St. Augustine (East St. Louis) Mission Burials (1922 – 1957)

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Marriages (1921 - 1930) | Burials (1922 - 1957)

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Some death dates may be burial dates.

Name Died Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ALBERTI, Mary 22 Aug 1922 11y Alberti, John  BROWN, Mary Booker Washington
AVERY, Cecilia 9 Apr 1925 69y JOSEPH, Peter East Carondelet
BAKER, Amos Gaines 19 Oct 1951 Baker, Oliver  CUMMINGS, Alice Booker Washington Born 7 Apr 1883.  Died at Homer G. Phillips Hospital  of a stroke.
BALLARD, Dorothy 9 Sep 1935 Ballard, William H. Booker Washington Born 27 Oct 1920
BALLARD, Mildred 6 Feb 1931 13y Booker Washington
BEAM, John 9 Apr 1956 Beam, Henry  Not listed, Melissa Beam, Mayme PATTERSON Jefferson Barracks Born 16 Jan 1913 in Hamilton, Bermuda
BEISON, John 26 Mar 1957 Beison, Sr., John Not listed, Rose Ella Beison, Daisy born LOGAN Jefferson Barracks Born 15 Mar 1896
BELL, Henry (Daddy) 4 May 1927 66y Bell, Tom Mississippi
BLACKMON, Charles Richard 20 Apr 1943 Blackmon, Charles YOUNG, Ida Born 21 Apr 1919.  Ash Nash undertaker
BLAIR, Dan 18 Jun 1924 14y Blair, Dan &  Not listed, Betty Booker Washington
BRASSFIELD, Mrs. Hattie 16 Oct 1955 74y PEUGH, Reuben CHATLIN, Rodie Booker Washington Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO
BROOKS, Elijah 19 Oct 1937 47y Brooks, Minnie Booker Washington
BROWN, Louis Arnold 30 Dec 1951 Brown, David  BIZER, Blanche None Jefferson Barracks Born 24 May 1926.  Died in Camp Gordon, GA
BURNS, Jr., Sam 26 Aug 1923 35y Burns, Sam  ANTHONY, Mary Booker Washington
BUSH, Ollie 17 Jul 1930 15y St. George Drowned
BYNDON, Dorothy 2 Oct 1938 10y Byndon, Robert Not listed, Sarah Booker Washington
CARTER, Cecyl Delois 28 Oct 1933 Kansas City, MO
CARTER, James B. 1 Oct 1944 27y Booker Washington
CHANDLER, James 29 May 1953 Chandler, Lockett AYCOCK, Mary MCKEE, Delana C. Booker Washington Born 29 Jan 1903
CHANDLER, Mrs. Cleora (Delana) 27 Jul 1955 MCKEE, Rev. A. R.  MOORE, Myrtle Chandler, James Booker Washington Born 30 May 1910 or 1903.  Died in St. Mary’s Infirmary in St. Louis, MO
COLEMAN, Minnie Feb 1930 17y Douglas
CONNORS, Dale 23 Oct 1950 Connors, James  CLAY, Mary None Jefferson Barracks Born 20 Aug 1908
COOPER, Doris 5 Dec 1940 50y Cooper, Thomas PERRY, Narcise Booker Washington
COOPER, Mary 30 Mar 1940 66y 10m PATTERSON, Jake MILLER, Miranda Mt. Carmel
COTTON, Anna Mae 18 Mar 1931 or 1932 11y Cotton, Isiel Booker Washington
COTTON, Lawrence 9 Nov 1939 7y 9m Cotton, Luther Not listed, Tressie St. George
COX, Cremola (Born MCNEAL) 5 Dec 1950 TAYLOR, Sam  WHITE, Marguerite Cox, Theodore (Civil marriage) Booker Washington Born 21 Nov 1921. Died in People’s Hospital in St. Louis
CRIGGLER, Jessie Mae 3 Feb 1950 Criggler, J. S. None Booker Washington Born 4 Nov 1912.  Died at Pleasant View Sanitorium
CURRY, Mrs. Mary Keech 5 Apr 1955 67y Curry, Sr., Charles Booker Washington
CURRY, Sr., Charles 7 Apr 1957 Curry, Newton  SMALLWOOD, Lucille Curry, Mary born KEETCH Mt. Carmel Born 27 Jul 1887
DESHIELDS, Lula 31 May 1933 PRICE, Carlie Not listed, Matilda Mt. Carmel
FIELDS, Edward 10 Mar 1945 60y FIELD, Harvey BECKWITH, Elizabeth Rosemont
FLEMING, Mary 5 Jun 1923 23y JONES, Henry Douglas
FRANKLIN, John 30 Aug 1951 Franklin, Lloyd  Not listed, Martha Franklin, Clara Douglas Born 12 Sep 1870.  Died in St. Mary’s Inf. In St. Louis
GANT, Margie 21 May 1927 18y Gant, Hamilton  ROBINSON, Ida College Hill in Lebanon
GARDNER, Frances Juanita 8 Dec 1944 Booker Washington Date is burial date.
GARRETT, John 29 Aug 1926 6y Garrett, Walter WILLIAMS, Anna Booker Washington
GOWDY, Washington 27 Apr 1927 24y Gowdy, Sam  WISENTEN, Julia Mississippi
GRAHAM, Annie ROLLINS 18 Nov 1937 35y Graham, Will Booker Washington
GREEN, Alice 30 Jun 1940 Mt. Carmel
GREEN, Ophelia 28 Dec 1924 19y Green, Tom.  JACKSON, Alice Mt. Carmel
GREEN, Thomas 9 Dec 1952 83y Alice Booker Washington Died at St. Mary’s in East St. Louis
HALL, Catherine Gayle 19 Aug 1955 Hall, George  BREWSTER, Mabel Booker Washington Born 12 May 1949
HALL, Lucy 20 Mar 1950 LAWRENCE, James  JACKSON, Louisa Thomas Mt. Carmel Born 3 Oct 1872. Died at St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis
HALL, Thomas 14 Feb 1930 22y Booker Washington
HARGROVE, Peter Bradley Dwain 15 Jan 1956 Unknown father HARGROVE, Doris Mt. Carmel Born 10 Jul 1955.  Baptized
HARRIS, Mrs. Mattie 4 Mar 1952 PURNELL, Tom  Not listed, Lottie Booker Washington Born 3 Jan 1896.  Died enroute to St. Mary’s 
HARRISON, George 11 Apr 1957 WILBORN, Flora Jefferson Barracks Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO
HARRISON, Terry 27 Apr 1952 58y Mattie Mt. Carmel
HICKMAN, Alene 17 Aug 1928 19y Hickman, Fred  HAWKINS, Dora St. Peters, MO
HICKMAN, Fred 10 Nov 1922 19y Hickman, F. C.  HAWKINS, Dora St. Peters, MO
HICKMAN, Raymond 14 Apr 1952 46y Hickman, Fred Not listed, Dora None St. Peter’s Cemetery in St. Louis, MO Died at St. Mary’s in East St. Louis
HILL, Eugene 2 Feb 1940 46y Jefferson Barracks
HOLLINS, Leroy 26 Feb 1923 26y Booker Washington
HUDSON, Henry 27 Jun 1923 17y Booker Washington
JACKSON, Fred D. 15 Feb 1935 7m Jackson, Leonard  JOHNSON, Virginia Booker Washington
JACKSON, James 14 Dec 1931 31y Jackson, Sims & Carrie LIGGINS LIGGINS, Carrie Booker Washington Electrocuted
JACKSON, Richard 5 Dec 1954 Jackson, Sr., Richard  Not listed, Emma DANIEL, Carrie Douglas Born 8 Nov 1893
JACKSON, Robert J. 24 Feb 1928 3y Jackson, Bob  EGRAM, Mattie Douglas
JONES, Helen 31 Jul 1933 Jones, Nathan Booker Washington
JONES, Henry (Uncle of Atty. Billy Jones) 26 Jan 1954 80 – 90y Jones, Sr., Henry  Not listed, Mollie WAND, Julia Booker Washington
JONES, Mrs. Julia 15 Feb 1955 WARD, George  Not listed, Bell Henry Booker Washington Born Apr 1876
JONES, Nathan 12 Aug 1948 76y Jones, Henry  Helen Booker Washington Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
JOSEPH, Louis 17 Dec 1932 53y Douglas Entered 18 Jun 1984 by Sr. Celine LAURENT, archivist, from loose scrap found in book.
JOYNER (aka Joiner), Theodore  20 Oct 1955 69y JOINER, Aaron  CAMPBELL, Clara Gertrude Booker Washington
JOYNER, Jr., Theo 23 Mar 1938 28y 10m Joyner, Theodore Not listed, Gertrude St. George
LELAND, Jeanette 21 Oct 1945 45y Albert
LOPEZ, James 19 Apr 1926 17y Lopez, Jesse  BARBEE, Minnie Booker Washington
MATLOCK, Jackie 1 Jul 1954 Matlock, Dave  HARRIS, Audrey Booker Washington Born 8 Feb 1944.  Victim of Cerebral paralysis.
MCKINNEY, Juanita 22 Dec 1932 12y MCKENNIE, Oswald HENDERSON, Anne Booker Washington
MCLYNN, Robert 14 Jun 1924 26y McLynn, James BROOKS, Mary In Tennessee
MOSELEY, William Jun 1930 35y Jefferson Barracks
MOUCHROUT, Alice 28 Apr 1933 Mt. Carmel
NIFONG, Ida 27 Dec 1949 Nifong, Jonas NANCE, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 25 Dec 1886
NIXON, Mary 16 Nov 1944 St. Mary’s in New Orleans Funeral from St. Joan of Arc in New Orleans
OLIVER, Sylvester 17 Jun 1933 Oliver, Jess  Not listed, Minnie Booker Washington
ORANGE (COLEMAN), Addie 2 May 1939 St. George Born 24 Nov 1885
OWENS, Ben 22 Apr 1953 56y Owens, Lonnie Not listed, Cora Booker Washington
OWENS, Nevie 22 May 1939 39y SHANKLIN, John Booker Washington
PAYTON, Lieutenant 19 Jul 1929 18y Payton, Ezra  Not listed, Cora Booker Washington
PEPPERS, James 16 Aug 1954 Peppers, James THOMAS, Reverta Unmarried Booker Washington Born 21 May 1925.  Killed in auto mishap near Anna, IL
PEREZ, Oscar 8 Nov 1946 60y Rosemont Mexican Indian.  No relatives.
PICKETT, Ethel 30 Dec 1924 18y Pickett, Frank  JOSEPH, Grace Prairie Du Rocher
PICKETT, Frank 15 Mar 1945 80y Grace Booker Washington
PICKETT, Grace 1 Jun 1953 Joseph  Not listed, Mary Pickett, Frank Booker Washington Born 17 Feb 1869
POWELL, Fred 9 Feb 1945 Powell, Thomas  SCOTT, Susie Booker Washington Born 21 Sep 1900
PRICE, Cecelia 31 Jan 1923 63y Mt. Carmel
RICHARDSON, Carrie Mae 1 May 1945 24y Richardson, George MOTLEY, Lola St. George
ROBERTS, Cynthia 11 Sep 1929 60y PARKER, Thornton Not listed, Martha Booker Washington
ROGERS, Redo 14 Dec 1929 16y Rogers, Tony  SMITH, Mattie Booker Washington
ROSEMON, Helen 9 Jul 1946 19y Rosemon, John  WHEELER, Dora Booker Washington
ROZIER, Avia 20 Oct 1928 16y Rozier, William  RANSOM, Josephine Booker Washington
SAUNDERS, Robert 9 Aug 1956 Saunders, Robert GRISBY, Luella Jefferson Barracks Born 3 Mar 1916
SCAGGS, William 25 Aug 1955 Mattie 1. Clara ROGERS; 2. Mattie FRAZIER Booker Washington Born 6 Apr 1904.  Died at St. Francis Hospital in Washington, MO
SCOTT, Otha 7 Apr 1952 JONES, Will HARRIS, Lucy Scott, Emmet Booker Washington Born 9 Aug 1918.  Died at People’s Hospital in St. Louis
SMITH, Clara 7 Sep 1928 22y SEAWARD, Not listed Smith, John Douglas
STEVENSON, Mrs. Stella 29 Oct 1956 HALL, Mathew  SPENCE, Parthenia Booker Washington Born 18 Aug 1877
STEWART, Charles 5 Oct 1926 30y Stewart, Joe  DORSEY, Frances Mt. Carmel
STEWART, Frances 7 Sep 1950 80y DORSEY, George  SHOCKLEY ?, Tilda Stewart, Joseph Booker Washington
STEWART, William 1 Dec 1956 Stewart, Joseph DORSEY, Frances Jefferson Barracks Born 10 Mar 1897.  Died at Veterans Hospital in Hines, IL
STROTER, James E. 5 Jan 1939 43y 9m Laura Jefferson Barracks
TRAYLOR, Mrs. Volar 22 Mar 1957 NORWOOD, Earl  Not listed, Lillian Traylor, Chester Sunset Grove Born 16 Apr 1910
WARD, James 21 Jun 1955 Ward, William Oliver  HURSEY, Ellen BARNES, Icie Booker Washington Born 12 Jan 1884.  Joined church when near death.
WASHINGTON, B. F. 20 Oct ? 65y Mabel
WHITE, Cheryl Carollette 11 Oct 1950 White, Walter  Not listed, Marjorie Booker Washington Born 16 Sep 1950
WHITE, Stephen 29 Jan 1950 White, Sr., Stephen  SUTTERS, Della None Jefferson Barracks Born 27 Feb 1927
WIDEMAN, Katie (Widow) 7 Aug 1946 65y
WIDEMAN, Zeneda Jul 1930 17y St. George
WILLIAMS, Ernest 26 Feb 1923 26y Booker Washington
WILSON, Adelia 22 Nov 1949 69y CRUPPER, John  D’ALLEN, Harriet Delilah St. Mary’s (Oakland) Keokuk, IA
WILSON, Ivory 12 Jul 1946 26y Wilson, John  BUSH, Nona St. George
YARBOROUGH, John 8 Jul 1955 36y Yarborough, Jack SPAIN, Lily Elizabeth (An Italian lady from Palermo) Jefferson Barracks Killed instantly in auto accident in New Jersey.

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