St. Henry (East St. Louis) Catholic Church Burials (1869 – 1957) A – L

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Name Born Died Age Father Mother Comment
ABERNATHY, Leo 10 Dec 1942 39y Abernathy, Roscoe MEADOWS, Martha Elisabeth Buried in Holy Cross
ABERNATHY, Mrs. Elizabeth Martha (Widow) 3 Dec 1953 69y MEADOWS, Roscoe (Deceased) (Deceased) Widow of Roscoe Abernathy. Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross.
ADAM, Charles 28 Aug 1903
ADELS, Mrs. Mary 31 Mar 1933 80y Wife of Joseph. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
ADER, Son 8 May 1894 Ader [Adler?], Wilhelm STRAUB, Not listed
ADLER, Anna C. 14 Mar 1932 36y Adler, William T. TRAUB, Anna Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
ADLER, Elisabeth 23 Sep 1871 13 Nov 1872 Adler, Hubert KRONE, Christina
ADLER, Elisabeth 21 Oct 1876 73y
ADLER, Helena 17 Aug 1889 14y Adler, Hubert KRONE, Christina
ADLER, Hugo 19 May 1880 11y Adler, Carl GEPPERT, Elisabeth
ADLER, Infant 1 Aug 1873 Adler, Hubert KRONE, Christina
ADLER, Infant 8 Jul 1874 Adler, Hubert KRONE, Christina
ADLER, Infant 22 Jul 1883 1m Adler, Hubert KRONE, Christina
ADLER, Mrs. A. STRAUB 15 Jul 1932 65y Wife of William. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
ADLER, Theresa 4 Jul 1882 49y GLIMM, Not listed
AHLOERS, Mrs. Josephine 14 Jul 1954 84y Wife of Edward Ahloers. Buried in Holy Cross
ALBERTSON, Dr. Walter B. 24 Oct 1956 63y Albertson, Charles POWERS, Ellen Buried in Mt. Carmel.
ALBRECHT, Francisca 20 Nov 1878 82y 6m GERDES, Not listed Wife of Jacob Albrecht
ALBRECHT, Henry 29 Nov 1891 Albrecht, Jacob
ALBRECHT, Ida 26 Aug 1905 27y LEHMANN, Not listed
ALBRECHT, Jacob 13 Oct 1875 78y
ALBRECHT, Joseph Heinrich Christian 29 Aug 1870 4 Dec 1871 Albrecht, Heinrich WIEGAND, Theresa
ALBRECHT, Minnie 5 Feb 1955 72y Albrecht, John SCHWEIGERT, Lena Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ALBRECHT, Mrs. Helena (Widow) 29 Mar 1954 101y SCHWEIGERT, Anton DOLICH, Catharine Widow of John Albrecht. Died in Rest Haven Nursing Home Belleville, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
ALBRECHT, Sophia 13 Nov 1871 9 Feb 1873 Albrecht, Heinrich WIEGAND, Theresa
ALBRECHT, Sr., Henry 29 Feb 1944 70y Husband of Jessie PUTNAM. Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
ALBRECHT, Theresa 12 Mar 1902 69y WEIGAND, Not listed From Frankfort in Main
ALBRECHT, William 18 Sep 1908 Albrecht, Charles Ferdinand MURPHY, Mary Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
ALEK (SANDOR), Andrew 4 Sep 1949 69y SANDOR, John Not listed, Anna Husband of Elizabeth born BORI. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ALFANO, Mrs. Myrtle Iva 8 Jul 1954 56y HOLLY, Charles William HAWK, Julia Anna Buried in Jefferson Barracks
ALLEN, Infant 20 Oct 1908 Allen, Samuel KRATZMEIER, Clara Buried in Mt. Carmel
AMRHEIN, Barbara 15 Feb 1904 48y WIRSHING, Not listed
ANDRES, Johann 30 Jun 1881 21 Jan 1882 Andres, Heinrich HACHMANN, Margaretha
ANNAN, Francis 9 Dec 1887 3y Annan, Francis CARTWRIGHT, Elisabeth
ARAKKELIAN, Peter 3 Dec 1903 32y From Armenia
ARBUCKLE, Donald Norton 27 Jan 1946 22y Arbuckle, Harry (Non-Catholic) STRATTON, Nellie Buried in Mt. Carmel
ARBUCKLE, Nellie 9 Dec 1945 45y Wife of Harry Arbuckle. Buried in Mt. Carmel
ARLENS, Infant 2 Jul 1899 3y
ARNOLD, Anna 7 Apr 1902 29y 1m BOCKRATH, Not listed From Washington, MO
ARNOLD, Charles Alfred 10 Feb 1945 61y Husband of Lena born HAGEN. Buried in Holy Cross
ARNOLD, Magdalena (Widow) 27 Mar 1947 64y Widow of Carl Alfred Arnold. Buried in Holy Cross
AROLD, Andrew Sep 1947 65y Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in Holy Cross. Original age was 69y
ASCHEMANN, Elisabeth 27 Mar 1891 34y SCHRAUTEMEIER, Francis HILGENDORF, Gertrud Wife of Frederick Aschemann
ASCHEMANN, Philipp 20 Aug 1889 13 Jun 1890 Aschemann, Frederick SCHRAUTEMEIER, Elisabeth
ASCHERMANN, Maria 12 Jan 1885 19y KRONE, Francis Not listed, Elisabeth Wife of Frederick Aschermann
AUCTETER, Adolph 4 Jul 1869 9 Sep 1869
AX, Frederick 1 Oct 1893 45y
BADE, Adolph 11 Dec 1907
BADENDISTEL, Henry 28 Jul 1897 16y
BADENDISTEL, Ignatius 15 Mar 1900 35y
BADENDISTEL, Ignatz 18 Feb 1894 65y
BADENDISTEL, Johann 19 Nov 1882 20 Jan 1889 Badendistel, Ignatius VESSENBUSCH, Maria
BADENDISTEL, Maria 13 Dec 1895 50y
BAKER, Infant 25 Aug 1903 Baker, David
BAREIS, Barbara 20 Aug 1907 BILAGE, Not listed
BARNEDGE, Ruth 11 Jan 1948 26y Wife of Thomas Barnedge. Buried in Holy Cross
BARO, Bernard 9 Jan 1899 6y Baro, August THIEL, Ida
BARRON, Stella 10 Jun 1911 28y NESTER, Joseph Wife of C. B. Barron. Buried in Mt. Carmel
BARTELS, Edward 21 Dec 1942 12h Bartels, Walter HUEBNER, Marcella Buried in Holy Cross
BARTHELEMY, Edward 16 Feb 1957 67y Buried in Holy Cross
BARTON, Maria (Widow) 29 Mar 1941 65y Widow of Dennis Barton. Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
BARTOSEK, Joseph 9 Oct 1910 Bartosek, Tobias HUBERT, Mary Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BATES, Eva 12 Mar 1903 68y KLINGER, Not listed
BATES, Richard Dale 19329 Mar 1953 Bates, Clabeorn MC GINNIS, Viola Buried in Holy Cross
BAUCHENS, Charles 7 Nov 1941 55y Bauchens, Louis BRIGGS, Ovella Buried in Mt. Carmel
BAUM, Nicolaus 29 Nov 1890 36y Baum, Bartholomew WALSTER, Margaretha
BAUM, Pearl 3 Feb 1905 17y BLANCHARD, Not listed
BAUMANN, Anna 24 Jan 1896 50y
BAUMANN, Clara Lena 11 Apr 1890 12 Dec 1891 Baumann, Edward LONJEAU, Julia
BECHT, Infant 9 Aug 1896 Becht, Joseph
BECHT, Luella 6 Nov 1910 6m Becht, Joseph REHG, Myrtle Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BECHT, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 27 Apr 1946 86y Widow of Philipp Becht. Buried in Holy Cross.
BECHT, Philip 12 May 1904 42y 2m 24d
BECKER, Albert J. 8 Jul 1890
BECKER, Anna 20 Jul 1910 2m 22d Becker, Henry STARK, Anna Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BECKER, Catharina 28 May 1883 50y Wife of Mathias Becker
BECKER, Charles J. 8 Jan 1931 68y Buried in Mt. Carmel
BECKER, Christopher 21 Oct 1910 19y Becker, Charles SCHWALLENSTECKER, Mary Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BECKER, Maria 4 Nov 1886 3y Becker, Albert WIES, Julia
BECKER, Maria 16 Dec 1894 40y SCHWALENSTICKER, Not listed
BECKER, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 28 Aug 1941 54y Buried in Holy Cross
BEECHAM, Charles 26 Jun 1947 15y Beecham, Arthur GUYNIPAKI, Flossie Buried in Mt. Carmel
BEHNEN, Anton 12 Jun 1885 7y Behnen, Heinrich Not listed, Catharina
BEHNEN, Bernhard 12 May 1891 49y Behnen, Albert TEIKEN, Anna Gesina
BEHNEN, Catharina 6 Jun 1890 3 Jul 1891 Behnen, Henry BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Catharina
BEHNEN, Gesina 8 Dec 1800 30 Dec 1880 Widow of Albert Behnen
BEHNEN, Heinrich 8 Sep 1873 1y 6m Behnen, Bernhard KLEINEKOTTE, Margaretha
BEHNEN, Henry 19 Sep 1837 17 Aug 1891 Behnen, Albert TEIKEN, Anna Gesina
BEHNEN, Infant 13 Jul 1885 Behnen, Bernhard KLEINEKOTTE, Margaretha
BEHNEN, Margaretha 15 Apr 1885 40y KLEINEKOTTE, Not listed Wife of Bernhard Behnen
BEHNEN, Maria Elisabeth 23 Nov 1869 29 Aug 1870
BEHNEN, Wilhelm 7 Jan 1875 14 Sep 1875 Behnen, Heinrich Not listed, Catharina
BELLEVILLE, Mrs. Louise Lucy 14 Jun 1946 56y SELLIERS, Edward PREMO, Julia Died at St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
BELT, William T. 6 Aug 1949 72y Belt, Charles CARTER, Sarah Buried in Centralia, IL
BELZ, Henry 22 Sep 1897 2y 2m Belz, Adam
BELZ, Ida Sophia 9 Jul 1891 1 Jan 1892 Belz, Adam Not listed, Ida
BENDLE, Charles 21 Sep 1924 7y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BENES, Johanna (Widow) 28 May 1946 80y Widow of Joseph Benes. Buried in New Sts. Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO
BENNER, Carolina 14 Sep 1885 17y Benner, Johann BLERSCH, Anna
BENNER, Johann 27 Feb 1894 28y Benner, Johann BLERSCH, Anna B.
BENNER, Joseph 17 Sep 1878 17y Benner, Johann BLERSCH, Anna
BENNER, Theodor Georg 6 Apr 1885 Benner, John BLERSCH, Anna
BENTEN, Elisabeth Maria 27 Nov 1903 30y BENNER, Not listed
BENTEN, Vivian Elisabeth 3 Feb 1904 Benten, William
BENTON, Dorothy 1 Oct 1933 27y Benton, William Buried in Mt. Carmel
BENTON, William G. (School trustee) 10 Jul 1946 Husband of Carolina born ROEWE. Buried at Mt. Carmel
BEQUETTE, Anna Bell 12 Jul 1902
BEQUETTE, Francis August 6 Jan 1905 4m 15d
BERGLER, George 16 Jun 1923 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BERGLER, Joseph Rudolph 25 Sep 1892 30 Jan 1900 Bergler, George SCHAPF, Maria
BERGLER, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 7 Jan 1935 76y Widow of George. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BERGMANN, Rev. F. X. 29 Nov 1933 72y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BERINE, George 22 Jun 1898 23 Apr 1908 Berline, Herman Caspar WATSON, Anna Elisabeth (From Springfield, IL) Father and son born in Beardstown, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
BERLINE, Anna Elizabeth (Widow) 27 Sep 1944 71y Widow of Herman Berline. Buried in Mt. Carmel
BERLINE, Vera 28 Jun 1937 34y Wife of Carl Berline. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BERNHARDT, Maria Elisabeth 21 Oct 1886 28 Jan 1888 Bernhardt, Carl JANSSEN, Louisa
BERNSTEDTER, Charles 27 Feb 1892 14 Apr 1892 Bernstedter, Albert ITTNER, Henrietta
BERRYMAN, Mrs. Mary Jane (Widow) 9 Dec 1935 76y Widow of George Berryman. Buried in Mt. Carmel (Burke)
BESEAU, Elisabeth 15 Aug 1885 50y Wife of Joseph Beseau
BEST, Joseph 21 Sep 1891 10 Dec 1891 Best, Joseph GARDNER, Dora
BEUCKMANN, Infant 23 Apr 1911 1d Beuckmann, Frank Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul
BEYKIRCH, Joseph G. 18 Sep 1933 76y Husband of Theresa. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BEYKIRCH, Mrs. Theresa 12 Apr 1934 71y Wife of Joseph Beykirch. Buried in Holy Cross
BILLHARTZ, Mrs. Louisa (Widow) 13 Dec 1937 75y Widow of George Billhartz. Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Highland , IL
BINGHEIM, Maria 5 Jan 1899 2 Jul 1899 Bingheim, Jacob INDERMÜHL (Indermuehl), Helena
BLAISE, Virginia (Infant) 25 May 1925 1.5m Buried in Mt. Carmel
BLASS, Ida 19 Feb 1893 11y Blass, Frederick MEIER, Maria
BLETTLER, Charles 2 Sep 1872 40y
BLOCKER, Infant 30 Dec 1887 2y Blocker, Paul
BLUM, Catharina (Widow) 3 Oct 1833 22 Dec 1891 ENGELS, Michael Not listed, Margaretha
BOERGER, Infant 4 Apr 1885 Boerger, Joseph
BOERGER, Infant 6 Apr 1885 Boerger, Joseph
BOET, Elisabeth 24 Feb 1894 68y Died in a hospital
BOLT, Caspar 13 Jul 1878
BOLTE, Dominic Ferdinand 11 Mar 1886 30y
BON, George 9 Apr 1910 39y 2m Bon, John Not listed, Barbara Husband of Barbara born BACH. Buried in Holy Cross
BORDEN, Donald (New convert) 19 Jul 1946 13y Borden, William J. SMITH, Fern Buried in Carbondale, IL
BORNSCHLEGEL, Ph. 4 Feb 1899 30y
BOSE, Charles Henry 3 Jun 1907 1y 1m 2d
BOSLER, Infant 25 Jul 1901 Bosler, August GRIMM, Anna
BOURIER, Catharina 31 Mar 1887 Bourier, Thomas JANSSEN, Margaretha
BOURIER, Infant 18 Oct 1885 Bourier, J. JANSSEN, Margaretha
BOVA, Pamela Joan 29 Dec 1953 4m Bova, John ADAMS, Dorothy Buried in Mt. Carmel
BOYER, Mrs. Catherine 21 Apr 1956 40y KIMSALL, Not listed Wife of Vernon Boyer. Buried in Holy Cross
BOZZA, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 10 May 1954 74y GRAY, Joseph VEEDERS, Sarah Widow of Paris Bozza. Buried in Mt. Hope
BRADFORD, Edmund 8 Sep 1949 76y Buried in Holy Cross
BRAGUTZ, Johann 30 Jan 1900 47y
BRANDLEN, Emil 19 Dec 1937 54y Husband of Elizabeth born HART. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BRANDLEN, Josephine 18 Sep 1924 79y Wife of Peter Brandlen. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
BRANDLEN, Peter 25 Jul 1931 72y Buried in Mt. Carmel
BRANDT, Mrs. Elizabeth 29 Jan 1936 63y PETRI, Lawrence JANSON, Maria Buried in Columbia, IL (Non-Catholic)
BRANZ, Angelo (Widower) 28 Apr 1941 68y Widower of Severina De CONCINIE. Buried in Holy Cross
BRANZ, Catharina 18 Apr 1886 3 Feb 1887 Branz, Emanuel CRAMER, Louisa
BRANZ, Joseph 3 Jun 1895 6y Branz, Emanuel KRAMER, Louisa
BRANZ, Joseph 10 Jul 1955 56y Branz, Aegidius ENAMA, Ursula Buried in Holy Cross
BRANZ, Louis 24 Dec 1902 7m 23d
BRANZ, Louisa 20 Jul 1891 33y 6m CRAMER, Not listed Wife of Emanuel Branz
BRANZ, Magdalena 13 Feb 1877 19 Aug 1908 CONCINI, Leonard ENAMA, Maria Wife of Romelis Branz. Buried in Holy Cross
BRANZ, Philipp 26 Feb 1891 6m Branz, Emanuel CRAMER, Louisa
BRANZ, Romediio 7 Feb 1942 67y Husband of Rosa born MANINCOR. Buried in Holy Cross
BRANZ, Rose Mary (Infant) 24 Jan 1925 Branz, John Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BREMER, Eberhard 13 Jan 1873 52y
BRENDLER, Clara 29 Sep 1896 13y
BRENDLEY, Jr., Cpl Fred William 11 Sep 1950 20y Brendley, Sr., Fred CLANCEY, Agnes M. Buried 3 Jul 1951. Hit by a piece of mortar shell in Korea. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BRENNAN, Margaret JARVIS 5 Aug 1946 31y Wife of Thomas Brennan. Died at Firmin-Deloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried at Mt. Carmel.
BRICHLER, Agnes 24 Feb 1902 38y GUNDLACH, Not listed Buried in Mt. Carmel
BRICHLER, Sr. George 13 Sep 1939 76y Husband of Esther born WUILLE. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BRINKMANN, Anna 25 Jan 1897 13y Brinkmann, Henry SAALMANN, Josephina
BRINKMANN, Josephine 26 Oct 1902 51y 2m 5d SUERMANN, Not listed
BRINKMANN, Philippa Theresa 3 Jul 1889 9 Jul 1890 Brinkmann, Henry SURMANN, Josephina
BROADWAY, Georg 2 Mar 1896 24 Mar 1896 Broadway, John LORING, Catharina
BROCKER, Francis 12 Dec 1854 26 Dec 1894 Brocker, Ernest Not listed, Frederica
BROCKER, Helena Florentina 20 Oct 1890 26 May 1892 Brocker, Francis SCHLEMMER, Josephina
BROCKER, Jacob Ernest 10 Sep 1882 20m Brocker, Jacob SCHLEMMER, Louisa
BRONEN, Harry 23 Jul 1904 From Armenia
BROWN, James Vincent 18 Feb 1943 63y Brown, William KELLEY, Johanna Died in Alton State Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
BRUCK, Theresa (Widow) 17 Mar 1909 76y Widow of Peter Bruck. Buried in Holy Cross
BRUCKER, Cecelia 27 Feb 1882 25y Wife of Heinrich Brucker
BRUCKER, Cecelia Adelina 14 Feb 1882 21 Apr 1882 Brucker, Heinrich ADAMS, Cecelia
BRUCKS, Andrew 23 Dec 1923 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BRUEGGEN, Henry 18 Oct 1899 6y Brueggen, Henry REEB, Catharina
BRUEMMER, Miss Minnie 7 Sep 1956 78y Bruemmer, Henry COLLER, Wilhelmina Buried in Mt. Calvary near Edwardsville, IL.
BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Bernhard 20 Nov 1878 Brueggen, Bernhard Rudolph KLENE, Maria Catharina [No date appears after 3 Mar 1889]
BRÜGGEN (Brueggen), Infant 28 Jul 1896 Brueggen, Herman
BRUNSZEK, Honora 23 Nov 1904 3w
BÜCHER (Buecher), Maria 15 Nov 1900 45y
BUCHER, Anna 8 Aug 1878 42y Wife of Joseph Bucher
BUCHER, Johann 21 Oct 1871 40y
BUCHER, Joseph 16 Jun 1881
BUCK, Friederich 10 Dec 1872 10 Sep 1899 Buck, Friederich GALBRECHT, Mina Date of death is listed as 10 – 11 Sep 1899
BUECHLER, Mrs. Anna 25 Mar 1943 65y HASSENSTAB, Not listed Wife of William Buechler. Buried in Greenmount In Belleville, IL
BUECK, Maria (Infant) 22 Dec 1900
BUKER, Henry 31 Jan 1935 48y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BUMB, Infant 30 Jan 1901
BUMB, Jacob 25 Mar 1930 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
BUMB, Jacob Joseph 1 Jul 1908 9y 9d Bumb, Jacob EISENTRANDT, Margaret Mary Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
BUMB, Margaretha M. (Widow) 4 Mar 1935 75y Widow of Jacob. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
BUMP, Georg 20 Dec 1894 30y Bump, Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller), Barbara
BUNTIN, Martha 23 Jul 1937 10y Buntin, William Joseph MILLER, Maria Died in St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, IL. Buried in Holy Cross
BURKE, Daniel 30 Jun 1932 57y Found dead. Husband of Della. Buried in Mt. Carmel
BURKE, Patrick 11 Oct 1938 60y Burke, William B. CALLAHAN, Bridget Died in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BURKLOW, Lynn 26 Oct 1953 5y Burklow, Raleigh Buried in Elmwood in Centralia, IL
BURMEISTER, Bernard (Widower) 5 Mar 1947 84y Widower of Elisabeth born NEWMAN. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
BURRIER, Mrs. Margaretha (Widow) 31 May 1936 72y JOHNSON, Not listed Widow of Thomas Burrier. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
BURSATI, Louis 11 Jan 1949 50y Bursati, Caesar Not listed, Maria Buried in St. Andrew Cemetery in Murphysboro, IL
BYRNE, Patrick 25 Aug 1910 64y Husband of Josephine. ‘Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
CALLERON, Carolina (Widow) 23 Dec 1885 54y
CALLERON, Not listed 26 Oct 1877 13y
CALVERT, Mr. Marion (widower) 23 Feb 1956 89y Calvert, George LEWIS, Martha Widower of Brithia B. born NEAL. Buried in Newton, IL
CARL, Jacob Apr 1924 Date is a guess. Buried in Mt. Carmel
CARLESS, Mrs. Barbara (Widow) 20 Mar 1955 83y FRANKE, Leopold FRANKE, Barbara Widow of Joseph Carless. Buried in Holy Cross
CARPENTER, David 3 Jun 1948 50y Carpenter, George Buried in Holy Cross
CARR, Mrs. Elsie 1 Sep 1942 KERN, Charles Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Waterloo, IL
CASTACNEO, William A. 22 Jan 1946 62y Buried in Mt. Carmel
CAVANAUGH, Thomas B. 7 Feb 1955 72y Cavanaugh, Edward Not listed, Honora Husband of Winnie born FAY. Buried in Mt. Carmel
CELLA, Alexander 29 Apr 1905
CELLA, Alexander 28 Apr 1906
CHARTRAND, David Conrad 33 Mar 1887 1 Feb 1891 Chartrand, Georg AUCHLER, Augusta
CHEER, Clementine 19 Oct 1909 7m Cheer, Shields ROEWE, Cecelia [Compare Sheer.] Buried in Mt. Carmel
CLAES, Elisabeth 1 Nov 1894 43y KAUB, Not listed
CLAES, Joseph 29 Nov 1904 24y 10m 14d
CLARE, Catharine (Widow) 16 Jul 1935 77y Buried in Mt. Carmel
CLARK, Maria 12 Nov 1892 4y Clark, W.
COE, John Thomas 8 Apr 1907 42y
COERVER, Frank John 2 Jul 1934 49y Coerver, Frank Not listed, Mary Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
COLAIACOVO, Gloria 7 Dec 1944 19y Colaiacovo, Carmond Died in Harlingten, TX. Buried in Mt. Carmel
COLEMAN, George 14 Dec 1944 Buried in Holy Cross
COLLING, Wilhelm Joseph 6 Feb 1896 16m Colling, W. TRAUTWEIN, Emma
COLMER, Oliver Joseph 22 Oct 1943 69y Husband of Emma Jane born WEBSTER. Buried in Walnut Hill in Belleville, IL
CONRAD, Stephan 10 Mar 1891 65y
CONWAY, Catharina 28 Nov 1942 87y Conway, Patrick Not listed, Brigitta Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
CONWAY, Lillie 20 Apr 1953 85y Conway, Patrick Not listed, Bridget Buried in Calvary. Age could be 15y
CONWAY, Miss Mary Ann 4 Mar 1941 89y Conway,Patrick FINNELL, Bridget Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis.MO
CONWAY, Philip 5 Oct 1946 64y Buried in Holy Cross
COOK, Sandra Rose 1 Oct 1953 2d Cook, Drewey FISHER, Rose Buried in Mt. Carmel
COOVER, James D. 7 Dec 1945 67y Husband of Maria born NEDREST. Buried in Holy Cross
COWHEY, Mrs. Evalina 2 Aug 1949 53y Buried in Holy Cross
COWHEY, Walter 30 May 1948 47y Buried in Holy Cross
CRAMER, Philipp 14 Jun 1883 55y
CRITCHLEY, August 26 Jan 1957 82y Buried in Holy Cross
CROISSANT, Catharina 4 Oct 1874 12 Sep 1878 Croissant, Heinrich ROMEIS, Mina
CROISSANT, Henry 2 Oct 1910 73y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
CROMMEY, Elisabeth 24 Jan 1905 49y CHARTRAND, Not listed
CRONIN, Margaret 18 Feb 1943 67y Wife of Timothy Cronin. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
CROW, James T. (Widower) 15 Dec 1954 78y Crow, John W. POWELL, Martha Jane Widower of Jessie born REYNOLDS. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
CULLEN, Urban 17 May 1950 41y Cullen, John HAYDEN, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
CUNNINGHAM, John (Twin) 16 Mat 1880 12 Jun 1880 Cunningham, James GREIST, Rachel
CUNNINGHAM, Patrick (Twin) 16 Mar 1880 8 Jun 1880 Cunningham, James GREIST, Rachel
CZOKEY, Jacob 31 May 1902 1m 29d
CZOKEY, Michael 8 Jun 1902 2m 6d
CZOKY, Julia 2 Aug 1902 20y BUDNA, Not listed From Hungary
DAHLEN, Johann 27 Jan 1897 69y
DAHLER, Phillip 13 Feb 1885 32y
DAHMER, Infant 25 Jul 1899
DANIELS, Leslie Robert 12 Jan 1952 43y Daniels, Jack SHATLAIN, Mary Husband of Ruby. Buried in Holy Cross.
DANT, James V. 26 Oct 1932 62y Husband of M. Dant. Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in Washington, IN.
DATTILO, Mrs. Ida 26 Nov 1954 65y DANFORTH, Charles William SMILEY, Anna Wife of Joseph Dattilo. Buried in Holy Cross
DAUER, Alfred 19 Jun 1873 15 Feb 1892 Dauer, Laurent FROEHLICH, Anna
DAUER, Elisabeth 1867 20 Apr 1876 Dauer, Lorenz FRANZ, Elisabeth
DAUTH, Theresa 18 Aug 1886 50y Wife of J. Dauth
DAVIS, Joseph John 11 Jun 1949 63y Davis, Frank Died in Mt. Pleasant Sanatorium Fairview. Buried in Holy Cross
DAVIS, Mary Magdalen (Widow) 23 May 1941 80y Widow of Francis Davis. Buried in Holy Cross
DAVIS, Mrs. Lillian (Widow) 16 Dec 1949 87y Widow of Oliver Davis. Buried in Oak Grove in Jerseyville, IL
DE HAAN, Catherine (Widow) 7 Jul 1911 86y Widow of James De Haan. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
DE HAAN, Cornelia 8 Oct 1891
DEARING, Charles (Widower) 9 Feb 1945 70y Widower of Frieda born HECKER. Buried in Mt. Carmel
DEARING, Mrs. Frieda 19 Oct 1942 66y Wife of Carl Dearing. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DEDERIAN, Michael 8 Jun 1905 25y From Armenia
DEHAAN, Sylvester 10 Sep 1870 10y
DELARBER, Joseph 13 Sep 1870 13 Sep 1870
DELARBER, Joseph 26 Dec 1878 46y
DELASANDRO, Matthias 28 Apr 1907 21y From Nicosia, Sicily, Italy
DELMORE, Infant 4 Jul 1881 10m Delmore, Johann
DELMOUR, Sophia Elisabeth 13 Jul 1871 2 Jul 1872 Delmour, Jacob SCHMIDT, Carolina
DEPPEL, Elisabeth 5 Aug 1896 25y MEURER, Johann PIEL, Catharina
DERINGER, Anton (Professor) 3 Aug 1942 74y Husband of Julia born WITTMEIER. Buried in Walnut Hill in Belleville, IL. Former organist of the parish.
DERINGER, Juliana (Widow) 24 May 1949 80y Widow of Anton Deringer. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Belleville, IL
DETTENBACH, Leo 12 Apr 1903 4m
DETTENMEIER, Elisabeth 26 Apr 1893 12y Dettenmeier, Johann Not listed, Anna
DIEHL, Maria 6 Apr 1871 8y Diehl, Joseph
DIETRICH, Alice 5 Dec 1932 74y Wife of Henry. ‘Buried in Prairie Du Rocher
DITTO, William H. 13 May 1940 78y Ditto, Jefferson HAYES, Margaret Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DITTRICH, Veronica 8 Jun 1938 43y LINHART, Not listed Wife of Erich Bruno Dittrich. Died in Alton, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DODSON, Paul 17 Apr 1937 4h Dodson, George COOK, Cosetta Buried in Holy Cross
DOERLE, Charles 4 Dec 1877 3y 6m Doerle, Herman NAEGELE, Barbara
DOERLE, Heinrich 11 Nov 1871 3y Doerle, H.
DOERLE, Maria 6 Jan 1885 20y MÜLLER (Mueller), Andreas Wife of Herman Doerle
DOLT, Charles 18 Mar 1871 45y
DONAGHUE, Theresa 9 Jun 1869 18 May 1891 HEGELE, Victor DORN, Catharina
DONAGHUE, Theresa Maria 21 Jun 1891 Donaghue, Jacob H. HEGELE, Maria E. Theresa
DONARD, John 14 Mar 1952 74y Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DONAUER, Thomas 6 Nov 1869 42y
DORRIS, Mildred 5 Aug 1935 23y Dorris, Walter ABSHER, Zelma New convert. Buried in Mt. Hope
DOUGHERTY, Maria Martha 23 Sep 1889 22 Jan 1894 Dougherty, Fenent KNAUS, Carolina
DOWNEY, Dennis 3 Feb 1932 46y Buried in Mt. Carmel
DOWNEY, Patrick Joseph 26 Aug 1956 69y Downey, Thomas GERAGHTY, Margaret Husband of Mary “Mollie” born CUMMINGS. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DOYLE, Henry 19 Mar 1949 76y Doyle, John COONEY, Catharina Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
DRENNAN, John J. 6 May 1956 70y Drennan, Martin JOHANNES, Mary Buried in Mt. Carmel
DRENNAN, Martin 10 Sep 1940 46y Drennan, Martin JOHANNES, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DROESINGER, Anna 3 Aug 1910 GOETZ, Not listed Wife of Charles Droesinger. Died in Worcester, Mass.
DRURY, Frank Henry (Widower) 6 Apr 1940 48y Widower of Margaret born DILLARD. Buried in Holy Cross
DRURY, John 4 May 1925 64y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
DRURY, John T. 1 May 1944 54y Drury, John FULLNER, Theresa Buried in Holy Cross
DRURY, Margaret 7 Nov 1937 38y DILLARD, Not listed Wife of Francis Drury. Buried in Holy Cross
DRURY, Martin Michael 7 Jan 1955 60y Drury, John FULNER, Theresa Husband of Phyllis born LENNY. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DRURY, Theresa (Widow) 4 Feb 1939 74y Widow of John H. Drury. Buried in Holy Cross
DU BOIS, Amanda (Widow) 12 May 1937 74y Widow of Francis Du Bois. Buried in St. Clair Memorial Cemetery by permission.
DULLANTY, Edward Francis 28 Oct 1953 61y Dullanty, Edward D. CONLEY, Margaret Buried in Mt. Carmel
DUMPHY, Mary Ellen 25 Jun 1950 73y Dumphy, John HOGAN, Johanna Buried in Mt. Carmel
DUMPHY, Michael Joseph 18 Jun 1952 79y Dumphy, John HOGAN, Jo An Buried in Mt. Carmel
DUMPHY, Miss Hannah (From Belleville, IL) 13 Aug 1956 81y Dumphy, John HOGAN, Johanna Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
DUMPHY, William J. 14 Dec 1936 54y Dumphy, John HOGAN, Johanna Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
DUMSTORFF, Frank Anthony 16 Jun 1910 1y 5m 19d Dumstorff, Frank GUITHUES, Mathilda Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
ECKERT, Anna (Widow) 15 May 1892 29y OEBIKE, Henry SCHROER, Elisabeth
ECKERT, Charles 6 Apr 1897 50y Converted before death.
ECKERT, Henry 16 May 1947 64y Husband of Laura born TARLTON. Buried in Mt. Hope family lot.
ECKERT, Wilhelm 29 Feb 1892
EDLICH, Maria 16 Oct 1904 Died of small pox
EDLICH, Theresa 26 Jul 1888 22 Sep 1889 Edlich, Louis ROSENBERGER, Sophia
EDLICH, Theresa 27 May 1908 30y Edlich, Henry JACOBSMEIER, Catharine Wife of Frank Edlich
EGAN, Patrick 10 Feb 1932 52y Buried in Mt. Carmel
EICHHOLZ, Elisabeth Johanna 27 Sep 1870 17 Feb 1871 Eichholz, Phillipp BERTHOLD, Maria
EICHWALD, Eugene 18 May 1935 70y Husband of Carolina born TOTSCH. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
EICHWALD, Mrs. Carolina (Widow) 25 Apr 1948 77y Widow of Eugene Eichwald. Died in St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
EIMER, Georg 7 Jan 1886 14y Eimer, Georg EVERS, Elisabeth
EIMER, Infant 16 Oct 1885 Eimer, Georg EVERS, Dina Baptized before death
EIMER, Julia Alvina 4 Oct 1885 22 Oct 1885 Eimer, Georg EVERS, Dina
EISELE, Anna 18 Jan 1899 8y Eisele, Peter SCHAEFER, Bertha
EISELE, Bertha 13 Feb 1901 38y SCHAEFER, Not listed
EISINGER, Francis 26 Feb 1881 23y Eisinger, Johann MUTH, Johanna
EISINGER, Fred. Carl 27 Oct 1886 8 Sep 1887 Eisinger, Seb. SCHWEIGERT, Elisabeth
EISINGER, Infant 10 Dec 1879 nb Eisinger, Sebastian Not listed, Elisabeth
EISINGER, Johann 10 Aug 1900 84y
EISINGER, Johanna 3 Jan 1895
EISINGER, Sebastian 17 Jan 1842 24 Jun 1891 Eisinger, Johann MUTH, Johanna
EISKANT, George Walter 19 May 1889 2 Feb 1892 Eiskant, Gustav LICHINGER, Agnes
EISKANT, Hedwig 22 Oct 1874 46y Wife of Not listed Eiskant
EISKANT, Johann Adolph 20 Apr 1872 15 Jul 1876 Eiskant, Gustav LICHINGER, Agnes
EISMAN, Jacob 4 Jun 1944 81y Eisman, George Not listed, Carolina Died in St. Vincent Home in Belleville, IL Buried in Mt. Carmel
EMANUEL, Georg Franz 30 Aug 1872 72y
ENGELMANN, Johann 18 Feb 1890 22y Engelmann, J. SCHUETTE, M.
ERDMAN, Plasun 9 Jan 1952 62y Husband of Catharine KELLY. Buried in Holy Cross.
ERSINGER, Hugo 17 May 1899 25 Aug 1901
ESCHENBACH, Mrs. Elizabeth 4 Jun 1955 76y MACKLIN, John SEEGER, Josephine Died in Christian Welfare Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
ETNIRE, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 4 Feb 1955 63y KOESTERS, Theodore HUBER, Theresa Widow of Charles Etnire. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
ETZKORN, Maria Elisabeth 30 Mar 1892 5y Etzkorn, Georg F. LAKE, Maria C.
EUSTACHI, Agnes 23 Dec 1878 40y GAA, Not listed Wife of Valentin Eustachi
EVANS, Edward 14 Jan 1950 59y Evans, David HAGELEY, Anna Buried in Mt. Carmel
EVANS, John L. 28 Apr 1902 33y 2m Buried in Mt. Carmel
EVANS, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 5 Nov 1939 84y Widow of David Evans. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
EVANS, Mrs. Elizabeth Theresa Phoebe 6 Aug 1947 78y PIPKINS, Jessie JOHNSON, Susan Died in Belleville County Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
EVANS, Mrs. Myrtle 7 Jun 1946 60y SIMONSON, Joseph COOPER, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Hope Family Plot.
EVERSMAN, Louis 9 Jul 1937 61y Husband of Catharina born BALDUS. Buried in Mt. Carmel
FALLOWEL, Son 12 Dec 1908 Fallowel, Frederick Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
FARRIS, Mrs. Rose (Widow) 15 Mar 1951 60y Widow of Cecil Farris. Buried in Old Sts. Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO
FEATHERLING, Percy 23 Aug 1946 61y Husband of Pearl born HAYDEN. Buried in Holy Cross.
FEIGENBUTZ, Philippina 6 Feb 1938 59y Wife of Rudolph Feigenbutz. Buried in Mt. Carmel
FERREIS, Charles 11 Apr 1873 12y Ferreis, Jerome Not listed, Elisabeth
FERRENBACHER, Jacob 30 Sep 1907 49y
FICKER, Charles 22 Aug 1897 7y Ficker, George BRAUN, Anna
FINK, Louisa 19 Apr 1933 63y Wife of Frank. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
FINKE, Mrs. Dora (Widow) 4 Apr 1946 77y Widow of Emil Finke. Buried in Mt. Hope.
FISHER, Lucilla Maria 5 Jul 1938 2y 6m Fisher, Walter SULLIVAN, Genevieve Buried in Holy Cross
FITZGERALD, Kenneth T. 1 Jan 1938 31y Fitzgerald, Thomas BURKE, Maria Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
FITZGIBBON, Francis (Widower) 3 Aug 1940 86y Widower of Anna born WARD. Died in Belleville County, Hospital. Buried in Mt Carmel.
FITZGIBBONS, John 31 May 1946 51y Fitzgibbons, Francis WARD, Anna Died in Veterans Hospital at Jefferson Barracks, MO. Buried in National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks
FLAHERTY, Miss Delia 15 May 1945 73y Flaherty, Patrick MORGAN, Bridget Buried in Mt. Carmel
FLAHERTY, Miss Sarah T. 16 Mar 1947 86y Flaherty, Patrick MORGAN, Bridget Buried in Mt. Carmel
FLEMING, Joseph 26 Feb 1904 23y
FOERSTER, Albert 18 Aug 1896 35y
FOLEY, William J. 4 Jun 1948 66y Foley, William MC LAUGHLIN, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel
FONTAINE, Child 4 Feb 1873 6y 6m
FORAN, Mrs. Mollie 8 Feb 1938 83y Wife of Thomas Foran. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Collinsville, IL
FORAN, Thomas (Widower) 3 Jul 1939 71y Widower of Maria. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul in Collinsville, IL
FORBECK, Infant 26 Jul 1872 nb Forbeck, Joseph BEHNEN, Elisabeth Baptized before death
FOSTER, John 149 27 Mar 1951 Foster, John William TONSSNOT, Elizabeth Husband of Mary born MILLER. Buried in Holy Cross.
FOSTER, Mrs. Louise (Widow) 14 Mae 1956 91y Widow of Charles Foster. Buried in Mt. Carmel
FRAIN, John James 28 Jun 1956 79y Frain, George MURRAY, Mary Ann Husband of Margaret born GILLICK. Died in Christian Welfare Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross.
FRANKE, Barbara 28 Jun 1908 76y SCHLEICH, Not listed Wife of Leopold Franke. Buried in Holy Cross
FRANKE, Catharina 15 Jan 1886 2y 8m Franke, Georg FRIERDICH, Maria
FRANKE, George 25 Dec 1935 75y Husband of Maria born FRIERDICH. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
FRANKE, Infant 28 Feb 1905 3y Franke, Georg FRIERDICH, Maria No date appears between Jan and Feb 1886
FRANKE, Jacob 6 Mar 1881 16y Franke, Leopold SCHLEICH, Barbara
FRANKE, John 11 Oct 1909 Franke, George Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
FRANKE, Joseph 11 Mar 1899 22 Apr 1899 Franke, Nicolaus TOTSCH, Christina
FRANKE, Leo 14 Dec 1944 56y Franke, George FRIERDICH, Maria Buried in Holy Cross
FRANKE, Maria 10 Jul 1897 13m Franke, Georg FRIERDICH, Maria
FRANKE, Maria (Widow) 27 Dec 1940 79y Widow of George Franke. Buried in Holy Cross
FRANKE, Matthew 27 Mar 1945 53y Franke, George FRIERDICH, Maria Buried in Holy Cross
FRANKE, Nicolaus 20 Dec 1892 10d Franke, Nicolaus TOTSCH, Christina
FRANKE, Nicolaus (Widower) 5 Dec 1936 74y Widower of Christina born TOTSCH. Died in Chicago, IL. Buried in Holy Cross.
FRANKS, Maria Frances 24 Nov 1906 LOSKE, Not listed
FRANKS, William 13 Apr 1907 47y
FRAWLEY, Audrey Anne 19 Jul 1939 6d Frawley, Cornelius BAUMANN, Ruby Buried in Holy Cross
FRAWLEY, Eugene Edward (From Los Angeles, CA) 26 Jun 1950 73y Husband of Florence GALION. Buried in Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, Frank J. 22 Jan 1950 63y Frawley, Con. HOLDEN, Sarah Buried in Mt. Carmel
FRAWLEY, Jacob Joseph 19 Jun 1938 34y Husband of Grace born HALL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
FRAWLEY, James 26 Oct 1944 67y Husband of Lydia born GULLIAN. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
FRECH, Alfred 10 Mar 1954 66y Frech, Louis POLITOCH, Mary Ann Husband of Anna born WEYAND. Buried in Holy Cross
FREHES, Maria 8 Jan 1887 52y Widow of Heinrich Frehes
FREID, Ida Julia 12 Apr 1887 25 Dec 1887 Freid, Frederick BISLIKE, Elisabeth
FRETTER, Edward 8 Feb 1941 32y Fretter, Peter Not listed, Mathilda Buried in Mt. Carmel.
FREY, Mrs. Elizabeth 13 Jan 1936 81y Widow of Jacob Frey. Buried in Walnut Hill in Belleville (Burke) with permission.
FRICKE, Conrad 21 Mar 1899 70y
FRICKE, Francis 25 Oct 1873 28y Fricke, Conrad Not listed, Elisabeth
FRICKE, Magdalena 13 Nov 1877 52y
FRICKER, Mrs. Rosa 1 Feb 1956 68y WURTH, Wendelin SESTER, Theresa Wife of Carl Fricker. Died in St. Mary Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
FRIEDE, Mrs. Margaret (Widow) 4 Feb 1944 72y Widow of Richard Friede. Died in St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
FRIERDICH, Martin H. 21 Dec 1942 68y Buried in Immaculate Conception Cem in Columbia, IL
FRIES, Julius 1 Jan 1893 10 Jan 1893 Fries, Johann SPANNAGEL, Catharina
FRIESS, Julia 19 Mar 1892 20m Friess, Johann SPANNAGEL, Catharina
FRIEZE, Joseph 5 Jul 1908 46y Frieze, Peter DEL ARBER, Louise
FRIHES, Heinrich 9 Dec 1885 50y Converted from Lutheran before death
FRITZ, Joseph 15 Dec 1887 17y Fritz, Joseph Not listed, Rosa
FULLER, Margaret 28 Feb 1942 44y Wife of Edward Fuller (Non-Catholic). Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
GAA, Frederick 16 May 1848 22 Jan 1894 Gaa, Heinrich RIEHL, Agnes
GAA, Friederich 27 Jan 1899 25y
GAA, George 7 Jul 1899 19y Gaa, Friederich LANG, Louisa
GAA, Heinrich 11 Sep 1875 72y
GAA, Joseph 30 Jul 1895 24y Gaa, J.
GAA, Martin 1 Mar 1904 55y
GAIN, Charles 5 Mar 1885 3y Gain, Carl SIMSHEUSER, Maria
GAIN, Charles 24 Apr 1925 65y Buried in Mt. Carmel
GAIN, Johann Jacob 15 Aug 1891 Gain, Johann DIEDENHÖFER (Diedenhoefer), Theresa
GAIN, Johann Joseph 10 Dec 1885 27 Mar 1886 Gain, Carl SIMSHEUSER, Maria
GAIN, John 15 May 1935 41y Husband of Mathilda born FELDMAIER. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
GAIN, Oscar Henry 19 Mar 1941 39y Gain, Charles SIMSHAUSER, Mary Buried in Holy Cross
GAIN, Walter Charles 27 Jan 1957 59y Gain, John J. DIETENHOEFER, Theresa Buried in Mt. Hope
GALLENBECK, Catharina 12 Feb 1903 82y KONEMANN, Not listed
GANEY, Maria 9 Oct 1940 66y Ganey, Daniel ALLMANN, Maria Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GANEY, Mrs. Rose (Widow) 28 Feb 1953 86y O’REILLY, James Not listed, Catherine Widow of Daniel Ganey. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GANEY, Thomas 25 Mar 1937 59y Ganey, Daniel ALLMANN, Maria Buried in Mt Carmel
GARDNER, Aloysia 12 Aug 1889 36y MEIERHÖFER (Meierhoefer), Johann GARDNER, Elisabeth Wife of Henry Gardner
GARDNER, Heinrich 30 Aug 1894 87y
GAUTIER, Rosalia (Widow) 10 Feb 1893 75y HOWARD, Thomas ROY, Genevieve
GAYNOR, William 21 Jun 1943 66y Died in County Hospital in Belleville, IL. Buried in Holy Cross
GEBER, Francis 19 Apr 1899 52y Geber, Joseph RUFF, Francisca
GEHRING, Felix 7 Nov 1876 50y
GEISLER, Otto Paul 3 Feb 1951 66y Geisler, Paul Not listed, Hattie Buried in Holy Cross
GENTEMANN, Lucille 1 Nov 1909 27d Gentemann, Clement GOLL, Estella
GEPPERT, Anton 23 Mar 1873 9y Geppert, Francis SCHRADER, Magdalena
GEPPERT, Catharina 21 Mar 1872 33y STIENEMEIER, Not listed Wife of Anton Geppert
GEPPERT, Francis 21 Dec 1873 12 Jul 1874 Geppert, Anton KRONE, Mina
GEPPERT, Francis 12 Mar 1882 50y Died in Hot Springs, [Arkansas?]
GEPPERT, Joseph 20 Jul 1897 10m Geppert, H. SCHRANTEMEIER, A?
GEPPERT, Joseph 18 Apr 1910 48y Geppert, Frank SCHRADER, Margaret Magdalena Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
GEPPERT, Maria 20 Feb 1873 9y Geppert, Anton BAIER, Ernestine
GHOOST, Emil 16 Aug 1886 40y Leaves behind his widow.
GHOOST, Wilhelm Francis 29 Dec 1876 10 May 1877 Ghoost, Emil MUELLER, Emma
GIEDEMANN, Emma (Widow) 26 Aug 1901 63y WAHL, Not listed Widow of Johann Giedemann
GIEDEMANN, Frank 23 Mar 1908 42y 1m 9d Giedemann, John WAHL, Emma
GIEDEMANN, Johann 8 Oct 1899 Date of death is listed as 8 – 12 Oct 1899
GIEDEMANN, John 30 Nov 1947 68y Giedemann, John WAHL, Emma Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GIEDEMANN, Rosa 14 Aug 1877 9y
GIEDEMANN, Steve 3 Feb 1934 58y Giedemann, John WAHL, Emma Buried in Mt. Carmel
GIEDEMANN, William 2 Feb 1934 67y Giedemann, John WAHL, Emma Died suddenly. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GILLIGAN, Gerald G. 1 Apr 1949 61y Husband of Irma born WIES. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GILMARTIN, Mrs. Emma 4 Jan 1951 66y Wife of Patrick Gilmartin. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GILVARY, Jacob Michael 6 Jul 1857 4 Jul 1891 Gilvary, Johann FAIVE, Maria He was born in New York
GIRARDEN, Alexander 8 Oct 1870 51y Born in French Village
GLADDUE, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 8 Jul 1938 64y Widow of William Galddue. Buried in Holy Cross
GLEICHAUF, Caesar 31 Oct 1873 45y
GOELZ, Clement 9 Feb 1924 21y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
GOELZ, Johann 2 Feb 1902 Died in a hospital
GOELZ, Rosa 1 May 1906
GOETZ, Catharina 11 Sep 1897 66y
GOETZ, Crescentia (Widow) 25 Jul 1892
GOETZ, Joseph 7 Dec 1954 64y Goetz, Joseph BRAZIL, Margaret Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GOETZ, Joseph Christophor 10 Sep 1882 7m Goetz, Carl HERMANN, Christina
GOETZ, Peter Johann 2 Nov 1872 37y
GOFF, Jacob William 8 Jun 1942 60y Husband of Maria (Mayme) born HALLIHAN. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GOHN, Clara Agnes 27 Dec 1868 1 Feb 1875 Gohn, Johann MEDGER, Maria
GORDON, Helena 28 Mar 1906 4m 3d
GORMAN, Anna (Widow) 3 May 1939 69y Widow of Jacob Gorman. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GORMAN, Elmer Joseph (New Convert) 30 Jun 1943 59y Gorman, James B. AKIN, Lucy Died of throat cancer. Buried in Family graveyard in Nashville, IL
GORMAN, Harvey (Widower) 28 Mar 1936 79y Widower of Honora E. Buried in Mt. Carmel (Walsh)
GORMAN, James 23 Dec 1937 78y Husband of Joanna born WALSH. Buried in Mt. Carmel
GORMAN, Mrs. Honora Ellen 29 Nov 1935 77y Wife of Harvey Gorman. Buried in Mt. Carmel (Walsh)
GORMAN, Thomas 3 Dec 1940 51y Gorman, James WALSH, Anna Died in Jacksonville, IL Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GÖTZ (Goetz), Johann 27 Sep 1874 45y
GRABLICK, Jr., Johann 8 Oct 1899 Date of death is listed as 8 – 12 Oct 1899
GRANEY, Edward J. 12 Dec 1931 62y Buried in Mt. Carmel
GRANEY, Miss Catharine Frances 26 Jun 1954 75y Graney, James FERRIS, Julia Buried in Mt. Carmel
GRAVES, Virginia 26 Aug 1943 40y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
GRAY, John (Convert) 22 Jun 1941 58y Gray, John W. NIXON, Lucretia Buried in Holy Cross
GREELEY, George (Widower) 1 Jun 1951 72y Widower of Ann born TRAINEY. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GREIST, Johann 13 Dec 1891 50y Greist, Wilhelm Wife of ?
GRIESBAUER (RILEY), Margaret 8 Feb 1943 21y Griesbauer, Roman H. STEIN, Maria Buried in Holy Cross
GRIFFIN, Francis 5 Nov 1938 50y Griffin, Michael COCKRAN, Alice Died in Belleville, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GRIFFIN, Mrs. Alice (Widow) 4 Jul 1943 77y Widow of Michael Griffin. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
GRIMMICK, Francis 22 Jun 1896 1m Grimmick, Francis WOLF, Math.
GROSS, John MC GARRAHAN 29 Aug 1939 50y Mc Garrahan, John ALLEN, Anna Buried in Mt. Carmel
GROSS, Louis 18 Feb 1882 4y Gross, Louis WEIGAND, Natalia
GROSS, Natalia 30 Nov 1890 Wife of Louis Gross
GRUBER, Johanna Christina 6 Aug 1869 18 Feb 1872 Gruber, Philipp HENTRIG, Wilhelmina
GRUBER, Philipp Louis 19 Feb 1869 2y
GUITHUES, Bernard 22 Mar 1910 58y 20d Guithues, Christophor Not listed, Catherine Husband of Mary born DIEHN. Buried in Holy Cross
GUITHUES, Henry (Widower) 13 Jul 1954 71y Guithues, Bernard Not listed, Mary Widower of Clara born BECKER. Buried in Holy Cross
GUITHUES, Maria Wilhelma 1 Nov 1892 10m Guithues, Bernhard DIEHN, Maria
GUITHUES, Mrs. Caroline (Widow) 10 Sep 1954 81y ZITTEL, Andrew WALZ, Caroline Widow of William J. Guithues. Buried in Holy Cross
GUITHUES, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 22 Jul 1934 85y Widow of Bernard Guithues. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
GUITHUES, William John 13 Dec 1943 69y Husband of Carolina born ZITTEL. Buried in Holy Cross
GULBALKIAN, John 18 Jan 1903 35y From Armenia
GUTWALD, Edmund 7 Apr 1909 Buried in Mt. Carmel
GUTWALD, Francisca 22 Jun 1883 40y HECKER, Not listed Wife of Francis Gutwald
GUTWALD, Infant 13 Jul 1887 Gutwald, Francis MURPHY, Nellie
HADER, Joseph 13 Jul 1934 19y Hader, Leo AMBIER, Theresa Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HAEFELE, Francis 29 Aug 1901 32y Haefele, Louis NOLTE, Maria
HAEFELE, Maria Anna 13 Sep 1901 62y NOLTE, Not listed
HAER, Infant 11 Jul 1895
HAGEN, Anna Isabella 3 Aug 1910 28y Hagen, Joseph Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HAGEN, Benjamin R. 30 Dec 1933 48y Hagen, Charles Not listed, Catharine Died suddenly. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HAGEN, Evo 27 Feb 1944 58y Hagen, Charles SEIFRIED, Catharina Buried in Holy Cross
HAGSPIEL, Johann 22 Feb 1877 50y
HAHL, Barbara 6 Dec 1875 Wife of J. Hahl
HAHN, Heinrich 7 May 1883 81y
HAIDER, Michael 26 Apr 1896 43y
HAIDER, Mrs. Christina (Jennie) 23 Jun 1953 79y JOERGENSEN, Peter KAISER, Elizabeth Wife of Joseph M. Haider. Buried in Holy Cross
HAIDER, Rosemary 15 Dec 1935 8y 10m Haider, Frank P. SAEGER, Irene Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
HALL, Elmar 10 Mar 1894 20 Aug 1894 Hall, J. WAGNER, Barbara
HALL, Mrs. Daisey 8 Nov 1951 71y MEYER, P. J. (Possibly in error, same as Meyer entry below this one) Buried in Mt. Carmel
HANNA, Mrs. Catherine 18 May 1934 67y Wife of George Hanna. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HANSON, Frank 19 Feb 1910 8y Hanson, Harber RAEF, Mary [Age could be 18y]
HARDT, Charles G. 16 May 1939 37y Husband of Theresa born NAGY. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HARPER, Frederick 20 Mar 1903 17y 1m From Warrick County, IN
HARR, Barbara Ellen 30 Jun 1907 15y Shot by accident
HARR, Ida 22 Mar 1937 Wife of Samuel Hart. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HARRIS, Infant 30 Nov 1909 Harris, Mrs. Mary (Colored) Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HARRY, Jankos 24 Feb 1903 From Armenia
HART, Samuel (Widower) 18 Apr 1938 71y Widower of Ida. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HARTMANN, Elisabeth 4 Jul 1886 2y Hartmann, H.
HASENSTAB, Joseph Sep 1947 59y Hassenstab, John KERN, Helena Died in Chicago, IL. Buried in Mt. Hope.
HASLER, Maria 20 Sep 1891 NEFF, Not listed
HASS, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 23 Mar 1957 95y HASSLER, Joseph NEFF, Mary Widow of Martin Hass. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HASS, Vincent 28 Dec 1956 61y Hass, John TUCKER, Mary Buried in Holy Cross
HASSENSTAB, Anna Helen 29 Jan 1924 Buried in Mt. Carmel
HASSENSTAB, Charles (Widower) 30 Sep 1935 60y Widower of Anna born TUERCK. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HASSENSTAB, John 7 Nov 1906 34y 4m 6d From and buried in Belleville, IL
HASSENSTAB, Julia 29 Jun 1944 64y Hassenstab, John KERN, Helena Buried in Green Mt. in Belleville, IL
HATCH, Salomon 9 Mar 1905 22y
HAUSER, Valentine 3 Mar 1925 77y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HAUSS, Anna 13 Sep 1846 19 Apr 1889 HACKER, Francis STEIB, Cynthya Wife of Carl Hauss
HAUSS, Anna Elisabeth 21 Jul 1890 3 Jul 1891 Hauss, Wilhelm SITTEL, Maria
HAUSS, Charles Friederich 1 Sep 1936 70y Husband of Amelia born SACKMANN. Died of esophageal cancer. Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery
HAUSS, Infant 23 Jul 1881
HAUSS, Josephina 7 Mar 1891 19y SACKMANN, Henry BERNHARD, Christina Wife of Carl Hauss
HAUSS, Louise (Widow) 8 Sep 1940 82y Widow of Carl Hauss. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HAUSS, Veronica 18 Feb 1891 12 Aug 1892 Hauss, Carl SACKMANN, Maria
HAVERMAN, Maria (Widow) 1 Oct 1944 79y Widow of Herman Haverman. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HAVERMANN, John Edward 21 Jan 1944 48y Husband of Flora born HAEGE. Buried in Holy Cross
HEBERLE, Rosa 20 Oct 1866 20 Sep 1872 Heberle, Johann KEPPLER, Helena
HEER, Martin 23 Jan 1896 12y Heer, Martin KALKBRENNER, Maria
HEER, Martin 30 Jan 1896 50y
HEIM, Alexander 19 Nov 1885 9 Jan 1889 Heim, Ferdinand AUCHLER, Crescentia
HEIM, Elisabeth 31 Oct 1893 63y
HEIM, Jacob 1 Feb 1877 56y
HEIM, Mrs. Maria (Widow) 21 Jan 1946 79y Widow of Joseph Heim. Buried in Holy Cross
HEINTZ, William 10 Jan 1903
HELLBRÜCK (Hellbrueck), Infant 22 Dec 1887 Hellbrueck, Theodor
HELLBRÜCK (Hellbrueck), Johann 12 Sep 1893 50y
HELLBRÜCK (Hellbrueck), Theodor 23 Jul 1883 2m
HENTZE, Johanna (Widow) 23 May 1947 84y Widow of Louis W. Hentze. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HERMANN, Child 23 Jul 1881
HERMANN, Frederick 19 Sep 1903 37y From Burlington, IA
HERZLER, Joseph A. 16 Feb 1904 44y
HERZT, Edward 11 Mar 1871 4 Apr 1876 Herzt, Valentin FENDRICH, Catharina
HERZT, Louisa 21 Dec1872 4 Apr 1876 Herzt, Valentin FENDRICH, Catharina
HEWEIS, Jacob 12 Oct 1953 75y Heweis, Jacob Not listed, Barbara Buried in Hecker, IL
HEYBERGER, Victoria (Widow) 12 Dec 1949 74y Widow of Frank X. Heyberger. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HICKS, Donald 20 Dec 1934 8m Hicks, Francis RYAN, Dorothea Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HIFFERNAN, Edward William 12 Mar 1942 52y Hiffernan, John BURKE, Catharina Buried in Minnesota
HIGGINS, Infant 25 Jan 1899 Higgins, Edward BENNETT, Anna
HIGI, James 21 Jul 1932 24y Higi, J. Found dead. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HILL, Vera 16 Aug 1940 53y GRUBB, John COVINGTON, Mary New convert. Buried in Holy Cross
HIMSTEDT, Aloysius 2 Jun 1879 5y Himstedt, Heinrich Not listed, Elisabeth
HIMSTEDT, Elisabeth 4 Mar 1887 40y RANGE, Not listed Widow of Heinrich Himstedt
HIMSTEDT, Heinrich 11 Dec 1886 47y
HIMSTEDT, Joseph Francis 15 Dec 1878 21 Jan 1879 Himstedt, Heinrich RANGE, Elisabeth
HIMSTEDT, Maria Agnes 19 Jan 1876 19 Jul 1877 Himstedt, Heinrich RANGE, Elisabeth
HIMSTEDT, Maria Magdalena 28 Nov 1885 20 Mar 1886 Himstedt, Heinrich RANGE, Elisabeth
HINES, Gerald Urban 13 Jan 1945 1m Hines, Arthur FRAWLEY, Veronica Buried in Mt. Carmel
HINES, Jacob Joseph 10 Jan 1945 1m Hines, Arthur FRAWLEY, Veronica Buried in Mt. Carmel
HINZEN, Clara 7 Nov 1885 20 Apr 1886 Hinzen, Louis JENGER, Johanna
HITCHCOCK, Mary Lou 5 Jun 1956 1y Hitchcock, Tunie MODGLIN, Thelma Buried in Holy Cross
HLAVEK, John 7 Oct 1908 31y Hlavek, George ORIESZEK, Eva Husband of Josephine born DRUSILL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HOEFELE, Joseph (Widower) 17 Nov 1951 80y Widower of Mollie born GIEDEMANN. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HOEFELE, Louis 12 Feb 1902 72y
HOEFELE, Mrs. Mollie 4 Sep 1950 67y Wife of Joseph Hoefele. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
HOEGY, Daniel 7 Mar 1893 36y Hoegy, Anton NEFF, Catharina
HOESSLI, Phillipp 28 Nov 1869 16 Dec 1869
HOFFMANN, Gloria 17 May 1904 14y
HOLTEN, Francis Joseph 31 Jan 1938 15y Holten, Jr., Francis JARVIS, Rosa Buried in Mt. Carmel
HOLTEN, Lucretia Mary 10 Apr 1935 65y Wife of Francis Holten. Died in Alton State Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HOLTFOERSTER, Francis 8 Nov 1901 27y
HOLTMAN, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 13 Nov 1935 62y Widow of Adolph Holtman. Buried in Breese, IL.
HOLZ, Mrs. Anna (Widow) 17 Jan 1956 85y Widow of Philip Holz. Buried in Holy Cross.
HOLZ, Philip 15 Sep 1939 76y Husband of Anna. Buried in Holy Cross
HOLZ, Regina (Widow) 25 May 1892 32y LANG, Wilhelm SPANNAGEL, A.
HOMEIER, Anna 12 Dec 1874 3 Dec 1874 Homeier, Nicholas BUSCHER, Sophia
HOMEIER, Infant 27 Jan 1882 12y Homeier, Nicholas
HOON, Charles (New Convert) 15 Aug 1945 67y Hoon, William APPLEGETT, Maria Buried in Holy Cross
HOPFINGER, E. 18 Feb 1951 26y Hopfinger, Joseph SCHOTT, Addie Buried in Holy Cross
HOPFINGER, Henry 23 May 1935 65y Husband of Susan born WEBER. Died in Chicago, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HOPFINGER, Joseph 12 Mar 1941 65y Husband of Addie born SCHOTT. Buried in Holy Cross
HOPFINGER, Ralph 19 Sep 1904 15m
HORNEFFER, Mrs. Dora (Widow) 16 Jun 1934 85y Widow of Charles Horneffer. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HORNER, Infant 10 Apr 1899 3y Horner, Not listed FLIES, Maria
HORNOCK, Stephan 1 Oct 1908 Hornock, Stephan BALLA, Rosa Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HOUCK, Wilhelm 5 Oct 1891 21 Aug 1912 Houck, Charles WIES, Josephine [This entry in on a small piece of paper added to the page.]
HUBER, Elisabeth Maria 18 Sep 1889 16 Jun 1891 Huber, Nicolaus HASSLER, Helena
HUBER, Georg 6 Mar 1883 46y
HUBER, Laura 18 Jan 1873 15 Nov 1880 Huber, Georg TURNHER, Maria
HUBER, Magdalena 15 Apr 1941 83y Unknown Unknown Buried in Holy Cross
HUBER, Otto 26 Aug 1940 56y KOHER, Ludwig Huber, Magdalena Died in Hoquiam, Washington. Buried in Holy Cross
HUDGENS, Mrs. Laura 26 Sep 1953 83y Wife of Hugh Hudgens. Buried in Holy Cross
HUEBNER, Adalbert 27 Mar 1935 14y Huebner, Charles DIETRICH, Agnes Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
HUFFELD, Fred 10 Dec 1932 65y Husband of T. Buried in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
HURD, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 10 Mar 1936 52y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Brichler)
HUSCHLE, Charles 5 Feb 1953 72y Huschle, Frank VOLLMER, Magdalena Buried in Mt. Carmel
HUSCHLE, Francis 27 Jan 1901 50y
HUSCHLE, Rudolph Henry (Widower) 13 Feb 1946 63y Widower of Louisa born REEB. Buried in Mt. Carmel
HUSKAMP, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 4 Jan 1956 86y Widow of Edward Hulskamp. Died in St. Louis City Hospital.
HUTSCH, Albert Henry 23 Oct 1953 66y Hutsch, William SEEGER, Catharina Buried in Jefferson Barracks
HUTSCH, Catharina 22 Feb 1901 54y SAEGER, Ph. Not listed, Catharina
IBERA, John 23 Dec 1904 17d
ICK, Charles 8 Mar 1903 28y From Armenia
IDAUX, Maria 2 Apr 1860 28 Feb 1872 Idaux, Carl KRONE, Gertrud
IGEN, Elisabeth 29 Nov 1898 9 Jul 1901 Igen, John HAHN, Elisabeth
INAMA, Emanuel 12 May 1899 2y Inama, Martin FRANZ, Olivia
ISPERIAN, Vahan 1 Mar 1904 27y From Armenia
JACKSON, “Dottie” 18 Dec 1956 66y Buried in Holy Cross
JACKSON, Edward (New Convert) 1 Jan 1945 51y Jackson, Leigh JOPLIN, Ettie Buried in Holy Cross
JACOBUS, Robert 2 Feb 1931 4m Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
JAGDENFUCHS, Paul 22 Nov 1901 8m Jagdenfuchs, Peter BERNHARD, Theresa
JANASENCHEK, Theodore 27 May 1911 71y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
JANSSEN, Johann 14 Nov 1871 30 Nov 1872 Janssen, Theodor BEHNEN, Thecla
JANSSEN, Thecla (Widow) 26 Mar 1895
JANSSEN, Theodor 18 Oct 1886 50y
JANSSEN, Theodore 14 Jan 1870 25 Sep 1870
JANSSEN, Wilhelm 17 Oct 1890 58y Janssen, Gerhard JANSSEN, Dina
JEFFEREY, Arthur 18 Dec 1956 66y Jefferey, John GIRARD, Margaret Died in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Carmel
JENGER, Joseph 15 Aug 1876 6 Jan 1877 Jenger, Joseph ADLER, Elisabeth
JENGER, Josephine 16 Mar 1902 68y 7m MEIER, Not listed
JENGER, Not listed 7 Dec 1885 Jenger, Herman BEIL, Anna
JENGER, Philippina 17 Mar 1882 11m Jenger, Herman HEIM, Maria
JENGER, Son Apr 1891 Jenger, Herman
JENKS, Joseph Rupert 22 Feb 1887 16 Feb 1891 Jenks, Wilhelm DAUTH, Theresa
JENKS, Maria Aloysia 1 Feb 1877 9 Apr 1877 Jenks, Wilhelm DAUTH, Theresa
JIMERSON, Edward W. (Widower) 23 Feb 1955 62y Jimerson, Charles W. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Widower of Frances born LINHORST. Died in John Cochran VA Hospital. Buried in Mt. Carmel
JIMERSON, Francisca 11 Oct 1947 46y Wife of Edward Jimerson. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
JOCHEIM, George Henry 3 Jul 1907 16y 9m Died in Lincoln, IL in home for feeble minded
JOCHHEIM, Peter 28 Oct 1900 40y
JOERGENSEN, Henry 9 Nov 1892 Joergensen, Peter KAISER, Maria
JOERGENSEN, Infant 18 May 1883 19 May 1883 Joergensen, Georg KAISER, Maria
JOHNSON, Henry 26 Jul 1910 43y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
JOHNSON, Mrs. Rose 27 Nov 1950 66y Wife of John Johnson. Buried in Holy Cross
JOHNSON, William 5 Jul 1939 54y Husband of Effie born SLATER. Buried in Chaffee, MO
JÖRGENSEN (Joergensen), Johann Christian 24 Jul 1871 18 Jun 1872 Joergensen, J. Peter KAISER, Elisabeth
JUENGER, Leroy 22 Sep 1938 38y Husband of Florence born KELLY. Buried in Walnut Hill in Belleville, IL
JUENGLING, Albert J. 27 Feb 1946 69y Husband of Maria Ellen born MC CARREN. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
JUENGLING, Mrs. Mary (Widow) 25 Mar 1957 83y MC CARSON, James EISLINGER, Ellen Elizabeth Widow of Albert Juengling. Buried in Mt. Carmel
JUNG, Johann 21 Apr 1871 6y Jung, Heinrich FANSEN, Catharine
KAESBERG, Mathilda 26 May 1949 70y Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery
KAHR, Francis 15 Sep 1882 50y
KAHR, Francis 17 Apr 1883 6m Kahr, Francis FRICKE, Elisabeth
KAHR, Georg 29 Jul 1896 40y Kahr, Georg
KAHR, Maria Josephina 14 Aug 1889 17 Jul 1890 Kahr, Georg BRUCK, Bertha
KAHS, Elisabeth 3 Feb 1881 15m Kahs, Francis FRICKE, Elisabeth
KAHS, Elisabeth 14 Dec 1883 30y FRICKE, Not listed
KAHS, Joseph 10 Feb 1889 16 Feb 1889 Kahs, Francis SÜSSMANN (Suessmann), Helena
KAHS, Maria 26 Jan 1878 5 Apr 1889 Kahs, Francis FRICKE, Elisabeth
KAHS, Maria Magdalena 15 Jul 1876 8 Aug 1876 Kahs, Francis FRICKE, Elisabeth
KAISER, Anna 25 Sep 1909 Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KAISER, Clemens 12 Nov 1934 50y Kaiser, Theo BRUCKER, Mary Died c/o Transient Bureau in Chaffee, MO Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KAISER, Joseph 15 Sep 1897 13m Kaiser, Theodor
KAISER, Theodore 1905
KANE, Maria 23 Dec 1897 70y
KASTNER, Joseph 12 Aug 1908 37y Kastner, Frank SCHNURR, Barbara Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KAUCHER, Mrs. Mary Frances (From St. Louis, MO) Widow 22 Jan 1954 82y LANGHAUSER, Fred (Deceased) DINZLER, Mary (Deceased) Widow of William Kaucher. Buried in Holy Cross.
KAUFMANN, Joseph 18 Jul 1874 31 Jul 1876 Kaufmann, Johann SCHIENER, Elisabeth
KAYSER, Ferdinand 7 Sep 1924 71y Buried in Mt. Carmel
KAYSER, John A. 2 Jul 1937 46y Husband of Rosa born LANCASTER. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
KAYSER, Mrs. Maria Rosa (Widow) 12 Oct 1948 56y MOSER, Not listed Widow of William Kayser. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KAYSER, William 19 Nov 1947 60y Husband of Maria born MOSER. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KEELE, John Samuel (Convert) 25 Sep 1952 49y Buried in Mt. Hope
KEELEY, Mrs. Bridget 26 May 1953 75y WHALEN, John SALMON, Ellen Widow of Patrick J. Keeley. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KEELEY, Patrick Joseph 31 Dec 1945 77y Husband of Birgitta born WHALEN. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
KEGEL, Edward 10 May 1899 15y
KEGEL, Theresa 21 Feb 1896 14m Kegel, W. BLANKEMEIER, Catharina
KEIFLEIN, Johann 21 May 1877 44y
KEIFLEIN, Margaretha 23 Oct 1885 50y Widow of Johann Keiflein
KELLY, Anna 25 Aug 1911 KRETSCHMER, Charles MANSLE, Francisca Wife of John Kelly. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KEMMICH, Felix 21 Sep 1875 45y
KEMPF, Joseph Emil 5 Oct 1906 9y 1m 1d
KENSCHE, Joseph F. 24 Aug 1946 69y Husband of Sophia born KNABEL. Buried in Holy Cross.
KENT, Mrs. Margaret 28 May 1944 52y Wife of Harry Kent. Buried in Mt. Hope
KERN, Theodore 21 Nov 1908 24y 25d Kern, Philip FLUCK, Anna Husband of Linda born FRITZ. Buried in Belleville, IL
KERSHAW, Mrs. Rose (Widow) 17 Sep 1954 60y LOVETT, James O’HARA, Marguenitta Widow of Simon Kershaw. Buried in Jefferson Barracks
KERSPOMMER, Maria 8 Nov 1899 23y BRANZ, J. SEPPI, Catharina
KEYENBURG, Infant 18 Nov 1895 Keyenburg, J.
KICKHAM, Edward M. (Widower) 27 Mar 1953 61y Kickham, Timothy BRAY, Mary Widower of Jenny born BRENNAN. Buried in Holy Cross.
KIEFER, Infant 24 Feb 1889 25 Feb 1889 Kiefer, Anton ROY, Maria
KIEFER, Johann 27 Dec 1886 22y Kiefer, Anton SANBOEUF, M.
KIEFER, Raymond 26 Nov 1924 31y Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KIEFER, Sr., Anton 8 Jan 1897 84y
KILDEA, Mamie 9 Jul 1933 50y Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
KIMLIN, Maria (Infant) 14 Aug 1885
KING, Mrs. Mae 23 Dec 1943 53y Buried in Cicero, IL
KISTNER, Joseph 19 Jul 1896 50y
KISTNER, Mrs. Amalia (Widow) 19 Jun 1944 92y Widow of Joseph C. Kistner. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KLAES, Anna 2 Aug 1889 34y FORBECK, Joseph BEHNEN, Elisabeth Wife of Benedict Klaes
KLAES, Cecelia Elisabeth 11 Jul 1884 31 Dec 1887 Klaes, Benedict FORBECK, Anna
KLAES, Infant 19 Sep 1883 Klaes, Bernhard FORBECK, Anna
KLAUS, Mrs. Carolina (Widow) 9 Mar 1951 93y Widow of Frank W. Klaus. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KLAUS, Mrs. Gladys Evelyn 26 Nov 1943 26y Wife of William Charles Klaus. Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
KLAUS, Mrs. Olga (Widow) 21 Jan 1948 61y BELZ, Not listed Widow of William Klaus. Died in St. Mary’s Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross
KLAUS, William P. 29 Mar 1942 53y Husband of Olga born BELZ. Buried in Holy Cross
KLEIN, Rev. P. J. 9 Aug 1896 70y Emeritus priest
KLEINIG, Anna 14 Sep 1906 87y
KLINGELSMITH, Elmer Leo 3 Mar 1948 31y Husband of Virginia born FLOOD. Buried in Mt. Carmel
KLIPPEL, Mrs. Mary 20 Apr 1952 69y Wife of Herman Klippel. Buried in Holy Cross
KNAUS, Alwina Louisa 8 Aug 1891 19 Aug 1892 Knaus, Georg CURRAN, Anna
KNAUS, Catharina (Widow) 30 Nov 1897 70y
KNAUS, Louis 1 May 1907 Buried in Mt. Carmel
KNAUS, Maria 26 Mar 1894 7 Jan 1895 Knaus, Louis STILCHER, Catharina
KNAUS, Mrs. Katharine (Widow) 2 Jul 1952 94y Widow of Louis W. Knaus. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
KNERR, Charles 22 Jul 1882 24y
KNIEMECIK, Anna 3 Jun 1907 6y
KNIERINGER, Anna Agnes 21 Jan 1887 6 Feb 1887 Knieringer, Joseph LETMEIER, Theresa
KNIERINGER, Infant 6 Apr 1885 Knieringer, Joseph LETMEIER, Theresa
KNIERINGER, Joseph 11 Dec 1880 57y
KNIERINGER, Joseph 18 Feb 1891 35y Knieringer, Joseph KOLB, Walburga
KNIGHT, Jack 27 Jun 1947 26y Knight, Ernest J. WARREN, Maria Buried in Holy Cross
KNORR, Infant 25 Aug 1903 2d
KOENIG, Christophor 16 Apr 1877 72y R I P
KOENIG, Elisabeth 28 Nov 1879 71y 6m TILMANN, Not listed R I P
KOESTER, Frederick 6 Jun 1893 20 Jul 1893 Unknown Unknown Cared for by Koester
KOESTER, Maria 24 Oct 1872 49y Wife of Heinrich Koester
KOESTERS, Mrs. Theresa (Widow) 13 Jul 1954 92y HUBER, Anton Not listed, Helena Widow of Theodor Koesters. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
KOHL, John F. 28 Jan 1957 63y Buried in Jefferson Barracks
KONOPKA, Margaret 28 Dec 1903 11y 6m 13d
KOPF, Helena 30 Oct 1875 10 May 1887 Kopf, Phillipp SCHRAEDER, Elisabeth
KOPP, John 22 Sep 1942 59y Husband of Elisabeth born RUEFF. Died in Chicago, IL. A convert buried in Mt. hope in lot of non-Catholic family.
KOPP, Son 16 Jul 1881 1y Kopp, Phillipp
KOST, Henry 4 Nov 1923 Buried in Mt. Carmel
KÖSTERS (Koesters), Victoria 18 Apr 1890 1 Jul 1891 Koesters, Julius OHMS, Maria
KRAMER, Cleo 8 May 1941 41y Wife of Henry Kramer. Buried in Holy Cross
KRATZMEIER, Catherine 15 Dec 1855 22 Sep 1908 SCHIEB, Not listed Born in Vincennes, IN. Buried in Mt. Carmel. Wife of Ignatz Kratzmeier
KRATZMEIER, James Elmer 18 Apr 1910 Kratzmeier, Frank BAUMANN, Emilie Buried in Mt. Carmel
KREMER, Barbara 27 Dec 1906 75y 4m
KRESS, Francis Martin (Widower) 17 Feb 1948 82y Buried in Holy Cross
KRESS, Friderica 30 Jul 1911 43y Wife of Frank Kress. Age is smudged. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
KRETSCHMER, Ferdinand Charles 10 May 1903 29y 4m
KRETZMEIER, Johann 2 Feb 1892 16y
KREUSING, Gustav Heinrich 8 Feb 1870 4 Nov 1871 Kreusing, Heinrich
KRONE, Francis 18 Oct 1876 60y
KRÜGER (Krueger), Elisabeth Anna 22 Feb 1877 25 Oct 1879 Krueger, Rudolph HOER, Elisabeth
KUCKEN, Rosa 5 Nov 1894 40y
KUDLATA, Catharina 16 Jul 1902 1y 7m
KURRUS, Francis Joseph 26 Oct 1867 19 May 1869
KURRUS, Francis Joseph 28 Apr 1905 7y 3m 28d
KURRUS, Georg Albert 3 Feb 1869 19 May 1871 Kurrus, Joseph Anton JOHANNES, Elisabeth
KURTIKA, Thomas 27 Dec 1903 18y
KÜSTNER (Kuestner), Josephina 6 Sep 1871 1 Jul 1872 Kuestner, Joseph STRAUB, Emma
LA BLANCE, Christina 24 Feb 1934 63y Wife of Eli La Blance (Died in 1906). Buried in Mt. Carmel
LA MOTHE, Edith Mae 17 Feb 1943 21y MC CAREY, Val. KIMME, Stella Louise Buried in Mt. Carmel
LAKENBURGIS, Anton 18 Nov 1893 40y
LAMERS, Phillippina 30 Jan 1871 20y HEIM, Not listed Wife of Bernhard Lamers
LANG, Anna Louisa 30 Sep 1874 21 Dec 1874 Lang, Joseph SIEMER, Anna Maria
LANG, Catharina 4 Nov 1892 73y SPANNAGEL, Peter Not listed, Barbara Wife of Wilhelm Lang
LANG, Francis G. 25 May 1890 5 Nov 1891 Lang, George W. MENNLE, Francisca
LANG, George M. 10 Feb 1899 38y Lang, George W. LAFERGE, Maria
LANG, John A. 13 Aug 1949 61y Husband of Sylvia born PLUFF. Buried in Holy Cross
LANG, Magdalena (Widow) 6 Nov 1896 56y Widow of GEPPERT
LANG, William 12 Apr 1907 80y
LANGFORD, Charles 30 Aug 1955 56y Langford, Henry L. HOWLETT, Rose Buried in Mt. Carmel.
LANGFORD, Rosa (Widow) 28 Feb 1945 76y Widow of Henry Langford. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
LAUGHLIN, Michael Edward 21 Jan 1946 59y Laughlin, Martin NUGENT, Ellen Buried in St. Patrick in Alton, IL
LAUGHLIN, Robert Albert 5 Oct 1955 83y Buried in Holy Cross
LAUTZ, Mabel 31 May 1905 27y BROWN, Not listed
LAWSON, Edward 1 Aug 1949 88y Buried in Holy Cross
LE JEUNE, Maria Magdalena 17 Nov 1885 25 Dec 1886 Le Jeune, Victor HOFSTETTER, Rosa
LEBER, Rosa 8 Dec 1874 45y Wife of Louis Leber
LECTHNER, Ignatius 8 Jan 1893 74y
LEITHNER, Eva 13 Nov 1869
LEITHNER, Julia 21 May 1939 77y Leithner, Ignatius LEHANS, Eva Buried in Holy Cross
LEITHNER, Margaret Elizabeth 24 Jan 1939 79y Leithner, Ignatius Not listed, Eva Buried in Holy Cross
LEITTINER, Catharina Elisabeth 2 Jun 1869 7 May 1870
LENZ, Heinrich 6 Jul 1883 48y
LENZING, Crescentia 20 Dec 1874 40y Wife of Thomas Lenzing
LENZING, Daughter 4 Sep 1881 1y Lenzing, Peter
LENZING, Edward 12 Sep 1882 3m Lenzing, Peter PEGG, Agnes
LENZING, Francis Xavier 12 Oct 1876 7m Lenzing, Julius BECK, Francisca
LENZING, Joseph 22 Sep 1878 Lenzing, Herman
LENZING, Maria 23 Nov 1885 7 Apr 1886 Lenzing, Johann JANSSEN, Maria
LETMEIER, Anna 1 Nov 1881 65y Wife of Joseph Letmeier
LEVELING, Anna 10 Apr 1896 21y Leveling, Conrad Not listed, Maria
LEVELING, Catharina 4 Jan 1898 16y Leveling, Conrad Not listed, Maria
LEVELING, Clara 24 Sep 1897 19y Leveling, Conrad
LEVELING, Gerhard 10 Jun 1896 23y Leveling, Conrad Not listed, Maria
LEVELING, Herman 8 Mar 1892 25y Leveling, Conrad LÜBBERS (Luebbers), Maria
LEVELING, Maria 16 Mar 1897 50y Wife of Conrad Leveling
LEWELING, Heinrich 25 Apr 1877 1 Jul 1877 Leweling, Conrad LÜBERS (Luebers), Maria
LEWELING, Maria 16 Mar 1879 77y BARTELS, Not listed Wife of Arnold Leweling
LEWELING, Theresa 16 Feb 1878 8 Jun 1878 Leweling, Gerhard POHLPLATZ, Josephina
LIBBANG, Nicholas 16 Jul 1870 9y
LIEBLANG, Maria 12 Sep 1896 70y
LIEDMEIER, Joseph 25 Aug 1880 62y
LIENHARDT, Arthur 28 Jul 1879 1 Jan 1894 Lienhardt, Jacob KISSLER, Francisca
LIENHARDT, Leopold 26 Jul 1893 Unknown Unknown Cared for by Lienhardt
LILL, Francis 4 Jan 1894 23y Lill, Jacob HIRTENBRANDT, Louisa
LINDEMANN, Mrs. Mary Alice (Convert) 10 Sep 1952 62y Wife of Max Lindemann. Buried in Mt. Hope.
LINDSEY, Charles 31 Dec 1945 82y Husband of Nellie born MANWARREN. Buried in Holy Cross.
LINHART, Catharina 27 Feb 1945 74y Wife of David T. Linhart. Buried in Mt. Carmel
LINHART, David Thomas (Widower) 4 Jul 1947 81y Widower of Catharina born ROHNER. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
LONERGAN, Mrs. Elsie 5 May 1942 56y Wife of Thomas Lonergan. Died in Alton State Hospital. Buried in Holy Cross.
LONGHAUSER, Mary (Widow) 13 Nov 1934 90y Widow of Fred Longhauser. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
LOVE, Maria Catharina 26 Feb 1937 67y Wife of Richie L. Love. Buried in Mt. Carmel
LOVRANITZ, Stanislaus Stephan 12 Sep 1907 From Hungary
LUBECK, Mrs. Adelina 5 Oct 1943 32y Wife of Paul Lubeck. Buried in Holy Cross
LUDWIGS, Mrs. Josephina (Widow) 25 Feb 1948 88y Widow of Gustav Ludwigs. Buried in Mt. Carmel.
LUECKEN, Dominic Edmund 26 Feb 1886 49y

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