Sacred Heart (Dupo) Catholic Marriages (1922–1931)

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Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADLON, John B. (Baptized 26 Jul 1903 at Holy Family in St. Louis, MO) MARRE, Josephina L. V. (Baptized 20 Oct 1901 at St. Anthony in St. Louis, MO) 25 Jun 1923 Adlon, William KNICKELL, Catherine Marre, James WEYERS, Gertrude GOCKEL, Jr., William and Hildegarde GRAMLICH
BOLLE, Frederick (Born in 1904 and baptized Evangelical Lutheran in Swansea, IL) JEROME, Loretta (Born Mar 1908 and baptized 22 Mar 1908 at St. Felicitas in Cahokia, IL) 4 May 1927 Bolle, Christian STOUT, Cora Jerome, Carl ETTIENE, Clementina Bolle, George and Ethel Jerome
CHARTRAND, Emil (Born 11 Sep 1908 and baptized at St. Philip in Edgemont, IL) RIVES, Oliva (Born 5 Apr 1910 in Lutzville, MO and baptized Baptist in Dupo, IL) 10 Apr 1930 Chartrand, Emil Peter NEWMAN, Maria Elizabeth Rives, Jasper WALKER, Anna BRIGGS, Arthur and pearl Briggs
COOKSON, John T. (Born 7 Oct 1903 and baptized 22 Nov 1903 in Centerville Station, IL) LA CROIX, Hilda Catharina (Born 28 Aug 1904 and baptized 12 Sep 1904 at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 28 Aug 1930 Cookson, Joseph MARTIN, Florentia La Croix, John SHELTON, Cora RINDERER, Monroe M. and Elsie La Croix
DAMHORST, Laurent (Baptized 10 Nov 1901 at B. M. V. of Perpetual Help in St. Louis, MO) CAMPBELL, Florentia K. (Baptized 24 Sep 1912 at St. Cronin in Knobview, MO) 16 Nov 1926 Damhorst, Gerhard RODEMEYER, Julia Campbell, Jacob MCINERNY, Anna LA CROIX, Earl and Margaret La Croix
DE TALLEUR, Otto (Born 29 Mar 1889 and baptized 22 Apr 1889 at St. Elizabeth in Marine, IL) NEUDECKER, Hazel (Born 28 Aug 1904 and baptized 24 Nov 1907 at St. Elizabeth in Marine, IL) 29 May 1928 De Talleur, Clement HASS, Adeleid Neudecker, Edward DEWEY, Abey LA CROIX, Earl and Margaret La Croix
ECKERT, Edward Jacob (Non-Catholic and born and baptized Lutheran in Columbia, IL) MASSERANG, Irene Clara (Born 12 Aug 1903 and baptized 23 Aug 1903 at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 21 Jan 1925 Eckert, Jacob THROBALD, Lena Masserang, Anthony FERRY, Eleanora Masserang, Vincent and Laura J. Eckert
ENGEA, Earl Edward (Born 22 May 1898 in East Corondelet, IL and baptized 28 Sep 1898 at St. Boniface in St. Louis, MO) NOETHEN, Anna Justine  (Born 1 Mar 1903 in Detroit, MI and baptized 4 Mar 1903 in Providence Hospital) 28 Jun 1924 Engea, John ULRICH, Ida (Non-Catholic) Noethen, John HILLENBRAND, Agatha KUEHNER, Henry and Louise Noethen
FISCHER, Henry Anthony (Born 23 Feb and baptized 1 Mar 1903 at B. V. N. of Perpetual Help in St. Louis, MO) EMSLANDER, Anna Mary (Born 30 Sep 1902 in Munich, Germany) 7 Oct 1925 Fischer, Herman HEITKOETTER, Agnes  Emslander, Aloisius STERN, Anna RICHARDS, Arthur J. and May VOLLMER
FREDERICKS, Arthur (Born 18 Jul 1903 and baptized in Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) GROCHE, Vernelia (Born 3 Aug 1909 in Vallmeyer, IL and baptized Evangelical in 1926) 9 Mar 1929 Fredericks, Joseph SEPLACK, Anna Groche, Henry HARRISON, Edith Fredericks, Clarent and Adrien MC CLENSHAN
GUESS, Damos (Born 27 Jul 1907 and baptized 20 Sep 1907 at St. Henry in East St. Louis, IL) MATHEWS, Helena (Born 15 Sep 1905 in Prairie du Rocher and baptized 15 Oct 1905 at St. Joseph) 6 Aug 1927 LA CHANCE, John SERSCH, Anna (Guess) Mathews, Thomas J. KEATING, Agnes Sersch, Peter and Anna Sersch
JAMES, George Lynn (Born 11 Jul 1905 in Fornfelt, MO and not baptized) O’CONNOR, Dorothea Josephina (Born 19 Apr 1911 and baptized at Sts Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO) 2 Oct 1929 James, William TAYLOR, Maude O’Connor, James RENGIER, Maria O’Connor, Jr., James and Elsie LA CROIX
JONES, John Collin (Non-Catholic; born in Bonnam, TX 26 Jan 1884 and baptized Christian) NORRIS, Anna (Born 25 Dec 1876 in Washington, IN and baptized there in St. Simon Church) 15 Jan 1924 JONES, John H. STEDUM, Emily Norris, Jacob (James) QUEEN, Emilia SPRIESTERBACH, George and Maria Spriesterbach
KLEIN, Gustave (Born in 1902 in Bixley, IL and baptized Evangelical) KUEHNER, Catherine (“Irene”) (Baptized 3 Mar 1903 in Cahokia, IL) 4 Jun 1925 Klein, William DIEWALD, Eve Kuehner, John DEKEN, Frances Kuehner, Henry and Louise NOETHEN
KUENZ, Raymond Bernard (Born 26 Jun 1907 and baptized 30 Jun 1907 at Holy Trinity in St. Louis, MO) MICHALKA, Francisca (Born 9 Mar 1906 and baptized 11 Mar 1906 at St. John Nepomuk in St. Louis, MO) 29 Nov 1928 Kuenz, Urban HOFFSCHWELLE, Magdalena Michalka, John KAPINA, Catharina MERKT, Paul and Julia Michalka
LA CROIX, Alvin B. (Born 10 Mar 1903 and baptized 22 Mar 1903 at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) WEBER, Irene Anna (Born 15 Sep 1905 in Prairie du Rocher and baptized 15 Oct 1905 at St. Joseph) 31 Aug 1927 La Croix, John SCHELTON, Carolina Weber, George PELATE BAYER, Emily La Croix, Earl and Elsie La Croix [Bride’s information is a duplicate of the entry above her.  See record]
LA CROIX, Louis C. (Baptized 20 Nov 1901 in Columbia, IL) O’CONNOR, Florence E. (Baptized 10 May 1903 at Sts. Peter and Paul in St. Louis, MO) 28 Apr 1926 La Croix, John SHELTON, Cora O’Connor, James RENGIER, Elizabeth La Croix, Alvin and Dorothy O’Connor
LE COMPTE, Edwin (Born 16 May 1900 and Baptized 17 Jun 1900 at Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station, IL) WARD, Agnes born PONETA (Born 21 Jan 1901 in Neudorf, Bohemia) 6 Sep 1923 Le Compte, John  BISSON, Rosa Poneta, Francis POSPESHIL, Rosa LA CROIX, Louis C. and Loretta Le Compte
LOHMANN, Henry (Born in 1902 in Centerville Station and baptized Lutheran) LA CROIX, Emilia (Baptized 3 Apr 1904 in Columbia, IL) 1 Jan 1927 Lohmann, Louis C. MILLER, Sophia La Croix, John SHELTON, Cora COOKSON, John T. and Hilda La Croix
LOVE, Willis A. (Born in 1906 in Epkiska, West Virginia and not baptized) THUMOND, Elizabeth Victoria (Baptized at St. Boniface in Evansville, IL) 7 Mar 1931 Love, Francis ARNOLD, Martha Thumond, John WOLF, Maria THUMMEL, Wilfred and Paula E. Thummel
MC CARTHY, Aloysius A. (Born 27 Jul 1892 in Mauch Chunk, PA and baptized at Immaculate Conception 7 Aug 1892) ZIEGLER, Maria Catharina (Born 28 Jul 1891 in Kelso, MO and baptized 30 Jul 1891 at St. Augustine) 24 Mar 1928 Mc Carthy, Peter MC GLYNN, Anna Ziegler, Francis DUMEY, Maria Magdalena IRELAND, Russell and Clara M. Ireland
MCCLENAHAN, Raphael Louis (Baptized 13 Jan 1901 in Prairie Du Roche, IL) WEISS, Catherine Amanda (Baptized 6 Aug 1901 at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 28 Feb 1922 Mc Clenahan, William S. HIZER, Jennie Weiss, Charles MOSBACHER, Catherine Mc Clenahan, Roy F. and Helen SCHMEIDER
MEHRTENS, Walter (Baptized Evangelical in 1897 in New Hannover, IL) VOGT, Blanche (Baptized in 1904 at St. James in Millstadt, IL) 10 Apr 1923 Mehrtens, Jacob MEYER, Lulu Vogt, Lawrence DANNEHOLD, Mary SPRIESTERBACH, Maria and Josephina PETERS
MUSKOPF, Lester (Born in Millstadt, IL and baptized Lutheran) GODIN, Virginia Helen (Born 29 Aug 1908 and baptized 6 Sep 1908 at St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) 7 Apr 1926 Muskopf, Elmer SCHMALLRUBERGER, Amanda Godin, Isaac SCHWARTZTRAUBER, Mary LE CROIX, Alvin and Adela BERGHOEFER
REICHERT, Carl (Born in 1900 and baptized Evangelical in Columbia, IL) MASERANG, Alicia (Born 12 Nov 1904 and baptized at Holy Family in Cahokia, IL) 10 Nov 1926 Reichert, William DIEHL, Maria Maserang, William ETIENNE, Dorothea Maserang, Everst X. and Irene E. Maserang
SCHNEIDER, Joseph (Born in 1894 in St. Louis, MO and baptized 19 May 1927 at St. Boniface) GUENTHER, Elizabeth A. (Born 7 Nov 1897 and baptized 14 Nov at St. Nicholas in St. Louis, MO) 25 May 1927 Schneider, William CARBIN, Maria Guenther, John KAHLE, Anna LINBAUER, George and Clive STOLL
SCHRADER, William (Baptized 15 Aug 1890 at St. Marci in Venice, IL) HOOVER, Grace (Born in 1904 and baptized Baptist in 1910 in East St. Louis, IL) 12 Oct 1926 Schrader, Francis RANGE, Catharina Hoover, Henry KLINGAMANN, Ida CHARTRAND, E. J. and Helen Hoover
WALKER, Charles (Born in 1909 in Mt. Vernon, IN and not baptized) JULIUS, Dorothea Anna (Born 14 Jul 1904 and baptized in Madonnaville, IL) 21 May 1930 Walker, Charles C. ALDREDGE, Oma Julius, Francis DIEWALD, Carolina OTIS WILSON, LaVerne and Francis Julius
WENDLANDT, Albert (Born in Chicago in 1896 and baptized Baptist) SHARPE, Margaret Vallie (Baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) 3 Aug 1925 Wendlandt, Robert SCHULHARDT, Anna Sharpe, Robert NORRIS, Mary THOMPSON, William E. and Emily Sharpe

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