St. Henry (Belleville) Catholic Burials

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This parish in the Diocese of Belleville was founded in 1925 and continues today (2021). Bishop Henry Althoff purchased Priester’s Park in 1919 and enabled the Oblate Fathers to establish a mission house and college for young men under Father John Schulte, OMI. In 1960 the Oblates relinquished their pastoral responsibilities and Msgr. Leonard A Bauer became the diocesan pastor. The School Sisters of Notre Dame were the first teachers in the parish school. A new church was built in 1965.

St. Henry Marriages 1925–29 | Burials 1926–1956


About these records, this database, caveats, citations, further research

About these records, this database, caveats

  • The Society and the compiler recommend researchers verify information provided on the SCCGS website with the original record extracted from images are online at FamilySearch. Also, verify the actual place buried with the cemetery sexton’s book, an obituary, funeral card, death certificate, or probate record. Courthouse, IRAD, and library addresses.
  • Researchers are urged to correlate information here with that found in other records before forming conclusions about a person, family, or relationship. Further research (scroll down).
  • Baptismal registers begin after the cut-off guidelines of the Society and of FamilySearch. There were no marriage register images to abstract.
  • If the burial register image is unsatisfactory (much ink bled through), request help from the Archives of the Diocese of Belleville at (618) 722-5057.
  • Square brackets [  ] indicate wording added by the compiler to clarify an entry.
  • Terminology reflects the time period and Roman Catholic Canon Law, both have changed over time.
  • Cramped handwriting, faint images, possible transcription errors, and names spelled phonetically or with diacritical marks will undoubtedly affect this compilation. Search tips may help locate an ancestor’s name if misspelled.
  • Given names abbreviated in the church book are spelled out when the English equivalent is certain (Elizabeth for Eliz., Louis for Ludovicus). When no apparent equivalent was known or ambiguous, the Latin name or initials were transcribed.


Sample citation to a specific record in this database

Gloria Dettleff, compiler, “St. Henry (Belleville [Illinois]) Catholic Parish (1938 – 1999),” St. Clair County Genealogical Society ( : date viewed) ; [ancestor’s name, date of burial].

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  1. Burnett, Betty. A Time of Favor: The Story of the Catholic Family of Southern Illinois. St. Louis, Mo.: Patrice Press, 1987.
  2. Diocese of Belleville. Centennial Heritage Festival and Picnic, Sunday, September 27. Belleville, Ill.: The Diocese, 1987.


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Burials October 1926–September 1956

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Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ACKMAN, Magdalena [Appears between Jan & May 1936]
ALBERT, James 10 Jun 1940 26y Not listed, Mae Walnut Hill Died of Bright’s Disease
ARGON, Louis 29 May 1943 83y Not listed, Annie Mt. Carmel Died of old age
AUTH, Anna 6 Feb 1950 71y Auth, George (Deceased) Green Mount Died of protracted illness
AUTH, George 11 Jul 1948 77y Green Mount
BEELMAN, Henry 23 Jun 1956 93y 11m Mt. Carmel
BISHOP, Mary 10 Dec 1942 1d Bishop, Ben RILEY, Elenor Mt. Carmel Baptized at St. Mary Hospital
BORA, Dominick 1 Oct 1941 54y Not listed, Margaret Mt. Calvary – St. Louis, MO
BOREN, Katie 17 Oct 1935 76y Walnut Hill
BOUR, Rev. Peter O. M. I. 22 Jun 1950 70y St. Henry Seminarian From San Antonio, TX.  Died of heart problems
BRELLA, Julia 2 Mar 1932 29y 7m Brello, John SORTIGER, Theresa Green Mount Died in Alton, IL hospital
BRELLO, Franciska 1 Aug 1948 Brello, John (Deceased) Green Mount Died of complications of old age
BRELLO, John 15 Apr 1943 75y SARDIGA, Mary Green Mount Died of pneumonia
BRENNER, Frederick Arthur 2 Feb 1951 63y SEELE, Serene Green Mountain Cause of death – heart
BURGERT, Frank X. 22 Aug 1944 68y 11m Burgert, Gus STEPPE, Marian Not listed, Teresa Green Mount
CAMPANELLA, Carmelo 27 Nov 1944 31y 11m Campanello, Ben Mt. Carmel
CARR, Mary 10 Sep 1949 80y Carr, Victor (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Died of old age.
CHENAULT, Raymond 27 Jul 1952 39y Not listed, Rita Mt. Calvary
CLEMENTS, Shirley Mae 5 Apr 1949 21y VIRGEL, Alfred GRANDCOLAS, Elvira Clements, Hilary Walnut Hill Died heroic death from injuries & burns at Effingham Hospital fire
CUMMINS, Mary 18 Dec 1952 79y GUNN, Not listed Deceased Green Mountain
CUMMINS, Samuel 1 Jun 1944 Not listed, Mamie Green Mount
DELMORE, John 23 Mar 1956 78y 3m Deceased Mt. Carmel
DRIVER, William 14 Oct 1930 63y TAGGART, Agnes Mount Carmel – East St. Louis Died suddenly at Canyon Springs, CO
ECKMANN, Julius 5 Nov 1929 78y Not listed, Elizabeth Mount Carmel
EHRSTEIN, Annie 66y Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Joseph 27 Feb 1932 75y 6m Not listed, Anna E. Green Mount From Cole Station R R 5
EICKHOFF, Gus 25 Jul 1948 Walnut Hill
ERLINGER, William Joseph 17 Apr 1953 69y 6m HERMAN, Ida Mt. Carmel Died of a stroke
EVANS, Not listed 14 Jan 1936 Green Mount
FELLNER, Michael 26 Jan 1934 69y Not listed, Mary Walnut Hill
FRIES, Caroline 17 Aug 1946 70y REINER, Andrew WALVODA, Mary Fries, Joseph Green Mount Died of cancer
GLAUBER, Charles 18 Feb 1939 81y Glauber, John FOSSELMAN, Catherine SCHAFFNER, Margaret Green Mount Died of old age
GLAUBER, Julia 25 Nov 1939 41y LUBUS, Sam HARMICI, Achilea Glauber, Valentin Mt. Carmel Died of brain tumor
GLAUBER, Margaret 1 May 1931 65y 8m Glauber, Charles Green Mount
GRANT, Rev. William B__ O. M. I. 21 May 1944 Belleville Priest Cemetery From and superior at Campus, IL
GRIEVE, Lilian 5 Mar 1933 52y 9m STOLL, Not listed Grieve, David Walnut Hill
HAEFFNER, Lorraine Frances 5 Aug 1934 1y Haeffner, Frank Not listed, Minnie Walnut Hill
HAEFNER, Christina 25 May 1931 59y 9m Haefner, John Green Mount Died of apoplexy at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HAFFNER, Esther Maria 23 Apr 1931 4y 9m Haffner, Francis SEPART, Wilhelmina St. Adalbert – East St. Louis
HAROLD, Theresa 3 Mar 1955 77y ADLER, Not listed Harold, Bernard (Deceased) Walnut Hill
HARPER, Jeannie [Twin] 27 Dec 1935 6m Harper, Orville CZARNECKI, Lucille Green Mount
HARPER, Joan [Twin] 27 Dec 1935 6m Harper, Orville CZARNECKI, Lucille Green Mount
HARRIS, Charles 17 Aug 1953 66y STREUBER, Emma Mt. Calvary Died of heart disease. Born 2 Jan 1887
HAUPT, Cynthia 6 Jul 1955 Infant Haupt, Joseph Not listed, Mildred Mt. Carmel
HAUSER, Sr., Joseph C. 3 Oct 1951 67y Not listed, Theresa Mt. Calvary
HEIMBUECHER, Rev. Anton O. M. I. 27 Dec 1943 Belleville Priest Cemetery Stationed and from South Dakota.  Died of cancer
HEMRICH, Margaret 2 Feb 1955 87y Deceased Chester, IL Died of cancer
HENKE, Anna 17 Nov 1935 71y Walnut Hill
HOFFMAN, Elsie 17 Mar 1937 45y Hoffman, John Mt. Carmel Sudden death (Heart)
HOFFMANN, Cordell 9 Jul 1936 Hoffman, John RINGGLI, Helen BERGADINE, Doris Mt. Carmel
HOLDENER, Catherine 20 Apr 1949 73y DAUT, Adolph GEHOT, Elizabeth Holdener, Joseph (Deceased) Holy Cross Died after lingering illness
ISSELHARD, Thomas R. 15 Mar 1942 1d Isselhard, Bertram DOBBINS, Margaret Green Mount
JAVORCHIK, John 1 Jul 1942 58y Not listed, Mary Green Mount
KAIN, Valentin Frank 25 Sep 1932 59y 11m Not listed, Amalia Walnut Hill
KANZER, Walter 26 Dec 1948 36y Kanzer, Steve (Deceased) Walnut Hill
KAPSKY, Madrona
KARFS, Carl 19 Mar 1955 74y LIMPER, Anna Mt. Carmel
KASPER, Rev. Marcus O. M. I. 8 Oct 1948 78y St. Henry Seminarian
KAUFMANN, August 16 May 1947 60y Not listed, Margaret Green Mount Died of tuberculosis
KAYNER, Stephen 20 Jan 1938 Green Mount Died in auto accident.  [See record]
KLEIN, Louis 28 Aug 1952 74y Klein, John GRUENWALD, Catherine WOLFF, Pauline Walnut Hill Baptized shortly before death
KLEIN, Rev. Father Joseph 6 Sep 1932 54y 11m St. Henry Seminarian From _turm, Germany.  Died of apoplexy
KRUPP, Jacob Dec 1954 79y Green Mountain Died of a stroke
LANTER, Emily 4 Sep 1948 72y STOECKEL, George Not listed, Mary Lanter, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount Died of a heart ailment
LANTER, Joseph 3 Jun 1939 69y Lanter, John STOECKLEL, Emily Green Mount Died of an enlarged liver
LANXON, Alfred (Convert) 5 Feb 1948 61y Lanxon, William George NICHOLS, Eliza Walnut Hill Died of heart ailment
LAQUET, Anna 2 Mar 1949 80y SCHAEFER, Joseph H. Laquet, Peter (Deceased) New Athens (Oak Ridge)
LEE, Rev. Joseph H. 17 Sep 1950 47y St. Henry Seminarian From Boston, MA.  Died of Heart problems
LULUS, Samuel 24 May 1936 76y Mt. Carmel
MCAULIFFE, Mrs. Catherine 7 Aug 1947 70y BREIER, Adam Not listed, Elizabeth McAuliffe, Charles Mt. Carmel Died of heart ailment
MCGUIRE, Thomas 9 May 1948 4y McGuire, Joseph E.
MCNICHLE, Mary 24 Apr 1934 67y Mc Nichle, Raymond Trenton Public
MENTEL, George B. 14/15 Jun 1950 59y 8m Mentel, Henry (Deceased) NERING, Mary Green Mount Struck by train on 14 or 15 June.  Found dead
MEROD, Mary 18 Dec 1935 71y Walnut Hill
NENENER, Vivian May 27 Oct 1926 3y 9m Nenener, Carl BLACKIEW, Adie Maria Belleville – City From Detroit, MI
NEVENER, Henry 11 Dec 1936 52y Not listed, Ida Mt. Carmel Died instantly in an accident
PADGETT, Bernard 15 Sep 1956 56y 6m Padgett, Thomas Not listed, Helene (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
PADGETT, Helene 10 Jun 1956 53y Padgett, Bernard Mt. Carmel
PANZER, Emma 16 Dec 1941 74y Panzer, Ferdinand Raymond, IL
PESCETTO, Ursula 23 Jul 1928 51y 9m Pescetto, Paul (Deceased) Walnut Hill
PESTKA, Emma 24 Feb 1956 57y 9m Pestka, Nick Mt. Carmel
POLESKY, Regina Dolores 2 Nov 1949 35y Polesky, Carl Mt. Carmel Died after 3 weeks of illness
REISSER, Margaret 21 Apr 1952 72y Reisser, Walter Millstadt, IL
RENNEKER, Edwin H. 1 Apr 1929 22y 4m Renneker, Jacob ZITT, Emma Green Mount
RETTLE, Charles 3 Jun 1952 36y Rettle, Frank WORMS, Lena Walnut Hill
RETTLE, Clifford 28 Jun 1937 35y Mt. Carmel Died of a throat infection
RINDERER, Barbara Ann 17 Sep 1954 6m 17d Rinderer, Alois REICHERT, Thelma Mt. Carmel
ROBERTS, Mary Lou 31 Jul 1954 1d Roberts, Not listed KLAUS, Leona Mt. Carmel
ROETHLESBERGER, Emley 23 Mar 1942 76y Roethlesberger, Rudolph Walnut Hill [See record]
ROETHLISBERGER, Fred J. 7 Apr 1953 51y Deceased Mt. Carmel Brother is Rudolph & sons Fred Raymond; Rudolph & daughter Dorothy
ROUSELL, Frank 11 Aug 1939 76y Rousel, Peter LAUX, Barbara St. Phillip Sudden death – cause bladder
ROUSSELL, Peter 5 May 1946 76y Roussell, Sr., Peter LAUX, Barbara St. Philip – French Village Cerebral hemorrhage
SALOMONE, Anthony Joseph 7 Apr 1946 2d Salomone, Stanley SCHOENBORN, Imelda Green Mount Premature birth
SALOMONE, Jr., Stanley Henry 23 Feb 1944 6w Salomone, Sr., Stanley Henry SCHOENBORN, Imelda Theresa Green Mount Died of spasms
SCHAAB, Henry 25 May 1954 77y 11m Schaab, Adam REICHERT, Elizabeth KLAUS, Mary Mt. Carmel
SCHEIBEL, Sybilla 14 Mar 1944 70y SCHAEFER, Henry Scheibel, Edward F. Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died of cancer
SCHMIDT, Frank 30 Aug 1945 63y Schmidt, John Not listed, Cecilia HUBSCHMIDT, Bertha Mt. Carmel Died of pleuresy & pneumonia
SCHMISSEAU, Frank 4 Mar 1930 86y Not listed, Magdalena (Deceased) Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMISSEUR, Walter 27 Dec 1951 25y Green Mountain Died of an unjury
SCHRANZ, Ferdinand 22 Jul 1954 83y Schranz, Louis MASERANG, Mary Ann Deceased Holy Cross
SCHUSTER, Rev. Joseph O. M. I. Aug 1945 Belleville Priest Cemetery Pastor at Perillo, South Dakota.  Died of heart disease
SEIBEL, Edward 21 Mar 1949 73y Seibel, H. E. Walnut Hill Converted 1 month prior
SHINNERS, Edward 2 Jan 1940 36y Shinners, Walter FRIES, Ursula Mt. Carmel Died in an auto accident
St. EVE, Mary Frieda 20 Jun 1955 57y St. Eve, Edward Not listed, Eva Green Mount
ST. EVE, Raymond 19 Dec 1953 Mt. Carmel Died of heart disease
SUCKY, Josephine 6 Apr 1942 77y Sucky, Frank Mt. Carmel [See record]
SULLIVAN, D. Tracy 17 Jun 1947 56y Not listed, Flroence Calvary – St. Louis, MO Died of heart ailment
SULLIVAN, Florence 30 Oct 1952 60y Sullivan, Tracy (Deceased) Calvary Died of cancer
SUTTON, John 23 Jun 1952 72y ROUSSELL, Cecilia Walnut Hill Baptized shortly before death
TAGGART, James 5 Mar 1941 37y Taggart, Patrick Mt. Carmel Died in Pontiac, MI
TAGGART, Patrick 8 Oct 1952 83y Mt. Carmel Died of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Nearest relative is a brother – Rev. John Taggart
THOMAN, Jr., Joseph A. 27 Jan 1929 38y 9m SCHMISSEAU, Viola St. Claire – O’Fallon, IL Worked at U. S. Steel in East St. Louis.  Fell from crane at 4 am & died at 7:30 pm
THOMAN, Viola 13 Jun 1929 34y 3m Thoman, Joseph (Deceased) St. Claire – O’Fallon, IL
THOMAS, Genevieve 1 Jan 1955 52y Thomas, Eugene Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
TINK [Fink?], Wilhelmina 22 May 1955 75y Green Mount
TORLOTING,  John 11 Mar 1949 86y GUNTHER, Anna (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
TOUCHETTE, Edward A. 8 Jul 1944 Not listed, Magdalena (Deceased1940) Green Mount Died in Quincy, IL
TOUCHETTE, Magdaleine 27 Oct 1940 66y ROUSELL, Edward Touchette, Edward Green Mount
TRABAUX, Mrs. 2 Apr 1942 76y Traunaux, John Mt. Carmel Died in California
TRAUB, Earl 14 Nov 1954 53y Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
TRAVIS, James 13 Dec 1948 68y Mt. Carmel Died of a stroke
VOEGTLE, Anna 28 Feb 1942 84y Walnut Hill
VOEGTLE, Catherine 15 Jul 1949 60y Voegtle, Philip Walnut Hill Died of a stroke & ill for 4 years
VOEGTLE, Mrs. Mary 3 Jun 1939 Voegtle, Phillip Walnut Hill Died of cancer
VOELLINGER, Sylverna A. M. 4 Feb 1949 66y Voellinger, Peter Green Mount Died of a stroke
VOGEL, Anthony 14 Dec 1936 49y St. James – Millstadt, IL
WAGNER, Mrs. Elizabeth 21 Feb 1928 72y 2m Wagner, Peter (Deceased) Mount Carmel – East St. Louis
WAKEFIELD, Anna 6 Jun 1953 51y SCHWARTZ, Adam Not listed, Louise Wakefield, Raymond Mt. Carmel Died of a stroke
WELSCH, Leonard 1 Dec 1954 57y VANCIL, Viola Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
WELZBACHER, Robert 1942 1d Welzbacher, Robert VIERHALLER, Doloris Green Mount
WERKMEISTER, Arthur 9 Apr 1938 35y 10m Werkmeister, Henry (Deceased) Not listed, Anna Green Mount Died of a broken back
WERKMEISTER, Henry E. 25 Mar 1932 61y 11m Not listed, Anna Green Mount
WIESERT, Charles 27 Dec 1937 47y Not listed, Theresa Green Mount Died of pneumonia
WIESMANN, Christina 25 Jul 1950 GUNTHER, Bernard DAHM, Mary WIESMAN, Theo J. Holy Cross Cause of death – heart
WILLEMS, Bernard F. 19 Feb 1955 53y 3m Willems, Jacob WILLON, Helen Mt. Carmel [See record]
WINTER, Fred J. 2 Dec 1944 54y Winter, Sr., Fred SATTLER, Not listed POIROT, Edna Green Mount
WISNASKY, Edna 31 Aug 1953 38y Wisnasky, Arthur Mt. Calvary – Shiloh, IL Died of cancer
WOLF, Peter 22 Feb 1947 68y Wolf, Peter RAUCH, Elizabeth NAGEL, Louise (Deceased) Walnut Hill Died of heart ailment
WORMS, Henry 20 May 1943 69y Worms, Joseph Mt. Carmel Died of cancer
WORMS, Michael 24 Oct 1938 66y Worms, Michael Not listed, Emma Walnut Hill Died of cancer
YOCH, Casper 6 Sep 1939 68y MENTEL, Clara Green Mount Died of cancer.  Suffered for 5 months
YOCH, Clara 5 Feb 1952 54y Yoch, Casper Not listed, Clara Green Mountain
YOCH, Clara P. 11 Dec 1949 79y Yoch, Casper (Deceased) Green Mount Died of several strokes

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