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February 22, 2024

  • Comparisons of genealogy software products which organize inherited family files (one such example:

    Hands-in collaboration

    courtesy of

  • Before posting anything online, understand a site’s Terms, Agreements, and Privacy rules. For example, who owns the data once it is uploaded, will the data be altered or combined with other data without contacting you?
  • Recommendation: Use a software program that stores information on your computer rather than on a website. Some programs incorporate a site’s data in your software without posting to its website.
  • Obtain written consent from each living person you wish to include in a family tree, whether only for yourself, “just for family” or publication (online or in print). This provides some degree of protection if distributed to family and others. A parent may give consent for themselves but not their children!
  • Photos and copyright; DNA; referred to
  • What happens to a priest’s personal belongings after death? Do surviving relatives receive them? (Contact the man’s religious governing body.)
  • Tips to identify the mother of a woman who was born at a home / charitable institution for unwed mothers (If a religious or community group sponsored/oversaw the institution, are the records archived somewhere?)
  • Good starting places for research in a new location ( ; a genealogy society in the county of interest; a county or state research guide)
  • Illinois State Prairie Pioneer Certificate Program (See Projects and Initiatives at

January 25, 2024

  • How to get copies of a court document which partitioned land among the heirs
  • Area residents who went to the California gold fields in the 1840s, 1850s,
  • Artificial intelligence for genealogists,
  • Trying to overcome writer’s block.

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