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Corpus Christi Parish (Shiloh) Catholic Marriages and Burials

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History and Priests

Founded in 1913, this parish was originally within the boundaries of the Cathedral parish, St. Peter (Belleville). Congregants were predominately miners ministered by priests from area parishes. Today (2022) the parish is in partnership with St. Joseph parish (Lebanon, Illinois). Overseeing the parish were the Reverends John Grootens (1913-1914 from Cathedral), J. Reinhardt (1914-1915 from Lebanon), Cyril Haffner (1915-1922), Emil Chuse (1922-1924), Anthony Kiefer (1924), John Wiemar (1924-1925), Louis Tuger (1925-1931), Albert Zuroweste (1931-1935), Francis Beykirch (1935-1943), Robert Hutsch (1943-1946), James McCormick (1946-1956), and more.


1914–1928 are on microfilm at the Belleville Public Library (see the link at top to parishes on microfilm). No baptismal records were imaged by per contract agreement with the Diocese of Belleville.

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Diocese of Belleville. Centennial Heritage Festival and Picnic, Sunday, September 27. Belleville, Ill.: The Diocese, 1987.
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Marriages 1925–1931

If data is off screen, please use the scroll bar at bottom of this page. Burials follow these marriages.

Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
EVERSMAN, Alphonse Casper (Baptized 16 Jun 1901 at St. Philipp in French Village) ZIMMERMANN, Maria Ellen (Baptized 13 Sep 1903 at St. Luke in Belleville) 14 Oct 1925 EVERSMANN, John DANT, Maria Zimmermann, Ernest PFIFFNER, Ella Eversman, John & Catherina Zimmerman
FELTZ, August (Guy) (Baptized (Oct) Nov 6, 1904 at St. Assumption BMV in Perryville, MO) ZIMMERMAN, Catherine (Louise Magdalena) (Baptized 18 Apr 1909 at St. Luke in Belleville) 14 Oct 1930 Feltz, Emiel COURTOIS, Emma ZIMMERMANN, Ernest PFIFFNER, Ella ZIMMERMANN, Jr., Ernest & Melba FREY (Non-Catholic)
HEAVENER, Ardell (Non-Catholic) LEMANCHIK, Jean (From Custer, WI) 16 Dec 1931 Heavener, Frank SMITH, Ida Lemanchik, John STARK, Clementine VERNIER, Joseph & Theodore ZARNECKI
HOFMEISTER, August (Presbyterian) LOUIS, Lestel 12 Jun 1929 Hofmeister, Henry ALBRECHT, Augusta Louis, Julius BERTSCHINGER, Lillian WOODBURN, Rose & Julian Louis
HUSCHLE, Arthur Mart. AMANN, Rosie M. 19 Nov 1929 Huschle, August S. AMANN, Rosie M. Amann, Julius PHELP, Magdalena AMAN, Eugene & Lydia HUSCHLE
LANGENSTEIN, Carl BECHTEL, Louise 28 Jul 1926 Langenstein, Charles HARTMANN, Maime Bechtel, John GRIMMIG, Magdalena Langenstein, Simon & Elizabeth Bechtel Groom’s parents from Freeburg & bride’s parents from O’Fallon
NESTER, Fred (From Pittsburg, PA) SAUNDERS, Mary (From Albany, NY) 3 Oct 1931 Nester, Captan HARP, Catherine Saunders, Dennis SULLIVAN, Ellen Saunders, Clifford & Ester ZUROVESTE
OCHS, Charles SCHMISSEUR, Marianne 14 Nov 1928 Ochs, Anton Not listed, Anna RAAB, Nicolaus WOODWARD, Margaret ZIMMERS, Andrew & Helen FUZIKUS
PETRY, Edward Valentin (Baptized 23 Dec 1903 in Troy, IL) DIEHL, Clara Emma (Non-Catholic born 4 Jul 1905) 23 Jul 1926 Petry, John SCHROEDER, Philippina Diehl, Henry BURKE, Elizabeth Diehl, Olga & J. MC GINNIS Bride’s parents non-Catholic
SCHOBERT, William Adam (Baptized 2 Feb 1902 at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL) RENO, Lucilla Margaret (Baptized 17 Sep 1905 at St. Luke in Belleville) 17 Sep 1925 Schobert, Adam STOCK, Margaret Reno, Edward LETEMPT, Maria Reno, Edwin & Hild EASP
SPAHN, John Carl (Baptized 18 Apr 1897 Evangelical & approved by bishop) RASP, Frieda Barbara (Baptized 28 Apr 1901 at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL) 30 Sep 1925 Spahn, Ernest (Non-Catholic) RUCKRIEGEL, Catharina (Non-Catholic) Rasp, Sr., Victor AMANN, Maria Rasp, Eugene & Edna RIST
SPAHN, Lester William (Baptized at Corpus Christi – see record) COX, Margaret 27 Apr 1927 Spahn, Ernest (Non-Catholic) RUCKRIEGEL, Catherine (Non-Catholic) Cox, Isaac (Non-Catholic) LINK, Anna Mary RENO, Edwin & Agnes SCHEIBEL



Burials 1953–1956

Name Died/Buried Born Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
AMBRY, Josephine 17 Oct 1956 25 Jul 1874 KRUPP, Phillip GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth Ambry, Nicklos Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died at Alton Hospital
FEDER, Clara 18 Sep 1956 7 Jun 1885 WOODWARD, Andrew LUTZ, Catherine Feder, Emil Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL
HERR, Nano 6 Aug 1956 23 Nov 1888 NAGLE, Edmund MCDONOUGH, Mary Herr, Raymond Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
RASP, Alma 22 Jan 1956 HUSCHLE, August AMANN, Rose Rasp, A. P. Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WAGNER, Melvin 28 Mar 1953 7 Mar 1943 Wagner, Ben BOYER, Mary Ann Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Killed in front of his house by an automobile

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