St. Pancratius (Fayetteville) Catholic Burials (1859–1956)

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A note about published tombstone inscriptions (scroll down to Burial notes at this link).

Name Died/Buried Age Born Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ABELE, Bernardina 18 Feb 1867 2m 2d
ABELEN, Elizabeth (Widow) 7 Apr 1885 31 Jan 1840 Abelen, Marc (Deceased)
ABERLE, Adolf 30 Sep 1875 18d Aberle, Marc  BIEBUSCH, Elizabeth
ABERLE, Bernard 4 Oct 1875 22d Aberle, Marc  BIEBUSCH, Elizabeth
ABERLE, Gottfried Anton 30 Aug 1869 13 Jan 1868 Aberle, Marc (Widower)
ABERLE, Joseph 14 Feb 1877 1m 9d Aberle, Marc BIBUSCH, Elizabeth
ABERLE, Marcus 8 Nov 1883 25 Apr 1826
ABERLE, Margaret 16 Apr 1869 PFIFFNER, Not listed Aberle, Marc
ABERLE, Michael Henry 28 Jun 1882 9m Aberle, Francis FIETSAM, Juditha
ABERLE, Philomena Henrietta 29 Aug 1892 3d Aberle, Francis FIETSAM, Ida St. Pancratius
ABERLE, Theodore 20 Mar 1877 5y 6m Aberle, Marc BIEBUSCH, Elizabeth
ALBERS, Bernard H. 4 Apr 1940 80y 9m 2d Not listed, Mary St. Pancratius Died suddenly
ALBERS, Maria T. 22 Jul 1941 78y 10d Albers, Bernard St. Pancratius
ARBERLE, Elizabeth Margaret 3 Apr 1899 2y 2m Arberle, Marc RANK, Emma
BASENHORST, Maria 10 Apr 1884 58y STENGLEIN, Not listed Unknown Basenhorst, William Fayetteville
BASSENHORST, Henry 14 Jan 1872 22 Jan 1871 Bassenhorst, William STENGLEIN, Maria
BAUER, Barbara 3 Dec 1865 36y Bauer, John
BAUER, Catharina 5 Feb 1866 2m Bauer, Joseph SCHLIZBAUER, Barbara
BAUER, Joseph 16 Mar 1867 47y 2m
BAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), Anna Maria 8 Dec 1870 26 Jul 1870 Baumgaertner, Carl SCHMITT, Johanna
BECKER, Rev. Philip J. 25 Apr 1931 74y 9m 15 May 1856 Holy Childhood – Mascoutah Born in Jacksonville, IL.  Ordained 29 Jun 1881
BEELMANN, George 17 Nov 1875 13m Beelmann, Bernard MIDDENDORF, Margaret
BELLMANN, Margaret 15 Jan 1877 26y MIDDENDORF, Henry SÜSS (Suess), Anna Maria Bellmann, Bernard
BENEDICK, Edward 26 Aug 1872 14m Benedick, Christoph (Deceased) KLEIN, Felicitas
BENEDICK, Maria 9 Mar 1873 29y BENEDICK, Not listed Benedick, Francis Freeburg
BERGHEGER, Anna E. 7 Feb 1939 78y 2m 1d Bergheger, Henry St. Pancratius
BERGHEGER, Anna Maria Wilhelmina 16 Mar 1874 11 Mar 1874 Bergheger, John KOESTER, Catharina
BERGHEGER, Bernard (Widower) 20 Nov 1886 33y Bergheger, Matthew HELLBRINK, Anna Maria Not listed, Agnes Fayetteville
BERGHEGER, Carolina 4 May 1879 20y 10m LANGE, John WITHÜTH (Withueth), Francisca Bergheger, George
BERGHEGER, Catharina 11 Feb 1880 31y 5m KRIEGER, Frederick LOHMANN, Elizabeth Bergheger, Henry
BERGHEGER, Catharine 5 Apr 1929 77y 3m 2d KOESTERER, Bernard Fayetteville From Mascoutah Twp.  
BERGHEGER, Ema 8 Nov 1877 6m Bergheger, Henry KRIEGER, Catharina
BERGHEGER, Francisca 1 Jul 1879 3m Bergheger, George LANGE, Carolina
BERGHEGER, Frederick 30 Mar 1873 19 Jan 1873 Bergheger, John KOESTER, Catharina
BERGHEGER, George 9 Nov 1910 Fayetteville From Baden
BERGHEGER, Helena Margaret 9 Apr 1893 8m 20d Bergheger, George BRINKMANN, Angela St. Pancratius
BERGHEGER, Henry 21 Jan 1919 70y 6d Bergheger, Matthew Not listed, Maria St. Pancratius
BERGHEGER, John  5 Aug 1896 51y
BERGHEGER, John Frederick 25 Feb 1872 15 Jun 1871 Bergheger, Henry KRIEGE, Catharina
BERGHEGER, Joseph Adolph 25 Aug 1894 8d Bergheger, Henry BRINKMANN, Anna Louisa St. Pancratius
BERGHEGER, Joseph Anton 15 Jan 1885 2y Bergheger, Henry BRINKMANN, Anna Louisa
Bergheger, Katharina 5 Nov 1885 3y 6d Bergheger, George BRINKMANN, Angela Anna Maria Fayetteville
Bergheger, Louisa Cecilia 13 Jul 1880 9m Bergheger, Henry KRIEGE, Catharina
BICKERT, Rosa 31 Mar 1875 36y 4m SMIT, Not listed Bickert, John
BICKERT, William 16 Oct 1875 6y Bickert, John  Not listed, Rosa
BIESER, Augusta Theresa 25 Jul 1884 5m  Bieser, George KOESTER, Elizabeth Fayetteville
BIESER, Elmar 15 Aug 1895 2m Bieser, John PETRI, Louisa
BIESER, Theresa 29 Apr 1888 3y Bieser, George KÖSTER (Koester), Elizabeth Fayetteville
BLUNCK, Anna 14 Apr 1872 37y HOEPPER, Not listed Blunck, Henry
BLUNCK, John William 9 Jan 1871 22 Aug 1870 Blunck, Henry HOEPPER, Anna
BLUNCK, Maria Theresa 6 Mar 1872 25 Feb 1872 Blunck, Henry HOEPPER, Anna
BOEVING, Aloys 14 Jul 1941 28y 1d HOFF, Virginia St. Pancratius Died of accidental drowning
BOUCHER, Christina 16 Oct 1896 9m
BOUCHER, Edward Henry 23 Aug 1888 22 Jul 1885 Boucher, Francis JANNING, Magdalena Fayetteville
BOUCHER, Emilia 15 Sep 1888 7y Boucher, Francis JANNING, Magdalena Fayetteville
BOUCHER, Francis J. 14 Sep 1920 83y Boucher, Jacob F. Not listed, Margaret
BOUCHER, Helena 22 Jan 1901 49y 8m JANNING, Henry ROECKES, Anna Boucher, Jacob Francis
BOUCHER, Henry 22 Sep 1888 11y Boucher, Francis JANNING, Magdalena Fayetteville
BOUCHER, Infant 19 Jan 1893 Infant Boucher, Francis JANNING, Helena St. Pancratius Private baptism
BRAUN, Joseph 5 Dec 1939 61y Not listed, Catherine Mount Carmel – Belleville
BREGEN, Bernard 28 Dec 1893 18y Bregen, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria (Deceased) St. Pancratius
BREGEN, Catharina Elizabeth  6 Nov 1881 1y 9m 14d Bregen, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria
BREGEN, Henry 22 Aug 1897 50y JANNINK, Anna
BREGEN, J. Bernhard 10 Oct 1873 22y Bregen, B. Henry LENGERICH, Anna Maria
BREGEN, Maria  15 Apr 1881 38y 9m ROSEMANN, John Henry WINTER, Maria Anna Bregen, Henry
BREGEN, Maria Anna 23 Apr 1879 6y 4m 12d Bregen, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria Anna
BREGEN, Maria Elizabeth 3 Jan 1872 11 Jan 1871 Bregen, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria
BREIHAHN, Elizabeth 28 Dec 1896 6y
BREIHAHN, Herman 10 Aug 1886 4y Breihahn, Christian STEINMANN, Catharina Fayetteville
BREIHAHN, Joachim 20 Oct 1884 6m Breihahn, Joachim BERGHEGER, Elizabeth Fayetteville
BREIHAHN, Otto 23 Jul 1892 5m Breihahn, Joachim BERGHEGER, Elizabeth St. Pancratius
BREIHAN, Henry 6 Jun 1881 24 Mar 1881 Breihan, Christian STEINMANN, Catharina
BREIHAN, Herman 18 Aug 1880 9m 9d Breihan, Joseph BERGHEGER, Elizabeth
BREIHAN, Joseph 16 Jul 1880 2y Breihan, Joseph BERGHEGER, Elizabeth
BRENHAHN, Emilia Bernardina 30 Oct 1890 3w Brenhahn, Christian (Non-Catholic) STEINMANN, Catharina
BRENHAN, Catherine 17 Feb 1940 83y 11m 20d Brenhan, Christian St. Pancratius
BRENHAN, Frederick 18 Apr 1933 St. Pancratius
BRENHAN, Henry William 30 Aug 1952 66y Brenhan, Christian STEINMANN, Catharina St. Pancratius
BRENHAN, Hubert 9 Mar 1953 60y Brenhan, Christian STEINMANN, Catharina St. Pancratius
BRÜCKNER (Brueckner), Francis Marc [Triplet] 5 Jul 1882 30 Jun 1882 Brueckner, Wilhelm ABERLE, Elizabeth
BRÜCKNER (Brueckner), Michael [Triplet] 5 Jul 1882 30 Jun 1882 Brueckner, Wilhelm ABERLE, Elizabeth
BRÜCKNER (Brueckner), William [Triplet] 5 Jul 1882 30 Jun 1882 Brueckner, Wilhelm ABERLE, Elizabeth
BRUEHAN, Frieda 7 Sep 1953 81y 9m Evangelical From St. Louis
BUECKER, Herman 28 Apr 1892 60y St. Pancratius Died in the home of Joseph LUECKENBROCK in St. Libory, IL
BÜHNE (Buehne), Francis 4 Dec 1875 1799
BÜHNER (Buehner), Clara 13 Mar 1866 65y
BURGARD, Infant 26 Nov 1930 Infant Burgard, Ernst HOFF, Mathilda St. Pancratius Premature birth. Still born
BURGARDT, Matilda 27 Nov 1930 26y Burgardt, Ernst St. Pancratius
BURNS, Michael 30 Mar 1908 80y Freeburg
CASPARCHECK, Maria 26 Aug 1867 8d Casparcheck, Philipp JENTA, Anna Sophia
CASPARZIK, Anna 15 Sep 1867 3w Casparzik, Philipp JENTA, Anna Sophia
CORDES, Bernard 6 Nov 1865 65y
DANIEL, Martin 24 Jun 1932 55y Daniel, Louis KRONER, Maria St. Pancratius From St. Libory
DEITERS, Rosa Theresa 16 Nov 1941 30y 9m 13d Deiters, William St. Pancratius
DEITERS, William B. 26 Nov 1945 46y 10m 14d Not listed, Rosa St. Pancratius Accidental gun shot death
DEPTA, Wilhelm 31 Jul 1868 6m
DICKRÖTGER (Dickroetger), Mary 12 Sep 1865 16y
DRESSLER, Albert 3 Mar 1892 18y Dressler, Herman Joseph LOORBEER, Catharina St. Pancratius
DRESSLER, Amanda Elizabeth 9 Apr 1896 8d Dressler, Herman VAHLKAMP, Sophia
DRESSLER, Angelica Elizabeth 5 Apr 1901 8y Dressler, Bernard VAHLKAMP, Ida
DRESSLER, Bernard William 8 Sep 1875 6y 7m Dressler, Herman (Non-Catholic) LORBER, Catharina
DRESSLER, Carl Hubert 22 Feb 1872 19 Jan 1871 Dressler, Bernhard LAUX, Margaret
DRESSLER, Catharina 24 Jul 1912 71y LORBER, Xavier Not listed, Maria Dressler, Herman
DRESSLER, Emilia Paulina 10 Feb 1870 19 Mar 1869 Dressler, Bernhard LAUX, Margaret
DRESSLER, Henry 26 Sep 1914 32y Dressler, Herman LORBEER, Catharina
DRESSLER, Herman 18 Jan 1929 90y St. Pancratius Died in St. Libory
DRESSLER, Margaret (Widow) 19 Aug 1918 St. Pancratius
DRESSLER, Mathilda [Widow] 18 Jan 1947 68y Dressler, Rudolph (Deceased) St. Pancratius Died of old age.
DRESSLER, Rudolph 26 Sep 1946 74y 2m 2d Not listed, Mathilda St. Pancratius Died from an accident at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DRESSLER, Sophia Anna 15 Apr 1896 25y VAHLKAMP, Not listed Dressler, Herman St. Pancratius
DRESSLER, Sr., Ben 25 Jul 1939 79y 9m 26d Not listed, Ida St. Pancratius Died from drowning
EHRHART, Katharina 17 Jan 1867 56y KIMM, Not listed Ehrhart, Matthew
ENDRES, Joseph 18 Feb 1881 22y 1m 16d Endres, Anton Not listed, Josepha
ERHARD, Bernard 19 Apr 1881 2y 1m Erhard, Elias VAHLKAMP, Maria
ERHARDT, Aloysius (Ellis) 27 Oct 1928 80y 5m 12d St. Pancratius From Belleville, IL
ERHARDT, Maria 1 Apr 1911 67y VAHLKAMP, Theodore Not listed, Anna Maria Erhardt, Aloysius
ERHART, Matthew (Widower) 8 Sep 1869 68y
FAUKE, Henry (Widower) 16 May 1918 69y
FAUKE, Maria 28 Jun 1913 58y RHUTENFRANZ, Arnold Not listed, Theresa Fauke, Henry
FIETSAM, Bernard 22 Jun 1878 2m 6d Fietsam, George BÜHNER (Buehner), Elizabeth
FIETSAM, Carl 14 Jan 1908 72y Fietsam, Henry MONKEN, Judith
FIETSAM, Henry 1 Jan 1872 80y MONKEN, Ida Catharina
FIETSAM, Joseph 18 Oct 1896 25y 6m Died in Albuquerque, NM
FIETSAM, Judith Teresa 25 Aug 1876 79y 2m MONKEN, George Joseph Fietsam, Henry John
FIETSAM, Karl Henry 13 Dec 1862 8d [Year could be 1863]
FIETSAM, Philomena 3 Apr 1922 60y Fietsam, Carl St. Pancratius
FISCHER, Alfred 20 Oct 1891 3m Fischer, Herman SCHMIDT, Theresa
FISCHER, Theresa 25 Jul 1891 24y 10m SCHMIDT, Henry SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelheid Fischer, Herman
FITSAM, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1863 23y LAUX, Not listed Fitsam, Carl
GEILING, Infant 16 Mar 1872 16 Mar 1872 Geiling, H. SCHNITZMEYER, Maria Mud Creek
GEILING, Maria 16 Mar 1872 32y SCHNITZMEYER, Not listed Geiling, Henry Mud Creek
GOLDSTEIN, Anna (Widow) 26 Mar 1873 70y EBERSMEYER, Not listed Goldstein, Bernhard (Deceased)
GOLDSTEIN, Bernhard 6 Oct 1872 72y EBERSMEYER, Anna
GROBE, (Caspar) Henry 5 Dec 1943 75y 7m 28d KAHLE, Mary St. Pancratius Died of myocarditis
GRUETER, Herman Joseph 19 Jul 1873 Grueter, Anton BRUNS, Helena
HAHN, Sophia 2 Aug 1865 6y Hahn, Joseph RÄNK (Raenk), Lissie
HARTMANN, Franzis Joseph 30 Aug 1870 29 Aug 1870 Hartmann, Joseph WINTER, Bernhardina
HARTMANN, Joseph 5 Mar 1878 54y 2m WINTER, Bernardina
HARTMANN, Maria Elizabeth 9 Dec 1871 9 Dec 1871 Hartmann, Joseph WINTER, Bernhardina
HARTMANN, Maria Francisca 8 Nov 1867 10w
HARTOIN, Joseph Louis 13 Aug 1898 17y Hartoin, Dominic GRANGULA, Maria
HELRING, Jacob 25 Jul 1884 70y Unknown Unknown Fayetteville From Germany
HELRUNK, Michael 28 Oct 1865 1y 7m Helrunk, Francis PUMP, Catharina
HERKLOTZ, Anna Maria Bertha 6 Sep 1899 9m Herklotz, Anton STRAUBINGER, Rosa [See record]
HESS, Andrew 9 Sep 1870 9y Hess, Jacob LOEB, Christina
HESSEN, Francis 4 Nov 1863
HOENY, Theodore Henry 19 Jan 1860 2y 2m Hoeny, John BOZARTH, Aligunde
HOEPPER, Francisca 11 Dec 1876 40y NIEHAUS, Frederick Hoepper, Henry
HOEPPER, Henry 31 Jan 1956 85y St. Pancratius Died in a Mascoutah nursing home
HOEPPER, Henry (Widower) 9 Oct 1886 59y 5m Hoepper, Henry Not listed, Gertrude NEUHAUS, Francisca [Deceased] Fayetteville
HOEPPER, Henry Herman 30 Aug 1869 28 Sep 1863 Hoepper, Henry NIEHUS, Francisca
HOEPPER, Maria Elizabeth 2 Oct 1872 1 Feb 1872 Hoepper, Henry NIEHUS, Francisca
HOFF, Amalia Apr 1906 Hoff, Henry Not listed, Bernadina
HOFF, Anna 2 Apr 1898 33y MENSE, Not listed Hoff, John
HOFF, Anna 14 Aug 1936 80y 5m 28d Hoff, Bernard St. Pancratius
HOFF, Anna Maria 17 Mar 1877 7y 7m Hoff, John Bernard  PETERS, Anna Maria
HOFF, Anna Maria 22 Aug 1909 85y DIEKER, Theodore Not listed, Adelhaide Hoff, Bernard
HOFF, Bernard Henry 17 Jan 1902 74y Hoff, John George Not listed, Maria Anna
HOFF, Clara Amelia 8 Aug 1900 18m Hoff, Francis PLOEGER, Margaret
HOFF, Clemens 30 May 1875 2y 4m Hoff, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOFF, Elizabeth 18 Aug 1945 69y 8m 28d Hoff, John St. Pancratius
HOFF, Emilia Ethel 27 Aug 1912 11m 24d Hoff, Henry Not listed, Dina
HOFF, Eugene 16 Aug 1910 Hoff, Herman Not listed, Emma Died suddenly
HOFF, Guido 21 Apr 1954 61y Hoff, John MENSE, Anna St. Pancratius From St. Louis
HOFF, Henry 1 Jun 1875 3y 8m 2w Hoff, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOFF, Henry 2 Jun 1914 30y Hoff, Bernard LUITKER, Anna JANSEN, Dina
HOFF, Herman Bernard 24 Feb 1878 9d Hoff, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOFF, Hugo Henry 4 Sep 1882 21 Feb 1881 Hoff, August HIRSCH, Rosa
HOFF, John G. 22 Oct 1929 63y Hoff, Bernard Not listed, Anna HUMMERT, Mary (2nd wife) St. Pancratius From Engelmann Twp.  
HOFF, Maria Louisa 11 May 1875 7m Hoff, Bernard PETERS, Maria
HOFF, Maria Teresa 5 Nov 1881 3y 3m Hoff, Bernard LINTKER, Anna
HOFF, Martin John 18 Aug 1893 9d Hoff, Bernard LINTKER, Anna St. Pancratius
HOFF, Otto Bernard 27 Mar 1901 10w Hoff, John Gerhard HUMMERT, Maria Angela
HOFF, Rosa 27 Feb 1881 20y 5m 18d HIRSCH, Francis Joseph HEFFNER, Maria Anna Hoff, August
HOFF, Sr., Bernard 23 May 1932 83y Hoff, Henry DIEKER, Anna St. Pancratius
HOFF, Theodora Elizabeth 9 Jul 1896 17m Hoff, John Bernard  MENSE, Anna
HOFFARDT, Matilda 31 Dec 1930 59y 5m 6d LINK, Frederick Not listed, Margaret Hoffardt, Louis Holy Childhood – Mascoutah
HOFFART, Peter Herman 17 Aug 1927 30y Hoffart, Louis LINK, Maria M. St. Pancratius From Engelmann Twp.  Died of paralysis of the intestines
HÖPPER (Hoepper), Anton 15 Mar 1863 10m
HORSKÖTTER (Horskoetter), Anton 8 Sep 1868 3y
HORSTKOETTER, Infant 15 Jan 1895 Infant Horstkoetter, Henry KOCH, Theresa Private baptism
HORSTKOETTER, Maria Anna 16 Apr 1893 9d Horstkoetter, Henry KOCH, Theresa St. Pancratius
HORSTKÖTTER (Horstkoetter), Anthony 13 Jul 1865 28y
HOSFELD, William 16 Mar 1877 3m 16d Hosfeld, John BERGHEGEN, Margaret
HUMMERT, Ben J. 2 Jan 1942 71y 2m 18d DANIEL, Mary St. Pancratius
HUMMERT, Maria Anna 2 May 1914 38y DANIEL, Louis KRONE, Not listed
JANDA, Chatharina 18 Oct 1868 45y WACHTA, Not listed
JANICK, Henry 21 Feb 1879 52y Janick, Gerhard Joseph BECKEL, Anna Margaret ROECKER, Anna Gesina
JANNING, Anna Catharina 5 Oct 1865 2y Janning, Bernard JÜNGERMANN (Juengermann), Mary
JANNING, Anna Gesina [Widow] 3 Mar 1897 70y Janning, Henry (Deceased)
JANNING, Bernard 10 Jan 1886 61y 6m Janning, Gerhard Joseph BERKEL, Anna Margaret JÜNGERMANN (Juengermann), Maria Fayetteville
JANNING, Herman 26 Apr 1932 65y Janning, Bernard Not listed, Maria St. Pancratius From East St. Louis
JANNING, Joseph G. 6 Dec 1927 65y Fayetteville Died of apoplexy
JANNING, Margaret 17 Jan 1936 75y 5m 2d St. Pancratius
JANNING, Mary 19 Nov 1912 82y 5m 26d Age corrected from 82y 6m 4d
JANNINK, John Henry 23 Aug 1869 27 Mar 1867 Jannink, Henry RÖCKERS (Roeckers), Anna G.
JANSEN, Anna Maria 10 Mar 1877 ABELN, Herman NORTMANN, Maria Jansen, Henry Joseph
JANSEN, Catharina Elizabeth 13 Oct 1900 3d Jansen, John Bernard ALBERS, Anna Gesina
JANSEN, Henry 2 Jul 1876 27y Jansen, John Henry Not listed, Elizabeth SCHELLENBERGER, Carolina
JANSEN, Henry 25 Nov 1897 87y
JANSEN, John Henry 17 Jul 1878 1m 8d Jansen, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina
JANSSEN, Edmund William 11 May 1890 9m Janssen, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina St. Pancratius
JANSSEN, Emma Maria 11 Oct 1892 Janssen, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina St. Pancratius
JANSSEN, Ida 5 Mar 1892 11m Janssen, Bernard ALBERS, Gesina St. Pancratius
JANSSEN, Maria Elizabeth 3 Apr 1902 82y HEINRICH, Abelin Not listed, Margaret Janssen, Henry
JANTA, Frances 15 Sep 1865 9m Janta, John SIEBUR, Catharina
JANTA, John 12 Sep 1864 38y
JULLION, August 1 Dec 1869 48y ORBONG, Catharina
JULLION, Baptist 21 Sep 1869 25y Jullion, August Not listed, Catharina
JULLION, Elizabeth (Widow) 10 Feb 1874 59y Jullion, August (Deceased)
JUNG, Anna 7 Dec 1947 73y Jung, Henry ZOELLER, Catherine Mascoutah, IL
JUNG, Carl Francis 25 Apr 1891 10d Jung, Henry FIETSAM, Maria
JUNG, John 21 Sep 1886 1y 9m Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria Anna Fayetteville
JUNG, John O. 22 Dec 1934 4y 11m 20d Jung, Xavier HOFF, Frances St. Pancratius
KAHLE, Bernhard Joseph 28 Feb 1872 14 Feb 1872 Kahle, Joseph ABELN, Helena
KALTENBACH, Dominic 14 May 1879 27y Kaltenbach, Michael Not listed, Maria
KALTENBACHER, Anna Maria (Widow) 15 Nov 1871 55y Kaltenbacher, Dominic (Deceased) From Belleville, IL
KASPARZECK, Francis 28 Aug 1866 4m
KEHOE, Owen 3 Sep 1886 48y Kehoe, John FLOOD, Maria Anna MALLOY, Bridget Fayetteville
KITRINGER, Herman 30 Jan 1873 34y ENDRES, Maria [Age could be 54y]
KITZINGER, Maria (Widow) 10 Jan 1882 31 May 1821 ENDRES, Not listed Kitzinger, Herman [Deceased]
KOCK, Catharina 19 Aug 1876 5m 9d 10 Mar 1876 Kock, Herman WESTER, Maria
KOCK, Elizabeth 5 Dec 1872 27 Feb 1866 Kock, Herman Mud Creek
KOCK, Helena 3 Jul 1877 8 Jun 1877 Kock, Herman WESTER, Maria
KOCK, Herman Henry 13 Jan 1883 54y
KOCK, Maria 13 Jul 1877 35y WESTER, Rudolph Kock, Herman
KOESTER, John 28 Aug 1867 7m Koester, Wilhelm Not listed, Katharina
KOESTER, Katharina 2 Apr 1867 27y Koester, Wilhelm
KOESTER, Maria 3 Mar 1874 51y WESSELMANN, Not listed Koester, Wilhelm
KOESTER, Mary 7 Aug 1865 1m KÖSTER (Koester), William JANSEN, Catharina
KOESTER, William  22 Jul 1891 52y 6m Koester, William REMBURG, Elizabeth JANSSEN, Catharina (Deceased) & Maria HELMER
KOESTER, William  18 Jul 1892 75y HÄFFNER (Haeffner), Anna St. Pancratius
KOESTERER, Catharina 30 Mar 1908 61y REINHEIMER, Not listed Koesterer, Berthold
KOESTERER, Maria 3 Sep 1933 Koesterer, Berthold Not listed, Catharine St. Joseph – Freeburg
KORTE, Anna 15 Jan 1927 St. Pancratius
KORTE, Francisca 7 Mar 1912 19y  Korte, George Not listed, Anna
KORTE, George 9 Jan 1917 62y Korte, William STEGMANN, Catharina
KORTE, Olivia 3 Jul 1923 20y Korte, George KRUSE, Anna St. Pancratius Cied of peritonitis
KRAMPER, Maria Rosina (Widow) 5 Nov 1879 59y ROHE, Not listed
KREIKEMAIER, Anna 18 Oct 1879 4m Kreikemaier, Adolph HATLAGER, Gertrude
KREIKEMEIER, Adolph (Widower) 1 Feb 1892 44y Kreikemeier, Joseph HEER, Catharina HARTLAGE, Gertrude
KREIKEMEIER, Bertha 21 May 1888 11y Kreikemeier, Adolph HARTLAGE, Gertrude Fayetteville
KREIKEMEIER, Gerhard Bernard 4 Feb 1885 7m Kreikemeier, Adolph HARTLAGE, Gertrude Fayetteville
KREIKEMEIER, Gertrude 7 Feb 1889 HARTLAGE, Bernard DONNEWALD, Not listed Kreikemeier, Adolph
KREIKEMEIER, Gertrude Mar. 23 Sep 1888 20 Feb 1887 Kreikemeier, Adolph HARTLAGE, Gertrude Fayetteville
KREIKEMEYER, Theresa 20 Oct 1875 1y Kreikemeyer, Adolph Not listed, Gertrude
KRIEG, Henry 2 Jul 1875 15y 9m 2w Krieg, John (Deceased) Not listed, Maria (Deceased)
KUHL, Henry Abel Sep 1872 28 Oct 1871
LAACKMANN, Augusta Elizabeth Henrietta 3 May 1901 8m 2w Laackmann, Louis MOSS, Helena
LACKMANN, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1875 44y Lackmann, George
LACKMANN, Elizabeth Magdalena 18 Mar 1899 18m Lackmann, Louis MOSS, Helena
LACKMANN, Elizabeth Maria 30 Aug 1872 27 Oct 1871 Lackmann, George WILHELM, Elizabeth
LACKMANN, Franzis 14 Jan 1873 8y 3m Lackmann, George WILHELM, Elizabeth
LACKMANN, George (Widower) 9 Mar 1877 59y 11m WILHELM, Elizabeth (Deceased)
LACKMANN, Louis 5 Jan 1924 65y St. Pancratius
LAESKE, Wilhelm 23 Nov 1873 1y 10m Laeske, H. HOEPPER, Elis. (Deceased)
LANG, Barbara 7 Nov 1872 29y 11m HERZOG, Not listed Lang, Albert
LANG, George 4 Sep 1872 10 Aug 1869 Lang, Albert HERZOG, Barbara      
LANG, Louis 19 Jan 1867 5y
LANG, Maria 16 Nov 1872 18 Feb 1872 Lang, Albert
LANG, William 12 Feb 1923 66y 3m 19d Lang, Casper Not listed, Elizabeth St. Pancratius Died of cancer of the lower bowel
LANGE, Johann 21 Oct 1867 51y
LANTER, Lester 15 Sep 1933 Lanter, Elmer SPED, Edna St. Joseph – Freeburg
LAUX, Anne Mary 13 Dec 1865 42y WIES, Not listed
LAUX, Elizabeth (Widow) 30 May 1947 81y St. Pancratius
LEDWIG, Francis 19 Mar 1874 8y Ledwig, Valentin JANDA, Maria
LEDWIG, Tethcla 28 May 1879 18y Ledwig, Valentin JANDA, Maria
LEHR, Magdalena 14 Oct 1912 45y ERHARDT, Not listed Lehr, Michael St. Pancratius
LEHR, Michael 12 Jun 1936 80y 6d Not listed, Magdalena St. Pancratius From Belleville, IL
LEHR, William 13 Oct 1910 Lehr, Michael Not listed, Magdalena Died while being operated [on] under the influence of Chloroform.  Eye trouble
LEMBKE, Johann 7 Apr 1873 [Out of order.  Appears as page insert at end of 1883 entries.]
LEMKES, John 7 Apr 1873
LENHIN / LIENESCH, Bernard 8 Dec 1863 63y
LERCH, Maria 22 Dec 1929 50y KRANZ, Not listed Lerch, Louis St. Pancratius
LERCH, Walter 18 Dec 1916 20y 11m Lerch, Louis Not listed, Maria Anna Fayetteville From Carbondale
LESKER, Henry 18 Oct 1893 30y Hesker, John Henry HOEPPER, Elizabeth BIESER, Emma St. Pancratius
LICHENBROCK, Theodore 23 Dec 1871 53y HELLINGER, Maria
LICKENBROCK, Henry 9 Oct 1865 1y 7m Lickenbrock, Theodore HELLING, Mary
LICKENBROCK, Maria Theresa 18 Jun 1872 SCHNITZMEYER, Not listed Lickenbrock, B. Mud Creek
LIENESCH, Frederick 6 Sep 1869 4 Aug 1851 Lienesch, Bernard HENGEMÜHLEN (Hengemuehlen), Lucia
LINDER, Carolina 24 Feb 1884 24y RIX, Joseph (Deceased) HENN, Maria Linder, Joseph Fayetteville
LINDER, Francis 25 Jan 1881 19y 9m Linder, John SCHEIDT, Louisa
LINDER, Francis 31 May 1941 21y 1m 27d Linder, Frank BREMER, Ella St. Joseph – Freeburg
LINDER, Frank 2 May 1955 St. Joseph – Freeburg
LINDER, Jacob 25 Aug 1877 6h Linder, Jacob HENN, Margaret
LINDER, Jacob 5 Mar 1891 3y 6m Linder, Jacob HEFFNER, Margaret
LINDER, John 25 Nov 1875 5 Nov 1874 Linder, Carl SCHEID, Louisa
LINDER, John 26 Sep 1903 82y Linder, Philipp W_ÖNESS__, Barbara Not listed, Maria
LINDER, Julius 31 Jan 1881 14y 5m Linder, John SCHEIDT, Louisa
LINDER, Katharina 26 Sep 1887 Infant Linder, Joseph SCHERER, Maria (Deceased) Fayetteville
LINDER, Louisa 26 Sep 1875 48y Linder, John Her children were Philipp & Anna Christina SCHEIT
LINDER, Maria 25 Jan 1879 8y 10m Linder, John SCHEID, Louisa
LINDER, Maria 17 Sep 1887 32y SCHERER, John ENGEL, Margaret Linder, Joseph Fayetteville
LINDER, Maria 18 Jul 1903 67y Linder, John
LINDER, Maria L. 4 Apr 1893 6w Linder, Jacob HEFNER, Margaret St. Pancratius
LINDER, Oscar 4 Mar 1921 26 Aug 1898 Linder, Jacob Not listed, Margaret
LINDER, Theresa 26 Sep 1867 8m
LINESCH, Bernard Henry 4 Aug 1864 18m Linesch, Th.
LINESCH, Clara 22 Aug 1867 24y BUEHNER, Not listed
LINESCH, Infant 2 Sep 1867 3w Linesch, Francis Joseph Not listed, Maria Elizabeth
LINSS, Emma Margaret 27 Oct 1954 86y St. Joseph – Freeburg
LINSS, Richard 16 Feb 1948 84y Not Listed, Emma St. Joseph – Freeburg
LITSCH, August 1 Nov 1879 2m Litsch, Martin HUSCHLE, Barbara
LÖPKER (Loepker), Maria Theresa 31 Aug 1875 63d Loepker, Albert Not listed, Theresa
LUCAHS, Wenceslaus 6 Dec 1869 4w Lucahs, John JICHA, Maria
LÜCKE (Luecke), Bernardina 3 Nov 1868 Luecke, Francis HARTMANN, Maria
LUDOLF, John 6 Nov 1859 34y Ludolf, Herman From Paderborn
LUEBBERS, Anna (Widow) 21 Feb 1948 83y St. Pancratius
LUEBBERS, Bernard “Ben” 24 Feb 1926 41y Luebbers, George Not listed, Anna St. Pancratius Died of a brain tumor
LUEBBERS, Dorothea Anna 3 Oct 1921 1y 5m Luebbers, Aloysius Not listed, Theresa St. Pancratius
LUEBBERS, George 24 Feb 1941 77y 2m 9d Not listed, Anna St. Pancratius
LUEKE, Amalia Elizabeth 13 Sep 1864 2y 3m Lueke, Francis Henry
MAIERSECK, Bernard 13 Feb 1882 13 Feb 1882 Maierseck, Bernard BOLLMANN, Elizabeth
MAIERSECK, Elizabeth 15 Feb 1882 26y BOLLMANN, Not listed Maierseck, Bernard
MARSY, Joseph 18 Oct 1869 Infant
MASMEIER, Gertrude 20 Nov 1883 29y 6m Masmeier, Not listed St. Pancratius
MASSMEIER, Anna Maria (Widow) 13 Dec 1893 65y WOEHLER, Francis B. Massmeier, Carl [Deceased] St. Pancratius
MASSMEYER Carl 29 Jun 1869 56y
MASSMEYER, Anna 2 Jul 1934 76y 11m 6d St. Pancratius
MASSMEYER, Henry 18 Mar 1938 76y 1m 11d St. Pancratius
MASSMEYER, Stephan 21 May 1932 69y Massmeyer, Carl Not listed, Anna St. Pancratius
MASSMEYER, William 8 Sep 1863 18y
MCLAUGHLIN, Hedwig 3 Feb 1917 22y HOFF, Bernard Not listed, Anna McLaughlin, Frederick Francis
MEIERSICK, Francis Bernard 27 Jan 1889 9 Mar 1879 Meiersick, Bernard BEELMANN, Elizabeth Fayetteville
MENSE, Anna 6 Dec 1945 83y 8m 5d Mense, Henry St. Pancratius Died from a fall and old age.
MENSE, Elizabeth 19 Mar 1899 14y Mense, Henry STRATHMANN, Magdalena
MENSE, Henry 5 Oct 1886 8m 20d Mense, Henry STRATHMANN, Magdalena Fayetteville
MENSE, Magdalena 30 Jul 1886 23y STRATHMANN, Herman Henry STIENS, Elizabeth Mense, Henry Fayetteville
MENSE, Wilhelm 25 Oct 1887 20y 8m Mense, Henry ROSEMANN, Maria Fayetteville
MENZE, Henry 23 Mar 1869 31y
MEYER, John Joseph 1 Jun 1950 59y Meyer, Philip St. Pancratius
MEYER, Philip 18 Apr 1950 79y St. Pancratius
MIDDENDORF, August 20 Jan 1886 8y 2m Middendorf, Henry BÜHNER (Buehner), Gertrude Fayetteville
MIDDENDORF, Catharina Celestina 20 Jan 1922 60y 5m BACHER, Not listed Middendorf, Sr., Henry St. Pancratius Died of Hepatic carcinoma.  [This entry is crossed out after a 1914 entry]
MIDDENDORF, Catharina Celestina 21 Jan 1922 60y 5m 29d BACHER, Not listed Middendorf, Henry St. Pancratius From Mascoutah Twp.  Died of hepatic carcinoma
MIDDENDORF, Elizabeth 19 Nov 1862 11y
MIDDENDORF, Elizabeth M. 7 May 1939 61y Middendorf, Joseph St. Pancratius From Belleville & buried from Cathedral
MIDDENDORF, Hugo 8 Mar 1914 23y Middendorf, Henry BACHER, Catharina
MIDDENDORF, John Henry 23 Jun 1880 53y Middendorf, Not listed Not listed, Elizabeth BÜHNER (Buehner), Anna Gertrude
MIDDENDORF, Maria Francisca 27 Oct 1867 15d
MIDDENDORF, Maria Francisca 19 Oct 1867 3w
MIDDENDORF, Sr., Henry F. 11 Aug 1945 84y 2m 17d BACHER, Catherine St. Pancratius From Freeburg.  Died of Old Age
MOSS, Herman 1902 [Appears at the end of 1902 entries.]
MOSS, Maria Elizabeth 16 Dec 1892 50y SCHOENEBAUM, Bernard MIDDENDORF, Dina Moss, Herman St. Pancratius
MUMME, Theodore 17 Mar 1934 77y 4m 15d 2 Nov 1866 Not listed, Mary St. Pancratius
MUMME, William 9 Apr 1928 1d Mumme, George Fayetteville Died 1 hour after birth.  Private baptism
MUMMIE, Mary 29 Jul 1945 72y 10m 27d 2 Sep 1872 Mummie, Theodore St. Pancratius Died of heart trouble and high blood pressure
MUNIE, Jassing 15 Mar 1904 75y Munie, Pohlmire GROSS, Magdalena Not listed, Louisa
MUNIE, Louisa 13 Jul 1922 82y Fayetteville Died of cronic bronchitis in Centralia, IL
MUNIER, Anna 20 Mar 1934 54y 4m 21d Munier, John St. Pancratius From Belleville, IL
MUNIER, Jess Paul 6 Jan 1935 61y 9m 5d DRESSLER, Louisa St. Pancratius From Lively Grove
NAGY, Louis 26 Mar 1948 33y Nagy, John A. ZEDAR, Elizabeth Mount Carmel – Belleville Killed in action  St. Geor. Germany in W W II
NERING, Mary Theresa 16 Jul 1865 5y Nering, Joseph MASRANG, Mary
NIESE, John 12 Jul 1920 72y [See record]
NIESE, Josephina 11 Jun 1888 4y Niese, John RÄNK (Raenk), Elizabeth Fayetteville
NIESE, Maria 13 Mar 1922 67y RAENK, Not listed Niese, John
NIESE, Rosa Elizabeth 22 May 1888 16 Nov 1881 Niese, John RÄNK (Raenk), Elizabeth Fayetteville
NIESE, William 13 Jul 1903 25y Niese, John Not listed, Maria Died in a R. R. accident
NOLL [?], Philipp Caspar 2 Feb 1867 3y 6m
ONIGMANN, Conrad Wilhelm 17 Sep 1872 25 Jun 1872 Onigmann, Henry WILKENS, Maria
ONIGMANN, Henry 30 Sep 1873 Onigmann, H. JANSEN, Thecla WILKENS, Maria Mud Creek
ONIGMANN, Henry 14 Apr 1881 10y 11m Onigmann, Henry WILKENS, Maria
ONIGMANN, William 31 Mar 1885 18 Aug 1873 Onigmann, Henry WILKENS, Maria
PABST, Philipp 18 Dec 1876 44y NOLLMANN, Henrietta
PAGENKEMPER, Frank 15 Dec 1930 70y Pagenkemper, Henry Not listed, Maria St. Pancratius From St. Louis
PAGENKEMPER, Joseph 5 Jan 1880 22y 5m Pagenkemper, Francis OELSMAIER, Anna Maria
PAGENKEMPER, Maria 18 Apr 1901 76y OEHLSMEIER, Bernard FRESMEIER, Gertrude Pagenkemper, Francis
PAKENKEMPER, Francis 16 Jan 1902 81y Not listed, Maria
PAULY, Anna Maria 28 Jun 1889 3d Pauly, William SCHLANGEN, Anna Maria Fayetteville
PAULY, William 12 May 1900 51y Pauly, Edward SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelaid
PELS, John Bernard 29 Jan 1879 40y Pels, John Bernard NIEMANN, Maria Anna CORDES, Maria
PETRI, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1945 82y 10m 21d Petri, George St. Pancratius Died of a stroke
PETRI, Infant 17 Jul 1886 2m Petri, George MIDDENDORF, Elizabeth Fayetteville
PFIFFNER, Alexander 28 Feb 1892 3y 3m 20d Pfiffner, George KOCH, Maria St. Pancratius
PFIFFNER, Anton (Widower) 26 Aug 1869 66y
PFIFFNER, Herman Anton 30 May 1896 7m Pfiffner, George KOCH, Maria
PIFFNER, George 17 May 1899 43y KORK, Maria
PIFFNER, Herman Henry 3 Jul 1884 21m Piffner, George KOCH, Maria Fayetteville
PIFFNER, Margaret 11 May 1917 Piffner, George Not listed, Mary [See record]
PIFFNER, Mary 25 Sep 1940 77y 11m 29d Piffner, George St. Pancratius
PLOEGER, Henry (Widower) 29 Apr 1872
PLOEGER, Maria Catharina 15 Aug 1871 42y KASTEN, Not listed Ploeger, Henry
PLUNCH, John 6 Sep 1868 10m Plunch, Henry ÖPPER (Oepper), Anna
POELMANN, Abel 6 Mar 1873 58y TAFERE, Margaret
POELMANN, Margaret 6 Feb 1873 35y TAFERE, Not listed POELMANN, Abel
RAENK, David 22 Apr 1880 7y 8m Raenk, John WOELTZ, Joanna
RAINEY, Josephina 1 Jan 1866 19y
RAINEY, Mary Magdalena 18 Apr 1866 Dec 1865
RANK, Catharina 3 Apr 1899 82y 2m KOCHER, Francis Not listed, Catharina Rank, David
RANK, David 23 Sep 1869 20y Rank, David (Deceased) KOCHER, Catharina
RANK, Wilhelm 8 Apr 1873 4y 3m Rank, John WELLS, Johanna (Non-Catholic)
RICKELMANN, Gertrude 29 Aug 1875 12y 2m 5d Rickelmann, John (Deceased) Not listed, Anna Christina
RICKELMANN, Philomena 9 Nov 1884 18y Rickelmann, Theodore (Deceased) DUNNEWALD, Anna M. Fayetteville
RICKERT, Mrs. Alice 20 Sep 1934 79y 2d St. Pancratius
ROAN, Elizabeth 5 Mar 1870 29 Dec 1852
ROECKER, Elizabeth 26 Apr 1878 44y PICKER, Not listed Roecker, Wilhelm
ROECKER, Wilhelm 17 Apr 1878 44y 3m Roecker, Not listed BUEKS, Angelica PICKER, Elizabeth
ROEHL, Maria Alwina 19 Nov 1881 10m 6d Roehl, John RENZ, Maria
ROEHL, Philipp 7 Feb 1871 26 Jan 1871 Roehl, John BANZ, Maria
ROS, Herman 25 Jun 1876 1827
ROSEMANN, Anna  Maria 8 Dec 1875 73y
ROSEMANN, Henry 9 May 1869 18y Rosemann, John Henry WINTER, Maria
ROSEMANN, John Henry 17 Dec 1871 61y WINTER, Anna Maria
RÖTTGER (Roettger), Christian 15 Apr 1865 2y RÖTTKER (Roettker), William PIKKER, Elise
RÖTTGER (Roettger), Christina 24 Sep 1865 7y Roettger, William PICKER, Elisa
RÜCK (Rueck), Not listed 8 Jun 1867 9m
RUF, Maria (Widow) 17 Jan 1871 47y 11m Ruf, Matthew (Deceased)
RUF, Matthew 1 Sep 1865 51y
SCHAFFER, Martin 28 May 1894 77y St. Pancratius
SCHAFFNER, Catharina 5 Oct 1899 72y 5m STEFFLING, John Schaffner, Martin
SCHMITZ, Anna Maria 21 Aug 1872 21 Sep 1864 Schmitz, George Henry (Deceased) SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelheid Mother remarried to Henry VANREE
SCHMITZ, Catharina Elizabeth (Widow) 4 Aug 1875 67y 8m STELTENKAMP, Not listed Schmitz, John (Deceased)
SCHMITZ, Frederick William 10 Sep 1872 21 Jan 1869 Schmitz, George Henry (Deceased) SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelheid Mother remarried to Henry VANREE
SCHMITZ, George Henry 4 Mar 1870 21 Jun 1835 SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelhaid
SCHNITZMAIER, Bernard 10 Mar 1879 27y Schnitzmaier, Francis PLOGMAIER, Teresa
SCHNITZMAIER, Joseph 14 Mar 1878 32y Schnitzmaier, Francis PLOGMAIER, Teresa
SCHNITZMAIER, Teresa 9 Mar 1878 61y PLOGMEIER, Not listed Schnitzmaier, Francis
SCHÖPPER (Schoepper), Henry 22 Jul 1868 50y From Joannesburg & died in Fayetteville
SCHRAGE, Joseph 20 Dec 1930 Infant Schrage, August Joseph WEIDNER, Salome St. Pancratius New born
SMITH, Philippina 1 Sep 1953 76y QUIRIN, Fred KRUPP, Mary Green Mount – Belleville
SOMMERLAD, Katharina 9 Sep 1866 40y Sommerlad, Christian
SORG, Raymond 11 Oct 1938 33y 2m 15d HOFF, Hilda St. Pancratius
SPED, Anna 15 Jun 1943 77y 1m 4d Sped, Mike St. Joseph – Freeburg Died of tetanus
SPED, Michael 13 Sep 1920 60y Sped, Joseph Not listed, Christina Freeburg
STAURMANN [?], Elizabeth 26 Oct 1868 30y HEUER [?], Not listed Staurmann, Frederick
STEIN, Elizabeth 30 Oct 1916 1 Jul 1843 HILGEN, John Albert Not listed, Hellena
STEIN, Gerhard Henry 1 Jul 1928 24y 5m 3d Stein, Henry
STEIN, Gerhard Henry 22 Nov 1953 75y Stein, Herman HILGEN, Elizabeth St. Pancratius
STEIN, Herman 6 Jan 1911 15 Aug 1841 From Frerin, Hanover, Germany
STEIN, Louis 5 Sep 1878 3y Stein, Francis WOLTING, Maria
STEIN, Mrs. Theresa (Widow) 11 Dec 1950 57y St. Joseph – Freeburg Died suddenly
STEINMANN, Anna Maria 19 Feb 1870 6 Jan 1870 Steinmann, Frederick BERGHEGER, Bernhardina
STEINMANN, Bernard Henry 2  Jan 1881 21y 4m 4d Steinmann, Frederick HEER, Elizabeth
STEINMANN, Frederick 1 Dec 1875 5 Apr 1831
STEINMANN, George Bernhard 29 Mar 1872 28 ___ 18__ Steinmann, Frederick HOER, Elisa (Deceased) [Birth date hidden in spine]
STOCK, Franzisca 3 Mar 1871 3 Apr 1867 Stock, Martin WINTER, Theresa
STOCK, Joseph 15 Jan 1882 13y Stock, Martin WINTER, Teresa
STOCK, Martin 23 Oct 1873 52y WINTER, Theresa
STOLL, Adam 10 May 1890 65y HOFFARTH, Theresa St. Pancratius
STRATHMANN, Conrad 22 May 1887 32y 3m Strathmann, Herman Henry STINES, Elizabeth PLÖGER (Ploeger), Maria Fayetteville
STRATHMANN, Elizabeth [Widow] 2 Dec 1887 58y STIENS, Bernard Henry JÜTTEMEYER (Juettemeyer), Theresa Strathmann, Herman Henry (Deceased) Fayetteville
STRATHMANN, Herman Henry 23 Dec 1871 52y STINES, Elizabeth
STRATHMANN, Herman T. (Widower) 21 Nov 1944 83y 3m 19d St. Pancratius From St. Libory.  Died in an accident
STRAUBINGER, Benedict 21 Feb 1897 57y Not listed, Maria St. Pancratius
STRAUBINGER, Carolina Margaret 19 Apr 1880 4d Straubinger, Benedict WILKENS, Maria
STRAUBINGER, Francisca Theresa 19 Jul 1892 1m Straubinger, Benedict WILKENS, Maria St. Pancratius
STRAUBINGER, Leopold 9 Feb 1865 61y
STROBINGER, John Joseph 8 Sep 1873 6 Aug 1873 Strobinger, Benedict RUGE, Maria (Deceased)
STRUTZL, Christina 7 Mar 1879 63y DIERCHNABEL, Not listed Strutz, Veldelin
STRUZ, Wendelin 23 Oct 1874 62y Not listed, Christina
SUES, Frank 15 Sep 1930 74y St. Pancratius From Affton, MO.  Died in a St. Louis, MO hospital
SUES, William 4 Apr 1928 76y St. Pancratius Died of nephritis in St. Louis
SUESS, Anna Maria 22 Aug 1889 9d Suess, Francis CROSSMAN, Odilia Fayetteville
SUESS, George Henry 27 Sep 1873 12 Jan 1873 Suess, Wilhelm LÜTTEKEN (Luetteken), Franciska
SUESS, Henry 22 Oct 1892 13y Suess, William CROSSMANN, Louisa St. Pancratius From St. Agatha Parish in St. Louis, MO
SUESS, Maria 9 Oct 1869 1y Suess, William LUETTEKEN, Francisca
SUESS, Maria Odilia 25 Sep 1889 20 Sep 1871 CROSSMANN, Lemuel GOODMAN, Amanda Suess, Francis Fayetteville
SUESS, Philipp 22 Mar 1888 21 Sep 1821 Suess, Francis KREUTZ, Maria Katharina KÖSTER (Koester), Elizabeth Fayetteville
SUESS, Wilhelm 2 Mar 1878 54y LÜDIKEN (Luediken), Francisca
SÜSS (Suess), John 11 Aug 1865 1m Suess, William LÜTTEKER (Luetteker), Franziska
SÜSS (Suess), William 18 Aug 1877 7d Suess, Wilhelm GRASSMANN, Louisa
SUTTERER, Anton 12 Jul 1867 3w
THEISMANN, Anna 28 Dec 1897 36y HOEPPER, Not listed Theismann, Benedict
THEISMANN, Henry 30 Jan 1871 30y Theismann, Henry SCHLANGEN, Angela
TRANP [?], John David 28 Aug 1862 4m
TRENTMANN, Frederick 5 Jan 1889 38y Trentmann, George Henry BUSE, Anna Maria Fayetteville
UHLHORN, Gerhard 4 Dec 1869 53y
VAHLENKAMP, Not listed 10 Sep 1863
VAHLKAMP, Adolph 6 Jan 1877 2y 5m Vahlkamp, Stephan RAENK, Elizabeth
VAHLKAMP, Angelica Anna 24 Jul 1895 1y Vahlkamp, Stephan GEIER, Angelica
VAHLKAMP, Anna Maria 18 Jul 1875 5y 5m 12d Vahlkamp, Henry Not listed, Maria (Deceased)
VAHLKAMP, Anna Maria 11 Feb 1879 78y BORGMANN, Henry Vahlkamp, Theodore
VAHLKAMP, Bernadina 15 Oct 1901 7 Mar 1867 STEINMANN, Frederick HOERR, Elizabeth Vahlkamp, Frederick
VAHLKAMP, Bernard 9 Nov 1913 79y 9m Vahlkamp, Theodore Not listed, Anna
VAHLKAMP, Elizabeth 13 Feb 1889 48y RÄNG (Raeng), David KOCHERER, Katharina Vahlkamp, Stephan Fayetteville
VAHLKAMP, Frederick 19 Jun 1883 47y 2m Vahlkamp, Theodore BERG, Anna Maria ERHARD, Henrica
VAHLKAMP, Frederick Wilhelm 23 Oct 1870 4 Oct 1868 Vahlkamp, Stephan RANK, Elizabeth
VAHLKAMP, George 30 Nov 1895 8m Vahlkamp, Bernard SCHUETTE, Josephina
VAHLKAMP, George 5 Jun 1908 65y VAHLKAMP, Theodore Not listed, Anna Died suddenly
VAHLKAMP, Gertrude 5 Oct 1902 9m Vahlkamp, John Not listed, Cecilia
VAHLKAMP, Henry 26 May 1908 84y VAHLKAMP, Theodore Not listed, Anna Not listed, Anna Christina
VAHLKAMP, Henry 25 Mar 1946 73y 7m 7d BOUCHER, Maggie St. Pancratius Died of heart failure suddenly
VAHLKAMP, Henry Bernard 5 Jul 1869 Vahlkamp, George KALTENBACHER, Maria
VAHLKAMP, Jacob 5 Feb 1883 2y 6m Vahlkamp, Stephan RAENK, Elizabeth
VAHLKAMP, John 3 Oct 1868 8m Vahlkamp, Henry BEHRENS, Maria Anna
VAHLKAMP, John Henry 7 Jun 1931 58y 2m 27d MIDDENDORF, Cecilia Maria St. Pancratius
VAHLKAMP, Joseph 6 Oct 1902 9m Vahlkamp, John Not listed, Cecilia
VAHLKAMP, Josephine 21 Feb 1927 63y 3m 19d SCHUETTE, Francis Not listed, Clara Fayetteville
VAHLKAMP, Margaret (Widow) 14 Nov 1949 73y St. Pancratius
VAHLKAMP, Maria 2 Dec 1892 25y WITHUT, Louis ZIREN, Catharina Vahlkamp, Jr. ,  Stephan St. Pancratius
VAHLKAMP, Maria 27 Aug 1922 75y FATHENBACH, Not listed Vahlkamp, George Fayetteville Died in St. Vincent Hospital in Belleville, IL
VAHLKAMP, Maria Anna 12 Mar 1871 34y BEHRNS, Not listed Vahlkamp, Henry
VAHLKAMP, Sr., Bernard (Widower) 20 Dec 1946 85y St. Pancratius Died from a stroke & old age
VAHLKAMP, Sr., Stephan 9 Sep 1907 68y Vahlkamp, Theodore BORGMANN, Anna Died suddenly
VAHLKAMP, Theodore 2 Jul 1859 BORGMANN, Maria Anna
VALKAMP, Anna 28 Mar 1866 1y 6m Valkamp, George KALTENBACH, Mary
VAN REE, William 2 Dec 1901 34y WIESER, Catharina Died in St. Louis
VANREE, Henry 10 Mar 1873 32y 10m SCHLANGEN, Maria Adelhaid
VANREE, Joanna Aurelia 24 Jan 1893 3m 22d Vanree, William WIESER, Catharina St. Pancratius
VANREE, Maria Adelhaid 10 May 1870 21 Mar 1870 Vanree, Henry SCHMITZ, Theresa
VANREE, Theresa 28 Oct 1871 29y SCHMITH, Not listed Vanree, Henry
VANREE, William 17 Dec 1869 29y BIEBUSCH, Elizabeth
VANREE, William 18 Nov 1874 7y 10m 15d Vanree, Henry (Deceased) Not listed, Theresa (Deceased)
VIETSAM, Henry 17 May 1865 15m Vietsam, August SOMMER, Mary [Compare Fietsam]
VOGT, Adelheid 9 Jun 1884 30y STUTTMANN, Not listed Vogt, Henry Fayetteville
VOGT, Anna Margaret (Widow) 3  Jan 1881 71y MIDDENDORF, Not listed Vogt, John Henry [Deceased]
VOGT, Catharina 13 Feb 1874 21y ZOELLER, Francis Not listed, Thecla Vogt, Henry
VOGT, Cecilia Louisa 20 Aug 1899 18m Vogt, Henry MUNIE, Elizabeth
VOGT, Francis 22 Oct 1891 4y Vogt, Henry MUNIE, Elizabeth
VOGT, Henry Herman 5 Aug 1928 83y 1m 27d MUNIE, Anna Died of chronic nephritis
VOGT, Herman Henry 12 Mar 1877 1y Vogt, Carl PELS, Maria Elizabeth
VOGT, Isabella F. 24 Feb 1938 57y 1m 24d Vogt, Bernard J. St. Pancratius From Mascoutah
VOGT, John Carl 9 Jul 1883 14m Vogt, Henry STUTMANN, Adelheid
VOGT, John Herman 23 Jul 1872 6 Nov 1871 Vogt, Carl PELS, M. Elis. Mud Creek
VOGT, John Herman 5 Apr 1874 62y MIDDENDORF, Margaret
WEIDEMANN, Francis 24 May 1878 34y Weidemann, Wilhelm Not listed, Margaret BAUMGAERTNER, Catharina
WEIDEMANN, Henry 28 Apr 1875 40y Weidemann, Caspar Not listed, Margaret
WEIK, George (Widower) 10 Jul 1947 95y St. Pancratius
WESSEL, Henry (Widower) 29 Jul 1887 63y Wessel, Herman JANSSEN, Thecla Fayetteville
WESSELMANN, Infant 21 Apr 1866
WESSELS, Adelheid 29 Jan 1885 47y Wessels, Henry Fayetteville
WIESE, Stephan 15 Nov 1876 1m Wiese, John RANK, Maria
WIESER, Anna Maria 23 Aug 1873 25 Apr 1865 Wieser, August (Deceased) VAHLKAMP, Anna Maria
WIESER, August 4 Apr 1873 31y VAHLKAMP, Maria
WILKINS, William 5 Feb 1899 86y Wilkins, William (?) Not listed, Helena HESS, Maria Adelaid
WISER, Celestina Emilia 28 Mar 1867 11 Jan 1867
WITTICH, Mary (Widow) 1 Aug 1949 69y 1m 14d St. Pancratius
WOEHLER, Francis William 12 Apr 1873 19 Jan 1869 Woehler, Herman (Deceased) BUTTEMEYER, Anna
WOEHLER, Herman 11 Feb 1872 45y BUTTEMEYER, Anna (Non-Catholic)
WOELKING, Theresa 9 May 1909 76y MEYER, John Carl STRICKER, Anna Maria Elizabeth Died suddenly
WOHLER, Maria 28 Sep 1875 9y 8m 17d Wohler, Herman (Deceased) RUDDEMEYER, Anna
WOLKING, Henry 30 Dec 1871 70y MEYER, Theresa [Age is best guess]
WOLKING, Henry 7 Apr 1883 17y 7m 2w Wolking, Henry MAIER, Teresa
WOLKING, John 16 Mar 1883 25y Wolking, Henry MAIER, Teresa
WOLKING, Stephan 28 Feb 1888 15y 8m Wolking, Henry MAIER, Theresa Fayetteville
WOLKING, Teresa Elizabeth 9 Sep 1876 8y 6m Wolking, Henry MAIER, Teresa
WOLKING, Wilhelmina 17 Aug 1887 28y Wolking, Henry MAIER, Theresa Fayetteville
YUNG, Elizabeth 10 Oct 1903 21y Yung, Joseph Not listed, Anna Mascoutah, IL
ZELLER, Carl 18 May 1873 59y SCHNEIDER, Catharina
ZIMMERMANN, Bertha 9 Apr 1894 11m Zimmermann, William MITTENDORF, Clara St. Pancratius From Damiansville Parish
ZIMMERMANN, Herman Julius 6 Aug 1892 16m Zimmermann, William MIDDENDORF, Clara St. Pancratius
ZOELLER, Dora 13 Nov 1945 77y 28d Zoeller, Jerome St. Pancratius From Mascoutah.  Died at Alton State Hospital.  [See record]
ZOELLER, Francis Anton 1 Oct 1890 72y Zoeller, Valentin ZOELLER, Thecla
ZOELLER, Henry 21 Feb 1877 21y Zoeller, Carl SCHNEIDER, Catharina
ZOELLER, Jerome 4 Mar 1945 86y 10m 12d JUNG, Dara St. Pancratius From Belleville.  Died in St. Vincent Home of old age.
ZOELLER, Regina 22 Jun 1865 28y
ZOELLER, Thecla 12 Sep 1910 88y Zoeller, Francis
ZWIESLER, Rev. Carl Joseph 4 May 1894 2 Aug 1853 Zwiesler, Constantin SCHIML, Catharina Calvary – Dayton, OH Born in Dayton, OH.

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