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St. Stephen (Caseyville, Illinois) Catholic Baptisms

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Introduction, citation St. Stephen | Baptisms (1894–1906) | Marriages (1895–1904) | Burials (1895–1956)


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Baptisms (March 1894 – November 1906)

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BACH, Maria Catharina 3 Nov 1906 16 Dec 1906 Bach, Michael LOVE, Silvia REIDL, Francis Reidl, Catharina (Mrs. Francis)
BACH, Raymund Nicolas 18 Jan 1905 12 Mar 1905 Bach, Michael LOVE, Silvie THIL, Nicolas J. Thil, Victorina
BREM, Arthur Nicolas 13 Jan 1904 7 Mar 1904 Brem, Joseph STRÜBE [Struebe], Maria SCHANUEL, Maria
BREM, Oscar Charles 26 Sep 1895 10 Nov 1895 Brem, Joseph STRUBE, Maria BECHERER, Charles Becherer, Anna (Mrs. Charles) Baptized by Rev. H. B. Degenhardt, rector in Collinsville.   Killed in battle Sep 1918 & buried at Jefferson Barracks.
BRETZEL, Alice 3 Apr 1896 1 May 1898 Bretzel, Henry BOSLER, Katharina MAES, Clemens ENRIGHT, Alice
DOCTER, Catharina Mabel 24 May 1904 5 Jun 1904 Docter, John DAVENROY, Elisabeth Docter, Louis Davenroy, Katharina
DUNCAN, Henry Earl 27 Nov 1897 31 Jan 1898 Duncan, [Uos.?] BOCLY, Ellen WASSER, Dominic SCHWARZKOPF, Eugenia Previous marriage declared null 9 Dec 1940.  Married Loretto MACKLE 26 Dec 1940 at St. Margaret in St. Louis, MO. [See record]
ELLIOT, Joseph 5 Sep 1896 3 Oct 1896 Elliot, William MAISCH, Otillia SCHWARZKOPF, Eugenia
ELLIOTT, Ada Elisabeth [Twin] 13 Dec 1902 21 Jan 1903 Elliott, Wilhelm MAISCH, Tilly WASSER, John James Maisch, Ada Francisca
ELLIOTT, Mada Alice [Twin] 13 Dec 1902 21 Jan 1903 Elliott, Wilhelm MAISCH, Tilly WASSER, John James Maisch, Ada Francisca
FEENEY, Thomas Francis 29 Apr 1906 7 Jun 1906 Feeney, Thomas MCGOWAN, Sabina WASSER, Dominic for Leon Wasser SCHANUEL, Maria Married Mary OBERLE 12 Sep 1936 at New St. Joseph’s in Detroit, MI
FLESCHIG [Flechsig], Nicolas Richard 5 Jun 1903 13 Sep 1903 Fleschig [Flechsig], Richard DOYLE, Katharina Doyle, Nicolas WASSER, Rosa
GAESCHEL [Geaschel], Adolph Earl 17 May 1906 7 Jun 1906 Gaeschel [Geaschel], Adolph DOCTER, Christina Docter, Louis Docter, Elisabeth
GAVIN, William 18 Feb 1897 18 Sep 1897 Gavin, Patrick MITCHELL, Helena WASSER, Dominic Wasser, Mrs. Dominic Married 31 Dec 1921 at St. Philip’s to Stella DE LORME [?]
GOESCHEL, John Raymund 9 Jul 1904 25 Jul 1904 Goeschel, Adolph DOCTER, Christina Docter, John Goeschel, Sophia
GUTWALD, Helena Margaret 28 Mar 1894 29 Apr 1894 Gutwald, Robert MURPHY, Helena PETERSON, J. P. DUBOIS, Amanda
HAMM, Maria Ottilia 20 Sep 1894 20 Jan 1895 Hamm, Henry WORKMEISTER, Emma ENRIGHT, James SCHWARZKOPF, Eugenia
HAMMON, Andrew 27 Aug 1902 19 Nov 1902 Hammon, Andrew SCHEHR, Sophia ELLIOTT, Wilhelm MEYER, Josephina
HAMMON, Michael 23 May 1904 17 Jul 1904 Hammon, Andrew SCHEHR, Sophia Schehr, Michael Schehr, Elisabeth (Mrs. Michael)
HANDFORTH, Miss Lilly Maria (21y, convert) 17 Jun 1894 BLAKE, Maria
HEROLD, James 30 Apr 1904 8 May 1904 Herold, Adam RAPP, Maria Rapp, James Rapp, Angelina Married Helen HOEFFKEN 17 Jun 1925 at Cathedral
HOWE, Stephan August 8 Jul 1902 31 Aug 1902 Howe, Stephan CORNIQUET, Maria ISCH, Anthony Isch, Maria L. (Mrs. Anthony)
HOWE, Virginia Rosa 18 Nov 1903 8 May 1904 Howe, Stephan CORNIQUET, Maria LA ROBARDIER, Isaak Ferdinand La Robardier, Maria Married Charles BOUSHKA 30 Jun 1925 at Collinsville
MAES, Blanch Catharina 10 Sep 1897 18 Sep 1897 Maes, James GERMANN, Francisca WASSER, James BLAKE, Hester
MAES, Joseph 23 Feb 1896 1 Mar 1896 Maes, James GERMANN, Francisca Maes, Clemens WASSER, Rosa
MAES, Leon Charles 15 Jul 1902 27 Jul 1902 Maes, James SCHERMANN, Francisca STRAHl, Leo Married Mildred J. MOHLER 8 Jun 1974 with witnesses Ronald Mohler & Ada Mae KNUSSMANN.  [MEES is written in left margin.]
MAES, William Ferdinand 17 Aug 1894 19 Aug 1894 Maes, James J. GERMANN, Francisca J. HOELTMANN, Ferdinand BLAKE, Maria
MAISCH, Ernst Leon 11 Apr 1896 25 Jul 1896 Maisch, Clement KOEHLER, Minnie BECHERER, Lambert
MAISCH, Maria Estella 7 Sep 1894 9 Dec 1894 Maisch, Clement KOEHLER, Maria EVERSMANN, John ELLIOT, Tillie
MCMAHON, Maria 23 Feb 1895 1 Jun 1895 McMahon, George JANIN, Maria DELARME, Natalia
MEES, Emilia Josephina 13 Sep 1905 15 Oct 1905 Mees, Clement BUSCH, Anna ELLIOTT, William Mees, Emilia Civil marriage declared null 3 Oct 1941; St. Louis
MEES, Maria Matilda 26 Sep 1903 2 Nov 1903 Mees, Clement BUSCH, Anna DOYLE, Nicolas Doyle, Katharina
NEUMAIR, Apolonia Maria 9 Feb 1895 4 Mar 1895 Neumair, John SCHESWINTER, Anna KAMPE, Ferdinand Kampe, Maria
NICOL, Joseph 16 Mar 1895 1 Jun 1895 Nicol, Lee PERONE, Louisa STEPHENS, John Perone, Francisca
REBER, Sara Gertrude 9 Dec 1893 29 Apr 1894 Reber, Louis MOLLET, Emma ENRIGHT, James Enright, Catharina
ROUSTIO, Anthony Stephan George 29 Jan 1905 23 Apr 1905 Roustio, Amant GRAULT, Rosa Roustio, August Roustio, Rosa
RUSTIO, Charles Louis 30 Jul 1895 7 Sep 1895 Rustio, Amab GAULT, Rosa MARTINEAU, Charles Rustio, Maria
RUSTIO, Jeanette Magdalena 29 Sep 1897 24 Oct 1897 Rustio, Amos GAULT, Rosa NICOL, B. Nicol, Mrs. B. [ROUSTIO is written in left margin]
SCHANUEL, Clara Louisa 4 Oct 1906 4 Nov 1906 Schanuel, Conrad SEIP, Nettie Seip, William Seip, Louisa (Mrs. William) Died 11 Dec 1906
SCHANUEL, Hilda Matilda 7 Jan 1905 12 Mar 1905 Schanuel, Konrad SEIPP, Annetta WASSER, John James Seipp, Mathilda
SCHANUEL, Walther George 6 Feb 19__ 9 Mar 1903 Schanuel, Anthony SEIPP, Katharina Seipp, George Schanuel, Maria [Birth year not viewable.]
SEIP, Sara Cecilia 3 Mar 1894 22 Apr 1894 Seip, George RENO, Maria L. MOLLOY, David Molloy, Mrs. David
SPENGLER, Arthur Edward Dominic 17 Apr 1903 17 May 1903 Spengler, Francis SCHANUEL, Emilia WASSER, Dominic Wasser, Rosa Married Marry BURKE 22 Sep 1926 at St. Regis
SPENGLER, Walter Harold 26 May 1906 7 Jun 1906 Spengler, Francis SCHANNEL, Emilia Spengler, James for Leonard ELLIOT SCHANUEL, Ida
STEFENS, Sophia 6 Dec 1897 23 Jan 1898 Stefens, Maria KOEHLER, Henry Koehler, Mrs. Henry
TOUSSAINT, Terrence Eugene 18 Jan 1897 14 Nov 1897 Toussaint, Louis PAPIN, Ealmar PRUNTY, Terrence Papin, Sarah
WALLACE, Genevieve Margaret 10 Jul 1905 13 Aug 1905 Wallace, James STROKER, Katharina HELLER, George NOCKON, Margaret

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