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St. Stephen (Caseyville, Illinois) Catholic Burials

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Burials (August 1895 – November 1956)

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ADCOCK, Irene [Widow] 13 Nov 1953 54y Solomon (Deceased) Caseyville Mentions Mary Louise
ADCOCK, John 2 Sep 1938 68y Adcock, Louise Public cemetery Father of Sol. Adcock
ADCOCK, Solomon 15 Nov 1944 47y 4m Adcock, John Not listed, Louisa STADER, Irene Public cemetery Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
BACH, Catharina 1 Oct 1906 WINGERT, John DOPHIN, Anna Bach, John Born 8 Dec 1833
BAUM, Adam 14 Jul 1956 POLLOCK, Elfie Mt. Carmel Born 12 Nov 1880
BAUM, William 19 Jul 1936 54y Mt. Carmel Father of Mrs. Verda CRAVENS
BLAKE, Mary 2 Apr 1897 SCULLY, Not listed Blake, J.
BOSLER, Catherine [Widow] 5 Dec 1941 [65y 1m 4d] [Bosler, Dominic (Deceased)] Public cemetery Died in St. Louis hospital.  Mentions Joseph GRAVOT, Orville Bosler & Julia (born GOLAY) STEPHENS
BURRELSMANN, John 8 Aug 1944 74y 5m DAVINROY. Mary Public cemetery Died at home
BURRELSMANN, Mary [Widow] 29 Feb 1952 79y 1m John (Deceased) Public cemetery
CARL, Hazel W. 3 Jan 1952 48y Carl, Michael J. Holy Cross in French Village, IL Died in Jewish Hospital
COUGHLIN, Cornelius 8 Dec 1949 82y DEWEESE, Mittie St. Clair Memorial Park
CRAVEN, William 24 Aug 1938 39y BAUM, Verda Mt. Carmel Father of Mildred & Louis Craven
DELATINE, Sr., Eugene [Widower] 20 Mar 1952 85y 10m Catherine (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Mentions: Eugene, Marie, Genevieve & Gertrude
DIEPATZ, Joseph R. 3 Oct 1949 79y 5m DUGGER, Frances Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL
DOCTER, Elizabeth [Widow] 27 May 1942 77y 8m Docter, John (Deceased) Public cemetery Mentions: Steve, Christine, Elizabeth & Mabel
DOCTER, John 11 Dec 1940 80y 9m DAVINROY, Elizabeth Public cemetery Father of Mrs. Mabel MASON & other children
DOCTER, Philomene [Widow] 9 Apr 1952 84y Holy Cross in French Village, IL Mentions: John & Viola born WEISSERT
DOUR, John [Widower] 25 May 1942 83y 2m STADLER, Anna (Deceased) Holy Cross Mentions: Charolette, Marie, Jacob, Joseph & John
DOYLE, Nicholas 12 Feb 1934 55y Doyle, Tillie Public cemetery Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO
DUPATZ, Fannie [Widow] 4 Nov 1955 78y 10m Dupatz, Joseph (Deceased) Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Mentions: Lester, Leslie & Hazel.  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
ELLIOTT, Ben 25 Aug 1956 SULLIVAN, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 17 Dec 1920.  Died at St. Mary’s Hospital
ELLIOTT, Eulalia Mae 26 Feb 1935 36y 10m HUSTER, Not listed Elliott, Leonard Public cemetery
ENGELHARD, Mrs. Emma [Widow] 17 Apr 1946 69y JACQUOT, Not listed Engelhard, Edward (Deceased) Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Died at home
ENRIGHT, Miss Alice 26 Sep 1947 76y Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Sister of Ella Enright.  Died at home
FAUSZ, Jr., William Edward 9 Apr 1950 16y 6m Fausz, Sr., William SUMNER, Emma Mt. Hope in Belleville Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
FRIESE, Margaret 5 Jun 1954 66y Friese, Otto Holy Cross in French Village, IL
GAVIN, Mrs. Lina 23 Jul 1936 69y Gavin, Patrick Public cemetery
GILLIGAN, John F. 1 Sep 1950 51y Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
GOODRICH, John Wesley 8 Mar 1946 69y 11m MCINTYRE, Ora Holy Cross in French Village, IL Died in Highland, IL
HILL, Rose Ann [Widow] 14 Jul 1950 69y Hill, James Public cemetery From Houston, TX
HOELTMANN, Ferdinand 22 May 1903 83y 10m 17d A benefactor of this church.
HOELTMANN, Louisa 24 Aug 1895 18y Hoeltmann, John T. PETERS, Charlotta
IDOUX, Marie [Widow] 9 Nov 1946 90y Idoux, Henry (Deceased) Public cemetery Died in St. Clair County Hospital Belleville
JACQUOT, Adolph 23 Jan 1948 78y Jacquot, Caroline Isabelle (Born MINSTER) Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Father of Carl & Elsie HOLZMEIER
JACQUOT, Mrs. Caroline I.  [Widow] 17 Nov 1954 78y MINTER, Not listed Jacquot, Adolph (Deceased) Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital Belleville
JONES, Mrs. Mary [Widow] 22 Jul 1952 81y 3m Mt. Carmel Aunt of Rev. Fr. John E. GROTE
KALAIS, Ora (Single) 4 Sep 1951 60y National Cemetery – Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO Sister of Mrs. Effie KOLB.  Died in T. B. Sanitorium
KASSING, Dorothy Margaret 13 Jan 1939 5m Kassing, Raymond MEES, Amelia Holy Cross
KERSEY, Harry (William Harrison) 28 Apr 1943 62y Kersey, Amy DAVINROY Public cemetery Died at home.
KLEIN, Mrs. Anna [Widow] 17 Jul 1946 70y MEES, Not listed Klein, August (Deceased) Public cemetery Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
KOEHLER, Sr., Louis 14 Sep 1952 81y 11m EVERSMANN, Anna Holy Cross in French Village, IL Mentions: Louis, Jr. & Clara NIEBRUGGE
KRAMER, Emil [Widower] 27 Jul 1944 85y Kramer, Theodore Not listed, Mary Caseyville Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville
LONG, Everett 1 Apr 1934 8y Long, Oliver KINSELLA, Ellen Holy Cross Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
LYSON, Thurman R. 23 Mar 1952 31y 10m WASSER, Evelyn Caseyville Mentions: Darlene & Russell.  Died in Collinsville
MACALLISTER, Connie Rae 24 Jan 1956 nb Mac Allister, Kenneth JOHNSON, Betty June Mt. Carmel Born & Died at Christian Welfare Hospital
MARION, Peter F. 24 Dec 1953 72y Martha Holy Cross in French Village, IL Mentions Alice & Margaret.  From State Park R. R. #1 Collinsville, IL
MCMURTRY, Mrs. Edna 22 May 1956 SCHWERGER, George SCHUERGER, Christine McMurtry, Martin W. Mt. Carmel Born 7 Jan 1897
MEES, Clemence C. 28 Jan 1949 77y 11m BORSCH, Anna Marie (Died 20 Mar 1912) Public cemetery Father of Margaret, Matilda, Amelia, Clemence, Josephine & Joseph.  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
MEES, Dorothy 20 Aug 1951 38y 10m Mees, Clem Public cemetery Mentions: Shirley & Rose Marie
MEES, Emelia 19 Mar 1940 61y 11m Public cemetery Single woman
MEES, Frances [Widow] 22 Jan 1948 84y 11m SHERMAN, Not listed Mees, Jacob (Died 28 Dec 1940) Public cemetery Mother of William, Joseph, Carl, Henry & Blanche
MEES, James J. 28 Dec 1940 77y SHERMAN, Frances Public cemetery Father of William, Joseph, Henry, Carl & Blanche
MEES, Joseph 29 Jul 1952 56y 4m Public cemetery Brother of: William, Carl, Henry Mees & Blanche ANDERSON
MEES, Kate 8 Jan 1936 55y Public cemetery Sister of C. C. & James Mees
MEES, Mabel 1 Jan 1939 23y KEPLAR, Not listed Mees, Joseph G. Public cemetery
MELL, Paul Julius 12 Aug 1949 56y 6m PARDUS, Josephine Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
MELVIS, Henry 12 Nov 1932 MEES, Mathilda Public cemetery  Born in 1865. Died in Marine Hospital in St. Louis, MO.
MILLER, Edward 22 Dec 1933 74y Catholic Cemetery in Lebanon, IL Died of an accident.  Uncle of Mrs. Leonard ELLIOT
MOSS, Henry 31 Aug 1945 64y Moss, George Not listed, Elizabeth Public cemetery
MULLEN, Mary Ann Beverly 30 Aug 1948 3y 8m Mullen, John M. MCINTIRE, Corda Mt. Carmel
NAULING, Donald 21 Nov 1952 8y 10m BILODEAU, Robert WANTZ, Lorraine Caseyville Brother of Carl & Kenneth.  Died at St. Mary’s Hospital
OSBORN, Alvin 24 May 1954 23y 8m ALLEN, Dorothy Public cemetery Mentions: Donna Jean, Lynda Mary, Michael Edward & Alvin Joseph, Jr. Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
PELATE, Mrs. Cornelia 11 Sep 1950 80y Holy Cross in French Village, IL Mentions: Frank & Henry.  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
POPOV, Charles Andrew 11 Aug 1954 1d Popov, Sr. TOONER, Geraldine Calvary in Edwardsville, IL Brother of John Popov, Jr.
PRATHER, Charles Clifford 9 Aug 1951 65y Prather, Mrs. Charles C. Mt. Carmel Mentions: Clifford, James, Leo, Charles, Lawrence, Helen & Clarence
PRATHER, Lawrence B. 19 Mar 1955 34y VANDERPLOEG, Charolette Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO
ROBERTS, Susan [Widow] 21 Nov 1955 77y 10m Roberts, Thomas (Deceased) Holy Cross in French Village, IL Mentions: Rose, Thomas, Marie Ann, Bertha & Esther.  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
RUPPRECHT, Mrs. Barbara 14 Sep 1947 62y Rupprecht, Theodore Public cemetery Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
RUPPRECHT, Mrs. Henry (Born Ida SCHANUEL) 14 May 1945 55y Schanuel, Not listed Rupprecht, Henry Public cemetery
RUSSEL, Mrs. Eva Marie 17 Aug 1937 66y Public cemetery Mother of Mrs. OLENDORF
SCHANUEL, Clara Louisa 11 Dec 1906 Schanuel, Conrad SEIP, Nettie Born 4 Oct 1906
SCHANUEL, Conrad 7 Apr 1933 SEIPP, Annetta Public cemetery
SCHANUEL, Maria Anetta [Widow] 8 Oct 1942 75y Schanuel, Conrad (Deceased) Public cemetery Died at daughter’s, Mrs. RUPPRECHT.
SCHANUEL, Mrs. Catherine 26 Jun 1936 83y Schanuel, Anton Public cemetery
SCHIOPEN, John 23 Jul 1945 60y RENECKS, Anna St. Adalbert’s Died in Pleasant View Sanitorium
SEIPP, George 19 May 1903 19y Seipp, George H.
SICTAR, Anna 30 Aug 1943 36y Sictar, John St. Adalbert’s Attended by priest from Sts, Cyril & Methodius due to language issues.
SKABACZ, Dennis 19 Sep 1948 10d Skabacz, John BANON, Anna Mt. Hope in Belleville
SMITH, Daniel 4 Apr 1936 57y Smith, Mary Public cemetery
SPENGLER, Harold Walter 21 Dec 1908 Spengler, Francis SHANUEL, Emilia Public cemetery Born 27 May 1906
STEFENS, Sophia 27 Sep 1902 5y STEPHENS, Maria
STEIGER, Mae E. [Widow] 5 Dec 1955 72y 3m Steiger, Charles J. (Deceased) Public cemetery
TENNANT, Charles [Widower] 23 Apr 1948 87y Tennant, Margaret (Deceased) Public cemetery
TOUSSAINT, Hugh 15 Oct 1943 55y HIGGINS, Ethel Caseyville Died in Alton State Hospital
TOUSSAINT, Marie 29 Jul 1934 79y PAPIN, Not listed Toussaint, Louis Public cemetery Died in Alton State Hospital
WAIDLE (WAITL), Joseph 14 Nov 1904
WAITL, Katharina Elisabeth 30 Dec 1905 82y HOELTERMANN, Not listed Waitl, Joseph
WAND, Anthony W. 11 Jan 1955 69y TUDOR, Ferne Sts. Peter & Paul in Collinsville, IL Mentions: Emma Jean, Mary, Ruth & Blanche
WARDEN, Gerald F. 4 Nov 1956 ROBERTS, Rose Holy Cross in French Village, IL Born 2 Apr 1900
WASSER, James John [Widower] 26 Jan 1942 65y 8m BERTRAM, Margaret Gertrude (Deceased) Public cemetery Mentions: George, William & Bernardina born CAMINITI
WASSER, Joseph C. 25 Jun 1952 59y SHIFFERDECKER, Mary Public cemetery Mentions: Norman & Elston.  Died in Baptist Hospital in St. Louis, MO
WEIBACHER, Christina 30 Jul 1945 63y FREDRICK, Not listed WEILBACHER, Fred Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL
WELCH, Mrs. Mary Ann 20 Apr 1948 75y Valhalla in Belleville Mother of Mrs. Margaret PFEIFER
WHITE, Sr., George L. 2 Jun 1950 51y 9m HENDERSON, Marie Mt. Carmel Mentions: Betty & George L. Jr.
WILLIAMSON, Oscar Charles 31 Aug 1949 65y WOOD, Florence Holy Cross in French Village, IL

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