St. Michael (Paderborn) Marriages (1851–1931)

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Compilation copyright Gloria Dettleff

Marriages in the first book begin with 1861 – 1862 on image 23 followed by 1851-1856. The second book begins with duplicated entries for 1861-1862, followed by 1863.


Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADLER, Andrew RAPP, Maria 1879 Adler, Mathew BAUMGART, Elizabeth Rapp, Carl QUERIN, Maria Rapp, Carl and George Rapp
AMAN, Berthrand (From St. Louis, MO) HELFRICH, Catharina 17 Sep 1918 Aman, Albert JENNE, Louisa Helfrich, Joseph BUSCH, Anna BACHMANN, Joseph and Maria STERINNER Could not get Baptisms confirmation from Austria
AMEND, Adam (20y) REISS, Helena 16 Aug 1883 Amend, Adam ZEIS, Anna Reiss, John SAUZECK, Joseph and Josephina BURGGRAF
ARMBRUST, Philip KEIL, Catherine 16 Jul 1864 MÜTH (Mueth), Gaspar and John HINTERMANN
ARMBRUSTER, Karl FLAMMING, Francisca 14 Jun 1866 Armbruster, Nicolaus VANDERHEIT, Magdalena Flamming, Joseph HAUER, Francisca Armbruster, Philipp and Berta Flamming
BAECHLE, William SCHWEGEL, Louisa 1880 Baechle, Theodore SPINNES, Bridget Schwegel, Carl RHEINHART, Regina SCHEGELE, Jacob and Philipp QUERIN
BAUER, John WACHTEL, Josepha 24 Jan 1871 Bauer, John KRAUS, Margaret  Wachtel, Peter WEIDERMANN, Clara Elizabeth Wachtel, Peter and Henry HUSE
BECHERER, Carl (From Smithton) NEFF, Catharina 3 Jul 1906 Becherer, Gregory FLECKENSTEIN, Josephina Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Neff, John and Catharina Becherer
BECHERER, Gregory FLECKENSTEIN, Josephina 30 Oct 1877 Becherer, Joseph GEMSBACK, Barbara Fleckenstein, Joseph WACHTEL, Maria Anna Fleckenstein, Peter; Catharina Fleckenstein; Joseph Becherer and Catharina Becherer
BECHERER, John (From Caseyville Twp) SCHAEFER, Bertha (From Prairie Du Long) 17 May 1922 Becherer, Emmerich Not listed, Catharina Schaefer, George (Deceased) Not listed, Elisa (Louisa) Becherer, Oscar and Mathilda Schaefer
BECK, Joseph GAIN, Regina 3 Nov 1861 KREHER, Emmerich and Francis MÜLLER (Mueller)
BENEDICK, Francis BENEDICK, Maria 14 Jan 1862 Benedick, Francis and Philipp Benedick Dispensation for second degree relationship
BENEDICK, Heinrich HAGEN, Elizabeth 27 Jan 1862 Hagen, Francis and Louis Hagen
BERKEL, George KREHER, Susanna 6 Oct 1866 Berkel, Ignatius and Andrew Kreher
BERKEL, John (22y) ENDRES, Eleonora (20y) 3 Sep 1888 Berkel, Ignatius SCHAEFER, Maria Endres, Simon GERHARDT, Catharina Endres, Frederick and Catharina Berkel
BERKEL, Lorenz NEFF, Apollonia 4 Feb 1862 SCHMERBAUCH, George and Sophia SCHÜSSLER (Schuessler) and Jacob SCHAEFERS
BERTELSMANN, Francis (From Belleville) SCHWAEGEL, Barbara 14 Nov 1899 Bertelsmann, Francis WINKLER, Gertrude Schwaegel, Carl REINHARD, Regina SCHRAUTEMEYER, Philip; Johanna Schwaegel; Philippine Schwaegel and Maria ENGLERT
BIEBEL, Oliver J. C. (From Mascoutah) RAPP, Thecla Maria (From Millstadt Prec.) 18 Jun 1929 Biebel, Oliver Dan ZINCK, Anna Rapp, Carl ADLER, Anna Rapp, Arthur and Susie Rapp
BIFFAR, Jr., George (From Waterloo) REINHARDT, Martha 7 Nov 1916 Biffar, Sr., George SCHILLING, Louisa Reinhardt, Aloysius SAUZEK, Elizabeth Reinhardt, Jr., Aloysius and Catharina Biffar
BIRKNER, Oscar (From Hecker) KREHER, Appollonia (From Prairie Du Long) 30 Jan 1923 Birkner, Louis BENEDIK, Louisa Kreher, Emmerich HOPP, Maria Birkner, Not listed and Ruth Kreher
BORN, Andrew (Born in Falkenstein, Germany) HOERNES, Maria 20 Jan 1880 Born, Joseph Not listed, Maria Hoernes, Laurent Not listed, Maria Hoernes, Not listed and Apollonia KRETZER
BRIELMEYER, Joseph (31y widower of Margaret NEHRING) SCHWEGEL, Maria (27y) 26 Feb 1889 Brielmeyer, Joseph WEITZENECKER, Marianna Schwegel, Carl REINHARDT, Regina Reinhardt, Carl and Catharina Schwegel
BUEHLER, Anton (25y) NEFF, Maria (25y) 10 Nov 1891 Buehler, Anton BRANDT, Josephina Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Neff, Jacob and Theresa GROSSHEIM
BUSS, Henry (Born 27 Oct 1848) KAISER, Maria Magdalena (Born 3 Jun 185_) 22 Apr 1873 Buss, Albert Not listed, Anna Maria Kaiser, Wilhelm Not listed, Josephina ENGELERT, Carl and Josephina MATHEIS
CAWI, Francis (From St. Louis) HOFFMANN, Hedwig 25 Sep 1906 Cawi, John STRODT, Angela Hoffmann, John NABLER, Theresa Cawi, B. and Rosa SETTER
CHRIST, Jacob BRAUN, Barbara 9 Jun 1854 KURTZ, Francis and Valentin NEUMANN
CORTNER, Carl (From Prairie Du Long) KARBAN, Maria 8 Jan 1918 Cortner, Philipp Deceased Karban, George (Deceased) WESSEL, Helena Karban, Henry and Barbara Cortner
CORTNER, George Ph. EULER, Catharina A. 24 Nov 1910 Cortner, Philipp CHRISTOPH, Christina Euler, John NEFF, Catharina Cortner, Edward P. and Theresa Cortner
DEGENHARDT, Christopher SAUL, Elizabeth 28 Sep 1855 KURTZ, Francis and Susanna DIEHL
DOCHTERT, Herman RICKFELDER, Elizabeth (Widow) 4 Mar 1862 WACHTEL, Adam and Adam KNAPP and Albert KABUREK
DUNLAP, Johann F. WILSEN, Alles F. 7 Dec 1851 LOIRER, Philipp and Thomas Dunlap
ECKHARD, Carl (From St. Louis) STIFFLER, Eleonora 5 Sep 1905 Eckhard, Carl VATTEROT, Josephina Stiffler, John HAUDRICH, Margaret Stiffler, John; Joseph Eckhard; Carolina Stiffler and Bertha Eckhard
ECKHARDT, Clemens (From St. Louis) REINHARD, Maria 22 May 1902 ECKHARD, Francis VATTEROT, Juliana Reinhard, Leon MARXER, Maria Eckhard, Henry and Catharina GRAU
EICHENSEER, Adam (From St. Augustin in Freedom) DELLERMANN, Clara Maria 16 May 1893 Eichenseer, George WALDE, Carolina Dellermann, George SCHNEIDER, Margaret LUTKER, Henry and Magdalena Lutker
EISENHAUER, Philipp (28y) HELFRICH, Gertrude (21y) 19 Aug 1884 Eisenhauer, Laurent ARNOLD, Eva Elizabeth Helfrich, John REINHART, Catharina Reinhart, Joseph and Catharina Helfrich
EISKANT, Gustav WEBER, Agnes 12 May 1868 MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann and Maria SLEKER
ENGLERT, Anton ENDRES, Theresa 16 Apr 1883 Englert, Frederick MATHES, Maria Endres, Anton DAUER, Josephina MUTH, Nicolaus and Helena REIS
ENGLERT, Francis KELLER, Karolina 14 Jan 1880 Englert, Carl and Rosa Englert
ENGLERT, Henry Carl BROSS, Walburga 7 Feb 1882 Englert, Frederick MATHES, Maria Bross, Anton KERLING, Magdalena RUM, Joseph and Helena Bross
ENGLERT, Herman LINKERMANN, Christina 23 May 1876 MÜTH (Mueth), Joseph and Margaret HAUDERICK
ENGLERTH, Albert (From Smithton) KARBAN, Barbara 10 Nov 1910 Englerth, Francis KELLER, Carolina Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Karban, William and Catharina Englerth
ENZMANN, Friederich (From St. Louis) STIFFLER, Appolonia 25 Oct 1904 Enzmann, Theodore PETER, Catharina (Vienna) Stiffler, John HAUDRICH, Margaret Stiffler, John; Adam Haudrich; Maria SCHOBEL and Elizabeth Stiffler
EULER, Jacob E. CORTNER, Victorina 10 May 1910 Euler, John NEFF, Catharina Cortner, Philipp CHRISTOPH, Christina Cortner, George and Catharina Euler
EULER, John MUETH, Maria Francisca 22 Nov 1898 Euler, Andrew FUERSTENBERG, Christina Mueth, Caspar ARMBRUSTER, Eva Armbruster, Martin and Margaret Armbruster
FETHER, Henry FLECKENSTEIN, Regina 11 May 1876 Fether, George Not listed, Anna Subilla Fleckenstein, Joseph Not listed, Anna Maria Fether, Louis and Catharina Fleckenstein
FRISCH, John (28y) WELZBACHER, Elizabeth (23y) 5 Jun 1888 Frisch, Adam WENDLING, Catharina Welzbacher, John SCHMERBAUCH, Rosina MARXER, Martin and Theresa Welzbacher
FÜTTERER (Fuetterer), John KEMPER, Margaret  (Widow of Christian Kemper from Randolph County) 4 Oct 1864 GOLDMANN, Not listed KABUREK, Adalbert and Francis REINHARDT
GEIER, George HEROLD, Mary 4 Aug 1863 Herold, Joseph; Fritz WACHTEL; Joseph Wachtel and Katharina Wachtel
GOELZ, Peter BROSS, Clara 9 Jul 1895 Goelz, Adam GOELLER, Anna Bross, Joseph AMEND, Elizabeth KOOPMANN, John and Anna Bross
GRANDCOLAS, Philip KABUREK, Elizabeth 20 Jun 1893 Grandcolas, John KRUPP, Agnes Kaburek, Albert RAPP, Elizabeth Rapp, Gregory; Christian Grandcolas; Theresa Kaburek and Josephina Grandcolas
GRAU, Peter (25y) REINHARD, Catharina (20y) 3 Feb 1885 Grau, Peter NEUNER, Elizabeth Reinhard, Leon MARXER, Maria SCHWEGEL, Jacob and Barbara REINHARDT
GRIESBAUM, Albert (From New Baden) LOEHR, Elizabeth 19 Nov 1900 Griesbaum, George GRIESBAUM, Catharina Loehr, George NEUNER, Elizabeth Loehr, John and Catharina Loehr
GROB, John KRUPP, Catharina 11 Oct 1897 Grob, Carl SAUZEK, Josephina Krupp, Jacob ENGLERTH, Josephina Krupp, Jacob and Anna Krupp
GROSS, Jacob HAUSMANN, Carolina 3 Aug 1871 Gross, Jacob (Protestant) WOLF, Catharina (Protestant) Hausmann, Peter BLITZ, Anna Maria MARXER, Joseph and Peter Hausmann
HAAS, Joseph (Widower) WOLF, Margaret 1 Nov 1870 KURTNER, Stefan and Andrew SCHUHMACHER
HAGEN, Christoph FICKER, Theresa 19 May 1863 RITTER, George; Valentin BERG; Dorothea HEROLD and [Dorothea] METZ
HAMMAN, Clarence (Non-Catholic from Freeburg, IL) MUETH, Olivia 16 Aug 1923 Hamman, John KREIG, Elizabeth  Mueth, Andrew QUERIN, Agnes ZIMMERMANN, Catharina and Maria Zimmermann
HAUDERICH, Stephan RECKMANN, Margaret 19 Aug 1873 Hauderich, Mathew Not listed, Margaret Reckmann, Wilhelm Not listed, Theresa HEFERICH, Joseph and Lena Reckmann
HAUDRICH, Joseph NEFF, Maria Elizabeth 12 Jun 1924 Haudrich, Stephan MADEKA, Maria Neff, Jacob GROSSHEIM, Teresa Neff, Frederick and Martha Neff
HAUDRICH, Stephan MATEYKAMA, Anna 15 May 1877 ENGLERT, Franz and Margaret Haudrick
HAUDRICH, Stephan HELFRICH, Maria 10 Feb 1903 Haudrich, Stephan MATEKA, Anna Helfrich, Adam ENGLERT, Rosa Haudrich, Adam and Barbara Helfrich
HEBEIS, Jacob WALDMANN, Barbara 28 Nov 1865 Hebeis, Martin LUDWIG, Elizabeth Waldmann, Ernest SCHAEFER, Barbara Waldmann, Ernst and Hellena KLINKATT
HECKELSMUELLER, Aloysius (From Vaiszes) GROB, Anna L. (From Floraville) 24 Apr 1899 Heckelsmueller, Aloysius STAUIZ, Maria Grob, Carl SAUZEK, Josephina FRAUENFELDER, Henry and Anna BROSS
HELFERICH, Adam (31y) ENGLERT, Rosa 7 Feb 1882 Helferich, George MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina Englert, Frederick MATHES, Maria Englert, Anton and Gertrude Helferich
HELFERICH, Francis SAUJEK, Rosa 27 Oct 1914 Helferich, John REINHART, Katharina Saujek, John LOEHR, Elizabeth Helferich, Louis and Ida Saujek
HELFERICH, George Joseph SCHOENBORN, Theresa 30 Jun 1910 Helferich, Joseph BUSS, Anna Schoenborn, William SCHWARZ, Elizabeth Helferich, Bernard and Mathilda Schoenborn
HELFERICH, Joseph (Born in Füth Iber__) BUSS, Anna 4 Feb 1879 Helferich, George Not listed, Catharina Buss, Henry HERBES, Theresa Helferich, Adam and Anna BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann)
HELFRICH, George EISENHAUER, Catharina 28 May 1872 Helfrich, George Not listed, Catharina Eisenhauer, Lorenz Not listed, Eva Eisenhauer, Adam and Joseph Helfrich
HELFRICH, Jacob MUETH, Gertrude 18 Aug 1914 Helfrich, Adam ENGLERTH, Rosa Mueth, Louis KLEIN, Veronica Helfrich, Carl and Catharina Mueth
HELFRICH, Johann REINHART, Catharina 10 Jun 1862 Reinhart, Leo and George Reinhart
HELFRICH, John ROTH, Maria 26 Jan 1904 Helfrich, John REINHARD, Catharina Roth, John BECKER, Maria Helfrich, Francis and Elizabeth Roth
HELFRICH, Joseph C. KETTLER, Christina 17 Sep 1907 Helfrich, George Kettler, Francis Kettler, Herman and Catharina Helfrich
HELFRICH, Nicolaus SCHOENBORN, Paulina 15 Oct 1912 Helfrich, Joseph BUSS, Anna Schoenborn, William SCHWARZ, Elizabeth Helfrich, William and (Orrilia) Schoenborn Mechtildis
HELLRUNG, Jacob Edmund (From St. Louis) BUSS, Maria Theresa (From Edwardsville) 30 Apr 1902 Hellrung, Laurent VATTEROT, Victoria  Buss, Joseph OLDENDORF, Catharina Buss, Francis; Edward Hellrung; Eugenia Hellrung and Catharina Buss
HEROLD, Adam ZIEROFF, Maria 11 Sep 1866 Herold, Johann and Andrew Zieroff
HEROLD, Adam MILLER, Catharina (Widow) 17 Oct 1870 ZIEROFF, Henry and Christina Herold
HEROLD, Johann ENGLERT, Carolina 11 Oct 1869 Englert, Carl and Elizabeth BOSS
HEUMANN, Earl (From O’Fallon, IL) ORLET, Anna 20 Oct 1926 Heumann, John STORK, Maria Orlet, Andrew NEUBIG, Anna Orlet, Jacob and Amanda MUETH
HOERNES, Maximilian (28y) WELZBACHER, Theresa (24y) 10 Feb 1891 Hoernes, Laurent HERBERT, Anna Maria Welzbacher, John SCHMERBAUCH, Rosina Hoernes, John and Maria HERPIN
HUSE, Henry WACHTEL, Wilhelmina (Widow, born HEBENSTREIT) 10 Nov 1862 Wachtel, Peter Edmund and Valentin SCHNEIDER [Image 33 in 1861-1898 group]
JAECKLE, Paul REINHARDT, Mary 14 Apr 1863 Reinhardt, Leo and Barbara and Charles SCHWEGEL
JECKLE, Paul MAURER, Margaret Johanna 3 May 1870 Couple is from St. Louis, MO
KABUREK, Albert (25y) QUIRIN, Maria (20y) 13 Jan 1891 Kaburek, Albert RAPP, Elizabeth Quirin, Frederick KRUPP, Maria Kaburek, Joseph and Elizabeth Kaburek
KABUREK, August SCHAEFER, Theresa 26 Jul 1906 Kaburek, Albert RAPP, Elizabeth Schaefer, Jacob GROSSHEIM, Elizabeth Schaefer, Carl and Emma Schaefer
KABUREK, Ethelbert RAPP, Elizabeth 19 May 1864 Rapp, Andrew and Jacob WÜRZ (Wuerz)
KABUREK, Joseph SAUZEK, Fanny 4 Mar 1867 Kaburek, Jacob and Albert Kaburek
KABUREK, Wenzeslaus RAPP, Mina 23 Apr 1866 Kaburek, Albert Not listed, Katharina Rapp, Andrew Not listed, Mina Kaburek, Albert and Andrew Rapp
KAISER, Joseph B. (From Hecker, Monroe County) REINHARDT, Hedwig F. 24 Oct 1922 Kaiser, Bernard HAGEN, Elizabeth Reinhardt, Aloysius SAUZEK, Elizabeth KLEIN, Francis; Clemens Reinhardt; Anna Kaiser and Florence Reinhardt
KAISER, Louis (From Hecker) ROTH, Catharina 8 May 1928 Kaiser, Bernard HAGEN, Elizabeth Roth, George NEUBIG, Margaret Kaiser, Edward and Olivia Roth
KARBAN, Jacob SAUZEK, Maria  10 Jan 1911 Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Sauzek, John B. LOEHR, Elizabeth Karban, Henry and Ida Sauzek
KARBAN, Joseph HELFRICH, Theresa 16 Aug 1906 Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Helfrich, Joseph BUSS, Anna Karban, Jacob and Catharina Helfrich
KARBAN, Martin KNAPP, Maria 31 Jan 1871 Karban, George Not listed, Catharina Knapp, Laurent KRASKY, Barbara SCHOENBORN, Peter and Albert KABUREK
KARBAN, William NEFF, Ida 16 Feb 1915 Karban, Martin Not listed, Maria Neff, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Katharina Neff, Henry and Mathilda Karban [See record]
KARTNER, Nicolaus NEFF, Margaret 30 May 1876 CARTNER, Stephan KRANKELAGER, Mary Neff, Ignatius ROTH, Eva CARTNER, Philip; Bernard GÖSLING (Goesling); Christina Cartner and Mary Goesling
KAUFMANN, Adolph (From Belleville) SCHWARTZ, Francisca 17 Nov 1904 Kaufmann, Laurent COLIN, Carolina Schwartz, Friederich SAUL, Maria Kaufmann, Andrew and Dora HEROLD
KAUFMANN, Louis BECKER, Elizabeth 15 May 1853 KREHER, Emmerich and Adam WACHTEL
KETTLER, Franz STOCKLE, Anna 18 Feb 1879 Kettler, Wilhelm Not listed, Ursula Stockle, John Not listed, Antonette
KETTLER, Herman KARBAN, Catharina 11 Jun 1912 Kettler, Francis STOCKEL, Anna Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Karban, Henry and Cecilia HOERNSCHEMEYER
KLEIN, Dominic ENGLERT, Maria 25 Nov 1901 Klein, Nicholas ROTH, Anna Maria Englert, Francis KELLER, Carolina Klein, Nicolaus; Albert Englert; Maria HELFRICH and Eleanore Englert
KLEIN, Francis SCHOENBORN, Helena 19 Jan 1926 Klein, Dominic ENGLERT, Maria Schoenborn, John ROTH, Anna MUETH, Joseph and Dorothea Schoenborn
KLEIN, George (25y) RAPP, Margaret (24y) 18 Aug 1885 Klein, Nicholas ROTH, Anna Rapp, Carl QUERIN, Christina Rapp, Valentin and Veronica Klein
KLEINEKORTE, Henry (From Bartelso) BROSS, Anna 1 Aug 1899 Kleinekorte, Philipp SCHROEDER, Elizabeth Bross, Joseph AMEND, Elizabeth Kleinekorte, Philipp and Hedwig HOFFMANN
KLOPPE, Joseph KREPS, Maria Anna (Widow) 31 May 1870 Kloppe, Clemens and Caspar MÜTH (Mueth)
KNAPP, Adam ZIEROFF, Josephina 13 Aug 1878 Knapp, Lorenz CRASTEL, Barbara Zieroff, Andrew RUNG, Franziska Zieroff, Franz and Theresa Zieroff
KRAIHER [Kreher], Emmerich GUETERMANN, Elise 5 Feb 1863 MUELLER, Emmerich and Elise Kraiher [Kreher]
KRAMER, Christian RITTER, Anna Maria 4 Jun 1854 WACHTEL, Adam and Adam PEISCH
KRAMM, Mathias WESTE, Maria Gesina 1 Feb 1853 WACHTEL, Adam and August MUTH
KRAUS, Maximilian (From Belleville) HELFRICH, Franciska 17 Nov 1903 Kraus, Philipp HURST, Adelheid Helfrich, John REINHARD, Catharina MADER, Alfred; August HELFERICH; Catharina MUETH and Barbara Helferich
KREBS, Bernard LÖHR (Loehr), Margaret 16 Nov 1897 Krebs, Mathew BUSS, Maria Loehr, George NEUNER, Anna Elizabeth Buss, George and Elizabeth Loehr
KREHER, Anselm (From Hecker) NEFF, Appolonia 24 Aug 1905 Kreher, John SCHILLING, Francisca Neff, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina Kreher, John and Franciska Neff
KREHER, Edward HOERNSCHEMEYER, Cecilia 5 Feb 1918 Kreher, Emmerich HOPP, Maria Hoernschemeyer, Henry DICKENS, Elizabeth Kreher, Emmerich and Agnes Hoernschemeyer Bride died 5 Nov 1918 (Flu Epidemic)
KREHER, Emmerich HERNISS, Philippina 22 Apr 1853 Herniss, Lorent and Maria HERBERT
KREHER, Emmerich KLEIN, Carolina 25 Nov 1924 Kreher, Emmerich HOPP, Maria Klein, Dominic ENGLERT, Maria Klein, Frank and Ruth Kreher
KREHER, Jacob BOSS, Barbara (Non-Catholic) 21 Aug 1866 Kreher, Johann and Johann WACHTEL
KREHER, John Andrew (From Hecker) NEFF, Francisca 9 Aug 1910 Kreher, John SCHILLING, Francisca Neff, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina Kreher, Peter G. and Ida J. Neff
KREHER, William WACHTEL, Teresa 4 Aug 1925 Kreher, Sr., Emmerich HOPP, Maria Wachtel, Adam HELFRICH, Anna Wachtel, Clara
KRUPP, Adam (From Prairie Du Long) SCHAEFER, Catharina (From Prairie Du Long) 12 Feb 1918 Krupp, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina Schaefer, George HELFRICH, Louisa Krupp, Daniel and Bertha Schaefer Bride died 3 Nov 1918 (Flu Epidemic)
KRUPP, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina 21 Jan 1868 DANNEHOLD, Johann; Catharina Krupp and Maria RITTER
LOEHR, Johann DELLERMANN, Agnes 9 Aug 1881 Loehr, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth Dellermann, George Not listed, Margaret Dellermann, Valentin and Elizabeth Loehr
LOER, George NEUNER, Elizabeth 20 Jan 1874 Loer, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth Neuner, Johann Not listed, Margaret DELLERMANN, Valentin and Margaret Dellermann
MADER, Alfred (31y) ARMBRUSTER, Anna (21y) 3 Feb 1890 Mader, Christophor SENTIF, Catharina Armbruster, Philipp KEIL, Catharina Armbruster, Philip and Maria BERKEL
MADER, Dominic  (Born in Bertelmenge Lothringen) KLEIN, Maria Elizabeth 20 Aug 1878 Mader, Christoph LENITIF, Catharina Klein, Nicolaus ROTH, Maria Anna Klein, George; Veronica Roth; Alfred Mader and Maria Mader
MANK, George L. (From New Baden) LOEHR, Maria 2 May 1911 Mank, Nicholas KUHN, Elizabeth Loehr, George NEUNER, Elizabeth Mank, Henry; Nicolaus Loehr; Catharina Mank and Barbara Loehr
MAURER, Emil (From Waterloo) KREHER, Elizabeth 14 Aug 1913 Maurer, John ROTHMEIER, Catharina Kreher, Emmerich HOPP, Maria Kreher, Edward and Maria Maurer
MAYER, William SCHOENBORN, Elizabeth 14 Jan 1896 Mayer, William BAULER, Maria Schoenborn, Frederick HEROLD, Elizabeth Mayer, Peter and Catharina Schoenborn
MEIER, Carl Benedict LAGE, Margaret 10 Apr 1866 Meier, Benedict RIEDER, Maria Anna Lage, Henry HOLDMANN, Margaret HYGLE, Joseph and Frederick WACHTEL
METZ, Joseph ENGELER, Margaret 6 Jul 1854 WACHTEL, Adam and Adam PEISCH
MEYER, Francis (From New Baden) LOEHR, Catharina 24 Oct 1911 Meyer, Joseph MANTA, Rosa Loehr, George NEUNER, Elizabeth Meyer, Anton; Nicolaus Loehr; Catharina Meyer and Barbara Loehr
MEYERSCOUGH, Richard KREHER, Theresa 5 Aug 1878 Meyerscough, William HARTMANN, Anna Kreher, Emmerich KREHER, Elizabeth Kreher, John and Francis SCHILLING
MIETH, Carl HAUDRICH, Catharina 1 Feb 1876 Mieth, Caspar ARMBRUST, Magdalena Haudrich, Mathew CONRADIN, Elizabeth KAISER, Henry; Joseph Mieth; Margaret Mieth and Margaret Haudrich
MOODY, James COOP, Elizabeth 21 Sep 1863 Coop, Edward and Jane THOMPSON
MUELLER, Martin HENNEMANN, Catharina 15 Feb 1863 HAGENS, Louis and Adam GÜTERMANN (Guetermann)
MUETH, Adam HEROLD, Dorothea 5 Sep 1912 Mueth, Nicolaus AMEND, Elizabeth Herold, John ENGLERT, Carolina Amend, Stephan and Gertrude Mueth
MUETH, Andrew QUIRIN, Agnes 10 Oct 1893 Mueth, Cas (Deceased) ARMBRUSTER, Maria Eva Quirin, Frederick GRUPP, Anna Maria Mueth, Jacob; Mu Grupp; Margaret Mueth and Philippina Quirin
MUETH, August Francis (From Hecker, Monroe County, IL) NEFF, Margaret (From Prairie Du Long) 21 Nov 1923 Mueth, Francis SAUZEK, Catharina Neff, Adam (Deceased) FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina Neff, Christian and Bertha Mueth
MUETH, Carl ENDRES, Catharina 21 Feb 1882 Mueth, Caspar ARMBRUSTER, Eva Endres, Anton DAUER, Josephina Mueth, Nicolaus; Helena REIS; Francis Mueth and Elizabeth Mueth
MUETH, Carl NEFF, Margaret 4 Feb 1896 Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Neff, Benedict and Maria Mueth
MUETH, John SCHAEFER, Mathilda M. (Born and Baptized in Hecker; 19y) 16 Oct 1923 Mueth, Louis KLEIN, Veronica Schaefer, George (Deceased) HELFRICH, Louisa Schaefer, August and Maria Mueth
MUETH, Joseph NEFF, Minnie 12 May 1931 Mueth, L__ KLEIN, Veronica Neff, Bernard HAUDRICH, Margaret HELFERICH, Leo and Lorene Neff
MUETH, Michael NEFF, Martha 20 Nov 1928 Mueth, Louis KLEIN, Veronica Neff, Bernard HAUDRICH, Margaret Mueth, Joseph and Minnie Neff
MUETH, Nicolaus AMEND, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1883 Mueth, Caspar ARMBRUSTER, Eva Amend, Adam ZEIS, Anna Mueth, Franzis and Catharina SAUZEK
MÜLLER (Mueller), Emerich GROSHEIM, Elizabeth 21 Apr 1868 KREHER, Johann and Christina METZ
MÜTH (Mueth), August REINHARDT, Barbara 19 May 1864 Mueth, August and Leo Reinhardt
MÜTH (Mueth), Francis (21y) SOUZECK, Catharina (20y) 17 Aug 1886 Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara Souzeck, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Mueth, John and Louise Souzeck
MÜTH (Mueth), John SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Catharina 19 May 1864 Mueth, Joseph and John LOHRUM
MÜTH (Mueth), John MOSSBACHER, Katherina 2 Jul 1889 Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara Mossbacher, Henry LORBER, Theresa MUTH, Carl and Maria Eva Mossbacher
MÜTH (Mueth), Joseph BROSS, Rosa 8 Feb 1881 Mueth, Caspar ARMBRUSTER, Eva Bross, Joseph FISCHER, Anna Bross, Joseph and Elizabeth Mueth
MÜTH (Mueth), Joseph (22y) SOUZEK, Louise (21y) 16 Nov 1891 Mueth, John SCHOENBORN, Catharina Souzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth ENDRES, Frederick and Elizabeth Souzek
MÜTH (Mueth), Louis (25y) KLEIN, Veronica (21y) 25 Aug 1891 Mueth, John SCHOENBORN, Catharina Klein, Nicolaus ROTH, Anna Maria RUSSE, Frank and Margaret MUTH
MUTH, Caspar ARMBRUST, Eva 1 Feb 1853 WACHTEL, Adam and August MUTH
NAGEL, Carl Louis SCHUH, Maria Magdalena 17 Apr 1865
NEFF, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Maria Catharina 30 May 1882 Neff, Ignatius ROTH, Eva Fleckenstein, Joseph WACHTEL, Maria Anna BERKEL, Fritz and Maria Berkel
NEFF, Benedict HAUDERICH, Margaret 29 Jul 1902 Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Hauderich, Stephan MATEKA, Anna Hauderich, Adam; Joseph HELFRICH; Appolonia STIFFLER and Catharina Neff
NEFF, Conrad EBERT, Margaret 7 Sep 1877 Neff, Ignatius Not listed, Eva Ebert, Conrad Not listed, Margaret Ebert, Conrad 
NEFF, Conrad MUETH, Louisa 20 Aug 1895 Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara Mueth, Carl and Margaret Neff
NEFF, George GÖSLING (Goesling), Catharina 9 May 1876 Neff, Ignatius Not listed, Eva Goesling, Carl Not listed, Catharina Goesling, Bernard and Margaret Neff
NEFF, Gregory J. WACHTEL, Hedwig 27 Jan 1931 Neff, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina Wachtel, Jacob SCHOENBORN, Louisa Neff, Christian and Agatha Wachtel
NEFF, John KARBAN, Helena (From Prairie Du Long) 25 Nov 1919 Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth WESSEL, John FLEMMING, Bertha Neff, Edward and Elizabeth Neff
NEFF, Stephan MUETH, Maria 17 Feb 1925 Neff, Bernard HAUDRICH, Margaret Mueth, Louis KLEIN, Veronica Mueth, Michael and Martha Neff
NEHRING, Carl DEGENHARDT, Genevieve 30 Jan 1865 Nehring, Andrew GELO, Maria Elizabeth Degenhardt, Valentin PFEIL, Maria Elizabeth SAUL, Joseph and Christina Saul
OGER, Johann WINKLER, Sophia 19 Jan 1862 KABUREK, Albert and Adam KNAPP
OPERTIN, Johann BENEDIC, Elizabeth 28 Jan 1867 Opertin, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth HAGEN, Not listed Hagen, Louis and Christopher Hagen
ORLET, George (From Millstadt Twp.) KARBAN, Mathilda (From Millstadt Twp.) 6 Nov 1919 Orlet, Andrew NEUWIG, Anna Karban, Martin (Deceased) KNAPP, Maria Karban, Martin and Anna Orlet
ORLET, Jacob MUETH, Amanda 28 Nov 1928 Orlet, Andrew NEUBIG, Anna Mueth, Carl Not listed, Maria Orlet, Leo and Anna Mueth
ORLET, John (26y) RECKMANN, Helena (23y) 16 Sep 1884 Orlet, George BRENDEL, Barbara Reckmann, Wilhelm WÜBBELS (Wuebbels), Theresa KAUPER, John and Theresa Reckmann
PARKINSON, Richard (From Hecker) NEFF, Maria 23 Jan 1900 Parkinson, William FOX, Anna Neff, George GOESSLING, Catharina Neff, Jacob W. and Maria EULER
PLENZ, Henry TOLL, Anna Maria 7 Sep 1851 MIETH, Caspar and Andrea Toll
POLSTER, George QUERIN, Barbara 6 Aug 1867 Querin, Philipp and Johann BAUER
QUERIN, George MUELLER, Julia 7 Jan 1868 Querin, Henry and Carl RAAB
QUERIN, Henry BUSCH, Elizabeth 18 Oct 1870 Busch, Henry and Maria Querin
QUERIN, Philipp COOP, Maria 10 Aug 1869 Querin, Henry and George POLSTER
QUIRIN, Carl EULER, Theresa 6 May 1907 Quirin, Frederick KRUPP, Maria Euler, John NEFF, Catharina Krupp, John and Catharina Euler
QUIRIN, Frederick EULER, Maria 6 May 1907 Quirin, Frederick KRUPP, Maria Euler, John NEFF, Catharina Euler, Adam and Elizabeth Krupp
QUIRIN, Jacob KOP, Margaret 25 Jul 1872 Quirin, George BRAUBURGER, Margaret SCHAEFER, Jacob and George POLSTER
RAAB, Carl QUERIN, Catharina 12 Feb 1867 Querin, Philipp; Margaret Querin; Jacob ROTH and Josepha ENGLERT
RAPP, Andrew  KREHER, Elizabeth 5 Feb 1867 Rapp, Andrew Kreher, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth Rapp, Sr., Andrew and Albert KABUREK
RAPP, Andrew (Widower) TRUNKA, Johanna (Widow of Mathew Trunka) 28 Dec 1865 KABUREK, Sr., Albert and Albert Kaburek, Jr.
RAPP, Carl GEROCHRING, Christina 25 Mar 1856 MÜTH (Mueth), Caspar and Johann KREHER
RAPP, Christian HINDERMANN, Elizabeth 16 Jan 1871 Rapp, Andrew Hindermann, Christian Rapp, Jacob and Mina KABUREK
RAPP, George STELL, Louisa 28 Aug 1883 Rapp, Carl WUERIN, Christina Stell, George HINTERMANN, Theresa KLEIN, George and Margaret Rapp
RAPP, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude 19 May 1864 KABUREK, Wenceslaus and Conrad WÜRZ (Wuerz)
RAPP, John (28y) SAUZEK, Maria (22y) 18 Feb 1890 Rapp, Carl QUIRIN, Christina Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth KABUREK, Albert and Louise SOUZEK
RAPP, Philip (24y) AMBRY, Carolina (26y) 6 May 1890 Rapp, Carl QUIRIN, Christina Ambry, John EHRLINGER, Maria Rapp, Valentin and Anna Ambry
REEB, Andrew from Belleville HART, Wilhelmina from Floraville 14 Sep 1861 RAPP, Andrew and Johann Rapp
REINHARDT, Aloysius SAUZEK, Elizabeth 24 Jul 1894 Reinhardt, Leon MARXER, Maria Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth RAPP, Adam; Leon Reinhardt; Theresa Reinhardt and Theresa Sauzek
REINHARDT, Carl (24y) MÜTH (Mueth), Catharina (20y) 1 Jun 1891 Reinhardt, Leon MARXER, Maria Mueth, John SCHOENBORN, Catharina Reinhardt, Aloysius and Margaret Mueth
REINHARDT, Dominic J. NEFF, Catharina M. (From Prairie Du Long) 10 Apr 1923 Reinhardt, Joseph KLEIN, Gertrude Neff, Bernard HAUDRICH, Margaret MUETH, Michael and Martha Neff
REINHARDT, Joseph Aloysius KLEIN, Gertrude 28 Aug 1894 Reinhardt, Leon MARXER, Maria Klein, Nicolaus ROTH, Anna Maria Klein, Dominic; Adam RAPP; Theresa Reinhardt and Maria Reinhardt
REINHARDT, Jr., Aloysius SCHOENBORN, Mechtilda (From Prairie Du Long) 22 Jan 1918 Reinhardt, Sr., Aloysius SAUZEK, Elizabeth Schoenborn, William SCHWARZ, Elizabeth HOERNSCHEMEIER, Aloysius and Maria AMEND
REINHART, Leon HELFRICH, Margaret 11 Feb 1862 SCHWEGEL, Carl and Johann Helfrich and Barbara Reinhart
REISS, Johann GAST, Maria Josepha 3 Nov 1861 HARDT, Andrew and Johann HINDERMANN
RENZ, August DINGHES, Mary 13 Apr 1863 STAUFENBUEHL, Lorenz and Theresa Staufenbuehl The couple is from Georgetown
RIST, Joseph MUETH, Maria Anna 12 Feb 1866 Rist, Joseph Not listed, Theresa Mueth, Caspar Not listed, Elizabeth ARMBRUSTER, Philipp and John KREHER
ROOS, Alvin E. MUETH, Horence I. 28 Jan 1931 Roos, John WEBER, Rosa Mueth, Andrew QUIRIN, Agnes Quirin, Elmer and Alvina Quirin
ROSENBERGER, Johann KNAPP, Katharina 4 May 1866 Rosenberger, Johann KUNKEL, Katharina Knapp, Laurent KRAFTEL, Maria SCHOENBORN, Peter and Joseph KAJSER
ROTH, Bernard HEROLD, Dorothea 11 Oct 1869 Roth, Johann and Christina Herold
ROTH, George NEULIG, Margaret (From Collinsville) 21 Aug 1900 Roth, Bernard HEROLD, Dorothea NEULIG, John Not listed, Catharina Roth, Adam and Maria Roth
ROTH, Johann Leonard DELLERMANN, Josephina Veronica 9 Aug 1881 Roth, Johann Not listed, Veronika KLEIN, Nicolaus and Clara Dellermann
ROTH, John Albert SCHOENBORN, Catharina Maria 11 Feb 1896 Roth, Bernard HEROLD, Dorothea Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Roth, George and Louisa Schoenborn
SAUZEK, John (23y) LOEHR, Elizabeth (22y) 22 Jan 1884 Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Loehr, John BRENDEL, Elizabeth Sauzek, Joseph and Catharina Loehr
SAUZEK, Joseph STIFFLER, Elizabeth 14 May 1907 Sauzek, John B. LOEHR, Elizabeth Stiffler, John HAUDRICH, Margaret Sauzek, Martin; Stephan Stiffler; Carolina Stiffler and Maria Sauzek
SAUZEK, Martin HEROLD, Carolina 25 May 1910 Sauzek, John B. LOEHR, Elizabeth Herold, John ENGLERT, Carolina ROTH, George and Ida Sauzek
SCHAEFER, Ferdinand ROTH, Dorothea 27 Oct 1896 Schaefer, John (From Hecker) BOCHMANN, Maria Roth, John BECKER, Maria Schaefer, Henry and Francisca SCHUMACHER
SCHAEFER, Frederick SAUZEK, Theresa 30 Jul 1906 Schaefer, Jacob RAUSCH, Anna Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Schaefer, Philipp and Eleonora Schaefer
SCHAEFER, Frederick (From Hecker) SCHOENBORN, Ida 23 Sep 1925 Schaefer, Nicholas LANG, Mary Schoenborn, John ROTH, Anna Schaefer, Arthur and Rosa Schoenborn
SCHAEFER, George  ROTH, Elizabeth 24 Nov 1910 Schaefer, Jacob RAUSCH, Anna Roth, John BECKER, Maria HELFRICH, Joseph and Catharina Schaefer
SCHAEFER, George (From Smithton, IL) HELFERICH, Louisa 24 Oct 1893 Schaefer, John RITTER Margaret Helferich, John REINHARDT, Catharina Schaefer, Philipp; John Helferich; Francisca Helferich and  Margaret BERKEL
SCHAEFER, Ignatius (28y) SCHWEGEL, Catharina (25y) 22 Apr 1890 Schaefer, John RITTER, Margaret Schwegel, Carl REINHARDT, Regina Schwegel, Carl and Magdalena MUNIER
SCHAEFER, Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa 10 Jun 1862 QUIRIN, George and Johann SCHAEFERS and Margaret Schaefers
SCHAEFER, Jacob RAUSCH, Anna Maria 25 Apr 1865 Schaefer, Johann Not listed, Margaret Rausch, Benedict Not listed, Anna Maria BERKEL, Ignatius; George RITTER and John ROTH
SCHAEFER, Jacob (23y) KELLER, Christina (28y) 17 Feb 1890 Schaefer, Jacob RAUSCH, Anna Keller, John RAPP, Catharina MÜTH (Mueth), John and Maria QUIRIN
SCHAEFER, Joseph RIPLEY, Hedwig (Hattie) (An orphan from O’Fallon) 22 Apr 1925 Schaefer, George HELFRICH, Louisa Schaefer, August and Maria Schaefer
SCHAEFER, Nicolaus (From Smithton) SCHWAEGEL, Philippina 16 May 1905 Schaefer, John RITTER, Margaret Schwaegel, Carl REINHARD, Regina Schwaegel, Emil and Maria Schaefer
SCHAEFER, Nicolaus (From Smithton) SCHOENBORN, Elizabeth 30 Oct 1923 Schaefer, Nicholas LONG, Maria Schoenborn, John ROTH, Anna Schaefer, Frederick and Ida Schoenborn
SCHAEFER, Philipp HELFRICH, Carolina 11 Nov 1913 Schaefer, Jacob RAUSCH, Anna Helfrich, Adam ENGLERTH, Rosa Helfrich, Jacob and Gertrude Mueth
SCHILLING, Francis (From Hecker, IL) NEFF, Clara  28 Nov 1918 Schilling, Peter MOSBACHER, Catharina Neff, Adam FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina Neff, Gregory and Louisa Schilling
SCHILLING, Gabriel (29y) KREHER, Anna Maria (17y) 19 Feb 1884 Schilling, Anselm FURSTENBERG, Elizabeth Kreher, Emerich KREHER, Elizabeth VOLKMANN, Peter and Apollonia Kreher
SCHILLING, George (From Hecker) KABUREK, Margaret (Pearl) 22 Nov 1927 Schilling, Joseph NEFF, Apollonia Kaburek, August SCHAEFER, Teresa Kaburek, Sylvester and Gertrude HAUSMANN
SCHILLING, John KARBAN, Elizabeth 8 Jun 1897 Schilling, Anselm FUERSTENBERG, Elizabeth Karban, Martin KNAPP, Maria Schilling, Joachim and Maria Karban
SCHILLING, Joseph (24y) NEFF, Apollonia (20y) 5 Aug 1890 Schilling, Anselm FÜRSTENBERG (Fuerstenberg), Elizabeth Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth Schilling, John and Margaret Neff
SCHMIERBACH, John (From Smithton) MUETH, Catharina 24 Jul 1906 Schmierbach, Valentin GRUBER, Ida Mueth, August REINHART, Barbara Mueth, Joseph; Anna Schmierbach; Joseph Schmierbach and Ida Mueth
SCHNEIDER, Frank H. (From Millstadt Twp.) SCHOENBORN, Cecilia A. (From Prairie Du Long) 27 Aug 1929 Schneider, John P. Not listed, Catharina Schoenborn, John ROTH, Anna Schoenborn, Edward D. and Dorothy Schoenborn
SCHOENBORN, Adam (29y) DEATCH, Franziska (27y) 29 Jul 1890 Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Deatch, Peter RABOLD, Maria Schoenborn, Louis and Catharina EULER
SCHOENBORN, John ROTH, Anna 27 Oct 1896 Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Roth, John BECKER, Maria Schoenborn, Nicolaus and Maria Roth
SCHOENBORN, Louis MARXER, Catharina 21 Apr 1868 Schoenborn, Frederick and Catharina Schoenborn
SCHOENBORN, William (26y) SCHWARZ, Elizabeth (17y) 29 Jul 1890 Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Schwarz, Frederick SAUL, Maria Schoenborn, John and Catharina Schoenborn
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Friederich HEROLD, Elizabeth 16 Feb 1874 Schoenborn, Michael Not listed, Eva Herold, Joseph Not listed, Katharina Schoenborn, Philipp and Theresa ZIERHOFF
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Friederich PRIEBEL, Margaret 20 Jul 1880 Schoenborn, Michael Not listed, Eva Priebel, Joseph Not listed, Anna MÜTH (Mueth), Joseph and Anna Priebel
SCHWAEGEL, August KABUREK, Theresa  25 Jul 1899 Schwaegel, Carl REINHARD, Regina Kaburek, Albert RAPP, Elizabeth Kaburek, August  and Phillippina Schwaegel
SCHWARZ, Philipp HOEVENSTREIT, Amelia 11 Sep 1856 WACHTEL, Adam and Johann Gerhard SCHÜTTE (Schuette)
SCHWEGEL, Francis KELLER, Joanna 31 Jul 1894 Schwegel, Carl REINHARDT, Regina Keller, John RAPP, Catharina Reinhardt, Francis; August Schwegel; Catharina KRUPP and Magdalena Keller
SENDELBECK, Leo V. (From Waterloo, IL) AMEND, Anna Elizabeth 6 May 1920 Sendelbeck, John B. BRINKMANN, Catharina Amend, Adam REIS, Eleonora (Deceased) Amend, Stephan and Anna Sendelbeck
SKAER, Orlin (From Horeville) HELFRICH, Annie (From Floraville) 28 Nov 1929 Skaer, William PROBST, Ida Helfrich, John SCHMIERBACH, Catharina Helfrich, Arthur (Orlendo Skaer) and Olivia Helfrich
SMITH, Edwin F. (From Smithton Twp.) QUIRIN, Philippina 30 Jan 1907 Smith, Michael HALCOMB, Maria Quirin, Frederick KRUPP, Maria Quirin, Carl and Theresa EULER
SOUZEK, Joseph (25y) KABUREK, Wilhelmina (20y) 24 Jul 1888 Souzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Kaburek, Albert RAPP, Elizabeth Kaburek, Albert and Louise Souzek
SPREITLER, Oscar (From St. Louis) BLESS, Ida (From St. Louis) 5 Jan 1926 Spreitler, Laurent PAUTLER, Magdalena Bless, Ambrose HESS, Maria Spreitler, Walter and Petronilla Spreitler
STEIN, Anton BLENZ, Maria A. Apr 1866 Stein, Simon KERN, Apollonia Blenz, Henry POLL, A. Maria Stein, Daniel and Paul Poll
STIFLE, Johann HAUDRICH, Margaret 1879 HEUSLER, Joseph and Elizabeth AMENT
TRUTTMANN, Louis (25y) HELFRICH, Catharina (22y) 15 May 1888 Truttmann, Joseph PROBST, Agatha Helfrich, John REINHARDT, Catharina Reinhardt, Carl and Louise Helfrich
VALIER, Friederich Wilhelm KINDLE, Maria Catharina 30 Jul 1861 HERZOG, Johann and Anna Valentina Valier
VOGES, Christian (Widower) SCHÜTTE (Schuette), Margaret born LAKE (Widow) 8 Sep 1863 MÜLLER (Mueller), Franz and Sybilla Mueller
VOGT, August (From Waterloo, IL) AMEND, Maria C. 30 Jul 1919 Vogt, Henry SCHNEIDER, Agnes Amend, Adam REIS, Eleonora (Deceased) SENDELBECK, Leo and Anna Amend
VOGT, Joseph (From Valmeyer) PROBST, Elizabeth 18 Oct 1916 Vogt, Lawrence DACIOHERE [?], Maria KRUPP, Jacob ENGLERT, Josephina Krupp, Emil and Cecilia Krupp
VOLKMANN, Peter (24y) KREHER, Maria Apollonia (23y) 12 Aug 1884 Volkmann, Henry DEIGMANN, Dorothea Kreher, Emerich KREHER, Elizabeth Kreher, Emerich and Mina KABUREK
WACHTEL, Adam HELFRICH, Anna 24 Aug 1897 Wachtel, Christian KABUREK, Maria Helfrich, George EISENHAUER, Catharina Helfrich, Philipp and Maria Wachtel
WACHTEL, Albert (22y) MÜTH (Mueth), Elizabeth (22y) 31 Aug 1886 Wachtel, Christian KABUREK, Maria Mueth, Caspar ARMBRUSTER, Eva Wachtel, Peter and Elleonora ENDRES
WACHTEL, Frederick HERZ, Catharina 4 Oct 1864 Wachtel, Philipp Anton (Deceased) Herz, Francis Wachtel, Peter Edmund and Joseph HEROLD
WACHTEL, George (23y) ARMBRUSTER, Eva (19y) 3 May 1884 Wachtel, Christian KABUREK, Maria Armbruster, Philipp KEIL, Catharina Wachtel, Albert and Anna Armbruster
WACHTEL, Jacob SCHOENBORN, Louisa 11 Oct 1904 Wachtel, Christian KABUREK, Maria Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Schoenborn, George and Maria Anna Wachtel
WACHTEL, Leo KREHER, Ruth 5 Jun 1928 Wachtel, Peter ARMBRUSTER, Elizabeth Kreher, Emerich HOPP, Maria Wachtel, August and Margaret VOLKMANN
WALDMANN, Ernest KLINKHARD, Hellena 30 Jan 1866 Waldmann, Ernest SCHAEFER, Barbara Klinkhard, Theodore VEASTEN, Katharina PROBST, Gofried and Augusta Klinkhard
WELSBACHER, John SCHMERBAUCH, Rosina 5 Nov 1862 REMSBECKER, Barbara and Elizabeth KREHER and Joseph METZ
WOLF, Johann HERNES, Anna 11 Jan 1875 Wolf, Michael STAUDER, Margaret Hernes, Lorent HERBET, Maria Hernes, Johann and Franzisca Hernes
ZETTLER, George (From Monroe County) GOLDMANN, Eve 28 Jun 1864 WACHTEL, Frederick and Peter Wachtel

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