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Immaculate Conception (Centreville, Illinois) Marriages

Compilation copyright by Gloria Dettleff

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Introduction, citation Immaculate Conception
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Marriages (July 1880 – September 1931)

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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ABLE, James Thomas VOUDRIE, Geraldina Salmons 11 Dec 1912 Able, J. G. REIGHLEY, Aura Belle Voudrie, Joseph A. KRAFT, Laura Isabelle LECOMPTE, Louis & Daisy LEWIS
APKEN, William (From St. Louis, originally Hannover) LUEKEN, Anna 23 Jan 1883 Apken, Joseph KNOBBE, Elizabeth Lueken, Henry BODIKE, Marg. VERMEULION, Jacob & Louise Vermeulion
BARMAN, Howard (From Danville, VA) SCHAEFER, Evelyne 3 Jun 1925 Barman, H. C. HAMM, Anna Schaefer, George TOUCHETTE, Ursula Barman, Edwin G. & Rosa Bell Touchette
BAUDET, August (From Monthault, France) MILEUR, Athalia (From Baurdonnay, Alsace) 19 Mar 1885 Baudet, John GRASSIUS, Joanna Mileur, Alfred PARRIN, Veronica Mileur, Fruneon [?] & Joseph NAGÉ
BERTELSMANN, Joseph (From Smithton Township) REUTHERMANN, Emilia Teresa (From Stookey Township) 12 Oct 1915 Bertelsmann, John Frk. EVERSMANN, Anna Reuthermann, Joseph MÜLLER (Mueller), Emilia Bertelsmann, Louis & Genevieve HERR
BERTRAM, Joseph William (26y From Renault, IL) FROMME, Anna Cora (16y 6m from Madonnaville, IL) 29 Aug 1911 Bertram, Joseph LAFORGE, Teresa Fromme, George (Step father) SCHMITZ, Anna BEBLOT, Ferdinand & Mary RATH First married in Montana by squire.  [See record]
BESMER, Carl (Non-Catholic from St. Louis) LANG, Josephina 20 Mar 1901 Besmer, Edward GEHOTH [?], Emilia Lang, John FRITZ, Margaret [See image 12 for signed contract to marry.]
BESTGEN, William (From Tipton, MO) TOUCHETTE, Angelina 3 Oct 1889 Bestgen, Gerhard VOGEBECKER, Catharine Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina PARIDY, Lambert & Judith Touchette
BEVELOT, Francis TOUCHETTE, Cecilia Sep 1920 Bevelot, Louis GRAULT, Augustina Touchette, Edward RUSSEL, Magdalena Bevelot, Ferdinand & Elise LANNON [See record]
BEVELOT, Louis GRAULT, Augustina P. 6 Oct 1885 Bevelot, Francis WISER, Marg. Grault, Justin MORTRIER, Rosalia Grault, Jose & R. M. ISCH
BIRON, Frederick JULIAN, Rosabella 5 Nov 1907 Biron, Simon BENALT, Prudence Julian, Francis HAPEROR, Rosalia Julian, Charles; Sue Julien & Ivia PFEIFFER
BISSON, Francis Not listed 21 Dec 1911 Were married before a squire because her first husband was still alive.  He died 9 years prior.
BOISSEAU, John B. (From French Village) PIOT, Josephina 7 Oct 1880 Boisseau, Dominic JAQUOT, Elizabeth Piot, J. B. COURDEVANT, Victoire GIRARD, Emil & Mary Piot Dispensation for second degree relationship.
BOWEN, Milby LAPERCH, Clementina (Cahokia Common Fields) 13 Jul 1892 Bowen, James DEERING, Mary Laperch, Emanuel GODIN, Carolina PETERSEN, Peter & his wife Lucia Mixed religion marriage.
BOYLE, Edward A. (39y) TOUCHETTE, Lena (49y) 1 Jun 1911 Boyle, Daniel MANDAVILLE, Mary VERLIN, Louis BEITER, Magdalena GRAVOT, Peter & Maria RATH Revalidation marriage.
BROUILLET, Charles (From Pocket) TOUCHETTE, Mary Agnes 22 May 1884 Brouillet, Oliver HUNO, Marg. Touchette, Andrew LALUMIERE, Louis L. & Mary Elisabeth Touchette [Married in civil ceremony 3 years prior ?]
BROUILLETTE, Henry BROUILLETTE, Dorothea 22 Nov 1885 Brouillette, Oliver JUNO, Margaret Brouillette, Cyril GODIN, Elisabeth BRIELMEYER, John & Maria OCHS Dispensation for second degree blood relationship.
BROUILLETTE, Michael ADAMS, Addie (From Cahokia) 19 Jul 1887 Brouillette, Oliver JUNO, Margaret Adams, Ludgeri VOUDRIE, Adelina Brouillette, Mary A. & Adeline Adams
BRUNO, August LATINETTE, Sophia 4 Jan 1894 Bruno, Not listed SIMON, Harrietta Latinette, Eugene SCHUSTER, Not listed Bruno, Louisa S., Mary L. PANGELL, August DELATINETTE & Marie J. Bruno
BURG, George Joseph (Convert) DROIT, Ruth 27 Nov 1912 Burg, Henry HARRIS, Barbara Droit, Walter BOISMENUE, Julia REHG, Earl & Gertrude Droit
BUTTLER, Michael MCDONALD, Rosa 2 Aug 1882 Buttler, John MILES, Katharina (From Pennsylvania) McDonald, Michael MCPHILIPS, Maria BOUL, Christ. & Julia BELLEVILLE
BYRON, Carl Marc LIDIKAY, Olivia Cecilia 12 Sep 1931 Byron, Simon BENNETT, Prudentia Lidikay, Wily CONNERS, Anna TOUCHETTE, Daniel & Octavia TOUCHETTE born Byron Revalidation of 1921 marriage
CALLAIS, Louis (From France) MORTRIER, Paulina 1 Oct 1891 Callais, Nicholas SIMON, Rosalia Mortrier, Francis TUPNOT, Leonissa TRAITEUR, John & Mary Tupnot
CALLERAND, August (From Cahokia) PIOT, Maria 29 Dec 1885 Callerand, August SAILER, Carolina Piot, John B. CORDOVAN, Victorina Piot, J. Baptiste & Peter QUINTIN
CLARK, Joseph A. (From Edgemont Station, IL) GROE, Elizabeth 30 Jun 1914 Not known from New York Not known from New York Groe, Victor ST. GERMAIN, Sophy St. Germain, Augustine & Irene St. Germain
CLOSSEN, John TIVENER, Lillie (Elisabeth) Clossen, Anton VANWEERT, Rosa C. Tivener, August PERRIN, Elisabeth C. FAHRNER, Joseph & Angeline MELGRANI [No date.  Appears between 15 Aug 1893 & 4 Jan 1894]
CONNIN, Edmund TIRION, Louisa (From French Village) 25 Sep 1887 Connin, Joseph SANSBOEUF, Cecilia Tirion, Francis B. GERARD, Mariana QUISCHARD, Baptist & Sophie MILLER
CONROY, James (Non-Catholic) ZISCA, Agnes 12 Jan 1886 Conroy, John TEMPLE, Sarah Zisca, Joseph RACHACKA, Barbara BURKE, W. & Annie M. Zisca
CONROY, William RESTENBURG, Rose 29 Apr 1908 Married in St. Philip’s in French Village.
DAHM, Lawrence CLAUS, Maria 21 Oct 1884 Dahm, John WAGNER, Barbara Claus, George DECKERT, Elisabeth Claus, George & John Dahm This couple is from the Town of Stookey.
DAVINROY, Stephan J. (From French Village) MARION, Victorina 16 Feb 1898 Davinroy, Telias HAGEN, Rosalia Marion, P. J. C. KLEIN, Victorine C. Davinroy, Felicite; Nick Davinroy; Katie E. Marion; Marie M. Hagen & Caroline Klein Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
DECKERT, Adam (From Kursmundy, IL) CARRINGTON, Carolina 14 Mar 1881 Deckert, Jacob SIEGFRIED, Antonia TANDLER, Joseph FREUDENBERGER, M. A. (From Austria) BRANFLECK, George & Joseph Deckert
DEHLER, Francis DEMARSE, Nathalia 22 Feb 1881 Dehler, Joseph (Deceased) SIMSHEUSER, M. Demarse, J. Peter HUBERT, Catharina MALLET, Pascall & Rosa ISCH
DEHLER, Sylvester MOUSSETTE, Maria Isabella 16 Feb 1915 Dehler, Francis DAMARS, Nathalia Moussette, Peter GRAULT, Maria VINER, Albert & Augustina Moussette
DEMANCHE, J. Christ. SCHREIBER, Louisa 1890 Demanche, Hubert LEJEUNE, Catharine Schreiber, Joseph KLIPPERT, Anna M. Schreiber, Joseph, Alex PFEIFFER & Valentin HESS
DEMARS, Glaude VERLIN, Agatha (From Kaskaskia) 18 Jan 1881 Demars, Peter HUBERT, Katharine Verlin, Louis REITER, Magd. DEHLER, Francis & J. Pierre Demars
DEMARSE, Franklin J. B. LOPINOT, Isabella R. 4 Jun 1901 Demarse, J. P. HUBERT, Catharina Lopinot, Emil ANTOINE, Rosanna Lopinot, Edgar; Elliott DEHLER; Julius Lopinot & J. P. Demarse
DRURY, Francis DILLARD, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 27 Jun 1928 Drury, John H. FULLNER, Teresa Dillard, James JIMMERSON, Hannah TRAITEUR, Jess & Lucille Traiteur
DUBOIS, August SCHMITZ, Sophia (Protestant) 22 Feb 1881 Dubois, Joseph Not listed, M. Rosalia Schmitz, John  CHARÉ, Magdalena Renewed vows; previously married in civil ceremony.  
FAHRNER, Joseph GRAVOT, Theresa 30 Oct 1905 Fahrner, Joseph SIMONEY, Philomena Gravot, Yves LEROUX, Francisca Gravot, Ives; Yve Gravot & Rose Simoney
GAIN, Peter William (From Freeburg) HAPEROR, Emma Catharina 15 Jan 1885 Gain, William BARR, Barb. Haperor, Nicoli DEVAULT, Catherine Gain, John, George Haperor, Louise MILLER, Anna HERTZBERG & Josie Haperor
GARDNER, Jesse (Non-Catholic from Denverosde [?]) LAMOTTE, Laura 17 Aug 1904 Gardner, Henry WILLIAMS, Suzie Lamotte, Michael MARTIN, Sara Martin, Louis & Annie Gardner
GARVOT, Hervé KIEFER, Rosa C. 6 Aug 1901 Gravot, Yves LEROUX, Francisca Kiefer, August GAIN, Margaret BOISMENUE, James L. & Leo AMRHEIN
GASTAN, John MOOR, Nancy 25 Mar 1884 PARIDY, Adeline & Charles Paridy Renewed vows.  [See record]
GIRARD, John Henry Maria (Convert) TRAITEUR, Catherine 3 Oct 1911 Girard, John TURNOTTE, Clodilia Traiteur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina MOTRIER, Louis & Mary BODEY
GISHERT, Edward OUTO, Anna 20 Feb 1910 Gishert, Johann BEVELOT, Louis GRULT, Augustina Bevelot, Francis & Mary FUERTGES [See image 12 for signed contract to marry.]
GLAUBER, Joseph (From St. Clair Township) TOUCHETTE, M. Louisa 22 Oct 1889 Glauber, John VOSSELMAN, Catharine Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, M. Louisa Touchette, Alex & Lena Glauber
GRAHMANN, Anton Charles VINER, Adelphine Aveline 24 Nov 1915 Grahmann, Christian Charles Viner, Eugene Viner, Andrew & Rose STEGHAUS Mixed religion marriage
GRAMANN, John Frederick (Convert) KIEFER, Mathilda Maria 29 Jan 1913 Gramann, Christian Charles STECHHAUS, Elisabeth Kiefer, August GAIN, Margaret Gramann, Anthony Charles & Josephina Kiefer
GRAULT, Joseph B. MALCOM, Nellie (From Canteen) 27 Aug 1889 Grault, Justin MORTRIER, Maria R. Malcom, Joseph W. HAW, Dores VOUDRY, Celestin & Francisca PAULUS Mixed religion marriage.  
GRAVOT, Bernard MOUSSETTE, Rosanne 20 Nov 1894 Gravot, Yves LEROUX, Frances Moussette, Peter GRAULT, Mary Elisabeth Gravot, John, Joseph FAHRNER & Joseph PESCIA
GRAVOT, John GRAULT, Catharina 4 Jul 1899 Gravot, Yves LEROUX, Francisca Grault, Justin MORTRIER, Rosalia Gravot, Hervie & Theresa Gravot [See record]
GRAVOT, Yves LACROIX, Maria Henrietta 19 Sep 1911 Gravot, Yves LAROUX, Franciska LaCroix, Isaac MOUSETTE, Margaret Gravot, John Baptist & Alexia La Croix
GROE, George Nicolaus POST, Martha (Non-Catholic widow) 10 Apr 1928 Groe, Victor ST. GERMAIN, Sophia GARRISON, David WILLIAMS, Augusta VOELKER, Robert & Marie Voelker
HAHN, Franzis KESSLER, Maria 30 Dec 1884 Hahn, Nicholas ENGLE, Mary Kessler, John REUTHERMANN, Eva Kessler, Joseph & Mary Hahn This couple is from the Town of Stookey.
HEMPEN, George Lucas (Baptized in 1902 at St. Aloysius in St. Louis, MO) MOUSSETTE, Adelina Viola (From St. Regis Baptized 10 Oct 1908 here) 24 Oct 1928 Hempen, George SCHUMACHER, Catharine Mousette, Francis NALCONSE, Leonis Schumacher, William & Esther Mousette
HIGGINS, George Anthony (A convert in danger of death) GRAF, Maria (Third marriage) 23 Oct 1915 Higgins, Michael KELLY, Maria TOUCHETTE, Andrew MOOREHOUSE, Maria VOUDRIE, Anthony & Wilhelmina JARVIS born RANGE
HINCKLEY, Henry Benjamin (Non-Catholic) LALUMIER, Adelina Maria 29 Jun 1926 Hinckley, Tim D. STARR, Sara Lalumier, Louis S. ESTES, Maria Lalumier, E. R. & Clara Lalumier
HOLTEN, Francis JARVIS, Rosalia 21 May 1919 Holten, Francis REEB, Lucretia Jarvis, Julius SIMON, Florence Holten, Edmund & Margaret Jarvis
IDOUX, Charles VERMEULER, Louisa 14 Apr 1885 Idoux, Charles HAGEMAN, Gertrude Vermeuler, Joseph SOENEN, Natalia Vermeuler, Jacob, Franzis Vermeuler, Catharine SUSSMAN & Charles GRAVEL
JACKESH, Jevoslaw (From St. Louis) MOLLAGE, Carolina 7 Jan 1892 Jackesh, Franzis CORNY, Marie Mollage, Joseph KRUPE, Barbara MOLLIGE, Joseph & Katie SALAK
JEFFREY, John GERARD, Margaret 3 Mar 1886 Jeffrey, Anton FREOSA, Mary BRIEHLMEYER, John & Louisa TUPNOT [Appears in 1884 entries with note mentioning 1884.  See record]
JEFFREY, John PHILLIPS, Ella 3 Nov 1887 Jeffrey, John DAUNLING, Marg. M. Phillips, Ed. GERARD, Marg. Jeffrey, John & Margaret Gerard
JEROME, Carl (From Cahokia) TOUPNOT, Philomena 1 Feb 1902 Jerome, Carl JARVIS, Francisca Toupnot, August ROY, Clementina RENOIS, George & August Toupnot
JOANNIN, Eugene SALLIER, Maria Louisa 20 Jan 1880 Joannin, Joseph Not listed, Rosanette Sallier, Dominic MARECHAL, M. A. Joanin, August & Mary VERLIN
JONES, Joseph B. TOUCHETTE, Cora J. 4 Feb 1908 Jones, Thomas MULACH, Maria Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, Louisa Touchette, Albert; Edward ERLINGER & Arthur A. WUEST
JULIEN, August MITCHELL, Lilian (Non-Catholic) 20 Oct 1909 Julien, Francis Not listed, Rosa Elisabeth Mitchell, Grant Mitchell, Joanna Julien, Sue; Charles Julien & Mabel Mitchell
JULIEN, August (From Cahokia, baptized 28 Jan 1883 at St. Patrick) DEMANGE, Maria (Baptized 10 Jun 1894 here) 15 Jun 1926 Julien, Francis HAPEROR, Rosa De Mange, J. T. SCHREIBER, Louisa De Mange, Joseph & Catharina De Mange
KESSLER, Joseph PFAU, Emma (Non-Catholic from St. Louis) 16 Oct 1894 Kessler, John REUTHERMANN, Eva C. Pfau, Moritz [?] FIEDLER, Henrietta ST. GERMAINE, Julien & Eva Kessler
KESSLER, Leopold SCHWARZ, Sophia (From Stookey Township) 13 Sep 1904 Kessler, John REUTHERMANN, Eva  Schwarz, John BEULA, Caroline HAHN, Mike & Eva M. Hahn
KIEFER, Jr., August F. LOPINOT, Rosa Isabella (From Stookey Township) 24 Apr 1912 Kiefer, Sr., August GAIN, Margaret Lopinot, Joseph LEJEUNE, Leona Lopinot, Francis & Carolina Kiefer
KISSELBACH, Paul VOUDRIE, Vivian 16 Jul 1905 Kisselbach, John HAUSING, Theresa Voudrie, Joseph KRAFT, Laura MENARD, Carl & Sister Ambrosia
KLAUS, Francis Jacob LALUMIER, Lonore Elizabeth 30 Jun 1906 Klaus, George DECKERT, Elisabeth Lalumier, William ESTES, Elisabeth Klaus, J. L.; Edward Lalumier; Adele M. Lalumier & Annie DAHM
KLUMP, Aloysius J. (From St. Louis, MO, baptized 24 Dec 1899 at Blessed M.V of Perpetual Help in St. Louis) BILGERE, Cora Otilia (From St. Louis, MO, baptized 23 Aug 1896 at St. Agatha in New Athens, IL) 7 Jul 1928 Klump, Adolph P. BRUNS, Cecilia Bilgere, Michael SCHNEIDER, Susanna Klump, Gregory K. & Phyllis Bilgere
KOENIGSTEIN, Daniel LATTINETTE, Laura (Dovie) 19 Feb 1917 Latinette, Eugene JARVIS, Mary NIX, Henry M. & Minnie FROHNING Mixed religion marriage
KOFER, Michael William Maria (Convert) MAURICE, Maria D. 28 Nov 1911 Kofer, Michael ROBBEN, Anna Maurice, Lubin CHOUMEURT, Maria Maurice, John & Maria NICOLE
KUNNIE, George TOJO, Cecilia 27 Jul 1904 Kunnie, George VAZEAU, Gesina Tojo, Benedict WESTERHEIDE, Henrietta BOURDEAUX, Lizzie & Edward TOUCHETTE
LA MOTTE, Ralph DROIT, Elsie (Eloise) 24 May 1918 La Motte, Joseph RANYARD, Louise Droit, Walter BOSEIMONIE, Julia FROHNING, Minnie [See declaration on image 26]
LAGRÉE, Alfred (From French Village) PLOUFFE, Catharina Maria 28 Dec 1880 Lagrée, Maturvin JOANNIN, M. Plouffe, Francis TUPENOT, Catharina Plouffe, Joseph & Joseph MENARD
LAMOTTE, Michael MARTIN, Sarah 11 Nov 1885 Lamotte, Michael DEROCHER, Maria Martin, Louis CHATILLION, Sarah Martin, Oliver & Clementina Martin born Lamotte Couple was married in civil ceremony 4 years prior.
LATINETTE, August MOUSSETTE, Maria 6 Oct 1896 Latinette, Eugene SCHUSTER, Sophia Moussette, Peter GRAULT, Maria GRAVOT, John; Robert VOELKER; Carl JEROME; Katie GEORGE; Mary GROE & Augustine Moussette [See record]
LATINETTE, Louis Delatine GARDNER, Mabel (Non-Catholic) 7 Oct 1908 Latinette, Eugene JARVIS, Maria Gardner, Henry WILLIAMS, Susanna FOURNIE, Edward & Grace Gardner Note on left margin indicates his last name is Latinette or Delatine.
LATTINETTE, Eugene SCHMELDER, Margaret 25 Nov 1919 Lattinette, Eugene JARVIS, Maria Schmelder, Michael EMGA, Maria [See record]
LE CHIEN, Hector DANIEL, Laura A. 12 Jun 1911 Le Chien, August BOUILIARD, Angelina Daniel, Stephan B. FULLER, Maria Le Chien, Edmund & Mary RATH Mixed religion marriage
LEAR, William W. GRAVOT, Rosa M. 7 Aug 1907 Lear, Fred PRESLEY, Susanna MOUSSETTE, Peter GRAULT, Elisabeth Moussette, Tony & Augustine Moussette
LEAVENS, Lorin (Non-Catholic widower from Carsonville, MO) BEATRICE, Josephina (Widow, baptized 16 Jan 1881 in French Village) 30 Apr 1927 Leavens, George W. HAMILTON, Minnie PATTERSSON, Peter GAUDIER, Lucia Beatrie, August & Charlotte Beatrie REMELIUS
LECOMPTE, Hilariox Narcisse ROY, Elizabeth 23 Mar 1881 Lecompte, Basil TUPENOT, Francisca Roy, Maurice STOOK, Maria Renewed vows.  [See record]
LEPAGE, Anton (Non-Catholic from Prairie Du Pont) CHATILLON, Virginia (From Missouri) 28 Nov 1883 Lepage, John Baptiste Chatillon, Constant Chatillon, Constant, Mary Louise GODIN & July Chatillon [See record]
LOEHR, George (From Dahlgreen, IL) KESSLER, Eva (From Stookey Township) 26 Apr 1911 Loehr, John Not listed, Agnes Kessler, Joseph Not listed, Emma Loehr, Anselm & Gertrude Kessler
LOISEAU, Louis VERLIN, Maria 27 Jan 1880 MARECHAL, M. Anna VERLIN, Maria Verlin, Louis REITER, Mgd. DEMARS, Claude & Helena Verlin Dispensation for second degree relationship.
LOPINOT, Arthur TOUCHETTE, Ella Mae 27 Apr 1927 Lopinot, Jules LEHEHNY, Wilhelmina Touchette, George NURDIN, Victorine Touchette, George E. & Viola SIMMONS
LOPINOT, Emil ANTOINE, Rosa (From Florissant) 6 Apr 1880 Lopinot, Anton FRIET, Katharine Antoine, Joseph BAR, Maria Lopinot, Julius & Louise Antoine
LOPINOT, Emil SANBOEUF, Maria Elisabeth 20 Oct 1909 Lopinot, Joseph LEJEUNE, Leonie Sanboeuf, Adolph VINER, Mary Sanboeuf, Emil; Frank Lopinot; Leonie Lopinot & Josephine KIEFER
LOPINOT, Julius LEHRLING, Wilhelmina 17 Feb 1896 Lopinot, Joseph FRILLA, Catharina Lehrling, Charles PFEIFFER, Maria SCHMIDT, Otto, Emily PALMIER, Thomas SIMMONS & Mary Schmidt
LUBIN, Maurice (From Gallia) SCHUMERT, Juliana (Cath. De LOIS) 5 Aug 1884 Lubin, John Baptist Schumert, John Nicholas JACQUOT, Joseph & Victorine CHOUMEURT
MASERON, Joseph MONCOURT, Victorina 16 Jan 1889 Maseron, Nicholas DESMARET, Sophia Moncourt, Emil TOUCHETTE, Celestine Touchette, Frank & Maria OCHS
MASSARANG, William ETIENNE, Dorothea (From Cahokia) 12 Jul 1894 Massarang, Nicholas DAMERAN [?], Sophia Etienne, Celestin LABUISSERI, Angelina Etienne, Sam Joseph; George MUSSARA; Annie Massaran & Isabella Etienne
MCCRAW, John MCCARTHY, Maria 21 Apr 1898 McCraw, Marshal BRAUMAN, Maggy McCarthy, John MOONEY, Maria McCraw, Sadie & John M. LAMACHE
MENARD, Alexis LECOMPTE, Hortense 26 Aug 1888 MENAR, Thomas BOUDET, Louisa Lecompte, Basil TUPNOT, Francisca AHRENS, Henry & Charles LEHRNESBERGER Previously married in civil ceremony.
METZGER, Lambert Joseph (From Winchester, IL) JARVIS, Victorina Elisabeth Veronica 6 Sep 1911 Metzger, Lambert MUENCH, Florentia Jarvis, Jule SIMONIN, Florentia Metzger, Wilhelm Agnes Jarvis
MILLER, Edward TRAITEUR, Annabelle 19 Aug 1924 Miller, Sebastian BISSON, Mary Traiteur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina WUEST, Elmer; Josephine Touchette; Jesse Traiteur & Rosebelle Touchette
MILLER, Joseph TOUCHETTE, Adela 11 May 1921 Miller, Sebastian BISON, Marie Touchette, Raymond JANIN, Rosa Miller, John & Edna Touchette
MILLER, Sebastian BISSON, Maria Celestina 8 Sep 1891 Miller, Andrew SHORK, Regina Bisson, Franzis SIMON, Mary Celeste TOUCHETTE, Camille, Joseph LAMOTTE, Judith Touchette & Josephine NALEAN
MOLAIN, Albert (From St. Louis) RUDIGER, Bertha (From Hermann, MO) 12 Apr 1887 Molain, A. [?] STORM, Susanna Rudiger, John M. ARMBRUSTER, Annie A. CRAFT, J. Jacob & Mary Louise Craft
MOUSETTE, Daniel DABNEY, Marie Alberta 1919 Mousette, Peter GRAVOT, Mary Dabney, Charles MCCLANNIHAN, Mabel MOUSSETTE, Agnes [See record]
MOUSSETTE, Peter Anthony GANNON, Dorothea D. 27 Oct 1909 Moussette, Peter GRAULT, Maria Gannon, John DODY, Fannie GROE, George; Sylvester DEHLER; Yves GRAVOT; Augustine Moussette; Belle Moussette & Henrietta LACROIX
MYERS, Edward (From Kincaid, IL) BURWAY, Margaret (From St. Francisville, IL) 20 Apr 1915 Myers, Wilhelm COSGROVE, Susan Burway, Charles FORDISE, Mary DEMANGE, Jr., Christ & Sophy TOUCHETTE
OLSEN, Albert Theodore (Non-Catholic) GRAULT, Christina 16 Apr 190_ [See record]  [Incomplete date.  Appears between 20 Oct 1905 & 30 Jun 1906]
PANGEL, Francis (From Carondelet, MO) LOPINOT, Catharina 16 Aug 1904 Pangel, Felix PLUFF, Catharina Lopinot, Emil ANTOINE, Rosa Lopinot, James; F. M. LAGREE; Edith RENOIS & Gertrude JACQUOT
PARIDY, Benjamin CAMPBELL, Julia Lupe Mathilda (Protestant from Philadelphia, PA) 22 Jul 1886 Paridy, John B. LAPEUSÉ, Julia Campbell, Sam. ADAMS, Maria L. NOYÉ, Joseph & August TUVENER Mixed religion marriage.  [See record]
PETTROF, Frederick William Joseph (Born 2 Dec 1889 Madison County, IL & Baptized 14 Feb 1929 at St. Anthony in Fowler, KS) DEMANGE, Catharine Philomena (Born 2 Jun & Baptized 10 Jun 1894 here) 5 Jun 1929 Pettrof, Joseph BROECKER, Maria DeMange, J. C. SCHREIBER, Louise DeMange, Joseph & Sophia PFEFFER
PFEFFER, Anton DASHNEY, Irene 30 Aug 1904 Pfeffer, Joseph GASSENSCHMIDT, Sophia Dashney, Joseph JAUX [?], Maria LECOMPT, Dave; Fred BIRON; Clara Dashney & Sophia Gassenschmidt
PFEIFFER, Guy Nicholas HEELY, Birdie Elisabeth (From Helena, Arkansas) 25 Nov 1909 Pfeiffer, Anthony SCHMISSEUR, Maria Anna Heely, Daniel QUICK, Susanna Heely, Louis & Jois Pfeiffer [Possible married at St. Libory, IL]
PFLUCHMACHER, Francis (From Stookey Township) KLAUS, Theresa 10 Apr 1894 Pfluchmacher, Michael SCHAEFER, Eva C. Klaus, George DECKERT, Elisabeth C. Pfluchmacher, Michael & Antoinette Klaus
POWERS, Edward (From French Village) TOUCHETTE, Sophia Lilian 25 Apr 1893 Powers, Edward BARKYMAN, Virginia Touchette, John SALLIER, Josephina Touchette, John, Victor HAGEN, Mike Powers, Maggie TRUCKER & Lizzie Touchette
RAFFERTY, Thomas MCCARTHY, Joanna 6 Sep 1897 Rafferty, Thomas Not listed, Elisabeth McCarthy, John MOONAY, Maria MCCRAW, Frank & Mary McCarthy
REHG, Nicolaus BURG, Clara 20 Feb 1912 Rehg, Philip BOISMENUE, Margaret Burg, Henry HARRIS, Barbara Rehg, Ariel & Gertrude DROIT Mixed religion marriage.  [See image 19 – marriage promise certificate.]
REINHARDT, Anton TOUCHETTE, Catharina 16 Apr 1901 Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catharina Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina Touchette, Dan; M. Reinhardt; Philomena TOUPNOT & Rosine Touchette
REINHARDT, Francis TOUPNOT, Zoe 4 Jun 1904 Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catharina Toupnot, Nicholas TERBIG, Paulina Reinhardt, George & Hellen
REINHARDT, Francis TOUPNOT, Zoe 27 May 1904 Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catharina Toupnot, Nicholas Not listed, Paulina Reinhardt, George & Helena Reinhardt Duplicate entry
REINHARDT, George HARLESS, Hellen Maria 4 Jun 1904 Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catharina Harless, Michael WAUGH, Nancy Reinhardt, Francis & Zoe
REINHARDT, George HARLESS, Helen Maria 27 May 1904 Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catharina Harless, Michael WAUGH, Nancy Reinhardt, Francis & Zoe TOUPNOT Duplicate entry
REINHARDT, Isa William (From St. Louis) TOUCHETTE, Rosa Isabella 21 Oct 1930 Reinhardt, Louis MAKALINSKI, Agnes Touchette, Daniel BIRON, Octavia RIPPLINGER, Raymund & Maria Touchette
RENARD, Victor PIOT, Zoe 4 Nov 1897 Renard, Pepini SELLET, Margaret Piot, John B. CORDOVAN, Victorina Piot, Jean Baptiste; Emil Piot; Bertha BUERLEIN & Pepin Renard
RENOIS, Earl  TOUCHETTE, Stella 2 May 1923 Renois, George JEROME, Sophia Touchette, George NURDIN, Victorine Touchette, George & Ruth Renois
RENOIS, Frederick BENNETT, Adrianna 7 Dec 1901 Renois, William TROMBLEY, Adelina Bennett, Andrew VOUDRY, Octavia Renois, Louis & Prudence BIRON [See record]
RENOIS, Robert MILLER, Eulalia 8 Sep 1914 Renois, William TROMBLEY, Adelina Miller, Sebastian BISSON, Maria Miller, Joseph; Ida Renois; Edward Miller & Irene Renois
RENOIS, William A. PLUFF, Judith 1 Jun 1903 Renois, William H. TRAMBLE, Adelina Pluff, Francis TOUPNOT, Catherine Renois, ___ & Joseph Pluff
RENOIS, William Alonzo RITCHEY, Bryonia Relsa (Non-Catholic) 30 Oct 1926 Renois, Frederick BENNETT, Adrienna Ritchey, John M. GODFREY, Elizabeth Renois, Adrain & Olinda Ritchey
REUTHERMANN, George SCHWARTZ, Margaret Louise 10 Jan 1911 Reuthermann, Joseph MUELLER, Emilia Schwartz, John Peter PFLUGMEIER, Elisabeth Schwartz, John & Lena Schwartz
RHEINHARDT, George STADLER, Katharina 18 Mar 1881 Renewed vows.
RHEINHARDT, Michael WEHNER, Anna 2 Jul 1882 Rheinhardt, George STADLER, Katharina Wehner, Paul MERING, Frederica LUEKEN, Bernhard & Nathalia Lueken
RICK, Martin J. (Born & baptized 1 Oct 1903 in Waterloo, IL) TRAITEUR, Mabel (Born 5 Jul 1908 & Baptized 9 Aug 1908 here) 11 Jun 1929 Rick, Frederick JANSON, Elizabeth Traiteur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina Traiteur, Leo & Catharine Traiteur
RIPPLINGER, William John (Baptized 28 Jan 1906 at Sacred Heart) TOUCHETTE, Edna Elizabeth (Baptized 25 Feb 1906 here) 20 Apr 1926 Ripplinger, Philipp KIEFER, Marg. Touchette, Raymund JANIN, Rosa Touchette, Joseph A. & Mabel TRAITEUR
ROCHELLE, John M. MILLER, Maria Louisa 1885 Rochelle, John PLARE, Josephina Miller, David HAPEROR, Maria Haperor, Charles & R. M. ISCH [Appears between 6 Oct & 11 Nov 1885.]
ROUSTIAUX, Amon SANBOEUF, Hortense 20 Apr 1880 Roustiaux, Amon BRAULT, Regina Sanboeuf, Ferdinand LUCOT, El. Sanboeuf, Adolph & Regina Roustiaux
ROUSTIAUX, Amon GRAULT, Rosa 18 Apr 1882 Roustiaux, Amon BRAULT, Regina Grault, Joseph MOTRIER, Rosalia Roustiaux, Joanna & Joseph Grault
SALLIER, Francis BELLEVILLE, Margaret 23 Mar 1881 Sallier, Fr. Exavier GATES, Virginia Belleville, Carl CHATILLON, Odilia Belleville, Julia & Louis Belleville [See record]
SANBOEUF, Adolph VINER, Maria R. 15 Jun 1886 Sanboeuf, Ferdinand Joseph LUCOT, M. Elisabeth Viner, Nicholas ROY, Maria Viner, Eugene N. & Zoe TOUPNOT
SANBOEUF, Emil LALUMIER, Adel V. 25 Oct 1916 Sanboeuf, Adolph VINER, Mary Lalumier, Lewis ESTES, Mary Elizabeth Sanboeuf, Lewis & Dell Lalumier
SCHAEFER, George (Non-Catholic) TOUCHETTE, Ursula 24 Dec 1895 Schaefer, Adam KISTNER, Barbara Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina RUSSELL, Peter, Judith Touchette, Joseph Touchette & Cecilia Russell
SCHMISSEUR, Edward (baptized only) MELGRANI, Angelina 28 Nov 1912 Schmisseur, Eugene BEATRIE, Elisabeth Melgrani, Francis ROMANICCI, Angelina Schmisseur, Otto & M. A. Elisabeth ISCH
SCHRAND, Joseph (From French Village) JARVIS, Maria 7 Jan 1903 Schrand, Louis MASSARANG, Maria Jarvis, Julius C. SIMONI, Victorina Jarvis, Louise M. & Ed Masserang
SCHRANZ, Francis  PFEFFER, Sophia 9 Sep 1930 Schranz, Peter JEROME, Mathilda Pfeffer, Anton DASHNEY, Irena Pfeffer, Joseph & Maria Schranz
SCHREMPP, Frederick (From Belleville) MARION, Lestria 3 Sep 1907 Schrempp, Ferdinand THITRUET, Maria Marion, P. C. KLEIN, Victorine JOFFRAY, Joe C. & Josephine M. KIEFER
SCHWARTZ, John (From Bluffs) PFLUGMACHER, Louise 17 Oct 1882 Schwarz, John Peter PFLUGMACHER, Louise Pflugmacher, Joseph SCHAEFER, Katharina MEYER, Louis & Susanna Pflugmacher {Groom’s mother’s last name could be lined through.]  Mixed religion marriage
SIMMONS, Thomas J. PALMIER, Emilia M. 16 Nov 1897 Simmons, M. HEWISE, Lena  Palmier, John LOPINOT, Catharine Lopinot, Francis X.; Charles JANIN, Lina Lopinot & Joseph Lopinot
SIMONEY, Francis PESCIA, Justina 10 Apr 1886 Simoney, Charles SIMON, Mary Pescia, Ernest GRAULT, M. Rosalia Pescia, Ernest & John BRIELMEYER
SKRABEL, Ignatius KOLLAR, Adelina 7 Jan 1905 Skrabel, Vincent HANSHAL, Elisabeth Kollar, Anton HAUSTREICH [?], Louisa PHILLIPS, Marion & Emily ERLINGER
SOUCY, George (From Canada) MENARD, Judith (Widow) 5 Oct 1888 Soucy, Prosper WILLETTE, Emerana PLUFF, Franzis TUPNOT, Catharine Soucy, Clovis & Nic. Tupnot
STEINHARDT, Louis WHITE, Clara 17 Oct 1922 [See image 28 – marriage promise contract.] 
STRUMBERG, Edward Herman GROE, Clementina Octavia 18 Jun 1913 Strumberg, Henry ROHR, Sophia Groe, Victor ST.  GERMAIN, Sophia STEIN, Francis H. & Elisabeth Groe [See image 22 for marriage contract promise.]
SULLIVAN, Jerry ADAMS, Valeria 1 Jul 1914 Sullivan, Jeremiah KETTLER, Louise Adams, John TOUCHETTE, Sophy Sullivan, Louis & Bertha BROUILLETTE
TAAKE, Walter WHITE, Minie 17 Oct 1922 [See image 28 – marriage promise contract.] 
THIBOUT, Edward (From Cahokia) VOUDRIE, Maria Thibout, Charles PALMIER, Maria L. Voudrie, Joseph RICHARD, Rosina KANE, Kate & Vital Thibout [Appears between 12 Jan & 10 Apr 1886]
THIERATH, Conrad (From Germany) WONDEL, Josephina 15 Aug 1893 Thierath, Conrad KRAUSS, Catharina Wondel, Aloysius BEVELOT, Marg. Virginia MASSARAM, Benjamin & Katie WONDLE Mixed religion marriage.
TISON, Leon MARECHAL, Silvia 11 Nov 1883 Tison, Anton PERRY, Maria Marechal, Joseph Not listed, Maria VERMEULION, Jacob & Louise Vermeulion [See record]
TOJO, Francis George (Baptized 25 Feb 1906 in St. Mary’s) TOUCHETTE, Emma Josephina 15 May 1928 Tojo, Benjamin KIMME, Rosa Touchette, Joseph TRAITEUR, Josephina Touchette, Clarence & Petronella LA PERE Married by Justice of Peace 21 Feb 1928 in Edwardsville, IL
TOUCHETTE, Albert SCHMIZ, Wilhelmina (From Alton, IL) 11 Oct 1911 Touchette, John LOISY, Josephina Schmiz, Adolph HILDEMANN, Maria Schmiz, Albert & Sophia Touchette
TOUCHETTE, Alexander RUSSELL, Magdalena 23 Nov 1896 Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, Mary L. Russell, Peter LUX, Barbara Russell, Frank & Cecilia Russell
TOUCHETTE, Daniel BIRON, Octavia 28 Jan 1908 Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina Biron, Simon BINET, Prudence Touchette, Albert & Peter F. MARION
TOUCHETTE, John REINHARDT, Anna 27 Oct 1892 Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina Reinhardt, George STADLER, Catherine LALUMIERE, George & Antonia Reinhardt
TOUCHETTE, Joseph TRAITEUR, Josephine 30 Oct 1906 Touchette, John LOISEAU, Josephina Traiteur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina Touchette, Daniel & Louis MOUTRIA
TOUCHETTE, Raymond Joseph JANIN, Rosa 5 Oct 1897 Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, Mary L. Janin, August GROE, Maria Janin, Charles; Joseph Touchette & August Janin
TOUPNOT, Louis R. MORO, Josephina Maria 15 Apr 1901 Toupnot, Nicholas TERBY, Paulina Moro, Joseph PALMIER, Elisabeth SOUCY, Clovis & Joseph TOUCHETTE
TRAITEUR, Jess C. (Baptized 14 Feb 1903 here) DEBOURGE, Lucille (Baptized in Desloge, MO) 27 Jun 1928 Traiteur, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina De Bourge, Anthony PAMPERT, Judith De Bourge, Sam & Mabel Traiteur Validation of civil marriage 17 Mar 1928 in Waterloo, IL
TRAITRE, John MARION, Maria 2 Feb 1893 Traitre, John Cl. MORTRIER, Maria Marion, Peter J. C. KLEIN, Victorine C. TOUCHETTE, August & Katie E. Marion
TRAITRE, Joseph GEORGE, Josephina 24 Nov 1885 Traitre, John Cl. MORTRIER, Maria George, Christopher MARECHAL, Ottillia TRAITEUR, John & Mary George
TRIBOUT, Chrysosthous (From Belleville) TOUCHETTE, Elisabeth 25 Oct 1898 Tribout, Silvester BOUL, Maria Touchette, Andrew MOREHOUSE, Elisabeth Tribout, John & Rosa Touchette
TUNISIL, George (From Pittsburg) VOUDRIE, Maria Angelina 20 Oct 1903 Tunisil, Henry SHARP, Euphena Voudrie, Anton ROGERS, Angelina Voudrie, Annabel & Joseph KOSAR
TUPNOT, Louis MORTRIER, Maria Louisa 12 Jan 1886 Tupnot, Nicholas TERBRICE, Paulina Mortrier, Victor TOUCHETTE, Celestina Touchette, Joseph & Joseph YONPRIT
TUPNOT, Louis Alexander POTTER, Maria Eleonora 16 Nov 1910 Tupnot, Louis MOTRIE, Louisa Potter, Henry TUCKER, Louisa Tupnot, Nicolaus & Lilia REINHARDT
TUPNOT, Nicholas LOISEAU, Rosalia 27 Dec 1894 Tupnot, (Nicol. ?) Loiseau, Franz MARECHAL, M. Anna MORTRIER, August & Louisa Tupnot Someone was near death.  
VALENTIN, Casimir HERTZBERG, Anna 4 Oct 1888 Valentin, Valentin ROUTLA, Maria Hertzberg, Herman VAUTRIN, Elisabeth ROUSTIAN, August & Josephina HAPEROR
VANVOOREN, John (From Cahokia Precinct) VERHEYDEN, Lucia 25 Oct 1881 Vanvooren, John (Deceased) VAND. VORDEN, Theresa Verheyden, Peter (Deceased) VANCLOSTER, Rosalia Vancloster, Joseph & Louise MAES
VAUDRY, August MOUSSETTE, Maria 30 Nov 1881 Vaudry, Francis SIMON, Elizabeth Moussette, Peter PENCENNEAU, Maria VERMEULION, Francis & Rosa ISCH [See record]
VERMEULEN, Edward Joseph RENOIS, Pearl Chas. 26 Jul 1916 Vermeulen, Francis VAN KLOOSTER, Julia Renois, George JEROME, Sophia IDOUX, Jr., Charles & Adeline Renois
VERMEULEN, Joseph JARVIS, Agnes 26 Nov 1914 Vermeulen, Francis Not listed, Julia Jarvis, Julius Not listed, Florence Vermeulen, Edward & Estella Jarvis
VILLIGER, Adolf NURDIN, Felicia 2 Aug 1931 Villiger, Nicolaus HASSLER, Anna Nurdin, John VOUDRIE, Elisabeth WEBER, Frederick & Sophia LATINETTE Revalidation of 1913 marriage
VINER, Albert N. PLUFF, Cora Ellonora 15 Nov 1916 Viner, Eugene DEMARSE, Clementina Pluff, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Pluff, George & Loretta Viner Mixed religion marriage
VINER, Eugene Nicholas DEMARS, Clementina 15 Oct 1889 Viner, Nicholas ROY, Mary Demars, John P. HUBERT, Catharina Viner, Nicholas & J. P.
VOELKER, Robert GROE, Maria Eng. 8 Nov 1898 Voelker, Robert ROEWE, Sophia Groe, Victor ST. GERMAIN, Sophia JANIN, Victor; Augustine MOUSSETTE; Tonie VOUDRIE & Cecilia RUSSELL
VOGT, Theodore Bart. (From Reviere aux Vassi, MO) TOUCHETTE, Rosina 7 Jan 1903 Vogt, Henry BAUER, Margaret Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, Maria L. Vogt, Frank; Frank FLIEG; Louis HALL; Honorine Touchette; Martha Vogt; Maggie SNYDER & Joseph Touchette
VOUDRIE, Anton JÄGER (Jaeger), Rosa (From Melrose, MO) 4 Apr 1905 Voudrie, Anton PHILLIPS, Harrietta Jaeger, Herman WILLMIORE [?], Rosina Voudrie, George & Lizzie Jaeger
VOUDRIE, Francis HERTZBERG, Elisabeth 14 Jun 1899 Voudrie, Joseph RICHARD, Rosina Hertzberg, Herman VAUTRIAN, Elisabeth BAUER, John & Mayme KENNEDY
VOUDRIE, William J. PARIDY, Philomena 6 Nov 1894 Voudrie, Anton PHILLIPS, Henrietta Paridy, Benjamin TALLAS, Silvia Voudrie, Tonie, Clem LALUMIERE, Carrie Voudrie, George Lalumiere, Lizzie PLUFFS & Emanuel Paridy
VOUDRY, Anton ROGERS, Angelina 1 Dec 1887 Voudry, Louis JOHNSON, Joanna LALUMIERE, Mrs. & Mrs. Rogers Bride was near death.
VOUDRY, Edmund NOUD, Elisabeth 7 Jul 1896 Voudry, Joseph RICHARD, Rosa C. Noud, William PHILIBERT, Florentia C. SALMOUR, James & Bell DUMONT
VOUDRY, William TRIBOUX, Clementina 3 Mar 1898 Voudry, Anton PHILLIPS, Henrietta Tribout, Emil HEINRICH, Catharina WUEST, August & Magdaline LALUMIER
WALTERS, William NURDIN, Teresa 1922 Walters, Joseph MCDOLED, Ada Nurdin, John VOUDRIE, Elizabeth VERMEULEN, John & Estella Touchette
WATTS, Samuel E. (From St. Louis) SCHWARZ, Catharine M. 4 Jul 1898 Watts, Samuel G. MAURER, Martha Schwarz, John BAYER, Carolina BRENNFLECK, Anthony & Lizzie Schwarz
WEBER, Frederick LATINETTE, Sophia 2 Aug 1931 Weber, John BADER, Theresa Latinette, August MOUSETTE, Maria Villiger, Adolf & Felicia NURDIN Revalidation of 1918 marriage
WHITE, Abraham (Born 25 Apr 1874 in Forzel Syria) SCHNEIDER, Maria (Born 23 Apr 1881 & Baptized in Beardstown 5 Apr 1890) 1 Sep 1926 White, Isaac Not listed, Maria Schneider, Louis Not listed, Elizabeth TRAITEUR, Louis & Anetta Traiteur (Mrs. Louis) Revalidation of 6 Aug 1898 marriage in St. Louis, MO.
WILLIAMS, Horace A. (Baptist from St. Louis, MO) LATINETTE, Louise K. 17 Apr 1912 Williams, Elysseus HUSKEY, Julia Latinette, Eugene JARVIS, Maria Latinette, Jr., Eugene & Florence Williams Mixed religion marriage.  [See image 19 – marriage promise certificate.]
WUEST, Arthur TOUCHETTE, Honorina C. 2 Jun 1908 Wuest, Michael BEATRIE, Maria Touchette, Joseph BEVELOT, Maria L. Wuest, Julia F. & Stephen C. JARVIS
WUEST, John J. VOUDRIE, Anna Isabella L. 17 Oct 1905 Wuest, Michael BEATRIE, Maria Voudrie, Anton Not listed, Angelina SCHMISSEUR, William J.; August Wuest; Leonore LALUMIER & L. A. GILLIGAN
ZISKA, Ferdinand MARION, Catharina 2 Feb 1899 Ziska, Joseph REHACEK, Barbara Marion, Peter J. C. KLEIN, Victorine Marion, M. V.; Alice Ziska; J. W. Ziska & Rose Marion

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