Sample Appeal

Sarah Anderson vs Jesse Davis, 1822
Circuit Court Case File 2956: Appeal
St. Clair County, Illinois

Transcription. File Jacket indicates this case is recorded in Record D: 41.
Paper case file located at the Illinois State Archives, Springfield

Words in [square brackets] are additions or guesses by the transcriber.

[Document 1 – Summons]

“State of Illinois} The People of the State of Illinois
St. Clair County }

To the Sheriff of our said County Greetings

We Command you that you Summon Sarah Anderson admx of Rt Anderson to be and appear before the Justice of the Circuit Court of our said County next to be holden at Belleville within and for our said County on the fourth monday of march next on the third day of the Term, then and there to answer a certain appeal entered by Jesse Davis from the Judgment of Calvin Day Esquire, a Justice of the peace of our said County in favor of the Said Sarah Anderson admx of Rt Anderson and further to do and receive what our said Court Shall in that part Consider [And?] have you [then?] there this writ

Witness John Hay Clerk of our Said Court at Belleville this Twelfth day of January
in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and twenty two
John Hay”

[reverse side of Document 1]

“I duly Executed this summons on the within named Sarah Anderson Administratrix of R Anderson on the twenty sixth day of January 1822 by reading the same to her on the day above set out agreeable to law.

Serving S.—50
Miles 14—–84
Rtg————- 9
[total]—- $1.43
William A. Beaird Sheriff of St. Clair County


Jesse Davis }
Sarah Anderson}
Admx &c}

Retbl March Term 1822
3rd day”


[Document 2 – Bond]

“Know all men by these presents that We Jesse Davis and Nicholas Boismenu are held and firmly bound unto Sally Sarah Anderson administratrix of Robert Anderson in the full and just Sum of thirty dollars Current money of the United States to the payment of which well and truly to be made we and each of us bind ourselves and every of our heirs Executors and Administrators jointly and Severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and dated this twelfth day of January Ao Di 1822

The Condition of this Obligation is such that whereas the above bound Jesse Davis hath appealed from the Judgment of Calvin Day Esquire a Justice of the peace of the County of St Clair, in favor of the above named Sarah Anderson administratrix of Robert Anderson for Eight dollars and twenty five cents and Costs of suit to the next Circuit Court to be holden at Belleville for and within the Said County Now if the Said Jesse Davis shall prosecute the said appeal with Effect and pay and satisfy the debt and costs on Case the Judgment shall be affirmed on the trial of said Appeal then this Obligation shall be void, else to remain in full and virtue
Signed and Sealed & delivered
in presence of
John Hay

Jesse Davis {Seal}
mark of
[N] Boismenu {Seal}

I do hereby approve of the above Security
John Hay Ck”
[reverse side of Document 2]


Jesse Davis }
Sarah Anderson}
Admx &c}


[Document 3 – Copy of Judgment]

“Sarah Anderson Administratrix of Robert Anderson Agenet [against] Jesy Davis

Judg for the Plantif $8.25
1 Somon – – – – – – – – – – – 25
1 Subpena – – – – – – – – – – 18 ¾
Continuunc – – – – – – – – – 12 1/2
Entiring Jud- – – – – – – – – 25
Coslebl [constable] f[ee] 50
[subtotal] Cost – – – – – -$1.12 1/4

[total] $9.37 1/2



I Do herby Testify that this is a true Coppy of a Judgment Aganst Entered on my Docket December the 29 1821
Calvin Day. Justic
Town of Illinois”

[reverse side Document 3]


Sarah Anderson }
Jesse Davis }
Copy of

[End Sarah Anderson Vs Jesse Davis, Circuit Court Case File 2956: Appeal]

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