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St. Teresa (Belleville) Catholic Burials

Compilation copyright by Gloria Dettleff

SCCGS presents this data unaltered and as donated to the Society for genealogical research purposes only. SCCGS does not certify the accuracy of this data but recognizes it was done in good faith by an experienced compiler.
In keeping with the compiler’s wishes and SCCGS’s Terms and Conditions of Use (click), you may use unique elements that are part of a unique family history or genealogy but may not otherwise publish material from this site in whole or in part in any electronic, print or other medium. For special circumstances, seek required permission in writing from SCCGS and the compiler.      Commercial use is expressly prohibited.


St. Teresa of the Child Jesus parish in the Diocese of Belleville was formed in 1926 following changes in boundaries of parishes in Belleville. It continues today (2021). The Very Reverend William Hoff, dean, was the first pastor. The School Sisters of Notre Dame were the first teachers in the parish school in 1926. A new church was completed in 1967.

St. Teresa Marriages 1926–31 | Burials 1926–1956


About these records, this database, caveats, citations, further research

About these records, this database, caveats

  • The Society and the compiler recommend researchers verify information provided on the SCCGS website with the original record extracted from images are online at FamilySearch. Also, verify the actual place buried with the cemetery sexton’s book, an obituary, funeral card, death certificate, or probate record. Courthouse, IRAD, and library addresses.
  • Researchers are urged to correlate information here with that found in other records before forming conclusions about a person, family, or relationship. Further research (scroll down).
  • There were no baptism register images to abstract on FamilySearch but some may be on microfilm (see sidebar).
  • If the image is unsatisfactory (much ink bled through), request help from the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.
  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


Sample citation to a specific record in this database

Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. Teresa (Belleville [Illinois]) Catholic Burials (1926 – 1956),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

Sample citation to a digital image of the original church register

The FamilySearch website provides a citation with each record.

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  1. Burnett, Betty. A Time of Favor: The Story of the Catholic Family of Southern Illinois. St. Louis, Mo.: Patrice Press, 1987.
  2. Diocese of Belleville. Centennial Heritage Festival and Picnic, Sunday, September 27. Belleville, Ill.: The Diocese, 1987.


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Burials December 1926–November 1956

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ADAM, Peter 26 Jun 1940 80y 6m ALBRECHT, Theresa (Deceased) Walnut Hill
ADELHARDT, William 19 Mar 1938 64y Adelhardt, Francis STIEFEL, Cunigunda Green Mount
ADRIAN, Ardell John 29 May 1934 18y Adrian, Albert BEYER, Ella Green Mount
ARNOLD, Louis 17 Nov 1933 59y 3m Arnold, Gustav NEHRING, Theresa Green Mount
BACHMANN, Alvina 6 Jul 1931 56y 2m Bachmann, William Trenton, IL
BANER, Joseph 13 Jun 1933 42y ADAM, Hilda Walnut Hill
BAQUET, Mathew 14 Aug 1945 GANTNER, Caroline Green Mount Information from notarized statement  6 Nov 1956 from undertaker
BASSLER, Bella 13 Dec 1948 72y Bassler, Ben Green Mount
BAUER, Ida 29 Jan 1956 71y 8m Bauer, Joseph Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL (O’Fallon Cemetery)
BEHM, Francis 17 Aug 1941 77y 8m FALBE, Josephina Green Mount
BELL, Jacob Francis 9 Apr 1937 7y 6m Bell, Laurent GLNUH [?], Joanna Green Mount
BERGER, Emma 30 Mar 1940 50y 1m Berger, Joseph Mt. Carmel
BIEBEL, Irma 9 Nov 1931 37y  Biebel, Hyacinth Green Mount From __nton, IL
BIEBEL, Maria 1 Dec 1928 62y Biebel, Nicholas Green Mount
BIGHAUS, Thomas 14 May 1942 15y 5m Bighaus, Bernard SCHEIBEL, Camilla Mt. Calvary
BISHOP, Joseph 1 Aug 1931 56y 3m WRAY, Sarah Mt. Carmel
BLEISCH, Theresa 16 Jul 1930 68y 1m WANGLER, Not listed Bleisch, Martin (Deceased) Green Mount
BOEHS, Louisa 13 Nov 1947 73y Boehs, Carl Green Mount
BOUL, Elizabeth 10 Jun 1936 79y 1m Boul Arthur (Deceased) Green Mount
BOUL, Hilliard 20 Dec 1949 53y 3m COOPER, Reva St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
BRAUER, Joseph 5 Dec 1943 38y 11m Brauer, Henry (Deceased) IHLE, Maria (Deceased) Green Mount
BRICHLER, John 4 Nov 1942 77y KLEIN, Anna Green Mount
BRUNNER, John 23 Jan 1950 73y SAEGER, Caroline Green Mount
BUECHLE, Elizabeth 8 Dec 1953 74y Buechle, Joseph Mt. Carmel
BUECHLE, Joseph 29 Apr 1940 70y 6m ECKMANN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
BUENTGEN, Joseph 12 Jun 1948 93y 2m FORESTER, Antonia Mt. Carmel
BURGERT, John 13 Feb 1927 35y Burgert, August (Deceased) STOOKEY, Maria Walnut Hill
BURKE, Clara 13 Feb 1954 HAGEN, Not listed Burke, John Mt. Carmel
BUSCH, Theresa 10 Feb 1933 78y 1m Busch, Frederick PAPARNIMES, Antonia Green Mount
BUTZ, Hortense 21 Jan 1934 20y Butz, Stephan LOUIS, Eva Green Mount
BUTZ, Stephen L. 20 Nov 1952 81y LOUIS, Eva Green Mount
BUTZ, Sylverius 7 Feb 1954 56y MILLMANN, Grace Green Mount
BUTZ, Veronica 12 Dec 1954 59y Butz, Steven LOUIS, Eva Green Mount
CHAPUT, Elizabeth 5 May 1954 79y 4m Chaput, Louis Mt. Carmel
CLARK, Barbara 22 Sep 1942 62y 6m Clark, Edward (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
COLE, Edward 3 Sep 1956 Cole, Les WULLER, Virginia Green Mount Stillborn
CONRATH, Ruth 8 Mar 1931 10y 5m Conrath, John RUDOLPH, Helena Freeburg, IL
DAUBACH, Martin 14 Jul 1954 19y 9m Daubach, Martin BECHTOLD, Florence Green Mount
DEMSKI, Maria 9 Nov 1952 51y KRZACZLOWSKI, Basil NOVAK, Josephine Demski, John Green Mount
DENTON, Joseph 21 Jun 1936 31y 9m KUEPFER, Anna Green Mount
DOLLUS, Margaret 20 Aug 1929 63y 1m Dollus, Emil Walnut Hill
EBNER, Edward 23 Oct 1941 73y 2m FERSCH, Florentia Green Mount
EITZENHAEFER, Henry 25 Jan 1956 82y 3m HEIDE, Mary Green Mount
ENDRES, Wilhelmina 16 Sep 1928 59y RAPP, Not listed Endres, Francis Green Mount
ESCHMAN, Bertha 25 Dec 1934 43y 8m Eschman, August Green Mount
ESCHMANN, Adam 27 Jan 1929 62y FIX, Frieda Green Mount
ESCHMANN, Frieda 8 Jul 1946 81y 2m Eschmann, Adam Green Mount
FAUST, Ferdinand 27 Jan 1936 58y 2m BUCHERPFENING [?], Anna St. James – Red Bud, IL Converted when near death
FELDT, Herbert H. 6 Nov 1949 30y 6m SEGER, Delores Green Mount
FELLNER, Anna 6 Aug 1950 94y 11m Fellner, George Green Mount
FELLNER, Bertha 10 Jun 1953 70y OBERBAUER, John SCHOENSTEIN, Elizabeth Green Mount
FELLNER, Nicolaus 29 Sep 1936 59y  OBERBAUER, Bertha Green Mount
FICKINGER, Maria 27 Sep 1932 34y 2m BOEHS, Not listed Fickinger, Arthur Walnut Hill
FINK, George 28 Jan 1937 79y Not listed, Ida Green Mount
FINK, Ida 18 May 1933 74y 8m Fink, George Green Mount
FLATAN, Francis Albert 25 Oct 1929 52y KLEIN, Mathilda Green Mount
FLESHREN, Earl Joseph 13 Mar 1934 1m Fleshren, Lester AMANN, Ann Green Mount
FLESHREN, Frank A. 4 Nov 1955 84y 3d BOUL, Florence Walnut Hill
FOPPE, Lester Frederick 26 Dec 1934 7m Foppe, Leo HUELSMAN, Maria Green Mount
FORNES, Juanita Rosa 16 Aug 1937 3m Fornes, Emil DOOLEY, Clara Green Mount
FOURNIE, Louis 4 Jun 1950 73y 10m KRAEMER, Mary Green Mount
FOURNIE, Mary 13 Jun 1955 78y 8m Fournie, Louis Green Mount
FRANKE, Charles 5 May 1945 43y 1m VILLIGER, Clara Mt. Calvary
FRANKE, Mary 8 Oct 1942 78y Franke, Joseph Mt. Calvary
FRIEDERICH, Barbara Jean 9 May 1956 5y 6m Friederich, Vernon RICHARDSON, Norma Jean Mt. Calvary
FUCHS, Elizabeth 12 Sep 1955 63y Fuchs, George Green Mount [This entry is crossed out]
FUCHS, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1955 63y 2m Fuchs, George Green Mount
FUERST, Margaret 22 Sep 1943 84y 11m Fuerst, Lawrence Green Mount
GANSMANN, Patricia Anna 10 Dec 1942 1y 1m Gansmann, Clemens HETTENHAUSEN, Adelia Mt. Calvary From St. Louis, MO
GANTNER, Anna Maria 28 Mar 1933 70y 6m Gantner, George (Deceased) Green Mount
GANTNER, Arthur 4 May 1951 69y 6m WUERTZ, Barbara Green Mount
GANTNER, Barbara 25 Nov 1948 64y Gantner, Robert Green Mount
GANTNER, Margaret Martha 20 Jan 1944 24y  Gantner, Arthur WUERTZ, Barbara Green Mount
GASS, George 24 Nov 1951 17y 1m Gass, Jacob WEBER, Mary STRUBE, LuLu Green Mount
GASS, Jacob 1 Nov 1937 87y 1m WEBER, Maria (Deceased) Green Mount
GASS, Joseph 23 Oct 1955 73y 4m HOPFINGER, Katherine Green Mount
GASS, Louis 13 Mar 1951 70y 7m Gass, Jacob WEBER, Mary STRUBE, Emma Green Mount
GASS, Louisa 29 Jul 1935 56y 9m Gass, Jacob WEBER, Maria (Deceased) Green Mount
GASS, Louisa 26 Mar 1937 52y 2m STRUBE, Not listed Gass, George Green Mount
GAUBATZ, Dorothy Blima 27 Dec 1953 27y Gaubatz, James Green Mount
GERMAIN, Alfred 4 Mar 1949 66y BERGMANN, Minie Green Mount
GERMAIN, Arthur 8 Mar 1956 70y 7m MEYER, Anna C. Green Mount
GORSKI, John 2 Jul 1843 45y 8m KASPERZICK, Catharina St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL
GRANDCOLAS, Anna Philomena 3 Dec 1929 78y 6m Grandcolas, Philip Green Mount
GRAVLIN, Ottilia 20 Jun 1949 78y HAUSMAN, Not listed Gravlin, Sereal Walnut Hill
GREENER, George 30 Apr 1946 65y 4m BECHERER, Praxedas Green Mount
GREENER, George 11 Jan 1951 31y Greener, Sr., George BECHERER, Praxedes Green Mount
GRIFFIN, Walter 16 Sep 1954 70y CLARK, Mary Green Mount
GRIMMIG, August 14 May 1936 45y 2m PERONA, Bertha Green Mount [See record]
GRIMMIG, Maria Louisa 9 Mar 1929 75y Grimmig, August Green Mount
GRUENER, Mabel Cecilia 19 Sep 1928 4y 2m Gruener, George BECHERER, Praxedes Green Mount
HACKER,  Amalia 12 Jun 1933 68y 2m Hacker, Blasi (Deceased) Green Mount
HAEMAN, Elleonora 10 Sep 1932 50y 2m WEYHAUPT, Not listed Haeman, George Mt. Calvary
HAEMANN, George 5 Mar 1945 65y 2m WEYHAUPT, Eleonore (Deceased) Mt. Calvary
HARDT, Carl 12 Mar 1930 64y RALTZ, Louisa Walnut Hill From Swansea, IL
HARDT, Louisa 25 Jul 1932 63y Hardt, Carl (Deceased) Walnut Hill [See record]
HEBENSTREIT, Valentin Joseph 23 Mar 1940 50y 4m RABER, Sarah Mt. Calvary
HECKENBERGER, Henrietta 22 Jan 1931 22y 1m Heckenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount
HECKENBERGER, Paula 8 Jan 1944 55y DAHLMANN-BECKFELD, Not listed Heckenberger, Roman Green Mount
HECKENBERGER, Roman 25 Sep 1940 63y 3m DAHLMANN, Elizabeth (Deceased) & Paula Dahlmann Green Mount
HEINEMANN, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1939 66y 6m SCHWARTZ, Not listed Heinemann, Adam Green Mount
HEINRICH, Josephina 6 Sep 1927 79y Heinrich Andrew Green Mount From Freeburg, IL
HELFRICH, James William 13 May 1949 1d Helfrich, Paul ETLING, Dorothy Green Mount
HEPP-HERZIG REICHEL, Cecilia 4 Oct 1953 86y Green Mount
HERDE, Aloysius 13 Dec 1928 34y 10m ZACHER, Louisa Mt. Calvary From St. Louis, MO
HERDE, Theresa 21 Oct 1942 74y 4m Herde, Aloysius (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
HERZOG, Gregory 31 Jul 1927 59y KALMER, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
HOFF, Henry 11 Jun 1951 84y HUELSMANN, Catherine St. Cecilia – Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Henry 11 Jun 1951 85y HUELSMANN, Catherine St. Cecilia – Bartelso, IL
HOFF, Msgr. William 1 Jun 1955 63y 9m Hoff, Henry NUELSON, Catherine Green Mount Died in Lincoln, IL
HOFFMAN, Raymond Joseph 26 May 1948 3y 4m Hoffman, Le Roy WAHLEN, Mary Green Mount
HOLDNER, Mary Ann 11 Nov 1950 6w Holdner, Frederick SOBAZCK, Lillian Holy Cross
HOUET, Joseph John 6 Nov 1955 49y 1m GERMAIN, Cleotha Green Mount
HUBERT, Maria 9 Apr 1936 73y 5m Hubert, William Green Mount
HUG, Elizabeth 17 Feb 1941 67y 3m Hug, Francis (Deceased) Green Mount
HUNT, Mary 9 Nov 1953 48y Hunt, Jacob CORTER, Hattie Walnut Hill
HUSCHLE, August 13 Oct 1929 65y  WOELSCHECK, Teresa Green Mount
HUSCHLE, Theresa 10 Jun 1946 74y 5m Huschle, August (Deceased) Green Mount
ISCH, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1949 63y Isch, Jos. SCHMISSEUR, Mary Green Mount
ISCH, Joseph 29 Jan 1938 83y 2m SCHMISSEUR, Maria Green Mount
JAKES, Norman William 4 Aug 1939 9y 8m Jakes, William PERSCHBACHER, Norma Walnut Hill
JOERG, Margaret 20 Jun 1947 79y 1m Joerg, Fred Walnut Hill
JORN, Alvin 9 Jul 1942 12y 4m Jorn, Albert AMANN, Louisa Green Mount
JORN, Lester 16 Nov 1938 12y 9m Jorn, Albert AMANN, Louise Green Mount
JUNKER, Amanda 12 Dec 1950 59y DINGES, Henry SCHWARTZENBACH, Margaret Junker, Martin Green Mount
KASSEBAUM, Richard 21 Nov 1944 7y 2m Kassebaum, Roy MUELLER, Eleonora Green Mount
KAUFMANN, Anton 13 Feb 1934 91y 8m DUFFNER, Maria (Deceased) Green Mount
KEHRER, Colette Dorothea 22 Feb 1938 8y Kehrer, Orville SCHAEFER, Sylvia Holy Childhood – Mascoutah, IL
KEMPF, Lena 1 Apr 1939 73y 2m Kempf, John Green Mount
KERN, Edgar 30 May 1945 31y 9m BAUER, Rose Marie Green Mount
KERN, Henry 8 Oct 1946 75y BROWN, Ida (Deceased) Green Mount
KERN, Ida 2 Feb 1937 58y 9m BROWN, Not listed Kern, Henry Green Mount Converted before death
KESSLER, Katharina 8 Jul 1943 69y 5m Kessler, Peter Walnut Hill
KETTERER, George 28 Sep 1945 57y 3m KUENER, Elizabeth Green Mount
KLIMAS, Francis 22 Jul 1944 49y 9m TURECK, Martha Walnut Hill
KLIMAS, Martha 10 Nov 1952 68y Green Mount
KLOHR, Frederick 12 Feb 1938 30y 11m BRUTTO, Maria Green Mount
KNOFF, George Andrew 17 Nov 1927 69y HAUB, Rosa Green Mount
KNOFF, Rosa 8 May 1930 68y HOBBS, Not listed Knoff, George Green Mount
KORTE, Norman 29 Sep 1942 10y Korte, William THIEN, Josephina Mt. Carmel
KRAEMER, Francisca 26 Jul 1934 86y 6m Kraemer, Lambert Mt. Calvary
KRAMP, John 5 Apr 1948 77y 8m Kramp, Mathew KNUET, Rosa Green Mount
KRAMP, Matthew 25 Dec 1926 94y SCHOCK, Rosa Green Mount
KRAMP, Rosa 29 Dec 1926 93y Kramp, Matthew (Deceased) Green Mount
KRAUS, Anna 15 Jul 1945 85y 8m WESSELE, Not listed Kraus, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
KRAUS, Armella 6 Feb 1929 12y Kraus, Max HELFRICH, Francisca Green Mount
KRAUS, Augusta 7 Jul 1950 79y 6m Kraus, Joseph Green Mount
KRAUS, Frances 30 Jan 1951 75y 1m Kraus, Max Green Mount
KRAUS, Joseph 19 Apr 1930 76y WESOLICK, Anna Green Mount
KRAUS, Max 3 Jun 1947 74y 7m HELFRICH, Frances Green Mount
KROTZ, Adolph 14 Jul 1937 41y RUTZ, Adam DUMBECK, Helena Green Mount Died in State Hospital in Menaskosh, WI
KUMMERMEHR, Lester 12 Sep 1931 16y 1m Kummermehr, Carl SCHEIBEL, Emma Mt. Calvary
LERCHER, Isabelle 12 Nov 1948 70y 1m MILLER, Not listed Green Mount
LETEMPT, August 24 Apr 1946 62y 1m Le Tempt, Paschal JANSOT [?], Lucy Green Mount
LISH, Anton 28 Mar 1945 61y 10m BANGE, Rose (Deceased) Walnut Hill
LONG, Alfred 21 Sep 1952 88y HENRICK, Sarah St. Patrick – Mt. Sterling, IL
LONG, Floyd 2 May 1934 39y 7m Long, Alfred HENDRICH, Sarah Mt. Sterling, IL
LONG, Roy Eugene 20 Dec 1929 31y 6m Long, Alfred HENRICK, Sarah Mt. Sterling, IL
LONG, Sarah Anna 9 Apr 1944 75y 8m Long, Alfred Mt. Sterling, IL
LORENZ, August 15 Feb 1937 29y 11m Lorenz, George HUBERT, Clara Green Mount
LORENZ, George 5 Jun 1927 62y HUBERT, Clara Green Mount
MALACARNE, Anton 13 Dec 1944 71y TEDESES, Anna Mt. Calvary
MANK, Maria 18 May 1932 56y 7m Mank, Andrew Green Mount
MARTIN, Cheryl Denise 5 Nov 1955 2y 4m Martin, Roland ACKER, Dorothy Green Mount Baptized in Boston
MASON, Shirley Florentia 28 Jan 1933 2d Mason, Jacob ARNOLD, Florentia Walnut Hill
MAUSOLF, Francis 15 Mar 1935 75y 7m SCHEWE, Amelia (Deceased) Green Mount
MCDONOUGH, Joanna (Jane) 28 Feb 1931 McDonough, John Mt. Carmel
MEDER, Ludwig 10 Oct 1933 63y HAAS, Frieda Green Mount
MEHRMANN, Carl 15 May 1939 58y 7m BECHERER, Francisca St. John – Smithton, IL
MEHRMANN, Francisca 8 Apr 1939 46y 6m BECHERER, Not listed Mehrmann, Carl St. John – Smithton, IL
MEYER, Lee Roy 4 Jul 1946 43y 11m SCHOENHOFEN, Marie Green Mount
MIDDENDORF, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1946 62y 9m Middendorf, Herman Green Mount
MIDDENDORF, Janet Leona 22 Nov 1939 1y Middendorf, Francis BUSS, Clara Green Mount
MILLER, Carl 1 Feb 1928 79y 7m KERN, Maria Walnut Hill
MILLER, Helena 1 Jan 1938 55y Miller, Joseph Green Mount
MILLER, Mary 13 Jul 1930 81y KERN, Not listed Miller, Carl (Deceased) Walnut Hill
MILLER, Oral Joseph 26 Jul 1932 1d Miller, Oral PAULE, Mildred Green Mount
MOORE, James 13 Aug 1949 68y Not listed, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount [See record]
MORGAN, Randy Joseph 16 Nov 1955 1d Morgan, Mickie J. SHEETS, June Green Mount Stillborn.  Baptized
MUELLER, Catharina 20 Jul 1927 67y Mueller, John (Deceased) Green Mount
MUELLER, Florence 24 Dec 1950 56y MEYER, Laurence HEIMENZ, Barbara Mueller, John H. Green Mount
MUELLER, Thomas 16 Jun 1949 Mueller, Leon LAUFF, Miragean Green Mount Stillborn
MUNIER, Louise 25 Jun 1950 79y 9m DRESSLER, not listed St. Pancreatius – Fayetteville
MUREN, Mathilda 16 Feb 1931 79y 4m Muren, John (Deceased) Green Mount
MUSKOFF, Bertha 14 Jul 1954 71y Muskoff, Emil Walnut Hill
MUSKOPF, Emil 23 Feb 1947 68y 3m HUBER, Bertha Walnut Hill Converted during sickness
NEFF, Bertha 12 Apr 1942 58y 2m Neff, George Walnut Hill
NEIDHARDT, Hilda 22 Jun 1951 72y Neidhardt, George Green Mount
NEUNER, Elizabeth 9 Oct 1932 59y 3m FEDER, Not listed Neuner, Joseph Walnut Hill
NEVENER, Joseph Edwin 25 Mar 1938 67y 2m GERMAIN, Louisa Green Mount
OBERBAUER, John 23 Oct 1929 78y 6m SCHOENSTEIN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
OBERBAUER, Jr, William 30 Apr 1948 38y 2m JONES, Lillian Mt. Carmel
OLLIGES, Joseph 14 Apr 1956 73y 10m Mt. Calvary
ORLET, Helen 21 Mar 1946 84y 7m Orlet, John (Deceased) Green Mount
ORLET, Sr., John 25 Oct 1929 72y RECKMANN, Helena Green Mount
PAULEY, Pauline 24 May 1953 73y GRINNIG, August Not listed, Louisa Pauley, Ben Green Mount
PETERS, Luther 2 Dec 1946 57y 2m KAISER, Catharine (Deceased) Walnut Hill Converted during sickness
PETERSON, Henry 14 Apr 1942 76y MUELLER, Helena Green Mount
PETERSON, Lena 4 Apr 1956 84y 11m MUELLER, Not listed Peterson, Henry Green Mount
PFEIFFER, Irene 22 Apr 1945 45y 5m Pfeiffer, Henry Mt. Calvary
POIGNEE, Margaret 17 Jan 1933 51y 4m Poignee, John (Deceased) Green Mount
POIROT, Lillian 8 May 1935 25y 1m Poirot, Emil (Deceased) KLUG, Bertha Green Mount
PONISKE, Duane 11 Feb 1950 19y Poniske, John MEDER, Amelia Green Mount
PRICE, Stella P. 10 Sep 1955 67y 9m Price, Earl Green Mount
REINHARDT, Henry 23 Apr 1942 74y 6m Reinhardt, George (Nobody knows mother’s name) Mt. Calvary
RENSING, John 4 Feb 1937 36y 9m Rensing, John STAUDER, Maria Walnut Hill
RENSING, Rose 16 Jul 1951 55y Rensing, John STAUDER, Mary Walnut Hill
REUTHERMANN, Joseph 23 Nov 1949 80y 5m MASSERING, Margaret Green Mount
RICHARD, Nicolaus 26 Apr 1927 63y SCHETTLER, Catharina Mt. Carmel
ROBERTS, Anna FLESHREN 5 Apr 1928 87y 10m Fleshren, Joseph & Oliver Roberts Walnut Hill
ROTHGANGEL, Leta Maria 5 Jul 1940 52y 7m Rothgangel, George Walnut Hill Died in Alton, IL asylum
RUTZ, Adam 8 Mar 1940 68y 1m DUMBECK, Alvina Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Lester Henry 21 Dec 1927 4m Schaefer, Francis BUENTGEN, Margaret Green Mount
SCHANUEL, Herbert 10 Sep 1927 38y Schanuel, Henry DEMMERLE, Elizabeth Green Mount From East St. Louis, IL
SCHEIBEL, Alfred Charles 1 Nov 1942 47y 9m Scheibel, Joseph DOLLUS, Joanna Mt. Calvary
SCHEIBEL, Joseph 15 Jun 1950 84y 4m VOLZ, Amelia Mt. Calvary
SCHEIBEL, Maria 15 May 1930 63y 6m KRASHE, Not listed Scheibel, William Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL
SCHEIBEL, William 19 Feb 1945 82y 8m KRASHE, Mary (Deceased) Mt. Calvary
SCHESKE, Louisa 29 Dec 1945 69y Scheske, Oscar Green Mount
SCHINDLER, Mary 17 Mar 1951 66y 8m Schindler, Moritz REININGER, Catherine Green Mount
SCHINDLER, Maurice 28 Jan 1942 91y 4m REININGER, Catharina (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Joseph 5 Feb 1943 84y 10m WANGLER, Martha (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Mathew 29 Mar 1952 66y HAUBRICH, Olinda Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Ben 19 Jan 1953 74y HAUSMANN, Louisa
SCHOBERT, Conrad 21 Mar 1932 59y 7m Schobert, George BLOGEN, Cunigunda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, George 11 Mar 1948 78y 1m BUETTRNER, Catherine Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Henry 16 Mar 1939 43y 11m SEIFF, Catharina Green Mount
SCHOBERT, John B. 4 Mar 1940 73y 1m MILLER, Mathilda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, John B. 10 Nov 1953 87y PFEIFFER, Wilhelmina Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Joseph 16 Aug 1955 55y 8m KAISER, Viola Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Mathilda 13 Jun 1949 66y 7m MILLER, Not listed Schobert, John B. Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Rita Maria 5 Jun 1931 1d Schobert, Theodore GABEL, Frieda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Virginia 26 Apr 1938 24y 4m Schobert, John MILLER, Mathilda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Wilhelmina 17 Jun 1930 60y 6m PFEIFER, Not listed Schobert, John Green Mount From Swansea, IL
SCHOENBORN, Nicholas 28 Jan 1945 70y 1m PARKERSON, Mary (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHULTE, James Francis 17 Jan 1942 5m Schulte, Francis LERCHER, Opal Green Mount
SCHUMACHER, Frank 1 Jul 1950 78y SAWYER, Rosalia Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Anton 13 Mar 1929 81y 2m WALSH, Elizabeth & Amalia REINIGER (Both deceased) Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Martin 18 Apr 1945 69y 4m Schwartz, Anton REINNENGER, Amelia Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Randel Lee 6 Apr 1956 5y 5m Schwartz, Darwin SCHMITTLING, Jean A. Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Robert 21 Oct 1953 19d Schwartz, Darwin SCHMITTLING, Jean Green Mount
SCHWARTZTRAUBER, Barbara 22 Nov 1943 77y 9m Schwartztrauber, Henry Mt. Carmel
SEABACHER, Eva 6 Dec 1933 71y RIDENBAUGH, Louis (Deceased) & Mathew Seabacher Green Mount
SEEBACHER, Matthew 25 May 1949 83y KIMUTIS, Monica Mt. Carmel
SEFERT, Edward 16 Jan 1933 82y 6m RICHARDS, Maria Green Mount
SEFERT, Maria 6 Jul 1934 76y 5m Sefert, Edward Green Mount
SPEHN, John 30 Aug 1944 47y 1m RASP, Frieda Mt. Calvary
SPINNENWEBER, Pete 31 Jan 1950 87y LUDWIG, Wilhelmina Mt. Carmel
SPINNEWEBER, Wilhelmina Veronica 28 Jan 1931 67y 11m Spinneweber, Peter Mt. Carmel
STARK, Maria 17 Mar 1937 65y  Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa Green Mount
STEGHAUS, Joanna 16 Sep 1935 61y 1m Steghaus, Bernard Green Mount
STERNAN, Henry 9 Feb 1941 44y 6m MUERER, Anna Green Mount
STRAUSBAUGH, Mary Jane 31 Jul 1954 90y 6m FLUGH, Philip ADAMS, Mary Strausbaugh, Francis St. Morris – Morrisonville, IL
STRECK, Wilhelmina 28 May 1937 71y  Streck, William (Deceased) Walnut Hill
STRUBE, Carl 4 Dec 1928 71y 11m RENO, Maria (Deceased) Green Mount
STRUBE, Leo Adolph 4 Oct 1930 8y 1m Strube, Carl FELLNER, Catharine Green Mount
STUBBS, William 10 Aug 1953 78y DONVOUR, Lela Calvary – St. Louis, MO
SULLIVAN, Emma 18 Feb 1951 74y MEYER, Peter GAHR, Elizabeth Green Mount
TEDESCO, Florence 7 Feb 1956 47y 9m Tedesco, Jr., Frank College Hill – Lebanon Sudden death
THOM, Albert Carl 6 Aug 1954 90y 4m Thom, Frederick LENZ, Caroline Green Mount
THOM, Carolina 25 Mar 1934 70y 7m Thom, Albert Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Catherine 13 Nov 1948 77y KRUPP, Not listed Thouvenot, Louis Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Emil 15 Nov 1935 68y 6m KRUPP, Maria Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Isabella 2 Sep 1928 60y WASSER, Not listed Thouvenot, Carl Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Louis 5 Apr 1941 69y 5m KRUPP, Catharina Green Mount
THOUVENOT, Marjorie Maria 12 Mar 1930 8y 6m Thouvenot, Isadore RENTERMANN, Aurelia Green Mount
VERNIER, Walter 4 Aug 1955 56y 1m GAUSEPOHL, Amelia Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL
VOELLINGER, Emma A. 10 Feb 1955 75y 9m Voellinger, Jacob DAHM, Christina Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Francis 19 Apr 1936 35y 3m HARMON, Agnes Walnut Hill Died in Hot Springs, AR
VOELLINGER, Frank J. 30 Nov 1956 78y 4m Voellinger, Joseph BUDDE, Helene Walnut Hill Died in St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis
VOSNIK, , Charles Joseph 12 Sep 1948 21y Vosnik, Frank KERN, Ida Green Mount Killed instantly in auto accident near New Baden
VOSS, Laura 3 Dec 1940 70y 3m Voss, Caspar (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
WAGNER, Eleonora 15 Feb 1943 59y 6m ITTENSOHN, Not listed Wagner, George Green Mount
WAINWRIGHT, Marion 21 Apr 1940 26y 4m STRAUBINGER, Amelle Green Mount
WARONI, Anton 8 Feb 1947 69y 2m Waroni, Dominic GRANDCOLAS, Mary Green Mount
WELKER, George William 26 Sep 1945 45y 5m BITTER, Mary Green Mount
WOLF, Rueben 24 Oct 1929 63y 4m FRISCH, Helena Walnut Hill
WULLER, Paul M. 3 Dec 1955 57y 11m REHDER, Gretchen Green Mount
ZACHARSKI, Fred 5 Mar 1953 54y Zacharski, August YAGER, Mary MUSKOPF, Ethel Walnut Hill
ZAEHRINGER, Frances 11 Jun 1952 77y GAMAN, Not listed Zaehringer, Gustave Green Mount
ZAEHRINGER, Gustave 3 Jan 1955 84y 4m GANNON, Francis Green Mount Baptized at home.  [Year could be 1956; out of order]
ZINK, Francis 22 Feb 1933 45y 4m STAUB, Alma Mascoutah, IL From Mascoutah, IL
ZOGG, Adolph G. 11 Nov 1954 62y JOERG, Adelia Walnut Hill
ZOGG, Robert 14 Nov 1931 73y 11m ABEGG, Magdalena Green Mount

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