St. Augustine (East St. Louis) Mission Marriages (1921 – 1930)

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Marriages (1921 - 1930) | Burials (1922 - 1957)

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Varied surname spelling was noted, e. g., Mac Lynn for Maclin
Baptized at this Mission unless otherwise noted; “location” may refer to place born or baptized.

Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADAMS, Arthur (From Meridian, MS) HARRIS, Zeola 14 Sep 1929 Adams, Arthur Not listed, Melissa Harris, Jesse FRY, Alice GRADY, Lewis and Clara JETHROE
ANDERSON, John A. (Non-Catholic) DUFFEY, Helen 10 Jul 1924 Duffey, John KEATING, Margaret TAYLOR, C. M. and Anna SHARON This couple divorced.
BROOKS, Lonnie ROBINSON, Lulu 19 Sep 1925 Brooks, Elige HALL, Minnie Robinson, M. F. COLEMAN, Addie Robinson, Bennie and Mae Helen Hall
CABANNE, Joseph (Baptized at St. Elizabeth in St. Louis, MO) LYONS, Barbara  (Baptized at Holy Angels; from Memphis, TN) 29 Oct 1930 Cabanne, Henry Not listed, Mary Hattie Lyons, Robert MACLIN, Mary HICKMAN, Norval and Genevieve TRIPLETT
CATLIN, Leo STRANTER, Hattie Mae 20 Apr 1924 Catlin, William PAYTON, Minnie Stranter, Sandy RICHARDSON, Clara GREEN, Tom and Grace PICKETT
CURRY, Sr., Charles KEECH, Mary PICKETT, Frank and Catherine Curry [No date.  Appears between 20 Aug 1928 and 14 Sep 1929]
GREEN, Tom (Baptized at St. Elizabeth in St. Louis, MO) JACKSON, Alice (From Brooklin, IL) 26 Jul 1924 Green, Pendleton GOFF, Kitty Jackson, Andrew HARRIS, Mary Jane MURPHY, C. J. and C. M. TAYLOR
HALL, Thomas (From Union, MO) LAWRENCE, Lucy 24 Dec 1922 Hall, Thomas Not listed, Ellen Lawrence, James Not listed, Louise TAYLOR, C. M. and Georgia BRADLEY
HENSON, Harold DESHIELDS, Pearl (Baptized at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis) 26 Jun 1924 Henson, James HALL, Elsie Deshields, William PRICE, Lulu SMITH, John and Helen Hall
HILL, Raymond (From Paducah, KY) JONES, Mabel Lee 8 Oct 1926 CRAWFORD, Joseph D. and Mrs. Minnie BROOKS
JONES, Herbert (Non-Catholic) JACO, Pearl (From Prairie Du Rocher) 1 Jul 1924 Jones, John JACKO, Louis JOSEPH, Mary HALL, Tom and Addie SMITH
JORDANS, Bernard (Baptized at St. Nicholas in St. Louis, MO) SETTLES, Blanche  (From Hannibal, MO; Baptized at St. Elizabeth in St. Louis, MO) 28 Dec 1929 Jordans, Bernard CASSIN, Margaret Settles, James FOX, Laura SHANNEN, William and Anna Shannan
PICKETT, Frank Henry (From Little Rock, AR) JOSEPH, Grace (From Prairie Du Rocher) 24 Dec 1921 Pickett, Freeman SLOAN, Amenda Joseph, Pierre Not listed, Katherine “Katie” BRADLEY, William and Mrs. TUMKINS
PICKETT, Harold (From Prairie Du Rocher) WILSON, Beatrice Pickett, Frank JOSEPH, Grace Wilson, George CRAWFORD, Judith Pickett, Arthur and Grace Pickett [No date.  Appears between 20 Aug 1928 and 14 Sep 1929]
RAGLIN, John (From Baltimore, MD) FLOYD, Alene Mary (Baptized in Parsons, KS) 24 Dec 1921 Floyd, Ruben ROBINSON, Mary BRADLEY, William and Mrs. TUMKINS
RICHARDSON, Willie COLLIER, Sophronia (Baptized at St. Bartholomy in Little Rock, AR) 15 Apr 1925 Richardson, Jesse DARNELL, Lulu Collier, Tom HENSON, Annie HALL, Tom and Orreze WILSON
RODGERS, Jethro (Non-Catholic) STEWART, Lily (From Silex, MO) 9 Apr 1923 Rodgers, Shep. WEST, Louise Stewart, Joe DORSEY, Frances SMITH, Louis R. and Addie E. Smith
SILVERS, Frank (Non-Catholic) GREEN, OPHELIA  28 Sep 1923 Silvers, Frank Not listed, Minnie Green, Tom JACKSON, Alice HIGGINSON, John and Helen HALL
SIMMONS, Leslie (From Camdem, TN; Baptized in Gulf Port, MS) THORP, Equilla 20 Aug 1928 Thorp, Puzy and James STACKER
SMITH, David James (Non-Catholic from Cahokia) JACKS, Addie Mary (Baptized 19 Jun 1886 in Prairie Du Rocher, IL) 19 Sep 1921 Smith, John Henry JEFFERSON, Caroline Jacks, Louis JOSEPH, Mary STEWART, George and Pearl Jacks
SMITH, John (From Little Rock, AR) SEAWARD, Clara May 1926 Smith, John HENSON, Annie SEAWOOD, Peter MCKENNY, Sophia ROBINSON, Bennie and Sophronia COLLIER
SMITH, Louis Richard (From Mayfield, KY) DAWKINS, Haddie Elizabeth (From Waterford, MS) 24 Dec 1921 Smith, John STEELE, Josephine Dawkins, Elisson Not listed, Elonora BRADLEY, William and Mrs. TUMKINS
SPENCER, William (Baptized at St. Peter’s in Reserve, LA) MAC LYNN, Armetta (Non-Catholic) 19 Apr 1923 Spencer, Henry MARRIE, Nattalie MACLIN, Daniel FELTON, Louisa MURPHY, C. J. and Mary SCHOCKEY
UTLEY, Alec (Non-Catholic) STEWART, Bernice (Baptized at St. Elizabeth’s in East St. Louis) 13 Feb 1923 Stewart, Joe DORSEY, Frances Stewart, Norbert and Lily RODGERS
WHITE, Raphael (From Gary, IN) BAKER, Mary Lee  (Baptized in Birmingham, AL) 24 Dec 1921 Baker, Sam LEE, Sophronia BRADLEY, William and Mrs. TUMKINS
WILSON, Clinton (From Winchester, MS) NEAL, Ada Martha 24 Feb 1930 Wilson, Zack MCCORKEL, Lulu Neal, Edward COVINGTON, Ollie JETHROE, Mrs. Clara and Lucretia Covington



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