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Priests at Ss. Cyril and Methodius (East St. Louis)

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Pastors, the Reverends

Credit: Sr. Mary Fran, Archivist for the Diocese of Belleville

1914-36 Fr. L. R. Konkiel

1939-49 Fr. Ivan Kramoris

1940-44 Fr. John Zeman

1949-51 Fr. Ivan Kramoris

1951       Fr. Armand Gress

1952-57 Fr. Stephen Sramek

1957-63 Fr. Benedict Dobrancik

1963-71 Fr. Robert Hutsch

1971-73: Fr. Dennis Voss

Other priests as shown in Baptismal records, the Revs:

1911: Peter M. Polomsky, D.D.  And Andreas Janiszewski

1912: G. Trombley and C.A. Blehay

1913: M.S. Arminski

1914: Peter N. Nolan, John B. Koebele, and J. Nepomuk Turek

1918-19: S. E. Kolesinskis

1920: Eberhard Olinger

1925: Philppus Tvasnica

1933: Bronislau Ostrega and James Ksiazek

1936: Ivan Kramoris

1937: Rt. Rev. C. Gilmartin, John Hayes, and John V. Berger

1940: John Zeman

1942 Joseph Karaba

1945: P. Clement Schindler

1947: Daniel Draf and Benedict Stulc

1949 Armand Gress and Clement Schindler

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