St. Henry (East St. Louis) Catholic Church Marriages (1867 – 1931)

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Groom and Groom Location Bride and Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADLER, Hubert (22y) KRONE, Christina (18y) 4 Sep 1870 Adler, Francis GEPPERT, Elisabeth Krone, Francis HILGENDORF, Elisabeth SCHRADER, Heinrich and Wilhelmina Krone
ADLER, Wilhelm T. (24y) STRAUB, Anna K. (Non-Catholic, 19y) 17 Aug 1886 Adler, Henry KLENN, Theresa Straub, Carl BUSE, Maria SCHLATTWEILER, Philipp and Susanna Adler
AIKEN, William MEYER, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1913 Aiken, Monroe VISE, Esther Meyer, Henry KUEHN, Sophia Meyer, Will and Louisa ADELSBERGER
ALBRECHT, Heinrich WIEGAND, Theresa 28 Apr 1868 Albrecht, Jacob GERDES, Francisca Wiegand, Georg Not listed, Elisabeth NAUROTH, Christian and Ludwig GROSS
ALBRECHT, Henry SULLIVAN, Mrs. Jessie B. 22 Jun 1908 Albrecht, Henry WIEGAND, Theresa PUTNAM, Wheeler FERGUSON, Louisa BRICKLER, George W. and Mrs. Theo HEMMERMANN
ALBRECHT, Henry MAULE, Lucille (From Belleville, IL) 22 Dec 1919 Albrecht, Henry LEHMANN, Ida Maule, Frank TAYLOR, Elisabeth KECTH, G. G. and Gertrude Albrecht Mixed religion marriage.
ALBRECHT, Henry (22y) LEHMANN, Ida (Non-Catholic, 18y) 5 Aug 1896 Albrecht, Henry WIEGAND, Theresa Lehmann, Gustav BRUNNER, Maria GUNDLACH, A. and Louisa GROSS
ALLEN, Benjamin (Non-Catholic from Carlyle, IL) HAAG, Maria A. (From Carlyle, IL) 11 Nov 1909 Allen, William ROGERS, Grace Haag, Alexander SCHMIDT, William ADAMS, Rev. F. M. and Rev. Joseph JORDAN
ALLEN, Samuel (From Carondelet, MO) KRATZMEYER, Clara (From St. Marie, IL) 14 May 1907 Allen, Samuel WATTS, Elisabeth Kratzmeyer, Ignatius SCHIEB, Catharina SCHAFFNER, Andrew and Anna Allen
AMES, Jacob (25y) MC GRORY, Maria (18y) 16 Oct 1901 Ames, W. D. HEARCY, Dora Mc Grory, Hugh M. BUCK, Maria TINTLE, Wilhelm and Maria KEYS
AMES, James MCGRORY, Maria 16 Oct 1871 Ames, W. D. HEARZ, Dora Mc Grory, Q. BUCK, Maria [This entry is on an added piece of paper and this entry is repeated in 1901.]
AMLUNG, Leo J. (From Belleville, IL) HANKS, Lora M. 15 Oct 1924 Amlung, Jacob BOWLES, Mary Hanks, Edward ABLEY, Margaret WILLIAMS, James A. and Olive MAHOOD
ANDERSON, Harry (22y) SCHMIDT, Margaretha (19y) 20 Dec 1883 Anderson, Hiram JENKS, Odelia Schmidt, Conrad REMME, Carolina ZITTEL, Charles and Charles RITTER
ANDREWS, Carl O. (From Trinidad, Col.) BENNER, Agnes 28 Jul 1910 Andrews, Truman GRICE, Henrietta Benner, John BLERSCHE, Anastasia Grice, Francis and Rosa Benner
ARENS, Henry SCHRAND, Maria 22 Sep 1909 Aren, John Bernard LUCKEN, Elisabeth Schrand, Henry SCHROER, Anna HOLDERMANN, William and Anna Holdermann born Schrand
ARNOLD, Carl A. HAGEN, Helena 20 Nov 1902 Arnold, Caspar EPPLEY, Elisabeth Hagen, Carl SEIFRED, Catharina HELBRUECK, Frederick and Josephina HERL
ARNOLD, Henry DUBLAR, Marie (Not Baptized) 26 May 1925 Arnold, Charles HAGAN, Lena DUBLAR, Herbert HYLAND, Luella Arnold, Mrs. Charles and Miss Lena Arnold
ARNOLD, Johann (Not Baptized, 26y) MCGREGOR, Josephina (19y) 14 Feb 1888 Arnold, Johann SCHÖLER (Schoeler), Elisabeth Mc Gregory, Samuel CLINTON, Anna MC GRATH, Joseph and Musy MESSET
ARNOLD, Martin (40y) BLÄTLER (Blaetler), Anna born Von ZUBER (28y) 12 Dec 1872 Arnold, Aloysius BUCHER, Maria Von Zuber, Anton WIENDLE, Maria KAHLMANN, Conrad and Bertha Bucher
ARTERBURN, Fred MC GLONE, Mayme 12 May 1926 Arterburn, John BURKETT, Hester KIDD, John and Bertha FREIBERG Mixed religion. [Groom’s parents and bride’s name written on wrong lines]
ASCHEMANN, Frederick (24y) KRONE, Maria Magdalena (18y) 6 Oct 1883 Aschemann, Frederick FRICKE, Angela Krone, Francis HILGENDORF, Elisabeth RANGE, Fred and Theresa Krone
ASCHEMANN, Frederick (27y) SCHRAUTEMEIER, Elisabeth (24y) 30 Jun 1885 Aschemann, Frederick FRICKE, Angela Schrautemeier. Francis HILGENDORF, Gertrud KRONE, Franc and Maria Schrautemeier
ASCHEMANN, Frederick (33y) BAUER, Eva (21y) 20 Jun 1892 Aschemann, Frederick FRICKE, Angela Bauer, Johann WACHTEL, Josephina GEPPERT, Charles and Anna Bauer
AUER, Carl (Non-Catholic, 29y) KIRCHHOF, Maria (24y) 5 Jun 1895 Auer, Johann REHT, Catharina Kirchhof, Joachim ERNST, Theresa ROUX, Louis and Lillie HARRISON
AUG, Albert (From St. Joseph, MO) AMRHEIN, Maria (From Kissingen, Bavaria) 23 Sep 1902 Aug, Francis REUTER, Elisabeth Amrhein, Caspar FIRSHING, Barbara Aug, Francis and Maria BUNGERT
AX, Francis Joseph (24y) WITZEL, Elisabeth (24y) 5 Nov 1891 Ax, Jacob F. SCHANER, Catharina Witzel, Wilhelm SCHAPER, Christina ROELKER, Wilhelm and Anna Witzel
AX, Frederick (28y) SCHLATTWEILER, Maria (29y) 11 Feb 1890 Ax, Frederick Not listed Schlattweiler, Mathias BECKER, Gertrud Ax, Joseph and Catharina Schlattweiler
BACKER, Johann Ed. (Not Baptized, 25y) EISINGER, Catharina (23y) 27 Aug 1900 Backer, Thomas DICKESEEN, Sarah Eisinger, Sebastian SCHWEIGERT, Elisabeth Baker, Th. and Lizzie Eisinger
BANTJE, Frederick J. (30y) HACHETHAL, Maria (27y Widow) 10 Feb 1876 Bantje, Henry VON RODIECK, Meta GOTTLOB, Frederick DIETZ, Frederica SCHOEMAKER, T. N. and Sophia Gottlob
BARRON, Carl B. (From Columbia, MO/IL?) NESTER, Stella (From Pittsburgh, PA) 21 Feb 1905 Barron, P. J. GOOCH, Susanna Nester, Joseph FALLERT, Catharina TARLTON, G. L. and Leota SCHAEFER
BARTHELME, August (From St. Marie, IL) KRATZMEIER, Maria (From St. Marie, IL) 27 Jan 1903 Barthelme, Michael SPTIZER, Maria Kratzmeier, Ignatius SCHIEB, Catharina Kratzmeier, Francis and Maria Barthelme
BARTON, William (1107 Market Ave. East St. Louis, IL) KOPP, Caroline (Non-Catholic) 20 Jan 1924 BLECHLE, Susannah T. and Mathilda Barker In danger of death; civil marriage contract; [see original]
BARTOSCK, Henry (From Lipolana, Slovenia) CERNOCH, Maria (From Pozage, Slovenia) 27 May 1911 Bartosck, Tobias HUBERT, Maria Cernoch, Joanna DROTNER, Maria STENGEL, Francis and Anna Stengel
BAUM, Adam POLLOCK, Louisa (From Concordia, KY) 27 May 1914 Baum, Nic. MOERSBACHER, Barbara Pollock, Samuel SWEENEY, Mulvana Baum, Joe and Lucea PERRIN
BAUM, William BLANCHARD, Pearl (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1904 Baum, Nicolaus MUSBACH, Barbara Blanchard, Joseph SMITH, Maria TEBOW, George and Margaret Baum
BAUM, William (From Millstadt, IL) FLURSCHUTZ, Anna (From New Athens, IL) 21 Apr 1909 Baum, Nicolas MUSBACHER, Barbara Flurschutz, Andrew LEADER, Maria Baum, Joseph and Elisabeth WALTER
BAUMANN, Erhard (27y) NAGEL, Catharina (17 – 18y) 24 Jul 1896 Baumann, Joseph Not listed, Maria Nagel, Henry STICKDORN, Maria Nagel, Henry and Christoph Baumann Marriage was performed when one was near death.
BEARE, Cletus BISHOP, Marjorie 28 Jul 1927 Beare, Dennis Not listed, Lorena Bishop, Leonard Not listed, Margaret Beare, Ralph T. and Thelma M. TENTING
BECHERER, Edward (From French Village, IL) SURWALD, Adelina 10 Jun 1912 Becherer, Carl HORNBERGER, Anna Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Anna SULIVAN, N. J. and A. F. RETHWILM
BECHERER, Francis (From French Village, IL) SURWALD, Maria 10 Jun 1912 Becherer, Carl HORNBERGER, Anna Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Anna BIEGLER, Simon and Charlotte SCHMIDT
BECHT, Frank HELDERLE, Ruth 18 Aug 1920 Becht, Phillip BUECHLE, Anna Helderle, Andrew BOOKER, Laura SCHAEFER, Jacob J. and F. R. RAUCH
BECHT, Joseph (From Birmingham, AL) REHG, Myrtle (From Cahokia, IL) 17 Jan 1911 Becht, Philipp BICKEL, Anna Rehg, Conrad LETEMPT, Julia BRANZ, Maria and Maria GOELZ
BECK, Conrad (31y) VETH, Louisa (28y) 16 May 1887 Beck, Chr. Fr. SCHAUT, A. M. Veth, Johann RHEINHOLDT, Elisabeth FRÜH (Frueh), Wendelin and Elisabeth GOELZ
BECKER, Albert J. (24y) WIES, Amalia (22y) 31 Jan 1883 Becker, John Albert BREUEL, Anna Wies, Louis FLEY, Julia Wies, Louis and Josephine MEIERS
BECKER, August MAUSKER, Irene 14 Dec 1919 Becker, Ferdinand JUNCKER, Katharina Mausker, Harry ETHERTON, Cora Becker, Charles and Theresa SMITH
BECKER, Carl J. (23y) THOENE, Not listed [Anna Catharina from Baptism record] (22y) 15 Sep 1891 Becker, Herman ALBERS, Catharina Louisa Thoene, Georg BEIL, Catharina Thoene, Fred A. and Anna BENNER
BECKER, Earl (Charles) WOODS, Fern 8 Feb 1921 Becker, Ferdinand JUNG, Catharina Woods, Robert HELLING, Carolina Becker, Frank and Albin Becker Mixed religion marriage.
BECKER, Henry (From Bartelso, IL) STARK, Anna 1 May 1907 Becker, Ferdinand JUNCKER, Catharina Stark, Stephan ROEDER, Wilhelmina ROEWE, August and Theresa Becker
BEEBE, Elliot BURRIER, Clara 9 Apr 1923 Beebe, Elliot TRESTER, Anna Burrier, Thomas JOHNSON, Margaret HAGGERTY, John and Emma DELANEY
BEHNEN, Bernhard (43y) KAUP, Elisabeth (35y) 8 Sep 1885 Behnen, Albert TEIKEN, Gesina Kaup, Herman VORBECK, Elisabeth Behnen, Henry and Anna Kaup
BEHNEN, Gerhard SCHILLING, Martha 23 Oct 1871 Behnen, Henry BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Catharina Schilling, Joseph DECKER, Catharina
BEHNEN, Henry (33y) BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Catharina (23y) 4 Nov 1873 Behnen, Albert TEIKEN, Gesina Brueggen, Bernhard SCHRANDT, Walburga Behnen, Bernhard and Anna BENTEN
BEHNEN, Johann Heinrich SCHRAND, M. G. 19 Nov 1867 Behnen, Albert TEIKEN, Gesina Behnen, Bernhard
BEICHEL, Carl (24y) GREB, Elisabeth (19y, Non-Catholic) 8 Feb 1879 Beichel, Francis JULIER, Sophia Greb, Caspar LORENZ, Maria Beichel, Engelbert and Otto Beichel
BELLEVILLE, Theodore JANSSEN, Margaretha 22 Apr 1879 Belleville, Wilhelm LOWRY, Adelina Janssen, Wilhelm MESSING, Johanna Janssen, W. and Johanna Janssen
BENEN, Bernhard KLEINEKOTTE, Margaretha 6 May 1869 Benen, Albert TEIKEN, Gesina Kleinekotte, Jodoci BICK, Elisabeth Benen, J. Heinrich and Thecla Benen
BENETT, Andrew (39y) JEROME, Francisca (32y) 27 Jan 1880 Benett, Peter GARVAYS, Maria GARVAYS, Louis MOUSSETTE, Sophia ZITTEL, Charles and Antonia KIRCHER Dispensation for second degree blood relationship
BENNER, Johann (26y) RICK, Lucia (21y) 18 Sep 1889 Benner, Johann BLERSCH, Anastasia Rick, Anton WASSON, Elisabeth Rick, Herman and Anna Benner
BENNETT, Peter B. (22y) GONSER, Susanna (19y) 7 Jan 1885 Bennett, Isaac COPPS, Catharina Gonser, Simon BUCKENMANN, Mathilda DOWARD, Albert and Maria Bennett
BENTEN, Wilhelm G. (26y) BENNER, Elisabeth M. (23y) 26 Nov 1896 Benten, Herman SCHRANDT, Anna Benner, Johann BLERSCH, Anna BUSCHMANN, Bernhard and Pauline BEUCKMANN
BENTEN, William ROEWE, Carolina 11 Oct 1905 Benten, Herman Andrew SCHRAND, Maria Roewe, Henry SIEMER, Carolina Roewe, Josephina
BERKLEY, William (From St. Louis, MO) PARKER, Verna (Non-Catholic from ?) 24 Nov 1926 Berkley, Thomas Parker, Wesley CANNON, William John and Mrs. W. Cannon Parties of St. Theresa Church in St. Louis, MO
BERTELSMANN, Francis (23y) SCHRAUTEMEIER, Anna (20y) 13 Jan 1891 Bertelsmann, Francis WINKLER, Gertrud Schrautemeier, Francis HILGENDORF, Gertrud Schrautemeier, Philip and Lena FRICKE
BEST, Joseph (23y) GÄRTNER (Gaertner), Dorothea (17y) 16 Jan 1883 Best, Henry Not listed, Catharina Gaertner, Henry MILLHEUSER, Elisabeth KOLB, Stanislaus and Agnes MEIERHOFER
BEUCKMAN, Fred STENZEL, Irene 11 Oct 1926 Beuckman, William Not listed, Elizabeth Beuckman, Jr., William and Myrtle Stenzel
BEUCKMANN, Wilhelm (27y) WELTE, Elisabeth (20y) 23 Oct 1900 Beuckmann, Fred SCHAMONI, Theresa Welte, Jacob KAUFMANN, Josephina Beuckmann, Franc and Maria PIEPER
BEYKIRCH, Chris F. WALTERS, Marie E. 17 May 1923 Beykirch, Sr., Joseph RANGE, Theresa Walters, Frank GOETZ, Caroline BROWMANN, Frank C. and Anna Beykirch
BEYKIRCH, Henry BURKHARDT, Stella 28 Jun 1916 Beykirch, Joseph RANGE, Mary Burkhardt, Frank BARBOUR, Mary Beykirch, Joseph and Frances Burkhardt
BEYKIRCH, John JAEKEL, Nota 20 Jun 1916 Beykirch, Joseph RANGE, Theresa Jaekel, Francis CAIN, Margaret Beykirch, Joseph and Gladys SHEA
BEYKIRCH, Joseph (27y) RANGE, Theresa (23y) 19 May 1885 Beykirch, Gerhard BODENBURG, Maria Range, Peter MEIER, Theresa Range, Joseph and Anna Range
BIESER, Elmar (From Collinsville, IL) SCHAEFER, Barbara 22 Apr 1914 Bieser, Adam WILKEN, Anna Schaefer, Valentin ANDRES, Carolina Schaefer, Valentin and Louisa Bieser
BIESER, Xavier H. (From Freeburg, IL) HOLZINGER, Agnes M. (From Freeburg, IL) 28 Jun 1923 Bieser, Joseph VANRIE, Catharine Holzinger, Charles KRITZNER, Rose FREIN, Louise A. and Carl HEIMBERGER
BLANEY, Arel M. (Non-Catholic, from Carlinville, IL) KNABE, Hermina (From Evanston, IL) 23 May 1911 Blaney, Car. M. LANCASTER, Maria Knabe, Roman MARTIN, Maria Jos. KENSCHE, Jos. F. and Sophia E. Kensche
BLASICOL, Leonard (From Tyrol) ENAMA, Katharina 6 Oct 1915 Blasicol, John LANIVLINA, Philomena Enama, Martin BRANZ, Olivia Branz, John and Mary Branz
BOAZ, Almus H. WARD, Irene Viola 31 Dec 1924 Boaz, George C. MILLER, Effie Ward, John C. MESSIE, Ada LOUVIER, Thomas and Bessie C. BROOKS
BOBINETTE, Carl (From Vincennes, IN) REIFENRATH, Anna 15 May 1910 Bobinette, Carl CORKIS, Cora Reifenrath, August HOLTEN, Emilia HAMILTON, Mrs. George and Maria SCHOEFFLER
BODENBURG, John (From Leipzig, Germany) VOGT, Catharina 15 Apr 1902 Bodenburg, Francis COENEN, Joanna Vogt, Theodor DE HAAN, Elisabeth DUMSTORFF, F. and M. JOERGENSEN
BOECKMAN, Bernard (From Germantown, IL) FEHRMAN, Mary (From Bartelso, IL) 6 Feb 1929 Boeckman, Henry Not listed, Catherine [Fehrman], Bernard Not listed, Mady Fehrman, August and Irene HILMES
BOGGEMANN, Arthur (From St. Louis, MO) LEPINSKI, Anna (From Columbia, IL) 19 Apr 1906 Boggemann, Joseph HELBRIG, Barbara M. Lipinski, John RITTER [?], Elisabeth KURRUS, Francis and Ernest ECKSTEDT
BOISMENUE, Isaiah (29y) HOEFELE, Christina (21y) 22 Oct 1901 Boismenue, Nic SIMANI, Elisabeth Hoefele, Louis NOLT, Maria Hoefele, Jos. and Agnes Boismenue
BOISMENUE, Isaiah J. (29y) HOEFELE, Christina (21y) 30 Oct 1871 Boismenue, Nic SIM__, Elisabeth Hoefele, Louis NOLT, Maria [This entry is on an added piece of paper and this entry is repeated in 1901.]
BOKERN, John J. (From Nashville, TN) BUMB, Anna (From St. Louis, MO) 3 Feb 1909 Bokern, Joseph MEIER, Josephina Bumb, Jacob EISENTRAUT, Maria STOECKEL, Emil and Maria Bumb
BOLD, Robert (From St. Louis, MO) BROCKER, Louisa 1913 Bold, Robert BUCHER, Anna Brocker, Jacob SCHLEMMER, Louisa DONOVAN, Jacob and Irene Brocker [Appears between Jan and Jul 1913]
BOOKER, Rufus A. (Non-Catholic, 30y) PETER, Louisa (20y) 25 Sep 1895 Booker, Jacob SMITH, Brigitta Peter, Johann HEMANN, Maria ALBRECHT, Henry and Carolina ZITTEL
BOSE, Carl (32y) LUDWIG, Maria (21y) 8 Feb 1899 Bose, Peter BAUM, Maria Ludwig, Louis MEISEL, Johanna WIESEMANN, Theodor and Elisabeth DECKELMANN
BOWEN, Melvin (From Plano, IL) PETERS, Theresa 12 Mar 1919 Bowen, Jacob CARRIGAN, Maria Peters, Joseph BRUCKS, Theresa Peters, Joseph and Francisca Peters
BOYETT, Edward (From St. Louis, MO) STROER, Maria (From St. Louis, MO) 9 Aug 1927 Boyett, John Stroer, Paulinodi [?] STINES, Sophia KUCHERR, May and Ellen QUIKET Sent to [St. Henry] by pastor of St. Liborius in St. Louis, MO
BRACY, Ira C. (21y) FABER, Rosa J. (22y) 16 Nov 1897 Bracy, Wilhelm CARR, Margaretha Faber, Wilhelm JOBST, Maria Bracy, Ernest and Eva Faber
BRANCH, Philip BARKER, Ella 29 Jan 1925 BLECHLE, Susie and Matilda Barker Mixed religion; in danger of death in a hospital.
BRANDLEN, Emil J. HART, Elisabeth V. 26 Feb 1908 Brandlen, Peter STIPPICH, Josephina Hart, Samuel BLASE, Philippina EMMERICH, Ferdinand and Octavia Brandlen
BRANZ, Aegid INAMA, Ursula 13 Jan 1891 Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina Inama, Laurent SEPPI, Theresa BISCH, Sebastian and Barbara PFEFFER [This marriage may have taken place in Vincennes, IN.] Dispensation for second degree blood relationship.
BRANZ, Angelo (28y) DE CONCINI, Severina (18y) 15 May 1901 Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina De Concini, Leonard INAMA, Maria ROATER, Romelio [?] and Magdalena De Concini
BRANZ, Bomelia (27y) DE CONCINI, Magdalena (24y) 15 May 1901 Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina De Concini, Leonard INAMA, Maria Branz, Angelo and Severina De Concini
BRANZ, Emanuel (23y) CRAMER, Louisa (25y) 4 Jul 1885 Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina Cramer, Anton MARTIN, Philumena DOWER, Thomas and Francisca KERRIGAN
BRANZ, Emmanuel (34y) MURANDI, Olivia (40y) 7 Jan 1895 Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina Murandi, Peter MARCETI, Theresa Branz, Aegid and Olivia Branz
BRANZ, Romelius (From Sanzeno, Tyrol) MANICOR, Rosa (From Sanzeno, Tyrol) 18 Jul 1910 Branz, John SEPPI, Catharina Manicor, Joseph BRANZ, Josephina Branz, Emanuel and Oliva Branz
BRAUN, William FALTUS, Florence 25 Apr 1928 Faltus, Joseph HAIDER, Austin and Josephine Braun
BRAZZEL, John (Non-Catholic from Richview, IL) VALLOWE, Clara 8 May 1924 Brazzel, Alfred GREENE, Dorothy Vallowe, Bernard Not listed, Sophie Vallowe, Clarence and Cornelia VERLIN Married 3 years ago by civil ceremony.
BREINECK, Wilhelm H. (Non-Catholic, 30y) SICKLING, Barbara (22y) 6 Feb 1883 Breineke, Edmund STECKHANHN, Catharina Sicking, Francis HOFFMANN, Ernestine Sicking, H. and Louisa Sicking
BREUSS, Oswald (21y) JENGER, Maria (17y) 12 May 1886 Breuss, Michael HEIM, Bertha Jenger, Joseph MUND, Johanna MOOSER, Louis and Mary KERRIGAN
BRINSON, Wendell FALTUS, Ramona 10 Jan 1928 Brinson, John PULLIAN, E. Faltus, Joseph ZITTEL, Margaret BRAUN, William and Florence Faltus [Someone was a convert]
BROCKER, Francis (27y) SCHLEMMER, Josephina (22y) 23 Nov 1881 Brocker, Ernest Not listed, Mathilda Schlemmer, Francis THRALL, Elisabeth KEIFLEIN, Edward and Josephina JAGUARD
BRODEN, Johann (30y) HOEFELE, Louisa (24y) 28 Apr 1897 Broden, Francis RYAN, Anna Hoefele, Louis NOLT, Anna MULONERY, M. and Sophia WIESEMANN
BROWMAN, Albert (26y) DE LARBRE, Catharina (22y) 26 Oct 1897 Browman, Andrew Not listed, Anna De Larbre, Joseph REEVES, Louisa WOODS, Roett and Louise De Larbre
BRUCK, Anton (24y) STEWART, Johanna V. (Non-Catholic, 27y) 31 Aug 1897 Bruck, Peter SEITER, Theresa Stewart, Thomas WALLACE, Emma HELLMERICH, A. and Nora WATTES
BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Henry (25y) REEB, Catharina (21y) 12 Oct 1892 Brueggen, Bernhard SCHRANDT, Walburga Reeb, Johann Not listed, Elisabeth BENTON, Wilhelm and Margaretha Reeb
BRYAN, Claud (Non-Catholic) KRESS, Rosa 8 May 1916 Bryan, F. Kress, W. Kress, Albert and Clara VALLANN Revalidation marriage.
BRYAN, Claude A. MILLER, Josephine A. (From St. Louis, MO) 12 Nov 1919 Bryan, Esrand WELLS, Christine Miller, August FIGY, Josephine born NESSELBACH MARTIN, George and Margaret Martin
BUCK, Frederick (27y) PFUGMACHER, Louisa (34y) 14 Sep 1899 Buck, Frederick GALBRECHT, Mina Pfugmacher, Wilhelm F. SCHAFER, Eva M. FISCHER, Johann and Maria DAHM
BUCKLEY, James KOESTERS, Rose 30 Jun 1941 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at Blessed Sacrament in Belleville, IL
BUESCHER, Theodore (From St. Charles, MO) BEYKIRCH, Mary 2 Sep 1918 Buescher, Henry RUWE, Julia Beykirch, Joseph RANGE, Theresa Beykirch, Joseph and Anna Beykirch
BUQUET, Julius (29y) LANGE, Clara (26y) 24 May 1900 Buquet, Louis HANSINGER, Maria Lange, Frederick TANZ, Maria KELLY, John and Johanna Kelly
BÜRCHLER (Buerchler), Stephan (25y) KIMMICH, Wilhelmina (20y) 14 Oct 1878 Buerchler, Benedict KURIGE, Josephina Kimmich, Felix SEEGER, Josephina Buerchler, Joseph and Maria Kimmich
BURCK, John LANG, Maria 11 Jul 1867 Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Not listed
BURKHART, Rudolph MOBLEY, Lotta (From Murphysboro) 3 Sep 1913 Burkhart, Francis BARBER, Maria Mobley, Robert ALINES, Louisa KERNAN, L. H. and E. L. Mobley
BUSCHMANN, Henry KLEINKOTTE, Maria 14 Nov 1869 Buschmann, Henry Not listed, Elisabeth Kleinekotte, Jodoci BICK, Elisabeth BEHNEN, Margaretha
BUSEKRUS, Louis (Non-Catholic, 24y) SCHRECHER, Anna (21y) 30 Dec 1897 Busekrus, Louis TRALLE, Maria Schrecher, Henry SCHRIEK, Theresa HERZBERG, Alfred and Dina Schrecher
BYRNE, Michael HELLBRUECK, Elisabeth 29 Jun 1910 Byrne, Michael CRONIN, Catharina Hellbrueck, Theodore SEYLER, Joanna SULLIVAN, Jeremiah and Florentia DER PITCH
CARTER, Jacob SMITH, Sadie 5 Jul 1915 Smith, Edna and Hatti STEPPACHER
CELANO, Anton (From, Balestiate, Sicily) ADRAGNA, Joanna (Giovannina) (From Castellamore Del Gveto, Italy) 26 Nov 1910 Celano, Francis COTTONE, Philomena Adragna, Camille COSTA, Josephina MANCUSO, Joseph and Vincenzina Mancuso
CHAPIN, Earl B. (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) BURKHART, Frances 24 Jun 1922 Chapin, Lyman H. BAKER, Sara Burkhart, Frank BARBER, Mary KULP, Ernest and Emma GERBER
CHAPUT, Johann (33y) KURRUS, Elisabeth (28y) 7 Feb 1899 Chaput, Johann KOEBEL, Elisabeth Kurrus, Joseph JOHANNES, Elisabeth Chaput, Louis and Lena Kurrus
CHARD, John L. (Non-Catholic) RANDOLPH, Mrs. Catherine 16 May 1922 Chard, John E. ESSINGTON, Lucinda BEAL, J. L. BRAZLE, Mildred RUHL, John C. and Rosa MERSINGER
CHRISTELBAUER, Rudolph (33y) REEB, Bertha (20y) 7 May 1896 Christelbauer, Wenzeslaus VIENARD, Josephina Reeb, Johann Not listed, Elisabeth FENNER, Wilh. and Adalina ECKERT
CIDLER, William BROUILETTE, Evelyn Nov 1915 Cidler, William STRAUB, Anna Brouilette, Henry Not listed, Dora Cidler, Henry and Estella DEHLER
CLAES, Benedict (46y) BEHNEN, Elisabeth (41y) 19 Jul 1892 Claes, Joseph KNAUB, Elisabeth KAUPP, Herman FORBECK, Elisabeth BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Herman and Elisabeth Forbeck
CLARK, Paul E. (From Flora, IL) PUCKETT, Anna Perle (Non-Catholic from Pana, IL) 19 Jan 1903 Clark, Hugo BUCHTI, Elisabeth Puckett, Jacob HELPINGSTEIN, Elisabeth TOENNIES, Gerhard and Theresa KOELLER
CLEARY, Patrick NEWAN, Brigitta 2 Feb 1869 Married secretly
COBLE, Henry (From Janesville, IL) LAURENZ, Elisabeth (From Madonnaville, IL) 27 Nov 1906 Coble, William HARDWICK, Francisca Laurenz, Anton ANDRES, Maria Andres, Adam J. and Emma LORENZ
COBURN, Carl (Not Baptized, 25y) BLUM, Anna (20y) 9 Nov 1892 Coburn, Clark COLLINS, Francisca Blum, Henry ENGEL, Catharina WETTMEIER, E. M. and Daisey Clark
COERVER, Francis J. (From Harrisonville, IL) GOETZ, Margaret (From O’Fallon, IL) 27 Feb 1908 Coerver, Francis WELSCH, Maria Goetz, Henry THORP, Helena Goetz, Walter and Anna Coerver
COLLER, Friederich Anton (30y) SIEMER, Maria Bernhardina (28y) 3 Oct 1871 Coller, Friederich ALTSTAETTER, Johanna Siemer, Philipp Not listed, Adelheid WILKENS, Bernhard and Wilhelmina Siemer
COLLINS, J. R. (30y) LOISEAU, Maria (32y) 15 Sep 1892 Collins, Patrick EUSTACE, Brigitta VERLIN, Louis BEITER, Margaretha VINER, Eugene N. and Conrad VONNAHME
COLLINS, Ulysses (Non-Catholic from Whitehall, IL) HEINZ, Grace (From Cincinnati, OH) 18 Jun 1907 Collins, B. W. RAMSEY, Maria E. Heinz, Albert E. STEPHAN, Louisa Heinz, Albert E. and Edward J. O’NEILL
COLLONUA, Louis ROSS, Louisa 10 Jun 1917 CARAUNO, Paschal and Rosa CARAVELLA
COMPTON, Dalbert (Convert) VEZEAU, Alvina 18 Jun 1929 Vezeau, Orville and Agnes STILLMAN
CONDIOTA, Anton (22y, from St. Louis, MO) BALSAMO, Lena (16y) 26 Jul 1898 Condiota, Joseph CATTENSALBA, Illegible Balsamo, Marin CATELANO, Josephina PALMICINA, Anton and Francisca CAMPAGNA
CORCORAN, Michael E. (30y) DRAKE, Elisabeth A. (21y) 14 May 1884 Corcoran, Patrick O’DONNELL, Helena Drake, Wilhelm HAUSS, Johanna MC LEAN, John and Maggie BRADY
COX, Thomas F. (25y) GONSER, Maria (19y) 23 Jun 1881 Cox, Andrew WARD, Margaretha GONZER, Simon BUCKEMEIER, Mathilda HINKLEY, S. H. and Susanna Gonzer [Bride and her father’s last names spelled differently.]
CREMER, Walter STUPPELBEAN, Beatrice 4 Aug 1928 Cremer, Henry and Elizabeth Cremer Mixed religion marriage. Married before a Justice in Peoria, IL.
CREMER, William NAVA, Rosa Pauline (From Herrin) 2 Sep 1931 Cremer, William SCHANTH, Elizabeth Nava, Angelo FERRAIS, Mary Cremer, William and Mrs. William Cremer [22 Aug 1931 is written below bride’s name in left column]
CULLEN, Eugene (From Prairie Du Rocher,[IL]) WHITE, Maria (From Reviera, MO) 12 Jan 1917 Cullen, John HAYEN, Maria White, Abraham SCHNEIDER, Maria KENNEDY, Thomas and Cecelia Cullen
CUPP, James Walter (From Eva, IL) FULTS, Julia Maria (From Chalpin Bridge, IL) Cupp, H. F. WEAVER, Maria Fults, Christophor MARTIMER, Margaret HARRIDGE, George J. and George J. Harridge [No date, appears between Nov 1911 and Feb 1912.]
DASHNEY, Joseph (30y) BELLEVILLE, Maria (Widow, 29y) 19 Sep 1882 Dashney, Carl MEADLY, Maria Janssen, Wilhelm MESSING, Johanna WAGNER, Georg and Julia Dashney
DAUER, Laurent (22y) MARK, Georgina (19y) 20 Jun 1875 Dauer, Michael FROEHLACH, Elisabeth Mark, S. HOFINGER, Georgina COLLIER, Robert and Emilie BERNARD
DAVIS, Henry (From Topeka, KS) STARK, Maria (From Belleville, IL) 5 Jul 1910 Davis, John ATLANTE, Maria Stark, Stephan SCHMITTLING, Maria SWEENEY, J. J. and Wilhelmina Stark
DAVITT, Jacob (35y) BUCHER, Bertha (26y) 12 Nov 1882 Davitt, Johann CLARK, Maria Bucher, Joseph HERZOG, Anna KELLY, James and Anna ALBRECHT
DE HAAN, Henry HAISOLIP, Fanny De Haan, Jacob Not listed, Catharina Haisolip, Samuel Not listed, N. WURZ, G. A. and Mary SÜSSMANN (Suessmann) [Appears between Jul and Sep 1919.]
DEAN, Wilhelm W. (Not Baptized, 22y) TRENDLEY, Rosalia (22y) 27 Oct 1892 Dean, C. S. JENKS, Georgina Trendley, Henry GAUTIER, Celestina Trendley, John and Maria CARPENTER
DEHLER, Phillipp (25y) FERNER, Maria Paulina (20y) 15 Feb 1876 Dehler, Joseph WENER, Maria Ferner, Joseph LUDWIG, Maria SEMONT, Franz, Alex VAN, Anton PFEIFER, Anton KIEFER, Adelheid ADAMS, Rosa TIPPER, Anna Wener and M. Adams
DEIEN, George L. (From Breese, IL) ATHMER, Caroline (From Albers, IL) 10 Feb 1927 ZURICK, Rose (Groom’s sister) and Leo HUEHNE Previous civil marriage [?]
DELARBER, Joseph FRIES, Louise (Widow) 23 Nov 1868 Delarber, Jacob SCHANK, Catharina RIEF, Michael WEBER, Anna ZINGRAF, Peter and Carolina MEYER born SCHNEIDER
DENKELER, Joseph BÖBLAU (Boeblau), Sophia (Widow) 30 Jul 1868 Denkeler, Wilhelm SCHLATMANN, Mar. Anna WOUDRE, Louis GRAMBOI, Constantia KNÖPPER (Knoepper), Johann and Wilhelm Denkeler
DENNEY, Emerson (Non-Catholic) HOLZ, Elisabeth 24 Jun 1925 Denney, Robert SMITH, Lucille Holz, Philip VETTER, Anna KLAMMELUS, Leo and Marie Holz
DERVIN, Joseph R. CROWELL, Nellie (Convert) 23 Jun 1926 Dervin, Richard Crowell, Lorenzo BURKE, Dan and Della Burke Nellie’s first marriage declared null.
DICKHAUS, Walter MORELAND, Mary 8 Jan 1919 Dickhaus, John LINNEMANN, Anna Moreland, John CARTER, Martha FUEHNE, Henry and D. M. MALLETT
DICKSON, Francis JOERGENSEN, Helena 11 Jan 1911 Dickson, Jacob (Non-Catholic) BAUMER, Margaret Joergensen, Helena NEIER, Nicolas and Julia Neier
DIETERLE, Alfred RIESER, Maria 17 May 1921 Dieterle, Mark Not listed, Elisabeth Rieser, Tobias KARK, Elisabeth WURTH, Henry and E. SCHMIEDER
DIETRICH, August (From Bishweier, Alsace) BREUSS, Anna (From Muenchen, Germany) 16 Sep 1902 Dietrich, Jacob PROPST, Richardina SOYER, Jean Baptist LEANETT, Maria HEIBERGER, Francis and Rosa SCHMITT
DILMANN, Georg (26y) SALZ, Catharina (Widow, 26y) 10 Feb 1880 Dilmann, Francis W. HEFFNER, Gertrud Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina HELLFRICH, Henry and Louisa Spannagel
DINAN, William (From St. Louis, MO) SCHAEFER, Catharina 1 Jun 1917 Schaefer, Henry and Catharina BRUEGGEN
DITTRICH, Erich LINHART, Veronica 1914 Dittrich, Ernst STEINPREOSZ, Mary Linhart, David REMMER, Catharina GRASSINGER, Albert and Carolina Linhart [Appears between 24 Jun and 20 Jul 1914]
DONAGHUE, Jacob H. (26y) HEGELE, Maria E. Theresa (21y) 16 Jul 1890 Donaghue, Patrick H. MURPHY, Brigitta C. Hegele, Victor DORN, Catharina Hegele, Victor and Marg. Donaghue
DONNEWALD, George Elmer CARTY (Born HANSS), Martha Maria (Widow) 17 Oct 1940 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St Peter in Kirkwood, MO
DOUARD, Johann A. (23y) BURRIER, Mina (20y) 11 Jun 1895 Douard, Adolph BENNETT, Maria Burrier, Thomas ANDERSON, Maria WALTER, Louis and Catharina CLAES
DOUGHERTY, Terrence M. (23y) KNAUS, Carolina (21y) 11 Jan 1882 Dougherty, Terrence REYNOLDS, Martha Knaus, Louis HASENFUSS, Catharina BUCKLEY, P. C. and Fanny BARTMANN
DOWNEY, Frederick (Non-Catholic, not Baptized. From Princeton, IN) SEBENHAR, Cecelia 23 Apr 1902 Downey, William MINIS, Cordelia Sebenhar, Herman C. HEIER, Elisabeth Heier, Christian F. and Maria DIERHEIMER
DOYLE, Martin F. (25y) SCHOENHEIDER, Tina (Non-Catholic, 21y) 30 Aug 1894 Doyle, Martin REGAN, Maria Anna Schoenheider, Adam SCHMIDT, Barbara LYNCH, Johann and Maria Schoenheider
DREISONER, Jacob BADER, Henrietta (Non-Catholic) 27 Jan 1875 Dreisoner, Otto WESTERMICHLER, Christina Bader, Johann HARTMANN, Margaretha MEYSENBURG, O. W. and Anna BAUMANN
DRUMMOND, Albert (23y) ALBRECHT, Anna (17y) 20 Oct 1885 Drummond, Wilhelm BARBEE, Virginia Albrecht, Henry TIMBERING, Gertrud CHARTRAND, George and Natalie GROSS
DRUREY, Johann (26y) FULNER, Theresa (22y) 26 Jul 1888 Drurey, Thomas SCHATNESSY, Catharina Fulner, Francis HEUCKER, Maria KREISER, Edward and Rosa WOLF
DUCRAY, Charles (26y) FRITZ, Barbara (20y) 27 Apr 1899 Ducray, Justin JENETTE, Maria Fritz, Johann ROETTLER, Rosa Ducray, Joseph and Anna Fritz
DUMSTORFF, Francis (From Breese, IL) GUITHUES, Mathilda 27 Nov 1902 Dumstorff, Bernard LEINGANG, Maria Guithues, Bernard DIEHM, Maria BEUCKMANN, Henry and Maria Diehm
DUNHAM, Alonzo J. HAVERMANN, Carolina (From Aviston, IL) 20 Jul 1911 Dunham, Dorris CHERRY, Elisabeth Havermann, Herman WELLING, Maria LANDGRAF, Ernest and Catharina Landgraf
DUNN, Jacob (24y) JENKS, Wilhelmina (18y) 5 Jun 1900 Dunn, Patrick CASSADI, Marianna Jenks, Wilhelm DAUTH, Theresa Jenks, Wilhelm and Catharina HOMROUGE
DUVAL, Eugene (From Collinsville, IL) VERSTROGH, Alice 2 Aug 1904 Duval, Louis J. LONG, Maria Duval, Joseph and Alma PURDY
ECKERT, Henry J. TARLTON, Laura B. (Non-Catholic) 14 Jul 1904 Eckert, William OEBIKE, Anna Tarlton, Ralph STAPLETON, Francisca CRAIN, F. N. and V. E. REPPERD
ECKERT, Wilhelm E. (24y) OEBIKE, Anna (19y) 3 May 1881 Eckert, Georg GERMAN, Elisabeth Oebike, Henry SCHROEDER, Lisetta Oebike, Christoph and Charlotte Oebike
EDLICH, Francis (23y) LEVELING, Maria (23y) 8 Jun 1897 Edlich, Louis ROSENBERGER, Sophia Leveling, Henry JACOBSMEIER, Catharina Leveling, Henry and Marg. Edlich
EDMISTON, Gilbert O. (Non-Catholic, 25y) RAUTENBERG, Maria (18y) 8 Jun 1882 Edmiston, Abner MC DONNELL, Elisabeth Rautenberg, Carl LACKENBURGIS, Henrietta CAMPBELL, H. L. and Catharina J. BIDDLE
EGAN, John Henry WALSH, Pauline 8 Oct 1949 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Their civil marriage of 8 Oct 1948 was declared null and void 24 Nov 1950 by Belleville Diocese Tribunal
EICHACKER, Frederick (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) BRANDLER, Octavia (From St. Louis, MO) 19 Oct 1910 Eichacker, Frederick WAGNER, Maria Brandler, Peter STIPPICH, Josephina ALBIN, Christian and Catharina SCHAEFER
EICHWALD, Eugene (32y) TOTSCH, Carolina (26y) 21 Jan 1897 Eichwald, Felix WIRTZ, Regina Totsch, Johann ULM, Carolina Eichwald, Anton and M. Catharina SCHWARZ
EISELE, Carl (30y) SCHMITZ, Anna (22y) 22 Feb 1898 Eisele, Peter REISS, Elisabeth Schmitz, Francis DECHSTEIN, Gertrud SHERMANN, Wilhelm and Franzisca Shermann
EISELE, Peter (41y) SCHAEFER, Bertha (37y) 24 Mar 1898 Eisele, Peter REISS, Elisabeth Schaefer, Edward FLESCHER, Emma BUCHHOLZ, Emmanuel and Barbara Buchholz
EISINGER, Hugo (24y) PANGELL, Maria (22y) 3 Feb 1900 Eisinger, Sebastian SCHWEIGERT, Elisabeth Pangell, Nic. JARVIS, Maria LATINET, Fred and Emilia SLATTERY
EISINGER, Sebastian (20y) SCHWAIGERT, Lisetta (18y) 30 Jul 1872 Eisinger, Johann EBBUTH, Johanna Schaigert, Johann Joseph HERTEL, Catharina LANG, Joseph and Anna Maria SIEMER
ELY, Johann Peter (26y) KUNTZ, Josephina (17y) 9 Jun 1879 Ely, Johann STIESSEL, Barbara Kuntz, Louis ULRICH, Josephina ASTOR, Johann Jacob and Anna SCHULZ
EMERSON, Carl L. (Non-Catholic, 23y) JUEN, Rosa (18y) 6 Jan 1892 Emerson, Leander ROHLING, Cecelia Juen, Theodor BARTLOCK, Regina LOFTUS, L. T. and Anna HEIL
ENGLER, Edward (From Millstadt, IL) BLACK, Nelda 1 Jul 1926 Engler, Martin Black, Charles HOFFMAN, Edward and Mrs. Edward Hoffman
ENRIGHT, Jacob Edward (From Watertown, WI) KUEBEL, Elisabeth (From Heidelberg, Germany) 19 Jul 1905 Enright, Jacob BERRY, Joanna Kuebel, Martin ARNOLD, Maria Enright, J. L., H. H, BUGELE, Lina SURWALD and Mamie MURRAY
ERLBACHER, Emil FRY, Lena 10 Jun 1914 Erlbacher, David SCHROEDER, Catharina Fry, Bernard FRANGE, Eva SPIEKER, Milton and Clara Erlbacher
ERLINGER, Joseph SCHLATTWEILER, Anna (18y) 6 Sep 1870 Erlinger, Joseph EHLING, Maria Barbara Schlattweiler, Phillipp KOENEN, Susanna STOCK, Michael, Phillipp DAVENROIN, Louis MEISTER, Louisa WERNICH, John URBER, Cath KAUFMANN, John LANG and Marg Schlattweiler
EVANS, Johann (21y) LONYEAUN, Helena (18y) 23 Jul 1889 Evans, Johann KREMER, Augusta Lonyeaun, August LUCIEN, Catharina BOSE, Charles and Laura SCHLATTWEILER
EVANS, Victor C. SCHMIDT, Maria Gertrude 30 Dec 1937 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Patrick’s in East St. Louis, IL
FAIRHLINGER, Carl (24y) MONCOURTH, Emilia (20y) 18 Aug 1900 Fairhlinger, Louis LINK (Born ?), Carolina Moncourth, Emil TONCHETTE, Celestina DILLON, John and Nellie CONNORS TEHRINGEL written above groom’s last name.
FATTUS, Joseph A. (24y) ZITTEL, Barbara (28y) 30 Jun 1897 Fattus, Francis HESSELGANS, Elisabeth Zittel, Andrew WALZ, Carolina HAIDER, Joseph and Maud HINES
FEIGENBUTZ, Ignatius FEHRINGER, Maria 20 Apr 1868 Feigenbutz, Libory NEIS, Not listed Fehringer, Louis STADLER, Maria Feigenbutz, Emil, Martin KEIS, Michael HOESLI, Elise BAUER, Apol. ROMEIS and Fanny Meyer
FICKER, Edward HILMES, Emily (From Germantown, IL) 14 Sep 1921 Ficker, Bernard NIEMANN, Lizzie Hilmes, August ALBERS, Lizzie Ficker, Victor and Eleanora Hilmes
FIELDS, Marley (23y) BROCKER, Adelina (19y) 27 Nov 1901 Fields, Thomas LENZ, Maria Brocker, Francis SCHLEMMER, Josephina SULLIVAN, Carl and Eva Brocker
FINT, Francis (Non-Catholic, 30y) PETERS, Louisa (28y) 7 Jun 1900 Fint, Florian BAUMEISTER, Mathilda Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna STURMANN, Henry and Josephina Peters
FLAKE, Louis (26y) MUEHLFELD, Susanna (21y) 14 Jun 1881 Flake, Georg HOEN, Anna Sophia Muhlfeld, Conrad BRUCKER, Catharina BOLTE, Frederick and Tilly MIX
FLESCHER, Otto (Non-Catholic, 27y) WEGENER, Rosa (17y) 23 Mar 1892 Flescher, August BOEHL, Antonia Wegener, Francis KALKBRENNER, Francisca OLLERICH, Hugo and Francisca Wegener
FOX, William (From St. Louis, MO) BUMB, Barbara 9 Apr 1918 Fox, Carl FEY, Rosa Bumb, Jacob EICHENTRAUDT, Maria GAIN, Edward and Helena Bumb
FOZEKOS, Francis (From Klein Muzen, Hungary) ROTTER, Maria (From Csaszanfalen, Hungary) 11 Sep 1911 Fozekos, Albert DOFNENIC, Maria Rotter, Francis KERN, Theresa BECHT, Joseph and Clara CZERNOCH
FRANKE, Johann (21y) SCHMITH, Delia (16y) 7 Jan 1891 Franke, Leopold SCHLEICH, Barbara Schmith, Wilhelm BUCKER, Susanna COFFAM, John and Daisey Schmith
FRANKE, Nicholas J. NIEMANN, Ida (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) 28 Jun 1922 Franke, George FREDERICH, Mary Niemann, Gustav J. FRITZ, Anna LIBY, Frank H. and Emma Niemann
FRANKE, Nicolaus (24y) TOTSCH, Christina (22y) 22 Feb 1887 Franke, Leopold SCHLEICH, Barbara Totsch, Johann UHLM, Carolina Totsch, Peter and Barbara Franke
FRANKE, William C. HARRIS, Emma 4 Mar 1929 CANGE, John and Emma BURKE Mixed religion marriage.
FRECH, Alfred (From Belleville, IL) WEYAND, Anna 30 Nov 1922 Frech, Louis POLITSCH, Anna M. Weyand, John SCHMITT, Anna WILLIAMS, Roy and Margaret GOTHIER
FREHES, Henry HAIG, Elisabeth (Non-Catholic from Caseyville, IL) 28 Jun 1905 Frehes, Henry MEYER, Maria Haig, George GRIFFAS, Maria KINNEY, Michael J. and Maria M. TEMPANY
FREHES, Johann (23y) DAVIS, Esther (20y) 20 Sep 1893 Frehes, Henry MEIERS, Maria Davis, William GRIFFETH, Maria GODFREY, William and Anna Belle Griffeth
FREHES, John Henry KLAWONN, Elizabeth 12 Nov 1938 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis, IL
FREY, Philip HASSENSTAB, Helena (From Belleville, IL) 14 Feb 1917 Frey, Philip BARD, Louisa Hassenstab, John KERN, Helena BLUM, George and Louisa PIERON
FRICKE, Conrad (52y) KRONE, Elisabeth (Widow, 52y) 14 Jan 1879 Fricke, Friederich BLUME, Gertrud HIGENDORF, Henry BUSCHER, Gertrud VONNAHME, Joseph and Elisabeth GOELZ
FRICKE, Erwin (24y) BOISMENUE, Julia (19y) 20 Sep 1899 Fricke, George MAYHÖFER (Mayhoefer), Mathilda Boismenue, Jacob BEAUJEAUX, Louisa Boismenue, Joseph and Cecelia NOTON
FRICKE, Louis (25y) JAQUOT, Maria (19y) 7 Nov 1888 Fricke, Julius PEINE, Christina Jaquot, Prosperi LENOIT, Celina Jaquot, Joseph and Angela HIMSTEDT
FRICKE, Theodore BERTELSMANN, Maria Clara 22 Nov 1875 Fricke, Conrad HAGEMANN, Magdalena Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Gertrude Bertelsmann, Henry and Josephina Fricke
FRICKER, Carl (From Seckinger, Baden) WURTH, Rosa 1 Oct 1907 Fricker, Carl GRANACHER, Joanna Wurth, Wendelin SESTER, Theresa Wurth, Henry and Louisa HUSCHLE
FRIERDICH, Wenceslaus (From Columbia, IL) GUCKES, Catharina (Non-Catholic from Millstadt, IL) 15 Oct 1904 Frierdich, George RUEFF, Catharina FRIERDICH, George MARTZ, Maria Frierdich, Francis and Emilia Guckes [Possible error in fathers’ names.]
FRITZ, Johann (23y) ROTH, Anna (20y) 25 Nov 1896 Fritz, Johann NUMACHER, Rosa Roth, Georg FESEL, Theresa DUCRAY, Charles and Sophia Fritz
FRITZ, Johann (22y) RETTLER, Rosa (19y) 6 Aug 1870 Fritz, Ignatius Not listed, Flora Rettler, Sebastian WEICK, Catharina Weick, Joseph and Joseph Rettler
FRITZINGER, Charles (Non-Catholic) ACKERSON, Elizabeth 25 Jan 1923 Fritzinger, Charles GINSHY, Christina SWACINA, Joseph KALHOUN, Anna Fritzinger, Herbert and Barbara L. STAPP
FUCHS, Paul Joseph TRENDLEY, Josephina 18 Oct 1876 Fuchs, Valentin KRAUTWICH, Eva Trendley, Johann ABERLE, Henrietta BRANSON, Ada
GAA, Frederick (25y) LANG, Aloysia (18y) 6 Aug 1874 Gaa, Heinrich RIEL, Agnes Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina VONNAHME, Joseph, Lorenz FRANZ, Regina Lang and Helena MOOSER
GAERTNER, Henry (23y) MEIERHOFER, Louisa (23y) 29 Jun 1882 Gaertner, Henry MANN, Dora Meierhoefer, Johann MILLHEUSER, Elisabeth BEST, Joseph and Agnes Meierhoefer
GAIN, Carl (22y) SIMSHÄUSER (Simshaeuser), Maria (20y) 8 Feb 1881 Gain, Wilhelm RAU, Barbara Simshauser, Christian WENER, Maria DAHLER, Francis and Natalie DE MARS
GAIN, Edward BUMB, Helena 5 Nov 1919 Gain, Carl SIMSHAUSER, Maria Bumb, Jacob EISENTRAUT, Maria Gain, Oscar and Bertha Bumb
GAIN, Johann (25y) DIEDENHOFER, Dora (20y) 2 Jun 1891 Gain, Wilhelm RAU, Margaretha Diedenhofer, Henry STRASSER, Maria Diedenhofer, Adam and Maria LEVELING
GAIN, Peter (23y) MURRY, Cornelia (26y) 15 Sep 1889 Gain, Mathias STEGEMEIER, Catharina Murry, Walter DILLON, Johanna COMFORT, Wilhelm and Marg. ROACH
GALLAGHER, Carl (From Kane, IL) REGELMANN, Clara (From Effingham, IL) 7 Jan 1904 Gallagher, Carl JOYCE, Catharina Regelmann, Herman HILLE, Anna Gallagher, Michael and Catharina Regelmann
GALUMBECK, Gustav (25y) KLANZE, Maria (Protestant, 17y) 13 Oct 1896 Galumbeck, Johann SCHOEBEL, Maria Klanze, Georg BADENDISTEL, Maria JAOLKI, Anton and Maria Klanze [Clancey crossed; phonetic spelling?]
GARDNER, Murray (From St. Louis, MO) REGELMAN, Florence 31 Jul 1926 Gardner, Walter Regelman, Herman Not listed, Anna REICHERT, A. L. and Florence GALLAGHER
GARTNER, Henry MILLHAÜSER (Millhaueser), Elisabeth 24 Nov 1881 ZITTEL, Charles and Elisabeth GOELZ
GARVEY, Fred J. BENTEN, Lucille A. (Baptized 5 Sep 1897) 26 Aug 1925 Garvey, William Not listed, Caroline Benten, William Not listed, Elizabeth Benten, Jr., William Berenice A. Benten [Previous entry crossed out.]
GEORGE, Sessin (From Syria in Asia) GEORGE, Anna (From Syria in Asia) 2 Feb 1903 George, Salomon BAHAN, Anna JOUAN, Musla NAHERA, Maria George, John and Maria George [The bride’s parents may have been recorded in the space for witnesses]
GEPPERT, Anton KRONE, Wilhelmina (17y) 18 Jun 1872 Geppert, Carl STARRAST, Barbara Krone, Francis HILGENDORF, Elisabeth Geppert, Francis and Gertrud PEITZ
GEPPERT, Carl (24y) SCHWARTZ, Regina (20y) 10 Aug 1892 Geppert, Francis SCHRADER, Lena Schwartz, Engelbert BLEISCH, Catharina Schwartz, Joseph and Sophia Schrader
GEPPERT, Henry (22y) SCHRAUTEMEIER, Maria (22y) 26 Jun 1889 Geppert, Francis SCHRADER, Magdalena Schrautemeier, Francis HILGENDORF, Gertrud Geppert, Charles and Anna Schrautemeier
GERLACH, Carl (From Washington, IN) KRETSCHMER, Emilia 6 Nov 1906 Gerlach, Francis SCHERMANN, Maria Kretschmer, Carl MENNLA, Francisca Gerlach, Henry and Anna Kretschmer
GEROLD, George BEUCKMAN, Elizabeth J. 26 Oct 1928 Gerold, Edward Frederick Beuckman, William F. HELTE, Elizabeth Beuckman, Jr., William and Maria HUSCHLE
GIBSON, Harry (From Festus, MO) WUERTZ, Agnes (From Valmeyer, IL) 30 Jan 1926 Gibson, Lawrence HORTON, Not listed Wuertz, Anthony MILLER, Mary Wuertz, Frank and Bernadine RODERNICH Mixed religion marriage.
GIEDEMANN, Joseph (25y) MURPHY, Catharina E. (20y) 15 Jun 1886 Giedemann, Joseph WAHL, Emma Murphy, Dennis MC GLINN, Anna Giedemann, Franc. and Margaretha WARD
GILLIGAN, Gerald G. WIES, Irma 9 Jun 1919 Gilligan, John GARISONA, Maria Wies, John WALSH, Catharina Gilligan, Herbert and Irena Walsh
GLADDUE, Wilhelm (Not Baptized, 25y) EISINGER, Anna (17y) 29 Jan 1891 Gladdue, Henry BUDGET, Barb. Eisinger, Sebastian SCHWEIGERT, Elisabeth Schweigert, Michael and Anna CULLEN
GOEDDEL, Peter (From Monroe County, IL) MUETH, Christina (From Paderborn) 1913 Goeddel, Adam COOK, Christ. Mueth, Chas. EISLERS, Cath. RIST, John and Annie Mueth [Appears between Jan and Jul 1913]
GOEHR, John (From Staunton) STEIN, Maria 5 Jan 1920 Goehr, William LANGSBURG, Carolina Stein, Patrick DONLLON, Maria STEPHEUSE, Harry and Mary FOLEY
GOELZ, Peter (32y) KOENIG, Elisabetha (20y) 23 Nov 1869 Goelz, Johann HOHENADEL, Anna Barbara Koenig, Christophor TILMANN, Elisabetha Koenig, Christoph, Johann LANG, Susanna LANDGRAF and Elise VOSS
GOESLING, Henry (Non-Catholic, 31y) MEYERS, Helena (21y) 6 May 1886 Goesling, Christian SIGGMANN, Maria A. Meyers, Johann MC MAHON, Margaretha Goesling, Herman and Dora Meyers
GOETZ, Joseph (26y) BRAZIL, Margaretha (23y) 11 Jun 1889 Goetz, Joseph HALTER, Crescentia Brazil, Michael NUGENT, Margaretha ROHM, Wil. and Mary LANAGHAN
GOETZ, Walter (From Carbon (Alma), IL) KRATZMEIER, Petronella (From Ste. Marie) 19 Jun 1911 Goetz, Henry THORP, Martha Anna Kratzmeier, Ignatius SCHIEB, Catharina Kratzmeier, Edward A. and Gertrude Goetz
GOHN, Jacob (24y) WILLINGER, Aloysia (20) 8 Nov 1877 Gohn, Bartholomew NAPP, Maria Willinger, Matthias MÜNCH (Muench), Odilia BRACHTENDORF, Philipp, Henry HELFRICH, Maria GILBERT and Louisa VOELKER
GOHN, Johann (42y) MEAGHER, Maria (36y) 16 May 1886 Gohn, Bartholomew KNAB, Maria Anna Meagher, Alfred ADAMS, Agnes Gohn, Maria A. and Odilia MENGS Revalidation marriage.
GOOST, Emil August MUELLER, Emma 21 Feb 1871 Goost, Wilhelm KÜLPMANN (Kuelpmann), Elisabeth Mueller, Andreas BERNHOLZ, Amantia LOVINGSTON, Adolph and Rosa LINDER
GRABOWSKI, August (From Ober-Helesia, Germany) SCHNEIDER, Louisa (From Evansville, IL) 31 Jul 1907 Grabowski, August KOTT, Rosa Schneider, Jacob DORMEYER, Lina EICHWALD, Eugene and Anna KINKELAAR
GRASS, Aloysius (From Germany) GRASS, Elizabeth (From Germany) 8 Sep 1913 Grass, Francis HEIZ, Josephina Grass, Arnold DILLER, Louisa WEYAND, Anna and John GOELZ Dispensation for blood relationship
GRAY, Robert Ewing (From Lyon, KY) THOMAS, Pauline B. (From Sandoval, IL) 18 Jun 1928 Gray, Robert Not listed, Anna Thomas, Joseph Not listed, Agnes HIGGINS, John and Lydie ADELHARDT
GRIFFIN, Ernest P. Nester, Mildred 18 Nov 1927 Griffin, John KISSNON, Honora Nester, Joseph TRANDL, Crescentia MCGLINN, Don and Dorothea Nester [The year looks like 1927 but appears with 1929 entries.] Mixed religion marriage.
GRIMMIG, Francis (32y) WOLF, Mathilda (Non-Catholic, 20y) 23 Apr 1895 Grimmig, Xavier HATER, Magdalena Wolf, Peter HARTMANN, Anna KUENEN, Franc. and Anna WILKENS Disp. For mixed religion.
GUITHUES, Bernhard (21y) DIEHN, Maria (24y) 20 May 1873 Guithues, Christophor KÜPER (Kueper), Catharina Diehn, Johann BOES, Marianna Diehn, Cornelius and Margaretha STAUDER
GUITHUES, Henry BECKER, Clara 3 Jul 1919 Guithues, Bernard DIEHN, Maria Becker, Ferdinand JUNCKER, Catharina REINIGER, Cornelius and Mary Diehn
GUITHUES, William (27y) ZITTEL, Carolina (28y) 20 Nov 1901 Guithues, Bernard DIEHN, Maria Zittel, Andrew WAHL, Carolina DUMSTORFF, Francis and Lida Zittel
GUTGSELL, Victor (From St. Louis, MO) GERLACH, Elizabeth (From St. Louis, MO) 1 Jan 1913 Gutgsell, Gustav DUFFY, Caroline Gerlach, Fred KAMMIN, Lena Gutgsell, Adolph and Mrs. SCHUMACHER
GUTWALD, Robert F. (22y) MURPHY, Cornelia (21y) 1 Sep 1886 Gutwald, Francis HECKER, Francisca Murphy, John DOWLING, Maria Gutwald, Franc. and Laura Murphy
HAASE, Frederick M. (29y) VAN DEN ELZEN, Anna E. (27y) 17 Jan 1898 Haase, Francis LINDEMEIER, Augusta Louisa Van Den Elzen, Bartholomew LETMEIER, Elisabeth LEVY, Georg W. and Louisa Van Den Elzen
HAGSPIEL, Ed. V. (24y) SEIRTRY, Maria (Non-Catholic, 19y) 16 Feb 1898 Hagspiel, Johann SCHMIED, Sophia Seirtry, George NOBLE, Isabella Hagspiel, Joseph and Julia SAEGER
HAIDER, Carl MC NALLY, Blanch 29 Aug 1928 Haider, Joseph Not listed, M. Mc Nally, William Haider, Arthur and Lulu Mc Nally Mixed religion marriage.
HAIDER, Francis (From Carlinville, IL) SAEGER, Irena 10 Nov 1908 Haider, Michael HESSELDANZ, Anna Saeger, Henry GRIMM, Louisa (Non-Catholic) Saeger, John and Elizabeth Haider
HAIDER, Joseph (25y) JOERGENSEN, Christina (26y) 18 Sep 1900 Haider, Michael HESSELDANZ, Anna Joergensen, Peter KAISER, Elisabeth Haider, Franc. and Maria Joergensen
HAKE, Andrew (Convert from St. Louis, MO) WALTER, Mildred 31 Oct 1928 Hake, Belmont Not listed, Gertrude Walter, Joseph Not listed, Rose POSCHEN, Joseph and Mildred Hake
HALWACHS, Aloysius (From Krawenshek, Hungary) OROS, Elisabeth (From Burshsneln, Hungary) 26 Feb 1906 Halwachs, John Oros, John KLUSKAVTSKI, Elisabeth KOBEL, Alexander and Theresa DOBROSKY
HAMBERGER, Johann (40y) WARDEN, Johanna (35y) 12 Oct 1880 Hamberger, Johann ETHE, Maria SULLIVAN, Michael CONNOR, Honora O’REILLY, James and Maria LALOOG
HAN, John F. FISSET, Wilhelmina 1915 Han, John VICTORINE, Marie Fisset, Wilhelm WOODS, Gina BLEVINS, Arthur and Maria E. Han [No date – appears between Aug and Oct 1915]
HANKOVIC, Johann (From Orakovica, Croatia) KRODIVAL, Anna (From Orekovica, Croatia) 27 Mar 1911 Hankovic, Edward VIDEKOVIC, Francisca Krodival, Jacob Not listed, Eva KOVACIC, Martin and Joanna BÖRÖSZ (Boeroesz)
HANNES, Johann (Non-Catholic, 25y) SCHWEISSGUTH, Anna (23y) 23 May 1893 Hannes, Jacob LASPE, Regina Schweissguth, Jacob BERG, Lena BADENHAUSER, Georg and Catharina RYAN
HARMON, Albert (Not Baptized, 20y) FRITZ, Barbara (17y) 7 Feb 1899 Harmon, Thomas BURNS, Leona Fritz, Johann ROTTLER, Rosa DUCRAY, Charles and Sophia Fritz
HART, Edward (38y) BRÄÜTIGAM (Braeutigam), Theresa (28y) 17 Feb 1898 Hart, Johann MURPHY, Julia Brautigam, Caspar BRECHT, Magdalena MOMERTZ, Carl and Maria STELLEN
HARTER, Carl (From Washington , IN) GERLING, Catharina (From Bartelso, IL) 11 Nov 1914 Harter, Ignatius BIERLE, Christina Gerling, Henry TIMMER, Josephine FELDMANN, John and Josephine Gerling
HAUCK, C. S. (28y) WIES, Josephina (21y) 11 Nov 1887 Hauck, Samuel PANGBURN, Elisabeth Wies, Louis FLAG, Julia JACKSON, John and Juliet MECHIN Mixed religion marriage.
HAUSS, Carl (Non-Catholic, 48y) ZINGRAF, Louisa (29y) 16 Sep 1890 Hauss, Carl Not listed, Barbara Zingraf, Peter FRIES, Barbara Hauss, Charles and John Zingraf
HAUSS, Carl F. (25y) SACKMANN, Josephina (Non-Catholic, 18y) 30 Apr 1890 Hauss, Carl HECKER, Anna Sackmann, Henry BERNHARD, Christina SONNTAG, M. and Catharina WEICK
HAUSS, Carl F. (26y) HILL, Jessie Elisabeth (21y) 15 Sep 1892 Hauss, Carl HECKER, Anna HILL, W. H. BEADLE, Catharina Hauss, Edward and Maria BURKE
HAUSS, Carl F. (31y) SACKMANN, Amalia 26 Dec 1896 Hauss, Carl HECKER, Anna Sackmann, Henry BERNARD, Christina Sackmann, Charles and Catharina KEIFLEIN Mixed religion marriage.
HAUSS, Frank J. JORDAN, Rosalind 25 Apr 1923 Hauss, Charles ZINGRAFF, Louise M. Jordan, Frank B. SCHAUB, Emma BEYKIRCH, Jr., Joseph G. and Annette J. MC NARY
HAUSS, Wilhelm H. (29y) LITTLE, Ida Maria (Non-Catholic, 16y) 29 Jan 1890 Hauss, Carl HECKER, Anna Little, Wilhelm D. LEMON, Virginia Hauss, Charles and Maud Little
HAVERMANN, Fred WILLIAMS, Pearl 30 Jul 1921 Havermann, Herman WELLING, Mary Williams, Robert BIGHAM, Edna STRACK, Carl and Chloe KOHART
HAVERMANN, John E. HAEGE, Flora (Non-Catholic) 10 Jan 1923 Havermann, Herman WELLING, Mary Haege, John HENNEMANN, Flora COKER, Riley B. and Pearl Havermann
HECK, William RIPPLINGER, Margaret 6 Aug 1913 Heck, Jacob Ripplinger, Phillipp KIEFER, Mar. Ripplinger, George and Philomena NOLKE
HEIM, Ferdinand (22y) AUCHTER, Crescentia (20y) 19 Nov 1884 Heim, Ferdinand DOSE, Elisabeth Auchter, Conrad LOVINGSTON, Christina JACKISCH, Henry C. and Maria MC NANSEE
HEINTZ, Peter (34y) LANG, Francisca (Widow, 44y) 21 May 1901 Heintz, Jacob ZIMMER, Angela MAENNLE, Joseph FIESS, Francisca SCHOENHOFEN, Peter and Maria GERLACH
HEINZ, Francis Joseph (27y) KIMMICH, Maria (20y) 12 Apr 1880 Heinz, Peter HUEBSCH, Catharina Kimmich, Felix SEEGER, Josephina BÜRCHLER (Buerchler), Stephan and Josephine Kimmich
HELLBRÜCK (Hellbrueck), Johann (40y) REEB, Elisabeth (43y) 7 Jan 1880 Hellbrueck, Jacob LEIMBACH, Maria Reeb, Phillipp FRANZ, Elisabeth NOLL, Hieronymus and Barbara Noll
HELLER, John (From St. Louis, MO) BOSS, Bessie (From Effingham, IL) 20 Jul 1914 Heller, Fred CONWAY, Nellie Boss, Marion HILL, Nancy Boss, Fred and Elsie HOGGE
HELLER, Louis (30y) MC GREGORY, Margaretha (28y) 27 Oct 1885 Heller, Conrad BAHN, Julia Mc Gregory, Samuel GAMBLE, Catharina Heller, William and Mattie WARREN
HELLMANN, Carl (From Cincinnati, OH) WERNSING, Elisabeth (From Teutopolis, IL) 19 Jul 1904 Hellmann, John B. FRILLING, Carolina Wernsing, John Henry LEPPER, Catharina SLAVEN, William and Francisca Slaven
HELLMANN, Wilhelm (29y) EHRHARDT, Elisabeth (27y) 2 Dec 1896 Hellmann, Carl Not listed, Maria Erhardt, Michael KURRUS, Josephina WEBSTER, William and Elisabeth GOELZ
HENNING, Henry Clay VONNAHME, Not listed 8 Nov 1909 Henning, Henry SULLIVAN, Abigail Vonnahme, Joseph FRICKE, Magdalena Henning, A. A. and Lena Vonnahme
HENRY, Elbert Eugene (Non-Catholic from Woodson, IL) SCHROEDER, Rosa 14 Jul 1904 Henry, Carl E. FERGUSON, Susanna Schroeder, Edward REINERS, Maria Schroeder, Maria born Reiners and Dorothea Schroeder
HENSLEY, Louis (19y) KEGEL, Maria (15y) 25 Jan 1901 Hensley, Louis Not listed, Catharina Kegel, Wilhelm Not listed, Catharina LENZ, W. L. and Catharina Kegel Dispensation for mixed religion marriage
HERFELD, Daniel MAURER, Elisabeth (24y) 11 Oct 1873 Herfeld, Michael GROB, Eva Maurer, Peter GROB, Elisabeth EMERICH, Phillipp and Louisa ZINGRAF Dispensation for 3rd degree blood relationship
HERIN, Claud H. (Non-Catholic from Cobden, IL) MOMMERTZ, Clara 1 Oct 1907 Herin, Carl CLEVELAND, Connie Mommertz, Joseph SCHERER, Barbara DERANEK, Joseph and Ida PLESSE
HERMANN, Carl (21y) CULLAN, Johanna (19y) 10 Jun 1879 Hermann, Johann L. Not listed, Catharina Cullan, Johann REED, Winniford BURNS, Georg W. and Susie ALLISON
HEROLD, Bernhard (Non-Catholic, 24y) WIEMOLD, Veronica (18y) 1 Oct 1898 Herold, Henry KOKEL, Maria Wiemold, Wilhelm KOPP, Adelheid MÜLLER (Mueller), W. J. and Catharina Mueller
HERR, Joseph (40y) LAUX, Laura (Non-Catholic, 26y) 18 Jan 1900 Herr, Philipp G. SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina FRAUBEL, Leonard DELIT, Ernestina DRISCOLL, J. J. and Anna BURK
HERTH, Joseph (34y) RUFF, Julia (24y) 9 Oct 1873 Herth, Benedict ANSELM, Carolina Ruff, Jacob FITZPATRICK, Maria Ruff, Joseph and Anna O’NEILL
HERTZLER, Joseph (32y) DICKSON, Emma (39y) 6 Oct 1891 Hertzler, Jacob WEILER, Crescentia SAEGER, Francis WINTER, Margaretha VETTER, Johann and Louisa Vetter
HERZLER, Nicolaus J. (25y) SCHMISSEUR, Elisabeth R. (24y) 30 Nov 1893 Herzler, Jacob WEIBEL, Crescentia Schmisseur, Johann DE KUM, Rosina KISSEL, Joseph and Maria Schmisseur
HETZEL, Joseph (From St. Louis, MO) LINHART, Carolina 18 Aug 1920 Hetzel, Robert WALSH, Barbara Linhart, David BONNER, Catharine Hetzel, Theodore R. and Francis A. Linhart
HEYBERGER, Francis (28y) MÜLLER (Mueller), Victoria (22y) 16 Apr 1898 Heyberger, Carl Not listed, Anna Maria Mueller, Johann NICOLA, Joanna DROHER, Joseph J. and Maria MARY born Mueller
HIGGINS, Thomas (27y) BENNETT, Anna (22y) 4 Jun 1898 Higgins, Jeremiah CENELLEY, Maria Bennett, Edward EMGE, Margaretha CLUTE, Adolph and Catharina SULLIVAN
HILD, Joseph Nicolaus (32y) HEINTZ, Magdalena (23y) 24 Sep 1878 Hild, Joseph JÜNEMANN (Juenemann), Catharina Heintz, Peter HÜLESCH (Huelesch), Catharina Heintz, Joseph and Franc. NUNN
HINTZE, Louis (Not Baptized, 27y) JENGER, Johanna (20y) 14 Jan 1885 Hintze, Henry Not listed, Sophia W. Jenger, Joseph MUND, Johanna INGOLD, Christian and Carolina Hintze
HOEFELE, Joseph GIEDEMAN, Amalia 27 Jun 1928 Hoefele, Louis Not listed, Mary Giedeman, John Not listed, Emma Giedeman, John and Flora Giedeman [Original mentions St. Augustine parish, Hecker, IL]
HOERNER, Edward (From Summerfield, IL) KASSEBAUM, Catharina (From Lebanon, IL) 8 Aug 1911 Hoerner, John BUETTNER, Maria Kassebaum, August LAUBNER, Helena Kassebaum, Julius and Olivia Laubner
HOFF, Herman HAIDER, Elisabeth 24 Jan 1912 Hoff, Henry HOLLENKAMP, Maria Haider, Michael HESELDENZ, Anna SAEGER, Fred and Margaret Haider
HOFFECKER, Joseph (Non-Catholic, 22y) DULLANTY, Anna (18y) 15 Oct 1900 Hoffecker, Charles W. FLETSCHER, Catharina Dullanty, Ed. CONNELLY, Marg. DANIELS, Oscar and Gussie CRAMER
HOLDERMANN, William SCHRAND, Anna 22 Sep 1909 Holdermann, William Bernard HEPP, Anna Schrand, Gerhard ALBERS, Helena ARENS, Henry and Maria Schrand
HOLTEN, Emil KAHR, Carolina 15 Sep 1909 Holten, Henry PRONGNEY, Josephina Kahr, George BRUCK, Bertha LEHAN, George and Anna Kahr
HOLTEN, Francis (25y) REEB, Margaretha (24y) 5 Jun 1894 Holten, Johann EICKERMANN, Charlotte Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa Holten, Julius and Elisabeth Reeb
HOLTEN, Joseph (26y) REEB, Mina (20y) 19 Jun 1901 Holten, Johann EICKERMANN, Carlotta Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa HAMPTON, Carl and Louisa Reeb
HOLTEN, Julius EISLE, Anna 7 Jun 1919 Holten, Francis REEB, Theresa Eisle, Peter SCHAEFER, Bertha Holten, Ed. and Vala Schaefer
HOLTEN, Julius (26y) ORTGIER, Ada (Not Baptized, 24y) 30 Apr 1901 Holten, Johann EICKERMANN, Carlotta Ortgier, Wilhelm ALLEN, Rosa Holten, Joseph and Elsie Allen
HÖLTER (Hoelter), Karl BAUER, Catharina 23 Feb 1868 Hoelter, Karl MASS, Gertrud Bauer, Sebastian BEUCHERT, Theresa Hoelter, Caspar and Heinrich Hoelter
HOLTFOERSTER, Francis (29y) SACKMANN, Catharina (Non-Catholic, 19y) 14 Jun 1900 Holtfoerster, Henry KLEINIGE, Sophia Sackmann, Henry BERNARD, Christina Sackmann, Henry and Mina SCHMIDT
HOLTZ, Francis (29y) LANG, Regina (19y) 18 Jun 1878 Holtz, Theodore GIESSEN, Theresa Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina KLOSTERMANN, Herman and Theresa Spannagel
HORAT, Aloysius (27y) LAUBE, Catharina (24y) 31 May 1892 Horat, Joseph HUELNEMANN, Catharina Laube, August HUELNEMANN, Catharina ROEWE, Herman and Elisabeth MILLER [Duplicate mothers names may be in error. ]
HORNER, Georg (Non-Catholic, 33y) FREHES, Maria (22y) 17 Feb 1892 Horner, Samuel CHAMBERS, Maria Frehes, Henry MEIER, Maria Frehes, Joseph and Maria CURTAIN
HORTON, William C. LODEWIG, Emma 9 Feb 1926 Horton, George C. Lodewig, Theodore DEGMAN, Philip and Leona STRAUB
HÖSSLI (Hoessli), Michael (Non-Catholic) ROMEIS, Apollonia 17 Sep 1868 Hoessli, Conrad MAHNE, Margaretha Romeis, Johann Roessli, Apollonia KEIS, Martin, Karl MEHRING, Elise RECKE and Elise BAUER
HOSTKAMP, August LEHAN, Grace 14 Aug 1915 Hostkamp, August GERLING, Anna Lehan, Jerry KAHR, Maria
HUBER, Henry (Non-Catholic, 21y) EGLERT, Maria (18y) 10 Jan 1882 Huber, Carl Not listed, Frederica Eglert, Frederich MATHIS, Maria
HUDSON, Frank BODENBURG, Marie 31 Oct 1927 Hudson, David Bodenburg, Catherine Bodenburg, Carl and Elizabeth Bodenburg
HULLING, Martin E. (21y) JENKS, Mathilda (19y) 2 Jun 1898 Hulling, Martin KADE, Anna Jenks, Wilhelm DAUTH, Theresa CLUTE, Adolph and Minnie Jenks
HUNDMANN, Henry (From Germantown, IL) GUITHUES, Josephina 30 Jun 1909 Hundmann, Lambert Guithues, Bernard DIEHN, Maria Guithues, Henry and Catharina Hundman
HUNNINGER, Rudolph A. (28y Non-Catholic) O’HARA, Maria (25y) 11 May 1878 Hunninger, Johann M. PAGAN, Elisabeth (Non-Catholic) O’Hara, Brien MURRAN, Maria COY, William and Maria HOER
HUSCHLE, Bernhard (Non-Catholic, 23y) VOSS, Anna (21y) 25 Nov 1891 Huschle, Wendelin BERTZ, Catharina Voss, Henry CONRAD, Margaretha DIEDENHOFER, Adam and Clara Voss
HUSCHLE, Francis (22y) PETER, Odilia (20y) 29 Jun 1898 Huschle, Francis OCHS (VOLLMER), Magdalena Peter, Johann HEMANN, Maria THOENE, Herman and Lena SCHMITH
HUSCHLE, Rudolph (From Mascoutah, IL) REEB, Louisa 12 Jun 1907 Huschle, Francis VOLLMER, Magdalena Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa EHRHARDT, William and Louisa Reeb
HUTSCH, William (From St. Louis, MO) LEEZY, Lillian (Non-Catholic) 15 Nov 1904 Hutsch, William SEEGER, Catharina Leezy, Peter GRANDSEN, Cora STÖCKER (Stoecker), Daniel and Estella CHAMBERS
INAMA, Martin (26y) BRANZ, Olivia (24y) 13 Jul 1893 Inama, Lorenz SEPPI, Theresa Branz, Johann SEPPI, Catharina Dispensation for blood relationship. Signed by Rev. Aegidio Jos MERZ of Vincennes, IN
INGRHAM, William Albert (From Quincy, IL) COUGHLAN, Anna (From New Castle, England) 29 May 1902 Ingrham, Isaac Newton GREAR, Catharina Coughlan, Patrick CONNORS, Catharina HAMROUGE, Michael and Catharina Hamrouge
JACOBUS, Frederick SCHMERSAHL, Margaret 27 May 1925 Jacobus, Peter H. TEGTMEIER, Caroline Schmersahl, Frank KRIEGE, Elizabeth Schmersahl, Henry and Nora SCHMALZRIED
JANISH, Carl SCHWINDEL, Kunigunda 18 Jun 1927 Janish, Anton JOUBICH, M. Schwindel, George GRADL, Margaret Janish, John and Josephine LAKITSCH
JANSSEN, Albert (22y) GALAVAN, Maria (20y) 18 Oct 1880 Janssen, Theodor BEHNEN, Thecla Galavan, Mathias MORIARTY, Catharina FLYNN, Patrick and Elisabeth MC ALLIGET
JAQUOT, Carl (42y) ADLER, Christina (21y) 9 Jul 1878 Jaquot, Joseph PICKARD, Barbara Adler, Henry CLEM, Theresa Adler, William and Clementina DITZENBERGER
JAQUOT, Carl (42y) WEDEL, Susanna Maria (21y) 15 Apr 1879 Jaquot, Joseph PICKARD, Barbara Wedel, Georg HARRIS, Lita Wedel, Edward and Anna SCHAEFER
JENKINS, Ross MUTZ, Emma 3 Jul 1917 HELLBRUECHT, Jennie and Maud REINHOLT A necessary marriage.
JOCHHEIM, Peter (35y) SCHMIDT, Catharina (20y) 26 May 1887 Jochheim, Georg THERESE, Sybilla Schmidt, Georg BENZ, Maria Jochheim, Henry and Catharina REEB
JOERGENSEN, George (26y) CROISSANT, Clara (22y) 26 Jun 1895 Joergensen, Peter KAISER, Elisabeth Croissant, Henry ROMEIS, Mina DAVENROY, Nic. and Helena Joergensen
JONES, Francis (From New Albany) ADELS, Catharina (From St. Louis, MO) 12 Dec 1912 Jones, Francis MC GOWEN, Elisabeth Adels, Joseph JORDAN, Anna Adels, Gertrude and Katharina KELLY
JONES, Franklin S. (Non-Catholic) TUGEL-CULLARAND, Emma 18 Nov 1909 Jones, Sherman IRWIN, Laura TUGEL, Carl KLINGSICK, Minne ST. GERMAIN, Theodore G. and Emma St. Germain
JUENGLING, Conrad (From Columbia, IL) ASHMEAD, Cora 7 Jan 1903 LASBY, Thomas and Estella BROWN
JUENGLING, Frederick GREATLING, Mildred 26 Sep 1928 Juengling, Frederick FISHER, M. Greatling, William FISHER, M. Juengling, Carl and Lillian Greatling Mixed religion marriage.
KAHR, Georg (23y) BRUCK, Bertha (19y) 25 Jan 1887 Kahr, Francis PFEFFER, Catharina Bruck, Peter SEIDER, Theresa PETERS, Johann and Maria Kahr
KAHS, Francis (36y) SÜSSMANN (Suessmann), Magdalena (22y) 22 Apr 1884 Kahs, Henry KOENNEKEMEIER, Maria Suessmann, Joseph HAGEMANN, Gertrude Hagemann, John and Lena Hagemann
KAHS, Francis (27y) FRICKE, Elisabeth (20y) 19 Oct 1875 Kahs, Henry KÜNEKEMEIER (Kuenemeier), Clara Fricke, Conrad HAGEMANN, Magdalena Fricke, Theodor, Henry SCHRADER, Josephina Fricke and Magdalena Fricke
KAMPERSCHROER, Bernhard (30y) VOGT, Susanna (21y) 7 Jan 1886 Kamperschroer, Francis BISCHING, Johanna Vogt, Simon BÜSCHING (Buesching), Maria SEIHOLD, Anton and Johanna DIEDENÖFER (Diedenhoefer)
KAMPETER, Henry O’CONNOR, Julia 18 Jul 1872 HEMPLEMANN, Henry and Maria FINNERTY
KAPPS, Edward (25y) SCHERMANN, Francisca (26y) 28 Jan 1896 Kapps, Anton HEISSNER, Julia Schermann, Phillip WILLINGER, Maria Schermann, Wilhelm and Anna SCHMITZ
KASTNER, Francis SCHNURR, Barbara 30 Aug 1870 Kastner, Aloysius WALZ, Hedwig Schnurr, Laurent SCHWEISS, Katharina LANG, Joseph and Emma STRAUB
KASTNER, Frederick FLAKE, Anna 14 Oct 1903 Kastner, Friederich SCHNUER, Barbara Flake, Louis MUEHLFIELD, Susanna HAGEN, Joseph and Carol (Lottie) BRUCKER
KASTNER, Johann (23y) LISTER, Barbara (22y) 21 May 1872 Kastner, Aloysius WALZ, Hedwig Lister, Cyriaci HAAS, Maria Anna STRAUB, Stephan and Louisa GASON
KATHMANN, Henry (34y) POWELL, Lucia (Widow, 29y) 27 Aug 1891 Kathmann, Clement WETSKER, Maria GEBERT, P. REBERT, Katharina WENDEL, Emanuel and Clara Wendel
KAYSER, William MOSER, Maria (Non-Catholic) 5 Jun 1912 Kayser, Ferdinand DEWINTER, Alvina Moser, Arthur STOECKEL, Maria HAUER, Joseph and Eugenia Moser
KEATING, John J. SCHUESSEL, Clementine (From Breese, IL) 23 Jun 1922 Keating, Walter F. O’MALLEY, Catherine Schuessel, Conrad FELDEWERDT, Clara BEYKIRCH, Frank and Rosa MERSINGER
KEIFLEIN, Edward (26y) BERNHARD, Catharina (Not Baptized Catholic, 20y) 8 Jan 1890 Keiflein, Johann Not listed, Margaretha Bernhard, Johann NIEBER, Catharina HAUSS, Charles and Josephina SACKMANN
KEIFLEIN, Johann M. (22y) BERNARD, Emilia (21y) 26 Dec 1877 Keiflein, Johann LEWIG, Margaretha Bernard, Johann LÜBEL (Luebel), Catharina Bernard, Johann and Carolina Keiflein
KELLER, Martin (23y) LANDGRAF, Susanna (21y) 23 May 1875 Keller, Joseph Not listed, Anna Landgraf, Joseph CONRAD, Clara RACHHENDORF, Phillipp, Elisabeth Keller, Heinrich Keller and Anna SCHULZ
KENNY, Lawrence Thomas (From Maplewood, MO) KRATZMEYER, Margaret 28 Oct 1931 Kenny, James MC NAMEE, Catherine Kratzmeyer, Albert SLATTERY, Mary WARD, Michael J. and Kathryn ALLEN
KERINS, Thomas (34y) DE LABER, Louisa (26y) 21 Nov 1900 Kerins, Thomas CONWAY, Catharina De Larber, Joseph REEVES, Louisa GREEN, Joseph and Anna FREEZE
KERN, Julius (From St. Louis, MO) HANSING, Anna (From Belleville, IL) 14 Sep 1904 Kern, Jacob PROVEAUX, Maria Hansing, Adolph ABB EGG, Amalia Kern, Victor and Magdalena VONNAHME
KERN, Theodore (From Belleville, IL) FRITZ, Linda 18 Apr 1907 Kern, Philipp FLUCK, Anna Fritz, Conrad HAYNES, Catharina Kern, Philipp and Ida BOSELAGER
KEYENBERG, Joseph HOFFMANN, Ida (Non-Catholic) 7 May 1924 Hoffmann, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Appears on p82 of 1888-1956 Baptisms.
KEYENBERG, Joseph P. HOFFMANN, Ida B. (Non-Catholic) 26 Apr 1924 Keyenberg, Herman LEIBACH, Mary Hoffmann, Henry MUELLER, Dorothy Hoffmann, Alfred E. and Mrs. Alfred E. Hoffmann
KEYENBURG, Henry ELLIFF, Florence 17 Jan 1921 Keyenburg, Herman LIBACH, Mary Elliff, Edward HUBER, Louisa Keyenburg, J. B. and Agnes TROKEY
KEYENBURG, Herman (33y) LAIBACH, Maria 20 Nov 1890 Keyenburg, Herman BUSE, M. C. Laibach, Johann CHRISTMANN, Francisca Laibach, Johann and Francisca HUTTER
KICKHAM, Michael (From Moberly, MO) NESTER, Catharina (From Alton, IL) 25 Jan 1910 Kickham, John WATERS, Maria Nester, Joseph FALLERT, Catharina LAUMANN, Arthur, Michael Nester, Maria BOISMENUE and Christina WESKE
KIEFER, August Ferdinand (26y) GAIN, Margaretha (21y) 27 Nov 1877 Kiefer, Anton SANBOEUF, Rosalia Gain, Wilhelm RAU, Barbara Kiefer, Emil, Georg Gain, Adolph Sanboeuf, Ed. COMMENT, Franc. DAHLER, Christina Gain, Mary SIMSHAUSER, Alwina FLUCK, Bertha Fluck and Anna Fluck
KINNEY, William (From Jackson County, IL) KOHL, Catharina (From Evansville, IN) 21 Jun 1905 Kinney, William LIPE, Maria Kohl, Bernard FINK, Catharina TAYLOR, Francis and Maria Taylor
KIRKPATRICK, Leland (From St. Louis, MO) SCHLEPER, Sophia (Josephine) 10 Feb 1917 Schleper, G. BANE, John T. and Bridget HANSEN [Bride’s name and Bridget’s surname show added spellings printed by another hand]
KISSEL, Joseph O. (23y) SCHMISSEUR, Maria O. (23y) 13 Feb 1896 Kissel, Bartholomew KAUB, Maria Schmisseur, Johann DE KUM, Rosina Schmisseur, Emil and Katharina Kissel
KISTNER, Francis BRUEGGEN, Bertha 17 Jul 1917 Kistner, Joseph STRAUB, Emilia Brueggen, Henry REEB, Catharina Brueggen, J. and M. Kistner
KISTNER, Joseph DAENZER, Mathilda (From Wilderman Station, IL) 18 Oct 1905 Kistner, Joseph STRAUB, Amalia Daenzer, Anton NEITZLING, Susanna Daenzer, Emil and Emma Kistner
KLAAS, Benedict (28y) FORBECK, Anna (18y) 12 May 1874 Klaas, Joseph KNAUB, Elisabeth Forbeck, Joseph METZ, Elisabeth BERTELSMANN, Johann, Anna BRANGER, Johann Bertelsmann and Elisabeth VOSS
KLAUS, Francis COOK, Maria 21 Jun 1916 Klaus, Louis BOEHEM, Carol Cook, Pat FITZPATRICK, Catharina FRAUKE, N. J. and Marg. SULLIVAN
KLAUS, Julius L. (From St. Clair County, IL) NOFTSKER, Anna B. (From Sedalia, MO) 2 Feb 1909 Klaus, George DECKERT, Elisabeth Noftsker, William WRIGHT, Florentine GUITHUES, Jr., Bernard and Ludovina CLEARY
KLAUS, William BELZ, Olga 11 Aug 1915 Klaus, Chas. ROLFING, Wilhelmina Belz, Adam ROELKER, Ida Belz, William and Agnes Belz
KLAWONN, Edward BAME, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 7 May 1924 Klawonn, William HASSENSTAB, Maria Bame, Paul WALK, Rose FAGAN, George E. and Beulah JONES
KLEPPNER, Joseph MEIER, Maria 16 Oct 1872 VOGT, Elisabeth [Mitchell written above the date.]
KNAUS, Georg (24y) CURRAN, Anna (19y) 30 Oct 1889 Knaus, Louis HASENFUSS, Catharina Curran, Joseph WRIGHT, Sarah HAMILTON, Johann and Isabella WORTEL
KNAUS, Louis (25y) STILCHER, Catharina (22y) 25 Oct 1881 Knaus, Louis HASENFUSS, Catharina Stilcher, Jacob ITTNER, Margaretha Knaus, Johann and Alma FITZMORRIS
KNAUS, Thomas (24y) RUNG, Josephina (24y) 25 Nov 1891 Knaus, Louis HASENFUSS, Catharina Rung, Otto EICHNER, Maria Knaus, Jacob and Ida Eider
KNEIRINGER, Joseph SCHAEFER, Gertrude (From Panama, IA) 2 Jul 1913 Knieringer, Joseph LIEDMEYER, Ter. Schaefer, Arnold PICKEL, Lucea FRANZEN, Matt and Olga BELZ
KNOERR, George (From Albany, IN) BENNER, Anna 14 Oct 1902 Knoerr, Jacob FORLOTING, Maria Benner, John BLERSCH, Anastasia Knoerr, Carl and Mathilda WUILLE
KOCHES, Stephan (From Hungary) KARECHINT, Catharina (From Ungean Hungary) 28 Nov 1912 Koches, Florian URBAN, Theresa Karechint, Marian MAYER, Anna Koches, Michael and Catharina SCHIFTER
KOERNER, Joseph WILLIAMS, Catharina (Not Baptized) 12 Apr 1916 Koerner, J. C. Williams, Louis MC LAIN, A. and Mrs. H. Mc Lain
KOESTER, Johann (Non-Catholic) KAMPETER, Maria 14 Jul 1870 KOENIG, Sr., Chr. and Elisabeth Koenig
KOESTERS, Julius (33y) OWENS, Maria (Not Baptized, 23y) 18 Nov 1888 Koesters, Theodor WELLMANS, Henrietta Owens, C. H. ELBIN, Elisabeth Koesters, Joseph and Elisabeth GOELZ
KOLB, Joseph (22y) LETMEIER, Theresa (22y) 24 Nov 1881 KOLB, Nothburga Letmeier, Joseph SUTCLIFF, Anna KNIERINGER, Joseph and Bernice FITZMORRIS
KOLB, Louis (Non-Catholic, 27y) LANG, Margaretha (30y) 13 Sep 1894 Kolb, Francis ANSTEDT, Charlotta Lang, W. SPANNAGEL, C. KÜHN (Kuehn), Franc. and Louisa Kolb
KOONS, David SPRETER, Philomena 12 Jun 1917
KOONTZ, David SPRETER, Minnie 12 Jun 1917 Koontz, David KORTE, Maria Spreter, Louis SCHAFFNER, Maria Koontz, W. and Agnes BELTZ [Appears out of order between Jul and Nov 1917]
KOPP, John (From Columbia, IL) RUFF, Elizabeth (From Columbia, IL) 11 Jun 1917 Kopp, John METLER, Maria Ruff, Jacob MOSBACHER, Maria MELVIN, Charles and Alma WEILBACHER
KOST, Henry (29y) FISCHER, Anna (Non-Catholic, 23y) 4 Jul 1895 Kost, Louis BONGART, Elisabeth Fischer, Conrad SCHENCK, Anna M. KLEIN, August and Maria Fischer
KOSZLER, Valentin DETERS, Maria 2 Jan 1869 Koszler, Francis BREINUNG, Barbara Deters, Theodore HEMPEN, Hesina POTT, Caspar and Johann Adam VIETH
KOUDELKA, Wilhelm T. (35y) TRENTMANN, Maria C. (30y) 22 Feb 1898 Koudelka, Marc JANUSCHECK, Anna Trentmann, Francis HAMEZ, Maria EISELE, Carl and Anna Eisele
KRAEMER, Henry MILLER, Cleota 2 Mar 1918 Miller, John and Margaret Miller
KRAEMER, William DOUGLAS, Josie (From Mc Clure, IL) 26 Aug 1918 Kraemer, William T. WHALEN, Maria Douglas, Stanley SITTON, Ida Kraemer, William T. and Maria RAUCH
KRAUSE, Otto L. (From Magdeburg, Germany) FARRIS, Effie (Non-Catholic from Horse Cave, KY) 17 May 1905 Krause, Johann G. SCHULTZ, Wilhelmina Farris, Thomas MC HENNEY, Julia HACKETT, Michael and Steve KEMI
KRAUSS, Francis (From Blogosadovatz, Slovenia) SCHWAB, Maria (From Blogusodavasz, Slovenia) 16 Jul 1906 Krauss, Francis HERMANN, Maria Schwab, Francis LIEBERT, Maria EISELE, Francis and Anna KORECKY
KRESS, Albert STRAIT, Julia Cordelia 7 Feb 1924 Kress, Francis SCHUBERT, Frieda Strait, Thaddeus O’TOOLE, Julia GOFF, Lawrence and Catherine Goff No record of Baptism for Albert Kress but father took oath that he was Baptized in Pittsburg, PA
KRESS, August (From Pittsburg, PA) JUNGMANN, Irena (Non-Catholic from Mt. Carmel, IL) 31 Mar 1911 Kress, Francis SKOBERT, Rickey YOUNGMANN, Henry BREWER, Maria LANG, Francis E. and Rosa Kress
KRIEG, George ROBERTS, Bertha 4 Aug 1920 Krieg, Henry SHEERS, Josephina Roberts, Thomas MURRAY, Susie MONAHAN, J. and Katie HOLZ
KROEGER, Johann (35y) DAMMERMANN, Maria (42y) 30 Sep 1880 Kroeger, Francis LUECKEN, Margaretha SCHLOEMANN, Herman MENKE, Maria Kroeger, Theodor and Maria Kroeger
KRUEGER, Rudolph (21y) HOER, Elisabeth (18y) 24 Sep 1876 Krueger, Ferdinand LUECKEN, Anna Hoer, Herman BRINKMANN, Elisabeth HOGEN, Michael and Maria Hoer
KURRUS, Albert Bernard JONES, Margaret Eileen 25 Mar 1955 Appears on p84 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at the St. Louis (MO) Cathedral
KURRUS, Carl (25y) MARKERT, Anna (24y) 12 Oct 1898 Kurrus, Joseph JOHANNES, Elisabeth Markert, Georg FRURI, Catharina Markert, Georg and Nellie Kurrus
KURRUS, Francis J. (27y) BERENTSEN, Lena (Non-Catholic, 21y) 28 Nov 1894 Kurrus, Joseph A. JOHANNES, Elisabeth Berentsen, Andreas NISSEN, Dora Kurrus, Charles and Anna MARKERT
KURTZ, John (Non-Catholic from Alhan, Hungary) THIAR, Theresa (From Kroszck, Hungary) 23 Jul 1904 Kurtz, Andrew KRUTZLER, Theresa Thiar, Joseph BRADL, Maria HOFSTETTER, Tobias and Maria HALWAKS
KÜSTNER (Kuestner), Joseph (24y) STRAUB, Emma (18y) 18 Oct 1870 Kuestner, Francis Joseph WILZ, Amalia Straub, George GIEDEMANN, Carolina LANG, Joseph, Celeste KREBS, Mina BIELE and Lina HAPP
LAJER, Alexander (From Hungary) HOLUB, Catharina (From Hungary) 29 Oct 1906 Lajer, John PZENAK, Anna Holub, John ROZNEJ, Julia MOSHA, Andreas and Susanna PARARTI
LAMERS, Bernhard HEIM, Phillippina 22 Feb 1870 Lamers, Eberhard DEPOEL, Adelhaida Heim, Ferdinand DOSE, Elisabeth LANGEFORT, Johann Heinrich and Maria Heim
LANAHAN, Martin (23y) GREIN, Mina (20y) 3 May 1892 Lanahan, Johann COLLINS, Anna Grein, Dennis SCHMIDT, Coletta KELLY, Thomas and Bertha Grein
LANE, John (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) CURLEY, Laura (From St. Louis, MO) 25 Nov 1924 Lane, John MILLER, Mary Curley, Steven MALONE, Bridget CORBIN, Frank and Mrs. Hugh BURNS
LANG, Joseph SIEMER, Anna Maria 6 Aug 1872 Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina Siemer, Philipp WILBIG, Elisabetha Adelhaida ROSENBERGER, Valentin, John HEIM, Louisa Lang and Helena MOOSER
LANG, Wilhelm (75y) GEPPERT, Magdalena (Widow) (55y) 15 May 1895 Lang, Nicolaus EGELHOF, Catharina SCHRADER, Benedict HAGEMANN, Elisabeth WACHTEL, Fred. and Elisabeth Wachtel
LANNERT, Leroy C. (1312 Cleveland) IRWIN, Irene Nov 1925 LANNERT, Elizabeth Lannert, Ralph and Elizabeth Lannert
LANNERT, Ralph KEHOE, Ann 11 Jul 1931 Lannert, Charles SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth Kehoe, John HOFFMANN, Tillie COMPTON, Vincent and Catherine MURPHY
LARSEN, Clarence (From Chicago, IL) BECHT, Anna Larsen, Herbert and Flora PHILIPS [Appears between 23 Sep 1916 and Nov 1916]
LATINETTE, Eugene (From Centreville Station, [IL]) SCHMELTER, Margaret 26 Nov 1919 Latinette, Eugene JARVIS, Mary Schmelter, Mich EMJI, Anna RENOIS, G. E. and Dorothy Schmelter
LAUGEMANN, Albert (24y) KEEFE, Eleonora A. (21y) 15 Nov 1898 Laugemann, Henry BECKER, Margaretha KEEF, John SWIFT, Maria KASTNER, Friederich and Anna FLECK
LAURENT, George Joseph (From Prairie Du Rocher, IL) LAWDER, Esther (Presbyterian from Rockwood, IL) 25 May 1925 Laurent, Louis DEFFRENNE, Emily Lawder, Sherman SYMPSON, Anna CURRAT, Amalee and Ella Currat
LAUVIER, Eugene GRASSINGER, Alice 21 Feb 1925 Lauvier, Vital PELATE, Elizabeth Grassinger, Henry DUCLOUS, Celestine Grassinger, Albert and Anna Grassinger
LAUVIER, Thomas STEINMAN, Bessie 22 Feb 1925 Lauvier, Eugene GRASSINGER, Alice Steinman, Sam DIAMOND, Celia Lauvier, Eugene and Alice Grassinger
LEHAN, George GAIN, Estella 27 Nov 1913 Lehan, Jerry KARR, Mary Gain, John DIETENHORFER, M. Gain, John and Grace Lehan
LEHAN, Jeremiah (26y) KAHR, Anna Maria (19y) 27 Nov 1889 Lehan, Daniel SULLIVAN, Julia Kahr, Francis PFEFFER, Catharina BROOKS, Franc. and Margaretha Kahr
LEHNER, Joseph (From Cahokia, IL) HAMPEL, Mary (From Cahokia, IL) 26 Jul 1926 Lehner, Frank ZOPF, Mary Hampel, Joseph ROHRICH, Anna HOEVELKAMP, Ch. B. and Helen Hoevelkamp
LEHR, Henry GRILLO, Margaret 28 Jan 1956 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Bernard (4019 Gratiot St. Louis, MO)
LEMEN, Harvey J. (From Columbia, IL) KUEHNER, Alma (From Columbia, IL) 27 Oct 1920 Lemen, James BUTTNER, Margaret Kuehner, Michael BECKERLE, Barbara OSSECK, Walter B. and Frieda Kuehner
LEONARD, Bernard Henry (From Menominee, IL) RUNTZ, Carolina Selma (From St. Louis, MO) 27 Sep 1911 Leonard, Henry VANDERAHE, Carolina Runtz, Louis KOEHRER, Louisa BOERGER, B. J. A. and Kathryn Runtz
LEPINSKY (Lepinski), Joseph HILDNER, Olivia 24 Feb 1917 KREMMEL, Catharina and Lena Hildner
LEVELING, Conrad (25y) SCHRADER, Sophia (26y) 17 Feb 1897 Leveling, Henry JACOBSMEIER, Catharina Schrader, Francis MEIER, Theresa EDLICH, Franc. and Maria Leveling
LEVELING, Frank MAURATH, Gertrude 28 Jan 1919 Leveling, Conrad SCHROEDER, Sophia Maurath, Robert WIEGAND, Christine BEYKIRCH, Christ and Gertrude SEMITH
LEWELING, Gerhard PAHLPLATZ, Josephina 1 Mar 1870 Leweling, Arnold BARTELS, Maria PAHLPLATZ, Wilhelm BENOELKEN, Christina Leweling, Heinrich and Maria Leweling
LEWIS, George E. (24y) GLASER, Elisabeth (17y) 6 Jul 1899 Lewis, Wilhelm SAUGHNESSY, Maria Glaser, Carl MÜLLER (Mueller), Clara WELSCH, M. J. and Catharina DOWNE
LILL, Francis ECKERT, Johann 16 Nov 1893 Lill, Jacob HILLEBRAND, Louisa Eckert, Carl HAAN, Eva FRANKE, Johann and Delia Franke
LIND, Leon (From Hardin, IL) JOERGENSEN, Maria 11 Sep 1906 Lind, Albert RUHR, Elisabeth Joergensen, Peter KAISER, Elisabeth HAIDER, Francis and Helena Joergensen
LINDERER, Wilfred (From Ste. Genevieve, MO) GISI, Emily (From Ste. Genevieve, MO) 7 May 1924 Linderer, Edward GISI, Justine Gisi, Fred JOKERST, Louise ROTHERNICH, Bernardina and Rose REILMANN Couple sent to [St. Henry] by pastor of Ste. Genevieve
LINNEMANN, Bernard P. (24y) WARNER, Hattie M. (Non-Catholic, 16y) 12 Nov 1901 Linnemann, Bernard MOSBACHER, Sybilla Warner, W. COX, Belle GAA, George and Johanna Linnemann
LINZ, Wilhelm MEIER, Karolina 1 Nov 1869 SHEAN, Brigitta and Johann PAN
LOHRMANN, Frederick (From Pine Grove, OH) RIEDEL, Margaret (From Ironton, OH) 12 Oct 1910 Lohrmann, Henry KLEIN, Mathilda Riedel, Carl KELLY, Barbara WALSH, John and Anna MC DONOUGH
LONGEST, Heinrich (Non-Catholic, 22y) WEICK, Rosa (18y) 16 May 1888 Longest, Wilhelm DAVIS, Margaretha Weick, Joseph RETTLER, Sophia MC CORMACK, John and Fanny TABOR
LORENZETTE, Friederich BRANZ, Teresa 25 Sep 1911 Branz, John and Maria Appears on p82 of 1888-1956 Baptisms.
LORENZETTI, Frederick (From Castelfondo, South Tyrol) BRANZ, Theresa 1911 Lorenzetti, Joseph PAZZI, Clementina Branz, Aegid ENAMA, Ursula Branz, John and Maria Branz [Appears bewteen 11 Sep and 11 Oct 1911]
LUCAS, Amos Abner (Non-Catholic, 22y) LINHART, Anna C. (25y) 17 May 1899 Lucas, Jobe C. STUGALL, Maria Linhart, Jacob KESSLER, Francisca Linhart, Francisca and Maria Ida Linhart
LUDWIG, Gustav M. (27y) KEIFLEIN, Josephina (20y) 14 Jul 1874 Ludwig, Johann RATHKE, Sophia Keiflein, Johann LIEBIG, Margaretha NIEHAUS, Anton, Christian MESSMER, Maria SACHMANN and Carolina Keiflein
LUECKING, Henry F. (Not Baptized, 27y) HENNESSEY, Anna (21y) 28 Nov 1888 Luecking, Herman MEIER, Anna Hennessey, Eugene KUSSMANN, Helena PERRY, F. B. and Maria Helena Hennessey
LYNCH, Johann (27y) SEILER, Anna (20y) 27 Apr 1896 Lynch, Michael BURNS, Margaretha Seiler, Joseph BUTTON, Catharina SCANNEL, B. and Maria JOHN
MAHKORN, Louis (Non-Catholic, 23y) KNAUS, Josephina (25y) 10 Oct 1888 Mahkorn, Paul THON, Mina Knaus, Louis HASENFUSS, Catharina PETERS, Joseph and Elisabeth RECHTIN
MAHONY, Richard (30y) KASTNER, Elisabeth (20y) 10 Oct 1900 Mahony, John LEONARD, Maria Kastner, Francis SCHNURR, Barbara Mahoney, John and Anna CREACK
MANDA, Carl (From Waterloo, IL) MALLETT, Emilia Rosetta (From St. Louis, MO) 12 Feb 1911 Manda, Carl FRANZ, Maria Mallett, Louis ROBERT, Constance BECKER, Ferdinand and Catharina
MANG, John (From Rietheim, Baden) WERLE, Balbina (From Schuttern, Baden) 8 Jun 1911 Mang, Fidelis MERZ, Cecelia Werle, Hilary HIMMEL, Theresa WITT, Francis and Wilhelmina FREY Revalidation marriage.
MARKOS, Jacob (Non-Catholic) BRANZ, Maria 18 Oct 1923 BRANZ, Louis AMPELOGRANES, Koria BRANZ, Egid ENAMA, Ursula Branz, Joseph and Edith Branz
MARSH, Raymund KAISER, Joanna 26 May 1919 Marsh, Edward HALL, Ollie Kaiser, Ferdinand DEVENTER, Alvina Kaiser, Ferdinand and Mary Kaiser
MARTIN, Orville D. (28y) DANNER, Louisa A. (21y) 1 Sep 1890 Martin, J. C. ANDERSON, Maria A. Danner, Alexander HOLSCHER, Elisabeth FAGIN, Pat., Catharina HELLMANN, Ph. BRINKER and Elisabeth Danner
MARXER, Aloysius Joseph (From Millstadt, IL) PENZHORN, Amanda (From Waterloo, IL) Jun 1911 Marxer, Joseph BENTZ, Magdalena Penzhorn, Henry HEWEIS, Helena Penzhorn, Henry and Isabella Marxer
MARXER, Nicolaus (52y) JACOBI, Catharina (33y) 30 May 1882 Marxer, Johann VOLLMER, Magdalena Jacobi, Anton PEISCH, Catharina Marxer, Alois and Anna Marxer
MAYER, John SCHNEIDER, Maria 15 Jan 1923 Mayer, Michael KOPP, Theresa Schneider, Adam ANSMIER, Maria BUCKLEY, Herman A. and Oliva REINIGER
MC CANN, David WIEGERT, Miss Cecelia 28 Aug 1929 DOYLE, Stephen J. and Helen L. HAIDER
MC CORMICK, Frank LINHART, Josephine 24 Sep 1919 Mc Cormick, Frank WILLIAMS, J. Linhart, Daniel RENNER, Catharina WILKENS, William and Franke Linhart
MC COY, Jack (From Chicago, IL) FRANKE, Rosa 5 May 1920 Mc Coy, Urban HAMILTON, Ida Franke, Nicholas TOTSCH, Christine HANNRAGE, Joseph and Irene HEIM
MC GEE, Francis (27y) BROCKER, Josephina (Widow, 38y) 30 Apr 1901 Mc Gee, John BROWN, Rachel Schlemmer, Francis FROLL [Troll?], Elisabeth ELK, Georg and Amanda KEYES
MC GEE, Joseph (26y) KAHR, Margaretha (22y) 2 Oct 1895 Mc Gee, Patrick BRYAN, Anna Kahr, Francis PFEIFER, Catharina O’NEIL, Thomas and Lizzie GHOOST
MC GOVERN, William HAIDER, Genevieve 3 Sep 1929 SMITH, Edwin L. and Helen L. Haider
MC KENNA, William J. FINK, Annabel 6 Oct 1920 Mc Kenna, Hugh SAUNDERS, Olive Fink, Frank PETERS, Louise JOHNSON, P. A. and Mary TIMPER
MC LAFFERTY, Francis STEARNS, Julia (Non-Catholic, not Baptized from Carbondale, IL) 11 Mar 1925 Mc Lafferty, Ephreon CAHILL, Anna Stearns, Willis BLACK, Anna SULLIVAN, William and Charles BRADY
MC LEAN, William H. (34y) DE HAAN, Gertrude (31y) 30 Oct 1895 Mc Lean, Richard BOYLE, Sarah De Haan, Jacob RITGE, Catharina MALTEY, Edward and Julia Mc Lean
MC NAUGHTON, Leo R. GAIN, Ida 24 Jun 1920 Mc Naughton, David BAILEY, Mary Gain, Charles SIMSHAUSER, Mary Gain, Oscar H. and Florence Gain
MCCAREY, Daniel TOJO, Rosa 19 Sep 1910 Mc Carey, John Christ VALENTINE, Celeste KIMME, George BISSO, Salina Kimme, Edward and Maria Mc Carey
MCCLURE, Arnold (From Oakland City, IN) BAUM, Maria 16 Apr 1913 Mc Clure, Enoch BARTON, Dora Baum, Mich MOSBACHER, Barbara Baum, Joseph and Lucea PERRIN
MEASE, Wilhelm EISMANN, Francisca 19 Dec 1885 ZITTEL, Charles and Elisabeth GOELZ Revalidation marriage.
MEEHAN, Joseph HANSON, Lucy (From Ste. Marie, IL) 2 Sep 1914 Meehan, William MCCARTHY, Mary Hanson, Harvin RAEF, Mary Meehan, Chas. and Barbara BUMB
MEHLHAUS, August (23y) FORD, Margaretha (21y) 4 Jul 1876 Mehlhaus, Henry BENNETS, Catharina Ford, Patrick LOUIS, Maria BRADY, John and Maria KILOREN
MEIER, Louis (24y) MUEHLFELD, Theodora (21y) 7 Jul 1886 Meier, Fred GOODELL, Magdalena Muehlfeld, Conrad BRUCHER, Cath. SCHAUERTE, Caspar and Elisabeth GOELZ
MEISTER, Louis (26y) DAVENROY, Phillippina (21y) 20 Apr 1871 Meister, Francis Joseph Not listed, Anna Martha Davenroy, Johann Louis SALIER, Catharina KOENIG, Sr., Chr. and Maria TILMANN
MENARD, Joseph (From Carondelet, MO) BAUM, Margaret 28 Apr 1909 Menard, Thomas Baum, Nicolas MUSBACHER, Barbara Menard, Louis and Maria Baum
MENESTRINA, Theodor John (From Tyrol, Austria) KURRUS, Magdalena A. 23 Sep 1903 Menestrina, Francis GRANDI, Philippina Kurrus, Joseph JOHANNES, Elisabeth JENNEMANN, Joseph and Anna Menestrina
MERKEL, Louis Ernest Christ. (Non-Catholic) REICHE, Rosa (Widow) 22 Feb 1870 Merkel, Carl Friederich WENDLER, Christina Wilhelmina STEIMEL, Robert PRUNN, Catharina KOENIG, Sr., Christoph and Catharina HAYS
MERZIK, Herman (From Bouthen, Silesia) BAUM, Barbara (From Columbia, IL) 13 Oct 1903 Merzik, Carl WOSZINEK, Agnes MOSBACHER, Wendelin ROSSIK, Oswald and Maria KRESSIK
MESSMER, Emil (24y) ZITTEL, Christina (23y) 23 Nov 1887 Messmer, Frederick TURGIE, Francisca Zittel, Andrew WALZ, Carolina Zittel, Andrew and Julia LEITHNER
MEURER, Johann (27y) GAA, Louisa (38y) 30 Jun 1896 Meurer, Johann PIEL, Catharina LANG, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina ROSSIG, Oswald and Barb. EUSTACHI
MEYER, Francis (From Hermann, MO) DORST, Alice (Non-Catholic) 22 Jan 1903 Meyer, George SCHAEFER, Josephina Dorst, David KELLER, Catharina RUOFF, Carl and Maria Ruoff born Meyer Dispensation for mixed religion marriage
MEYER, Heinrich ROEVE, Gesina 2 Mar 1867 Meyer, Heinrich PLOENEKE, Henrietta ROEWE, Herman HERMICKE, Helena Roeve, Heinrich
MEYER, Johann Heinrich SCHNEIDER, Augusta 25 Feb 1868 Meyer, Heinrich PLÖNEKE (Ploeneke), Henrietta Schneider, Pet. MÜLLER (Mueller), Anna Mar. LANG, Wilhelm and Maria Anna Lang
MICHELEK, Joseph (22y) DILLON, Cornelia (21y) 16 Sep 1886 Michelek, Anton SCHRAMM, Magdalena Dillon, Michael CANNAUGHT, Maria SCHRANDT, William and Henry Schrandt
MILLER, Jacob BOLLE, Adela 9 Jul 1902 Miller, Joseph PROPET, Wilhelmina Bolle, Julius PERIER, Louisa GAA, George and Maria Miller
MILLER, John FIGI, Josephina 5 Mar 1918 Miller, George and Agnes ROEWE
MILLER, Leopold (27y) SLIGHTON, Josephina (19y) 22 Nov 1877 Miller, Mathias NICOLAUS, Josephine Anna Slighton, Jeremiah MONSTER, Anna RAYNE, M. S. and Francisca BISHOP
MILLER, Mathias (68y) KIMMICH, Josephina (45y) 18 Feb 1879 Miller, Jacob WERKE, Susanna SEEGERS, Francis WEHMAKER, Anna TRACHLY, Joseph and Mina LENZ
MILLER, Oliver (From Piedmont, West Virginia) HAVERMANN, Maria (From Aviston, IL) 19 Sep 1907 Miller, John T. BRUCE, Anna Havermann, Herman WELLING, Maria Havermann, Maria born Welling and Catharina Havermann
MILLER, Thomas (From Alton, IL) HUSCHLE, Marie 26 Jun 1930 Miller, Thomas REDMOND, Catherine Huschle, Rudolph REEB, G. Miller, E. J. and Dorothy WEBER
MILLS, Paul (From Collinsville, IL) SCHMIDT, Carolina 15 May 1914 Mills, George Not listed, Hannah Schmidt, Chas. Not listed, Henrietta Schmidt, Frank and Emma MUTZ
MINOR, Joseph BLASS, Anna 21 Apr 1904 Minor, Alonzo KEHER, Maria Blass, Frederick MEIER, Louisa WEINENER, Jacob and Edna WEBSTER
MITCHELL, Carl (Non-Catholic from Fort Worth, TX) RUNG, Ida 5 Dec 1910 Mitchell, Carl Not listed, Rosa Rung, George PETERS, Catharina Rung, Catharina and Maria Rung Revalidation marriage.
MOEHLE, George (Non-Catholic) RUNG, Anna Elizabeth 26 Jul 1915 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis, IL. Mentions Carl GILMARTIN and 1 Oct 1954
MOELLER, Leon A. (25y Non-Catholic) SCHEIFERS, Bernhardina (18y) 26 Sep 1874 Moeller, Louis G. ZITO, Elisabeth Scheifers, Edward BROKAMP, Elisabeth Scheifers, Edward and Elisabeth Scheifers
MOLLA, Carl Christian SCHNEIDER, Louisa 3 Aug 1909 Molla, Louis HALTON, Catharina Schneider, Louis MILLER, Elisabeth REINIGER, William and Julia Reiniger
MOLLA, John Henry BECKETTE, Veronica 22 Apr 1921 Molla, Charles SCHMEIDER, Louise Beckette, Fred JONES, Charlotte WEBSTER, Edward and Catharina SMITH
MOLNAR, John (From Hungary) GURTSIK, Julia (From Hungary) 19 Jun 1905 Molnar, Vincent SABO, Etta Gurtsik, Peter LENDOY, Julia BOLADAR, Julius and Rosa BARUGI
MONTAGUE, Daniel CAHILL, Anna 31 Aug 1875 BURNS, Not listed VOGT, Theodore and Elisabeth GOELZ
MOORE, Lee M. GAIN, Irene 29 Jan 1921 Moore, William KAVENEY, Martha Gain, John DIEDENHEFER, Dorothy Moore, Volney and Cleta Moore
MOROTZ, Paul (Non-Catholic from St. Martin, Hungary) KOTONA, Anna (From Budapest) 27 Sep 1910 Morotz, Samuel CAETI, Rosalia Kotona, Joseph SOS, Catharina GASPER, Joseph and L. Ida Gasper
MOSS, Richard M. (Non-Catholic) BARRON, Helena 26 Sep 1927 Moss, W. MAY, Lila Barron, Carl NESTER, Maria Nester, Wilbur and A. Moss [The year looks like 1927 but appears with 1929 entries.] Mixed religion marriage.
MOUSSET, Peter (24y) GRAULT, Maria (18y) 19 Jan 1875 Mousset, Peter PENSANEAU, Maria Grault, Joseph METRIER, Maria Rosa DEBAUT, August, Hoppolytus MELOT, Maria Louisa TRETIER and Maria Louisa Mousset
MUEHLGRABNER, Leon (From Dionysen – Steiermark) GENEWEIN, Anna (From Spitae Voernthen) 18 Jul 1910 STADLER, Peter MUEHLGRABNER, Victoria MAYER, Francis RABIDJ, Anna BOYLE, John and Margaret REYNOLDS
MUELLER, Andreas MCFARLEY, Maria Theresa (20y) 9 Feb 1874 Mueller, Michael BURRINGER, Maria Mc Farley, Benjamin Not listed, Nancy SCHRADER, Francis, Catharina Schrader, Francis GEPPERT and Maria Magdalena Geppert
MUELLER, Henry (51y) HATCH, Sarah (51y) 22 Sep 1879 Mueller, Babtist ZEY, Francisca OSBORNE, Jessie Not listed, Serah RYAN, Thomas and Anna Kelly
MUELLER, Johann LUST, Catharina (17y) 26 Jun 1873 Mueller, Francis MEIER, Maria Lust, George KRAUS, Elisabeth KONWITZ, Michael and Louisa LANG
MUENCH, Johann (24y) BOSCH, Maria Ol. (17y) 17 Aug 1899 Muench, Johann JAEGER, Margaretha Bosch, Frederick DUETTERMANN, Margaretha HAPS, Wilhelm and Hanna GIEDEMANN
MUENTEFERING, Edward WITTENBRINK, Elizabeth 21 May 1919 Muentefering, Louis and Odelia HENDRICH
MULLANE, John SANKUS, Mary 27 Nov 1929 Mullane, Philip REGELMAN, Anna Sankus, George GUSTATES, Elizabeth O’DAY, Edward and Marcella Mullane
MÜLLER (Mueller), Wilhelm L. (Non-Catholic, 25y) KAHR, Anna (25y) 22 Nov 1899 Mueller, Wilhelm WIENEKE, Mina Kahr, Francis PFEFFER, Catharina HAROLD, Joseph and Bertha ADLER
MULLIGAN, Jacob ANDRES, Anna 18 Oct 1909 Mulligan, Peter SHERLOCK, Helena Andres, Henry HACKMANN, Margaret BRENNAN, F. J. and Elisabeth Andres
MÜNTEFERING (Muentefering), Johann (33y) KEIFLEIN, Caroline (24y) 17 Jan 1884 Keiflein, Johann LEBIG, Margaretha Keiflein, Edward and Theresa RANGE
MURPHY, C. C. (Not Baptized, 29y) SURWALD, Emma (22y) 22 Sep 1897 Murphy, Al HOWARD, Sar. Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Lena Surwald, Ed. and Elisabeth KÜBEL (Kuebel)
MUSSER, Horatio (Non-Catholic, 25y) SCHLATTWEILER, Ida (19y) 28 Dec 1898 Musser, W. SCHIFFER, Sarah Schlattweiler, Phillipp CREMER, Augusta HILTON, Alfred and Adelina Schlattweiler
NESTER, Frederick (From Pittsburgh, PA) STRECKER, Olga 18 Sep 1906 Nester, Frederick SAUER, Barbara Strecker, Christian THOMA, Louisa RENSHAW, Eugene and Anna BAUMEISTER
NESTER, Jr., Joseph (From Alton, IL) IRONS, Beulah (From Moberly, MO) 8 Jul 1908 Nester, Joseph FALLERT, Catharina Irons, Wesley RAGSDALE, Margaret GILLEN, Ward and N. Bertha PENDLETON
NEUKIRCH, Wilhelm (21y) SCHLEICH, Gertrud (18y) 8 May 1887 Neukirch, Wilhelm NONNWEILER, Maria Schleich, Peter WEISS, Catharina HEBERLE, W. and Barb. Heberle
NEVIN, Thomas JOHNSON, Ethel (Convert) 14 Oct 1926 Nevin, Margaret and Jane ENRIGHT JOHNSON Previously married by civil ceremony
NEWTON, Henry Edward BROCKER, Stella 15 May 1943 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL
NIEDERER, Johann (Non-Catholic, 28y) KAELIN, Wilhelmina (25y) 19 May 1898 Niederer, Jacob MENNET, Anna Kaelin, Meinrad ZEHNDE, Josephina BERKENBROCK, Franz and Elisabeth DESTOR
NIEDERER, John (From Switzerland/Germany) KAELIN, Maria (From Switzerland/Germany) 13 Nov 1902 Niederer, Jacob MINNET, Anna Kaelin, Frederick Not listed, Maria GOELZ, John E. and Carolina MIDDENDORF
NIEHAUS, Wilhelm (28y) KANE, Ellen (28y) 29 Nov 1900 Niehaus, Henry RADT, Elisabeth Kane, Timothy OGLE, Anna RISSI, Joseph and Elisabeth Kane
NIEMANN, Johann Friederich TILMANN, Maria Anna (21y) 23 Jan 1872 Niemann, Johann Friederich WINKEN, Elisabeth Tilmann, Peter VIGINER, Elisabeth WILKENS, Bernard and Josephina KEIFLEIN
NOEL, Joseph (25y) DITZENBERG, Clementina (22y) 31 Jan 1882 Noel, Johann Baptist WALTER, Carolina Ditzenberg, Martin SCHOENEBERG, Faustina Walter, Louis and Lizzie Ditzenberg
NUETZEL, Johann (Non-Catholic, 25y) KISTNER, Louisa (18y) 13 Oct 1892 Nuetzel, Johann SELLNER, Margaretha Kistner, Joseph STRAUB, Emma Nuetzel, Ph. J. and Lizzie BENNER
NUETZEL, Phil. A. SEE, Aloysia (From Ashland, WI) 29 Nov 1917 Nuetzel, John KISTNER, Louisa See, William VAN HORN, Maria See, William and Emma Kistner
OEBIKE, Christophor (23y) MATT, Louisa E. (21y) 26 Feb 1884 Oebike, Henry SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Matt, Carl SCHEIDT, Catharina Oebike, Wilhelm; Ph. SCHMANDT; Charlotte Oebike and Frida HAUSPERGER
OGLE, Peter (Non-Catholic, 27y) ROY, Julia (23y) 11 Feb 1902 Ogle, Jacob HANON, Eva Roy, August BECKET, Rosa REESE, John and Josephina ALLEN Dispensation for mixed religion marriage
O’LEARY, Maurice B. SCHUERGER, Edna (From New Athens, [IL]) 11 Nov 1919 O’Leary, Thomas MCHAN, Marg Schuerger, George GAIN, Christina WILL, W. and Marie WALTERS
O’NEILL, Lawrence MARTZ, Loretta 22 Jan 1923 O’Neill, Thomas STOKES, Mary Martz, George HASSENBOEHLER, Josephine Martz, Alphonse and Mrs. Carrie SHLATTWEILER
OPPERMANN, John Ludwig (52y) KAHR, Bertha (34y) 3 Oct 1899 Oppermann, Francis MARX, M. A. Bruck, Peter SEITER, Theresa MC GEE, Joseph and Margaretha Mc Gee
ORINTAS, William (From Russia) SCHERER, Ella 1 Mar 1916 Orintas, Joseph MEYER, Prima Scherer, Edward HONNECH, Anna Orintas, F. and Edna Scherer
PARKER, Herbert J. (Non-Catholic) MILLER, Margaret L. 28 Apr 1922 Parker, William J. ELMS, Mary Miller, Frank J. SCHMIDT, Emma REISS, Robert C. and Eleanore LANG
PARKINSON, Alfred (Non-Catholic, 24y) RAMLOT, Maria (17y) 2 Dec 1895 Parkinson, Thomas BOWDEN, Maria E. Ramlot, Constantin MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria WIESER, John and Car. GAA
PAULE, Ed. Fred. SACCO, Erminia (?) 23 Jan 1937 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. ‘Married at Sts Peter and Paul in Detroit, MI
PAULI, Philipp (22y) PETERS, Anna (20y) 14 Aug 1889 Pauli, J. W. Not listed, Anna Margaret Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna HUSCHLE, Bernhard and Theresa BRUCK
PEARSON, James (From Farnesvale, England) HANSON, Mathilda (From St. Marie, IL) 24 Nov 1908 Pearson, James CLAYTON, Emma Hanson, Harbon RAEF, Maria Hanson, James and Bertha SCHULTE
PEITZ, Libory Stephan KRONE, Gertrude 14 Jul 1870 Peitz, Herman Not listed, Eva Krone, Francis Not listed, Elisabeth Peitz, Johann, Joseph HILGENDORF, Heinrich SCHRADER, Maria VEMKES, Mina Krone and Christina Krone.
PELZE, Joseph (From Heinzendorf, Mähren) QUATMANN, Maria (From Cincinnati, OH) 24 Jan 1911 Pelze, John VOIGT, Victoria METZGER, Edward and Mrs. Edward Metzger (Elisabeth)
PERRY, William Nelson (Non-Catholic) HARR [HAAR], Maria Magdalena 23 Nov 1909 Perry, John FREEMAN, Anna Harr [Haar], John TUCKER, Maria Victoria Haar, Maria and Anna KINKELAAR. Marriage revalidation.
PETER, Johann HEMHAM, Maria 23 Feb 1868 Peter, Theobald GERINGER, Hedwiga Hemham, Bernhard PATE, Catharina FERKEL, Nicolaus, Elisabeth DEFFENPORT and Margaretha Hemham
PETERS, Edward DURLEY, Gladythe 14 May 1925 Peters, Joseph BOUCKS, Theresa Durley, William BUSSARD, Edith ROEBKE, Chester E. and Evalyn L. Roebke
PETERS, George HOLLAN, Eula (From Bowling Green, KY) 23 Nov 1916 Peters, Joseph BRUCK, Theresa Hollan, Henry EWING, Myrtle Peters, John and Mary MULLEN
PETERS, Joseph EVANS, Helena 7 Jan 1904 Peters, John HIEMAN, Maria LONYEOUN, August LEJEUN, Catharina WIESEMANN, Theodor and Dorothea BAUMAN
PETERS, Joseph (25y) BRUCK, Theresa (20y) 8 Oct 1890 Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna Bruck, Peter LEIDER, Theresa VOLK, Francis and Josephina Peters
PFEIFFER, Lester ADELSBERGER, Louisa (From Waterloo, IL) 24 Jun 1914 Pfeiffer, Henry DROCE, Minnie Adelsberger, Will WISE, Louisa ROHEN, Walter and Hazel LIGHTNER
PHILLIPS, Fillmore VOGT, Louisa (From Columbia, IL) 12 Feb 1911 Phillips, Sidney B. BURNETT, Emma Vogt, Anton B. BOHNE, Elisabeth SCHMIDT, Frank and Carolina Schmidt Revalidation marriage.
PICKEL, Anton (40y) KNIERINGER, Theresa (39y) 9 Jun 1896 Pickel, Cornelius SCHMIDT, Anna LETMEIER, Joseph SUTLIFF, Anna BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Henry and Elisabeth VON DEN NELSON
PIERCE, Johann (31y) GUTWALD, Emilia (18y) 22 May 1889 Pierce, Johann ENRIGHT, Margaretha Gutwald, Francis HECKER, Francisca DAVIS, O. C. and Amanda DUBOIS
PLABBERT, Wilhelm (Non-Catholic, 27y) ADLER, Emilia (25y) 5 Jul 1893 Plappert, Frederick Not listed, Maria Adler, Francis GEPPERT, Maria SLENSKER, Henry and Bertha Adler [Groom and father last names spelled differently]
PLUTOWSKI, Francis (From West Prussia, Europe) SCHMIDT, Mildreth 6 Oct 1903 Plutowski, Gottlieb KLÜNGER (Kluenger), Elisabeth Schmidt, Peter HOFFMANN, Carolina GOELZ, John E. and Theresa KOELLER
POETTGEN, Frederich (42y) RANGE, Maria (23y) 19 Sep 1882 Poettgen, Francis Georg SCHENNEL, Gertrud Range, Peter MEIER, Theresa KLEIN, Peter and Theresa Range
POLKA, Anton (45y) CHIMECK, Barbara (34y) 12 Aug 1877 Polka, Gervasi Not listed, Mina Chimeck, Joseph RAHETY, Maria WEBER, Michael and Anna Weber
PREUSS, Arthur (29y) BEUCKMANN, Paulina (25y) 23 Oct 1900 Preuss, Dr. Ed. SCHURICHT, Concordia Beuckmann, Fred SCHAMONI, Theresa Preuss, Anton and Dina GUITHUES
PRIESTERSBACH, August (24y) RYAN, Elisabeth (21y) 8 Sep 1884 Priestersbach, Wilhelm HAARSCHEID, Rosina Ryan, Jacob GLEESON, Maria JINGENBOSS, Herman and Rosina WOLFSBURGER Bernardina WEISS written by Priest name.
PROKOS, Thomas (Non-Catholic, Greek Orthodox) MARTIN FINES, Velma 9 Dec 1929 Martin, Edward J. and Margaret M. GUITHUES
PRZADA, Joseph F. COSITORSZ, Sophia M. 22 Oct 1924 Prazada, Peter TRZIESNIAK, Eleonora Cositorsz, Frank WALKOVIAK, Cecelia Cositorz, Charles and Mary Przada
PURCELL, John (27y) EDLICH, Margaretha (19y) 12 Jun 1900 Purcell, John LUNDY, Catharina Edlich, Louis ROSENBERGER, Sophia Purcell, Jacob and Anna FONTAIN
QUERIN, Frederick (24y) GEPPERT, Odilia (21y) 12 Apr 1883 Querin, Georg Not listed, Margaretha Geppert, Anton Not listed, Ernestina FRANKE, Nicolaus and Emilie ADLER
RAABA, Thomas L. (Non-Catholic from New Albany, IN) GRAHAM, Louisa L. (From Nebraska) 22 Jun 1903 Raaba, Philipp L. MC GUIRE, Catharina Graham, John W. JENKINS, Maria GOELZ, John E. and Anna SCHRANDT
RAGATZ, Johann Henry (Non-Catholic, 28y) DOUGHERTY, Maria (21y) 11 Apr 1883 Ragatz, Bartholomew Not listed, Margaretha Dougherty, Ferenti REYNOLDS, Martha KLETTICH, Charles and Julia CRAWLY
RAMLOT, Constantin (23y) MUELLER, Maria Magdalena (16y) 28 Nov 1877 Ramlot, Constantin SCHULTGEN, Catharina Mueller, Peter WEYAND, Barbara Mueller, Michael and John Nic. BOISMENUE
RANDALLS, William (From St. Louis, MO) RUNGE, Theresa 3 Jul 1919 Randalls, Otto PEARRES, Not listed Runge, Carl KOLKER, Maria Runge, Carl and Pearl LOUVUR
RANGE, Edmund (25y) WACHTEL, Maria Anna (19y) 27 Nov 1888 Range, Henry MEIER, Antonia Wachtel, Christian BOBURECK, Maria Wachtel, Edward and Catharina SÜSSMANN (Suessmann)
RANGE, Joseph (24y) FRICKE, Josephina (21y) 13 Oct 1878 Range, Henry MEIER, Antonette Fricke, Conrad HAGEMANN, Magdalena Range, Henry and Magdalena Fricke
RATERMANN, John (From Carlyle, IL) GILLILAND, Hazel (Non-Catholic) 15 Nov 1923 Ratermann, Frederick HECKMANN, Anna Gilliland, Franklin MICHAEL, Elizabeth GREATHANCE, Frank and Pearl Havermann
RAUCH, Fern BECHT, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1916 LARSEN, Clarence and Anna Larsen
REDLE, Romuald (24y) MARTIN, Theodora (18y) 6 Oct 1883 Redle, Joseph HUMMEL, Maria Martin, Joseph JOUTON, Maria ZITTEL, Charles and Emma ECKERT
REEB, Conrad (27y) MEHRING, Louise (23y) 4 Feb 1868 Reeb, Pet. SCHWED, Margaretha Mehring, Johann Georg OESTERLING, Louise RÖST (Roest), Johann, Carl Mehring, Catharina GÜNTHER (Guenther) and Mina SCHWANENSTICHLER
REEB, Conrad (31y) WILDE, Ida (Lutheran, 25y) 25 Apr 1900 Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa Wilde, Henry MILD, Barbara Reeb, Edmund and Lilia SCHAUB
REEB, Edward (20y) WEBER, Emma (18y) 27 Apr 1892 Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa Weber, Peter EISMANN, Theresa MC GOMERY, Richard and Amalia Weber
REEB, Henry DICKHAUS, Florence 10 Jun 1914 Reeb, Peter GAA, Elizabeth Dickhaus, John LINDEMAN, Anna FUCHS, Edmund and Esther Dickhaus
REEB, Peter (21y) GAA, Elisabeth (21y) 19 Sep 1889 Reeb, Johann Not listed, Elisabeth Gaa, Martin ULRICH, Elisabeth Reeb, Conrad and Catharina Reeb
REGELMANN, Joseph (From Effingham, IL) MAY, Ida (From Taylorville, IL) 25 Sep 1906 Regelmann, Herman HELLAR, Anna May, Adam DE MOTTE, Lillie STINCHCOMB, Henry and Christina Regelmann
REHG, Stephen F. BUMB, Bertha J. 28 Jun 1922 Rehg, Fred ETTIENNE, Josephine Bumb, Jacob EISENTRAUDT, Mary Rehg, Leonard and Marie GOELZ
REHMUS, August (Non-Catholic 50y) SCHMITT, Catharina (48y) 11 Jun 1887 Rehmus, Daniel EWALD, Christina Schmitt, Clement ERB, Catharina SCHNEIDER, Georg and Elisabeth GOELZ
REILY, Johann (19y, from abroad) JENNINGS, Anna (15y) 8 Oct 1879 Reily, Thomas FURY, Anna Jennings, Johann CHARLOCK, Brigitta SCHULDOCK, Mathias and Brigitta Reily
REINIGER, Cornelius ERNST, Magdalena 7 Jun 1921 Reiniger, Louis Not listed, Regina Ernst, Joseph Not listed, Mary Reiniger, Cal [?] and Bertha BUMB
REINIGER, Francis X. LORIO, Nellie Mae 1 Sep 1951 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Mary in Texas City, TX
REINIGER, Leon CHAPUT, Nellie (From Cahokia, IL) 10 Jun 1919 Reiniger, William KLEIN, Julia Chaput, John KURRUS, Elisabeth Reiniger, Joseph and Julia Reiniger
REITHER, William (From Nashville, IL) VOGT, Margaret 9 Apr 1918 Reither, William FORTMANN, Elizabeth Vogt, Theodor DE HAAN, Elisabeth Vogt, Emil and Nellie De Haan
RENOIS, Louis (From Cahokia, IL) MOMMERTZ, Lina (From Prince City, NY) 20 Jul 1907 Renois, William H. TRENDLEY, Adelina PIERCE, Andrew HEADER, Maria Joanna GOELZ, John E. and Anna KINKELAAR
RIEFEL, Wilhelm (34y) CUNDIFF, Emmesetta (Non-Catholic, 22y) 18 Sep 1883 Riefel, Alexander JANSSEN, Genevieve Cundiff, Johann W. CAMPBEL, Julia Cundiff, Johann and Catharina MARONEY
RIGNEY, Harry STICKLER, Velma M. 8 Aug 1953 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Elizabeth after Velma MARTIN union with Wm. STICKLER declared Null
RIGNEY, Harry John COLEMAN, Amelia 24 Nov 1938 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis, IL
RIGNEY, Joseph TOUPENEAU (Toupnot), Ursula (From Centreville Station, IL) 12 Oct 1910 Rigney, Patrick FRANKS, Brigitta Toupnot, Louis MONTRIA, Louisa Toupnot, Nicolas and Anna Rigney
RIGNEY, Not listed LANDFRIED, Not listed [Appears between 12 Jun 1907 and 20 Jul 1907.] Revalidation marriage.
RIMMELIN, Albert (27y) SCHLEICH, Barbara (19y) 13 Jul 1886 Rimmelin, Albert KLUMB, Maria A. Schleich, Peter WEISS, Carolina Rimmelin, Joseph and Carolina Rimmelin
RING, Nicolaus (28y) PAINTER, Anna (19y, Non-Catholic) 16 Jul 1874 Ring, Johann SCHMIDT, Anna Painter, Napoleon MCLAUGHLIN, Sarah ASCH, Johann and Elisabeth HENDERSTON
RIPPLINGER, Phil. SCHMIDT, Emma 2 Mar 1918 Ripplinger, Phil KIEFER, Margaret Schmidt, George HEUCK, Verna Ripplinger, Joseph and Emma Ripplinger
RISSING, Louis (28y) KOCH, Maria Catharina (17y) 20 Jun 1872 Rissing, Johann Not listed, Maria Koch, Leonhard Not listed, Phillippina Koch, Leonhard and Louis CARROL
ROBERTS, Robert (From Murphysboro, IL) KASTNER, Christina 19 Dec 1910 Roberts, Carl D. FOSTER, Minnie Kastner, Francis SCHNURR, Barbara Kastner, Barbara and Anna KINKELAAR
ROBINSON, James (From England) HAVERMAN, Adeline 1 Aug 1918 Robinson, James RUSH, Catharina Haverman, Herman WELLING, Mary COUSINS, Joseph and Caroline DUNHAM
ROCHELLE, Eugene HAUSS, Ethel 8 Feb 1922 Rochelle, Eugene GIOURD, Not listed [?] Hauss, Carl SACKMANN, A. Hauss, Charles and Mary SHRANT
ROCK, Archibald (New convert from St. Louis, MO) PETERS, Josephina 4 Nov 1912 Rock, John MILLER, Carrie Peters, Joseph BRUCKS, Theresa Peters, John and Katharina FAUSHER
ROETHLISBERGER, Rudolph J. COLLINS, Mrs. Florence 27 Sep 1952 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Mary in Centralia, IL
ROEWE, August HONEFER, Agnes Roewe, Henry FEINER, Not listed Honefer, Carl STRATMANN, Dora ADAM, Charles and Maria HICKY [Appears between 23 Sep 1916 and Nov 1917]
ROEWE, Christophor MESSMER, Anna 23 Sep 1913 Roewe, Henry SIEMER, Carolina Messmer, Emil ZITTEL, Christina BRUMMER, G. and Clotilda Messmer
ROEWE, Henry (22y) SCHLATTWEILER, Laura (18y) 3 May 1892 Roewe, Herman ABELEN, Maria Schlattweiler, Phillipp KREMER, Augusta Roewe, Herman and Adele Schlattweiler
ROEWE, Henry (29y) SIMMER, Karolina (23y) 27 May 1869 Roewe, Harman HERMICKE, Helena Simmer, Phillipp Not listed, Adelhaid WILKENS, Johann and Katharina LANG
ROHRBACH, Francis (23y) SCHULTE, Anna (19y) 7 Feb 1888 Rohrbach, David HEIRICK, Elmira Schulte, Ferdinand HORN, Sophia BANKS, Franc and Catharina VOLLMER
RONAN, John BEYKIRCH, Johanna 29 Apr 1925 Ronan, Maurice KENNEY, Rose Beykirch, Joseph RANGE, Theresa Beykirch, Aloysius Bernard and Rose Ann Ronan.
RÖWE (Roewe), Georg (25y) OEBIKE, Frida (20y) 19 Jan 1892 Roewe, Herman ALBELEN, Maria Oebike, Wilhelm HAUSBERGER, Frida Roewe, Henry, Henry REEB, Lizzie Roewe and not listed Hausberger
ROWE, Claude (Non-Catholic) ADELSBERGER, Carla 29 Nov 1911 Rowe, Jeremiah CONNEL (Mc Connel?), Victoria Adelsberger, William WEIS, Florence THIEL, Thomas and M. Adelsberger
RUDY, Albert (Non-Catholic from Heidelberg, Germany) MURPHY, Emma 30 Jan 1911 Rudy, Jacob KLER, Margaret Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Carolina Surwald, Adelina and Anna KINKELAAR
RUF, George (23y) WITTE, Emilia (22y) 12 Feb 1901 Ruf, George SICKINGER, Bertha Witte, Henry KASSING, Elisabeth Ruff, Jacob and Catharina GROTE
RUF, Jacob (26y) DONAGHUE, Birgita (25y) 22 May 1900 Ruf, George SICKINGER, Walburga Donaghue, John DOYLE, Maria Ruf, George and Marg. Donaghue
RUFF, George (From Marine, IL) GULLEY, Nellie Ada (Non-Catholic) 11 Aug 1911 Ruff, George Not listed, Bertha Elisabeth GREEN, Andrew Jackson UTTERBACH, Mendora Ruff, Jacob and Catharina GROTE
RUNG, Georg (29y) PETERS, Catharina (24y) 26 Nov 1890 Rung, Otto EICHNER, Carolina Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna KNAUS, Thomas and Carolina Rung
RYAN, Jacob (30y) MÜLLER (Mueller), Eva (15y) 2 May 1898 Ryan, Johann BURN, Anna Mueller, Jacob BAUMANN, Barbara HALVER, Jacob and Catharina SCHILLER
SAEGER, Friederich KEALEY, Maria 26 Jun 1935 Appears on p82 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St Joseph, East St. Louis
SALZ, Henry LANG, Catharina 18 Jul 1872 Lang, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Not listed HEIM, Johann and Louisa Lang
SANDERS, Bernhard (25y) SPELKER, Sophia (21y) 23 Apr 1884 Sanders, Henry MEIERS, Elisabeth Spelker, Frederick MUELLER, Elisabeth CANTILLON, James and Anna SCHWEISSGUT
SAUER, James (From Dartford, WI) TUCKER, Maria (From Ste. Genevieve, MO) 20 May 1902 Sauer, Henry SAVAGNIE, Plegie Tucker, Patrick JACKQUIER, Josephine WELLS, L. J. and Margaret STAPLETON [See signed oath by bride and groom and image #2.]
SAUER, Johann (56y) BROWN, Maria (50y) 29 Jan 1900 Sauer, Frederick SYNER, Sybilla DE BACK, Johann ADENDEICK, Genevieve KINREINGER, Joseph and Fred. SAEGER
SAUGET, Francis (From Cahokia, IL) TEBOUR, Maria (From St. Clair County, IL) 18 Oct 1911 Sauget, Ernest RAYMON, Maria Tebour, Henry Not listed, Ophelia Tebour, Louis and Prudentia BENNETT
SCANNELL, Cornelius SAEGER, Julia (From St. Louis, MO) 29 May 1906 Scannell, Dennis GILBERT, Maria Saeger, Henry GRIMM, Louisa ROEWE, August and Catharina MOLLA
SCHAAR, August (24y Non-Catholic) VON ARX, Carolina (22y) 24 Jun 1878 Schaar, Carl Not listed, Johanna Von Arx, Jacob ZWICKER, Marianna ROEKEL, Wilhelm and Mina Roekel (Roechel?)
SCHAEFER, Ernest (Non-Catholic) HASSENSTAB, Elisabeth 14 Nov 1907 Schaefer, John DINGER, Agnes Hassenstab, John KERN, Helena Hassenstab, Joseph and Maria Schaefer
SCHAEFER, John (From Belleville, IL) KERN, Alvina 24 Jun 1902 Schaefer, John HOFFMANN, Mathilda Kern, Philipp FLÜCK (Flueck), Anna Kern, Philipp and Maria Schaefer
SCHAEFER, William (From Belleville, IL) MURTZKO, Augusta 1908 Schaefer, John HOFFMANN, Mathilda Murtzko, August VISTIKA, Paulina Schaefer, Peter and Bertha WALTER [Appears between 8 Jul 1908 and 10 Nov 1908]
SCHAEFFER, Herman (From New York City) BERNSTETTER, Anna 7 Jun 1911 Schaeffer, Jacob RIEDLINGER, Rosa Bernstetter, Albert ITTNER, Henrietta Bernstetter, John and Ida Bernstetter
SCHAEFFER, Peter (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) BERNSTETTER, Ida 30 Nov 1922 Schaeffer, August Not listed, Predencia Bernstetter, Albert ITTNER, Henrietta Schaeffer, August and Agnes LOHMUELLER
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Henry (29y) BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Angela (24y) 28 Oct 1884 Schaefer, Francis SCHULTE, Elisabeth Brueggen, Bernhard SCHRANDT, Walburga Brueggen, Bernhard and Catharina HEMCKE
SCHAFFNER, Daniel BRENNAN, Jessie 19 Jun 1920 Schaffner, John STILE, Dorothy Brennan, Arthur Not listed, Elizabeth SHATLAIN, George D. and Mrs. George D. Shatlain
SCHAFFNER, Frederick (From Breese, IL) STEIBLE, Carolina 11 Oct 1911 Schaffner, Daniel LUTTHER, Elisabeth Steible, Eugene WIEDEMER, Francisca Steible, Alfred and Maria BEYKIRCH
SCHEIDEL, Henry (26y) WOLF, Barbara (22y) 12 Jan 1892 Scheidel, Christ MUELLER, Catharina Wolf, Peter HARTMANN, Anna SCHEBEL, Eugen and Christina JOERGENSEN
SCHERMANN, Philipp Martin (28y) GERLACH, Anna (19y) 26 Sep 1895 Schermann, Ph. WILLINGER, Maria Gerlach, Franz SCHMIEDINGER, Maria Schermann, Wilhelm and Francisca Schermann
SCHILLING, Frank (From Pinckneyville, IL) REINIGER, Anna 17 Aug 1921 Schilling, Joseph DECKER, Catharina Reiniger, Louis SCHUHMACHER, Regina Reiniger, Frank and Oliva Reiniger
SCHILLING, Henry (From Pinckneyville, IL) KAHR, Theresa 29 Nov 1905 Schilling, Joseph DECKER, Carolina Kahr, George BRUCKS, Bertha Schilling, Nicolaus and Carolina Kahr
SCHINDLER, Friederich (From Belleville, IL) SCHAEFER, Anna (From Murphysboro, IL) 26 Apr 1911 Schindler, Maurice REINIGER, Catharina Schaefer, Valentin ANDRES, Carolina Schaefer, Jacob and Maria Schindler
SCHLATTWEILER, Christian (37y) BEESON, Anna (23y) 6 Nov 1901 Schlattweiler, Mathias BECKER, Gertrud Beeson, A. WRIGHT, Maria WACHTEL, Valentin and Hulda WAGNER
SCHLATTWEILER, Jacob (28y) BOUSE, Josephina (18y) 2 Mar 1886 Schlattweiler, Mathias BECKER, Gertrud Bouse, Peter BAUM, Maria Schlattweiler, Christian and Christina ZITTLE
SCHLATTWEILER, Philipp (29y) ADLER, Susanna (20y) 23 Oct 1888 Schlattweiler, Mathias BECKER, Gertrud Adler, Henry KLEMM, Theresa BOES, Charles and Maria Schlattweiler
SCHLERETH, Anton A. (From St. Louis, MO) SCHLATTWEILER, Gertrude 28 Apr 1920 Schlereth, Albert ROHMANN, Anna Schlattweiler, Philipp ADLER, S. Schlattweiler, Christ and Theresa
SCHLÖRER (Schloerer), Adam (Non-Catholic) RUDOLFF, Eva 13 Jan 1872 Schloerer, Henry WALTER, Clara KIRCHGÄSSNER (Kirchgaessner), Georg BLATZ, Margaretha KOENIG, Sr., Chr. and Maria TILMANN
SCHMALENBERGER, W. (Non-Catholic from Millstadt, IL) REHY, Berdie (From Centreville Station, IL) 14 Nov 1918 Schmalenberger, M. N. HEIFINGER, C. Rehy, Philip BOISMENEW, Not listed KEMPF, Ed and W. Rehy [Entry out of order appears in early 1919 entries.]
SCHMEIDER, Willibald (25y) PAECHTER, Balbina 29 Feb 1876 Paechter, Aloysius HEINEMANN, Elisabeth Schmieder, Ferdinand and Elisabeth SCHANCK
SCHMELTER, Louis RHEG, Agnes (From Cahokia, IL) 22 Jul 1913 Schmelter, Michael ENGE, Maria REHG, Henry PERRIL, Maria HEMMEN, William and Clara RANGE
SCHMELTER, William BERNER, Barbara (From Carbondale, IL) 1 Apr 1920 Schmelter, Michael EMGY, Mary Berner, David BOHLEN, Anna KINNEY, Arvel and Dorothy Schmelter
SCHMIDT, Carl (28y) GRONDENBERG, Louisa (17y) 4 May 1886 Schmidt, Carl Not listed, Sophia Grondenberg, Gustav SCHAAB, Catharina DONAGHUE, W. and Josephina Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Georg (25y) HENEBERRY, Catharina 17 Sep 1889 Schmidt, Georg BENZ, Maria Heneberry, Edward SHAUGHNESSI, Johanna STACK, Peter J. and Sarah LEVY
SCHMIDT, Johann (27y) SCHANCK, Josephina (22y) 21 Sep 1879 Schmidt, Patrick MC COUGHLIN, Maria Schanck, Johann LANDSLOT, Elisabeth Schanck, Elisabeth and Francisca WARD Revalidation marriage.
SCHMIDT, Joseph (23y) DUNN, Maria (17y) 1 Oct 1884 Schmidt, Nicolaus BENZ, Maria Dunn, Jacob MILLS, Lydia RICHARDSON, William and Josephine KNAUS
SCHMIDT, Joseph (29y) STUART, Margaretha (Non-Catholic, 24y) 15 Apr 1891 Schmidt, Georg BENZ, Maria Stuart, Archibald LONG, Margaretha DUNCAN, Charles and Bella Stuart
SCHMITT, Edward George (From Belleville, IL) BENNER, Rosa 14 May 1902 Schmitt, Henry VOEGLE, Clara Benner, John BLERSCH, Anna LUDWIG, Alphonse J. and Agnes Benner
SCHMITT, Philipp (37y) SIEMER, Wilhlemina (22y) 19 Nov 1871 Schmitt, Peter NEUDIG, Barbara Siemer, Philipp WILBIG, Elisabetha Adelhaida LANG, Joseph and Anna M. Siemer
SCHMITZ, Johann Hubert (42y) BUERKI, Maria (33y) 28 Jan 1879 Schmitz, Theodore BOES, Christina LANG, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, Catharina FRANKE, Georg and Theresa Spannagel
SCHNEIDER, Johann Peter (Non-Catholic) POET, Maria Elisabeth 24 Dec 1868 Schneider, Wilhelm MAUERER, Catharina Poet, Georg GERBER, Catharina NAMANN, Johann, Christian KALTENBACH and Maria SENSENBRENNER
SCHNELL, Carl (Not Baptized) MEIER, Barbara 18 Mar 1898 Meier, Lorenz BERKENBROCK, Franz and Elisabeth GOELZ This entry states “matrimonium sanavi inter”
SCHNELL, Philipp EGGLESTON, Blanche (From Oswego, N Y) 16 Jun 1914 Schnell, Phillip GREEN, Nancy Eggleston, James DONNELLY, Christina KIEFE, John and Jennie Eggleston
SCHNERGER, Walter LAUDERMILK, Mary Schnerger, George GAIN, Christina Laudermilk, William ALFORD, Sarah O’LEARY, Maurice and Edna O’Leary [Appears between 30 Jul and 17 Aug 1921]
SCHOEBEL, Richard (29y) BURCKI, Lena (27y) 27 Nov 1895 Schoebel, Francis WALSH, Johann BÜRKI (Buerki), Johann LANG, Maria MITTENZWEI, Henry and Anna GAA
SCHOEFFMANN, Joseph (From Munich, Germany) KAISER, Louisa 19 Oct 1910 Schoeffmann, John Not listed, Maria Kaiser, Theodore BUECKER, Maria BECHERER, Francis and Maria SURWALD
SCHOENEBERG, Carl (38y) POPE, Barbara (25y) 18 Nov 1895 Schoeneberg, Carl UDITH, Maria Pope, Georg FISHER, Victoria STEIN, Bernhard and Regina SCHÄFER (Schaefer)
SCHOENEBERG, Carl C. (34y) PELLIGREEN, Elisabeth (Italy) (22y) 17 Sep 1891 Schoeneberg, Carl JUDIT, Maria Pelligreen, Benjamin HERRMANN, Martha Pelligreen, Lillie
SCHOENHOFF, Joseph (23y) MEHRKEMPER, Mina (21y) 25 Apr 1893 Schoenhoff, Bernhard VOLMANNSHAUSEN, Sophia Mehrkemper, Henry WALTER, Mina CARSEN, Larry and Josephina Schoenhoff
SCHONHOFF, Herman MC HALE, Alice 24 Nov 1904 Schonhoff, Henry STRAUB, Wilhelmina Mc Hale, Peter MULLIGAN, James and Maria GALOIN
SCHOPPE, Joseph (21y) MATHEWS, Lizzie C. (20y) 22 Dec 1881 Schoppe, Georg SINGER, Sybilla Mathews, Thomas MEAHER, Julia SORBER, Robert and Julia Sorber
SCHOTT, Walter Anton (From Shiloh, IL) VONNAHME, Maria Magdalena Elisabeth 11 Sep 1911 Schott, Adolph PIERCE, Joanna Vonnahme, Joseph FRICKE, Magdalena Vonnahme, Stephan and Anna Vonnahme
SCHRADER, Francis (34y) RANGE, Catharina (18y) 23 May 1872 Schrader, Bernhard HAGEMANN, Elisabeth Range, Peter LÜTJE (Luetje), Catharina GEPPERT, Francis and Magdalena Geppert
SCHRADER, Franz (30y) RANGER, Theresa (Widow, 30y) 23 Feb 1868 Schrader, Benedict HAGEMANN, Elisabeth MEYER, Stephan ALWES, Hermelina Range, Conrad and Franz GEPPERT
SCHRADER, Henry (24y) RANGE, Magdalena (22y) 28 Oct 1879 Schrader, Henry HILGENDORF, Gertrud Range, Peter LÜTGE (Luetge), Gertrud SCHRAUTEMEIER, Bernhard and Maria Range
SCHRAND, Gerhard ALBERS, Maria Magdalena 22 Apr 1873 Schrand, Wilhelm ROEWE, Margaretha Albers, Theodore MEIER, Elisabeth Schrand, Heinrich and Maria Roewe
SCHRAND, John MENNERICH, Emma (From Red Bud, IL) 21 Jun 1905 Schrand, Henry SCHROER, Anna Mennerich, William HORSCHMANN, Elisabeth LUDWIGS, Gustav and Maria Schrand
SCHRAND, Jr., John Henry BEGEMAN, Bernice (From Murphysboro) 1 May 1928 Schrand, Sr., John LEE, Albert Schrand, Herman and Lorine POTTS Mixed religion marriage.
SCHRAND, Wilhelm (23y) ECKERT, Adelina (23y) 23 Jun 1897 Schrand, Gerhard ALBERS, Helena Eckert, Carl HAHN, Eva HAIDER, Joseph and Odilia SCHWARTZ
SCHREIBER, Frederick C. (Non-Catholic, 31y) SCHOENHOFF, Josephina (23y) 5 Oct 1898 Schreiber, Chr. BOERNER, Elisabeth Schoenhoff, Bernhard VOLLMANSHAUSEN, Sophia DUNN, Jacob and Mina JENKS
SCHREIBER, Henry (24.5y) SCHRECK, Theresa (21y) 6 Oct 1872 Schreiber, Moritz BOERGER, Christina Schreck, Carl KUCH, Francisca ARDRES, Henry and Anna Margaretha BRANGER
SCHROEDER, Georg (24y) SCHAUB, Bertha (Lutheran, 21y) 25 Jun 1890 Schroeder, Edward REINDERS, Maria Schaub, Georg MILD, Elisabeth SCHULTE, M. G. and Anna Schaub
SCHUERGER, George John ERLEBACHER, Francisca 2 Jun 1910 Schuerger, George GAIN, Christina Erlebacher, David SCHROEDER, Catharina Erlebacher, Emil and Mathilda KIEFER
SCHULTE, Frederick (24y) SALZ, Ida (21y) 29 Nov 1894 Schulte, Bernhard TIDEKEN, Maria Salz, Henry LANG, Catharina HENKLER, Herman and Frida GAA
SCHUMACHER, William (From St. Louis, MO) HAUSER, Theresa 17 Apr 1912 Schumacher, William FRIEDERICH, Maria Hauser, Valentin Not listed, Theresa Hauser, Herman and Sophia Friederich
SCHWARZ, Robert (50y) DOBSCH, Anna (54y) 11 Sep 1883 Schwarz, Joseph SCHNABEL, Johann Dobsch, Johann SCHNABEL, Maria R. Dobsch, August and Anna Dobsch Dispensation for second degree blood relationship
SCOTT, John (38y) TOTSCH, Maria (26y) 17 Jan 1893 Scott, John MILLER, Anna Totsch, Johann ULM, Carolina Totsch, Peter, Catharina Totsch, Julius KOLB and E. MEIER
SCOTT, Roy Curtain (Non-Catholic from Catania, Armstrong, PA) SCHLATTWEILER, Augusta 27 Nov 1902 Scott, Samuel Craigg FINNALLY, Lida Schlattweiler, Philipp KRAMER, Augusta GRAY, Carl W. and Amanda Schlattweiler
SCOVILL, William WEILBACHER, Alma 26 Apr 1918 Weilbacher, Fred FREDERICKS, Christina Weilbacher, Lawrence and Muriel REMBLER
SEIN, Jacob (Non-Catholic, 57y) PETERS, Anna (47y) 19 Jan 1884 Sein, Jacob WILKER, Eva FERR, Michael HEFFMANN, Catharina BRUEK, Theresa and Catharina Peters
SEPPI, Ferdinand (25y) GUITHUES, Anna (21y) 24 Sep 1901 Seppi, Ferdinand KRAMER, Emma Guithues, Bernard DIEHN, Maria Guithues, Wilhelm and Julia SAEGER
SEPPI, Ferdinand (42y) ANSTEDT, Bertha (Non-Catholic, 19y) 20 Sep 1888 Seppi, Simon BARTOCLETI, Theresa Anstedt, Georg RECTERMANN, Maria WIES, Henry and Martha Anstedt
SEPPI, Ferdinand Valentin (25y) CRAMER, Emma (18y) 10 Jan 1875 Seppi, Simon BARTORLETI, Theresa Cramer, Anton SIMON, Catharina KAHS, Francis and Elisabeth MAHHS
SEPPI, Maximillian (31y) GENETTI, Arcasella (25y) 8 Feb 1873 Seppi, Simon Not listed, Theresa Genetti, Cyprian Not listed, Catharina Seppi, German and Catharina LAMORS
SHANNON, Thomas (44y) CROISSANT, Lena (32y) 13 Jul 1899 Shannon, John KERRY, Maria Croissant, Henry ROMEIS, Mina BLECK, Aug. and Maria Bleck
SHARP, John T. (Not Baptized, 25y) OTTO, Maria (24y) 14 Nov 1900 Sharp, Watson YOUNG, Mathilda Otto, Henry LIEBER, Paulina ANGEVINE, John and Maggie COONEY
SHATLAIN, Francis Louis JONDRO, Maria Cecelia 15 Oct 1909 Shatlain, David Louis BRANZ, John and Ursula Branz Revalidation of marriage.
SHEER, S. J. (26y) ROEWE. Cecelia (19y) 23 Oct 1901 Sheer, S. M. FREEMAN, Alma Roewe, Henry SIEMER, Carolina Roewe, Herman and Catharina BOWE
SHELTON, William (Non-Catholic, 23y) KLEIN, Rosa M. (17y) 11 Jul 1893 Shelton, John BLYTHE, Elisabeth Klein, John STEINER, Helena HOEFELE, Francis and Cornelia Klein
SHERMANN, Wilhelm (25y) SCHMITZ, Franzisca (24y) 22 Feb 1898 Shermann, Philipp VILLINGER, Maria Schmitz, Francis DECHSTEIN, Gertrud EISELE, Carl and Anna Schmitz
SHIELDS, Carl H. (Non-Catholic, 20y) JENNINGS, Clementina C. (16y) 29 Dec 1886 SCHIELDS, Dennis GLOSSEN, Josephina Jennings, Thomas C. ILLINSKI, Clementina BARR, J. W. and F. E. Morgan
SHINNERS, Charles RAMLOT, Bertha 19 Jun 1917 Shinners, Martin GAIN, Catharina Ramlot, Constantin MUELLER, Maria REINIGER, Cornelius and Agnes BELZ
SIDDALL, Levi (Non-Catholic from St. Clair County, IL) GAUL, Anna M. (From Belleville, IL) 16 Sep 1903 Siddall, Eli TAYLOR, Elisabeth Gaul, Patrick William MC CARTHY, Helena GOELZ, John E. and Theresa KOELLER
SIEBENHAAR, Louis (29y) BUCHER, Maria Barbara (19y) 12 Sep 1878 Siebenhaar, Fridolin DOERGE, Francisca Bucher, Johann Not listed, Barbara SCHLATTWEILER, Jacon and Not listed VOELKER
SIEGAL, Conrad (39y) BELLEVILLE, Adelina (35y) 29 Nov 1899 Siegel, Carl HAMMERSTOFFER, Elisabeth Belleville, Wilhelm LORIN, Adelina GOOST, William Henry and Catharina HAMROUGE
SINN, William (Non-Catholic from St. Clair County, IL) SCHMERSAHL, Francisca (From Lively Grove, IL) 30 Sep 1912 Sinn, Henry HACKER, Margaret Schmersahl, Francis KRUEGER, Elisabeth Sinn, W. H. and Louisa Schmersahl
SLAVEN, Dennis (22y) FILLING, Rosa (21y) 10 Apr 1883 Slaven, Jacob FIELD, Margaretha Filling, Johann PUNT, Elisabeth ZITTEL, Charles and Antonia KIRCHER
SLOAN, Edward DYCUS, Florence Emma 31 Mar 1931 Dycus, William O’SULLIVAN, Florence LAMPE, B. A. and Idle Sullivan
SLOAN, John (From Chicago, IL) MILLER, Francisca 16 Aug 1911 Sloan, John LESCHER, Agnes Miller, Francis SCHMIDT, Emma ULRICH, Louis and Elisabeth Miller
SMITH, Alfred (From St. Louis, MO) BECKER, Theresa (From Bartelso, IL) 13 Apr 1918 Smith, Benjamin BATH, Emily Becker, Ferdinand JUNCKER, Catharina GUITHUES, Henry and Clara Becker
SMITH, Joseph DE HAAN, Josephina 1913 Smith, Carl MAYOR, Lena De Haan, John BERGEN, Nellie Smith, Harry and Nellie De Haan [Appears between Jan and Jul 1913]
SMITH, Martin (From Cairo, IL) JONES, Lettie (From St. Louis, MO) 28 Jun 1905 Smith, John HUGHES, Maria Jones, Carl WAGGONER, Olivia Smith, Carl and Oma WOODRUFF
SMITH, Thomas (From Vincennes, IN) STEPACKER, Etna 26 Apr 1913 Smith, Mais [?] LONGONE, Lady Stepacker, George PELKE, Bertha Stepacker, Rose and Allen MC HALE
SOBODIC, Francis (From Orakovica, Croatia) BAKAR, Francisca (From Orakovica, Croatia) 27 Mar 1911 Sobodic, Jacob Not listed, Helena Bakar, Jacob Not listed, Theresa KOVACIC, Martin and Joanna BÖRÖSZ (Boeroesz)
SPANNAGEL, Alphonse (24y) SCHROTZENBERGER, Catharina (26y) 7 Jun 1892 Spannagel, Peter TRUI, Catharina Schrotzenberger, Johann ROUCHI, Anna Spannagel, John and Margaretha LANG
SPECKHAUS, Caspar HEUSING, Anna Margaretha 1 Jul 1867 ALBRECHT, Heinrich and Anna Albrecht
SPENGLER, Jacob SCHMELTER, Josephina 21 Sep 1923 Schmelter, Dorothea and Eugene LAT__ETTE Appears on p82 of 1888-1956 Baptisms.
SPENGLER, Jacob SCHMELTER, Josephina 21 Sep 1923 Spengler, James Not listed, Bernardine Schmelter, Michael Not listed, Mary LATINETTE, Eugene and Dorothy Schmelter
SPILKER, Milton ERLBACHER, Clara 16 Aug 1916 WOODROW, Gerry and Adel FICKINGER
SPRETER, John L. BROWN, Ollie 24 Oct 1920 Spreter, Louis SCHAFFNER, Mary Brown, C. E. HUBBARD, Anna BERGMANN, John and Mary Bergmann
SPURGEON, John (Not Baptized, 24y) SCHENE, Maria (21y) 22 Jun 1899 Spurgeon, Collin CRAEMER, Maria Schene, Benedict HILLEBRANDT, Theresa DICKIE, Franc. and Paulina DAHLER
STALEY (Stanley), William (21y) STEWANIWITCH, Helena (22y) 25 Oct 1896 Stanley, Georg JOHN, Maria Stewanawitch, Johann STANKOWITSCH, Stana STEPHANON, Stephan and Rosa ELEYS
Start of second group              
STEFFAN, Edward GANSERT, Minerva 21 Feb 1925 Steffan, Gabriel NAGER, Elizabeth Gansert, Alfred SARCHETT, Nettie BENTON, William and Caroline Benton
STEIBLE, Eugene (23y) WEDEMER, Francisca (18y) 13 Dec 1886 Steible, Johann SCHROEDER, Anna Wedemer, Joseph SCHNEIDER, Carolina BOULEY, Caesar and Carolina SEITHNER
STEMMER, Joseph (29y) SULLIVAN, Josephina (25y) 26 Apr 1896 Stemmer, Joseph HERN, Maria Agnes Sullivan, John BURN, Maria BAREIS, Fred. and Maria KAHR
STIBICH, Adam (From Thanstein, Bavaria) HASSENSTAB, Gertrude (From Belleville, IL) 12 May 1909 Stibich, Frederich ROEHR, Anna Hassenstab, John KERN, Helena Hassenstab, Joseph and Helena Hassenstab
STIEF, Friederick (24y) PEUHLER, Maria (24y) 25 Feb 1900 Stief, George GAA, Helena Not known Not known KOEHLER, Edward F. and Augusta SCHLATTWEILER Bride’s other name is BRIELMEIER.
STIEF, George Jacob (From Neulusheim, Baden) HERZLER, Eva (From Pittsburgh, PA) 7 Mar 1905 Stief, Christophor Henry GULDEMANN, Elisabeth SAEGER, Francis WINTER, Margaretha ROSSIG, Oswald and Maria KRESSIG
STINCHCOMB, Henry (From Edwardsville, IL) REGELMANN, Christina (From Alton, IL) 23 Oct 1906 Stinchcomb, Francis WOERSCHMIDT, Margaret Regelmann, Herman HELLAR, Anna MAY, Elmer and Susanna HAGEN
STOCKER, Daniel RIES, Elizabeth 30 Apr 1919 Stocker, B. HOBBI, Henrietta Ries, Jacob REIS, Mary Ries, Carl and Pauline PHILLIPPS
STOCKER, William HICKS, Amanda 28 Oct 1915 Stocker, Leonard CAMI, Emma Hicks, Alvin NOLLE, Rose CROWE, Ed. and Clotilda Crowe
STOCKMANN, Henry (From Germantown, IL) JOHNSON, Stella (From Maillom ? County) 30 Oct 1912 Stockmann, Benedict Johnson, John Stockmann, Edward and Carolina Stockmann
STOEBE, Joseph C. (28y) STUBINGER, Ida C. (22y) 16 Sep 1897 Stoebe, Julius VOGEL, Maria Stubinger, H. GOODING, Susanna GARDNER, Stephan and Dora VIEN
STOLZE, John (From Columbia, IL) HAUSER, Catharina (From Columbia, IL) 28 Jan 1903 Stolze, Herman WEINLAND, Margaret Hauser, Valentin KROTZINGER, Theresa Hauser, Herman and Louisa GAA
STOLZE, Joseph (From Columbia, IL) SAMLER, Elizabeth (From Rolla, MO) 16 Feb 1914 Stolze, Herman WEINLAND, Margaret Samler, William GADDY, Louisa KROPP, Francis and Clara HAUS
STRAUB, Stephan (22y) VETH, Anna (19y) 1 May 1873 Straub, George GIEDEMANN, Carolina Veth, Johann REINHOLD, Elisabeth SCHERER, Carl, Jacob SCHLATTWEILER, Catharina Veth and Johanna GRASSHOF
STROTHMANN, Henry ROHM, Sophia 14 Dec 1884 RITTER, Charles and Elisabeth GOELZ Marriage revalidation
STRUEL, Alphonse MAURATH, Thekla (From Millstadt, IL) Struel, Oscar Not listed, Paulina Maurath, Robert Not listed, Catharina BERGMANN, John and Mary SUESSMANN [Appears between Feb and Apr 1920]
STUTERMAN, Arthur (From St. Louis, MO) OSTERKAMP, Anna (From Beckemeyer, IL) 4 Oct 1924 Stuterman, George BECHT, Elizabeth Osterkamp, Frank DEARWORTH, Mary STEPHAN, Viola and Joseph BERINGER Pastor of St. Boniface in St. Louis, MO gave permission.
SULLIVAN, Leon CARL, Maria 17 Jan 1921 Sullivan, Jerre BERRET, Elisabeth Carl, Jacob SUNDAY, M. Carl, W. and Bertha Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Louis SCHERER, Maria 19 May 1916 Sullivan, Jerry and Ella ORINTAS
SURWALD, Joseph Francis LUCKEY, Anetta Kathryne (Non-Catholic from Bethany, IL) 4 Jul 1911 Surwald, Caspar ROGGEN, Carolina Luckey, John HUDSON, Emilia WALKER, John D. and Lulu C. Luckey Mixed religion marriage.
SUTHERLAND, Johann (24y) TIBEAU, Sarah (24y) 14 Sep 1879 Sutherland, Georg LINKENFELDER, Margaretha Tibeau, Louis FRICK, Louisa KOENIG, Elisabeth and Elisabeth GOELZ
SWEENEY, Peter J. VOGT, Marie 26 Nov 1931 Sweeney, Peter M. MILLER, Rose Vogt, Peter SCHAEFER, Regina Sweeney, Paul and Margaret Vogt
TAYLOR, Daniel (Non-Catholic from Springfield, IL) POHL, Maria (From Springfield, IL) 12 Jun 1907 Taylor, Daniel RALSTON, Nancy Pohl, Conrad ERLEY, Elisabeth Pohl, Francis and Emma Erley
TEBEAU, George (From Cahokia, IL) DONNELLY, Anna 15 May 1911 Tebeau, Henry Not listed, Ophelia Donnelly, Eugene GRAY, Margaret HASSENSTAB, Joseph and Catharina Donnelly
TEGENKAMP, Clement (28y) VON HELD, Margaretha (26y) 21 Oct 1877 Tegenkamp, Johann Henry BALLAGE, Bernhardina Von Held, Johann DE FER, Wilhelmina Tegenkamp, Henry and Mina WILKENS
TEMPANY, Johann (28y) FRAHES, Carolina (20y) 23 Apr 1884 Tempany, Peter JORDAN, Brigitta Frahes, Henry MEIERS, Maria SCHMIDT, Georg and Mary Frahes
THEN, Fabian (40y) MOELTER, Wilhelmina (30y) 25 Feb 1895 Then, Bernhard KRAUS, Augusta Moelter, Michael KLEINHENS, Anna Maria BRINGARD, Louis and Maria Bringard [Bride age altered, could be 20y.]
THOENE, Herman REEB, Bertha 16 Apr 1902 Thoene, George HEIM, Catharina Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa Reeb, Edmund and Amelia Thoene
THOMAS, John (New Convert from Winkle, Perry County) STEINMETZ, Julia 24 Sep 1912 Thomas, Jasper COOPER, Nancy Steinmetz, Joseph GAUNER, Maria Steinmetz, G. V. and Helen L. KLEIN
TIMLIN, Emil VAGOUN, Johanna 26 Sep 1930 Married at hospital. Man in danger of death. Married before Justice of Peace
TOMLINSON, George (Non-Catholic, 37y) STOFFEL, Anna (27y) 9 Jan 1890 Tomlinson, W. E. LEISENRING, Maria Stoffel, Francis SCHMIDT, Catharina LYNCH, Franc and Catharina Lynch
TOTSCH, Joseph (20y) NOOD, Ella (19y) 6 Feb 1894 Totsch, Johann ULM, Carolina Nood, Wilhelm PHILIPP, Florentina ZITTEL, Charles and Christina FRANKE
TOTSCH, Peter HAHN, Minnie (Non-Catholic) 26 Apr 1924 Totsch, John UHLM, Caroline SMITH, Robert PETERS, Augusta HUENE, Leo and Bernardina ROTHERMICH
TOWER, Theodore (33y) SCHLAGER, Carolina (33y) 1 Nov 1876 Tower, Melchior ULRICH, Catharina Schlager, Francis SCHEIN, Catharina GRUBER, Philipp and Wilhelmina BERNE
TRAUB, Clarence M. HEYBERGER, Rose M. 22 Nov 1941 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married in the Old Cathedral of St. Louis, MO
TRAUB, Earl BAILEY, Irene (Non-Catholic) 12 Feb 1923 Traub, Fred REEB, Elizabeth Bailey, Charles WAKEFIELD, Elizabeth PETERS, Jr., Joseph and Marvel KINTNER
TREBBE, Theodore (Non-Catholic, 27y) GROSS, Emma (18y) 22 Jul 1896 Trebbe, G. H. METTMANN, Mathilda Gross, Louis WIEGAND, Natalia Trebbe, Albert and Elisabeth LAUX
TREBBE, Theodore H. MUTZ, Mary 15 Sep 1921 Trebbe, Theo GROSS, Emma Mutz, Leo SMITH, Mary CONNORS, William and Natalia VOSS
TRIBBLE, Thomas M. (From Halleville, MO) STUBERT, Iva (From Chicago, IL) 28 Jun 1902 Tribble, Oscar F. BOLINGER, Sarah Stubert, Carl W. BROWN, Sarah MUELLER, Carl and Mamie KELLY
TRUEDELL, Carl (26y) HELLER, Margaretha (Widow, 33y) 26 Nov 1890 Truedell, Johann Not listed, Maria MC GREGORY, Samuel GAMBLE, Catharina SCHMIDT, Adam and Maria LEVELING
TURNER, Roy (Non-Catholic from Carbondale, IL) ENAMA, Alma 16 Apr 1923 Turner, J. L. HANCOCK, Maud Enama, Martin BRANZ, Olivia MARTIN, Noel E. and Mary Branz
UHTER, Carl (Non-Catholic, 31y) LEIBACH, Catharina (24y) 2 Oct 1883 Uhter, Frederick RHEINHARDT, Sophia Leibach, Johann CHRISTMANN, Francisca STRASSINGER, Fred and Maria Leibach
VALLOWE, Martin Henry SCHORR, Catharina 26 Apr 1904 Vallowe, Frederick LAUMERT, Maria Schorr, Jacob GEHRENT, Catharina GOBLE, F. F. and Maria Goble born Schorr
VAN VLIET, Arthur (From Strassburg, PA) LAUMANN, Clara 21 Aug 1907 Van Vliet, Louis H. DRAKE, Lucille A. Laumann, Edward HENSES, Louisa Laumann, Arthur L. and Josephina Laumann
VEACH, Daniel (Non-Catholic) RUNGE, Sophia 4 Jul 1912 Veach, Samuel PORTHAUS, Agnes Runge, Carl KOLKER, Maria Runge, Maria and A. Veach
VERDUN, Louis (23y) VARGO, Martha (18y) 22 Nov 1897 Verdun, John TRUNKO, Susanna Vargo, George NUTT, Theresa KALNA, Michael and Anna ZWENGRASS
VEZEAN, Edward (From Belleville, IL) KOELKER, Catharina (From Carlyle, IL) 24 Nov 1904 Vezean, John Baptiste GLODON, Victoria Koelker, Theodore HEMANN, Theresa Koelker, Henry and Emma St. GERMAIN
VOELLINGER, George (From Belleville, IL) REINIGER, Maria (From Freeburg, IL) 6 Jun 1911 Voellinger, Adam DAHM, Elisabeth Reiniger, William KLEIN, Juliana Reiniger, Cornelius and Agnes Reiniger
VOGT, Theodore (29y) DE HAAN, Elisabeth (22y) 16 Jul 1878 Vogt, Peter KRAMER, Anna Elisabeth De Haan, Jacob ROETTGER, Catharina De Haan, John, Ernest PALZER, Emilie ROSE and Ida Rose
VOLK, Francis (25y) KAUP, Anna (26y) 5 Oct 1892 Volk, Francis Not listed, Theresa Kaup, Herman FORBECK, Elisabeth BRUCK, Anton and Maria STICKLING
VOLLMER, Anton (32y) LUSCH, Maria (23y) 3 Sep 1889 Vollmer, Anton OCHS, Francisca NEY, Georg HIERONYMUS, Maria HUSCHLE, Franc. and Carolina LEITHNER
VONNAHME, Chris. S. SMITH, Ella Elizabeth 11 Sep 1939 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL
VONNAHME, Conrad RUNG, Maria 21 Oct 1915 Vonnahme, Joseph FRUECKE, Magdalena Rung, George PETER, Catharina Vonnahme, Carl J. and E. L. PAULE
VONNAHME, Joseph (31y) FRICKE, Magdalena (19y) 17 Jun 1879 Vonnahme, Joseph KOTTMANN, Louisa Fricke, Conrad HAGEMANN, Magdalena Fricke, Conrad and Theresa KRONE
VONNAHME, Stephan GLOSSON, Lyda 14 Oct 1913 Vonnahme, Joseph FRUEHR, Lena Glosson, William EDWARD, Mary Vonnahme, Carl and Marg. ELLIS
VORIS, Henry M. (From Neoga, IL) BURKHART, Margaret (From Edwardsville, IL) 25 Apr 1906 Voris, Franklin D. MC MUNI, Lockie Burkhart, Francis BARBER, Marg. HUSCHLE, Rudolph and Lulu REEB
VOSS, Caspar (22y) BLUMEYER, Laura C. (19y) 5 Nov 1889 Voss, Henry CONRAD, Margaretha Blumeyer, Henry PARENT, Cecelia TIVENEE, Johann and Anna Voss
VOSS, Henry (26y) GROSS, Natalia (21y) 1 May 1889 Voss, Henry CONRAD, Margaretha Gross, Louis WEYAND, Natalia Voss, Caspar, Emma LAUX, H. Ernst and L. Gross, L. Laux and A. Voss
VOUDRIE, Joseph (25y) CRAFT, Laura (23y) 24 Oct 1882 Voudrie, Joseph RICHARD, Rosanna Craft, Thomas GREGORY, Louise Craft, James and Joseph Voudrie, Sr.
WACHTEL, Edward COMMANT, Josephina 14 Apr 1874 Wachtel, Philipp Anton WAND, Anna Maria Commant, Joseph SANBOEUF, Ursula COMMAN, Edmund, Laura MEUH, August KIEFER and Margaretha HERZ
WACHTEL, Edward (24y) SOLDMANN, Catharina (25y) 5 Oct 1891 Wachtel, Frederick HERTZ, Catharina Soldmann, Johann STAATLER, Magdalena Wachtel, Johann and Elisabeth Wachtel
WACHTEL, Edward (36y) THURNHER, Benedicta (33y) 24 May 1881 Wachtel, Philipp WAND, Maria A. Thurnher, Joseph SCHWEINBERGEN, Lena Wachtel, Frederich and Anna M. HUBER
WACHTEL, Johann (24y) FONTIN, Louisa (23y) 28 Jun 1893 Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina Fontin, Edward KNIERIEM, Catharina REEB, Conrad and Louisa GRASS
WACHTEL, Valentin SAEGER, Emma 19 Sep 1905 Wachtel, Frederick HERTZ, Catharina Saeger, Henry GRIMM, Louisa BEUCKMANN, Henry and Irena Saeger
WACHTER, Johann (28y) SPEARS, Isabella (18y) 7 Jun 1887 Wachter, Herman Ad. TRIEBER, Maria A. Spears, Wilhelm Not listed, Elisabeth JOCHHEIM, Henry and Ida BUERKI
WAGNER, Peter (30y) VOSS, Elisabeth (20y) 7 Sep 1875 Wagner, Nicolaus Not listed, Elisabeth Voss, Henry CONRAD, Margaretha HAHN, Johann, Elisabeth De Hahn, Peter DIETZ and Margaretha GIESEMANN
WAGNER, Rudolph (Non-Catholic 24y) MEIERHOEFER, Agnes (20y) 17 Apr 1888 Wagner, Carl LEND, Francisca Not known MEIERHÖFER (Meierhoefer), Elisabeth KREMER, Fred and Anna CLUTE
WALDRON, Hugh (Non-Catholic) LOUVIER, Pearl Waldron, Luther TROTTER, Mabel Louvier, Eugene GRASSINGER, Alice Louvier, Thomas and Ruth SCHMIDT [Appears between Jun and Nov 1922]
WALSH, Johann M. (22y) ADAMI, Elisabeth L. (18y) 22 Apr 1884 Walsh, Johann BAMBRICK, Brigitta Adami, Peter Not listed, Elisabeth Walsh, M.
WALTER, Francis GOETZ, Carolina 24 Oct 1871 Walter, Joseph VÖLKER (Voelker), Margaretha Goetz, Johann Not listed, Crescentia WETTMEIER, Charles, MUTZLE, Caspar, Anna FET and Maria SCHLATTWEILER
WALTER, Joseph (From Venice, IL) SCHMITT, Rosa (From Alsace, Europe) 21 Sep 1905 Walter, Francis GOETZ, Carolina Schmitt, George MUELLER, Theresa Schmitt, Clement and Bertha Walter
WAPEL, Michael (From Neustik, Austria) TREPAN, Amalia (From Grufenshagen, Hungary) 12 May 1903 Wapel, Joseph ZANKE, Maria Trepan, Joseph DUNKEL, Anna Wapel, John and Peter Trepan
WARD, Charles G. Melvin (Non-Catholic) ANDREAS, Elisabeth Teresa 12 Jul 1911 DOEHLER, Arthur and Maria ASCHERMANN Appears on p82 of 1888-1956 Baptisms.
WARREN, Carl HOOCK, Emma 3 Aug 1916 Warren, Henry BAUGHN, Dotie Hoock, Joseph GOES, Emilia DILDAY, Sam and Agnes MAUE
WATTS, Edward E. (Non-Catholic, 30y) GROSS, Louisa C. (25y) 12 Oct 1898 Watts, Joseph F. STRADER, Hanna Gross, Louis WIEGAND, Natalia Watts, John and Josephina STOLLE
WAYE, Herman (27y) WESEMANN, Wilhelmina (21y) 29 Sep 1879 Waye, Christian KUHLHOFF, Elisabeth Wesemann, Conrad HUTAB, Catharina Wesemann, Bernard and Helena Wesemann
WEAVER, John M. CLISHAM, Esther M. 18 Sep 1948 Appears on p83 of 1888-1956 Baptisms. Married at St. Mary in Centralia, IL
WEBER, Albert (From Sandusky, OH) STEIBLE, Rosa 16 Apr 1907 Weber, Peter EISEMANN, Theresa Steible, Eugene WIEDEMER, Francisca Weber, Leon and Lillie HAIDER
WEBER, Peter DILLMANN, Catharina 1916 Weber, Peter GOWRY, William KAPADER [?], Francis and M. EBLEN
WEBER, William MOSER, Kate 2 Feb 1927 DOPPLOW, Elizabeth and Theresa Weber Previously married by civil ceremony
WEBSTER, Leo BOOKSTUVERSTAN, Edith Webster, William GERTARDT, M. BERKSTUNER, H. [?] POLY, M. MOLLER, E. M. and August BENTER [Appears between Aug and Oct 1920]
WECKEY, Simon (30y) MOOSER, Helena (26y) 22 Oct 1882 Weckey, Joseph Not listed, Margaretha Mooser, Carl Not listed, Frederica Mooser, Louis and Margaretha Wecke
WEICK, Joseph (21y) PRESS, Helena (20y) (Lutheran) 29 Sep 1886 Weick, Joseph ROETTLER, Sophia Press, Valentin FREYER, Johanna Weick, Franc. and Elisabeth Press
WEILBACHER, Lawrence (From Columbia, IL) REMMLER, Muriel (From St. Louis, MO) 17 Feb 1920 Weilbacher, Frederick Not listed, Christina Remmler, Louis Not listed, Mary Weilbacher, George and Laura DORAZIL
WEILER, Joseph (From Olney, IL) GOUDY, Mary (From Olney, IL) 1 Jun 1914 Weiler, Andrew FISCHER, Mary Goudy, Jacob DATOR, Mary Weiler, Anna and Minnie
WEIR, Fabian D. (From Ashland, WI) FRY, Isabella (From Ashland, WI) 28 Nov 1917 Weir, Daniel MC DONALD, Margaret Fry, John MC KEE, Elisabeth BEYKIRCH, J. and Susanna BLECHLE
WEISS, Anthony WESSEL, Irma 1926 Wessel, Clifford and Helen Wessel Previously married by civil ceremony
WELSCH, Peter (42y) RONNINGER, Amalia (25y) 17 Apr 1880 Welsch, Johann WINSCHAN, Anna Maria Roninger, Daniel PENT, Maria GROSS, Louis and Gerhard LEVE
WERNER, Peter (34y) DENKALER, Theresa (Widow, 35y) 18 Feb 1868 Werner, Balthasar REMLINGER, Elisabeth KNÖPPER (Knoepper), Johann Bernhard BARTLING, Margaretha Knoepper, Johann and Nicolaus BERNT
WICKLEIN, Carl F. (Non-Catholic, 25y) OEBIKE, Louise (23y) 30 Jul 1888 Wicklein, Peter HEBERER, Catharina MATT, Carl SCHEID, Catharina FÖRSTER (Foerster), Wilhelm and Elisabeth GOELZ
WIEGAND, Johann (30y) PETERS, Katharina (21y) 27 Oct 1870 Wiegand, Jacob LAUER, Margaretha Peters, Franz WOLF, Francisca SCHMITZ, Johann and Wilhelmina SIMMER
WIEGERT, William COLEMAN, Not listed 26 Aug 1925 Wiegert, Louis COMPTON, J. H. and C. Wiegert
WIEGMANN, William (From St. Louis, MO) OPPERMANN, Louisa (From Renault, IL) 21 Aug 1904 Wiegmann, William SCHNEIDER, Maria Oppermann, John Ludwig Not listed, Josephina Wiegmann, Walter and Eleonora Oppermann
WIES, Johann J. (30y) WALSH, Cecelia (23y) 27 Jun 1894 Wies, Louis FLAG, Julia Walsh, Michael HARNEY, Elisabeth Wies, Bernhard and Stella Walsh
WIESEMANN, Theodore GUITHUES, Christina 27 Nov 1906 Wiesemann, Christian DOBER, Catharina Guithues, Bernard DIEHN, Maria ROEWE, August and Josephina Guithues
WILKENS, Bernard (33y) VON HELD, Wilhelmina (20y) 28 Nov 1876 Wilkens, Herman HENDRICKS, Margaretha Von Held, Johann DEFERE, Wilhelmina Wilkens, Wilhelm and Margaretha Von Held
WILKENS, Henry (From Germany) JOHNSON, Bertha (From Excello, MO) 15 Jun 1916 Wilkens, Herman GENSLAY, Mar. Johnson, John LUCAS, Deroy Wilkens, Ben and Mary Wilkens
WILKENS, Herman (27y) BOIMANN, Elisabeth (18y) 28 Aug 1895 Wilkens, Wilhelm VON HELD, Gesina Boimann, Henry KAISER, Elisabeth JANSSEN, Herman and Josephina Boimann
WILKENS, Joseph BRECKEL, Anna (From Germany) 10 Jan 1917 Wilkens, Bernard VAN HELD, Wilhelmina Breckel, Carl FERMANN, Wilhelmina Wilkens, John and Anna WACHTEL
WILLIAMS, B. (From Vincennes, IN) JONES, Henrietta (From St. Louis, MO) 8 Apr 1920 Williams, Jacob W. ALTON, Reg. Jones, John P. MULLIGAN, Maria A. BERGMANN, John and Miss Mary SUESSMANN
WILLIAMS, Raymund (From Milwaukee, WI) WEYAND, Margaret 28 Nov 1917 Williams, Frank SCHMIDT, Johanna Weyand, John SCHMITT, Anna MAY, Martin and Gertrude
WILSON, Jacob J. (24y) SCHMITH, Sophia (23y) 24 Jun 1890 Wilson, Johann C. VAUGHAN, Carolina Schmith, Jacob KENT, Elisabeth TAYLOR, Minerva and Francisca LAGAN
WIMMER, Otto (From Munich, Bavaria) BENNETT, Maria 24 Nov 1904 Wimmer, William HAUSMANN, Theresa Bennett, Henry MC GRORY, G. MOSELEY, R. H. and Theresa Mc Grory
WINASKY, Christian OPPERMANN, Eleonora (From Red Bud, IL) 19 Oct 1910 Winasky, John LEONITZ, Amelia Oppermann, Louis HUEGELE, Josephina Oppermann, William H. and Maria BEYKIRCH
WINDER, Harley (Non-Catholic) BORNERT, Cecelia 8 May 1925 Winder, Louis DOTSON, Laura Bornert, Martin STEIER, Anna Bornert, Oskar A. and Miss Marie COOK
WINDTHAUS, Bernhard (23y) VAN HELD, Elisabeth (23y) 19 Jan 1886 Windthaus, Bernhard H. SCHULTE, Not listed Van Held, Not listed TEFER, Not listed WILKENS, Herman and Cath. OLTHAUS
WINKLEMAN, James P. DOW, Bernice (From St. Louis, MO) 27 Jun 1928 Winkleman, Paul Not listed, Rose Dow, John Not listed, Mary Winkleman, W. A. and Catherine HOFFMANN
WITTEMEYER, Austin (From Kewanee) BAKER, Telma (From Indiana) 26 Dec 1929 Wittemeyer, Jacob GROVE, Ella BATER, Joseph SCHULTZ, Lilian Backer, William and Christina Backe
WITTENBRINK, Leo (From Evansville, IL) MAYER, Maria (From Cobden, IL) 28 Nov 1923 Wittenbrink, Maximilian SCHWEIGEL, Barbara MANZER, Ed. B. SCHUMACHER, Mary Manzer, F. J. and Emma SCHWEIZER
WOLFER, Anton VOLTZ, Josephina 14 Dec 1868 Wolfer, Christian REIBER, Barbara Voltz, Valentin VOUTRIN, Maria LOVINGSTON, Adolph and Mary Cathrine DEVALL
WOODS, Thomas (28y) BECKER, Louisa (19y) 24 Jul 1884 Woods, Dennis Not listed, Elisabeth Becker, August FRIES, Justina LANE, John A. and Natalie GROSS
WRIGHT, Elmar (From Belleville, IL) STEIMLE, Anna (From Cape Girardeau, MO) 24 Apr 1918 KELLEY, Emos and Alice HEALY
WRIGHT, Lincoln MARTIN, Maria 10 Jul 1887 Wright, Stanford JONES, Margaretha Martin, Laurent JONDREAM (?), Elisabeth HELLER, Ludwig and Margaretha Heller
WURTH, August SCHMIDT, Maria 12 Jul 1916 Wurth, Wendelin SESTER, Theresa Schmidt, John Not listed, Rosina Wurth, Henry and Viola MANNLE
WURTH, Emil REISER, Louisa (From St. Louis, MO) 17 May 1911 Wurth, Wendelin SESTER, Theresa SCHNIEDER, Henry Reiser, Maria Wurth, Henry and Ida GAIN
WYLDER, William (From Queen County, IL) MUELLER, Anna (From France) 25 Jun 1902 Wylder, William TEMPEY, Not listed Mueller, John KIRSCHNER, Rosa Mueller, Carl and Leonora ARMSTRONG [Queen County may instead refer to Queen City, Iroquois County, IL]
ZINGRAF, Johann (28y) DE HAHN, Catharina (21y) 27 May 1884 Zingraf, Peter FRIES, Barbara De Hahn, Jacob BÜTGE (Buetge), Catharina Zingraf, Joseph and Gertrud De Hahn
ZINGRAF, Peter SANFORT, Sophia (20y) 3 Nov 1870 Zingraf, Peter FRIES, Barbara Sanford, George MESSEN, Theodora Fries, Joseph and Louisa Zingraf
ZITTEL, Andrew (29y) FONTAINE, Maria (24y) 29 Apr 1891 Zittel, Andreas WALZ, Carolina Fontaine, Edward KNIERIM, Catharina REEB, Conrad and M. BROCKMANN
ZITTEL, Carl (32y) OEBIKE, Maria (19y) 29 Nov 1893 Zittel, Andreas WALZ, Carolina Oebike, Henry SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Zittel, Christian and Agnes HAPPEL
ZUROWESTE, Henry (Non-Catholic, 27y) HOLTEN, Elisabeth (24y) 25 Nov 1896 Zuroweste, Rudolph OBENHAUS, Emma Holten, Johann EICKERMANN, Charlotta Holten, Joseph and Anna FLEMMINGS Marriage of parents of Bishop Zuroweste. Bishop of Belleville 1947 -1976

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