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St. Martin of Tours (Washington Park) Catholic Burials

Compilation copyright by Gloria Dettleff

SCCGS presents this data unaltered and as donated to the Society for genealogical research purposes only. SCCGS does not certify the accuracy of this data but recognizes it was done in good faith by an experienced compiler.
In keeping with the compiler’s wishes and SCCGS’s Terms and Conditions of Use (click), you may use unique elements that are part of a unique family history or genealogy but may not otherwise publish material from this site in whole or in part in any electronic, print or other medium. For special circumstances, seek required permission in writing from SCCGS and the compiler.
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This parish in the Diocese of Belleville was a mission of Holy Angels in East St. Louis from 1938 to 1943. The parish closed in 1999. Pastor were Rev. William Trombey (1938–1944), Rev. Francis A Beykirch (1944–1952), Rev. Paul Holthaus (1952–1971) and others.


About these records, this database, caveats, citations, further research

About these records, this database, caveats

  • The Society and the compiler recommend researchers verify information provided on the SCCGS website with the original record extracted from images are online at FamilySearch. Also, verify the actual place buried with the cemetery sexton’s book, an obituary, funeral card, death certificate, or probate record. Courthouse, IRAD, and library addresses.
  • Researchers are urged to correlate information here with that found in other records before forming conclusions about a person, family, or relationship. Further research (scroll down).
  • There were no marriage or baptism register images to abstract on FamilySearch but some may be available on microfilm (see sidebar).
  • If the image is unsatisfactory (much ink bled through), request help from the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.
  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


Sample citation to a specific record in this database

Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. Martin of Tours (Washington Park [Illinois]) Catholic Burials (1939 – 1957),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

Sample citation to a digital image of the original church register

The FamilySearch website provides a citation with each record.

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  1. Burnett, Betty. A Time of Favor: The Story of the Catholic Family of Southern Illinois. St. Louis, Mo.: Patrice Press, 1987.
  2. Diocese of Belleville. Centennial Heritage Festival and Picnic, Sunday, September 27. Belleville, Ill.: The Diocese, 1987.


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Burials 1939–1957

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ALLEN, Infant 13 Nov 1951 10m Allen, Harold ERWIN, Doris Mt. Carmel
ASHER, John 23 Jan 1942 52y Asher, John Not listed, Magdalen Mt. Carmel
BELANIC, John 15 Oct 1953 73y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Rose SIMICH
BELANIC, Philip 30 Jun 1955 66y Mt. Carmel Survived by Rose SIMICH – Niece
BENDER, Mrs. Amelia 29 Sep 1945 40y Bender, John Holy Cross Died at St. Mary Hospital
BERNEKING, Albert 15 Oct 1956 62y Not listed, Caroline Ss. Peter & Paul – Waterloo Died suddenly
BEROS, Rosemary 24 May 1957 29y Beros, Peter Not listed, Virginia Mt. Carmel
BIEGLER, Martin 13 Mar 1954 Mt. Carmel Survived by son Thomas Biegler
BLECHARCZYK, Frank 3 Apr 1952 64y MITERA, Anna Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
BRADY, Elizabeth 5 Apr 1953 82y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Mrs. H. E. SLINGERLAND
BRAUN, Ivan 6 Apr 1947 60y Not listed, Rena Mt. Carmel
BROSKA, Mary 9 Mar 1953 71y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Irene VOSRINOWSKI [?]
BROWN, Sr., Edward 13 May 1955 47y Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
BURG, Henry 23 Feb 1942 58y COUGHLIN, Genevieve Mt. Carmel
BURG, Mrs. Genevieve 31 Aug 1951 60y Burg, Henry Mt. Carmel Died at St. Clair County Farm
BURGER, Helen 16 May 1950 63y Burger, Pearl Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
CASEY, Mary 22 Aug 1941 78y Mt. Carmel
CHOSNYKA, Joseph 25 Feb 1949 30y Chosnyka, John MALIK, Josephine St. Adalbert Died in an accident on Route 40 near Highland, IL
CLANCY, Anthony 2 Jun 1952 64y Mt. Carmel Died in Chicago, IL
CLANCY, Margaret 3 Oct 1954 70y SULLIVAN, Henry Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Theresa TOTH
COLONA, Louis 1 Apr 1957 64y ROSS, Louise Mt. Carmel
COOK, Edward 5 Oct 1951 45y Cook, George GUNTHER, Anna Mt. Carmel
COOPER, Harry 18 Dec 1950 62y ELSON, Margaret Mt. Hope – Belleville First funeral in new church
COPPOTELLI, Ambrose 9 Nov 1952 68y Not listed, Philomena Mt. Carmel
COSTELLO, Mamie 9 Apr 1944 54y Costello, Dan Mt. Carmel Died at Missouri Pacific Hospital – St. Louis
COSTELLO, William 18 Sep 1944 22y Costello, Daniel Mt. Carmel Killed in action – Calan [?]
CYGAN, Edward 16 Jul 1946 9m 12d Cygan, Edward BLACKBURN, Shirley St. Adalbert Baptized
DANKS, Fedor 3 Sep 1952 61y Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
DASHNEY, Andrew 20 Apr 1947 70y KEEFER, Sophia Mt. Carmel
DASHNEY, Sophie 24 Jul 1942 55y Dashney, Andrew Mt. Carmel
DAVENPORT, Carol Sue 12 Dec 1949 7y Davenport, Marvin J. WALDEN, Louise Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
DAVID, Roy 23 Nov 1943 39y KELLY, Virginia Mt. Carmel
DEKUM, Anna 22 Jun 1951 69y Dekum, Frank Mt. Carmel
DEKUM, Frank 18 Mar 1954 75y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Ruth KLOSTERMEIER
DELEHANTY, Thomas 16 May 1942 75y MCELROY, Jannie Mt. Carmel Died at Alton State Hospital
DOCKINS, William 18 Apr 1956 65y Not listed, Marie Mt. Carmel
DONOVAN, Thomas 24 Jun 1942 43y Donovan, John HAUK, Mary Mt. Carmel Died at County Hospital
DURZO, Jr., Andrew 27 Jun 1956 45y Durzo, Andrew Mt. Carmel
ECK, Frank 21 Apr 1953 69y Mt. Carmel Survived by son Frank Eck
EMBRY, Robert 17 Dec 1950 63y SHUMERT, Rose Mt. Carmel Died at Catholic Hospital in Palm Beach, FL
FAHRENBACH, Julius 19 Nov 1951 69y SCHERDER, Laura Mt. Carmel Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital – Belleville
FEHER, Elizabeth 6 Mar 1955 76y SANDER, Joseph Mt. Carmel
FELDPAUSCH, Anthony J. 21 Jan 1946 50y MAY, Mildred Mt. Carmel
FIELDS, Addie 23 May 1956 74y Fields, Marley Mt. Carmel
FRANKLIN, Mary Ann 27 Feb 1954 67y Franklin, Ralph Mt. Carmel
GELLER, Ann 7 Apr 1957 81y TOLIN, Mrs. Oliver Mt. Carmel
GIACALONE, Nick 7 Apr 1951 68y LA ROCCA, Sarah Calvary – St. Louis Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
GIGLOTTO, Joseph 4 May 1940 63y PIZCUSSI, Rose Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital
GIGLOTTO, Rose 7 Jul 1950 79y Giglotto, Joseph Mt. Carmel
GNOZEWSKI, Edward 1 Jun 1953 38y Not listed, Anna St. Adalbert
GONZALES, Mrs. Mary 25 Jan 1951 63y Gonzales, Celestina Mt. Carmel
GREEN, Mrs. Anna 8 Mar 1951 49y Green, Calvin Mt. Carmel Died at Barnes Hospital – St. Louis
GULLION, Mary Jane 9 Jan 1949 89y Gullion, Samuel Mt. Carmel
HABERMEHL, Gladys 25 Nov 1955 51y Habermehl, Edward Mt. Carmel
HAPPEL, Michael C. 25 Mar 1951 75y ARNOLD, Cecilia Holy Cross – East St. Louis Died at Alton State Hospital
HASKE-BURGESS, Margaret 18 Apr 1949 21y Haske, Henry (Civil marriage) Mt. Carmel Died in Christian Welfare Hospital
HASS, Joseph 24 Mar 1939 55y Not listed, Helena Holy Cross [See record]
HAYDEN, Darrell 8 Jan 1954 7d Hayden, Norman Not listed, Billy Holy Cross Baptized
HENSLER, Joseph Elmer 9 Apr 1955 7m Hensler, Joseph CARMEN, Irene Mt. Carmel
HENSLER, Marcella 13 Jun 1944 3y Hensler, Edward SAXTON, Florine Holy Cross
HOLCEK, Catherine 3 Jun 1948 60y Holcek, John St. Adalbert Died at Alton State Hospital
HOPS, Cecilia 22 Oct 1953 75y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.  ‘Survived by son Alvin Hops.
HOPS, Charles 10 Sep 1940 34y Hops, Thos. BOSCH, Cecilia Mt. Carmel
HOWATH, Stephen 30 Jan 1953 68y Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
HUBBARD, Charles William 9 Dec 1947 56y SLACK, Mabel Mt. Carmel
HUBBARD, Mrs. Mary 22 Dec 1946 81y Hubbard, Charles W. Mt. Carmel
JACKALONE, Catherine 13 Sep 1941 2y Mt. Carmel
JACKOWSKI, Leonard 20 Dec 1955 24y Jackowski, John Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
JACOB, August 26 Oct 1952 2y Jacob, August BELLINGER, Mayme Mt. Carmel
JEUGLARD, John 24 Aug 1944 67y FAURE, Noemie Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
JOUGLARD, George 23 Dec 1948 20y Jouglard, John JURASHAN, Mary Mt. Carmel
JOZWICK, Joseph 7 Jan 1939 57y PESTKA, Mary St. Adalbert First funeral from St. Martin
JURASHEN, Thomas 7 Dec 1941 17y Jurashen, John METZGER, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Killed in action aboard USS Oklahoma – Pearl Harbor.  First from parish to die in WWII
KADAVI, Frank 27 May 1949 70y VANJEK, Josephine St. Adalbert
KAPPS, Marie 7 Dec 1950 64y Kapps, Joseph F. Not listed, Emma Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital
KAVADI, Anna (KODAVI) 10 Jan 1942 64y Kadavi, Anthony Mt. Carmel
KEELEY, Margaret 23 May 1941 45y Keely, P. J. WHALEN, Bridget Mt. Carmel
KERINS, Edward 12 Dec 1953 85y Mt. Carmel Survived by son Jack Kerins
KERINS, Margaret 20 Dec 1939 67y O’NEILL, James KILKEARY, Ellen Mt. Carmel
KERINS, Thomas 30 Dec 1951 56y Kerins, Edward O’NEILL, Margaret Mt. Carmel
KERNS [?], Mary 4 Feb 1942 50y BANEK, Adam Not listed, Louise St. Adalbert
KETTERER, Johanna 21 Jul 1948 62y Ketterer, Charles Died at St. Mary – East St. Louis
KIEFER. Alvina 20 Dec 1956 67y Not listed, Cecilia Mt. Carmel
KISSINGER, Frank 20 Feb 1957 67y Not listed, Kate Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
KLIMAS, John 2 Apr 1951 63y Klimas, Jacob KONOPKA, Agatha St. Adalbert Died at St. Vincent Home – Belleville
KLINE, Joseph 8 Sep 1951 66y SAVITSKY, Anna Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
KODAVI, Anton 13 May 1956 72y Mt. Carmel
KURE, Joseph 12 Jun 1948 58y Not listed, Louise Mt. Carmel
LEEZY, Mrs. Maude 9 Mar 1949 67y Leezy, John Holy Cross – East St. Louis
LESLIE, LaVerne 25 Feb 1944 34y GREGORY, Logan Not listed, Martha Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
LOFTUS, John 24 Jun 1939 70y Loftus, Michael HYLAND, Mary Mt. Carmel
LONGELLA, Mary 26 May 1956 69y Longella, Philip Mt. Carmel
LUKASEK, Robert 7 Dec 1950 2y Lukasek, Charles RISAVY, Pauline Mt. Carmel
MALY, Helen 1 Sep 1942 61y Maly, Joseph St. Boniface – Evansville, IL
MARSH, Nora Ann 11 Oct 1944 77y Marsh, Louis W. Mt. Carmel
MCGAREY, James 28 Oct 1953 63y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Mrs. Lawrence RICHARDSON
MCGHEE, Thomas 18 Apr 1956 37y McGhee, Mrs. Mt. Carmel
MOORE, James 29 Jun 1945 AUSTIO, Mildred Mt. Carmel Died in Missouri Baptist Hospital
MURPHY, Mary 30 May 1942 87y Mt. Carmel Died at Alton State Hospital
NORTON, Charles 26 Apr 1956 43y Not listed, Carolyn Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
O’FLAHERTY, Daniel 5 Aug 1943 41y KLIMAS, Margaret Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary – St. Louis, MO
O’HARA, John 16 Apr 1957 68y O’Hara, Bernard Mt. Carmel
O’HARA, Margaret 21 Aug 1943 46y O’Hara, Anthony Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary – East St. Louis
OLDENDORPH. Mrs. Marie 4 Oct 1951 68y Oldendorph, Edward C. Valhalla Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
PABARCUS, John 13 Feb 1942 54y KASLAUSKAS, Ursula Mt. Carmel Died at County Hospital
PALOVICH, , Mrs. Theresa 1 Oct 1951 62y Palovich, Albert Mt. Carmel
PARK, Hattie 22 Mar 1949 69y Park, Alexander Holy Cross
PATTON, Lawrence Philip 3 Sep 1946 1d Patton, Marcellus LANNING, Ruby Holy Cross Baptized & died at St. Mary Hospital
PATTON, Thomas 29 Sep 1948 53y FAUCHARD, Juliette Mt. Carmel
PESKA, Lawrence 17 May 1950 21y Peskar, James HANKERS, Catherine Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
PESKAR, Anna 1 Feb 1953 49y Not listed, Mary Mt. Carmel
PHEGLEY, Felicia 22 Mar 1945 75y Phegley, Henry Mt. Carmel From Alton, IL
PHEGLEY, Henry 21 Nov 1946 81y Not listed, Felicia Mt. Carmel From Alton, IL
PHEGLEY, Raymond 15 Oct 1943 14y Phegley, Raymond MCKASSON, Pauline Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
PHEGLEY. Percy J. 2 Feb 1946 53y Phegley, Henry CAMPBELL, Felicia Mt. Carmel
POWERS, Mrs. Margaret 3 May 1948 61y Powers, Thomas R. City Cemetery – DeSoto, MO
POWERS, Thomas Richard 27 Feb 1948 61y Not listed, Margaret City Cemetery – DeSoto, MO Died suddenly
QUALLS, John C. 7 Sep 1954 64y Not listed, Lydia Mt. Carmel
REED, Loretta 15 Nov 1944 60y Reed, Constantin Knott Mt. Carmel
RIFE, John 29 Feb 1952 76y Not listed, Rose Mt. Carmel
RILEY, Charles L. 11 Jan 1946 55y Riley, Martin BALLARD, Ida Mt. Carmel Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
RILEY, Ida 28 Jul 1954 84y Mt. Carmel Survived by daughter Mrs. Ora STAMMER
RING, Lawrence 4 Oct 1952 4m Ring, Norman HOLDNER, Laura Holy Cross
ROUSTIO, Louis 18 May 1953 57y Not listed,  Margaret Mt. Carmel
RUZICKA, Anthony 29 Sep 1943 48y PLEMENIK, Mary Mt. Carmel
SADOWSKI, Casimir 7 Feb 1943 56y SCHULTE, Mary Mt. Carmel
SCHMIDT, Mary 13 Jan 1943 66y Schmidt, Herman Jerseyville Died at St. Anthony Hospital Alton
SELF, Henry 20 Nov 1940 46y MILNER, Mona Mt. Carmel Died at Christian Welfare Hospital
SHUTZENHOVER, Rose 18 Jan 1956 74y Schutzenhover, John Mt. Carmel
SIMPSON, Thomas L. 28 Dec 1942 59y WALDRON, Rosa Holy Cross Died at St. Mary Hospital
SLINGERLAND, Harry 10 Nov 1953 64y Not listed, Florence E. Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Emmett Maurice 26 May 1951 69y WINSTANLEY, Susan Elizabeth Mt. Hope – Belleville Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
SMITH, Mrs. Josephine 21 Nov 1948 79y Smith, Frank B. Mt. Hope – Belleville
SNYDER, Nellie 21 Oct 1952 69y Snyder, Aaron Mt. Carmel
SOLOMON, George 21 Nov 1951 38y JASAWSKI, Mary Mt. Carmel Died in Chicago, IL
SORY, Catherine 11 Feb 1955 66y SCHNIETZ, Julius JULIAN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
SORY, George 1 Oct 1952 57y Not listed, Catherine Holy Cross
STAMMER, William 14 Jun 1954 73y Not listed, Emma Mt. Carmel
STAUB, Edward 16 Jan 1944 56y HEUSER, Alma Holy Childhood – Mascoutah
STEIN, Virginia 24 Sep 1956 41y Stein, Bert Mt. Carmel
STEINER, Mrs. Mary 29 Oct 1947 36y Steiner, Philip Mt. Carmel
SUYO, Theresa 25 Feb 1951 60y Suyo, James Mt. Carmel
THOMAS, Linda Kay 8 Mar 1951 3y Thomas, Earl ROBEIN, Mary St. Clair Memorial
THOMPSON, Mrs. Genevieve 25 Feb 1945 33y Thompson, Charles Holy Cross
THULLIER, Mrs. Emma 12 Feb 1949 76y Thullier, Jule Mt. Carmel
TIMAC, John 18 Jun 1946 62y DORNHOFER, Cecilia Mt. Carmel
TIMAR, Cecilia 24 Jan 1948 65y Timar, Steve Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
TIMAR, John 21 Dec 1956 47y Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
TOLER, Eugene 15 Jun 1950 40y RATZ, Mary Mt. Carmel
VAN VOOREN, Ellmer 11 Jun 1950 30y THEN, Emma Jean Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Died at St. Mary Hospital – East St. Louis
VEZEAN, Edward 2 Sep 1955 73y Vezean, John GLADON, Victoria Resurrection – St. Louis
WARNER, Mary 23 Mar 1942 18y KOEHLER, Harold Not listed, Frances St. Adalbert Died at St. Mary Hospital
WEINBRENNER, Catherine 14 Apr 1957 75y KREY, William REITER, Anna Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
WHITE, Stella 29 Apr 1943 53y White, Victor Holy Cross
WHITEHEAD, Mrs. Eliz 23 Aug 1949 43y Whitehead, Carl Mt. Hope
WILLIAMS, Mary Celeste 17 Mar 1950 55y Williams, George Mt. Carmel
WINDMOELLER, William 19 May 1956 77y RANGE, Clara Mt. Carmel
WOLKEN, Mrs. Eugene 2 Aug 1951 71y Wolken, Frank Calvary – St. Louis
WONDER, Mary 18 Dec 1953 45y Greenwood Died suddenly.  Survived by brother Paul MULLANE
WRIGHT, George 25 Jul 1956 72y Not listed, Mary Catherine Calvary – St. Louis
ZAJAC, Joseph 19 Jun 1946 Zajac, Stanley MARTON, Dolores Mt. Carmel Lived 30 minutes
ZEIGER, Mary 16 Jun 1950 68y Zeiger, Henry Waterloo, IL Died at St. Mary Hospital
ZUROWSKI, Joseph 12 Mar 1947 ZAMORANI, Rose Mt. Carmel Died suddenly

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