Sample Covenant

Thomas Clifton vs. Samuel Rodgers,
Circuit Court Case File 3677: Covenant
St. Clair County, Illinois

Transcription. File Jacket indicates this case is recorded in Record F2: 271.
Paper case file located at the Illinois State Archives, Springfield

Words in [square brackets] are additions or guesses by the transcriber.

[Document 1 – Complaint]

“State of Illinois}
St Clair Circuit Court SS September term 1832

Thomas Clifton by Alfred Cowles his attorney complains of Samuel Rodgers, in plea of covenant broken for that the Said Samuel Rodgers together with one Squire Barrett made their several covenant at the County of Saint Clair and within the jurisdiction of the aforesaid court on the 14th day of December 1818 of that date sealed with the seal of the said Rodgers together with the said Barrett ~and then & there defend the same in writing Whereby the said Samuel Rodgers, and the said Barrett severally covenanted on or before the first day of May next after said date to pay the said Thomas Clifton for value Received two hundred dollars which said deed of covenant the Plaintiff brings into Court here ~ And the said Thomas Clifton in fact says, the said Rodgers hath not kept and performed his said covenant aforesd but hath broken the same And the

[reverse side of Document 1]

Plff further says that the said covenant is wholly unpaid and unsatisfied ~ To the Plffs damages five hundred dallars and therefore sues.

A Cowles for Plff

Copy covenant
‘On on before the first day of May next We or either of us, do promise to pay Thomas Clifton the sum of two hundred dollars it being for value received of him as witness our hands & seals this 14th day of December 1818

Samuel Rogers {seal}
Squire Barrett {seal}’ “

Thomas Clifton
Samuel RogersIn Covenant
Damages 500 dlls

filed 4 Augt 1832″


[Document 2 – Summons]

“State of Illinois, SS.
The People of the State of Illinois,

To the Sheriff of St. Clair County, Greeting:

We command you that you summon Samuel Rodgers late of our said county, if he may be found in your bailiwick; so that he be and appear before the Judge of our Circuit Court, next to be holden at Belleville, within and for our said county, on the first Monday of September next, then and there in our said Court, to answer unto Thomas Clifton of a plea of Covenant broken to the damage of the said Thomas Clifton the sum of five hundred dollars, to be before us exhibited. And have you then there this writ

Witness, The Honble Theophilus W. Smith Judge of our said Court at Belleville,
this third day of August in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and thirty-two.
John Hay Clk”

[reverse side of Document 2]


Thomas Clifton }
Samuel Rodgers}
Cov bro

Dm $500.00

Retble September Term 1832

By virtue of this writ to me directed I have Summonded the within named Samuel Rodgers to appear at the day and place within mentioned to answer unto the within named Thomas Clifton as by the Said writ he is required and as within I am Commanded dated this 27th day of August 1832

John D. Hughes Sff StCC
Serving writ—50
Miles 6———37 1/2
Returning——12 1/2


[End Thomas Clifton vs. Samuel Rodgers, Circuit Court Case File 3677: Covenant]

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