St. Elizabeth Hospital (Belleville, Illinois) Marriages (1925–1931)

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Upon settling in a small, vacated building behind the Church of St. Peter in Belleville (1875), the hospital Sisters of St. Frances from Muenster, Germany, began visiting critically sick and injured patients in homes and at their makeshift hospital. The first St. Elizabeth’s Hospital was completed in 1881 with seven Sisters assigned to the two-story facility. A quit claim of the property to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital by St. Peter’s (the Cathedral of the Diocese of Belleville since 1887) was executed in 1917 and recorded in 1929, ending a long-standing controversary over ownership. Groundbreaking for a new facility, the largest hospital in Illinois south of Springfield, occurred on 24 May 1951. As each new portion was completed, patients moved from the old St. Elizabeth’s to the new which culminated with the Dedication in 1958. Changes and challenges in medicine were met, not only in diagnosis, department advances, specialties, technology, and treatment, but in administrative which transitioned to lay persons as the Hospital Sisters’ community aged, retired, and returned to the Motherhouse. In late 2017 the hospital moved into the new facility at O’Fallon, Illinois. Today the hospital is an affiliate of the Hospital Sisters Health System.

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  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


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Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. Elizabeth Hospital (Belleville, Illinois) Catholic Marriages (1925 – 1931),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

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  1. Vernier, Thomas C. Poor Ladies. . . .Rich Gift: The History of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis and Their Health Care Ministry at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville, Illinois. [Belleville, Ill.: publisher not identified]. 2010.


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Marriages (1925 – 1931)


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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADAMS, Joseph August (Born 18 Jun 1887 & Baptized 3 Jul 1887 at the cathedral) BERTSCHINGER, Edna Catherine (Born 20 Nov 1897 & Baptized 28 Aug 1903 at the Cathedral) 16 Nov 1930 Adams, Joseph L. HUGH, Louisa Bertschinger, Albert LISCH, Mathilda SCHLICH, Henry & Ruth VERNIER Revalidation of 14 Oct 1916 Civil marriage.
BERQUEZ, Paul (Born 13 Nov 1892 in Calais, France) PUICHON, Harriet (Born 21 Mar 1898 in Avion, France) 4 Apr 1931 Berquez, Philiborn CAZEU, Virgine Puichon, Henry DAEHNAUT, Delphine BOUL, Mrs. Minnie & Cecilia LUEHE Revalidation of 22 Aug 1914 Civil marriage in Benton, IL
BOGOWICH, George (Russian Orthodox) HREBAR, Mina (Baptized in Austria) 25 Aug 1925 Revalidation of 19 Feb 1912 marriage in Edwardsville, IL. Notifications sent to Christopher & Bucheier, IL.
BOSTER, Francis (Born 6 May 1883) D’FILIPPO, Elvira 28 Aug 1927 Boster, Anton Not listed, Anna Unknown D’Filippo, Appolonia KRUEGER, Max & Mrs. RATERMANN Revalidation of 19 Jan 1922 Civil marriage in Edwardsville, IL
BROWN, Eldon (Born 13 Nov 1903 & Baptized in Middlegrove, IL) GAUSEPOHL, Francisca (Born 26 Jul 1903 & Baptized at Ste. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL) 21 Apr 1927 Brown, Irvin ALLEN, Martha Gausepohl, Peter LAMMERS, Teresa CUMMINGS, Cpl. M. C. & Agnes Gausepohl Mixed religion marriage
CALVETTI, Henry (Born 12 Apr 1896 in Italy & Baptized there) BAZZONI, Angelina  (Born 23 Feb 1908 in Italy & Baptized in Coello (Christopher), IL ) 26 Jan 1926 Calvetti, Peter DEGAN, Minnie Bazzoni, Bert Not known, Antonia Revalidation of 1924 Civil marriage in Nashville.
DIAL, Clarence  (Born 11 Jun 1904; not Baptized) KAIN, Esther (Born 18 Apr 1907; Baptized 21 Apr at St. George in New Baden, IL) 7 Jun 1925 Dial, Lee JORDAN, Dora Kain, Valentin STEGER, Amalia REISCH, Maria & Bertha KOHL Revalidation of 1924 Civil marriage in St. Louis, MO
DUSENBURY, Hallway (Non-Catholic, born 14 Mar 1889 in Freeburg, IL) SZELIGIEWICZ (English “SHELLEY”), Maria (Born 1 Mar 1902  & Baptized at Immaculate Conception B M V in East St. Louis) 2 Oct 1930 Dusenbury, Isaac JANE [?], Elizabeth Szeligiewicz, Victor SLERZYWAUCH, Theophila Revalidation of 9 Dec 1924 Civil marriage in Mt. Vernon.
DVORACHECH, Ernst Henry BORSCH, Rosa 27 Feb 1929 Borsch, Rudolph Not known, “Betty” BRENNER, Marcellus & Concilia Brenner (his sister) Revalidation of 1 Nov 1926 Civil marriage in Belleville
ECHERT, Dr. Alfred F. (Born 4 Jan 1880 & Baptized Evangelical in Millstadt, IL) GEORGE, Helen (Born 17 Aug 1899 & Baptized at St. Peter & Paul in Fall City, NB in 1912) 9 Aug 1925 Echert, Henry GERMAN, Emma George, Henry KANE, Isabella SCHUMERT, Catherine & Maria ESCHMANN Revalidation of 20 Apr 1925 marriage)
ENGLER, Edward (Baptized 17 May 1885 in the cathedral) TRAVIS, Josephine (Non-Catholic; Baptized Evangelical) 27 Jul 1925 Revalidation of Jul 1916 Civil marriage.
FETT, George (Non-Catholic) RECHER, Ida (From Mascoutah) 24 Nov 1927 Revalidation of 30 Oct 1913 Civil marriage in Springfield, IL.  Notification sent to St. Libory, IL
GLADE, George (Non-Catholic; Born 22 Feb 1904 & Baptized Evangelical) TRIBOUT, Thelma Maria (Born 24 Feb 1907 & Baptized at St. Luke in Belleville 28 Apr 1907) 7 Jun 1930 Glade, Henry REITZ, Margaret Tribout, Louis COLLINS, Ida May Revalidation of 4 Sep 1920 Civil marriage in Belleville.
GRUT, Thomas RUBEFONI, Maria 21 Sep 1926 Revalidation of 12 Jan 1912 Civil marriage
HEILIGENSTEIN, Walter (Non-Catholic, born 2 Jun 1896) BURDA, Ina (Born 12 Nov 1896) 16 Mar 1928 Heiligenstein, Christ HEITSMAN, Emma Burda, Sr., Joseph JAHN, Anna KRIERGER, Max & Amelia Burda Revalidation of 16 Jun 1917 Civil marriage at Trenton, IL
LEONARD, Carl MOWE, Maria 29 Jan 1927 Leonard, Martin Not known, Katherine Mowe, John METZ, Maria JORDAN, Katherine & Margaret LONG Revalidation of 26 Aug 1913 Civil marriage
LIEL, Joseph (Born 7 May 1860) BERKEL, Gertrude  (Born 20 Oct 1861) 1 Jun 1928 Liel, Francis MEYER, Maria Berkel, Michael HAMBERGER, Catherine SCHLICH, Henry & Mrs. Margaret Berkel KNOEBEL Revalidation of 1880 Civil marriage in St. Louis
MICHAELI, Adam (Born 28 Sep 1895 & Baptized 27 Oct 1895 in Freeburg) LEHMANN, Pricilla (Born 14 Nov 1897 & not Baptized) 10 Jan 1926 Michaeli, Carl STOLL, Maria Lehmann, John FRAZIER, Rosine EISENMANN, Thekla & Josephina LOEHR Revalidation of 24 Dec 1917 Civil marriage in Clayton, MO)
MUELLER (MILLER), Henry Edward (Born 15 Sep 1884 & Baptized at St. Bruno in Pinckneyville)) TREFFTZS, Myrtle (Non-Catholic born 15 Aug 1884) 6 Oct 1930 Mueller (Miller), John KELLERMANN, Maria Trefftzs, Francis BLACK, Elizabeth Revalidation of 15 Apr 1912 Civil marriage)
NEUF, Theodore (Non-Catholic) COLLINS, Anna 8 Dec 1930 SCHLICH, Henry & Catherine SCHUMMERT Bride in danger of death in the hospital
OEXNER, George PHEALAN, Doreis 23 Jun 1925 HELFRICH, August & Henry SCHLICH Civil marriage annulled [?]  [See record]
SANTEL, Henry ROSEBERRY, Effie Emeline 5 Sep 1929 Santel, John WALTERS, Elizabeth Roseberry, William HEUSER, Catherine GROLET, Cecilia & Genevieve HAUN Revalidation of 13 Mar 1913 Civil marriage
SCHAU, Delbert REISS, Josephine 3 Mar 1929 Schau, Ferdinand THURSTON, Augusta Reiss, Carl SCHILLING, Rosa Revalidation of 5 May 1920 Civil marriage in St. Louis, MO.  Notification sent to O’Fallon
SIMMONS, Jacob (Born 6 Nov 1907 & Baptized 23 Mar 1918 at St. Luke in Belleville) FOSTER, Virginia (Born 15 Nov 1905) 22 Aug 1930 Simmons, Jacob WOODS, Maria Foster, Jefferson MORRIS, Virginia Simmons, Mary C. & Henry SCHLICH Revalidation of 28 Mar 1927 Civil marriage in St. Louis, MO
SNADDEN, John (Non-Catholic born 30 Mar 1884 in Mt. Olive, IL) MASTERSON, Ora Maria (Born 18 Apr 1900 in Kennett, MO & Baptized in Collinsville, IL in 1905) 26 Feb 1930 Snadden, Joseph SOULSBY, Martha Masterson, Jacob PIERCE, Martha Revalidation of 27 Jun 1920 marriage in Blytheville, AR.
TAUFER, Angelo PARTE, Francisca 10 Jul 1929 SALOMONE, Stanley & Gertrude MOLLITOR Revalidation of 25 Aug 1925 Civil marriage in Benton, IL
VALE, Maurice C. (Born 11 Jan 1905 in Harrisonville, OH) FELLIN, Muriel Josephine (Born 29 Apr 1905 & Baptized in Mascoutah, IL) 5 Sep 1927 Vale, Selden F. ALDRIDGE, Della Fellin, Ralph CONDON, Nellie RATERMANN, Mrs. E. & J. MOEREHAN Revalidation of 25 Aug 1927 marriage in Lincoln, IL
VOELLINGER, Joseph F. (Born 1 Dec 1898 & Baptized 17 Dec 1898 at Ste. Mary of Good Council in Belleville) MCDONOUGH, Margaret (Born 20 Feb 1902 & Baptized  23 Mar 1902 at St. Cronan in St. Louis, MO) 19 Nov 1931 Voellinger, Jacob (Deceased) MUNIE, Isabella McDonough, Martin DEMPSEY, Maria WEIFRIED, Mrs. Martha & Miss Janet PINTCHER Revalidation of 7 Oct 1930 Civil marriage in Waterloo, IL
WEBER, Theodore O. (Non-Catholic; Born 5 Dec 1894 & Baptized Lutheran) STEINWAGEN, Catherine (Born 10 Aug 1898 & Baptized 4 Sep 1898 in Centerville Station, IL) 8 Jun 1930 Weber, Theodore HAEGE, Sophia Steinwagen, Andrew HEINEL, Francisca BERGMANN, Matt & Catherine SCHUMMERT Revalidation of 6 Sep 1917 Civil marriage.
WOLFF, Walter (Non-Catholic) DWYER, Maria  (Born 18 Feb 1905) 28 Feb 1926 Dwyer, Michael DONOHUE, Anna KOHL, Bertha & Paula SEIBERT Revalidation of Dec 1925 Civil marriage in St. Louis.

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