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St. Regis (East St. Louis) Marriages July 1909 – January 1932

A bride or groom’s location may refer to current residence, or perhaps place born. The census and records suggested below may help determine the meaning of location. If information is off screen, please use the scroll bar at bottom of this page.

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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses
ABEGG, Edward (Baptized 2 Apr 1905 at St. Peter’s in Belleville, IL) RYAN, Johanna (Baptized 24 Dec 1925 at Holy Angels) 30 Oct 1930 Abegg, Francis EISLE, Mary Ryan, Daniel SCHAUB, Clara Abegg, Herbert & Annie Mary Ryan
ABEGG, Julius Nicholas (Born 1 Dec & Baptized 7 Dec 1893 at St. Peter in Belleville, IL) DEHLER, Olivia Mary (Born 28 Jan 1893 & Baptized 15 Feb 1893 at Immaculate Conception in Centreville Station, IL) 26 Nov 1919 Abegg, Frank EISELE, Mary Dehler, Frank DEMARSE, Anatolia BONE, Clemens Edgar & Irene Catherine De Marse
ALBIN, Christy (Born 23 Dec 1891 in Pilot Knob, Iron County, MO. Baptized at St. Mary’s) DEMARSE, Viola (Born 29 Dec 1890 & Baptized in Centreville, IL) 2 Oct 1912 Albin, James STAUB, Josephina Demarse, Claude VERLIN, Agatha Demarse, Charles & Elisabeth KOST
ALDRICH, John C. (Born 26 Aug 1893 in Evansville, IN – Not Baptized) ALVEY, Leona (Born 1 May 1898 in Morganfield, KY & Baptized in Sacred Heart in St. Vincent, KY) 9 Aug 1919 Aldrich, Esbom C. SHUTTESWORTH, Ollie Alvey, Edwin HOGAN, Ursula DAILY, Ida & Louise CRANK
ANDERSON, Clarence (Non-Catholic) VOUDRIE, Alvina (Baptized 30 Dec 1906 in Sacred Heart) 16 May 1931 Anderson, Henry HARKEM, Ida Voudrie, August MOUSETTE, Mary GRAY, Robert & Louisa Gray
ANDREES, Herman (Baptized 27 Feb 1876 at Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO) BOERSCH, Helen (Baptized 23 Feb 1895 at St. Mary’s in Renault, IL) 11 Apr 1928 Andrees, Henry HACKMANN, Margaret MOSBACHER, Theodore STEDA [?]. Mary MEIER, Theodore & Frances BAKER
ANNA, Charles (Baptized at St. Mary 20 Sep 1896 in Lockport, NY) SCHMIDT, Helen Frances (Born 9 Oct & Baptized 20 Oct 1901 at St. Henry’s) 19 Oct 1921 Anna, John FRIEDERICH, Louise Schmidt, Martin PFEIFER, Eulalia RINGEL, Fred A. & Loretta E. Anna
ANTHONY, Francis T. (Born 31 Oct 1887 in Belleville, IL) ABEGG, Maria M. (Born 2 Sep 1888 & Baptized in the Cathedral in Belleville) 17 Jun 1912 Anthony, John C. ROBINSON, Catharina Abegg, Francis EISELE, Maria Abegg, Julius & Nora GUBSER
ARCHER, Jr., Hugh J. (Baptized in 1889 at Lady of Sorrows in Chicago, IL) MOUSSETTE, Hazel (Baptized Jul 1894 in Immaculate Conception in Centreville Station, IL) 4 Jan 1915 Archer, Hugh J. ROHR, Maria Moussette, Francis MALCOLM, Leaunies DONOVAN, Jr., J. F. & E. CLARK
ARNETTE, Ernest Owen (Not Baptized) VOUDRIE, Francis Florence (Born 4 Jun 1902 & Baptized 27 Jul 1902 at Immaculate conception in Centreville Station, IL) 27 Nov 1919 Arnette, James JARRETT, Ollie Voudrie, Edmund NOUD, Elizabeth COONAN, Joyce A. & Eva E. MEYER
BAKER, Joseph (Baptized 6 Feb 1909 at Holy Family in Gas City, IN) KELLEY, Rita (Baptized 4 Oct 1911 at St. Thomas in St. Louis, MO) 10 Oct 1929 Baker, Joseph SCHULTZ, Lillie Kelley, Edward FOLEN, Mary Kelley, James & Christine Baker
BANOVITS, Mihaly (Born 1 Nov 1883 & Baptized in Felso Puly, Sofron Megge Hungaria) SHAFER, Leona (Born 15 Jul 1882 & Baptized at Holy Family in Cahokia 3 May 1895) 29 Nov 1917 Banovits, Andreas NOTHERPEK, Sophia Shafer, Francis Not listed, Maria CHARTRAND, L. M. & Cora LOPINOT
BARKER, Roy F. (New convert, 27y, Baptized 6 [Jun 1911] at St. Regis) GIEDEMAN, Nellie C. (24y, Baptized at St. Henry) 8 Jun 1911 Barker, A. M. HENDERSON, Carolina Giedeman, Joseph MURPHY, Catharina E. BEYKIRCH, Joseph & Maria M. WAGNER
BARNFIELD, Charles (Born 10 May 1887 in Benton, IL; not Baptized) RIPPLINGER, Anna (Born 25 Nov 1888 near Mt. Vernon, IL) 8 Mar 1911 Barnfield, James KEARNEY, Julia Ripplinger, Michael KIEFER, Teresa NUNLIST, Fr. & Fr. PARUSYNRK
BEFARO, Thomas (Baptized 4 Mar 1906 in St. Charles Borromeo in St. Louis) DEMARSE, Edith Frances (Baptized 16 Oct 1906 at Immaculate Conception in Centreville Station) 17 Oct 1925 Befaro, Michael Not listed, Palm DeMarse, Francis LOPINOT, Isabella Befaro, Samuel & Lillian DeMarse
BIENIEK, Peter (Born 28 Jun 1879 & Baptized in Siedlse, Galicia) MCCLOSKY, Anna (Born NIEMSZEWSKA on 24 Jul 1889 & Baptized 26 Jul 1889 in Mt. Carmel, PA in Polish church) 29 Oct 1916 BIENIEK, Joseph Not listed, Maria McClosky, Stanislaus THOMAS, Theophilia STILLMAN, Mrs. Mae & Mrs. Nina JOYCE
BINETTE, Owens (Baptized May 1897 at St. Patrick’s) ROSEMIER, Amanda 21 Feb 1928 Binette, Edward SULLIVAN, Margaret Rosemier, Ernest BESTMANN, Minnie Sullivan, William & Catherine FITZPATRICK
BINGLE, Julius F. (Born 23 Aug 1888 in St. Louis & Baptized at St. Bridget) WHITE, Edith 26 Dec 1912 Bingle, Edmund HENTZ, Theresa White, Charles GEORGE, Maria White, Marshall & Theresa L. Bingle
BLEVINS, August (Baptized 1 May 1920 at St. Elizabeth) BURLO, Ethel (Baptized 1908 at St. Elizabeth) 6 Dec 1930 Blevins, Edward Voudrie, Mary Burlo, Michael KOVACH, Mary GRAY, Robert & Louisa Gray
BORAS, Raymond (Baptized Feb 1904 at St. Agnes in Hillsboro, IL) ECHMAN, Mary (Non-Catholic) 29 Dec 1928 Boas, Frederick BEARN, Agnes Echmann, Daniel BROOKS, Lettie Boas, Fred & Vera BROOKS
BRIDGES, Arthur (Born Jul 1890 & Baptized 27 Jul 1890 at St. Patrick’s in Gerard, IL) ERLINGER, Anna (Born 23 Dec 1886 & Baptized 26 Dec 1886 at St. Mary’s in Carlyle, IL) 8 Aug 1917 Bridges, George SNYDER, Emma Erlinger, Louis HERZOG, Elizabeth Bridges, George & Elizabeth M. Erlinger
BURNS, James E. (Not Baptized) SULLIVAN, Agnes (Nokomis, IL; St. Louis Church) 15 Jun 1921 Burns, James Henry CALVERT, Amelia Elizabeth Sullivan, John HERLIBY, Elizabeth BRYANT, J. H. & Doris D. Bryant
CALLAHAN, Murray B. (Born 31 Mar 1891 in Ava, IL. Baptized Methodist) RIPPLINGER, Theresa M. (Born 17 Nov 1889 in Dahlgren, IL. Baptized in Piopolis. 17 Sep 1912 Callahan, Peter HAUSON, Eleonora Ripplinger, Philipp KIEFER, Margaret Ripplinger, Philipp L. & Margaret H. Ripplinger
CARR, George O. (Baptized 28 Jul 1923 at St. Mary’s) LOPINOT, Josephine Irene (Baptized 19 Apr 1898 at Holy Family in Cahokia) 30 Jun 1925 Carr, James CUNNINGAHM, Mary Lopinot, Joseph ETTINNE, Lena Lopinot, Raymond & Viola SIMMONS
CASEY, William E. (Non-Catholic; Baptized Methodist) BERMINGHAM, Helen Adeline (Baptized 16 Sep 1895 at St. Bridget in St. Louis, MO) 4 Sep 1930 Casey, Michael Edward PARKER, Lydia Bermingham, Maurice O’BRIEN, Annie KELLEY, Dominic & Mary Bermingham
CHRISTMAN, Peter MILLER, Jennie B. 17 Sep 1912
CONWAY, Edward P. (Born 23 Mar 1890 in St. Louis, MO & Baptized at St. Teresa 6 Apr 1890 in St. Louis, MO) STEIGER, Clara E. (Born 8 Feb 1892 in Red Bud, IL & Baptized 8 Jul 1915at St. Regis) 31 May 1917 Conway, William VOGUE, Catharine Steiger, William BURNS, Maria Conway, Aloysius W. & Anna B. WRIGHT
COONAN, George Joyce (Born 1901 & Baptized at St. Joseph) MEYER, Eva (Born 1901 & Baptized at Holy Trinity in St. Louis) 29 May 1920 Coonan, Walter JOYCE, Mollie Meyer, James CARL, E. LYNCH, John M. & Joe Peter URA
DAVIS, Evan Joseph (Baptized Baptist in Belleville, IL) OTTO, Ella Angela (Baptized 28 Feb 1898 at St. Patrick’s) 26 Jun 1926 Davis, Joseph WILLIAMS, Ruth Otto, Edward MORTON, Catherine DABLER, Jr., Carl G. & Katie STEDELIN
DAVIS, George William (From New York) POSCIA, Mary Rosella 13 Feb 1926 KROSELBACH, John & Bertha LEUBNER
DE BOURGE, Remel (Baptized 26 Aug 1906 [see record]) VOLLMER, Helen (Baptized 9 Apr 1911 at St. Elizabeth) 30 Jan 1930 De Bourge, Anton POUPART, Judith Vollmer, George MILLER, Mary DeBourge, Delmar & Dorothy Vollmer
DEHLER, Oscar V. (Born 26 Feb 1899 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) ABEGG, Catharina A. (Born 27 Mar 1900 & Baptized at St. Peter Cathedral in Belleville, IL) 25 Jun 1919 Dehler, Francis DEMARSE, Natalia Abegg, Francis EISLE, Maria FUHRMAN, W. J. & Olivia Dehler
DELISLE, Stephan A. (Born 25 Nov 1868 in St. Peter, MO & Baptized there) BELLEVILLE, Ida (Born 22 Jan 1879 & Baptized at St. Patrick’s) 30 May 1913 Delisle, Amedeus DAVIS, Lucinda Belleville, William ROCKWELL, Julia NUENLIST, Ursus & Joseph PARUZYNSKI
DEMANGE, Christoferus (Born 9 Aug 1891 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centerville) POWERS, Sophia (Born 26 Jan 1894 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centerville, IL) 8 Nov 1916 Demange, Christoferus SCHREIBER, Louisa Powers, Edmund TOUCHETTE, Selena SCHAEFER, George J. & Kathryn DeMange
DEMARSE, Charles L. (Born 6 Jun 1894 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) DURNEY, Nora Anna (Born 28 Sep 1898 & Baptized in St. F. Xavier in Jerseyville, IL) 3 Jun 1919 Demarse, Claud VERLIN, Agatha Durney, John CUDANY, Maria KRAUSE, Henry C. & Ambrose Demarse
DEMARSE, Ernest W. (Baptized 12 Nov 1905 at Immaculate Church in Centerville Station, IL) YOUNG, Roberta (Baptized 14 Apr 1912 at Sacred Heart) 9 Feb 1927 De Marse, Claude VERLIN, Agnes Young, Robert Not listed, Frida HUMPHREY, Gilbert & Teresa VOLLMER
DIEHM, Albert (Born 23 Sep 1869 in St. Louis & Baptized Lutheran) GILLIGAN, Margaret (Born 19 Dec 1888 & Baptized 2 Feb 1889 at St. Michael’s in Canon City, CO) 30 Aug 1919 Diehm, Ferdinand STEIGERWALD, Bertha Gilligan, John M. GANNON, Maria Louisa Gilligan, H. M. & L. Gilligan
DIETRICH, Otho Daniel (Born 28 Jan 1892 in Creole, IL; Non-Catholic) ASCHERMANN, Rosa (Born 3 Jan 1896 & Baptized in St. Henry) 10 May 1913 Dietrich, James SCHIFFEDECKER, Maria Aschermann, Frederick BAUER, Eva MYERS, Earl & Mayme Aschermann
DORRIS, Thomas Francis DANZ, Bertha Justina Olga (Baptized Lutheran) 22 Feb 1910 Dorris, Thomas Francis BODEN, Harriet Danz, Benjamin ROBINS, Eunice ASTON, John Thomas & Louisa GEMPERLE
DU BOIS, Arthur (Baptized at St. Elizabeth’s) HAAS, Marie (Baptized 6 Nov 1912 at St. Mary’s) 25 Sep 1929 Du Bois, Francis MARSER, Mamie Haas, William FITZGEARL, Eleonore HURD, Genevieve & Judith DE BOURGE
DUFFY, Thomas E. (27y) PARSONS, Blanca T. (Born in Eldorado, IL; 27y & not Baptized) 27 Apr 1910 Duffy, Thomas GUCHAN, Bridget Parsons, George B. COATES, Helen HUMPHRIES, Thomas & Mamie COSTELLO
EBERLE, Peter (Born 18 Jan 1888; Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis) KRONE, Rosa (Born 29 Dec 1892; Baptized in Venice, IL) 16 Jan 1911 Eberle, Valentin Not listed, Catharina Krone, Francis HEIL, Maria NAUGHTON, M. & Mrs. C. TANNER
ENTEMANN, Nicholas (Born 13 Dec 1888 & Baptized at St. Bridget in St. Louis, MO) SMALL, Catharina (Born 24 Jul 1893; Baptized in Minnesota, Owatonna) 22 May 1911 Entemann, Nicholas MAHONEY, Anna Small, Duncan TELLEY, Eleonora MILET, H. P. & Br. PARURINSKI
ERWIN, Francis Patrick (Baptized at St. Patrick’s; 29y) BOLGARD, Pearl Gertrude (Baptized Methodist in St. Louis, MO; 25y) 15 Dec 1923 Erwin, William P. KONE, Ellen Bolgard, Theodore FARVER, Mamie TOLENSKI, Mrs. T. & Mildred Bolgard
EWALD, Michael Martin (Baptized in Piopolis, IL; 36y) KARCHER, Christine Isabella (Baptized in Piopolis, IL; 20y) 23 Jan 1924 Ewald, John RATKEY, Christine Karcher, Charles ANSELMENT, Rosa Karcher, George & Mary Ewald
FAHERTY, Joseph (Baptized 5 Jun 1902 in St. Mary’s in Chester, IL) MEHEGAN, Mary Cat. (Baptized 4 Mar 1902 at Our of Good Counsel in St. Louis) 9 Sep 1925 Faherty, George SINGER, Josephine Mehegan, John MAY, Catherine Faherty, James & Agnes HENSON
FINNEGAN, James (Baptized 2 Feb 1907 at St. Malachy in St. Louis, MO) DRENNAN, Georgia (Baptized 2 Oct 1927 at Immaculate Conception in St. Louis, MO) 14 Jun 1928 Finnegan, James FAY, Mary Drennan, Thomas DEVAULT, Lillian Finnegan, Edward & Merrice GORMAN
FITZGEARL, Verde W. (Born 28 Jul 1885 & Baptized at St. Patrick’s) VILLIER, Leona A. (Born 13 Nov 1897 & Baptized in Holy Trinity in New Albany, IN) 11 Jul 1919 Fitzgearl, John W. CYPOUTTE, Louisa Villier, John W. WALLS, Julia Fitzgearl, Joseph & Evelyn MCDANIEL
FITZGERAUL, J. W. (Born 1859 and probably not Baptized) CYPOUTTE, Louisa (Baptized 2 Jul 1860 in St. Patrick in St. Louis) 20 Jul 1909 Fitzgeraul, Edward ARNOL (?), Margaret Cypoutte, J. B. LASAGE, Filina FIGEL, Fr. C. M. & Amelia Fitzgeral
FLAHERTY, George (Baptized 18 May 1884 at St. Alexius in Beardstown, IL) SHERLOCK, Catherine (Baptized in Beardstown) 6 Jun 1931 Flaherty, John B. GRUBER, Mary Sherlock, Patrick CASEY, Anna LOEHR, George & Eva Loehr
FUEHNE, Francis (Born 16 May 1900 or 1901 in Aholt, MO) RICKHOFF, Anna (Baptized 24 Apr 1907 in St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) 4 Sep 1930 Fuehne, Henry WIEGMAN, Catherine Rickhoff, James WOBBE, Emma Fuehne, Martin & Mary Rickhoff
GASAWAY, Edwin Lee (Born in Latham, IL & Baptized in Kirkwood, MO) PIDGEON, Virginia Teresa (Baptized at St. Mary’s) 24 Nov 1920 Gasaway, Thomas A. BENTLEY, Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon, Christoph James DOWD, Catherine TISSIER, Joseph & Villanna Pidgeon
GOTTFRIED, Cressie Everett (Born 18 Apr 1901 & Baptized in English, IN) GERARD, Virginia Eva (Born 11 Oct 1900 & Baptized at St. Henry’s) 23 Apr 1923 Gottfried, Jacob ALLEN, Flora Gerard, Charles VOUDRIE, Teresa Gerard, Teresa & Mary Gerard
GRAF, George MARTIN, Leonora 10 Oct 1914
GRETZ, John TOUCHETTE, Corelia (Baptized 13 Jul 1912 at St. Elizabeth) 17 Jul 1929 Gretz, John DIXON, Elisabeth Touchette, Camille GODIN, Cora MAURATH, Robert O. & Camilla Maurath
GRIESBAUM, Joseph Jacob (Baptized Lutheran 17 Oct 1901 in Beckemeyer, IL) ZIRKEL, Vera Henrietta (Baptized 14 May 1901 in St. Felictas in Beaver Prairie, IL) 10 Dec 1923 Griesbaum, John George JACOBS, Emma Zirkel, Adam John VOLEND, Margaret Amelia FREANT, Mr. & Mrs. John
GUIGNON, Charles (Born 19 Jan 1887 in Ste. Genevieve, MO) MARTIN, Faye (From Lincoln, IL; Non-Catholic) 18 May 1910 Guignon, Jules F. HANLON, Elizabeth Martin, Samuel PAYNE, Florence KEHOE, Patrick & Michael FIGEL
HAAS, David C. (Baptized 18 Feb 1888 in Rock Island, IL) FITZGERAL, Amelia (Baptized 2 Jul 1893 in East. St. Louis) 29 Oct 1911 Haas, William C. BAUMGARTNER, Marie Fitzgeral, John W. CYPOUTTE, Louisa SHOVELIN, William & Louisa Cypoutte
HAAS, William C. (Baptized 21 Sep 1910 at St. Regis (Rock Island) -New convert) FITZGEARL, Eleonora (Baptized 15 Mar 1892 at St. Patrick’s) 26 Sep 1910 Haas, William C. BAUMGARTNER, Maria Fitzgearl, John CYPOUTTE, Louisa DEMARSE, Charles & Maria CRUMP
HALL, Samuel (Not Baptized) HARRINGTON, Catharina 27 Mar 1910 KEHOE, Patrick & Michael FIGOL
HAND, James Alfred CORDEVANT, Clementina (Born 13 Oct 1894 in Cahokia, IL) 7 Aug 1912 Hand, William COLLINS, Maria Cordevant, Edward MONTINE, Zilder MILET, H. P. & Robert E. DAVIES
HANDYSHELL, Eugene R. (Born 23 Jul 1920 [1902?] – Not Baptized) PITCHER, Frances Marie (Born 24 Nov 1900 & Baptized at St. Malachy in St. Louis) 27 May 1920 Handyshell, Raleigh FARRINGTON, Etta Marie Pitcher, Charles SWEENEY, Catherine ROBINSON, Robert & Florence TRUE
HANNEFIN, Leo John (Baptized 15 Nov 1909 at Rosati in Knobview, MO) MCDONNELL, Margaret (Baptized 7 Feb 1909 at St. Joseph’s of Palisades in West New York, NY) 11 Aug 1931 HANNIFEN, Daniel James OHMER, Margaret McDonnell, John WOODS, Mary DZETTEL, H. & Eleonor GRAY
HANNON, Robert Joseph (Baptized 13 Jul 1904 at St. Joseph’s in Wheatang, IL) BRUNO, Mary H. (Baptized 28 Jan 1906 at Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) 16 Jul 1931 Hannon, Wilham EDGNER, Carolina Bruno, August LATINETTE, Sophia DELATINE, Eugene & Elizabeth YETTKE
HARD, J. Gale SHEVLIN, Genevieve (Baptized 16 Jan 1909 at St. Regis) 26 Aug 1927 Hard, John GRIER, Rosy Shevlin, James FITZGERAL, Catharine Shevlin, James & Evelyn Shevlin
HARPER, Lawrence (Born 21 Oct 1894 & Baptized at St. Cronin in St. Louis, MO) KALMER, Elsa 27 Apr 1916 Harper, G. J. BERNEY, Maria Kalmer, Henry J. BORNTRAGER, Caroline Harper, William & Mary Harper
HARTON, William (Born 26 Nov 1886; Baptized Methodist in Herman, MO) WERLE, Margaret (Born 15 Mar 1890 in Wagner, IL; Baptized near Raymond) 3 Jul 1911 Harton, George PATHE, Bertha Werle, Severus MUSSHAFER, Emma NUNLIST, Br. & George ECKERT
HEITZ, Theo William (Born 13 Apr 1885 & Baptized at St. Mary’s in Huntington, IN) JONES, Laura Edith (Born 4 Nov 1891 & Baptized at St. Regis) 4 Nov 1919 Heitz, Daniel SCHMIDT, Catherine Jones, Frank RUSSELL, Minnie HOTTENBACH, Anthony W. & Margaret M. MASON
HOLLAND, Alfred H. (Born 18 Apr 1904 & Baptized 1 May 1904 at St. Peter’s in Oshkosh, WI) SEIFRIED, Leona (Baptized Lutheran in Belleville) 12 May 1925 Holland, H. S. ENGLISH, Mary Seifried, John HARPEN, Annie ECKERT, George & Teresa FEENEY
HOWARD, William (Baptized 26 Nov 1899 at St. Patrick’s) LOPINOT, Mary (From Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 19 May 1926 Howard, James CASEY, Catherine Lopinot, Joseph ETTINNE, Lena MCALEER, Thomas & Josephine LEMIEUSE
HURLEY, Edward Otto (Born 11 Nov 1880 in Lansing, MI) OYLER, Sophia Helena (Baptized 3 Sep 1882 in Louisville, KY) 12 Dec 1910 Hurley, John PERRY, Rosa Oyler, George W. BOEGLER, Augusta MILET, Rev. H. T. & Mrs. John Hurley
JACKSON, George A. (Baptized Methodist in Mayorill, KY; 69y) GRONDENBERG, Mrs. Anna (Baptized in Belleville, IL; 58y) 31 Dec 1923 Jackson, Nelson MORGAN, Eliza Ann DICKINSON, Thomas FERGER, Eva PALMER, Elmer & Eva FERGER
JEFFERIES, James Thomas (Born 31 Aug 1894 & Baptized 23 Sep 1894 at St. Lawrence O’Toole in St. Louis, MO) FALLON, Evelyn (Born 15 Apr 1904 & Baptized 1 May 1904 at St. Andrews in Murphysboro, IL) 18 Jul 1922 Jeffries, James Thomas BOLLER, Johanna Fallon, Edward HORNEFFER, Clara CASEY, Leo & Frances MARSH
KEGEL, William (Born 8 Jan 1891 in Lancaster, PA; Baptized in St. Anthony) LAMOTTE, Theodora (Born 13 Apr 1893 & Baptized at Centreville Station) 26 Nov 1910 Kegel, William BLANKEMEYER, Catharina Lamotte, Michael MARTIN, Celina Kegel, John & Elizabeth Martin
KELLEY, Leo (Baptized 21 Jan 1894 at St. Patrick’s) CRAWFORD, Cecelia (Baptized 29 Oct 1927 at St. Francis Xavier) 26 Jun 1928 Kelley, John C. BRADY, Mary Crawford, Thomas GOLD, Ida FERREL, Howard & Margaret HURNEY
KISZELY, Stephen (Baptized 29 Dec 1906 in Endrode Hungary) BOZSO, Anna (Baptized 26 Feb 1911 at St. Elizabeth) 27 Apr 1931 KISZEL, Stephen ANGALO, Mary Bozso, Charles KESSASDORSY, Anna HORRATH, John & Mary Horrath
KLINGLER, Edward E. (Born 1 Aug 1890 & Baptized in St. Patrick’s) BENNETT, Laura (Born 4 Sep 1890 & Baptized in St. Henry’s) 15 Jun 1912 Klingler, William KELLY, Maria Bennett, E. S. EMGE, Margaret PENNELL, William & Susanna Bennett
KLOESS, Henry F. (Born 31 Oct 1889 in Belleville, IL & Baptized Non-Catholic) HEWITT, Maria D. (Born 30 Nov 1890 & Baptized at St. Joseph’s in Cairo, IL) 19 Jun 1919 KLOES, Phillip BETZ, Louisa Hewitt, Charles W. MEEHAN, Helena SHUMACHER, Anthony C. & May E. Hewitt
KRUG, Eugene C. (Baptized in France during war; from Immaculate Conception in Centreville Station) DEMARSE, Irene (From Centreville Station, IL) 1 Jun 1921 Krug, Frederick H. MAUL, Lena Christina De Marse, Frank John LOPINOT, Isabel Rose JACQUOT, Julius & Flossie MCBRIDE
KUHN, Charles L. (Originally Anglican, Baptized at St. Regis 5 Oct 1916) LOPINOT, Agnes L. (Born 2 Mar 1887 & Baptized at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 25 Oct 1916 Kuhn, Conrad STEWART, Rosa Lopinot, Joseph LAJUENE, Leonie KIEFER, August F. & Cora Lopinot
LAVELLE, John (Baptized 26 Nov 1903 at St. Malachi’s in Cleveland, OH) NOVACK, Gertrude (Baptized 2 Aug 1908 at Sacred Heart in Butte, MT) 27 Nov 1930 La Velle, John NEAL, Sarah Novack, Stephen SEZONICK, Bessie Barbara BERDOLT, Vincent & Clara Novack
LAWLOR, James (Born Feb 1888 in Parsons, PA; St. Dominic in Parsons contacted) DROIT, Gertrude (Born Oct 1895 in Centreville Station) 21 Oct 1914 Lawlor, Patrick D. POWERS, Nora Droit, Walter BOISMENUE, Julia BURG, George & Ruth Burg
LOEHR, Oscar (Baptized 4 Aug 1912 at St. Regis) SCHAUB, Margaret (baptized 20 May 1925 at St. Patrick’s) 4 Nov 1931 Loehr, George KESSLER, Eva Schaub, George DAUPHIN, Anna Loehr, George & Georgia REHKOFF
LOHMANN, William Frederick ( From Centreville Station, Baptized Lutheran) PIOT, Rose Isabel (From Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 29 Jun 1921 Lohmann, Louis MUELLER, Sophia Piot, John B. DAVINROY, Mary Magdalen Davinroy, Albert & Marie Lohmann
LONG, Joseph H. (Baptized 20 May 1895 at St. Paul’s in Green Castle, IN) MULCONNERY, Margaret (Baptized 9 Aug 1903 in St. Mary’s) 15 Sep 1925 Long, Patrick O’SULLIVAN, Ellen Mulconnery, Michael CONROY, Margaret Long, James P. & Florence MULLIGAN
LUEHRS, Christ M. (Born 1894 and Baptized Lutheran in Campbellhill, IL) VOUDRIE, Edna (Born 15 Oct 1897 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centreville, IL in Dec 1897) 29 Sep 1916 Luehrs, Henry REMBILT, Wilhelmina Voudrie, Edmund NOUD, Elizabeth Voudrie, Edmund & Elizabeth Voudrie
MARTIN, Myles (Baptized 14 Oct 1906) RUTLEDGE, Orene (Born 4 Sep 1910) 19 Jun 1929 Martin, Anthony GARDNER, Anna Rutledge, Walter SWEENEY, May ROTH, Clifford & Mabel Martin
MAURATH, Robert A. (Baptized 2 Nov 1900 in Millstadt, IL) TOUCHETTE, Camilla (Baptized 18 Oct 1903 at St. Joseph’s) 17 Jun 1925 Maurath, Robert WAGAND, Christina Touchette, Camille GODIN, Cora Maurath, Jerome & Margaret MULCONNERY
MCDANIEL, Isaac (Born 30 Jul 1899 in Makanda, IL – not Baptized) FITZGEARL, Evelius (Born 24 Sep 1895 & Baptized Oct 1895 at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 12 Feb 1918 McDaniel, Edward GIBBS, Helena Fitzgearl, John W. CYPOUTTE, Louisa HAAS, Elnora & Louise Fitzgearl
MCDONNELL, John G. (Hanley) (Born 8 Jun 1883 & Baptized at St. Boni in St. Louis, MO) COLLMAN, Alma (Born 26 Jan 1891 & Baptized Lutheran) 29 Oct 1918 McDonnell, John M. RICHARDSON, Helena Collman, Charles STROTHMAN, Elizabeth McDonnell, J. M. & Helen McDonnell
MCFARLAND, George R. (Born 23 Jan 1890 in Ridgeform, Vermillion County, IL & Baptized in Crawfordville, IN) TROY, Lilia M. (Born 27 Mar 1897 in Allevriel, OH & Baptized 17 Apr 1897 at St. Joseph’s) 16 Jan 1918 McFarland, Alexander H. GLASS, Martha M. Troy, Joseph A. O’HARA, Ellen STEWART, James K. & Helen V. Troy
MCMAHON, Joseph Raymond (Baptized 21 Nov 1897 at St. Mary’s) PIDGEON, Villanna V. (Baptized 26 Feb 1899 at St. Mary’s) 21 Jun 1922 Mc Mahon, John MANSFIELD, Catherine Pidgeon, Christopher J. DOWD, Catherine MURPHY, J. J. & Mary M. McMahon
MEILE, John (Born 23 Jun 1888 & Baptized 30 Jun 1888 at St. Henry) HAPSBURGER, Stella (Born 31 May 1894 & Baptized in St. Louis, MO) 25 May 1914 Meile, Michael SOLDMANN, Elizabeth Hapsburger, Francis BYRNE, Margaret WACHTEL, John & Amelia DANZ
MERRITT, Edward Garrett (From Clarkville, TN) HOBBS, Harvery Hermine (Born 30 Nov 1895 & Baptized 29 Dec 1895 at Fancy Farm, KY) 8 Jan 1921 Merritt, James Polk SANDERS, Ellen Hobbs, James Walter HAYDEN, Anna Hobbs, Ruby Elisha & Clara Cordelia CURTESS
MEYER, Louis A. (Baptized 7 Sep 1907 in Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) VERMILLON, Mary (Baptized 19 May 1908 in Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 10 Jun 1930 Meyer, Jacob CARL, Eva Vermillon, Jacob NURDIN, Aurelia BARNES, Gerald & Margaret DEVAN
MONKEN, Herbert G. (21y; Baptized Lutheran in Ridge Prairie, IL) ABEGG, Eleonora K. (Born 17 Sep 1891; Baptized in St. Peter in Belleville, IL) 9 Feb 1911 Monken, John SEIBEL, Margaret Abegg, Francis EISELE, Maria Abegg, Francis A. & Antonia WEIHRAUCH
MONTGOMERY, Leonard COCHEBA, Mary (Baptized 8 Aug 1909 at St. Elizabeth) 14 Jun 1927 Montgomery, W. P. JENKENGT, Annie Cocheba, John RYAN, Barbara KORZON, Mike & Mary MILICH
MORA, Pedro (Born 20 Feb 1885 in Palo Leyte, P. I.) WORDIN, Eleanor (Born 19 Apr 1888; Assumption in St. Louis, MO) 23 Sep 1911 Mora, Basilio DOLINA, Saturnina Wordin, Curtis BUETTNER, Cecilia BRADY, Robert & Mrs. J. B. MAGUIRE
MULCONNERY, Joseph (Baptized Oct 1905 at St. Joseph in Roseclore, IL) JONES, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 11 Nov 1929 Mulconnery, Michael CONVOY, Margaret Jones, Ampe LOVE, Sadie Mulconnery, Lawrence & Alice BURNS
MURPHY, Patrick F. (Born 28 Feb 1886 & Baptized at St. Patrick’s) O’DAY, Maria Honora (born 11 Oct 1888 in Hamilton, KS & Baptized in Emporia, KS) 4 Nov 1919 Murphy, Thomas O’DAY, Elizabeth O’Day, Michael MORTON, Bridget Murphy, John F. & Elizabeth CURRY
NEECE, Lynden John (Baptized 17 Oct 1931 at St. Alphonsus in St. Louis, MO) HUMPHREY, Isabel Irene (Baptized 26 Jun 1910 in St. Boniface in Evansville, IN) 26 Nov 1931 Neece, Arthur J. HOWSER, Bertha H. Humphrey, John RONNENBERG, Mary FREANT, Floyd & Dorothy Humphrey
NOUD, William (Born 23 Nov 1890 & Baptized in Centreville) OLSSON, Ruth (Born 30 May 1894 in St. Louis & Baptized in Bohemian Church) 28 May 1913 Noud, William FILIBERT, Florentina Olsson, Albert GRAULT, Christina ULRICH, H. L. & Edna VOUDRIE
NOWER, Constant (Baptized in Russian Church destroyed in war) BISHOP, Madeline (Born 11 Sep 1903 & Baptized 10 Sep 1911 at St. Joseph) 23 Jun 1925 SOWCHECK, Bosk Nower, Josephine Bishop, Leonard MCCUTCHEON, Margaret BEARE, Cletus & Marjorie Bishop
OLSSON, Peter Albert (Baptized 15 Jan 1893 at St. Alphonsus in St. Louis, MO) JOYCE, Elizabeth (New Convert; Baptized at St. Regis 24 Nov 1914) 24 Nov 1914 Olsson, Albert T. GRAULT, Maria C. Joyce, William WALKER, Cora HERWIG, August & Anna Herwig
OWENS, Owen Christian (Not Baptized) RUGGLES, Elba Anna (Born 7 Dec 1900 & Baptized 11 Dec 1900 at St. Mary’s in Gainsville, TX) 14 Sep 1922 Owens, John GRANEL, Wilhelmina Ruggles, Joseph Anthony HARTMANN, Cornelia Ruggles, Joseph & Ivy VEREUS
PHILLIPS, Jessie (Non-Catholic) HASKEY, Ruth (Baptized 11 May 1916 at Sts. Peter & Paul in Chattanooga, TN) 20 Oct 1924 Phillips, Willie WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Haskey, Frederick HERRINGTON, Eule CHOSTMAN, J. & Alma HERMAN
POWELL, Walter (Non-Catholic; not baptized) RADZIEJEWSKI, Hedwige (Baptized 25 May 1913 at St. Casimir in St. Louis, MO) 29 Jan 1932 Powell, John AMPLEMAN, Ellen Radziejewski, Anton GACEOCH, Rosella FUEHN, Henry & Teresa FEENEY
QUALLS, Charles (Born 11 Dec 1888 in Thompsonville, IL) GEPPERT, Lydia (Born 20 Apr 1894 & Baptized at St. Henry) 13 Dec 1912 Qualls, George HANSON, Julia E. Geppert, Joseph (Deceased) SCHWARTZ, Elisabeth NUNLIST, Ursus & Joseph PARUZINSKI
RENOIS, Adrian (Baptized 22 Feb 1910 at St. Mary’s) VOLLMER, Theresa (Baptized 18 Oct 1908 at St. Elizabeth’s) 13 Aug 1928 Renois, Frederick BENNETT, Adrienne Vollmer, George MULLER, Mary MILLER, John & Helen Vollmer
RESTOFF, Joseph (Baptized 14 Jul 1901 at St. Charles Borromeo, in Dubois, IL) WALIGORSKI, Mary (Baptized 26 Mar 1905 at St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) 28 Sep 1926 Restoff, Valentine KOBOT, Mary Waligorski, Michael YETTKE, Martha SMIESKI, Edward & Helen Restoff
RICHARDSON, Howard (Baptized Methodist in Olney, IL) VOLLMER, Mary (Baptized 12 May 1907 at St. Henry’s) 29 Nov 1928 Richardson, Albert FARRIS, Bertha Vollmer, George MILLER, Mary Vollmer, George & Helen Vollmer
RILEY, Walter VILLIER, Ethel Maria (Baptized 1 Feb 1896 at Holy Trinity in New Albany, IN) 28 Jan 1915 Riley, George M. STUART, Phoebe Villier, John WALLS, Maria Villier, Leona A. & V. William FITZGERAL
RUHMANN, Arthur (Baptized in Belleville Dec 1909) SCHAUB, Maria (Baptized 24 Dec 1924 at St. Patrick’s) 14 Dec 1928 Ruhmann, August NEDAU, Adeline Schaub, George DAUPHIN, Anna DEBOURGE, Delmar & Margaret Schaub
RUTLEDGE, Francis (Non-Catholic; Baptized 15 Sep 1924 at Middle Grove Christian Church in Middle Grove, MO – Protestant) WALAGORSKI, Genevieve (Baptized 28 Dec 1913 at St. Regis) 20 Feb 1930 Rutledge, Walter SWEENEY, Mae Walagorski, Michael YETTKE, Martha MARTIN, Myles & Mary RESTOFF
RYAN, Patrick (Born 14 Mar 1862 in County Kilkee, Ireland) PAYNE, Jenny (Born 8 Jan 1872 in Perryville, AR; Non-Catholic) 5 Jan 1911 Ryan, Patrick MEANEY, Bridget Payne, Milton HOWELL, Sarah HAUGHTON, Brother & Brother PARUGINKI
SCHOFFNER, Francis (Baptized 8 May 1896 at St. Mary’s) PATE, Mary (Non-Catholic) 14 Jun 1928 Schoffner, Henry GALLAGHER, Elizabeth Pate, William BERNNER, Lillian Eckert, George & Florence Eckert
SCHRIMPF, Lawrence (Born 18 Mar 1898 in Wardsville, MO & Baptized in St. Stanislaus in 1898) GRAFF, Augusta R. (Born 4 Oct 1897 in St, Thomas, MO & Baptized in St. Thomas Church 9 Oct 1897) 3 Nov 1918 Schrimpf, Francis SCHWALLER, Maria Graff, August LEUTHEN, Elizabeth RENN, R. N. & Mrs. J. W. O’DONNELL
SHOVLIN, William Edward (Born 3 May 1890 in East Dubuque, IL) FITZGEARL, Catharina Celina (Baptized 4 Aug 1889 in Columbia, IL) 8 Sep (Aug) 1909 Shovlin, Cornelius MAYER, Catharina Fitzgeral, John William CYPOUTTE, Louisa Fitzgeral, Benjamin & Louisa Cypoutte
SIMON, Arnold Frederick (Non-Catholic) GEMPERLE, Stella (Born 9 Feb 1890; Baptized at St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO) 14 Jun 1910 Simon, Arnold PROKAMP, Anna Gemperle, Edward ABIGG, Catharina HEUBLEIN, Albert & Marc PORTELWAIT
SLOVEY, Francis (Baptized 24 Sep 1905 at St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) ROGERS, Margacorte (Born 10 Mar 1907 & Baptized 21 Apr 1907) 12 Oct 1926 Slovey, Francis WALIGORSKI, Stella Rogers, Thomas ANDREWS, Helen KOSTECKI, Francis & Agnes Becker
SMITH, Edward (Baptized 28 Mar 1911 in Cleveland, OH) SHEVLIN, Evelina 20 Aug 1929 Smith, G. Not listed, Mary Shevlin, William FITZGERALD, Catherine DUBOIS, A. & Amelia HAAS
SPANGLER, Arthur (Baptized 17 May 1902 at St. Stephens in Caseyville, IL) BURKE, Mary (Baptized 15 Aug 1905 at St. Mary’s) 22 Sep 1926 Spangler, Frank SCHANNEL, Emily Burke, Maurice HARKINS, Annie Burke, John & Edith BIGGS
STEIGER, Charles Jacob (Baptized 27 Sep 1883 in Evangelical Church in Hecker, Monroe, IL) HEWITT, May Elizabeth (Born 23 Sep & Baptized 4 Nov 1883 at St. Patrick’s in Cairo, IL) 28 Feb 1924 Steiger, Charles FRANK, Magdalena Hewitt, Charles William MEEHAN, Nellie Hewitt, Camilla H. & Marie KLOESS
SULLIVAN, Matthew (Born 18 May 1888 in Jeffersonville, IN) BENNETT, Edna (Baptized Oct 1889 at St. Patrick’s) 8 Jun 1910 Sullivan, Jeremiah KATTLER, Lulla Bennett, Edward WREADY, Elizabeth Sullivan, Jerry & Ida FOURNIER
SWEENEY, John F. (Born 28 Mar & Baptized 9 Apr 1899 in St. Patrick’s) LOPINOT, Adele (Baptized 20 Apr 1905 at Holy Family, Cahokia, IL) 29 Jul 1924 Sweeney, Peter MILLER, Rose Lopinot, Joseph ETINNE, Mary Leona Sweeney, Peter & Maria Lopinot
TAGGART, Matthew F. (Born 27 May 1893 in Sante Bend & Baptized Methodist) LOUIS, Maria M. (Born 18 Mar 1897 & Baptized in St. Patrick’s) 23 Jun 1919 Taggart, Homer M. MCCLUNG, Nola Louis, Henry MONTGOMERY, Maria LONG, J. H. & Virginia PILGON [?]
TALIAFERRO, Devillo C. BARRETT, Margaret (Born 1 Jun 1898 & Baptized 7 Jun 1898 at St. Mary’s) 24 May 1917 Taliaferro, A. L. SHOWN, Pearl Barrett, Thomas PARHAM, Helena BAUM, Mr. J. & Catherine FARRELL
THOMSSON, Seth (Baptized 9 Aug 1899 in Bury, England) O’ROURKE, Agnes (Baptized in St. Edmond Church, England) 30 Apr 1924 Thomsson, Richard LALLY, Sarah Anna O’Rourke, William Not listed, Elizabeth BARNES, Daniel & Mrs. F. J. Barnes
TIMPER, Bernard (Baptized 23 Nov 1895 in St. Boniface, Germantown, IL) BRENNAN, Mary (Baptized 28 Nov 1897 at St. Mary’s) 3 Sep 1924 Timper, Bernard HUNDMAN, Elizabeth Brennan, Martin WELCH, Sophie Brennan, M. D., Earl M. & Mrs. Elle Brennan
TIMPER, Ollie F. (From St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) KAILEY, Mary A. 9 Sep 1923 Timper, Bernard HUNDMANN, Elizabeth Kailey, M. P. KRATZ, Agatha Teresa Timper, Theodore J. & Anna Timper
TOUCHETTE, Clarence (Born 30 Nov 1897 & Baptized in Immaculate Conception in Centerville) LETEMPT, Lilia (Born 9 Jul 1899 & Baptized at St. Mary’s) 28 Jan 1918 Touchette, Camill GODIN, Cora Letempt, Joseph WUEST, Lilia Touchette, Camilla & Irene VAN VOOREN
TRAILEUR, Louis (Born 22 Nov 1890 in Centreville, IL) DEHLER, Anetta (Born 14 Dec 1890 in Centreville, IL) 27 Nov 1912 Traileur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina Dehler, Francis DEMARSE, Natalia Dehler, Michael & Sophia TOUCHETTE
VOLK. William J. (Non-Catholic, Baptized 1 Jul 1900 in Centreville Station, IL) SANBOEUF, Edna (Baptized 1 Jul 1900 at Immaculate Conception in Centerville, IL) 27 Nov 1924 VOLK, Jacob STOINEGER, Anna Sanboeuf, Adolph VENER, Mary REINHARDT, Charles & Viola SIMMONS
WACHTELL, John (Born 18 Jul 1892 & Baptized at St. Henry) DANZ, Amelia (Born 3 Jan 1896 & Baptized at St. Regis 20 Apr 1913) 25 May 1914 Wachtell, Edward SOLDMANN, Catharine Danz, Benjamin ROBINS, Eunice WEILE, John & Estella HAPSBURGER
WADE, George (Non-Catholic) VOUDRIE, Mary (Baptized 3 Apr 1887 at Immaculate Conception in Centerville, IL) 29 Apr 1931 Wade, George BRUNN, Anna VOUDRY, August MOUSETTE, Mary Louise GRAY, Robert & Louisa Gray
WALIGORSKI, Alexander (Baptized 16 Jul 1903 at St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) JACKOSKI, Mary (Baptized in St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) 7 Sep 1926 WALAGERSKI, Michael YETTKE, Martha Jackoski, Felick [Felix?] PLONSKI, Bronice RESTOFF, Joseph & Mary B. Walagerski
WARD, Charles G. Melvin (Born 23 Jun 1887 in Streator, IL) ANDREES, Elizabeth T. (Baptized 30 Nov 1893 at St. Henry) 12 Jul 1911 Ward, Joseph MCDONNELL, Margaret Andrees, Henry HOECKMAN, Margaret DAUCHLER, Arthur & Maria ASCHERMAN
WEBER, Stephen (Baptized in Centralia 33y ago) DEMARSE, Helen Ambrosia (Baptized 30 Mar 1902 in Centerville Station) 9 Sep 1926 Weber, Stephen BADER, Teresa De Marse, Claud VERLIN, Agatha HUMPHREY, Herman & Lillian WHITING
WEISS, George (Born 13 Dec 1887 & Baptized in St. Francis DeSales in St. Louis) SHEVLIN, Ottilia (Born 24 Dec 1888 in Dubuque, Il & baptized there) 1 Aug 1912 Weiss, Anton O’NEIL, Maria Shevlin, Cornelius MAYER, Catharina ROBINSON, Fred & Maria Weiss
WERLE, Francis G. (Born 6 Jun 1893 & Baptized in St. Aloysius 2 Jul 1893 in Liebfield, IL) ASCHERMANN, Maria (Born 4 Apr 1893 &Baptized 7 Apr 1893 in St. Henry’s) 29 Oct 1918 Werle, Servus MUSSHAFEN, Maria Aschermann, Frederick BAUER, Eva HATTENBACH, A. W. & Maggie R. HARTON
WESTFALL, Orville Roy (From Lafayette, IN) HANLEY, Mary Jane (Born 7 Dec & Baptized 15 Dec 1895 at St. James in Ludlow, KY) 22 Feb 1922 Westfall, Samuel Aldus WILES, Bertha Hanley, Jerome Augustine GALVIN, Emma Harlan Hanley, John & Joseph Hanley
WYATT, George (Baptized 14 Jul 1888 at St. Henry) HAULEY, Helena C. (Baptized 4 Jul 1889 at St. Joseph in Bowling Green, KY) 8 Jun 1915 Wyatt, James H. STOOKEY, Maria H. Hauley, Jerome A. GALVIN, Maria H. Hauley, Lawrence G. & Mary Jane Hauley
YETTKE, Casimir C. (Born 9 Sep 1896 & Baptized in Earl, Du Bois, IL) COCHEBA, Elizabeth (Born 18 Dec 1902 & Baptized in Austria) 12 May 1920 YETTKE, Frank LETCHETSKI, Mary Cocheba, John KORNISTA, Sarah SLOREY, Joseph & Mary WALIGORSKI

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