St. Henry (East St. Louis) Catholic Church Burials (1869 – 1957) M – Z

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Name Born Died Age Father Mother Comment
MADDEN, Mrs. Delia (Widow) 21 May 1939 65y WALSH, Not listed Widow of Thomas Madden. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MADDEN, Mrs. J. 16 Mar 1933 54y Buried in Mt. Calvary in St. Louis, MO
MADDEN, William 26 Mar 1935 53y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MAFFA, John 4 Nov 1910 45y Born in Italy. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MAHONEY, Thomas 6 Jul 1949 86y Buried in Mt. Carmel
MAIERHOFER, Louisa Estella 15 Feb 1881 9m Maierhofer, Michael MELIG, Anna
MAIR, Laurent 17 Mar 1887 50y
MAISEL, George Charles 27 Jul 1902 1y
MANDA, Charles 30 Sep 1942 83y Husband of Laura born MALLET. Buried in Holy Cross
MANDA, Lillian 2 Oct 1906 Buried in Mt. Carmel
MANDA, Mrs. Laura (Widow) 20 Jan 1946 81y Widow of Carl Manda. Buried in Holy Cross
MANG, Balbina 11 Jun 1911 76y WEHRLE, Hilary HIMMEL, Theresa Wife of John Mang. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MANN, Th. 18 Nov 1895
MANN, Theodor 28 Sep 1895 60y?
MANSFIELD, Thomas 7 Apr 1892 19y Mansfield, Martin BURKE, Catharina
MARION, Mrs. Margaret (Widow) 28 Feb 1950 75y Widow of John Marion. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MARKERT, Edward 18 Oct 1892 21y Markert, Georg FURI, Eva
MARKERT, Eva 14 Sep 1832 19 Oct 1889 FIERI, Ad. Valentin Wife of Georg Markert
MARKERT, George 20 Mar 1909 78y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MARSH, Elizabeth 4 Dec 1941 79y Marsh, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, Christina 7 Sep 1911 71y Wife of Charles Martin. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MARTIN, Josephine 16 Oct 1902 50y DE WOLF, Not listed
MARTIN, Patrick Francis 25 Oct 1937 75y Martin, Patrick PETERS, Bridget Buried in Mt. Carmel
MARX, Bertha Christina 25 Sep 1889 30 Sep 1889 Marx, Theodor MENUET, Margaret
MARX, Theodore (Widower) 3 Feb 1938 81y Widower of Maria. Buried in St. Louis, MO
MASERON, Michael 12 Sep 1870 Born in French Village
MC ARTHUR, Mrs. Viola Christina (from Detroit, MI) 26 Sep 1955 58y MANDA, Charles MALLET, Laura Died in Newberry Hospital in Michigan. Buried in Holy Cross
MC CABE, Mrs. Della 4 Feb 1949 76y Wife of Eugene Mc Cabe. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Washington, IN
MC CABE, Mrs. Julia (Widow) 11 Feb 1955 72y SELLIERS, Edward PRIMO, Julia Widow of John Edward Mc Cabe. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MC CARTHY, Francis 29 May 1942 45y Mc Carthy, Thomas KIGGINS, Catharina Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
MC DERMOTT, Mrs. Julia (Widow) 13 Sep 1953 80y CROW, Bryant ELMS, Clementine Widow of William Mc Dermott. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MC DONALD, Leo Elmer 24 Sep 1941 43y Mc Donald, Charles Not listed, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel
MC DONNELL, Helena (Widow) 31 Aug 1945 87y Widow of John M. Mc Donnell. Died in Sacred Heart Hospital Aviston, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MC DONNELL, John 6 Jul 1943 89y Husband of Ellen born RICHARDSON. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MC GEE, Thomas Charles 18 Aug 1952 56y Mc Gee, Henry J. BURKE, Mary E. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MC GINNIS, George 27 Apr 1936 Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO (Burke)
MC GRATH, Maria Anna (Widow) 26 Aug 1950 86y Widow of John Mc Grath. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MC GWERN, Joseph 19 May 1932 6d Mc Gwern, William HAIDER, Genevieve Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MC KERNAN, Patricia 17 Sep 1950 74y Mc Kernan, Bernard DUNNSWORTH, Maria Buried in Carrolton, IL
MC LAREN, Jacob A. 7 May 1938 49y Mc Laren, Jacob FOHL, Rosa Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MC MAHON, Richard Joseph (Widower) 23 Apr 1950 68y Widower of Maria born TURNER. Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
MC MENEMEE, John 11 Jul 1943 44y Mc Menemee, John HIGGINS, Nora Buried in Mt. Carmel
MC NERNEY, John (Widower) 16 Apr 1950 70y Mc Nerney, Patrick HIGGINS, Catharina Widower of Lillia born WILLISON (Died 2 Mar 1947). Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MC NUTT, Mrs. Elizabeth (Widow) 3 Jul 1955 78y WULF, Frank Not listed, Caroline Buried in Holy Cross
MEADE, Aurelia 31 Jan 1885 28 Mar 1886 Meade, Carl MOLLET, Clara
MEASE, Francisca (Widow) 25 Feb 1945 81y Widow of William D. Mease. Buried in Mt. Hope.
MEEHAN, Mayme Agnes 13 Mar 1939 48y MONTROSE, Not listed Wife of Michael Meehan. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MEIER, Catharina 9 Aug 1875 66y Wife of Xavier Meier
MEIER, Elisabeth 20 Jan 1909 73y Meier, Lawrence Not listed, Elisabeth Born in Bavaria. Buried in Holy Cross
MEIER, Infant 1 Dec 1892 Meier, Louis MÜHLFELD (Muehlfeld), Dora
MEIER, Joseph 13 Apr 1895
MEIER, Rosina 5 Mar 1875 67y Wife of Pilaga Meier
MEIER, Walter Wilhelm 3 Sep 1889 6m Meier, Francis FALBE, Cecelia
MEIERHOFER, Johann 12 Feb 1882 24y
MEISEL, Catharina Eleonora 13 Nov 1902 Husband not Catholic
MENARD, Louis Arthur 29 Aug 1911 4m Menard, Joseph BAUM, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
MENDE, Heinrich 21 Aug 1872 10 Aug 1873 Mende, Carl FRANZ, Maria
MENGES, Louis 4 Jun 1890
MENO, Louis 15 Nov 1943 55y Husband of Dorothea born LEONARD. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MEREDITH, James John (Widower) 13 Dec 1942 83y Widower of Nellie born HIGHES. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MEREDITH, Miss, Florence 3 Jul 1955 52y Meredith, James J. HIGHES, Nellie Buried in Mt. Carmel
MERTENS, Eva Maria (Widow) 11 Jan 1893 50y SCHENK, Not listed
MERZECK, Barbara 7 Feb 1932 74y Wife of Herman Merzeck. ‘Buried in Mt. Carmel
MESSMER, Sophia 12 Sep 1877 18y Messmer, Not listed Not listed, Elisabeth
MESSNER, Francisca 25 Aug 1889
METGER, Anna (Widow) 23 Feb 1925 73y Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
METZGER, Agnes (Widow) 20 Aug 1946 69y Died at St. Louis City Hospital. Widow of Arthur Metzger. Buried at Holy Cross.
METZGER, Edward 11 Aug 1910 10y Metzger, Edward MAURER, Elisabeth Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
METZLER, Nicolaus 7 Feb 1878 46y
METZNER, Catharine (Widow) 24 Nov 1935 86y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
MEYER, Aloisius “Cotter” 23 Oct 1951 56y Meyer, Philip Jacob GEBHART, Margaret Husband of Flora. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MEYER, August 1890 29 Jun 1891 Meyer, Francis FALBE, Cecelia
MEYER, George Nicholas 25 Jul 1907 Sudden death. Buried in Belleville, IL
MEYER, Jacob Philipp 11 Nov 1943 54y Meyer, Philip Jacob GEBHART, Margaret Buried in Holy Cross
MEYER, John P. 15 Jun 1956 51y Meyer, Jacob CARL, Eva Died in Pleasant View Sanitorium. Buried in Holy Cross
MEYER, Louis 27 Jan 1902 22y Meyer, Lorenz GESSEL, Elisabeth
MILLARD, Edward (New Convert) 19 Jun 1945 73y Husband of Maria. Buried in Mt. Hope
MILLARD, Francis E. 13 Dec 1943 32y Millard, Edward MC GARAHAN, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
MILLER, Barbara 29 Apr 1907 66y
MILLER, Francis (Widower) 9 Jun 1946 78y Died at St. Louis City Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
MILLER, John E. 10 Sep 1910 38y Husband of Anna born SCHNEIDER. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MILLER, John George 6 Jul 1948 29y Husband of Helena born COOK. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
MILLER, Jr., John F. 6 Nov 1953 48y Miller, Sr. , John REHG, Eva Husband of Margaret born VARADY.
MILLER, Maria (Widow) 27 Feb 1940 76y Widow of Philibert Miller. Buried in Holy Cross
MILLER, Mrs. Emma 12 Mar 1938 69y Wife of Francis Miller. Buried in Holy Cross
MILLER, Philibert 19 Dec 1934 70y Husband of Maria born BUSCHHERR. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MILLER, Sr., John 13 Feb 1954 77y Miller, Joseph Not listed, Wilhelmina Husband of Eva born REHG. Buried in Holy Cross
MINER, Mrs. Aurelia (Widow) 16 Jan 1953 61y BARTHELOME, Not listed GUNDLACH, Kathryn Widow of Homer Miner. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MIRET, Josephina 27 Jan 1873 8y Miret, Eugene ZAHN, Julia
MITCHELL, Catharina Josephina 2 Jun 1874 11 Jan 1875 Mitchell, Leon GRANT, Rosa
MODGLIN, Mrs. Irene (Widow) 12 Jun 1951 50y EMIG, Henry KIEFFER, Margaret Widow of Fred Modglin. Buried in Holy Cross
MODGLIN, Mrs. Susan 21 Jan 1951 79y Buried in Studt Cemetery in Renault, IL
MODGLIN, Sr., Frederick 30 Apr 1947 54y Husband of Irene born EMIG. Buried in Holy Cross.
MOERS, Cora 3 Mar 1933 43y Died suddenly. Private burial from home. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOLLA, Catherine 7 Aug 1909 27y Molla, Charles C. SCHNEIDER, Louise Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOLLA, Charles Christian (Widower) 5 Aug 1939 88y Widower of Louisa born SCHNEIDER. Buried in Holy Cross.
MOLLA, Franck C. 20 Dec 1943 66y Molla, C. C. SCHNEIDER, Louise Buried in Holy Cross
MOLLA, Louise 21 Jul 1910 58y Wife of Charles Molla. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOLLA, Louise 18 Feb 1933 53y Husband of Nellie. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOLLA, William C. 28 Aug 1949 74y Molla, Charles SCHNEIDER, Louise Buried in Holy Cross
MOLNAR, Julia 7 Feb 1910 23y 2m JIURTSIK, Not listed Born in Hungary. Wife of John Molnar. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOMERTZ, Barbara Nov 1932 74y Wife of Joseph. Buried in Mt. Hope
MOMERTZ, Infant 18 Aug 1883 2m
MONAGHAN, John F. 2 Dec 1953 46y Monaghan, Martin T. (Deceased) NORMAN, Catharine Buried in Holy Cross.
MONKEN, Francisca (Widow) 20 Jan 1910 86y Widow of John B. Monken. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MOONEY, Infant 17 Feb 1925 7d Mooney, Mike Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MOORE, William F. 26 Mar 1943 75y Moore, John BUTLER, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel
MOOSE, Catharine Evelyn 31 Jan 1950 72y Moose, Nicholas SHAY, Catharina Buried in Mt. Carmel
MOREHEAD, Infant 7 Jan 1873 8 Jan 1873 Morehead, L. MITCHELL, Susanna
MORGAN, Michael J. 21 May 1951 37y Morgan, Michael C. SHAWEN, Ida Mae Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
MORGAN, Mrs. Ida May 30 May 1934 50y SHAWEN, Not listed Wife of Mich. Morgan. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
MORIARTY, Edward 22 Nov 1945 73y Moriarty, Edmund HIGGINS, Birgitta Buried in Holy Cross
MORRIS, “Jack” 27 May 1947 81y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
MOSER, Friederica 30 Jan 1900 66y WITTMEYER, Johann BOES, Agnes
MUEHLBAUER, Maria 16 Sep 1875 20y Muehlbauer, Joseph Not listed, Maria
MUEHLHAUSER, Conrad (Widower) 7 Nov 1943 77y Widower of Maria born BELL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MUEHLHAUSER, Mary 9 Oct 1933 63y Wife of Conrad. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MUELLER, Infant 25 Oct 1875 Mueller, Andreas SCHRADER, Theresa
MUELLER, Peter 5 Jan 1874 17 May 1874 Mueller, Michael BECKER, Anna
MUELLER, Peter 8 Sep 1875 39y
MÜHLBAUER (Muehlbauer), Maria 14 Sep 1877 42y Wife of Joseph Muehlbauer
MÜHLHAUSER (Muehlhauser), Joseph 9 Jul 1874 76y Muehlhauser, Joseph EIZENSCHEIN, Walburga
MULCONNERY, Mrs. Alma 28 May 1946 48y TRABAND, Philip RUSS, Rosa Died in Centralia, IL. Buried in Lebanon, IL
MULLANE, Jacob 8 Dec 1938 44y Mullane, Philipp Not listed, Anna Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MÜLLER (Mueller), Charles 26 Jan 1897 41y
MÜLLER (Mueller), Female 12 Dec 1887 9y
MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz Joseph 10 Nov 1882 6y Mueller, Johann LUST, Catharina
MÜLLER (Mueller), Heinrich 3 Sep 1882 5 Oct 1882 Mueller, Johann LUST, Catharina
MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa 24 Feb 1895 24y SCHLATTWEILER, M. (Adoptive parent)
MURPHY, Charles 15 Apr 1908
MURPHY, Emmett 23 Dec 1948 66y Murphy, Thomas RYAN, Margaret Buried in Holy Cross
MURPHY, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Widow) 22 May 1953 83y DELANEY, Morris Widow of Joseph Murphy. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MURPHY, William 27 Feb 1903 38y From Wentzville, MO
MURTZKO, Mrs. Pauline (Widow) 2 Oct 1939 88y Widow of August Murtzko, Buried in Mt. Carmel
MUSSER, Ida 9 Jan 1902 22y SCHLATTWEILER, Philipp KRAMER, Augusta
MUSSER, Ida Leona 28 Apr 1902 4m Buried in French Village, IL
MUTZ, Albert 3 Apr 1946 57y Mutz, Leopold SCHMIDT, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel.
MUTZ, Arthur 6 Oct 1948 45y Mutz, Leopold SCHMIDT, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel
MUTZ, Louis 13 Apr 1949 48y Mutz, Leopold SCHMIDT, Maria Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MUTZ, Maria Eva 23 Aug 1947 82y Wife of Leopold Mutz. Buried in Mt. Carmel
MUTZKO, Carolina 16 Sep 1891 18 Nov 1891 Mutzko, August BISTEKE, Paulina
MYLER, John 7 Apr 1937 48y Husband of Margaret born KELLEY. Buried in Mt. Carmel
NAGEL, Infant 30 Mar 1890 Nagel, Johann Not listed, Margaret
NAGLE, Edmund (Widower) 21 Nov 1938 70y Widower of Maria born MC DONOUGH. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
NAGLE, Maria 3 Aug 1937 70y Wife of Edmund Nagel. Buried in Mt. Carmel
NARY, Joseph L. 28 Jun 1934 74y Nary, James Not listed, Hanna Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
NEFF, Carl H. 11 Apr 1953 71y Neff, Carl GOESSLING, Catharina Husband of Minnie born SONSONASKI. Buried in Mt. Carmel
NESTER, Joseph 1 Jun 1932 78y Buried in Mt. Carmel
NEUKIRCH, Gertrude (Widow) 16 Jan 1937 67y Widow of William Neukirch. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
NEUKIRCH, Wilhelm Leopold 28 Dec 1887 4 Feb 1888 Neukirch, Wilhelm SCHLEICH, Gertrud
NEVELL, John 3 Nov 1931 54y Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
NICHOLS, Jessie Agnes (Widow) 28 Aug 1945 59y Widow of Earl Nichols. Buried in Holy Cross
NIEBAUER, Maria 9 Apr 1906 48y
NIEBAUER, Mary 9 Apr 1905 48y BAUDENDIESTEL, Not listed Died in poor house in Belleville, IL
NIEDERFELD, Elisabeth 25 Feb 1873 60y
NIEMAN, Christopher 9 Nov 1872 5 Sep 1874 Nieman, Frederick TILMANN, Maria
NIEMANN, Frederick 14 Apr 1892 2y Niemann, Henry DOERS, Mina
NIEMANN, Mathias 14 Apr 1892 4y Niemann, Henry DOERS, Mina
NIEMANN, Son 9 Oct 1887 Niemann, J.
NIEMANN, Theodor 24 Apr 1875 2 Dec 1875 Niemann, Frederick TILMANN, Maria
NIETERER, John Alfred 28 Feb 1899 27 Jun 1899 Nieterer, John KAHLING, Wilhelmina
NIETERER, Wilhelmina 26 Jan 1902 28y KALIN, Not listed
NIX, Gny 28 Jun 1953 63y Nix, John ATTRUP, Betty Buried in Holy Cross
NOLAN, Patrick 24 Dec 1950 76y Buried in Holy Cross
NOLT, Dominic 31 Jan 1883 52y
NOLT, Joseph 13 Mar 1871 20 Jul 1872 Nolt, Dominic KÜHN (Kuehn), Martha
NOLT, Martha (Widow) 22 Feb 1891 56y Widow of Dominic Nolt
NORDLOHNE, Anton 17 Jan 1937 72y Buried in Holy Cross
NORTON, Florentia (Widow) 26 Sep 1945 75y Widow of Edward Norton. Buried in Holy Cross
NOVAK, Anna 26 Nov 1901 33y 6m HAVELENA, Not listed
NOVAK, Mary 20 Jul 1905 1y 13d
OEBIKE, Bertha 27 Jun 1872 28 Jun 1873 Oebike, Heinrich SCHROEDER, Elisabeth
OEBIKE, Christophor 4 Jan 1885 24y 4m Oebike, Heinrich SCHROEDER, Elisabeth
OEBIKE, Elisabeth 17 Jan 1891 54y SCHROEDER, H. GLENNEMEIER, Gertrud Wife of Henry Oebike
OEBIKE, Frederica 20 Feb 1869 23 Sep 1872 Oebike, Heinrich SCHROEDER, Elisabeth
OEBIKE, Heinrich 30 Sep 1872 Oebike, Heinrich SCHROEDER, Elisabeth
OLKA, Anthony 16 Sep 1907 74y From Antries, Austria
OPPERMANN, Barbara Stella 27 Oct 1889 10 May 1891 Oppermann, Louis HÄGELI (Haegeli), Josephina
OPPERMANN, Georg 8 Sep 1889 Jul 1890 Oppermann, Louis HAEGELE, Josephina
O’RILEY, Patrick J. 3 Nov 1953 72y Buried in Holy Cross
O’ROURKE, Daniel 6 Aug 1932 56y O’Rourke, Patrick Not listed, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
O’ROURKE, Winifred 9 Apr 1933 55y Buried in Mt. Carmel
ORTGIER, Chester Arthur (Recent convert) 20 Mar 1948 63y Husband of Dollie Marie born SNELL. Buried in Mt. Hope
O’SHEA, Andrew J. 31 Oct 1934 41y O’Shea, Patrick Not listed, Elisabeth Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
OSPRING, Julia 6 Feb 1901 36y
OSSENBERG, Mrs. Nellie (Widow) 14 May 1953 72y HOLLAND, Michael Not listed, Catharine Widow of Harry Ossenberg. Buried in Holy Cross
OTTMANN, Maria 28 Apr 1900
OTTO, Emma Cecelia 30 Nov 1868 17 Feb 1870
OTTO, Frederick Wilhelm Heinrich 1 Mar 1888 12 Feb 1889 Otto, Henry SIEBLER, Paulina
OTTO, Louisa 5 Jun 1884 1 Mar 1889 Otto, Henry SIEBLER, Paulina
OTTO, Not listed 16 Jul 1890
OVERBECK, Mrs. Elizabeth (Widow) 3 Dec 1936 82y Widow of Carl Overbeck. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
PADGETT, Jacob 30 Aug 1905 From St. Mary’s Parish
PAGE, Wilhelmina (Widow) 26 Dec 1937 56y Widow of Edward Page. Buried in Mt. Hope.
PALIS, Maria Angela (Widow) 16 Aug 1948 86y Widow of Raymund Palis. Buried in Holy Cross.
PALLIS, Louisa 3 Jan 1892 Wife of Raymond Pallis
PARADY, Mrs. 11 Jun 1904
PARKINSON, Maria 16 Dec 1903 25y 10m 7d RAMLOT, Not listed
PARKINSON, Thomas Samuel 15 Nov 1903 4y 11m 22d
PARTELOW, Mrs. Catherine (widow) 25 Jan 1956 70y Widow of Lon Partelow. Died in St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
PASPIRGAL, Cecelia 6 Jan 1940 60y Wife of Francis Paspirgal. Buried in Mt. Carmel
PEITZ, Gertrud 30 Apr 1873 23y KRONE, Fr. HILGENDORF, Elisabeth Wife of Stephan Peitz
PELAKI, Martha 18 Jun 1899 11y Pelaki, John KERI, Catharina
PELATE, Fred 22 Oct 1950 60y Pelate, Charles LA ROSE, Cornelia Husband of Nellie. Buried in Holy Cross
PELATE, Mrs. Ella (Widow) 25 Jul 1956 65y ENZENAUER, Peter Not listed, Louise Widow of James Pelate. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
PELZL, Joseph 8 Sep 1948 76y Husband of Maria born QUARTMAIN. Buried in Holy Cross
PENZHORN, Henry 27 Jun 1909 47y From Waterloo, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
PENZHORN, Mrs. Ellen (Widow) 24 Feb 1946 79y Widow of Henry Penzhorn. Buried in Mt. Carmel
PETER, Johann 8 Jun 1883 21y Peter, Joseph ZERR, Anna
PETERS, Barbara 31 Jul 1882 19y Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna
PETERS, Bernard Theopold 18 Dec 1868 2 Aug 1873 Peters, Johann HEMHAM, Maria
PETERS, John 11 Nov 1942 73y Peters, John HEMAN, Maria Buried in St. Clair Memorial Cemetery
PETERS, Joseph 27 Jul 1883 50y
PETERS, Joseph John 13 Sep 1937 72y Husband of Theresa born BROOK. Buried in Holy Cross
PETERS, Josephina 29 Nov 1938 69y Peters, Joseph ZERR, Anna Died in Detroit, MI. Buried in Holy Cross
PETERS, Mrs. Theresa 9 Nov 1953 83y Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
PETRI, Louis Frank 15 May 1910 2m Petri, Charles KLEIN, Emma Buried in Mt. Carmel
PFEFFER, Francisca 24 Jan 1877 74y
PFEFFER, Maria 4 Jan 1898 40y Wife of Peter Pfeffer
PFEIFER, Henry 25 Mar 1895
PFEIFER, Maria 10 Apr 1886 38y BUCHTELER, Not listed Wife of Joseph Pfeifer
PFLUGMACHER, Michael 18 Sep 1904 74y 6m 15d From New York City
PHILLIPPS, Frederick 19 Oct 1936 55y Converted before death. Buried in St. Louis, MO
PICKEL, Anton 23 Apr 1897 Pickel, Anton LETMEIER, Theresa
PICKEL, Anton 11 Jun 1924 68y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
PIETZ, Infant 20 Dec 1872 1y 4m Peitz, Stephan KRONE, Gertrud
PILOT, Catharina 13 Feb 1888 64y Widow of M. Pilot
PLABBERT, Valentin 28 Jul 1870 63y
PLONDRE, Mrs. Lillie Marie 9 Jul 1955 73y Wife of Henry Plondre. Buried in Holy Cross.
POLKA, Barbara (Widow) 4 Sep 1909 67y Widow of Anthony Polka. Buried in Mt. Carmel
POLLICE, Michael 17 May 1901 35y
POPE, Johann Albert 5 Mar 1895 23y Pope, George FISHER, Victoria
POTTHAST, Dorothea Mathilda 1871 25 May 1876
POTTHAST, Heinrich Edmund 27 Aug 1875 9 Jun 1876 Potthast, Frederick MATHIAS, Henrietta
POTTHAST, Son 3 Sep 1881 3y Potthast, Frederick
POTTHAST, Susanna 1873 8 Jun 1876 Potthast, Frederick MATHIAS, Henrietta
POWELL, Rosa Maria 27 Jan 1946 9y Powell, Ruben LENTZ, Mildred Buried in Mt. Carmel
PRENDERGAST, Virginia 16 Dec 1941 22y HOOVER, Charles PERKEY, Eva Buried in St. John’s in Granite City, IL
PRESSLER, Theresa 13 Jan 1946 55y Wife of John Pressler. Buried in Holy Cross
PREUSS, Alfred Joseph 16 Feb 1902 6m
PREVERALL, David 18 Nov 1897 36y
PRIESTER, Elisabeth 5 Jan 1886 6y Priester, Leonard
PRIESTER, Infant 7 Aug 1885 Priester, Leonard
PRIESTER, Louisa 11 Oct 1930 37y Buried in Mt. Carmel
PRIESTER, Verona Agnes 8 Oct 1891 3m Priester, Friederich FRITZ, M.
PRUETZEL, Catharina 30 Mar 1938 70y Wife of Henry Pruetzel. Buried in Holy Cross
PURKHISER, Harvey 7 Mar 1945 42y Purkhiser, John BOWEN, Martha Buried in Mt. Carmel
PURKHISER, Mrs. Mattie 1 Sep 1939 56y Wife of John Purkhiser. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
QUITTER, Rev. Longinus Qurinus 5 Dec 1891 Priest emeritus
RAA, Agnes 2 Jan 1872 66y Wife of H. Raa
RAEDE, Mrs. Mary Arlene Elizabeth 2 Jan 1953 45y CLANCY, Mark GALLION, Margaret Wife of Robert L. Raede. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
RAIMANN, Josephina 4 Jul 1881 29y HERMANN, Not listed
RAMLOT, Barbara 19 Aug 1891 17 Aug 1892 Ramlot, Constantin MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria
RAMLOT, Constantin Fred 2 Dec 1910 33y Ramlot, Constantin Joseph MÜLLER (Mueller), Mary Magdalena Buried in Mt. Carmel
RAMSEY, Harry William 19 Jun 1949 59y Husband of Ulva born TUCKER. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
RANGE, Josephina 21 Nov 1879 22y FRICKE, Conrad HAGEMANN, Magdalena Wife of Joseph Range
RANGE, Maria Theresa 4 Oct 1892 13 Oct 1893 Range, Edward WACHTEL, Maria Anna
RAUTENBERG, Charles 12 Apr 1877 54y
REAGAN, James Thomas 27 Apr 1941 57y Husband of Martha born LAUGHLIN. Buried in Holy Cross
REBENACK, Peter 12 Jan 1880 45y Converted from Lutheran before death
REEB, Andreas 1 Jul 1877 17y Reeb, Johann Not listed, Maria
REEB, Anna 30 Oct 1873 30 Jan 1876 Reeb, Johann Not listed, Elisabeth
REEB, Anna 13 Feb 1876 10 Oct 1877 Reeb, Conrad MEHRING, Louisa
REEB, Carolina 10 Aug 1894 Reeb, Peter GAA, Carolina
REEB, Conrad 26 Jun 1933 64y Husband of Ida. Buried in Mt. Carmel
REEB, Ed 14 Dec 1923 Buried in Mt. Carmel
REEB, Elisabeth 30 Dec 1877 12y Reeb, Johann Not listed, Elisabeth
REEB, Johann 6 Oct 1876 45y
REEB, Maria 20 Jul 1895 1y Reed, Ed WEBER, Louisa
REEB, Peter 26 Apr 1899 33y 6m Reeb, Johann REEB, Elisabeth
REEB, Philipp 13 Oct 1887 24y Reeb, Johann REEB, Elisabeth
REGELMANN, Anna 1924 70y Buried in Mt. Carmel
REGELMANN, Herman 22 Aug 1904 70y Died of small pox
REGELMANN, Miss Catherine 5 Oct 1956 74y Regelmann, Herman HILLE, Anna Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
REHG, Mrs. Julia (Widow) 18 Aug 1944 76y Widow of Conrad M. Rehg. Buried in Holy Cross
REINDERS, Conrad 15 Apr 1870 60y
REINIGER, Eleonora Gertrude 8 May 1907 1y 11m
REINIGER, Julia 17 Jun 1923 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
REINIGER, Louis (Widower) 24 Jun 1952 91y Widower of Regina born SCHUHMACHER. Buried in Holy Cross
REINIGER, Mrs. Regina 5 Feb 1952 83y Wife of Louis Reiniger. Buried in Holy Cross.
REIS, Carolina (Widow) 10 Jul 1951 84y Widow of Frederick Reis. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO
REIS, Infant 12 Jul 1880 Ries, George
REISCHEL, Ernest 14 Feb 1945 66y Husband of Maria born BRODERICH. Died in St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel
REISER, Charles 4 Feb 1909 22y 8m Reiser, Adam LIEBGOTT, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
REISER, Elisabeth 18 Jan 1908
REITER, Heinrich 2 Feb 1885 85y 7m
REITER, Maria Carolina 28 Jan 1882 24 Feb 1883 Reiter, Jacob MEIER, Carolina
RESCH, Infant 8 Oct 1870 2m
RESCH, J. 23 Sep 1870 2m
RHEDEMEYER, Adolph 26 Feb 1907 Died in San Antonio, TX
RICHARD, Wilhelm 25 Sep 1885 1 Apr 1892 Richard, Wilhelm KNAUS, Josephina
RICKER, Theodore 10 Feb 1899 6y Ricker, Edward KATTMER, Anna
RIEGER, Julius 6 May 1890 53y Rieger, Johann Not listed, Henrietta
RIES, Jacob 4 May 1938 78y Husband of Maria born REIS. Died in Alexian Bros. Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
RIESER, Edward 18 Jul 1892 2y Rieser, Adam GOTTLIEB, Emma
RIESTER, Richard Clifford 23 Oct 1955 11w Riester, James HINES, Patricia  
RIGNEY, Walter 20 Mar 1908 3m 2d Rigney, Patrick FRANKS, Helen Buried in Mt. Carmel
RILEY, Donald 22 May 1937 4y Riley, Gillian JARRETT, Loretta Buried in Mt. Carmel.
RILEY, Mrs. Catherine (Widow) 27 Feb 1949 78y Widow of Alvus Riley. Buried in Holy Cross
RILEY, Thomas O’Dell 18 Jun 1956 41y Riley, Charles L. WILLIS, Margaret Ethel Buried in Mt. Carmel
RISSING, Bernhard 25 Jun 1873 2 Oct 1875 Rissing, Wenceslaus POHLMANN, Elisabeth
RISSING, Johann 15 Sep 1874 nb
Roach, Caroline 23 Jun 1909 30y 8m 25d HUBBARD, Not listed From Greenville, IL. Wife of John Roach. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROACH, Mrs. Laura 9 Jun 1911 Unknown Unknown Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROBERTS, Mrs. Mildred 27 Jun 1939 30y Wife of Roy Roberts. Buried in Holy Cross
ROCHELLE, Anna 30 Oct 1933 75y Wife of Eugene. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROCHELLE, Sr., Eugene (Widower) 24 Dec 1934 78y Widower of Anna. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROETLISBERGER, Infant 24 Jun 1899 2m
ROEWE, Bernhardina 19 Feb 1874 21 Oct 1877 Roewe, Heinrich SIEMER, Carolina
ROEWE, Carolina 27 Mar 1891 45y SIEMER, Ph. Not listed, Elisabeth Wife of Henry Roewe
ROEWE, Elisabeth (Widow) 11 Aug 1910 67y Widow of Herman Roewe
ROEWE, Frida 14 Mar 1897 OEBIKE, Wilhelm HAUSBERER, Frida
ROEWE, Herman 14 Jul 1893 58y
ROEWE, Infant 3 Aug 1895 Roewe, George OEBIKE, Frida
ROEWE, Josephine Bernardine 13 Aug 1955 65y Roewe, Henry SIEMER, Caroline Not married. Buried in Holy Cross
ROEWE, Maria 31 May 1879 44y ABBELEN, Not listed Wife of Herman Roewe
ROEWE, Phillipp Herman Heinrich 22 Oct 1870 11 Oct 1877 Roewe, Heinrich SIEMER, Carolina
ROGAN, Martin Jacob (Widower) 21 Sep 1946 63y Widower of Myrtle born MASON. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROHLÄNDER (Rohlaender), Elisabeth 8 Mar 1897 11y Rohlaender, P.
ROLLIN, Johann Wilhelm 16 Oct 1890 19 Oct 1890 Rollin, Carl FRANKE, Barbara
ROSE, Jess R. 22 Oct 1942 59y Husband of Martha born WILES. Buried in Holy Cross
ROTH, Albert 7 Oct 1942 60y Husband of Eleasha born MC KENZIE. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ROTTLER, Francis Louis 13 Apr 1868 2 Oct 1874 Rottler, Heinrich POHL, Maria
ROTTLER, Veronica (Widow) 18 Oct 1887
RUDER, Catharina 22 Jul 1904 24y LUEBEL, Not listed
RUDOLFF, Aloysius 18 Sep 1871 35y
RUEFF, Alphonse Jacob 23 Nov 1902 14m
RUEFF, Francisca 28 Jul 1902 17y 2m 9d
RUFEL, Charles 3 Jan 1888 3y 5m Rufel, Carl CUNDIFF, M.
RUFF, Amelia 7 Apr 1911 33y Wife of George Ruff. Buried in Mt. Carmel
RUFF, Bertha 6 Oct 1905 60y SICKINGER, Not listed
RUFF, George 11 Dec 1907 65y
RUHLAND, Elisabeth Josephina 10 Feb 1876 11 Feb 1876 Ruhland, Johann REITH, Carolina
RUNGE, Charles 20 May 1910 43y Runge, Charles ECKEMEIER, Sophie Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
RUNGE, Charles 28 Dec 1923 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
RUNGE, Mrs. Mary Theresa (Widow) 7 Jul 1954 81y KOELKER, Thomas Widow of Charles Runge. Buried in Holy Cross.
RUSSELL, Mrs. Lucille 24 Jan 1956 41y Wife of Raymund C. Russell. Died in St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
RUST, Frank 12 Apr 1940 55y Rust, Patrick PATTERSON, Velma Buried in Military cemetery of St. Louis, MO. [Jefferson Barracks?]
RUTTLER, Mathias 26 Nov 1875 75y
RUTZ, Infant 11 Jun 1873 13 Jun 1873 Rutz, Georg ISSLER, Thecla
RUTZ, Maria 10 Jan 1870 REITER, Not listed
RUTZ, Thecla 19 Aug 1876 34y ISLER, Hieronymus Not listed, Anna
RYAN, Beryl 21 Oct 1941 7m Ryan, Glenn BOROWY, Josephina Buried in Holy Cross
RYAN, Infant 7 Sep 1904 Ryan, James
RYAN, Josephina 29 Dec 1945 27y Ryan, Nicolaus BOROWY, Agnes Buried in Holy Cross
RYAN, Mrs. Elizabeth 20 Jul 1955 72y MC KENZIE, John Not listed, Sarah Died in Alton State Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
RYAN, Robert 16 Jan 1942 56y Unknown Unknown Buried in Mt. Carmel
SAEGER, Carolina Dorothea 16 May 1891 71y TALLEUR, Anton VOLLMER, M.
SAEGER, Henry 2 Apr 1905 54y
SAEGER, Louise (Widow) 14 Jan 1934 80y Widow of Henry Saeger. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SALZ, Emma 9 Nov 1879 4y Salz, Heinrich LANG, Catharina
SALZ, Heinrich 13 Mar 1877 26y
SALZ, Heinrich 29 Jan 1880 2y Salz, Heinrich LANG, Catharina
SANDER, Infant 10 Jan 1931 1y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SANDER, Joseph 5 Jan 1872 24y
SARGENTE, Salvadore 23 Nov 1948 52y Husband of Minnie. Buried in Holy Cross
SAUER, Christophor 2 Dec 1870
SAUGET, Hazel I. 18 Aug 1946 31y Wife of Leroy Sauget. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
SAUGET, Mildred Frances 18 Oct 1940 8m Sauget, Marion DAVIS, Nellie Buried in Holy Cross
SAUM, Nicolaus 28 Jun 1890
SCANNELL, John 19 Nov 1944 76y Scannell, Dennis Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCANNELL, Mrs. Julia 23 Nov 1953 75y Wife of Cornelius Scannell. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHAEFER, Aloysius 18 Dec 1900 50y
SCHAEFER, Ernest J. 17 Jul 1947 38y Schaefer, Ernest F. HASSENSTAB, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHAEFER, Francis 16 Nov 1901 14y Schaefer, Henry BRUEGGEN, Angela
SCHAEFER, Henry 1 Apr 1908 50y 3m 2d Schaefer, Frank SCHULTE, Elisabeth Husband of Angela born BRÜGGEN (Brueggen). Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHAEFER, Infant 7 Aug 1896 Schaefer, Henry ALMENDEY, Catharina
SCHAEFER, Infant 18 Jul 1897 Schaefer, Valentin
SCHAEFER, Maria Agnes 8 Sep 1889 13 Dec 1889 Schaefer, Henry BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Angela
SCHAEFER, Maria Agnes 8 Sep 1889 12 May 1891 Schaefer, Henry BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Angela
SCHAEFFER, PFC Carl Emil 4 Aug 1943 21y Schaeffer, Herman BERNSTETTER, Anna Died while in military service in Africa.
SCHAFFHAUSER, Hubert 3 Feb 1890 16 Jun 1890 Schaffhauser, Hubert PETER, Maria
SCHAFFNER, Elisabeth 25 Oct 1904 63y SATTLER, Not listed
SCHAFFNER, Joseph 3 Jan 1950 87y Schaffner, Sebastian MEYER, Sarah Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO
SCHAFFNER, Sarah 22 Jun 1902 71y MEIER, Not listed
SCHAFFNER, Sebastian 30 May 1878
SCHAIBEL, Mathilda Bertha 24 Jun 1893 5 Oct 1893 Schaibel, Henry WOLF, Barbara
SCHALK, Otto 19 Apr 1935 53y Schalk, Theo BERGER, Elizabeth Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHAMONE, Anton 20 Apr 1886 49y
SCHEIDEL, Henry (Widower) 19 Sep 1936 71y Widower of Barbara born WOLF. Buried in Mt. Hope
SCHIFFENEDER, Francis 22 Sep 1873 28 Sep 1873 Schiffeneder, Anton TADECH, Maria
SCHLATTWEILER, Child 26 Oct 1870 9y Schlattweiler, Phillip Not listed, Susanna
SCHLATTWEILER, Elisabeth 2 Feb 1873 21y Schlattweiler, Mathias BECKER, Gertrud
SCHLATTWEILER, Francis C. 9 Sep 1907 5y 5m 15d
SCHLATTWEILER, Gertrud 5 Mar 1893 68y
SCHLATTWEILER, Infant 16 Oct 1904 2w Schlattweiler, J. Died of small pox
SCHLATTWEILER, Philipp 26 Feb 1826 11 Apr 1890 Schlattweiler, Mathias THEISING, Margaretha
SCHLATTWEILER, Susanna 18 Oct 1870 Wife of Phillip Schlattweiler
SCHLEICH, Charles 19 Mar 1903 43y
SCHLUETTER, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 9 Dec 1953 67y LASKIN, Frank (Deceased) DUSNETT, Elizabeth (Deceased) Widow of Ed Schluetter. Entry lists her as Mrs. Laskin. Died in St. Louis City Hospital. Buried in Mt. Hope.
SCHMELTER, Louis 2 Sep 1947 54y Husband of Agnes born REHG. Buried in Holy Cross.
SCHMELTER, Maria (Widow) 21 Mar 1937 75y Widow of Michael Schmelter. Buried in Holy Cross
SCHMELTER, Rosa Maria 14 Apr 1902
SCHMELTZER, Maria (Widow) 4 Jul 1944 83y Widow of Carl Schmeltzer. Buried in Holt Cross
SCHMELZER, Son 21 Jul 1883 12y
SCHMIDELER, Crescentia 2 Aug 1869 56y
SCHMIDELER, Johann (Widow) 15 Jan 1886 63y
SCHMIDT, Anna Maria 29 Apr 1909 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHMIDT, Arthur 29 Jun 1911 9y 6m Schmidt, Charles VOGT, Henrietta Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHMIDT, Charles 16 Dec 1935 73y Husband of Henrietta born VOGT. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
SCHMIDT, Emily Louise 11 Mar 1902 2y 6m
SCHMIDT, Joseph 9 Mar 1897 16m Schmidt, Johann KLUCK, Anna
SCHMIDT, Joseph John 19 Dec 1948 41y Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHMIDT, Maria 16 Feb 1887 21y Wife of Joseph Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Maria 18 Oct 1890 53y BENZ, Joseph EWALD, Theresa
SCHMIDT, Mrs. Henrietta (Widow) 28 Feb 1953 77y VOGT, Anton BOEHNE, Elizabeth Widow of Charles Schmidt. Buried in Holy Cross
SCHMIEDER, Willibald 3 Sep 1876 25y
SCHMITT, Georg 4 May 1890 17y Schmitt, Georg MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa
SCHMITT, George 3 Apr 1906
SCHMITZ, Johann 15 Aug 1882 16m Schmitz, Johann LANG, Maria
SCHMITZ, Wilhelm 12 Aug 1887 4y Schmitz, Johann LANGE, Maria
SCHMUCKE, Johann 10 Feb 1891 56y SCHMUCKE, Maria Elise Illegitimate son of.
SCHNEIDER, Heinrich Gerhard 28 Mar 1877 16 Aug 1877 Schneider, Peter BOET, Elisabeth
SCHNEIDER, Mina Carolina 22 Aug 1872 9 Oct 1873 Schneider, Bernhard RUTZ, Anna B.
SCHNEIDER, Theresa Alwina 30 Nov 1874 20 Jun 1875 Schneider, Peter BOET, Elisabeth
SCHOEBEL, Lena 27 Feb 1911 42y Widow of Richard Schoebel. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHOENHOF, Bernard 30 Nov 1881 3 Mar 1889 Schoenhof, Henry STRAUB, Mina
SCHOENHOF, Joseph 7 Feb 1896 Schoenhof, Not listed
SCHOENHOF, Julia 10 Apr 1889 3y Schoenhof, Henry STRAUB, Mina
SCHOENHOF, Louisa 7 Oct 1887 25 Nov 1887 Schoenhof, Joseph STRAUB, Mina
SCHOENHOF, Maria 5 Mar 1894 52y
SCHOEPF, Maria (Widow) 16 Sep 1911 84y Widow of Joseph Schoepf. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHONHOFF, John 26 Nov 1942 62y Schonhoff, Bernard LIEPSMEIER, Anna Buried in Holy Cross
SCHONHOFF, Mrs. Minnie 25 Apr 1934 72y Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHORNICK, George 11 Dec 1932 51y Buried in Valhalla
SCHORNICK, Maria Ursula (Widow) 14 Dec 1941 92y Widow of George Schornick. Buried in Holy Cross
SCHORNICK, Mollie 19 Nov 1950 77y Schornick, Michael GEPPERT, Mary Died in Alton, IL Buried in Holy Cross
SCHORY, Christian 8 Sep 1883 50y
SCHOTEL, Maria 6 Jul 1877 7m Schotel, F.
SCHRADER, Elisabeth 26 Aug 1877 60y
SCHRADER, Gertrud 19 Oct 1887 6y Schrader, Heinrich RUNGE, Lena
SCHRADER, Gertrud Elisabeth 4 Feb 1872 23 Jun 1872 Schrader, Francis RANGE, Theresa
SCHRADER, Maria 10 Jan 1883 3y Schrader, Francis RANGE, Elisabeth
SCHRADER, Mathilda 4 Jul 1876 1y Schrader, Francis RANGE, Catharina
SCHRADER, Theresa 9 Feb 1872 34y MEYER?  
SCHRAND, Anna 29 Jul 1872 34y WESS, Not listed Wife of Gerhard Schrand
SCHRAND, Anna 13 Jan 1902 57y SCHROER, Theodore
SCHRAND, Helena 2 May 1908 65y 4m 1d ALBERS, Not listed Wife of Gerard Schrand. Buried in Holy Cross
SCHRAND, Johann Wilhelm 23 May 1872 14 Aug 1872 Schrand, Gerhard WESS, Anna
SCHRAND, Joseph Anthony 5 May 1909 6d Schrand, John MENWRICH, Emma Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHRAND, William 9 Jul 1952 79y Schrand, Gerhard ALBERS, Helena Buried in Holy Cross
SCHRANDT, Heinrich 3 Jan 1872 8 Aug 1879 Schrandt, Gerhard ALBERS, Helena
SCHRANDT, Herman 6 Mar 1870 29 May 1876 Schrandt, Gerhard WESSELS, Anna
SCHRANDT, Theodor Wilhelm 25 Jun 1874 14 Jul 1874 Schrandt, Heinrich SCHRORER, Anna
SCHRANTEMEYER, Philip 8 Aug 1907 34y
SCHRAUTEMEIER, Francis 23 Jun 1888 21 Jun 1890 Schrautemeier, Bernhard KIMNICH, Maria
SCHREIBER, Charles (Widower) 11 Sep 1946 71y Widower of Maria born MC KINNEY. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHREIBER, Francis Xavier 29 Dec 1883 11 Jan 1888 Schreiber, Heinrich SCHRECK, Theresa
SCHREIBER, Heinrich 20 Jul 1883 1y Schreiber, Heinrich ?
SCHREIBER, Johann Heinrich 13 Aug 1873 4 Sep 1874 Schreiber, Heinrich SCHRICK, Theresa
SCHREIBER, John 17 Dec 1934 49y Schreiber, Henry SCHRICK, Theresa Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHREIBER, Joseph 25 Mar 1833 7 Nov 1889 SCHREIBER, Anna Illegitimate son of.
SCHREIBER, Philipp 7 Oct 1893 28y Schreiber, Joseph Not listed, Elisabeth
SCHREIBER, Theresa 4 Jan 1932 72y Wife of H. Schreiber. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SCHROEDER, Edward 11 Jul 1887 50y
SCHUBERT, Edward 14 Jul 1878 3y Schubert, Martin DRUCKMANN, Ida
SCHUBERT, Miss Bertha 20 Jul 1956 80y Schubert, Charles DAUBER, Helena Died in San Angelo, TX. Buried in Mt. Hope.
SCHUERGER, George 5 Mar 1908 46y 4m Schuerger, George Not listed, Crescentia Husband of Christina born GAIN
SCHUETTE, Gertrude 25 Jul 1909 9m 22d Schuette, Henry REGELMANN, Rosa
SCHUETTE, Mrs. Rosa 25 Mar 1946 61y Wife of Henry C. Schuette. She suffered a stroke. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
SCHULT, William 24 Sep 1949 63y Husband of Anna born FUCHS. Buried in Holy Cross
SCHULTE, Estella 5 Dec 1947 51y Died in St. Mary’s Hospital.
SCHULTE, Ferdinand 4 May 1900 65y
SCHULTE, Johanna 12 Mar 1871 18 Mar 1871 Schulte, Wilhelm SCHMITZ, Louisa
SCHULZ, Anna Maria 22 Jun 1869 60y
SCHULZ, Susanna 29 Mar 1877 40y CONRAD, Not listed
SCHWAB, Mrs. Anna 24 Dec 1956 63y ERHARDT, William Buried in Greenwood
SCHWALD, Francis 4 Feb 1889 10 Aug 1889 Schwald, Adolph KAISER, Maria
SCHWALD, Infant 19 Sep 1882 Schwald, D.
SCHWALD, Infant 6 Nov 1887 Schwald, J. Not listed, Maria
SCHWALD, Wilhelm 3 Apr 1891 22 Jun 1891 Schwald, Adolph KAISER, Maria
SCHWARTZ, Friderica Apr 1908 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SCHWEIGERT, Michael 21 Jul 1891 31y 5m Schweigert, Joseph HEWEL, Catharina
SCOTT, John 21 Nov 1903 49y
Second section start  
SEIBOLDT, Anton Heinrich 3 Dec 1881 8d Seiboldt, Heinrich DIDDENHÖFER (Diddenhoefer), Elisabeth
SEIM, Anna (Widow) 2 Feb 1911 75y Widow of James Seim. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.
SEIPP, William P. 28 Oct 1956 67y Seipp, Henry HILDEBRANDT, Catharine Husband of Mande born HARDY. Buried in Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL.
SEPPI, Aloisia 3 May 1891 10y Seppi, Ferdinand CRAMER, Emma
SEPPI, Emma 12 Apr 1887 31y CRAMER, Not listed Wife of Ferdinand Seppi
SEPPI, Maria 18 Jun 1886 Seppi, Ferdinand KRAMER, Emma
SEPPI, Maximilian 15 Jun 1880 2y Seppi, Ferdinand KRAMER, Emma
SETTLE, Harlin 19 Oct 1952 53y Settle, Jacob GRAY, Abbie Husband of Marie born HUDSON. Buried in Holy Cross
SHANNON, Thomas 5 Dec 1904
SHATLAIN, Maria Cecelia 16 Oct 1909 58y Wife of Frank Louis Chatlain. Buried in Mt. Carmel. Last name spelled two ways.
SHAWEN, Charles Francis 20 May 1934 48y Shawen, Alonzo GUINEY, Julia Buried in Mt. Carmel
SHAWEN, Mrs. Julia (Widow) 29 Jun 1939 82y Widow of Alonzo N. Shawen. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
SHEEHAN, Catharina (Widow) 27 Feb 1937 69y Widow of William Sheehan. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
SHEEHAN, Francis William 30 Jun 1942 38y Sheehan, William SMITH, Catharina Buried in Mt. Carmel
SHEER, Dolores Cecelia 7 Dec 1934 30y Sheer, Shields ROEWE, Cecelia Buried in Mt. Carmel
SHEER, Marie 9 Jun 1935 24y Sheer, Shields ROEWE, Cecelia Buried in Mt. Carmel
SHEER, S. James 15 Jan 1910 35y Sheer, James M. Husband of Cecelia ROEWE. Buried in Mt. Carmel. Compare Cheer
SHERMAN, William 4 Dec 1936 73y Buried in Mt. Hope.
SHILLINGS, Paulina 11 Mar 1937 28y New convert. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SIBENHAAR, Infant 19 Apr 1879 Sibenhaar, Louis BUCHER, Barbara
SICKINGER, Joseph 5 May 1887 40y
SIEBENHAAR, Leo 30 Aug 1896 7 Jan 1897 Siebenhaar, Herman HEYER, Elisabeth
SIEMER, Elisabeth 24 Mar 1891 75y Wife of Phillipp Siemer
SIEMER, Philipp 27 Mar 1891 90y
SIGG, Catharina 19 Apr 1872 40y Wife of Thaddeus Sigg
SILVESTER, August 7 Nov 1907 41y
SINDEL, Francis 21 Feb 1899 40y Sindel, John HAGEN, Magdalena
SMELEK, Felix 7 Sep 1904 7m Smelek, Joseph
SMELEKAR, George 3 Oct 1905 30y From Croatia
SMITH, Albert (Widower) 15 Jan 1940 54y Widower of Victoria born SELLERS. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
SMITH, Delia 20 Jul 1904 22y
SMITH, Dennis 29 Sep 1953 69y Smith, Henry HENNESSY, Catharina Buried in Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Gorman 5 Sep 1946 40y Husband of Elba born ALEXANDER. Buried in Mt. Hope
SMITH, Harry Haworth (Widower) 8 Jan 1941 77y Widower of Laura. Buried in Holy Cross
SMITH, Mary 31 Aug 1931 80y Buried in Mt. Carmel
SMITH, Maude STONE (Widow) 17 Nov 1950 63y Widow of Isaac Smith. Died in Fairview Sanatorium. Buried in Mt. Hope.
SMITH, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 23 May 1950 78y MC NERNEY, Patrick HIGGINS, Catharina Widow of Frank Smith. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SNELEN, Mrs. Viola 21 Jan 1950 41y GILMARTIN, Patrick MEINKOTH, Emma Buried in Mt. Carmel
SOLAC, Victoria 28 Aug 1901 34y TABAROL, H. Not listed, Josephina
SOLDMANN, Magdalena 21 Mar 1907 78y 7m 19d
SONDAG, Miss Martha 27 Dec 1953 80y Sondag, Theodor (Deceased) HECKER, Mary (Deceased) Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul in Waterloo, IL
SPITZER, August 6 Apr 1936 79y Husband of Josephina born KAUFLER. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Kurrus)
SPITZER, Mrs. Josephine 14 Jan 1953 86y KOFLER, Not listed Wife of August Spitzer. Buried in Holy Cross
SPRETER, Maria (Widow) 10 Jan 1949 79y Widow of Louis Spreter. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
SPRINGLI, Maria Anna 12 Sep 1910 45y FISCHBACH, Not listed Wife of John Springli. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
STAAB, Heinrich 17 Oct 1874 8 Jul 1875 Staab, Jacob HUBENER, Anna
STARITZ, Theresa 22 Feb 1908 29y POSOVATZ, George HARVET, Catharina Wife of Caspar Staritz
STEFF, August E. 17 Sep 1953 56y Steff, Newton PRITCHETT, Beatrice Husband of Ida born BECKER. Buried in Holy Cross
STEGEMEIER, Daughter 28 Nov 1887 5y Stegemeier, Heinrich SCHMITH, Not listed
STEGEMEIER, Daughter 9 Dec 1887 6y Stegemeier, Heinrich SCHMITH, Not listed
STEGEMEIER, Emilia 15 Dec 1881 9y Stegemeier, J.
STEGEMEIER, Ida 10 Sep 1878 22 Oct 1878 Stegemeier, Joseph  
STEGEMEIER, Lilli 10 Jun 1887 5y Stegemeier, J. GRANDENBERG, Maria
STEGEMEIER, Son 15 Dec 1887 3y Stegemeier, Heinrich SCHMITH, Not listed
STEIN, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 16 Dec 1949 81y Widow of Charles Stein. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
STEINLE, Elisabeth (Widow) 17 Feb 1893 85y
STEINLE, Johann 1 Mar 1885 40y
STEINLE, Wilhelm 11 Sep 1879 9y Steinle, Johann BELLEVILLE, Not listed
STEINMETZ, Maria 18 Nov 1897 46y SAGNIER, Victor MARE, Sylvia Wife of Not listed Steinmetz
STENDKOWSKI, Theodore 18 May 1956 64y Stendkowski, Joseph GUNDECK, Josephine Buried in Mt. Carmel
STEPPACHER, Frederich 27 Aug 1875 45y
STEWART, Charles 18 Oct 1943 69y Husband of Laura born ROGERS. Buried in Holy Cross
STIEF, Anna 5 Oct 1874 19 Feb 1875 Stief, Jacob GAA, Helena
STIEF, Eva 29 Mar 1906
STIEF, George 28 Oct 1882 4y 6m
STIEF, Maria 16 Jun 1875 6 Jun 1901 PEUHLER, Not listed
STIEF, Wilhelm 12 Nov 1882 3y Stief, Georg GAA, E.
STILCHER, Christian 6 Dec 1873 17y Stilcher, Jacob
STILCHER, Jacob 25 Aug 1894 85y
STILGER, Miss Elizabeth 24 Feb 1941 88y Stilger, Jacob ITTNER, Margaret Buried in Mt. Carmel.
STOCKEL, Mathilda 17 Feb 1893 38y WEDEMER, Urban SCHNEIDER, Catharina
STOCKELER, Peter 17 Feb 1886 40y
STOCKER, Henrietta 28 Nov 1893 46y HOBI, Not listed Wife of Meinrad Stocker
STOCKER, Joseph Johann 16 Jun 1878 13 Jul 1878 Stocker, Meinrad HOBI, Henrietta
STOCKER, Maria Catharina Louisa 14 Mar 1882 6 Oct 1882 Stocker, Meinrad HOBIG, Henrica
STOLCHER, Margaretha 13 Jun 1885 53y Wife of Jacob Stolcher
STOLZ, John 11 Nov 1906 28y
STOVALL, Mrs. Isabell (Widow) 29 May 1948 80y Widow of William Stovall. Buried in Mt. Carmel
STRABEL, Adelia 30 Aug 1908 2_y 6m KOLLER, Anthony HAUSCHEL, Elisabeth Wife of Ignatz Strabel. Buried in Mt. Carmel
STRAIT, Julia M. (Widow) 3 Dec 1940 72y Widow of Thad. B. Strait. Buried in Mt. Hope. Local resident for 35y
STRAIT, Mrs. Rose (Widow) 29 Jul 1956 72y KELLY, James PATTON, Cassandra Widow of William Strait. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
STRAUB, Georg 19 Jan 1882 52y
STRAUTZ, Helen 39 Jan 1934 2y Strautz, Peter THOM___, Ida Buried in Mt. Carmel
STRAUTZ, Mrs. Catharine (Widow) 7 Jun 1934 73y Widow of Fred Strautz. Buried in Mt. Carmel
STREUL, Oscar 26 Jul 1948 73y Husband of Paulina born ARGUS. Buried in Holy Cross
STROTHMANN, Henry 13 Jan 1897 35y
STROTHMANN, Maria 22 Sep 1890 8 Feb 1892 Strothmann, Henry ROHM, Sophia
STRUBLE, Charles K. 8 Oct 1946 56y Husband of Barbara born FRANKE. Buried in Holy Cross
STRUBLE, Mrs. Barbara 6 Dec 1953 63y FRANKE, Nicholas (Deceased) TOTSCH, Christina (Deceased) Buried in Holy Cross.
STRUEL, Leona Anna 21 Jan 1908 2m 16d Struel, Oscar ARGUS, Paulina
STRUEL, Mrs. Pauline (Widow) 12 Oct 1955 77y ARGUS, George Not listed, Anna Widow of Oscar Struel. Died in Christian Welfare Hospital (St. Jos.) Buried in Holy Cross.
SUDDELMEYER, Henry 29 Sep 1948 80y Died in Belleville County Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
SUESS, John Henry 13 Aug 1911 51y Suess, John DIECKMANN, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Harriet 10 Sep 1951 36y Sullivan, Michael KELLY, Rose Buried in Mt. Carmel
SULLIVAN, Phelepina 27 Mar 1930 23y Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
SULLIVAN, William J. 24 Jul 1951 60y Husband of Hilda born JOHANNISSOHN. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SUMMERS, Felix M. 28 Dec 1909 72y Husband of Christina. From Maplewood, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel
SURWALD, Emma J. 22 May 1910 23y LANGEN, James KELLY, Catherine Wife of Joseph F. Surwald. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
SURWALD, Francis 29 Sep 1892 23y Surwald, Frederick Not listed, Clara
SURWALD, Jacob 25 May 1877 6w Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Helena
SURWALD, Johann 22 Jun 1881 Surwald, Fr. Husband of [?]
SURWALD, Lena 18 Jan 1882 9y Surwald, Caspar ROGGE, Lena
SURWALD, Wilhelm Victor 24 Jun 1891 18 Jun 1892 Surwald, Francis LEHER, Ida
SÜSSMANN (Suessmann), Infant 22 Dec 1871 Suessmann, Joseph Not listed, Gertrud
SÜSSMANN (Suessmann), Infant 8 Jul 1877 10d Suessmann, Joseph
SÜSSMANN (Suessmann), Theodor 10 Jun 1873 12 Jul 1873 Suessmann, Joseph HAGEMANN, Gertrud
SWAN, Charles 20 Dec 1944 37y Swan, Charles J. HALL, Ella Buried in New St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO
SWEENEY, Bernard 14 Oct 1949 84y Sweeney, Bernard MORRIS, Johanna Husband of Adelaide. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL. Buried in Holy Cross
SWIFT, Elmer E. 15 Feb 1940 70y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
SZYMANKEWICZ, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 3 Aug 1954 81y Widow of Anton Szymankewicz. Buried in Holy Cross
TEBEAU, Francis Amelius 16 Mar 1955 58y Tebeau, Francis Albert LOHBECK, Elizabeth Husband of Blanche born MICHAELIS. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
TEBEAU, Leo 29 Jun 1953 76y Tebeau, John CURAT, Mary Buried in Holy Cross
TEBOW, Mrs. Ophelia (Widow) 28 Dec 1951 88y Widow of Henry Tebow. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
TEBOW, Sr., Henry 31 Jul 1945 65y Husband of Ophelia. Buried in Mt. Carmel
TEGENKAMP, John 10y Tegenkamp, Clement VAN HELD, M. No date appears between 12 Apr and 5 May 1887
TESSAR, Catharine 21 Apr 1908 25y Tessar, George Not listed, Barbara Born in Bohemia. Buried at Holy Cross
TETTAR, Amelia (Widow) 18 Jan 1937 71y Widow of Hubert Tettar. Buried in Holy Cross
TETTENBACH, Gottlieb 26 Feb 1883 40y
THEISEN, Adam 25 Feb 1937 48y Husband of Lucilla E. born ZIMMER. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul in Waterloo, IL
THEN, Regina 10 Oct 1890 6y Then, Fabian KISSLER, Johanna
THOENE, Anna Catharina 4 Dec 1867 26 Feb 1872 Thoene, Georg BEIL, Catharina
THOENE, Catharine 6 Jun 1930 48y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
THOM, S. 8 Oct 1899
THOMAS, Elmer 29 Jun 1948 29y Thomas, George SCHAEFER, Coletta Died in St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
TIERNEY, Philipp H. 22 May 1947 60y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
TIMPER, Aloys “Ollie” 8 Mar 1956 52y Timper, Ben HUNDMANN, Elizabeth Husband of Agatha born KIELY. Buried in Mt. Hope.
TOBAL, Anna 22 Dec 1902 60y? From Bohemia
TOTSCH, Maria 10 Nov 1892 2y 6m Totsch, Maria
TOTSCH, Nicolaus 24 Mar 1889 7 Jun 1892 Totsch, Johann ULM, Carolina
TOTSCH, Peter 18 Apr 1925 55y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
TOUSSAINT, Susie (Widow) 15 Mar 1940 82y Widow of Edward Francis Toussaint. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
TRAUB, Daughter 12 Feb 1895 1m Traub, Fred REEB, Elisabeth
TREBAND, Mrs. Maria Sep 1885 21y GORLA, Not listed
TRENDLY, Dominic Johann 18 Oct 1886 82y
TROHEY, Alfred R. 8 Nov 1948 52y Husband of Mary. Buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
TRUCKEY, Frank Joseph (Widower) 18 Sep 1950 55y Widower of Nellie born FANNINGS. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
TRUEMANN, Henry 25 Aug 1946 77y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
UHTER, Emil 11 Nov 1885 5 Nov 1886 Uhter, Carl LAIBACH, Francisca
UHTER, Johann Emil 17 Sep 1890 9 Jan 1892 Uhter, Carl LAIBACH, Catharina
Unknown, Anna Elisabeth 16 Sep 1876 6w
URAINER, Infant 6 Aug 1880 Urainer, Joseph
URAINER, Infant 10 Aug 1880 Urainer, Joseph
URBAN, Johann Heinrich 26 May 1893 24y Urban, W. Not listed, Elisabeth
URBAN, Theresa 5 Jun 1874 10y 7m Urban, Louis Wolfgang HORNOLT, Carolina
VAHLE, Anthony 19 Sep 1924 62y Husband of Minnie. Buried in Mt. Carmel
VALLET, Emil 5 Nov 1892 Died in a hospital
VALLOWE, Mrs. Sophia (Widow) 13 May 1948 79y Widow of Bernard Vallowe. Buried in Holy Cross
VAN SALM, Anton 5 May 1882 50y
VETH, Joseph 24 Aug 1889 17 Sep 1889 Veth, Joseph DILLON, Lena
VIEZIAN, John 6 Nov 1907 42y From Hungary
VILLINGER, Odilia 18 Jul 1899 66y MUENCH, Math. HÖFERINGER (Hoeferinger), Clara
VINCENT, Mrs. Mary (New convert) (Widow) 21 Feb 1945 77y Widow of Mathias William Vincent. Buried in Mt. Hope
VINER, Catharina 11 Apr 1940 54y Viner, James GARWOOD, Etta Buried in Mt. Carmel
VODDE, Anna 21 Feb 1930 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
VODDE, Benjamin 25 Mar 1930 61y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
VOELKEL, Anton 22 Feb 1899 3m Voelkel, John PETERSEN, Sophia
VOELKER, Johanna (Widow) 12 Jun 1940 68y Widow of Frederick Voelker. Buried in Holy Cross
VOGLER, John 10 Jun 1911 6y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
VOGT, Elisabeth 16 Jul 1908 52y 19d DE HAAN, Jacob Not listed, Catherina Wife of Theodore Vogt. Buried in Holy Cross
VOGT, Ida 11 Nov 1906
VOGT, Infant 25 Mar 1908 Vogt, Peter
VOGT, Regina K. (Widow) 21 Jan 1941 66y Widow of Peter J. Vogt. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
VOLALIA, John J. 27 Mar 1945 66y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
VOLK, Infant 4 Aug 1883 2m Volk, Frederick
VOLLMANN, Mrs. Ottilia (Widow) 2 Jun 1936 76y NEUTZLING, Not listed Widow of John Vollmann. Buried in Mt. Carmel (Brichler)
VOLLMER, Albert 11 May 1889 30 Jun 1890 Vollmer, Wendelin GUTWEIN, Anna
VOLLMER, Anton 29 Jul 1890 35y Vollmer, Anton OCHS, Francisca
VOLLMER, August Francis 9 Apr 1907 3y 2m
VOLLMER, John August 6 Aug 1895 19 Oct 1901 Vollmer, August MÜLLER (Mueller), Elisabeth
VOLLMER, Joseph 5 Oct 1895 2y Vollmer, J.
VOLLMER, Rosa Francisca 11 Apr 1901 15m Vollmer, August MUELLER, Elisabeth
VONAHME, Maria 10 Sep 1885 8y Vonnahme, Joseph DUFFEY, Maria
VONHOF, Carl 12 Dec 1891 50y
VONNAHME, Dr. Conrad Benedict 8 Jun 1953 72y Vonnahme, Joseph A. FRICKE, Magdalena Husband of Maria A. born RUNG. Buried in Holy Cross
VONNAHME, Helena 15 Oct 1885 23 Feb 1889 Vonnahme, Joseph MERZ, Catharina
VONNAHME, Joseph 20 Oct 1878 17 Feb 1879 Vonnahme, Joseph DUFFY, Maria
VONNAHME, Joseph Francis 25 Sep 1887 21 Feb 1889 Vonnahme, Joseph MERZ, Catharina
VONNAHME, Lena 22 Jan 1930 70y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
VONNAHME, Maria 30 Oct 1878 28y DUFFY, Not listed Wife of Joseph Vonnahme
VONNAHME, Mina Josephina 14 Mar 1890 15 May 1891 Vonnahme, Joseph MERZ, Bertha
VORBECK, Henry Herman 3 Oct 1869 27 Jun 1870 Vorbeck, Joseph BEHNEN, Elisabeth
VORIS, Margaret Mary 25 Mar 1908 1d Voris, Henry M. BURKHARDT, Margaret Mary
VOSS, Francis 22 Dec 1869 Voss, Henry CONRAD, Margaret
VOSS, Heinrich 7 Mar 1887 70y He was a trustee of the church
VOSS, Margaretha 17 Dec 1833 10 Feb 1880 Wife of Heinrich Voss.
WACHTEL Johann Bernhard 30 Sep 1887 6 Feb 1890 Wachtel, Edward LÜKEN (Lueken), Elisabeth
WACHTEL, Benedicta 7 Dec 1883 30y THURNHER, Not listed
WACHTEL, Catharina 5 Jul 1876 1y Wachtel, Edward COMMANG, Josephina
WACHTEL, Catharina 8 Nov 1889 HERZ, Not listed Wife of Frederick Wachtel
WACHTEL, Catharina 24 Jul 1892 26y SOLDMANN, Not listed
WACHTEL, Charles 3 Apr 1897 12y Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina
WACHTEL, Edmund 17 Nov 1878 3y Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina
WACHTEL, Elisabeth 17 Nov 1878 6y 6m Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina
WACHTEL, Francis 3 Jun 1905
WACHTEL, Franz Xavier 4 Sep 1873 3 Nov 1878 Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina
WACHTEL, Frederick Anthony 14 Feb 1902 65y
WACHTEL, Frederick Ed. Heinrich (Twin) 5 Dec 1883 19 Dec 1883 Wachtel, Edward THURNHER, Benedicta
WACHTEL, Henry 11 Oct 1891 7y Wachtel, Frederick HERTZ, Catharina
WACHTEL, Joachim 14 May 1877 38y
WACHTEL, Joachim Edmund 5 Oct 1879 1y 6m Wachtel, Edward SANBOEUF, Josephina
WACHTEL, Joseph 23 Jan 1888 8y Wachtel, Edward SANBOEUF, Josephina
WACHTEL, Josephina 24 Feb 1881 25y COMMENT, Not listed Wife of Edward Wachtel
WACHTEL, Maria Agatha (Twin) 5 Dec 1883 22 Dec 1883 Wachtel, Edward THURNHER, Benedicta
WACHTEL, Rosa 21 Aug 1895 13y Wachtel, Frederick HERZ, Catharina
WACHTER, Theresa 8 Feb 1895 7m Wachter, Johann Not listed, Isabella
WAGNER, Anna 29 Nov 1879 3y Wagner, Peter VOSS, Elisabeth
WALLRATH, Margaretha Sophia 14 May 1873 10 Jul 1874 Wallrath, Johann Wilhelm BOSE, Elisabeth Child born in Kansas City
WALLS, Catharina (Widow) 13 Jul 1940 72y Widow of Francis Walls. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WALSH, Martha 12 Jun 1902
WALSH, Miss Lula May 16 Jun 1954 79y Walsh, Michael HARNEY, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Carmel
WALSH, Mrs. Bertha (Widow) 12 Dec 1939 60y Widow of Edward Walsh. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WALTER, Elisabeth 24 Nov 1907 26y 8m BAIRD, Not listed
WALTER, Francis Joseph 8 Jun 1872 9 Jul 1872 Walter, Francis GOETZ, Carolina
WALTER, Frederick 17 Sep 1903
WALTER, Infant 11 Jul 1883 2y Walter, Francis Not listed, Carolina
WALTER, Infant 11 Sep 1911 Walter, Harry LANDFRIED, Louise Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
WALTER, Johanna Agnes 12 Dec 1871 24 Jun 1872 Walter, Michael KNECHT, Johanna
WALTERS, Ferdinand 10 Feb 1943 35y Walter, Joseph SCHMITT, Rosa Buried in Mt. Carmel
WALTERS, Joseph C. 13 Mar 1925 48y Buried in Mt. Carmel
WALZ, Kinigunda 1 Sep 1869 45y
WANNEMACHER, Susanna Rosalia 3 Nov 1906 1m
WARD, Ada Mar 1924 Buried in Mt. Carmel
WATSON, Margaret 11 Jun 1932 51y Wife of Mills U. Watson. Buried in Oak Hill in Kirkwood, MO
WATSON, William John 27 Feb 1948 59y Watson, John Not listed, Maria Died in Pleasant Sanatorium. Buried in Holy Cross
WEBER, Anna 5 Jan 1903 72y
WEBER, Anna Maria 21 Mar 1882 28y Wife of Jacob Weber
WEBER, Catharine 17 Sep 1930 76y Buried in Mt. Carmel
WEBER, Charles Leo 29 Jul 1954 59y Weber, George BERRY, Fannie Husband of Edna born MICHAEL. Buried in Holy Cross
WEBER, Infant 27 Jul 1902 Weber, Philip
WEBER, John 28 Sep 1908 Weber, Oswald Not listed, Theresa Husband of Theresa born BADER
WEBER, Leo Johannes 28 Oct 1935 53y Weber, Peter EISMANN, Theresa Buried in Mt. Carmel
WEBER, Nora 22 Sep 1901 11y Weber, John BADE, Theresa
WEBER, William 23 Jan 1935 62y Buried in Mt. Hope in lot of Mrs. Weber’s mother.
WEBSTER, Anna 20 Mar 1896 4y Webster, P. EHRHARDT, Catharina
WEBSTER, Anna 30 Jul 1932 65y Wife of William. Found dead. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
WEBSTER, Mrs. Catharine (Widow) 6 Apr 1954 78y Widow of James Webster. Buried in Holy Cross.
WECKE, Simon 28 Oct 1882 30y
WEDEMER, Not listed 24 Sep 1881
WEGENER, Otto 19 May 1892 13 Sep 1896 Wegener, J. KALKBRENNER, Anna
WEHRTE, Caroline 8 Feb 1902 35y
WEICH, Sophia 20 Apr 1904 58y 10m 30d RETTLER, Not listed
WEICK, Bertha 3 Apr 1891 35y BUCHER, Joseph Not listed, Anna Wife of Jacob Weick
WEICK, Jacob Henry 5 May 1890 21 Jun 1890 Weick, Jacob BUCHER, Bertha
WEIDERMANN, Louis 4 Sep 1909 30y Weidermann, Frank BAUMGARTNER, Catharine Buried in St. Louis, MO
WELLEN, Charles 3 Aug 1876 42y
WENDELL, John (Note says Nicholas) 8 Feb 1931 86y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
WENDELL, Josephine 27 Oct 1926 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
WESEMANN, Infant 3 Nov 1879 1y Wesemann, Not listed MILLER, Not listed
WESSEL, Bridget 12 Dec 1935 61y GRIFFIN, John O’DONNELL, Marg. Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
WHALEN, James Patrick 16 Sep 1956 69y Whalen, James Patrick MC DONALD, Sarah Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WHALEN, Michael Joseph 4 Mar 1954 71y Whalen, John SALMON, Ellen Buried in Mt. Carmel
WHITE, Albert 25 Jan 1902 52y
WHITE, Charles A. 3 Aug 1940 24y White, James LENNON, Kate Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WIEGAND, Anna Maria 31 Dec 1882 Wiegand, Johann   [No date. Appears between 31 Jan and 24 Feb 1883]
WIEGAND, Catharina 19 Apr 1885 36y PETERS, Not listed Wife of Johann Wiegand
WIEGAND, Frederick Mathias 18 Feb 1893 17 Apr 1893 Wiegand, Johann SCHMIDT, Maria
WIEGAND, Johann 19 Sep 1887 6y Wiegand, Johann PETERS, Catharina
WIEGAND, Margaretha 18 Feb 1893 6 May 1893 Wiegand, Johann SCHMIDT, Maria
WIEGERS, John 29 Jul 1936 72y Husband of Theresa born SCHLUR. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
WIEGERT, Roman 10 Oct 1906 45y
WIEGERT, William 5 Mar 1936 33y Husband of Grace born COLEMAN. Died in Barnes Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.
WIES, Jack 15 Nov 1953 52y Husband of Ida. Buried in Mt. Carmel
WIES, Juliana 28 Oct 1897 56y Wife of Louis Wies
WIES, Louis 21 Feb 1902 68y
WIES, Mrs. Celia (Widow) 27 May 1939 68y WALSH, Not listed Widow of John J. Wies. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WIESEMANN, Catharina 10 Jun 1882 45y
WILD, Michael Joseph 16 Jan 1887 14 Feb 1887 Wild, Joseph MORTON, Margaretha
WILKENS, Anna M. 16 Mar 1938 59y Wilkens, Bernard Not listed, Wilhelmina Buried in Holy Cross
WILKENS, Bernard 20 Apr 1938 61y Husband of Maria born HART. Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in Holy Cross.
WILKENS, Bernhard 1843 8 Sep 1892 Wilkens, Bernhard
WILKENS, Cecelia 187 25 Aug 1901 Wilkens, John HUTINA, Louisa
WILKENS, Francis 30 Jan 1876 3y Wilkens, Wilhelm
WILKENS, Infant 4 Apr 1885 Wilkens, Wilhelm VAN HELD, Ca.
WILKENS, Infant 22 Sep 1887 Wilkens, Bernhard VON HELD, Mina
WILKENS, Infant 17 Jun 1902 Wilkens, Bernard
WILKENS, Johann Herman 6 Aug 1877 7 Aug 1877 Wilkens, Bernhard VON HELD, Mina
WILKENS, Margaretha 9 Aug 1877 Wilkens, Bernhard VON HELD, Mina
WILKENS, Mrs. Anna 20 Dec 1954 63y BRECKEL, John FIRMAN, Wilhelmina Wife of Joseph Wilkens. Buried in Holy Cross
WILLIAMSON, John (Widower) 6 Feb 1938 75y Buried in Holy Cross
WILSON, Thomas 29 Nov 1938 52y Buried in Collinsville, IL
WINDTHAUS, Elisabeth 9 Jul 1896 35y Wife of Bernhard Windthaus
WINDTHAUS, Maria 30 May 1896 3m Windthaus, Bernhard VON HELD, Elisabeth
WINDTHAUS, Maria Elisabeth 14 Feb 1895 15m Windthaus, Bernhard VAN HELD, Elisabeth
WOLF, Mrs. Mollie Mary 19 Oct 1955 82y Wife of Albert Wolf. Buried in Mt. Carmel
WOLFER, C. J. 14 Apr 1930 58y Buried in Mt. Carmel
WOLFER, Charles 23 Mar 1906
WOLFER, Emil August 9 May 1904 30y
WOLFER, Josephine 7 Jul 1923 Buried in Mt. Carmel
WOLFER, Maria Barbara 26 Sep 1876 2y
WOLFER, Mary Josephine 2 Dec 1907 3y 7m 16d
WOLFER, Peter Jacob (Widower) 9 Dec 1946 67y Widower of Erie Belle born STAILEY. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
WOODS, Thomas 17 Dec 1894 39y Woods, Dennis MCDONNEL, Maria
WRANIC, Mathias 10 Jul 1905 4m 24d
WREDE, Emma 11 Mar 1868 6 Aug 1870
WREDE, Francis Henry 25 Jan 1870 8 Aug 1870
WREDE, Michael 27 Feb 1873 32y
WREDE, Susanna 26 Mar 1881 14y Wrede, Michael PLABBERT, Louisa
WRIGHT, Joseph 25 Mar 1907 7y
WUERZ, Robert 3 Jan 1902 23y Wuerz, Joseph
WURTH, Joseph Aug 1904
WURTH, Wendelin 7 Feb 1912 60y Wurth, Wendelin HUSCHLE, Not listed Buried in Mt. Carmel
ZAHM, Edward 22 Nov 1863 10 Sep 1889 Zahm, Joseph SCHAEFER, Maria
ZAHM, Joseph 4 Apr 1891 60y
ZAHM, Maria 5 Jan 1888 48y Wife of Edward Zahm
ZAHN, Jacob 20 Oct 1870 23 Aug 1872 Zahn, Joseph SCHAEFER, Maria
ZAHN, Jacob 19 Sep 1877 18 Aug 1878 Zahn, Joseph SCHAEFER, Maria
ZELLERS, Frank 17 Dec 1902
ZINGRAF, Christ 11 Sep 1887 40y Zingraf, Peter Not listed, Barbara
ZINGRAF, Peter 18 Jun 1877 70y
ZITTEL, Andreas 5 Sep 1880 55y
ZITTEL, Andrew Carl 18 Jan 1897 Zittel, Andrew FONTAIN, Maria
ZITTEL, Anna 4 Sep 1883 16y Zittel, Andreas WALZ, Carolina
ZITTEL, Joseph 30 Oct 1877 23 Jan 1878 Zittel, Andreas WALZ, Carolina
ZSCHAK, Julianna 17 Jan 1908 20y 3m FOTH, Joseph DENIJAN, Juliana From Hatsan, Hungary. Wife of Stephen Zschak

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