Circuit Court Case Files 1819–1840 Plaintiff Index – I – J St. Clair County, Illinois

A-Z Circuit Court Index

– I –

Case No. Plaintiff Last Plaintiff First Defendant First Defendant Last Kind of Action Date Disposed
3597 Iman or Eyman Henry Theron Brownfield Case Sep 1831
3696 Isbell Jefferson Wm Welch Appeal Sep 1833
3943 Isbell Jefferson assgee Francis A Hypes Case Aug 1837

– J –

Case No. Plaintiff Last Plaintiff First Defendant First Defendant Last Kind of Action Date Disposed
2615 Jarrot Nichs N Jarrot admr &c Scire Facias on mortgage Jun 1819
2677 Jarrot Nichs Alexr Nash &al Ejectment Nov 1819
2687 Jarrot Nichs M J Dunand Case Nov 1819
2688 Journey Elizabeth Benj Hale Trespass Nov 1819
2689 Journey Elizabeth &al S Vanorsdall &al Debt Nov 1819
2750 No surname Jack (a free Negro) George Lott &al Trespass Jun 1820
2842 Janes Joseph Parker Jarvis Replevin Nov 1820
2876 Jarrot Nichs Thomas Terien Case Mar 1821
2883 Jerrard Thos O Osborne Appeal Mar 1821
2895 Johnston John W Wm Ryan Appeal Mar 1821
3003 Jarrot Julia David Coons Capius Debt Mar 1822
3004 Jerrard Thos I N Bailey Capius Debt Mar 1822
3005 No surname Jane (colored Gal) Jno H Dennis Trespass Mar 1822
Jarrot Julia Wm Moore Covenant Mar 1822
3081 Jervais Ignace John L Schoenberger Case Mar 1823
3149 Jarrot Julia Pierre Marlot Covenant Mar 1824
3151 Johnston John Chas Jones &al Appeal Mar 1824
3158 Jarvis Franklin Jos Green Appeal Mar 1824
3208 Jackson Elizabeth Kimbal Richardson Replevin Aug 1824
3241 Jarrot Julia Edmund Fleetwood Covenant Mar 1825
3290 Jarrot Julia Ex Frs Trotier Covenant Aug1825
3367 James David W by &c Rudolph Wildy Case Aug 1826
3370 Jarrot Julia for &c Augustin Snyder Capius Covenant Aug 1826
3407 Johnston John County Commrs [blank] Appeal Sep 1827
3541 No surname Joseph (nigger) Colman Duncan Trespass Apr 1831
3602 Jenkins Wm Edward Kinion Appeal Sep 1831
3603 Jarrot Julia Ex Lucy Hill Ejectment Sep 1831
3604 Jarrot Julia Ex David Herring &al Ejectment Sep 1831
3629 Jackson Hugh Edward Price Trespass Apr 1832
3632 Jackson Abigail C Edward Price Case Apr 1832
3661 Jackson Hugh Thos Scott Attachment Sep 1832
3669 Jarrot Julia Thos Osburn Trespass Apr 1833
3685 Jarrot Julia Ex Pierre Marlot Scire Facias to revive Apr 1833
3691 Jarrot Julia Geo Belchey Appeal Apr 1833
3694 Jarrot Julia Ferdinand Busse Replevin Apr 1833
3697 Jackson Hugh Wm H Johnson Attachment Sep 1833
3726 Jarrot Julia Geo Belsha Trover Arp 1834
3727 Johnston Wm John Cook Appeal Apr 1834
3864 Jackson Booker an Idiot [blank] [blank] Appt of conservator Aug 1836
3881 Johnson Wm Wm Wilson Appeal Feb 1837
3905 Jones James John F Armstrong &al Trespass Apr May 1837
4021 James Thomas & Co Wm A Beaird Case Feb 1838
4085 James Thomas & Co Wm A Beaird Debt Aug 1838
4086 Judy Wm Jas McClintock Appeal Aug 1838
4124 Jenkins Richd Jno Wakefield Case Feb 1839
4280 Jauny N E & Co T J Krafft Confession Nov 1839
4448 Jauny N E & Co John A Goudy Debt Feb 1840
4515 James John R Narcisse Pensoneau Case Aug 1840
4590 Jones Robert Thos McCormick Capius Case Nov 1840
4661 Jerome Jean B M. Terre & al Pet. to divide land Sep 1834
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