St. Agatha (New Athens) Catholic Marriages

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Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
AHLHEIM, Edward SCHUETZ, Maria 6 Aug 1895 Ahlheim, Frederick BERTH, Elizabeth Schuetz, Adam ENGEL, Barbara Ahlheim, Fred H. and Rosa Schuetz
ALBERT, Frederick FRANK, Sophia 19 Oct 1893 Albert, Henry Not listed, Amalia Frank, Johann HOFFMANN, Catharina Frank, Johann and Anna DE ROTH ROFFY
APPEL, Herman ARMSTUTZ, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1910 Appel, Philip Not listed, Albertina Armstutz, Louis STAUFENBIEL, Lizzie LYNCH, Rev. John F. and Christina Armstutz Married by Thomas D. KENNEDY Pastor of St. Theresa in St. Louis, MO
ARMBRUSTER, Julius (39y from Hecker, IL) BRIELMAIER, Augusta (29y) 9 Jun 1914 Armbruster, Charles (From Germany) FLEMING, Frances (From Germany) Brielmaier, Joseph NEHRING, Margaret (From Smithton, IL) FLECKENSTEIN, Charles and Adela Brielmaier
BAUER, Joseph C. (24y) KOESTERER, Ida G. (27y from Freeburg, IL) 17 Apr 1912 Bauer, Dominic (From Germany) DINGEL, Rosa (From Belleville, IL) Koesterer, Charles (From Freeburg, IL) BARTHEL, Anna (From Freeburg, IL) Koesterer, Philipp and Maria Bauer
BECHERER, Oswald SCHUETZ, Bertha 2 Jun 1927 Becherer, Henry (From Summerfield, IL) MESSINGER, Elizabeth Schuetz, Anton WAELTZ, Carolina Schuetz, Ben and Helen Becherer
BENNET, Eli  EMGE, Maria 12 Nov 1875 Bennet, Wilhelm Henry MOOR, Josephina Emge, Peter SARLOUIS, Anna
BENNETT, Wilhelm H. (30y) HEINRICH, Maria Eva (24y From East St. Louis, IL) 19 Jun 1906 Bennett, Elias EMGE, Margaret (From Johnstown, PA) Heinrich, Joseph TRUTTMANN, Catharina (From Hecker, IL) Emge, Edward G, and Anna Heinrich
BILGER, Frank (27y from Baldwin, IL) CROMER, Margaret Ursula (19y Non-Catholic from Marissa, IL) 15 Dec 1921 Bilger, William (From Baldwin, IL) HODAPP, Magdalena Cromer, Herb. (From Marissa, IL) GORING, Lilian Bilger, Helen and Fredrick WEISS
BILGERE, Edward A. (From Baldwin, IL) MOYNIHAN, Mrs. Katharine  (From Chicago to St. Louis – second marriage) 30 Aug 1926 Bilgere, Wil. HODAPP, Magdalena O’CONNELL, David BRODERICK, Margaret METZGER, Paul and Emma Bilgere
BILGERE, William HODAPP, Magdalena 13 Feb 1894 Bilgere, Michael MILLER, Theresa Hodapp, Laurent KNOP, Martha [?] KALERT, George and Maria PROKASKY
BILGERI, Michael SCHLÖTER [Schloeter], Susanna 5 Dec 1882 Bilgeri, Michael MÜLLER [Mueller], Theresa Schloeter, Barthold NOSBUSCH, Katharina Bilgeri, William and Katharina Nosbusch
BLEISCH, Nicolaus VAN PELT, Elizabeth (Convert) 3 May 1905 [See record]
BLUM, Charles JONES, Bernice (Non-Catholic) 20 Feb 1929 Blum, Frank ROTH-RUFFY, Victoria Jones, William Not listed, Mary E. STEPHAN, Lizzie and Margaret Blum “A patched up affair”
BLUM, Francis DE ROTH-ROFFY, Victoria 24 Apr 1894 Blum, Joseph PERSCHBACHER, Elizabeth De Roth-Roffy, Carl HOFFMANN, Margaret MILLER, Carl and Anna De Roth-Roffy Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
BLUWZ, Frank (29y from Russia to Tilden, IL) LENKTIS, Anna (16y from Russia to Tilden, IL) 28 Apr 1917 Bluwz, Andrew (From Russia) WAYNUCONUCK, Magdalena (From Russia) Lenktis, Frank (From Russia) Not listed, Gertrude (From Russia) DAMUSZIS, George and Maria BALTRUSI
BROHAMMER, Johann BILGERI, Theresa 23 Oct 1887 Brohammer, Bernard ORT, Francisca MILLER, Johann VIERTHALER, Maria Bilgeri, William and Louisa SPITZ
BUMB, Jacob RIX, Wilhelmina 25 Jan 1875 Bumb, John KOHLHAF, Helena Rix, Friederich HENN, Maria Anna
CARTER, Jr., Carl (Not Baptized) PREDIGER, Anna 9 Oct 1901 GIERSCHNER, Hed. and Reg. Gierschner Revalidation of civil marriage
DREYER, Arthur (23y Non-Catholic from Lenzburg) BURICH, Cecilia (18y) 29 Dec 1923 Dreyer, William FICHLER, Julia Burich, Raymund VON ROTH-RUFFY, Anna WOLF, Adolf and Elvira LEGENDRE
EBERLE, William F. (22y from St. Louis, MO) HENNEMANN, Francis A. (21y from Pinckneyville) 19 Jun 1916 Eberle, John B. OBERMYER, Maria Hennemann, Andrew MEDER, Maria Hennemann, Ludwig and Ida BISCHOF
EMGE, Jacob HENNEMANN, Susanna 25 Sep 1883 Emge, Peter SARLOUIS, Anna Maria Hennemann, Christophor GENSERT, Anna Maria Emge, Louis and Bertha Hennemann
EMGE, Louis GEIGER, Bertha 28 May 1895 Emge, Peter SAARLOUIS, Maria Anna Geiger, William HENNEMANN, Dorothea Geiger, Martin and Anna BENNETT
EMGE, Peter GEIGER, Sabina 14 Sep 1880 Emge, Peter SARLOUIS, Maria Anna Geiger, Matthew BAUMGARTEN, Barbara Geiger, Ludwig and Maria Emge
FALBE, John Reinhold (25y from St. Libory) GRAU, Theresa Em. (23y) 30 Apr 1919 Falbe, Reinhold (From Germany) KLOCK, Maria (From Belleville, IL) Grau, Peter (From Bavaria) HACKER, Maria (From Belleville, IL) Falbe, Louis F. and Lizze Grau
FALBE, Louis (24y from Belleville, IL) GRAU, Elizabeth (21y) 4 May 1920 Falbe, Reinhold (From Germany) KLOCK, Mary (From Belleville, IL) Grau, Peter (From Germany) HACKER, Maru (From Belleville, IL) RUJAWITZ, Julius and Bertha Grau
FEURER, George (28y) HEINRICH, Carolina Philippina (22y from Hecker) 11 Jun 1913 Feurer, Martin FORCADE, Frieda Heinrich, Joseph TRUTTMANN, Catharina (From Hecker, IL) PREDIGER, Edgar and Emily WEBER
FICKAUS, Johann (24y born in Austria) HERICK, Anna (17y from Pittsburg, PA) 14 Apr 1909 Fickaus, Andrew (From Austria) GRADISK, Mary (From Austria) Herick, Jacob (From Hungaria Austria) BUCKUS, Agnes (From Austria) Herich, John and Mary Cecilia STANISLAUS
FIETSAM, Hugo (21y from Fayetteville, IL) DARMSTATTER, Elsa (20y from Pinckneyville, IL) 28 Nov 1912 Fietsam, Charles (From Fayetteville, IL) VAHLKAMP, Emma (From Fayetteville, IL) Darmstatter, Daniel (From Freeburg, IL) LIESER, Maggie (From Freeburg, IL) Fietsam, Anton and Paulina Fietsam
FISCHER, Joseph N. FERRERO, Virginia 10 Sep 1929 Fischer, Ferdinand BESS, Margaret Ferrero, John SAUTMANN, John and Clara Fischer
FLACH, Frederick (22y) HANFT, Edna (21y Non-Catholic) 25 Nov 1915 Flach, Frederick (From Belleville, IL) MINOR, Catharina Hanft, Robert (From Lenzburg, IL) LEINICKE, Louisa STAUDER, Alonzo and Mary Flach
FLACH, Nicolaus Aloysius (24y From St. Louis, MO) SERTH, Angelina Barbara (21y From Lenzburg, IL) 4 Jun 1902 Flach, George FISHER, Catharina (Born in Germany) Serth, Henry (Born in Germany) REICHERT, Louisa BECKER, John; George COURAR; Elina Reichert and Catharina Reichert
FRECH, Jacob SCHMOLL, Barbara 30 May 1887 Frech, Jacob SARLOUIS, Margaret Schmoll, Francis Xavier SCHOEN, Marianna Schmoll, Joseph and Victoria VON ROTH RUFFY
FRECH, John (24y from Lenzburg, IL) KEIL, Caroline (19y from Dubois, IL) 21 Jun 1916 Frech, Jacob SCHMOLL, Barbara Keil, Mathew (From Germany) WALDMANN, Augusta Waldmann, Theodore and Lena LAUER
FROCADE, Edward MARTIN, Maria 1898 Frocade, John Not listed, Elizabeth Martin, Peter Not listed, Edwina Frocade, John and Peter Martin Appears between Jul and Nov 1898
GAMBACH, Henry  (Non-Catholic) KOEHLER, Alvina 22 Jun 1927 Gambach, George (Non-Catholic) HEPP, Carolina (Non-Catholic) Koehler, George MEDICK, Maria Gambach, Willard and Teresa Koehler
GEIGER, Henry ERNST, Tillie 13 Oct 1898 Geiger, William Not listed, Dorothea FEURER, Susanna and Joseph ROTHRUFFY
GEIGER, Martin FEURER, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 28 Apr 1898 Geiger, William  Not listed, Dorothea Feurer, Martin Not listed, Frida Geiger, Henry and Susanna Feurer
GEIGER, William DARMSTAEDTER, Joannetta 15 Apr 1890 Geiger, William (Deceased) HENNEMANN, Dorothea Darmstaedter, Philipp GERMANN, Rebecca Geiger, Martin and Bertha Geiger
GIERSCHNER, August (Protestant) (Born in 1842) HANFT, Hedwiga 9 Sep 1879 Gierschner, Carl WINKLER, Maria Hanft, Andrew CHARLOZOWSKA, Sophia QUICK, F. and J. _ M. Hanft
GLAUBER, Daniel (21y from Caseyville, IL) HAAS, Catharina (25 from Paderborn) 30 Mar 1921 Glauber, Charles (From East Dubuque, IL) SCHAFFNER, Margaret (From Williamsburg, NY) Haas, Nicolaus GRAU, Elizabeth (From Bavaria Germany) Haas, Peter and Agnes BAUER
GOLSCH, Louis (Non-Catholic) VON ROTHROFFY, Anna 23 Nov 1898 Golsch, Carl RHOVES, Susanna Von RothRoffy, Carl Not listed, Margaret ARMSTUTZ, Ida and Henry WINKLER
HAAS, Nicolaus GRAU, Elizabeth 27 Sep 1887 Haas, Joseph OHMER, Magdalena Grau, Peter NEUNER, Elizabeth SCHUMACHER, Joseph G. and Barbara Grau
HALLORAN, John (26y from Maplewood, MO) PROBST, Francisca (23y) 8 Nov 1923 Halloran, J. A. HEFFERNAN, Winefried Probst, George ZIERRACH, Anna DANIEL, Paul and Blanch Halloran
HAPKE, Eugene (Non-Catholic) PROBST, Anna Maria 30 Sep 1900 Hapke, August FROEHLICK, Maria Probst, Benedict Not listed, Catharina Probst, Bernard and Emma Probst
HAUPT, Joseph Edward (24y) WELLENKOTTER, Amalia (26y from St. Louis, MO) 21 Jan 1909 Haupt, Peter FLACH, Magdalena Wellenkotter, Herman BOHN, Louisa PETERKORT, Henry and Josephina GAUS
HEBENSTREIT, Jacob (24y From Hecker, IL) KELLER, Anna (18y Non-Catholic) 10 Oct 1905 Hebenstreit, Jacob (From Germany) HOFFMANN, Anna Keller, George HANFT, Anna Hebenstreit, Henry Walter and Margaret Hebenstreit
HEBENSTREIT, Joachim WINKLER, Anna Maria (Widow) 25 Nov 1880 Hebenstreit, Nicholas Joseph SCHUKE [?], Catharina HOFFMANN, Andrew SCHÄFER [Schaefer], Walburga Hoffmann, Henry and Maria EMGE
HENNE, John (21y from St. Louis) GEIGER, Elvira (27y) 26 Nov 1931 Henne, Sr., John (From St. Louis) HOECHST, Emma (From St. Louis) Geiger, Henry ERNST, Tillie (From St. Louis) LUCZAK, Joseph and Carmelita CONROD
HENNEMANN, Martin (46y) WOLF, Barbara (41y from Smithton, IL) 25 Oct 1907 Hennemann, Christophor GENSERT, Maria Wolf, Paul RETTWITZ, Maria SCHUETZ, Adam and Helena Schuetz
HERICH, Adolph (22y from Clifmine, PA) GAYDOS, Anna (16y from Streator, IL) 29 Oct 1909 Herich, Jacob (From Austria) BUCHERO, Agnes (From Austria) Gaydos, Joseph (From Austria) BUENNA, Catharina (From Austria) FICKAUS, John and Anna Fickaus
HEYDE, Roland (25y Non-Catholic from Mascoutah, IL a painter) LEGENDRE, Marcella (22y) 23 Sep 1931 Heyde, Herman MALLRICH, Louise Legendre, Theod. PISTER, Philippina HUMM, Ann; Stanley SCHUBKEPT; Philippina Legendre and Augusta HEIMBERGER Groom is taking instructions
HILL, Samuel (Non-Catholic) HEAP, Carolina 17 Nov 1897 Hill, William WALKER, Millissa Heap, Henry LANE, Maria Heap, Wilhelm and Barbara GERMAIN
HISCHAR, Joseph (23y from Saur Hungary) MEHES, Theresa (18y from Gabato Hungary) 7 Aug 1911 Hischar, John (From Hungary) BARTAI, Susanna (From Hungary) Mehes, Stephen (From Hungary) HADNAGY, Elizabeth (From Hungary) HALLER, John; Anna FICKAUS and Stephen KRIZO [Bride and groom locations may be switched]
HISCHER, Joseph (From Hungary to Royalton, IL Coal miner – second marriage) HALLER, Maria (From Marissa) 14 Jul 1926 Hirscher, John SIDAR, Susanna Bertai Haller, Stephan BROUTH, Maria (Mrs. Al. Brouth)
HOEHN, George (24y Non-Catholic) RITTENHOUSE, Catharina (24y from Hecker) 30 Nov 1916 Hoehn, George DAUB, Catharina Rittenhouse, James SCHULZ, Mary BLEISCH, Frank and Alma Bleisch
HOFFMANN, Henry (26y) KRUPP, Elizabeth (25y) 30 Apr 1907 Hoffmann, Joseph STAUFENBIEL, Elizabeth Krupp, Jacob (From Bavaria) HEMM, Catharina (From Bavaria) ARMSTÜTZ [Armstuetz], Elizabeth and Albert Krupp
HOFFMANN, Joseph STAUFENBIEHL, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1875 Hoffmann, Andrew SCHAEFER, Walburga Staufenbiehl, Lorent FENNER, Theresa Hoffmann, Henry and Maria EMGE
HUBER, Frank (25y born in Trenton, IL) LAQUET, Eleonora (21y born in Mascoutah, IL) 19 Oct 1909 Huber, Caspar (From Germany) Not listed, Maria (Born in Switzerland) Laquet, Peter SCHAEFER, Anna (From Lebanon, IL) LAQET, Otto G. and Lina Huber
HUDSON, George A. DARMSTAEDTER, Aloisia 17 Dec 1877 Hudson, George C. POLA___, Anna Darmstaedter, Philipp GERMANN, Reb___ PALA__, John, Wilhelmina GALIGHTLY, Julia PEYT_ and Louisa STAUDER
IRWIN, Edward FLACH, Emilia 23 Jun 1896 Irwin, John DUHIGG, Bridget Flach, Joseph SMITH, Catharina V. ROTHRUFFY, Joseph and Anna REUTERMANN
JEROMANE, Herman (35y Non-Catholic from Germany to Marissa) WINKLER, Theresa (31y from Freeburg, IL) 27 May 1920 Jeromane, Carl WALLMAT, Augusta Winkler, George Not listed, Catharina Winkler, Cornelius and Bernadina ROTERMICH
KAESBERG, William (21y Non-Catholic from Lenzburg, IL) SCHINZING, Mary Agnes (19y from Lenzburg, IL) 22 Feb 1911 Kaesberg, Matthew DINGES, Lena Schinzing, Francis WEGGEMANN, Mary Schinzing, Paul and Emma Kaesberg
KAIM, Philipp BILGERI, Sophia 21 Nov 1882 Kaim, Frederick SCHWEINER, Maria Bilgeri, Michael MÜLLER [Mueller], Theresa Bilgeri, William and Katharina NOSBISCH
KARR, Adam FLACH, Catharina 11 Feb 1892 Karr, Adam LEIST, Catharina Flach, Joseph SCHMITT, Catharina SCHLEGEL, William and Emilia Flach
KEIL, John (21y From Dubois to Tamaroa, IL) FRECH, Bertha (19y From Lenzburg, IL) 6 Apr 1921 Keil, Mathew (From Germany) WALDMAN, Augusta (From Tamaroa) Frech, Jacob (From Lenzburg) SCHMOLL, Barbara Waldman, Edwin E. and Dorothy EMGE
KLAAS, Christian (27y Non-Catholic from Switzerland) SCHUETZ, Maria (21y) 30 May 1907 Klaas, George (From Switzerland) SMIT, Maria (From Switzerland) Schuetz, Michael HAAS, Emilia Schuetz, Isfried and Lena Schuetz
KLINCKHARDT, Carl (25y Converted in Freeburg) HAAS, Frieda (24y) 29 May 1923 Klinckhardt, A. DETZEL, Emma Haas, Nicholas GRAU, Eliz. EMGE, Clemens and Regina Haas
KLUBA, Adolph (Non-Catholic) BOSSE, Elizabeth (From St. Libory) 5 Nov 1925 Kluba, Val. RINGEISEN, Christina Bosse, Bernard BUESCHER, Louisa GLOBE, Milton R. and Julia Bosse
KOEHLER, Walter (23y From St. Louis born as Ladislaus KANTORSKI) HUBER, Cora (16y [18y?] Non-Catholic) 28 Jun 1916 Kantorski, Francis MIRKOWSKA (MERICK), Maria Huber, Joseph VAN PELT, Rachel  SCHOENBORN, William and Alma BLEISCH
KOELLER, George (73y Non-Catholic janitor) KONTORSKEY, Mary (68y) 20 Mar 1931 Koeller, Walter and Alvina GAMBACH [See record]
KOENEN, Johann BILGERI, Emilia 26 Nov 1884 Koenen, Francis SCHWARZ, Catharina Bilgeri, Michael MÜLLER [Mueller], Theresa Bilgeri, William
KOESTERER, Carl KALERT, Barbara Elizabeth 24 Jan 1887 Koesterer, Philipp Joseph REICHERT, Agnes Kalert, Frederick MOTTA__, Elizabeth PROBST, Benedict and Catharina Probst
KOESTERER, Charles (25y from St. Louis, MO) HUBER, Francisca (23y) 24 Nov 1910 Koesterer, Charles (From Freeburg, IL) BARTHEL, Anna (From Freeburg, IL) Huber, Henry M. (From Hecker, IL) SCHUERGER, Anna (From Hecker, IL) Koesterer, Albert J. and Clementine Huber
KOESTERER, Charles (60y from Freeburg, third marriage) REISSERT, Theresa A. (53y from Smithton second marriage) 18 Feb 1909 Koesterer, Philip (From Germany) REICHERT, Agnes (From Germany) BARKER, Nelson KARR or CARR, Mary WELZBACHER, George and Katie Welzbacher
KOESTERER, Joseph (27y) ZIERRATH, Matilda (25y) 23 Feb 1909 Koesterer, Charles (From Freeburg) BARTHEL, Anna (From Germany) Zierrath, Charles (From Germany) KRAFT, Louisa
KRAUSE, Henry SCHÜTZ [Schuetz], Katharina 28 Jul 1892 Krause, Christian PANIER, Johanna Schuetz, Adam ENGEL, Barbara KRAUSE [?], William and Rosa Schuetz
KRAUSE, William HEAP, Maria Clementina 6 Jul 1898 Krause, Christian PANNIER, Joanna Heap, Henry LANE, Maria Anna Heap, John and Anna PREDIGER
KRIZO, Stephan (28y from Austria) STANISLAUS, Anna (21y from Austria) 7 May 1907 Krizo, John (From Austria Hungary) KUSAK, Mary (From Austria Hungary) Stanislaus, Joseph (From Austria Hungary) LESKOVANSKY, Anna (From Austria Hungary) Stanislaus, Paul and Josephina Stanislaus
KRUPP, Edward (26y) ARNSTUTZ, Eva Catharina (20y) 20 Oct 1903 Krupp, Jacob (From Bavaria) HEMAN, Catharina (From Bavaria) Arnstutz, Louis STAUFENBEIHL, Elizabeth Krupp, Adam and Christina Arnstutz Marriage revalidated with dispensation for 4th degree blood relationship on 24 Oct 1903
LAQUET, Roland (23y from Fayetteville, IL) KNOKE, Alma (18y from St. Louis, MO) 13 Nov 1919 Laquet, Peter (From Europe) SCHAEFER, Anna (From Lebanon, IL) Knoke, Joseph (From St. Louis, MO) KEPT, Emma (From St. Louis, MO) WALTERBOSCH, M. and Bernadina ROTERMICH Revalidation marriage
LEGENDRE, Lorraine (26y from Mascoutah) GOEGELEIN, Hulda (25y Non-Catholic; converted 20 Sep 1925) 19 May 1925 Legendre, Theodore PIESTER, Philippina Goegelein, George (Lutheran) SCHMIDT, Anna (Lutheran) DUDECK, Joseph and Carrie Dudeck
LEILICH, George (24y) HUBER, Amanda (24y) 27 Apr 1908 Leilich, George Th. WERNER, Mary Huber, Henry SCHUERGER, Mrs. Anna KOESTERER, Charles and Frances Huber
LOEB, Martin ROHLMANN, Beatrice 9 Jul 1928 Loeb, Philipp (Non-Catholic) MUELLER, Lena Rohlmann, Edward FRIESE, Gertrude GLAUS, Martin and Agatha Glaus
LOEB, Philipp MÜLLER [Mueller], Magdalena 27 Nov 1890 Loeb, John KUNERT, Johann Wilhelmina Mueller, William PIC___, Dorothea Mueller, William and Maria Loeb
MARTIN, George (30y) STADELMANN, Helena (23y from Freeburg, IL) 24 Oct 1907 Martin, Peter (From Bavaria) SIEDLER, Catharina (From Bavaria) Stadelmann, John KOENIG, Sophia Stadelmann, August and Frederika Martin
MARTIN, Joseph EBNER, Henrietta 20 Jul 1892 Martin, George WÜST [Wuest], Magdalena Ebner, Joseph (Deceased) KNÖWITZ [Knoewitz], Barbara KNEWITZ, Peter and Rosa GERHARDT
MAYER, Anton (22y from Högyezs Hungary to Chicago, IL) MECHTLE, Eva (20y from Högyezs Hungary to Lenzburg, IL) 27 Nov 1912 Mayer, Michel (From Hungary) KOLB, Theresa (From Hungary) MECHTL, Anton (From Hungary) HAGEMANN, Elizabeth (From Hungary) FRECH, John and Caroline KEIL
MCCORMICK, Floyd (20y Non-Catholic from Evansville) BLEEM, Esther (20y from Evansville, IL) 27 Jul 1918 McCormick, Alfred (From Evansville, IL) JOHNS, Emely Bleem, John (From Evansville, IL) MEYER, Rosa
MEDER, Henry (From Pinckneyville to Belleville) GEIGER, Eva 6 Jun 1928 Meder, Ludwig HAAS, Frida Geiger, Wil. DARMSTAEDTER, Nettie (Non-Catholic) Meder, Joseph and Elvira Geiger
MEDER, Ludwig HAAS, Friderica 17 May 1894 Meder, Erhard BISHOF, Anna Haas, Joseph OMER, Magdalena BRUNS, Bernard and Francisca Meder
MILLER, Henry S. (23y Non-Catholic from East St. Louis) KANTORSKI, Katie (18y from Dubois, IL) 22 Oct 1912 Miller, Henry (From Germany) MOHR, Anne (From Monroe County, IL) Kantorski, George[?] (Oesteweich) MERICKOWSKI, E. Mary (From Poland) KOELLER, Walter and Francis HENNEMANN [Bride and her father are listed as Koeller and then it is crossed out]
MUELLER, William (34y) KOESTERER, Helena (28y) 26 Nov 1903 Mueller, William (From Germany) BUECHMAN, Dora (From Germany) Koesterer, Charles (From Freeburg, IL) BARTHEL, Anna (From Germany) Koesterer, Joseph and Anna HEINRICH
NEFF, Peter (29y from Paderborn) BRIELMEIER, Cecilia L. (25y) 19 Aug 1919 Neff, Adam (From Paderborn, IL) FLECKENSTEIN, Catharina (From Paderborn) Brielmeier, Joseph SCHWEGEL, Maria (From Paderborn) Neff, Christian and Edna Brielmeier
ORTH, Walter (Non-Catholic) WAELTZ, Elsa 21 May 1927 Orth, John (Non-Catholic) GEGEL, Barbara (Non-Catholic) Waeltz, George (Non-Catholic) KOHNKEN, Elizabeth  Orth, Arthur and Alma KAESTNER
PETERS, William (24y from Pierron, IL) MONTROY, Selma (24y Protestant from Preston, IL) 28 Dec 1921 Peters, Louis (From Pierron, IL) RAGE, Crescentia (From Dresden, Germany) Montroy, Albert (From Fort Gage) LINK, Emma Peters, Eugene and Bernadina ROTHMICH
PREDIGER, Edgar J. (21y from Lenzburg, IL) WEBER, Amelia C. (20y from Mascoutah, IL) 25 Jun 1914 Prediger, William EISFELDER, Anna (From Bavaria) Weber, William (From Germany) BRENDEL, Catharina (From Mascoutah) RIESS, John and Eleonora Prediger
PREDIGER, Hieronymus (22y from Lenzburg) FRECH, Anna (18y from Lenzburg) 18 Feb 1908 Prediger, William EISFELDER, Anna (From Bavaria) Frech, Jacob SCHMOLL, Barbara Frech, Henry and Francis GROFF
PREDIGER, William (27y from Lenzburg) FRECH, Adela (18y from Lenzburg, IL) 28 Nov 1906 Prediger, William EISFELDER, Anna (From Bavaria) Frech, Jacob SCHMOLL, Barbara Prediger, Hieronymus and Anna Frech
PREDIGER, William (56y from Lenzburg) EISFELDER, Anna (51y from Ebern Bavaria) 2 Apr 1909 Prediger, Peter  MAC HAICHE, Nancy (From Scotland) Eisfelder, Francis (From Ebern, Bavaria) WINDTZHEIMER, Margaret EMGE, Martin and Bernadina ROTERMICH Revalidation marriage
PROBST, Casper RAPP, Louisa 22 Feb 1898 Probst, Benedict MUET, Catharina Rapp, Valentin KURTZ, Francisca Probst, George
PROBST, George ZIEHRAT, Anna (Non-Catholic) 27 May 1901 Probst, Bertha and P. J. BECKER (Rev.) Revalidation of civil marriage
PROBST, Theodore (28y) HEINRICH, Louisa (25y From Hecker) 28 Nov 1912 Probst, Isfried (From Würtemberg, Germany) KLINKHARDT, Augusta (From St. Louis, MO) Heinrich, Joseph TRUTTMANN, Catharina (From Hecker, IL) FEURER, George and Carolina Heinrich Dispensation for 4th grade blood relationship
REEB, Carl A. GRAU, Bertha 2 Sep 1925 Reeb, III, Peter GUGGEMANN, Maria Grau, Peter HACKE, Maria Reeb, Aloysius and Olivia WITTENAUER
REEB, John (24y from Belleville) GRAU, Emelia (23y) 1 Sep 1914 Reeb, Peter GUGGENMOS, Maria Grau, Peter (From Bavaria) HACKER, Maria Reeb, Oswald and Maria Grau
REEB, Oswald (23y from Belleville) GRAU, Maria (22y) 5 May 1915 Reeb, Peter GUGGEMOS, Maria Grau, Peter (From Bavaria) HACKER, Maria Grau, Henry and Mary Reg. Reeb
RITTER, Francis HERTZ, Magdalena 23 May 1882 Ritter, Samuel BIETH, Elizabeth Hertz, Frederick KOEBELE, Maria EMGE, Jacob and Margaret DIETZ
ROEDER, William KÜHN []Kuehn], Elizabeth 23 Jul 1889 Roeder, Jacob HOEFNER, Louisa Kuehn, Francis Anton KREBS, Amalia Roeder, Henry and Catharina Kuehn
ROTH, George (Non-Catholic) FRANK, Louisa 26 Apr 1900 Frank, John; Philip BIERWIRTH and Eva ARMSTUTZ
RUESTER, Philipp SPITZ, Elizabeth 22 Nov 1881 Ruester, John BIERRICH, Catharina (Protestant) Spitz, Conrad DIETZ, Catharina EMGE, Jacob and Sophia BILGERI
RUH, Walter (28y from St. Louis, MO) MYERSCOUGH, Anna (37y from Hecker, IL) 5 Jun 1917 Ruh, Philip HERMANN, Amanda Myerscough, John (From England) CARTER, Mary (From Prairie Du Long) Myerscough, Richard and Addie Myerscough
RUHL, Leroy CAMPBELL, Emma (New convert) 2 Jul 1929 Ruhl, Henry SMITH, Alicia Campbell, James  GUY, Alice GLAUS, Martin and Rosella Ruhl
RUPPERT, Johann (65y From Germany to Pinckneyville, IL second marriage) NOSBISCH, Catharina (63y from Germany to New Athens second marriage) 15 Aug 1913 Ruppert, Sebastian (From Germany) NIES, Barbara (From Germany) FORSTER, Bartholomew (From Bavaria) Not listed, Maria (From Germany) HEINRICH, Joseph and Lilia MERREL
SAUERWEIN, Joseph C. (Non-Catholic) WINKLER, Alma 30 Jun 1926 Sauerwein, Christian GEBOI [?], Barbara Winkler, Frank RUESTER, Anna BRETSCH, Alf. and Lorine Winkler
SAUERWEIN, Walter F. (Non-Catholic) WEBER, Eleonora  3 Jan 1927 Sauerwein, Conrad (Non-Catholic) REUSTER, Elinora (Non-Catholic) Weber, Wilhelm BRENDEL, Katherina HUTH, Elmer and Laura Weber
SCHINZING, Paul (24y From Manchester, MO to Marissa) BIERWIRTH, Bertha (24y Non-Catholic from Lenzburg, IL) 19 Nov 1913 Schinzing, Francis (From Missouri) WEGEMANN, Maria Bierwirth, John (From Germany) WILDY, Maria (From Lenzburg, IL) Schinzing, Matthew and Lulu Rosa Schinzing
SCHMELTER, Michael EMGE, Maria 24 Sep 1888 Schmelter, Michael Not known, Maria Emge, Peter SARLOUIS, Maria Emge, Louis and Catharina KÜHN []Kuehn]
SCHMELZEL, John (27y Non-Catholic) RITTENHOUSE, Bertha  (22y) 22 Jun 1910 Schmelzel, William GOEGELEIN, Carolina Rittenhouse, Jacob SCHULZ, Maria Schmelzel, George and Kate Rittenhouse
SCHNAARE, Robert  (24y Non-Catholic) BLEISCH, Emily (20y) 14 Aug 1912 Schnaare, Henry (From Smithton, IL) MAURER, Elizabeth (From Freeburg, IL) Bleisch, Nicolaus (From Belleville, IL) VAN PELT, Elizabeth (From Lenzburg, IL) RUHL, Jacob W. and Alma Bleisch
SCHREIBER, Alfred (20y a baker) GERMAINE, Mildred (19y) 29 Apr 1930 Schreiber, William WELLENKOETTER, Gertrude Germaine, Edward WEIGAND, Catherine WEBER, Roman and Toletha Germaine
SCHÜTZ [Schuetz], Michael HAAS, Emilia 18 Nov 1884 Schuetz, Adam ENGEL, Barbara Haas, Joseph OHMER, Magdalena Schuetz, Andrew and Frederica Haas
SCHWARZ, Adam (Protestant) BILGERI, Louisa 5 Nov 1882 Schwarz, William REIS, Dorothea Bilgeri, Michael MÜLLER [Mueller], Theresa SPITZ, Louis and Maria Spitz
SIVAK, John (27y from Dubrava, Austria) PUSKAR, Cecilia (20y from Streator, IL) 15 Apr 1907 Sivak, Joseph (From Austria) TOMASZEWA, Eva Puskar, Michael LESAK, Zusanna WALLUS, Joseph and Anna TABULA
STARDEBECK, John HAENTZSCHEL, Hermina (Non-Catholic) 23 Dec 1895 To validate an 1895 civil marriage
STAUFENBIEL, Jacob (23y From St. Louis, MO) PREDIGER, Maria (22y From Lenzburg, IL) 22 Apr 1903 Prediger, William EISFELDER, Anna (From Bavaria) Staufenbiehl, Laurent (From Germany) GEIGER, Veronika (From Germany) Prediger, William and Ida Staufenbiehl [Parents are switched]
STEINHEIMER, William (Non-Catholic) HAMBUCH, Elizabeth 1901 Steinheimer, George STEIN, Christina Hambuch, Peter HAGEMANN, Margaret Steinheimer, George F. and Mary Hambuch
STRAUBINGER, Peter H.  (22y from Belleville, IL) WOLF, Emily (24y) 24 Apr 1917 Straubinger, Johan (From Fayetteville, IL) REEB, Elizabeth Wolf, Henry GRAU, Margaret (From Bavaria) Straubinger, Jacob and Theolinda ETTLING
STRAUCH, Frederick (75y Non-Catholic from Germany to Pinckneyville, IL – second marriage) RUPPERT, Catharina (67y from Bavaria – third marriage) 14 Jun 1917 STRACH, N. (From Germany) CONRAD, Christiana FORSTER, Bartholomew (From Bavaria) Not listed, Maria PROBST, Isfried and Anna RUHL
STUNTZ, George O. SPITZ, Maria 11 Aug 1886 Stuntz, Louis D. HOLIAMB, Maria Spitz, Conrad DIETZ, Catharina Stuntz, Louis and Bertha BÄR [Baer]
TETER, John (Non-Catholic from Lenzburg) KOCH, Katherina M. 4 Nov 1925 Teter, George (Non-Catholic) PATTON, Ida  Koch, John RAETZ, Augusta (Non-Catholic) Koch, Henry and Maria HILLER
UTZ, John William (Convert) EMGE, Dorothy M. 27 Sep 1928 Utz, John KLEIM [?], Maria Emge, Louis GEIGER, Bertha Emge, Eddie; Clemens Emge; Elvira Geiger and Eva Geiger
VOGLER, Karl (60y second marriage) MARKSBURY, Minne (34y second marriage) 27 Jan 1910 Vogler, Peter (From Bavaria) KÄMPF [Kaempf], Teresa (From Saxony, Germany) Marksbury, Marion (From Orendton, KY) BUTZ, Merenda (From Kentucky) HENNEMANN, Francis and Bernadina ROTERMICH
VÖLLINGER [Voellinger], Jacob V. MEYER VOGELER, Maria Anna born 17 Aug 1851 28 Nov 1876 Vogeler, Peter KEMP, Theresa Vollinger, Mich.; Peter Vogeler; Maria EMGE and Calene WILDRY
VON ROTH RUFFY, Carl Joseph (46y from Germany) KLOSTERMANN, Helena Christina (26y) 27 Jul 1918 Von Roth Ruffy, Carl Otto (From Germany) HOFFMANN, Margaret Klostermann, Heinrich (From Germany) LAGEMANN, Anna M. (From Germany) Klostermann, Anna and Edward ARMSTUTZ
WALTER, Louis (Non-Catholic) SCHUETZ, Rosa 18 Sep 1900 Walter, Christian SCHNEIDER, Rosa Schuetz, Adam ENGEL, Barbara AHLHEIM, Oth; Bena Walter and Edward Ahlheim
WASSER, Wilmer (21y laborer) JAECKEL, Irma (18y Non-Catholic) 31 Oct 1931 Wasser, Peter L. STOCK, Louise Jaeckel, Fred KIRCHHOEFER, Emma APPELBACK, Andrew and Anna HUMM [See record]
WEHLE, Christian WEIS, Maria (Widow) 31 Mar 1894 Wehle, Christian HAAS, Barbara SIEMER, Bernard SCHÜTMANN []Schuermann], Thecla KLEIN, Johann and Catharina WINKLER
WELZBACHER, August (24y from Paderborn) WEBER, Margaret A. (24y Non-Catholic from Darmstadt) 14 Oct 1922 Welzbacher, George (From Paderborn) SCHOENBORN, Catharina (From Paderborn, IL) Weber, Henry (From Darmstadt, IL) JUENGER, Sophia (From Darmstadt, IL) HEINRICH, Joseph and Catharina Heinrich born TRUTTMANN
WINKLER, Adam SCHÜTZ [Schuetz], Barbara 5 Aug 1878 Winkler, Nicolaus WINKLER, Magdalena Schuetz, Adam ENGEL, Barbara Winkler, Philipp; Anton Schuetz; Catharina Schuetz and Hedwiga HANFT
WINKLER, Frank (23y From Pinckneyville) RUESTER, Anna (23y Non-Catholic) 21 Jan 1902 Winkler, John HOFFMANN, Anna Ruester, Henry  (Born in Germany) KIME, Maria HEBENSTREIT, Jacob and Nettie BAER
WINTER, Frank (20y Non-Catholic from Marissa) WAELTZ, Helena (18y from Lenzburg) 27 Aug 1918 Winter, Ferdinand WACHMUTH, Caroline Waeltz, George (From Germany) KONCHEN, Elizabeth (From Germany) JUENGER, Michel and Clara Waeltz
WITTENAUER, Edward (26y From Hecker) GRAU, Barbara (22y) 16 Aug 1905 Wittenauer, Peter (From Belleville, IL) BARTHEL, Margaret Grau, Peter (From Bavaria) REINHARDT, Kate BUSS, Francis and Kate Grau
WOLF, Henry GRAU, Margaret 26 Aug 1884 Wolf, Paul REDWITZ, Maria Grau, Peter NEUNER, Elizabeth Wolf, Henry; Joseph HAAS and Peter Grau
WOLF, John MUELLER, Anna (From Glen Addie, IL) 10 Apr 1926 Wolf, Andrew  BERTHOLD, Anna (Non-Catholic) FUZEKUS, Margaret and Ellen GARWAY Revalidation marriage


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