St. Clare (O’Fallon) Catholic Church Burials (1870 – 1956)

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Name Born Age Died Father Mother Spouse Comments
ADELHARD, John 81y 3 Nov 1912 From Woppendorf, Bavaria
ADELHARD, Margaretha 6y 10 Dec 1878 Adelhard, John EISENHUT, Elisabeth
ADELHARDT, Elisabeth 11 Aug 1843 1 Dec 1928 Born in Germany
ADELHARDT, Evelina Maria 6m 2 Aug 1909 Adelhardt, Henry Not listed, Catharina
ADELHARDT, Henry 62y 6m 8 May 1945 GERARDI, Catherine
AHRING, Debra Marie 2y 26 Oct 1956 Ahring, Hubert MUETH, Leona
ALBRECHT, Anna Maria 10 Oct 1882 PFIFFNER, Alexander ACKERLE, Maria
AMANN, Lawrence 75y 24 May 1882 From Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Compare Amman.
AMBRY, Adolph 24y 11m 13 Dec 1937 Ambry, Nicolaus (Deceased) Not listed, Josephine
AMBRY, Nicolaus 30 Dec 1868 13 May 1926 Ambry, John ERLINGER, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary
ANHUESER, Donald John 3d 5 Sep 1930 Anhueser, John DANIELS, Laura (Non-Catholic) Buried in Mt. Calvary
AUBERT, Louis 3 Jun 1916 Was a vagrant, killed in St. Louis. He had a rosary but otherwise nothing was known about him except he worked for YOCH.
BAIER, Clemens Francis 4m 21 Jul 1881 Baier, Thomas SIMON, Anna
BASSETT, Keith Joseph 45y 9m 24 Nov 1947 Bassett, Antoniz Not listed, Alegria Possibly died in New York City. Received Baptism on death bed.
BATATIS, Justin 76y 29 May 1953
BAUMANN, Anna 6y 5 Dec 1878 Baumann, Aloysius NEUHEUSLER, Anna
BECHELE, Brigitta 57y 14 Aug 1879 From Baden, Germany
BECHELE, Theodore 21y 24 Jun 1873 From Baden, Germany
BECHERER, Angela Elisabeth 11m 28 Feb 1898 Becherer, Emerich SCHOBERT, Catharina
BECHERER, Anna Maria Infant 15 Jun 1888 Becherer, Jacob NIEBRÜCK (Niebrueck), Elisabeth
BECHERER, Florine 59y 3 Jun 1953 Becherer, Adam
BECHERER, Francisca 10 May 1873 Becherer, Lambert (Deceased) MUELLER, Susanna
BECHERER, Lambert 40y 25 Jan 1872 Becherer, Joseph
BECHERER, Susanna (Widow) 5 Apr 1839 31 Dec 1924 MUELLER, Not listed Becherer, Lambert (Deceased)
BECHTLOFFT, Adam (New convert) 14 Apr 1916 Not listed, Apollonia Could not swallow Holy Communion
BECHTLOFFT, Apollonia (Widow) 80y 6m 23d 4 Apr 1925 BUGGER, Not listed Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
BECHTLOFFT, Peter Joseph 56y 1m 22d 9 Oct 1926 Buried in Mt. Calvary
BECKER, Cletus 4y 14 Jan 1897 BECKER, John MORGENSTERN, Maria Died from burns.
BECKER, John 65y 31 May 1881 Becker, John EBERLEIN, Catharina From Bavaria, Germany
BECKER, John 19 Apr 1860 19 Apr 1924 Becker, John BECKER, Rosina Born in Ingol’s Prairie. Buried in Mt. Calvary. Was a trustee for 42y
BECKER, Maria 55y 3 Oct 1914 MORGENSTERN, Not listed Becker, John Died of cancer
BECKER, Rosina 61y 27 Mar 1883 MORGENSTERN, Valentin HELMER, Not listed Becker, Johann From Weingarten, Rhein Bavaria
BECKMANN, Amalia 6y 28 Mar 1889 Beckmann, George MERSSINGER, Philippina Died from her clothes catching fire.
BECKMANN, Mrs. Philobena 75y 8m 21 Apr 1936 MERSINGER, Not listed Beckmann, George (Deceased) Buried in Tiedemann Cemetery
BERENS, Patrick Jacob 29 May 1923 8 Apr 1931 Berens, Robert GALLOWAY, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Calvary
BERENS, Robert James 64y 4m 22 Jul 1949 GALLOWAY, Elizabeth
BEYER, John 58y 7 Oct 1891 Beyer, Michael BUECHLE, Maria From Osweiler, Baden, Germany
BEYER, Mrs. Margaretha 78y 12 May 1897 LORENZ, Not listed Beyer, John From Bavaria, Germany
BITTE, Joseph 51y 4 Mar 1915
BOGGY, Anna M. 80y 4 Aug 1949 Boggy, Michael Died in Summerfield, IL. Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in Lebanon, IL
BOGGY, Rosa Elisabeth 10y 27 Jun 1876 Boggy, Johann WEISSROCK, Barbara
BORTKIEWICZ, John 53y 21 May 1913 From Russia
BOYSE, Matthew Cullen 70y 8m 3 Dec 1942 Boyse, Donna Suez Tuter Heron (Deceased) Buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO
BREWER, Francis Infant 16 Aug 1873 Brewer, Jacob ENGERT, Catharine
BROWN, Jacob 13 Jul 1873 Brown, Jacob DONOLY, Maria
BUDINA, Julia Elizabeth 70y 13 Mar 1954 HEMMER, Not listed Budina, G. G.
BUECHELE, Dorothea 11y 5 May 1879 Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena
BUECHELE, Mary Infant 21 Oct 1883 Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena
BUECHELE, Norbert 78y 16 Nov 1878 From Wuertemberg, Germany
BUECHELE, Veronica 69y 1 Jul 1871 BECK, Not listed
BUECHLE, Elisabetha Infant 5 Jan 1885 Buechle, Leopold ERNST, Helena
BUECHLE, Leopold 53y 16 Dec 1887 Buechle, Joseph OBERGEFÄLL (Obergefaell), Maria Anna From Baden, Germany (Oschweiher)
BUEHLER, Francis 24 Sep 1838 28 Mar 1922 Died in the “Countyfarm” where he was for at least 14 days.
BUHR, Margaret   79y 18 Apr 1932 BOGGY, Not listed Born in Freeburg, IL. Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Belleville, IL
BUMUELLER, Catharina 6 Mar 1870 Bumueller, Bernard
CARR, Francis 65y 11 Dec 1909
CARR, Harriett E. 69y 21 Jun 1956 Carr, Dr. Ancis or Drancis (?) LIVELY, Susan
CARR, Jacob 23y 13 Sep 1904 Carr, Francis LIVELEY, Susanna Died from a lightning strike.
CARR, Marie Ellen 55y 18 Jul 1941 Unmarried sister of Mrs. Roy ALEXANDER from St. Louis, MO.
CARR, Susanna 76y 1m 14 Apr 1934 Carr, Francis (Deceased) From Troy, IL
CARROL. John 40y 6 Nov 1903 Carrol, John MEAGHERE, Eleonora DIESTLER, Nora
CARROLL, John Emmett 57y 6m 31 Jul 1950 WEHRLE, Mary Mae Buried in City Cemetery of Shiloh, IL
CARSON, Craig David sb 29 Nov 1950 Carson, David LOYET, Lois
CARTIER, L. R. 48y 6m 29 Jun 1948 Not listed, Mae
CAVINS, Mary 31y 9m 6 Nov 1944 Cavins, Thomas
CHAMPIEUX, Theodore Infant Oct 1873 Champieux, Carl REEFE, Margaret
CORBIER, Willard Dale 7y 1m 2 Aug 1935 Corbier, Carl MEINEKOTH, Lena
CORBIERE, Mary 73y 14 May 1904 SIEGWITZ, Not listed From Lorraine, France
COUGHLIN, James Milburn 3m 15 May 1917 Coughlin, James PORTZ, Ida
COUGHLIN, Marcella Dorothea Infant 9 Jan 1914 Coughlin, Jacob Not listed, Ida
COUGHLIN, Margaret 10 Jun 1844 12 May 1924 MALKERN, Not listed Born in County Gallaway, Ireland. Died in Gallispie, IL
COUGHLIN, Martin 1845 20 Aug 1916 Not listed, Maria Born in County Galloway, Ireland. Was living separated from his wife in Kansas.
COUPIN, Amalia   2 May 1928 KNAUER, Not listed
COUPIN, William 73y 2m 12 Sep 1935 Coupin, William NOULEBUSE, Anna KNAUER, Amalia (Deceased)
CROWSON, Mrs. Loretta 78y 7m 11 May 1945 Crowson, William
DARRAUGH, Theodore 9 Nov 1920 25 Dec 1920 Darraugh, Patrick GRIFFIN, Maria
DARZINIK, Infant Infant 20 Aug 1908 Darzinik, Jozap
DEVLIN, Helena (Ellen) Maria 21 May 1920 23 Apr 1923 Devlin, Jacob SHORT, Sarah Died in Glen Addie (Orphanage) & buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
DEVLIN, Margaret 15 May 1913 8 Dec 1925 Devlin, Jacob SHORT, Sarah Died in St. John’s Orphanage in Glen Addie. Buried in Mt. Calvary
DIDEL, Sophia 30y 3 Nov 1883 KUEFER, Joseph MAGERER, Not listed Didel, August?
DIEDEL, Theresa 27 Jun 1872 RUTLOF, Not listed Diedel, Aloysius
DIEKROETGER, Mathias George 68y 15 Apr 1941 ETTER, Rose (Deceased)
DISTLER, Carolina 73y 7 Dec 1932 MORTENS, Not listed Distler, Jacob Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery
DODDS, Frances Elizabeth 59y 8m 31 Aug 1951 Dodds, Thomas (Deceased) Buried in O’Fallon City Cemetery
DODDS, Thomas 59y 11m 23 Dec 1945 CAIN, Frances Buried in the city cemetery
DOVE, Charles 69y 3 Nov 1951 MCNEILL, Margaret
EBERHARD, Anton 34y 19 Apr 1898 Eberhard, Leonhard NEUHEUSLER, Catharina From the Lebanon, IL congregation
EBERHARD, Leonard 1820 30 Mar 1891 Eberhard, Johann LIEBERHERM, Magdalena Born in Schänik, Switzerland
EBERHARD, Mrs. Anna Catharina 77y 10m 17 Feb 1897 NEUHAEUSLER, Gregory MEYER, Anna Maria
EBERHARDT, Charles 91y 19 Aug 1952 STANFORD, Margaret (Deceased) Buried in O’Fallon Public cemetery
EDLER, Margaretha 31 Jan 1879 FLANAGAN, Hugo BURNES, Brigitta Edler, Not listed
EDWARDS, Ellen 59y 23 Sep 1893 MURPHY, Not listed From Queens County, Ireland
EDWARDS, Ferdinand 17y 23 May 1933 Edwards, John (Adoptive parent) Not listed, Maria (Adoptive parent) Birth name Ferdinand WALKER. Buried in Mt. Calvary
EGGER, Anna Maria 28 Nov 1823 21 May 1895 WESSJOHANN, Joseph BACKHUES, Elisabeth
EGGER, Joseph 55y 8 Jun 1933 OBERNUEFEMANN, Maria Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
EGGER, Mary Anna 67y 1m 29 Apr 1947 Egger, Joseph (Deceased)
EGGER, Mathilda 89y 2m 26 Dec 1945
ELLIOTT, Russell 51y 16 Dec 1953 WOCZKO, Mary
ERHARD, Valentin 20y 16 Jul 1873 Erhard, Johann (Deceased) MERSSINGER, Francisca
ESCHENFELDER, Peter 42y 16 Dec 1888 Eschenfelder, Peter DIETZ, Elisabeth From Monroe County, IL
FEDER, Aloysius Louis 38y 2 Oct 1904 Feder, John HESS, Victoria
FEDER, Edward 1 Apr 1875 Feder, Johann HESS, Victoria
FEDER, Emil 53y 3 Aug 1936 WOODWARD, Clara C. Died suddenly
FEDER, Johann 77y 11 Jan 1899 Feder, Georg LAUTERBACH, Cunigunda From Poppendorf, Bavaria, Germany
FEDER, Joseph Infant 7 Nov 1873 Feder, Johann HESS, Victoria
FEDER, Mary Amanda 5 Sep 1862 PFIFFNER, Not listed Feder, Joseph A. She was the first to be buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. She was born in Ridge Prairie, Caseyville TWP, married 10 Oct 1882 in Belleville. She is survived by 4 sons and 2 dau. See complete obit on p39 of book.
FEDER, Mrs. Victoria 66y 6 Mar 1898 HESS, Peter FISKLER, Magdalena Feder, John
FEIST, Eleonora Henrietta Infant 20 Oct 1899 Feist, Michael PANTHER, Marianne
FEIST, Frank 86y 9m 31 Dec 1937 DENT, Mary Agnes (Deceased) From Caseyville Twp., IL
FEIST, Infant nb 1903 Feist, Michael PANTHER, Maria
FEIST, Maria Agnes 30 Sep 1862 9 Mar 1929
FEIST, Sebastian Clemens Infant Sep 1904 Feist, Michael PANTHER, Maria
FEIST, Wendelin Joseph 3m 12 Jul 1893 Feist, Michael PANTER, Maria Anna
FISCHER, Alexander 81y 28 Nov 1952
FISHER, Gerald Edward 2y 6m 16 Sep 1944 Fisher, Fred FRENCH, Florence Buried in College Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, IL
FISHER, Julia 74y 8 Apr 1955 Fisher, Alex (Deceased)
FLANAGAN, Maria 23 Jan 1877 Flanagan, Hugo BURNES, Brigitta Flanagan, Fritz
FOY, Martha 35y 6 Jul 1917 MURPHY, Not listed Foy, Thomas Mother of 11 children – 5 alive and 6 dead
FRANKE, Leroy Joseph 20y 11m 11 May 1942 Franke, Joseph MALACARNE, Eleanore
FRANKE, Louis 84y 7m 3 Apr 1942 Not listed, Anna Died in French Village, IL
FRIEDERICH, Allan E. 27y 3m 24 Jul 1943 Friederich, Marcel SCHEIBEL, Not listed Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Mascoutah, IL
FRIEDERICH, Elizabeth 42y 7m 2 May 1950 Friederich, Marcel SCHEIBEL, Elizabeth Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Mascoutah, IL
FRIEDERICH, Roy Edward 8 Sep 1928 Died in a car accident at #12 Midland Trail. Buried in Mascoutah, IL
FUNCKE, Arthur J. 41y 3m 6 Oct 1946 Funcke, Andrew (Deceased) BOSSLER, Matilda Buried in Mt. Hope in Belleville, IL
GAESBACH, Edward 16y 29 Nov 1872 Gaesbach, Joseph
GAESBACH, Peter Joseph 88y 28 Nov 1882 From Paderborn Westphalia
GASS, Bertha 26y 5 Mar 1939 Gass, Louis STRUBE, Emma Disappeared 27 Feb 1939 & body found 8 Apr 1939. Death date is approximate. Buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Belleville, IL
GEORGE, Balbina 72y 30 Jun 1953 George, Henry (Deceased)
GEORGE, Henry 66y 31 May 1941 SCHEIBEL, Balbina
GERARDI, Arnold 31y 23 May 1953 Girardi, Frank FEIST, Christine
GERARDI, Catharina 16 Jan 1842 20 Mar 1922 HAAS, John FEDER, Barbara Born in Poppendorf, Bavaria. Buried in Trenton, IL
GERARDI, Eleanor 10-Dec-07 14y 24 Oct 1921 Gerardi, Joseph COLLIGNON, Eleanora She died of blood loss after being hit by a train that was backing up as she crossed the tracks. See article on p39 of burial book.
GERARDI, Frank 78y 4 Jan 1954 FEIST, Christine
GERARDI, Joseph 78y 4m 3 Apr 1947 COLLIGNON, Eleanor Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Trenton, IL
GERST, Anton 45y 23 Oct 1879
GERST, Clara 4 Dec 1876 Gerst, Anton HAUSMANN, Barbara
GESHWENDER, John nb 23 Apr 1938 Geshwender, ? BECHTLOFFT, Mildred
GRADEL, Andrew 51y 17 Oct 1877 From Buchenbach, Bavaria
GREENER, Arthur 15 Feb 1917 2 Mar 1917 Greener, George BECHERER, Prasedis Parents don’t attend church.
GREINER, Anna (Widow) 77y 21 Jan 1909 URBAN, Not listed Greiner, Thomas (Deceased)
GRIECHUS, John 79y 1m 1 Jul 1944 Died in East St. Louis, IL
GROSS, Susan L. 63y 31 May 1953 Gross, Ed
GRUENDER, Catharine 68y 30 May 1926 Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Trenton, IL
HAMM, Catharine Maria 80y 4m 15 Mar 1935 KRAEMER, Not listed Hamm, Philipp (Deceased) Buried in College Hill Cemetery
HAMM, Philipp 18 Jul 1850 3 Feb 1925 Buried in College Hill Cemetery
HARDER, Raphael 1y 6 May 1902 Harder, Gottlieb SCHMITT, Pauline
HART, Rachiel 2y 27 Jun 1881 Hart, Enoch O’CONNEL, Maria
HARTER, Gertrude 60y 3m 3 Jun 1950 Harter, Ed
HARTER, Grace 21y 2d 23 Jan 1918 VEATCH, Not listed Harter, Lawrence She died after giving birth. She was from Lebanon and the family lived in Collinsville, IL
HARTER, Pauline 43y 3 Jan 1911 SCHMITT, Valentin FERRENBACHER, Genevieve
HARVEY, Anna Infant 21 Aug 1880 Harvey, William KILDUFF, Margaretha
HARVEY, Jane 7y 17 Sep 1878 Harvey, William KILLDURF, Margaretha
HARVEY, Johann 17 Sep 1874 Harvey, William KILLDURF, Margaretha
HELFRICH, Mary 75y 9 Jun 1953 Helfrich, John
HEMMEN, Helena 70y 9 Mar 1902 BRUNDIES, Not listed Hemmen, Herman From Hannover, Germany
HEMMEN, Henry Infant 10 Jul 1900 Hemmen, Herman GASTON, Sarah
HEMMEN, Herman 54y 16 Nov 1884 Hemmen, John Herman PLAMBURG, Maria Gesina
HEMMEN, Infant 19 Oct 1872 Hemmen, Herman BRUNDIERS, Helena
HEMMEN, Maria Infant 16 Jun 1872 Hemmen, Herman BRUNDIERS, Helena
HEMMER, Catharina Maria 14 Feb 1874 14 Sep 1925 RICHARD, Not listed GEROLD, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
HEMMER, Infant 12 Feb 1920 13 Feb 1920 Hemmer, Albert SONNENBERG, Elizabeth
HEMMER, John (Melvin) 3 Sep 1917 10 Jan 1920 Hemmer, Albert SONNENBERG, Elizabeth
HEMMER, Julia sb 1 Nov 1941 Hemmer, Nicolaus FOURNIE, Loretta
HEMMER, Julia Ann 87y 5m 21 Sep 1946 Hemmer, Peter (Deceased)
HEMMER, Leo 16y 12 Jan 1916 Hemmer, Peter Did not have full possession of mental faculties.
HEMMER, Loretta 42y 19 Jul 1942 FOURNIE, Not listed Hemmer, Nicolaus
HEMMER, Nicholas 75y 28 Jan 1955 FOURNIE, Loretta
HEMMER, Peter W. 84y 8m 20 Dec 1936 QUIGLEY, Julia (Deceased)
HEMMER, Severin Joseph Infant 26 May 1913 Hemmer, Nicolaus RICHARD, Catharina
HEMPE, Anna Gertrude 68y 1m 26 Apr 1936 BOHLSEN, Not listed Hempe, William W.
HERBSTREIT, Ruth Ann 14d 1 Jan 1937 Herbstreit, Frank HERZING, Alvina
HESS, Magdalena 78y 19 Jun 1878 FICKLER, Not listed
HEUMANN, Infant nb 23 Oct 1905 Heumann, John STOCK, Martha
HEUMANN, John 18 Aug 1868 7 Feb 1925 Heumann, Peter KUHLMANN, Barbara Born in Bavaria. Buried in Mt. Calvary.
HILDENBRAND, John 58y 31 Jan 1892 Hildenbrand, John Ignatius HEIM, Magdalena Would be 59y on 3 April 1892
HODAPP, Cyril J. 30 Apr 1928 Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
HÖFFLICH (Hoefflich), Joseph 57y 2 Jan 1886 He was a widower. Died near the town of Alma & he could be 65y
HÖFFLÖCH (Hoeffloch), Sophia 45y 30 Mar 1882 LANDWEHR, Not listed Hoeffloch, Joseph
HOGAN, John M. 64y 5m 2 Apr 1947 Hogan, James (Deceased) MUEKAN, Margaret (Deceased)
HOHREIN, Amalia 7y 7 Sep 1894 Hohrein, John EBERHARDT, Christine Lotte
HOHREIN, Anna Maria 66y 20 May 1883 FINK, George Hohrein, Michael From Lauterbach, Baden
HOHREIN, Caspar 75y 5m 7 Nov 1950 KROEN, Mary
HOHREIN, Clara Margaret Infant 13 Apr 1888 Hohrein, Johann FINK, Maria
HOHREIN, Clarence William 18 Apr 1921 24 Sep 1921 Hohrein, Louis BENEDICT, Alberta
HOHREIN, Jacob Infant 18 Oct 1872 Hohrein, Johann FINK, Anna Maria
HOHREIN, Jacob 2y 1 Apr 1883 Hohrein, Jacob SIEKMANN, Maria
HOHREIN, Joan Ann 18h 30 Oct 1942 Hohrein, John BUGGER, Henrietta Died in Black Jack
HOHREIN, John Infant 27 Feb 1879 Hohrein, Johann EBERHARD, Maria Elisabeth
HOHREIN, John B. 4 May 1848 28 Jan 1929 Born in Baden, Germany
HOHREIN, Louisa 24 Jul 1874 Hohrein, Johann FINK, Maria
HOHREIN, Maria 60y 4 May 1913 FINK, Not listed Hohrein, John Died of meningitis
HOHREIN, Maria 12 Dec 1925 HEMMER, Not listed Buried in Mt. Calvary
HOHREIN, Maria Elisabeth 30y 7 Nov 1878 EBERHARD, Leonhard NEUHEUSLER, Catharina
HOHREIN, Mary 78y 20 Apr 1953 Hohrein, Caspar (Deceased)
HOHREIN, Michael 55y 25 May 1872
HOHREIN, Raymond Nicolaus 21 Feb 1919 28 Jun 1923 Horein, Henry HEMMER, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
HOHREIN, Victor John 30y 2m 18 Apr 1935 HERSTEIN, Stella From Mascoutah Twp., IL
HOTZ, Captain Edward 26 Mar 1926 5 May 1953 Hotz, Sr., Edward C. SMITH, Julia MCCULLOM, Barbara Buried in Mt. Hope in Belleville, IL
HUBER, Elizabeth 62y 10m 17 Jul 1943 Huber, Joseph
HULLER, Edward Francis 22y 3m 3d 30 Nov 1921 Huller, William HILDENBRANDT, Anna Died of blood poisoning after having a tooth filled.
HULLER, Nik John 63y 10m 8 Aug 1938 OBERNUEFEMANN, Louisa
HULLER, William 47y 25 Apr 1915
HUMMEL, Grover 47y 15 Apr 1932 TODD, Nora Born and buried in New Baden, IL
IHLE, Carl 68y 23 Feb 1879 From Baden, Germany
IHLE, Maria Louise 13 Jun 1872 Ihle, Joseph BAGGY, Maria Anna
JOFFEN, Clara 52y 11m 7 Feb 1945 Joffen, August
KAUFMANN, Elisabeth 27 Jan 1855 26 Jan 1923 Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
KERN, Juliana 66y 17 Apr 1879 SCHAUFFLER, Anton LORENZ, Anna
KILLDURF, John Sep 1874 Killdurf, Patrick MACKEN, Maria
KIRGAN, Mary (Widow) 75y 12 Apr 1909 LOUIS, Not listed Kirgan, Simeon (Deceased)
KIRGAN, Simeon 84y 25 Jan 1904 From Kentucky
KLAUS, Catharina 25 Aug 1865 2 Oct 1920 GRAS, Not listed Klaus, August
KLEIN, Louis 48y 6m 22 Aug 1940 SEIBERT, Louanne (Lorraine?)
KLEIN, Nicolaus 8 May 1866 23 Mar 1922 Klein, Nicolaus ROTH, Anna Maria Born in Paderborn, IL. Died of stomach cancer.
KLORER, Amanda Florina 5y 2 Aug 1888 Klorer, Joseph NEUNER, Louisa The last name is best guess
KLORER, Bertha Louisa 10y 13 Jul 1888 Klorer, Joseph NEUNER, Louisa The last name is best guess
KNAUER, Catharina 71y 10m 21 Oct 1904 HOFFMANN, Not listed Knauer (Deceased)
KORICH, John sb 19 Jun 1938 Korich, John SMOVICK, Lucy From Caseyville Twp., IL
KREHEN, Barbara 27 Nov 1885 BECKER, John EBERLEIN, Catharina From Weingarten, Bavaria
KREHEN, Eva 33y 19 Aug 1881 SPENGLER, Johann ERHARD, Eva Krehen, Martin
KREHEN, Johann Infant 6 Sep 1873 Krehen, Martin SPENGLER, Eva
KREHEN, Michael 65y 12 Nov 1876 From Rheinpfalz, Bavaria
KREINER, Peter 80y 27 Apr 1900
KROEN, Margaretha 51y 3 Apr 1902 GANTERT, Martin KIME, Agnes Kroen, Martin (Deceased) From Baden, Germany
KROEN, Martin 1847 13 Dec 1928 Born in Rheinphalz, Germany, Died in St. Louis, MO, buried in O’Fallon, IL
KUEHN, Marcel 65y 20 Aug 1952 MEYER, Mary
KUEHN, Russell 27y 11m 28 Feb 1943 Kuehn, Marcel Not listed, Mary Reburied 19 Jun 1948 from military cemetery on Guadalcanal in S. Pacific.
KURTZ, Infant sb 6 Oct 1950 Kurtz, George RENO, Leona
KURTZ, Roger Joseph 8y 6 Jun 1956 Kurtz, George RENO, Leona
LAMPE, Adolph 32y 7m 15 Oct 1945 Not listed, Lillian
LAMPE, Herman R. 64y 10m 7 Jul 1947 LAGER, Theresa
LAMPE, Patricia Marlene 5m 24 Feb 1939 LAMPE, Lucille Child is illegitimate
LANDGRAF, Johann 46y 10 Feb 1885 Landgraf, Johann HEIM, Elisabeth Died in a Belleville Hospital
LANGER, Amalia 30 Aug 1841 2 Nov 1924 Born in Goclnitz, Hungary. Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery
LEAKE, Othmar 24y 7m 19 Dec 1936 Leake, Fred GRUENER, Catherine
LEHMAN, Gordon James 14 Feb 1926 29 Jan 1928 Lehman, Gordon SCHMITT, Linda
LEMMERS, Josephine 65y 22 Jul 1915 Lemmers is her 4th husband, otherwise known as Mrs. HARTMANN
LEONARD, Elisabeth 23 Apr 1857 24 Nov 1915 Leonard, Henry
LETEMPT, Anna Mary 72y 8m 18 Dec 1950 Le Tempt, Emanuel
LEWIS, Infant (Grover?) 23 Feb 1924 nb 23 Feb 1924 Lewis, Grover C. L. HEMMER, Not listed Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
LEWIS, Pat. H. 20y 2m 17 Jul 1945 Lewis, Grover HEMMER, Jane Reburied 10 Nov 1948 from military cemetery on in Soleis, France
LISCH, Bertha Anna 77y 1m 13 May 1951 FEUCHT, Charles BALL, Anna Mary Lisch, John (Deceased) Died in St. Vincent’s Home in Belleville, IL
LISCH, John 6 Apr 1928 Died in an insane asylum in Alton, IL
LORENZ, George 21 Jul 1899 5 Nov 1924 Lorenz, Nicolaus TOBIN, Maria Died in Rawlins, WY
LORENZ, Patrick 4m 14 Dec 1904 Lorenz, Nicolaus TOBIN, Maria
LOUIS, Anna Mary 82y 3m 21 May 1942 Louis, Frank (Deceased)
LOUIS, Caroline 74y 17 Mar 1956 Louis, John Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Bellville, IL
LOUIS, Edward Melchior 4y 2m 29 Jan 1936 Louis, Joseph GEORGE, Christina
LOUIS, Lillian 55y 9 Dec 1941 Louis, Julius Buried in Green Mount Cemetery
LOVE, Henry 27 Jul 1898 10 Nov 1918 Love, Benjamin OBERNUEFEMANN, Anna Died in Bello, France; buried 1 Aug 1921 in St. Clare Cemetery
LOYET, Cyrill Philipp 29 May 1920 28 Dec 1920 Loyet, Robert PETRY, Barbara
LUNCEFORD, Rosetta 7m 26 Dec 1917 Lunceford, Charles UTECHTT, Katherine Family is new to the church. Two ages given – 10d and 7m.
LUZE, Anna Maria 2y 13 May 1871 Luze, George FEED, Elisa
LYNCH, James 8y 2 Dec 1914 Lynch, John Not listed, Sarah Shot by accident by his father on 29 Nov while hunting.
MACKIN, Catharina Anna Infant 26 Aug 1873 Mackin, Thomas LINSKY, Catharina
MACKIN, Catharina Anna 76y 20 Nov 1911 LINSKY, Not listed Mackin, Thomas
MACKIN, Peter 1804 86y 17 Aug 1890 Mackin, Patrick CARRIER, Elisabeth Born in Monoham, Ireland
MACKIN, Thomas 87y 9d 13 Aug 1917
MAIBES, Maria 4 Sep 1858 1 Apr 1923 TRAGESSER, Michael TRAGESSER, Rosalia Died in the Baptist Hospital in St. Louis. Buried in Trenton, IL
MARSCHALEK, Francisca 83y 15 Aug 1879 From Bohemia
MARTIN, Barbara Margaret Infant 5 Jan 1889 Martin, John WAHL, Sophia
MARTIN, Catharina Infant 24 Aug 1873 Martin, Georg WAGNER, Catharina
MARTIN, Catharina 71y 4 Oct 1913 WAGNER, Not listed Martin, George (Deceased)
MARTIN, Francis 27y 16 May 1906 Martin, George WAGNER, Catharina HEMMER, Louisa
MARTIN, George 73y 4 Mar 1912 From Fishbach, Elsas, Germany
MARTIN, Hilda 14y 2 May 1913 Martin, John POIGNEE, Maria Died of meningitis
MARTIN, John G. 2 Jul 1861 11 Feb 1923 Martin, George WAGNER, Catharina
MARTIN, Mary 93y 18 Sep 1955 Martin, John G. (Deceased)
MARTIN, Miss Elisabeth 79y 6m 10 Aug 1947 Martin, George WAGNER, Catharina
MATTEA, Casimir Enrico 63y 4m 12 Feb 1942 CODA, Julia
MAYER, Helen Agnes 3m 22 Aug 1917 Mayer, Joseph SONNENBURG, M.
MAYER, J. Virgil Joseph 17 Feb 1921 30 Sep 1925 Mayer, Joseph SONNENBERG, Magdalena Died in Chicago, IL
MAYER, Katherine 1 Nov 1844 3 Dec 1917 Mayer, Carl (Deceased)
MCCUNE, Peter 71y 1m 7 May 1940 HILDENBRANDT, Elizabeth
MCGRATH, Clara 73y 6m 5 Mar 1945 Mc Grath, Philip (Deceased)
MCGRATH, Philipp Thomas 66y 11m 30 Jan 1936 MAYER, Clara
MCKARTY, Edward 65y 3 Aug 1880 From Ireland
MCKAY, Edward Vincent 20 Feb 1918 CRORKIN, Mary Died in St. Mary’s Hospital of East St. Louis, IL. Family didn’t attend church.
MCMANEMY, Cecelia (Nina) 22 Aug 1888 10 Feb 1922 PENNINGTON, Jero? WILLIAMSON, Nancy
MCNULTY, Edward 3 Jan 1862 1 Jan 1921
MCNULTY, Rose 83y 13 Oct 1956
MEINKOTH, Charles F. 70y 10m 27 Sep 1944 Not listed, Catherine
MEISTER, Sr., Francis Joseph 16 Sep 1877 From Baden
MENGING, Henry J. 57y 27 Apr 1955 DEERHAKE, Ann
MERSSINGER, Philippina 83y 11 May 1877 SCHROEDER, Not listed
MERSSINGER, Sr., Johann 83y 12 Apr 1877 From Bavaria
MERSSINGER, Valentin 14 Dec 1870 Merssinger, Johann SCHROEDER, Philippina
MEYER, Anna Catharina   58y 12 Jul 1932
MEYER, Anna Maria 31 Aug 1875 BRENDEL, Not listed
MEYER, Anna Mildred Infant 18 Jul 1913 Meyer, Carl
MEYER, Carl 32y 12 Apr 1914 Married
MEYER, Catherine 78y 3m 30 Jan 1943 Meyer, Peter
MEYER, Charles 64y 27 Mar 1902 Meyer, Nicolaus Not listed, Margaretha Married in St. Clare Church in 1868. Came from Baden, Germany.
MEYER, Johann 24y 15 Jun 1873
MEYER, Jr., Walter G. 17y 10m 6 Mar 1949 Meyer, Walter J. MIDDENDORF, Catherine
MEYER, Peter 85y 4m 25 Feb 1947 RENSING, Catherine (Deceased)
MEYER, Walter 24 Sep 1888 19 Dec 1923 Meyer, George Died in Belleville, IL
MINOR, Jesse Helen 48y 2m 23 May 1952 Minor, Sr., James V.
MODRY, Charles   28 May 1928 From St. Louis; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL. Buried in Mt Calvary
MODRY, Mary 85y 1m 7 Nov 1941 Unmarried From Trenton, IL
MOERGEN, Frank 78y 1m 2 Jul 1938 Not married From Caseyville Twp., IL
MOERGEN, Gertrude 10 Jun 1829 17 Dec 1893 HOLTMANN, John JAGETHOR, Catharina From Westphalia, Germany
MOERGEN, Helena 19 Apr 1868 15 May 1899 Moergen, Jacob HOLTMANN, Gertrude
MOERGEN, Herman 41y 27 Oct 1910 Moergen, Jacob HOLTMANN, Gertrude Not married He was murdered
MOERGEN, Jacob 28 Dec 1828 10 Nov 1894 Born in Hesborn (Sauerland) Westphalia
MOERGEN, John 2 Apr 1863 12 Aug 1923 Moergen, Jacob (From Germany) HOLTMANN, Gertrude (From Germany) Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL
MOERGEN, Theodore Joseph 9 Mar 1859   10 Jan 1916 SEIBEL, Anna K. Died at St. Vincent’s Hospital ion Belleville, IL
MOLLES, Andrew 25 Feb 1840 1 Oct 1926 Born in Flums, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Died in St. Louis, MO
MOLLES, Anna Maria 66y 24 Apr 1877 NEIER, Not listed
MONKEN, Caroline 83y 3m 29 Jan 1936 GUESHAUSE, Not listed Monken, John (Deceased)
MOOR, Magdalena 37y 19 Jan 1902 RASP, Martin VIRGON, Veronica Moor, Carl
MOORE, Charles 40y 7 Dec 1902 Moore, Riston A. DUNCAN, Sarah Anna
MOORE, Walter 34y 13 Nov 1893 Born in America; married
MOORE, Walter F. 17 Apr 1918 GARNER, Mary Found dead in Rooseberry Hotel. His parents came from Memphis, TN for funeral.
MORGAN, Katherine 43y 3m 3 Aug 1947 Morgan, Warren Died in St. Louis, MO
MORGAN, Susanna 2 Jul 1858 4 Sep 1926 WADEL, Not listed Buried in Mt. Calvary
MORGENSTERN, Catharina S. 2 Nov 1884 Jan 1916 Morgenstern, Francis From New Baden, IL. Died of child bed fever (peritonitis)at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Belleville, IL
MORGENSTERN, Francis J. 44y 7 May 1921 Morgenstern, Francis SIEDLER, Catharine
MOTZIGEMBA, Anton 79y 7m 9 Jan 1946 KRAFIZKY, Rosalie
MUELLER, Amalia 30 Oct 1900 BERNUM, Johann RINOH, Maria Mueller, Georg
MUELLER, Francis 26y 23 Apr 1873 Mueller, Franz Adam Not listed, Sibilla
MUELLER, Joseph 27 Jul 1835 28 Aug 1919 Born in Meltz, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. A member of St. Michael in St. Louis, MO.
MUELLER, Regina 11 Mar 1885 PFIFFNER, Alexander SCHNEIDER, Barbara   From Oberlander, Canton St. Gallen Switzerland
MUELLER, Seraphina 25 Nov 1843 16 Dec 1922 BUEHLER, Not listed Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL
MUELLER, Sr., George 71y 10m 22 Feb 1935 FEICHT, Barbara
MUNIE, George 88y 8 Feb 1956 Not listed, Lena
MUNIER, Anna 79y 11 Mar 1915 HESS, Not listed Munier, Hiazinth
MUNIER, Anna 75y 11m 12 Jul 1950 Munier, Peter (Deceased)
MUNIER, Hyacinth 16 Jun 1827 28 Nov 1918 HESS, Anna (Deceased) Born in Alsace Lorraine. Died in St. Elisabeth Hospital in Belleville. Was an old trustee who had fallen off.
MUNIER, John 83y 9m 6 Mar 1944 KRAUSE, Stella
MUNIER, Louis 84y 11m 31 Jan 1941 He was a bachelor
MUNIER, Peter 83y 9 Jun 1950 BUGGER, Anna
MUSSO, Anna Maria Infant 21 Jul 1900 Musso, Giorgio BASOLO, Theresa
NAIL, Janice sb 23 Apr 1939 Nail, Edward BOND, Nancy
NEFF, August 63y 2 Mar 1956 Not listed, Margaret (Deceased) Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO
NEUNER, John 28 Dec 1859 31 Oct 1926 Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
OBERNUEFEMANN, David 64y 4m 7 Nov 1947 Not listed, Ida
OBERNUEFEMANN, Edith Katherine 4 Sep 1916 3 Jan 1929 Obernuefemann, Louis
OBERNUEFEMANN, Elisabetha Infant 2 Aug 1879 Obernuefemann, Henry THOMAN, Maria
OBERNUEFEMANN, Frank 87y 3m 27 Mar 1942 Not listed, Catherine (Deceased)
OBERNUEFEMANN, Henry 15 Dec 1844 21 Feb 1928
OBERNUEFEMANN, Infant Infant 25 Apr 1885 Obernuefemann, Henry THOMAN, Maria
OBERNUEFEMANN, Joseph 71y 4m 24 Apr 1947 BECHTLOFFT, Mary
OBERNUEFEMANN, Joseph Anthony 22 Feb 1923 24 Dec 1924 Obernuefemann, David BUGGER, Ida Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
OBERNUEFEMANN, Katharina 75y 11 Apr 1932 From St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Calvary
OBERNUEFEMANN, Louis 57y 20 Feb 1953 LOYET, Clara
OBERNUEFEMANN, Mary Ann 3 Nov 1853 26 Apr 1918 Obernuefemann, Henry (A trustee)
OBERNUEFEMANN, Michael 70y 2 Apr 1955 FAUSZ, Anna
OBERNUEFEMANN, Raphael Joseph 2 Sep 1920 9 May 1921 Obernuefemann, Michael FAUST, Anna
O’BREIN, Dennis 81y 4 Sep 1927 Buried in St. Thomas Cemetery in Vincennes, IN
O’BRIEN, Margaret 60y 4m 12 Aug 1940 O’Brien, James From Breese, IL
OGLE, Doshia 68y 2m 15 Jan 1951 Ogle, Albert (Deceased) KNAUER, Louise (Deceased)
OGLE, Louisa 73y 19 Jan 1931 KNAUER, John Not listed, Catharine Ogle, Albert W. (Non-Catholic) (Ex-husband?) Died suddenly at home in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt. Calvary
O’HAIR, Maria 59y 6 Jul 1899 BURNS, Not listed
O’HARE, Michael 74y 12 Feb 1901
OHL, Catharina 28 Jan 1879 KERN, Not listed Ohl, William
OLLENDORF, Eleonora 9m 3 Jul 1902 Ollendorf, John BUECHLE, Helena
O’NEAL, Maria 42y 27 Feb 1907 CUMMINGS, John Not listed, Angela O’Neal, Patrick
O’NEILL, William James 8 Dec 1883 7 Jul 1918 Born in Girard, IL; died at Fort Dodge, IA. Two children stay at Mrs. Thora ADCOX.
OREA, Maria 15 Aug 1850 7 Feb 1922 GENTNER, Not listed (Sortilega!) – She was a fortune teller.
OULVEY, Charles J. 65y 2m 14 Jan 1946 THOUVENOT, Elizabeth (Deceased) Died in East St. Louis, IL. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery
OULVEY, Elizabeth 58y 27 Oct 1940 Oulvey, Charles From Caseyville Twp., IL. Buried in Holy Cross
OURS, Margaretha 73y 22 Jan 1899 HESS, Peter FIEDLER, Magdalena Buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery
OURSCHEL, Gregory 13 Oct 1874 Ourschel, Nicolaus HESS, Louisa
OURSCHELL, Maria Louisa 53y 6 Sep 1882 HESS, Peter FICKLER, Magdalena Ourschell, Nicolaus
OWENS, William Louis 14 Jun 1921 18 Jun 1921 Owens, Henry MAYER, Catharine
PAGE, William 69y 11m 29 Sep 1937
PATRITTI, Andrew Infant 5 Nov 1884 Patritti, Jacob GRASSER, Margaret
PEACH, Margaret Mary 68y 10m 28 Jan 1951 HOHREIN, John B. FINK, Mary Peach, Samuel J.
PEACH, Quito E. 36y 1 Jul 1930 Peach, Samuel SAUTER, Louisa Died in a hospital in Dixon, IL of epilepsy
PERRY, Dennis William sb 21 Jun 1950 Perry, Anthony PATTON, Helen
PETRAITIS, John 11 Jul 1870 11 Apr 1922 Buried on Good Friday in Mt. Carmel Cemetery near Edgemont, IL
PFEIFER, Josef 5 Aug 1916 Pfeifer, Anton Divorced Came from Quincy, IL; died of blood poisoning. Buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Belleville, IL
PFEIFFER, Alto F. 62y 6 Dec 1952 Pfeiffer, Anton SCHMISSUER, Mary Ann FEDER, Estella Buried in Green Mount Cemetery
PFIFFNER, Alexander 61y 21 Jun 1905 Pfiffner, Anton PFIFFNER, Maria Buried in Highland, IL
PFIFFNER, Anna 68y 9m 28 Aug 1950 Pfiffner, Henry Not listed, Elizabeth
PFIFFNER, Anna Maria 6y Feb 1875 Pfiffner, Nicolaus Not listed (Pfiffner), Maria
PFIFFNER, Elizabeth 82y 9m 17 Nov 1936 Pfiffner, Henry (Deceased)
PFIFFNER, Henry 78y 11m 9 Jul 1934 RIGET, Elizabeth
PFIFFNER, Maria 12 Nov 1834 1 Mar 1923 ALBRECHT, Not listed
PFIFFNER, Nicolaus 80y 10 Sep 1913 From Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland
PIERON, Anton 49y 14 Jan 1886 Pieron, Christopher SCHROEDER, Elisabeth From Bavaria
PIERON, Augusta 74y 11m 20 Aug 1950 Pieron, Phil P. (Deceased)
PIERON, Elisabeth (Widow) 77y 22 Jun 1907 CHRISTMANN, Not listed
PIERON, Francis 1832   22 Apr 1896 Pieron, Christopher SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Born in Weinsheim, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria. Came to America in 1854. Was a soldier in the Civil War for 3y 6m
PIERON, Henry Infant 29 Nov 1885 Pieron, Peter KERN, Louisa Died of swelling from water.
PIERON, John P. 70y 18 Mar 1950 HEINE, Augusta
PIERON, Peter 25y 22 Aug 1911 Pieron, Peter KERN, Louisa He drowned.
PIERRON, Bernard 60y 8m 4 Aug 1945 His sister is Louise Pieron
PIERRON, Frank 6y 30 Dec 1915 Age is a guess. Date is burial date. Killed by something made of iron while coming from Iowa.
PIERRON, Louisa 76y 23 Jul 1930 KERN, Ignatius SCHAUFLER, Juliana Pierron, Peter
PLATZ, Kenneth Phil sb 9 Jan 1951 Platz, Not listed YAEGER, Margaret
POELKER, Herman 56y 5m 12 Apr 1940
POIGNEE, Anna Maria 73y 10 Aug 1878 KEMPF, Not listed
POIGNEE, Francis 19y 17 Aug 1901 Poignèe, John WACHTER, Maria Died in a St. Louis hospital after an intestinal operation.
POIGNEE, George 70y 4m 22 Aug 1934 WIRSHING, Clara
POIGNEE, Harold 7y 15d 26 May 1917 Poignèe, George Family is from St. Louis, MO
POIGNEE, Henry C. 50y 22 Feb 1935 CORBIER, Bessie
POIGNEE, John C. 74y 8 Aug 1930 Poignee, Francis DAHN, Selma WACHTER, Maria
POIGNEE, Mary 86y 10m 7 Mar 1944 Poignee, John (Deceased)
POIGNEE, Mrs. Clara 68y 4m 10 Jul 1939 WIRSCHING, Not listed Poignee, George (Deceased)
POIGNEE, Salome Elisabeth 5 Nov 1895 24 Jun 1896 Poignee, George WIRSCHING, Clara
POLITES, John 40y 7m 14 Aug 1949 CRANE, Mary Died of suicide by drowning in Rochester, NY. Buried in Mt. Carmel in Belleville, IL
POVILAITIS, Clemens 80y 9m 20 Apr 1951 SABALESKI, Agatha
POWELL, Anthony William (Rector) 13 Jun 1878 7 Dec 1930 Powell, A. W. From Rotterdam, Holland. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL of an enlarged heart.
PROFFITT, Leslie Evert 26y 3m 2 Sep 1951 Proffitt, Sr., Leslie Evert BECHERER, Eva
QUICKLY, Ellen (Widow) 73y 21 Oct 1913 WHALEN, Not listed
RAFFEL, Adam 31y 25 Jul 1906 Raffel, John BECKER, Barbara
RAFFEL, Jacob 23 Oct 1879
RAFFEL, John 24 Feb 1839 15 Jul 1921
RAFFEL, John 80y 8 Sep 1952 MUNIER, Rose
RAFFEL, MERSSINGER, Thecla 54y 5 Apr 1888 NOLTE, Carl HAMMER, Magdalena She was married twice? From Baden, Germany
RAFFEL, Rose 26 Feb 1874 79y 26 Oct 1953 Raffel, John (Deceased)
RASP, Martin 6 Jul 1899 Rasp, Martin OCOTHAR (?), Elisabeth From Reppendorf, Bavaria
RASP, Mary Julia 84y 11 Apr 1952 Rasp, Victor (Deceased)
RASP, Oscar 5 Dec 1899 17 Dec 1923 Rasp, Martin SCHAEFER, Catharina Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
RASP, Veronica (Widow) 81y 21 Nov 1909 VIRGON, Not listed
RASP, Victor 82y 6m 20 May 1948 AMANN, Mary
RATTEL, Barbara 85y 27 Jul 1931 BECKER, Not listed Died at home in St. Louis, MO
REAKA, Frances 49y 9m 5 Jul 1942 Reaka, Henry Died in Caseyville Twp., IL
REAKE, Aurelia Eulalia 24 May 1909 26 Feb 1912 Reake, Friederich GRUENER, Catharina
REAKE, Erwin Infant 20 Apr 1911 Reake, Friederich GRUENER, Catharina
REGIS, Joseph 67y 11m 24 Dec 1945 ANTOHNI, Mary
REGIS, Mary 62y 2 Jul 1955 Regis, Joseph (Deceased) Died in Chicago, IL
REINHARD, Anna 66y 23 Jul 1904 DECKER, Not listed Reinhard, Matthew From Rheinpfalz, Germany
REINHARD, Matthew 73y 1911 From Rheinpfalz, Germany. No month listed. Died on 29th between Aug and Nov 1911. Died under ground.
REINHARD, Matthew 4 Apr 1875 14 Feb 1920 Reinhard, Matthew DECKER, Anna Died in an Alton, IL hospital – insane.
REINMANN, Anton 63y 10 Sep 1905 Reinmann, Anton Not listed, Eleonora ENGERT, Catharina From Wuertenberg, Germany
RENO, (Marvin) Victor 19 Sep 1927 27 Oct 1927 Reno, Eugene RASP, Flora Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
RENO, Anna sb 2 Apr 1938 Reno, Eugene The child was stillborn.
REPPEL, Elmer 23y 18 Oct 1913 Died in St. Louis, MO
RHEINHARD, Matthias 15 Sep 1877 Rheinhard, Matthias DECKER, Anna
RICHARD, Elisabeth 17y 6 Nov 1898 Richard, Henry GEROLD, Maria
RICHARD, George 21y 4 Feb 1897 Richard, Henry GEROLD, Maria
RICHARD, Henry 69y 20 Jan 1913 From Eshweiler, Alsace Lorraine
RICHARD, Mary Ann 93y 3m 3 Apr 1939 Richard, Henry (Deceased) From Collinsville, IL
RICHARD, Vincent Aloysius 2y 31 Jul 1888 Richard, Henry GEROLD, Maria
RIEGET, Elisabeth 21 Jan 1870 BUHLER, Not listed
RIGET, Anton 91y 28 Aug 1878 From Schanis Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland
RINO, Josephina 16y 1 Feb 1876 Rino, Anton SCHILD, Margaretha
RINO, Julius Infant 22 Feb 1885 Rino, Anton SEIBERT, Ellen
RINO, Margaretha 20 Oct 1876 SCHILD, Not listed Rino, Anton
RINO, Nicolaus 42y 29 Nov 1883 Rino, Louis HEMMER, Susanna Born in America
RINO, Susanna 79y 10 Nov 1891 HEMMER, Friederich BOGGY, Magdalena From Lorraine, Germany
RITGERS, Mrs. Anna 6 Jan 1919 Died at the Insane Asylum in Anna, IL. Date is burial date.
RITZERT, Henry 73y 4m 10 Dec 1941 WEIL, Anna (Deceased)
RITZHEIMER, Albert Peter 3 Feb 1914 6 Apr 1920 Ritzheimer, Howard PLETCHER, Catharine Died of spasms
RITZHEIMER, Catherine 25 Jul 1889 21 May 1953 PLETCHER, John SPECHT, Mary Ritzheimer, Howard (Deceased) Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL
RITZHEIMER, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1928
RITZHEIMER, Howard J. 65y 11m 9 Sep 1951 PLETCHER, Catherine
RITZHEIMER, Ottilia 6 Jan 1893 27 Feb 1925 Ritzheimer, Peter
RITZHEIMER, Peter 68y 7m 22d 17 Jan 1927
RITZHEIMER, Walter August 30y 26 Sep 1933 Died in Koch Hospital in St. Louis, MO
RONCHETTA, Anna 22 Jun 1912 24 Dec 1926 Died in Lincoln, IL
RONCHETTO, Josephina 25 Nov 1871 24 Aug 1920 MUSSO, Not listed Ronchetto, Francis Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RONKETTO, Frank G. 1863 2 Jun 1928 Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Mt Calvary
RUDOLF, Anna Maria 51y 3 Oct 1872 STEIER, Not listed Rudolf, Stephan
RUMBACH, Jacob 38y 5 Nov 1888 Rumbach, John Not listed, Magdalena From Canton Niederbronn, Elsas
SAMSON, Stella Maria 26 May 1924 Samson, Not listed SZWABO, Apollonia She was born In Koono, Lithuania possibly on 23 Feb 1924. Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
SCHACHNER, Sr., Edgar C. 71y 25 May 1956 WALTER, Mary
SCHAEFER, Maria 66y 4m 26 Dec 1893 ADAM, Jacob BASTING, Maria From Lorraine, Germany
SCHANUEL, Antonetta Infant 8 Nov 1884 Schanuel, Anton SEIPP, Catharina
SCHANUEL, Catharina Infant 3 Aug 1894 Schanuel, Conrad SEIPP, Antonetta
SCHANUEL, Henry Anthony Infant 21 Sep 1881 Schanuel, Anton SEIPP, Catharina
SCHEFFER, Francis 77y 2 Apr 1901 Scheffer, Francis DIRI, Margaret From Lorraine, Germany. Died in St. Vincent’s Home in Quincy, IL
SCHEIBEL, Alice Johanna 1 Apr 1927 8 Apr 1927 Scheibel, Oscar FOURNIE, Mildred Buried in Green Mount Cemetery
SCHEIBEL, Anton 67y 3m 19 Apr 1944 Scheibel, Moritz VOLZ, Amelia NEUNER, Mary Ann Buried in Green Mount Cemetery
SCHEIBEL, August 3 Jun 1876 Scheibel, Bernard TIMMERMANN, Louisa
SCHEIBEL, Balbina (Widow) 85y 22 Jun 1913 LEGLEITER, Not listed Scheibel, Joseph (Deceased) From Niessbach, Baden
SCHEIBEL, Bernard (Widower) 80y 6 Jun 1920 Died of cancer. Buried in Shiloh.
SCHEIBEL, Clara 26 Mar 1877 Scheibel, Lawrence GOETZ, Barbara
SCHEIBEL, Ernest William 6y 8 Aug 1883 Scheibel, Bernard ZIMMERMANN, Louisa
SCHEIBEL, Joseph 17y 12 Mar 1877 Scheibel, Joseph RAUH, Paulina
SCHEIBEL, Joseph 68y 25 Mar 1901 Scheibel, Joseph VOLMER, Theresa From Rheinpfalz, Bavaria
SCHEIBEL, Lawrence 37y 6 Aug 1879 Scheibel, Joseph VOLMER, Theresa He was married
SCHEIBEL, Lorenz 67y 2m 1 Sep 1938 ZIMMERMANN, Louisa From Caseyville Twp., IL
SCHEIBEL, Ludwig 77y 16 May 1949 BETTEHEN, Millie
SCHEIBEL, Magdalena 6 Oct 1875 Scheibel, Lorenz KOETZ, Barbara
SCHEIBEL, Maria Anna 12y 22 Apr 1879 Scheibel, Lawrence GOETZ, Barbara
SCHEIBEL, Mildred 27y 8m 28 Feb 1934 FOURNIE, Not listed Scheibel, Oscar Buried in Greenmount Cemetery
SCHEIBEL, Theresa Ann 62y 9m 22 Mar 1954 WELLEN, Not listed Scheibel, John
SCHEIBEL, Wendel 71y 9 May 1911 From Rheinpfalz, Bavaria
SCHEIBEL, William Joseph sb 13 Feb 1938 Scheibel, Arthur JOSEPH, Helen The child was stillborn.
SCHILDKNECHT, Mrs. Philabena 77y 8m 27 Dec 1940 Schildknecht, Adam (Deceased) Buried in College Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, IL
SCHILLING, George 68y 20 Mar 1955 KNIGHT, Cecelia
SCHILLING, John Adam 69y 8m 18d 8 Oct 1930 Schilling, George HOFFMANN, Elisabeth MERSSINGER, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary
SCHILLING, John Michael 1 Mar 1923 2 Mar 1923 Schilling, George WALSH, Winifrida Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
SCHILLING, Mary 12 May 1918 Schilling, John Children mostly fallen off.
SCHILLING, Mary Winifred 39y 7m 29 Dec 1933 Schilling, George Buried in Mt. Calvary
SCHILLING, Paul Martin 12d 25 Oct 1939 Schilling, George KNIGHT, Cecelia
SCHILLING, Winifred Anna 2m 25d 30 Jan 1933 Schilling, George WALSH, Winifrida Buried in Mt. Calvary
SCHMIDT, Benjamin B. 21 Mar 1916 BERKEL, Apollonia Date is burial date. Was shot as marshal at the depot. Leaves 7 children.
SCHMIDT, Florence 31y 6m 17 Apr 1915 Died at St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO. Buried in Tiedeman’s Cemetery
SCHMIDT, Johann Infant 1 Aug 1879 Schmidt, Jacob SCHETLER, Apolonia
SCHMIDT, Mary G. 15 Jul 1894 19 May 1955 Schmidt, Charles (Deceased) Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville, IL
SCHMIDT, Ruth Anna 2m 16 Jan 1938 Schmidt, Leroy ZUEGER, Frieda
SCHMIDT, William Julius 1y 2m 11 Feb 1931 Schmidt, Carl POIGNEE, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary
SCHMITT, Appolonia 82y 24 Jul 1930 SCHAEFER, John Not listed, Maria Schmitt, Jacob Born in Diedesheim region of Rheinpfalz, Bavaria
SCHMITT, Clara Infant Apr 1887 Schmitt, Jacob SCHETTLER, Apollonia
SCHMITT, Jacob 70y 10m 4 Apr 1915
SCHMITT, Jacob (Jake) 25 Sep 1874 28 Feb 1929
SCHMITT, Josephine 77y 22 Jun 1952 SCHMITT, Jacob (Deceased) Died in St. Joseph Hospital in Breese, IL
SCHMUCKI, Dominic 76y 6m 18 Apr 1936 Not married
SCHMUCKI, Jr., Adam 26y 11 Dec 1890 Schmucki, Sebastian LUGER (?), Theresa
SCHMUCKI, Sebastian 81y 20 Feb 1915 From Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. Immigrated in 1854.
SCHMUCKI, Theresa 87y 22 Jun 1910 ZUGER, Not listed Schmucki, Sebastian From St. Gallen, Switzerland
SCHMUKE, Mary 67y 5m 28 May 1934 Buried in Mt. Calvary. Known as Sister Dominic Schmuke
SCHOBERT, Adam 83y 3m 18 May 1951 Schobert, John ZAHN, Kunigunda Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
SCHOBERT, Florence Elvira 44y 8m 13 Feb 1943 Schobert, Edwin
SCHOBERT, George 12 Feb 1860 20 Mar 1924 Schobert, John Georg Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
SCHOBERT, George J. 46y 7m 26 Jun 1935 SCHILLING, Olga
SCHOBERT, Johann 76y 25 Mar 1900 Schobert, John Georg THIEM, Margaretha From Weiher, Bavaria
SCHOBERT, Kunigunda (Widow) 70y 23 Jan 1904 ZAHN, Andreas Not listed, Margaretha Schobert, John (Deceased)
SCHOBERT, Margaret 74y 7m 30 Jul 1947 Schobert, Adam Died at R R 2 Belleville, IL
SCHOBERT, Mrs. Elizabeth 68y 17 Dec 1933 STRUBE, Not listed Buried in Mt. Calvary
SCHRECK, Mrs. Josephine 70y 30 Mar 1918 Died in St. Vincent Hospital. From St. Louis, MO
SCHREINER, Peter 16y 20 Jul 1874 Schreiner, Johann HELMICH, Catharina Died from an accident with a horse.
SCHROEDER, Amalia 40y 30 Nov 1903 KOSER, Not listed Schroeder, Francis
SCHROETER, Frank 60y 2m 19d 27 Feb 1917 Second wife not legally married to him. Had a private funeral.
SCHUETZ, William F. 56y 5m 14 Dec 1939 HEBERT, Elizabeth Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital & buried in Catholic Cemetery of Lebanon, IL
SCHWAEGEL, Adolph 64y 13 Jun 1953 Schwaegel, Jacob Not listed, Louise Not listed, Barbara
SCHWAEGEL, Jacob 76y 6m 4 Nov 1936 MUNIER, Louise
SCHWAEGEL, Josef C. 29 Sep 1886   8 Jan 1917 Schwaegel, Jacob MUNIER, Louise FELLNER, Not listed He leaves 5 little children.
SCHWAEGEL, Louise 78y 10m 15 Dec 1936 Schwaegel, Jacon (Deceased)
SCHWARZ, Francis 5y 25 May 1882 Schwarz, Felix BROWN, Margaret
SCHWARZ, Francis 8 Apr 1888 From Baden, Germany
SCHWARZ, John 1841 17 Oct 1887 Schwarz, Stephan SCHWARZ, Cecelia From Baden, Germany
SEEGAP (?), Joseph 13 Oct 1918 Seegap, Henry FUCHS, Louisa
SEIPP, Catherine 69y 11m 17 Oct 1937 Seipp, Henry (Deceased)
SEIPP, Helena Elisabetha 2w 18 Jun 1891 Seipp, Peter SCHMIDT, Maria
SEIPP, Louisa Ann 46y 8m 18 May 1938 Seipp, Jr., Henry
SEIPP, Sr., Henry 80y 1m 10 Mar 1937 HILDENBRANDT, Catherine
SHAW, Helen 78y 21 Aug 1955 SHAW, Sr., Walker P. (Deceased) Buried in College Hill Cemetery
SHERAIKIS, Charles John 10m 17 Mar 1943 Sheraikis, John HELFRICH, Adella
SHOEMAKER, Louis 2y 25 Apr 1915 Shoemaker, Louis THERION, Katharina
SHURNAS, Bernard (Barney) 10 Nov 1880 2 Dec 1921 Shurnas, Peter Buried in Mt. Carmel near Edgmont
SIEDLER, Mary 45y 3 May 1912 FEDER, Not listed Siedler, Balthasar
SIEKMANN, Mrs. Bessie 73y 7m 17 Jan 1942 Siekmann, Sr., Henry
SIEKMANN, Sr., Henry 77y 2m 12 Feb 1942 KINSELLA, Bessie (Deceased)
SMITH, Christine 49y 11m 21 Jul 1945 SEIPP, Not listed Smith, Charles J.
SMITH, Emma 59y 10m 23 Oct 1942 Smith, Ridge
SMITH, Joseph 66y 12 Mar 1932 Died in the County Farm. Buried in Mt. Calvary
SMITH, Maria 63y 9m 21d 28 Sep 1927 Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
SMITH, Peter Carl 7 Sep 1886 20 Dec 1928 Born in Pennsylvania
SOHN, John G. 78y 7m 29 Dec 1934 SCHWEITZER, Sophie
SONNENBERG, Frank Nicholas 51y 3m 19 Jan 1951 Sonnenberg, George SCHMIDT, Annie Died in St. Louis, MO
SONNENBERG, George 90y 25 May 1953 Sonnenberg, Martin SMITH, Catherine SCHMIDT, Annie (Deceased) Buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Alton, IL
SPENGLER, Catherine 74y 6m 11 Jun 1940 ADELHARDT, Not listed Spengler, Mike (Deceased)
SPENGLER, Eva 1820 7 Aug 1896 ERHART, Johann LAUX (?), Margaret Spengler, John Born in Wenespach, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria
SPENGLER, Johann 82y 31 Dec 1900 Spengler, Johann SPENGLER, Margaretha From Rheinbaiern (Rhine-Bavaria)
SPENGLER, John A. 83y 11m 1 May 1942
SPENGLER, John Jacob 3m 18 Jan 1879 Spengler, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernardina
SPENGLER, Michael 21 Jan 1870
SPENGLER, Michael 67y 27 May 1924 Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
SPENGLER, William 20m 21 Feb 1892 Spengler, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernardina
STRECK, Mrs. Genevieve (Widow) 20 Apr 1919 Born in Baden, Germany. Died on Easter
STRUB, John 15 Jul 1857 1 Jan 1921 Strub, David Not listed, Elizabeth Buried in Mt. Carmel near Edgmont
TEMPIA, Frank 87y 4m 3 Nov 1949 Not listed, Mary
TEMPIA, Maria Theresa 78y 2 Jul 1952
THEA, Mary 11y 10m 12 Dec 1918 Died of the flu. Buried in Collinsville, IL
THOMA, Alexander 7 Aug 1916 Born in Switzerland. His marriage needed revalidation. Buried in Tiedemann’s Cemetery
THOMAN, Joseph 75y 5m 25 Aug 1936 Not listed, Louise (Deceased)
THOMAN, Maria Magdalena Infant 28 Jul 1887 Thoman, Joseph OURS, Louisa
THOMAN, Vista 63y 6 May 1955 SIEKMANN, Marie
THOMANN, Barbara (Widow) 79y 13 Mar 1910 HULLER, Not listed Thomann, Joseph (Deceased)
THOMANN, Louisa 13 Aug 1860 3 Jan 1921 OURS, Victor HESS, Margaret Thomann, Joseph (Deceased)
THOMANN, Rosa Maria nb 1 Mar 1925 Thomann, Victor Not listed, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
THOMAS, Anna Infant 1 Oct 1879 Thomas, Anton KAUFMANN, Maria
THOMAS, Anthony 73y 7 Aug 1918 KAUFMANN, Mary
THOMAS, Infant 8 Jul 1873 Thomas, Anton KAUFMANN, Maria
THOMAS, Infant Infant 30 Dec 1882 Thomas, Anton KAUFMANN, Maria
THOMAS, John 82y 7m 6 Sep 1951 SCHOBERT, Frances
THOMAS, Louis 18 Sep 1915 Thomas, Louis Killed himself with a shotgun
THOMAS, Louis 14 Apr 1841 10 Mar 1929
THOMAS, Louisa 13 Jan 1848 4 Sep 1933 Thomas, Louis Born in Caseyville Twp., IL. Buried in Mt Calvary
THOMAS, Maria 12 Apr 1849 1 Feb 1923 KAUFFMANN, Seraphin ERLINGER, Maria Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery
THOMAS, Nicolaus Louis 46y 1m 4d No date listed, appears between Mar 1929 & Jul 1930 entries. Died suddenly by taking Carbolic acid. Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
THOMAS, Victor 7m 28 Mar 1898 Thomas, John SCHOBERT, Francisca
THOMAS, Victor J. 74y 23 Nov 1948 Not listed, Mary Died in Orange Park, FL
TOBIN, Sophie 89y 21 Aug 1950 Tobin, John C. (Deceased)
TOBIN, Thomas 19 Dec 1914
TOLAN, Agnes Infant 6 Mar 1907 Tolan, John CARRIEL, Agnes
TRUTTMANN, Joseph 44y 11m 5 Sep 1934 SCHEIBEL, Catharine
UHRING, _ Paul 707 6m 25 Aug 1946 GURICA, Mary
UHRING, Margaret 5 Jun 1922 11 Aug 1933 Uhring, Paul GYURIA, Maria Buried in Mt Calvary
VOTRIAN, Charles Edward 80y 8m 23 Nov 1944 TITTER, Christine (Deceased) Buried in O’Fallon Public Cemetery
VUKELICH, Frank B. 7 Sep 1953 Buried in Catholic Cemetery in Mascoutah, IL
WACHTER, Anna 40y 16 Jun 1907 Wachter, Michael Not listed, Maria Not married
WACHTER, Henry 88y 25 Feb 1951 Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
WACHTER, Margaret (Maggie) 16 Aug 1863 8 Jan 1926 REINHARDT, Not listed Born in Germany. Buried in Mt. Calvary
WACHTER, Maria 67y 10m 25 Jun 1900 SCHLEE, Johann Not listed, Kunigunda Wachter, Michael From Bavaria
WACHTER, Michael 82y 19 Mar 1912 From Bavaria, Germany
WALKER, Jacob 39y 8 Feb 1913 Died from hot water?
WALSH, Brigitta Sep 1830 28 Jul 1896 CONELLY, John SWEENEY, Anna Walsh, Nicolaus
WALTERS, Johanna 22 Aug 1846 1 May 1918 WIRSHING or RENO, Not listed Died in St. Louis, MO
WEDEL, Catharina 52y 12 Jan 1915 REIS, Not listed Wedel, George
WEISBROD, Julius 76y 11m 2 Jul 1944
WENGLER, Karl 58y 4 Mar 1878 From Schlesia, Borussia (Prussia)
WHITE, Mrs. Antonia 54y 11m 1 Jul 1939 White, Thomas Buried in City Cemetery of Trenton, IL
WHITE, Thomas 6 Nov 1874 1 Dec 1956 MAIBES, Antonia (Deceased) Buried in Trenton, IL city cemetery
WIEBLER, Bernard 79y 29 Oct 1951 Wiebler, William Not listed, Mary GASTNER, Mary (Deceased) Buried in College Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, IL
WILKAITIS, Infant 28 Jul 1921 nb 28 Jul 1921 Wilkaitis, John HEISENLAUER, Louisa
WITTIG, Theresa 67y 10m 13 Jun 1948 Wittig, William Buried in O’Fallon Public Cemetery
WUEBBELS, Rose 71y 7m 16 Apr 1953 Wuebbels, Henry Buried in Green Mount Cemetery
WUNDER, Henry Infant Feb 1884 Wunder, Simon GOETZ, Louisa
YAEGER, James 32y 5 Jan 1955 FELTMANN, Virginia Died at the VA hospital in St. Louis. His marriage was a civil ceremony.
ZACHER, Alois John 43y 7m 8 Aug 1940 Zacher, August (Deceased) FRANKE, Anna (Deceased)
ZACHER, Anna 67y 7 Nov 1931 Zacher, August Buried in Mt. Calvary
ZACHER, August 73y 8m 10 Feb 1937 FRANKE, Anna (Deceased)
ZACHER, Rose A. 53y 8m 20 Jul 1942 WAGNER, Not listed Zacher, August
ZIEGELE, George (Widower) 79y 11m 26 Dec 1934
ZIMMERMANN, Catherine 74y 2 May 1954 COVI, Not listed Zimmermann, George
ZIMMERMANN, Raymond Infant 10 Mar 1908 Zimmermann, George (Non-Catholic) COWEY, Catharina
ZITZMANN, August Oscar Infant 28 Jun 1880 Zitzmann, Conrad EPPELE, Carolina
ZITZMANN, Catharina 7 Feb 1891 FEDER, John HESS, Victoria
ZITZMANN, Catharine 82y 8m 27 Oct 1935 FEDER, Not listed Zitzmann, Nicolaus (Deceased)
ZITZMANN, Dominic 68y 4m 1d 2 Nov 1916 Not listed, Katharina Died in Granite City, IL. Buried in O’Fallon Cemetery. Leaves 8 living daughters who are in “mixed marriages and fallen off.”
ZITZMANN, Johann 55y 19 Jul 1874 From Bavaria. Died from an accident with a horse.
ZITZMANN, Nicolaus 34y 10 Oct 1880 Zitzmann, Johann ROEHREN, Regina Killed by a wild horse.
ZITZMANN, Rosa 3m 1 Feb 1881 Zitzmann, Dominic FEDER, Catharina

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