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St. Joseph (East St. Louis) Catholic Church Baptisms (1902 – 1907)

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NAME BORN Baptized FATHER MOTHER Sponsor Sponsor Comment
AMES, Isabella Clarentia 7 Jun 1906 8 Jul 1906 Ames, Alex BAILEY, Rosa SIMON, William Bailey, Lydo
AMES, John Alex 4 May 1904 22 May 1904 Ames, Alex BAILEY, Rosa PROSSER, Thomas Edward Prosser, Mrs. Thomas Edw. Married Sarah Ann LEONARD (Non-Catholic) 20 Sep 1939 at St. Regis in East St. Louis; married Carlotta SCHUETZ 29 Sep 1962 at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis
ANHAUSER, Mrs. 16 Dec 1906 LEONARD, Dr. Leonard, Mrs. Dr. New convert. Father’s name listed as Anhauser [?]
AUSPRUNG, Louis Anthony 4 Dec 1903 6 Dec 1903 Ausprung, Louis SCHMIEDER, Maria BERTRAND, Francis R. Bertrand, Mrs. F. R.
BALDWIN, Donald Stephen 26 Dec 1905 14 Jan 1906 Baldwin, Dan. A. O’CONNELL, Nona O’Connell, Morris O’Connell, Margaret
BAUCHENS, Catharina Iona 29 Jul 1904 11 Sep 1904 Bauchens, William HORAN, Ellna MEEHAN, Morris Horan, Iona
BAUR, Anthony 19 Oct 1902 23 Nov 1902 Baur, Charles WALLIESER STOLTZ, Anthony Stoltz, Maria
BEIDER, Maria Helen 15 Mar 1906 1 Apr 1906 Beider, John SKIDMON, Cora from Evansville, IN HELMBACHER, Joseph Helmbacher, Mrs.
BERTRAND, Maria Josephena 27 May 1904 12 Jun 1904 Bertrand, Francis BAILEY, Maria Bertrand, Joseph Bailey, Margaret
BISHOP, James Leroy 29 Jul 1902 17 Aug 1902 Bishop, Eugene MELLETT, Adelina SULLIVAN, James J. Sullivan, Mrs. J. J. Married Valentina DONAHUE 24 Jun 1925. First marriage declared null 29 Oct 1946 in Chicago, IL. Married Lottie SHEPPARD 15 May 1975 in St. Joseph Church in Pekin, IL
BOEMER, Cletus James 6 May 1906 Boemer, Albert BOWERS, Julia BUMB, James Bumb, Mrs. [Birth date listed as 19 – 1906]
BOISMENUE, George 22 Jun 1902 20 Jul 1902 Boismenue, George from Cahokia ALLBRIGHT, Catherina TESSIER, Morris Boismenue, Maria
BOISMENUE, Joseph Raymund 14 May 1904 29 May 1904 Boismenue, Eerist [Everist?] CHARTRAND, Louisa Boismenue, James DODSON, Mrs. Maria Married Esther Elizabeth BLECORTT 30 Aug 1942 at St. Joseph Cathedral in San Diego, CA
BORNERT, Aurther (Garrett) 5 Dec 1903 24 Jan 1904 Bornert, Martin STEIERER, Anna AUSSPRUNG, Louis HOSKINS, Mrs. L.
BOWMAN, Francesca Maria 26 Jul 1905 5 Nov 1905 Bowman, C. J. from Kentucky BAIN, Grace from Kentucky MATTINGLY, Alex NAIL, Mrs. H.
BOWMAN, Margaret A. 22 Oct 1904 28 Feb 1905 Bowman, Clarence from Lebanon, KY BAIN, Grace from Lebanon, KY Bowman, Julia
BRAMBLETTE, Albert (Hynes) 4 Jun 1904 8 Jun 1904 Bramblette, John M. SWYER, Louisa BAILEY, Rufus Bailey, Mrs. R.
BRANDT, Charles 11 Nov 1904 15 Jan 1905 Brandt, Henry from Kentucky HIGGINSON, Martha E. From Kentucky DOLAN, Mr. Edward Dolan, Mrs. Edward Married Ethel DUTERLE 29 Aug 1959 at Blessed Sacrament – Revalidation
BRENNAN, Patrick Ludetta 9 Dec 1906 30 Dec 1906 Brennan, Patrick J. COMPTON, Jennie LANG, John L. O’LEARY, Maria Agnes
BRODERICK, Charles Francis 21 Aug 1905 17 Sep 1905 Broderick, Charles F. from Springfield, MO HARDY, Mabel from Springfield, MO SALON, Justin F. Broderick, Mary Ellen
BURG, Louis Johann 1 Apr 1905 16 Apr 1905 Burg, Ludwig LIBARD, Ceclia from Collinsville O’HARE, John DARFADE, Susanna Married Clara HARTMAN 12 Jun 1930 at Sts. Peter and Paul in Collinsville, IL
BURKE, Jane 16 Jun 1905 25 Jun 1905 Burke, Thomas from Chicago MOLONEY, Mary CLIFFORD, Thomas HALPIN, Mrs.
BURNS, John Thomas 5 Jul 1906 11 Jul 1906 Burns, Patrick DENAHY, Maria Burns, James Burns, Mrs. (Proxy Mrs. SULLIVAN)
BUTLER, Maria 16 Jul 1906 29 Jul 1906 Butler, M. J. MCDONALD, Rosella BEGGAN, Phillip Beggan, Mrs. Mary Married William WALSH 18 Aug 1936 at St. Bridget in Chicago
CAMPBELL, William Patrick 23 Nov 1905 17 Dec 1905 Campbell, William LOGAN, Maria from Gladstone BRISTOW, Mrs. Maggie Married Mabel SCOTT 21 Jun 1955 at St. Joseph Hospital
CAREY, Maria 20 Jun 1903 26 Jul 1903 Carey, Michael from Ireland SWEENEY, Catherine from Ireland HUMPHREY, Thomas GORDON, Mrs. M. J.
CARROLL, Francis Avim 24 Jun 1903 2 Aug 1903 Carroll, James GLEASON, Elizabeth MULLIGAN, Donald ALLISON, Emma
CHESLICK, Anthony Paul 27 May 1902 8 Jun 1902 Cheslick, Stephan SIDICK, Sophia WHEATOFF, Zack RUEG, Zella
CLARK, Anna Maria 9 Aug 1906 19 Aug 1906 Clark, Louis STANNERS, Anna from Flora, IL Stanners, Walter Stanners, Miss. M.
COLLINANE, Thomas James 11 Oct 1903 25 Oct 1903 Collinane, Patrick CONLON, Maria HAROLD, William BURKE, Bridget
COLLINS, Alice Francisca 28 Nov 1904 29 Jan 1905 Collins, James from Cincinnati, OH HURLEY, Joanna from England ORR, James ELLIS, Maria
COLLINS, Maria Margaret 11 Oct 1903 Collins, Jerry WALSH, Ellena from Ireland Walsh, John CONNORS, Maria
COLLINS, Stephan 11 Apr 1906 22 Apr 1906 Collins, Jeremiah from Ireland WALSH, Nellie from Ireland Walsh, Edward Walsh, Joanna Married Lucille DEFRATES 14 Apr 1941 [1943?] at Sacred Heart in Dupo
CONNELLY, Robert Joseph 4 Mar 1904 23 Mar 1904 Connelly, William A. HAUSBROUGH, Hellena M. Hausbrough, J. A. Hausbrough, Rebecka
CONWAY, Maria Margaret 10 Jul 1905 30 Jul 1905 Conway, William T. from Boston HARRIS, Maria from St. Louis, MO Harris, F. J. Harris, Mrs. M.
COONAN, Maria 8 Jun 1904 19 Jun 1904 Coonan, Walter JOYCE, Ellena MCDONOUGH, T. J. WALSH, Bridget
COOPER, Maria 12 May 1906 15 May 1906 Cooper, William from St. Louis, MO O’NEILL, Jessie HOPKINS, W. Cooper, Ellen
CRAFT, James Andrew 24 Jan 1904 7 Feb 1904 Craft, James WATSON, Martha B. BOISMENUE, Oscar DEHLER, Josephena
CROWE, Eugene (Brian) 24 May 1904 5 Jun 1904 Crowe, Francis J. O’BRIAN, Nellie A. MANION, Bernard O’Brian, Nora
CULLIGAN, Joseph 8 Jan 1881 14 Jan 1906 MCENERY, Michael MCDONOUGH, Lillian Married Louise GOFF 29 Nov [?] 1931. Parents listed on p. 95
CUSACK, Robert Emmit 22 Oct 1904 30 Oct 1904 Cusack, Peter B. from Ireland FEENEY, Margaret from Cincinnati, OH HANNIFAN, Thomas Hannifan, Mrs. Thomas
DANLDY, Gertrude Ellena 23 Jul 1905 27 Aug 1905 Danldy, Alexander THOMAS, Maria Thomas, Harry SCHMERT, Rosie
DAVIS, Margaret 15 Feb 1906 24 Feb 1906 Davis, R. E. QUINN, Margaret MONAHAN, Francis Monahan, Mrs. Fr.
DEAN, William 12 Jun 1870 24 Dec 1904 Dean, Charles L. from St. Louis JENKS, Gorgia E. from St. Louis TWOHIG, F. J. O’HALLORAN, Frederica New convert
DEGNAN, Phillipp Ignatius 31 Jul 1905 6 Aug 1905 Degnan, Dominic from Ireland KING, May from Ireland King, Michael King, Catherine
DELHER, Agatha 23 Jun 1904 29 Nov 1904 Delher, Joseph MEEHAN, Cora from Mt. Carmel, IL Meehan, Fred BRISTOW, Mrs. M. [See record]
DEPPE, Raymund Francis 21 Mar 1905 26 Mar 1905 Deppe, Fred. E. from St. Louis, MO HOEFFNER, Catharina from St. Louis, MO TISSIER, Francis Hoeffner, Rosa
DRAGGON, Margaret Hellen 4 Mar 1902 19 Mar 1903 Draggon, Louis GILLIGAN, Bridget Gilligan, John Gilligan, Annie
DRUMMOND, Edward 6 Apr 1906 15 Apr 1906 Drummond, William STRENBES, Maria BYKIACH, Joseph STRUHER, Mrs. C. [See record regarding priesthood.]
DRUSE, Maria Ellena 25 Feb 1902 10 Jul 1902 Druse, Francis from Red Bud CLARY, Ellena from Red Bud CAREY, Michael Clarey, Mrs. M.
DUNWORTH, William James 30 Jun 1904 24 Jul 1904 Dunworth, John from Ireland MCANNIFF, Ellena WHITE, Richard White, Mrs. Richard Married Esther SMITH (Non-Catholic) 23 Feb 1938 at St. Peters in Antioch, IL
ENFIELD, Ellena 8 Aug 1903 20 Sep 1903 Enfield, John MARTIN, Maria PEDOLIA, John DAY, Julia
ENGLISH, Daniel Francis 17 Aug 1902 7 Sep 1902 English, Daniel F. WILDER, Ellena Augusta BECKER, Adam HAUSHALTER, Margareta
ENGLISH, James 14 Oct 1902 26 Oct 1902 English, John C. from St. Louis, MO MAHER, Ellena from St. Louis, MO English, Stephan RICE, Jane for Mary Maher Married Catherine NEALON 16 Feb 1926
ERHARDT, John James 18 Apr 1906 13 May 1906 Erhardt, John REET, Winifred ROMAN, R. BROWN, Cr.
EVANS, John 22 Jun 1906 15 Jul 1906 Evans, Victor MCKENZIE, Margaret CLEARY, William McKenzie, Aleashe
FAHEY, John 7 Aug 1904 2 Sep 1906 Fahey, Charles LADNER, Catherine Fahy, James Fahy, Kate
FAHRNER, Agnes Maria 20 Jul 1902 3 Aug 1902 Fahrner, John from Cahokia CHATRAND, Antonetta from Cahokia BOISMENUE, David DAHLER, Josephina
FAHRNER, Charles 30 Jan 1905 19 Feb 1905 Fahrner, John CHARTRAND, Antonia Chartrand, George B. LEHMAN, Paulina
FAHY, James Edward 8 Aug 1906 2 Sep 1906 Fahy, Charles LADNER, Catherine Fahy, James Fahy, Kate
FEHNER, Leonard William 15 Mar 1903 Fehner, Martin AMES, Maria REBSTOCK, Edward MCMURTREY, Clara
FITZPATRICK, Catherina Emilia 30 Nov 1903 6 Dec 1903 Fitzpatrick, John KENSCHERFF, Elizabeth HUDERNESCH, Henry Kenscherff, Emelia
FITZPATRICK, George Patrick 12 Dec 1905 17 Dec 1905 Fitzpatrick, John KINSCHERFF, Elizabeth from Kimpsville, IL Not listed, Patrick PFEIFER, Hellena
FLAIG, Albert (Hanley) 7 Feb 1904 12 Feb 1904 Flaig, Albert H. HAYS, Maria REEDY, Philipp Reedy, Mrs. Phil.
FLANNAGAN, Joseph Emmit 20 Jul 1904 7 Aug 1904 Flannagan, William from Ireland CLAREY, Margaret Flannagan, Milo DELANEY, Margaret
FLANNERY, James 24 Nov 1906 16 Dec 1906 Flannery, James MONTAGNE, Maria Flannery, William MACKEY, Mary Married Alice SHERIDAN 26 Nov 1931
FLORENCE, Maria Ellena 8 Jul 1905 30 Jul 1905 Florence, William from Carlton, MO FAHEY, Mary Fahey, Michael Fahey, Mary
FOLEY, Mrs. Alice 26 Feb 1875 12 Nov 1904 FRITH, Stanfield KISSINGER, Cynthia from Tennessee BRISTOW, Mrs. M.
FOX, Anthony Howard 16 Jun 1905 9 Jul 1905 Fox, Alexander from St. Charles, MO HARSTDANIEL, Maria from St. Charles, MO HOWARD, Alexander Howard, Catherine Married Loretta ROGAN 12 May 1934 at St. Margaret’s in St. Louis
FOX, Maria Alexandria 30 May 1903 28 Jun 1903 Fox, Alexander HORSTDANIEL, Maria from St. Charles, MO HOWARD, John Howard, Lillian
FRICKEY, Maria Amelia 14 Sep 1902 28 Sep 1902 Frickey, Irvin BOISMENUE, Maria Boismenue, James Boismenue, Mrs. J.
FRY, Eugene 18 Feb 1906 Fry, Francis SIEBOLD, Clara Seibold, Henry
GALBRAITH, Mary Eileen 9 Jun 1915 29 Aug 1915 Galbraith, William MCDONALD, Mabel FAY, John WOODS, Abbie [Appears in marriage records on pages 25 and 29. Dated 6 Jan 1937.]
GALLAGHER, Florence Laura 22 Aug 1902 21 Sep 1902 Gallagher, Anthony EMME, Maria FITZGERALD, Dan. KOTZARK, Clara
GANEY, James 15 Dec 1904 1 Jan 1905 Ganey, James FAHARTY, Anna from Ruma Faharty, Patrick Ganey, Mrs. Dan.
GARDNER, Ida 8 Jul 1883 16 Jul 1904 Gardner, Henry WILLIAMS, Susie BOISMENUE, Joseph BOYLE, Mrs. Maria
GEHRS, Maria B. 9 Apr 1903 10 May 1903 Gehrs, Herman from Trenton, IL SANDERS, Maria from Trenton, IL Gehrs, Nicholas LEVELING, Maria
GILLIGAN, Robert Emmit 9 Dec 1902 19 Mar 1903 Gilligan, Martin RUSH, Sara DRAGGON, Louis Gilligan, Mrs. Mary
GLOTTHUAR [Glotthaar], William L. 23 Sep 1903 20 Sep 1903 Glotthuar, Joseph from Trenton, IL THORAND, Tresa from Trenton, IL CHATILLON, Minnie
GONDY, William Arl 30 Aug 1906 15 Sep 1906 Gondy, Eugene MONTINE, Gorgia from Florissant, MO BURGDURFF, Mittie
GOSSETT, Joseph Francis 7 Dec 1905 20 Dec 1905 Gossett, John from Burgville, MO MAHER, Elizabeth from Tiptown, IL Maher, Patrick Maher, Mrs. John Birth date corrected from 4 Dec 1905 25 May 1943. Married Rosalie DAINELL 28 Nov 1944 at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis, IL
GRAYSON, Francis Edward 24 Apr 1905 21 May 1905 Grayson, Edward from St. Louis BERGEN, Maria FAHEY, John Fahey, Maria
GREENE, Joseph 15 May 1904 22 May 1904 Greene, Joseph M. HIGGINS, Lillie Higgins, William Greene, Ethel Married Pearl JORDAN (Baptist) 28 Nov 1936 at St. Mary’s in Houston, TX witnesses: Lionel A. HAWKINS and Rosemary M. Greene. Married Elsie GYLES 29 Jan 1960 at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago
GREENE, Rosa Maria 8 Sep 1905 17 Sep 1905 Greene, James M. [Joseph Michael written above name] from Missouri HIGGINS, Lilian Higgins, Michael Higgins, Margaret Married James BRINSON 31 Oct 1942
HALEY, Catherine 21 Oct 1906 4 Nov 1906 Haley, Filippo MAEHL, Amelia Haley, Thomas Haley, Madge
HALLORAN, Eugene 1 Sep 1906 23 Sep 1906 Halloran, Eugene DELLAHUNTY, Bridget WOODS, John PRINDALILA, Mrs. D.
HALPIN, Edward Timothy 27 Nov 1906 6 Dec 1906 Halpin, Daniel MCEVAY, Elizabeth Agnes Halpin, John DOWNEY, Mrs. Maria Married Marion HAGGERTY 17 Jun 1939 at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis
HANLON, William 14 Nov 1902 7 Dec 1902 Hanlon, Michael CONWAY, Maria Conway, John Hanlon, Maria
HARTMAN, Joseph 24 May 1904 19 Jun 1904 Hartman, Joseph from Alton MITCHELL, Ellanore from Alton MCDERMOTT, Joseph E. GILLIGAN, Margaret E.
HARTNETT, John 16 Oct 1904 6 Nov 1904 Hartnett, Richard from Boston, MA DORSEY, Lena from Delaware Hartnett, John Hartnett, Annie Married Florence CLEARY 12 Sep 1927 at Sacred Heart in Wilmington, DE
HELLMAN, Carolina Catharina 25 Oct 1904 30 Oct 1904 Hellman, Charles from Effingham, IL WERNSING, Elizabeth from Teutopolis, IL SLAVIN, Dennis Slavin, Mrs. D. Married E. Eugene PARIDY 15 May 1926 at the Rock Church in St. Louis, MO. Witnesses: Thomas STANFORD and Amanda MERSINGER
HEROLD, John Aloysius 15 Nov 1902 23 Nov 1902 Herold, Edward ROLF, Tresa Herold, John and Fred Rolf Rolf, Josephina
HIGGINS, John 8 Oct 1906 21 Oct 1906 Higgins, Thomas COYLE, Annie from St. Louis, MO MCNAMENEE, John Higgins, Margaret
HOFFMANN, George 4 Apr 1904 28 Aug 1904 Hoffmann, John from Indiana MCDONALD, Maria KROEGER, Bernard Hoffmann, Mary Married Marie CAREY 17 Jun 1926 at Holy Angels in East St. Louis, IL
HOLPIN, George Alphonse 30 Oct 1902 16 Nov 1902 Holpin, Thomas MALONEY, Anna MURPHY, James Murphy, Mrs. J. Married Claire BOLTE Apr 1925 at St. Patricks in Decatur, IL
HOPKINS, Joseph 20 Aug 1903 20 Sep 1903 Hopkins, James W. MCQUAID, Rosa TROY, Joseph Troy, Mrs. Jos.
HUBERT, Catharine Elizabeth 29 Apr 1903 3 May 1903 Hubert, Nicholas HOSLER, Lena Hubert, Lawrence YANNKER, Elizabeth
HUBERT, Thomas Lawrence 29 Dec 1906 6 Jan 1907 Hubert, Nicholas HANSLER, Hellena Hubert, Lawrence MCHALE, Maria Married Arlynn PULSING 15 Oct 1931 at St. Elizabeth
HUEGLE, Lillian Cecelia 18 Sep 1904 9 Oct 1904 Huegle, Anthony from Red Bud, IL BOISMENUE, Adel Boismenue, James HOGEN, Lillie
HYLAND, Thomas Raymond 21 Nov 1904 4 Dec 1904 Hyland, Patrick DOOLEY, Maria O’NEIL, William SMALL, Mrs. Thomas Married Marie CURRIE 29 Jun 1929
INGRAM, William Thomas 23 May 1903 26 Jul 1903 Ingram, Albert COUGHIN, Anna FRANKE, Nicholas HAMAUGE, Catherine
JAMES, Charles Henry 13 May 1904 7 Aug 1904 James, Stephan ALLGOT, Cora James, Edward ROBSTOCK, Josephina
JAMES, Susana Martha 25 Sep 1904 16 Oct 1904 James, Leo A. MCHUGH, Jennetta M. from Collinsville James, Edward James, Catherina
KEARNS, Thelma Elizabeth 3 Jun 1902 22 Jun 1902 Kearns, Edward O’NEIL, Anna THOMAS, William Thomas, Mrs. William
KEEFE, Hellena Elizabeth 20 Nov 1904 27 Nov 1904 Keefe, David E. from Bunker Hill, IL ELIN, Jennie from Philadelphia Keefe, John Keefe, Mrs. Maria
KEELEY, James Francis 2 Jun 1903 14 Jun 1903 Keeley, John CLARK, Delia COONAN, Walter DELANEY, Miss Mary Married Helen HALL NILES 29 Jan 1954
KELLEY, John Edward 24 Sep 1904 9 Oct 1904 Kelley, John E. from Chicago YOUNG, Lillie from Chicago Kelley, Thomas LAUGHLIN, Julia
KELLY, Edward John 26 Jun 1906 27 Jun 1906 Kelly, Joseph BOYLE, Margaret Boyle, Edward HENTZ, Catharina
KEVER, William 8 Jul 1904 28 Aug 1904 Kever, John from DuQuoin JONES, Ada from England Kever, James Kever, Maria
KIENZLE, Margaret Agnes 10 Sep 1906 23 Sep 1906 Kienzle, August SCULLY, Agnes PALIS, David G. R. Scully, Hannah Staite Married Theodore BEUDLEY [?] 23 Nov 1929
KIPPENBERGER, Jerome Francis 29 Feb 1904 13 Mar 1904 Kippenberger, Jerome from St. Louis, MO SCHLOSS, Francisca from St. Louis, MO Schloss, Francis WEIPEL, Elizabeth Married Mary WINTERER 14 Jun 1933 at St. Vincent in St. Louis, MO
KOOPMAN, Hellena Meta 21 Jan 1905 23 Apr 1905 Koopman, Frederick SMITH, Margaret CONNOR, William Connor, Maria
KOOPMANN, Catherina 5 Apr 1903 18 Nov 1903 Koopmann, Fred SMITH, Margaret Smith, James Smith, Mrs. Catherina
KUPER, William Charles [?] 28 Jan 1906 4 Feb 1906 Kuper, Edward DEVAIN, Margaret Kuper, Francis Kuper, Amelia
KURRIS, L. Anna 23 Mar 1905 26 Mar 1905 Kurris, Frederic CHAPUT, Elizabeth DRUMMOND, Margaret
LADENDECKER, Margaret 25 Apr 1906 13 May 1906 Ladendecker, Joseph from Pinckneyville STARK, Anna from Belleville, IL GRAY, John Stark, Elizabeth
LAUX, Anna 1 Feb 1879 31 May 1904 Laux, Henry from Carlyle YEORGENS, Sophia from Carlyle SCHEFF, Francis SCHROEDER, Catherina
LAUX, Emelia 25 Dec 1875 28 May 1904 Laux, Henry from Carlyle YEORGENS, Sophia from Carlyle KOELKER, Henry Koelker, Catherina [Note birth year is listed as 1975.]
LAW, George Michael 7 Jan 1906 20 Jan 1906 Law, George from Red Bud, IL FAHERTY, Jane from Ruma GANEY, James BROCKMEYER, Catharine
LEDBETTER, James 24 Jul 1906 5 Aug 1906 Ledbetter, James SAUGET, Josephine TROMBLEY, William Sauget, Louisa
LOISEAU, Louis Edward 17 Aug 1906 2 Sep 1906 Loiseau, Henry Edward HEBERT, Maria Louise HERBERT, John Edwin DAMARST, Viola
LUSCOMB, Edwin 24 Mar 1904 24 Apr 1904 Luscomb, Charles S. MCEVILLY, Margaret THOMAS, Henry SMITH, Margaret
MACE, Josephina Maria [Twin] 11 Jun 1905 25 Jun 1905 Mace, Francis from Maryland SUMMERS, Cora from Maryland Mace, Leon MAXWELL, Mrs. Charles Married Charles R. LOVE of Baltimore, OH 12 Feb 1926
MACE, Maria Louisa [Twin] 11 Jun 1905 25 Jun 1905 Mace, Francis from Maryland SUMMERS, Cora from Maryland Mace, Leon MAXWELL, Mrs. Charles
MAHER, Anastasia 8 Jan 1905 22 Jan 1905 Maher, James WHALEN, Maria WHALON, John E. JORDAN, Catharina Married William FISCHER 5 Jun 1928. William died 13 Aug 1939. Married Alfred SCHMITZ 23 Nov 1944.
MAHER, James 20 May 1906 27 May 1906 Maher, James from Raymond, IL DILLON, Nellie from Shipman, IL Maher, Thomas DILLON, Annie
MAHER, John James 26 Mar 1903 5 Apr 1903 Maher, James WHALEN, Maria MEEHAN, Cornelius Meehan, Mrs. C.
MANN, Maria 1867 20 Feb 1905 JONES, Israel from Rockwood, IL PUTMAN, Maria from Rockwood, IL TWOHIG, F. J. CHESLICK, Francisca
MASIRANG, Paul 18 May 1906 3 Jun 1906 Masirang, George LUESSE, Catharina from Missouri LEWIS, Fred BROWN, Mrs. Anna
MCBRIDE, Charles Peter 17 Dec 1904 25 Dec 1904 McBride, Neil from Ireland MURPHY, Elizabeth from Ireland CUSOCK, P. B. Murphy, Catharina Married Lila Belle DOUR 2 Oct 1942 at St. Matthews in St. Louis, MO
MCCONLEY, Maria Euphronia 17 Apr 1903 26 Apr 1903 McConley, William Not listed, Margaret MCDOWD, John Not listed, Mary
MCCORMICK, Cecelia Francisca 29 Jan 1904 22 Mar 1904 McCormick, James Joseph MURPHY, Elizabeth Murphy, William STERNS, Mrs. Josephena
MCDONALD, Viola Adel 8 Jul 1903 19 Jul 1903 McDonald, Arther BENTON, Elizabeth CROWE, Thomas F. Benton, Mrs. Anna Married Chas. PRICE (Non-Catholic) 18 Aug 1934
MCDONNELL, Maria Cecelia 31 Aug 1904 4 Sep 1904 McDonnell, Arthur BENTON, Elizabeth from St. Louis, MO Benton, William McDonnell, Maria
MCHALE, Anna 8 Oct 1904 23 Oct 1904 McHale, Francis REGAN, Rosa from Louisville, KY FLYNN, Edward McHale, Alice
MCKENNY, Elizabeth 18 Mar 1906 22 Apr 1906 McKenny, Joseph from Cairo, MO CANNON, Margaret from Moberly, MO HOPKINS, Mrs. James
MEEHAN, Johann Sullivan 8 Jun 1902 22 Jun 1902 Meehan, William A. from Chicago, IL SULLIVAN, Margaret F. From Chicago, IL O’SULLIVAN, D. J. Sullivan, Catherine
MEEHAN, Maria Agnes 17 Nov 1902 30 Nov 1902 Meehan, Cornelius WHALEN, Elizabeth Whalen, Thomas MAHER, Mrs. Maria
MEYERS, Emma 9 Aug 1877 23 Dec 1903 Meyers, Peter from Belleville GAN, Margaret from Belleville SULLIVAN, Sr., John DELANEY, Mrs. Margaret
MONTGOMERY, Dorothea Louisa 3 Sep 1902 19 Oct 1902 Montgomery, Richard WOODS, Louisa from Ruma Montgomery, Mrs. J.
MONTGOMERY, Joseph Francis 8 Oct 1905 14 Oct 1905 Montgomery, Francis DELANEY, Margaret GARDNER, Stephen John Delaney, Mary
MOONEY, James 28 May 1903 5 Jul 1903 Mooney, Edward HURLEY, Catharina DOHERTY, Michael MCGEEHAN, Maria
MORIARTY, Susanna Bridget 20 Jul 1905 13 Aug 1905 Moriarty, Milone GARDNER, Ida MARTIN, Oliver Martin, Lizzie Married George ROBERTSON 16 Aug 1930
MORTON, Catherine Maria 8 May 1904 22 May 1904 Morton, Robert MCHEARNEY, Nora McHearney, John McHearney, Anna
MULLIGAN, James L. 9 Nov 1904 20 Nov 1904 Mulligan, James from Schipman [Shipman], IL DRISCOLL, Josephine CONATY, Peter Conaty, Mrs. Peter Married Larine GUSE (Non-Catholic) at Waterloo, IL
MULLIGAN, Maria Loretta 23 Jul 1903 2 Aug 1903 Mulligan, Donald DAMBACH, Gertrude from Indiana WEBER, Albert BUTLER, Rosa Married Clifford E. HODE (Non-Catholic) 27 Oct 1923 at St. John’s in Columbus, OH
MURPHY, Elizabeth 8 Aug 1904 21 Aug 1904 Murphy, Charles from Ireland ALLINGHAM, Martha from Ireland LENNON, Robert Allingham, Mrs.
NAIL, Daniel 11 Aug 1873 24 Dec 1904 Nail Henry from Jerseyville, IL LEIGH, Rosa from Jerseyville, IL TWOHIG, F. J. DILLON, Hellena New convert
NASH, Joseph Henry 10 Sep 1906 30 Sep 1906 Nash, Joseph Henry SCHEYTT, Othelia J. Nash, Francis Nash, Mrs. J. W.
NORCOM, Ruth A. 12 Dec 1904 5 Mar 1905 Norcom, Robert B. NEUNZERING, Josephina Norcom, Alfred CONERY, Louisa N. [See record]
O’CONNELL, Edward 10 Jul 1906 29 Jul 1906 O’Connell, Edward STONE, Carrie WATSON, J. E. O’Connell, Alice
O’DONNELL, Maria 14 Aug 1906 19 Aug 1906 O’Donnell, Timothy from Ireland KING, Nora from Ireland King, Michael DEGNAN, Mrs. D.
O’LEARY, Daniel William 15 Aug 1904 4 Sep 1904 O’Leary, Daniel from Tiptown, IL COLLINS, Catherina from Ireland O’Leary, John Collins, Mrs. Jerry
O’LEARY, Edward Francis 25 Aug 1906 23 Sep 1906 O’Leary, Daniel COLMAN [Collins written above], Catherina BURKE, Richard KINSELLA, Veronica
O’LEARY, Maria Alvennetta 24 Jun 1903 5 Jul 1903 O’Leary, John LEAHEY, Maria Leahey, James Leahey, Elizabeth Married Arnold VAIRZER 2 Jun 1930 at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis
O’LEARY, Stephen Michael 21 Apr 1903 24 May 1903 O’Leary, Daniel COLLINS, Catharina Collins, John WALSH, Johanna Married Marg JACOBSMEYER 18 Sep 1934 at St. Michael in Webster Groves, MO
O’NEILL, John Marvin 26 Aug 1905 10 Sep 1905 O’Neill, John CONWAY, Maria SCULLY, Edward TOUS ___ NT, Margaret [Name smudged] Confirmed at St. Margaret’s in St. Louis, MO 18 May 1952
O’ROURKE, Joseph Henry 24 Aug 1902 14 Sep 1902 O’Rourke, Anthony CULP, Elizabeth HOLTON, Johann Holton, Elizabeth
O’ROURKE, Maria Ellen 6 Jun 1906 10 Jun 1906 O’Rourke, Anthony CULP, Lillian FRICKE, Irvin Fricke, Julia
PAIRN, Alice Margaret 25 Jun 1905 Pairn, John from St. Louis, MO DODDY, Nellie from St. Louis, MO GAMACHE, Ambrose Doddy, Margaret
PAJARES, Laura Lanceal 7 Jan 1903 15 Feb 1903 Pajares, George STEPHENS, Ezibela MCMIHAL [McMichael?], William HOSKINS, Mrs. L. Married Robert E. HOLDENRIET 16 Feb 1974 at Holt Family in St. Louis, MO
PANLEY, George 22 Sep 1902 28 Sep 1902 Panley, Peter from St. Louis, MO DAUCHMAN, Lena BELL, George SCHONDER, Hilda
PHELAN, Maria Elizabeth 13 Nov 1905 26 Nov 1905 Phelan, James CARROLL, Katie Carroll, Timothy WHALAN, Maria E.
PIDGEON, John Michael 1 May 1903 10 May 1903 Pidgeon, John S. WALSH, Elizabeth MCCARTY, William Walsh, Ellena
PIDGEON, Maria Catharine 20 Jan 1905 5 Feb 1905 Pidgeon, John S. WALSH, Elizabeth GIDNEY, Walter M. SMITH, George Married Michael KEELEY 28 Nov 1929 at St. Elizabeth
PIERRON, Maria Dorothea 11 Jun 1905 25 Jun 1905 Pierron, Francis VIEN, Dora from Cahokia FISHER, Pat. H. Fisher, Mrs. P. H. Married Earl SCHRADER (Non-Catholic) 26 Apr 1930 at St. Joseph’s in Granite City, IL
POWELL, Agnes 4 Feb 1905 28 Aug 1905 Powell, John from Mobile, AL APPLEMAN, Ellen E. HOPKINS, Mrs. James
POWELL, Rosa 30 Jun 1900 28 Aug 1905 Powell, John from Mobile, AL APPLEMAN, Ellen E. CANNON, Mrs. Mary Married Jesse HURSE 24 Apr 1954 at St. Philip’s in East St. Louis. Birth date is written as 31 Jun 1900
POWELL, William 11 Aug 1902 28 Aug 1905 Powell, John from Mobile, AL APPLEMAN, Ellen E. GROGAN, May
POWER, Anastasia 3 May 1906 13 May 1906 Power, John O’CONNOR, A. Power, Thomas FARRISTAL, Maria Married Daniel O’SULLIVAN 31 Dec 1930
PROSSER, Joseph R. 10 Dec 1902 28 Dec 1902 Prosser, Thomas Edward MAIER, Carrie BUND, Joseph Bund, Mrs. Joseph
PROSSER, Maria Helena 22 May 1905 12 Jun 1905 Prosser, Thomas E. from Ohio MAIER, Caria from Ohio THOMAS, William Thomas, Mrs. William
PURSON, William Rolla 10 Sep 1906 16 Dec 1906 Purson, Charles TRABLES, Bridget MCENCROE, John BURKE, Mrs. William
PURVIANCE, Charles (Milton) 21 Feb 1904 13 Mar 1904 Purviance, Charles M. SULLIVAN, Catherina C. Sullivan, P. M. WARD, Mrs. Ellena
PURVIANCE, William Harold 26 Apr 1906 30 May 1906 Purviance, Ch. From Kansas SULLIVAN, Catharina HIGGINS, Thomas Higgins, Mrs. T.
RAMSEY, Maria 25 Oct 1885 24 Dec 1904 Ramsey, George from Xenia, OH PHILLIPS, Amanda from Xenia, OH TWOHIG, F. J. New convert
REDMOND, Julia 11 Jan 1904 21 Feb 1904 Redmond, Patrick HEFFERAN, Maria PAGE, James FAHEY, Maria
REEVES, Margaret Magdaline 29 Jun 1906 22 Jul 1906 Reeves, John J. from Tennessee MCGRATH, Margaret STICKFORD, Mr. Thomas Stickford, Mrs. Thomas Married Fred H. JANER 11 Jul 1935 at Holy Nar. In Los Angeles, CA
REYNOLDS, Joseph Maynard 13 Mar 1905 26 Mar 1905 Reynolds, William from Warrenton, MO JAEGER, Francisca J. from St. Louis, MO MORGAN, Daniel Reynolds, Laura
RIELLY, Viola Francisca 25 Oct 1903 15 Nov 1903 Rielly, William J. from St. Louis, MO SCEIVERS, Josephine from St. Louis, MO HOGAN, John J. WALSH, Catherina
ROWE, Margaret Cecelia 19 Apr 1906 29 Apr 1906 Rowe, Herman B. BURNS, Marg. E. from St. Louis, MO Burns, John COONES, Marg.
RUNGE, Francis 7 Jun 1894 17 Feb 1906 Runge, Francis BOES, Maria O’HALLORAN, Maria O’Halloran, Winnie
RUNGE, Lillian 4 Apr 1896 17 Feb 1906 Runge, Francis BOES, Maria O’HALLORAN, Maria O’Halloran, Winnie
RUNGE, Maria 22 Jun 1899 17 Feb 1906 Runge, Francis BOES, Maria O’HALLORAN, Maria O’Halloran, Winnie
SAUCY, John Clovem 10 Apr 1903 10 May 1903 Saucy, Prosper J. SAMPLE, Maria from St. Louis ENGLISH, John C. English, Mrs. J. C. Married Catherine MCKINNEY [Deceased] 16 Sep 1930. Married Alice VINER 7 Jan 1978 at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL -validation
SAUGET, Louvena Virginia 4 Dec 1904 18 Dec 1904 Sauget, Lucien from Cahokia ROUYARD, Lucia from Cahokia Rouyard, Arson Sauget, Josephina Married John Henry RABBE (Non-Catholic) 13 Aug 1943 at St. Boniface in Peoria, IL. Death records of both parties’ spouses obtained. Her first marriage was to Mr. JUSTUS. Revalidation of marriage to Karl V. GUTSCHER on 13 Feb 1962 at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL
SCHEICH, Cecilia Elizabeth 17 Dec 1905 14 Jan 1906 Scheich, Louis REGELMANN, Maria LUX, Amiel Regelmann, Elizabeth
SCHUCH, Cecelia Paulena [Twin] 8 Aug 1903 24 Aug 1903 Schuch, Henry HOGAN, Maria QUINN, Michael WOODS, Mrs. Anna
SCHUCH, Henry [Twin] 8 Aug 1903 24 Aug 1903 Schuch, Henry HOGAN, Maria QUINN, Michael TOWNSEND, Mrs. J.
SCOTT, Lyda Maria Augusta 28 Jul 1905 6 Aug 1905 Scott, Roy C. from Pennsylvania SCHLATTWEILER, Augusta MULLER, Mr. Jl. E. Muller, Mrs. E.
SHEA, Anna Maria 2 Feb 1904 28 Mar 1904 Shea, Dennis STACK, Margaret from Alton Stack, Edward Stack, Mary A. Married Ernest HOLDENER, 29 Jul 1929
SHEA, Catherine Maria 12 Sep 1902 28 Sep 1902 Shea, Dennis STOCK, Margaret DEVANEY, Thomas Stock, Catherina
SKEEN, Genevieve 9 Jun 1904 28 Aug 1904 Skeen, Marion (Mitchell M.) SHAUGHNESSY, Jennie from St. Louis, MO DICKMANN, William Shaughnessy, Annie Married as Marie Skeen to Herbert YOUNGSTRONE 24 Jan 1937 at St. Rose in St. Louis, MO
SMALL, Elizabeth 2 Sep 1904 11 Sep 1904 Small, Thomas DOOLEY, Catharina HYLAND, Patrick ALBETERSON, Maria
STADEN, James Leon 8 Oct 1902 26 Oct 1902 Staden, James DONAVAN, Maria DETTEMEIER, William Dettemeier, Anna
STEMMER, Joseph Francis 21 May 1902 8 Jun 1902 Stemmer, Joseph SULLIVAN, Johanna HESS, Stephan Sullivan, Julia
STEMMER, Thomas (Roy) 2 Jan 1904 24 Jan 1904 Stemmer, Joseph SULLIVAN, Johanna Sullivan, Thos. Jos. AVAULT, Margaret A.
STEMMER, Vincent Lawrence 15 Sep 1906 Stemmer, Joseph from Granite City SULLIVAN [Written as Sulliv-an], Johanna COLLINS, Andrew J. Stemmer, Agnes Birth date written as 5th ’06
STETZNEN, George Martin 17 Aug 1904 4 Sep 1904 Stetznen, George from Missouri HUMBACH, Louisa O’LEARY, Dan and Martin SUCH Humbach, Sophia Married Nora SLACK 28 Nov 1936 in Belleville, IL
STICKFORD, Charles E. 31 Dec 1905 20 Jan 1906 Stickford, Charles TRACEY, Catharine HOGAN, John J. MCGRAW, Myra Married Mary Elizabeth MELALEC 9 Apr 1932 at St. Louis Cathedral
STICKFORD, Ellena Catharina 27 Jan 1903 8 Feb 1903 Stickford, Charles TRACY, Catharina CURY, Patrick HOGAN, Margaret Married Alvin FIELDS 30 Jul 1924 at St. Joseph’s in Granite City, IL. Witnesses: Francis Fields and Mary Stickford
STRICKER, Josephine Marie 2 Oct 1905 14 Oct 1905 Stricker, Henry from Nashville BRANDEWIEDE, May from Newton, KY Brandewiede, Catherine [Original name of Maria Catherine crossed out.]
SULLIVAN, Eugene 31 Mar 1906 15 Apr 1906 Sullivan, Patrick DENINEEN, Nellie O’BRIEN, James CONNORS, Maria
SULLIVAN, Richard John 29 Nov 1906 16 Dec 1906 Sullivan, Daniel HUEFNER, Annie Huefner, Otto Huefner, Mrs.
SULLIVAN, Robert Gregory 21 Mar 1905 26 Mar 1905 Sullivan, John L. HYLAND, Maria from St. Louis DIEDRICH, Al. Diedrich, Mrs. Al.
SULLIVAN, Sebastian (Malcum) 24 Jan 1904 Sullivan, John L. HYLAND, Maria T. from St. Louis Sullivan, William M. COOWAN, Adelaide
SULLIVAN, Thomas 1 Mar 1905 12 Mar 1905 Sullivan, Daniel HEFFENER, Anna Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Louisa
SULLIVAN, Thomas Joseph 4 Jun 1904 26 Jun 1904 Sullivan, Patrick from Ireland DINEEN, Ellena from Ireland GREEN, Timothy BURKE, Mrs. John
SUTTER, Everest Anton [Twin] 29 Mar 1904 8 May 1904 Sutter, John VIZEN, Susanna JERMAIN, Julius GLOTTEAN, Rosanna
SUTTER, Joseph Edward [Twin] 29 Mar 1904 8 May 1904 Sutter, John VIZEN, Susanna WHALEN, P. J. Whalen, Mrs. P. J.
SWANK, Helena Maria 19 Aug 1905 10 Sep 1905 Swank, John from Missouri TRACY, Nellie from Minnesota CURRY, Pat Tracy, Mary
SWYER, David Edwin 15 Jul 1904 7 Aug 1904 Swyer, David TOURVILLE, Agnes from Belleville Swyer, Francis PARADY, Mrs. Elizabeth
TAYON, John F. 31 Oct 1904 20 Nov 1904 Tayon, John J. POHL, Josephena from St. Louis, MO Tayon, John Pohl, Maria
THOMAS, Charles Clement 12 Jul 1904 7 Aug 1904 Thomas, Valentin from Ohio ALLISON, Salome from Ohio REDMOND, Francis GRAY, Lucia
THOMAS, Edward Harold 5 Aug 1902 31 Aug 1902 Thomas, Volley L. ALLISON, Saloma HOLIEN, James Holien, Mrs. J.
THOMAS, Eugene Joseph 14 Mar 1905 26 Mar 1905 Thomas, William from Zanesville, OH SCHOLL, Ida from Zanesville, OH PLEVER, William Plever, Mrs. William
THOMAS, Hubert Francis 14 Oct 1906 4 Nov 1906 Thomas, William H. SCHOLL, Ida FAY, Leo Fay, Ruth Married Loretta ZABAWA 12 Nov 1936
THOMPSON, Edward James 19 Oct 1906 28 Oct 1906 Thompson, George W. BAXTER, Sarah Baxter, Bartholomew DARGON, Paulina
THOMPSON, Joseph 21 Aug 1905 28 Aug 1905 Thompson, George W. from St. Louis, MO BAXTER, Sarah Baxter, James O’CONNELL, Nora
THOMPSON, Maria Elizabeth 14 Dec 1905 3 Jan 1906 Thompson, Howard from Pennsylvania BROWN, Annie from Pennsylvania GROGAN, Thomas Grogan, Miss Annie
THOMPSON, Maria Veronica 2 Apr 1904 10 Apr 1904 Thompson, Georgie W. from St. Louis, MO BAXTER, Sarah Baxter, James LEFICOVITALE, Maria
TOUCHETTE, Camille 16 Sep 1903 18 Oct 1903 Touchette, Camille GODIN, Cora Godin, Lawrence MONTINE, Myrtle
TREBBIE, Annie W. 7 Apr 1903 10 May 1903 Trebbie, Fred. Albert MORIARTY, Annie Moriarty, Mylo BOYLE, Mrs. Maria
TROY, James (O’HARA) 24 Jan 1903 22 Feb 1903 Troy, Joseph A. O’HARA, Ellena HOPKINS, Charles Hopkins, Mrs. C.
TROY, Thomas Raymond 20 Mar 1906 15 Apr 1906 Troy, Joseph O’HARE, Ellen HOPKINS, John Hopkins, Mrs. J. (Proxy)
VINCON, Eugene 18 Jun 1906 24 Jun 1906 Vinson, Gus B. SAUCIER, Inez Maaud Saucier, E. R. LABARGE, Christina
WAGNER, Margaret 9 Sep 1903 20 Sep 1903 Wagner, Joseph HOGAN, Catherina BOLGER, James Bolger, Catherina
WALSH, Lawrence Eugene 7 Jul 1906 15 Jul 1906 Walsh, Thomas from Ireland SUGRUE, Hannah from Ireland GRIFFIN, Richard O’CONNELL, Margaret Baptism date of 15 Jul crossed out and replaced with 22 June.
WALSH, William Francis 12 Apr 1904 24 Apr 1904 Walsh, William from St. Louis, MO DRAGGON, Margaret Draggon, Edward GEROLD, Mrs. Mary Married Marie DAHM 9 Nov 1827 at Blessed Sacrament in Belleville, IL
WALTER, Joseph Henry 8 Sep 1906 15 Sep 1906 Walter, William BONEAU, Maria A. from French Village SATER, H. A. Boneau, Mrs. Odilli
WEBER, Edward 25 Mar 1905 30 Apr 1905 Weber, Edward WARMS, Emilia from St. Louis REID, George BRESNEHAN, Rosa
WENKFIELD, Cordelia (24y) 5 May 1882 18 May 1906 Wenkfield, Willis from Newton, IL GREENWOOD, L. LEONARD, Mrs. Dr. Leonard, Mrs. Dr. New convert
WESLEY, Francisca P. 20 Oct 1902 2 Nov 1902 Wesley, John BREWER, Lucinda FOX, Joseph MUDD, Maria J.
WESSEL, Anna Ellen 7 Jan 1893 21 Jun 1906 Wessel, Henry Not listed, Julia BOISMENUE, Clyde WHALEN, Nona
WIMBER, John 18 Dec 1904 5 Feb 1905 Wimber, John from Sharpbergense, PA SCHEWNAK, Amanda from Missouri THOMSON, Howard ATSCHATI, Maria
WITT, Cecelia Catherine 25 Jun 1905 2 Jul 1905 Witt, Francis from Belleville RIESENBERGER, Margaret from Belleville BURNS, Daniel Burns, Mrs. Dan Married James REEDY 28 Nov 1929

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