St. Pancratius (Fayetteville) Catholic Marriages (1859–1931)

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Of the two books imaged on FamilySearch, many marriages are out of chronological sequence.


Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ABERLE, Francis FIETSAM, Judith 1 Feb 1881 Aberle, Marcus PFIFFNER, Margaret Fietsam, Carl LAUX, Elizabeth Aberle, Marcus and Teresa MIDDENDORF
ABERLE, Marcus (Widower of Margaret PFIFFNER) VANREE, Elizabeth (Widow of Wilhelm Vanree) 22 Nov 1870 Aberle, Francis Not listed, Monica BIEBUSCH, Christian (Deceased) Not listed, Anna ROEHL, John and Catharina KOESTER
ALBERS, Herman Bernard (From St. Joseph Parish in St. Louis, MO) WOLKING, Maria 13 Feb 1890 Albers, Bernard Henry DEIMANN, Anna Helena Wolking, Henry MEIER, Theresa Albers, Herman and Margaret JANNING
BAUER, Oswald SORTTE, Wilhelmina 28 May 1878 Bauer, Joseph (Deceased) SCHLETZBAUM, Barbara (Deceased) Sortte, Samuel (Deceased) WINTER, Teresa Bauer, Andrew and Bertha Bauer
BAUMGARTEN, Francis BENEDIC, Felicitas (Widow of Christophor Benedic) 4 Jun 1872 KLEIN, Not listed VAHLKAMP, Stephan and Jacob LINDER
BECHER, John HATEL [?], Albina 2 Jul 1865 VAN DER HYDEN, George and Josephine RAINEY Married at Freeburg
BECHTOLD, Henry MEIDINGER, Mary Anne 1 Aug 1865 MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob and Mary HERMANN Married at Freeburg
BEELMANN, Bernard (Widower of Margaret MIDDENDORF) POELMANN, Carolina 8 May 1877 Beelmann, Bernard (Deceased) LAHKE, Helena (Deceased) Poelmann, Abel (Deceased) TERVEER, Margaret Poelmann, Anton and Anna Poelmann
BEHRENS, Joseph H. (From St. Libory) HUELSMANN, Carolina 25 Aug 1926 Behrens, Herman STROTMANN, Catharina Huelsmann, Francis CRUSE, Francisca KINKELAAR, Laurens and Clara Huelsmann
BERGHEGER, Anton (From Mascoutah) HOH, Maria (From New Baden, IL) 25 Nov 1919 Bergheger, John Not listed, Catharina Hoh, Gustave REISHACHER, Maria Bergheger, Edward and Olivia Bergheger
BERGHEGER, George LANGE, Carolina 5 Mar 1878 Bergheger, Matthew SPELLBRING, Maria Lange, John (Deceased) WITTBUTH, Francisca (Deceased) Bergheger, Bernard and Catharina GEISSON
BERGHEGER, George BRINKMANN, Anna Angela Maria 3 Feb 1880 Bergheger, Matthew SPELBRINK, Maria Brinkmann, Joseph BEBERMANN, Catharina STEINMANN, Henry and Anna Brinkmann
BERGHEGER, Henry KREIGE, Catharina 25 Nov 1868 Bergheger, Matthew SPELLPRING, Maria Kreige, Frederick LONGMANN, Maria Elizabeth Bergheger, John; Henry KORTTE; Margaret MIDDENDORF and Bernardina Bergheger
BERGHEGER, Henry (Widower of Catharina KRIEGE) BRINKMANN, Anna Maria 8 Feb 1881 Bergheger, Matthew SPELBRINK, Maria Brinkmann, Joseph BEBELMANN, Maria Bergheger, George and Anna WEGMANN
BERGHEGER, John KOESTER, Catharina 7 May 1872 Bergheger, Matthew SPELBRING, Maria Koester, Wilhelma WESSELMANN, Maria Bergheger, G.; H. VOGT; Catharina SUESS and M. Elizabeth Bergheger
BERTKER, Liborius KASPERZICK, Anna 10 May 1897 Bertker, Gerhard LINDKER, Catharina Kasperzick, Philip JANDA, Anna Kasperzick, Joseph; Martin DANIEL; Maria Kasperzick and Francisca HOFF
BESKE, Adolph (Widower of Maria ONIGMANN) BAUER, Bertha 27 May 1879 Beske, Kaspar POLMAYER, Catharina Bauer, Joseph SCHLITZBAUM, Barbara STEMPEL, Joseph and Anna Bauer
BIESER, August MIDDENDORF, Theresa 9 Nov 1886 Bieser, Adam RICHARD, Celestina Middendorf, Henry BÜHNER (Buehner), Gertrude Bieser, Francis; Henry Middendorf; Helena MOSS and Katharina BACHER
BIESER, George ABERLE, Not listed 4 May 1890 Aberle, Marcus RAENCK, Emma This was a civil marriage.   [See record]
BIESER, Joseph VAN REE, Catharina 20 Apr 1898 Bieser, Adam RICHERT, Celestina Van Ree, Henry SCHLANGEN, Adelheid VAHLKAMP, John and Mathilda SCHOPP
BIESSER, George Carl KOESTER, Elizabeth 1 May 1883 Biesser, Adam RICHERT, Celestina Koester, Wilhelm JANSEN, Catherine Biesser, August and Teresa MIDDENDORF
BLUNCK, Henry (Widower of Anna HOEPPER) STRATHMANN, Maria Elizabeth 24 Sep 1872 Strathmann, H. H. POLMANN, Margaret (Deceased) Strathmann, Henry and Theresa Strathmann
BLUNK, Henry HOPPER, Anna 12 Feb 1867 Hopper, Henry and Francisca Hopper
BOUCHER, Fr. Jacob (Widower of Maria Magdalena MOHR) ROECKERS, M. Magdalena 10 Jun 1873 JANNICK, H. Roeckers, Gesina DOENNEWALD, Albert and Margaret Jannick [See record]
BREGEN, Henry Mense, Maria (Widow of Henry Mense) 14 Sep 1869 Bregen, Bernhard Henry DURST, Maria Anna ROSEMANN, Henry WINTER, Maria SINNE, Joseph and Maria MOSS born SCHÖNEBAUM (Schoenebaum)
BREGEN, Henry (Widower of Maria ROSEMANN) JANNIK, Anna 10 Jan 1882 Bregen, Bernhard Henry DUST, Anna Maria Jannik, Bernard JUNGERMANN, Maria Bregen, August and Maria Jannik
BREIHAHN, Joachim BERGHEGER, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1878 Breihahn, Christian WIESEN, Maria Bergheger, Matthew SPELLBRINK, Maria PFIFFENER, George and Elizabeth HINDERS
BREIHAN, Christian STEINMANN, Catharina 25 Sep 1877 Breihan, Christian (Deceased) WIESS, Maria Steinmann, Frederick (Deceased) HAETER, Elizabeth (Deceased) Steinmann, Henry and Elizabeth BERGHEGER
BRUCKNER, William ABERLE, Elizabeth 9 Nov 1880 Bruckner, Michael LOVASTAIN, Maria Aberle, Marcus PFIFFNER, Margaret Aberle, Francis and Judith FIETSAM
BURGARD, Ernest (Convert) HOFF, Matilda 23 Jan 1930 Burgard, Frederick FREDKING [?], Catharina Hoff, John Bernard BREGING, Lizzie Hoff, Lawrence and Hellena Burgard
COELLER, Francis (Widower of Regina HERGET) STRUTZ, Helena 12 Mar 1878 Coeller, Carl (Deceased) KRIM, Theresa Strutz, Wendelin DESCHNABEL, Christina Coeller, Wilhelm  and Ema Coeller
DIEKEMPER, Francis RICKELMANN, Margaret 30 Aug 1881 Diekemper, Matthew VAHLKAMP, Gertrude Rickelmann, Daniel DÖNEWALD (Doenewald), Anna Christ. Diekemper, Bernard and Anna Rickelmann
DIETERICH, John SCHELLENBERG, Carolina Margaret 27 Nov 1877 Dieterich, Carl HIPP, Anna Schellenberg, George KUHLI, Catharina MIDDENDORF, Henry and Christina Schellenberg
DRESSLER, Bernard VAHLKAMP, Ida 10 Nov 1887 Dressler, Bernard LAUX, Margaret Vahlkamp, Stephan RAENK, Elizabeth Dressler, Henry; Sophia Vahlkamp; Bernard Vahlkamp and Anna Dressler
DRESSLER, Bernard Henry PIFFNER, Theresa A. 21 Sep 1915 Dressler, Bernard VAHLKAMP, Ida Piffner, George KOCH, Maria Dressler, Stephan H. and Margaret J. Piffner
DRESSLER, Edward NIESE, Alvina 18 Sep 1906 Dressler, Herman Not listed, Catharina Niese, John Not listed, Maria Dressler, Henry and Magdalena Niese
DRESSLER, Herman Joseph VAHLKAMP, Sophia Anna 4 May 1892 Dressler, Bernard (Deceased) LAUX, Margaret Vahlkamp, Sr., Stephan RAENCK, Elizabeth (Deceased) Vahlkamp, Jr., Henry and Catharina KREIKEMEIER (From St. Libory in St. Louis, MO)
DRESSLER, Rudolph BRENHAN, Matilda 28 Apr 1904 Dressler, Herman Not listed, Katharina Brenhan, Christian Not listed, Catharina Dressler, Edward and Ida Brenhan
EHRHARD, Elias VAHLKAMP, Maria 29 Jun 1879 Ehrhard, Matthew KINN, Catharina Vahlkamp, Theodore SNITTER, Anna Maria LECHER, Michael and Miss Elizabeth HINDERS Dispensation for first degree affinity. 
ERHARDT, George Aloysius KORTE, Katarina 9 Sep 1902 Erhardt, Aloysius VAHLKAMP, Maria Korte, George KRUSE, Anna Erhardt, Stephan H. and Annie Korte
ERNST, Oscar (Baptized 22 Oct 1899 at St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL. From Point Lookout, St. Clair County) WINKLER, Anna (New convert From Belleville) 8 Aug 1923 Ernst, Wendelin DUKHAUT, Maria Winkler, August WUEST, Barbara GEIGER, Arthur and Maria EPPLIN
FAULSCHICK, August Bhilipp  FLECKENSTEIN, Theresa 27 Aug 1867 Faulschick, Boniface FAY, Elizabeth Fleckenstein, Conrad ABELESCH, Elizabeth Fleckenstein, Conrad; Bernard LENHOF; Louisa RENEZ; Bernard Fleckenstein and George TUERK
FELIN, Adolph (Born 7 Apr 1884 in Vulcano, MI) BRUNCKNER, Matilda 7 Mar 1920 Felin, Alexander PAOLINE, Maria Brunkner, William ABERLE, Elizabeth Brunkner, Arthur and Elizabeth VAHLKAMP
FELLIN, Joseph (From Gillespie) BRUNKNER, Ida 3 Sep 1907 Fellin, Aloysius PAROLEIN, Maria Brunkner, William Not listed, Elizabeth BRUNKER, Arthur and Maria Fellin
FIETSAM, Edward Francis LINDER, Maria Clara 28 Nov 1900 Fietsam, Carl Hubert ZOELLER, Philomena Maria Linder, Joseph RIX, Carolina Linder, Joseph; Jacob Linder; Louisa Fietsam and Sophia Fietsam
FIETSAM, George BÜHNER (Buehner), Elizabeth 4 May 1859 Fietsam, Henry MONKEN, Judith Buehner, Franzis BUDDE, Clara Fietsam, Henry and Franzis Buehner
FIETSAM, George H. GERMAN, Mathilda (Adopted Daughter) 24 Nov 1891 Fietsam, George BUEHNER, Elizabeth German, Anton (Deceased adoptive father) KLEIN, Anna Maria (From Freeburg, IL) Fietsam, Carl H. and Catharina MASSRANG 
FIETSAM, Henry Carl VAHLKAMP, Emma 8 Jul 1890 Fietsam, Carl Hubert ZOELLER, Philomena Vahlkamp, George KALLENBACHEN, Maria Vahlkamp, Jr., George and Anna Fietsam Witnesses are siblings to the couple.
FIETSAM, Hubert HUMMEL, Louisa 20 Aug 1895 Fietsam, George BUEHNER, Elizabeth Hummel, William SCHMIDT, Adelaid Fietsam, Adolph; Henry Hummel; Bertha Fietsam and Emma Fietsam
FIETSAM, John ERB, Emilia 25 Oct 1892 Fietsam, George BUEHNER, Elizabeth Erb, George WELLS, Magdalena Fietsam, Hubert and Anna Fietsam
FIETSAM, Karblan Hubert LAUX, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1861 FLECENSTEIN, Theresa; K. L. BUHNER and John INSS [?]
FIETSSAM, Karl ZÖLLER (Zoeller), Philomena 9 Apr 1864 BOLLE, August; Magdalena WÜST (Wuest) and Theresa REICHARD
FUNK, August LINDER, Elizabeth Mary (From New Athens Twp.) 27 May 1915 Funk, Adam SCHNUR, Christina Linder, Jacob HAEFFNER, Margaret Linder, Oscar and Margaret Linder Mixed religion marriage
GAUSMANN, Peter (From Swansea, IL) BOUCHER, Anna 26 Apr 1917 Gausmann, Henry PHEFFER, Francisca Boucher, Francis JANNING, Hellena Gausmann, Nicolaus and Elizabeth VAHLKAMP
GEILING, Henry SCHNIZMEYER, Mary 20 Jan 1866 Geiling, Bernard and Elise Schnizmeyer
GRANDCOLAS, John (From Belleville) NIESE, Ida Maria 7 May 1901 Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna Niese, John RANK, Maria BESKE, Bernard and Maria Grandcolas
GRAU, Henry (From [New] Athens) ERNST, Matilda 26 Oct 1921 Grau, Peter HACKE, Maria Ernst, Wendelin DIEKHAUT, Maria  
HEIL, Carl Frederick (Non-Catholic from Freeburg, IL) LINDER, Olivia Louisa (From New Athens Twp.) 3 Feb 1921 Heil, Carl Not listed, Maria Linder, Jacob L. Not listed, Margaret Linder, Oscar and Not listed SORG
HERZ, Peter (Widower of Helena KRUMREICHER) SUESS, Francisca (Widow of Wilhelm Suess) 27 Apr 1880 Herz, Laurent MICHELS, Maria LIDIKEN, Joseph HEGHINGER, Francisca SCHMIDT, August and Catharina Schmidt born Suess (Mrs. August)
HILT, John STEIN, Odilia 5 Jun 1865 HANSMANN, Peter and Margaret Hilt Married at Freeburg
HODAPP, Francis PAULI, Anna 27 Nov 1907 Hodapp, John Pauli, William Not listed, Maria Adelheid Hodapp, William and Anna KORTE
HOERD, Edmund (Non-Catholic from Mascoutah) FIETSAM, Theresa 24 Nov 1903 Hoerd, Frederick Not listed, Cordula Fietsam, Carl Not listed, Philomena Hoerd, Otto and Sophia Fietsam
HOFF, August Bernard HIRSCH, Rosa Anna 1 Jun 1880 Hoff, Henry B. DIEKER, Maria Anna Hirsch, Francis Joseph HEFNER, Maria Anna Hoff, Herman B. and Thresa ROEDER
HOFF, Edward LINDER, Louisa 12 Jan 1909 Hoff, Bernard LINTKER, Anna Linder, Jacob HOEFFNER, Margaret Hoff, Bernard and Margaret Linder
HOFF, Francis PLOEGER, Margaret 11 Jan 1882 Hoff, Bernard Henry DIEKER, Anna Maria Ploeger, Henry KASSEN, Maria Hoff, John and Louisa Ploeger
HOFF, Henry JANSSEN, Dina 26 Apr 1904 Hoff, Bernard  LINTKER, Anna Janssen, Bernard Not listed, Gessina Hoff, Edward; Stephan Janssen; Gertrude Janssen and Emilia Hoff
HOFF, Herman Bernard ROEHL, Emma 11 Jan 1882 Hoff, Bernard Henry DIEKER, Anna Maria Roehl, John RENZ, Maria Roehl, Peter and Anna Hoff
HOFF, John Bernard BREGEN, Elizabeth 11 Apr 1899 Hoff, Gerhard Henry ALBERS, Francisca Bregen, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria Hoff, Bernard Henry and Francisca Hoff
HOFF, John G. MENSE, Anna 12 Apr 1888 Hoff, Henry DIEKER, Anna Maria Mense, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria Mense, John and Anna Hoff
HOFF, John Gerhard HUMMERT, Maria Angela 8 May 1900 Hoff, Bernard Henry DIEKER, Anna Maria Hummert, Bernard SCHULTE, Theresa Hoff, B. Henry and Elizabeth Maria Hummert
HOLTKAMP, August HOFF, Dina 23 Oct 1917 Holtkamp, Henry ALBERS, Maria JANSSEN, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina Hoff, Edward and Louisa Hoff Groom born 11 Jan and baptized 12 Jan 1882
HORSTKOETTER, Henry KOCH, Theresa 3 May 1892 Horstkoetter, Anton HOEPPER, Anna (Deceased) Koch, Herman WESTER, Maria (Deceased) Hoepper, Henry and Theresa DANIEL (From St. Libory)
HORSTKOTTER, Anton HOPPER, Anna 13 May 1862 Hopper, Henry and Elisa Hopper
HUNDELT, August Bernard (Baptized 5 Jan 1895 in St. Libory) HOFF, Alvina 15 Nov 1924 Hundelt, Henry BAALMANN, Theresa Hoff, John G. MENSE, Anna Hundelt, William and Francis Hoff
HUNDT, Rudolph H. H. (From Mascoutah) MIDDENDORF, Agnes 3 Jun 1913 Hundt, Henry RUDOLPH, Sophia Middendorf, Henry BACHER, Catharina Middendorf, Henry and Bertha Middendorf
JANSEN, J. Henry  SCHELLENBERGER, Carolina (New convert) 27 Jan 1874 Jansen, Henry ABELN, Elizabeth Schellenberger, George (Deceased) KULLI, Catharina POELMANN, Theodore and Catharina Schellenberger
JANSSEN, Henry HOFF, Emma 12 Apr 1904 Janssen, Bernard Not listed, Gesina Hoff, Herman Not listed, Emma Janssen, Bernard; Hugo Hoff; Matilda Hoff and Dina Janssen
JOENGER, Henry HORSTKOETTER, Anna 3 Sep 1918 Joenger, Christopher Not listed, Wilhelmina Horstkoetter, Henry Not listed, Theresa HUMMERT, Joseph and Maria LOESKER
JUNG, Christ VOGT, Anna 8 Nov 1892 Jung, Christ DUMONT, Emma Vogt, Henry ZOELLER, Catharina (Deceased) Jung, Anton and Anna FIETSAM
JUNG, Christ. ZÖLLER (Zoeller), Mariane 1 Jun 1886 Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria Anna Zoeller, Francis Not listed, Thecla Zoeller, Hieronymus and Christina Jung
JUNG, George FISCHER, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1898 Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria Anna Fischer, Adam BURNHARDT, Paulina Jung, Peter; John Fischer; Catharina FEDER and Elizabeth Jung
JUNG, Henry FIETSAM, Maria 10 Apr 1888 Jung, Joseph NOLD,  Anna Maria Fietsam, Carl H. ZÖLLER (Zoeller), Philomena Fietsam, Carl and Christina Jung
JUNG, Leonard PETRI, Barbara (Non-Catholic) 7 Dec 1898 Jung, Joseph NOLT, Maria Petri, Henry LIPPERT, Catharina Petri, Jr., Henry and Elizabeth Jung
JUNG, Peter JERGENS, Louisa Anna (Non-Catholic) 28 Apr 1903 Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria
JUNG, Xavier (From Mascoutah) HOFF, Francisca 10 Feb 1926 Jung, Henry FIETSAM, Maria Hoff, John G. HUMMERT, Maria Hoff, Leonard and Carolina HOERDT [?]
KALTENBACHER, Jacob WILL, Augusta 8 Sep 1868 Kaltenbacher, Dominic (Deceased) THOMAS, Maria Will, Frederick WEIGBROD, Maria Kaltenbacher, Dominic and Mary RENKE
KASPERZICK, Peter ZEILMANN, Barbara 20 Nov 1888 Kasperzick, Philipp JANDA, Anna Zeilmann, John HAAS, Anna Kasperzick, Joseph and Katharina Zeilmann
KINKELAER, Anton STRATHMANN, Theresa 8 Jun 1875 Kinkelaer, Gerhard KREIENFANG, Anna Maria (Deceased) Strathmann, Herman Henry (Deceased) STIENS, Maria Elizabeth Strathmann, Henry and Anna Kinkelaer
KISSEL, John TAMPSKY, Victoria 4 Feb 1868 Kissel, John REISS, Anna Maria Tampsky, Albert RATTY, Victoria Reiss, Michael and Bartholomew Kissel
KNAPP, Lorenz HERTLEIN, Theresa 19 Nov 1865 FLECKENSTEIN, Barny and Mary RANK
KOCH [Kook?], Herman HÜLLINGHOF (Huellinghof), Gertrude 5 Jun 1865 BERGHEGGER, Henry and Elise HÜLLINGHOFF (Huellinghoff)
KOESTER, Wilhelm (Widower of Anna Maria WESSELMANN) HIRSCH, Anna Maria (Widow of John Hirsch) 15 Feb 1876 HOFFNER, John SCHMITT, Margaret Wesselmann, Joseph and Lucina ROETER born Hoffner [Note on image 22 written in German has the date as 15 Feb 1877.]
KOESTERER, John (From Freeburg) VAHLKAMP, Clara 25 Sep 1913 Koesterer, John BARTHEL, Elizabeth Vahlkamp, Bernard SCHÜTTE (Schuette), Josephina Vahlkamp, Henry; A. J. Koesterer; Liola Koesterer and Francis KEMPER
KREIKEMAYER, Anton SCHNITZMAYER, Elizabeth 20 May 1879 Kreikemayer, Joseph HEER, Katharina PLOGMEIER, Teresa Schnitzmayer, Francis and Teresa GEILING
LACKMANN, Herman TREBING, Anna (From Europe) 11 Jan 1916 Lackmann, Louis MOSS, Magdalena Trebing, Louis ENGEL, Elizabeth BRUECKNER, Arthur and Dorothea KORTE
LACKMANN, Joseph George WILLIAMS, Dorothea Agnes (New Convert) 24 Jun 1915 Lackmann, Louis MOSS, Magdalena Williams, Henry HELVEY, Mellissa VAHLKAMP, Carl and Matilda BRUNKNER
LACKMANN, Louis MOSS, Helena 20 Oct 1887 Lackmann, George NICHOLAS [?], Elizabeth Moss, Herman SCHOENEBAUM, Maria
LANGE, Stephan (Widower of Anna STOFFELENS) HARTMANN, Bernardina (Widow of Joseph Hartmann) 20 Jul 1880 WINTER, Wilhelm KRAEMER, Dorothea SCHMIDT, August and Lena VALKAMP
LANTER, Elmer (Baptized 15 Apr 1894 at St. Joseph in Freeburg) SPED, Elizabeth Edna (Baptized 17 Aug 1898 at St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL) 15 May 1923 Lanter, Dominic WEBER, Maria Sped, Michael NEHRING, Anna Lanter, Philip; Adam WOLF; Eleonora Nehring and Irma Sped
LAUX, Wilhelm STIMLIE, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1862 FIETSAM, Karl; August Fietsam; Maria SOMMER and Maria STEINLIE
LAUX, William VANREE, Elizabeth 5 May 1892 Laux, Caspar (Deceased) Not listed, Catharina (Deceased) Vanree, Henry (Deceased) SCHMIDT, Theresa (Deceased) VAHLKAMP, Jr., Henry and Anna Vanree (Sister of bride)
LEHR, Michael (28y) VAHLKAMP, Helena (30y, Widow of Frederick Vahlkamp) 17 Jun 1884 Lehr, Michael (Deceased) SCHENK, Apollonia ERHARD, Matthew KIM, Katharina (Deceased) BIESER, August and Theresa MIDDENDORF
LEIVE, Theodore ALERS, Anna 11 Apr 1866 SÜSS (Suess), John and Catharine KOESTER
LINDER, Francis BREMER, Ella (Non-Catholic from New Athens) 27 Oct 1909 Linder, Jacob HOEFFNER, Margaret Bremer, Frederick FREIVOGEL, Maria HOFF, Edward and Louisa Linder
LINDER, Jacob Louis HAFFENER, Margaret 12 Feb 1877 Linder, John SCHEIDT, Louisa Haffener, Jacob HENN, Maria Linder, Joseph; Carolina RIX; Louis RÖDER (Roeder) and Clara Linder
LINDER, Jacob Louis SCHNEIDER, Josephina 24 Oct 1905 Linder, Joseph
LINDER, John (Widower of Louisa SHEIDT) RIX, Anna (Widow of Frederick Rix) 28 Feb 1878 Linder, Ppilipp (Deceased) WINSCHMANN, Barbara (Deceased) HENN, Joseph (Deceased) FEGER, Catharina (Deceased) FIETSAM, Carl and Maria Anna HAFFNER
LINDER, Joseph (26y widower of Carolina RIX) SCHEVER, Anna Maria (28y from Mascoutah) 26 Aug 1884 Linder, John SCHEID, Louisa (Deceased) Schever, John Peter EMEL, M. Katharina Schever, Nicholas and Katharina KERN
LINDER, Ossie (Non-Catholic) FREANT, Theresa 10 Feb 1903 DRESSLER, H. A. 
LINESCH, Bernard BUHNER, Clara 20 Oct 1863 ZIER, Henry and Bernardina LINNHOF
LINESCH, Bernard LINHOFF, Bernardina 7 Jan 1868 Linesch, Frederick and Katharina SÜSS (Suess)
LOESCHE, Jr., Otto (From Freeburg) HOFF, Anna  24 Nov 1926 Loesche, Otto Unreadable, Margaret Hoff, John B. BREGAN, Elizabeth MENSE, Herman and Hilda Hoff
LUEBBERS, Aloysius HUMMERT, Theresa 4 Mar 1920 Luebbers, George BRUEGGEMANN, Anna Hummert, Bernard DANNIEL, Anna Maria Luebbers, Anton and Agnes Hummert
LUECHTEFELD, Henry HOFF, Francisca 6 May 1902 Luechtefeld, Henry PETRESWETT [?], Louisa Hoff, Bernard LINTKER, Anna Luechtefeld, Julius and Amelia Hoff
MARSKORS, Joseph Stephen (From St. Louis, MO; baptized 10 Sep 1897 in St. Libory, IL) LUEBBERS, Elizabeth (Baptized 22 Aug 1901 in St. Libory, IL) 26 Apr 1922 MARSKERS, Henry Not listed, Anna Luebbers, George Not listed, Anna Marskers, William and Maria Luebbers
MCCRACKEN, Robert Xavier HEIMBERGER, Anna (Non-Catholic) 18 Nov 1893 McCracken, Robert ILLINSKI, Cora Heimberger, Rudolph HERMANN, Anna Heimberger, Gustav and Paulina DROIT
MCLAUGHLIN, Frederick Francis (From Addieville, IL) HOFF, Hedwig Emma 25 Aug 1914 McLaughlin, James CURTIS, Eleonora Hoff, Bernard LINTKER, Anna Hoff, Jr., Bernard and Rose McLaughlin
MENSE, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria 18 Nov 1862 VOGT, Karl and Catharina Mense
MENSE, Henry (21y) STRATHMANN, Helena (19y) 19 Feb 1884 Mense, Adam ROSEMANN, Maria Strathmann, Herman (Deceased) STEINS, Elizabeth Strathmann, Francis and Anna Mense
MENSE, Henry John (Widower of Magdalena STRATHMANN) BREGEN, Anna (Widow of Henry Bregen) 22 Jul 1898 Mense, Adam ROSEMANN, Maria JANNINK, Bernard JÜNGERMANN (Juengermann), Maria Mense, John and Christina Jannink born DIEKMANN
MENSE, John HOFF, Anna Maria 9 Sep 1890 Mense, Adam ROSEMANN, Maria Hoff, Bernard Henry DIEKER, Maria Anna BREGEN, Bernard and Anna Hoff
MENSE, John HASSLER, Florence 6 Jun 1923 Mense, Henry JANNING, Anna Hassler, August Not listed, Frederica Janning, Bernard; Herman Mense; Ella Mense and L. E. Hassler
MENSE, Myro Herman VAHLKAMP, Elizabeth Maria 26 Sep 1928 Mense, Henry Not listed, Anna Vahlkamp, Henry D. BOUCHER, Margaret Vahlkamp, Jr., Raymund and Ellen Mense
MEYERSECK, Bernard (Widower of Elizabeth BELLMANN) THIEN, Anna 14 Sep 1882 Meyerseck, Benedict ALBERS, Helena Thien, Bernard BRUMS, Margaret Bellmann, Henry and Anna Bellmann
MIDDENDORF, Edward RENTH, Emilia (Adopted daughter; new convert) 3 Nov 1920 Middendorf, Henry Not listed, Catharina Renth, Henry (Adoptive father) Not listed, Margaret Middendorf, Walter and Malinda Middendorf
MIDDENDORF, Henry BACHER, Katharina 8 Nov 1887 Middendorf, Henry BÜHNER (Buehner), Gertrude Bacher, Rudolph RICHARD, Maria Middendorf, George and Anna Maria  MENSE
MIDDENDORF, Joseph ERHARDT, Elizabeth 19 Oct 1898 Middendorf, Henry BIHNER, Gertrude Erhardt, Aloysius VAHLKAMP, Maria Erhardt, George and Cecilia Middendorf
MOSS, Henry LANGE, Louisa 10 May 1881 Moss, Herman SCHOENEBAUM, Maria Lange, Albert HERZOG, Maria MIDDENDORF, Henry and Anna MENSEN
MOSS, Joseph ARBELE, Emma Catharina (Widow of Marcus Arbele) 31 May 1898 MOSS, Herman SCHOENEBAUM, Maria RANK, John WELLS, Joanna VAHLKAMP, Stephan and Isabella MUNIE
MUELLER, Arthur F. KORTE, Ida A. 25 Jun 1918 Mueller, Henry NIESS, Anna Korte, George KRUSE, Anna LINDEMAN, Edward and Dorothe Korte
MUETH, Edward Charles (From Mascoutah) DRESSLER, Amelia M. 26 Sep 1920 Mueth, Carl NEFF, Margaret Dressler, Bernard VAHLKAMP, Ida Vahlkamp, Raymund and Matilda Mueth
MUNIE, Jessie (From Belleville) DRESSLER, Louisa 18 Jun 1907 Munie, Jassing ADAMS, Louisa Dressler, Herman LORBEER, Catharina Dressler, Henry and Hellena CORDIS
MUNIE, John DRESSLER, Anna M. 16 Oct 1906 Munie, Jassing ADAMS, Louisa Dressler, Herman LORBER [?], Catharina Munie, Jessie and Louisa Dressler
NOLD, Cornelius (From Freeburg) VAHLKAMP, Theresa 2 Jun 1920 Nold, Edward PAULI, Rosa Vahlkamp, Stephan GEIER, Angelica Vahlkamp, Carl; Olivia Vahlkamp; Leo Nold and Adela BIESER
NOLD, Edward (From Freeburg) PAULI, Rosa Maria 4 Feb 1897 Nold, Michael PIERS, Catharina Pauli, William SCHLANGEN, Adelheid KLEIN, John and Catharina VANREE
NULL, Francis Wilhelm SPRINZ, Catharina 24 Nov 1881 Null, John SCHMIT, Sarah Sprinz, Anton PROBST, Agnes Sprinz, John and Elizabeth Null
OSTERMANN, Not listed MARCH, Sara 27 Sep 1866 LINESCH, Bernard and Wilhelm SUESS Renewal marriage
PAGENKEMPER, August SCHNEIDER, Emma 28 Nov 1901 Pagenkemper, Francis OEHLSMEIER, Maria Schneider, Carl ZOELLER, Emma
PAPF, Ernest August (Non-Catholic From Mascoutah) HOFF, Matilda Margaret 12 Aug 1908 Papf, Adam HEBERER, Margaret Hoff, Herman RHOEL, Emma Papf, Erwin; Eugene Hoff; Emma RHEINHARDT and Ida Hoff
PAULI, Henry VAHLKAMP, Anna 22 Apr 1903 Pauli, William Not listed, Maria Vahlkamp, George Not listed, Maria  
PAULI, Wilhelm VANREE, Maria Adelheid (Widow of Henry Vanree) 4 Feb 1875 Pauli, Edward Not listed, Gertrude (Deceased) SCHLANGEN, Wilhelm Not listed, Maria SCHMITZ, Frederick and Maria MOSS
PETRI, Elmer KEMPER, Clara Francis (From St. Louis) 24 Nov 1914 Petri, George MIDDENDORF, Not listed Kemper, Herman SCHÜTTE (Schuette), Francisca
PFAFF, Ernest Gustave (Non-Catholic From Mascoutah) HOFF, Matilda Margaret 12 Aug 1908 Pfaff, Adam HEBERER, Margaret Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Hoff, Erwin; Eugene Hoff; Emma RHEINHARDT and Ida Hoff
PROBST, Bernard (From New Athens, IL) DEGEN, Emma (Non-Catholic from Marissa) 31 May 1904 Probst, Isfried KLINKHARDT, Augusta Degen, Henry FRUTH, Emma HAMILTON, Geo. C. and Anna Hamilton
RICKERT, Otto Christian (Non-Catholic From Mascoutah) FIETSAM, Anna Margaret 16 Apr 1901 Rickert, John SCHETTER, Ida Fietsam, Carl Hubert ZOELLER, Philomena Maria Fietsam, Adolf and Bertha Fietsam (His sister)
ROEHL, John BENS, Maria 11 Nov 1866 MUELLER, John Peter and Johana BUMB Renewal marriage
SANDHEINRICH, Liborius (From St. Libory) HUELSMANN, Clara 17 Jun 1931 Sandheinrich, John WESSELMANN, Catharina Huelsmann, Franck (Deceased) KRUSE, Frances Sandheinrich, Hugo and Helen Huelsmann
SCHAEFER, Irwin John (From New Baden) BERGHEGER, Rosa 26 Sep 1912 Schaefer, Philip STRATER, Theresa Bergheger, John  KOESTER, Catharina Bergheger, John and Crescentia BUESCHER
SCHMIDT, August SÜSS (Suess), Katharina 24 Aug 1875 Schmidt, Gerhard (Deceased) WICHMANN, Elizabeth Suess, John MIDDENDORF, Catharina (Deceased) Schmidt, Joseph and Clara Middendorf
SCHMIDT, Michael STONMANN, Theresa 10 Feb 1867 MUELLER, John Peter and Henry BLUNK Renewal marriage
SCHMITZ, Frederick GEILING, Anna Maria 1 Feb 1876 Schmitz, Wilhelm (Deceased) STETTENKAMP, Elizabeth (Deceased) Geiling, Gerhard (Deceased) SCHNITZMEIER, Maria (Deceased) Geiling, Bernard; George Schmitz; Elizabeth Schnitzmeier and Elizabeth Bergheger
SCHMITZ, William Joseph (From St. Libory, IL) FAUKE, Elizabeth 5 Aug 1914 Schmitz, George KOELLER, Elizabeth Fauke, Henry RUTENFRANZ, Maria BEELMANN, Casper and Maria Schmitz Married in Belleville
SCHRAG, August RAINS, Martha 1 Aug 1882 Schrag, Leonard HALLER, Frederica Rains, Bernard STRATHMANN, John and Miss Elizabeth HINTERS
SCHUNK, Henry HOFF, Melinda 17 Feb 1913 Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emerentiana [Emma] ROSS, Albert and Edna Hoff
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), William BERGHEGER, Bernardina 22 Jul 1879 Schuetz, Carl SMELING, Maria Bergheger, Matthew SPELLBRING, Maria Bergheger, George and Margaret JANNINK
SORG, Raymund (From St. Louis, MO) HOFF, Hilda A. 26 Oct 1927 Sorg, Xavier LINDER, Anna Hoff, Lawrence [?] Hoff, Tilly; Oliver LINDER and Viola Sorg
STEIN, Liborius ROTHLUEBERS, Anna 1 Sep 1903 Stein, Herman HILGEN, Elizabeth Rothluebers, Henry SUMPMEIER, Elizabeth Stein, Gerhard and Elizabeth LAKE [Entry repeated in second book]
STEINMANN, Frederick (Non-Catholic widow) BERGHEGER, Bernardina 13 Jul 1869 Bergheger, Matthew SPELBRING, Maria ROEHL, John and Elizabeth HÜLLINGHOFF (Huellinghoff) Renewal marriage
STRATHMANN, Conrad PLOEGER, Maria Anna 8 Nov 1881 Strathmann, Herman Henry STINS, Elizabeth Ploeger, Bernard Henry KASSEN, Maria Catharina Strathmann, John and Anna Ploeger
STRATHMANN, Francis B. FIETSAM, Ida 24 Nov 1891 Strathmann, Herman H. STEINS, Elizabeth (Deceased) Fietsam, George BUEHNER, Elizabeth BLUNCK, William (From St. Louis, MO) and Clara Fietsam
STRATHMANN, Herman KAHLE, Helena 31 Jan 1882 Strathmann, Herman Henry SEINS, Elizabeth Maria Kahle, Henry SCHUTTE, Anna Maria Strathmann, John and Anna Kahle
STRATHMANN, Herman T. FAUKE, Anna Theresa 31 Jan 1907 Strathmann, Henry STEINS, Elizabeth Fauke, Henry RUTENFRANZ, Maria BLUNCK, Henry F. and Emilia Fauke
STRAUBINGER, Conrad Richard (From Belleville) HOFF, Ida 8 Jun 1909 Straubinger, Benedict WILKENS, Maria Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Straubinger, Henry and Melinda Hoff
STROBINGER, Benedict (Widower of Maria RUGE) ONIGMANN, Maria (Widow of Henry Onigmann) 25 Nov 1873 WILKENS, W. DIETERICH, John and Maria SCHNIEDERJANS
SÜSS (Suess), Francis CROSSMANN, Maria Odilia [?] 6 Dec 1888 Suess, Philipp HELWEG, Elizabeth Crossmann, Lemuel GOODMAN, Amanda JANSSEN, Henry and Elizabeth Janssen
TERVEER, Liborius H. (From St. Libory) HOFF, Augusta 25 Feb 1908 Terveer, Anton Not listed, Catharina Hoff, Bernard Not listed, Anna Hoff, Edward and Anna Terveer
TEWES, John Henry BUMB, Christina (Widow of Carl Bumb) 19 Oct 1879 DEWES, Francis Henry HUSMANN, Maria Catharina WASSERMANN, Not listed MENSE, Henry and Rosa HIRSCH
THEISMANN, Benedict (Widower of Anna HOEPPER) SCHADE, Elizabeth  24 May 1898 WERKMEISTER, John ERNST, Maria HUMERT, Bernard and Maria Humert
TIEMEYER, George (From St. Libory) HOFF, Amanda 28 Apr 1908 Tiemeyer, Henry REKER, Catharina Hoff, John MENSE, Anna Tiemeyer, Henry and Alvina Hoff
VAHLENKAMPE, George KALTENBACHER, Maria 10 Nov 1863 Vahlenkampe, Frederick and Margaret Kaltenbacher
VAHLKAMP, Bernard SCHUETTE, Josephina (From St. Libory) 21 Jan 1890 Vahlkamp, Henry BEHRENS, Maria Anna Schuette, Francis KRAEMER, Clara Vahlkamp, Jr., Stephan and Maria Schuette Witnesses are siblings to the couple.
VAHLKAMP, Frederick JANSSEN, Elizabeth 1 May 1902 Vahlkamp, Henry BEHRENS, Maria Janssen, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina Janssen, Henry and Dena Janssen
VAHLKAMP, Frederick HOFF, Stella 22 Feb 1922 Vahlkamp, Bernard SCHUETTE, Josephina Hoff, John B. BREGAN, Elizabeth Vahlkamp, Jr., Bernard and  Matilda (Hilda) Hoff
VAHLKAMP, Frederick W. STEINMANN, Bernardina 30 Apr 1889 Vahlkamp, Henry BEHRENS, Maria Steinmann, Frederick  HÖHR (Hoehr), Elizabeth Vahlkamp, Jr., Bernard and Sophia Vahlkamp
VAHLKAMP, Henry MCLAUGHLIN, Rosa Maria 12 Nov 1919 Vahlkamp, Bernard SCHUETTE, Josephina McLaughlin, James CURTIS, Eleonora Vahlkamp, Frederick and Hellena McLaughlin
VAHLKAMP, Henry (Widower of Maria Anna BEHRNS) RICKELMANN, Anna (Widow of Daniel Rickelmann) 17 Oct 1871 Vahlkamp, Theodore (Deceased) BURGMANN, Anna Maria DOENNEWALD, Matthew KAHLENKOETTER [Rahlenkoetter ?], Catharina Elizabeth WOLKING, H. and Catharina HARTLAGER born Doennewald
VAHLKAMP, Henry David BOUCHER, Margaret Maria 5 May 1896 Vahlkamp, Stephan RANK, Elizabeth Boucher, Francis JANNING, Helena Vahlkamp, John and Elizabeth BREGEN
VAHLKAMP, John Henry MIDDENDORF, Cecilia Maria 21 May 1901 Vahlkamp, Frederick William EHRHARDT, Helena Middendorf, Henry John BIHNER, Gertrude Middendorf, Theodore and Anna Maria Vahlkamp
VAHLKAMP, John Henry KIRCHHOEFER, Louisa (Non-Catholic) 4 Jun 1907 Vahlkamp, Stephan RANK, Elizabeth Kirchhoefer, George PETRI, Susanna DRESSLER, Stephan and Tillie TYBEREND
VAHLKAMP, Jr., Stephan BERGHEGER, Josephina 22 May 1902 Vahlkamp, George KALTERBERG, Maria Bergheger, John  KOESTERER, Katharina Bergheger, George and Anna Vahlkamp
VAHLKAMP, Stephan HAHN, Elizabeth (Widow) 24 Jul 1860 BUHNER, Francis and Maria Vahlkamp
VAHLKAMP, Stephan WITHUT, Maria (From Carlyle, IL) 5 Aug 1890 Vahlkamp, Henry BEHRENS, Anna Maria Withut, Louis ZIRAN, Catharina Vahlkamp, Jr., Henry and his sister Sophia Vahlkamp
VANREE, Henry (Widower of Theresa SCHMITH) SCHMITH, Maria Adelheid (Widow of George Henry Schmith) 23 Jul 1872 SCHLANGER, Not listed KOESTER, Wilhelm and Johanna JANSEN born VANREE
VANREE, William WIESER, Catharina 27 Aug 1889 Vanree, William BIEBUSCH, Elizabeth Wieser, August VAHLKAMP, Maria Wieser, William; Henry MUELLER; Emma Vahlkamp and Louisa PETRI
VOGT, Bernard (Baptized in 1888) JUNG, Thecla 24 May 1911 Vogt, Henry MUNIER, Elizabeth Jung, Christophor ZOELLER, Maria Married in St. Boniface in Sr. Louis, MO.  [Appears between 1923 and 1924 entries]
VOGT, Carl PELS, Margaret 6 Nov 1866 Vogt, Henry and Elizabeth Pels
VOGT, Carl (Widower of Anna Margaret PELS) PELS, Maria Elizabeth 17 Jan 1871 Vogt, J. H. MIDDENDORF, Margaret Pels, John Bernhard NIEMAND, Maria Anna (Deceased) Pels, Bernhard and Elizabeth GRÜTER (Grueter) Dispensation for first degree affinity (Deceased wife and new wife are sisters).
VOGT, Henry ZOELLER, Catharina 6 May 1873 Vogt, John Herman Not listed, Margaret Zoeller, Francis Not listed, Thecla GEILING, B.; Franz Zoeller; Maria HEILIGENSTEIN and Catharina SUESS
VOGT, Henry STOTTMANN, Adelheid 24 Nov 1874 Vogt, John (Deceased) MIDDENDORF, Margaret Stottmann, Bernard Not listed, Elizabeth Vogt, Carl and Catharina BERGENTHAL
VOGT, Henry MINIEN, Elizabeth 26 Oct 1886 Vogt, John Herman MIDDENDORF, Margaret Minien, Jassing ADAM, Maria Louisa BERGHEGER, George and Dora JUNG
WEISS, Max (Non-Catholic) GERMAIN, Emma 30 Nov 1905 Weiss, Frederick GROSMANN, Christina Germain, Baltasar HODAPP, Carolina Weiss, William and Lena Germain
WELKER, William Fr. (From Mascoutah) KLEIN, Clara Emma (Convert) 4 Feb 1913 Welker, John Not listed, Anna Klein, Paul Not listed, Elizabeth FISCHER, Joseph D. and Mary B. JUNG
WENNEMAN, John (From St. Libory) STRATHMANN, Irina 29 May 1929 Wenneman, Henry BEHRENS, Elizabeth Strathmann, Herman FA__, Anna M. Wenneman, Herman and Ella (Adelhaid) MENSE
WOLKING, Henry INGENDAA, Dominica 21 Jul 1859 Ingendaa, John Henry BARTELS, Joanna (Deceased) FLECKENSTEIN, Conrad; Anna Ingendaa and Maria HAHNEMANN
WUEST, Edward VAHLKAMP, Anna Maria 22 Sep 1905 Wuest, Jacob Not listed, Maria Vahlkamp, Frederick LEHR, Magdalena Lehr, Francis and Frida Wuest
ZELLER, Francis MUELLER, Regina born HERGET 27 May 1873 Zeller, Carl (Deceased) Zeller, Hieronymus and Wilhelm Zeller
ZIMMERMANN, Wilhelm MIDDENDORF, Clara 6 Nov 1879 Zimmermann, Wilhelm LAUX, Catharina Middendorf, Henry BÜHNER (Buehner), Gertrude DRESSLER, Bernard and Elizabeth Middendorf
ZÖLLER (Zoeller), Hieronymus JUNG, Victoria 23 Nov 1886 Zoeller, Francis Not listed, Thecla Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria Anna Jung, Henry and Maria FIETSAM

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