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St. Albert the Great Parish Burials (1952–1956)

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Plans to organize the parish commenced in 1951. In 2004 St. Albert and Our Lady of Assumption joined together to become Holy Trinity parish. Memories of St. Albert the Great Parish are chronicled here by former parishioners. 

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Burials 1952–1956

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Name Died Age Residence Father Mother Spouse Where Buried
ATHINS, Nellie 20 May 1952 79y Alton, IL KLEIN, John STEINER, Helena Mt. Carmel
BARBE, Mary 15 Aug 1955 57y R# 1 Caseyville Barbe, Henry Holy Cross
BECKER, John F. 31 Mar 1954 67y R# 4 Belleville MOLLES, Millie Mt. Calvary – Shiloh
BOEHM, Gertrude 26 May 1955 69y R# 4 Belleville Boehm, Richard Holy Cross
BOEHM, Richard 11 Mar 1955 68y R# 4 Belleville BLANKE, Gertrude Holy Cross
FRIEDING, Louis 31 Dec 1953 55y R# 4  East St. Louis, IL Unknown Unknown Unknown Mt. Carmel
GELLER, Mildred Ann 18 Apr 1952 48y Los Angeles, CA GOETZ, John DIXON, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
GOURTNEY, Clarence 26 Oct 1953 45y RR# 1 Caseyville NOLAN, Dorothy Mt. Carmel
JOFFEN, August 13 Apr 1954 R# 4 Belleville Not listed, Clara Mt. Calvary – Shiloh
KOVACIC, Steve 28 Jul 1955 54y R# 4 Belleville Not listed, Josie Mt. Carmel
NEAL, John Michael 8 Feb 1952 4d R# 5 East St. Louis Neal, John L. SEINS, Agataha W. Holy Cross
ROWAN, Catherine 28 Dec 1956 62y R# 1 Caseyville Rowan, William Holy Cross
SMITH, Dorothy 1 Dec 1953 31y RR# 2 Caseyville Smith, Larry Mt. Calvary
SMITH, William 18 Nov 1955 37y R# 1 Caseyville NOWAK, Stephane St. Adalbert
STITES, Norman 29 Apr 1956 46y Belleville BONINO, Kathryn SS. Peter & Paul
WILBERT, Margaret 9 May 1954 78y R# 5 East St. Louis FREDERICK, John Calvary – St. Louis
WILLE, John 24 Aug 1952 64y R# 2 Belleville Not listed, Goldie Holy Cross
ZOKES, Frank 1 May 1953 73y R# 2 Caseyville Unknown Unknown Unknown Mt. Carmel

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