Sample Trespass

Jean Louis alias &c vs James Waddle, 1833
Circuit Court Case File 3705: Trespass &c
St. Clair County, Illinois

Transcription. File Jacket does not indicate this case is recorded in a particular Record Book.
Paper case file located at the Illinois State Archives, Springfield

Words in [square brackets] are additions or guesses by the transcriber.

[Document 1 – Summons]

“State of Illinois, ss

The People of the State of Illinois,
To the Sheriff of St. Clair County, Greeting:

We command you that you summon James Waddle late of our said county, if he may be found in your bailwick, so that he be and appear before the Judge of our Circuit Court, next to be holden at Belleville, within and for our said county on the first Monday of September next: then and there in our said Court, to answer unto Jean Louis alias Jeannot a man of Colour of a plea of Trespass assault & Battery & False Imprisonment to the damage of the said Jean Louis alias Jeannot (a man of Colour) the sum of One thousand dollars, to be before us exhibited. And have you then there this writ.

Witness The Honble Theophilus W. Smith Judge of our said Court at Belleville,
this twelfth day of August in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and thirty three.
John Hay Ck”

[reverse side of Document 1]


“Jean Louis alias }
Jeannot (a Man }
of Colour)}v

James Waddle }

Sum: tres:
ast & Bty
false Imprist

Dm [Damages] $1000.00 Retble Sept. Term 1833″

[End Jean Louis alias &c vs James Waddle, 1833, Circuit Court Case File 3705: Trespass &c]

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