St. James (Millstadt) Marriages (1858–1931)

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Groom and Groom Location Bride and Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
__ NSOLS, Henry ___, Maria 11 Mar 1858 ___, Joseph and ___ BARNUM
___, Bernard LÜBRECHT (Luebrecht), Elizabeth 18 May 1858 B___, Francis and Francis ST__INGER
__MER, Johann BERTHOLD, Margaret 9 Apr 1858 FUNSCH, Johann and Laurent MUREN
_EILL, Carl MARXER, Regina Maria 20 Nov 1867 _eill, Joseph Not listed, Margaret Marxer, Laurent Not listed, Regina Marxer, Joseph and Catharina Marxer
_OLTE, Johann Francis _ÖHLING, Margaret 4 May 1858 ___, Francis and Joseph BRAUN
AHEARN, Maurice B. (Born 1 Mar and Baptized 15 Mar in St. Patrick of East St. Louis) WESSEL, Anna Francisca (Born 9 Sep 1891 and Baptized here 13 Sep) 9 Jun 1914 Ahearn, Michael CROSBY, Maria Wessel, John HAHN, Maria Ahearn, Michael and Elizabeth Wessel
ALBERTER, Frederick Gust. PLOGMANN, Olivia Maria 25 May 1910 Alberter, George KROPP, Louisa Plogmann, Francis (Deceased) MARXER, Helena Plogmann, Joseph; Henry MERKEL; Maria Plogmann and Eleonora Merkel
ARCH__, Theodore SEBERGERGER, Maria Anna 6 Sep 1860 BECH__, Walter and Francis  HEILLINGER
BACKER, Alfred Ch. (Born 9 Sep 1884 and baptized here 19 Sep) SCHEELE, Gertrude (From St. Louis) 9 Sep 1914
BACKER, Emil Edward (Baptized here 15 Nov 1873) DICKBRADER, Blanche  Backer, Frederick MILLER, Maria Married at St, Francis Borgias in Washington, MO.  [Appears between  Nov 1916 and Apr 1917]
BALFAY, Francis (From Osage Mission, KS) ENGLER, Maria 21 Jan 1890 Balfay, Michael Not listed, Maria Engler, Matthew Not listed, Catharina Engler, Louis; Catharina NICOLAUS; Adam LANG and Catharina Lang
BAUER, Henry SCHRIEK, Catharina born SCHILLING 5 Sep 1875 Bauer, Michael BECKER, Maria Schilling, Michael MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria KÜHNER (Kuehner), Peter and John Schilling
BAUER, John DANNEHOLD, Elizabeth 8 Jan 1889 DANNEHOLD, John (?) NURSCH, Carolina Dannehold, John KRUPP, Crescentia HIRSCH, John; Joseph BRUGGENJURGEN; Carolina Bauer and Maria QUIRIN Couple was separated in St. Louis – bride died
BAUM, William (Baptized here 23 Jun 1883) FLURSCHUTZ, Anna (Non-Catholic) 21 Apr 1909 Baum, Nicolaus MOSBACH, Barbara
BAUMANN, Laurent SCHMIT, Josephina 13 Mar 1858 REDEM__, _  and Peter DIEHL
BAUMANN, Sebastian FUNK, Maria Barbara (Widow of George Adam REICHLING) 26 Apr 1864 RÖHL (Roehl), Peter and Franzis KURZ
BEATRIE, August (Born 2 Jan 1905 in East St. Louis, IL) WESSEL, Alice Anna (Born 20 Nov 1905) 27 Jan 1926 Beatrie, August PETERSON, Josephina Wessel, John HAHN, Maria THRELKELD, Carl and Rosa Wessel
BECKER, Friederich MILLER, Maria 31 Aug 1865 BESSE, Joseph Henry and Victoria Besse
BECKER, Mathew STERN, Anna 23 May 1875 Becker, Frederick KARMANN, Maria Elizabeth Stern, Christian JOHN, A. M. Stern, Christian; Paulina Stern; George Henry Becker and Maria Elizabeth Becker
BECKERLE, Francis MEHAN, Catharina Ida (Baptized here 22 Oct 1874) 26 Apr 1911 Mehan, John KLEYER, Catharina Married at St. Mark in St. Louis
BENS, Andrew ZINK, Theresa 19 Sep 1864 WESCHLER, Franzis and Rosina STAUB
BESSE, Conrad Joseph PLETTE, Barbara 22 Aug 1865 Besse, Joseph Henry; Jacob Plette; Eva Plette and Victoria Besse
BESSE, Jacob (Born 14 Jul 1882) HAFFNER, Adela (From Belleville) 20 Oct 1909
BESSE, John (Born 12 Apr 1880) BERTELSMANN, Louisa 27 Jun 1908 Besse, John KRUPP, Catharina Married in the Belleville Cathedral
BESSE, Robert ENGLER, Emma 31 May 1917 Engler, Martin LANG, Maria Engler, Ferdinand and Josephine Besse
BESSES, Johann KRUPP, Catharina 27 Sep 1877 Besses, Joseph BODE, Josephina Krupp, Adam SCHWEGEL, Elizabeth PETER, Nicolaus and Magdalena BRENFLECK Groom died 22 Mar 1913
BEYER, August Francis (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) PETRI, Eleonora (Born 28 Feb 1889 and baptized here) 14 Jun 1913 Petri, Henry SCHWARZ, Josephina MAUTHEG, Michael (From St. Louis) and Catharina Petri
BOEHL, Peter SCHWARTZ, Maria 3 Feb 1858 Boehl, Johann and Francis WILLIAMS
BOEMER, Walter (Non-Catholic) MARXER, Isabella (Born 6 Nov 1885 and Baptized here) 14 May 1913 Married at St. Barbara in St. Louis
BOUS, Peter BAUM, Maria 5 Jun 1865 KELLERMANN, Henry; August BOLLE; Maria Josephina Bous and Franzisca NIGGENABER
BRENFLECK, ___ _A__, Magdalena 1 Mar 1859 BRENFLECK, Valentin
BRENFLECK, Valentin SCHORR, Margaret 31 Mar 1880 Brenfleck, Valentin FUNSCH, Barbara Schorr, Johann HERBERT, Catharina Schorr, Jacob; Lena Brenfleck; George ENGELER and Sophia Brenfleck
BRUEGGENJURGEN,  Joseph VOGT, Maria 3 Jul 1894 Brueggenjurgen, Herman BESSE, Victoria Vogt, George WELZ, Margaret MASRUNG, Edward; Elizabeth HÜPFINGER (Huepfinger); Frederick G. ALBERTER and Josephina BRUEGGENJUERGEN
BURG, Michael MAUT, Maria (Widow from Okawville) 17 Apr 1873 Burg, Peter KNECHT, Margaret BENDER, Peter NIES, Regina KURZ, Franz and Theresa BUSCH
CLAASE, Joseph STERN, Paulina 25 Jun 1882 Claase, Joseph SCHMIDT, Anna Stern, Christian JOHN, Magdalena DEKEN, Louis; Regina Stern; Jacob Stern and Barbara Stern
CLAUSS, Johann Bernard STÖ_H, Mathilda 1 Mar 1859 BECKER, Henry Carl and ___ Becker
DANEHOLD, Jacob SPEICHINGER, Bertha 13 May 1885 Danehold, John KRUPP, Carolina Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Ludwina DEKEN, Henry and Susana PLUGMACHER
DANNEHOLD, John FEUERHAN, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 5 Apr 1899 Dannehold, John (Deceased) KRUPP, Carolina Feuerhan, William LIPPERT, Sophia Krupp, Jacob and Maria WEST
DANNENHOLT, John GROUB, Carolina 20 Aug 1861 GRUBB, Adam; Frederick QUERIN; Bernard DEKEN and Jacob DANNEHOLT
DECKER, Ernest R. HUBER, Maria Anna (Born 17 Dec 1887 and baptized 25 Dec here) 11 Apr 1917 Huber, Joseph WICHMANN, Carolina Married at St. Roch in St. Louis.
DECKERT, Adam HANN, Anna Maria 11 Feb 1861 Hann, Henry; Johann PIETSCH; Jacob Hann and Loretta ___
DECKERT, Joseph REITERMANN, Barbara 9 Feb 1865 AUER, Henry; Valentin Reitermann; Elizabeth Reitermann and Maria MÜLLER (Mueller)
DECKERT, Joseph HOCK, Anna Maria 17 Nov 1896 Deckert, Joseph REITERMANN, Barbara Hock, Christian (Deceased) KRUPP, Elizabeth Deckert, Albert and Catharina Hock
DEKEN, Henry MAURADT, Emma 19 Feb 1878 Deken, Gerhard KINNEN, Angela Mauradt, Felix JACOB, Josephina Deken, Gerhard’ Elizabeth Mauradt; Henry CLEAR and Elizabeth Deken
DEKEN, Henry WIEGAND, Margaret 1 Jul 1890 Deken, Henry SCHILLING, Carolina Wiegand, Adam DAMERICH, Gertrude STOECKEL, Joseph; John Stoeckel; Ludwina Deken and Christina Wiegand
DEKEN, Louis STERN, Regina 2 May 1883 Deken, Henry SCHILLING, Carolina Stern, Christian JOHN, Anna M. Stern, Jacob and Anna Deken
DERR, John BRENFLECK, Catharina 1 Aug 1871 Derr, Friederich (Deceased) Brenfleck, Valentin MERKEL, Cornelius and Julius FUNSCH Groom’s parent were married in St. Louis, MO with a civil ceremony
DIEHL, John (Non-Catholic) RADMICH, Margaret 4 May 1858 ___, Peter William and Baltha__ BOSS__
DORAN, Henry QUINLAN, Margaret Maria 23 Aug 1863 Quinlan, John and Hannorah Quinlan
DUMSTORFF, Bernard LEINGANG, Anna Maria 5 Feb 1867 Dumstorff, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth Leingang, Valentin Not listed, Magdalena BOLLE, Friederich and Maria Catharina Leingang
ECKERT, Adam PIETCH, Louisa 4 Mar 1859 BRAUN, Joseph and Joseph Eckert
ECKERT, Carl (Protestant) HAHN, Eva 22 Jan 1865 Hahn, Henry and Franzis KURZ
EDELMANN, Peter P. PROBST, Bertha (Non-Catholic) 2 Aug 1917 Edelmann, Cleophus WEINMANN, Maria Probst, John ROSENBERGER, Paulina FIX, Eugene and John R. L. GOETZ
EHLINGER, Johann SCHANTIUS, Catharina 2 Aug 1859 BOEHL, Francis and Carl ALBERTERT
EHRSTEIN, Anton (Baptized at Belleville Cathedral) LEINGANG, Rosa Catharina  11 Jun 1913 Ehrstein, Melchior EMBKE, Josephina Leingang, Henry HELLMER, Maria Leingang, Theodor Alphonse and Rosa Ehrstein
EHRSTEIN, Richard (Born 26 Dec 1897 and baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) ROOS, Rosa Linda (Born 20 Sep 1902 and baptized here) 4 Sep 1923 Ehrstein, Melchior EMGE, Josephina Roos, George ROHR, Mathilda Roos, Richard and Irene JACOBI
EISENHAUER, Adam TUMSTECK, Maria 16 Apr 1858 BLEHL, Jacob and Johann __BECHER
EISENHAUER, Johann MAURER, Maria Margaret 17 Dec 1860 Eisenhauer, Gerard Jacob; Nicolaus LEGANDRE; Martin ZINGER; Andrew HIEL and Magdalena SCHOCK
EIZENHÖFER (Eizenhoefer), Henry (Born 25 Nov 1873 and baptized here) HEIDPER, Maria (From Freeburg, IL) 27 Oct 1914 Eizenhoefer, Adam ZUMSTECK, Maria
ELLING, Jacob MAHON, Maria 29 Aug 1861 Mahon, John and Elizabeth Mahon
ENGLER, Ferdinand O’REAR, Alma (From Chester, IL) 28 Nov 1929 Engler, Martin LANG, Maria Lina PURVIN, William WILLIAMS, Donie BESSE, Robert and Emma Besse
ENGLER, Martin Tiberium LANG, Maria Lina 18 Sep 1888 Engler, Matthew KELLER, Catharina Lang, Ferdinand KESTEL, Margaret Engler, Albert and Emerentiana Lang
ENGLERT, Norbert HOCK, Carolina 4 Jun 1889 Engler, Matthew KELLER, Catharina Hock, Christian KRUPP, Elizabeth Hock, Frederick; Maria Engler; Philipp QUERIN and Josephina OGER
FESEL, Laurent SCHNEIDER, Maria 5 Dec 1863 “Renovated” marriage
FRIERDICH, Alvin FORBECK, Anna 3 Sep 1930 Frierdich, Henry MUELLER, Catharina Forbeck, Charles WELLERDIEK, Maria Frierdich, Aloysius and Catharina Forbeck
FRIERDICH, Edward Carl (Born 30 Jan 1887 and baptized in Columbia, IL) HANKAMMER, Bertha (Born 28 Apr 1890 and baptized here) 22 Sep 1915 Frierdich, Joseph TOENJES, Francisca Hankammer, William MEHL, Carolina Hankammer, Emil and Agatha Frierdich
FUNK, George Adam WEINHAUPT, Josephina 19 Apr 1864 Weinhaupt, Felix; John STEIN; Margaret Stein and Joanna Johnnetta Funk
GIESSER, Theodore HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Elizabeth 8 Aug 1863 Hoelscher, Carl and John Hoelscher
GRANDCOLAS, Johann KRUPP, Agnes 8 May 1866 BOLLE, August and Maria Magdalena STERN
GRAY, Alphonse T. (Baptized 19 Jul 1884 here) DIVER, E. Maria  24 Nov 1910 Married at St. Patrick in St. Louis
GRAY, Calvin Curtis Anton QUINLAN, Catharina 3 May 1875 Gray, Alexander ALDRIGE, Delila Quinlan, Thomas MONAHAN, Catharina Quinlan, Johann and Maria DINAN
GRUEN, August (Born and Baptized 19 May 1883) OPFERMANN, Anna (17y from Cincinnati, OH) 7 Feb 1910 Gruen, Henry (Deceased) LEINGANG, Barbara Opfermann, Andrew NEUMANN, Maria SPEICHINGER, John and Carolina WEBER
GRUEN, Henry EIZENHÖFER (Eizenhoefer), Catharina 25 Jan 1894 Gruen, Henry LEINGANG, Barbara Eizenhoefer, Adam ZUMSTEG, Maria Gruen, Francis and Carolina Eizenhoefer
GÜTERMANN (Guetermann), Daniel MAYR, Elizabeth Theresa 1 May 1867 Guetermann, Michael Not listed, Apollonia Mayr, Johann Not listed, Anna LINGG, Johann and Rosa PRIBET born SIBER
GÜTERMANN (Guettermann), Johann SCHWARTZ, Catharina 15 Feb 1858 HUBER, Johann and Michael KERN
HAHN, Johann FLICKEBAUM, Maria 27 Mar 1883 Hahn, Michael NEUMANN, Clara Flickebaum, Henry ZURWESTEN, Louisa DIEHL, Carl; Anna IMKEN; Cornelius RICHMANN and Carolina WIGMANN
HAHN, Michael (Born 2 Mar 1887 and baptized here) ENGLER, Maria Catharina (Born 3 Jun 1889 and baptized here) 28 Jul 1914 Hahn, Francis KESSLER, Maria Engler, Martin LANG, Maria Engler, Ferdinand and Rosa Engler
HAM__, Berthold RAU, Susanna 5 May 1859 RAPP, Andrew and Johann Rapp
HANKAMMER, Anton (Born 17 Jun 1899) LEINGANG, Barbara (Born 3 Sep 1899) 4 May 1926 Hankammer, William MEHL, Caroline Leingang, Henry HELLMER, Maria Leingang, Ansel and Clara SCHULTE
HANKAMMER, Emil ENGLER, Rosa 20 Apr 1920 Hankammer, William HELL, Pauline Engler, Martin LANG, Lena Hankammer, Anton and Irene JACOBI
HANKAMMER, Joseph JACOBI, Johanna 8 Aug 1922 Hankammer, William MEHL, Caroline Jacobi, John HELLMER, Elizabeth Hankammer, Anthony and Celia Jacobi
HANKAMMER, Oliver BECKERLE, Catharina (From Columbia) 21 Sep 1909
HANKAMMER, William MEHL, Carolina 5 Sep 1876 Hankammer, Philip DISSEL, Catharina Mehl, Jacob KLEER, Maria Elizabeth GRAF, William and Francisca Graf
HARTMANN, Wilhelm (Protestant) SCHLEDER, Anna Maria 25 Oct 1866 Hartmann, Friederich Not listed, Elizabeth Schleder, Johann Not listed, Anna OTTMANN, Christian and Jacob HERTL
HAUS, Adolph (Lutheran) IDOUX, Maria (From Cahokia) 15 Aug 1928 Haus, Philipp MUELLER, Louisa Idoux, Joseph SCHROEDER, Theresa DYROFF, Carl and Maria VERMILLON
HÄUSLER (Haeusler), Anton HERMANN, Magdalena 18 Feb 1879 Haeusler, Balthasar BAUMANN, Victoria Hermann, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Carolina Haeusler, Edward; Lena MUREN; Louis DEKEN and Anna Schlegel
HÄUSLER (Haeusler), Johann KOTTHOF, Carolina 29 Aug 1876 Haeusler, Balthasar BAUMANN, Victoria Kotthof, Friederich HENNEMANN, Bertha Haeusler, Edward; Margaret MUREN; Carl Kotthof and Anna LAMBERT
HENNRICH, Nicolaus KONIGSMARK, Catharina born POSLIK 12 Nov 1863 MURER, Laurent and Mathew IRNKA
HERTEL, Jacob (Protestant) SCHWARZ, Barbara 13 Aug 1863 WITTMANN, Michael; Christian OTTMANN; Catharina Schwarz and Barbara SYBERTZ
HESS, Joseph RUPP, Carolina 7 Jan 1880 Hess, Louis LAUBER, Theresa Rupp, George WIDERMANN, Carolina RESACHER, Joseph and Maria Rupp
HILDEBRAND, George Edward (Non-Catholic) HOOCK, Elvira 27 Nov 1930 Hildebrand, George S. MUSKOPF, Anna Hoock, Bernard METZGER, Louisa Hoock, Leonard and Viola Hoock
HIMSTEDT, Anton (Baptized 19 Mar 1886 in St. Henry in East St. Louis) HAHN, Eva (Baptized here 20 Oct 1885) 1 Sep 1909 Himstedt, Henry RANGE, Elizabeth Hahn, Francis KESSLER, Maria LOPINOT, Francis and Leonia Lopinot
HIRSCH, John BAUER, Maria Veronica 7 Jul 1864 Bauer, Quirin and Michael WITTMANN
HIRSCH, John MARXER, Maria 6 Jun 1894 Hirsch, John BAUER, Veronica Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena Marxer, Alois Joseph; Herman H. Hirsch; Bertha M. Hirsch and Kate E. Marxer
HOCK, Christian KRUPP, Elizabeth 23 May 1859 GRÜN (Gruen), Frederick and Joseph BRECHT
HOFFMANN, Edward (Born 17 May 1884; convert Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis) ENGLER, Catharina (Born 30 Jul 1891 and baptized here) 22 Nov 1915 Hoffmann, Emil SCHALLER, Francisca Engler, Martin LANG, Maria BESSE, Robert and Emma Engler
HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Carl DUDENHAUSEN, Lina 31 Jul 1865 Hoelscher, Joseph; William Dudenhausen; Maria LUDWIG and Wilhelmina Dudenhausen
HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Joseph WESSEL, Bertha born FLEMMING (Widow) 30 Mar 1880 Hoelscher, Henry CLAIR, Elizabeth Flemming, Joseph HAUER, Francisca POMMER, Anton and Theresa BOSCH
HOOK, Joseph GEOS, Amalia 26 Nov 1872 Hook, John STEPPING, Margaret GEES, Albert SPRENCHER, Maria Anna Hook, Martin and Apollonia Hook
HOTZ, George MERKEL, Maria Anna 5 May 1864 Merkel, Cornelius and Conrad BESSE
HUBER, Joseph WIEGMANN, Carolina 15 Jul 1884 Huber, Andrew LENS, Rosa Wiegmann, Bernard KOHNEN, Anna M. EIZENHÖFER (Eizenhoefer) and Anna Kohnen
HUBER, Joseph Andrew (Born 13 Dec 1885 and baptized here) ROHR, Barbara Rosa (Born 28 May 1886 and baptized here) 4 May 1915 JURGENS, Henry and Karrie Huber Married at the Belleville Cathedral
HUCKE, Carl GIOVENONI, Emilia 13 Oct 1891 Hucke, Louis WENZEL, Theresa Giovenoni, Martin FUNSCH, Christina REICHERT, Joseph and Anna Hucke
HUCKE, Francis (Baptized 19 Nov 1878 at St. John the Baptist in Smithton) JACOBI, Helena (Baptized here 5 Jan 1883) 29 Apr 1908 Hucke, Louis (Deceased) WENZEL, Theresa Jacobi, John VOGT, Maria (Deceased) Jacobi, Urban and Bertha Hucke
HUCKE, Joseph John HANKAMMER, Cecilia Catharina 19 Apr 1904 Hucke, Louis (Deceased) WENZEL, Theresa Hankammer, William MEHL, Carolina Hankammer, Oliver and Bertha Hucke
JACOBI, Albert ROOS, Christina 4 Nov 1902 Jacobi, Anton (Deceased) PEISCH, Catharina Roos, George KORTNER, Maria Roos, Henry and Maria LEINGANG
JACOBI, George LANG, Emma 30 Apr 1895 Jacobi, Anton PEISCH, Catharina Lang, Ferdinand KAESTEL, Margaret ROOS, Adam; Helena Jacobi; Michael PLUGMACHER and Catharina Lang
JACOBI, Urban (Born 17 Mar 1887) BIVER, Anna (Baptized in Belleville) 27 Oct 1909
JAHNIE, Francis BLETHI, Elizabeth 7 Jun 1860 LIPTGER, Nicolaus and Maria YORMANN
JANSON, William MARXER, Amanda 19 Jun 1929 Janson, Valentin FRIERDICH, Maria Marxer, Nicholas HEWIS, Maria Janson, Elmer and Florence MILLER
JUENGLING, J. DANNEHOLD, Elizabeth (Born 25 Dec 1891 and Baptized Jan 1892) 6 Jun 1911 Married in Columbia
KAESTEL, John (Born 16 Mar 1884) SEARING, Martha Agnes (Baptized 3 Jun 1908 at St. Anthony in Athens, WI) 3 Jun 1908 Kaestel, Adam BAUMANN, Josephina
KARBAN, George WESSEL, Helena 26 Jul 1898 Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Wessel, John (Deceased) FLEMING, Bertha Wessel, John and Maria Karban
KASPER, Anton BLETTE, Barbara (Widow of deceased Conrad BESSE) 6 Apr 1869 CLÄR (Clear), Herman and Elizabeth FRIERDICH
KERN, George Michael ARGUS, Anna Maria born HERGER (Widow) 14 Feb 1865 ROOS, Valentin and Michael ROSSWEG
KLAUS, Joseph MEROD, Charlotta (Non-Catholic) 20 Mar 1890 Klaus, George DECKERT, Elizabeth Merod, John WEHEUNG, Charlotta Merod, Oliver W.; John Klaus; Theresa Klaus and Rosa Merod
KLUG, Carl (Non-Catholic) BAUER, Gertrude 5 May 1868 Klug, Johann SCHMIT, Elizabeth BAUR, Henry ROMEIS, Maria Klug, Hugo and Elizabeth Baur
KNEBEL, Michael SCHLESINGER, Maria 10 Jan 1865 REIGELSPERGER, Bernard and John Schlesinger
KNECHT, Adam BALTENWECK, Maria 25 Sep 1882 Knecht, Michael DUDDENHOEFER, Helena Baltenweck, Leon PARMOLIER, Barbara FLICK, Peter; Leone Baltenweck; Francis Knecht and Barbara Baltenweck
KROB, Francis KRUPP, Philippina 1 Feb 1894 ? , Carl SAUZECK, Josephina called Krob Krupp, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina Krupp, Jacob and Philippina QUIRIN
KROPP, Jacob Joseph (Convert) MUETH, Maria (From Paderborn) 7 Jan 1904 Kropp, Frederick SCHELLHAASE, Margaret Mueth, August RAINHARDT, Barbara SCHMERBACH, John and Catharina Mueth
KRUPP, Carl (Born 1 Nov 1886 and baptized here) PETRI, Catharina (Born 25 Dec 1891 and baptized here) 9 Jun 1915 Krupp, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina Petri, Henry (Non-Catholic) SCHWARZ, Josephina Krupp, Emil and Maria Petri
KRUPP, John FRANKIE, Amanda (Non-Catholic) 4 Nov 1918 Krupp, Emil and August Frankie
KRUPP, Philipp GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth 8 May 1866 Grandcolas, Philipp and Catharina Krupp
KUCHNER, John DEKEN, Francisca 24 Sep 1889 Kuchner, Peter SCHILLING, Helena Deken, Bernard DANNEHOLD, Elizabeth Kuchner, Joseph; Maria NOLAN; Louis MAURATH and Lena Kuchner
LANG, Ferdinand KESTEL, Margaret 14 May 1861 WAGENER, Bernard; Linus Lang; Francisca Kestel and Clara ROSVO_GT Died 22 Feb 1915 from St. Joseph Church in St. Louis to St. Jacobi Cemetery
LANG, John Adam (Baptized at St. August in Hecker) ROOS, Maria Rosa (Born 14 Apr 1886 and baptized here) 18 Nov 1914 Lang, Martin MEISTER, Elizabeth Roos, John (Deceased) WEBER, Rosa M. (Deceased) Roos, Albin and Emma Lang
LARK, William W. MAURADT, Rosa 14 Sep 1875 Lark, William SAHAR, Elizabeth Mauradt, Felix JACOB, Josephina WEBER, Carl and Emma Mauradt
LEINGANG, Alphonse Theodore (Born 18 Dec 1893) EHRSTEIN, Rosa (Born 25 Jun 1895 and baptized at St. Mary in West Belleville)) 16 Nov 1915 Leingang, Henry HELMER, Maria Ehrstein, Melchior EMGE, Josephina Leingang, William and Barbara Leingang
LEINGANG, Henry HELLMER, Maria 5 Jun 1884 Leingang, Valentin WALTER, Magdalena Hellmer, Peter BOEHM, Joanna GRUEN, Henry and Elizabeth Hellmer
LIPPERT, Charles (Non-Catholic) BAUER, Magdela 8 Dec 1918 HIRSCH, John and Lizzie Hirsch
LOEFFLER, Jacob (Non-Catholic from St. Louis) HOELSCHER, Bertha (Born 28 Mar 1881 and baptized here) 31 Oct 1914 Hoelscher, Carl DUDENHAUSEN, Carolina
LUCASH, Carl HUCK, Elizabeth 26 Oct 1910 Lucash, Joseph BRATNEY, Anna Huck, Christian KRUPP, Elizabeth Lucash, Adolph and Anna Huck
MAIER, Joseph MELLEIN, Catharina 15 Jul 1860 KURZ, Francis and Anna Maria Mellein
MARXER, Aloysius PISTOR, Anna 25 Apr 1882 Marxer, Laurent WARDEL, Regina Pistor, William LITTNETLER, Cecilia Pistor, William; Lena Marxer; Martin Marxer and Rosina Marxer
MARXER, Aloysius REICHERT, Catharina (From Columbia, IL) 9 Oct 1917 Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Madelen Reichert, Joseph VANGUST, Maria HIRSCH, Theo and Eugene DECKERT
MARXER, Carl L. (Born 29 Apr 1884) EHRSTEIN, Maria Elizabeth  27 Apr 1909 Marxer, Aloysius PISTOR, Anna Married in St. Mary Church in West Belleville
MARXER, Joseph BETZ, Maria Magdalena 24 Nov 1863 BESSE, Conrad; Franzis WESCHLER; Maria Marxer and Maria BIEBEL
MARXER, Nicolaus SCHREIBER, M. 1884 [Appears at the end of 1884 entries]
MARXER. Aloysius Joseph (Born 17 Jun 1877 and Baptized here) PENZHORN, Amanda Barbara (Born 13 Jul 1886) 28 Jun 1911 Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena Penzhorn, Henry  HEWEIS, Ellen (Deceased) Married at St. Henry in East St. Louis
MASRUNG, Walter (Non-Catholic) WEBER, Emma Carolina 20 Apr 1911 Weber, Engelbert NIEMEIER, Carolina (Deceased) KRUPP, Carl and Catharina PETRI
MASSERANG, Edward A. HÜPFINGER (Huepfinger), Elizabeth 28 Aug 1894 Masserang, Jacob HOFEN, Maria Eva Huepfinger, Frederick WELZ, Margaret Masserung, Jacob; Charles WITT; Otto BENGLER; Margaret Masserang; Carolina Masserang and Carolina SCHMIDT
MAURATH, Anton BAIRD, Maria Elizabeth Josephina 24 Sep 1888 Maurath, Felix JACOBI, Josephina Baird, Even MILLER, Maria DOUSSARD, Joseph and Francisca DEKEN
MAURATH, Louis ROOS, Kalamita (Adopted from Gordon N. Y) 1 May 1895 Maurath, Felix JACOBI, Josephina Roos, Valentin (Adoptive father) FRIERDICH, Magdalena STOECKEL, Joseph; John Stoeckel; Christina WIEGAND and Anna Wiegand
MAURATH, Robert WIEGAND, Christina 26 Nov 1896 Maurath, Felix JACOB, Josephina Wiegand, Adam (Deceased) DAMMERICH, Gertrude Maurath, Emil and Anna Wiegand
MCKENZIE, William (From East St. Louis) WESSEL, Elyzabeth 5 Jun 1917 McKenzie, Archibald LACY, Mary Wessel, John HOHN, Maria DAUB, Lacy L. and Louise Wessel
MCMULLAN, Charles (From Columbia, IL) NOLAN, Maria Bridget 4 Nov 1890 McMullan, John SHOEMACKER, Maria Nolan, John  QUINLAN, Honora McMullan, Celestine; John NOLLAN; Lorine WALSH; George JACOBI; Katie DORAN; Thomas Nolan; Helena Jacobi and Jacob ETTLING
MEHAN, Johann CLEER, Catharina 17 Dec 1861 BUIL, John and Francis Mehan
MERKEL, Cornelius ALBERTER, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1883 Merkel, Henry P. RESCH, Maria A. KRUPP, Adam BALTZ, Maria Christina WEBER, Engelbert and Rosa Weber
MERKEL, Henry John (Born 2 Jan 1886 and baptized here) PLOGMANN, Maria Magdalena (Born 24 May 1886 and baptized here) 10 Jun 1914 Merkel, Cornelius (Deceased) KROPP, Louisa Plogmann, Francis (Deceased) MARXER, Magdalena  ALBERTER, Oliver; Bernard HIRSCH; Petronilla STRAUSS and Veronica Hirsch
METZGER, Arthur V. LAUGHLIN, Agnes (Baptized 29 Aug 1881 here) 16 Jan 1908 Laughlin, Thomas CROWE, Maria
MORGAN, John HERZOG, Catharina (Born 16 Jan 1890 and Baptized here) 1912 Herzog, John WEBER, Sophia Married at St. Agnes in Los Angeles, CA
MOSSBACHER, Johann BEEMANN, ___ 17 Jun 1858 Mossbacher, Jacob
MOTZEL, Francis RUPP, Maria 24 Jun 1884 Motzel, Cornelius HESS, Regina RUPP, George LAUBER, Carolina BUMB, Jacob and Anna Motzel
MUELLER, Ado (Non-Catholic, born 3 Nov 1894) HIRSCH, Irma (Born 9 Jun 1896 and baptized here) 2 Jul 1916 Mueller, John OTTEN, Brumhilda Hirsch, John MARXER, Maria GASS, Clemens and Veronica Hirsch
MUELLER, Herman (From Columbia, IL and baptized there at Immaculate Conc. B. M. V in Feb 1883) SPEICHINGER, Johanna (Baptized here 10 Feb 1889) 24 Nov 1908 Mueller, John STEPIG, Mina Speichinger, Laurent WALKER, Elizabeth Speichinger, John; Henry Mueller; Maria WESSEL and Bertha FISCHER
MUELLER, Thomas (Non-Catholic) STRAUSS, Petronella (Born 22 Oct 1897 and baptized here) 10 Feb 1916 Mueller, Philipp STOBER, Helena Strauss, William (Deceased) ALBERTER, Barbara Mueller, Albert and Isabella Strauss
MUETH, Francis PLOGMANN, Cecilia 26 Nov 1903 Mueth, John SCHOENBORN, Catharina Plogmann, Francis (Deceased) MARXER, Magdalena Plogmann, Joseph; Carl Marxer; Olivia Plogmann and Isabella Marxer
MUETH, Philipp WESSEL, Anna Maria 18 Apr 1893 Mueth, Caspar AMBROS, Eva Wessel, John FLEMMING, Bertha Mueth, Andrew; Helena Wessel; John Wessel and Margaret Mueth
MÜLLER (Mueller), George MOHRMANN, Catharina 1 Jun 1872 Mueller, Jacob SCHMIDT, Anna Maria Mohrmann, Jacob CLEAR, Maria Elizabeth STERN, Nicolaus; Carolina MEHL and Maria BECKER
MUNIER, Baptist HOCK, Catharina 29 Oct 1901 Munier, Baptist HEILMANN, Anna Hock, Christian KRUPP, Elizabeth Munier, Eugene and Anna Hock
MUREN, Jacob HERRMANN, Anna 24 Nov 1874 Muren, Laurent HERRMANN, Cunigunda Herrmann, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Carolina DEKEN, Gerhard; Rosa Schlegel; Rudolph LUCIUS and Maria Muren
MUREN, Laurent Nicolaus (Baptized here 12 Oct 1864) DAVIS, Louisa M. (Non-Catholic) 5 Nov 1909 Muren, Laurent HERMANN, Kunigunda Married at St. Visitation in St. Louis
NEFF, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth 29 May 1866 Neff, Ignatius Not listed, Eva Roos, Valentin Not listed, Maria Magdalena BENZ, Martin; George Benz; Magdalena VOELLINGER and Elizabeth DECKEN
NESBITT, Charles (Non-Catholic) BRENNFLECK, Carolina 28 Nov 1889 Nesbitt, Charles GREEN, Ellen Brennfleck, Valentin FUNSCH, Barbara (Deceased) Brennfleck, George; Otto Brennfleck; Emilia GROVENONI and Emilia SUTTON
NOERPER, Albert FORBECK, Elizabeth 4 Mar 1919 Noerper, Jacob RELLEFLEICH [?], Margaret Forbeck, Charles WELLERDIECK, Maria Forbeck, Barney and Anna Forbeck
NOLAN, John MARXER, Catharina 13 Jun 1898 Nolan, John QUINLAN, Honora Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena Nolan, William; Gudl. Marxer; Mathilda Marxer and Bertha HIRSCH
NOLLEN, John QUINLAN, Hanora [?] 29 May 1861 Nollen, Martin and Johanna DUZEK
O’CONNOR, Paul (Born 7 Aug 1899; from Chesterton, IN) WIEGAND, Margaret (Born 4 Oct 1903) 30 Aug 1926 O’Connor, Francis GASPER, Elizabeth Wiegand, Carl DEKEN, Anna WESSEL, Bernard J. and Anna  Wessel born Wiegand (Mrs. Bernard)
OTTMANN, Christian SCHWARTZ, Catharina 5 Nov 1863 WAGNER, John; Carl ECKERT; Henrietta BRAUN and Eva HAHN
PETRI, Henry SCHWARTZ, Josephina 29 Oct 1885 Petri, George CASS, Elizabeth Schwartz, John P. GASS, Maria Schwartz, John and Louisa Schwartz
PIEPER, Francis ETLING, Johanna 27 Mar 1883 Pieper, Johann LÜBKE (Luebke), Maria Etling, Jacob MAHAN, Maria Luebke, Jacob and Anna Etling
PIEPER, Francis ETLING, Fanny 27 Mar 1883 Pieper, Johann LÜBKE (Luebke), Maria Etling, Jacob MAHAN, Maria Luebke, Jacob and Elizabeth Anna Etling [Duplicate?]
PISTOR, Albert (Non-Catholic) MERKEL, Eleonora 14 Apr 1924 Revalidation of 14 Mar 1914 civil marriage [?]
PLOGMANN, Joseph EHRSTEIN, Mathilda (Born and Baptized in Belleville) 6 Sep 1911 Plogmann, Francis (Deceased) MARXER, Lena Ehrstein, Michael STOECKEL, Maria W. (Deceased) Ehrstein, George and Maria Plogmann
PLUGEMANN, Francis MARXER, Magdalena 2 Oct 1879 Plugemann, Henry BROTTHERMANN, Elizabeth Marxer, Laurent WARDEL, Regina Marxer, Aloysius; Rosa DINKEL; Martin Marxer and Rosina Marxer
PLUGMACHER, Michael LANG, Catharina 24 Nov 1897 Plugmacher, Michael SCHAEFER, Eva Lang, Ferdinand KAESTEL, Margaret DAHM, John and Margaret Lang
PORTELL, Joseph D. PFLUGMACHER, Clara L. 7 Sep 1920 Portell, Laurence TROKEY, Ellen Pflugmacher, Laurence SMITT, Laura SEGOR, John and Ada Portell
PROBST, John Godefried (Non-Catholic) KRUPP, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1910 Krupp, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina Krupp, John and Emma SONDERMANN Funeral of Probst 18 Oct 1916.  Wife remarried to Joseph VOGT of Columbia. [?]
QUIRING, Henry KRUPP, Catharina 23 May 1859 SCHWEGEL, Johann and Peter PEISCH
RAINHARDT, Joseph HUCKE, Anna Maria 3 May 1892 Rainhardt, Leon MARXER, Maria Hucke, Louis WENZEL, Theresa Hucke, Louis and Theresa Rainhardt
RAU, Peter (From Waterloo, IL) HUCKE, Bertha 25 Oct 1910 Rau, Peter NIGGENABE, Francisca Hucke, Louis WENTZEL, Theresa Rau, Francis and Helena FRIERDICH
REEB, Peter BERTHOLT, Catharina 11 Nov 1862 BIEL, Peter and Johanna Catharina VENCH
REINHART, Leon MARXER, Maria 7 Jan 1864 Marxer, Joseph and Magdalena Marxer born BENZ
REININGER, Francis GUERMANN, Maria 11 Mar 1858 ST___, Francis and Francis DIEHL
REISS, Franzis Joseph FEDER, Anna Ottilia 9 Apr 1866 Reiss, Carl and Carl WITTIG
REISSER, Walter (From Belleville) HIRSCH, Margaret 1 Jul 1901 Reisser, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Margaret Hirsch, John BAUER, Veronica REEB, Adolph and Elizabeth Hirsch
REUTHERMANN, George (Baptized at Immaculate Concept. In Centreville, IL) SCHWARTZ, Margaret Louisa (Born 18 Aug 1885 and baptized here) 10 Jan 1911
RICHMANN, William (Non-Catholic) KELLER, Helena 25 Apr 1894 Richmann, Henry LOEB, Margaret Keller, Leonard RUPPERT, Genevieve ALTSCHUH, Jacob and Karolina Keller
RIECHMANN, Martin KRUSE, Anna (Baptized here 2 Feb 1895) 30 Nov 1916 Kruse, Caspar BECKERLE, Margaret Married at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis
RIEGER, Carl FRANK, Elizabeth 2 Sep 1880 Rieger, Mathew KAEFER, Maria SCHNELL, Peter DEWALD, Elizabeth MIUTH, August and Johanna HEROLD
ROHR, Johann MERKEL, Maria 14 Nov 1869 Rohr, Johann Merkel, Henry Peter (Deceased) Rohr, Nicolaus and Cornelius Merkel
ROMER, Francis PHILLIP, Catharina 9 Sep 1861 MAUERER, Bastian and Carl  CATER
ROOS, Adam HUCKE, Margaret Elizabeth 16 Apr 1907 Roos, George (Deceased) KAESTEL, Francisca Hucke, Louis (Deceased) WENZEL, Theresa Hucke, Francis and Margaret LANG
ROOS, George CARTNER, Maria 4 Nov 1873 Roos, Valentin FRIERDICH, Maria Magdalena Cartner, Stephan GRANDCOLLAS, Maria Cartner, Nicolaus and Christina Cartner
ROOS, George ROHR, Mathilda (Non-Catholic) 18 Jun 1901 Roos, George KAESTEL, Francisca Rohr, Nicolaus HAAS, Margaret Roos, Adam and Margaret LANG
ROOS, John WEBER, Rosa 22 Jan 1884 Roos, Valentin FRIERDICH, Magdalena Weber, Sebastian ROESCH, Anna M. Weber, Engelbert and Anna DEKEN
ROOS, John (Non-Catholic) KRUPP, Philippina 18 Aug 1888 Roos, Henry WAGNER, Carolina (Non-Catholic) Krupp, Adam SCHWEGEL, Elizabeth GRAF, Wilhelm and Sophia Roos
ROOS, Martin VOELLINGER, Magdalena 31 Jul 1866 Roos, Valentin Not listed, Maria Magdalena Voellinger, Jacob Not listed, Anna Maria Voellinger, Jacob; George Roos; Elizabeth DEKEN and Margaret Roos
ROOS, Mathew SATTEL, Maria 30 Apr 1878 Roos, Valentin FRIERDICH, Magdalena SCHMUTZ, Michael BOSCH, Rosina Roos, Johann and Josephina BAUMANN
ROOS, Valentin VIRSHING, Carolina 5 Nov 1878 Roos, Valentin FRIERDICH, Magdalena Virshing, George LAMBERTER, Eva Roos, Johann; Margaret BIEL; Anton HÄUSLER (Haeusler) and Catharina Roos
SANDERS, William (Non-Catholic) DOERR, Barbara 21 Apr 1892 Sanders, Frederick DREW, Beata Doerr, John BRENNFLECK, Catharina Brennfleck, George; Albert BANGE; Barbara ALBERTER and Catharina MITTELSTAUDTER
SANTHOFF, George F. (Non-Catholic; Lutheran) BESSE, Kathryn 28 Jun 1931 Santhoff, George LANG, Elizabeth Besse, John KRUPP, Catharina Santhoff, Alvin and Regina Besse
SCHALLER, Carl KUEHNER, Helena 25 Oct 1892 Schaller, Carl WEISER, Anna Kuehner, Peter SCHILLING, Helena Kuehner, Michael; Helena JACOBI; Philipp Schaller and Barbara BECKLER
SCHALLOM, Peter (From Waterloo) DANNEHOLD, Catharina 19 Oct 1909
SCHELLHASE, Louis (Non-Catholic) ETLING, Elizabeth Anna 17 Jan 1891 Schellhase, John WAGNER, Carolina Etling, Jacob MEHAN, Maria Etling, Jacob and Anna Schellhase
SCHINZIUS, George RAPP, Theresa 2 Mar 1867 Schinzius, Johann Not listed, Jacobina Rapp, George Not listed, Agatha FAAS, August; A. SCHIELE; Maria Rapp and Francisca GRAF
SCHMIDT, George MEYER, Stephania 4 Sep 1877 Schmidt, Nicolaus HAUSER, Margaret Meyer, George (From St. Louis) TURRIAN, Teresa LEBENECHT, Johann Carl; Maria Elizabeth LOOS; Friederich Schmidt and Elizabeth KAPTERASHADT
SCHNEIDER, William (Non-Catholic) DANNEHOLD, Leonia 12 Sep 1909
SCHROEDER, John (From Lebanon) WESSEL, Anna 19 Apr 1887 Schroeder, John GUETERMANN, Margaret Wessel, Henry AURAPKA, Anna (Deceased) Wessel, Not listed and Not listed Schroeder
SCHUFF, Edward Gustave (Born 7 Jun 1898 – Non-Catholic) SPEICHINGER, Catharina Amanda (Born 3 Feb 1900 and baptized here) 29 Nov 1916 Schuff, Louis PLATE, Louisa Speichinger, Laurent WALKER, Elizabeth Speichinger, Louis and Elsa MUSHOPF
SCHWAB, Frederick WESSEL, Maria 27 Apr 1910 Schwab, Frederick DEHN, Margaret Wessel, John  HAHN, Maria BAUER, John and Francisca Wessel
SCHWARZ, Martin (From Smithton) HOCK, Josephina 2 Mar 1897 Schwarz, Francis PLEISCH, Maria Hock, Christian (Deceased) KRUPP, Elizabeth Hock, Francis and Elizabeth Schwarz
SCHWEIGHARDT, William ALBRECHT, Anna Maria (Widow of Aloysius STAMMEN) 27 Jul 1863 RILL, Franzis and Franzis KURTZ
SEEGER, Henry Bartholomew WIGMANN, Maria Anna 19 Feb 1881 Seeger, Joseph LÜBKE (Luebke), Theresa Wigmann, Henry KOHN, Tekla MARXER, Aloysius and Carolina Wigmann
SIPFEL, George BAUER, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1878 Sipfel, Christofor BIERNBAUM, Catharina Bauer, Quirin NURSCH, Crescentia BUMB, Jacob and Catharina HÜPFINGER (Huepfinger)
SMITH, Samuel QUINLAN, Helena 27 Oct 1868 Quinlan, John and Anna GANNON
SPEICHINGER, Eugene (Born 5 Oct 1905 and baptized 18 Oct 1905 here) DIESEL, Mathilda (Non-Catholic) 13 Oct 1923 Speichinger, Laurent WALKER, Elizabeth Diesel, Louis MILLER, Catharina LOUIS, Walter
SPEICHINGER, Herman DANNEHOLD, Catharina 7 Sep 1897 Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Ludovina Dannehold, John KRUPP, Carolina Dannehold, John and Elisa MASSRUNG
SPEICHINGER, Joseph STAUDT, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1878 Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Ludwina Staudt, Visucki POCK, Josephina DEKEN, Gerhard; Rosina MARXER; Johann ROOS and Rosa WEBER
SPEICHINGER, Joseph ZANE, Emma 12 Jun 1883 Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Appolonia Zane, Laurent HUTS, Emma Speichinger, Laurent and Bertha Speichinger
SPEICHINGER, Joseph JAEGER, Stephania 16 Feb 1886 Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Ludwina Jaeger, Bernard MERDEL, Sybilla (?) Speichinger, Laurent and Elizabeth REICHERT
SPEICHINGER, Laurent WALKER, Elizabeth 10 Aug 1886 Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Appolonia Walker, John (Adoptive father,  [Reichert?]) REICHERT, Catharina Speichinger, Henry; Carolina KRUPP; Henry B. DEKEN and Appolonia Speichinger
SPEICHINGER, Matthew (Born 19 Jun 1900) JACOBI, Cecilia (Born 30 Jun 1898) 22 Sep 1926 Speichinger, Herman DANNEHOLD, Catharina Jacobi, William HELLMER, Elizabeth Speichinger, Alfred and Armella Jacobi
SPENGER, Michael LIGAR, Maria Anna 16 Aug 1859 Ligar, Martin and Mathew CRINGAA
STADE, Johann STEPPIG, Apollonia 18 May 1858 Steppig, Martin
STEIN, Andrew KERN, Catharina 4 Jun 1883 Stein, John WALTER, Christina Kern, Martin WOLF, Margaret LEINGANG, Henry and Catharina Leingang
STEIN, Daniel SCHANTZIUS, Elizabeth 20 Aug 1863 KNEBEL, Michael; August FAAS; Maria LEINGANG and Louisa Faas
STERN, Jacob MARXER, Magdalena 4 Aug 1885 Stern, Christian JOHN, Maria A. Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena NOLAN, Maria and Not listed KURY
STEVENS, Bernard PETRY, Catharina born ROEHL 19 Jan 1865 DIEHL, Sr., Peter and Franzis RILL
STICH, John (From Columbia) FUNK, Maria Catharina 24 Aug 1869 Funk, John PFEFFER, John Adam and Henry JOSEF
STIEBER, John Leopold (Baptized in St. Anthony in Athens, WI) KÄSTEL (Kaestel), Mathilda Frances (Born 12 Aug 1888) 17 Aug 1910
STOCHE, Ernest KELLER, Anna 6 Mar 1859 BRAUN, Joseph and Francis BRECHT
STOCKEL, Stephan PLUTH, Agnes 21 Feb 1869 Pluth, Jacob and Mathew Pluth
STOECKEL, Joseph JANSEN, Emma 19 May 1896 Stoeckel, Valentin DAMMRICH, Margaret Jansen, William MATHEIS, Anna Maria Stoeckel, John and Gertrude STEIN
STOECKEL, Jr., Valentin DEKEN, Rosa 28 May 1896 Stoeckel, Valentin DAMMRICH, Margaret Deken, Henry MAURATH, Emma ROHR, Richard and Margaret Stoeckel
STRATMANN, Henry A. WIEGAND, Catharine 8 Jan 1921 Stratmann, Henry LA BARGE, Felicita Wiegand, Charles DEKEN, Anna Stratmann, Sheldon and Margaret Wiegand
STRAUSS, William MARXER, Barbara 26 Apr 1887 Strauss, Peter VOGT, Catharina Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena ALBERTER, Francis; John HIRSCH and Maria Ottilia Marxer
THERESIAM, Joseph REIDER, Elizabeth 8 Aug 1858 MÜLLER (Mueller), Nicolaus and Albin _ÜES
THESCHLER, Stephan THESCHLER, Maria 26 Jan 1858 VOELLINGER, Jacob and Anton BENS
THRELKELD, Carl (Non-Catholic born 11 Sep 1894 in Shelbina, MO; baptized 11 Apr 1925) WESSEL, Josephina (Baptized 14 May 1899 here) 15 Sep 1825 Threlkeld, George CALDWELL,  Vanall [?] Wessel, John HAHN, Maria BEATRIE, August  and Alice Wessel
TOENJES, John (From Columbia) WESSEL, Elizabeth 18 Nov 1896 Toenjes, Francis PIEPER, Elizabeth Wessel, Bernard Not listed, Gertrude Wessel, Bernard and Josephina VOGT
TREWISCH, Friederich (Protestant) EISENHAUER, Magdalena 30 Oct 1866 Trewisch, Francis Not listed, Louisa Eisenhauer, Joseph Not listed, Margaret Eisenhauer, Joseph; George Jacob Eisenhauer and Magdalena Eisenhauer born SCHEEL
VOGEL, Anton WIGMANN, Anna Maria 8 Nov 1881 Vogel, Anton Wigmann, Bernard KOHN, Maria MINGER, Frederick and Carolina Wigmann [See record]
VOGELPOHL, Franzis HÖLSCHER (Hoelscher), Lisetta Margaret 14 Jun 1864 Hoelscher, Carl; Joseph Hoelscher; Carolina HEMPE and Catharina MORMANN
VOGELPOHL, William KOSSINA, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1890 Vogelpohl, John MEHAN, Nancy Kossina, Wenzeslaus BROSCH, Victoria Vogelpohl, Andrew and Elizabeth ETTLING
VOGT, Carl WESSEL, Francisca 31 Aug 1897 Vogt, Anton PETRI, Elizabeth Wessel, Bernard NIGENABER, Gertrude Wessel, Peter and Helena JACOBI
VOGT, Laurent (From Columbia) DANEHOLD, Maria 1 May 1883 Vogt, Anton PETRI, Elizabeth Danehold, John KRUPP, Carolina Danehold, Jacob and Mary NOLAN
VOGT, William Henry (From Columbia) DANNEHOLD, Monica Ottilia 5 Feb 1907 Vogt, Anton Bern. BOEHNE, Elizabeth Dannehold, Jacob SPEICHINGER, Bertha DEKEN, Arthur and Carolina Dannehold
WAGNER,  ___ SCHIERFENDECKER, Barbara 11 Oct 1859 Wagner, Bartholomew
WAGNER, Bartholomew GÜTERMANN (Guetermann), Barbara 8 Sep 1863 Wagner, Damian and Apollonia BECKE
WAGNER, Kosman SPEICHINGER, Monika 19 Jul 1904 Wagner, Leonard HAFNER, Catharina Speichinger, Andrew KNEBEL, Ludowina
WAIGAND, Philipp HAHN, Jacobina 10 Jul 1862 Hahn, Henry; Francis Waigand; Elizabeth Waigand and Eva Hahn
WALSH, Michael DORN, Sarah 8 May 1866 RHEID, Jacob and Bridget Walsh
WEBER, Engelbert NIEMEIER, Carolina (Non-Catholic) 12 Jun 1888 Weber, Sebastian RESCH, Maria Anna Niemeier, Carl Kaspar SANDER, Catharina ALBERTER, Carl and Barbara Alberter
WESSEL, Bernard WIEGAND, Anna 8 Sep 1920 Wessel, John HAHN, Mary Wiegand, Charles DEKEN, Anna Wessel, P. A. and Catharina Wiegand
WESSEL, John HAHN, Maria 25 Aug 1885 Wessel, Bernard NIGGENUBER, Gertrude Hahn, Michael ENGLERT, Maria Wessel, Theodore and Magdalena Hahn
WESSEL, Peter SIEBERT, Louisa (Convert Baptized 24 Jun 1912) 25 Jun 1912 Wessel, Bernard NICKENABE, Gertrude SAINTEVE, Albert and Praxede Wessel
WESTERMEYER, Arthur B. (Born 23 Jul 1894 and baptized at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis, MO) STRAUSS, Adelia (Born 19 Jan 1900 and baptized here 18 Feb 1900) 29 Nov 1923 Westermeyer, John HARTOBBEN, Francisca Strauss, William ALBERTER, Barbara Westermeyer, Clifford J. and Olivia A. Strauss
WEYHAUPT, Hieronymus AMSTUTZ, Charlotte 11 Aug 1863 Weyhaupt, Louis; George Adam FUNK; Paulina MEYER and Emilia SCHMITZ
WIEGAND, Carl DEKEN, Anna 15 May 1888 Wiegand, Adam DAMERICH, Gertrude Deken, Henry SCHILLING, Carolina STOECKEL, Valentin; John FUNK; Margaret Wiegand and Ludwina Deken
WIGMANN, Bernard VOGEL, Catharina 8 Jun 1880 Wigmann, Bernard KOHN, Anna Maria Vogel, Anton LÖBKE (Loebke), Catharina Vogel, Anton; Anna Wigmann; Bernard DEKEN and Carolina Wigmann
WISROCK, Nicolaus MAURADT, Melania Maria 18 Sep 1877 Wisrock, Nicolaus FROMME, Maria Mauradt, Felix JACOB, Josephina SCHMIDLING, Nicholas; Francis Wisrock; Emma Mauradt and Barbara Wisrock
WITTMANN, Michael HIRSCH, Maria 10 Dec 1863 HAHN, John and Christian OTTMANN
ZINK, Nicolaus LIEMANN, Anna Maria 2 Aug 1859 MAURER, Laurent and Fidel BRUTSCHER

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