilation copyright by Gloria Dettleff

SCCGS presents this data unaltered and as donated to the Society for genealogical research purposes only. SCCGS does not certify the accuracy of this data but recognizes it was done in good faith by an experienced compiler.
In keeping with the compiler’s wishes and SCCGS’s Terms and Conditions of Use (click), you may use unique elements that are part of a unique family history or genealogy but may not otherwise publish material from this site in whole or in part in any electronic, print or other medium. For special circumstances, seek required permission in writing from SCCGS and the compiler.      Commercial use is expressly prohibited.


St. Teresa of the Child Jesus parish in the Diocese of Belleville was formed in 1926 following changes in boundaries of parishes in Belleville. It continues today (2021). The Very Reverend William Hoff, dean, was the first pastor. The School Sisters of Notre Dame were the first teachers in the parish school in 1926. A new church was completed in 1967.

St. Teresa Marriages 1926–31 | Burials 1926–1956


About these records, this database, caveats, citations, further research

About these records, this database, caveats

  • The Society and the compiler recommend researchers verify information provided on the SCCGS website with the original record extracted from images are online at FamilySearch. Also, verify the actual place buried with the cemetery sexton’s book, an obituary, funeral card, death certificate, or probate record. Courthouse, IRAD, and library addresses.
  • Researchers are urged to correlate information here with that found in other records before forming conclusions about a person, family, or relationship. Further research (scroll down).
  • There were no baptism register images to abstract on FamilySearch but some may be on microfilm (see sidebar).
  • If the image is unsatisfactory (much ink bled through), request help from the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.
  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


Sample citation to a specific record in this database

Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. Teresa (Belleville [Illinois]) Catholic Marriages (1926 – 1931),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

Sample citation to a digital image of the original church register

The FamilySearch website provides a citation with each record.

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  1. Burnett, Betty. A Time of Favor: The Story of the Catholic Family of Southern Illinois. St. Louis, Mo.: Patrice Press, 1987.
  2. Diocese of Belleville. Centennial Heritage Festival and Picnic, Sunday, September 27. Belleville, Ill.: The Diocese, 1987.


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Marriages October 1925–October 1931

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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses
ADRIAN, Oliver Adrian (Baptized25 Jul 1911 at St. Luke) WHOBRY, Dolores (Baptized Methodist) 30 Jul 1931 Adrian, Albert BEYER, Ella Whobry, William BELL, Jesse FLATAN, Alphonse & Mildred WILLARD
AMANN, Leonard (Baptized 12 Feb 1906 at the cathedral) KURTZ, Florentia (Baptized 3 Mar 1909 at St. Louis Cathedral) 21 Apr 1931 Amann, Julius PHILIPS [?], Magdalena Kurtz, Anton LUTKEMEYER, Viola Amann, Frederick & Viola Kurtz
CLASSEN, Francis John (Non-Catholic) FOURNIE, Florentia Rosa (Baptized 19 Jul 1903 at St. Libory in St. Louis, MO) 8 Nov 1930 Classen, John GOODMAN, Anna Fournie, Aloysius KRAEMER, Maria Fournie, Bertha & Leo RASCHE
DEITZ, Jacob BRUEGGEMANN, Aurelia (Baptized 29 ___ 1903 at St. Henry in East St. Louis) 15 Feb 1927 Deitz, Jacob SEILER, Rosa Brueggemann, George WITTMEIER, Margaret LOTZ, Martha & Rosa RENSING
ENDRES, Anton (Baptized 1901 at the cathedral) GRONE, Maria (Baptized 14 Jan 1893 in Paderborn, IL) 3 Jan 1929 Endres, Francis RAPP, Wilhelmina SCHOENBORN, Adam DAESCH, Francisca Rapp, Clarent & Louis Schoenborn
FAUST, Joseph (Baptized 1904 in Hecker, IL) HECHENBERGER, Maria (Baptized 1904 at cathedral) 12 Jun 1928 Faust, Ferdinand WUCHERFFENIG, Anna Heckenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Heckenberger, Joseph & Magdalena SCHRANKE
FELLNER, Maurice  (Baptized 18 Nov 1892 at the cathedral, second marriage) FELLNER, Wilhelmina (Baptized 11 Feb 1884 at the cathedral, widow) 26 Nov 1927 Fellner, George LOOSHORN, Anna STARK, George ZULAUF, Louisa FOURNIE, Frederick & Rosalia Fournie
FITZPATRICK, Paul J. (Baptized in Buffalo, NY) TURECK, Martha (Baptized in Westphalia, Germany) 3 Oct 1927 Fitzpatrick, Patrick SMITH, Mary Tureck, Ignatz WITKEWICH, Martha Tureck, John & Mildred SCHWOEBEL
FLESHREN, Gilbert (Baptized 21 Aug 1904 at St. Leo in St. Louis, MO) FELLNER, Catharina (Baptized 24 May 1911 at St. Luke in Belleville) 20 May 1931 Fleshren, Francis BOUL, Florina Fellner, John STARK, Wilhelmina Fleshren, Ardell & Louisa Fellner
FLESHREN, Lester (Baptized  2 Jun 1900 at St. Rosary in St. Louis, MO AMANN, Anna (Baptized 21 Nov 1899 at Ste Clare in O’Fallon, IL) 26 Nov 1929 Fleshren, Francis BOUL, Florina Amann, Joseph BUECHL, Theresa Fleshren, Ardell & Virginia Fleshren
FOURNIE, Frederick (Baptized 20 Aug 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville) FELLNER, Rosalia (Baptized 16 Oct 1906 at St. Luke in Belleville) 7 Sep 1927 Fournie, Arthur SUNKEL, Iva Fellner, John STARK, Minnie KREHER, Emery & Louisa Fellner
GASS, Oscar (Baptized 5 Oct 1907 at St. Luke in Belleville) FAUKE, Myrtle (Methodist) 20 May 1930 Gass, Louis STRUBE, Emma Fauke, Henry WILSON, Laura Fauke, Laverne & Edwin Gass
GLOGOVSEK, Francis (Baptized in Hungary) LORENZ, Rosa (Baptized 20 Jan 1901 in the cathedral) 18 Oct 1927 Glogovsek, Francis HERMAN, Anton Lorenz, George (Deceased) HUBER, Clara Lorenz, Edward & Helena Lorenz
HARDT, Leon (Baptized Evangelical) KETTERER, Anna (Baptized 13 Feb 1904 in __nton, IL) 25 Nov 1926 Hardt, Edward WAGNER, Catherine Ketterer, Nicolaus JOKERST, Maria Ketterer, Leonard & Viola Wagner
HEFF, George (Lutheran) HERZIG, Cecilia  (65y, born in Germany) 28 Sep 1931 Heff, Christian LINK, Catharina REISCHEL, Herman SCHMIDT, Agatha Herzig, Richard & Florentia Arnold
HELVEY Lynn (Non-Catholic) STOLTE, Eulalia (Baptized 11 Dec 1913 at St. Augustine in Breese, IL) 9 May 1930 Helvey, Edgar SMITH, Cora Stolte, Henry BUTHE, Sophia DAMBACHER, Michael & Gratia Dambacher
HESSE, Walter (Born 1906) PFEIFFER, Francisca (Born 1908) 24 Nov 1927 Hesse, Henry HECKLINGER, Lena Pfeiffer, Joseph FEIST, Sophie Pfeiffer, Edwin & Lillian AMBRY
HILL, Earl P. (Baptized Methodist) DOMBACH, Elizabeth (Baptized 29 Aug 1893 at the cathedral) 19 Feb 1927 Hill, Ira WRIGHT, Eleonora Dombach, William BERKLEY, Elizabeth WALTER, Michael & Rosa RENSING
KASSEBAUM, Leroy (Baptized 26 Jul 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville) MUELLER, Eleonora (Baptized 15 Jun 1929 at the cathedral; 14 May 1909 is listed) 2 Jul 1930 Kassebaum, Carl JUNG, Florence Mueller, Oscar STAMMER, Emma CHOUINARD, Alexander & Leona Kassebaum
KAUTOUTH, Anton (Baptized 29 May 1907 at Immaculate Conception in East St. Louis) KELLA, Genevieve (Baptized 19 May 1911 in Boston, MA) 16 Jun 1928 Kautouth, John PUCHIN, Agnes Kella, John KRICIES, Agnes KOKTA, George & Francesca ASTROWSKY
KERN, Henry (Baptized at Sacred Heart in DuQuoin, IL) MEDER, Maria (Baptized in __Angello, TX) 19 Jun 1928 Kern, Henry BRAUN, Ida Meder, Louis HAAS, Frieda Meder, Joseph & Olivia KOLB
KETTERER, Leonard (Baptized 23 Jul 1908 at St. Mary in Trenton, IL) HUCK, Irma (Baptized 24 ___ 1909 in Ste Genevieve, MO) 14 Oct 1931 Ketterer, Nicolaus JOKERST, Maria Huck, Bernard ROTH, Louisa Huck, Raymond & Olivia MELLCHER
KLOHR, Jacob (Baptized Evangelical) WALTER, Isabella (Baptized 11 May 1899 in Freeburg, IL) 25 Nov 1926 Klohr, Philip HANDRICH, Augusta Walter, Joseph KEHRER, Maria HOFF, Joseph & Rosa RENSING
KOHRS, Henry (Baptized 23 Apr 1901 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) HETZEL, Anna Maria Elizabeth (Baptized 9 Jul 1907  at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) 3 Jan 1927 Kohrs, Adam WEHLAGE, Christina Hetzel, Carl WOODSCHECK, Emma Amalia LOHMANN, Bernard & Anna Lohmann
KORTE, William (Baptized 21 Aug 1900 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) THIEN, Josephina (Baptized 4 Jul 1909 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) 20 Aug 1929 Korte, Herman RIPPERDA, Margaret Thien, Anton DUST, Wilhelmina HAAR, John & Agnes Thien
KRAUS, Erwin (Born 14 Jun 1901 in Marissa, IL) UHLEY, Emilia  (Baptized 8 Mar 1903 at Holy Infant in Mascoutah) 9 Jun 1927 Kraus, George SINN, Catherina Uhley, Edward SEYER, Adelhaid Kraus, George & Edward Uhley
LAQUET, Clarent (Baptized 22 Jul 1905 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL) SCHNEIDER, Ophelia (Baptized 17 ___ 1908 at the cathedral) 4 Nov 1931 Laquet, Peter SCHAEFER, Anna Schneider, Bernard GAUSMAN, Louisa Schneider, Edward & Cleota HUBERT
LAUF, Herman (Baptized 3 Oct 1906 at the cathedral) VERGES, Christina (Baptized 11 Jul 1907 at ___) 2 Jun 1927 Lauf, Valentin SCHNEIDER, Mary Verges, Frederick KLEBER, Emma Verges, Frederick & Edna Lauf
LAUF, Oscar (Baptized 25 May 1903 at the cathedral) FUHS, Elizabeth (Baptized Apr 1928 here) 22 May 1928 Lauf, Valentin SCHNEIDER, Maria Fuhs, John SCHMIDT, Maria Lauf, Walter & Julia GOTCH
MASON, Jacob (James) (Non-Catholic, 27y) ARNOLD, Florence (Baptized 29 ___ 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) 13 Oct 1931 Mason, Jacob SLINGER, Nettie Arnold, Joseph OGEE, Martha Mason, Kenneth & Bessie MCDONOUGH
MCCARTNEY, George (Baptized 25 Mar 1896 in Durango, CO) SCHUETZ, Augusta (Baptized 15 ___ 1901 Evangelical in St. Louis, MO) 3 Dec 1938 McCartney, Padamaran BLACKBURN, Elizabeth Schuetz, Frederick FRITZ, Louisa WIKEMEYER, Francis & Magdalena DIETRICH
MEYER, Walter (Baptized 22 Dec 1908 at Sts Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL) MIDDENDORF, Catharina Elizabeth (Baptized 22 Jun 1912 at St. Damian in Damiansville, IL) 23 Apr 1930 Meyer, Joseph DEIMEKE, Mathilda Middendorf, Herman HAAR, Elizabeth Meyer, George & Rosa Middendorf
MOERCHEN, Joseph (Born 3 Nov 1903 & Baptized in Germany) SANDMEYER, Maria (Baptized 1 ___ 1909 at the cathedral) 25 Jun 1931 Moerchen, William LEBER, Susana Sandmeyer, Joseph DRESSEL, Maria Moerchen, William & Francisca Sandmeyer
MULLET, Clarent (Not Baptized) GANSMANN, Mercedes (Baptized 29 Mar 1907 at the cathedral) 16 Aug 1928 Mullet, Henry BAKER, Anna Gansmann, Louis SCHNEIDER, Rosa Mullet, William & Florentia Gansmann
NIEHENKE, Aloysius (Baptized 25 May 1906 at St. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL) BEER, Eleonora (Baptized 8 Jan 1910 at St. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL) 21 Nov 1929 Niehenke, Bernard BECKER, Elizabeth Beer, Henry MENSING, Bernardina SCHUSTER, Florentzius & Estella Niehenke
RENSING, Frederick (Baptized 15 Nov 1902 at the cathedral) HOFF, Laura (Baptized 27 ___ 1903 at St. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL) 16 Oct 1928 Rensing, John STAUDER, Maria Hoff, Henry HUELSMANN, Catharina Hoff, Joseph & Francisca Rensing
SCHANUEL, Irwin (Baptized 20 Oct 1908 at the cathedral) SCHUMACHER, Magdalena (Baptized 30 __- 1911 at the cathedral) 23 Oct 1929 Schanuel, John BERTELSMANN, Maria Schumacher, Francis SAWYER, Rosalia Schanuel, Louis & Eleanora Schumacher
SCHANUEL, William (Baptized 9 Jun 1906 at the cathedral) SCHUMACHER, Anna (Baptized 6 Dec 1908 at the cathedral) 8 Nov 1928 Schanuel, John BERTELSMANN, Mary Schumacher, Francis SAWYER, Rosalia Schanuel, Irwin & Magdalena Schumacher
SLOGER, Jr., Stephan (Baptized 27 Aug 1905 at Ste Clare in O’Fallon, IL) HOPFINGER, Gertrude (Baptized 6 Sep 1902 at St. George in New Baden, IL) 24 Feb 1927 Sloger, Sr., Stephan DODOLAUSCH, Francisca Hopfinger, Anton MOELLER, Victoria PETERSON, John & Victoria HAAS
SMITH, Roy Charles (Convert Baptized 7 Oct 1930 at the cathedral) HECKENBERGER, Cecilia (Baptized 5 Mar 1910 at the cathedral) 7 May 1930 Smith, George BLETTE, Bertha Heckenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth FOREYT, Rudolph & Henrietta Heckenberger
SOUCY, Stephen (Baptized 8 Mar 1903 at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL) KRETCHMER, Mildred (Baptized9 Apr 1927 at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL) 20 Apr 1927 Soucy, Stephan SAUGET, Louisa Kretchmer, William ZETSRINGER [?], Ida MAHOTA, Herold & Bernice BERDEAUX
STELICH, Leo Julius (Baptized 17 Jul 1913 at the cathedral) HERZOG, Viola Catharina  (Baptized 16 Jan 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville) 30 Jun 1930 Stelich, Francis THOM, Mathilda Herzog, Gregor KALMER, Elizabeth PATIENT, William & Anita Stelich
THOMAS, Arthur (Baptized 8 May 1931 here) GASS, Olivia (Baptized 22 Sep 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) 17 Jun 1931 Thomas, Anton NIEBRUGGE, Wilhelmina Gass, Louis STRUBE, Emma Thomas, Norbert & Bertha Gass
VEIGEL, Alfred (Baptized Evangelical; Mason) GRANDCOLAS, Elvira (Baptized 13 Nov 1903 at cathedral) 16 Jun 1926 Veigel, William SCHNIEFF, Elizabeth Grandcolas, Louis FAULSTICH, Barbara REISEN, George & Loretta Grandcolas
VERNIER, Lloyd (Baptized 26 Aug 1903 at St. Luke in Belleville) VOSS, Cecilia (Baptized 7 Jul 1906 at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis, IL) 10 Nov 1931 Vernier, August CRANNAGE, Sarah Voss, Caspar BLUMEYER, Laura Vernier, Wesley & Dorothy HUBERT
VILLEMAIN, Raymund (Baptized 19 Feb 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) SANDERS, Maria (Non-Catholic) 21 May 1931 Villemain, Louis LETEMPT, Julia Sanders, George SCHWEIKERT, Elizabeth BAILEY, Truman & Eleonora STARK
VOSMIK, Francis (Baptized in Bohemia) KERN, Ida (Baptized 2 Feb 1906 in Du Quoin, IL) 25 Nov 1926 Vosmik, Francis RUDOLPH, Emma Kern, Henry BROWN, Ida Vosmik, John & Edna KRAECHAN
WARRING, Raymund (Baptized 14 Sep 1903 at St. Luke) ROTH, Rosella (Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, second marriage) 30 Oct 1929 Warring, John WESLEY, Anna BAILEY, Jacob HAAS, Clara Bailey, John & Aurelia SCHWARTZ
WIRSCHING, Francis (Baptized 26 Dec 1905 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) SEELMANN, Gladys (Non-Catholic) 9 Apr 1931 Wirsching, Joseph STAHL, Dorothea Seelman, Roman GILLILAND, Viola RENSING, Rosa & Frederick Rensing
ZACHARSKI, Frederick (Baptized 2 Dec 1898 at the cathedral) MUSKOFF, Ethel (Baptized 3 Apr 1905 at St. Luke; convert) 24 Nov 1927 Zacharski, August JAEGER, Maria Muskoff, Emil HUBERT, Bertha RENSING, James & Catherine ORLET
ZINCH, Elmer (Baptized 10 May 1902 at Holy Infant in Mascoutah, IL) BUTZ, Theckla (Baptized 5 May 1901 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) 1 Mar 1927 Zinch, Edward BIEBEL, Emilia Butz, Stephan LOUIS, Eva Butz, Joseph & Celestia Butz

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