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Case No. Plaintiff Last Plaintiff First Defendant First Defendant Last Kind of Action Date Disposed
2644 Nolen Goolsby Wm McMahon Capius Case Jun 1819
2674 Nash Alexr Thos H Graves Appeal Nov 1819
2694 Neal Reuben Alexr Nash Capius Case Nov 1819
2831 Nevitt Joseph James Johnston & al Attachment Nov 1820
2892 Noble W D E Rittinghouse Appeal Mar 1821
2897 Nash Alexr Ob Osborne Appeal Mar 1821
2899 Noble Wm D Robt Stockton Appeal Mar 1821
2946 Noble Wm D James Phillips Appeal Mar 1822
2993 No surname Nancy (niggro) Jno H Dennis Trespass Mar 1822
3124 Noble Wm D David Rankin Covenant Aug 1823
3125 Noble Wm D David Rankin Case Aug 1823
3126 Nagle James Jesse Murphy Appeal Aug 1823
3174 Nagle James Robt Whiteside Appeal Mar 1824
3196 Nowlin James John Bloom Case Aug 1824
3206 Newt Thomas John Bullard Appeal Aug 1824
3239 Nichols Theoph M Kimbal Richardson Scire Facias on mortgage Mar 1825
3266 Nix David John L Whiteside Debt Mar 1825
3274 North & Bebee &c [blank] Charles Vincent Capius Case Mar 1825
3318 Neely Henry John Osborn Appeal Aug 1825
3319 Needles James B Jos Cornelius Appeal Aug 1825
3351 Nichols Theoph M K Richardson Appeal Mar 1826
3369 Norton John &al Joseph Trotier &al Debt Aug 1826
3426 Norton John &al Wm A Beaird Shff Trespass Mar 1828
3499 Null Henry Jr Timothy Hinckley Trespass Mar 1830
3662 Nelson Henry James Howard Replevin Sep 1832
3742 Nelson Lewis B F Messinger Trespass Apr 1834
4024 Null Henry Zach Crane Covenant Feb 1838
4134 Neuhoff Geo L [blank] [blank] Naturalization Feb 1839
4295 Needles James B &al Geo C Hill &al Case Nov 1839
4436 Norton Aug W admr &c Elvira Edwards &al Covenant Feb 1840
4437 Norton Edward John W Lott Capius Trespass &c Feb 1840
4438 Negus Isaac Joseph Jennison Covenant Feb 1840
4516 Newhoff Geo L Theod J Krafft &al Scire Facias on mortgage Aug 1840
4542 Newman James S John Smith Appeal Aug 1840
4543 Newhoff Geo L Theod J Krafft Case Aug 1840
4545 Newhoff Geo L Theod J Krafft Case Aug 1840
7628* Nicholson J C T G Short Appeal Aug 1838


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Case No. Plaintiff Last Plaintiff First Defendant First Defendant Last Kind of Action Date Disposed
2335 O’Harrington Wiley Wm H Bradsby Trespass Oct 1816
2405 O’Harrington Wiley P Teater &al Ret Hab Jul 1817
2693 Ober Saml R Alexr George Assumpsit Nov 1819
2800 Oglesby Joshua Chas Rattheny Debt Nov 1820
2804 Osborn Obediah John Ryan Replevin Nov 1820
2805 Osborn Obediah David Carter Replevin Nov 1820
2845 Osborn Obediah Thos Dowler Replevin Nov 1820
2994 Osborn Obediah Saml Mitchell Case Mar 1822
3193 Osborn Obediah Calvin Day Appeal Mar 1824
3194 Osborn Obediah Moses Stilwell Capius Case Mar 1824
3195 Osborn James Ephriam Town Trespass Mar 1824
3226 Osborn Obediah Bte Hyotte Replevin Aug 1824
3229 Outis Henry Susannah McGuire Case Aug 1824
3258 Osborn Obediah Moses Stilwell Covenant Mar 1825
3271 Osborn John Henry Hays Case Mar 1825
3506 Omelveney Wm Jno Smith assgee &c Appeal Aug 1830
3555 Ottignon Hubert &al Heirs of Pierre Martin [blank] Partition Apr 1831
3663 Ogle Samuel Wm A Beaird &al Debt Sep 1832
3861 Osborn Chas James M Moore &al Trespass Aug 1836
3911 Osborn Daniel S James M Moore &al Trespass Spl May 1837
4135 Osborn Daniel S Wm L West Attachment Feb 1839
4446 Ogle Samuel &c Narcisse Cornoyer &al Debt Feb 1840
4447 Orr Minerva widow &c Wm Orr Petition for Dower Feb 1840
4537 Ogle Samuel Harvey Aikman Covenant Aug 1840
4608 Orr Minerva admx &c R M LaCroix &al Debt Nov 1840
7672* Oglesby Wm B [blank] [blank] Petition for division of Land Feb 1837

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