St. Joseph (East St. Louis) Catholic Church Marriages (1902 – 1932)

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Groom and Groom Location Bride and Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
__EPHAM, Not listed PATTON, Not listed (Non-Catholic) 1 Jun 1928 Revalidation. [No other data.]
ADAMSON, David HARRY, Pauline 5 Apr 1930 BURKE, James P. and Mrs. F. WAGNER Revalidation of marriage 25 years prior.
ADELHARDT, George GARDYNE, Ella (Non-Catholic) 28 Jul 1920 Adelhardt, John MILLER, Anna Gardyne, Nathaniel FITZ, Jennie Adelhardt, John and Alice COUGHLIN
AHEARN, Michael PARSON, Pearl Jeanne (Non-Catholic) 13 Sep 1927 Ahearn, Michael CROSSBY, Maria SANDERSON, George RICH, Ellen ZUROWESTE, Esther and Cecilia IMBODEN Bride’s previous marriage annulled in Belleville.
AHLERS, Jr., Henry (Baptized 20 Mar 1883 in St. Dominic’s in Breese, IL) NEWTON, Myrtie (Baptized in St. Rose’s in Clovenport, KY) 23 Nov 1910 Ahlers, Sr., Henry LUBBERT, Emma Newton, Joseph MONARCH, Francis SHEEHEY, John and Miss Mary FAHEY
ALLARD, Roy Ambrose THEISEN, Dolores L. 22 Oct 1929 Allard, Roy WOELFLE, Elizabeth Theisen, Adam Not listed, Lucille Allard, William and Lawrence BRICKEY
ALLEN, Albart (Non-Catholic) LUSCOMB, Helen 26 Nov 1924 Luscomb, Marcella and Harved C. HOISINGTON
ALTROGGE, John DEOBOLD, Grace 10 Jan 1906 Altrogge, F. X. CHENN, A. M. DEBOLD, Charles GANNON, Catherine TISSIER, Mouris and Anna E. R. PRIESTER
AMES, Alexander L. BAILEY, Rosa A. 2 Jul 1902 Bailey, Albert A. HOPPLE, Conrad and Clara Bailey Mixed religion marriage
ANDERSON, W. G. GAIN, Marie 5 Aug 1927 Gain, Loretta and Lucille Gain Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace. Mixed religion marriage.
APPLEBAUM, Leonard J. from St. Louis, MO SCHULZE, Florence 20 Aug 1927 Applebaum, Joseph MISSING, Mary Schulze, Charles LUEKE, Katherine RIEBE, Harold F. and Marie L. DEVANE
APPLEGATE, Albert H. NEBEL, Catharina E. 9 Jun 1920 Applegate, Albert WENDEL, Melania Nebel, Joseph SCHAUER, Elizabeth Nebel, George and Maria Nebel
ARMSTRONG, Irvin WELLINGHOFF, Louise 18 Mar 1929 HIGGINS, John and Lydia ADELHART Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace. Mixed religion marriage.
ARTERBURN, Joseph PADGETT, Lulu 22 Sep 1926 Arterburn, Elmer LAWLESS, Marg. Padgett, Thomas SMITH, Anna BECKER, Julien and Edna Becker
ASBURY, Franck G. (Non-Catholic) TURCOTT, Eulalie 11 Oct 1911 Asbury, John GARRETT, Mary Turcott, Nelson VIGIER, Hortase SCHMIDT, A. and Miss M. O’HALLORAN Married by Justice of the Peace 12 years prior.
ASHTON, John C. DULLEA, Elisabeth C. Ashton, Thomas MAIRE, Mary Dullea, Dennis Dullea, John and Geraldine TOWNSEND [No date. Appears between 14 May and 27 Jun 1917. This entry is crossed out with a note to see new page.]
ASHTON, John C. DULLEA, Elizabeth C. 27 Jun 1917 Ashton, Thomas LA MAIRE, Mary Dullea, D. E. GABANTZ, Mary Dullea, John and Geraldine TOWNSEND [Duplicate of previous entry with more information.]
AUSSPRING, Louis SCHMEIDER, Maria 20 Nov 1903 CONNELLY, Edward J. and Mrs. Fred NESTOR
AVAULT, John T. SWANUITT, Lyda May (Non-Catholic [?]) 18 May 1931 Avault, James SULLIVAN, Marg. Swanuitt, William FRANK, Teresa GILLIGAN, Robert E. and Mrs. Robert E. Gilligan [Bride is listed as non-Catholic and Baptized. See record.]
BABKA, Cyril J. from St. Louis, MO WITT, Agnes 19 Jun 1928 Babka, John J. WODICKA, Elizabeth Witt, Francis X. REISENBERGER, Marg. MAHONEY, John and Paula TOENLES
BACH, Aloys from Bartelso MEEHAN, Mary 6 Jun 1928 Bach, Blase JOFFRAY, Mary Meehan, Con.
BACHELIER, Valentine from Prairie Du Rocher REDMAN, Della 7 May 1925 Bachelier, Francis MONGIN, Laura Redmond, Jack ADAMS, Maud KOTLER, John M. and Lillian MAGNUSSON Mixed religion marriage
BALLARD, Robert from Fancy Farm, KY SAUL, Bessie from Rodale, IL 7 Mar 1929 Ballard, John DRYER, Daisy Saul, Joseph LIVEREY, Margaret STRONG, Doyle and Audie REED Revalidation. First married by Justice of the Peace.
BAMLER, Charles William ROBERTSON, Mrs. Sarah E. (Non-Catholic) from Washington, IN 30 May 1908 Bamler, John M. DAVIS, Nathan MCCARTHY, J. and Miss M. O’HALLORAN Revalidation
BANNON, James J. from Ireland FAIR, Maria A. 20 May 1908 Bannon, Henry A. Fair, Garrett A. O’NEIL, John and Maria O’Neil
BARKER, Jaspor HAPPEL, Martha 30 Jan 1926 Barker, Jaspar WHILTEY, Eliza Happel, Michael ARNOLD, Mary RANEY, J. W. and Aultie WINTERS
BARLOW, David Vincent GLATHAAR, Lillian 7 Aug 1923 FORD, C. M. and Marie NOONAN [?]
BARR, William A. (Non-Catholic) from Edwardsville, IL SEBENHAR, Lillian (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) 3 Oct 1914 Barr, Robert MARTIN, Ella Sebenhar, Louis BUCHER, Maria B. BERNHARD, Joseph E. and Corine Bernhard Married by squire in 1914
BARTON, Welker (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO SOUCY, Mabel 4 Jan 1922 Barton, Ellsworth OTIS, Fanny Soucy, Prosper SAMPLE, Evelyn Soucy, Marcel and Dewey Soucy
BATTAGLIA, George A. from Belleville RUNGE, Marie 29 Sep 1921 Battaglia, Joseph LUSK, Mary Runge, Fred. BOES, Mary Battaglia, John H. and Lydia Runge
BAUMGARTNER, Henry from St. Louis, MO REMSBECKER, Alma from St. Louis, MO 20 Dec 1919 O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran
BEARDSLEY, Theodore S. (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO KIENZLE, Margaret A. 23 Nov 1929 Beardsley, Frank RIDDELL, Mary Kienzle, August SCULLEY, Agnes DWYER, John L. and Alice SHERIDAN
BECKER, Henry L. (Baptized at St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL) MEHRING, Otilda (Converted from Lutheran) 28 Nov 1912 Becker, Charles REICHERT, Catharina Mehring, Charles RECKER, Christina RUETER, Adolph and Louisa REEB
BECKER, Julius from St. Louis, MO ARTERBURN, Edna 12 Aug 1922 Becker, Adolph GEREAU, Josephine Arterburn, Elmer LAWLESS, Margaret Arterburn, J. E. and Genevieve FARLEY
BECKETTE, Edmund (Baptized at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) BOWE, Anna M. (Baptized at St. Vincent’s in St. Louis, MO) 30 May 1915 Beckette, F. M. LYNCH, Matilda Bowe, Andrew HENNESSEY, Mary STOKER, William; Joseph BAYKIRCH; Annie MONTGOMERY and Johanna HEALY
BECKETTE, Preston D. VOLSKAY, Wilhelmina 3 Sep 1912 DEHAAN, Dr. H. J. and John FLYNN First marriage of groom [?] invalid. Revalidation.
BEEDLE, Horace (Non-Catholic) KINDER, Frances (Baptized in Immaculate Conception in East St. Louis) 4 Apr 1931 Beedle, Don GOODSON, Florence Kinder, Charles DEAN, Agatha BURKE, James P. and Marie Kinder Revalidation
BEHNEN, Joseph SCHNEIDER, Verna 16 Sep 1925 Behnen, Gerad SCHILLING, Martha Schneider, Max SAVANNAH, Ida FIELDS, Alvin and Wilma Schneider Mixed religion marriage
BEHRENS, Edward G. (Baptized at St. Libory in St. Louis, MO) from St. Louis, MO VENNEMAN, Marina 21 Apr 1915 Behrens, William Not listed, Louisa Venneman, George Not listed, Catharine Venneman, Edwin and Martha Venneman
BEITER, Alfred Joseph BUTLER, Catherine 23 Nov 1920 Beiter, Jeff Davis ELLIF, Alberta Butler, James H. FAHEY, Cath. WALSH, Frank T. and Mary C. Butler
BEITER, Arthur (Baptized in Evansville, IL) RUHL, Laura (Non-Catholic) 3 Mar 1922 Beiter, David Jefferson ELIF, Albertina Beiter, Alfred Joseph Revalidation. Married by Justice of the Peace 7 years prior.
BEITER, John SKIDNORE, Cora from Evansville, IL Beiter, Efe Skidnore, George O’LEARY, John and Mary HALLORAN Married by squire 4 years prior. [No date – appears at end of 1905 entries.]
BENNETT, A. J. BERTRAND, Linda 9 Dec 1927 Bennett, E. V. SCHULL, Mary Bertrand, Frank BAILEY, Mary Bertrand, Francis A. and Mary Bertrand Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace. Mixed religion marriage.
BERLINE, Frederick MENARD, Theresa 18 Sep 1929 Berline, Herman WARSON, Anna Menard, Welda BUATTE, Elizabeth MCCARTHY, Daniel and Emelia KRISTO
BERNSTEETER, Edward MCELLAGOTT, Maria 30 Apr 1907 Bernsteeter, Albert McEllagott, Daniel McEllagott, M. and Bertha LUTZ
BERTRAND, Francis BAILEY, Mary 25 Oct 1903 Bailey, Albert Bailey, W. and Annie HUGHS First went to a justice of the peace.
BIDWELL, George L. from St. Louis, MO FREHES, Viola M. 23 Sep 1925 Bidwell, Thomas A. SHEPPERD, Annie Frehes, John DAVIS, Esther Frehes, John H. and Thelma KEARNS
BISHOP, Frederick JAMES, Catharina 28 May 1913 Bishop, E. C. MALLETT, Adelina James, G. H. FEHRNER, Catharine Fehrner, Harry and Josephina GRAY
BLIZZARD, Ben E. (Non-Catholic) MCEVOY, Annie 21 Jun 1909 Blizzard, James L. COONS, C. McEvoy, Edward BRADSHAW, B. FLANNERY, William and Mrs. Dan HOLPIN
BOBBY, Arthur W. ASBURY, Gladys 4 Feb 1925 Bobby, Arthur SELLIERS, Adeline Asbury, Francis TURCOTT, Eulalie WRIGHT, Margaret and John FICKINGER
BOEHL, Henry V. KANE, Marie 14 May 1927 Boehl, John BAUMGARTNER, Marie Kane, Jr., William TIERNEY, Mary BARRETT, W. E. and Catherine FRUEND
BOELMAN, Aubrey V. from Benton, IL THOMAS, Kathryn (Non-Catholic) 4 Aug 1926 Boelman, E. A. NORVOTNEY, Ellen Thomas, William SCHOEL, Ida Thomas, Eugene and Veronica SEPPI
BOGGEMANN, Walter GILLIGAN, Margaret 18 ___ 1914 Boggemann, Joseph HELBIG, Barbara Gilligan, Michael BUSCH, Maria Gilligan, Gerald and Winnefred Gilligan [No month listed. Appears between 3 Oct and 28 Nov 1914.]
BOISMENUE, Arthur A. SCHMIDT, Tillie A. 10 Feb 1915 Boismenue, Evers CHARTRAND, Louisa Schmidt, John Not listed, Rosina Boismenue, Clyde and Maria Schmidt Married by squire in 1908. Mixed religion marriage.
BOLAN, James E. HERMAN, Anna May 6 Feb 1909 Bolan, Edward Herman, Charles DOOLEY, J. and M. FOLEY
BOSCHENREITER, Fred BELMEN, Gertrude 29 Nov 1923 BEHNEN, Joseph and Eula__ Behnen
BOYNE, Patrick A. HEALEY, Johanna C. 10 Jun 1919 Boyne, George A. Not listed, Catherine Healey, Frank J. Not listed, Johanna J. O’DONNELL, Thomas P. A. and Marie BOISMENUE
BRANDLE, Carl from Cuba, MO PFLUGMACHER, Matilda from Columbia, MO 3 Jun 1925 Brandle, William DUMOUS, B. Pflugmacher, Corn. SCHMIDT, Laura PORTELL, Joseph D. and Lillian CASTON
BRANDT, Christy Joseph RICHARDSON, Fay Teresa (Convert) 5 Dec 1925 Brandt, James and Mrs. J. Brandt Revalidation. Previous marriage by Justice of the Peace
BRANDT, James GARWOOD, Catherine Aug 1926 Brandt, James MILLER, Emma Garwood, James MILLS, Sarah Brandt, Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Genevieve CRAME
BRANDT, Joseph F. WINTERMANN, Maria M. 28 Nov 1907 Brandt, Henry Wintermann, Henry Wintermann, Joseph and Millie Wintermann
BRANDT, Louis PREISNER, Barbara 27 Mar 1925 LINK, Mrs. Regina and Mrs. Edward BRIENS Revalidation. Remarried during March 1925 Mission
BRENNAN, Francis HAFER, Edna (Non-Catholic) from Granite City, IL 9 Nov 1929 Brennan, Michael SHANNON, Jenny Hafer, Fred BRATVOGEL, Mary RUBBECKE, Albert J. and Margaret Rubbecke
BROOKS, Edward BOONERT, Leonora 2 Sep 1929 Brooks, E. ALLEN, Elmer and Marie ENGELHARDT Marriage was on a Monday
BROOKS, Ellis F. KOOPMANN, Katherine 18 Apr 1927
BROWN, F. S. RAILSBACK, Maria 14 Apr 1910 Brown, S. E. CLACE, Elizabeth Railsback, F. E. GOE, Jessie BURKE, George and Bessie FAHEY Mixed religion marriage
BROWN, Norman (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) HORN, Gertrude (Baptized in St. Leo’s in St. Louis) 26 Oct 1916 Brown, James A. PEETE, Catherine Horn, H. J. MCSHANE, Catherine Brown, Ellmer and Lyman Brown Previously married by squire.
BRUNO, Edward Sylvester from Centerville Station, IL CRAME, Marie from St. Louis, MO 10 Mar 1926 Bruno, John PELTIER, Elizabeth Crame, Francis PRIESNER, Barbara SCHULTE, Henry E. and Mary Peltier Schulte Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace
BRYAN, Claude L. (Non-Catholic) HIGGINS, Nellie (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 22 Nov 1911 Bryan, Addison M. SLOAN, Ellen Higgins, John DONAVAN, Ellen WOOD, William and Viola HOUET
BURGER, Bearle (Non-Catholic) SHEEHEY, Nellie 17 Jun 1908 Burger, J. Sheehey, Patrick BALLARD, R. F. and Elizabeth MCGLYNN
BURKE, Alfred J. SILVEY, Mabel (Non-Catholic) 8 Jan 1923 Burke, W. P. O’LEARY, Maggie Silvey, Hiram O’SULLIVAN, Alice MOON, Vernon A. and Evelyn ENALIN
BURKE, George BODOGH, Theresa 27 Apr 1927 Burke, John BUTLER, Bridgett Bodogh, Lester MATTHEWS, Anna HAGAN, William and Mrs. Margaret TOJO Mixed religion marriage
BURKE, John HAGAN, Clara 28 Apr 1926 Burke, John BUTLER, Bridget Hagan, Valentin PARRES, Lora Burke, George and Margaret TOJO
BURKE, Thomas J. from Chicago, IL MALONEY, Mary 14 Feb 1904 Maloney, William HALPIN, John and Sarah RAYNOLDS [Out of order – appears with Nov 1905 entries.]
BURNEWORTH, Norman (Non-Catholic) VENAMAN, Martha B. Burneworth, Benjamin F. GILLIS, Agnes Venaman, George FASHBEUER, Kate COLLINS, Dr. J. N. and Mildred Venaman Married at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Kansas City, MO. [No date; appears between 20 Nov and 24 Nov 1921]
BURNS, Albert WILLIAMS, Hazel (Not Baptized) 26 Dec 1919 Burns, John O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran
BURROUGHS, John (Non-Catholic) MCKINNEY, Marie (Baptized at St. John in Moberly, MO 8 Feb 1932 McKinney, Joseph CANNON, Margaret McKinney, William and Marie COSTELLO
BUTLER, Donald C. HAPSBERGER, Loretta 10 Feb 1926 LEDBETTER, James and Mary Butler
BUTLER, Fred BREWER, Lillian 17 Dec 1918 Butler, Ed. Brewer, George WELKER, Mrs. W. O. and Mary O’HALLORAN Married first by squire
BUTLER, Richard (Baptized in St. Leo in St. Louis) HULL, Evelyn 28 Apr 1930 Butler, Walter BARRETT, Elizabeth Hull, John SMITH, Olive CRANE, William and Mrs. William Crane Mixed religion marriage
BYRNE, Hugh from St. Louis MASSING, Marie 26 Jun 1923 FLOOD, Eugene and Martha CLARKE
CAREY, James KELLEY, Ann Maria 25 Oct 1922 Carey, James MCKENNA, Katie Kelley, Joseph DONNELLY, Agnes Carey, Patrick and Mrs. Inez STAAT
CARL, Michael J. CUSACK, Margaret 27 Feb 1924 Cusack, Robert E. and Nell BURNS
CARR, Edward LINK, Agusta (Non-Catholic) 12 Sep 1906 Carr, John Link, Fred BOISMENUE, David and Lillian Link
CASE, Jr., Thomas (Non-Catholic) ERWIN, Maria 16 Jun 1908 Case, Thomas Erwin, William SULLIVAN, W. and Julia HARRINGTON
CATANZARO, George from St. Louis, MO PALMERI, Anna 29 Jun 1927 Catanzaro, Casmir DATTALO, A. Palmeri, Anthony BERUGUONE, Not listed ZUREBERO, Sam and Julia Palmeri
CHASE, Ray (From Sedalia, MO) COOPER, Vera 29 Jun 1916 MCLOUGHLIN, Edward and Mildred KING Married in Sedalia, MO by B. R. MCNAMEE with permission
CHESTLICK, Andrew from 1706 Henrietta THOMAS, Alice 22 Dec 1923 Chestlick, Steve Thomas, George SMITH, Mrs. Catherine Revalidation. Married by Justice of the Peace 14 years prior.
CLAREY, Thomas J. (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) BRUCKER, Anna (Non-Catholic) 15 Nov 1911 Clarey, Michael RECKERT, Louisa Brucker, Michael WAGNER, Minnie CONNORS, T. J. and Louise Clarey
CLARK, Hugh L. (From Flora, IL; Baptized 1 Jan 1889) DAY, Elizabeth (Baptized in Flora 4 Aug 1889) 12 Jan 1909 Clark, Sr., Hugh Day, Joseph E. Clark, Hary A. and Miss Agnes CROUSE [See record]
CLARK, John from St. Louis, MO GEEHAN, Sarah 25 Nov 1908 Clark, John MAHON, Sarah Geehan, Nic. HENRY, Mary SWEENEY, Martin and Miss Ellen Geehan
CLARKE, Edward J. URKE, Olivia 14 Jan 1929 STEIN, Adolph J. and Myrtle Urke
CLARKE, Joseph WAGNER, Gertrude 19 Sep 1907 Wagner, Philipp Clarke, Edward and Florence Wagner
CLARKE, Patrick from Ireland WELKER, Maria 20 Jul 1908 Clarke, Anthony Welker, W. O. Welker, Joseph and Miss Annie FITZGERALD
CLOUGH, Raymond (Baptized in Geneseo, IL) MARSH, Mercedes (Baptized in St. Mary in East St. Louis) 11 Dec 1912 Clough, Francis FRICK, Sophia Marsh, Louis MEEHAN, Nora MICHELS, Alphonse and Alice PARLE
COLE, Richard (Non-Catholic) from Granite City PFEIFER, Margaret 28 Nov 1907 Cole, Joseph PFEIFER, Fred R. STRICKER, Albert and Elizabeth GALVIN
COLGAN, Not listed 4 Jan 1917 [No other data]
COLLINS, Jerry from Ireland WALSH, Ellen from Ireland 28 Oct 1902 Walsh, John and Thresa MOORE
CONEMA, Edward (Baptized at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) WIRTH, Nellie (Not Baptized) 16 Mar 1913 Wirth, Harin [?] HENNESSEY, Mr. and Mrs. Revalidation
CONNELLY, Delmar SCHEICH, Cecilia 20 Apr 1923 Connelly, Henry AVIS, Ellie Scheich, Louis REGELMANN, Mary WAMING, Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Revalidation. Married in civil ceremony 27 Dec 1922
CONNERTY, Patrick PFIEFER, Hellen 10 Jan 1906 Connerty, John LYNCH, Sarah PFEIFER, Fred R. BURGESS, Maria Connerty, James and Margaret Pfeifer
CONRAD, Frank F. CHARTRAND, Irene 24 May 1923 Conrad, Marion SLOCUM, Mary Chartrand, Henry MCCARTHY, Annie COTTER, James and Rosie HUSKAMP Revalidation of Apr 1916 civil ceremony
COOK, James (Non-Catholic) O’LEARY, Cora 6 Feb 1905 O’Leary, Thomas O’Leary, Morris Delia PEILLETT
COOK, William F. from Edgemont Station East St. Louis HUBERT, Catherine 28 Jun 1922 Cook, William J. THEIS, Angeline Hubert, Nick HASSLER, Madeline Hubert, A. M. and Minnie Hubert
COONAN, Thomas SWEENEY, Mary 15 Sep 1925 Coonan, Walter JOYCE, Mollie Sweeney, Peter CAVANAUGH, Rose Coonan, Walter
COSSIN, Harry (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis) O’DAY, Elizabeth (Baptized in Jerrenall E. Church) 16 Nov 1910 Cossin, Henry WERENS, Elizabeth O’Day, Michael MERTON, Bridget HOGAN, James and Margaret O’Day
COWAN, George A. from Edwardsville, IL MINCKLEY, Rosa (Non-Catholic) from Sparta 28 Sep 1904 Cowan, C. A. MURRAY, Mary Minckley, C. A. GRANT, Mary
COYNE, Leon (Baptized in Alton) from Wichita Falls, TX MAULE, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 10 Jul 1913 Coyne, Edward RAWLEY, Catharina Maule, Francis TAYLOR, Elizabeth SONDAG, Charles and Beatrice Sondag
COYNE, Thomas H. DOYLE, Veronica 26 Aug 1920 Coyne, James REARDON, Maria LANDGRAF, Ernest Not listed, Mollie HIGGINS, Charles G. and Lillian CHEATAM
CRAFT, Lucian ISOM, Ruby 14 Aug 1924 HYLAND, Ray and Miss HERR Revalidation. Married 9 Aug 1924 by Protestant minister.
CRAKE, Francis (Non-Catholic) HILL, Elizabeth 29 Jan 1926 Crake, William JOERGENS, Emma Hill, Edward HARGROVE, Mary BOEKENKROEGER, Walter and Margaret TIETJE
CRAKE, John (Non-Catholic; Episcopal) RODGERS, Effie (Baptized in St. Henry’s in East St. Louis) 28 Apr 1918 Crake, William JUERGEN, Emma [Erased], James MUELLER, Mary Rodgers, Mrs. James Married by justice of the peace. Mixed religion marriage.
CRAME, Alfred COATNEY, Genevieve (Convert) 3 Jun 1926 BRANDT, Louis and Barbara Brandt Revalidation.
CRAME, Ferdinand DEBELLE, Bertha (Convert) 3 Dec 1927 JOHNSON, Thomas and Mrs. Veronica Johnson Revalidation. Previously married by Protestant minister
CROFFARD [Crawford], Paul F. (Non-Catholic) YOCH, Catherine (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) CRAFFORD, Edward Yoch, Not listed TISSIER, Cat. Tissier, Paul and Elisabeth MACK No date. Appears between 23 Jan and 12 Apr 1918
CRONAN, James BROWN, Ger. (Non-Catholic) 17 Sep 1918 BRICHLER, G. W.
CROTTY, John James (Baptized at St. Mary’s in Elmira, NY) BLACK, Ethel Maria 18 Apr 1912 Crotty, Timothy J. LENNON, Arma Black, Robert REFENBERRICH, Anna Black, James B. and Grace Black
CROWE, Edward L. (Baptized in Hecker) VENEMAN, Clotila M. (Baptized in St. Mary’s in Indiana) 23 Jun 1915 Crowe, Lawrence Veneman, George FASHAUER, C. Veneman, Edwin and Martha Veneman
CROWE, Eugene SPOENEMAN, Helena from Belleville 31 Jan 1931 Crowe, Francis O’BRIEN, Ellen Spoeneman, Louis HUSLER, Matilda ISAELHARDT, R. M. and Matilda Spoeneman Mixed religion marriage
DANLEY, Charles ALVES, Edna 3 Jun 1922 Danley, Charles CLANCEY, Mary Alves, Edward C. KABACH, Ida GIBLIN, Edward J. and Mrs. Edward J. Giblin
DARROW, Walter (Baptized in Beardstown) KELLER, Nora (Cavanaugh) (Baptized in St. Mary in East St. Louis) 22 May 1932 Darrow, Roy KINSCHARFF, Maria CAVANAUGH, Thomas DAY, Winifred BUETTNER, Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas
DASHNEY, Joseph from Cahokia SOUCEY, Maria 12 Jun 1911 Dashney, Joseph RODEY, Carolina TUPEN, Moses FARY, Marese EUGEA, Joseph F. and Louisa FUERARCH
DAUER, William QUINN, Mrs. Louisa (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis 8 Feb 1906 Dauer, Michael ADAMS, William ROEWE, Herman B. and Mrs. J. RUSSEL
DAUPHIN, Arthur C. KENDALL, Lucille (Non-Catholic) 29 Jun 1929 Dauphin, Charles MAUSETTE, Aurelia Kendall, John ACKERS, Anna Dauphin, George M. and Ethel Dauphin
DAUPHIN, George (Baptized in Sts. Mary and Joseph in St. Louis, MO) CAMPBELL, Mabel POPE (Non-Catholic) 30 Jul 1930 Dauphin, Charles MOUSSETTE, Aurelia POPE, Ernest TREFFTZS, Ethel KRONE, Frank and Mrs. Pearl Krone
DAVINROY, Isidore LUEHDER, Edna M. 27 Jun 1929 Davinroy, Anthony GRANEY, Felicita Luehder, George RENTH, Mary Davinroy, Eugene and Myrtle Davinroy
DAVINROY, Nicholas (Baptized in French Village) CANTILLON, Josephina (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 31 Dec 1908 Davinroy, Nicholas HAGEN, Magdt. Cantillon, John COOK, Hanora MOZER, Joseph L. and Anna Cantillon
DAVIS, Ernest (Non-Catholic) RINEY, Emma (Baptized in Perryville, MO) 17 Oct 1918 Davis, Edward Not listed, Emma Riney, Everestus Riney, Fred and Hazel JACKSON
DAVIS, George W. (Non-Catholic) BRESNAHAN, Rose (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 10 Oct 1916 Davis, F. M. Bresnahan, Michael BAILEY, Mary J. HEALY, Michael and Mary O’HALLORAN Previously married by justice of the peace.
DAVIS, Harold JAEGER, Thelma 28 Jul 1923 WIEGERT, William and Elizabeth YRIEL
DAVIS, Jimmie (Non-Catholic) from Sulphur Springs, TX WYSCARVER, Elizabeth (Baptized at St. Agatha’s in St. Louis) 18 Feb 1932 Davis, Francis HARPER, Sarah Wyscarver, Henry OLDEN, Bina Rose Wyscarver, George and Margaret Wyscarver
DAVIS, John (Non-Catholic) STOLTZE, Anna 5 Oct 1909 Davis, Zepshenae HENRY, Georgia STOLZE, Hermense WARLEND, Marg. Stolze, J. F. and Thennetta KEMPF
DAVIS, O. C. (Non-Catholic) DILLON, Mrs. 20 Dec 1908 PIERCE, Not listed GANEY, James and Mrs. James Ganey Revalidation
DECKER, Aaron from Webster Groves, MO RUTLEDGE, Margaret 25 Nov 1931 Decker, Aaron Not listed, Jennie Rutledge, Robert CAVANAUGH, Margaret Mixed religion marriage
DELMORE, Edward SHEA, Margaret 10 Feb 1910 Delmore, John SCHUESTOCKER, Wilhelmenia Shea, William LYNCH, Catherina
DETCHEMENDY, Francis L. SEPPI, Veronica 27 Sep 1928 Detchemendy, Francis ENSMINGER, Eva Seppi, Ferdinand ANSTEAT, Bertha Detchemendy, George and Loretta Seppi
DEUTSHMAN, Fred. From Signal Hill MAHER, Marie 4 Sep 1929 Deutshman, Charles STEINHARDT, Anna Maher, James WHEALON, M. MEEHAN, John C. and Margaret MCMORRIS
DEVOL, Louis J. MAFE, Not listed 11 Aug 1911 [DUVAL? See record, written in circled comment] Renewed command to live together even after being separated for 8 years.
DIEHL, Jr., Charles (Non-Catholic) HORCHER, Laura (Baptized at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 30 Apr 1917 Diehl, Charles FIDDLER, Cath. Horcher, Henry JOHNSON, Eliz.
DIEKNEITE, William (Baptized in St. Joseph in St. Louis, MO) MURPHY, Margaret (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) 6 Sep 1911 Diekneite, Bernard BIECH, Thresa Murphy, Richard MCGRATH, Nora GUITHUES, Ben and Margaret McGrath
DILLON, James E. (Baptized in Hardinsburg, KY) COBBS, Maria (Baptized in Arlington, KY) 6 Feb 1914 Dillon, Patrick MATTINGLY, Maria Cobbs, Kester SULLIVAN, Maria Sullivan, M. and Nellie F. Cobbs
DILLON, Patrick Henry HEALY, Margaret Agnes 30 Jun 1908 Dillon, Patrick Healy, Francis J. Dillon, Owen and Miss Josie Healy
DINGHER, DePaul from Vagus [Las Vegas?] STICKLER, Mildred Mary (Non-Catholic) from Venice, IL 30 Dec 1925 Stickler, Leenon and Marion SWIGERT Married by D. J. Ryan of Granite City, IL. Record sent to St. Joseph’s
DISCHINGER, Hugh (Non-Catholic) CORRIGAN, Margaret 2 Sep 1931 Dischinger, Felix AUGUSTA, Anna Corrigan, Thomas SHEA, Nellie BOWE, Catherine and Edward DELMAR
DIX, William L. HAGAN, Valentine (Baptized in Perryville, MO 12 May 1893 at St. Mary’s Sem.) 14 Nov 1910 Dix, Louis CLEVER, Ruth Hagan, Valentine PARRES, L. PUTNEY, Frank and Mrs. Theresa Putney
DIXON, Thomas from St. Matthews in St. Louis, MO HOFER, Hazel 17 Apr 1922 Dixon, William KEHOE, Mary Hofer, Thomas H. DIETZ, Eliz. KEVEL, George and Pamlita [?] WESLEY
DOBBINS, Charles RAPP, Theresa 27 Feb 1922 Dobbins, Thomas HELTON, Mary Anne Rapp, Christian HINDERMANN, Elizabeth ZINKANS, James and Mrs. James Zinkans [See record regarding bride’s Justice of the Peace marriage with Joseph REAVIS]
DOOK, Clarence O. (Non-Catholic) SLAVEN, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1911 Dook, James FANNCE, Nannie Slaven, Dennis FULLING, Rose SMITH, A. and Miss M. O’HALLORAN First went to Justice of The Peace
DOYLE, Joseph I. STEFNAGEL, Mary B. 3 Aug 1926 STENFTENAGEL, F. J. and Ellen Doyle
DOYLE, Vincent (Baptized in Alton, IL) SHEPPARD, Irma 19 Jan 1916 Doyle, Patrick M. LILLIS, Johanna Sheppard, John Not listed, Irma ALTROGGE, Leo and Miss Nellie Doyle
DRENNAN, Martin ST. JOHN, Lucille (Non-Catholic) 25 Sep 1931 SICKMAN, Raphael and Elsie St. John Previously married by Justice of the Peace.
DRESSEL, William WUISTOL, Leona 28 Nov 1914 Dressel, Henry GILLES, Mary Wuistol, James SWEENEY, Anna Wuistol, Anna and Mary O’HALLERON Married by Squire in 1914
DRONE, Henry C. GORMAN, Ida May (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1928 Drone, Christopher LARKIN, Alice SANDERS, Charles MIDDLETON, Nancy RODGERS, R. R. and Virginia Drone ROGURS Bride’s first marriage declared invalid.
DRUMMOND, William C. LUDWIGS, Margaret M. 27 Apr 1908 Drummond, William R. Ludwigs, Gustav M. Ludwigs, Gus MD and Maria SCHRANDS
DRUMN, Alexander BECKER, Mrs. Bertha 26 Dec 1909 Drumn, Peter FREFENBRUCH, Adolph LANG, John and Miss Rose Lang
DULLEA, Jerome GROSSMANN, Luciel (Non-Catholic) 9 Jun 1919 Dullea, Dennis Not listed, Mary Grossmann, Francis Not listed, Ella HERR, Sidney J. and Pearl L. WOLF
DUMPHY, John O’HARA, Mrs. 17 Jul 1906 Dumphy, Michael LYONS, Not listed Groom is from St. Patrick Parish. Dispensation for second degree relationship.
DUNASKY, John F. REDMOND, Helen 22 Apr 1924 O’NEILL, Michael J. and Julia Redmond
DUNNINGTON, Frederick (Non-Catholic) KELLEDY, Annie from St. Louis, MO 16 May 1905 KELLY, Michael Kelly, James and Margaret Kelly Revalidation
DUNWORTH, Timothy F. WAITES, Ruth M. (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO 27 Sep 1919 Dunworth, John MCAULIFFE, Nellie Waites, William MCALLISTER, Caske HOWL, W. H. and Mary Dunworth
EATON, Eugene (Non-Catholic) PROBST, Adelia 28 Apr 1920 Eaton, John HOOVER, Rosilla Probst, Casper RAPP, Louisa CARDELLS, Raymund C. and Anna WILHELM
ECKMANN, Victor (Baptized in French Village) MANN, Catharina from Collinsville, IL 10 Nov 1913 Eckmann, Julius SCHURMANN, Lena Mann, John PICTON, Carolina O’HALLORAN, Maria and Winifreda O’Halloran Revalidation of 1910 marriage. [See record]
EGAN, Frank T. HINE, Louise 19 Oct 1927 WALKER, Edgar and Mary MCCARTHY
EGAN, Joseph FOGARTY, Mayme from Chicago 25 Apr 1911 Egan, William and Inez Egan Marriage dissolved in 1962. [See record] Mixed religion marriage.
EGGMANN, Robert E. BARAHAN, Marie E. 24 Apr 1924 SMITH, Robert M. and Ida GEROLD Mixed religion marriage
EGLIGIAN, Arakel VARTINAN, Esther Egligian, Not listed SKO, O. Vartinan, Hamparse Not listed, Hanime NARSIGIAN, Aram.; Solomon BOGERIAN; Anziel MANIGAN and Margaret SURAFIAN No date. Appears between 26 Aug and 24 Sep 1920.
EHLER, Arch A. (Baptized in Ste. Genevieve, MO) from Festus, MO GOHN, Veronica (Baptized in St. Patrick’s of East St. Louis) 16 Apr 1931 Ehler, Godfried HOOG, Anna Gohn, Arthur ELLMER, Gertrude CAUGE, Melvin and Loretta KASTNER
EILERS, Charles W. SEIDHOLZ, Mary (Non-Catholic) from Onarga, IL 19 Feb 1919 Eilers, A. E. SEITZ, Antonia Seidholz, Louis HERTHANP, Cath. LARRIGIAN, Thomas and Marie E. Larrigian Married at Immaculate Conception in Kankakee, IL
EISIMINGER, Floyd BURKE, Florence (Baptized at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 18 Nov 1912 O’HALLORAN, Maria and Winifreda O’Halloran
EISKERT, Frank J. HENRY, Eva Marie 19 Apr 1911 Eiskert, Gustav A. LUCHENGER, Agnes Henry, James COOK, Emma MULLEN, G. M. and Ida Eiskert
ELLMER, Frederick BREITWEISER, Hattie 15 Aug 1911 Ellmer, Charles LEHROY, Addie Breitweiser, Andrew CLAES, Jr., Ben and Anna Ellmer Mixed religion marriage
ELLMER, Joseph F. MURPHY, Mildred (Non-Catholic) (Born in Festus, MO) 31 Dec 1924 Ellmer, Charles LOHREY, Addie Murphy, Edward WALTERS, Sarah CRONIN, Daniel and Meta KOOPMANN
ENGEL, Erwin George (Non-Catholic) from Pershing and St. Louis REEVES, Hazel Blanche 22 May 1923 Engel, Francis and Maria Reeves Mixed religion marriage
ENGELMANN, Ed. WENZEL, Rose M. 29 Jun 1918 Engelmann, Adolph Wenzel, Killian Mixed religion marriage. No date. Appears between 23 Jan and 12 Apr 1918
ENGLISH, Jr., John (Baptized in Holy Fam. In St. Louis, MO SOUCEY, Viola B. (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 9 Jun 1915 English, John C. MAHER, Ellen Soucey, Prosper J. SAMPLE, Mary E. English, Walter; Agnes Soucey; Elmer Soucey and Ruth SMITH
ERHARDT, George A. WARNER, Mary Leona 10 Jan 1921 Erhardt, George F. FERKEL, Bertha F. Warner, Charles HARRINGTON, Catherine Warner, Charles and Verna V. DOUGHERTY
EUBANKS, James (Non-Catholic) ERWIN, Irene Rose 1908 Eubanks, James Erwin, William Erwin, William and Lizzie HINDER [Appears between Jan and April 1908]
EVANS, Andrew from Glenridge, IL DAUCHO, Maria from Breese, IL 30 Jun 1920 Evans, Charles J. VOGTILLE, Susanna Daucho, Michael CHURLEB, Maria Evans, Joseph and Maria S. ALEXANDER
EVENS, James A. (Non-Catholic) RUNGE, Mrs. M. 7 Aug 1906 Evens, Hyekiah BOIS, Gerohart CULLINANE, Mr. and Mrs.
FABEL, Adolph K. from St. Louis, MO FORD, Myrtle (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO 6 Sep 1927 Fabel, Fred RODENHEISER, Katherine Ford, George LIPE, Maude ZUROWESTE, Mrs. H. and Cecilia IMBODEN
FAGIN, Thomas COHAN, Nellie 16 May 1906 Fagin, Thomas Cohan, Matthew WALSH, F. J. and Jos. TANJE
FAHEY, Edward (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) SECREST, Louisa (Lois) M. (Non-Catholic) from Cambridge, OH 29 Apr 1914 Fahey, Peter FIELDS, Alice Secrest, William PAY, Louisa DOYLE, Edward P. and Irene Fahey
FARROW, Chester HUGHES, Emma (Non-Catholic) 2 Nov 1922 Farrow, Roy KINSCHOFF, Mary Hughes, Daniel PIERSON, Rose AYE, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
FETTERER, Cyril L. MEEHAN, Elizabeth 10 Jun 1925 Fetterer, Louis PENSONOL, Odelia Meehan, Cornelius WHALEN, Elis. Whalen, Joseph P.; Mary Meehan; C. Fetterer and D. FRANCOIS
FIEDLER, John (Non-Catholic) KNAUS, Teresia (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) 14 Sep 1914 Fiedler, William BRANHAN, E. Knaus, Thomas J. RUNG, Carolina Knaus, Louis J. and Florentia BLACK
FINN, Bernard WILLIAMS, Loretta 12 Oct 1927 Finn, John JACOBS, Velania Williams, Charles SULLIVAN, Mayme AYLWARD, Maurice and Anastasia LANE
FISCHER, Edward (Non-Catholic) ENRIGHT, Usula [Ursula] (Baptized in Catawissa, MO) 5 May 1914 Fischer, Reinhart MEYER, Catharina Enright, James PILLIOD, Maria Enright, William and Josephina Pilliod Married by squire in 1913.
FISCHER, Henry (Baptized in Germany) CLIFFORD, Joanna (Baptized in Raleigh, MO) 23 Sep 1913 Fischer, George SCHROEDER, Cath. RYAN, Patrick MCGRATH, Maria BUMB, James and Emma ROSHEISER
FISCHER, William W. MAHER, Grace A. 5 Jun 1928 Fischer, Frank SHEEHAN, Elizabeth Maher, James WHEALON, Mary Fischer, Edward and Nellie Maher
FITZPATRICK, Paul MEEHAN, Edith 18 Jun 1919 Fitzpatrick, John Not listed, Eliz. Meehan, John W. Not listed, Rachel
FLAHERTY, Frank Leo HAMILTON, May (Non-Catholic) 5 Mar 1917 Flaherty, Michael SHERLOCK, Anna Hamilton, Harry VARLEY, Mary WENTE, Gilbert E. and Mrs. Ethel Wente Previously married by justice of the peace.
FLAKE, George BAUER, Catharina (Baptized at St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO) 18 Apr 1914 Flake, Franklin BERRY, Anna Bauer, Gustave ROMEISER, Maria FRAY, W. T. and Maria HEENEY
FLANNERY, James SHERIDAN, Alice 26 Nov 1931 Flannery, James MONTAGNE, May Sheridan, John BRESNAHAN, Margaret Flannery, Vincent and Jane Sheridan
FLOSS, James (Non-Catholic) FAHY, Elizabeth (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 29 Aug 1916 Floss, Oscar Richard VITE, Sadie Fahy, Peter S. FIELDS, Alice MCGOWAN, Joseph and Irene Fahy
FOLEY, Thomas Patrick BEGGS, Nita 17 Feb 1919 Foley, James Patrick BURKE, Ellen O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran Mixed religion marriage
FOLEY, William G. WOMICK, Vesta L. 6 Jun 1928 Foley, John LOVETT, Catherine Womick, Roll MENDEHALL, Ida Foley, Arthur and Christine MUEHLER
FONIN, Richard L. VOGT, Florence Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) from Ferguson, St. Louis County, MO 26 Apr 1922 Fonin, Robb J. LUER, Mamie A. Vogt, John M. EPPERS, Elizabeth F. FRAWLEY, Francis A. and Ethel E. Vogt
FORD, Thomas J. from St. Louis MOONEY, Maria from St. Louis 25 Apr 1906 Ford, Pat CARROLL, Annie FLORENCE, W. M. and Mrs. P. WILTZ
FRASIER, Conrad from Alton, IL LEAGUE, Mildred M. 14 Apr 1921 WUERZ, Robert LAWLESS, Anna League, Marian LEBRELL, Johanna Frasier, Leo and Gladys Josephine ASBURY Note: Conrad Frasier was born as Francis WUERZ. His father died and his step-father is James Frasier.
FREY, Edward HOLTEN, Olivette 25 Jul 1928 Frey, Edward SEIBEL, Clemont Holten, Julius ORTGIER, Ada Frey, Earl; Esther ZUROWESTE; Chester Holten and Esther HOFFMANN
FRITSCH, Ronnie THOMPSON, Anna from Pittsburgh, PA 29 Jun 1912 Fritsch, Kilin HELTZMAN, Salina Thompson, Howard BROWN, Anna Thompson, William and Nellie S. MOORE
FROMANN, R. O. (Non-Catholic) EDWARDS, Luella (Baptized in St. Simons in Washington, IN) 15 Dec 1911 O’HALLORAN, M. and Miss JONES
FULMER, John A. (Not Baptized) from Indiana ANDERSON, Martha L. From Alliney [Olney?], IL 24 Oct 1905 FULLER, Andrew Anderson, James W. Anderson, Paul Charles and Mary Anderson
FULTON, Harry HORAN, Margaret 22 Jan 1908 Fulton, Robert EDWARDS, Mattie Horan, John BRADEY, Margaret STACY, William H. and Miss Olive Stacy
GAIN, Walter GROGAN, Bernice 17 Feb 1928 Gain, John DIEFENHOEFER, Teresa Grogan, William PRICE, Marie SCHMIDT, William and Mrs. William Schmidt Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace.
GALLEN, William M. VIEN, Marie 3 Oct 1922 Gallen, James CASEY, Mary Ann Vien, A. L. CHARTRAND, Eleana GODFREY, Thomas J. and Loretta Vien
GALVIN, James F. (Baptized at St. Lawrence O’Toole in St. Louis, MO) SCULLEY, Maria C. (Baptized in Troy, IL; records kept in Blackjack) 8 Aug 1911 Galvin, Dennis L. CUNNINGHAM, Maria Sculley, John FOX, Catherine KEEFE, Henry and Agnes HALLORAN
GANSCHNIETZ, Francis (Baptized in Lebanon, IL) DAUER, Emma (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 11 Jun 1913 Ganschnietz, Joseph HERDING, Emma Dauer, William MANSFIELD, Maria VIEN, H. Grady and Maria O’HALLORAN Revalidation
GAUSCHINIETZ, Joseph HORGAN, Mary 29 Mar 1925 WATSON, Ira and Mrs. Alice Watson Revalidation. Remarried during March 1925 Mission
GEPPERT, Francis GODIN, Lilia 21 Jul 1924 DALEY, Day and Mrs. Lizzie Geppert Married ten [?] years prior by Justice of the Peace.
GIBLIN, Charles from St. Louis, MO DAULEY, Irene 5 Feb 1920 BURKE, James O.
GILLIGAN, Hugh Michael PATTERSON, Helen Louise 20 Jun 1922 Gilligan, Martin S. RUSH, Sarah Patterson, Joshua WILLIAMS, Gussie Gilligan, Martin D. and Daisy Patterson Married in St. Mary’s in Mt. Vernon, IL by Rev. F. J. Tecklenburg with permission.
GILLIGAN, John HANEY, Mollie E. 16 Jun 1909 Gilligan, Michael RUSH, M. Haney, John PIDGEON, Maria MEENEY, Not listed and Blanch Gilligan
GILLIGAN, Not listed 21 Nov 1928 [No other data]
GLATTHAAR, Alfred (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) ELLIOT, Annabelle (Non-Catholic) 7 Jun 1930 GLATHAAR, Joseph THORND, Teresa Elliot, William SQUIER, Amy VAN ALMSICK, William and Lillian BARLOW
GLENZER, Henry P. from St. Louis, MO WILLIAMS, Pearl Louise 27 Apr 1921 Glenzer, Henry NICKOLAS, Kate Williams, George GERMAINE, Caroline Williams, Edward S. and Ellen N. O’FALLON
GOA, John MURPHY, Sella 25 May 1910 Goa, Fred Murphy, Jeremiah Murphy, Robert and Maggie SCHNEIDER
GODFREY, Thomas J. VIEN, Loretta 4 Jun 1923 Vien, H. G. and Catherine SULLIVAN
GOETZ, George WISE, Eleanor 7 Jan 1929 LEEZY, Claude and Edna GEORGE
GOHN, Arthur ELLMER, Gertrude 9 Jun 1909 Gohn, James B. VILLINGER, L. Ellmer, Charles LOHREY, A. Ellmer, Fred.
GORMAN, James C. from Henrietta, OK STORY, Juanita S. (Non-Catholic) 27 Jun 1917 Gorman, John SURLEY, Kate Story, N. P. CONBOY, Katherine Story, N. P. and Miss N. Story Dispensation per Rev. CONDRON in Henryetta, OK
GRACE, Patrick from St. Louis BURNS, Evelyn 24 Aug 1912 Grace, Michael O’NEILL, Margaret Burns, Dennis WIGGENHORN, Laura Burns, Margaret and Norine MANN [See record]
GRAEF, Gus (Non-Catholic) LANDGRAFT, Ruth (Baptized in St. Mary’s) 15 Aug 1916 Graef, Henry BRECHNER, Helena Landgraft, Gus CON, Elizabeth VAHLE, John and Margaret Vahle
GRAY, Charles (Non-Catholic, not Baptized)from Ohio BAILEY, Margaret 2 Feb 1905 Bailey, Albert LUHEY, Johanna HOLL, Charles and Lida Bailey
GRIMIT, Frederick WESSEL, Helena 14 Oct 1913 Grimit, Joseph LOUIS, Elizabeth Wessel, Henry METZGER, Julia O’LEARY, F. J. and L. T. FOERSTER
GUEST, James (Non-Catholic) from Belleville, IL ERLINGER, Adeline (Baptized in Cahokia, IL 29 Nov 1917 Guest, Stephan Erlinger, Anthony GOTH, Max and Maria CRAME
GUNDLACH, P. J. KIRKPATRICK, Bessie 4 Mar 1924 Kirkpatrick, Austin ACKERMANN, Edward and Mrs. Edward Ackermann Bessie Kirkpatrick’s marriage to Edward RULE declared invalid. Revalidation.
HALLORAN, Eugene ZIERRATH, Muriel 5 Sep 1929 Halloran, Eugene DAILLAHAN, Bridget Zierrath, Herman ROACH, Ann Halloran, Donald and Helen CLARK
HAMILTON, Louis HARPER, Maria 24 Oct 1923 HANLEY, Michael and Mona WORTELL
HANLEY, Robert E. GILLIGAN, Blanche (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 10 Jun 1911 Hanley, Jerome GALVIN, Emma Gilligan, Michael RUSH, Mary Gilligan, Gerald G. and Mary WALSH
HANNA, Not listed 17 Nov 1917 [Note on the side indicates bride was non-Catholic but no other information.]
HARPER, Henry J. (Baptized in Hernin, IL) STOLTZ, Amelia E. 2 Jun 1931 Harper, William REGAN, Nora Stoltz, Alphonse CHARTRAND, Verena LEAGUE, Edwin and Verena HALPIN
HARPER, William T. STRAUSS, Anne J. 26 Jul 1923 Harper, Harry and Mary Harper Mixed religion marriage
HARRIS, John B. from Granite City GROTE, Grace G. 29 Jun 1910 Harris, John S. KEEFE, Catharina Grote, Nelson A. Harris, F. J. and Mary H. HANLEY
HARRIS, William A. (Non-Catholic) from Decatur, IL MINTON, Veronica 22 Aug 1912 Harris, Eli ORR, Emma Minton, Thomas WALLACE, Maria Minton, Lulu and Maria O’HALLORAN [See record]
HARTNETT, Edward F. from St. Louis, MO COX, Mildred (Non-Catholic; not Baptized) 28 Nov 1905 Hartnett, Humphrey Cox, Herbert BRANSFIELD, John and Hattie Cox
HAUPT, William C. DIEKMAN, Frances 16 Apr 1924 MUNDY, Joseph and Mrs. Joseph Mundy Married in 1918 by a preacher. Now married according to the laws of the church.
HEALY, Cornelius CANTILLON, Anna 21 Jul 1909 Healy, John LINIHAN, Margaret Cantillon, John COOK, Hanora MCLOUGHLIN, Dan and Mary Cantillon
HEALY, Jr., Francis J. (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) VENEMAN, Irene (Baptized in St. Mary in Evansville, IN) 22 Oct 1912 Healy, Sr., Francis STACK, Joanna Veneman, George FASHAUER, Catharina Healy, Michael P. and Clothilda Veneman
HECKART, William (Non-Catholic) MINTON, Louisa (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) 24 Sep 1912 Heckart, William CARROLL, Susanna Minton, Thomas WALLACE, Maria ARNOLD, F. W. and Margaret KELLY
HELBIG, Henry G. LARCHER, Florence 27 Jun 1923 SLATTERY, Nelson A.; L. C. MCKANE; Esther O’BRIEN and Margaret HIRSCH
HELLSTERN, George (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) SETTER, Amelia (Baptized in Cahokia) 6 Jan 1916 Hellstern, August GRANACHER, Johanna Setter, John VICZEAU, Susana RICHARD, Julius H. and Caroline SUITLER
HEMMEL, Louis from Jefferson City, MO PARLE, Mary 3 Feb 1920 Hemmel, Casper FOCKERS, Mary SULLIVAN, John J. BYRNE, Mary O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran
HENDERSON, William T. (Non-Catholic) from Brazil, IN MURPHY, Elizabeth from Brazil, IN 19 May 1913 Henderson, Thomas STUNKARD, Nancy Murphy, Thomas WELSH, Maria TROMBLEY, William and Maria O’HALLORAN Revalidation
HENDRICKS, _miley R. (Non-Catholic) WILLIS, Ruth A. (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 12 Jan 1918 Hendricks, Nadon Willis, Stephen
HENDRICKS, Raymond B. MADDUX, Era M. Hendricks, Samuel A. TANSEY, Jane Maddux, Francis PARKER, Emma STEWART, Russell and Alice Stewart No date. Appears between 6 Oct and 23 Nov 1920. Mixed religion marriage.
HERMEYER, Clarence from St. Louis, MO JAMIESON, Beulah 24 Nov 1919 Hermeyer, Henry OTTO, Clara Jamieson, Clifford BROWN, Harriet PIRCHER, Louis G. and Louise Hermeyer
HERR, Joseph J. (Baptized in St. Henry in East St. Louis) SMITH, Emily M. (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 13 Jun 1916 Herr, Martin HASSLER, Mary Smith, George T. WALSH, Emily M. Smith, Jr., George and Noda HACKEL
HERRMANN, Edmund from Columbia, IL SCHMIDT, Hilda from Columbia, IL 20 Sep 1929 Herrmann, Henry MENNER, Barbara Schmidt, Edward SCHULER, Anna BURKE, James P. and Thomas Burke Revalidation of prior Justice of the Peace marriage
HESSE, Herman G. FULFORD, Minnie Myrtle (Non-Catholic) 6 Oct 1920 HESSE, Wendolin Not listed, Cecelia Fulford, Not listed MCINTYRE, Not listed Hesse, Clara
HIGGINS, Thomas COYLE, Annie from St. Louis, MO 12 Jul 1905 Higgins, Michael Coyle, Peter MCNAMARY, John and Margaret Higgins
HILBERT, Edward (Non-Catholic) from Cincinnati, OH HEINTZ, Mrs. Ann from Cincinnati, OH 2 Jun 1931 Hilbert, Benjamin HANNUER, Elizabeth MCGRORY, Hugh DEBUCK, Janaeline SCHNEIDER, J. A. and Mrs. J. A. Schneider
HOFFMAN, Henry (Non-Catholic) RONGE, Louisa 30 Jan 1907 Hoffman, John Ronge, Gus. Ronge, Jr., Gus and Miss Lillie BOISSEAN
HOFFMANN, J. A. from Indiana MCDONALD, Minnie (Non-Catholic) from Missouri 31 Aug 1904 Hoffman, M. and May O’HALLORAN First married by a Protestant minister. Mixed religion marriage.
HOGAN, John F. SCULLEY, Anastasia 24 Nov 1908 Hogan, Michael Sculley, William Hogan, J. S. and Miss Margaret Hogan
HOLTHAUS, Herman B. (Baptized at St. Cecelia in Bartelso, IL) from Collinsville, IL HOOD, Hazel Jean 16 Feb 1931 Holthaus, Bernard SCHNEIDACK, Catherine Hood, Edward FRANKLIN, Mabel Holthaus, A. J. and Catherine CARNEY
HOMRIGHAUSER, Henry B. GILLIGAN, Veronica Gilligan, Martin and Miss Winifred Gilligan [No date; appears between 4 Jun and 23 Jun 1923] Mixed religion marriage
HOOVER, Francis (Non-Catholic) AVAULT, Ruth 25 May 1928 Hoover, John S. CLACKER, Emma Avault, James SULLIVAN, Marg. RITCHEY, Otis and Margaret Avault Revalidation
HOWARD, Andrew SCHNEIDER, Mary from St. Louis, MO 24 Sep 1922 Howard, John CASEY, Catherine Schneider, Charles DOOLITTLE, Josephine Howard, J. C. and Mrs. J. C. Howard Married 26 Aug 1922 by Justice of the Peace in Belleville, IL
HOWARD, Jr., John (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) HUBERT, Bernardine (Baptized in Salem, IL) 23 May 1917 Howard, Sr., John Hubert, M. HASLER, Magd. O’DONNELL, John and Wilhelmine Hubert
HUBERT, Anthony SULLIVAN, Catherine Maria 24 Sep 1920 Hubert, Nicholas HERPLER, Gena Sullivan, Patrick DINEEN, Ellena
HUBERT, Lawrence C. THORNTON, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 24 Jun 1908 Hubert, Nicholas Thornton, James Hubert, Peter and Ida Thornton
HUSCHLE, Joseph W. O’FLAHERTY, Jennie 26 Jun 1924 O’Flaherty, Dan and Margaret FLANNIGAN
HYLAND, Raymond T. CURRIE, Marie (Non-Catholic) 29 Jun 1929 Hyland, Patrick DOOLEY, Mary Currie, Robert HARRIS, Mabel HOLTEN, Edmund H. and Bernice BENTON
HYLAND, Thomas CULLINANE, Margaret 27 Apr 1927 Hyland, Patrick LEE, Johanna Cullinane, Patrick COLLON, Mary Hyland, Raymond and Birdie CRANE
IDOUX, Charles William from Cahokia, IL WALSH, Josephine 24 Nov 1921 Idoux, Sr., Charles VERMILLION, Louise Walsh, Daniel DWYER, Mary
JENKS, Charles B. (Non-Catholic) SUNDAY, Catharina 12 Feb 1906 Sunday, Theodore Sunday, Charles and Mrs. Sunday
JESSUP, Lige Edward (Baptized in Annunciation in St. Louis) from St. Louis MYLER, Maria (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis on 13 May 1898) 26 Sep 1917 Jessup, J. Myler, Philip COLLINS, M. FARRELL, R. E. and Mrs. R. E. Farrell Married in civil ceremony in Aug 1917
JOERLING, Francis B. (Non-Catholic) GEARY, Lucille 15 Nov 1924 Geary, Frank HAYES, Nell
JOHNSON, Ralph from Chicago, IL HENRY, Alice 4 Oct 1924 Johnson, N. L. LAW, Hansine [?] Henry, Patrick MCLAUGHLIN, C. Henry, John and Mae M. Henry Mixed religion marriage
JOHNSON, Thomas C. ARADO, Veronica 28 Mar 1923 Johnson, James BLACK, Rosie ZOELLER, Ferdinand KUNTZ, Arlen GALLEN, James and Christina WAHLBECHER Revalidation
JOHNSTON, William W. (Baptized in St. Peter in Jackson, MS) HERMAN, Maria F. (Non-Catholic) 6 Aug 1930 Johnston, Francis YERGER, Fannie Herman, Dietrich MILLER, Johanna Johnston, Mrs. Fannie and Mrs. W. E. STANTON
JOSEPH, Roman ZENA, Z. Victoria from St. Louis, MO 19 Jul 1909 Joseph, Srak Zena, John VENIS, Guss and Elina CIZOR
JOYCE, Peter (Baptized in Ireland) GROGAN, Mabel Frances (Baptized in Steubenville, OH) 17 Apr 1912 Joyce, Peter CANNON, Maria Grogan, Thomas DOYLE, Catharina FEENEY, T. Ambrose and Julia MCCARTHY
KANE, Bennett (Baptized at Sts. Peter and Paul in Collinsville, IL) SAUNDERS, Elizabeth from Carbondale, IL 18 Feb 1914 Kane, Timothy OGLE, Anna Saunders, John BALDWIN, Anna Kane, Morris and Helena NIEHAUS [See record] Mixed religion marriage.
KEEFE, David E. BREDENKAMP, Tillie Simonin 7 Feb 1924 Keefe, Robert and Miss E. Keefe
KEEFE, Henry P. (Baptized in 1883 in Immaculate Conception in Bunkerhill, IL) QUERNEY, Agnes (Baptized in St. Patrick in 1888 in East St. Louis) 12 Jun 1912 Keefe, Patrick H. DUNN, Maria J. Querney, Not listed SPLANE, Clara Querney, Anna
KEELEY, James LEAHEY, Margaret 14 Jun 1909 Keeley, Patrick GERAGHTY, Maria Leahey, Thomas WALSH, C. BURKE, Charles and Catherine Leahey
KEELEY, Joseph P. CUMMINGS, Maria 23 Apr 1917 Keeley, Patrick GERAGHTY, Mary Cummings, John Keeley, Jr., John
KEELEY, William (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) SULLIVAN, Da Neel (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in Decatur, IL) 12 Sep 1930 Keeley, William CUMMINS, Mary Sullivan, Dan LAWLER, Elizabeth Keeley, Ray and Mary Keeley
KEHOE, Edward (Baptized in Barringt __) ETEMANN, Elizabeth (Baptized in St. Leo Church 1891) 19 Oct 1910 Kehoe, E. P. DELANEY, Ellen Etemann, Nick MAHONEY, Annie ANDERSON, Earnest Severe and Elizabeth VOIGTMAN
KELLEY, Joseph WILLIAMS, Emily (Non-Catholic; not Baptized) from O’Fallon 7 Feb 1906 Kelley, John Williams, Charles WHALON, Tim and Daisy Williams
KEMFF, Oscar (Non-Catholic; Evangelical) BERGDOLL, Catherine J. 22 Apr 1922 Kemff, William MUELLER, Elizabeth Bergdoll, Francis BASTIN, Adeline Bergdoll, F. J.; Mrs. E. D. FRANK and Miss Telma Kemff
KEMNA, Arthur H. (Baptized in St. Nicholas in St. Louis, MO) BURKE, Ellena A. (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) 21 Aug 1911 HEMNA, Francis BECKMANN, Elizabeth Burke, Joseph HOGAN, Maria SUNDERS, Henry J. and Florence Burke [Groom and father last name spelled differently. Groom last name changed.]
KILDEA, John DAVIS, Etta 22 Jun 1910 Kildea, Michael MCCANNA, Maria Davis, O. C. PIERCE, Maria WAUGHTON, T. M. and Francis Pierce
KILMARTIN, Daniel from Cairo, IL CLOUTRE, Edith from St. Gabriel, LA 14 Jan 1925 Kilmartin, Michael DOLAN, M. Cloutre, Felix GIDREY, Emma Kilmartin, Gus and Margaret Kilmartin
KING, Homer SCHMITZ, Margie King, Will P. MCGARAHAN, Anna Schmitz, A. P. ROSENTRETER, Frances ERHARDT, Jr., John and Margaret CORRIGAN Revalidation of civil marriage
KINSELLA, Leo BROOKS, Esther 29 Sep 1920
KIRSCH, Francis MASCINSKI, Josephine from East Chicago, IN 23 Jun 1923 Kirsch, Frank and Lida DALTON
KISSEN, William J. WILBURN, Gertrude 29 Nov 1922 Kissen, Bernard GRAEF, Eliz. Wilburn, Benjamin DAVIS, Sarah O’BRIEN, W. P. and Mrs. Clara KEISER
KLAUS, William SHANNON, Etalkia (Non-Catholic) 21 Feb 1926 Klaus, Joseph Not listed, Charlotte Shannon, Leon Not listed, Pauline Klaus, F. J. and Mrs. F. J. Klaus
KLIE, Jr., Harry DAVIS, Elisabeth (Baptized in St. Mary’s in East St. Louis) Klie, Sr., Harry Davis, O. C. NEWTON, Ed and Mrs. J. KILDEA Mixed religion marriage. No date. Appears between 23 Jan and 12 Apr 1918
KLUG, Henry (Baptized in Belleville) ELLMER, Anna (Baptized in St. Michael in Iron Mountain, MO) 24 Jul 1916 Klug, James ALBER, Barbara Ellmer, Charles LOHREY, Adie Ellmer, Joseph and Adele Ellmer
KLUTHO, Jr., Victor J. from Windsor, Ontario, Canada RUNGE, Lydia 20 Nov 1922 Klutho, Victor J. STAR, Mary Runge, Fred. BAES, Mary Klutho, George A. and Clara T. BELLM
KNAUS, William T. (Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis) LINK, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 25 Oct 1911 Knaus, Louis W. STILKER, Catharine Link, Fred Knaus, Joseph and Norma LEBERT
KNOCHE, Henry (Non-Catholic) FLEMING, Elizabeth 24 Oct 1905 Fleming, Julius MORRISY, Jr., Thomas and Katie WITTENAUR
KOLB, Edwin K. (Baptized Lutheran) from Mascoutah, IL PIERCE, Francisca (Baptized at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 23 Apr 1913 Kolb, John DROSER, W. Pierce, John GUTHROALD, Emilia Kolb, John and Not listed BRUICKER
KRAFT, Martin AHEARN, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1928 HILGEMANN, William and Mrs. William Hilgemann Revalidation of mixed religion marriage.
KUHN, George (Baptized in St. Anthony’s in Peru, IN) LANIGAN, Margaret (Baptized in Arcadia, MO) 3 Jul 1916 Kuhn, John STANLEY, Rosetta Lanigan, Peter POWERS, Nora COYNE, Nicholas and Blanche Lanigan
LANDGRAF, Gustav Charles DOBBS, Effie 12 Mar 1919 Landgraf, Gustav S. COX, Eliz. Not listed, Hannah [Dobbs] GRAEF, Gus C. and Ruth Graef [See record]
LANDGRAFF, Charles EMMER, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 3 May 1930 Landgraff, August COX, Elizabeth Emmer, Charles SCHULZ, Mary Emmer, August and Mrs. A. Emmer
LANGFORD, Charles James from St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis SHARPE, Ethel 7 Mar 1923 Langford, Henry HOULAT, Rose SHARP, John OTTO, Mary KEELEY, John and Elsie Langford Revalidation. Married in civil ceremony Apr 1923. [Dates don’t make sense.]
LAWSON, Rertrum [Bertrum?] W. (Non-Catholic) NOWLAN, Leila 14 Jul 1909 Lawson, Robert W. Nowlan, James WATSON, G. W. and Myra Nowlan
LEPPOLD, Edward W. from St. Louis FRIEL, Audrey Rose 16 Sep 1924 Leppold, Louis G_ZCORS, Genevieve Friel, Thomas FLORM, Zettie DOOLEY, Peter M. and Elizabeth Friel
LETT, Leo (Baptized in Washington, IN) POWDERLEY, Ellen (Baptized in St. Mary in East St. Louis) 24 Nov 1915 Lett, Gibson MANDABACH, Mary Powderley, Denis DWYER, Ellen Powderley, R. T. and T. C. Lett
LEVY, Henry (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) PAGE, Loretta (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 5 Feb 1915 Levy, Henry HARTNETT, Miss Page, William MAY, Maria KOELLER, Arthur and Helen Koeller
LINGEMAN, Francis from Milwaukee, WI NIEKRENZ, Edna 2 Feb 1926 Lingeman, Francis A. SOMMER, Frances Niekrenz, Arnold WHEELER, Minnie ENGLISH, John T. and Agnes E. TIEMAN
LINGENBERG, Joseph from St. Louis (Baptized in Holland) HOSKINS, Mrs. C. (Baptized in Harrisonville) 3 Sep 1910 Lingenberg, William JAMES, George H. FEHRNER, Cat. IBSEN, Peter and Kate James
LLEWELLYN, Samuel (Non-Catholic) from Berkner Station, IL REGELMANN, Julia 28 Nov 1907 Llewellyn, William Regelmann, Joseph Regelmann, John L. and Martha Regelmann
LOCKSTEIN, Robert ENTEMANN, Maria E. 12 Nov 1924 Lockstein, R. HILDAHUSS, Not listed Entemann, Not listed DUMONT, Not listed WEIGERT, F. and A. Dumont
LOGSDON, Harry B. (Not Baptized) FAHEY, Maria (Baptized in St. Lawrence O’Toole in St. Louis, MO) 22 Jan 1913 Logsdon, William DAVIS, Sarah Fahey, John FARRELL, Cat. REYNOLD, Charles and Miss Margaret Fahey
LONG, Bernard A. RESOR, Sylvia M. (non-Catholic) 26 Dec 1923 Long, A. MURPHEY, Catherine Resor, Elmer SCHEER, Bertha FIELDS, Al. and Catherine STICKNEY
LOUGHERY, Patrick SHIELDS, Catherine 3 Jun 1916 Shields, Patrick and Mary O’HALLORAN
LOUIS, Jerome BANAHAN, Margaret 7 Feb 1924 VINCENT, E. and Marie BANAHAN Mixed religion marriage.
LUSCOMB, John HORANEY, Clara 11 Feb 1926 NOONAN, Jr., J. J. and Pauline Horaney
LYNCH, Humphrey CHESLICK, Elizabeth 7 Jul 1909 Lynch, Sr., Humphrey Cheslick, Stephan CIDIC, S. BURNS, John and Catherine Cheslick
LYONS, John BUTLER, Rosella 26 Apr 1906 Lyons, John Butler, M. J. MCDONALD, Rosella O’HALLORAN, M. and Winifred O’Halloran
MANDA, Arthur FAHY, Margaret 2 Feb 1916 Manda, Charles MALLET, Laura Fahy, John FARRELL, Katherine TOCKSTEIN, Robert and Teresa FAHEY
MANEY, Albert T. (Baptized in Beardstown) GILLIGAN, Maria (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 1 Jun 1911 Maney, Dan FOX, Mary Gilligan, Michael RUSH, Mary KANE, Albert L. and Margaret Gilligan
MARRION, James (Baptized in Ireland) from St. Louis, MO) KEATING, Joanna (Baptized in Limerick, Ireland) from St. Louis, MO 20 Nov 1912 Marrion, Thomas BAGLEY, Nora Keating, Bernard COSTELLO, Maria NAUGHTON, William and Nora Keating
MASHUR, Joseph Oswald NANCE, Anna (Zorada) from Cairo, IL 14 Oct 1922 Mashur, Paul ZIMMER, Renata Nance, John Nance, Mrs. John HOWARD, William A. and Ada PURTELL Previously married by Justice of the Peace.
MATTHIAS, William (Non-Catholic) KEARNS, Thelma 19 Jun 1928 Matthias, Kurt GRUNDMAN, Emma Kearns, Edward O’NEILL, Anna HALLORAN, Garrett and Mae COONAN
MAX, Edward DONNAN, Anna 20 Jan 1922 Max, Theo. MANJOT, Mary Donnan, John CAMPBELL, Emma DUNWORTH, John and Mrs. John Dunworth Revalidation. Married in civil ceremony 1 May 1912
MAXWELL, Raimund MONTINE, Edna from Cahokia and East St. Louis, IL 1 Jul 1920 Maxwell, Alfred Montine, Edward ANTOINE, Eleanora VAN HEMCLEN, John Ed. and Ruth Montine
MAY, John (Non-Catholic) PLAYTER, Awelda (Baptized in St. Joseph in Fairfield, KY) 18 Nov 1931 May, Arlington Not listed, Nellie Playter, Leonard HAMILTON, Bernadetta Playter, Earl and Aileen WILSON
MCAULEY, Daniel J. (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in Catawissa, MO) BURKE, Maria (Baptized in St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO) 22 Apr 1914 McAuley, Daniel BUDD, Maria Burke, John BURTLER, Bridget Burke, John and Catharina Burke
MCCARTHY, Dennis PALMER, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 18 Oct 1918 RAFFERTY, Charles and Margaret CULLINANE Married by squire 24 years prior.
MCCARTHY, Joseph F. HAPSBURGER, Dorothy 24 Oct 1929 McCarthy, Daniel WIRTH, Mary Hapsburger, Frank Not listed, Margaret McCarthy, Daniel and Margaret E. LEAGNE
MCELLIGOTT, Francis MEHEGAN, Corine 12 May 1919 McElligott, James A. QUICK, Ely [Ellie?] Mehegan, John F. Not listed, Catherine Mehegan, John Emmet and May Mehegan
MCGEEHAN, Peter (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in Arthursville, IN) SHANNON, Mrs. Lena 23 Jan 1912 McGeehan, John GEARY, Jane CROSSANT, Henry MCGRATH, P. W. and Mrs. P. W. McGrath
MCGLYNN, Robert MAULE, Dorothy Jane 22 Sep 1925 McGlynn, Ilan [?] REYNOLDS, Jane Maule, Frank TAYLOR, Elizabeth McGlynn, Joseph B. and Mary Jean Maule
MCGOWEN, James J. from Ohio BAILEY, Clara 5 Dec 1902 McGowen, John Bailey, Albert W. ZIMMERMANN, Emil and Lida Bailey First married by justice of the peace
MCHALE, Henry (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) HENNEMANN, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 26 Sep 1914 McHale, Patrick DANIELS, Helena Hennemann, Charles HOLT, Bertha BOISMENUE, Joseph and Bertha MOHR
MCLAUGHLIN, Daniel CANTILLON, Maria 21 Jul 1909 McLoughlin, Dan. FOX, Bridget Cantillon, John LINIHAN, M. HEALY, Cornelius and Anna Cantillon
MCMULLEN, William ROLF, Maria 10 Apr 1907 McMullen, Daniel Rolf, Not listed MCAULEY, John and Anna HOLTKEMP
MCQUADE, Edward ASHWORTH, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 8 Oct 1902 ROCHE, Mr. and Mrs. John First married by a squire. Mixed religion marriage.
MEEHAN, John Charles BACH, Agnes (Baptized in St. Cecelia in Bartelso, IL) 14 Oct 1930 Meehan, Cornelius WHALEN, Elizabeth Bach, Blase JOFFRAY, Maria WHEALON, William and Marie DEUTSCHMANN
MEEHAN, William J. HODES, Maria from Denver, CO 21 May 1913 Meehan, John MCGROGAN, Margaret Hodes, Francis BALL, Margaret Meehan, Leone J. and Mayme DANSHER
MEHEGAN, Charles WAGNER, Josephine 23 Jan 1918 Mehegan, John F. MAY, Cat. Wagner, Anthony Duplicate entry voided.
MEHEGAN, Charles (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) WAGNER, Josephina (Baptized in St. Joseph’s in Chicago) 5 Feb 1918 Mehegan, John MAY, Catherine Wagner, Anthony KRESWINSKI, Anna MCELLIGOTT, Francis and Corine Mehegan Married by squire
MELLON, Bernard Joseph (Baptized in Marissa) ROTROFF, Myrtle (Non-Catholic) from Indiana 11 Aug 1912 Mellon, John NAGLE, Margaret Rotroff, David WALKER, Susanna TROMBLEY, William and Maria O’HALLORAN Revalidation of invalid marriage. [See record]
MERKER, Melvin (Non-Catholic) POWDERLY, Blanch (Baptized at St. Mary in East St. Louis) 8 Apr 1915 Merker, Marion WOCKLINE, Sarah Powderly, Dennis DWYER, Ellen LETT, Not listed and Miss Powderly First married by Justice of The Peace
MERRITT, Henry Dean (Non-Catholic) from Salem, IL WADE, Helen C. (Baptized in Centralia, IL) from Vernon, IL 11 Jul 1917 Wade, William PURTILL, Hattie HALL, Charles and Alice Wade
MILLER, Ben from 1710 Ohio Ave. FOLEY, Julia 29 Jan 1923 Miller, Sr., Ben RENNER, Ellen Foley, John O’BRIEN, Josephine WALLACE, Martin J. and Mrs. Florence PRABAUD Revalidation. Married Jan 1922 in civil ceremony.
MILLER, Donald H. (Non-Catholic) from Marysville, OH SLAVEN, Francisca (Baptized in St. Anthony in Effingham, IL) 8 Sep 1912 Miller, Ellis STEWART, Hellena Slaven, Dennis FRILLING, Rosina O’SULLIVAN, John and Maria O’HALLORAN
MILUER, Harry (Non-Catholic) ROMEY, Elsie C. 3 Dec 1923 Miluer, Jan. BORLAND, Martha Romey, Eugene PONPERT, Cora DEBONAGE, Arsen and Novella Romey
MINER, Homer from Ohio BARTHELME, Aurelia from Mascoutah 22 Sep 1926 DOWLING, Mead E. and Frances A. Dowling Mixed religion marriage
MITCHELL, Charles W. SHEA, Irene 4 Aug 1909 Mitchell, Thomas WALSH, Catherine Shea, William LYNCH, C. DELMORE, P. J. and Margaret A. Shea
MODROW, Eugene GROSHAN, Lucille 30 Oct 1922 Modrow, Frank HUMPHREY, Margaret Groshan, Alvin FORD, May MCCANN, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Married by Justice of the Peace in Belleville on 24 Oct 1922
MONTGOMERY, Morvey J. FRIESZ, Mary from France 9 May 1905 Montgomery, Joseph PRENDERVILLE, Mary FRIEZ, John SPANNAGLE, Catherine Montgomery, Catherine
MOORE, Harold Edward (Non-Catholic) AVAULT, Mary Frances 26 Jan 1927 Moore, Peter REYNOLDS, Fannie Avault, James SULLIVAN, Margaret SHRAWEY, M. and M. M. RUTLEDGE
MOORE, John G. MURPHY, Margaret 10 Jul 1926 Moore, Thomas Timothy and Mary CONNORS
MORRALL, Claude (Non-Catholic; Episcopal) from Centralia SONDAY, Emma Enita (Baptized in Carterville, KS) 19 Mar 1917 Morrall, Walter MORGAN, Mary Sonday, Servius MARK, Emma SULLIVAN, Leo J. and Marie M. CARL
MOYNIHAN, John HEALEY, Mrs. Anna 7 Nov 1918 Moynihan, Peter REARDON, Julia CANTILLON, John COOK, Honora Cantillon, E. M. and Mary GRIFFIN “Second marriage”
MULCONNERY, John KILLIAN, Luenittle (Non-Catholic) 20 Nov 1921 Mulconnery, Andy DOWD, Julia Killian, John JENKENS, Estella ALTHOFF, Francis H. and Catherine Althoff
MULLANE, James HOLLINGSWORTH, Oma (Non-Catholic) 17 Jun 1908 Mullane, James Hollingsworth, Albert RYAN, Stephan J. and Catharine Mullane
MULLANE, Paul V. COUCH, Maria 10 Sep 1930 Mullane, Michael MASON, Clara Couch, Herman DZAHLER, Josephine Mullane, Elmer and Pauline Couch
MULLIGAN, James from Schipman [Shipman], IL DRISCOLL, Josephena 22 Jul 1903 Mulligan, Patrick CUMMINGS, Minerva Driscoll, Tim SULLIVAN, Maria Driscoll, John
MUNDY, Joseph HANNAH, Georgia from 1601 A Henrietta 16 May 1923 Mundy, Wes Not listed, Mattie Hannah, George Not listed, Ella HERR, Matthew and Mrs. Matthew Herr Revalidation of 1918 (?) civil ceremony.
MURPHY, Gorman J. KEALEY, Catherine 27 Jun 1923 Murphy, J. COFFEY, Marg. Kealey, William ANGLIN, Eliz. SULLIVAN, John A. and Marie Kealey
MURPHY, James (Baptized in Carlinville, IL) WILSON, Maria (New convert) 22 Mar 1913 TEVAULT, William PROTTER, Bettie TROMBLEY, William and Maria O’HALLORAN Revalidation.
MURPHY, James (Baptized in Carlinville, IL) WILLIAMS, Mary 2 Jan 1924 Murphy, James STACK, Margaret Williams, Charles SULLIVAN, Mary Williams, Ralph and Mary BERTRAND Revalidation. Appears with 1930 entries.
MURPHY, Patrick (Baptized in Bonne Terre, MO) JONES, Elvera (Non-Catholic) 30 Dec 1911 Murphy, Martin PATT, Mary A. Jones, William KIRCHNER, Anna O’HALLORAN, M. and Winefred O’Halloran
MURPHY, Thomas J. HODGMAN, Maria from St. Louis, MO 2 Mar 1915 Murphy, Sr., Thomas LYNN, Alice Hodgman, Walter JOHNSON, Lydia WARD, Not listed and Winifred O’HALLORAN Married by justice of the peace. Mixed religion marriage.
MURRY, John GAMLIN, Bessie 29 Aug 1921 Murry, James KARITO, Emma C. Gamlin, Charles KIRKPATRICK, Bessie Gamlin, Roland and Blanche Gamlin Mixed religion marriage
MYERS, Charles F. (Non-Catholic) BAGWELL, Ella 3 Mar 1923 Myers, Joseph MANTEL, Ellen VOLLMER, Herman SUMMERS, Marg. TISSIER, Joseph and Pamlita WESLEY Revalidation
MYLER, Thomas DEATHERAGE, Sadie (Non-Catholic) 13 Jul 1917 Myler, Philip COLLINS, M. Deatherage, Peter GRAVES, Inez Deatherage, Jr., Peter and Maria Myler
NAGER, Charles MILLER, Adeline (Non-Catholic) 25 Oct 1930 Nager, Joseph KATTERMANN, Maria Miller, Francis IVERS, Adeline Nager, Joseph and Adeline Miller
NARSIGIAN, Iram CHAVOOSHIAN, Zarooky 12 Oct 1930 Narsigian, Srohymon [?] HOOGOIAN, Arshj. Chavooshian, Deekran BOGHIGHIAN, Hatoon WALTER, Casper V. and Vartanoush V. Walter Both parties are Armenian and were married by special permission.
NEBEL, George from 1632 St. Louis Ave. KEEFE, Helen C. from Alton, IL 27 Jan 1923 Nebel, Joseph SCHAUER, Elizabeth Keefe, Michael DONNELLY, Catherine Nebel, Jr., Joseph and Marie Nebel
NEVILLE, Gabriel (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO GILLIGAN, Annie 24 Jun 1905 Neville, George Gilligan, Michael DRAGGON, Joseph and Viola MCGAFFIGAN
NEWTON, Clarence HAMILTON, Mary (Non-Catholic) 2 Jun 1930 Newton, Edward DAVIS, Mamie Hamilton, James SARTIN, Adeline ALLARD, Wilbur and Marie LITTRELL
NEWTON, Edward from St. Louis, MO DILLON-DAVIS, Maria E. 3 Jun 1908 Newton, Joseph Dillon, John PIERCE, Maria DOWLING, M. E. and Stella Davis
NICHOLS, Fountain M. SANTRY, Judith from Akron, OH 20 Oct 1925 Santry, John J. MCMULLEN, Alice SANFORD, James L. and Mrs. J. Sanford Married by Justice of the Peace in Oct 1924. Mixed religion marriage.
NICHOLS, George R. WITT, Bertha M. 8 Aug 1928 Nichols, Jesse C. MAYER, Mary Pearl Witt, Francis X. REISENBERGER, Marg. Nichols, Jr., Jesse C. and Lucille TAYLOR
NIEDERBERGER, Glenn (Non-Catholic) CLARK, Maria 20 Nov 1929 Niederberger, Joseph ALLARD, Culia Clark, John P. WELKER, Alma Clark, Patrick and Agnes AHERNS
NIENKAMP, Roland (Non-Catholic) WATHEN, Altha (Baptized at St. Dominic in Jean, Henderson, KY) 24 Jul 1930 Nienkamp, August STONE, Bessie Wathen, Francis POPER, Beatrice BILLEDO, Joseph C. and Cecilia CHOLERT
NIESMANN, Aug G. FITE, Bertha (Non-Catholic) 24 Sep 1923 Niesmann, Aug B. KOENFKEN, Not listed BURKER, Leo and Anna Niesmann Revalidation. Married in civil ceremony in 1913.
NOLAN, C. J. WALSH, Mamie G. 18 Jul 1906 Walsh, Edward and Emma Walsh
O’BRIEN, Robert E. GENEZ, Otilia 3 Oct 1923 RONAN, John K. and Anna BEYKIRCH
O’BRIEN, Thomas F. FAY, Ruth L. 14 Apr 1920 O’Brien, Timothy GRANEY, Catharine Fay, John F. HOGAN, Maria J. MCKANE, Walter J. and Maria F. DAGES
O’CONNELL, Charles J. from Effingham, IL SMALL, Mary G. 23 Jan 1906 O’Connell, Jeremiah Small, John DWYER, M. T. and Florence Small
O’DONNELL, Thomas from Springfield, IL MESTER, Edna L. from Springfield, IL 9 Feb 1924 CULLINANE, William and Thomas BURKE Permission from Immaculate Conception in Springfield, IL
OEHLER, Edward H. (Non-Catholic) SCULLEY, Elsie 14 Nov 1906 Scully, John FOX, Catherine GALVIN, James F. and Mamie SCULLY
O’HARA, Anthony (Baptized in Sullivan, MO) BUTLER, Margaret (Baptized in Old Cathedral in St. Louis, MO) 17 Apr 1917 O’Hara, William STENSON, Maria Butler, James FAHEY, Catherine FLORENCE, T. and K. PULLI
O’NEILL, Peter from St. Louis, MO REDMOND, Eileen Margaret 3 Jun 1921 O’Neill, James J. MANYAR, Mary Redmond, Patrick HEFFEREN, Mary O’Neill, M. J. and Helen Redmond
O’NEILL, Thomas P. GROTE, Maria B. 23 Apr 1908 O’Neill, James Grote, Nelson MCCARTHY, W. J. and Loretto Grote
O’ROURKE, John (Baptized in Sacred Heart Church in Shelbyville, IL) FOX, Tessie (Baptized in St. Peter’s Church in Belleville) 10 Nov 1908 O’Rourke, Patrick Fox, John DOBBINS, Charles and Miss Nellie HARRINGTON
ORTGIER, Louis (Non-Catholic) FISHER, Anna 1 Jun 1910 Ortgier, Henry Fisher, Fred BARTHOLEMY, Earl F. and Valcenia Ortgier
OSBORNE, Frank HARPER, Susie (Convert) 13 Mar 1926 BUTLER, Emmet and Mrs. K. Butler Revalidation
O’SULLIVAN, Daniel (Baptized at St. Barbara in County Ker[ry?], Ireland POWERS, Anastasia 31 Dec 1930 O’Sullivan, Eugene O’CONNOR, Ellen Powers, John O’CONNOR, Hannah BRESNAHAN, Patrick and Nora Powers
OULREY, Eugene C. LAROSHELLE, Blanche 12 Apr 1921 Oulrey, Eugene GIRARDEN, Josephine Laroshelle, Joseph RINSHAW, Joseph and Susie BOYLE
OVERBURG, Herman OVERTON, Helen from Cobden, IL 9 Aug 1928 Overburg, Herman WUBBLS, Teresa Overton, Edward YOUNKENS, Daisy DAY, Benj. F. and Frances Overburg Mixed religion marriage
OWEN, Paul B. (Non-Catholic) ENFIELD, Margaret (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 8 Apr 1915 Owen, William BERRY, Sarah Enfield, John MARTIN, Mary CONRAD, N. P. and Miss Gorgia DAY
PADGETT, Bernard J. THOMPSON, Helen 9 Nov 1918 Padgett, Thomas J. Thompson, Howard Thompson, William and Mrs. R. FRITSCH
PALMER, Bruce A. GIEDEMAN, Mary E. 3 May 1924 Giedeman, George and Helen Palmer Mixed religion marriage
PARLE, Richard STANLEY, Lucille 21 Jan 1923 Parle, Richard SULLIVAN, Mary Stanley, Hiram COLLINS, Arcana AVAULT, Jr., James and Elsie STEMMER Married in civil ceremony 21 Oct 1922 in Waterloo, IL
PARRESS, Murray CALLAHAN, Irene from Chicago, IL 14 Dec 1928 BURKE, James P. and Esther ZUROWESTE Revalidation
PATTERSON, Roland James from Waterloo, IL GOODRICH, Aline (Non-Catholic) 16 Dec 1926 Patterson, Alonzo WAEL, Maria SEBASTIAN, Mrs. Teresa and Mr. L. Sebastian Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace
PETRIE, John HOBERMEHL, Anna (Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 30 Nov 1911 Petrie, Sr., John DEININGER, Minnie HEBERMEHL, Frederick EISENBRUCH, Margaret MORGAN, Harry and Mrs. JENKS
PFEIFFER, George (Non-Catholic) RUH, Amelia 28 Dec 1919 FALLON, John and Mary O’HALLORAN
PFLUGMACHER, Edwin MILLER, Vera 27 Jun 1927 Pflugmacher, Michael LANG, Catherine Miller, Henry ARNOLD, Maria Miller, M. P. and Meta KOOPMANN
PHIPPS, Bert from Mt. Vernon, IL URBAN, Myrtle 10 Dec 1924 Phipps, Elmer PATREM, M. Urban, Francis WEIGENER, A. RIES, Carl H. and Caroline Urban
PJERRON, John (Non-Catholic) PELEAT, Odelia 11 Jan 1909 Pjerron, John F. Peleat, Francis TISSIER, Paul and Delia MONGIN
POOLE, William HATCHER, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1927 Poole, Charles HAMILTON, Maria Hatcher, Frank JEFFERS, Cora Hatcher, Clinton and Maria Poole
POVILAITIS, John (Baptized at Sts. Peter and Paul in Collinsville, IL) CRANE, Maria Ellen (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 19 Feb 1930 Povilaitis, Clement GOBELITIS, Agatha Crane, Patrick SCULLY, Maria THOMAS, Clarence and Nellie MAHER
POWDERLY, John MARTIN, Alice Lucille 27 Dec 1927 Powderly, Dennis DWYER, Ellen Martin, Daniel KELLY, Blossom BUNYON, M. J. and Catherine SCHILLING
POWDERLY, Thomas BUTLER, Ada Wright 25 Nov 1925 Powderly, Dennis DWYER, Ellen WRIGHT, Harry Not listed, Frances MENAY, Charles E. and Mae MCGURK
POWELL, Richard from Cairo, IL MCSTAY, Regina 2 Apr 1926 Powell, W. S. HANAWAY, M. McStay, John LAUGHIAN, Mary PAUL, Mrs. Henry and Mrs. J. HABERSTOCK [Possibly married at Sparta, IL]
POWELL, William Frederick from Nameoki Township COOKSON, Anna Florence from Centerville, IL 20 Aug 1924 Powell, William T. GENARD, Mary Cookson, Joseph MORREY, Florence Cookson, Alfred and Marcella Powell
PRATHER, Charles (Non-Catholic) MCDONALD, Susia 8 Jan 1908 Prather, George McDonald, John ABLE, James Thomas and Mary CRANEY
PROSSER, Russell J. O’KEEFE, Octavia H. 24 Jun 1929 Prosser, T. E. MAIER, Caroline O’Keefe, E. T. BARRETT, Anna Prosser, John and Helen O’Keefe
PROSSER, Thomas ZUROWESTE, Charlotte 20 Aug 1919 Prosser, Edward Zuroweste, Henry HOLTEN, Eliz. Zuroweste, Albert and Helen KENNY
PROSSER, William SHERIDAN, Ruth 25 Jun 1930 Prosser, Edward MAIER, Caroline Sheridan, John BRESNAHAN, Margaret Prosser, Lawrence and Alice Sheridan
PUNCHES, William (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) THULLIER, Norine (Baptized in St. Joseph’s in Prairie Du Rocher) 2 Jan 1917 Punches, Pearl KANE, Catherine Thullier, Jules BACKELIER, Emily WY__ VER [Smudged], Not listed and Delia PROBST
PYLE, Ellsworth Henry GOBLE, Winifred 3 Apr 1929 DROIT, Kenneth and Mildred Droit Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace.
RAST, Austin from Kentucky WESSEL, Roberta (Non-Catholic) from Kentucky 14 Jun 1905 Rast, Marcus Wessel, Henry J.
REDNOUR, Joseph E. (Non-Catholic) DELATINE, Gertrude 9 Jun 1928 Rednour, L. H. DELANEY, Mary Delatine, Eugene COSSIE, Catherine STEPHENS, Raymond and Margaret BARRY
REEDY, John L. from St. Louis, MO WITT, Cecilia C. 28 Nov 1929 Reedy, John MCGRATH, Mary Witt, Frank RIESENBERGER, Margaret O’LEARY, Dennis and Margaret RUTLEDGE
REEL, Marvin from St. Louis, MO TURCOTT, Leona 16 Oct 1929 Reel, Riley LOWE, Anna Turcott, Charles GLEASON, Julia BOSCHERT, Carlos and Mildred Turcott
REGAN, Martin F. TROKEY, Agnes 27 Jul 1921 BROOKS, Earl and Ada PORTELL
REICHERT, Henry L. (Non-Catholic) from Dupo, IL GALLAGHER, Florence from Decatur, IL 14 Jun 1927 Reichert, John WEISENBORN, Mary Gallagher, Charles REGLEMAN, Clare GARDNER, M. D. and Mrs. M. D. Gardner
REID, Alex. BUNNGE, Bertha 29 Dec 1920 Reid, Charles MCCOY, Anna Bunnge, Charles
REIS, Charles URBAN, Caroline 9 Sep 1925 Reis, James Not listed, Maria Urban, F. J. FIEGNE, Anna Reis, Paul; Fred SAEGER; Elsa DEGEN and Irene LETT
REIS, Charles CARROLL, Regina 18 Jul 1931 JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs.
REMSHARDT, William (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis Gilligan, Gertrude (Baptized in St. Patrick’s) 19 Sep 1916 STUMPE, Henry A. and Veronica Gilligan Married in St. Joseph’s Institute in St. Louis by Fr. Hoffman
REXFORD, Bertius (Non-Catholic) HIRBE, Maria 21 Sep 1907 Rexford, Albert Hirbe, Edward Hirbe, Charles and Julia Rexford
REYNOLDS, Ernest C. (Convert) FOLEY, Margaret 18 May 1928 Reynolds, Charles Not listed, Anna Foley, John J. Not listed, Katherine Foley, William and Helen MAHER Revalidation
RINEY, John Frederick LAUMAN, Francisca 8 Jun 1920 Riney, Evarist Lauman, Edward HANSAR, Louisa BLECHLE, William and Bernice KINSELLA
ROACHE, Michael HAGHERTY, Hellen G. (Baptized in St. Andrew’s in Murphysboro) 14 May 1917 ROACH, Sr., Michael COOK, Mary E. Hagherty, John SLATTERY, John and Margaret Roache
ROBERTSON, George (Baptized in St. Luke’s in Belleville, IL) MORIARITY, Susie 16 Aug 1930 Robertson, George O’BRIEN, Maria Moriarity, Milo HARDNER, Edith DELATINE, Louis and Margaret JONES
ROBIDAUX, Robert from Godfrey, IL MAHONEY, Maria from Leavenworth, KS 2 Jul 1913 Robidaux, Marc GRUBLINHOFF, Jennie Mahoney, Dennis SEILER, Louisa COSTELLO, John and Elizabeth GILMARTIN
ROBILLAN, Norbert V. KOLB, Margaret 4 Sep 1929 MODGLIN, Harold and Bernard GUIDEMAN
ROCHE, Malcolm HALLORAN, Anna Querney 1 Oct 1919 Roche, Maurice HAYDEN, Anna QUERNEY, M. SPLANE, Clara Roche, Maurice and Helena CASEY
ROEDNER, Ferdinand GEPPERT, Lena 18 Jan 1924 THOMSON, Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Geppert Revalidation
ROEWE, Herman B. BOURKE, Angela C. 8 Jun 1910 Roewe, Herman ABEL, May Bourke, Thomas EGAN, Catherine Bourke, C. V. and Miss Anne ALTROGGE
ROEWE, Herman B. SERTH, Margaret 11 Oct 1923 Roewe, Henry SULLIVAN, William E. and Olivia STOLL Mixed religion marriage
ROEWE, Norman P. MCATEE, Margaret 9 Sep 1929 Roewe, Herman R. STEIN, Verda McAtee, Alphonse O’CONNELL, Mary McAtee, Edmund J. and Margaret HARNEY
RONAN, Michael BROWN, Luella (Non-Catholic) 24 Oct 1906 Ronan, Maurice Brown, James
ROTH, Clifford (Non-Catholic; Baptized in an Evangelical church in Belleville, IL) MARTIN, Mabel (Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis) 1 Mar 1930 Roth, Rudolph ZINK, Kate Martin, Anthony GARDNER, Anna MORIARITY, Susie and George ROBERTSON
ROTH, Louis PUGH, Isabel 21 Mar 1919 Roth, Emil STEWART, Cath. PUGH, William DRAKE, Sarah O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran [See record]
ROTH, Roland (Non-Catholic) ERLINGER, Irene 23 Dec 1924 MCELLIGOTT, J. D. and Mrs. J. D. McElligott
RUESTER, Philipp (Non-Catholic) KOHL, Helena from Belleville, IL (Baptized at Belleville Cathedral) 29 Sep 1930 Ruester, Philipp SPATZ, Elizabeth Kohl, Arthur KREUZBERGER, Teresa BOCIA, Henry and Helen MAXFIELD
RUFF, Henry REGELMANN, Martha 26 Jan 1911 Ruff, Hubert DENLER, Rosa Regelmann, Joseph LUX, Maggie DRESSEL, Henry and Maude THIES Mixed religion marriage
RUNGE, Frank SCHIELER, Augusta 6 Jan 1917 Runge, Fred BAES, Mary Schieler, Ferdino FROWORKI, Anna WAY, Charles and Anna E. Schieler
RYAN, Terry (Non-Catholic) from Belleville, IL KRAECHAN, Edna (Baptized in Belleville Cathedral) 16 May 1931 Ryan, Thomas CONNOR, Minnie Kraechan, Nick Not listed, Catherine SENNIS, Mary and Genevieve POINDEXTER
SAMUELSON, Arthur E. (Non-Catholic) HAGEN, Louise Mary 25 Nov 1908 Samuelson, John Hagen, Joseph Hagen, Jr., Joseph and Miss Rose BOISMENUE
SAUL, Ralph LEMMONS, Floy (Non-Catholic) 30 Oct 1926 Saul, Richard and Mrs. V. Saul
SAUNDERS, Thomas Dwight (Non-Catholic) GOGGERS, Agnes Dispensation 29 Sep 1926. [See record]
SCHLANGER, William from St. Louis SHANNON, Viola 18 Apr 1928 Schlanger, Francis KEENAN, Anna Shannon, Thomas CROISSANT, Lena MADDEN, F. R. and Eloise FRICKE
SCHLATTWEILER, Harry C. BRESNAHAN, Elizabeth B. 26 Jan 1921 Schlattweiler, James BOSE, Josephine Bresnahan, John J. FARLEY, Lilly E. Bresnahan, John P. and Frances M. Schlattweiler
SCHMIDT, Frank R. (Non-Catholic; Baptist) PAGE, Agnes (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 25 Oct 1916 Schmidt, Edward H. RIVERS, Alice V. Page, William MAY, Agnes M. WALTS, J. and Catherine COMELIUS
SCHMITZ, Alfred SCHNEIDER, Bonnie (Non-Catholic) 15 Jun 1925 Schmitz, A. ROSENTRETER, Frances Schneider, Maxwell ROBINS, Ida CLARK, Ralph and Helen COOMBS
SCHMUCK, Joseph from Madison, IN TIMBLIN, Maria E. 16 Jan 1907 Schmuck, Joseph Timblin, Thomas SCHNEIDER, George and Mary TOWNSEND
SCHNEIDER, George (Baptized in St. Henry in Allegheny, PA) CLERY, Louisa (Baptized in St. Mary’s in East St. Louis) 1 Dec 1916 Schneider, George NICKEL, Catherine Clery, Michael RICKERT, Louisa COYNE, Christopher and Mary BURNS
SCHOEN, Frerick (Non-Catholic) from Freeburg, IL JUNG, Armanda (Born in Fayetteville, IL) 7 Jan 1925 Schoen, Adam HUBER, Sophie Jung, Leonard PETRI, Barbara Jung, Oscar and Olivia Jung
SCHONDER, Francis J. DOYLE, Nellie 5 Aug 1906 Schonder, John OSTERLE, Annie Doyle, William FITZMORRIS, Mary FITZGERALD, William and J. F. GALVIN
SCHROEDER, Ferdinand from St. Louis, MO LAUX, Annie from Carlyle, IL 3 Jun 1904 Schroeder, Henry Laux, Charles YEORGENS, S.
SCHULTE, Henry E. from Carlyle, IL PELTIER, Mary Adele 15 Mar 1926 Schulte, Joseph TOOMEY, Johanna Peltier, Theod. BRUNO, Hattie Bruno, Edward and Mary CRAME Bruno Revalidation. Previously married by Justice of the Peace
SCHWARTZRUBER, James (Baptized in St. Luke’s in Belleville) from St. Louis, MO ENGLISH, Maria A. (Baptized in Holy Name in St. Louis, MO) 26 Dec 1917 Schwartzruber, Henry English, John D. HOFFMEYER, Fred and Miss Hellen English
SCHWINN, Joseph H. COMPTON, Venadah (Non-Catholic) 4 Aug 1927 Schwinn, Joseph H. COX, Mamie Compton, John MUSIC, Minerva Schwinn, Robert and Mrs. G. E. HILL
SCHWINN, Leon (Baptized at St. Phillip in French Village) STRECKELJAHN, Anna from Granite City 27 Jun 1911 Schwinn, Peter L. Streckeljahn, John F. ECKMANN, William and Emma Streckeljahn Mixed religion marriage
SCHWINN, Peter W. THOMAS, Maria 20 May 1903 Schwinn, Louis SCHERMING, Elizabeth Thomas, Victor NURDIN, Orelia Priest is from St. Louis, MO
SCHWINN, Walter GROVE, Hazel (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO 24 Oct 1918 SCHWAB, Edward and Kathleen Grove
SCHWINN, William G. SCHAFFER, Amelia (Non-Catholic) 29 Jun 1910 Schwinn, Louis S. SHERMAN, Elizabeth Schaffer, Charles MOLTZAHN, Elizabeth Schwinn, Leo and Dora Schwin
SCULLEY, Charles Roy (Baptized in Troy, IL) HEILIG, Julia Maria (Non-Catholic) 8 Jun 1914 Sculley, Martin COWAN, Catharina Heilig, Michael SCHWAB, Julia Sculley, Earl and Mrs. Ed. OEHLER
SHEA, William (Baptized at St. Patrick’s in Ruma) SIMPSON, Theresa from Ruma, IL 28 Nov 1912 Shea, James DOWLING, Margaret Simpson, John CONLEY, Maria LYONS, Patrick and Oliva Simpson
SHOTKOWSKI, Edward P. from St. Louis WOLOZYK, Olympia 4 Feb 1929 Shotkowski, Albert and Cecilia MYDLER
SIEKMANN, Theodore from French Village TOUSAINT, Margaret from French Village 5 Sep 1906 Siekmann, Casper Tousaint, Anton DEVINROY, Stephen and Miss Thresa Siekmann
SIMMONS, Harry (Non-Catholic) from Laurel, MS HURD, Marie Rita from Natchez, MS 28 Jun 1925 Simmons, George LINDSEY, Hattie Hurd, James WEST, Lottie ROEWE, Herman H. and Winnie BLANKENSHIP
SIMPSON, Joseph A. from Franklin County, MO MORRISON, Sara (Baptized in St. Jacobi in Luebring, MO) from Franklin County, MO 17 Oct 1913 Simpson, Samuel BEELER, Sara Morrison, Daniel WALTERS, Catharina O’HALLORAN, Maria and Winifreda O’Halloran Revalidation of 1904 marriage. [See record]
SMALL, Thomas DOOLEY, Catharina 1903 Small, John BOUGHAN, Delia Dooley, John RASORKE, Elizabeth Were married in St. Patrick’s church. [This entry is crossed out.]
SMITH, Claud CHESLICK, Katie (Baptized 19 Nov 1889 at St. Mary’s in Chester, IL) 22 Nov 1910 Smith, N. P. Smith [?], Elizabeth Cheslick, Stephen EIDICK, Sophia WEATHERS, Eddie and Mrs. Humphrey LYNCH Mixed religion marriage
SMITH, Harvey E. JACOBS, Mary Eliz. Nov 1918 Smith, John Jacobs, Michael O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran Married first by squire
SMITH, James SNELL, Barbara 27 Mar 1922 Smith, A. J. HOOKEY, Elizabeth [Groom also spelled as Schmith; bride as Schnell]
SMITH, James D. KESSINGER, Martha (Non-Catholic) 17 Jan 1922 Smith, George F. WALSH, Elizabeth KESINGER, F. J. SHORT, M. Elizabeth DOYLE, James J. and Mildred REEVES
SMITH, Jr., George LANE, Elizabeth 21 Apr 1920 Smith, George WALSH, Emily Lane, Daniel MCCARTHY, Sarah Married in Sacred Heart Church
SMUCK, Henry (Baptized in Prairie Du Rocher) STOECKEL, Mary (Baptized in Renault, IL) 23 Apr 1932 Smuck, Henry QUEFFENANE, Emma Stoeckel, George DRENCH, Christine Stoeckel, Albert and Mrs. WAGNER
SNIDER, John W. (Non-Catholic) VAN DYKE, Martha 29 Aug 1912 Snider, Charles WOOD, Nancy Van Dyke, Thomas MANNING, Maria MILES, John E. and Alice CLAY
SOMERVILLE, Richard James (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO SCULLEY, Myrtle H. 29 Jan 1927 Somerville, Andrew MUCKS, Betty Sculley, William BRESLYN, Eliz. KEANE, George and Dorothy KIENZLE
SONDAG, Jr., Servias BEESON, Viola (Non-Catholic) 6 Nov 1925 BURKE, Charles and Mrs. Charles Burke Revalidation. First married by Justice of the Peace.
SOUCY, Elmer RAY, Gertrude (Baptized in St. Mary’s in East St. Louis) 23 Oct 1918 Soucy, Louis O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran Married previously by squire.
SOUCY, John C. MCKINNEY, Katherine V. 16 Sep 1930 Soucy, Prosper J. SAMPLE, Eveline McKinney, Francis CAKEN, Lulu HENRICH, R. C. and Josephine MCCARTHY
SOUCY, Marcel ARMSTRONG, Pearl (Non-Catholic; Presbyterian) 10 Nov 1921 Soucy, Prosper SAMPLE, Evelyn Armstrong, William A. GENTRY, Anna Soucy, John and Mabel G. Soucy
SOUCY, Prosper D. SWEITZER, Helen 12 Jun 1928 Soucy, P. J. SAMPLE, Mary Sweitzer, Fred BASTIN, Elizabeth Sweitzer, Frederick and Mabel Soucy BARTON
SPANGENBERG, John from Belleville, IL PARRES, Elsie 26 Dec 1923 Mixed religion marriage
SPARN, Philip O’BRIEN, Josephine 23 Apr 1924 ELELE, Joseph and Mary O’Brien Mixed religion marriage
STALL, Albert from Cairo, IL EGAN, Gertrude from Cairo, IL 14 Jan 1931 Stall, Andrew HOWARD, Susan Egan, Martin DALY, Ellen KROEGER, L. and Mary MCCARTHY
STARR, William BURLOW, Johanna 23 Oct 1918 O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran Married previously by squire.
STEPHENS, Raymund (Non-Catholic) from Caseyville, IL DELATINE, Genevieve 9 Nov 1929 Stephens, John KOBLITZ, Elizabeth Delatine, Eugene COPIE, Catherine Stephens, Clyde and Rose Delatine
STERA, Eli MCCLARY, Louise from Kankakee, IL 13 Dec 1928 DEGMAN, Philip and Mary DONAVAN Revalidation
STOLTZ, Alfonse HENNEMEN, Maria from New Athens, IL 7 Nov 1906 Stoltz, Charles Hennemen, Christopher Hennemen, Christ and Adela Stoltz
STOLTZ, Edmund (Baptized in Millstadt) CLAREY, Josephine (Baptized in Tiptown) 11 May 1915 Stoltz, Charles SCHLEMTZAUER, Eliza Clarey, Michael RICKERT, Louise KNAPP, Joseph R. and Viola B. SOUCEY
STRAUTZ, Charles O. from Cairo ROSCHELLE, Margaret 25 Oct 1905 Strautz, Fred W. Roschelle, Eugene O’HALLORAN, W. and Miss Mary O’Halloran [Out of order. Appears in early 1906 entries.]
STRONG, Herbert (Non-Catholic) SIMMONS, Kathleen 14 Jan 1932 POWERS, John and Helen SCHIKOSKY
SULLIVAN, Daniel HUEFNER, Annie from Belleville 27 Jan 1905 Sullivan, John BYRNE, Mary Huefner, Basshris BEAR, Lizzie Sullivan, Michael and Mrs. Joseph STEMMER
SULLIVAN, John W. (Baptized in St. Patrick in East St. Louis) BAUERS, Cleo (Baptized in (Lady?) St. Lawrence O’Toole) 14 Jun 1916 Sullivan, Michael MAGNER, Nellie BAURS, Robert
SULLIVAN, Joseph Patrick from St. Louis, MO GIESSING, Marie Elizabeth 31 Oct 1931 Sullivan, John MURPHY, Margaret Giessing, Fred SCHURT, Anna Sullivan, Mrs. and Fred Giessing Mixed religion marriage
SULLIVAN, Jr., John MYER, Emma from Belleville 23 Sep 1902 Sullivan, John KINDRARDAN, Bridget Myer, Peter GOBI, Eliza DELANEY, John and Annie MEAGHER Mixed religion marriage
SULLIVAN, Michael (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) LANG, Rosa (Baptized in St. Jacob in Millstadt, IL) 14 May 1914 Sullivan, John P. LYNCH, Ellena Lang, Ferd. KASTEL, Margaret MURPHY, John and Catharina ENGLER
SULLIVAN, Thomas J. RASCH, Florence 16 Feb 1927 Sullivan, Patrick DENEEN, Nellie Rasch, August REUTHER, Emma Sullivan, Eugene and Anna Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Thomas Michael ROBERSON, Ruth LeRoyal 1 Jun 1925 Sullivan, Dan HUEFNER, Anna TAYLOR, Huston HARRIS, Emma STEMMER, Roy and Luella Huefner
SWEENEY, John (Baptized in St. Louis Church in Chicago) KIMMIE, Dora 12 Apr 1918 Sweeney, James KLAPP, John ASHMEAD, John and Miss Mary Sweeney Revalidation
TAPIA, James C. VAN POPLIN, Ethel (Non-Catholic) 18 Nov 1918 COOPER, Reva and Mrs. Josephine Cooper
TAYLOR, Francis G. GEROLD, Winifred 25 Dec 1923 Taylor, William and Ida Gerold Mixed religion marriage.
THEISMANN, Joseph from St. Louis, MO MCCARTHY, Adele Grace 11 Nov 1924 Theismann, Joseph HELARIG, C. McCarthy, Dennis PALMER, Eliz. FISHER, Leonard and Mary KERINS
THOMPSON, Daniel MALLOY, Mrs. Rose 26 Mar 1925 MAHER, Mrs. Edward and James P. BURKE Revalidation. Remarried during March 1925 Mission. First married before Justice of the Peace
THOMPSON, George W. from St. Louis, MO BAXTER, Sarah 29 Jan 1903 Thompson, James HOWARD, Maria Baxter, James DORGAN, Sarah GROTH, T. A. and Margaret DALTON
THOMPSON, William H. (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in Pittsburgh, PA) REDMOND, Anna (Baptized in St. Mary’s in Mattoon, IL) 14 Sep 1915 Thompson, Howard BROWN, Anna Redmond, Patrick HEFFERAN, Mary MCKANE, Walter J. and Florence Redmond
THULLER, Cecil A. MAULE, Marjorie Mae 20 Oct 1925 DWYER, James and Ruth HESS Mixed religion marriage
TIERMAN, Robert W. (Non-Catholic) from Indianapolis, IN SOUCY, Agnes 4 Jun 1919 Tierman, William M. Not listed, Lusina Soucy, Prosper J. Not listed, Mary Soucy, Marcell J. and Mabel G. Soucy
TIMPER, Edward YATES, Ada (Non-Catholic) 14 Apr 1928 Timper, Bernard HUNDMANN, Elizabeth Yates, Joseph PRANALOVE, Sarah Yates, Philip and Ann TAYLO
TITCHENAL, Edmund T. (Non-Catholic) FRITSCH, Mrs. Amelia 1 Sep 1915 Titchenal, John S. DOOLING, Cat. GLASQUINN, Alfred Fritsch, Earl J. and Miss Winifred O’HALLORAN
TOBIN, Herman KITTINGER, Etta (Non-Catholic) 30 Apr 1907 Tobin, Herman Kittinger, Joseph SCHES, Joseph and Mrs. Joseph Sches Revalidation
TOBIN, Michael from O’Fallon, IL FAHNEY, Anna from Columbia, IL 20 Oct 1905 Tobin, John GTIFFIN, Catharina Fahney, Francis SCHERHOSER, Maria BOOKSTAVER, Thomas and Sophie SCHNEIDER
TOBOONER, Not listed ROLL, Not listed [No date or further information. Appears between 20 Apr and 7 Mar 1923.]
TOJO, Joseph from St. Louis BURKE, Margaret 4 Feb 1925 Tojo, Joseph WEINERT, Lily Burke, John BUTLER, Bridgett CHESTLEY, George and Mary MCAULEY
TOLER, David from Anna, Union County, IL WESLEY, Dolores from Prairie Du Rocher, IL 5 Feb 1921 Toler, William BALLARD, Sara Wesley, John PRESSOR, Lucina O’HALLORAN, M. and Panchita Wesley Mixed religion marriage.
TOOMEY, John J. from St. Louis, MO PARLE, Hazel 26 Nov 1925 Toomey, Michael FOLEY, Julia Parle, Richard BURGESS, Jessie Toomey, Neal and Kathryn FITZPATRICK
TOWNLEY, James Franklin from Chicago SWARTZ, Alberta Harriet 14 Nov 1931 Townley, James SHWARTZ, John and Matilda Swartz Mixed religion marriage
TRAUB, Clarence NAGER, Cecilia B. 4 Apr 1921 Traub, William GA_, Frieda Nager, Joseph KALTERMANN, Marie Traub, Jr., William and Agnes ZEIDLER
TRAUB, William (Non-Catholic) GAN, Maria (Baptized at St. Henry’s in East St. Louis) 17 Jun 1911 Traub, William Gan, Frederick FEENEY, Charles and M. O’HALLORAN Revalidated after 16 years.
TRAUB, William (Non-Catholic) STONE, Maria 21 Apr 1924 Traub, Clarence and Susan SHATTO Mixed religion marriage
TROKEY, Charles HENRY, Dollie (Non-Catholic) 24 Aug 1918 O’HALLORAN, Mary and Winifred O’Halloran
TROKEY, Fabian YORK, Beulah (Non-Catholic) 19 Dec 1931 Trokey, Stephen Not listed, Nora York, William Not listed, Minnie WILSON, Howard and Mary Wilson
TUCKER, Odele from Frederick Str. BEHNEN, Ulainee from 1621 Frederick Str. 31 Jan 1924 BOSCHENREITER, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mixed religion marriage
TURNER, George Edward FICKINGER, Dorothy J. 18 Feb 1925 Turner, George GRABB, Adelia Fickinger, H. PFEIL, Theresa HENDRICKS, Harley and Mildred Fickinger Mixed religion marriage
TURNER, Harry BARTEL, Mary Anna 14 Dec 1930 Turner, Frank PATE, Shellie MCDONNELL, Arthur A. and Mrs. Arthur A. McDonnell
UHTER, William (Non-Catholic; not Baptized) O’NEIL, Bridget 18 Aug 1908 Uhter, Edward and Maria O’Neil First married by Justice of the Peace in Clayton
UNDERWOOD, Robert KENNY, Lucy 1908 Underwood, Robert Kenny, Joseph ENGLISH, John and Margaret FRIEDE [Appears between Jan and April 1908]
URBAN, Francis (Baptized in St. Henry [?]) WEGIENEK, Anna 22 Feb 1918 O’HALLORAN, M. and Winifred O’Halloran Married by a Justice of the Peace over 20 years prior.
VARGO, Stephen WALSH, Helen 17 Oct 1931 Vargo, Peter Not listed, Mary Walsh, William SULLIVAN, Mary Vargo, Joseph and Margaret Walsh
VIEN, Henry Gradey ROGERS, Maria Frances 23 Sep 1924 Vien, Alex S. CHARTRAND, E. Rogers, Jesse A. COURTWRIGHT, E. Vien, Jr., Alex and Edna WALSH
VOLLMAN, John HARRIGAN, Stella 24 Jul 1906 Vollman, J. A. Harrigan, Thomas Harrigan, William and Agnes MAY
VONNAHOME, Carl (Baptized in St. Henry [?] in East St. Louis) PARLE, Loretta (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 12 Sep 1917 Vonnahome, Joseph Parle, Patrick Vonnahome, Chris. S. and Miss Nellie DOYLE
WALSH, Frank from 554 N. 19th MADGE, Blanse (Non-Catholic) 22 Nov 1922 Walsh, Dan DWYER, Catherine Madge, Henry Not listed, Catherine WEILBACHER, George R. and Ada PURTELL
WARD, James L. (Baptized in Cedar Rapids, IA) from Carbondale HARDACRE, Maria from Carbondale Ward, James DUGGAN, Catharina Hardacre, Edgar PRICE, Harriet THOMPSON, R. M. and Mrs. R. M. Thompson
WATSON, Ira (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) O’CONNEL, Alice (Baptized in St. Teresa’s in St. Louis) 16 Jul 1912 Watson, Joseph MEAD, Anna O’Connell, John TIERNEY, Agnes O’Connel, Walter and Maria O’DAY First marriage(s) declared invalid.
WAYLAND, Henry GOGGINS, Etenm 26 Jan 1910 Wayland, Henry Not listed, W. Goggins, Fred CONNELLY, Teresa SAUNDERS, Thomas and A. M. Goggins Mixed religion marriage
WEBBER, Michael P (Non-Catholic) SCULLEY, Irene E. 6 Sep 1919 Webber, Philipp HIRTH, Catharine Sculley, William BRESLYN, Elizabeth VONNAHUES, Chris. S. and Loretta LYONS
WEBER, Albert from 1523 Cleveland Ave. WORMS, Emilia 23 Mar 1905 FISHER, Henry Married in Jan 1904 in St. Louis by Justice of the Peace
WEBER, Herman from Denver, CO BRONNER, Ida J. 28 Jun 1910 Weber, Louis RANSLOTTON, Margaret Bronner, James BRADY, Cat. WALSH, Luke A. and Jossie A. Walsh
WEBSTER, Samuel DOYLE, Nellie 27 Apr 1921 Webster, William ERHARDT, Anna Doyle, Harry LILLIS, Johanna HAYES, Dan. W. and Zoe TURNER
WEISENBORN, John from Waterloo, IL POWDERLY, Viola Marie 26 Apr 1922 Weisenborn, John SCHUETZ, Mary Powderly, John I. DWYER, Jane MOORMANN, T. A. and Mary Dwyer
WEISER, Russell O’BRIEN, Kaises Married in St. Patrick’s Church of East St. Louis during absence of Rev. Bannon. Marriage in St. Patrick’s records. [Appears between 29 Nov 1922 and 8 Jan 1923]
WELKER, Gilbert A. LEIBROCK, Elsie E. 22 Sep 1919 Welker, William O. MOORE, Clara A. Leibrock, Nicholas DWYER, Nellie RONAN, John Kenney and Anna Marie Welker
WENDELL, Clarence STRAUSS, Not listed (Non-Catholic) from St. Louis, MO 27 Dec 1919 Wendell, Harry and Mrs. Harry Wendell
WHALEN, Patrick LANIGAN, Nora Sep 1902 Whalen, John SAMON, Ellena Lanigan, Peter POWERS, Nora MAHER, James and Nellie HARRINGTON Sponsors are from St. Patrick parish
WHITE, Rupert (Convert; Baptized 26 Oct 1918) MCCARTHY, Helen 30 Oct 1918 McCarthy, Dennis Not listed, Eliz. MOORE, Urban and Adele McCarthy
WIEGERS, Edwin JORGENSEN, Gladys (Non-Catholic) 15 Sep 1927 Wiegers, Herman ROTTERING, Mary Jorgensen, Hans HOFFER, Mary MORAN, George and Mildred Jorgensen
WIELAND, George M. MULLANE, Julia Wieland, George ANSTEAD, Ida Mullane, James E. HOLLINGSWORTH, Oma Mullane, James and Mrs. J. Mullane Revalidation. No date; appears between 3 Apr and 24 Jun 1929
WIERSCHEM, William from St. Louis, MO KELLEDY, Catherine (Baptized in Ireland) Wierschem, John BUAR, Tresa Kelledy, Henry GRIMES, Mary Kelledy, James and Anna WEBER [No date; appears between 8 and 15 Apr 1915]
WILLENBERG, Henry (Non-Catholic) MEEHAN, Alice 20 Nov 1905 Willenberg, Ferd. Meehan, J. W. Meehan, J. M. and Irene Meehan
WILLIAMS, Erwin (Non-Catholic) from Indianapolis BERNARD, Mabel (Baptized at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis) 22 May 1932 MAXWELL, Mrs. and William BURKE Revalidation
WILLIAMS, Gilbert (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) COLEMAN, Helen (Non-Catholic) 18 Oct 1930 Williams, Elijah PATE, Hannah Coleman, Robert BLOCKER, Louisa RIGNEY, Harry J. and Amelia Coleman
WILSON, Ellmer (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) KEUHN, Helen (Baptized in St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis) 29 Aug 1916 Wilson, Philip K. SHULTE, Agnes Keuhn, Louis BO_YARD [smudged], Nannette Shulte, C. O. and Bertha M. Shulte Previously married by squire.
WILSON, George W. (Non-Catholic) BAILEY, Alberta 6 Sep 1911 Wilson, William A. HOGUE, Sara Bailey, Albert LUBEY, Johanna Wilson, Alonzo L. and Blanche PHELPS
WINTERMANN, Joseph H. (Baptized in Waterloo) RAPP, Lavine (Baptized in Hecker on 16 Nov) 16 Nov 1910 Wintermann, Henry HEMPE, Caroline Rapp, Valentine KURTZ, Frances Wintermann, Paul A. and Effie M. Rapp
WOOD, Raymond L. PLAPPERT, Loretto 25 Jun 1919 Wood, Charles Not listed, Anna Plappert, William Not listed, Amelia TOUCHETTE, Nelson and Ruth Plappert
WORTHEN, Jr., Frederick (Non-Catholic) RAST, Wilhelmina 26 Jul 1927 Worthen, Fred NATIONS, Mary Rast, Arten WESSEL, Roberta Rast, William and Mona MOYNAHAN
WORTMAN, John from St. Louis, MO TURCOTT, Zoe 10 Jan 1910 Wortman, Henry KOEHNE, May Turcott, Nelson VIGGIE, Hortense Turcott, J. C. and Miss E. VOLK
WOTTOWA, Matthew (Baptized in St. Peter’s or St. Luke’s in Belleville) HANNA, Geraldina (Baptized in St. Mary’s in East St. Louis) 20 Apr 1918 Hanna, George GARVEY, Ellen BOISMENUE, Oscar and Mrs. William THOMAS
WRIGHT, George GOLDEN, Catharina 13 Aug 1913 SEIFERT, Charles and Catharina DALY Revalidation
WRIGHT, John PETRY, Augusta (Non-Catholic) 18 Apr 1932 Wright, Leland QUERNEY, Catherine Petry, August FETREY, Mrs.
WUEST, Philipp (Baptized at Blessed Sacrament in Cincinnati, OH) BLACKERBY, Ruth (Baptized at St. John’s in Moberly, MO) 12 Aug 1912 Wuest, Daniel GRIFFIN, Maria Blackerby, William ENOCHS, Maria KEHOE, Daniel and Mrs. Daniel Kehoe
WYSCARVER, George (Baptized at St. Ann in St. Louis, MO) NIEHOFF, Anna (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1931 Wyscarver, Henry OLDEN, Anna Niehoff, Bernard RINK, Ida BENDER, Otto and Catherine CRANE
YATES, Joseph William (Non-Catholic) from Staffordshire, England MILLER, Martha 30 May 1925 Miller, David and Grace LYNN Married two months prior by a minister.
YATES, Omar FROMME, Catherine 31 Jul 1925 Yates, James and Mrs. James yates Mixed religion marriage.
YOUNG, Rueben (Non-Catholic) from Mt. Vernon, IN BARROW, Evelyn from Cairo, IL 8 Jun 1925 FISHER, Albert and Jenny Barrow Record sent to St. Patrick’s in Cairo, IL
YOUNGHOUSE, Edwin Albert (Baptized in Murphysboro, IL) DIETERLE, Alma Louise (Non-Catholic; Lutheran) from Columbia, IL 28 Dec 1916 Younghouse, Henry DALY, Maggie Dieterle, John DOETTLING, Elizabeth Younghouse, Charlie and Ada Doettling
YOWELL, Russell B. MUELLER, Anna from Lebanon, IL 14 Jan 1920 Yowell, Russell B. ROISON, Anna Mueller, Henry HOHREIN, Anna Mueller, Daniel and Rachel Mueller
ZABEL, Anthony from St. Louis, MO FLANNAGAN, Mary 18 Oct 1922 Zabel, Martin STEIGEN, Mathilda Flannagan, Thomas KEATING, Mary Zabel, L. W. and Margaret Flannagan
ZELSMANN, Edger F. MCDONNELL, Mrs. Frances 4 May 1918 Zelsmann, Henry
ZIMMERMAN, Dygmar COONEY, Irene 9 Jul 1921 Mixed religion marriage
ZITTLE, Henry BURROWS, Maria 1 Jul 1902 Zittle, Andrew WALTZ, Carol. Burrows, Enohi LARENTINE, Maria WELTER, Al and Miss P. ROSENBERGER Sponsors are from St. Henry parish.

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